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Copyright 1996-97, 
Mary Jorsay Gandmar 

                         P E N T A P R I S M


                            Camera Candida

                             9 : Ballboy

    Dashrath couldn't take his eyes off her. Crouched beside the side
    support pole of the tennis net stretched across the floodlit
    court, the seventeen-year old stared at Anuja. She was the sexiest
    thing he'd seen. He watched as she prepared to serve. Feet
    positioned behind the base line, she bent forward, her racquet arm
    dropped and bounced the ball with her other hand. Her T-shirt was
    damp with sweat and it clung to her breasts like film. The gold
    chain swung around her necklace. The buttons of her T-shirt were
    open and the lapel swung free as she bent. Even at this distance
    he could see the swell of her lovely breasts in the low, tight
    sports bra. The exertion had stiffened her nipples and he could
    see their sharp stubs through the white T-shirt. She caught the
    ball and, rearing, arching, bending back, threw it high, her arm
    lifted, her head back, eyes on the ball, her body lifting on her
    toes. Her skirt rode up her thighs and he caught a glimpse of the
    dark flash of her crotch. She wasn't wearing anything under the
    skirt. Her body rose in the air, spun as her racquet arm whipped
    around, the centre of the racquet head meeting the ball perfectly.
    With a loud pok, the yellow ball shot across the net like a
    bullet, landing just inside the service line, skidding down the
    centre. The follow through took Anuja a few steps inside the base
    line. She stopped, bouncing on her toes, her racquet set, watching
    the ball, moving to the centre at the back of the court. Her
    breasts jumped under her T-shirt.

    On the other side of the net, Avinash struck the tennis ball
    cleanly and strongly, sent it whipping back to her backhand. Anuja
    took the return easily, and hit it back to his forehand; he
    whipped it to the corner of her forehand court. Anuja raced across
    and using a heavy topspin, struck it back deep into his backhand
    corner again. Avinash returned it to her forehand corner. Anuja
    drew her arm well back. The yellow ball bounced once on the
    artificial surface, lifted high. She was perfectly positioned. She
    sprang off her toes, her tennis skirt lifting and flying, her
    doubled braid tossing, her gold necklace jumping, her breasts
    jiggling under the taut sports bra and brought her arm down and
    across in a whipping forehand. The racquet struck the ball
    squarely in the sweet spot and went skimming back across the net
    hard and fast and low, just clearing the tape. It landed just
    inches inside the line and, with the heavy topspin of her wrist,
    kept low and shot forward. On the other side of the net, Avinash
    leaped for it, his racquet arm stretched. The ball caught the
    frame and ricocheted wildly upward. Anuja followed, her racquet
    lifted for a smash. The ball landed outside the tram lines.
    Dashrath sprang after it.

    Anuja shouted in exultation, tossing her racquet in the air,
    lifting her clenched fists, jogging to the net. Avinash smiled and
    met her at the net. He hugged her. They laughed. Dashrath ran
    around the court perimeter and collected the balls. They were
    obviously through with the game. He jogged to the bench beside the
    umpire's chair.

    "... you've got a helluva game," he heard Avinash say.

    "It was close. Three sets to two and seven five in the third."
    Anuja was stuffing some clothing into her tote. Dashrath couldn't
    tell what it was.

    "Not many people drive me that much."

    Dashrath came up to them. "Shall I turn out the lights?" he asked
    in Hindi.

    Avinash nodded. "Yes. Thank you."

    The hotel had championship quality tennis courts, complete with
    umpire's chairs, resting benches, coolers, floodlights and tiered
    stands. It was late at night and the stands were empty. He flipped
    open a gang box behind the umpire's chair and threw a master
    switch. The heavy floods died. The court sank into shadows, now
    lit only by the silvery moonlight and stars. Avinash and Anuja
    shared a bench on one side of the umpire's chair, packing their
    sports totes. Dashrath stood before her, looking at her breasts
    and exposed thighs as she bent over and stuffed her racquet,
    wristband and headband into it. She took out a fresh T-shirt. He
    had difficulty containing his erection. Avinash took the cans of
    tennis balls from him without really looking at him and dropped
    them in his bag. He waited for her to finish.

