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Mary Jorsay Gandmar 

                         P E N T A P R I S M


                            Camera Candida

                           5 : Local Heroes

    Avinash was glad he came. After what she told him about her
    liaison on the beach with a stranger, he did not want to miss a
    single opportunity. What he was witnessing now was better than he
    had dared hope.

    Anuja lay naked on her back on a large rectangular dining table of
    rough untreated wood in an open shack by the beach. There were
    three men with her. Her face was turned to one side and one of the
    men was fucking her mouth, holding her head with one hand and
    rocking it to and fro as he pumped his hips back and forth at her
    face. A second man played with her breasts, squeezing the fleshy
    mounds. The third, chortling, stood between her forked, spread
    legs, masturbating her slowly with a green glass beer bottle. 

    Anuja thrashed on the table as the men pawed her body. The man
    with the beer bottle laughed lewdly, twisting the open bottle
    round and round in his hands, moving its neck slowly in and out of
    her cunt. Her hips heaved and jerked up and down on the table.
    Cold beer trickled between her thighs. The man slipped the bottle
    out and lifted it to his lips and took a deep swig.

    "Ahh," he said is satisfaction. "Tays reel nice like this! Want
    more, bitch? Betchado!"

    Without waiting for a response, he pushed the bottle between her
    legs again. Anuja gasped, sputtering on the huge cock filling her
    mouth. Her face was distended with its size. The man playing with
    her breasts pushed the one fucking her mouth away and jerked her
    head around to his crotch and forced his penis into her mouth.
    Anuja moaned and started sucking the second man's penis hungrily,
    her head rocking back and forth.

    Crouched behind a low wooden side-wall, Avinash clicked furiously.
    This was fantastic, erotic beyond belief. The men were unaware of
    his presence and couldn't hear his shutter and motor drive over
    the wind and the sea and their own sounds and grunts.

    It was two days after Anuja fucked with the stranger on the beach.
    The next evening she returned, with Avinash following at a
    discrete distance, walking parallel to her path higher along the
    beach. Her lover was waiting for her, and there was another man
    with him, also superbly built and stark naked, with a thick, long
    cock. She went up to them. For the next hour, crouched in the
    shrubbery, Avinash filmed his wife fucking the two strangers by
    the seashore. He had a clear and unobstructed view: she ensured
    that by moving so that neither man blocked Avinash's line of

    They fucked her in turns at first, the second man taking her
    first, fucking her mouth and then ram-fucking her on her back on
    the side. Then the second one took her astride his lap after he
    had fucked her mouth. Then they fucked her together, in her cunt
    and mouth, swapping places frequently. Finally, they fucked her in
    her cunt and ass together, their huge penises sawing rhythmically
    in and out of her adjacent orifices, her body trembling and
    thrashing ecstatically between theirs.

    The evening after, they avoided that side of the beach and walked
    in the opposite direction instead. There were several small
    thatched shacks on this stretch, serving beer and local liquor and
    delicious seafood. There weren't many hotels on this beach, and it
    wasn't peak season. There were no foreign tourists. Most of the
    shacks were deserted, wrapped up awaiting the pending monsoon. The
    ones that were open had no women, just local men who eyed her body
    hungrily. She was wearing a sarong knotted behind her neck and
    waist and nothing else. It came down from her neck in a halter
    loop, twin strips of cloth barely covering her breasts. It was
    wound low on her hips, exposing most of her midriff and, in
    profile, the swell and underside of her breasts. Behind, her
    butt-cleavage was prominently displayed. The sarong hung down to
    her shins and she was barefoot. The material was fine and
    translucent and hid very little. The gold necklace twinkled
    against her honey skin.

    They walked on for the better part of an hour. The shacks grew
    fewer and further apart. Anuja stopped.

    "Want to turn back?" Avinash said.

    "Mm. Might as well. No one here for me to fuck and you to

    "No, more's the pity."

    She grinned. "You could take me frigging. Out in the open."

    He wrinkled his face. "Not sexy enough. I've got plenty of that

    She giggled and pecked him on the cheek. "You could set the motor
    drive and video and let it run while you fucked me."

    He laughed. "Good try, but no, Anji. I told you," he said without

    "Oh well," she sighed. "I'll just have to keep trying."

