Title : Neighbor Kid

Author: MrJenkins

Summary: Joe, probably mid to late twenties, met
5yo Ginny when he was an intern at the machinery
company where her father, mother and now Joe work.
He subsequently went to work at the company when
he graduated and presently bought a house next
door.  When the story officially opens, Ginny is a
recent nine and they have been lovers for around
six months. Ginny has been planning their wedding
for most of two years.

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The Neighbor Kid
By MrJenkins -- mrjenkins314@gmail.com

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Chapter 1 -- in which we meet Joe and Ginny

Virginia (Ginny) McCormack showed up in my yard
one Saturday morning in early August as I was
mowing my lawn.  A chunky kid, not fat, but
certainly thick -- what you might call 'heavy
boned'.  She had just celebrated her ninth
birthday a month before. I knew because she had
invited me to attend the family dinner after. She
was tall and heavy for her age, had a broad face
with coarse features, somewhat dark complexion and
mousy brown hair cut quite short for a girl, to go
with her medium brown eyes that were a bit close
together.  Add in a broad nose and wide mouth with
thick lips and you had a girl that while not
outstandingly homely, wouldn't catch your eye to
ogle at the mall or swimming pool.  Good peasant
stock was a description that came to mind.

None of the above was of the slightest importance
to me any longer.  I was hers and She was mine --
it had been several years since I had taken any
note of the negative aspects of her body shape.  I
had been her boyfriend since shortly after her
father had brought an intern home for dinner the
first time -- She had been a little less than six
at that time.  I had taken six or eight months
longer to realize that she had become my
girlfriend.  Fortunately, her parents had been
more amused than appalled by her successful
efforts to woo me.

Her folks were good people, they lived next to me,
the two houses mirror images with the garages only
a few feet apart.  Her dad had put me onto the
house when it came up for sale a year and a half
ago.  Dad, Ed, was an senior engineer with a
company that made custom factory material handing
equipment where I was a junior engineer with a
fresh degree, hired straight out of college with a
shiny new Masters in Engineering a couple of years
ago.  Mom, Barbara (Bobby), was fairly high up in
the accounting department.

Her dad and mom were of similar stock, tall, thick
and a bit dark complected.  One could easily
picture her mother as a peasant wife -- hoisting
feed sacks, jerking a recalcitrant horse back into
line or driving off a wolf which was harassing the
livestock if she had lived 400 years earlier.
Virginia (Ginny) didn't look at all out of place
standing next to them.

She was a third kid, with two older brothers,
Walt, 17 and Sam, 15.  Walt looked just like
her, only bigger and male.  The middle brother
made me speculate a bit on the possibility that a
DNA test might show embarrassing results -- not
that I had any intention of mentioning the
possibility out loud.  As much as I had been around
the family, her dad certainly gave no indication
that he had any problems with his middle son's

Ginny watched me mow the lawn for a bit, when the
the bag got full, she dragged the wheeled garbage
can over to the edge of the mowed area and flipped
the lid open for me to dump the grass catcher.
When the bag was empty, she gave me a hug which I
returned with one arm. 

When I had the bag back on the mower, she was
standing at the controls.  I looked at her eager
face for a moment, grinned and waved for her to
proceed.  I watched her for a few moments, she was
doing her usual competent job so I left her to it and
fetched the string trimmer to clean up the edges.

We finished the lawn in a little bit, put the
tools away and parked the garbage can in it's spot
to wait for pickup next week.

"Want a drink?", I spoke the first words between
us since she showed up.

She nodded, doing her part to keep the word count
down.  We went into the house, washed the sweat
off our faces, arms and hands -- I got out a sport
drink apiece and handed one to her.

