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Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                   |                             |
                   |  P O O N A   C O M P A N Y  |

                               (( 1 ))


    The headlights of the Honda flickered twice and died. Rajashri
    cursed softly. She flicked the light switch again. Nothing
    happened. Damn! It was nearly eight o'clock at night, and raining,
    impossible to get help. She would have to wait till the next

    Poona is a sleepy little city some hundred miles south-east of
    Bombay. Despite the burgeoning development of the last decade, it
    retains an old-world charm. There is a tidy cantonment area, with
    sprawling bungalows and military installations dating back to the
    days of the British Raj. The shops and houses in the cantonment
    are low and set well back from the main thoroughfares. Traffic is
    generally light, and mostly two-wheeled. The people are friendly
    and almost everyone knows everyone else. Shops open at nine and
    close promptly at one for an afternoon siesta that lasts till
    four. This can be infuriating, but once you get used to it, there
    is a certain enforced lassitude that is quite welcome.

    Rajashri was a lawyer, trying a case in the Poona District Court.
    It was her first major brief, and she was on her own. She jumped
    at the opportunity when she was offered the brief, although it
    meant being out of Bombay for several days, even weeks. There was
    a price to pay, but it was worth it.

    A month ago, she was summoned by Jayant, for whom she worked.
    Jayant was the brightest legal talent in the country. At an
    astonishingly early age, he had acquired a formidable reputation
    already and immense wealth and power. Rajashri was also one of
    Jayant's countless lovers.

    Jayant secretly controlled Hedon & Venery, a global enterprise
    devoted entirely to the provision of sexual satisfaction. Rajashri
    worked for Hedon & Venery, too. She was a highly paid whore for
    them, much in demand.

    Being out of Bombay for an extended period involved a considerable
    sacrifice: She had to forgo better work, her own house, her
    numerous lovers -- friends, servants, strangers -- and, above all,
    the incessant sex afforded by her association with Hedon & Venery.
    She canceled  live-sex stage shows, skin-flick shoots, and
    appointments with wealthy clients at The Apistia, Hedon & Venery's
    five-star luxury hotel-brothel in downtown Bombay.

    That, in turn, meant giving up a lot of money in fees and tips,
    but the brief was challenging and such opportunities were rare.
    Most clients wanted Jayant and no one else. This one had been
    persuaded to let Rajashri stand in. Jayant introduced her to the
    client, and she understood why he had agreed. He was a handsome
    young man and Jayant had given him a guided tour of The Apistia's
    more abditory facilities, including the exclusive Club Gere. After
    that, he was willing to agree to anything Jayant suggested.
    Rajashri spent a night with her client at her house and assured
    him that she was good in Court as she was in bed.

    When she called to cancel a stage performance with Kishore and
    Anand together, Hemant, the director, was furious: he had refined
    the sexual choreography through several rehearsals and her absence
    at this stage was disastrous. Already, they had a full house. He
    ranted and raved, but she would not be swayed, much as she
    regretted canceling the show. She had been looking forward to it
    for a long time. The men were exceptionally good lovers and
    enormously endowed. The rehearsals were mind-blowing -- she had
    not faked a single one of the multiple orgasms she had during the

    At last, she placated Hemant, chiefly by giving him a whirlwind
    fuck. With his penis between her lips, she suggested a solution.
    Deepika, a lovely young girl recently introduced to Hedon &
    Venery, with great potential, would be a satisfactory stand-in,
    she said. To prove her point, still sucking his cock, she rang the
    call-bell and summoned Deepika. Rajashri yielded her place, and it
    took but a few minutes for Hemant to agree to her suggestion.
    Hemant was ecstatic when they finished in a thrashing
    menage-a-trois. He had called her in Poona a week ago, ecstatic
    about the show's success. Rajashri had him courier the tape to her
    and had to agree that she could hardly have done better herself.

    In Poona, things had worked out well. The trial proceeded without
    a hitch, and her arguments and cross-examination were skillful and
    precise. The Judge complimented her in open court.

    Jayant maintained an office and a house in Poona, and she was well
    looked after. As usual, he had left nothing to chance. Even before
    she arrived, he booked several very expensive gigolos for her
    pleasure. They were strong, handsome men, who fucked her
    relentlessly each night and left her moaning deliriously, sheathed
    in sweat. They were worth every penny. Sometimes, she had two or
    even three of them together. In addition, there were the two
    office peons, Laxman and Pandu. Not only were they efficient and
    hardworking, but they were also demanding lovers who enjoyed her

    Jayant was generous to a fault. The fully loaded Accord was a gift
    from Jayant when she did a live show with six men fucking her
    simultaneously, two each in her mouth, cunt and ass. It was a rare
    performance, one that had only been done previously by Maya, Sonu,
    Harsha, Neha, Chitti, Sayali and Anuja and that, too, seldom.
    Though it was extremely strenuous and thought to require much
    preparation, Rajashri had done an impromptu turn, calling for
    another three men in the middle of a show with a trio. The next
    night, she promptly repeated it for a film, and then started a
    week-long stage run. Jayant was overjoyed. The box office
    collections set a record.

    The problem with the car irritated her. It was a minor
    inconvenience, but it meant losing time she could have spent
    working or having sex. So far, the vehicle had given her no
    trouble at all. Usually, her chauffeur -- and lover -- Ramesh,
    attended to all problems. She regretted having dispatched him
    early this evening. He was resourceful and would have known what
    to do: he always did, even in bed. Fucking her was one of the
    perquisites all her servants enjoyed.

    She smiled suddenly, despite her immediate anxiety, as she
    remembered their trip up to Poona. They had left late at night in
    the torrential monsoon rain and on the highway, he asked her if
    they could stop and fuck. Full of regret at what she was to miss
    in Bombay, she agreed readily and they got into the back seat. Her
    chauffeur fucked her slowly and deeply, taking his time with her
    till she was crying out in frenzied excitement. On and on he went,
    utterly relentless, the car bucking on its springs, fucking her
    repeatedly in her mouth and cunt, in a variety of positions. He
    was tireless and strong and his cock filled her cunt. He was
    handsome and hard-bodied and had a big cock and knew how to use
    it. She came repeatedly. As a finale, turned her over and
    butt-fucked her. When at last they were done, he drove on quietly
    while she fell into a dreamless sleep.

    Rajashri turned a corner and cruised slowly down another street,
    squinting through the windshield. She saw a neon light on the
    other side of the road advertising a garage. The gate was open.
    She decided to try her luck. She swung the car through the gate
    and pulled up in a dark tarmac-surfaced compound. A naked bulb
    shone in the porch of a shed to her left. The compound was
    deserted with several cars lined up neatly. In front of her was an
    open workshop, with a car raised on a hydraulic jack. In another
    shed to her right were two vintage cars, half-dismembered wrecks.

    She honked, but there was no response. She honked again and the
    door to the shed opened and a man emerged. He raised his hand in
    question and she honked again. The man ducked through the rain,
    and she pressed the button on the panel by her arm and slid down
    the window.

    Her first thought at seeing the mechanic was that she wanted him
    to fuck her. He was a handsome youth, lean and tall with the
    sharp, aquiline features of the Marathas. He had a square jaw,
    dark, deep-set eyes, a fine nose and a lean-lipped mouth. His hair
    was thick and dark. He was clean-shaven. He wore deep blue
    overalls, and the top was open to the waist, revealing a smooth,
    hairless torso, a flat, hard belly and a cleaved, muscular chest.
    His body was V-shaped and looked lithe and strong. His sleeves
    were rolled up and his forearms were thick and corded. There was a
    tempting bulge between his strong thighs.

    "Yes? What do you want?" He said, squinting through the rain that
    streamed down over his face and chest.

    You, she said to herself. I want you.

    Aloud, keeping a grip on herself, she said, "Er ... the lights
    aren't working. Packed up just now. Can you do something?"

    "Now? We're closed ma'am. Come back tomorrow."

    "But how can I drive it in this rain without lights? I can't get

    They had been speaking in Hindi and now he asked if she spoke
    Marathi, the local language. She said yes. She was fluent in the
    language, being a Maharashtrian herself.

    "Good. Where d'you have to go?" he asked in Marathi.

    "Koregaon Park."

    "That's not far."

    "I agree, but how do I get there without lights? There are trucks
    on that road. I'd be grateful if you could take a look. Please?"

    "Impossible, ma'am. Everything's closed, I don't have my tools,
    and one has to be very careful with these foreign cars, with all
    this electronic stuff."

    "But what shall I do, then?"

    She was a terrific looking broad. She was slim and willowy. Her
    face was oval, with a small, slightly pouting mouth with sensuous
    lips and large teeth, a strong nose and dark, elongated,
    *kajal*-rimmed eyes. She had a long elegant neck. Her hands and
    fingers on the steering wheel were slender and shapely, the arms
    and wrists slim and nicely turned. She was dressed in a
    translucent white cotton shirt and a pleated grey skirt. A thin
    gold chain rested around her neck.

