Changing Diapers

This is a story of a pussy eater and how he was delegated to changing diapers.

Iím Jimmy I just turned 14 and had to spend a few weeks with my momí sister because mom and dad were going on a cruse to Hawaii. I no sooner go inside the door and Aunt Carol bent over to picks up her two year old baby girl. Her ass was towards me and her mini skirt went up in the back showing her fine ass in those wonderful thong Panties of hers.

I was so shocked I tripped over my own feed almost fell on top of her. My mom and dad were out of there so fast I didnít even get to say good bye.

We talked for the longest time God she sat with her beautiful legs splayed out in front of her.

The door bell rang and aunt Carol said, Oh I think that will be Kenny. Heís a boy that live down the street and cuts my grass. I thought you two might hit it off he about your age.

I sure wasnít at all thrilled but what the fuck. Kenny came in and we hit it off pretty good talking like most teen boys do.

I noticed that he was checking out aunt Carolís legs. I looked at him and smiled. She got up to pick up her baby again and we both had a fine look at her ass.

Kenny looked and me and I smiled and just stuck my tongue out like I wanted to lick her creamy ass.

She grumbled and said ďshit she need to be changed again, what fucking little pee pants you are. I giggled and she gave me dirty look. She said donít laugh, you want to stay here I may make you earn your keep by changer her.

I said no fucking way. Donít cuss. When she left the room I said to Jimmy God what a great ass she has.

He said fuck Ya why do you think I cut her grass for less than half of what I charge any one else. Some times I come here and she has a see-thru Nightie on.

I said fuck I hope she does that While Iím here. We both got up and peek on her changing the baby. She walked away and left the baby stark naked with her sweet little baby pussy towards us. I said ďShit between her ass and that little pussy Iím going to have to jack off 100 times a dayď.

Well if she makes you change the baby you sure will get plenty of long looks at that little pussy for sure.

We ran back to the living room before aunt came back. She sat on the couch next to us and her tube top was down enough that half her one nipple was out. I poked Jimmy and we both got a wonderful look.

She never made a move to cover up. I wasnít sure if she knew if was out or not. She crawled around on the floor playing with the baby. He naked ass was out the whole time.

Later she picked up the baby and said fuck wet again. I giggled like mad.

She gave me a dirty look, She said,Ē Ok you two follow meď. We got up and followed her to the babyís room. Ok Iíll show you one time then from now on as long as you are here itís your job to change her.

I said you kidding? No Iím not. She showed us how to get the diaper off and how to wash her pussy and butt making sure to wash from front to back.

She opened her the little ones pussy and showed us how to clean inside. I wasnít sure why she made Kenny come in but we both got close and checked out the whole thing. We got back to the living room and watched my aunt drinking liquor.

God she was really getting drunk. I asked her if Kenny could stay the night. She said tell him to asked his mother itís sure fine with me.

We called Kennyís mom and she was fine with it. The drunker auntie got the more careless she got with the way she sat and stuff.

She sat sideways on the couch and her legs came apart. I signaled Kenny to come and look. I think she seen us, but never made a move to cover up.

The baby started to cry. She said Ok boys time to changer her. I picked up the baby and Kenny and I took her to the changing table. We got her diaper off and took our time checking out he pussy. I cleaned it really good.

I looked at Kenny and said Ken, keep a lookout for my aunt. He moved over to the door and said I think she is passed out. I leaned over and licked the babyís pussy. God was if sweet. I sucked her clit for a good ten minuets. Kenny said hey my turn. We switched places.

I watched as he licked the baby and also took his cock out and jacked it. We went back to the living room and sure enough aunt was passed out cold.

She was still on couch passed out. I tried to wake her but to no avail. Kenny lifted her skirt so we could see her panties better.

I took hold of the side of her panties and pulled them over so we could see her nicely shaved pussy.

We got a really good look but she seemed to be coming around. So we moved away. She got up and almost fell. She said, Ďboys I need to pee and donít think I can make it to the bathroom. We got one on each side and led her and helped her to the bathroom. She didnít hide at all she pulled her skirt up and panties down. Then just sat down and peed. We got a great look at her pussy gushing pee. She sat there awhile and then wiped her pussy. She pulled her panties off and tossed them on the floor.

We helped her back to the living room. She sat on the couch sideways again and let her legs drop open again.

She sat there talking to us with her pussy wide open. She talked to us and fingered her pussy. She said you boys like to look auntieís girlís pussyís?

God aunty yes. She said I knew you would thatís why I had you guys changing the baby. I knew that would get you boys all horny. She went and picked up the baby and removed her diaper. She sat there and played with the babyís pussy and her own at the same time. She looked at us and said well did you boys lick her pussy? Kenny said Oh yes. Why donít you boys take out your dicks and let the baby play with them.

I dropped my pants so fast I almost fell. I walked over to the baby and her mom and she grabbed my dick and showed the little girl how to play with it.

She did the same thing with Kennyís. Then she took hold of my dick ad guided it into the babyís mouth. She started to suck. I said auntie, I canít take it. Iím going to cum you better make her stop. Auntie smiled and said Oh Ya give her a big drink of cum. Fill her mouth. I had no choice I shot a great load in the little babyís mouth. Kenny took my place and gave the baby lots of cum too.

Now we were all horny as hell Kenny lick my aunt and the jammed his cock in her open pussy. The baby and I watched as they fucked. After Kenny filled her pussy with cum. I shoved him out of the way. I had my dick in her so fast I donít think she was even aware till I started to fuck her. I looked at Kenny and he had the baby sucking his dick clean.

End of part one.