We sat side by side in companionable silence while
we drank, then Ginny dug my comb out of a hip
pocket and handed it to me, sitting on my knees
with her back to me.  I combed her hair out,
getting most of the grass clippings out of it.  I
rubbed her back with my fingertips for a minute or
two then pulled her into a hug against my chest,
fondling her nipples up under her shirt and my
other hand in her pants caressing her pussy.  She
spread her legs a bit to give me good access,
snuggled with me for a couple of minutes, then
wiggled free, giving my erection a couple of
strokes through my pants as she got off my lap.
She took the comb and returned the favor on my
hair, then back.

She stayed with the back rub for longer than I
had, knowing how much I enjoyed her touch, then
broke the silence.

"Can we go for a ride Joe?", meaning my sport
touring motorcycle.

"Where do you want to go?", I asked her.

"Dunno.", her fingers continuing to caress my

"How far?"

"Dunno -- long ways.", she started to kneed my
shoulders and neck.

"You're cheating again.", I protested.

Ginny giggled, she had been giving me back rubs
for a couple of years and knew how much I enjoyed
them.  By now, my protest was an inside joke that
didn't require explanation.  She knew that a good
back rub would almost always get her what she
wanted from me if it was at all reasonable, and
that if it wasn't reasonable or appropriate I
would tell her that without getting mad.

I fished out my cell and handed it to her.  She
called her mother.

"Mom, can I go for a ride with Joe?"

"He hasn't said yes yet, but he's gonna."

"We haven't decided yet."

"Yess Mooom.", she handed me the phone.

"Ginny says you're going to agree to take her for
a bike ride.", her mother greeted me.

"Most probably true.  She helped me with the yard
work then rubbed my back. In the face of that kind
of persuasion, I'm helpless.  Do you need her for
anything before supper time tomorrow?", I

"Just where are you planning to go?", Bobby asked.

"Dunno. Was considering just starting out and see
where we wind up.  I could text or email you at
each stop to let you know were we are and where
the next leg will take us.  If I do that, you
could revoke permission at the end of any leg."

Ginny nodded and grinned, bouncing up and down a

"OK, I guess.  Be good, have fun, ride careful.",
Bobby said after a moment's consideration.

I hung up.  "She says, 'OK'.  Go get your riding
gear and some clothes, I'm gonna take a quick
shower and wash the sweat off."

Ginny threw her arms around my neck and gave me a
serious kiss on the lips.  "Thanks Joe.  Wait for
me."  She departed at a run to pack a bag and get
her riding gear.

I checked the air in the bike tires, then gathered
the stuff that I would want to take for an
overnight trip.  By the time I was done with that,
Ginny returned carrying a small duffel with
clothes and a larger one with her riding gear.  We
washed the windshield and headlight on the bike,
stowed the stuff that we wouldn't immediately
need, and gave a brief once over to the riding

That done, Ginny grabbed my hand and her small
duffel and towed me into the house, thence to my
bedroom.  She tossed the duffel on my bed and held
up her arms.  Per unspoken orders, I reached down
to her shirttail and pulled her t-shirt off over
her head, then pushed her pants and panties down.
She lay back on the bed and held her feet up
for me to remove her shoes, thence pants.  

For all of her fairly substantial size, there was
little fat on her firm body.  The nubbins of her
budding breasts had started to sprout in the last
few months, she had small cones for nipples that
stood perhaps 3/8 of an inch above her otherwise
still flat chest.  Her hips had little flair yet,
although looking at her mother, that would start
changing soon.  Her pussy slit came fairly high on
her flat tummy, with a quite prominent pubic

I stood there and enjoyed looking at Ginny while I
fondled her pussy for a long moment. I was looking
forward to watching her develop over the next few

Her mother certainly had a full complement of
feminine curves -- if writ a bit large.  She made
the stories of women working in the fields till
labor pains became too much, squatting, delivering
the baby, nurse it a bit then walk back to the
homestead to show it off sound quite believable.
The tale her mother told me had Ginny's birth
lasting less than four hours from the earliest
hints that labor was in progress to being in her
room at the hospital with the new daughter nursing
at her breast.  She was in the hospital less than
eight hours total, and it would have been less
than that if the billing department had been a
little more cooperative.  (I had heard about that
part several times after a few beers with her