    As he stood at the window, her face turned up to his, the
    mechanic's eyes flicked involuntarily to the tempting swell of her
    breasts. The top three buttons of her shirt were open and he could
    see the shadow of her cleavage. She appeared to have nothing on
    beneath her shirt. Her breasts were full and ripe, luscious
    sloping mounds. Her belly was trim, and her waist was narrow. Her
    legs looked slender and long.

    For a second their eyes locked and he felt an inexplicable frisson
    of excitement ripple through his loins and he relented.

    "Tell me ... what do you suggest?"

    He pursed his lips thoughtfully. "It's a problem," he conceded.
    "It's raining and it's late -- otherwise I'd have done it while
    you waited."

    "Please ... do something," she implored.

    As she spoke, she half turned her body and her breast pressed
    against his fingers on the window sill. He realised immediately
    that she wasn't wearing a bra. He froze, staring down at her and
    then, testing her, gently moved his fingertips. They brushed
    against her nipple and it jumped out immediately. She did not
    attempt to move, but instead, pressed herself more firmly to his

    "Please," she repeated, almost begging.

    He nodded, his pulse quickening.

    "Okay, I'll have a look. Pull up at the garage, please."

    He stepped back and moved to the front of the car. She put it into
    gear and inched forward following him as he backed toward the
    garage, his arms raised, guiding her in. He motioned her to stop
    and she pulled up gently with the car halfway into the garage. He
    came around to the door and opened it.

    "You'll have to step out."

    She nodded and stepped out around him. He noticed with a sidelong
    glance that her legs were lovely, long and shapely, the ankles
    slender, the feet elegant and encased in open sandals. Her toes
    were slim and the nails were lightly varnished, like her

    He reached under the dashboard and deftly sprang the car's hood
    lock. Getting out, he opened the hood and bent over the engine,
    checking the wires. She stood slightly behind him. He really was
    quite handsome.

    His brow furrowed. He moved to the front of the car and squatted
    on his toes and, pulled a small screwdriver and a pocket torch
    from his overalls. He switched on the torch and held it in his
    mouth and began to unscrew the headlamp shields to check the bulbs
    and the contacts. The torch bobbed unevenly as he worked. She
    reached forward and plucked it from his lips, her fingertips
    brushing his face.

    "I'll hold it for you," she murmured.

    She moved closer to him, over his shoulder and bent forward,
    pointing the torch for him. Her breasts brushed against his
    shoulder and arm. He worked efficiently and undid one headlight
    and then shuffled aside to do the other. As he did so, he glanced
    quickly over his shoulder. Her shirt had fallen open and he could
    see her breasts. She really had nothing on under it. Her breasts
    were gorgeous, and he could even see her nipples and her firm
    belly beneath. His cock began to rise.

    Both headlights seemed all right. He got up without warning and
    she had no time to step back and he backed into her, his arm
    pressing to her breasts.

    "Sorry," he mumbled, noting that she hadn't protested or moved

    "What happened?"

    "The lights are good. I'll check the fuses. Let's have the torch
    here, please."

    He opened the door and stretched on his side across the bucket
    seats  and rummaged under the dashboard.

    Rajashri noticed the bulge between his thighs again: it seemed to
    have grown. She smiled to herself. With luck she could get the car
    fixed and have a little fun in the bargain. Both his hands were
    occupied and she had to lean deeply into the car to shine the
    flashlight for him. His head hung below the passenger seat and she
    bent far over, her body almost over his, her hand on the seat back
    for support. Her head was at his chest, his loins at her breasts.

    He worked with his arms raised and his overalls pulled open, his
    body half-twisted. His torso was lean and hard and extremely sexy.
    She wanted to kiss it. Her heart skipped a beat and her pulse
    quickened. She would get him to fuck her before she left. He was

    He undid the fuse box and grunted to her to move the light a
    little lower. To do so, she would have to rest her body on his.
    She hesitated for a second -- it was too obvious. Then, holding
    her breath with excitement, she obeyed. She had her toes on the
    ground outside the car and now her breasts pressed to his crotch
    and her chin rested on his lower chest. She could feel the
    hardness of his cock against her breasts. He felt her breasts on
    his thighs and crotch and tensed. It was difficult to concentrate.
    He could feel her breath on his naked chest. His fingers trembled.
    At last, he pulled out a fuse and nodded.

    "Hmm. You've blown a fuse."

    "Can you fix it?"

    He shook his head, checking the others. "Impossible, ma'am. These
    are special fuses, we don't stock them. I'll have to buy some

    He replaced the fuses and closed the fuse-box. When it was done,
    he untwisted his upper body and, as his body moved, she felt his
    cock rub against her breasts. She lowered her hand which had been
    on the seat back so that she was now lying over him, her arms on
    either side of his hips. She could not resist the temptation any
    longer. He was pinned under her. His cock was hard and his pulse
    raced with excitement. He craned his head and looked at her, his
    lips parted, breathing heavily. She did not move.

    Instead, she looked at him steadily, her eyes glittering, her lips
    parted. Her teeth were very white and even. Very deliberately, she
    turned the flash and pointed it to his crotch. Watching his face,
    her eyes locked with his, she bent her head and opened her lips
    and pressed her mouth to the tip of the bulge in his crotch. The
    man gaped at her.

    "Yes," she murmured. "We'll see about the car tomorrow. But I'm
    afraid you'll have to fix my problem right away. That can't
    possibly wait any longer. Will you do it?"

    Her meaning was clear, her suggestion direct. The man grinned
    suddenly, his teeth flashing in the dark.

    "I thought as much," he murmured.

    She crooked one arm to his crotch and slowly drew down the zipper
    of his fly. As she opened it wide and his cock bounced out, hard
    and thick. She took it quickly in her fingers. It was lovely,
    about nine inches long, nearly two inches thick, dark and hard and
    uncircumcised. It smelled musky and erotic. She caressed it
    lovingly and gently began to jerk him off, flipping back the
    foreskin. His cock-head was a big, thick knob, gorged and
    wonderful. The man grunted softly, watching her. She slipped her
    fingers into his fly and cupped his balls. They were heavy and
    low. She kissed his cock-head and began to lick the shaft, her
    lips wide, her tongue running up and down the shaft and over his
    balls. She lifted her head and opened her lips and gently took his
    cock-head between them. The man groaned and arched his head.

    Rajashri began to work his cock-head with her tongue, winding it
    round and round, rapping at the slit in the knob, trying to prise
    it open with her tongue. The man moaned thickly. Beads of pre-cum
    gunk sputtered from his cock and she sucked them gently and
    smeared her lips and cheeks with it. Her fist and fingers grew
    sticky with his jizz. Slowly, she drew more of his penis into her
    mouth and began to suck it unhurriedly. Her head rose and fell,
    her face distended with the size of his erection, and his hips
    bucked and writhed under her head. Her mouth was wonderful, moist
    and warm and her tongue was electric. The man groaned and his
    hands fell to her head and he began to move it up and down,
    thrusting his hips steadily as he fucked her face. She sucked
    harder and harder, her teeth scraping gently on his shaft, her
    tongue working his cock-head with rising urgency.

    He pulled her head away and she slid up over his body, kissing his
    torso feverishly. They kissed deeply and hungrily, and she thrust
    her tongue deep into his mouth. He found the taste of his seed on
    her lips extraordinarily erotic. He squeezed her breasts hard and
    began to undo her shirt. He pulled it off her shoulders and she
    moaned as he cupped her breasts and crushed them in his hands. Her
    nipples were nut-hard and he flicked them with his thumbs, rolling
    and squeezing them in his fingers. Her loins ground against his.

    The position across the bucket seats was uncomfortable. He pulled
    his head away from hers and tongued her ear.

    "Come into the office," he whispered. "This isn't good."

    They slipped out of the car. Hand in hand, ducking their heads
    against the pouring rain, they ran across the yard to the office
    shed and stumbled into it. It was a large room cluttered with
    parts and tools and cupboards and cabinets. A desk and chair stood
    on one side. Against the opposite wall was a backless wooden
    bench. A naked bulb swung on a cord from the ceiling in the centre
    of the room.

    Rajashri couldn't have cared less about her surroundings and
    barely noticed them. She was burning with lust and all she wanted
    was his cock. Her clothes were drenched and clung to her body like
    film. She flung herself into his arms and they kissed again. Her
    shirt was undone to the waist and he jerked it out of her skirt
    and ripped it off, squeezing her breasts hard. She pulled open his
    overalls and they puddled at his feet. Moaning thickly, she
    squirmed against him. He lifted her skirt and slid his hands up
    her thighs. As he expected, she wasn't wearing panties either. He
    squeezed her buttocks and ground his cock to her crotch.

