Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Dorothy awoke with a start, her breathing fast and shaky as she tried to push the images of the nightmare from her head. This was the third time this week she had dreamt of her friends in Oz, each time seeing one of them tortured or killed. Forcing herself to take a deep breath she sat up in her bed, just as the mirror on her dresser began to shine. "That's odd." She muttered as she swung her feet out of bed. "But then again, I've seen so many strange things in the last year, I wonder if I shall ever be truly surprised. Shivering as the chill from the wooden floor of the farmhouse seeped into her bare feet the girl moved in front of the mirror. Pulling a robe over her nightgown she gasped as Ozma's face appeared in the mirror. "Ozma? What's happened to you? Your face is all bruised." Looking at the mirror Dorothy noticed the panicked look of the girl, and the disheveled nature of the princess's gown. "I don't have much time, so I can't explain fully. Oz needs your help Dorothy. He's back, intent on taking over Oz and I'm losing the battle." With a glance back over her shoulder Ozma hastily adds "I can't risk bringing you to me in the Emerald City. Everything about Oz is different now. Be careful who you trust, even your old friends." As the glow of the mirror changed Ozma faded from view, leaving only her voice behind. "Please hurry Dorothy, Oz needs you. I need you." Dorothy stared at the mirror a moment taking in her friend's words, wondering who "He" was. Deciding it was not important she glanced back at the mirror reaching out her hand and touched the mirror as she assumed it would work in a similar manner to the one she freed Ozma from. Meeting no resistance she closed her eyes and stepped through, Toto right at her heels. Shivering the girl drew her robe tightly around her. "That's odd it is never cold in Oz." Looking around she saw she was back in the field where she first met the Scarecrow, though instead of being bright and sunny the sky was completely dark and overcast. The crops in the field were meager, the few that had vegetables were completely rotten. Just then she spotted a familiar worn blue coat and ran over to a scarecrow perched on the nearest pole. With a shriek she stopped in front of it as a maggot pushed its way out of its eye. "Hello Dorothy." The Scarecrow said forlornly. As more maggots crawled over his face the girl backed away, her nose wrinkled in disgust. "What happened to you?" she managed to stutter. "The Wizard put me out here as an example to those who oppose him and his evil ways. He has real magic now, and decided that since I valued my brain so much, that it should rot out." The Scarecrow sighed and brushed the maggots off his face. "Have you come back to fight him?" "The Wizard? Why would he do that? He was against the wicked witches." "Since you were here last, it was revealed that he wasn't as innocent as he appeared. I don't remember the details though, I do remember writing it down somewhere though. He is mad too; both at Ozma and you for taking what he feels was rightfully his. When Ozma told him he'd never rule Oz again, he said then there would be no Oz left for her to rule. He's changing everything, and not for the better. If I only had a brain, I could offer you some help." "Come with me, you helped last time before the Wizard gave you your brains." "Yes, but what if someone noticed I was gone? He has spies everywhere." Dorothy looked around before nodding to herself. Moving over to the scarecrow she lifted him down, trying to ignore the disgusting insects that fell onto her robe. Quickly shedding it she began stuffing it with some of the moldy straw lying nearby. Tying the robe together she pointed at a rotting pumpkin. "Put this and that pumpkin up on the pole in your place. "Very clever Dorothy, I wish I had been able to think of that." Turning the girl looked for the Yellow Brick Road, shivering in her thin nightgown. It took her several minutes to find the road as it was in shambles, even worse than when Princess Mombi was in power. The bricks only had faint specks of yellow on them, and they were completely broken with jagged edges. Dorothy and the Scarecrow started down the road. Every couple hundred feet Dorothy would stop, wincing as a brick pressed cruelly into her bare feet. The Scarecrow didn't seem to mind the rough road, as his feet were made of straw. By the time the pair had reached the far edge of the forest, Dorothy's feet were cut and bruised from the rough bricks. Sitting on a rock resting her poor feet the girl looked up into the trees and screamed. Hanging from the branches was the mayor of Munchkin City. His green jacket accentuated the purple tinge in his face making the scene that much more garish. "Poor thing" Dorothy said looking up at the little man. "I wonder what could have made him want to kill himself." Looking back at the scarecrow the girl shuddered as a quarter of his face was covered in a swarm of various insects. Small patches of his face fell to the ground forcing the girl to turn away from the person who made her laugh the most when she was here in the past. Even the sight of the mayor was better than that. "Come on, perhaps someone in Munchkin City will have something to take care of that." As they neared the city, the Scarecrow stopped Dorothy