Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author: Mike McGifford Title: The Story of Three Summary: A bored housewife changes her lifestyle in every possible way Keywords: FF FM Fm Ff mF mast INTRODUCTION A bored housewife and mother wants more to interest her now that her children are in high school. She searches aimlessly for that something; a hobby, a special interest. She believes she finds it when she stumbles across a blog online that first intrigues then fascinates her. An interesting post from a user leads her to another blog and then another until she finds herself reading about the psychology of bondage and submission. It is with a great deal of guilt that she religiously follows this new blog. She feels guilty that she hasn't talked to her husband about her fascination with this new subject. She feels deprived and dirty that she could even read some of the filth that is written online, yet each day she learns a little more and begins wondering where her place would be in this previously unknown lifestyle. She's a natural skeptic and it takes a lot to convince her that everything she's been reading is not in fact published by a bunch of dirty old men instead of both men and women of all ages. She researched user profiles and some of them belonged to what she'd consider children; only a few years older than her own. Some of them were from women her own age as well as men and woman of all ages in between. One profile in particular stands out among the others, belonging to a woman her age from her own town. It's a very straightforward profile that appears to hide nothing and even includes an email address, so unlike her own fictitious profile. Before she can change her mind, she sends an email to the address listed. An answer is in her email box that same afternoon. The back and forth had begun. A week later, the pair had coffee at a café and she had a chance to ask face to face questions of her new contact. A careful woman, she'd used her middle name in her email and when she introduced herself in person, simply calling herself Ann. Terri, her contact, wasn't at all what she'd pictured. Terri would politely be referred to as `big-boned', although fit would also sum up what Ann saw. For Terri is a big woman. A statuesque 5' 11" without the ever-present heels, stretch denim hipster-type jeans drawing the eye to her belly jewelry. A noticeable but not unattractive tummy was defined by the tight top that emphasized her large bust. Her eyes belied her 38 years, but her warm smile, luscious mane of jet-black hair and well applied makeup could cause a person to mistake her for someone 10 years younger. The first time Terri met with Ann was spent talking more about Terri than Terri intruding into Ann's personal life. Terri explained that she'd spent a lot of time on both sides of the `scene' as she called it, but preferred to be a top, or mistress. She freely admitted to having regular partners of both sexes serving her every whim and even her employment was BDSM-based. At the end of the meeting, Ann felt surprisingly excited about the possibility of a second meeting, to which Terri agreed but stipulated that Ann would foot the bill for coffee and a snack. For the next month, a weekly meeting with Terri ensued, in addition to countless emails. As Terri gained Ann's trust, Ann's questions became more specific and intimate. Not one of these meetings or emails was shared with Ann's husband and certainly not the invitation for Ann and her husband to visit and watch the video-taping of a `scene' that Terri conducted a couple of weeks after their first meeting. Ann took a rain-check on that one but her curiosity got the better of her the second time she received an invitation. Leaving her husband and children at home, Ann told her family that she was going to visit a friend. Her husband was very supportive and asked no questions. Her children were so consumed with their own lives that it made no difference to them what their mother did, as long as they were fed. When Ann arrived at the address she'd been given, she thought at first she was in the wrong place. She wasn't sure if she should ring the bell next to the door of the upscale house and instead, stood there thinking about it for so long that the door opened before she'd even made up her mind one way or the other. Terri was standing inside, smiling at the surprised look on Ann's face. Without a word, she simply pointed at the eve-mounted camera directed at Ann then motioned her inside. Terri was wearing a beautiful, black satin dress that showed plenty of cleavage, her hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail and on her feet were the highest heels Ann had ever seen in real life. Her makeup was immaculate and she wouldn't have been out of place at an opera or ritzy party. The pumps must have been 5" and put Terri a full head taller than Ann, a height difference that made Ann, in her dingy sweats, feel even less sure of her decision to show up. If Ann hadn't been so passionate about her new interest, she would have bolted right then. Instead, she entered the house, apologizing profusely for being inappropriately dressed. Terri just laughed and assured her that Ann looked just fine, being after all, just a spectator. The question implied by the assurance was obvious, so Ann promised that she'd be quiet and stay out of the way. The scene was other-worldly to Ann. From the moment the `subject' entered the room to way past the time Ann got home some hours later she was practically speechless. That night she just about raped her willing husband, and for the first time in many years, reached some sort of climax during love-making. The next day, after the kids had left for school and her husband was on his way to work, Ann checked her email. On her mind was an intention to break off her contact with Terri and discontinue her involvement with any of the blogs she'd signed up for. Ann was feeling more guilt than ever before. In her mind, she'd cheated on her husband by watching the scene that had included not just bondage, humiliation and sex, but lesbian sex and ultimately penetrative sex performed by a male with a huge penis. She'd seen her friend, as she thought of Terri now, naked and being given oral sex. She'd seen Terri climax at the mouth of a bound, pretty young girl and she'd watched, enthralled as the young woman had been taunted, made fun of and humiliated in ways Ann could never have imagined. Ann felt awful that she'd sat in the corner and watched without any attempt at intervention. Even worse, she could picture herself in the young woman's place and she'd become highly aroused. If she'd had a copy of the video they'd made and was alone without the possibility of being caught, she would have masturbated; something she'd not done in years. So she made up her mind. She'd focus on her husband and leave all this behind her. She'd renew her concentration on looking after her family. The first email she saw was from Terri. Ann's mouse finger hovered over the delete button for a full 20 seconds before she decided to check the email's content and delete it. As she read it, Ann's determination wavered. Terri thanked Ann for attending the scene and hoped Ann had enjoyed it on some level. The email didn't end there though. Instead, Terri went on to ask if there was anything about what she'd witnessed that she may want to discuss, or any social questions that the experience may have raised. That was the hook that Ann wasn't able to resist. Instead of simply deleting the email Ann responded, finally confiding her feelings of guilt and arousal about what she'd seen. Within the hour she received a surprising response from Terri. Terri's email laid out Ann's options, including the very decision she'd already tentatively made. It also included likely consequences of each option and the consequence of having nothing more to do with the BDSM scene was that Ann would return to longing for something more, something likely to break her family up. Terri wrote that she could see in Ann a slave waiting to be taught, a slave who could continue to be a wife and mother, yet also a more rounded individual who might learn a whole new set of tools for dealing with whatever situation she was presented with. Terri ended the email with a strong suggestion, well actually an instruction that Ann wait a minimum of 24 hours before she implement her decision. Terri had also implied if Ann wanted to move forward, she could find someone who might be willing to teach her everything she wanted to know, but Ann already knew that if she decided she wanted to learn more, go to the next level or whatever, it would be with someone she already trusted. It could only be with Terri. Chapter 1 Ann did think about Terri's email. She thought about it a lot. Her husband had to work late before going out to meet his colleagues for their regular Friday night drinks and the kids were both staying at friends' houses for the night. So Ann, who had done all the housework, twice, couldn't find anything on television to interest her and was refusing to give into the temptation to log onto even one of the blogs she was subscribed to, therefore had nothing else to do but think. She thought a lot about the consequences Terri had suggested relating to her dropping her current `hobby' and knew Terri was right. As Ann sat in front of the television watching a show she used to be glued to every Friday night, she realized that it no longer held the slightest interest for her. She could only too well imagine what it would have been like to have that male from Terri's video shoot with her right now. She even imagined she could be tempted to lick his thing like the young girl had. Eventually her husband got home and she had someone to talk to. That made the rest of the evening at least bearable. By Saturday morning she knew what she was going to say to Terri, but she was kept busy all weekend and never got a moment to herself so she couldn't email Terri anyway. Monday morning Ann was antsy, hurrying the kids through breakfast and acting like they would be late for some really important school event if they weren't on their way soon. She almost forgot to sign her son, Joseph's permission slip for a field trip before bustling them out to her daughter, Chloe's car. The moment she heard Chloe's car reversing out the driveway, she went to her computer. After firing up her email, she hit the reply button to Terri's email. Her response to Terri was that she did want to learn more about herself and since she knew and trusted Terri, she wanted Terri to be the one to teach her. After sending the email, she sat back and waited for a reply. Ann sat at her computer for a half hour, every few seconds hitting the check-mail button. She didn't get a reply. After 45 minutes, she began to feel foolish, like watching a pot boil. After an hour, she reluctantly went into the kitchen and began cleaning up the breakfast things. The clearing up done, she hurried back to the computer and checked again for Terri's response. There was still no email. Part of Ann knew that it wasn't fair to expect Terri to reply right away and she knew that Terri might not even be awake yet, much less at her computer, but she was still beginning to worry that Terri might not respond at all and if she did, whether she would even agree to help Ann with her request. Another hour passed and Ann was becoming a tight ball of anxiety. If she only had Terri's cell number she could have called her a thousand times by now, she thought to herself. When Ann did get Terri's reply an hour after that, her expectations were shattered. Terri simply said she didn't really have time to take on a new project and considered her friend Robert a wonderful teacher that could show Ann anything she wanted to experience. Ann sat there looking at the short email for fully 5 minutes, not quite believing Terri had said no to her. Ann was unused to not getting what she wanted. Sure, she never asked much of her family, but when she did, they never actually said no to her. As far back as she could remember, when she asked for something she got it. Her parents always gave her what she really felt she needed at the time. At high school when she wanted a date, she got it. She knew she was pretty and that made her confident, sure, but she wasn't vain. She was just likeable. She got the first job she'd ever applied for because she'd wanted it. Even her husband Todd was a pushover when it came to her. This rejection was fairly new to Ann and she was temporarily at a loss about how to deal with it. Well, she thought after some minutes, she'd just have to fight for what she wanted. She hit the reply button and got to work on her response to Terri. She told Terri that she couldn't meet with a man under any circumstances because that would be like having an affair. She told Terri that she could pay her a little something for her time. She asked Terri if Terri really thought she would be too much trouble and assured her she wouldn't be, that she could make herself available any time at all during the week, for as long or short a period as Terri had available. She promised Terri she hardly ever wanted anything this much and promised to do anything Terri asked. After she hit the send button, she began to wonder if she'd gone too far. What sort of things would Terri want her to do anyway? Could she really see herself actually taking her clothes off in front of another woman if Terri asked her to? This time Terri's response was startlingly quick. Terri said that she was not accustomed to being argued with and if she took on this challenge, no would mean no. She said that Ann had just used up her `free-pass'. She told Ann that if Ann was serious, she was to put on a dress, heels and makeup and be at Terri's house within the hour. An hour to shower, dig out a seldom-used dress and shoes, apply makeup and drive the 20 miles to Terri's house. Ann just about knocked over the chair in her haste to get busy. Despite the difficulties Ann had with finding a dress, putting on makeup and getting through traffic, she arrived at Terri's house 50 minutes later. This time she hurried up the path and pushed the doorbell without hesitation. Terri made her wait almost a full minute before answering the door. Without so much as a smile of greeting, she looked Ann up and down, as if doing a critical assessment, nodded and admitted her. She led Ann to the living room and had her sit on the couch. "You're not the type of subject I'd normally work with," she began. Ann quickly nodded and replied, "I know I'm older and know practically nothing, but it sure would be good of you to help me out." "I wasn't finished," Terri chided. "What I was about to say is that I usually don't work with an overweight newbie who doesn't have any idea of their place." This time Ann stayed silent, desperately wanting to argue with Terri about her weight, but having listened, knew that Terri was testing her. Terri was indeed testing her. Ann was a little chunky compared to anyone she'd ever trained before and Terri had never trained a woman `off-the-street' before either. "You offered to pay me for my time," Terri continued, satisfied that Ann was indeed listening and learning already. "I have money and I make money as we sit here. Instead of you paying me $100 an hour for my trouble like others have to, you will spend it on yourself. You will use that first $100 to purchase a real dress and shoes. What are those anyway, a half-inch heel?" It was a question that did not require an answer. Ann looked at her feet. It was true that her heels were nothing like Terri's. They were the practical sort of shoes she could wear all day and think nothing of. The shoes Terri wore right now had to have been a 4-inch spike; something Ann had never even tried on before. The dress was the same one she'd worn at her Husband's Christmas party the year before. It came to mid calf and was full-sleeved, with a very conservative neckline. Ann knew Terri wanted her to purchase a dress that was at a minimum, flattering. "Do you agree so far?" Terri asked. "Sure," Ann replied. "Sure, ma'am", Terri corrected. "Sure, ma'am" Ann echoed. "Then I have a form for you to complete. It's just about like any other job or school application form. I'll review it, check it and make my decision. Based on your answers, you'll have my decision by tomorrow. Very soon I have a meeting to attend so you need to get busy. You have," she paused to glance at the wall clock, "8 minutes before I have to leave." Terri picked up a pen and a magazine for Ann to press on, off the end-table and handed them to Ann. "Go," she said. Ann took the form and began writing. She listed her name, date of birth, address, telephone number, husband's name, children's ages and names and time at residence. Then she paused. `Measurements', the form asked. Ann had no idea of her own measurements. She quickly wrote down her best guess and moved on. Her eyes caught the next line before she got to it and she blushed but carried on. Under sexual preference she wrote heterosexual. Under sexual experience she wrote, `intercourse'. There were a few questions she had no idea how to answer so she left them blank, hoping to come back to them. She read the disclaimer and signed and dated the form before returning to the questions she'd missed. Ann was still pondering what the `V/A/O' boxes were supposed to represent when Terri breezed back into the room. "I'm sorry honey," she said, now smiling for the first time since Ann had arrived, "I'm running late and I hate to be late. We have to go. Just leave the form on the coffee table and I'll get to it when I return." After Terri followed Ann out the front door and closed it, she hugged her. "I'm sorry if I was a bitch this morning. I get like that sometimes. If I `tutor' you, as you put it, you'll see it sometimes. Don't be put off by it. It's just the way I am, okay?" "That's okay, um... ma'am. I think it helped me focus." "Great. Well, talk to you later okay? And go shopping!" "Yes, ma'am!" Ann agreed with a smile. Ann did her shopping and decided Terri would be pleased with her purchases. Although not as high as Terri's heels, the shoes she purchased had a 3-inch heel and made Ann a little unsteady. She would have to get used to balancing in them much less walking, she decided. The dress was just like the sort of thing Ann had seen on television. It had thin straps and Ann had been forced to purchase a new bra to wear it with, since there was actually visible cleavage and Ann had never worn anything that showed skin below the neck before so she'd never had that problem with the maternity-type bras she'd always used to support her 36-D's. The dress only fell to just above the knee so Ann also purchased nylons. That evening around 8pm, the phone rang. Ann answered it and on the other end of the line, heard Terri ask for Felicity. Ann identified herself as Felicity and asked who was calling. "You lied about your name when we met. I was used to calling you Ann," Terri said. I don't like liars but under the circumstances I can understand your reluctance to share your real name when we first met," Terri said. Felicity drew a sharp breath. She'd been in such a hurry to complete the form that she'd used her real name instead of her middle name, Ann. "So the rest of the information you provided is correct?" Terri asked. "You do in fact have a husband called Tom, an 18 year old daughter called Chloe and a 16 year old son called Joseph, who are both at Western High?" "Yes, ma'am," Felicity promised. "I want you to be at my house at 9am sharp tomorrow morning. We'll go through the rules and I'll give you a set of instructions. Will that work for you?" "Yes ma'am!" Felicity beamed through the phone. "Oh, and wear your new outfit. While you're in training, you'll never wear those horrid sweats again." "Yes, ma'am, thank you ma'am. Have a great evening ma'am," Felicity said before hanging up. Tom, Felicity's husband caught just the last words Felicity had spoken into the phone and saw her happy face as he walked past. "Who was that dear?" He asked. Felicity thought quickly. She hated to lie to her husband but she'd already decided what she was going to tell him and now was the time. "It was the lady from the shelter. I'm volunteering!" She exclaimed with a smile. "I have to be there at 9am tomorrow," she added to make the lie at least partly true. Chapter 2 Felicity waited at the end of the driveway until a minute before 9am, then walked to the front door, slowly in her new shoes. She rang the bell at precisely 9am. Terri smiled and welcomed her inside then led her to the living room. Instead of showing Felicity to a seat on the couch, she directed Felicity to kneel facing her as she sat on a recliner. Felicity paused, wondering for a moment if Terri was joking and seeing that she wasn't, carefully kneeled down in front of her. "Spread your knees apart a little dear, and straighten your back, tits out, arms linked at the elbows behind your back. What you look like when you enter a room is only matched by the way you present yourself. Your outfit is a huge improvement on what you wore yesterday, but I can already see I have a lot of work to do. And are those pantyhose you're wearing?" She asked pointedly, staring at Felicity's thighs. "Yes ma'am," Felicity replied. I got them to go with the dress, she added, trying to show her dedication to look good for Terri. "Wearing pantyhose is like wearing pants. Slaves don't wear pantyhose unless specifically told to. You will wear thigh-highs or stockings only in future. Understand?" "Yes ma'am," Felicity promised. "Now, first of all, we need to get a few things straight right from the beginning. You are here to learn about being submissive. If you do well, you will be entitled to wear the title of slave. Until then, you are nothing at all. I will rebuild you from the ground up and afterwards, you will be proud, you will be energetic and excited to be alive. You will lose those extra pounds that make you look less healthy than you could look and you will be charming and fun to be around. You will learn about the finer things in life and you will learn to relate on a higher level than you do now. You will be able to hold a sophisticated conversation or stay quiet, depending on the situation. If you fail to learn to obey immediately, you will fail this training. If you fail the training, you won't get another chance with me. Is all that understood?" "Yes ma'am." "On your application, you left quite a few blanks, so I have yet to get to know you as I should know you in order to be your mistress. Most glaringly, you never answered the BC or VAO sections. Since you're a mother, I can only assume you have indeed had vaginal sex. But what about birth control, or anal and oral sex?" "Goodness!" Felicity exclaimed. "I never even knew that's what the questions were about!" Terri waited patiently for Felicity to continue. There was a moment's silence until Felicity realized that Terri was waiting for an actual answer. Felicity's face flushed. She'd never had to say things like this out loud. "Well, I've had my tubes tied, so I don't need contraception, but I um... ah, well that is to say that I've never had, well you know, a um, penis anywhere near my mouth and you mean to say that people, well, women really, they actually do homosexual sort of stuff with their bottom? I thought only gay men did that?" "You are going to have to learn a whole lot, aren't you?" Terri said with a grin. "First of all, a `penis'," Terri said, screwing up her face in distaste "Is a medical term we won't use any more. It's called a cock and that's what you'll refer to it as unless talking to a doctor. Second, God gave you three holes for use in satisfying your body's needs and for fucking in general. Many woman use all three and some just use two. Two is the minimum number a woman should use, but 3 is the magic slave number and it's the number of holes you will give pleasure from. As your trainer, it'll be my responsibility to ensure you never contract an STD. We have ways to ensure that just won't happen. But of concern to you is the language you use. Other words you will use are, cunt, ass, tits or boobs, and most importantly, cum. A man or woman can cum, can give you cum or can make you cum. So let's recap. Tell me why you're here and use everything I've just taught you." Felicity had to think for a moment to formulate something that covered everything. "I am here to learn about submission. I want to be a slave and have access to all the wonderful benefits that entails. I'm going to learn to refer to a cock as a cock and um, I'm going to learn how to make a man, um, cum when he, ah, um, fu... fucks. I don't have to worry about diseases and I'm going to learn how to have an orga..., I mean I'm going to learn to cum too and I'm going to use my, uh, that is to say," Felicity paused again, finding it difficult to utter the disgusting word she'd once heard her son say. Eventually continuing, she pushed on. "I'm going to use my cunt and ass mouth and even my tits to give and receive pleasure." "Okay, that wasn't so bad was it? Did it make your cunt wet to say those things?" "No ma'am. Actually it was very embarrassing." "Embarrassment to a slave is a turn-on. You will learn to enjoy being embarrassed I think. You also missed some things. When you learn something new, you will be required to remember what you learned so we don't have to waste time going over the material again and again. For your first infringement, you will be spanked. But first, I'll tell you what I noticed you missed. You are overweight and not as fit as you need to be. You will fix that and I'll help. Most importantly, you forgot that 3 is the magic number. In order to be a slave, you must remember that number, because 3 is also the average number of times a man will cum any time he fucks a slave." Felicity heard this, but was stuck on the part about being spanked. She knew she would be and it sort of excited her, but she never thought she would be so soon. "I've