    "Come on ... suck my cock again," he grunted and pushed her to her
    knees before him.

    She took his penis in her mouth, and he fucked her face, his head
    bent, watching her, thrusting his hips steadily back and forth,
    grunting and gasping in pleasure, moving her head back and forth
    between his thighs. It felt wonderful and he was tempted to come
    in her mouth.

    "Yes ... mm, yes ... suck it ... suck my cock, bitch ... ohhh yes
    ... yes ... that's it ... suck it ... Ahhhh ... yes ... Oh god yes
    ...," he groaned.

    After several minutes, he pushed her head away. "C'mon, bitch,
    gonna fuck you now!"

    Pulling her to her feet again, he led her to the bench and kicked
    it away from the wall and made her lie down on her back on it. She
    opened her legs wide across the bench, her feet on the floor on
    either side, and lifted her skirt above her hips, offering him his
    first look at her cunt. It was moist already, the pubic hair
    neatly trimmed, her cunt-lips clean. She squeezed her breasts in
    her hands in wanton submission.

    "Fuck me," she whispered. "Fuck me hard!"

    He chuckled. "Yes. I'll fuck you nice and hard, whore ... I like
    ram-fucking cunts like you!"

    His obscene language thrilled her. She whimpered in excitement. He
    bent over her and sucked on her breasts. She gasped and clenched
    his hair fiercely as his tongue and teeth flickered over her
    nipples. He sucked hard, let go, sucked again and nibbled on her
    breast-tips. Her loins lurched under him. He slid a finger down
    her crack and arched it up into her cunt. She gasped and her body
    lurched beneath him. Her hips writhed and bucked at his hand.

    He chortled in delight. "Like it?" he asked. "Say you like it!"

    "Yes," she gasped. "Unhh Ohhh yes ... I like it ... I like it!"

    He began to masturbate her furiously, his wrist pumping wildly
    between her thighs, first with one finger, then two, and then
    three ramming in and out of her cunt. Rajashri scrabbled at his
    body, her body writhing and lurching ecstatically under him, her
    breasts under his lips and teeth and tongue. Abruptly, he stopped
    and she gasped in shock and disbelief, for she was on the brink of
    an orgasm, and tried to pull his hand back to her crotch.

    Laughing at her expression, he jerked off her skirt and turned
    around on the bench, his loins over her mouth. He lowered his hips
    and she opened her mouth gratefully for his penis again. He fucked
    her face slowly, his hips rising and falling over her head, his
    buttocks flexing and unflexing rhythmically. Then he bent forward
    and thrust his face into her crotch. She gasped and squirmed under
    him when he stuck his tongue into her slit, parting her cunt-lips
    wide with his fingers. His tongue was thick and rough and her
    thighs trembled and her feet rose as he dragged his tongue heavily
    up and down her sodden slit. He found her gorged clit and began to
    flick it rapidly. She whined deep in her throat and her body
    arched. She sucked harder on his pistoning cock, caressing and
    cupping his heavy balls. He sucked on her clit and she arched
    taut, quivering with sexual tension like a drawn bow.

    He stopped short of her orgasm yet again. Now she was frantic with
    lust and would have done anything for a fuck. She moaned
    feverishly. He straddled the bench between her thighs, lifted them
    over his and bent forward over her, his hands under her shoulders.
    She reached down to guide his cock to her cunt. He paused for a
    fraction of a second with his cock-head sizzling hot at her
    cunt-lips. Then, flexing his buttocks, he slammed his penis into
    her. As it went in, he gasped, his head arching back, his mouth
    jerking open. Her cunt was hot and tight and it convulsed
    frantically on his cock. She cried out, her mouth tearing open,
    her head jerking back, her back bowing in shock and delight as the
    huge cock thrust powerfully into her cunt- flesh. She dug her
    fingers into his buttocks and her legs split and rose in the air.

    "UNHAHHHHHHHH! Yes ... yes UNHH OHHHH!" she gasped.

    "UNHHH uhhh YES UNHH YEH!" he bellowed.

    "Ohhh unnhhh OH ... Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Harder! Ohhhhhh god
    yes!" she cried.

    They fucked furiously, both of them hot and hungry. Their bodies
    rocked and crashed together, their loins slamming and ramming hard
    up and down, back and forth. His cock pistoned and tunnelled deep
    into her cunt, grinding and churning her cunt-flesh, ramming and
    spiralling hard into her. Her body whipped up and down and from
    side to side as he moved, taking her with him. He was ram-fucking
    her and she loved it. She dug her fingers into his bouncing,
    pounding, flexing buttocks, trying to pull him deeper into her.
    His hips swung back and forth and up and down like a trip-hammer.
    Her body jerked and snapped under his, and every thrust drew a
    choking gasp from her throat. His loins pounded away at hers and
    her breasts jiggled and wobbled with his thrusts.

    "Yes-yes-yes-uh-uh-uh-uh-Ohh-OHH-Ohh-OH-OH!" she cried. "Fuck me
    fuck me fuck me Ohhhhh uhhh oh-oh-oh-oh-OHHH UNHHH AHHH!"

    "UNH-UNH-UNH-UNH-UNH-takeit-takeit-takeit, whore! Take my cock!
    Take it!" he gasped in response. "UH-UH-UH-UH-UH-YEH-uhh-OHYEH-uhh
    Ah uh Ah-uh Ah-uh -say it bitch! Say you like it! C'mon whore! Say

    She didn't respond in time and he rammed into her savagely for his
    answer, making her arch and scream and cry out, clawing at him in
    shock and joy.

    "OHHHHHHHHhhh ... unnhhhhh ... OHHH ... It feels so good ... yes
    ... Ohhhh ... fuck me ... fuck me ... hard! Fuck my cunt Ohhhh god

    Goaded by her words, he moved even faster, ramming and reaming
    into her, his buttocks rocking violently back and forth, his cock
    thundering in and out of her cunt. It was huge and rock-hard and
    it mashed her swollen clit and made her cry out. He swung his hips
    in taut, unexpected circles, mashing her cunt-flesh and clit and
    her back bowed and she clawed at him and then crushed her breasts
    hard in her hands. Her legs opened up still further and wound taut
    about the small of his back. His toes were on the floor, his knees
    deeply bent. He leaned forward and kissed her, thrusting his
    tongue into her mouth.

    Rajashri orgasmed hard and, as the tidal wave of ecstasy crashed
    over her, he straightened and moved back slightly.  He was
    superbly fit and, balancing on the balls of his feet, his knees
    bent in a deep crouch, he slowed his pace to a slow, even rhythm.
    Moving steadily, he caressed her belly and breasts. Rajashri
    moaned and gasped, her body shaking and trembling as he fondled
    her breasts. Her orgasm intensified and lengthened. She began to
    sweat. Suddenly, he thrust in and out of her several times in a
    deep, ramming, rapid action. She cried out, her body jerking and
    snapping, her breasts jiggling. He squeezed them hard and she
    moaned. Her cunt convulsed on his cock and her orgasm intensified.

    On and on it went till at last it ebbed and she subsided, moaning
    and panting, caressing her body dreamily. His cock continued to
    stroke gently in and out of her cunt. She lay back with her eyes
    closed, her body rocking gently, savouring the exquisite pleasure
    of having his cock slide in and out of her flesh. She was well
    pleased: He had not come. He would fuck her again.

    He slid slowly out of her, rose to stand upright, his feet astride
    the bench, and pulled her up into a sitting position. He pulled
    her head toward his rampant penis. She took his cock in her hand
    and, jerking it, engulfed it in her mouth again. Sucking it
    dreamily, she relished the erotic taste of their mingled coital
    juices on it. He fucked her face for several minutes, his head
    bent, rocking gently back and forth, his hips pumping, moving her
    head back and forth between his legs. He reached down and fondled
    her breasts. They were still turgid, the nipples nut-hard. This
    broad was incredible.

    "Mmm ... suck it, whore ... suck it! Suck my cock ... yeh ...
    that's good ... Unhhh yeh ... unh-yeh-unh-yeh-unh-huhh yeh! Oh
    fuck yes!" he gasped.

    The mechanic fucked Rajashri's face steadily, his hands caressing
    and moving her head, then dropping to his crotch, his palms flat
    on his groin, the webs of his thumbs and forefingers in a delta
    around the base of his cock and the side of balls. The sight of
    his cock in her delicate fingers and glistening in and out between
    her lips aroused him intensely. His cock was slippery and sticky
    and her lips and fingers shone with his pre-cum gunk. He pulled
    his cock out of her and caressed her face with it. Her mouth open,
    she turned her head from side to side, questing eagerly for his
    cock in her mouth again, loving the heady taste and smell of it.

    "C'mon whore, turn over ... gonna fuck you like a bitch, from
    behind!" he grunted.