    Anuja straightened and looked at Dashrath. She smiled her thanks.
    Her eyes slid down his body, lingered on his crotch, then slipped


    "Mm. Ready?"

    "No. Do you have your cameras?"

    "What? Oh, yes, one or two. Not the full kit. Why?"

    She looked at Dashrath again. Avinash followed her eyes and
    grinned. Well, well. A little cooling down exercise. He was all
    for it. The lad obviously had a monstrous erection. He was a good
    looking youth, with sharp features, full sensual lips, a fine
    nose, high cheekbones, a square jaw, a wispy mustache. He wore a
    baggy khaki tunic and shorts. He was barefoot. His body was lean
    and wiry, though not very tall. His shoulders were wide, his chest
    broad, his torso V-shaped, his belly hard and flat and he had
    narrow hips. His arms and legs were corded with sinew. Avinash
    moved his bag to the other bench and, opening it, began to take
    out his camera kit. Dashrath couldn't understand what he was up
    to. He looked back at Anuja. She smiled at him.

    "Dashrath. That's your name, isn't it?" she said.

    He nodded.

    "Thank you. We had a good game."

    He grinned, his teeth flashing strong and white, ducked his head

    "I'm set," Avinash muttered softly. "Ready when you are."

    "Give us distance. Disappear."


    Dashrath was intrigued. Avinash left his bag on the other bench
    and moved away, slipping into the shadows. That left just him and

    "Come closer."

    Dashrath stepped forward.

    "Closer, Dashrath. Don't be afraid."

    He was very close now, inches from her. She smiled up at him. His
    crotch bulged and quivered and he couldn't hide. 

    "You deserve a tip," she murmured. 

    Before he knew what was happening, Anuja had her hands inside the
    legs of his shorts. She thrust them up into his crotch and held
    his cock. Dashrath cried out in shock and surprise, stumbled and
    lurched back. She pulled him back.

    "No, no ... there's nothing to worry about," she murmured.

    Suddenly, all those half-understood whispers in the staff quarters
    made sense. This was the woman they said was fucking half the guys
    in the hotel. And that was her husband who didn't bonk her at all,
    just took snaps. Dashrath's pulse jumped with excitement. A slow
    grin of recognition creased his handsome features. Anuja smiled.

    "Yes. That's right. You know who I am and what's been going on."

    "You're Anuja madam."

    "Just Anuja."


    "Yes. Please. Come here."

    He came up to her again, now unafraid and expectant. She flicked
    open the clasp button of his shorts, undid the fly and peeled them
    open. He chuckled at her gasp of surprise. His cock, his pride and
    joy, was enormous, bigger than any of his pals had. It was erect
    already, hard and throbbing, and it was ten inches long and two
    inches thick. His balls were heavy and low. He was careful to keep
    his cock-shaft and balls shaved smoothly -- he thought that was
    very sexy and he preferred it like this, so that he could feel the
    warm of a mouth or a cunt without hindrance. The few girls he'd
    fucked so far agreed that it was better and hurt less.

    "My god," Anuja gasped. "What an incredible cock you've got!"

    "Yeah, thas wha' they say."

    She groaned and took it in her fist, flipping back the foreskin.
    The cock-head was huge, gorged, slippery with pre-cum g    
    smelling sexy and musky. Anuja opened her mouth and swirled her
    tongue around the knob. Dashrath grunted thickly, his belly
    sucking inward, his hips lurching forward, his hands falling to
    her head, pulling it deeper into his crotch. Anuja moaned,
    realizing at once that he was not totally inexperienced. Her
    excitement mounted.

    "C'mon!" he grunted. "Sukit! Suck my cock!"

