Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Authors Note: This story takes place imediately after The Blushing Bride The Choice. While you can certainly read this by itself, I recommended that you read that story first. *************************************************************************** **** Kaitlyn stood outside to door to the sanctuary with her dad and her Maid of Honor. As Stacy opened the doors Kaitlyn could hear the organs playing Here Comes the Bride. Without warning her mind was taken back to the bride's room where her recent activities now gave that song a whole new meaning. Ducking her head to hide the blush spreading on her face from her friend as Stacy moved behind her to pick up her train. Continuing to hold a kegel exercise; she sighed, not believing she was about to enter the main part of a church with no panties on. Taking as small of a step as possible without risking an embarrassing leak she started down the aisle towards the alter. Keeping her eyes on Chris she slowly made her way towards him. Forgive me Lord for what I have done. The thoughts of the stranger just would not leave her head. I shouldn't be having these thoughts, and especially not here! As she reached the alter she carefully lifted her foot making sure that she did not step on her dress as she navigated the few steps to stand next to her fiancée. As she stood between her dad and her future husband, she could feel a small about of the stranger's cum slip out of her vagina and rest on the upper portion of her thigh. With a sharp intake of breath Kaitlyn refocused her attention on keeping her legs close together. "Are you ok?" Glancing over at her father she whispered "Yes, just nervous." "No reason to be nervous angel." Kaitlyn forced a smile for him. If only you knew. You'd be so ashamed of me. As the priest began to speak she turned her attention back to him. "Who gives this woman to this man?" "Her mother and I." Her father gave her a kiss on the cheek before moving down to sit in the front row. As their mothers went up to light the unity candle, Kaitlyn shifted her weight. She regretted doing so as she could feel the bead of sperm slip a little lower on her leg. As she returned to her original position she felt it stop. She also felt the fabric of her gown brush against her bare clit. Oh God.[/i} As they knelt for the reading of scriptures the fabric brushed up against her once again. The movement also allowed more semen to begin running down her leg. As she tried to stop the movement of the fluid down her right leg, she lost control and let some slip down her left leg. Desperately she struggled to not leave evidence of her unfaithfulness on the carpet for the whole world to see while attempting to remain discreet. The small shifts caused the fabric of her gown to rub against her clit. As the priest droned on and Kaitlyn fought the urges growing inside her she suddenly heard a whisper at her side. "Are you ok? You're all flushed." Kaitlyn turned her head slightly towards Stacy. "Yes. Yes I'm fine." She wished her voice hadn't sounded so breathy, but at least it seemed that no one had noticed anything out of the ordinary. "Ok, if you say so." Stacy's lips quirked up into a slight smirk. Kaitlyn stiffened as her friend smirked.Did she know? How could she? The priest concluded the scripture readings and motioned for the bridal party to stand. Kaitlyn gathered her dress and started to stand. Damn, there goes some more. How long until someone finds out I'm standing up here, not properly dressed with a cum filled cunt. Blinking in surprise at the language in her head she frowned slightly. That's not how a lady talks! With effort she quickly masked the frown. Turning to her love she nearly grimaced at the voice in her head as she felt the trail of semen reach her knees. You're not a lady. A lady wouldn't be dripping cum at her wedding. Reaching out she took Chris's hands in her own looking into his eyes as she forced the voice to the back of her head. As another tendril started snaking down her leg she blushed looking at him. Please hurry this up. "I, Chris , take you, Kaitlyn, to be my wife, for better or worse, sickness and health, in plenty and want, to stand together in our times of joy and sorry, always to be faithful to you. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life." Chris squeezed her hand as he spoke to her. Squeezing his hand back she smiled as the voice in her head assaulted her once more. Would he say that if he knew what you had done, how you enjoyed it?" "I, Kaitlyn , take you, Chris, to be my husband, for better or worse, sickness and health, in plenty and want, to stand together in our times of joy and sorry, always to be..." her throat tightened up and she struggled to continue "...faithful to you. I will love you and honor you all the days of my life." Kaitlyn's hands shook as they exchanged rings. At least everyone will think it is from the act of getting married, and not because I fear cum will drip on the floor at any minute. Impatiently she waited as the Priest said some more words that she only half heard. Why am I turned on by having a stranger's cum running down my leg at my wedding? Finally the words that could get her out of the mess she was in broke her from her thoughts. "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss your bride." Kaitlyn met Chris's kiss a bit more passionately than she had planned. The fabric of her dress rubbing against her clit and the trail of sin running down her leg had her completely worked up. She saw Chris blink in surprise at her aggressiveness and blushed, softing her kiss. Taking his hand she turned and walked with him down the aisle. His pace a bit longer than her she was not able to walk clenching herself as she did when she came in, and as a result could feel the stains on her legs elongate as the evidence got closer to the floor. As they reached the doors leading out into the entryway Kaitlyn leaned over and whispered to Chris "You'll have to excuse me for a minute once we get out of the doors, I need to stop in the bathroom." Quickly she strode over to the ladies room, feeling the stranger's seed make it down to her ankle. Locking the door behind her she grabbed some towels from the wall cleaning herself hastily. God that was close. With a start she realized that she was fingering herself. Blushing she pulled her hands out and rearranged her dress before she stepped out to join her husband.