Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Adult fiction please leave if you are under 18 Its Only Fantasy just let your mind go...... Under the Table Sunday morning around 9.30, I had come down to the kitchen for a coffee to kick-start my day. Mother as usual fussed around me, Father had already left for Golf. Now I am 15 and always hard especially just after waking and mother was dressed in nightdress and dressing gown, and this particular morning Mother dropped a teaspoon on the floor. As she bent to retrieve the spoon, her gown opened to give me a glimpse of her tits, I could see her mind work. Shall I sit up and arrange myself and draw attention to my predicament or shall I get the spoon and hope Paul (that's me) doesn't notice? She bent further forward and her hands got busy rearranging her clothes, unfortunately covering up that naughty tit. At the first glimpse of her tit, My semi hard cock went straight up, and I did not give it a thought, until I realised Mother was still bent double under the table. Mother had not sat back up in her chair she was still very still. I was also still, all I could hear was our breathing. Then the penny dropped Mother was looking at my cock. I could not help myself I moved a hand to my cock and stroked it a couple of times, Mother remained as she was her body bent forwards, her tits crushed against her thighs. I was so turned on I had to cum, I pushed back my chair raced to my room threw myself on my bed and pistoned my hand tightly up and down my rock hard shaft, soon my cum was spurting over my belly. As I recovered from the exertion and my heart beat returned to normal I rubbed my cum into the skin of my belly............ The following Sunday, I came down for my breakfast, Mother was wearing a Nightdress and dressing gown only this week she was wearing make up at 9.30? She brought me my coffee and sat beside me complaining about the heat she shrugged her dressing gown off her shoulders, leaving her upper body encased in a sheer figure hugging semi transparent nightdress. Her teaspoon suddenly somersaulted off the table and mother bent forwards, no glimpse of tit this week but I had already seen enough to be very hard. I waited a moment then started to bring myself off, coming, all too quickly. Then I had a thought, and reaching back I grabbed the nearest thing to me the Sunday Newspaper, tearing off the front page, threw it down by my feet. "Better clean me up." Mother dropped to the floor and moved under the table, Mothers hand gripped my semi hard cock while her other hand wiped the rough, newspaper, over the head of my sensitive cock. The effect brought my young cock back to hardness and to a full erection, so now I was hard again with my mothers hand wrapped around my cock. I covered her hand with mine and started her off, moving her small hand up and down the length of my cock, wanking me off. Soon I let go, a second load of cum, Mother once again wiped my cock with the newspaper and I returned silently to my room. Once finished I hid in my room till Father got home, He was furious Mother had cleaned up some spilt milk! With the front page of his newspaper, I thought if only you knew where the milk came from. I waited patiently for next Sunday to come around, I came into the kitchen as soon as Fathers car had exited the driveway. I had a surprise though Mother was fully dressed, I had many questions but I kept them to myself. I decided to assume my role as dominant male. I watched for a while as Mother made my coffee, and returned to the sink, rather than sit with me. I stood up, my already hard cock poking through the front of my boxers. "Mother get under the table." I waited this was it, did I dominate her, as I seemed to last week? After a few moments Mother moved toward the table, wiping her wet hands down the front of her skirt. "Wait." I yelled. She was squatting almost ready to crawl beneath the table. "Take off that top." A long pause ensued, then her delicate hands lifted her white top, upwards and over her head, her balance was a little off, and she kept a hand on the edge of the table as much as possible. I walked over to her, I felt like a giant as I looked down on her, in her precarious position I could see plenty of uncovered tit flesh and plenty of cleavage. I mentally promised my self that those big tits would be mine next week. I sat at the table, adjusted my boxers so that not only was my cock free but also my balls. "Come on then." I said. "Make me cum." Mother slid under the table her hand gripped my cock and in no time at all I was spurting my cum over her hand. I then felt her breath over the head of my cock and instead of softening my cock grew harder, knowing my Mothers face was very close to my cock had hardened it further. "Use your mouth." I commanded again, just the action of giving her orders was almost enough to make me cum again, her warm wet lips engulfed my hardness, and I had to stop her quickly before I came again too soon. I gripped the sides of her face and held her still, but it was too late, my juices slowly and persistently moved up through the centre of my cock until my cum was filling her mouth. She swallowed back my cum, emptying me, her hands cupped my balls gently as if