with a hand on her shoulder. Turning to look at him she shuddered as the insects continued to eat away and dissolve his straw. "Dorothy, I can't help but feel like there is something important that I need to tell you about the city, but my head is so full of holes now I can't recall what." As he finished the swarm multiplied and seconds later the Scarecrow collapsed into a pile of worn clothes and the tattered fabric of his face, no straw remained at all, he was gone. "No!" Dorothy dropped to her knees cradling the fabric in her arms. Tears fell freely from her eyes as she wondered if she would ever laugh again. Toto, nuzzled up to her attempting to comfort her. After several minutes the girl stood up, angrily wiping her eyes. "I'll make him pay." She growled to Toto. Deciding that it probably wasn't safe to stay outdoors much later as it was getting dark, Dorothy picked up the scarecrow's face unwilling to part from it, and headed towards the city. As she neared the city, the trees that she and the Scarecrow once tricked into throwing apples at them, once again sprang to life around her. This time however the branches were jagged and covered in thorns rather than fruit. "How dare you trespass in our woods' one of them said as its branch reached out scraping her arm causing her to scream in pain. An angry red scrape trailed from her wrist to her elbow where the thorn had passed. The other trees seemed to be circling like sharks do when they smell blood. "Fresh blood to feed our roots." The thorns came in from all sides, and Dorothy desperately swatted the nearest ones away trying to protect her face. She remembered these trees being grumpy before but nothing like this. One of the trees nearest to her startled her when it added "I can taste her blood from her feet. Not only is it fresh blood, but it is fresh virgin blood!" The young girl froze for a moment as the words caused her to blush. Unfortunately for her the trees did not pause and soon she found herself entangled by thorny branches. Desperately the girl struggled to get free of the evil branches, many of the thorns becoming snared her nightgown. "Run Toto. Find help!" The little dog paused momentarily as if thinking if there was a better way to help his owner before running off to the North as there was a larger gap in the trees that direction. Minutes after the dog left Dorothy knew he would not get back in time. She had to get free and soon. She could feel the thorns cut through her thin nightgown and begin to poke at her soft skin. Seeing a couple weaker looking branches the girl rolled into them. Hearing them snap the girl braced to roll as she hit the ground. Rolling under the branches the girl sprang to her feet and raced away not stopping until she reached Munchkin City. Pausing to catch her breath the girl winced feeling the new scrapes and scratches all over her body. Looking down she sighed at the sight of her attire. Her nightgown had been torn to pieces. All that was left on her body was the right shoulder the chest area, a thin strip across the back, and the fabric joining the shoulder to the chest. The chest fabric only covered a thin area over her newly forming breasts, the left one partially exposed as that side of the gown had no support. Examining her panties, the girl found that it too also had gashes in it. With a sigh she turned her attention to the cuts and gashes covering her body. Most of them were minor and merely stinging annoyances. She paused however as she looked at her left hip. Through a large hole on that side of her underwear she was able to see a collection of cuts. What caught her attention first was that the wounds had turned emerald green. Had they not been this color, she probably would not have given it a second glance, but as she was puzzling why her scrapes would turn green, she noticed the perfect equilateral triangle with one line running into one side, and six parallel lines coming out the other side. Had she been paying attention to her surroundings she probably would have noticed the group of Munchkins staring at her with lustful looks in their eyes. However she was too rattled by her recent encounters to have thought that the city might not be safe as well. Not until their hands wrapped around her wrists did she actually notice them. "Let me go!" she snapped at them, annoyed at having to deal with yet another thing. "Not a chance girly, it's been a long while since we've had a female in town to play with." The diminutive man holding her right wrist with strength greater than expected from his size said. Dorothy struggled to get free, but the Munchkins merely leered at her and tightened their grips. "Nice of someone to mostly undress her for us" one of the two on her left wrist cackled causing the girl to shiver at their intentions. Just then she saw a familiar figure down the street. "Help! Oh Tinman help me!" she screamed causing him to head her way. The girl smiled knowing that help was coming soon. Oddly the cretins on her arm just laughed at her. It didn't take long for her to learn why. "I see you've found yourself a prize." the Tinman said a cruel look in his eyes. "By all means use her well." "What?" Dorothy couldn't believe her ears. The Tinman grinned wickedly at her. "It will please me to hear you scream." "What's happened to you?" the girl cried out as the Munchkins dragged her into an abandoned looking house. Just then she remembered Ozma's warning. 