    Anuja whimpered and, opening her mouth wide, slipped her lips
    around his cock-head. Dashrath grunted, tossing his head back, his
    mouth fluttering open. Her mouth was wonderful, warm and wet and
    her tongue worked his cock-head with a cunning he had never known.
    He groaned, rocking his hips back and forth, moving her head to
    and fro with his hands as he fucked her face. She took more of his
    cock in her mouth, scraping her teeth delicately along his
    massive, thick-veined shaft. He bent forward and shoved his hands
    into the neck of her T-shirt, cupping her breasts. They filled his
    hands, grew turgid as he squeezed and kneaded the soft flesh. Her
    nipples were stiff in his palms. She took her fingers off his cock
    and, without pausing in sucking his cock, reached up to undo his
    tunic. He helped her and shrugged it off. Bending, he pulled her
    T-shirt up, over her breasts, under her arms. Her breasts were
    wonderful, full and heavy and ripe like fruit. She sucked his cock
    harder. He pushed her head away and jerked the T-shirt off her
    head. Anuja looked up at him. He had a slim, wiry body, strong and
    muscular like whipcord, with a hard belly and a wide, flat,
    slightly cleaved chest with small, dark, nipples. His body was
    virtually hairless. His penis throbbed and bounced with
    excitement. She moaned and began sucking it again. Dashrath
    grinned and fucked her mouth unhurriedly.

    "Mm ... yeh ... thas good, whore," he grunted in the vernacular.
    "Suck my prick, bitch ... yeh ... thas it ... keep suckin', slut
    ... thas it ... suck harder! Yeh! Thas good ... oh fuck yes!
    C'mon, bitch! Don' stop till I say!"

    Hidden in the shadows, Avinash kept his cameras trained on the
    ballboy fucking his wife's mouth. He took close-ups of the youth's
    face, and of his gargantuan penis glistening between her lips. Her
    face was distended with the size of the mammoth cock. He saw her
    jerking it in her elegant fingers, licking it lasciviously, her
    head tilted to one side, her eyes lifted, half-closed. The kid
    pushed her head away and grinned.

    "C'mon, slut ... lemme lick yer slit," he grunted. "On yer back!"

    Anuja whimpered, her body tingling with excitement and turned on
    her back on the wooden bench. Dashrath knelt at its far end and
    pulled her legs open, pushed her skirt up her hips. She unfastened
    its side zip and he pulled it off, spread her legs again. Her cunt
    was wet and open and he could see the moist pink flesh and the
    delicate stem of her clitoris. He chuckled and thrust his face
    into her crotch.

    "OHHHHH uhhh yes! Oh ma uhhhh yes!" Anuja gasped, her body arching
    on the bench, her fingers twining in his hair.

    Dashrath's tongue was thick and heavy and long. It jabbed deep
    into her cunt, swirled through the wet flesh, lapping at her
    flowing juices, whipped her gorged, stiff clitoris, rippled up and
    down and in and out. Anuja's hips heaved and writhed, bucked up
    and down. Twining her fingers in his hair, she moved his head
    around in her thighs to suit her pleasure.

    "Ohhh yes Dashrath yes! Oh god yes! Oh ma yes uhhh oh ma uhhh ahhh
    uhh yes oh fuck yes!"

    She moaned and whimpered ecstatically, her head flipping from side
    to side, a vision of lust with her eyes half-closed, her mouth
    open. Her body rocked on the bench with rhythmic little jerks, as
    though she was being fucked. Her breasts jumped and jiggled, and
    her gold chain tossed and danced on her skin. Her body glistened
    with sweat. She slid her hands up her body, lifting her breasts,
    squeezing them erotically, pinching the nipples in her long
    fingertips. Her cries rang in his ears, exciting him further. He
    stabbed a long finger into her cunt and began masturbating her
    rapidly, rocking his arm to and fro vigorously. Anuja cried out,
    her back bowing steeply, her hips crashing up and down, her head
    flipping wildly from side to side. Her cunt was hot and tight and
    it convulsed greedily on his finger. He twisted his finger around
    in her cunt, pressed his knuckle to her hard stem of her clitoris,
    curled his finger into a hook and flicked it hard. Anuja cried
    out, crushing her breasts in frenzied delight. Meanwhile, his
    tongue continued lapping at her streaming juices. 