Ginny laid there, quietly letting me admire her
and enjoying my caresses for a full minute or
more, her legs spread so I could reach and see her
pussy easily.  After a bit she stood and had me
bend so she could pull my shirt off.  That done,
she repeated what I had done for her, pulling my
pants and shorts down, then pushing me lay down so
she could finish the job.  She gently stroked my
quite rampant cock for a moment then fished the
lube from the drawer in my bedside table and
crawled up my body to lay on my stomach and look
into my eyes from about six inches away.

I hugged her to me for a moment, kissing her with
a lot of tongue then lightly scratched her back
from nape to as far down her legs as I could
reach, using the tips of my fingernails and barely
touching her skin through her little girl body
hair.  After a long moment, Ginny broke the kiss,
wiggled down a little and melted against my chest,
her head tucked under my chin as I continued to
caress her.  She laid there for a full minute or
more, then raised back up and gave me another long

When she broke that kiss, she sat up, handed me the
lube and raised up so I could apply it to her
pussy.  For all that she was a very enthusiastic
lover, she didn't generate enough girl juices yet
to make a quickie work well for us at all.  We had
learned to use the lube unless I was going to lick
her to an orgasm before attempting to enter her.
Ginny wanted to make love, but she also wanted to get
on the bike as soon as possible -- thence the

I applied the lube as instructed, putting a little
on my cock as well.  Ginny moved back, then
impaled herself on my cock as I guided it into

We both wanted to get on the road, so we both went
for immediate orgasms with Ginny rubbing her clit
with one hand while I thrust into her.  In a
couple of minutes, I felt my balls draw up and the
semen flow into my cock.  I gave three more hard
fast thrusts then held the last one, buried deeply
in my lover as I filled her with baby seeds.  As I
started to come down, I reached up and tweaked her
nipples, that along with her busy fingers was
enough to get Ginny off too, the last few weeks
she had been able to cum hard enough for me to
feel her pussy muscles squeezing my cock under the
right circumstances.

We lay there in a sweaty cuddle for a few minutes,
then shared another long kiss and headed for the

We washed each other, I used the shower hose to
flush her vagina so she wouldn't be leaking and
squishy as we rode, then we got out and dried off.
With her short hair, a vigorous toweling, then a
few minutes with a hair dryer and brush had her
ready for a helmet.

We dressed in jeans and fairly heavy long sleeved
shirts, pulled on riding boots and went to the
garage to complete gearing up.  I stowed her
duffel, rolled the bike out and put on my jacket.
The temp was well above 80 degrees, the riding
pants would be a bit too much till we got to
higher elevations and cooler weather.  I sent her
mother a quick text, saying we were about to roll
and our first planned stop.  We put on earplugs,
helmets and gloves and rolled out.


Chapter 2 -- on the road

Twenty minutes and 12 miles later at a fast food
lunch, Ginny giggled at the slightly snippy text
message from her mother suggesting that a blow by
blow itinerary on that scale might not be quite
necessary.  My reply told Bobby the name of the
town where I planned to stop for gas, about 250
miles out and a little over five hours hence.

Ginny and I had been riding quite a bit for over a
year, other than the occasional early restroom
stop, I seldom needed stop just for her.  I had a
communication system installed in our helmets so
we could talk as necessary, listen to music from
my phone or talk to other riders or truckers on a
CB.  Neither of us was much inclined to chatter,
but it was very nice to be able to point out items
of interest to each other.

We hit a rest area about 80 miles out, a
little over a freeway hour from lunch.  From there
I headed off to the east on a good two lane, we
were soon climbing for serious.  At around 5000
feet I stopped again and we put on the riding
pants and Ginny added her jacket liner.