'Be careful who you trust, even your old friends'. Something must have happened to him to turn his heart so cruel. As the three Munchkins pulled her through the doorway the girl struggled to get away, but each step just brought her deeper inside. Tears fell down her face as she begged them to let her go. Dorothy fought to get free, but there were three of them and she was just a little eleven year old girl. It was only a matter of minutes before she found herself on the floor, her tattered clothing ripped from her body with three naked Munchkins over her holding her down. "Please don't do this!" Dorothy howled before breaking down in uncontrollable tears. "Stop your crying." One of the Munchkins said while lying down on the floor. The other two grabbed her hair and using it to pull her into a squat. Using them as a leash they guided her over so she was straddling the other Munchkin. "You'll soon learn your place, and how to enjoy it." He promised. Dorothy realized what they were doing, but every time she tried to pull away the pain that shot through her scalp was too much. Suddenly Munchkins pushed her down causing the girl to scream out in pain as she impaled herself on the third Munchkins erect penis. Her innocence lost, blood from her torn hymen leaking out of her, Dorothy collapse forward in shame. Unfortunately for the young girl, this only served to provide an opening for one of the other Munchkins. In no time at all, his penis was pushing its way into her ass as the other Munchkin thrust upwards into her violated pussy. As she was violated for the second time inside a minute the girl screamed even louder. It seemed to her that she was being stretched apart from the inside out. The third Munchkin moved in front of her and pressed his penis up against the girl's mouth. Though she tried to keep it shut, the other two were assaulting her so well that it was not too long before she let out another scream and found her mouth full. So overwhelmed by the pain and humiliation of being raped, the girl never heard the door open. Seconds later the girl felt a warm liquid running over her back. Thankfully the assault on her ass had stopped. Perplexed by this Dorothy opened her eyes, to see a red spray hit her face as a knife flashed across the throat of the Munchkin whose penis was in her mouth. Recoiling from the blood spraying over her the girl sat back. Fortunately for her this exposed the throat of her third assailant. Unfortunately for her this meant another spray of blood hitting her, this time covering her chest. At the same time the girl felt something spray inside of her as well. Wiping the blood out of her eyes, Dorothy looked up to see her rescuers. In front of her stood a Munchkin, but unlike the others in town who's clothing was in good condition, this one's clothing was crumbled and well worn. Next to him was a wheeler, causing Dorothy to gasp in shock; however she wasn't going to question his presence as any rescuer was fine by her. The Munchkin moved behind her, to pull the dead body off her back. Dorothy winced as the man's penis was pulled out of her aching, abused ass. The removal of the invading member was just as uncomfortable as when it was pushed into her. Dorothy wearily rolled off the other Munchkin, shivering as the full effect of what had happened washed over her. Furthermore in looking at herself the horror was only amplified as the whole top half of her body was splattered in blood, and a small trail of her blood had run down her leg. Dorothy curled into a ball on the floor and barely heard the words of the Munchkin. "I'm sorry we didn't get here sooner. We came as soon as your dog found us." His eyes filled with sorrow, the Munchkin knelt down next to her. "I can't imagine how you are feeling, but we need to move. It would be dangerous to stay here." Dorothy just looked at him mutely, trying to grasp how anything could be worse. The Munchkin seemed to sense this. "If you stay here, the rest of the town will find you. If they do, they will take turns raping you until you are begging them to kill you." The words appeared to penetrate through the shock and the girl slowly got to her feet. "How are we going to get past the whole town?" Dorothy asked trying to push the horror of what just happened from her mind. "That's were I come in." the Wheeler said, lowering his back. "I can move faster than both of you. Climb on." Dorothy paused for a moment, the fact that she was relying on a Wheeler of all people felt odd to her. But as she considered the alternative the bleakness started to settle into her again. In an effort to clear her head Dorothy shook it, before climbing on to his back. The trip out of the city passed in a fog for Dorothy as she fell into shock once again. Her mind reeled with what happened to her, she couldn't understand why her body seemed to have reacted to an act that she clearly did not want to occur. It was as if her body had been betraying her along with the Munchkins. It scared her to think that deep down part of her might have enjoyed that. She hoped she was mistaken and that she'd never be that kind of girl. As the Wheeler stopped Dorothy was jarred out of her thoughts. "What is this place?" she asked as the Munchkin helped her down. "This is the secret