    "OHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHHHH uhhh OH DashrUHHHHHth uhhh Oh uhhh *hanh*
    uhhhh *hanh* uhhh *hanh* uhhhhh OHHHHHH!" she cried.

    He jabbed a second finger in and masturbated her even more
    rapidly. Avinash watched her body whipping and whumping
    frenetically on the bench, her hips crashing up and down, the
    youth's biceps flexing and unflexing as he rocked his arm back and
    forth and from side to side. Without pausing in his masturbation
    of her, the ballboy sprang to his feet and quickly turned around,
    straddling her body. Beneath him, Anuja moaned, her mouth already
    open in avid expectation. He lowered his hips over her face and
    grunted softly as her lips encased his cock. He began fucking her
    mouth in the sixty-nine, his hips rising and falling in a measured
    rhythm over her face while he finger and tongue-fucked her

    Anuja was on the brink of a violent orgasm when he stopped and
    rolled off her. She moaned in frustration and dismay, masturbating
    frantically. He flicked her hands away. 

    "Time for the real thin'," he laughed arrogantly, with the sense
    of his power over her.

    Anuja moaned. The teenager grinned and got between her legs,
    straddling the bench. He dropped in a low, deep squat, his legs
    spread, her thighs arched over his, with his buttocks almost
    brushing the bench top and, holding his cock, pressed it to her
    cunt-lips. She gasped, holding the thick shaft, guiding him to her
    slit. He grinned down at her and, gripping the insides of her
    thighs, heaved his hips forward. His huge cock-head popped into
    her cunt and his monstrous penis surged behind it, plowing deep
    into her cunt, stretching it wide open. Anuja cried out thinly,
    her face contorting in a wild rictus of lust, tendons popping in
    her neck, her mouth tearing open, her head snapping back.

    "OHMAUHAHUHHOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she cried. "OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh
    OH uh OH uh OH uh OHHHHHHHH!"

    Her breath came in heaving, wracked, rattling sobs. The teenager
    flexed his buttocks taut and buried himself in her cunt and

    "Feel good, heh, cunt? Feel good havin' my dick in yer slit,

    "Yes!" she moaned, frantic with lust. "Oh god yes Dashrath yes!
    God you're so big ... so big ... so hard ... ohhh yes ... c'mon
    baby ... fuck me! Fuck me like a whore, Dashrath ... take me like
    a slut!"

    The youth grinned, flashing strong white teeth in the moonlight.
    "Thas jes wha' I'm gonna do, cunt! Jes wha' I'm gonna do!" He
    turned his head over his shoulder. "Hey you, boss-man! Yeah, you,
    with the camera'n all! Why doncha c'mere and take some pics of me
    fuckin' your wife, stud? She loves it, the bitch! Loves my dick in
    her pussy! Doncha, whore?" He rocked his cock out and in and she
    gasped loudly in assent. "Hear'at? She loves it! Wanna hear her
    'gain? Fine! Lessgo, bitch! Lessgo!"

