Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Author's note: The original version of this story was written for a contest where we were challenged to write a fairytale, but with the provision that for each word in the traditional list we had to use a word in the non-traditional list. Traditional Prompts: Apple, Castle, Dragon, Evil, King, Forest, Pixie, Stepmother, Sword, Troll, Wolf, Witch Non-traditional Prompts Bat, Computing, Dinosaur, Hiccup, Jester, Mummy, Parsnip, Pregnant, Train, Wagon-wheel, Warehouse, Safari *** Princess Aurora strode quickly down the hallway a scowl on her face. As she turned a corner, a painting caught her eyes, bringing her feet to a stop in front of it. As she stared at her and Phillip on the bridge where they were married, she remembered how she felt after he had awoken her from the sleep that had enchanted her. As she turned away from it her scowl deepened. Happily ever after my foot! It had been a month and they still hadn't consummated their marriage. Surely he knows that we are expected to produce an heir to the throne within a year! She strode down the hallway of the castle until she reached the heavy wooden door that led to the room where her handmaiden claimed to have last seen her husband. The door creaked in protest as she pushed it open. Making a mental note to talk to the servants about it, she stepped inside. Her husband was sitting in front of that new-fangled computing machine. Strangely, he was sitting with his pants down around his knees. Thinking this to be rather odd behavior for him, Aurora moved closer. With a gasp she covered her mouth with her hands. She could not believe what she was seeing. The prince sat with his hand grasping his erect manhood and stroking it slowly, seemingly unaware that his wife had entered the room. There was a faint crusted film on the top of both his thighs. On the screen in front of him were images of naked pixies. How could he? She stood there simmering trying to make sense of it. Pixies? I'm standing here next to him and he doesn't even bother to hide it? Just then it struck her; he hadn't moved besides his hand. Looking closer she saw the glazed look in his eyes. A spell? Leaning in closer she tapped him on the shoulder. Unfortunately for her, this put her right in range as the prince reached orgasm, sending a spurt of his seed into her long blonde hair, as he continued to stroke himself. "Ugh!" Moving away from Phillip, Aurora franticly scanned the rest of the room looking for any signs of what had caused the prince's condition. She was just about to turn and leave the room when she noticed the cup behind a mountain of books. Picking it up she saw it contained a tail from a newt, a wing from a bat and the dark-colored dregs of whatever liquid was present. Great, as if we don't have enough issues, there is a perverse evil witch wandering about. Just great! Taking the cup with her, making sure not to spill any of its contents she headed back towards her room to think of who could help her. Her mind raced through possibilities. If a witch got in, can I trust anyone here at the castle? Or even in town? Her despair growing Aurora suddenly stopped in front of a large tapestry in the main hall. That's it! Though the tapestry was of Phillip defeating Maleficent it reminded her of a good dragon whom she could trust. Turning down the hallway she hurried towards the royal stables, her pale pink gown swishing on the marble floor as she went. Her eyes scanned the hallways for anything suspicious. Finally as she reached the stable she chided herself for being overly paranoid. Hoisting the hem of her dress up, she stepped out on to the dirt floor. As she did so the driver of her carriage moved quickly to help her into the carriage. "Where to m'lady?" "East. To the Gray Mountains." "Very well m'lady." Aurora appreciated that he didn't prod as to the suddenness of the trip or the fact that there wasn't much out that way. It is good to have one's orders followed without question. She stood to the side as the stable hands worked quickly to prepare her carriage. Moments later the carriage was rolling its way down the road out of town. Aurora sat silently in the carriage, the cup cradled protectively in her lap. Several leagues down the road, a loud noise sounded from below her and the wagon ground to a stop. Aurora and the driver climbed down to survey the damage. As soon as her feet were on the ground, she could see that the wagon wheel was cracked on four different spokes. The odds of that are incredibly low. Spotting what looked like a warehouse set back slightly from the road near the forest, the princess pointed towards it. "I'll see if anyone there can help while you work on getting the wheel off." Without waiting for the man to reply she strode off towards the building. She knocked on the wooden door but the building was silent. Noticing that the door was slightly ajar she pushed on it, but it wouldn't budge. With a sigh, she gathered her gown around her and slipped between the door wincing as she heard bits of the silk fabric tear. As she looked reproachfully at the door she noticed the jagged metal that had snared her gown. Through the doorway she watched in horror as a large burst of flame suddenly hit her carriage engulfing it completely. Moments later a decrepit looking witch and a pair of men moved into her line of sight near the carriage. The witch raised her arms and the fire went out, leaving the blackened remains of the carriage and her driver. "She's not here. Search the building. I want her found. I swore on my sister's grave that I would take the kingdom back from them." Her heart racing Aurora pushed against the door closest to her. The door opened a couple inches before getting stuck much like the front door. Without wasting any further time struggling with it Aurora squeezed through it, catching her dress in the process. As she wiggled to get free the fabric tore, leaving a good portion of it stuck in the door. Giving a yank on it she freed the scrap and tossed it into a nearby cabinet. No sense leaving a trail. Looking down she noticed that her entire left hip was exposed. The tear ran from there, diagonally across her body to midway down her right thigh. All the fabric below that line was now in a wad in the cabinet. My favorite dress! Forcing herself to move the princess wound her way through the building until she discovered the back door. Once again the