headquarters of the resistance. I'm sure you have lots of questions, but there will be time for that later. For now you should get cleaned up and dressed. The wardrobe in your room can make any clothes you desire." The Munchkin held the door to her room patiently. As Dorothy stumbled through the door her eyes glazed over as she heard the door shut behind her. With a start she realized that she was still holding the Scarecrow's face in her hand. Rolling it out on the table the girl sat down next to it too numb to even consider clothing at the moment. "Oh I miss you." she said to it "Why did you have to die?" Tears came once again to her face, this time the girl didn't even bother to wipe them away. "And then the Tinman just let the Munchkins..." she couldn't finish the thought. Sniffling she traced the wrinkles in her friend's face. Seeing the blood on her arms, the girl shivered before forcing herself to stand up and walk to the tub. On her way there was a knock on the door. With a sigh Dorothy turned towards it, her mind still too shocked to process that she was still naked. Opening the door she looked out to see a young man who seemed shocked to see her nude. "Um, I was sent to give this to you." His face had turned bright red. "I'm um..." his eyes tried to meet hers but promptly fell to the floor again as he realized he was staring at other parts of her " um supposed to tell you these would help you relax after today's events. Just put them in the bath with you." After a quick bath, Dorothy found herself standing in front of the wardrobe; it seemed the crystals had helped. Though she wasn't cheery, she no longer had depression threatening to overtake her. Pulling open the doors, the girl blushed as she saw the outfit the wardrobe had conjured for her. "That's not what I'd wear!" Closing the door she waited a moment before opening the door, only to turn red again. Twice more she had to close the door. Upon opening the door again she felt a tingle was over her. Assuming it was after effect of the bath crystals Dorothy looked into the wardrobe to find the original outfit. The micro skirt, and high choli style sheer blouse were hardly something that a young girl should be wearing, but they caused a faint smile to form on her lips. Oddly there were no panties to be found in the wardrobe. With a start Dorothy realized that she didn't care. "What's happening to me?" Dorothy's mind tried to come up with a reason why this outfit didn't cause her to blush furiously. However deciding anything was better than nothing, she quickly put them on. The fabric of the blouse was so sheer you could see her nipples beneath it, and the skirt just barely covered her pussy while she was standing. Sitting back down at the table Dorothy felt her skirt hike up slightly. A blush filled her face, but at the same time her heart began to race a bit as she thought about being exposed, should anyone open the door. It was then that she noticed that what she had thought were wrinkles on the Scarecrow's face were in fact tiny words. Grabbing the fabric she examined it closer to her. "This must be where he wrote down the information he wanted to preserve. How brilliant!" Dorothy exclaimed. She quickly grabbed a pen and paper and started writing down what she could read from his notes. The Wizard was in league with the Wicked Witch of the West. While he supposedly sent us off to destroy her, he actually tipped her off that we were coming. He feared that Dorothy might be a rightful heir to Oz and wanted her destroyed It is fortunate that Toto jumped from the Wizard's balloon when Dorothy was first here. It has since come to light that he is a pedophile and surely would have raped her. We know this because he had organized her kidnapping and was upset when Mombi not locked her into a mirror. Evidently he had planned to not only usurp her throne, but also to keep Ozma as a sexual toy. The Wizard has been corrupting the residents of Oz via magic. It seems that he uses magic, often in potions and pills, to bring out the opposite in one key trait of the nature of his victims. He has gotten to my dear friend the Tinman causing this kind creature to turn in to a sadist. I fear he has gotten to me somehow, as I can feel my knowledge starting to slip away. Do not take pills or drinks or anything similar without verifying their content. Dorothy read the first statement again. At the mention of the Wizard raping her, she found herself thinking about it, as well the three Munchkins raping her earlier that day. She felt dampness between her legs as the thoughts aroused her. "How odd. Why would that make me feel that way?" Dorothy's hand slipped down to rest on her clit, gently stroking it as she pictured herself getting raped. Just as her breathing was becoming shallow, a knock on the door caused her to stop, her face heating once again. Bringing her hand up to the table she called out. "Come in." The Munchkin who had rescued her entered the room along with Toto. As he entered Dorothy unconsciously spread her legs, giving him a good view of her exposed pussy. Swallowing he averted his eyes. "I brought Toto, and I wanted to see if you had any questions. I know if has been a long day for you." As he pulled himself up into the chair opposite her his eye fell on the Scarecrow's face and the notes Dorothy had made. His eyes drooped seeing