made up a set of directions that you will follow. Tomorrow we'll have lunch together; it'll be your treat. We'll go out just like we did last week and you won't be `in training', so you'll call me Terri instead of ma'am. But at the end of lunch, when I say, you will snap into submissive mode and tell me what steps you've taken on the directions I give you. Based on what we covered so far, I'll have to add a couple of things to the list of course. Now, let's move on. What else did you leave blank on the form? `Switch'; I can see why that was left blank. You don't even know what being submissive is all about much less being dominant. Where it asked 24/7 or scene, it was asking what you want out of this. Do you want to be a 24/7 slave or a scene slave where you lead 2 lives? Again, you wouldn't know the answer to that anyway. In fact, most of this stuff falls into that category so I guess I'll come back to that as time passes. Is that okay with you?" "Yes ma'am" "So you've never fucked a woman either," Terri asked, sounding like it was hard to believe. "Not even experimented?" "No ma'am. It never even occurred to me to think about it." "You know you're going to have to give me pleasure, don't you?" "Oh." In fact Felicity hadn't even considered it. That was something that was as hard to imagine doing as taking a cock in her bottom. Ass, she corrected herself. "Slaves are available to those that have the power to use them, both male and female. If you can't do that simple thing, you're not going to be able to even begin this process. One of the first things a submissive learns is courage. You have it, I can see that. But you need to direct that courage in useful ways. Could you do it when I ask?" "I don't know," Felicity answered truthfully, her eyes downcast. "Have you even tasted cunt juice before?" Terri asked, realizing that Felicity was the most naive woman she'd ever talked to. "Well, ah, no ma'am, I haven't." "That's something to add to the instructions then. That means that I'll have another opportunity tomorrow to decide if I really will accept you or not. You understand that, don't you?" "I guess, ma'am." Felicity said not too happy about the idea but also relieved that she'd have a day to get used to the idea of touching another woman in a sexual way. "Anyway, here's your list of directions. Until tomorrow, you can rest assured I plan on training you, so I will of course be influenced with the progress you make on these," she said, laying down a closely typed, newspaper style page in front of Felicity. A question that Terri unexpectedly asked surprised Felicity. She'd only looked at the first line of the first column on the page. "When is your anniversary?" "Um... Oh gosh," Felicity responded, having been caught off guard. She had to think for a moment. "It's the end of next month ma'am." "Good, that'll work nicely then." "Ma'am?" Felicity asked, looking up at Terri. "Read your instructions, girl," Terri said, as if explaining to a child, even though she was the same age as Felicity. Felicity looked back at the instructions. They listed some of the things Felicity was to gather together and put in a bag. Cosmetics, brush, blow dryer, curling tongs, nail polish, a set of matched underwear, stockings/thigh-highs, and baby oil. Felicity glanced up at Terri but said nothing, then went back to reading. The instructions were very specific. They said when Felicity should take a shower, how long to spend in the shower, how many times to wash her hair and even that she should spend no less than 2 minutes under cold water. They told Felicity to procure a journal and write a summary of each day's events, including what happens up to the time of her entry. Felicity was to have at least 7 dresses and 7 pairs of pumps, no pair of which was to have a heel less than 3 inches and at least one to have a heel of 6 inches. The dresses had to cover occasions such as a picnic, a ball and a visit to a nightclub. Examples could be found in fashion magazines. Felicity was to purchase a string bikini and at least 1 thong-type bikini. Terri liked tan lines so Felicity was to spend an hour each sunny day sunbathing. Each day she was to learn three alternatives to one word, in order to increase her vocabulary. Felicity was to learn and be able to sum up the day's current events then recite them back to Terri whenever requested. They instructed her to purchase a jump rope and use it for at least one hundred jumps every day. The instructions went into detail about a range of daily exercises Felicity was to do, Monday through Sunday, including crunches, jumping jacks, pushups and even lunges. The instructions specified all exercise was to be done `bare-assed'. Felicity was unsure if that meant bottomless or completely nude. The instructions specified sleeping naked, something she'd never done before. Most important, the instructions said, she was to wear the dress and heels she had on until it was time to exercise. Once Terri knew what her wardrobe consisted of, each day she would be notified what to wear for the next day. Felicity once again looked up at Terri, this time an important question on her mind. "Ma'am, I don't know how I could ever explain the dress and especially the heels to my family. Todd will think I'm having an affair or something!" "A slave isn't concerned with problems, only solutions. I already gave you a solution to your first problem. All you need to do is figure out a way to use it." Felicity's eyes widened. Terri had given her no such thing, she thought to herself. All she'd done was ask questions! Then Felicity realized the question about her anniversary was the solution Terri had implied. "I tell my husband I'm practicing in the new shoes so we can go somewhere ritzy for our anniversary?" she asked, half questioning and half statement. "Your solution is yours to have and make work. If that solution is workable, use it," Terri replied. "Are there any more questions?" Terri sounded like she was asking more for courtesy's sake than asking in case Felicity really did have a valid question, so Felicity just replied, "No ma'am," and left it at that. Felicity smiled. "You are a quick study, aren't you girl?" not waiting for a reply, she continued. Now, I suppose I'd better add your new items hadn't I?" "Yes ma'am," Felicity replied, hoping they wouldn't be too bad. She hoped the part about tasting a woman could be solved as easily as wearing the dress and shoes. In tiny, neat printing, Terri added a mantra that Felicity would recite at least 20 times a day. When Felicity finally read what Terri had written, she saw that the mantra read; cunt, ass and facial fuck-hole are what satisfy. Submissive sluts have cunts, asses, tits and facial fuck-holes for the pleasure of those that use them. Cunts don't use the word I. Cunts refer to themselves as cunts. Terri had also written that Felicity was to masturbate before bed and at least once in bed, then lick her fingers clean. "Of course it goes without saying that you are to recite the mantra out loud. How you solve any problem caused by this instruction is up to you, but is important to recite it out loud." Felicity was at a loss for words. How was she going to be able to be in a house with three others and mutter the words cunt and asshole out loud? She thought this experience was going to be exciting but right now it seemed to be leading her on a path to divorce. "I have one last thing for you to digest, honey. I've been thinking about your name. You lied about your name which says to me that you aren't proud enough of it to use it. So I've come up with a more appropriate one. From now on, I'll call you three, to remind you of your pleasure holes, whenever I'm training you. If I call and a family member picks up, I may ask for you by name; by your new name. Think up a reason to give your family. I don't like to be embarrassed by being told no one by that name lives at your home. Is that understood?" Felicity gulped. "Y-yes ma'am," she practically sobbed. "Now, where were we? I imagine that pose is becoming difficult to maintain. It was for me when I first began." Actually, holding the pose had been the least of Felicity's concerns, but now that Terri had said something, Felicity realized that her back, thighs, calves and even arms were beginning to ache. "Yes, ma'am," Felicity responded. "Well get that ass of yours over my lap then. It's time for your spanking. Why am I spanking you three?" With all that Felicity had been made to take in so far, the reason she was to be spanked had been completely forgotten. "I don't remember ma'am," Felicity practically wailed. "In that case, I'll remind you. You're being spanked for not remembering everything we covered earlier. I even gave you a hint when I awarded you your new name. For God's sake girl, you're going to have to do better than that! I was going to just spank you over your dress this once. Then it was going to be a spanking on your underwear-covered ass. But since you referred to yourself as I just now, you lose those stages. Now it's going to have to be a bare-bottomed spanking. You get 20 with my hand and you will count each one. If I don't hear the count, we start again until my hand gets tired. Understand? Now get over my lap, hurry!" While Terri was talking, Felicity had risen to her feet and stretched. Now she quickly draped herself over Terri's lap, feeling like a naughty child. She was about to be spanked for the first time ever and she felt, well, weird about it. Terry didn't hesitate. She hiked up Felicity's dress to expose the waistband of Felicity's pantyhose, hooked her thumbs into the material and drew them and her panties down in one motion, tisk-tisking the whole time. "Granny panties? Really? Thongs or nothing from now on. Understand?" "Yes ma'am," Felicity whispered. Without warning, Terry struck Felicity's left ass cheek. Felicity squealed. A moment later, she struck the right one. Again Felicity squealed. Then she returned to the left again. "We start when you begin counting, cunt," Terri reminded her. Felicity quickly strangled out, "One", followed by two, then a drawn out threeeeee as the whacks were now becoming painful. The whole time Terri smacked her, Felicity kept up the count, although she didn't know how she did it. Terri's hand felt like a plank on her bottom. At the count of twenty, Terri abruptly stopped striking her and instead caressed her cheeks with both hands, praising Felicity for not squirming too much like others before her on their first time. Felicity was surprised at herself for the feeling of pride that came over her. Suddenly she felt a finger slip between her cheeks and over her slit. That almost made Felicity jump more than the spanking. "Ooh, you're wet, cunt. I could tell you would enjoy it. It's so nice being right. Terry parted Felicities lips with her finger and slid it well into Felicity's wetness before withdrawing the finger and presenting it to her. Felicity knew what was expected of her without being told. She stuck out her tongue and touched it to Terri's finger. Terri just pushed her finger into Felicity's mouth to have it sucked clean. "Not so bad, is it?" She said with a laugh. Later, on her way home, Felicity reran the morning's events in her mind. Her head was still spinning from the spanking episode and her reaction to it. Her butt was still warm on the car seat and she had yet to figure out how to explain the requirements of her instructions to her family without letting on what she'd been up to. She pulled into her driveway then changed her mind about going inside. She was going dress and shoe shopping, she decided. It turned out that the arousal that had begun with the spanking inspired some of her selections at the mall. She purchased two dresses, both with willowy skirts attached so that if she had to get another spanking it would be easier for Terri to get at her ass. She purchased 2 pairs of shoes, one a 3-inch heel and one a staggering 5-inch which she couldn't even walk in at the store and that looked absolutely slutty to her. A small assortment of matching underwear pairs and some thigh-highs with lovely lacy tops completed her day's shopping. With the sales she'd visited, she got it all for less than $200. As she made her way home again with her purchases, Felicity thought to herself that she had made the right choice, going to Terri's. She'd even figured out how to deal with the difficulties of the mantra and the name. Alone in her car she suddenly said, "Three, you're going to do well at this if you can just stick with it," she smiled at the thought of referring to herself in the third-person. A tingle ran through her crotch exactly where Terri had visited with her finger. "What cunt, want to get some action?" She asked herself, and laughed. When she got home, she cleaned the entire house despite it being unnecessary, removing the pantyhose and keeping her shoes on the whole time as she'd been instructed. When she was done, she went to the bathroom, hiked up her dress, slipped out of her panties and spread her legs. She took a deep breath and lowered her hand to her groin. Her first hint of arousal surprised her. She didn't even know how to masturbate properly, she realized. She thought of Terri naked and her being made to touch Terri's privates. Cunt, she corrected herself. Actually, maybe Terri has a pussy and I have a cunt, she wondered. Felicity almost slipped when the first real tingling came out of nowhere. Her legs went spongy and she automatically reached for the counter to support herself. "I just did that to myself!" she exclaimed to no one. "Three means her cunt just felt like it's been fucked," she corrected herself, feeling dirtier and more aroused than ever before. Turning her thoughts to the cock of the naked man from just a few days before took her over the edge. She sat down hard on the toilet seat, thankful that both her husband and son had remembered to put it down for a change. "So THAT's an orgasm," she sighed. "Wow!" Felicity had never had an orgasm before. It was worth making a mental note for her journal, she decided as she licked her fingers clean, surprised and delighted that her juices were actually not bad at all. No more than five minutes later, the kids arrived home from school. Felicity felt totally wicked as she left the bathroom after pulling on the pair of thigh-highs and leaving the panties in the trash can. "Whoa, mom," gasped Chloe as soon as she saw Felicity. "Are we going somewhere?" "Not we; your father and mother are going on a date next month and one of us plans to go all out for our 19th," Felicity stated, working at keeping herself in the third person without being obvious. "These heels are like skyscrapers though and take a LOT of getting used to so you'll be seeing them every day till at least next month. Like the look?" "You look fabulous mom," Chloe gushed. Just then, Joseph saw her and wolf-whistled his appreciation, which caused a jab from his sister. "Watch it buster, that's your mom you're whistling at!" Felicity spent some time chatting with the kids, finding out how their day went and answering questions about the non-existent volunteer work she was doing at the shelter. She made up all sorts of things including wearing a smock that had a number three printed in 4" text on the front. She explained that the management wanted the homeless people to feel comfortable so they supplied drab over-attire and they'd laughed that 3 should be her nickname. She went on to say that everyone had agreed and changed her name by popular vote to the number 3. The kids ate it up and joked that she could be 3 at home too if she wanted. Felicity replied with a smile that `mom' would be just fine for now. When Todd got home, she had to go through the whole story-telling exercise again; but it was even easier the second time around. After she'd sat him down on the couch next to her and snuggled into him, caught him up to date on the fictitious events of her day, she added her new white lie about the exercises. "Someone's getting fat, and it's not you dear." "Not you babe, you look great!" Todd exclaimed. "If these aren't fat legs and saggy arms, what are?" she retorted, dramatically wiggling her arms for effect, finding it difficult to actually cause a jiggle. "A little exercise before bed won't go amiss. A little privacy will also generate a big reward, if you know..." she finished, hoping Todd would catch her drift. "Hey, I say you look great but if you want to exercise alone, far be it for me to argue. But you know I could help you out," Todd said, laying his hand on her knee. "Not necessary, she said with a wink, showing that she got Tom's point. "Your reward starts tonight and eventually will be a toned wife you'll enjoy showing off." "So you're going to get more of those fantastic outfits and shoes?" Todd asked hopefully. "You like then?" she replied. "Hey, you should dress like that every day babe. You look HOT!" "Your wish, sire..." Felicity said with a giggle. "...Is my command?" Todd finished and laughed. Problem two solved, Felicity thought. At 8pm, Felicity excused herself for the night, claiming a long day ahead. She went to her bedroom, cranked up the music so no one passing by the door would hear her, then stripped of her dress and began her exercise routine, while at the same time working on memorizing her mantra. "Cunt, ass and facial fuck-hole are what satisfy..." she began as she skipped. By the time she was finished, she was exhausted and her tits ached from the lack of proper support but she knew the mantra without thinking on it. She gladly stripped off the rest of her clothing, walked into the bathroom and climbed into the shower. Following instructions she washed her hair then turned the water to cold, shivering under the spray for the prerequisite time. Before she left the stall, she even unclipped the shower rose and pointed it at her crotch, bringing instant gasps of pleasure. "Who masturbates twice a day when they can do it three times," she thought to herself as she licked her fingers. Leaving the bathroom, she re-entered the bedroom through the same adjoining door, went to the bed and slipped under the covers. She felt so erotic, coming to bed naked. Now all she had to do was wait for her husband so he could receive the reward she'd promised. The phone next to the bed rang but before Felicity could even reach for it, it stopped. A moment later, she heard Todd holler with a smile in his voice, "Hey Three, phone's for you!" "Well done," Felicity heard, after identifying herself and hearing the click of the other extension being hung up. "Three thanks you, ma'am. This cunt's also done the exercises per your instructions," she added, hoping to gain brownie points with Terri for the use of her alternate name. "And did you give your cunt a workout yet?" Terri asked pleasantly. "Yes ma'am, twice!" "And one more time in bed tonight," Terri reminded her. "Yes ma'am," Felicity promised. "Be here at 9 tomorrow and don't bother with bra or panties. I want to see you naked once you take off your dress, okay? Oh, and if you have it yet, your journal" "Yes ma'am," Felicity responded Terri wished her a good night and hung up, just as Todd came into the room. "Kinda late for a phone call wasn't it?" Todd asked. "They're short-handed and need someone again tomorrow. Three was their first choice," she said with a pride in her voice that she really felt. "Hey we have a star player after just one day. You must be good! Hey babe, are you... do you... are you naked in there," Todd asked, realizing he could see a little of her breast poking out around the cover. "Just for you, Snookums," Felicity replied, aware of the half-truth she'd just muttered, "that is unless you're too tired of course." "Good night kids and don't stay up too late. It's a school day tomorrow!" Todd yelled as he shut the bedroom door, turned off the light and tried to get his clothes off with only two left hands. Chapter 3 "Right on time," Terri said and added, "and your taste in clothing is coming along too I see. Come in and kneel right there," Terri said, indicating a spot next to the door. Felicity had wanted to at least wear the 4-inch heels but had found she needed a lot more practice. She took up the same position she'd learned the previous day. "May this cunt ask a question ma'am" Felicity asked, realizing as she did that the word `cunt' was literally falling off her lips now. She was also drawing on some of the stuff she'd read on the blogs about the etiquette of speaking to a Dom. "Sure three, go ahead." "Your instructions say to wear the same dress and shoes all day, but three wonders if she could exchange them for a pair of 4-inch ones she got yesterday but can't walk in properly yet." "That's acceptable, three. And you are to be praised for your diligence so far. Just yesterday you didn't know how to present yourself and here you are today in a nicer dress, referring to yourself in the third person and asking permission to speak. Leaps and bounds have nothing on the progress you've already made." Felicity beamed at the compliment. It didn't go unnoticed to her that such a small thing as a compliment could make her feel so good. This is going to be even more exciting that I thought, she decided. "I brought you here this morning because a meeting was cancelled and I decided to take the opportunity to see you naked, as I told you on the phone last night. I can see you're wearing thigh-highs or stockings instead of those horrible pantyhose," Terri said, looking down at the span of naked thigh between Felicity's lacy tops and the hem of her skirt. "Are you wearing any other underwear?" "No ma'am, you said not to." In fact Felicity was very aware that she was naked under her dress. She had felt the leather seat under her thighs all the way over here and was certain people in cars next to her could tell she was braless. She was also aware that she was moist between her legs, and getting wetter. Maybe it was true what Terri had said yesterday about humiliation being exciting, Felicity thought to herself as she looked up at Terri. She'd gone from never lubricating until at least the beginning of actual intercourse with her husband to getting wet at the idea of something sexual. "Get up, go into the living room, remove your dress and stand in front of the fireplace. You are to stand at attention with your hands clasped on your head. Go." "Yes ma'am," Felicity said and hurried to comply. Terri waited five minutes to ensure Felicity would be left standing at attention for a little while then sauntered into the living room. Felicity was standing exactly as she'd been told. Even though it was late spring, Terri had the fireplace in operation and she knew Felicity could feel it against her back. You're cunt's even hairier than I thought when I felt it yesterday and you need to shave those armpits and legs," Terri said. A hairy cunt is not much of a turn on and you are literally a hairy cunt from neck to knees. Beginning today you'll shave every day and pluck anything that the razor misses. Terri strolled over to the same chair in which she'd sat the previous day. As she passed Felicity, she briefly caressed her breast. "They are big tits aren't they? Do you squeeze them or play with them much?" "No ma'am," Felicity replied. In fact doing those things had never occurred to her. Todd spent a few seconds with them when they made love but he was a 60 second start-to-finish guy and wasting precious intercourse time with her tits was never a high priority to him. "How many men have you fucked, slut?" Terri asked. Terri's seemingly abrupt changes in topic were still surprising her and she took a few moments to think about it. The few moments were too long for Terri and before she'd even formulated a reply, Terri was out of her chair and had back-handed Felicity's chest, catching both nipples in the process. "Yeow," Felicity shrieked, but somehow stayed at attention. "J-just one ma'am; Tom, my husband" "And are your nipples sensitive?" Terri asked as she grabbed them and pulled them towards her, elongating Felicity's orbs while crushing the nipples between finger and thumbs. "Yes ma'am," Felicity squealed, a tear caused by the pain forming at the corner of one eye. "Good. Sensitivity is good for me and you. Always remember that I may choose to cause pain just for my pleasure. In fact my pussy is already leaking from just doing this," she said as she twisted the nipples a quarter turn then used them as handles to bang Felicity's tits together like cymbals. Felicity's tits made a slapping sound as they crashed together. Terri let go of Felicity's nipples and returned to her chair. Felicity resisted the temptation to cup her abused breasts and sooth her sore nipples. Instead she tried to blow on them to cool them off. "Look up slut. You're at attention and you weren't given permission to pleasure yourself." Felicity's head snapped up and she looked at Terri. Terri had pulled her skirt up and she could see that Terri was not wearing panties, but was wearing stockings underneath her skirt. "See this pussy girl? This is how a pussy should be kept," Terri said, answering the unasked question Felicity had the day before. "Pubic hair is like a landing strip that leads the user to Nirvana, or kept bald like mine. Not a tangled jungle I could part with a comb. I just had mine styled like this by one of my girls yesterday. What do you think?" "Um, very nice ma'am," Felicity said quietly, wondering how many `girls' Terri meant and what she meant when she said `her' girls. "What a silly girl. That question doesn't require an answer. As if I'd care what you think!" Terri laughed. Felicity felt foolish but as Terri began to stroke her outer lips without modesty right in front of Felicity, Felicity felt a strange feeling inside her. She was ready to make Terri feel good and if she had to, despite being totally heterosexual, she'd be more than happy to run her own fingers over Terri's glistening sex if it made Terri's life easier. "I'm going to teach you another position slut," Terri eventually said. Get on your knees