    Panting with excitement, she turned around astride the bench and
    straightened her legs, her feet on the ground. She shuffled them
    apart, her buttocks lobing open to present him with her cunt and
    ass. She bent forward and leaned on her forearms on the bench, her
    hands clenching its far legs. Her pendulous breasts were swollen
    and luscious. The mechanic stood behind her and caressed her
    buttocks, prising them open. He was tempted to raid her ass and
    knew instinctively that she would enjoy it. He bent his head and
    thrust his face at her buttocks. Rajashri moaned softly as she
    felt his tongue ripple through the cleft of her buttocks and swirl
    delicately around the puckered flesh of her anus. She hoped he
    would butt-fuck her. She enjoyed being sodomised.

    Her hips writhed and she whimpered as he rapped at her anus with
    his tongue. Her sphincter spasmed and yielded and his tongue
    probed delicately within. She gasped softly, chewing her lower
    lip. He arched a finger into her open slit and began to masturbate
    her gently, twisting and rolling his finger inside her.

    "Where d'you want it, slut?" he grunted. "In your cunt, or your

    "Anywhere ... you decide ...," she moaned.

    Chuckling, he rose to his feet. "Okay ... first your cunt. Then
    your ass!"

    He shuffled forward and squeezed his cock between her buttocks.
    She reached down with one hand, her fingers curling delicately
    around the wonderfully swollen cock-head, guiding it to her slit.
    His cock-head pierced through her cunt-lips and he held it there,
    just within her. She moaned softly and her hips writhed, trying to
    wriggle back onto it. He chuckled again and, his hands on her
    buttocks, his knees bent, held still for a minute. Then, with a
    deep breath, he flexed his buttocks and swung his hips forward.
    His cock surged deep into her in a long, smooth rush. She let out
    a choking gasp and lurched under him as the hot, hard cock sank
    deep into her flesh.

    "OHH ma UNHHHH...OHHHHHHH!" she cried.

    His belly sucked in with delight, and he flung his head back. He
    bent over her and squeezed her breasts hard, crushing them in his
    palms, rolling the fleshy mounds in the heels of his hands. His
    cock embedded deep inside her cunt, he swung his hips in slow,
    grinding circles, mashing her cunt-flesh and gorged clitoris.
    Rajashri's head arched and she bit her lower lip, her eyes closed.

    In front of them was a cupboard with a long mirror on one door. He
    could see their reflection in it. Her face was radiant with lust.
    She was by far the loveliest woman he had ever fucked. The sight
    of her face contorting with passion and her heavy breasts in his
    hands aroused him intensely.

    He began to fuck her with slow, measured thrusts, his hips rising,
    his cock pulling out, then slowly spiralling deep into her again.
    She moaned and lurched beneath him, her body twisting and

    "Yes ... fuck me ...  Ohhma uhhh  yes ... do it ... do it to me
    ... UNHHHHH ... Uhhhh ... Uhhhh ... OHHH ... fuck me ... yes ...
    fuck my cunt!" She gasped.

    The mechanic fucked her steadily for several minutes till her
    cries were sharp and loud. Then he began to move faster, gradually
    straightening his body, moving faster and faster, till he was
    ram-fucking her again. His buttocks flexed and unflexed
    powerfully, his hips swung violently back and forth like a
    trip-hammer at top speed, his cock pistoning furiously in and out
    of her convulsing cunt. His thighs slapped loudly against her
    buttocks. Faster and faster he went, his head flung back, his
    mouth open, gasping and panting, his balls and hips crashing
    against her buttocks. Her arched body jerked and lurched back and
    forth under his thrusts. His cock glistened and shone as it
    emerged and disappeared between the splayed open lobes of her
    buttocks. Faster yet he went, now at a rapid, furious speed,
    thundering and rocking savagely in and out, in and out, in and
    out. Her breasts jiggled and tossed as she rocked under him. Her
    body moved back and forth on his penis, her cunt sliding up and
    down along the length of his shaft. Her loud, staccato cries rang
    in his ears and she spurred him on with obscene love calls. He
    pressed his thumbs to her anus and it yielded at once and he slid
    one thumb in.

    With a shuddering, ululating moan, she orgasmed hard, her cunt
    convulsing frantically on his pistoning cock. He kept moving,
    gasping at the heat and tightness of her cunt-sheath. His balls
    ached and clamoured for relief, the jizz roiled in his loins. Her
    orgasm peaked and, as he kept stroking, slowing his speed gently,
    it gained strength and hit her again, and yet again. At last it
    waned. He struggled for control.

    He jerked his cock out of her and she fell forward, gasping in
    disbelief that he still had not come. He turned her over again on
    her back and lifted her thighs high and wide in his hands. Without
    waiting for her this time, he slammed his cock into her hard,
    making her scream, her face contorting in a rictus of lust, her
    back arching and twisting in joyous agony. He gasped and rammed
    into her several times, slamming his cock deep into her again and
    again and again. Her cunt spasmed helplessly on his cock. At last,
    with a shuddering moan, he let himself go. He jerked out of her
    and she gasped. He lurched forward and thrust his throbbing cock
    at her face. She jerked it eagerly, licked it hungrily and he
    exploded. She opened her mouth wide and he moaned softly as she
    took his gunk in her mouth, swallowing it, shaking his cock over
    her body, spattering her dusky flesh with the hot splash of his
    jizz. It settled like ticker-tape over her belly and breasts and
    dribbled down her chin. Gasping, he straddled her face and she
    sucked him gently till he was done. He sank to his knees beside
    her, gasping and panting.

    Moaning softly, she reached up and drew his mouth to hers in a
    long, lingering kiss. He caressed her body gently, massaging his
    gunk into her breasts and belly. She reached down to fondle his
    cock. It was hard still and quivered in her fingers. He bent his
    head and licked her breasts and nipples, sucking on them, tasting
    his gunk on her body. She moved his hand and made him smear his
    jizz on her cunt-lips.

    They drew apart reluctantly, both of them glassy-eyed and panting.
    She sat up unsteadily, her head bowed, gasping and breathing hard.
    He got to his feet before her. She looked up and his cock was
    before her face. She kissed it tenderly and took it in her mouth
    again, sucking it gently, caressing his hips. She got to her feet,
    rubbing herself against him and kissed him again.

    "Thank you," she murmured. "That was wonderful. Even though you
    didn't butt-fuck me."

    He smiled. "Mention not. And I'll fuck your ass, if you still want

    She giggled, caressing his chest. He really was superbly built.

    "I do, but later. This still doesn't solve my problem, you know."

    "Meaning what?"

    "How do I get home?"

    He frowned. She smiled and kissed him again, grinding her cunt to
    his cock.

    "Shall I tell you?"


    "Drive me home. Fix it tomorrow."

    "You want me to spend the night?" He grinned, pleased.

    "If you don't mind."

    She smiled prettily, tempting him with the glitter in her eyes,
    daring him to refuse. He saw she was serious and his handsome face
    creased in a boyish grin. He squeezed her breasts and then gripped
    her buttocks and ground his cock against her belly.

    "And all night ... daga-dag, rakatakarakataka, right? Fucking?" He
    mimed the action, holding his hands as though a woman's hips,
    pumping his own.

    "Exactly," she giggled.

    "Let's go, then," he said.

    They dressed hastily and ran out to the car. He drove well and she
    leaned back in her seat contentedly. Her night was made. Her body
    still glowed from the vigorous fucking, and his gunk was sticky on
    her skin.

    "You live alone?" he asked as the car hissed through the drizzle.

    "Yes. Actually, I'm from Bombay. I'm here on work."

    "What do you do?"

    "I'm a lawyer. I have a case in the courts here."

    "And this house? Whose is it?"

    "It belongs to my firm. Actually, it's the office, too. It's fully
    equipped, a full staff. Driver, peons, all that sort of thing."

    "Aren't they at home?"

    "No." She grinned impishly. "Only if I keep them on a night

    He turned his face and stared at her. "You fuck the peons?"

    "Naturally. And the servants. Why shouldn't I? Hey, watch out!"

    He swerved to avoid a pothole at the last minute and she squealed
    as the car rocked wildly across the road. He chuckled, shaking his
    head in disbelief.

    "What's so funny?" she said, turning in her seat and drawing her
    legs up.

    "I can't believe it. You fuck your driver, your peons, your
    servants ..."

    "Hey, so it's no big deal! You saw for yourself, just now, didn't
    you? Damn it, I don't even know you! I saw a chance, I took it.
    Simple as that!"

    "Which means you'll fuck anyone?"

    "Oh, yes. Certainly. Look, it's like this. I love fucking. That's
    it. I need to be fucked daily. I do the same back home: I like a
    guy, I fuck him. And not just one at a time. When I feel like it,
    I take two or three together. Three or four times a week, I even
    whore, let total strangers fuck me for money."