The summit was a little over 8000 feet.  I stopped
for a second break, Ginny pulled down her pants,
and I held her up while she peed in the absence of
a rest area. As was our custom she returned the
favor, holding me while I peed, which was fun if
not nearly as useful.  We took pictures of the
view and some wild flowers, cuddled for a bit,
shared a sport drink then went on.

Coming down the other side, I stopped again for
pictures.  Ginny hadn't been with me on this road
before and I wanted to show her some of the view
points.  Traffic was light, and the big Honda
would pass easily in places that one wouldn't even
consider in a car.  We came down the hill having
great fun with the corners.

I stopped one more time for a rest break at a
convenience store down in the valley.

We filled up, pretty much on schedule -- by then
Ginny and I had decided to sleep in a town another
125 miles down the road.  With supper and check in,
that would put us in the motel room 8:30 or 9:00.

Ginny texted her mother from my phone while I
filled the bike.  We fiddled around for another
five minutes stretching and relaxing, then got
back on and headed for the town where we planned
to have supper.

Supper, then another short hour on the bike put us
in the Motel-6 parking lot.  I had made an online
reservation when we decided to sleep here, so we
had assurance of a pair of beds.

Ginny decided she wanted to go for quantity for
tomorrow, so we spent half an hour on my laptop
laying out a route that would take us home in
about 700 miles, then uploaded it to the GPS.  It
being summer, her mother approved a 10PM arrival
time at home with only a little wheedling from Ginny.
Most of it would be freeway and only one big city
to get through.

Per established practice from previous trips,
Ginny got into her bed, covered up and lay there
for a count of ten, then switched to my bed and
snuggled into my arms for the night.  Since we
were feeling no time pressure this time, we lined
up in a 69, she was able to reach the end of my
cock while I licked her pussy.  In a few minutes
we both came, then reversed and I slid into her
without artificial aids.  We lay there cuddling
and kissing a little while we rested from the
first round, then as I became hard again we had a
mutually blissful twenty minutes of fucking to
finish out our love making.

When we were done, I wiped her up a bit, put a
fresh towel to replace the one that we had used to
catch the wet spot, and drifted off to sleep in my
lover's arms.

If you can imaging a better way to wake up than
having your lover kissing your face and neck with
quick butterfly kisses, keep it to yourself.  I
don't think I could survive anything better than

I returned the kisses for a few minutes then we
mutually rolled out to hit the bathroom.  We
washed each other's genitals then went back to the
bed, used the lube to make a morning quickie work,
using the second bed this time to make it look
slept in and recycling the towels from last night.

When we came down from that high, we indulged in
another five minutes of cuddling, then hit the
shower, thence check out, thence breakfast.  We
pulled on to the freeway a little after eight.

It would require a third tank of gas to make it
home so I didn't try to crowd the 300 mile range
on the bike.  We did the day in blocks of 100 -
150 miles with fuel at every other stop.

An hour or two after breakfast, I pointed out to
Ginny that we were doing this at a pace that would
easily get us an Iron Butt Saddle Sore award if we
went the whole thousand miles, and today's schedule
would be nearly good enough for half of a
BunBurner Gold, 1500 miles in 24 hours.

That got me silence for 15 or 20 minutes then a
set of questions about what it would take to get
the awards.  In another hour we had a tentative
plan for the 1000 / 24 in a few weeks and she was
disappointed when I pointed out that we probably
couldn't do both before school started that fall.

Besides, I pointed out, trying the 1500 when we
would have to plan on sustained temperatures below
40 degrees at night probably wouldn't be a good
idea, excellent riding gear with electric jackets
not withstanding.

During supper, Ginny managed to get permission
from her mother to sleep at my house when we got
in.  The dynamics of that one were something that
I pondered on frequently.  I couldn't imagine that
her parents weren't aware that Ginny had managed
to work her way into my bed over six months ago
and was currently getting laid several times a
week.  We had discussed how to open that can of
worms off and on since the three day weekend when
she had convinced her parents to allow her to stay
with me instead of going out of town with the rest
of her family.  So far we had been using the
ostrich method, and getting away with it.