in front of me just like yesterday." Felicity gladly left her position at attention to comply with Terri's wishes. The fire behind her was making her back and the backs of her legs pink from its heat. "Now scoot forward until the toe of my shoe is under your cunt. Good," she said as Felicity wiggled forward to comply. Now bring your upper body forward until your head is in my lap and arch your back, presenting your ass." In doing so, Felicity's head found a home only inches away from Terri's pussy. Felicity could smell Terri's arousal. She tried holding her breath but quickly gave that up, instead she begun breathing Terri's unique scent, similar to her own, yet different in some way. She'd never been this close to another woman's genitals before. Lick my groin in little circles, spiraling downwards until you reach my lips. Then hold your tongue there and pause. Felicity was once again caught off guard. She'd been ready to touch Terri's sex but now she was being instructed to dive right in and taste it first-hand. Felicity took a deep breath and did as instructed. While she licked little circles towards Terri's lips, Terri gave her additional instruction. "This position has many uses. You're utilizing one of them. If I want, all I have to do is lift the toe of my shoe to make contact with your cunt like this," she said, lifting her shoe and parting Felicity's nether lips with the toe of her shoe. "I can also do this," she said, moving the toe an inch and pressing it against Felicity's back hole. Returning her toe to Felicity's lips, she wiggled and wiggled her toe, trying to get more of her shoe inside Felicity. "This position is also good for administering punishment." Tilting her toe, she pressed it against Felicity's clitoris and lifted. Felicity emitted a grunt but kept to her task. "Of course in this position you can be flogged, whipped, paddled or spanked. You can also be fucked in either lower hole if the desire arises." Felicity had found the edge of Terri's pussy and had paused as instructed. "Go ahead and search for my clit with your tongue, slut," she instructed. Taste all of me. My clit tastes different to my juice." Felicity took a tentative lick downwards, in search of Terri's clit; alert for the taste sensations she'd been promised. Terri didn't fail her. "I like to apply just a touch of honey to my sheath. Beyond that it's all natural flavorings. Now get busy cunt and make me cum," she said, pushing Felicity's head harder into her. Felicity had to struggle to breathe while carrying out her task. She licked furiously and hoped for the best. After 10 minutes her jaw and tongue were sore and Terri seemed no closer to cumming. "That's enough you lousy bitch. If I'm going to cum any time soon, it would have to be while flogging you and frigging myself to climax. At least you proved you could lick pussy, albeit very poorly. We'll have to give you extra tutoring on that. So have you been thinking about how you're going to prepare your holes for use?" Lifting her head from Terri's lap, Felicity replied, "This cunt has been thinking a lot about the fact that her 3 holes are for use, but not a lot about preparing them, ma'am." "I see. Well you'd better think about it because you'll be using at least two by this time next week. I don't count you giving me head just now as a proper use, since you did such a poor job. Your giving a blowjob will be even more pathetic, I'm sure. Now clean off my shoe. Its patent leather and it's all greasy." Felicity just looked at Terri not knowing what cloth she should use, since she was already naked. Terri seemed to read her thoughts. "Duh, you stupid cow; you have a tongue for just such a purpose. Now get busy." Felicity complied, knowing that not only had this shoe been in her pussy, but also against her rosebud. That didn't include wherever it'd been when Terri had last been outside. For whatever twisted reason, the thought make her cunt quiver. "There's one more thing you need to do for me. Let's see if you have it down. What's your mantra?" Terri challenged. Without hesitation, Felicity recited it word for word. "Cunt, ass and facial fuck-hole are what satisfy. Submissive sluts have cunts, asses, tits and facial fuck-holes for the pleasure of those that use them. Cunts don't use the word I. Cunts refer to themselves as cunts. Thank you for giving this cunt a mantra ma'am," she added at the end. "Wonderfully done and a lovely touch at the end. I think you may really have potential, three. Well done!" Felicity found herself once again beaming at the compliment. "Okay, training is over for a little while. You can get up and dress. We've still got a lunch date don't we Felicity?" Felicity was surprised to hear what she considered her civilian name come out of Terri's mouth. "Yes, ma'am, I mean yes Terri," she smiled. "Good. Just don't get mixed up too often. You'll be punished for it." Felicity got to her feet and so did Terri. The taller woman hugged her and Felicity could feel the shiny vinyl top holding Terri's bosom in place against her nude chest. Felicity hugged Terri back, not wanting to let her teacher go. "As much as I like feeling your nude body against me, we really have to get moving. I'm horny and hungry. Hunger is beating horny right now."Terri broke the embrace. "By the way, where's your journal? Do you have one yet?" "It's in the car. I forgot to bring it in." Felicity had waited until Todd had begun to snore, a few minutes after they'd made love the previous evening. Then she'd quietly climbed out of bed, sat at the computer desk and worked, sitting there naked, for an hour on her journal before returning to bed and fingering herself to her third orgasm of the day. "It's lucky for you that I declared training over. I could easily have made you go out and get it dressed just as you are," Terri said with a grin. Felicity blanched. "You could send me outside? Here? Where others could see me? What would the neighbors say?" In fact Felicity was mortified at the idea of being sent outside naked. That was one of the many things she'd never considered being made to do. It was hard enough getting up the courage to strip off as she had, much less being outside naked. She visibly shuddered at the thought. Terri just laughed at her. "So much to learn," she said wistfully to no one in particular. "Go put your dress on. You drive your car and I'll drive mine. Better still, you can drive me and return me here afterwards. Is that okay?" "Sure," Felicity replied, almost adding the title of ma'am and catching herself just in time. In the car, Terri had Felicity hike her skirt up so her naked butt was making direct contact with the seat and she did the same. "Isn't it exciting knowing that you're in the car practically naked and no one out there even knows?" Felicity spent the ride finding out that she actually did find that exciting. Terri gave Felicity directions as they drove and in a few minutes, they pulled up right outside a little bistro that had tables inside and outside. "Do you want to sit outside?" Terri asked Felicity. "I don't know about the weather. I think inside would be better," Felicity responded. "What an excellent choice. See, you're being more assertive already. Who says slaves are not capable of decision-making?" Felicity had never heard anyone say that but she agreed anyway. Grabbing the journal off the backseat, Terri led the pair inside and found a table in the corner. "Do you mind if I order for you? It'll give you an idea of what sort of thing you should have for lunch, at least until you trim down a little. Remember, you're not in training so you can say no if you want," Terri whispered the last so that Felicity, sitting right across from her, could barely hear her. Felicity just nodded her agreement. When the waitress arrived and laid rolls and butter on the table, Terri ordered the chicken salad and a glass of white wine each. "The rolls are fatness waiting to happen," Terri confided, effectively stalling Felicity's movement towards one. "While we wait, let's take a look at this journal of yours, shall we?" The waitress quickly returned with their wine and any activity at the table paused until the waitress disappeared again. Then Terri opened the book and saw Felicity's chicken scratch, liberally designated as writing. "I can hardly read this mess!" She exclaimed. "You're going to have to read it to me... if you don't mind," she added. Felicity knew right then that Terri could turn on and off her power of domination at will. What Terri had obviously actually meant was, "read this to me." Felicity looked around and no one was sitting nearby so she mentally shrugged and took the journal from Terri and began reading. Her recollection of evens and the addition of her thoughts and feelings quickly got to Terri. Felicity wasn't even aware at first that Terri had slipped a hand under the table. In fact she was concentrating so much on reading the journal she'd worked so hard on that it wasn't until Terri let out a sharp breath that Felicity even realized what Terri was doing. She abruptly stopped reading. "Don't stop. You're getting to another good part I'm sure," Terri hissed. Felicity just continued to stare at Terri. "What, you've never frigged yourself at a restaurant?" Terri asked sarcastically. "Of course you haven't. Just read the fucking book, okay? I'm close." Felicity lowered her eyes again and recounted her experiences in the shower, her face reddening from both the recounting of such intimacies and the reading of them to someone who was using her experiences to climax. Just as she finished the part about her husband cumming inside her Terri let out a long hiss and a sigh. Terri had just cum in concert with her husband, Felicity absently thought. Somehow the thought didn't seem all that awful. "You want some of this?" Terri offered, holding her sticky fingers under Felicity's nose. Without thinking, Felicity opened her mouth to the proffered digits. After a moment, Terri withdrew her fingers. "That's all you get. The rest is mine," she smiled. "It's hard to imagine that I'm turning you into such a slut for cum in such a short time," she laughed before licking at her own fingers. Once her fingers were all cleaned, Terri changed the subject to Felicity's family and asked if Felicity had any family pictures to share. Felicity did. She reached into her purse and withdrew her wallet. Inside was a family picture, a picture of Chloe and a picture of Joseph. Terri studied them carefully. I see that your daughter got your looks. Joseph seems to be a little sullen though." "He was having a bad day. He was mad at the world and wanted everyone to know it. The photographer did the best he could do with what he had to work with." Felicity smiled, remembering the day well. Joseph could be as forceful as Terri sometimes. Felicity wondered where he'd gotten that from. It certainly wasn't Tom. Just then, their meals arrived. After they were done, they enjoyed more conversation over another glass of wine. Felicity wasn't used to wine and was feeling an ever-so-slight buzz beginning. She almost didn't notice when Terri suddenly said, "You don't really need to tell me about the steps you've taken on your directions, since you covered that fairly well in your journal, three." "Thank you ma'am" Felicity responded automatically. Even buzzed, she was learning quickly. "Get your dress off the furniture, slut," Terri demanded. Felicity made as if to stand up and Terri corrected her. "Just like in the car you silly cunt." Felicity quickly looked around before complying. The vinyl was warmed so it wasn't a surprise to feel it on her cheeks. Her dress cascaded almost naturally over the sides of the chair so it wasn't obvious what she'd done. "Do you have a pen in that bag?" "Yes ma'am," replied Felicity. "Open it to the back page and in NEAT printing, write the title, `punishments' then underline it. Under that," she paused to let Felicity catch up then continued once Felicity had underlined the word, "write: `This cunt," Terri snarled the word at a whisper "is slow to obey. Cunts do what they're told without hesitation. It is not a cunt's job to decide if the timing is right but to just do what it's told immediately. This cunt will receive a mere 3 stripes with the cane on her upper thighs to teach her this lesson and," again Terri had to pause to let Felicity catch up. Felicity had slowed way down at the mention of this punishment, but she dutifully wrote it in. "And it will be grateful for each one." Felicity shuddered at the thought of taking the cane, even if it was just 3 strokes. She'd seen videos and knew that the cane left marks that she'd have to explain to Todd if he saw them. Felicity knew what was expected of her. "Thank you ma'am for your leniency," she whispered back. "This worthless cunt deserves no such leniency and it," she said, using Terri's vocabulary choice to describe herself, "is truly grateful." "Pay the bill and take me home," Terri snapped. "Yes ma'am," Felicity whispered as she reached for her hand bag. Her eyes were glossy and she was close to tears as she paid the waitress, not forgetting to leave a good tip. The waitress asked if she was okay and she just nodded, then followed it up with a lie about receiving bad news. Or was it really a lie, she wondered as soon as the words were out. The drive back to Terri's house was made in silence, except for the slurping sound made by Terri's fingers in Felicity's cunt. For some unexplained and unexpected reason, Felicity was getting hyper-aroused and the cause could only be partially blamed on the silent attentions of Terri's fingers. As Felicity parked the car, Terri spoke for the first time since the restaurant. As soon as you get in the door, lose the dress and take up the last position I showed you." Terri unlocked the front door and motioned Felicity inside. The door was still wide open but Felicity didn't even notice as she was in such a hurry to comply with Terri's wishes. Before the door had clicked shut, Felicity was in position on all fours. If the driver of the car passing at that moment had bothered to look, he would have had a great view of Felicity framed by the doorway in all her glory, her heavy tits hanging under her like udders. Without warning, Terri laid into Felicity with the first blow from a cane that came out of nowhere. Felicity screamed in pain and nearly toppled over. Unable to help herself, her hands went to her thighs. The pain was incredible. Before Terri could admonish her, Felicity caught herself and returned herself to the correct position with her back arched and her ass thrust out. "One, thank you ma'am," Felicity remembered to wrestle past tight lips. The second strike was just as bad but this time Felicity stayed put. The third was a repeat of the first and second and Felicity was visibly sobbing. But she had something unexpected to say, something she'd learned from one of her blogs. "Thank you ma'am, may I have another?" It was as if a switch had been thrown. Terri laughed. At first it was a single sound, but then a real laugh. Then Terri found herself unable to stop. She laughed so much that she dropped the cane and clutched her sides. Eventually she regained control of herself. "Come here slut, she said holding her arms open towards a still-sobbing Felicity. Felicity sprang to her feet and hurled herself into Terri's embrace. This time Terri didn't break the embrace as she had earlier. Instead, she kissed the top of Felicity's head, then her forehead, she kissed at Felicity's tears, her nose and finally right on Felicity's mouth. Without thinking, Felicity kissed back. The kiss went on and on and eventually it was Terri that came up for air. "The cane is the trigger for your lesbian tendencies I see," she said, taking one of Felicity's tits in each hand. "You're forgiven. Your punishment is over. Now I'm going to see what your honey-pot tastes like from the source. Get on your back and spread `em," Terri ordered. "Terri's gonna taste one of three. Right there on the linoleum floor, Terri brought Felicity to an amazing orgasm, the likes of which her masturbatory orgasms could not even compare. Afterwards, she lay in Terri's arms. "Oh, oh, oh," was all she could say five minutes later and still recovering. After another minute, she'd finally corralled enough energy to exclaim, "I couldn't move right now if the house was on fire. Does this make me a lesbian?" "You had a simple orgasm. You won't make a very good slave if you're good for nothing after just one. We're going to have to work on your endurance. If you can't take three within the same timeframe, you'll fail. And no, it doesn't make you a lesbian, just a slut." Felicity's head was spinning. Three orgasms? She wasn't even coping with one! "Want to see your souvenirs?" Terri asked a few moments later. She got Felicity to her feet and led her to a mirror. Felicity was shocked to see the image of herself, naked next to a fully dressed Amazonian woman her own age and amazed to see the welts from the cane. They were evenly placed between her lacy tops and the swell of her cheeks. They looked like they'd been inflicted by some sort of machinery; they were so exact and regular. She gingerly touched them and was surprised to feel a tingling, not in her finger tips or her thighs, but in her cunt. "Tell Todd you fell against the stove or something," Terri laughed. "In future, we'll try a few things on you that hurt like hell but don't leave marks. Felicity nodded, and then dropped her head in modesty. "Thank you again ma'am for punishing this useless cunt. And thank you for making this cunt cum. It's an honor to be learning this stupid slut's place from one such as you." Terri kissed Felicity again, this time on each nipple, and then told her to get dressed. "I have a surprise for you three. I was going to introduce you to it much later, but you're ready, I think. Dress and stand at attention. I'll be right back." Terri left Felicity to pull on her dress and quickly returned with something long and cylindrical in her fist. "Do you know what this is?" She asked. "This cunt guesses it's a vibrator of some sort," Felicity tried. "You're close. It's a dildo. It was my first one, given to me by the first Master who owned me, many years ago. It's just small so I was able to take it in all my holes without too much trouble. I've kept it for sentimental reasons but now I'm giving it to you. I have to go out of town first thing in the morning and I'll be away 3 days. When I get back, I expect you to be able to use it in all your holes. Can you do that for me?" "If you can use it in all your holes, this slut will sure try," Felicity said, thinking, she calls that small? She could clearly see that it had been modeled on a cock far larger than Tom's and was already concerned about the physics of being able to get the slightly flexible monster into her tiny ass. "Just don't use petroleum products to lubricate it. Get some KY jelly or something." Felicity hadn't even thought about lube. She was confident she'd be able to get wet enough to take it in her cunt or mouth, if she could even open her mouth wide enough to take it inside, just not past her sphincter muscle. "And I have one last instruction for you. Use your mouth to clean it. It's easier to clean it off after it's been in your ass if you give yourself an enema beforehand. That part's totally up to you though. I know plenty of slaves who don't bother. They get aroused at the thought of where it's just been and I have to admit I've done that a lot myself." Felicity paled at the thought but was encouraged that Terri was being so open. The idea of an enema was almost as bad as cleaning a dildo that had been where an enema hadn't. If the woman that was training her could do it, Felicity courageously decided, she'd do it too. And screw the enema. She'd do that afterwards so she could say she'd had one. When Felicity got home, the breakfast things were still out and the kids were due home soon. She quickly tidied up and went to her computer to study up on anal sex. There had to be a trick to it or people wouldn't do it. Felicity sat at her desk, one hand on the keyboard, the other clutching the dildo. Her cunt tingled. Chapter 4 Felicity quickly found a site that showed all sorts of stuff about anal sex. She found out that people used anal sex as a form of birth control; she found out that the best way to get a cock, or dildo, into her ass was to relax her sphincter muscle as if she were using her ass for its regular function and she found out that her rosebud had the capacity to take relatively large things either direction, as past trips to the bathroom could attest. She also found that she could get an infection by taking something out of her ass and putting it directly into her cunt, unless the item that came out of her ass was really clean, courtesy of the dreaded enema. Satisfied she was ready she decided to access her email account, having not really paid any attention to it in a week. She was just logging in when the kids arrived home. Make that a week and a day, she thought to herself, shutting the computer down. The kids were surprised and delighted to see their mom in yet another fashionable dress. That's what reminded Felicity that she'd asked to be able to test out the 4-inch heels to get used to them. Laughing with the kids, she dropped into conversation that she'd gone shopping and purchased another couple pairs of shoes. She didn't mention that she'd done it the day before. Chloe wanted to see them so Felicity dutifully went to her room and slipped on the 4-inch ones and carried out the 5-inch ones for Chloe to see. It was a chore in itself just to get from the bedroom to the living room but Felicity thought she managed to not look too unsteady. She just moved a little slowly. Chloe fussed about the shoes and even Joseph make a comment about how good her legs looked. Felicity beamed with pride over the compliments. When Chloe stood next to her mom, Felicity got a much better indication of how high these heels were. The two of them were naturally the same height, 5" 6', but in these shoes, Felicity felt like she towered over her daughter. "Oh, mom, let me try these on!" Chloe begged, holding the 5-inch stilettos in front of her. "These shoes are only a 4-inch heel," Felicity said, pointing at the shoes she was wearing and down-playing the enormous heel. "If you were allowed to put on the 5-inch ones, you'd fall and break your neck. Then whose fault would that be?" Both her kids wanted to see if Chloe could do it and being honest with herself, so did Felicity. They kept at her until she relented. "If you break anything, don't come complaining to three," she reluctantly conceded, referring to herself by the name the children thought had been given to her by the shelter. Chloe quickly sat down, slipped out of her sneakers and socks and began buckling the shoes on. Felicity was watching her closely and was oblivious to the unusual look on Joseph's face. When Chloe stood up, she swayed a little at first. "Whoa, these things are high. They're even higher on that off!" Chloe took a slow step, then another. "It's like learning to walk all over again," she exclaimed. She took a step, paused, took another, paused more briefly, then a third. Within a dozen steps, she looked quite normal as she paced the room. Felicity envied her daughter's natural ability and vowed to match her as soon as possible. By the time Todd got home from work, both Chloe and Felicity had been in Felicity's new shoes for over an hour and Todd got the surprise of his life when both met him at the door wearing heels. Felicity out-did Chloe by standing on one foot and lifting the other like Marilyn Monroe as she gave Todd a welcome home kiss. "I was only joking when I said I wished you'd dress up more often, but I'm certainly not complaining! I don't know if I like the idea of my daughter going out in those heels though. It doesn't seem right somehow." "They're not hers, Snookums; she just wanted to see if she could walk in them. They're pretty high." "So they're yours? That's a relief." Todd leaned close to Felicity and whispered, hoping only she could hear, "Those shoes are just too super sexy for Chloe to be wearing. She'd have every boy at school chasing her if she wore them and a skirt!" "Dad, I heard that," protested Chloe good-naturedly. "You just called your own daughter sexy," she accused her father. "That's gross!" But she was grinning with pride as she said it. "Hey sport," Todd said, seeing Joseph in the background. "What's up?" "Oh hi dad. Nothing's up. Why'd you ask?" "Mr. deep-thinker here says nothing's up. Did you have a bad day?" "Not really. Just long I guess. So when's dinner mom? I'm starved," Joseph said, changing the subject. "Shoot, dinner! The shoes are to blame, really," Felicity claimed with a smile. How about number three whips you all up some pizza. That's something that can be ready in 30 minutes or less or it's free," she finished, quoting the radio commercial. Todd and Chloe immediately showed their consent with a high-five for each other and then cheered. Joseph said nothing, just stared at his mom with that peculiar look in his eye. Again, no one noticed. After dinner, Felicity excused herself to work out, leaving Tom, Chloe and Joseph in the living room. They watched TV briefly before Todd excused himself and headed out to the garage to take care of a few things. A few minutes after they were left alone, Joseph turned to Chloe. "Do you notice anything weird about mom? He asked. "Weird? What do you mean? Chloe replied. "Nothing I can lay my finger on, but it's more than the new dresses and heels. She seems different somehow, like happier or something. And she really seems to get into calling herself `number three'. It's like she's started referring to herself in the third person or something." "You're crazy. Next you'll be saying she's having an affair," Chloe laughed. Joseph let it drop but Chloe's comment made him pause. What if she is? He asked himself. In the bedroom, Felicity got through her exercises then went to