    He laughed in delight. This was better than he had expected. It
    was a fantasy come true. He slowed as she directed him to a lane.
    They arrived at the house, a pretty little bungalow in a well-kept
    garden. It had two floors, ground and one upper, with a red-tiled
    sloping roof. She got out to unlock the gate and he eased the car
    into the portico. She locked the gate and jogged to the door and
    opened it with a latchkey. He followed her in.

    It was an elegant, expensive house. There was a large kitchen, a
    dining room, a living area, a guest bedroom, a study and another
    office space downstairs. Four bedrooms with sprawling balconies
    overlooking the garden, and a small but well-equipped gym occupied
    the floor above. She showed him around.

    In her bedroom, she stopped at the door and pressed back against
    him. She lifted her arms over his shoulders and turned her face
    sideways up to his. He kissed her deeply, slipping his tongue into
    her mouth, his hands fondling her breasts. She squirmed her
    buttocks against the hardness of his cock and squeezed it gently
    with one hand.

    "I'm horny again," she murmured.

    "So am I," he replied, tonguing her ear.

    "Fuck me hard, like you did before. And this time, fuck my ass."

    "Yes. I'll fuck you nice and hard. Even in your butt."

    Without turning around, she pulled down his zipper again and slid
    her hand into his fly and fondled his penis and balls. He flicked
    open two buttons of her shirt and cupped and squeezed her breasts,
    already turgid, the nipples stiff.

    She slithered to her knees before him, turned around and took his
    penis in her mouth again. She began to suck him erect, working it
    deftly with her tongue and lips and teeth, her fingers caressing
    his balls, probing his anus. He grunted as his cock swelled. He
    fucked her mouth gently and unhurriedly with deep pleasure. After
    several minutes, she stopped and looked up.

    "Now ... keep your promise," she murmured mischievously.

    She turned around and stepped across to the bed. Kneeling on the
    edge of it, she flipped her skirt up over her hips, and leaned
    forward on her forearms, exposing her anus and cunt to him again.
    She reached down and spread her cunt-lips open for him.

    "Come on ... lick my cunt ... rim my ass ... then fuck my butt
    hard," she said in a husky, lust-laden voice.

    Dropping quickly to his knees behind her, the young man thrust his
    face between her thighs. He began to tongue-fuck her cunt and ass
    alternately. She whimpered and writhed in pleasure as his tongue
    swirled through her sodden slit and flickered over her anus. She
    spread her cunt-lips wide open and asked him to masturbate her. He
    slid two fingers into her cunt and began to finger-fuck her while
    he rimmed her anus with his tongue. She whimpered and her buttocks
    and hips writhed and swayed ecstatically.

    "Mm ... yes ... Ohhh yes ... yes ... put your tongue in yes ...
    ohh it feels so good in my ass ... ahhhh yes!" She gasped.

    Her response, and the heady taste and odour of her asshole excited
    him and he got to his feet behind her and pressed his cock-head
    between her buttocks. She bent further forward, resting her
    shoulders on the bed. He dug his fingers into her buttocks and
    prised them wide apart. His cock was glistening with her sucking
    of it, but still not sufficiently lubricated. He paused and slid
    it lower to her cunt. She understood and checked her impatience.
    He slid it deep into her cunt and she gasped softly at its heat
    and size, her face turned on one side. He fucked her slowly for a
    few minutes, stroking rhythmically and unhurriedly in and out of
    her cunt. Her body lurched and swung under his. He tugged her
    blouse out of her skirt and rucked it up under her arms, freeing
    her breasts. He squeezed and fondled them as he pumped away, his
    hips swinging smoothly. She moaned joyously, writhing her buttocks
    and hips against his thighs, murmuring obscenely to him.

    "Yes ... ohhh god yes ... fuck me, baby ... fuck my slit ... it's
    hot for your cock ... take me, lover ... take me like a whore!"

    Chuckling, the mechanic fucked her rhythmically for several
    minutes, enjoying himself. When he was ready at last, he slid out
    of her and pressed his cock-head to her anus. She tensed, and her
    sphincter clamped taut. He pressed more firmly and slid a hand
    under her belly and fingered her slit and toyed with her swollen
    clitoris. Instantly, her anus spasmed and opened. He flexed his
    buttocks slowly and eased his hips forward. His cock-head squeezed
    between her buttocks and slipped into her rear channel. The breath
    went out of her in a shuddering whoosh and her mouth jerked open.
    His cock was burning hot and thick and hard in her asshole. She
    moaned softly, her buttocks trembling. He struck them firmly with
    his open palm and she winced and cried out and they opened further
    and he pushed deeper into her. Her anus convulsed on the huge
    intruder and he flung his head back in delight. Slowly, he drilled
    deeper and deeper into her. She began to cry out in short,
    staccato, rising gasps, her fingers scrunching the counterpane. It
    was huge, his cock, hot and searing. On and on it went, going in
    deeper and deeper. Her face contorted in a rictus of pain and joy.
    It felt wonderful, thick and heavy and long. He shoved it in to
    the hilt, gasping with astonishment at her ability to take him
    all. He had not known a woman who could. Deep inside her, he
    stopped and bent forward to crush her breasts in his hands.

    "Now ... now fuck me," she gasped thickly. "Fuck my butt hard!"

    He chuckled at her words and began to butt-fuck her with slow,
    heavy thrusts. His hips swung up, his cock slid out, and then he
    skewered her asshole deeply again with a spiralling action. She
    gasped and cried out with each thrust, lurching sharply forward
    under his thrusts, goading him obscenely to take her harder,
    faster, deeper. He straightened slowly and gradually built up
    speed, moving steadily faster and faster. Her body jerked and
    lurched under his and he held her hips and moved her ass back and
    forth on his cock. Her breasts jiggled and tossed with his
    thrusts. Faster and faster he went till he was ram-butt-fucking
    her with his cock thundering and slamming and reaming and ramming
    in and out of her rear channel. His balls slapped against her
    buttocks. Her cries grew sharper and higher, piercing the quiet of
    the room and mingling and twining with his own ecstatic grunts.

    "Ohhhh uhh Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh oh yes Ohhh god yes oh yes ohhh
    uhhh yes ohh yes oh uh oh uh oh uh oh OHHHHHH!" she cried.

    "Yeh! Take it! Uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huhohh uhh yes!" he cried.

    Her body blazed with pain and lust and her mind was spinning out
    of control. His cock was wonderful, pistoning and pounding in and
    out of her ass. Faster and faster he went, harder and deeper, his
    hands ripping the shirt off her shoulders in a frenzy. She thrust
    her hand between her legs and began to masturbate furiously,
    jerking her fingers in and out of her cunt. Her orgasm was violent
    and sharp, pinwheels and stars exploding in her head. Her asshole
    and sphincter convulsed on his cock, till at last the orgasm died

    The man was magnificent: he kept fucking her ass, slowing his
    pace. He was nearing his own climax, and she sensed it from the
    ominous quiver of his cock inside her. She moved forward and
    slipped her ass off his cock. This time, she had frustrated him
    and he snarled his anger and tried to force it back in. But she
    was too quick for him and flipped over and pulled him down onto
    the bed with her, between her legs, spreading them wide open. They
    kissed hungrily, his hands crushing and squeezing her breasts,
    hers on his cock. She pulled off his clothes in a frenzy and
    shucked off her skirt. She rolled him over under her on the bed
    and bent her head over his lap again and took his penis in her
    mouth. It tasted wonderful with her cunt and ass juices and his
    own pre-cum gunk. She sucked it furiously. He gasped and moaned,
    his hips bucking under her head.

    Then she rose and straddled his hips smoothly and took his cock in
    her hand and quickly impaled her cunt on it. She let her hips sink
    and gasped, tossing her head back. He squeezed her breasts. She
    began to rock back and forth on her knees and arms over him, her
    face upturned. He caressed her body, fingering her anus. Her
    breasts swung over his face. He bucked under her and she
    responded, moving up and down on his cock, her buttocks flexing
    and unflexing, her hips rising and sinking. She held her breasts
    in her hands and rolled them in her palms. With a sinuous,
    sensuous motion, she lifted her hands and undid her hair, letting
    it tumble in a wave over her shoulders. It was thick and dark and
    glossy. She forced him to slow his pace and he understood and
    yielded with a gasping sigh.

    She was fantastic. Her hips began to gyrate in gentle circles over
    his cock, mashing her cunt-flesh. She smiled down at him and bent
    over to kiss him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Her breasts
    flattened against his chest. She tongued his ear and then slowly,
    sensuously rose, arching her back, thrusting her breasts out for
    him to fondle. He tweaked her nipples and she shuddered. She
    flexed her buttocks several times, squeezing his penis with her

    "Slowly, now," she murmured. "Now you needn't hurry."

    "Yes," he said, savouring the blissful look on her face.