Chapter 3 -- Engagement (we hope)

The email waiting for me on my phone when we got
home made me pretty sure that the ostrich was most
probably at end-of-life and about to become cowboy
boots, Ginny and I were commanded to dinner and a
family meeting the following evening after work.

I delivered Ginny to her summer day care on time,
but work suffered Monday.  I dithered between
marriage plans, escape routes and methods of
acquiring a new identity, or how to survive a jail

Neither Ginny nor I ate much at supper, she was a
very bright kid and was as aware as I what the
current social penalties might wind up being for
our relationship.  Her brothers were spending the
night with friends.  This made us even more
certain that 'the jig was up'.

Her parents picked up on our tension, "It'll be
fine guys.  You aren't in trouble with us yet,
this meeting is intended to head off trouble
rather than meet out punishment.", was Bobby's

After dinner, Ginny crawled into my lap in what
had pretty much become 'our chair' when I was at
their house.  She was getting heavy enough that
she could no longer use my lap as her default
seating, but I certainly wasn't going to push her
out tonight.

"Relax Joe-n-Ginny.", Ed said.  "At present, we
contemplate neither shooting you nor calling the
cops.  But it does seem to be time to discuss your
status as a couple and future-son-in-law, that
seeming to be the way you guys are heading.

And to bring up the necessity of birth control in
the near future."

I didn't quite dare look at Ginny -- I expected
that 'deer in the headlights' approximated the look
on my face at the moment.

He looked at us for a moment, then with a wry
grin, "I strongly suggest that the two of you
forgo your plans to make your living at the poker
tables in Vegas until you learn better facial

That comment didn't help me, I added blush to the
current expression.  This time I did look at Ginny,
her face looked much what mine felt like.

"To simplify the rest of the conversation --

First off, Bobby kicked my feet out from under me
when I was nineteen and she was eleven.  I didn't
try to run away from her real hard. We had this
conversation with her parents not too long after.
Which is part of why we aren't freaking about the
two of you.

Secondly, let us stipulate, without requiring
confirmation from you two, that you have been
lovers since late February when Ginny spent the
weekend with you.  Neither Bobby nor I expected
your virtue to survive the weekend, Joe.  It was
very clear to us that Ginny had plans and you
didn't have a big enough stick at hand to defend
yourself.  Besides, the difference in the way the
two of you interacted afterwards was quite marked
where we were looking for it.

So, can the two of you swear with a straight face
that you have not been lovers at least
occasionally since then -- from the look of you, I
would bet on within the last twenty four hours?"

The accused sat mute, if rather red faced.

"Hearing no dissent, we will conduct the balance
of this discussion on the assumption that the
foregoing is substantially correct."

More mute.  Redder faces.

"So, Joe.  A direct question, requiring an answer.

What are your long term intentions in this
matter?"  Ed sat back, clearly giving me time to
formulate an answer.

The dithering during the day had at least given me
a clear answer for my wishes here.  "Assuming you
will permit it, do my best to be a good
boyfriend/fiance for now, marriage in nine to
thirteen years, do my best to be a good husband
and parent after."

"Why that time frame?", he asked.

"A little less than 9 years till her eighteenth
birthday, she should have a degree in around
thirteen.  That was the thinking for the estimate.

Keep in mind that this is my off the cuff answer,
we haven't really discussed anything beyond the
fact that she announced her plans to marry me over
a year ago and I agreed that if she still wanted
me when it became possible, I would marry her.
That event was in your presence as I recall and
you didn't forbid it at the time.

I have no hint that she has backed off on that
declaration since.", I answered him.

"Ginny?", he asked.

"Mine.", wrapping her arms around me and burrowing
a little closer, was her one word answer.

Beat, beat.  I hugged her against me tightly for a
moment and echoed her, "Mine."