the bathroom. From her purse she withdrew the dildo and spent nearly five minutes just looking at it. The dildo could be set on a flat surface pointing straight up, thanks to its design. It had realistic, Felicity supposed, veins and knob and even a slit at the top modeled after a guy's pee-hole. Felicity was able to bend it after a fashion, but it really felt like Tom's hard cock, only bigger. The time had come for her to do what she'd been instructed to do. Although it wasn't a real cock, it was still difficult for Felicity make herself raise it to her lips and lick it. Part of her expected something bad to happen but she did as she'd been told anyway. Nothing bad happened. For a few minutes, Felicity licked it as if it was a lollipop, slowly getting used to having the phallic toy this close to her mouth. Finally, imagining it was just a banana she opened wide and slipped it inside. She was only able to get about an inch more than the head in her mouth before she gagged and quickly withdrew it. Grabbing a cloth, Felicity dried the dildo, then opened her mouth again and once more slipped it inside as far as she could. This time when she gagged and pulled it out, she looked to see how much she'd been able to take. There was spit on about two and a half inches of the dildo. Felicity began to wonder how she was supposed to get all that in her mouth. It never occurred to her that oral sex wasn't always about taking seven inches at once, but about the pleasure that a mouth could give. Deciding to try her next hole, felicity ran the knob down over her belly, through the thick bush she was soon to trim, and between her lips. Although a little surprised, Felicity quickly accepted the fact she was already moist down there, as if in anticipation of what was to come. When she found the opening to her canal, Felicity let out a sharp breath. Gosh this thing is huge, she said to herself. Pushing with more and more pressure, Felicity finally forced the dildo all the way inside her now soaked hole. "Goodness, this feels fantastic!" she couldn't help but whisper. Sawing the dildo in and out, faster and faster, Felicity began jamming the dildo into her cunt with more and more urgency. Then on one in-stroke, she rammed it in so deeply that one of her knuckles slammed against her clit. Felicity did it again, and again. "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," Felicity said, her fist pumping the dildo into her, hammering at her cunt and stimulating her clit. Without warning Felicity came, only stopping herself from screaming by biting on the fist of her free hand. Felicity allowed the pleasure wash over her for a few seconds then forced herself to concentrate. The Dildo was still up inside her but she knew she wasn't done yet. Her instructions had been to use all three holes, not just two. All she really wanted to do was stay sprawled on the toilet yet Terri's words about stamina echoed in her head. Grasping the dildo with renewed force, Felicity pulled it from her cunt, its exit accompanied by a soft slurping `pop' noise. Felicity felt empty. She brought the dildo up to her face. It was soaked with her juices. Felicity had planned to slather it with the KY she'd purchased that afternoon but looking at it now, saw there was no point, unless she licked it clean of her juices first for her own pleasure. Felicity giggled to herself at the thought. From terrified by the thought of tasting cunt cream to doing it because she liked it, all in a few days. Back to work, she chided herself. Three has another hole to open up. Lowering the dildo again, Felicity had to adjust her position to get the knob of the dildo against her rosebud. Remembering the instructions she'd read online, Felicity bore down while pressing the dildo into her ass. Her sphincter opened and the knob slipped in, causing a little pain akin to having a major bowel movement. "My Goodness, it's inside me!" Felicity whispered. She tried to push it in further, but the angle was all wrong and she couldn't get it to move. Eventually Felicity abandoned the toilet seat and with the weirdest feeling, allowed the dildo to hang behind her like a fake tail as she stood up. "Oh," Felicity muttered. The feel of the dildo stretching her sphincter couldn't be described. Some discomfort, definitely erotic, maybe a little creepy. "Women do this all the time," she reminded herself. Squatting down, Felicity felt the flat base graze the floor. Using a hand to position it into its upright position, Felicity used her own weight to force the intruder into her ass further. Suddenly there was a LOT of pain! Felicity grunted but bore down again. This time her sphincter allowed another inch of the dildo into her ass, without too much discomfort. Felicity was perspiring in the warm bathroom and was beginning to wish she'd used lube after all. With a grim set to her jaw, she bore down one more and practically lifted her feet off the ground. The dildo slowly eased all the way into her ass. There was pain, a lot of pain, but Felicity discovered that if she rubbed her clit a little, the pain became quite enjoyable. Now she was faced with another problem. It turned out to be as difficult to remove the dildo as it'd been to get it in there. Felicity ended up sprawled on the bathroom floor, her tits mashed into the cold, hard surface, her legs at crazy angles and both hands around the base of the dildo. She was surprised to feel pretty aroused by the fake cock in her ass, but knew it couldn't stay there forever. It occurred to Felicity that bearing down as if she was trying to take a movement, while lying on the floor was not a natural way to use the bathroom and she hoped that when it did come out, she wouldn't make too much mess on the floor. Eventually she felt the invader slipping steadily out of her ass. The pop it made as it came free was quite a bit louder than the one made by her cunt, she noted. With a feeling of relief, she brought the dildo up to look at it. Her juices were all gone and there were now a few brown marks on its length. Of course it smelled awful. Before she could chicken out, Felicity touched the shaft to her parted lips and began licking it clean. Excrement smells awful but really doesn't taste like anything, Felicity realized as she cleaned the dildo. She did taste a little of her juice though, and that was a consolation. Felicity sat up, crossed her legs Indian-style and took stock of her achievements. She'd taken the dildo into her mouth, but she had a lot of work to do there, she knew. She'd given herself a wonderful orgasm using it in her cunt and she had to admit that using it in her ass wasn't as horrible as she'd expected. If the dildo had been attached to something that could assist with its penetration, she could have even enjoyed it more. Popping the dildo into her mouth again, she licked the gland once more to ensure it was as clean as she could get it before dropping it back into her purse. She took the required shower, gave herself another orgasm, helped by thoughts of her day with Terri, and then shaved using Tom's razor. Looking at herself in the mirror afterwards, she knew she could have been kidding herself, but with the neatly trimmed pubic hair and all, she thought she looked pretty good. Even her tummy seemed to be trimmer. The stripes on her thighs had faded to just about nothing already so she wasn't too worried about what Todd would say, not the he saw her naked much with the lights on anyway. She slipped naked between the sheets and waited for Todd to come to bed. "Maybe I'll practice my oral skills on Tom," she decided. Unfortunately, by the time Todd got to bed, she was sound asleep. Todd never even realized she was naked beside him as he lay down. The clock on Tom's side of the bed said 5:44 when Felicity awoke. It was due to go off in 16 minutes. Felicity stretched, luxuriating in the feel of Indian cotton sheets against her naked body. She made a decision and carefully scooted down the bed until her head was level with Tom's crotch. He was wearing his pajamas like normal and the button front gaped just enough that Felicity could see his black pubic hair within. Easing her hands up, Felicity carefully unbuttoned him and fished around inside, locating his limp cock. She moved it around and positioned it where she wanted it, often glancing up to ensure that Todd was still asleep. Assured that he was, Felicity took the piece of man-meat into her mouth. Unlike the dildo, Todd was smaller and still limp so she was able to engulf the whole thing. As she ran her tongue over its knob, she felt it stirring to life. She kept up the attention of her tongue against the knob until Todd was fully erect. With little movement, Felicity began blowing him just like she'd once seen on a video. The only difference was that in the video, the guy wasn't four inches. Felicity worked on Todd for a full 30 seconds before Todd woke and quickly pushed her head away. She was barely clear when he groaned and came, few little pearls of cum squirting from his cock and landing on his pajamas. "Jesus Felicity, what did you just do?" Todd asked once he'd recovered. "Good morning darling, did you like your wakeup call?" Felicity said, smiling at him. "I nearly lost my load in your mouth for heaven's sake. In your mouth..." He repeated, as it registered that Felicity had given him oral sex for the first time ever. "You just put your mouth right on my wiener," he accused with a grin, "and oh boy, that was good!" "You provided the quiet time to exercise last night and you were supposed to be rewarded. One of us tried to wait up for you but fell asleep. The one of use that's naked," she pointed out with a grin. "It would have been wrong for you to have missed out altogether, so you got a bonus this morning instead. Is that okay?" "Oh babe, I love you so much!" Todd exclaimed, drawing Felicity into his arms. As she folded into his embrace, Felicity noticed the bed-side clock read 5:50. Sucking cock is easy, she decided. As soon as everyone was out of the house, Felicity updated her journal, including writing about the morning blowjob and cleaning up after the family wearing only her robe. Part of her wondered if Terri would be angry that she'd worn a robe as that wasn't in the instructions. Before noon, Felicity hit the mall to buy more dresses. She found a wraparound style sun dress that was cute and easily removable, a daring, pleated skirt she'd have to be a little careful in, a cocktail dress that couldn't be worn with a bra and a backless dress that showed the barest hint of her ass-cleavage. She purchased another two pairs of shoes, one 4-inch and one 5-inch and a pair of knee-high boots with a 3-inch spike heel. Some more underwear and a corset that allowed her to connect stockings, plus the fishnets to go with it topped off her list. That was another $330 out of the checking account. She hoped Todd wouldn't be angry but she was fairly confident he wouldn't say anything even if he didn't approve. What she couldn't find was a pair of 6-inch heels. The saleswoman at the shoe store had suggested maybe their main branch, but as she was leaving the store, had made another quiet suggestion that maybe if Felicity had to have the 6-inch heels, she should pay a visit to a store on Main Street that specialized in such things. Felicity parked her car at one end of Main Street and began walking. She was wearing the 4-inch heels that she was becoming quite proficient with, but it turned out that she'd parked at the wrong end of the road. The store, when she finally found it, was almost a mile from where she'd parked. She was really feeling it in her calves by the time she went inside. The store seemed to cater to the sort of woman that would be a stripper or prostitute. They had shoes, negligees and assorted accessories, including floggers and hand cuffs. They even had a small selection of vibrators and what Felicity eventually determined to be called butt-plugs. Felicity guessed the use of them as much by the name as by the design. The young girl at the counter was not much older than Chloe, although she wore white makeup, black lipstick, long, striped black and pink hair, multiple piercings and pranced around in a vinyl mini-dress with what must have been 7-inch platform shoes over fishnet stockings. Felicity introduced herself as someone looking for prank gifts for a hen's night. She used that as the excuse to purchase a butt-plug, hand cuffs and a studded collar. She got a pair of clear-soled, 6-inch platform shoes with a spike heel and straps that went almost to her knees, as well as a glossy black vinyl mini-dress almost like the clerk's but with a deep cleavage, 1-inch openings on the sides held together by laces and totally backless with a good deal of ass-cleavage visible, also held together by crisscrossed laces. If Terri wasn't impressed by that dress, Felicity didn't have any idea what would impress her. As she was about to leave the store, Felicity saw a bikini that was absolutely shocking. Little more than bare strings, it couldn't be legal on the beach. Felicity went back to the clerk and got it as well. When she got back to the car, Felicity's feet and calves were killing her. She guessed she'd walked at least 3 miles that day and she was ready for a rest. As soon as she was in her car, she slipped the shoes off. Then she decided to do what Terri had taught her the day before and slipped the dress up into her lap so her bare ass was on the seat. She felt kinky and aroused the whole way home. At home, she traded the 4-inch heels for the first pair of 5-inch heels she'd purchased. She'd been wearing heels now for just a few days, but was already getting quite confident in them. After doing the housework and laundry, Felicity went to her room, slipped out of her dress and lay back on the bed with her dildo. During the next hour, Felicity achieved orgasm 3 times, ramming the dildo into her soaked cunt. With 15 minutes to go before the kids were due home, Felicity had an idea. It was nasty and she knew it, but the seeds had been planted while she was getting off with the dildo. She took the butt-plug out of its wrapper, lubed it with KY and surprised herself with how quickly she was able to insert it. Standing up to put on her dress, she could feel it in her ass and when she moved, it moved with her. It felt dirty and exciting to have the butt-plug in under her dress. She bent over to retrieve her panties and felt a pain in her ass. No panties, she immediately decided. When the children got home she was in the kitchen, fixing an afternoon snack for them. Chloe's first words were, "Another one?" "Another what, dear?" Felicity asked. "Another dress. And that one's even nicer than the two before it! What's going on?" "Can't a mother look nice? Is that a crime now?" Felicity laughed. "No, you look fantastic. It's just taking some getting used to is all. "Eat your snack and get busy with your homework, young lady. You too Joseph. I'm going to see what's on TV." With those words, Felicity made her way past the kids towards the living room. "What, have you got a carrot up your ass or something mom?" Joseph laughed as Felicity walked slowly by him. "Let's just say that 5-inch heels are harder to walk in that 4-inch ones!" Felicity laughed, hoping they believed her. She also hoped the odor of her juices was not getting too strong. She could certainly feel it between her legs. That night, Felicity did her exercises, used the dildo on all three holes and showered. She updated her Journal and masturbated one more time. At bedtime, Todd came to bed only minutes after Felicity had slid between the sheets. He could tell she was naked and was eager to make love to her. The lovemaking took 2 more minutes out of her day, not that Felicity minded. She loved her husband dearly. The next morning the sun was shining brightly after the kids had left for school and Felicity decided to sunbath in the yard in her new bikini. She'd just dressed and gathered together a magazine, lotion, towel and drink when the phone rang. It was Terri. "Hi three, I'm home early. Come over," Terri said and hung up. Felicity wasn't sure if she was supposed to leave right away or dress, do her makeup and go over. She decided that presentation was most important to Terri, so she showered, squeezed into the mini-dress she'd purchased the day before and accessorized with a pair of thigh-highs and the spike boots. She quickly applied makeup, going heavy on the mascara and left for Terri's house. At the door Terri greeted her. "Hmm, that's an interesting ensemble. I think I like it. Makes you look like a hooker. But you were supposed to come right over. It doesn't take an hour to do that. Get into the living room, strip and get in position on all fours." Felicity didn't think Terri seemed mad at her, but the position she'd given her to adopt was what would be used for punishment. It scared Felicity. She quickly went into the living room as did as she'd been instructed. Terri kept her waiting like that for ages. Her back was beginning to hurt, since she had to keep it arched, presenting her ass. 15 minutes later, she heard Terri come up behind her. "Open your mouth, slut. Open it wider, you dumb cunt. Yes, that's it. That position is good for presenting all three holes. Have you been practicing?" "Yes ma'am," Felicity said quickly before holding her mouth open again. "I have a special treat for you. I wasn't sure you'd get it after being so tardy, but I changed my mind. It's in everyone's best interest to get plenty of practice, after all. Felicity had no idea what Terri was talking about until Terri came around in front of her. Felicity could see a chain leash and knew something was attached to it. Had Terri got herself a pet? The question was answered when Felicity caught sight of what was attached to the leash. A tanned twenty year old male was crawling behind her on his knees, his only adornment a collar attached to Terri's leash. "This is sissy. His cock's so small it's almost like a big clit. See?" Terri continued to pull him around in front of Felicity. Felicity just wanted to cover her nakedness. Apart from Tom, Terri was the only one who had ever seen her naked in her entire adult life. Felicity was unable to completely contain a sob of humiliation. "Look at his clit, you dumb, fat cow." Terri insisted. Felicity did. It was erect and broader and bigger than Tom's. "I found this specimen while I was away and brought him back with me for the day. His owner owed me a favor. I figured you could practice on his little clit and work up to the real thing. Stand," she instructed sissy. He stood and his cock was level with Felicity's mouth. "See how this position works? Suck his cock, slut. NOW," she yelled when Felicity didn't immediately impale her mouth on his cock. Felicity got to work. She managed three fourths of his cock before she gagged, but Terri wouldn't let her stop. Terri held the back of her head and dictated her movements. Saliva dribbled out her mouth as Terri was forced to take more and more of the cock. Eventually she felt his hairless groin against her lips. Terri let go of her hair and told her to keep at it. Felicity did. Felicity was slowly getting aroused by the kinkiness and dirtiness of the act she was performing on this stranger and it only got better when she felt Terri playing around her ass. Terri was lubing her third hole! Felicity was going to get fucked by an actual cock in her ass! "Shit, you are a bad cocksucker, slut. Anyone else would have tasted his cum by now but I guess you haven't really had a lot of practice so you can be forgiven. Now drop his clit from those slutty lips, whore. It's time for number two." Teri grabbed sissy's leash and directed him around Felicity. She felt his knob against her lips and without preamble, pushed into her. Felicity had only ever had sex with Todd and only ever in missionary position. This was a whole new experience on so many levels. She could feel him filling her and she could hear the sounds of their copulation. She was drenched! Terri allowed sissy to fuck Felicity for five minutes before stopping him and making him pull out. "He's not good at staving off his cum, so it must be you that's a lousy fuck. I can't believe he hasn't even cum once yet! Come on sissy, put your clit right into her ass but do it slowly. She hasn't had a real cock in there before so you're about to take her ass-cherry!" Felicity bore down as she'd practiced and felt the cock slide into her asshole. She nearly jumped when she felt fingers on her clit. Terri was stimulating her and the whole thing felt absolutely fantastic. In moments, Felicity worked up an orgasm that made her thighs tremble but she held her position, to the delight of Terri. "Well done three, you HAVE been practicing!" Sissy continued to pump her ass and Felicity began alternating her own movements. She'd bear down, relax, bear down and relax with each stroke. Suddenly sissy groaned and shivered. Felicity felt sure she could feel his cum shooting into her ass and that was all she needed to put her over the top and into the freefall of another climax of her own. Terri let sissy stay embedded in her ass for a minute then told him to pull out. "May this cunt clean sissy's cock?" Felicity boldly asked Terri as soon as she felt the pop of him exiting her. "Leaps and bounds," Terri muttered, before agreeing. Felicity breathed through her mouth and cleaned sissy's entire cock, finding a lot of her own juices still clinging to his balls. She lapped them up, savoring the flavor. When she'd finished, she said, "Thank you ma'am for that wonderful experience." Terri had Felicity change position so that she was kneeling, facing her as Terri sat in her favorite chair. Then she had sissy kneel right next to Felicity. Their arms touched but Felicity didn't flinch away the way she would have done a week ago. "It seems like you enjoyed yourself today three. Was it easier than using the dildo?" "Yes ma'am," Felicity agreed, then added, "sissy is bigger than Tom, but it's easier to give a blowjob and do anal when your partner is real." "You gave Todd anal sex already?" Terri asked in astonishment. "No ma'am, but I did wake him with a blowjob. He only took a minute to finish. This slut thought that maybe she could allow him to accidentally fuck her ass so she could tell him how much she enjoyed it." "You're really getting into this, aren't you? Did he cum a lot?" Terri asked "He pushed me away before he could cum, ma'am, but no, I don't think he cums much." "So you've never tasted cum yet. How interesting. I think we should fix that. Sissy, get hard again. This time, when you cum, do it in three's mouth. "Yes mistress," Sissy said and stood, his cock almost hard already. Sissy jacked his own cock while Felicity watched from less than a foot away. It took no more than 5 minutes before sissy announced he was going to cum. When he did, his aim wasn't that great. Ropes of cum landed on Felicity's chin, nose and finally in her open mouth. Felicity kept her mouth open until instructed to swish what she'd received around with her tongue. "So what does it taste like, cunt?" Terri asked after a moment. "There was just so much of it! Nothing at all like Todd produces. It's salty and sort of a little like I imagine bleach would taste, but really not as bad as I thought ma'am," Felicity proclaimed after thinking for a moment. "And you look so cute with cum on your face too. Don't let it go to waste though. Clean yourself up." Terri instructed. Felicity did as she was told, happy with Terri's compliment, feeling totally slutty and at the same time massively humiliated by what she was doing. All in all, ready to cum again, she decided. "Sissy, there's a little in her hair. Get that will you?" Terri asked. Without hesitation, sissy leaned over and licked the string of cum right off Felicity's hair and swallowed it. Chapter 5 The dress Felicity had chosen to wear to Terri's gave her cause for concern on the way home. Her instructions had specified that she would wear the dress and heels all day, other than when sunbathing; something she had yet to do today. She couldn't imagine what she would tell her family to make them accept the attire. An idea struck her and she stopped at a gas station to purchase a newspaper. She got admiring looks from the clerk and a whistle from a construction worker entering the shop. A teenager actually made lewd gestures as she left with her purchase. In the car, Felicity scanned the events notices and finally saw something that could work. That night there would be a fundraiser and it was a fancy dress affair. Tickets though, were $30 each. Very aware of how much she'd spent already, Felicity drove to the ticket outlet and paid $120 for four tickets. Next she stopped at the tuxedo rental store and got tuxes in Joseph and Tom's sizes. After she got home, she undressed and figured out how to get back into the string bikini. She had exactly one hour before the kids would likely be home. Lying outside was bliss after her busy morning. Her ass and pussy felt weird, like they were missing something. A hard cock, Felicity confessed to herself. Sometime after she lay down on her tummy, she fell asleep and awoke with a start a little while later when she heard Chloe at the back calling to her. "Mom, is that you?" "My God mom, "she heard Joseph say, "You're practically naked!" Felicity was too embarrassed to even raise her head and look at her children. She'd been caught in the skimpiest set of clothing she owned, and by her own children at that. Unable to think of a way to get inside gracefully, Felicity decided to just stand her ground. She got to her feet and looked straight at her children. Joseph's eyes bulged when he saw her barely contained bosom and the tiny triangle that wasn't even big enough to completely cover her pubic hair. "One of us will be ready for the summer and it won't be you, pale-face!" She accused Joseph. "But I'm not even allowed a 2-piece," Chloe shot back, "much less a hardly-there affair like that!" "We had that conversation when you were just 