    His body smelled sweaty and musky and erotic. She licked his chest
    and nipples, sucking gently on them. For several minutes they
    moved slowly and unhurriedly, stoking the fire in her cunt afresh.

    "Hey," she said suddenly.


    "What's your name?"

    He laughed. All this time, all this fucking and they hadn't even
    introduced themselves.

    "Bablu," he said. "Bablu mechanic."

    "Hello," she said, smiling down at him and he laughed again.
    "Hello Bablu-mechanic."

    "Phakt Bablu." he said in Marathi.

    "Yes. I agree. Fuck-the-Bablu," she smiled to herself and giggled.

    "What?" he said puzzled.

    She shook her head. Phakt in Marathi meant 'only' or 'just', but
    sounded like something quite different in English. "Nothing,
    forget it," she said aloud. "My name's Rajashri. Come on ... come
    on now ... fuck me hard ... mmm ... Unhhh ... Ohh ... Unhh ...

    She began to move faster and he responded like a thoroughbred,
    moving in unison, smoothly matching her pace. She bucked and
    rocked up and down and back and forth on his rampant penis, her
    cunt sliding up and down its shaft, while he thrust up into her
    again and again and again. Within minutes, she hit another orgasm,
    and a third followed and this time, as her cunt convulsed on his
    cock, he let go and she gasped in joy as she felt the sharp sting
    of his spoot in her sodden slit.

    They fucked through much of the night, in every part of the house
    and she made him fuck her in every orifice and in every position
    he knew and some he didn't. They fucked in the shower and in the
    tub and on the toilet; he fucked her from behind on the kitchen
    table and then on her back on it as they waited for dinner to
    heat. After they'd eaten, he fucked her standing on the balcony,
    her legs in his arms and wound about his hips, and then from
    behind leaning over the railing with the rain crashing down over
    them. He fucked her in the gym on the bench press and then they
    fucked in bed again and he took her ass, this time exploding deep
    inside her.

    She showed him her sexual toys, dildos and vibrators and studded,
    spiked sheaths and made him use them all on her. She pumped him
    full of sex-pep pills that gave him a long lasting erection and a
    seemingly inexhaustible supply of jizz. Finally, several hours
    later, in the early hours of the morning, they sank into an
    exhausted slumber, their limbs entwined.

    She woke before he did, feeling contented and refreshed. She
    looked at him. He was beautiful in his sleep, an arm flung over
    his head. His face was so handsome, his body superb. She tingled
    with excitement and glanced at the clock. It was still early. The
    effect of the drugs he had taken wouldn't have worn off yet. And
    she had enough time. The Court was sitting late, fortunately.

    Gently, she roused him, sucking and nibbling on his nipples,
    gently teasing his body awake before his mind. He awoke fully only
    when he felt her warm, soft, moist mouth envelope his penis. It
    stirred instantly. He groaned and opened his eyes.

    "Good morning," she murmured, smiling with her eyes, still sucking
    his cock.

    He smiled sleepily and shook his head in mock despair and closed
    his eyes and let her continue her wonderful ministrations. She
    swung her body around and he found himself opening his mouth to
    the heady muskiness of her cunt. It was a fine morning brew.

    Whimpering with excitement, she rolled off him and drew him over
    her, her legs spread wide. He slid his penis into her cunt
    smoothly and easily and she gasped, arching her body to his,
    kissing him hungrily as it went in deep. He squeezed her breasts
    and bent his head to suck them tenderly. She moaned, her hips
    writhing in pleasure under his, bucking gently and squirming. His
    buttocks rolled and bobbed gently, his penis gliding in and out of
    her flesh in a steady, rhythmic fashion.

    They fucked slowly, moving with intense pleasure, savouring every
    minute. His cock still inside her, he rolled over and took her
    astride him and she rocked over his hips, her breasts swinging,
    her face a vision of lust. Finally, he took her from behind, lying
    on his side behind her, her upper leg lifted back over his hips.
    Holding her by shoulder and hip, he fucked her hard, jerking her
    up and down on his cock, his hips rocking rapidly back and forth.
    She gasped, crying out and going Oh-OH-OH-OH-OH till she exploded
    wildly, gasping and mewing and panting like a bitch in heat. He
    moaned and rolled her over onto her front and thrust into her hard
    again and again, now ramming and slamming his cock deep into her,
    his hips twitching at her buttocks till he could hold back no
    more. With a loud gasp, he came, shooting thick sticky slugs of
    hot gunk into her cunt.

    They dawdled, kissing and fondling each other. Later, they rolled
    out of bed and bathed together, washing each other tenderly. In
    the shower, she sucked his cock again and let him come in her
    mouth and swallowed his jizz eagerly and let it dribble over her
    face and breasts. He returned the favour by tongue-fucking her
    till she came. They went out at last and she fixed him a quick,
    hot breakfast and gave him the car keys.

    Half an hour later, her chauffeur, Ramesh, arrived, anxious about
    the missing car. She smiled and explained the problem and said
    that the mechanic would return it soon. He frowned. He didn't like
    anyone else driving the car.

    "Does he know the place?" he grumbled.

    She grinned. "I should certainly think so."

    Ramesh looked at her curiously. "He came here?"

    She giggled. "Not here, no. In my cunt, though. And in my ass, and
    in my mouth and on tits."

    "He fucked you?"

    "Mm-hm. Repeatedly."

    Ramesh grinned. He was used to this. He was a handsome young man,
    clean-shaven, dark and tall, with a strong, muscular build. His
    cock was a good eight inches long erect, about an inch and a half
    thick. She looked at him steadily and then at her wristwatch. She
    had time still. Holding his eyes, she stepped toward him,
    unbelting her robe and drawing it off her slender shoulders. It
    fell open. She was naked under it and he grinned wolfishly at her
    naked body.

    "Come on, we have time for a fuck," she murmured, standing before

    He cupped her naked breasts and she closed her eyes and shuddered,
    tilting her face to his. He kissed her gently and, as her lips
    flowered under his, slid his tongue into her mouth. Her nipples
    were nut-hard, and her breasts grew turgid at his touch. Her hand
    slid to his crotch. She drew down his zipper and slipped her hand
    into his fly and drew out his cock. It quivered in her fingers as
    she began to stroke and jerk it. He pushed gently at her shoulders
    and she dropped to her knees before him. Holding his penis in one
    hand, she kissed its tip tenderly and rolled back the foreskin.
    His cock-head was thick and large. Her breath was warm on it. She
    swirled her tongue around it and he gasped softly. Gently, she
    took it between her lips and began to suck on it, plying it with
    her tongue simultaneously. Slowly, she took more of his cock into
    her mouth. It began to swell and harden between her lips and soon
    it was stiff and throbbing. He fucked her mouth slowly, rocking
    back and forth on his feet, pumping his hips at her face, one hand
    on her head moving it back and forth.

    "Mm, yes ... suck it ... suck it, slut ... suck my cock ... suck
    it good!" he grunted.

    His cock shone and glistened as it went in and out of her mouth.
    He pushed her head away and, drawing her to her feet, turned her
    around with her back to him. He pushed her toward a sofa in the
    living area and made her bend forward over its backrest. She
    spread her legs wide, giving him the choice of her cunt or ass.
    Her breasts swung low. He unbelted his trousers and let them
    puddle to his feet and shuffled forward, squeezing his cock
    between her buttocks.

    "Did he fuck your ass?"

    She nodded. "Twice. At least. I think."

    He grinned. "Okay. I'll have your cunt, then."

    He maneuvered his cock-head to the portals of her slit, paused for
    a second and, as they unfurled in eager anticipation, flexed his
    buttocks and swung his hips forward in a smooth, long thrust. His
    cock slid deep into her cunt and she gasped in joy as the hard,
    hot cock bit into her aching cunt-flesh. He groaned and flung his
    head back and swung his hips gently from side to side, relishing
    the sharp cramping of her cunt on his penis.

    "Come on Ramesh ... fuck me ... fuck me hard!" She moaned.

    He fucked her quickly, swinging his hips in a smooth, swift
    rhythm. His buttocks flexed and unflexed as he swung his hips back
    and forth, moving her body with his fingertips in the small of her
    back. His cock glistened and shone as it went in and out of her
    cunt, appearing and disappearing between the curves of her
    buttocks. He flung his head back and gasped and began to move
    faster still. Her cunt was incredible, hot and tight and wet and
    it spasmed and convulsed greedily on his pistoning cock. She
    jerked and lurched and swung back and forth on her feet under him,
    her breasts bouncing and swinging. Lustfire crackled and devoured
    her loins and she begged him to fuck her harder. Gasping, he moved
    faster still, nearing his orgasm, and bent forward to squeeze her

    Rajashri moaned softly and moved her body rapidly back and forth,
    jamming her cunt down deep onto his cock, writhing her buttocks
    against his thighs. She came hard, gasping and moaning, her cunt
    spasming and cramping on his cock. He grunted and thrust into her
    once, twice, three, four times, jerking his cock deep into her,
    twitching his hips at her buttocks till he could hold back no
    more. With a shuddering moan, he exploded, shooting hot, sticky
    jets of jizz into her cunt. Slowly, he pulled out of her and wiped
    his cock on her buttocks. She slipped to the floor on her knees,
    panting and gasping and turned around to take his cock in her
    mouth, sucking and licking it clean. He grinned in pleasure, and
    when she was done, stepped back and pulled up his trousers.