the mask. "So it is true he is dead." Dorothy nodded sadly. The Munchkin pulled Dorothy's notes over to his side of the table. "It seems he's caught you up on most of the big points. He was our acting leader in Ozma's absence. But people are heartened by the news of your arrival, and the symbol you bear." "My symbol?" Dorothy blinked certain that she had no symbols on her. "Yes the prism that is reflected on your hip." Dorothy reached down to touch the scars. "Many believe that it means you are the one to make reality known, just like the prism makes light show its true nature. We believe you are the only one who can return things to the way they used to be." The Munchkin had meant to ask her if anyone had given her anything since she arrived, since they had just captured a spy in their ranks. But after seeing the warning the girl found on the Scarecrow's face, he decided that she would have been smart enough not to take anything. "We'll be storming the Emerald City in the morning. With you at our side we can't lose." After the Munchkin left, Dorothy decided some rest might be in order. She considered going to the wardrobe for a nightgown to wear but then decided to simply sleep nude. Shortly after she had fallen asleep Dorothy was awakened by a glow for her mirror. Sitting up and looking at it she waited for an image to appear expecting Ozma. When the image did appear, to her shock she saw the Wizard instead. The girl moved to snatch the blanket over her, but stopped halfway as part of her resisted covering up. "You." she hissed "You killed my friend and have corrupted everything." Anger welled in her face. The Wizard folded his arms and glared back at her. "They had a choice." With a smirk he leered at her. "Besides I think Oz is better this way." "Better? You are mad!" "Am I?" The image of the Munchkins raping her filled the mirror. Despite her efforts Dorothy found herself becoming aroused once again. She averted her eyes only to find them drawn back to the mirror. She moved her hand only to find it return to her clit. "Stop it. I don't want to see that." A laugh filled her ears. "Oh I think you do. Unless of course you mean you wish to experience it..." Dorothy fought the strange feeling washing over her. She knew that yesterday she wouldn't have acted this way. "I'm going to kill you" she managed to growl finally forcing herself to stop fingering herself. Picking up the poker from the fireplace she strode towards the mirror. She didn't slow down as she reached it, pushing through to find herself naked in the throne room of the Emerald City, the Wizard standing before her. With a shriek she charged at him, the poker held before her like a spear aimed for his heart. Three paces from him she found she couldn't move as he held up his hand towards her. The Wizard ran his hand over Dorothy's breasts before dropping between her legs. "Already your body betrays you." He cackles at her. Dorothy grimaced trying to move the poker so she could kill him. Reluctantly she admitted to herself that he was right; she was wet. The though made her want to kill him all the more. "Bring her in" the Wizard called out. Moments later a page came in leading a bound and gagged naked Ozma. Her hair was disheveled and Dorothy could see she had been raped as well by the sperm leaking from between her legs. "You will submit to me and serve me as my sex toy, or I will kill her." Dorothy glared defiantly at the man. "I promised I'd rid the world of you." "You don't believe me?" The Wizard pointed his finger at Ozma and drew a line slowly in the air. A gash appeared on Ozma's stomach, blood beginning to seep out onto the floor. Ozma's eyes bulged and she furiously shook her head back and forth. The wizard moved his finger some more and more blood spilled onto the floor. "Stop. I'll do it just don't kill her." "You need to make an oath on it. Say 'By the magic in Oz, I'll serve you as your sexual toy doing any act you wish.'" The Wizard smirked at the girl knowing he had her caught. "By the magic in Oz, I'll serve you as your sexual toy doing any act you wish." Dorothy felt magic wash over her, tying her to him. The Wizard reversed the direction of his finger causing the gash to close on Ozma's stomach. He waved a hand for the page to take her away. "I couldn't kill one of my slaves." He said looking at Dorothy penetrating her with his gaze. "Ozma made the same oath to protect you, and here you throw away her efforts." The Wizard released her from his hold, the poker falling from Dorothy's hand as she realized what she had done. Dorothy saw the Wizard reach down and unbuckle his pants, pushing them to the ground exposing himself to her. Dorothy could feel the magic compelling her as she crawled forward to take his penis in her mouth. As she began sucking she realized to her horror that he could release the magic bond on her, and she'd still offer herself to him. Her body needed sex as much as it did food. "On your hands and knees slut." Eagerly she scrambled into position, lowering her face to the ground, presenting her dripping pussy to him. Glancing back she saw him cast a spell to swell his cock to the size of a horse causing her to shudder in anticipation. The part of her mind that was the innocent little girl from Kansas screamed in fear, but it was pushed aside by the part that felt like she was home.