Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Dorothy opened the door to her dormitory. She looked back at her scruffy dog and said "Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore. Things work differently here." Before stepping out the door she straightened her pleated skirt with trembling hands. Taking a breath she mutters to Toto, "I'll be ok" as she closed the door. Barely watching where she was walking she turned her thoughts back to the mid-term exam. She still couldn't believe she had failed it after studying all week. She couldn't afford to fail this class! Shaking her head she reached out to open the door of the Liberal Arts college building and headed up the stairwell. At the top she stopped, trying to calm the butterflies inside her. Smoothing her blouse she admonished herself. "This is the only way to change the test score." Stepping out of the stairwell she moved across the hallway to knock on her professor's door. "Come in." As Dorothy stepped into the office she shut the door behind her, wishing that her hand hadn't trembled as she did so. "Please Sir, I came to ask you again about my test score. Is there not any way I can earn extra credit?" The man before her did not show any sign of sympathy with the exception of his eyebrow lifting slowly at the door being closed. "How would that be fair to the rest of the class Ms. Gale?" he asked looking over the top of his glasses at her. With a deep breath Dorothy remembered what her roommate had told her. Reaching up she fumbled at the top button of her blouse before finally getting it undone. Moving to the second button she whispered "But the rest of the class isn't here..." her voice failing her midway. The girl worked quickly to get the buttons undone, but as her hands were shaking so much several buttons popped off the blouse. Standing there before him in her bra the girl looked pleadingly at her professor. "So you hope to bribe me?" Dorothy wanted to scream at him for that amused smile. Didn't he know how difficult this was for her? The bastard probably did, she was sure he could tell she was a virgin and was milking this for all it was worth. "Yes Sir" she couldn't bring her eyes up from the floor. She wondered if his wife knew about his "tutoring" of students. "You do know it is against school rules to bribe a teacher and that you are now out of uniform right?" Standing up he walked over to the wall and picked up a paddle. "Bend over the desk" he commanded. Dorothy's eyes widened in shock, she had not expected this. But she knew better than to refuse the man. As he pulled her dress up over her back exposing her white panties she blushed furiously glad he could not see her face. When she felt his hand pull down her panties she turned even deeper red. The paddle came down faster than she had expected causing her to rise up on her toes and her heels to touch. Twice more this happened before the paddle stopped and she felt him slip into her. "Now we can discuss your grade."