encouraging them to give up more of their precious milk. I released my hands from her face and groped about under the table squeezing her tits then made my way back upstairs. The following week, I hot footed it down to the kitchen before Fathers car had started moving, down the driveway. Mother was wearing a nightdress, which had a neckline that more than plunged, the lowest point of the "VEE" was at her navel, the material was pulled closer together, just below her tits by a gold bow. As I stood and looked her up and down she released the gold bow which gave me an un-obstructed view of the valley of skin between her tits. I took it all in on cloud nine. The light blue material was sufficiently transparent for me to see her bush, though not clear enough to identify individual hairs. I pointed at the table and she made her way towards it, she knelt and was about to move under the table when I caught her arm Holding her I knelt behind her, my legs straddling hers, I reached around and fondled her tits I kissed the back of her neck then I eased the shoulder straps Of her nightdress down. I kissed her back, ran a finger gently down the center of her back, then back up to her hair line. I moved my hands to her tit and pulled and prodded. I was more than ready, I moved to stand and Mother lowered her head beneath the table and inched her way under. When only her ass was visible I reached down and dragged her nightdress upwards bringing her ass into view, I gently kneaded her ass cheeks, before tracing a line through her ass to her cunt, my finger felt her wetness as I dragged it into the lips of her cunt, her pelvis thrust forwards against my finger, forcing my digit inside her wet and warm cunt. My finger was for the first time inside a woman, though inexperienced I knew what I wanted to do, I pushed it in and out rotating it as much as possible, slowly fucking her. I had meant to take her eventually but my desire to fuck this woman my Mother overtook me, I positioned my cock and drove inside her, her ass immediately responded and pushed back against me. My virgin cock was burried tightly into her slot to the hilt. I began fucking her and drove my teenaged cock into her wet cunt. My animal instincts showed little concern for her well being, my need was to deposit my seed as far up inside her cunt as I could get. My climax came too soon for both of us, I held my softening cock inside her as long as I could, then moving around to my seat, and re-seating myself my mother took my cock in her mouth and sucked it back to life, she played wantonly with my balls and cock until a second load of cum erupted this time shooting down her throat, she cleaned me with her tongue and we finished up and I left the kitchen. The following Sunday Father remained home he had work to catch up. Mid afternoon Mother suggested that I accompany her to visit her friend Linda so off we went to Linda. We had no sooner arrived than we left, Mother winked at me as I looked at her in disbelief, clambering back into the car we drove to a secluded country spot. "David, lets walk." We left the car and made our way up a trail between the tall pines, off to our right and left were many smaller trails. Looking around carefully mother suddenly dragged me into a small path into the darkness of the woodland the pines towered above us blocking the light from the forest floor. We made our way deeper into the darkness, then stopping behind a large tree Mother lifted her top unfastened her bra and threw herself at me her lips devouring mine her hands pulling at my jeans, freeing my hard cock. "David take me." Mother bent herself forwards her arms braced against the tree waiting my invasion of her body. I lifted her skirt to find she was naked beneath, I lined up my cock and gently pushed the head of my cock inside her cunt, I mean't hold myself there for a moment before I rammed myself into her. But Mother had other ideas, her ass moved away from my cock, frightened I would lose her I lunged forwards just as she lunged back and I rammed the air out of her lungs as I drove forwards. "David give it to me rough, the rougher the better." So I did the best I could and we fucked as usual I started to cum, to early but Mother never ever has complained. Once we were uncoupled she dropped to her knees in front of me and played with her tits. "Once its hard again I want you to beat me with your cock." "David I want you to smash it against my lips wack my face as hard as you can." Her talking like that was enough. I was semi-hard and I aimed for her lips and beat my cock down on her luscious mouth as hard as I possibly could. I kept beating her with my cock until I was ready to cum again, I roughly grasped the sides of her head and rammed my hardness into her yielding mouth, I fucked her mouth as hard and rough as I could, and for reasons beyond my understanding it did it for her she started to pant and as I pulled free of her mouth. She frigged herself to completion. "David you naughty boy," she said coquettishly, "I came Five times." I wanted to know her to understand her but Mother and I have never discussed our arrangement even now I am older and live alone when she visits we never talk about our sexual activities. We just do it.