    "Come on, bitch ... get dressed. You've to get to work. Can't fuck
    all day."

    She stuck her tongue out at him. "I'm sure you'd love it if I
    didn't go!"

    "Yeah, I like it better when you come."

    She laughed. "You're mad."

    "Maybe. But I'm not about to let you fudge your job, babe."


    "Get going, whore or I'll whip your ass!" Ramesh bellowed in
    feigned anger.

    She laughed. "Yeah, I know. Spare the rod and spoil the ride."

    He swung an arm at her and she dodged him and ran naked up the
    stairs. He followed her and was halfway up the stairs when the
    bell rang. She laughed in delight.

    "Just you wait, cunt! I'm gonna punish you for this!" Ramesh

    She pretended to be scared, cowering with her hands clenched,
    unable to stop grinning.

    "Oh please ... please ... sir ... I prithee ..."

    "Go, whore!" the driver cried and she ducked into her bedroom,

    Chuckling and shaking his head, Ramesh went to answer the door.
    She was incorrigible. Lovely, intelligent, with a great body, a
    magnificent fuck and lots of fun. He would have died for this one.
    He opened the door and saw the car and the mechanic with the keys.

    "*memsa'ab* in?" Bablu asked.

    "Mechanic?" Ramesh grunted.

    Bablu nodded. Ramesh grinned and held out his hand for the car

    "Um ... tell her it's fixed," he said in Hindi.

    "Really?" Ramesh drawled with a sly smile. "Finished so fast?
    Couldn't have been anything much, then."

    Bablu looked puzzled. "I ... I don't understand. It was a small
    thing, a fuse ..."

    "Did you put your fuse in?"

    Bablu's confusion grew. "Yes, the old one had blown."

    Ramesh's grin broadened. "Yeah, it keeps blowing. Needs a fresh
    one every day."

    Bablu frowned. "Short circuit?"

    Ramesh chuckled. "I'm taking about her, not the car!" He jerked
    his thumb upwards. "Didn't you put your fuse into her box last

    Bablu stared and then broke into a grin. Fuck, the dame was crazy!
    She'd even told her chauffeur about their night together!

    "Motherfucker, what a piece of ass she is," he whispered. "I
    fucked her something good last night, again and again. In her ass,
    her cunt, her mouth. Man! What a blast!"

    "Yeah, I know. I fuck her every day. In fact, I banged her just

    "This morning?"

    "You bet. Just now, just done. And probably tonight, if she wants

    "Lucky sod."

    "What's your name?"


    "Wanna fuck her some more?"

    "Does Zeenat Aman have tits?"

    Ramesh laughed. "Fine. Come along tonight, nine o'clock. Give you
    a good time. Guaranteed."

    "Shouldn't you ask her?"

    "Don't worry. I agree."

    The two men turned in surprise. Rajashri was standing at the foot
    of the stairs. She smiled: she had overheard their conversation.
    She came toward them and now she was the very picture of
    propriety, a lawyer to her fingertips, dressed in a well-cut skirt
    and blouse with a black jacket, her feet in formal shoes and her
    hair coiled in a bun high on her head. It accentuated the elegant
    sweep of her neck. She carried a briefcase.

    She stepped between them and handed her briefcase to Ramesh. She
    tilted her face and rose on her toes to kiss Bablu quickly on the
    lips. Her hand fluttered down over his body to rest on his crotch.
    She squeezed his cock affectionately.

    "Guess, I've fallen for your cock. Come back tonight."

    Behind her, Ramesh bumped his cock into her buttocks. Over her
    shoulder, he said to Bablu, "Now you've no choice, motherfucker.
    You'll have to come back if you want this bod. Just think ... fuck
    her butt, her mouth, lick her slit!"

    Bablu laughed. "Okay, okay. I'll be here at nine."

    Ramesh stepped back and moved around them to open the door. Bablu
    and Rajashri followed him out. At the door, she stopped.

    "Oh, I almost forgot. What do I owe you?"

    Bablu shook his head. "Nothing, ma'am." Suddenly, he found himself
    addressing her formally. She was no longer the slut of the night
    before. "No bill for you. You cleared it last night. And you're
    doing it again tonight."

    She smiled prettily. "Thank you. I promise to make it up to you

    Ramesh opened the rear door of the Honda for her and she stopped
    again with one foot inside it.


    He stopped and turned.

    "This is the last day. I'll get an order today, and then we're off
    to Bombay again tomorrow afternoon. I don't know when I'll be
    back. Let's party tonight. What do you say?"

    Bablu nodded, intrigued and unsure of what she meant. Ramesh
    leaned out of the window and laughed at him.

    "Hey, moron, you got that?"

    "I got it."


    "A party."

    "You know what this broad wants when she wants to party?"

    Bablu laughed. "Of course. Fucking! What else?"

    Ramesh shook his head. "Listen to me, shitface. She means
    something else."

    "Ramesh, come on, hurry up and tell him, we'll be late," she said,
    getting into the car.

    "Okay, sisterfucker, listen. You got a couple of pals? Two or

    Bablu nodded. Ramesh looked exasperated.

    "Oh fuck. You asshole, I'm not talking about some shitty kids.
    Guys like you, with good bodies and big cocks, who know how to
    fuck a broad nice and hard. Any pals like that?"

    Bablu nodded quickly, his pulse galloping. Ramesh nodded and
    ducked his head back into the car and gunned the engine.

    "Fine, bring them along. Fuck her together, all of you. That's the

    He began to reverse down the short drive and Bablu jogged down
    beside the rolling car.

    "Ramesh," he said. "How many? How many guys?"

    Ramesh looked annoyed. "Oh fuck, you moron! You decide! Do I have
    to tell you everything or what? Three, four, not more. Including

    Bablu opened the gate and Ramesh swung the car out of the drive.
    He put it into gear, then slowed.

    "And mind, they'd better be good. The kind who can do a good
    ram-fuck in her butt, savvy?"

    Bablu nodded, grinning hugely.

    "Get in, asshole. I'll give you a ride into town."

    Bablu scrambled into the car in the front passenger seat. Ramesh
    gunned the engine and the car leaped forward, the tires spraying
    gravel. Ramesh tore down the road. They rode in silence. Ramesh
    stopped and Bablu opened the door and got out. He looked back.
    Rajashri looked up and smiled quickly and then turned back to her
    papers. Her briefcase open on the seat beside her, a pen in her
    hand, and her head was bowed over a sheaf of papers on her lap.

    Bablu smiled and waved and Ramesh grunted and threw the car into
    gear and nosed into the traffic. Bablu stared after it, and then
    slowly walked toward the bus-stop. He was excited by the sudden
    change in her persona. The same woman who, last night, had moaned
    and panted and gasped, and begged for his cock repeatedly, who had
    thrashed and whipped like a dervish under his thrusts was now a
    cool, elegant, high-class lady busy with matters he couldn't even
    understand. It was an insane world.

    The memory of the night before made his irritation evaporate. His
    pulse raced with surging excitement. He would round up the boys,
    he knew just the guys who would enjoy something like, and give her
    the time of her life in the bargain. An orgy! She was offering to
    fuck not only with him, but his friends, too, men she did not know
    and would probably never meet again. He shook his head in

    A bus rattled to the stop and he climbed in and found a seat at
    the back by a window. Gazing out, he grinned to himself as he
    thought of the things he would do to her that night. He and his
    pals, they would fuck her brains out. It was going to a long, hard
    night. Literally.

    In the car, without looking up, Rajashri said, "Why did you do

    "Do what, ma'am?" Ramesh said softly.

    They conversed easily, like friends rather than
    master-and-servant. He was completely fluent in English and spoke
    it without an accent.

    She sighed and looked out of the window. "Why did you make that

    "I thought you would enjoy it, ma'am."

    "What about you, Ramesh?"

    "What about me, ma'am?"

    "Don't you want to fuck me, too?"

    "Most certainly, ma'am. Very much. But I fuck you regularly, and
    I'll fuck you in Bombay, too. One night makes no difference to me.
    You've worked hard, you deserve something special."

    She smiled. "You're very sweet. Thank you."

    "A pleasure, ma'am. As always."

    She laughed. "Yes, I know. I really do enjoy being fucked by you.
    You're good for me."

    "Thank you, ma'am. It's good to hear that. I endeavour ..."

    "To give satisfaction. Yes I know. And you do that very well

    He chuckled softly and she smiled.