16. Now you're 18 and things are different," Felicity responded off the top of her head. Now she had no ammunition to stall the inevitable growing up of her only daughter. "So can I borrow that after school tomorrow?" Chloe asked hopefully, looking at Felicity's bikini. "We'll talk about one like this after you're 21. Your mother gets to wear what she wants but you're not yet an adult," Felicity replied, striding towards her kids. Joseph's eyes were glued to her bouncing boobs as she walked towards him. "As for you young man, the least you could do is shut your mouth. You're drooling on the mat. But thank you for the compliment," she laughed as she slipped past him into the house. "Excuse me," she said, accidentally rubbing his crotch with her butt in her haste to exit the situation. Lord, give me strength, she thought as she practically ran to her bedroom. Did Joseph have a couple of pairs of socks stuffed into his jeans? Chloe wasn't letting her off the hook that easily though. She followed Felicity to her bedroom, stopping at the door. "Mom, can I come in?" She asked. "I'm about to get dressed," Felicity responded. "It won't take a moment mom. Can I talk to you?" "Oh okay." Felicity conceded. She hated to say no to the kids. Chloe found Felicity sitting on the bed, ready to get back into the black dress that was laid out next to her. Tom's rented tux was on his side of the bed. Chloe took in all this in a heartbeat. She shot a questioning glance at her mom. "We're going out tonight, all of us. There's a benefit party that I heard about through the shelter and I thought it was worth taking the whole family to," Felicity lied. "You can wear one of my dresses if you like," she added, mentally cringing at the idea of allowing her own daughter to dress like she herself had been for these last few days. "Okay, that sounds like fun. But I really want to know if you're okay? You're not acting like yourself lately. Joseph's even noticed it. You look hot all the time and you are always in a good mood. That's not the mom I know and love. Are you having an affair?" Chloe asked. She'd been thinking about it a lot since her conversation with Joseph. "Affairs are for unhappy people," Felicity said to soothe Chloe. "We've been married almost 20 years and we're both still very much in love. It's just this new thing with the shelter. It's like it's opened up a whole new world, and this is the result," Felicity finished, holding her arms open to her daughter. "Well I will tell you now, mom, if you start walking around the house naked or just about, like that, too much," Chloe said, "Joseph's going to need glasses soon." "What?" Felicity asked, truly puzzled. "You know, too much of one particular thing that I'm not going to mention will make you blind?" Chloe put the statement as a question, trying to say what she meant without coming out and saying it. "OH!" Felicity blushed. "You don't really think..." "I can only imagine based on what I hear through the wall," Chloe confessed. "And the sounds have tripled in the last few days. "I had no idea," Felicity said, totally forgetting to refer to herself in the third person as she'd practiced for days to do. "Do you think I should talk to him about it?" "Yeah, like it's ever going to be a good idea for a guy's mom to have the sex-talk with him. I bet if you were to barge into his room right now he'd be jacking off like a rabbit. You'd just scar him for life. You'd better leave it to dad. Or go back to looking all frumpy and mom-like," Chloe finished. "It is a good change for your mom though, isn't it?" Felicity said, looking for reassurance. "Mom, listen to me. I don't have a problem with you looking gorgeous all the time and I don't even give a rat's ass if you start parading around the house naked if you want. But if you do it, you're setting the standard for the rest of us. Joseph and I have been friends all our lives, not like all the other kids I know with their siblings. He tells me stuff that he wouldn't tell anyone else. If you promise to never whisper a word of it, I'll tell you what he said in the car today." "You really need to watch your language, young lady, but since this is in confidence, just say what you want and it'll be just between us." "Okay, but there's no lady-like way to say it. Joseph wants to fuck you mom. He's got a beautiful body, too. I know; I've seen it all. We fooled around a bit last year. But now you're tormenting him and you have to do something about it." Felicity couldn't believe her ears. Her son lusted after her and her daughter had `fooled around', whatever that meant, with her brother. Her whole world was now officially upside down. "Wow, that's a couple of big secrets for a young girl to be keeping," was all Felicity managed to say. "I'm 18, mom. Next year I go away to college and then I'll really learn about the world. Knowing about sex is not new to me. I lost my cherry when I was 16." "So what do you suggest? Other than going back to being your frumpy old mom, that is," Felicity said. "So set the standard then. And let Joseph get used to seeing the females of the house in all their glory. It's the only way I can think of to help him get through this phase," Chloe answered. "Your father would never go for that!" Felicity exclaimed. "But it sounds like you've thought about this in great detail." Chloe nodded. "Just don't tell dad then. We'll go out back after school and get some rays together. We can invite Joseph out too. If he gets a hard on, ignore it. He'll get used to seeing us and eventually, he'll stop getting excited by a bunch of girl-flesh in his face." "You're more mature than you look, Chloe," Felicity said, taking her daughter's hand. She meant it too. "It's going to be ages before dad gets home. Do you have another suit? We can tan together," Chloe suggested. "No sorry dear, this is all there is." "Then I'll wear my regular monokini but go topless. It's all for a good cause so no being a prude, okay?" Felicity, sitting there in a few lengths of string and three tiny patches of material had no real choice. "Just because we agree on the best course of action isn't going to make it any easier on your old mom to parade around practically naked in front of Joseph, you know. You'll have to understand it'll take some getting used to, okay?" "You're not old, mom. You're hot. If my boobs still look that good in 20 years, it'll be a miracle! Meet me outside, okay? I'll let Joseph know we're going out then get changed." Felicity waited five minutes then cautiously made her way back outside. She'd considered taking off her heels but then thought what difference did it make? She was the first one out there. She'd just gotten comfy when Chloe strolled out, unconcerned that she was bare breasted. "What's taking Joseph so long? I thought he'd be out here already?" Chloe wondered aloud. "I just got out here myself and I haven't seen him," Felicity replied, finding it difficult to tear her gaze away from her daughter's tits. They were an almost duplicate version of hers. Joseph was in the bathroom, jacking off so that he didn't have a boner when he joined his family. Imagining his sister's tits and remembering what he'd seen of his mom earlier made the task quicker than usual, but his natural staying power was causing problems in an unusual way. Eventually he shot a huge load into the tissues he had ready and flushed the lot down the toilet. He then had to wait an extra 5 minutes for his cock to fully deflate before he could leave the bathroom. The sight that greeted him as he walked out the back door sent his cock into instant sensory overload. His sister was propped up on a recliner right next to his mom. His mom may as well have been topless and his sister actually was! Joseph hurried over to the third recliner and quickly adjusted it so he could lie on his stomach to hide his already throbbing erection. Both Chloe and Felicity got a good look at the outline but feigned indifference. They stayed in the sun for over an hour, making small talk and discussing the party they were all going to go to until Chloe's watch beeped. "Dad'll be home soon mom. What's for dinner?" "There's pork chops on the counter. Guess it's time to rejoin the real world." Felicity said, standing up. "Looks like you didn't put enough lotion on dear. Your nipples are getting quite pink." Felicity casually noted. "I'll put some on before I come in. Maybe Joseph can help me out," Chloe giggled. "Chloe!" Felicity started in her stern, mother's voice, before she could catch herself, and then tried to cover it by saying, "It's not your place to volunteer your brother's services. It's up to him!" As his mom left, Joseph came to life. He'd been lying on his stomach the whole time he'd been out there, hiding a constant erection. Now with just his sister around, it didn't matter so much. He quickly rolled over so he could watch his mom's ass as she headed back into the house, the vertical and horizontal strings that made up the back of her bikini botTodd almost better than seeing that ass naked. "You've got it bad, baby brother," Chloe laughed when their mom had disappeared into the house to change. "And judging by that boner of yours, you're at least an inch bigger than you were last year. Can I see it?" she cooed. "In your dreams, Chloe," Joseph responded even though he was quite proud of his size and wouldn't really have minded showing his sister if they hadn't been outside. "Later then," Chloe assured him. "Here, hold out your hand." Chloe squirted a little lotion into his palm as soon as he held it out to her. "You get my left one and I've got the right one. And don't pinch so hard this time, buster," she laughed, remembering how Joseph had sent her over the moon when he'd done just that the previous summer. As he massaged the lotion into Chloe's big melon, Chloe spoke to him. I talked to mom earlier about what you said in the car. You can forget it, you know. She's very happily married to dad. I'm sure you could make her day by showing her how big her little boy got though," Chloe said, looking directly at the boner that hadn't softened even a little. "We plan to come out here every day and I think I could get her naked for you, but only if you do the same." Joseph wanted to lash out at Chloe for sharing such a big secret, but was more interested in what Chloe had said after that to be too angry. Instead, he said sarcastically, "sure, just tell mom to strip and she will," he said, not bothering to hide an involuntary spasm of his cock at the thought of seeing his mom totally nude. "Pretty much," Chloe said. "I got her back out here and to let me go topless, didn't I?" "But you'd make me show my own mom my cock as part of the deal?" "So you're saying you want to fuck her but not show her your cock. How childish can you be, you moron!" Chloe laughed out loud. Joseph got her point. Part of him really wanted to impress his mom with the sight of his cock anyway. "Just how do you suggest I get naked in front of mom?" he asked his sister. "Tomorrow morning. Bathroom. The moment dad leaves for work. Naked. Be there. Got it?" Chloe instructed. "Sure," replied Joseph, mystified. Chloe left it at that. "Well, I think we're done here, unless you want to go down on me. You're making your sister horny." Chloe laughed at the look on Joseph's face then jumped to her feet and ran inside. Joseph looked at her butt as she ran. When Todd got home, he found Felicity in the kitchen in the sexy vinyl outfit. She'd changed out of the 6-inch heels she'd worn outside and put the boots back on. She quickly explained to him that after dinner, he was to put on the tux she'd rented and they were going to a party. Todd took it all in stride by simply agreeing. Felicity had already agreed to let Chloe wear the backless dress in her closet and the newest 5-inch heels but drew the line at thigh-highs. Instead Chloe's choice was between bare legs and pantyhose. Chloe chose the bare look. While the others dressed, Felicity sat down to watch the daily news; one of her instructions. As they made their way to the front door, Chloe whispered into her mom's ear that she couldn't wear panties with the dress because everything she had showed above the back-line of the dress. Felicity tried not to be too upset at her daughter. It was, after all, her dress Chloe was wearing. Just then, the phone rang. Felicity turned back and answered it. It was Terri. "Practice all the holes again tonight three, but this time, practice on Tom," Terri said and hung up before Felicity could respond. "Who was it?" Todd asked. "Wrong number," Felicity responded. The party was actually a lot of fun and Felicity didn't even feel too much out of place in the outfit she was wearing. Many of the other guests wore daring and revealing outfits too. Felicity, and more noticeably Joseph, got quite an eyeful of nipple-slip from a few of the female attendees wearing hyper-plunging necklines on their dresses and tops. When they got home, Felicity sent the kids to bed and made her own way to bed with Tom. She knew that in the morning she'd have to write in her journal that she never exercised, masturbated or practiced her mantra this night. She could however take a shower and she went straight in to do so. When she came out, naked and still chilly from the cold water cycle she'd been instructed to make a part of her routine, Todd was already in bed, his eyes closed. Instead of climbing in on her side, she drew the covers off her husband and fished out his limp cock. Slipping it gently into her mouth, she quickly sucked him to full hardness, by which time he was awake again. "Oh babe, again?" Todd said sleepily. "I must have died and gone to heaven." "Just wait till you feel this," Felicity said as she straddled him and took him all the way into her wet cunt in one motion. "You looked so hot tonight in your tux that this little wifey of yours could hardly wait to get you to bed." Being careful about giving him too much pleasure too quickly, knowing that she had less than a minute before he climaxed, Felicity bounced on his cock a few times. On the fifth bounce, she let him exit her cunt all the way them slammed down on him. Her timing was perfect. His cock slid easily into her ass. "Oh fuck Tom, you put your cock into your wife's ass and it feels wonderful!" she exclaimed, making it seem like Todd was to blame for what just happened. Todd broke a personal record. He became a one-pump wonder as he climaxed in his wife's ass. When it was over, Todd spent a couple of minutes out of it, time Felicity used to pull herself off him, spin around and clean his cock with her mouth. She did it so quickly that Todd didn't even realize what she'd done. Snuggling into her husband now from her side of the bed, Felicity whispered in his ear, "From a grateful and loving wife. Thank you, Tom. Your wife doesn't deserve someone as masterful in the bedroom as you. How did you know that anal sex would be so wonderful anyway?" Todd was totally awake now and trying to run through what had just happened. Had his quiet wife just used the F-bomb, the C-bomb, even the A-bomb? Had he really just had his wiener in his wife's bottom? Was all this really real or was he losing it? Before he could respond, he realized that Felicity seemed to already be asleep. He rolled onto his side and kissed Felicity's cheek. "I love you to Felicity Kendall," he said then rolled onto his back again. He was asleep within 3 minutes. Felicity waited to hear the gentle snoring of her husband before she started to masturbate in earnest. She came 3 times before she was able to sleep herself. Chapter 6 From the kitchen, Felicity heard a crash. Todd had just left, so it couldn't have come from him. Intrigued, she wandered towards the back of the house. "Aaaaahhhhh," she heard a painful-sounding sigh from the bathroom. Without thinking she opened the door and there was Joseph, sprawled on his back on the floor, naked, the running shower behind him. "Goodness what happened?" Felicity asked, missing the fact that her only son had a massive erection. "I was about to get in the shower and I slipped," Joseph said, staying right where he was. From his vantage point, he could see up under his mom's robe, almost all the way up to her groin. It was obvious she wasn't wearing pajamas or a night gown underneath that robe. "Here," she said, offering her hand to help her son to his feet. Joseph feigned dizziness as he got to his feet, stumbling and pushing his mom back into the door frame. His cock slipped between the folds of her robe and came into contact with skin. Joseph didn't move. He couldn't believe his luck not only was he touching his mom, but his cock was touching her, just too far under her boobs, he guessed hopefully. Felicity had yet to put her heels on for the day so at 5" 6', she was much shorter than her 6" 2' son. Risking a couple of thrusts against his mom's bare skin, Joseph brought himself properly to his feet again. His cock throbbed even more. "Sit on the edge of the tub for a minute," Felicity said in a worried voice as she leaned over him to turn off the water and showing a substantial amount of cleavage. "What happened?" She asked, kneeling down in front of him, the concerned parent. His cock was bobbing almost rhythmically, his mom's mouth less than a foot from his cock. He could feel her breath on it when she spoke. "I don't know, he said. I just felt dizzy. I'm okay now though, thanks. Sorry for making you come in here and seeing me in all my morning glory," he said, smiling slightly and looking down at his cock. Felicity's eyes followed his and she gasped. Without thinking she said, "My, that's the biggest cock..." Felicity caught herself too late. She'd been about to say it was the biggest cock she'd ever seen. She decided to make light of the situation instead. "It's probably what caused the dizziness. It's a simple case of blood loss to the brain." "Sorry mom. I can't hardly ever get my cock to stay soft anymore. Makes it a real pain to pee." "That's a double negative, sonny," Felicity stated. "You can't EVER get your cock to stay soft," she said then began to laugh at herself. Here I am, kneeling in front of my naked son, correcting the grammatical use of a sentence describing his cock. She laughed and laughed and eventually Joseph began to laugh too. When she caught her breath she said, "Don't worry about that. You don't have to be embarrassed in front of your mom. Boys are always getting erections and you've got something to really be proud of." "So it's okay then," Joseph asked incredulously. "An erection is a natural thing. You just can't hide the fact that you're horny like a woman can. It's when you stop getting horny all the time that you should be worried." "Do you get horny mom?" Joseph asked, his cock throbbing more than ever. "We're talking about you Joseph. That's not the sort of question a mother should have to provide to her son." In fact Felicity was getting to the point where she was always horny. She'd resisted the temptation to put her butt-plug in first thing this morning after completing her journal entry but she'd planned on doing it as soon as the kids left for school. If it'd been any other male in this position with her right now, she would be giving him head instead of wasting words. But this was her son. "Why don't you just go ahead and relieve the tension before getting in the shower next time, Studly. It'll be safer for everyone." Joseph badly wanted to ask his mom to `relieve the tension' for him, but he couldn't make the words come out. Instead he said, "Sure mom. Sorry for flashing you." "Any time, honey," Felicity said and rose to her feet. She kissed him on the forehead like a good mother before leaving the bathroom and closing the door behind her. Joseph grabbed his cock and began fisting himself as fast as he could. He was sure he'd seen his mom's nipple. Just then the door opened and Chloe slipped in. She was in jeans and a T-shirt, ready for school. "Hmmmm, looks like fun," she said, leaning back against the closed door and watching him. "I guess the plan worked then." Joseph never slowed or reacted. "I feel like I've got a gallon of cum inside me that needs to come out," he said in a ragged voice. "There are better ways," Chloe said, dropping to her knees in front of her brother. "Here, bonus for Joseph. One freebie," she said before replacing the hand on his cock with her mouth. Chloe had never done THIS with Joseph but it just seemed right. Her brother needed her and she was willing to help. Chloe sucked him with an expert mouth until he blew his wad, almost choking her as she struggled to swallow it all. "Man," Chloe said afterwards. "That was just about a gallon. I think I could afford to skip breakfast today!" Outside the bathroom door, Felicity heard everything that had gone on between Chloe and Joseph. Her daughter had just performed oral sex on her son. Her daughter had not made up the part about messing with Joseph. What she didn't understand was the part about that blowjob being a freebie. Was Chloe doing something Felicity should be aware of? Felicity quickly made her way back to the kitchen. Shortly, Chloe joined her. "Joseph's still in the shower, Chloe said. "He'd better hurry or I'll leave him." "Mothers have eyes in the back of their heads, so we have a good idea of what's going on" Felicity began. "But regular eyes can see that you just gave Joseph a blowjob in the bathroom. You missed some," Felicity said, dabbing at an imaginary spot on Chloe's lip. "Does this mean there's incest in this house?" She asked with a level voice. "I guess if you want to call it that, then yeah. But I've never fucked him and this was the first time I've gone down on him. Is it really bad to want to help out a family member in need? It's not like we're ever going to make babies together." "But why did you have to do that? He could have taken care of himself. He's your brother!" "What can I say? I love sex. I love to give head. You have to admit that he has one fiiiiine cock, doesn't he?" "What about what you said in the bathroom. Giving him a freebie?" "So you were listening! I knew there couldn't have been cum on my lip. I never miss a drop!" Felicity said nothing, instead waiting for Chloe to answer the question. "Okay, okay. I've done a few things for money. But I only started doing it this year, I promise!" "You don't need money Chloe! You get a generous allowance. What could you possibly need money for?" "Alright, I did it for fun but the guys paid me. I just don't want to get a rep as a slut at school so I go over to Lincoln High to meet guys. Sometimes I fantasize about being a hooker and it just sort of happens." "So it's the hooker child, what next?" Felicity said aloud to no one. She knew she'd be a hypocrite to judge her daughter. Especially since she'd found pleasure in a stranger so recently herself. "Well do your mom a favor and at least be safe about it. The last thing your dad needs to see is a great big cold sore on your lip from herpes." "Sure mom, whatever you say," Chloe said with a grin. "I bet no other kid in my school has a mom who's so easy to talk to." Just then, Joseph breezed in. Felicity looked pointedly at his crotch. "I see you seem to have things under control," she said with a smile. "Well I did till just now," Joseph joked back. Not long after the kids left for school, Felicity got a call from Terri. She was instructed to bring her journal and be at Terri's house by 10. Felicity cleaned house, showered, masturbated and dressed, putting on a simple T-shirt over her corset, then changing her mind and taking it off again. Corsets as outerwear are becoming fashionable again, she decided. Fishnets with her 6-inch heels and the pleated skirt completed the outfit. Taking her journal, she left for Terri's. This time Terri didn't make her get naked as soon as she arrived. Instead, Felicity just had get on all fours in the living room, her back Terri's footstall. Terri sat and read Felicity's journal, pleased that Felicity had considerably cleaned up her penmanship. On a separate piece of paper she began to make notes. Finally Terri put the journal down. "What are your thoughts on the incident in East Asia reported Monday?" She asked Felicity out of the blue. "Three thinks that it's really all about showing socio-economic superiority and that the stock market will be the only index of success," Felicity said. She'd come to that conclusion after listening to The Frazier Report just the other day. "Well done three. I would have to agree with you for the most part, however China's influence is less about that than how much oil they're currently getting. What is your mantra again, slut?" "Cunt, ass and facial fuck-hole are what satisfy. Submissive sluts have cunts, asses, tits and facial fuck-holes for the pleasure of those that use them. Cunts don't use the word I. Cunts refer to themselves as cunts," Felicity spouted without hesitation. "I was interested in your thoughts about Chloe and Joseph. Do you think they've had sex together?" "I spoke with Chloe this morning and she said they definitely haven't but she did admit to giving him a blowjob in the bathroom this morning." Felicity dutifully replied. "I certainly look forward to your next entry then!" Terri exclaimed. "Sounds like you've had a busy day today already. Now back to business. You admitted in your journal that yesterday you never exercised, practiced your mantra or practiced on the dildo I gave you. Based on earlier writing, it's obvious you've been a little lax with your record keeping too. Journals that end just before or after breakfast could not possibly have been written at night. I also seem to have missed the part where you purchased thong bikinis. Did you?" "No ma'am, three hasn't purchased the thong-type bikinis yet." "You've had plenty of time to do it. Is funding an issue?" "No ma'am, three just forgot that item." "You appreciate that the instructions were a core part of your training. To treat them as mere suggestions is unacceptable. You will be punished. You understand that don't you." Yes ma'am," Felicity