"Well dear, I would say that's about as
unambiguous an answer as we could possibly ask
for.", said Bobby to Ed.

Another wry grin from Ed, "OK, Bobby and I will
accept that as a formal declaration of intent."

"Given that, what are your plans for birth control,
and/or child rearing?", Ed asked.

"I had my first period at about 11-1/2.", put in
Bobby.  "You two are on a fairly short fuse.
Within no more than a year and a half, the risk of
unprotected sex is going to become unacceptable.

We do assume that you two don't intend to start a
baby before Ginny is twelve."

Long pause.

"No, starting a baby would be a very bad idea for
at least eight or nine years.  I guess I just
assumed that Ginny couldn't get pregnant for most
of four years and had it filed under problems to
be dealt with later.

From what you say, that no longer sounds
acceptable.", I answered after a bit.

"I note that Ginny is starting to grow boobs.  I
had some hair by my eleventh birthday and was
definitly fertile by my twelfth.  I have no reason
to bet, especially at these stakes, that Ginny
will be any slower than I was.", Bobby stated.

"Well, love.", I said to Ginny, "It sounds like
serious research into methods of birth control is
in our immediate future."

She nodded.

"Do you expect Walt and Sam (Ginny's brothers) to
be a problem in our relationship?", I asked the

"They are both, of course, well aware of Ginny's
attachment to you.  I'm quite sure that Walt
believes that the two of you are lovers and
accepts it.  I don't expect them to cause trouble.
We'll take them aside and make sure they know how
much trouble it might cause if they get to talking
in the wrong circles.

They both like you Joe, and I doubt they will have
any problem at all with the notion of you as a
brother-in-law so long as Ginny is happy.", said

"Another issue Ginny.", said Ed to his daughter.
"Joe is about to get a promotion to field
engineer.  This will involve a lot of travel on
his part.  Field engineers typically spend over
25% of their time on the road, in blocks of up to
three weeks.  Not uncommon at all to have three or
more of those blocks back to back with no more
than a week between them.  He will probably hold
that position for around five to eight years.

Are you willing to support him in his career and
put up with the needs of his job?  Given your age,
it will be very seldom, if at all, that you might
be able to go with him."

I had been sort of expecting this, the progression
of responsibilities had been laid out for me when
I signed on with the company, but hadn't thought
it through in relation to my nine year old lover.

It was Ginny's turn now to sit in thought.

After a few minutes she spoke, "You did that for a
while didn't you daddy?"

"I did.  It was an interesting, challenging and
stressful time.  I got to see a lot of different
places and work with a lot of different people.
Some of the places and people weren't a lot of
fun, but overall it was a good time except being
away from your mom and your brothers and living in
hotels a lot.  

Your mom and I didn't have email, chat and texting
the way you guys do now, the phone company got
fairly rich off us."

A few more minutes, "If momma did it, so can I.",
Ginny said quite firmly.

More silence for several minutes.

"What would you suggest for birth control?", I
finally asked Bobby.  "That subject's a bit
outside the realm of my expertise."

"We'll need to look into that one, we have a
while.  I don't have current knowledge about what
might be available for young girls either.  There
must be something, I'm pretty sure that girls
aren't any less active now than when I was that
age, or for that matter, my mother and yours.  And
all things considered, not very many of them wind
up pregnant."

We sat there for a while longer, the subject
seemed to have played itself out.  After a while I
stood to go home.  There was no formal discussion
on the matter, but Ginny went home with me.


Chapter 4 -- Fully engaged and off to school.

From there, Ginny effectivley moved in with me
whenever I was home.  As Ed predicted, I moved up
from junior house engineer to junior field
engineer.  This had me doing a lot of travel to
customer's plants, surveying the problem, then
bringing info home to design the equipment that
would be built and installed.  When the equipment
was ready, I was a part of the team that would get
it installed, working and the customer's
production and maintanance people trained in the
proper care and feeding of their new toys.  