    "You do that," he chuckled. "Let's see who wins."

    "Oh, I will. Sooner or later."


    "Take a bet."

    "You're on."

    "Give me odds."

    "Hundred to one."

    "Fine. A thousand."

    "Big stakes."

    "For the jackpot."

    "Is there a time limit on this?"

    "You decide. Depends on how confident you are about resisting me."

    "Okay, fine. No time limit."

    She laughed and squeezed his cock. He did nothing to push her hand
    away, but there was no response. 

    "Soon," she murmured huskily, her lips parted. "Soon I'll suck it
    and have it in my cunt and in my ass. Just watch."

    He grinned and let her fondle him, knowing that nothing would
    happen. She abandoned her caresses and turned away.

    "See, I'm ahead already," he mocked her gently.

    "For now, lover. Just for now. Don't count your chickens just

    He laughed and stepped beside her.

    "I'm very thirsty," she said after a bit. "Let's stop somewhere.
    I'd like some coconut-water."


    They saw a shack ahead, set back from the beach. Anuja pointed to

    "There's a shack. We'll get something there."

    They moved to the shack. Avinash never knew what instinct made him
    drop back. She looked over her shoulder once. He waved her on. She
    looked at the shack and saw three men in it and, smiling, walked
    to it. Avinash dropped into the surrounding shrubs and ducked
    behind trees, edging closer to the hut.

    Anuja sauntered into the shack. The three men stopped their
    conversation and looked at her in silence, their eyes raking her
    body up and down. It was getting darker. A lone naked bulb swung
    on a wire from the pitched roof.

    "Yes?" one of them said. He was a tall, broad-shouldered, beefy
    man, dark and swarthy, wearing shorts and a tight T-shirt with
    horizontal stripes.

    "I'd like something to drink," Anuja said.

    The shack had three long wooden tables with rough-hewn benches.
    Towards the rear of the shack there was a tall counter with jars
    of sweets and biscuits and chocolates. An ancient refrigerator
    groaned and clunked in one corner. Behind the counter, a curtain
    hung over an opening that evidently led to a room beyond.

    The men were seated at the table closest to the beach. The edges
    of the shack were lined with waist-high plates of tin. Sturdy
    wooden poles propped up the roof. Anuja flicked a glance at the
    other two men. They were wearing swimming briefs and nothing else.
    Their bodies were hard and lean and muscular, smooth and dark with
    very little body hair. They were clean-shaven and had hard faces.
    Their trunks were tight and short and their crotches bulged
    thickly. There was a bottle of pale liquid with three glasses and
    a pack of cigarettes on the table.

    Anuja sat down at the centre table. The men looked at her in
    silence. Finally, the one in the striped T-shirt spoke.

    "The bar's closed."

    "A glass of water is all I want. I'd like a coconut, if you have
    one, actually." And then she added, softly, looking at them
    directly, "with thick cream."

    The men looked at her, then at each other. 

    "I said, the bar's closed," the man in the T-shirt scowled.

    "Hey, c'mon, Moses, men. Give the dame a drink," one of the
    swimmers said.

    The other swimmer sniggered and Anuja saw him wink quickly. Her
    pulse quickened. These were rough, tough men. She wondered what
    they would do with her body.

    The barman, Moses, hesitated, then nodded briefly and levered
    himself from the table. He was tall and hefty and Anuja noticed
    how powerful his body was despite the bulk, for he walked smoothly
    and easily with a light step.

    "So whaddya wanna drink?" he growled.

    "What have you got?"

    "Beer. Whisky. Rum. Gin. Feni."

    "A soft drink?"

    "No soft drinks."

    "Mineral water."

    "No mineral water. Tap water."

    "Not good," one of the swimmers interrupted. 

    She looked at him. 

    "The tap water's not good," he repeated. "Well's bad."

    "No coconuts either, I suppose?" Anuja said softly.

    "No." The barman crossed his arms.

    "Oh well, I'll just have to move along, I guess. Pity." She got

    "Wait." One of the swimmers spoke. "Have a beer with soda. It's
    lighter. Not so bad. Have a drink with us, lady."

    Anuja hesitated. The man grinned. He nodded to the barman. "Moses,
    get Khajuraho. And two soda."