answered. In fact as much as she had enjoyed her time with Terri as her trainer so far, Felicity was hoping Terri would begin the bondage part soon. Felicity was becoming intrigued by her darker fantasies. "For this I think we'll head downstairs." Taking her feet off Felicity, she stood up. "Disrobe and return to all fours, cunt." Felicity immediately did as she was told. The corset and skirt were quickly, neatly folded on a chair and Felicity resumed to her position. Felicity hadn't worn panties in at least a week. "Take off the stockings too, three. We don't want to ruin them so soon," Terri advised. Felicity immediately complied, leaving her shoes off as well. From somewhere, Terri produced a collar and strapped it around Felicity's neck. Then she blindfolded her. Clipping a leash to Felicity's collar, Terri began pulling Felicity in the direction she needed to go. Felicity had never been blindfolded before and she found the journey across the floor a little scary. She had to trust that Terri wouldn't let her bang into furniture or walls. Felicity felt the carpeting of the living room give way to the linoleum of the entryway, then felt carpeting resume. Shortly, Terri yanked the leash, signaling that Felicity should stop. She heard a door open then she felt Terri pull up on the leash. She guessed she was supposed to stand. Even standing while blindfolded was difficult for Felicity, but she managed. Terri led Felicity down steps into her basement, one careful step at a time. With each step, Felicity became more worried that she'd fall. Terri ensured she didn't. Once on the level floor of the basement, Felicity felt first her ankles then her wrists being secured in cuffs. Then she was pulled by the collar to one side of the room. Terri could hear all sorts of noises around her, as if there were people present. She blushed under the blindfold but tried to concentrate on what Terri wanted of her. Her arms were lifted, one by one and secured. Her legs were then shuffled sideways, putting strain on her wrists. Each leg was then secured in place. Felicity had never been in Terri's basement and had never been restrained before. In a way it was exciting and in another, terrifying. "You may not like your punishment as much today as you did last time, cunt, but you certainly deserve it. After reading your journal and learning of your expected sunbathing sessions with your family, I doubt you'll want to explain more cane marks. So today I'm going to use the crop, first on your tits, then on your cunt. After that, I'm going to clamp your nipples and cunt lips. Finally, I'll leave you with something to think about, courtesy of the paddle. There will be no need to say thank you or count the lashes either, but I will gag you. This room is soundproofed, but I would rather not test it today. Open up," Terri said and Felicity opened her mouth as wide as she could. She felt a ball-type object stuffed in then pulled out. A larger ball was forced painfully past her teeth and strapped on. "You won't dare spit that out cunt, if you know what's good for you." As if I could, Felicity thought to herself. Her jaw was already aching and the gag had been in place 10 seconds. Felicity waited for her punishment to begin. She heard noises and rustling, but no voices. Suddenly there was a line of fire across her left tit, just below the nipple. Felicity screamed but the sound was effectively muffled by the gag. Another line of fire across her right tit caused as much pain as the first. Felicity tried to suck in enough breath to scream again but she was beaten to it by a third, then a fourth strike. She felt sure her tits had been laid open and she was hyperventilating from the fear, pain and uncertainty of what was happening to her. "Breathe through it cunt. Don't concentrate on your tits, feel your juices flowing. I can tell you're wet from here!" Terri said from somewhere in front of her. Felicity tried to do as she'd been told. She took breaths as deeply as she could through her nose, just like she'd read on the blogs, and tried to feel the wetness between her legs. Another series of strikes rained down upon her helpless tits and Felicity tried her hardest to block out the pain. Suddenly all she felt was the leather hitting her skin and not the intense pain. It was as if she'd been freed of her bonds and she was floating. From a long distance away she heard Terri tell her to keep cumming. She was cumming? It was like she was experiencing some sort of psychotropic drug trip that she didn't want to stop. A detached part of her mind wondered if this was the subspace experience she'd read about. A sudden, sharp pain on her cunt lips brought her back to reality. Her tits burned and the fire in her cunt sort of felt good. The blows to her cunt were much faster than those to her tits and they hurt a whole lot more, but still Felicity arched her back in another orgasm. The blows kept coming and so did Felicity. Eventually she couldn't take any more and her body slumped in her bindings. The next thing she knew, her face was being slapped, hard. "Wakey-wakey cunt, we're not finished yet!" Terri said. Felicity found that her legs had been freed of their restraints and she was able to stand upright again, taking the strain off her arms. Still blindfolded, after her wrists were released from their restraints, Felicity was led to a padded chair. She was seated and her ankles fastened in a wide-stretched way that left her cunt very exposed. Her wrists were then pulled above her head and secured. Lastly, a strap was run over her thighs, securing her firmly to the seat. "I know you can't see it, which is in a way a shame. I think you would appreciate this device. Bend over as if you were going to put your head between your thighs." Felicity did her best to comply and found that even though her arms were secured overhead, she was able to rotate her shoulders somewhat so she could lean forward. This position though, made it more difficult to breathe. A strap was added over her back, forcing her to bend even more, till there was no more play. Any additional bending would dislocate her shoulders. When Terri attached the first clamp to Felicity's nipple, Felicity was not in the least expecting it and screamed out in pain. "That was only the first one dear. There's another one to do before we move on to your cunt," Terri assured her. Felicity groaned out her protest when Terri attached the other clamp, but at least she knew now what to expect and was ready for it. The labia clamps were uncomfortable but not painful. The clamp to her clit, on the other hand, warranted another scream from Felicity. "There, very pretty, if I do say so myself," Terri said. "In fact," there was a pause for a couple of seconds then a click. "That's for posterity slut. Oh yes, you can't see. I just took your new passport photo," Terri said with a smile in her voice. "Now all I have to do is release the back strap and," a slight tugging and the strap against Felicity's back loosened, "Voila!" The tension completely left the strap and Felicity's back was free to ascend. Unfortunately her nipples were attached to her labia and clit. Felicity screamed with renewed pain as one part of her body wrestled with the other. Felicity couldn't keep her back bent without pulling on her clit and nipples. She couldn't hold the position without causing pain in her shoulders and wrists. Felicity was in torment. As the seconds passed, Felicity strained to keep her back bent but was unable to. Her nipples were in agony, as was her clit. Suddenly, the clamp popped of her clit and Felicity was now only pulling on her labia and nipples. With courage she did not know she possessed, Felicity straightened her back, causing herself agonizing pain in her nipples until the clamps broke free. Finally Felicity was able to sit up again. "What did you think, fun wasn't it?" Terri giggled. "I got it on video so you can see yourself later." "Now let's get you off that seat and up against the wall." Soon Felicity was pressed hard against a brick wall. She could tell it was brick because her sore tits were crushed against the rough surface and she felt every grain, every sliver of poorly installed mortar. The strokes from the paddle burned, but Felicity took every one in silence. She actually quite enjoyed the experience, surprising herself with her ability to take the pain. After that, she was let down and the blindfold was removed. The first thing she did was look down at her tits. The nipples were swollen and puffy, but apart from a little redness, there was no indication of the torment they'd been through. She couldn't believe it. She expected them to be ripped open and oozing blood and tissue. That's how much it had hurt. She looked to Terri in wonder. Terri just smiled. Floggers, when used correctly, could be very useful tools. "Get on your knees three. You're going to spend a little while in one of the cages. A little time to reflect on your shortcomings will be good for you." Terri said. Felicity did as she was told and found her arms were so weak that at first she collapsed, her tits cushioning her fall and creating a new pain. She quickly corrected herself. Terri led her where she wanted Felicity to go with kicks of her pointed stiletto to Felicity's abused ass cheeks or cunt. Right cheek, turn right. Left cheek turn left. Cunt meant straight ahead. Felicity quickly worked that out. She found the basement to be actually two areas. Through a wide doorway Felicity crawled and off the concrete. The new surface was sharp gravel that hurt to crawl on. On the other side of the doorway was a row of cages on either side of an aisle. One side had three big cages, more like prison cells and on the other side was a dozen or so dog kennel sized ones, each only about 3 cubic feet in size. Felicity briefly wondered what they were for until she realized that there were actually people occupying three of the top ones! Felicity was led to the end of the aisle and told to stand up. Terri opened the cage on the top row and told Felicity to get in. It was really difficult for Felicity to comply but somehow she made it. The strong wire that made up the botTodd of the cage hurt her knees and when Terri closed the door, pushing Felicity further in as she did so, felicity felt the wire against her tender ass as well. The cage was very small and the cramped bondage would be hard to handle for an extended period, but for some reason, Felicity felt quite snug inside her cage. When Terri returned an hour later, Felicity was more than ready for her. The pain from the flogging and tortures to her nipples and cunt had subsided, to be replaced by the dull ache of her jaw. She'd cramped twice from the confined conditions and badly needed to stretch. Getting out of the cage was as difficult as getting in but once again Felicity managed. She took a quick stretch to pull everything back into place before dropping to all fours to be led back upstairs. The first thing she noticed was the clock on the wall in the living room. She'd only been here an hour and a half. "Get dressed. Training is over for the moment. In fact, I'll even pay for lunch today. I want to find out what you thought of your introduction to bondage," Terri said kindly. "This cunt would like to continue in the role at least until we get where we're going, ma'am," Felicity begged quietly. "Suit yourself. But hurry, we need to go. I have other things to do today." "Yes ma'am," Felicity replied, wrestling with the corset before pulling on her stockings and finally stepping into her skirt. "Leave the bracelets here. You can take the collar off when we get to Vinnie's." "Thank you ma'am," Felicity cooed. For some reason, she really liked the feeling of the collar around her neck. Vinnie's was an upscale restaurant with widely separated tables. Terri knew the manager and was ushered straight to a seat at the back, Felicity in toe. "So how was it? You seemed to zone out there for a while." Terri observed. "This cunt, I mean `I' can't describe it!" Felicity gushed. "I would go right back there and do it again this afternoon if I could," she replied truthfully. "But there was a lot of pain involved. Weren't you scared, hurting, worried?" Terri pressed. "I trust you Terri and I guess I just put my trust in you fully. And yes, I've never felt pain like that before. But I conquered it!" She added proudly. "And I think I went into what I've heard is called sub-space, for a little while, where anything can happen and it's all just pleasure. It was absolutely, truly amazing!" "Well, I probably shouldn't say this, because I don't want you getting a big head on me, but I think you're far exceeding my every expectation of you. Once you get the sex-thing sorted out, you'll be well on your way to being a real submissive. Just think, a few days ago you came to me all dowdy and reserved; a quiet housewife with no life and even a different name. I'd say a few things have changed already!" At Felicity's request, Terri ordered for them and they chatted for nearly an hour before Terri paid the bill and they returned to her house. When they hugged, Terri kissed Felicity on the lips and Felicity returned the kiss with verve and passion. "When you get home, check your butt. I left you a little gift," Terri said cryptically. "Thank you ma'am, I will," Felicity said and returned to her car. Driving bare-assed was already a customary thing for Felicity. She automatically raised her skirt as she climbed into the car. At home, she rushed to the bathroom and flipped up her skirt. On her ass were little stars and moons and hearts. It took Felicity a moment to realize that they were bruises left by the paddle. Terri must have had those shapes cut right into the paddle to create such artwork. The only problem she had now would be explaining them to her kids when they saw the marks after school. As the day wore on, the sky clouded over, so Felicity was saved from an explanation because they couldn't sunbathe anyway. When Joseph got home, he was quite upset at the weather and it showed. Chloe suggested that maybe they could go bikini shopping, but Felicity put her off, offering a rain check for the next day. Joseph was so grumpy that within 5 minutes of the kids being home, Chloe pulled her mom off to the side. "I don't know about you but Joseph's attitude is driving me nuts!" "It is a little hard to bear," Felicity agreed. "I know you don't much like the idea, but I'm asking permission this time. Please, please, please let me take Joseph to his room and give him a hand job or blow job or something." Chloe begged. "No. It's not right. Definitely not," Felicity responded. Within another 5 minutes, Felicity was at her wits end too. Joseph was stomping around, using every near-cussword his parents allowed and slamming doors, kicking things and figuratively showing his ass to the best of his ability. "Chloe, the answer is yes," Felicity called to her daughter. "Thanks mom, you're a lifesaver!" Half an hour later, a different Joseph reappeared, once more a lovely young man. Before Felicity went upstairs that night to follow her new routine, Todd called her to the phone. "It's for you, number 3," he laughed. "Hello three. Don't make plans for tomorrow night. We're going on a date. This is a special occasion. An old T-shirt and jeans are the style of the hour. But wear makeup and your highest heels. And bring your kit. I'll pick you up at 8, which means I authorize you to exercise and shower any time of the day that suits you. Have a great workout tonight and don't forget the dildo in your holes. Bye," Terri said cheerily. "Hey Tom," Felicity called to her husband. "Do we have plans tomorrow night?" "No why?" Todd asked. Felicity thought quickly. "I just got invited to a hen's night by one of the women at the shelter," Felicity said, reusing one of her previous lies. "No, we have nothing on that I know of. Have fun okay, you deserve it!" "Thanks," Felicity replied. "Well, I'd better get to my workout. Good night kids. See you in bed lover," she said quietly to Todd with a wink. Chapter 7 The only productive thing Felicity had done all day was to get through her exercises and purchase a couple of new bikinis of the type specified in her instructions. She used the outing as an opportunity to scout out the best stores to take Chloe to after school. The weather had cleared and the sun was shining brightly. The bruises on Felicity's ass were barely visible already. She felt ready for the inevitable dress-up she'd play with Chloe at the stores while they looked at bikinis. The other thing she'd done was spent hours playing with her dildo. She found she could now get it in her ass with hardly any difficulty and she loved the feeling of having it there. She could also take it right into her throat, but only using in her ass and cunt gave her orgasms, so they were her favored places. When the children arrived home, Felicity was wearing the clothes she'd been authorized for the evening's adventure, much to Joseph's disappointment. "Are you ready for a shopping expedition?" Felicity asked Chloe after she'd eaten the snack Felicity had laid out. "Well about that, mom. I want to go, I really do, but it's just so nice out I'd hate to spend it inside a store. Joseph asked me in the car if we could all do some nude sunbathing this afternoon and I said I'd ask you about it." Joseph sat next to his sister pretending he wasn't even listening, much less hanging on her every word. "Is that true, Joseph?" Felicity asked him. "Ah what, huh?" he said as if coming out of a trance. "I'm sorry mom, I was a million miles away." "Your sister just said YOU suggested we all do some nude sunbathing this afternoon," Felicity repeated. "Well, I thought, you know, since you weren't really dressed the other day anyway and now you know what I look like in the buff, it wouldn't make any difference now," Joseph managed to blurt out, his face flushed. Felicity thought about it for a moment, remembering what Chloe had said when she'd convinced her to go back outside in her string bikini. "Okay then. But I get the blue recliner," Felicity said, grabbing her sunglasses off the counter and already heading for the door. Joseph was right behind his mom. Chloe took her time, grabbing towels and drinks for them all. When they got outside, Felicity casually peeled off her T-shirt. She was naked underneath. "Yes, mommy's got boobs," she scolded Joseph. "You don't really need to gape at them." With that, she popped the button on her jeans, slipped out of her shoes and peeled them off too. "Well, are you going to join in," she asked Joseph, seeing he'd made no move to undress. "If you don't get those jeans off now, you're not going to be able soon," she said, looking at the growing bulge in his pants. Joseph hastily ripped off his shirt and yanked down his jeans and boxers, tangling them in his sneakers. His bulge was already a full-fledged hard on. "I'm sorry mom," Joseph apologized for his arousal. "It's what I said the other morning. It's more difficult to keep it down than to get it up. And you have to admit, you're the sexiest mom in school." "Thank you dear, how kind. The old saggy boobs are still okay then," she said, running her hands over them, much to Joseph's delight. A couple minutes later, Chloe came through the door, as naked as the day she was born. Felicity immediately noticed she was bald downstairs. "I figured we'd need lotion, towels and drinks," Chloe said. "Just as well one of us can think of everything," she laughed, trying to copy her mom's recent turn of phrase. When they were settled, Chloe asked Joseph if he'd put lotion on her chest for her. Joseph quickly agreed. Felicity watched his hard young hands working in the lotion and was a little jealous of Chloe for a moment, but it passed. She lay quietly listening to the neighborhood sounds for a while, her eyes closed. She must have drifted off for a few minutes because the next thing she heard was Joseph asking if she wanted done. "Sure, she said absently," her eyes still closed. "She was wide awake the moment the slippery hands of her son touched her tits. He pretended to work in a professional manner but his swaying cock belied his true feelings. After he'd finished her tits, his hands drifted downward, applying more lotion to her belly. Felicity decided to accept his ministrations. She drew the line when his fingers covered and parted the folds of her cunt lips. "There'll be no chance of a sun burn in there today young man. Those legs could sure use a little though," she conceded, seeing the look on his face. Instead of moving further down her, Joseph stayed right where he was and reached for her legs. As a result, Felicity could feel his hot cock probing the side of her tit every now and then. She feigned ignorance, actually quite liking the sensation. Eventually Joseph had to admit he was done. "Would you do me now," Joseph asked is mom," his eyes full of hope. "It would seem that's your sister's job isn't it? She's the one that asked for help first." Felicity suggested. "I guess, Joseph agreed. Chloe, would you do me?" "Sure, any time sport," Chloe said with a grin. Felicity was fairly sure that comment was loaded. Chloe got up, went over to Joseph and straddled his legs while he lay on his recliner. Putting a liberal amount of lotion on her hands, she began to apply it to his chest. Felicity watched closely from behind her sun glasses, pretending she'd drifted off again. As Chloe's hands got closer and closer to Joseph's cock, Chloe began frequently glancing at her mother to see if there was any objection. Felicity stayed perfectly still. Eventually Chloe had her hands wrapped around his hard cock and she was jerking him, trying to make him cum. With another look at her mom, Chloe inched herself up her brother's thighs until she was almost sitting in his lap. Carefully watching her mom for a reaction, but without much warning, Chloe simply lifted up and sank her brother's rigid tool into her pussy. She was embedded in her own brother just feet from Felicity and Felicity did nothing but watch. Seeing that she'd gotten no reaction from her mom, she leaned over and kissed her brother, who was looking wildly at her. She began to bounce up and down on his shaft and rub her boobs against his chest. She then whispered in his ear, thinking that her mom couldn't hear, "make the most of this pussy bro. You don't know if and when you'll ever get it again." Joseph fucked his sister for a full 15 minutes before he started to moan in lust. Chloe put her hand over his mouth to keep him quiet then started bouncing even faster. "If you can make me cum before you do, you can have my ass tomorrow," she whispered in his ear. The thought of ass fucking Chloe was too much for Joseph. He began bucking and bouncing as he unloaded into his own sister, but his movements caused her to have to bite her own lip as she too came. The events of the last few minutes had Felicity incredibly horny. She never realized that watching her son and daughter fuck could be even more exciting than watching two strangers have sex. Right now, all she wanted to do was to go in the house, grab the dildo and fuck ram it into at least two of her holes. Fuck it, she said to herself. She sat up, looked at Chloe and Joseph, Chloe still embedded on Joseph's cock and declared, "Yes, Joseph, mom's do get horny too. Your dad will be home in about half an hour, so you'd better not be looking like that when he gets here," she said with a smile, picked up her T-shirt and jeans, slipped into her heels and left them to it. Joseph watched her ass sway in the incredibly high heels. His cock jumped, which Chloe felt inside her. "Was that an invitation?" Joseph asked Chloe. "I don't think so, but I'm guessing Dad will be getting lucky tonight!" Chloe purred. "Just imagine I'm mom if you want. What would you be doing to me right now?" "I'd be going in for seconds," Joseph declared, his cock pulsing again. "Hmmm, no reload time, I like it," Chloe said with a giggle. "Do me doggy-style and this time play with my tits," Chloe instructed, rolling off her brother onto the ground. Felicity got off two more times in the bathroom with her dildo before heading to the kitchen to prepare dinner. The kids joined her soon afterwards. "I thought we covered this topic. You're not even on the pill Chloe. What if you got pregnant?"Felicity accused her daughter. "I've been on the pill since I was 16, mom. Want to know something else?" Chloe asked, and continued without waiting for a reply. "I was Joseph's first. Can you believe it? I got to pop his boy-cherry." "But he's still your brother and its incest Chloe." "In the dark ages before birth control, I would have agreed with you. But these days, what better way to show your love for your family than to give yourself to them? It's romantic, loving, and it just felt right. I don't even care if you tell dad. I know I'm right." Chloe announced. Felicity had to admit she had a point. What society considered proper was a long way from what she'd been doing lately so she couldn't really judge her children. And neither of them was hurting the other. It seemed to be just the opposite in fact. "So if your mom suddenly decided to get on her knees and chow down on your pussy that would be okay too, since we love each other? You can't be saying that would be okay too?" "Oh mom, I never knew you went that way, but sure, I'd let you in a heartbeat!" Chloe exclaimed. "It was just a theoretical question dear," Felicity smiled. "But I guess you passed the test. If you want to screw your brother, it's up to you two. Just please don't let on to your dad. He's spin out." "I'll make you a promise mom. As long as Joseph wants to fuck me, I won't have sex with anyone else," Chloe declared. "I have another secret too, mom," Chloe said quietly, and blushing a little. "I got off sooooo good, knowing you were right there. Do you think that maybe we can do that again some time? All you'd have to do is just be there if you want. You wouldn't even have to do anything except watch. I absolutely exploded before." Right then, Todd walked in. "How was your day?" "Fine," Felicity responded. Chloe wasn't sure if her mom was saying fine to her dad or to her question. Now wasn't the time to get clarification though, she knew. Eventually, the family had dinner and sat down to watch television. Chloe and Joseph quickly got bored with the news and snuck out, saying they were going to Chloe's room to do homework. Felicity wondered what sort of `homework' they were really going to do. She snuggled closer into Todd and began absently making light circles on his chest through his shirt, with her fingernail as she thought of Chloe and Joseph together, then thought of maybe some time HER and Joseph together. Her fantasy was interrupted by the doorbell. Felicity jumped up to answer it. It was Terri, looking fabulous as always. "Tom, it's time to go. Don't wait up, okay? Love you!" She said, picking up her bag. "Aren't you going to introduce me to your family?" Terri asked. "We have time for that." "Um, sure," Felicity responded, a little flustered. "Come in." Tom's eyes lit up when he was introduced to Terri. It was obvious to Felicity that he was taken by her looks. "The kids are, um, studying right now so we shouldn't disturb them," Felicity said, looking Terri in the eye. "Oh," Terri responded, understanding Felicity's meaning immediately. "Tom, we're going to be out quite late, but I promise to take good care of three. You're sure this isn't a problem?" "Felicity deserves a night out after all the hard work she's been doing at the shelter. Volunteer work and running a household can't be an easy combination. Just make sure she has fun okay? The more fun, the happier I'll be," Todd laughed at his bad joke. "Oh she'll remember this night for the rest of her life, I'm sure," Terri said, looking at Felicity. "Well let's go. We don't want to keep everyone waiting, do we?" Outside, Terri put a collar on Felicity's neck, right there out in the open. Felicity prayed no one inside saw her. Terri relieved Felicity of her bag. "You'll ride in the trunk this time. I'm not having slave jeans on my seat." Terri clicked the remote and her trunk popped open. Felicity gasped when she saw there were already two bodies inside, one male and one female. Both were naked. "Hurry up cunt, get in. Todd might wonder why we haven't pulled away yet and come out to check." Felicity scrambled into the trunk with the other two and Terri closed the lid. Felicity tried to find a position that was less uncomfortable for the two existing occupants. Felicity's hand ended up between the male's legs, right next to his cock. Felicity could feel it on the back of her hand, but couldn't move her hand. His cock stayed flaccid, despite her presence. Her ear was on the chest of the female, a barbell through her nipple pressing into Felicity's earlobe. The ride was long. Felicity had no idea how long but she thought maybe an hour. When the car stopped and the trunk opened, Felicity was more than ready to get out. Instead, another naked male was pushed in on top of her. This guy had an erection and Felicity could feel it though her t-shirt. The lid closed and the car started again. 