    Avinash scurried closer with his cameras. The boy was terrific. He
    grinned at Avinash lewdly when he saw him. Avinash avoided his
    eye, kept the cameras at his face. The boy grinned and began
    fucking Anuja without looking at her, mugging shamelessly for the
    camera. He swung his hips back and forth, back and forth, back and
    forth with a mesmerizingly steady rhythm, flexing and unflexing
    his buttocks, snapping his hips with each thrust. His lean body
    rocked and swung, his muscles rippling effortlessly. His mammoth
    cock ground in and out of her cunt without respite, glistening and
    gleaming with their comingled juices as it appeared and
    disappeared between her sodden, stretched-wide cunt-lips. Each
    thrust drove his penis deep into her, going in and in till his
    balls were at her cunt-lips. Then he slid out, thrust in, slid
    out, thrust in. On the bench, Anuja gasped and cried out, her hips
    heaving and writhing frantically, her voice ragged, her breath
    coming in cracked, heaving sobs and moans of pleasure, her face
    flipping frantically from side to side, contorted and twisted with
    lust. She clenched his arms, squeezed her breasts, begged for
    more. The boy laughed and kept moving unhurriedly, jamming and
    stuffing his impossible penis into her flesh. His cock was
    incredible, enormously hot, endlessly long, excruciatingly thick
    and hard. She could feel the thick veins pulsating in its length
    as it surged in and out of her cunt, causing wave after wave of
    ecstasy to lift and bend her body under his. 

    "OHHHHHHHH uhh Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh ma oh ma uhhh yes oh god yes
    Dashrath yes ... oh fuck yes ... oh that's so good baby yes ... do
    it ... ahhhh uhhh yes! Ohh fuck yes!" she gasped deliriously. "Ohh
    Dashrath-Dashrath-Dashruhhhhhth uhhh *hanh* uhhh ohma uhh *hanh*
    uhh ohma uhh *hanh*!"

    He laughed and winked at the camera. "Nice hot tight pussy I got
    me here," he cackled. "Nice 'n juicy 'n hot ... jes the way I
    likes it! Take it, bitch ... c'mon ... take it all! Yeh! Thas' it!
    Feel good, donit?"

    He began to swirl his hips deftly, and Anuja gasped and moaned and
    whimpered ecstatically as his cock entered her from all angles,
    plunging in and scraping over her gorged clitoris. He never broke
    rhythm, didn't pause once. Even the strenuous position didn't seem
    to affect him and he gave no indication of approaching his climax.
    On the bench, Anuja fought desperately to stave off her orgasm and
    prolong the pleasure. The rhythmic sawing action of his cock
    sliding in and in and in, slipping out, then crushing back into
    her molten cunt-flesh felt divine. Suddenly he stopped and slid
    out of her. 

    "Awright! That wa' good 'nuff for starters, slut. Now les have
    some fun!"

    He scooted up her body and, placing his penis between her breasts,
    squeezed them over his cock and fucked her breasts slowly.

    "Nice tits," he said. "Real nice. Great nips, too. Haven' had me a
    nice bint like yer for a lon' time, slut. Feels good!"

    Now he got up astride the bench, moved back and made her turn

    "Ain't done yet," he muttered. "C'mon ... I wanna fuck yer from
    behind now! Like a bitch! "Bend over the bench, slut."

    Anuja obeyed him without protest, leaning on the bench on her
    forearms, her legs astride the bench, her sports shoe-clad feet on
    the court surface. The youth sat astride the bench, his cock
    sticking out and up and manoeuvered her down onto his penis,
    impaling her cunt on it. Anuja gasped, arching her head as she
    forced her cunt down onto his cock, rearing on outstretched arms.
    Dashrath put his arms around her and squeezed her breasts. Avinash
    took a shot of that. Dashrath nuzzled the nape of her neck,
    tongued her ear. She turned her face over her shoulder and he
    kissed her hungrily, thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth.
    Avinash took shots of that, too. Anuja whimpered and began rocking
    back and forth and up and down on his cock, grinding her hips
    round and round in tight, erotic circles. The youth held still,
    fondling her, letting her have her way for the moment. Her breasts
    were hot and turgid in his hands, swollen and hard with
    excitement, her nipples nut-hard and long in his fingers. She
    groaned and jigged heavily back and forth and up and down, running
    her cunt up and down the length of his massive cock. Her breasts
    jumped and jiggled and the gold necklace tossed and swung,
    slapping on her skin. Avinash clicked several shots in rapid

    "Now, bitch ... I wanna fuck! Up you get! Yeh! Thas' it!" He rose
    to his feet, his cock still embedded in her cunt. "Now. Ben' over,
    whore. More! Yeh! Thas' it! More!  Hol' the stand wi' your hands
    ... yeh, thas it ... show me your butt ... yeh ... thas good!"

