Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author's note: Your feedback will help guide what future lessons might entail. I have some ideas, but good suggestions from me readers will be worked in as well as they work (i.e. I reserve the right to modify them some) *** Kaitlyn slipped into her seat moments before the bell rang. Looking around at the classroom she figured that most of them were taking it as a easy set of credits. Being a virgin, she had a more practical reason for taking the course, not that she'd ever let the class in on it. Looking around she was surprised to see that her teacher was not there. As the students began to look around in confusion, a lean muscular man strode into the room wearing a light brown trench coat. Opening the closet near the door, he took off the coat and hung it inside. The classroom immediately filled with whispers and nervous chuckles as the teacher stood before them nude. Kaitlyn could feel her face flush as she tried to keep her eyes off of the first male cock she had seen since being a child. "Welcome class to the newest course at the university - Sex Education 101. My name is Professor Kendall." He picked up a stack of syllabi and passed them out to the class, seemingly unfazed by his nakedness. "Those of you who were hoping to take this class as a easy A may wish to reconsider. I'll allow drops this week, but after next week you must remain in the class or fail." "This will be a practical, hands-on course. In addition to reading about sexual practices you will be expected to participate in various activities and provide reports on what you have experienced. Finally, while in class everyone will be nude. When you enter the classroom you will remove your clothing and not put it back on until the next bell rings." Taking a second stack of papers form his desk. "This is a consent form to be in the class. It also gives your consent that I use data from the class in a research study. To that extent you'll notice it also asks some personal questions. Please rest assured I'll hold this data confidential." Kaitlyn flipped through the syllabus. Several of the items in the syllabus were surprising to her. The lessons covering the more traditional forms of sex as well as homosexuality didn't surprise her, but the topics further on did. Raising her hand she waited to be called on. "Yes Ms. Cantwell?" "Sir, aren't many of these acts illegal? Bestiality, Exhibitionism, and so on? Won't we, and the school, get in trouble if we actually perform them?" "The school believes that this is cutting edge curriculum. The President of the University has spoken with the Mayor and the Chief of Police. Those of you who come back next week will receive a wrist band identifying you to them. So in answer to your question - No you won't get in trouble." Kaitlyn looked at the syllabus again. Some of the topics made her a bit nervous, but perhaps a course like this is what she needed to break out of her shell. Putting it to the side she looked at the consent form. Signing her name to it, she looked at the other questions. Age? Kaitlyn jotted 17 in the blank next to the question and continued on Gender? Checking the spot for female she thought this wasn't too bad. Are you a virgin? (if yes skip to question 6) Marking yes, she scanned the questions she was skipping to see that they asked about frequency and number of partners. Are you willing to take this course without using any form of birth control? Your professor believes that sexuality should be experienced in it's natural state, and therefore will grant extra credit for this option (This means you can earn more than a 4.0). Please consider it carefully though as you are responsible for any consequences of such actions. Kaitlyn paused a moment after reading that. Her pen shaking slightly she marked the "Yes" box. The rest of the class was spent reading selected chapters from their text books. On her way out Kaitlyn handed her consent form to her teacher, noticing that she was one of only a few who did right after class. "See you next week then Ms. Cantwell."