10 minutes later, the car stopped again. This time when the trunk opened, the four of them were told to line up. Felicity took a quick look at each of the others as she took her place in line. One guy was in his twenties, the erection bearer could have been maybe 18 at the most. The girl was also young, 18 or 19. All were even fitter-looking than Felicity. And Felicity was by far the oldest. They were standing behind what looked like an old-style county home. Felicity imagined this would be the servant's entrance. Tonight's festivities are in honor of some very powerful and influential people. If you're naked right now, you're servants. If you're dressed, you're entertainment. Servants will respond immediately to any guests' wishes, be it a drink or a flogging, or a fuck for that matter. I have special plans for three here," Terri said, looking at Felicity. "Go inside and someone will prepare each of you for your duties. You stay here three." "Yes ma'am," said Felicity. As soon as the others hurried up the back stairs and disappeared inside, Terri looked carefully at Felicity. "Yes, you'll do, but your makeup is smudged. I'll fix it for you in a moment. Tonight you're going to be flogged and tortured. Nothing too heavy and I doubt they'll leave marks, but afterwards, you will be used as a cum-can. Your job will be to take as much cum, both male and female, as you can get inside you. Your cock sucking and pussy eating skills are horrendous and I hope to ensure that by the time you leave this place, you'll be much improved at both." Felicity couldn't believe what she was hearing. Not about the bondage thing, because although scared of the pain, she knew she wanted it, but about the sex thing. She'd had sex with Todd and had been made to fuck the slave called sissy, but that was it. Now she was being told she'd be having a lot more sex tonight with any number of men and women. Her face continued to pale and she began to shiver. "What's the problem three?" Terri asked her, a little concerned. "It's just that this cunt never expected to be playing around on her husband," Felicity managed to get out. "You're not `playing around' on anyone slut!" Terri said with a laugh. "Having an affair is about spending your time in the company of a special person other than your spouse, and you won't be doing that. I'm the only person you know here and I won't be spending all that much time with you either. You have a function here; a job, nothing more. This is training slut, not a love affair. Deal with it or you'll make me look bad and that would not be wise." Felicity did actually feel better after Terri's lecture. Of course Terri was right, she decided. "Yes ma'am," Felicity said with a small smile. "Good, that's settled then. Are you ready to be whipped again three?" "Yes ma'am," Felicity replied. Terri could hear the definite sound of excitement in Felicity's voice. Felicity was prepared on a small round stage behind a curtain. She removed her jeans and t-shirt, leaving her naked except for the collar and heels. Then she was tied to a pair of shiny chrome upright poles by her wrists and ankles, stretching her like she'd been stretched out in Terri's basement. She was gagged but this time with some sort of clamp contraption she imagined came out of a dentist's office; something that held her mouth open but allowed her to move her tongue and breathe. And scream, she realized. A half-mask was put over her head and her long hair was pulled into a ponytail. She was to be able to see everything that was about to happen, she realized, but no one would be able to identify her. She was left there by the big-busted female slave in her early to mid thirties who'd prepared her; a gagged slave with a long black ponytail who sported all sorts of rope bondage wrapped so tightly around the her tits that they'd turned blue. A tail of some sort penetrated her ass and she wore what must have been 8 or 10-inch heeled, thigh-high boots. While she waited, Felicity could hear the regular noises of a formal party behind the curtain. There was quiet music, polite laughter and muffled conversation as well as the clinking of glasses and dishes. Suddenly there was a lot of loud laughter and then applause as if someone had done something very funny. Felicity had no idea what it could be. She waited and waited, her shoes beginning to hurt and her thighs and calves beginning to cramp a little. Even her arms were getting tired and she realized she was grateful that she'd been exercising so much lately. Then finally, the noise level increased as she heard Terri take the stage in front of the curtain. The noise quietly subsided so Terri could speak. "Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we have a special treat. Behind this curtain is a trainee that I've been working with for less than 2 weeks. Before she came to me she was a suburban housewife who used words like `messing around' to refer to fucking and `bottom' to refer to ass. She'd had zero experience with public nudity much less bondage, but now, she's a changed slut. Behold!" she finished. The curtains parted and Felicity saw the back of Terri and a bunch of bright lights. She could tell she was in a large room and that there were lots of people present, but she could not make out any faces due to the intensity of the lighting pointed at her. Terri moved aside and cameras began flashing. People were taking her picture! She was instantly glad for the mask. She felt so humiliated, vulnerable and small, and at the same time her cunt came to life. There had been some sort of organization that Felicity knew nothing about, because all she heard was, Terri say, `Begin' and then her back exploded in pain. The circular stage began rotating then and Felicity realized that there were in fact multiple people on stage with her. At a quarter turn of the stage, she heard Terri say, "Two" then simultaneously two lines of fire hit her back. Felicity dropped into sub-space almost immediately this time, so was able to witness the addition of two more assailants with whips as the stage made a full rotation. She knew she was cumming and had no idea if it was one long orgasm or many, one after the other. She was struck on all points of her body simultaneously, from her neck to her calves. Felicity felt her hot tears and knew she was screaming then sobbing, but the actual pain felt more like a warm blanket around her. Eventually it was over and Felicity was released. She fell immediately to all fours. "Number three is now available for use. Don't expect too much of her skills, ladies and gentlemen, because before she came to me she'd never even sucked a cock let alone pleasured a pussy. Please give her as much instruction as you can," Terri advised. The three men on stage quickly unzipped themselves and presented hard cocks to Felicity. The one woman lifted her skirt and pulled her panties off to one side. "Ladies first, she announced," dropping her whip and striding up to Felicity. Felicity was given a lot of instruction that evening. The woman grabbed her masked head and pushed Felicity's mouth to her pussy. Felicity did exactly as the woman demanded. "Longer... lower... get it in there... now quickly," the woman prompted, helping Felicity with her hands on the back of Felicity's head. As soon as the woman was done, she stepped back and one of the men presented her with his cock. It was about the same length as sissy's had been, but he was no sissy. He roughly pushed himself into Felicity's mouth and began to pump. "Use your tongue, you stupid bitch," he said as he face-fucked her. He lasted about 2 minutes before she felt his cum squirt at the back of her throat, causing her to cough. Everyone laughed at her as he pulled away. Felicity couldn't close her mouth due to the gag and was having a difficult time swallowing. No one seemed to care. The next guy just took the first man's place and resumed her face-fucking. He was longer and broader and plugged her throat with each stroke. Another man came up behind her and pushed into her cunt, stretching her wide. He was much bigger than the dildo she'd practiced with. She received probably a combined dozen loads of cum in her mouth and pussy before the first anal sex began. The only lubrication she received was a cursorily pump in her cunt to lube the cocks' length before it was rammed into her ass. Luckily the bearer wasn't a large man, but as soon as he discharged his load in her bowels another man took his place. He was easily as big as Felicity's dildo and the entrance was much more of a forced affair. "Tight ass," the man commented to no one in particular as he fucked her. "Her ass feels like she really is almost an anal virgin." That elicited a little laughter from the crowd which made Felicity blush. She never really had much time to pay attention to what the partygoers were saying most of the time though. She wanted to keep count of the acts she performed but quickly lost track, as with the number of times she herself came. After an hour of constant fucking, Felicity's throat and ass felt raw. One of the servants was instructed to give her a drink and Felicity had a tube placed into her mouth. She couldn't suck out whatever was in the tube because she couldn't close her lips, so she waited. Eventually she tasted something like milk, only much sweeter and thinner. "Look up, whore," she heard from some female. Doing as she was told, she saw that a slave had clear cups attached to her nipples and she was being milked. Felicity had never had breast milk before. After this brief rest, Felicity was leashed and led over to a couch. There she found a fat man with his cock in his hand. "Get that silly gag off her," he said to someone and immediately she was freed of the restraint. "Well, I'm not waiting for Christmas," the fat man said. "Suck it!" "She's not too bad," he said to someone Felicity couldn't see. "I can tell she's in need of experience but she uses her tongue well and she can take all of me. My wife doesn't," he said and laughed. Felicity was sure she heard Terri's laugh as well. As soon as he came, Felicity swallowed and cleaned him off as well as she could before her leash was pulled in another direction. This time she was presented with a huge black cock. Felicity had never seen a black cock before and wanted to study it but she wasn't given an opportunity. Her leash bearer pushed her head forward to quickly. She tried as hard as she could to take his length into her throat but it was just too big. He must have been 9 inches long and 4 around. "You can use your fucking hands you dumb ass," the black cock owner said to her. Felicity wrapped both hands around his shaft and continued to suck to the best of her ability. "My balls are there for you to play with too you know," the black man said. Felicity released one hand from his cock and began gently massaging his balls. This was a new experience for her. She'd never even touched Tom's balls before. When he came, he put half his load on her face and the other half in her mouth. She still had to swallow 3 times to get it all down, there was just so much of it. Next she was led to a woman who had her eat her out, from asshole to clit. She'd also never had her tongue anywhere near another's rosebud before. Felicity quite enjoyed the dirtiness of it. After that, she was impaled upon a slave's cock in her pussy and a guest began fucking her ass from behind. She'd also never taken a cock in her two lower holes like this before. She didn't even know it could be done. But wow, what an orgasm she had. As the night wore on, she sucked many, many more cocks. Guys were getting a little put off by the amount of cum dripping from her lower holes, so they concentrated on her mouth instead. Then they stopped cumming in her mouth and just began to jack off in her hair, on her face and over her tits. Tits that had been pinched slapped and generally abused the whole time she was being passed around. Felicity wasn't even aware that they'd stopped using her at the end of the night. She was beyond caring. When Terri came up to her, Felicity's mask was gone, she was sprawled on a couch, her legs splayed and cum dripping out of her holes onto the material. Someone had used clothes pins to form patterns around her large breasts, some of which were still attached. Felicity's eyes were closed but she was moaning, "More cum, please. Please cum on this worthless whore. Beat her and make her beg, please." It was like a mantra that Felicity repeated over and over. Terri decided she'd had enough. The party was winding down anyway. One of the servant slaves had been given the task of keeping track of her penetrations and had recently reported she'd taken over 60 men, twenty 22 women and 9 had come back for seconds in some form. A grand total of 91 loads of cum in 5 hours, Terri thought. That, she decided was very acceptable for a cum-can. Terri helped Felicity to her feet and led her, stumbling on the 6-inch heels she'd somehow retained, to a bathroom. Her hair was caked with drying cum and it was all over her face, in her eyes and even in her nose. Terri used a washcloth to clean her up a little then removed the remaining clothes pins, her collar, and ran a bath, helping Felicity in. After few minutes of just soaking, Felicity finally opened her eyes. "Did your cum-can let you down ma'am," Felicity asked. Terri smiled, knowing that Felicity's first priority was supposed to be to Terri and she'd passed the test tonight. "No three, she said gently. You did me, and therefore yourself, proud." "Thank you ma'am," replied Felicity in a closer-to-normal tone. Terri left felicity to soak and returned a few minutes later with her clothes and bag. She helped Felicity out of the tub and dried her off, returned the collar to Felicity's neck and used items from Felicity's bag to brush her hair and reapply her makeup. All of this was done with the reverence of Terri playing the part of Felicity's servant for a change. Then she led her to the back of the house and outside. By this time, Felicity was fully conscious again and feeling embarrassed at being outside a strange house naked. She even made an attempt to cover her tits and cunt with her hands. "Don't be silly three," Terri laughed. "A naked slave is a proud slave. You should be proud this evening, for you passed your final test. You almost have the right to call yourself a slave. Now climb into the trunk and take a nap. The others will be staying here for the night." Chapter 8 Felicity did as she was told. Within a few seconds of the trunk lid closing, she was asleep. She didn't awake until Terri Tweaked painfully on the first handy nipple she saw when she opened the trunk. They were outside Felicity's home and Felicity was naked in the trunk of another woman's Cadillac. Around her neck was the woman's collar. "Are you awake three," Terri asked. "Yes ma'am," Felicity dutifully replied. "You're home. This is where you have to do one last thing before you can call yourself a truly submissive slave," she said looking down at Felicity still in the trunk. "I want you to go inside and show yourself to Tom. But of course it's your choice. You could also just get out of my trunk, return my collar, dress and go inside. It's 3am and you're not likely to be seen." "This cunt is to tell Todd what she's been doing these last weeks?" Felicity asked incredulously. "Your training is over, which means that your use of me is also at an end. There's really nothing more to say. You are trained and you can be Tom's submissive, or you can remember the experience and relive it as often as you like." "But ma'am," Felicity began with a tear in her eye and a sob on her lips," Todd wouldn't know what to do with a slave. You're the only one this cunt trusts to guide her!" "So you'd be my slave but not your own husband's? What sort of marriage do you have?" Felicity thought about Terri's words. She was right of course. "So if this lowly cunt tells Todd everything and he disowns her, what will become of her?" Felicity pleaded. "If that happened, then and only then would I accept you as my slave; to live in my house and be cared for. Your children would visit you and know nothing of your status if that was your wish." "Thank you ma'am," Felicity said, instantly brightening. "But your first decision is how you will get yourself inside; either as a woman or as a slave." Felicity was already making as if to climb out of the car, so Terri stood aside. Felicity was still quite weak and it took her a few seconds to clamber out. "Will you wait for me ma'am?" Felicity asked. "Until you shut out the porch light or return to climb back into my trunk," Terri agreed. "Thank you ma'am," Terri squealed and hugged the taller woman, seemingly forgetting her nudity in the cool-morning air. Felicity hurried, naked but for her collar and heels, to the front door. Terri wished she had her camera in hand at that moment. Felicity framed in the glow of her own porch light, at her own door, naked but for a few small items, looked incredibly hot to Terri. Felicity tried the knob and realized that the door was locked. Looking quickly for neighborhood watchers, she hurried around the side of the house to the back door. It was locked too. Felicity didn't know what to do. Todd must have thought her house key was in her bag or something. Eventually she had no choice but to knock. A quiet knock produced no result. A louder knock also had no effect. In frustration, Felicity began hammering on the glass door. Lights went on all over the house. A few moments, not just Tom, but Chloe and Joseph came trailing to the back door. As soon as he saw her, Todd gasped and turned to the kids. "Get Joseph out of here and find a blanket, he yelled at Chloe. Then call the police!" Todd quickly unlocked the door to admit his wife. The first thing she said was, "Don't call the police whatever you do!" she yelled as well as she could in a raspy voice at Chloe's back. Chloe stopped dead in her tracks and turned back to her mom. "What the fuck have you been up to," she asked for everyone. "This slut was told to explain everything to her husband," Felicity said, swallowing and mustering all her remaining courage. "Her children should know too." Joseph came back with a blanket but his mom threw it aside. Everyone in this house has seen this body now and three is proud of it. "I think she'd delirious," Todd said to no one. "She's not delirious, she's a full-fledge slave as of tonight," Felicity croaked proudly. "If you want the whole story, you'll hear it in the living room. This cunt's feet are killing her." With that she pushed past her husband, Chloe and Joseph and made her way into the living room. "Please put something on," Todd implored Felicity as he came into the room behind her. "I'm embarrassed enough as it is," he finished lamely. "Clothing is not an option yet," Felicity declared. "Outside is a woman that will accept me as her slave if you don't, Tom. It's simple. You do or she does, there's no other choice. " "You're my wife, for heaven's sake Felicity! I'm not about to let someone else steal you away from me! Let me talk to this person!" Todd practically shrieked. "So you accept this gift," Felicity asked indicating herself, "Not even knowing what three has been doing in the last couple of weeks, or would you like details first?" "I want to talk to whoever is outside," Todd said, angry for the first time Felicity could remember. "She's just three's ride. She has no input into this conversation. She will not talk to you. She might, however get into her car and leave three stranded here, not knowing if she's welcome." "Stop talking in the third person Felicity. You're right here, right now." Todd demanded. "If you will be three's master, three will honor your wishes. But first you must accept three first." Chloe and Joseph were looking at each other like their mom had just exited the twilight zone. They saw her sitting there, full of confidence and not caring in the least that she was naked in a room full of clothed family members. "I accept, God damn it," Todd shouted, cussing another first for him. "Wonderful Master," Felicity said. "I just have one more task to complete then I am yours to do with as you wish." Felicity got to her feet and strode to the front door where she shut off the porch light. A moment later she heard Terri's car start and leave. "I still want to talk to that woman outside," Todd said, getting to his feet. "She's gone Master. I heard her car start." "Then tomorrow I'll call off work and we'll go visit her, will that work?" Todd asked, exasperated with his wife. Without waiting for a reply he added, "Kids, get to bed. And not a word of this to anyone got it?" Chloe took Joseph's hand and they left the room. They both went to Chloe's room to talk. Judging by the tenting of Joseph's boxers, they'd do more than just talk. "I don't know what's gotten into you babe, but this is not you. Maybe you'll feel better in the morning. Let's just go to bed, okay? We can talk in the morning." "Yes Master," Felicity said. "Stop calling me master too. I'm your husband, Tom." "Yes Tom," Felicity repeated. As they climbed into bed, Felicity asked if she could pleasure her husband. Making love was the last thing on Tom's mind and he told her so. "There's a difference between making love and getting pleasure, Tom," she said quietly. "It might help you go back to sleep." "Just let me hold you honey. That's all I need right now," Todd said, spooning into his naked wife. At 6am Tom's alarm buzzed. He turned it off and looked over at his wife before getting out of bed. "Wow, what a vivid dream," he said to himself as he headed to the bathroom to use the toilet and take a shower. When he returned, Felicity was still asleep. He considered waking her so she could make him breakfast as usual then decided she must have had a late night and it would be better to let her sleep. He was already gone when Felicity was woken by her daughter. "Mom, wake up," Chloe said, shaking her softly. Felicity was still groggy but answered her daughter. "Is your dad up already?" she asked. "He's up and gone to work," Chloe laughed. He probably figured he'd been dreaming about last night. He wasn't dreaming though, was he mom?" "No Chloe, he wasn't. Your mom is now his slave." "And what exactly does that mean?" Chloe asked. "It means he runs my life. He tells me what to do and when to do it. He punishes me if I'm bad, or just because he wants to. He fucks me when and how he pleases and loans me to his friend if he feels like it." "Wow, what a turn on!" Chloe exclaimed. "But that's so not Dad. He would never do any of that stuff," Chloe predicted. "I know," Felicity confessed. "So what are you going to do mom?" "I don't know that either," Felicity said. "So do you want me to get breakfast for Joseph?" Chloe asked, changing the subject. "No, that's my job. I'm still your mom," Felicity replied, swinging her legs out of bed and grimacing. "What's