    He moved her so that she was on her feet astride the bench and
    bent steeply forward like a hairpin, her hands clenching the legs
    of the bench. Her buttocks were splayed open under his hips. Anuja
    moaned, biting her lower lip. The gold necklace swung forward
    against her chin. The boy held still for a moment with his cock
    deep in her cunt, his hands squeezing her pendulous breasts. 

    "Like it, heh, bitch?" he sniggered. "Like my rod in your crack,

    "Oh yes!" she groaned thickly, her buttocks squirming eagerly
    against his hips. "Oh god yes!"

    "See if yer like this, then!" he grunted.

    He took several deep breaths, exhaling sharply, rapidly and then
    fell forward so that his body was curled over her behind like a
    second hairpin over the first. His chin was at her hunched
    shoulders. She groaned, and he nuzzled the nape of her neck,
    tongued her ear, squeezed her breasts. Then his hands slid down
    and gripped the legs of the bench above hers. 

    "Awright ... here we go, bitch ... One!"

    He lifted his hips high, sliding his cock out of her cunt, making
    her gasp at the sudden release in pressure till just the cock-head
    was in her slit. He paused for a fraction of a second and then,
    with a loud grunt, thrust down into her in a long, deep, piercing
    drive that drove his cock deep into her cunt to the hilt.

    "Oh mauhhh ahhhh uhhhhh OHHHHHHHHHHH!" Anuja cried, her head
    snapping up, her face contorting, her mouth jerking open, her lips
    drawing back over her teeth, tendons popping in her throat.

    Avinash clicked furiously.

    "Two!" the boy shouted, and lifted out of her and thrust in again.

    Anuja's ululating cry rang out over the deserted court and rang in
    the empty stands. Her buttocks swayed and writhed against his
    crotch. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his cock. It was
    incredibly good, big and hot and hard, filling her cunt to its


    The teenager grunted and began to stroke powerfully and
    rhythmically in and out of her cunt, rocking his hips up and down
    and back and forth. His cock pistoned in and out of her cunt,
    glistening and gleaming as it appeared and disappeared between the
    curved lobes of her buttocks. He panted and gasped, concentrating
    in the arduous position. Beneath him, Anuja's body trembled and
    shook and jerked with his thrusts, her gold necklace jumping
    wildly, her breasts jiggling violently with his thrusts.

    "OHHHHHHH uhhh Oh ma oh ma oh ma uhhh *hanh* uhhh yes Dashrath yes
    oh fuck yes ohhhhhh uhhhhh yes OH god yes!" she cried. "Ohhhhh
    uhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh uhhhhh yes!"

    "C'mon bitch ... take it!" he gasped. "Take it, you fuckin' whore!
    Take my cock! Yeh! Thas it! Oh fuck yeh ... thas good ... yeh ...
    thasit ... yeh ... oh yeh ... oh uhhh ahhh uhhh yeh uhhh *hanh*
    uhhh *hanh* uhhh yeh ... ohhhh uhhh ahhh uhh ah uh ah uh ah ah uh
    ah uh ah uh OHHHH!"

    He straightened and grinned at Avinash.

    "Click, motherfucker!" he laughed, his chest heaving. "Click more!
    Click me fuckin' the bitch! See how she loves it, asshole! Loves
    my dick in her pussy! Click more!"

