Daddy Daughter Days

Well my name is Ken I just got back from deployment in Bagdad.

I had only been married about six years and spent most of that time on deployment.

We had a little girl Amber who was 5. My wife said since I had been gone so much that I need to spend lots more time with Amber.

So now that I was home with them I could do more like give her baths and so on.

It was fine but me being the horny devil I am washing my baby was driving me nuts. She was so sweet and open to anything. No matter how many times I dragged my fingers thru her pussy or ass crack she never thought anything of it.

I was drying her and couldnít resist feeling inside her little pussy. She got all wet and juicy. My had was almost dripping wet. I brought my fingers t my noise and smelled her perfume. I looked at her standing there naked as I licked her juices off my hand.

Well as if that wasnít bad enough my wife insisted that I talk Amber with my almost everywhere I went. She also said that one day a week It was going to be daddy daughter time and that we were to spend the whole day together.

Well we did that for a few weeks. Then my wife said she found a website that had other men like me and they had a kind of a club/support group. They got together two or three times a week and kind of had play dates with the kids.

It also gave the guys other men in their same position to compare note.

I was a little reluctant but what the fuck I would give it a try. I talked to men on the internet and finally met a guy at the mall. His name was Gus and he had a little girl names Sherry that was the same age as Amber.

He also told me he hand a boy from a previous marriage that was fourteen. We got to be pretty good friends. We met at the mall and I couldnít help but notice that his little girls was dress in very petty dresses.

One day he was getting ready to take Sherry back to her mom. We took the girls in the menís room so they could pee.

He took Sherry in the stall and when they came out Sherry was dress in a completely different dress.

I said so what up with the different dress. Oh my wife is a church nut and wonít let Sherry dress in short dresses. She would have a fucking cow. So I buy her nice pretty dresses and have her wear them when we have out special times.

The next time we met we all went to buy Sherry some different dresses. I got to see Sherry change a few times and not only her dress but her panties too. She had kind of a brown body. I loved it and could tell her dad did too, I was trying to hide my obvious hard-on but then noticed her dad had one also. The dresses that her dad bought for her were very short. He had her model them for us.

Well with Amber being as smart as she was she wanted some new dresses too. So I bought one. It was not as short as Sherryís but was nice and frilly.

Well I got home and all shit hit the fan. My wife said she looks like a hooker. She made me return the dress. Amber was really upset and crying. I got her alone and said donít worry princess daddy will get you more nice dresses. I said just donít tell mom.

The next day at the mall I told Gus what happened with my wife about the dress. He said he was not surprised. I said well fuck her lets go get my baby a dress. We went to the dress shop and both Gus and I helped little Amber try on different dresses and panties. I said Gus I guess Iím a little slow but eventually I figure things out. I noticed that when you see our girls naked you get a boner. He was so shocked and started to stammer. I said relax Gus I get one too. He then broke out in laughter. We picked out a dress for Amber that was way to short. We took the girls to the menís room. I peed with Amber and Sherry watching me. Gus giggled and hauled his massive cock out inches from Amber face. He also peed with the two girls checking him out. Amber said she had to pee, Sherry chimed in me too. I started to take Amber in the stall. Gus said a. Ken, a. I said what tell me you can say anything to me? He said, why donít we switch? I didnít get it at first but then it dawned on me. Oh I see you want to take Amber in the stall and have me take Sherry. He got this giant grin on his face. I said, Sure that sounds like fun. I took Sherry in the stall and pulled her panties down and let her pee. I knelt down and fingered her pussy. I bent down and gave her a few licks. We got out of the stall and Gus said what do you think of Sherry? I said, God she wonderful. So is Amber, such a great looking little pussy, said Gus.

The next day I was talking to Gus on the internet and he said he found some other guys that want to join out little group. I said well maybe but we need to be really careful. He gave me a website and told me that one of the guys showed it to him. I was reluctant not wanting to go on some kind of kiddy porn site. He said no itís just clothes for little girls.

I logged on and was blown away. They had all kinds of what for a better term I would call Kinder-slut clothes. I mean everything from see thru panties to bikini swim suits. They had lots of thong panties and even crouch-less panties. They didnít show little girls wearing them they showed either maniacs or comic characters. It didnít matter much they all showed wide open pussyís I emailed Gus and told him which panties and other things I was ordering just so he would order the same ones for Sherry. It took a few days for the items to come I had a hard time making sure to get to the mail before my wife. But then the stuff came and I hid them in the trunk of the car.

One day I was home and turned the computer on just to see if Gus was on line. He chimed in. He said, God Iím glade your on right now.

He told me his wife was down stairs doing laundry. He said look I got a new camera. He turned on his camera and I had a clear view of him and the room he was in.

He said hang on. He ran and got Sherry. He brought her back and pulled her panties down. He said can you see her? I said fuck Ya.

He pulled her pussy open wide for the camera. He said see you tomorrow my wife is coming. He logged off. The next day I checked around and found a good Camera in Radio-Shack. It was surprisingly easy to hook up.

That afternoon Gus said we should meet at his house he was having the other guy he met coming too.

I wasnít sure but when I got to Gusís house the other guy was already there. He had his seven year old daughter with him. She was dress in a very short mini skirt and to my shock as she sat down I seen she had no panties on. Well that kind of put me at e then stripped her naked and had her put on a pair of thong/crouch less panties. The had her put on a shirt so short her pussy was out at all ďI canít get no satisfactionĒ. She was dancing like a little stripper. Thrusting her hips like she was fucking a mystical character. I canít deny I had a giant hard-on. I looked at Gus and the other guy and they both had their dicks out. The funy thing was Amber was sitting between them on the couch. She was not looking much at the girl performing, She was checking out the two menís dicks. Well we spent the whole day dressing and undressing the girls and having the show off for us. Gus and the other guy had video cameras set up and caught on tape. After each man dress his little girl the first time. It was suggested that we switch kids and would dress up each other kids. I watched out of the corner of my eye as Gus and the other guy finger the girl they were helping get dressed. When it was time to leave the new guy had his seven year old little girl jack him off. He shot his hot cum all over her face. She giggled and laughed as he shot it in her face. Gus and I decided to do the same but with each other daughters. I had little five year old Sherry jacking my hard cock as I watched Amber working on Gusís. What a hot sight seeing Amber working so hard on Gusís dick. I had my fingers in Sherry pussy making her little pussy cream. I told Gus, God Gus this little Cunt is making me so fucking hot. I love fingering her pussy as she makes me cum. We both came about the same time. Shooting cum all over their little nipples and down there bellies to their hairless pussies.

A few day later Gus emailed me. He gave me a website to chechout. I log on and the first thing I was were the three little girls including Amber dancing naked and even jacking our dick. I was sa little relieved when I noticed that the menís faces were blocked out. I spent a long time and looked really close as Amber got her face close and worked over Gusís dick. The ting I noticed most was the utter look of happiness and delight on her face as Gus exploded in her face. Also from another view I could see Gus had his small finger shoved up Amberís ass.


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