wrong mom?" Chloe said, concerned. "Your mom took a lot of cock in her ass last night and it's a little tender this morning," she said, deciding to be totally frank with her daughter. "This I got to hear," Chloe said instead of insisting that her mom stay in bed. "You can fill us in on all the juicy details at breakfast!" Chloe decided. "After I've finished off a gallon of milk," Felicity countered. "My throat is killing me too." Chloe followed her naked mom into the kitchen. Joseph was already there. "Hi mom, how do you feel this morning?" Joseph asked. "She got well and truly gang-banged last night, in all possible orifices," Chloe answered for her mom. "You cheated on Dad and you're telling us?" Joseph accused. "And dad's okay with that too?" "Your father doesn't know any details yet. In fact I don't really think he believes last night even happened." Felicity said quietly. "But it's true. You're a slave?" Joseph persisted. "Yes honey, it's true." "So I could tell you to give me a blowjob while I eat breakfast and you'd have to do it?" Joseph asked, thinking with his cock instead of his head. "I'm your father's slave honey, not yours. I'd do it if HE told me to, not you," she replied with a smile. "Would you care if Chloe did it instead? I could pretend it was my sexy mom doing it," Joseph said, a little flushed. "I'd say that's up to Chloe, not me. I know you've spent practically every waking moment fucking since yesterday anyway, so what difference does it make now?" Felicity said in a resigned tone. "So how about it Chloe, would you?" "How about if I actually eat breakfast before I swallow your juice," she replied. "Cool!" Joseph exclaimed. While Felicity cleaned up the kitchen after the kids finished their breakfast, Chloe was on her knees in front of Joseph sucking his cock. Occasionally Felicity looked down at her working. She was surprised at Chloe's professionalism and wished she'd been able to get pointers off her when she'd needed them. Despite her sore holes, she began to wish there had been a way to suck her son herself. When the kids had left for school, Felicity took a hot bubble bath, which made her feel immeasurably better. She was just toweling off when the phone rang. It was Terri. "Hi Felicity," she began, "How do you feel this morning?" "Like I've been roughed up, pulled through the wringer and left in a crumpled heap. If I could avoid the sex part for the rest of the day at least on my ass, I'd be screaming, `Do it again'!" Felicity joked. "And how is Tom?" "He's at work. My news blew him away last night. I think he's blocked it all out. He went to work this morning as if nothing had changed. I don't know what to do." "I notice you're referring to yourself in the first person again. Is that the way a slave talks?" Terri asked. "My Master said for me to do it last night. It gives you an idea how well this is going to work out for me. I need your help ma'am," Felicity wailed into the phone. "First of all I'm Terri again now, not ma'am. Secondly, I suppose I do owe you a little help. Maybe you could convince Todd to bring you to my place after he gets home. I'll even provide dinner," she added. "Thank you Terri, you're a life saver. Could I ask one more tiny favor? Could we make it dinner for 4 instead of 2? Chloe and Joseph know everything and if anything, they're more supportive than anyone else I know." "Your children know you're a slave? Very commendable! You'll have to tell me all about it; spill!" Teri ordered. They talked on the phone for an hour, Felicity explaining everything she'd been through since early this morning. By midway through the conversation, Felicity could tell Terri was masturbating to the story. She asked lots of questions about Chloe and Joseph; detailed questions that Felicity had fun expanding upon. By the end of the conversation, both women had masturbated to orgasm and Felicity felt tremendously better. After Felicity got off the phone, she spent an hour updating her journal then exercised. She knew the instructions didn't count any more, but she quite liked leaning on them like a pillar. She even recited her mantra an extra hundred times, loudly and proudly in front of the mirror as she applied makeup following her shower. She put on the only dress she's never worn yet and even one of her unused sets of pretty new underwear. Todd had, after all not given her his own set of instructions. When the kids rolled in after school, they wanted to sunbathe, so Felicity followed them outside and stepped out of her dress. Joseph commented that he couldn't decide if he liked his mom more naked or in her underwear, so Felicity left it on for him while he and Chloe both got naked. Joseph had his ever-present erection, so Chloe, right in front of her mom, offered to fuck him. Joseph of course accepted the offer and lay back. Chloe took a generous amount of lotion onto her hands and applied it to his cock, jerking him off just to make sure he was as hard as he could be, and then settled on top of him, facing him. They kissed passionately for a few minutes then Chloe asked if he was ready to fuck her, but he could only if he would fuck her in the ass. She didn't even have him slide it in slowly. She rose up, positioned her rosebud over his waiting cock and let herself drop. He went right into her. She fucked him hard and fast, using one hand to stimulate her clit. She often looked over to her mom to ensure she was watching. Of course Felicity was breathlessly taking in every detail. "Why don't you rub yourself off, mom?" Chloe asked. "You look really worked up." "Your father hasn't said I'm allowed to," Felicity replied sadly. I don't want to get in trouble this early on." "He also hasn't said you AREN'T allowed to either. You called yourself a slut right in front of him. We both heard you," Chloe said breathlessly. "If it's alive, he should expect you to fuck it or at least tell you you're not allowed to." "I guess you're right hon. A delicious loophole indeed!" Felicity pulled aside the gusset of her panties and plunged two fingers into her cunt, quickly bringing herself off in front of her hard-fucking children. Chloe fucked Joseph for ten minutes before he loudly came in her ass. She stayed impaled on him until she'd recovered from a third orgasm of her own, then slowly climbed off him. She then used her towel to carefully wipe his cock clean before kissing the tip of his shriveling cock. Felicity realized it was the first time she'd ever seen it actually soft. It was still impressively large. Chloe rolled onto her own recliner and began to apply lotion to her own boobs, looking pointedly at Joseph. "I guess I'll just have to do this myself," she said, rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger for emphasis. "It seems like I wore out the little boy here." Joseph didn't respond but his cock didn't stay soft for long. Within a minute or so, he was pointing skyward again. "Joseph's alive, isn't he?" Felicity suddenly asked. "It sure seems like it," Chloe replied looking at his cock. "Ready for round two?" "I thought maybe he would like to compare his mom's old cunt with your tight young one," Felicity offered. "My ass is still really sore but I could probably give him a little head first. That is if you're interested honey?" She said, looking over Chloe at her son. "After all, Todd hasn't said I can't," Felicity said with a grin. Joseph's answer was his rush to get to his mom's side. She took a good look at his cock, fondling his balls lovingly for a moment before opening her mouth to take it inside. Joseph nearly came on the spot, so overwhelmed was he by this attention from his mother. It seemed Joseph had been learning a lot from his sister's attentions. He grabbed the back of his mom's head to pull himself further into her mouth. He wasn't being gentle with her. It occurred to Felicity as she sucked him that maybe he didn't even know how to be. After a minute or so, Felicity had to take Joseph out of her tortured mouth and throat. "Ready to fuck your mom now?" she croaked. "Sure," he said like a kid with the brand new toy he'd always wanted. Felicity spread her legs wide and he slipped between them, his cock stabbing into her in one motion, taking Felicity by surprise. "You feel almost exactly like Chloe inside. It feels great mom! Can I kiss you too?" In response, Felicity leaned forward and kissed her own son like a lover and not a mother. They fucked for almost 20 minutes before Joseph came and slumped down on her, exhausted. He'd given her quite a pounding and her cunt was sore all over again. "Maybe I shouldn't have done that so soon after last night," she gasped. When Joseph got his breath back, he climbed off his mom. "Here, let me clean you up," Chloe offered. Felicity watched in disbelieving silence as Chloe cleaned her mom's and Joseph's cum off Joseph's cock with her mouth. "Hmmm, what a yummy combination. I get to taste mom cum and brother cum all in one place!" Chloe declared when she was done. "The only place left to clean is you, mom. Would it freak you out too much if I did?" "What the hell," Felicity said in surrender, spreading her legs again. Chapter 9 They were all dressed again and inside when Todd got home. Felicity had fixed her makeup and brushed her hair. He greeted everyone and kissed Felicity on the cheek. "So what's for dinner?" He asked. "We've been invited out to dinner tonight," Felicity said all three of them. Terri wanted us to come over." "You mean the Terri from last night?" Todd asked, paling slightly. "Um, sure I guess. That's fine," Todd said thinking about this morning's dream that was still so vivid in his mind. "Should we be getting dressed up? You're looking pretty ritzy yourself babe," he said with a weak smile. "No, it's a come-as-you-are dinner," Felicity replied. We're due there in an hour." "Well let me at least get cleaned up then. Kids, go put on something presentable. Chloe, that skirt you're wearing is NOT presentable. Did you really wear that to school today?" "Sure dad," Chloe said with a laugh at his prudishness. "It's almost summertime!" she finished as if that explained everything. Felicity drove because she knew the way. Todd didn't even notice when she flipped up her dress so she could be sitting her thong-covered ass directly on the seat. Chloe did though and wished she'd worn some sort of skirt instead of the jeans she now had on. When they arrived Terri greeted them warmly and showed them to the living room. Soft music was playing in the background. "Drink anyone?" She asked the group. "Ah, what do you have?" Todd asked. "You name it and I can get it for you," Terri assured him. "How about a Sprite?" he asked. "Sure, we have that. You wouldn't like something stronger? Something like a whiskey perhaps?" "No, Sprite for everyone will be fine, thank you." Todd assured her. Terri rang a little bell and a real French maid appeared almost instantly, complete with apron, low cut top, tiny skirt that dropped to well above stockings that were held up by suspenders. 6-inch heels and a little white bonnet rounded off the picture. The maid's French accented American speech rounded off the ensemble. When she'd taken the drink order from Terri, she spun around and left the room, her skirt flaring dramatically. Joseph didn't miss the fact the she seemed to be panty-less and felt the urge to adjust a stirring in his pants. None of the small talk they engaged in before being shown to the dining room by a butler gave Todd the slightest hint that his dream had been a reality. It wasn't until Terri casually asked what his plans were, while being served blackened salmon, that Todd had the truth thrust under his nose. "What are my plans?" He responded. "I guess we'll be going to the lake for a while in the summertime," he said hopefully. "No Tom," Terry said with a laugh. "I meant what you are going to do with your little slave here," she said, patting Felicity's head as if she were a child. "She's such a treat. Takes the cane and the whip delightfully and she's learned to be able to suck the chrome off the bumper of a '57 Chevy. Last night she took, what, um, I think it was something like 90 loads of cum in her holes from men and women both. She absolutely adored the attention. It would be such a shame for you to keep her all to yourself after all that training. Surely you're going to at least let Joseph use her the way he uses the lovely Chloe here." "What the... how could you... how dare you..." Todd stuttered, at a loss for words. "You have a responsibility here Tom. If you can't let Felicity be herself with you, you'll lose her. I happen to know she loves you very dearly but this new life of hers is just part of her growth as a human. If She's outgrown you and you love her, you need to let her bloom." "That's my wife you're talking about," Todd stormed. Kids, Felicity, we're leaving." Todd said with a wild lilt to his voice. "Sit right back down there buster and don't be so rude!" Terri demanded in her mistress' voice. Felicity's eyes opened wide when he instantly complied. "It would seem that you've been kept in the dark for far too long and you don't really have the authority or presence to tell anyone what to do anyway. So you'll do exactly what I tell you when and how I tell you to do it or you can kiss Felicity goodbye now and leave. I've prepared a wonderful dinner, allowed Felicity, a simple slave, to sit at my dinner table, and this is the way you repay my kindness. You should be begging me for forgiveness, you ill-mannered little toad!" "I'm sorry, Terri" was Tom's unbelievable, quiet reply. "Call me ma'am, when you talk. And don't talk until I give you permission. Understand?" "Yes ma'am," Todd said. Chloe, Felicity and Joseph were all looking at each other in total disbelief. "Your beautiful daughter and your wife are cut from the same cloth, toad," Terri said, using that name instead of Tom, "It's obvious to me where they belong in the grand scheme of things. Felicity came to me. Given a chance, Chloe would too. Allow me to prove it to you, not that I should have to. Felicity, do you like the idea of being a slave?" "Oh yes ma'am," Felicity responded automatically. "Chloe, would you like to become my slave as well?" Chloe looked at Terri blankly for a moment, surprised that she'd even been addressed much less with a question like that. "Um, no ma'am," was Chloe's surprising response. Terri raised an eyebrow at that. She was very seldom wrong. "If it was my choice, I'd rather be Joseph's slave ma'am," Chloe said quietly. Silence filled the room. Todd looked like he was about to cry. Chloe eventually took Joseph's hand in hers. "Would you let me be your slave, little brother?" She asked gently. A grin the size of Texas spread over Joseph's face. "You'd let me whip you if you were bad and everything?" He asked as if they were the only two in the room. "Anything you want. You could even whip me just to see if you like it," she said quietly. A look of triumph had come across Terri's face. "You see toad, you know nothing about anything. If you make it worth my trouble, I will give you a little training of your own. But you're definitely not the head of your household. That position obviously belongs to Joseph here. He isn't afraid to say what's on his mind and he looks like he could enforce his will without too much difficulty," she said eyeing his biceps. "So this is how it's going to work, toad. We'll all enjoy a lovely meal before it gets cold. After that, we'll retire to the living room and have a glass of wine. Then you will take your family home. There will be no more said about slavery, servitude, bondage, discipline or sex in general until you arrive home. Once there, you will remove your trousers and underwear, sit on your couch and politely ask either Felicity or Chloe to give you head. Neither of you will be offended if he asks the other, will you sluts?" Terri asked, looking at first Felicity then Chloe. Yes ma'am," Felicity said. Chloe just slowly nodded, not too sure of herself. "Afterwards, you will thank your chosen cocksucker and go to bed. I want you all to watch and evaluate toad's staying power and discharge. Joseph, would you report the results to me some time tomorrow?" "Ah, sure," said Joseph, looking at his mom. "Are we clear toad? If anything happens that is outside those instructions, Joseph will also report the infraction to me so I can deal with it. And I will deal with it, I assure you," Terri said in her most commanding voice yet. "Yes ma'am," Todd practically muttered. "I didn't hear you toad," Terri said. "Yes ma'am," Todd repeated slightly louder. For some reason, Felicity happened to look down at Todd's lap. His trousers were tented by his erection. "Good, that's settled then," Terri said in a cheery voice. "Let's eat! Things went as planned right up to the time they left Terri's house. In the car, Todd spoke. "We're not really going to do this are we?" He asked. "That was Terri's instruction," Felicity reminded him. "Screw her. Who's she to tell me how to run a family anyway?" He asked in disgust. "I guess I may as well pull over now then," Felicity said slowing the car. "If you're not going to cooperate with Terri, you'll have to face the consequences." "Just drive," Todd said in defeat. When they got home, Todd turned to Felicity. "You're certain that you want this?" he tried one last time. "Dad, it's simple. Would you like me to blow you, or have mom do it?" Chloe asked her father Todd got a pained look in his eyes from his daughter's words. "Felicity," he whispered. "Did you want something dear?" She asked innocently. Todd looked at his wife blankly until it occurred to him that he was supposed to ask for the service. Taking a deep breath, he looked at Felicity's feet. "Honey, would you perform oral sex on me?" "You want a blowjob?" She asked kindly. "Yes dear, if you'd be so kind." Todd was red-faced and practically shaking he was so embarrassed. "Slip your pants down dear and sit back. Mommy will look after you," Felicity said, trying to get him in the mood. "Hey, I know mom, we could make it more fun. Like a competition. I'll blow Joseph and you blow dad. See which of us gets the other off first!" Chloe volunteered. Felicity knew what the outcome would probably be and was about to remind her daughter that it hadn't been specified like that by Terri. Then she changed her mind. If she was going to be able to get her husband hard at all with all the strain he was under, her only chance was to utilize some old-fashioned competition. "What a good idea Chloe. But let's get naked first." Another helping hand to her husband, since surely it couldn't have as much effect on Joseph any more, seeing her naked, as it would on Tom, seeing his gorgeous daughter nude for the first time. Joseph had no problem stripping. He was already hard too. It was much more difficult for Tom. He reluctantly stripped off his pants and y-fronts and sat as far from his son on the couch as he could. His cock was little more than a cocktail sausage and as limp as she'd ever seen it. Felicity seductively stripped out of her dress, then bra and finally her panties, taking as long as she could. Chloe simply dropped her jeans to show that she wasn't wearing panties, and then her t-shirt came off and landed in a puddle at her feet. Her big white bra was no problem either. She grabbed her own nipples and stretched her tits out, playing with Joseph, but her father couldn't help see it and his cock twitched slowly to life, much to his embarrassment. "Just a younger version of me, isn't she?" Felicity asked. "I remember when we first started dating my tits were like that. You were always trying to rub them through my shirt. And that ass, I could just spank it till morning it's so yummy." Felicity had made up the stuff about Todd rubbing her tits and sort of embellished the ass thing, although she would have enjoyed licking down its crease. She just said them as the first thing she could think of to excite Tom. "Just remember something Tom, this is for Terri. Please don't disappoint her." She watched Tom's little cock throb at the mention of Terri's name. "On your mark," Felicity said, kneeling down in front of Todd and waiting for Chloe to do the same with Joseph. "Get set... go!" she said and lowered her lips to her husband's cock. She got it in her mouth before he stiffened and came. A second; one lousy second, and about a half teaspoon of cum. She blamed herself for getting Todd too worked up. Sighing, she sat back and held her husband's cum in her mouth. Without a word, Todd got up and went to bed. "What, that's it?" asked Joseph in awe. "He came already?" Felicity nodded and opened her mouth to show her son her husband's cum. She had to get closer to him so he could see anything. "That's it? He asked incredulously. "My dad's a pansy!" He laughed out loud. Felicity swallowed and angrily replied to her son's comment. "He's my husband and he's always been a wonderful father to you and your slut sister. At least show some respect for those qualities!" "Sorry mom," Joseph said, properly chastised. When Felicity got to bed, Todd was asleep. She could tell he'd been crying. She slipped between the covers and wrapped her arms around him. "I'm so sorry it's come to this Tom," she whispered. "I had no idea it would turn out this way. I really do love you for the wonderful man you are, be it Master or Sub." The next day, Todd got up, went through his routine and left for work. Felicity tried to be as happy as possible for him, tried to make him feel good about himself without a mention of the previous evening's events. Nothing worked. Todd left for work obviously depressed. When the kids came out, both naked and carefree now that everything was out in the open, Felicity set their breakfast plates in front of them. "Mom, can I call Terri now and give her my report?" Joseph asked his mom. "That will have to wait till this afternoon. Maybe you should do it when your dad gets home, that way you won't exaggerate so much," Felicity said, knowing her son. "Anyway, Terri probably won't even be out of bed yet. When Todd got home, his mood had improved. While not yet back to his normal self, he kissed his wife and greeted his kids like they were once more important to him. "Now can I call, mom?" Joseph asked impatiently. He'd been waiting with ants in his pants all day. Felicity nodded, went to her purse and got Terri's number. Todd seemed to pale a little, but he kept a smile plastered on his face. The family sat down at the breakfast counter and Joseph called the number. Terri answered on the third ring. "How'd it go?" she asked when she found out it was Joseph. "Well, dad cussed in the car and asked if we had to go through with everything. Mom almost had to pull over and turn around. When we got home, dad didn't want to do it again, but mom talked him into it. Then we were gonna have a competition to see if mom could make dad last longer than Chloe could make me, but he only lasted like a second, give or take a second. Mom said he came, but I couldn't see nothing in her mouth. Then he went to bed. But he did eventually do what you asked and that's the main thing, right?" Joseph said in defense of his dad. "Is he there now?" Teri asked, referring to Tom. "Yeah. Mom thought we should all be here while I gave my report." Joseph said proudly. "Will you put him on the line sweetie?" Terri asked. "Sure," he said to Terri. "Dad, Terri wants to talk to you." Tom's hand was shaking when he took the receiver. "Hello," he said. "Hello toad. Joseph says you did as you were told, but there were problems. Do you know the way to my house?" Todd took a couple of seconds before answering. Felicity thought he was going to faint, he was so pale. "Yes ma'am," he finally said. "Good. Be here in half an hour. You were a naughty boy and you will get a spanking for that. Then I'm going to tie a knot around those balls of yours and you won't take it off until I say. Is that clear?" Another pause, then, "yes ma'am." "Now put Felicity on the phone. Whose idea was it to have a competition cunt?" Terri asked as soon as Felicity said hello. "It was Chloe's ma'am, but I allowed it. I didn't think Todd would have been able to get a hard on without some sort of incentive, so I suggested we girls get naked and blow the boys." "But it was definitely Chloe's idea. That means that she is responsible for corrupting my instructions. You will put her over your knee and give her a sound spanking on my behalf. Then you will plead with Joseph to give you one for the part you played." Is that clear? Terri then continued. "If Joseph were older, I'd put him in charge of the family right away but since he still has some maturing to do, he'll have to wait. Until that time, you are the boss. You, on the other hand will take your instruction from me. It's going to be an interesting challenge for me to rule the family by remote control, but it also sounds like fun. One last thing before I get off here. Chloe wants to be Joseph's slave. Teach her what I taught you then after she passes her final test, she can be gifted to him. I will try to help Joseph understand what it is to be a good Master. He can come by my house most afternoons after school. I'll call if I'm not going to be here." As soon as Felicity hung up the phone, Todd kissed her goodbye and left for Terri's house. Later that night he returned and proudly showed her his bound testicles. Todd was back to being his usual self, albeit with a minor difference. As time went by, Todd learned to control his orgasms and Terri even provided him with a pill to take daily. After that, when he came, he was like a cumming machine. He was even allowed to fuck Chloe quite regularly until Joseph took away the privilege for a week after he scratched her cunt with the ball harness he'd been wearing at the time. Felicity was often loaned to Terri's friends and did parties like the one she'd done before her graduation and even attended the party Chloe featured in, along with Joseph and Tom. An unusual lifestyle had developed, but it worked for their particular family. The End