Ginny and I lived in my house anytime I was there
and she lived with her parents when I wasn't.

At her mother's suggestion, Ginny started to learn
to cook and how to manage a household.  Ginny
could see the need and put some serious effort
into the task.  It was a bit of a shock to me the
first time I came home from a trip and found a
full fledged dinner waiting for me with Ginny
proudly serving.  It was nowhere near a perfect
dinner, but was mostly quite edible.  Certainly it
was no effort at all to enjoy what my lady was
serving to me.  I was a pretty good cook, and her
mother was superb at the style she used.  By the
time Ginny was 12, I would have had no qualms at
all about bringing my boss home for her to feed
him.  Other issues might have been a bit dicey, but
not the food or service.

Ginny finished fifth grade in the public school.
She did OK but was suffering from the same problem
I had, she was much brighter than average, and
spend a lot of her time waiting for the teachers
to say something new.  In some of her classes, the
teacher would allow her to read so long as she
kept up with the subject.  In others the teacher
wanted everyone to be good little kids and listen
attentively.  She tended to not do well in those
classes and was gaining the rep of a troublemaker
with the administration.

With Ginny's eager cooperation, we managed to work
a deal with the school where she could keep doing
soccer and swimming, with our jobs to allow Ginny
to be with one of the three of us for an average
of a couple of hours a day, and we could work part
of the time at computers at home.  With that a
high end cell phone for each of the four of us, and
the fact that Ginny was a pretty well behaved kid,
she moved into home schooling.

In a few months we managed to hook up with three
other sets of parents that had 'gifted' kids about
Ginny's age and school level and were similarly
schooling them -- we arranged to share tutoring
and child care time and between being in the
company of their intellectual peers and real
competition, the kids took off.  That also nearly
eliminated the problems with scheduling at work.
We were allowed flex schedules when we needed to
take our turns at being tutors, and the kids had
adults available most of the time.

They finished sixth grade by about the first of
March of Ginny's tenth year and moved right into
seventh.  Since it had taken over two months of
sixth grade for us and the kids to get up to
speed, it was unsurprising that they were far into
seventh grade by the first of June.  They/we
elected to keep going.  They took a two week break
the first part of July -- the border between
seventh and eighth grade work, and only averaged four
days per week for most of the summer, including
doing school on many Saturdays. Both the kids and
the parents were able to be quite flexible, while
they certainly took turns, we averaged having one
of the four missing for most of the summer.  

That made Ginny starting eighth grade work at
about the same time as her eleventh birthday.  By
then she had been wearing a bra for over six
months and had a fair sprinkling of pubic hair.
Of far more interest to us, she was able to have
full fledged orgasms and could lube well enough
that we seldom used the tube lube anymore.

By fall Ginny and two of her buds were nearing the
end of eighth grade work.  One of the original
four dropped out, decided that having to work at
school and not having the social life with gossip
and clothes wasn't worth it.  It may have been the
right decision for her, she was a very pretty
girl, blonde hair and blue eyes, a slender frame
and she liked to play the clothes and social game.

She did wind up with a degree and a quite wealthy
husband, he wound up very high in the food chain
at a major business as a marketing manager.  Near
as I can tell she is content with her life and her
quite attractive and bright kids.  At any rate
that is a tale for a different day.  This tale is
mostly about Ginny and me, and incidentally the
other kids that stayed the course.

By now the parental group was more familiar with
the system and we did a bit of advertising for
additional kids.  We picked up three more kids
with compatible IQ levels and parents that were
willing to contribute to the schooling as we had
been doing.  That gave us a group of six kids with
a wide range of skills available from the
parents.  If anything this ratcheted up the pace
another small notch.