    He laughed and kept fucking her, his hands on his buttocks,
    swinging his hips back and forth. Trapped on her hands and feet
    under him, Anuja moaned and whimpered, her body rocking back and
    forth, her cunt sliding to and fro along the length of his
    monstrous erection. Avinash got shots of the enormous penis sawing
    in and out of her cunt, its glistening enormity appearing and
    disappearing between the smoothly curved lobes of her buttocks.
    Her swollen, pendulous breasts swung and jiggled. Her face was a
    vision of lust above the bench. Avinash dropped in a crouch and
    took several close-ups. The boy laughed down at him. He held her
    hips and began moving faster, snapping his hips and jerking them
    savagely around in a tight arc as he sent his cock cork-screwing
    into her, entering her from all angles. Anuja gasped, her hips
    swaying and rolling in unison with his. His fingers dug into the
    soft flesh of her hips and buttocks as he moved her cunt back and
    forth the length of his bloated penis to suit his pleasure.

    "Take it, you fuckin' slut ... take it!" he grunted.

    Her buttocks cleaved open and he fingered her dainty anus.

    "Gonna take yer butt, too, whore ... gonna shove this fucker right
    up yer asshole ... an' yer jes gonna love it!"

    Suddenly he flipped forward over her again and began to move
    faster. His hips rose and fell, rose and fell. His buttocks flexed
    and unflexed. His thighs bounced off her buttocks, slapping
    loudly, his balls swinging against her cunt-lips. Faster and
    faster he went and, beneath him, Anuja gasped and cried out
    desperately, her face twisted in an agony of joy, her body rocking
    and jerking under his. Faster still and he began ram-fucking her
    furiously, lifting his hips and slamming them down, slapping them
    at her buttocks with loud smacks, whipping them from the waist,
    ramming and reaming his cock in and out of her cunt like a
    trip-hammer at full blast. 

    Avinash kept his finger jammed on the motor-drive. The boy's hips
    rose and fell, moving faster and faster. His huge cock thundered
    and plunged and pistoned furiously in and out of her cunt. Her
    body rocked and jerked and snapped under his thrusts. Her face was
    arched, her head thrown back, her features contorted in a
    soundless grimace of pure wanton lust, her mouth wide, her eyes
    squeezed shut, her lips drawn back over her pearly teeth. Avinash
    moved behind them and took several close-ups, catching the boy's
    buttocks flexing and unflexing rapidly, his puckered anus winking
    as his buttocks opened and closed with his movements.

    "Take it!" he shouted, going faster and faster. "Take it, whore!
    Take it! C'mon yeh c'mon yeh oh yeh oh fuck yeh oh yeh oh yeh oh
    yeh ohhh fuck yes!"

    "Ohhhhh uhhh ohhhhhh uhhhhhh oh fuck yes uhhhh oh yes oh yes ohh
    yes oh god Dashrath yes oh yes ohhhhhhh uhhhhh OH ma uh *hanh* uh
    ah uh *hanh* uh ah uh *hanh* uhhh oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma
    ohhhhh uhhh ohhh uhhh oh uhhh OHHHHH!"

    Beneath him, Anuja was beyond words. She moaned and sobbed in joy,
    her chest heaving as wave after wave of a violent orgasm wracked
    her body. On and on he went, plundering her flesh without respite.
    Suddenly, he rammed into her hard once, twice, three times. She
    moaned, expecting his orgasm. Instead, he rocked to a stop,
    squeezed her breasts and looked at Avinash.

    "You got 'nuff flim, stud? Lotsa flim?"

    Avinash looked at him over his viewfinder. "I have plenty of film,

    The boy cackled. "Good. 'Cause yer gonna need it, hero ... yer
    really gonna need it! I'm gonna fuck this dame for a long, long
    time 'fore I'm done!"

    Beneath him, Anuja moaned deliriously. Avinash looked at her,
    radiant with joy, her body streaming with sweat and then looked
    back at the ballboy coldly. 

    "Yes," he said. "Keep fucking her. Fuck her as much as you like."
    And raised his camera again. 

                                = o =