door only opened partway. What's the deal with all these doors! Exasperated she tried to wiggle through. This space was tighter than the other doors and she struggled to squeeze through. The door tore through the fabric covering her breasts and ever drew a thin line of blood from each of them. As she tumbled out on to the hard ground outside she knew she'd not be able to free the fabric quickly. Acting on instinct she took off her shoes and threw them down the side of the building, hoping the men would be dim enough to fall for the false trail, before heading in the opposite direction into the hills. Thankfully the ground was hard enough for her not to leave footprints as she ran. As moved down the path, she heard the witch's henchmen burst through the door and move away from her, following the path with her discarded shoes. Turning she ran as hard as she could until she came across a glade that she knew well. Moving in front of the waterfall she cried out. "Norbert! I need your help!" Moments later the waterfall parted as the massive gray dragon emerged. "How can I help you Aurora?" "Phillip is under some sort of spell." She held the cup out for the dragon to examine. "I thought you might know how to break it." After peering in to the cup, Norbert looked up at her with sad eyes. "This is a very vicious spell." With a sigh that rattled the leaves in the clearing he continued. "The only way to break the spell is for you to be carrying his child." "But how can I do that when he won't stop masturbating to pixies?" "Pixies?" Norbert raised an eye in amusement. "An odd choice." He stopped as he noticed her torn clothing, the last set of rips having bared glimpses of both breasts and her folds of her sex. "This is a new look for you princess." As he spoke, Aurora saw something emerging from beneath him. My god, is that his penis? She tried not to look but found her gaze constantly drawn back to it. Blushing she explained "I had some trouble getting here, Maleficent's sister attacked my carriage." She tried to cover up her exposed skin briefly, before realizing it was a lost cause. "That's not important though - how do I get pregnant by Phillip when the spell won't let him stop masturbating?" "Ah yes that's a problem. Fortunately you know a dragon." Aurora blinked, not following "How does that help?" "Few know this, but sex with a dragon has several benefits. One of which is becoming pregnant with whomever's child you wish." Aurora blushed a deep red. "I'm still a virgin, I don't know how to-" "Strip and get on the flat boulder there. On your hands and knees please. I'll take care of the rest." Aurora took a deep breath before doing as Norbert said. As she got into position she looked back over her shoulder to see him rear up, the long shaft protruding from between its legs moving towards her. There's no way that will fit in me! Just as she was about to panic and get up, Norbert gently slipped into her. Aurora screamed as his massive shaft pushed through her hymen and stretched her until she felt like she would split in two. He steadied himself, not moving inside of her as she gasped from the pain of losing her virginity. "It will take a moment to get used to. Just let me know when you are ready." Amazingly Aurora felt her body relax and more of the dragon's cock slip into her. Looking under herself she could see his massive scaled cock, which she guessed was easily the thickness of her arm as it slid into her. "I think I am as ready as I'll ever be. I can't believe I'm doing this." she said, her voice trembling. Norbert began to slowly and gently thrust into the princess, each one jarring a squeak of pleasure from her lips. Her fingers curled around the edges of the stone as the beast began to pick up his pace. She thought it odd that the stone had notches that seemed ideally suited for this purpose. Before she could give it any more thought though her body convulsed under her, and her attention shifted to the feelings coursing through her slender body. The softer scales on the dragon's underbody brushing across her bare back only accentuated her pleasure. As her fingers dug into the rock, she fought with confusion in her mind.Mother had always said sex was a dirty, unenjoyable act, only to be done to produce children. But this doesn't feel dirty, and I am certainly enjoying it. As her body rocked under his weight, she felt muscles she didn't know she had clench as she began to find it difficult to breathe. As the tension finally released itself it dawned on the young princess that she was naked outdoors. It's a good thing no servants are around, this is most unladylike! Norbert continued to slide in and out of her, each time going a bit deeper, until he was starting to push at her cervix. By this point the poor girl's arms were so weak from the waves of pleasure that had washed over her several times, that quivered before giving out completely. Collapsing forward onto the stone so her backside was the only thing in the air, Aurora fought to make sense of all the conflicting feelings in her head. Every time she looked back she saw the shimmering soft scales dripping with her juices and she shivered. Finally after what seemed like an eternity she felt him flex inside her as he filled her womb with his highly potent seed. She heard a squelching noise as she fell the rest of the way onto the stone. She could feel something leaking from between her legs, but was too sore and tired to move to look and see what. Many hours later Aurora walked into the castle courtyard on shaky legs after Norbert dropped her off nearby. She knew that Norbert's plan had worked as soon as she saw her husband on Samson. She ran to him as he dismounted. ""My love where have you been, I was just about to go searching for you." He paused seeing her tattered dress, a frown forming on his face. "It's not what you think. Maleficent's sister attacked us, my dress was ruined as I fled." As she spoke she noticed that his eyes lingered on her breasts and his pants had a definite bulge. Men! You show a little skin and they are all the same. Even if they aren't men, but dragons! Remembering the day's events she realized she couldn't let Phillip discover her secret. Leaning in close she whispered to him. "Today was rather tiring, I need to sleep. I promise you though, tomorrow, I'll take care of your needs." Giving him a kiss she turned to head back to their bedroom, so she could clean herself up.