Some of this tale might make it sound like the
kids did nothing but classwork twelve and fourteen
hours a day seven days a week.  Not necessary.
Not at all.  They were very bright kids with good
coaches.  They did work more than the typical
middle school or high school kids would have, but
that's not a very high hurdle.  They actually
worked a lot more -- and spent a little more time
on study than the kids in the public system.  What
they did was much more focused work, with only
enough repetition to bind the knowledge.  Instead
of six weeks on compound fractions, I spent five
days.  We worked pretty intensively on them for
those days, then they would have several compound
fraction problems in every homework batch for the
next couple of months, then the occasional one
every few batches from then on.

I managed to work it so we would do some science
or business sort of work than soon required some
math to deal with.  We would then pause and work
on the math necessary to deal with the problem,
work through the issue then go on to the next

One of the projects turned out to go on for
months.  One of the dads was a model train geek.
He donated a large section of his basement and
what turned out to be quite a lot of money for the
kids to build a train system.  Five of the six
kids took after the engineering class and we built
quite a setup over the next couple of years.

Model train systems might not sound like school
work, but if you are doing it for serious, there
is geometry and a lot of other math, a lot of
electronics with all the math and science required
to learn them properly.

In today's world, much of what used to be done
with analog electronics is now digital.  Which
starts to get into discrete math, logic and
certainly lateral thinking.  

Road beds, bridges and trestles require geometry
and careful work.  A lot of calculation and
thinking is required to build a bridge from raw
materials, even if the bridge is only three feet
long and has a total height of eighteen inches.
Because of cube/square issues, strength of
materials doesn't really apply to model making the
way it does for full scale construction, but we
did most of the rest.  You might think that ten
and twelve year olds couldn't possible learn CAD.
Wrong.  *My* kids not only learned how, they
learned why.

Time spent with power tools to make parts from raw
materials to the precision necessary is a more
than useful skill.  Contrary to popular opinion,
even a bit of bleeding and pain will teach
valuable lessons to kids so long as permanent
damage to body parts is avoided.

I had one great advantage, the punishment for
excessive bleeding wasn't scolding or grounding.
It was having to watch their classmates use the
tool for the next couple of days.  It worked very
fine.  For the most part they managed to take
turns at bleeding, and very seldom caused bleeding
in fellow students.  They understood that was a
very serious no-no, only exceeded by any
intentional cause of harm.

One interesting time was when Ginny got into a
real fight with one of her fellow students.  Billy
was a bit of a cutup, and had a bit of a vicious
streak as well.  He came up with a series of
comments about big girls, comparing them to oxen
and elephants.  He wasn't subtle, and about a week
into the campaign, he went too far and Ginny blew
up on him.  At that age, she was quite a bit
stronger, heavier and better coordinated than he
was.  He had to have a tooth reinstalled, had one
track across his face that came awfully close to
an eye, and she finished him off by breaking his
right arm.  That one was mostly bad luck on both
their parts, by then he was trying to get away and
stuck his arm into a narrow place, Ginny caught up
with him about then and hit him with a full body
tackle, jerking him sideways to the crack where he
had his arm.

That ended the fight, more because Ginny could see
the damage she had wrought than because he was
clearly the loser.  His arm was bent near ninety
degrees halfway between elbow and wrist with the
lower half of his forearm still in the crack.

To both their credits, they put the mad behind
them and coped with the problem.  By the time the
adults got involved, Ginny had called for help,
gotten Billy out of the crack and sitting down and
was doing a credible job of rigging an emergency

Billy was crying some, but was actively cooperating
with her efforts.

One of the things that I was forever grateful for
was that I wasn't involved in the immediate
aftermath.  By the time I found out about it, the
full set of parents had done a full investigation,
pretty well ruled that they were even in blame and
punishment at that point and that further
punishment would be redundant.

From that point on, Billy was civil to Ginny and
she accepted it and didn't seem to hold a grudge. 


This last section clearly needs more work to make
the story work out right.  Also, it will be at
least twice this long before I quit on it --
perhaps on towards ten times.

For now, enjoy.  I will post again when I get a
significant addition done.