    "Will you get yourself a whore for the night? It's on me."

    Ramesh nodded. "Thank you very much ma'am. Yes, I will."

    "Don't stint, Ramesh. Spend what you like."

    "No limit?"

    "Well, don't go crazy. Hedon & Venery has a franchise here, you
    know. Pick one from there. Say about twenty to fifty thou."

    Ramesh whistled. "That's mighty kind of you, ma'am!"

    In Poona, fifty thousand would fetch him the finest whore, perhaps
    even two.

    "You should get someone decent. Tell you what, ask for a girl
    called Ashwini. She's young, about sixteen or seventeen and new to
    the trade, but she's got a natural aptitude for it. Very
    enthusiastic and ready for anything. You'll enjoy her. I don't
    think she's been butt-fucked yet. You might want to break her in."

    "You've seen her at work, then?"

    "Yes. Last week, when I logged in my hours. We even did a lesbian
    thing together for a show."

    Throughout the world, wherever they were, all Hedon & Venery's
    women had to clock a certain number of hours a week at the nearest
    franchised bordello as regular, but highly paid whores. Ramesh
    knew that Rajashri was one of the highest priced ones available
    and to fuck her free was indeed a privilege few could afford.
    Bablu was luckier than he thought.

    "Was the customer good, ma'am?" he enquired.

    "Customers, plural," she smiled. "I had eight of them, over two

    He chuckled again. "Finished a two-week quota?"

    "Mm. It was relatively easier last week, so what the hell, I
    decided to get it over with."

    "Any good?"

    "So-so. Not bad. Two were very good, even top class. Young chaps."

    "Worth reporting?"

    Hedon & Venery was always on the lookout for new studs for their
    shows and films and magazines and gigolo services.

    "One definitely. I sent a fax the next day with his bio. The
    second needs to be tested again. He has potential and imagination,
    lacks experience. Came too soon."

    "Will you fuck him again?"

    "No. Best left to the girls here. After all, I'm just passing
    through and campus recruitment is part of their job. But I've told
    the manager to keep a watch, he'll pull the tapes from the
    archives. Copies should be with Bombay by now."

    Standard operating procedure required that all copulation under
    the aegis of Hedon & Venery be videotaped. The company had
    state-of-the-art equipment and the tapes were breathtaking. The
    ordinary ones were archived; exceptional ones were analysed by the
    experts in Bombay who decided whether to induct them. The tapes of
    the rich and famous and powerful were stored in a highly secret
    vault in Geneva as 'insurance' -- they were the provenance of much
    of Jayant's power and a fair part of his wealth.

    Ramesh nodded approvingly. "And the other customers?"

    She grimaced. "Mostly the usual. Rich men, but without talent. Too
    much rich food, too much alcohol, their bodies too flabby.
    Fancying themselves no end as regular Casanova's, you know the
    kind -- boring, but worth fucking for the money."

    He smiled at her in the rear-view mirror. "Bet you blew their
    minds out!"

    She laughed. "Oh yes. One fellow nearly had a coronary. Scared the
    daylights out of me when he went grey like that ..."

    "No kidding, really?"

    "Honestly. And in mid-orgasm, at that. You should see the tape.
    It's a riot! Here I was, sitting on his cock, pretending to be
    having a good time, jerking myself up and down and he began to
    come. So I moaned and gasped and told him how good it felt and
    then I looked down -- his cock was still spuming inside me, mind
    -- and there he was choking and spluttering like a landed whale,
    going all grey and blue!"

    Ramesh laughed. "What did you do?"

    "What did I do? I got the fuck off his cock and yelled the place
    down! They got the medics in. Turned out he has an angina

    "Stupid bastard."

    "I agree. I say, Rambo, can you speed up a bit?"

    "Don't worry ma'am. The judge is sitting late today."

    "Ah, yes, I forgot. Or did I tell you?"

    "No, what?"

    "The judge."

    "What about him?"

    "He was one of the customers."

    "No shit!" Ramesh exclaimed, in disbelief and awe.

    "Oh yes. His Honour Judge. In the flesh. Fucked me like a stud, he
    did, over and over."

    "My god."

    "That's what I thought when I saw his name on my roster. Couldn't
    believe it was the same fellow."

    "And it was."

    "Oh yes, most certainly. He almost passed out when he saw me. Then
    he got excited and, I must say, he's quite a performer."


    "Not at all. Straight up. But damn good staying power, a nice hard
    body and he's not that old, you know. Forty-five something. Nice
    big cock, too, and knows how to use it."

    "You came?"

    "Repeatedly. He even butt-fucked me."


    "Yes. He hadn't ever done that before. I asked him to. He loved

    "Shame we can't use him. It would be quite a billing ..."

    "Yes, I know. Poor guy. Trapped by his position."

    "But just think of it ... 'Tonite and every nite ... His Honour
    Judge Bendre!"

    She laughed. "I'm sure he'd love it."

    "No wonder you're going to win this case."

    "Oh, I don't know. He made it clear later that just because we'd
    fucked it didn't mean he'd rule in my favour. Actually, it could
    well go against me."

    "Then why did you agree?"

    "Oh, I don't know. I trust the man. He'll give the right decision.
    Something about him."

    "Of course, if he does rule in your favour, you'll fuck him

    She smiled. "Most definitely. I've already invited him to stay
    with me in Bombay, win or lose. I'll introduce him, too. I think
    he'll enjoy the girls back at the head office."

    "Did you tell him about your ..."

    "Yes. I timed that, though. Halfway through, when he had his cock
    stuck deep inside me and couldn't back off."

    "What happened?"

    She giggled. "Oh, it sort of acted as a spur, to know he was
    fucking a lawyer, that she was whoring for him. He really went all

    "Weren't you nervous he'd blab about it?"

    "Don't be silly, Ramesh. He wants his promotions. You think
    anyone's going to promote him if he says he's been visiting
    brothels and fucking the ladies of the Bar? He'll be lynched!"

    Ramesh laughed. "Yes, you're right. Nice, that. All neat and tidy.
    You both get what you want and nobody gets hurt."


    They stopped at a light. They were almost there. She began putting
    on her advocate's bands and stuffed her papers in her briefcase.
    The light turned green and he eased the car forward, pausing for a
    break in the traffic to turn into the court's drive.



    She smiled with relief. "Thanks for everything."

    "You're welcome, ma'am." He smiled in the rear-view mirror.

    "Oh, and another thing. Tell Laxman and Pandu to be sure to be
    home this evening, I want them to fuck me. They won't get a chance
    later, after we go."

    "Very good, madam. They will like that. They enjoy fucking you."

    "I know. They're exceptionally good."

    "Will you recommend them, too? For a transfer to HQ, I mean?"

    "I'm thinking about it."

    "May I suggest that you should? They're getting better at it. A
    year ago, when Dipti was here, they worked on her, too, but not as
    well as this time."


    "Yes. Practice, I guess." He shrugged and grinned.

    She smiled. "Very well, I'll recommend them."

    "Thank you, ma'am."

    "Ramesh, get them a whore apiece tonight, too, will you? A tip
    from me."

    "Certainly. The limit?"

    "Half of yours."

    "That will do nicely, I'm sure." It would probably be the best
    paid fuck either of them knew. "Shall I pay cash or charge it?"

    "The whorehouse hasn't paid me yet. Tell them to deduct it from my
    fees. Collect the rest and bring it with you."

    "Very good, ma'am."

    "And I thought we'd fuck tomorrow, later in the morning, when
    Bablu and co have gone, or on the way to Bombay, or back home or

    "Certainly. All of that, if you wish."

    She smiled. "You know perfectly well that I will wish, you crafty
    bastard! Fine. That's settled. Oh, good. There's Pandu now."

    "I'd told him to be here to collect your things when you're done."

    "Thank you. You think of everything."

    "I try my best, ma'am."

    "And very good it is, too. You're a darling."

    He smiled at her in the rear-view mirror. He nosed through the
    traffic and entered the drive. He pulled up in the compound and
    she collected her things.

    "Okay. Talk to Pandu about the evening, then go and make the
    bookings for tonight. Come back at three, I should be through by

    He nodded and stepped out to hold the door for her. She got out
    and smiled briefly. He shut the door behind her. She stopped and
    turned as if to give him a message. There were crowds of people
    milling about.

    "Wish me luck," she murmured.

    "Good luck," he replied.

    To anyone watching them, it would have appeared that she was
    merely giving him instructions.

    "I'm really looking forward to the trip back tomorrow."

    "And the morning. And the night, don't forget. We'll have fun."

    She smiled. "Yes, we will."

    She turned away and walked rapidly to the courthouse, hardly
    noticing the envious glances from the women, the lusty looks of
    the men. Like all Jayant's staff, she was used to constant
    adulation. But now there was work to do.

                                = o =