    The barman went to the refrigerator and pulled out the bottles.
    The swimmer motioned to Anuja to sit with them. She sat down
    opposite, on the bench where the barman had been sitting when she

    "Hi," one of them said.


    "My name's Eric. And this is my cousin-bro, Joe."

    "I'm Anuja."

    "You're alone?" Eric said.

    "Yes. I came out of the hotel for a walk."

    The men nodded. Moses ferried the bottles and more glasses to the
    table. He popped the caps with a rusty opener. Joe half-filled a
    glass with beer and added soda and pushed it across to Anuja. Joe
    filled the other three glasses. Anuja lifted her glass.

    "Cheers," Eric said. 

    Anuja sipped the drink. Even with the soda, the beer was vile,
    strong and sharp. For one who didn't drink, it was unpalatable.
    But it was liquid and cool and it quenched her raging thirst.

    "Good?" Joe grinned.

    "No. Terrible." She made a face. 

    The men laughed. "Wanna try the feni? Toddy? Home made. Ver'

    "No thank you."

    "C'mon, try it. Moses, get the feni."

    "No. Please."

    "Then finish the beer."


    "Moses, two more."

    Anuja sipped her drink. Moses sat down beside her. She could feel
    the hard heat of his body, the erotic, slightly musky smell of his
    flesh. The men opposite were very sexy, with hard, lean bodies,
    muscular and toned, their torsos V-shaped and hairless with broad,
    cleaved chests and flat bellies and broad shoulders. They had
    handsome, rugged, clean-shaven faces. The men sat in silence,
    their eyes on her body. Joe put down his drink and grinned

    "You're pretty."

    "Thank you."

    "Nice tits."


    "You've got nice tits."

    Anuja tensed. The men fell silent. A frisson of excitement and
    fear rippled through her. She took the plunge.

    "You've got nice bodies, too," she murmured. "At least I like what
    I see." She turned to Moses. "You, I can't see enough."

    "Wanna see my dick?"

    "Is it worth seeing?"

    "So they say."

    Anuja grinned. "And what about the two of you? Do they say your
    pricks are worth seeing, too?"

    Eric and Moses chuckled softly. "Yeh. And not jes worth seeing,

    "What then?"

    "Worth sucking, too, they sez, and taking in a slit and arsole."


    "Wanna see?" Eric grinned.

    "Mm. Yes."

    "See. Look."

    He rolled his swimming trunks down his thighs. Anuja peered across
    and over the table. His uncircumcised cock was genuinely
    impressive, long and thick, with heavy balls.

    "Nice, heh?"

    "Interesting," she admitted.

    "Wanna try it out?"


    "Lemme feel your tits," Moses grunted beside her.

    Anuja smiled sexily and lifted her arms, clasping her hands behind
    her head. Her breasts moved under the sarong. Moses slipped a
    dark, thickly muscled arm around her and slid it under her sarong,
    cupping and squeezing her breasts.

    "Nice. Real nice," he grunted.

    Her nipple jumped erect in his fingers. Her lips parted sensually
    and she ran her tongue sexily over her upper lip. He squeezed her
    breast again and chuckled.

    "Show me your tits, babe," Joe grunted.

    She bent her head forward so that Moses could reach the sarong
    knot on the nape of her neck. He flicked open the loose bow. The
    sarong collapsed down her front. Anuja's breasts sprang into view.
    Joe pulled his swimming trunks down and showed her his cock. Like
    Eric's, it was thick and long. Moses continued kneading her

    "I'm hot," she said suddenly.

    "Here, this'll cool you off reel naice," Eric laughed.

    He popped open a bottle and, with his thumb over the mouth, shook
    it vigourously, then sprayed it across the table. Anuja gasped as
    the frothing beer hit her face and breasts, drenching her body and
    the sarong. She tried to dodge the spray and the men laughed as
    she ducked and weaved. She laughed, too, and, springing up from
    the table ran across the shack, her sarong falling off, leaving
    her completely naked. The men jumped up after her, Joe and Eric
    dropping their swimming briefs, Moses stripping off his T-shirt
    and shucking down his shorts. As she pranced around a table, Anuja
    saw that Moses' cock, too, was thick and long and he had heavy,
    low balls. His barrel-chested torso was matted with hair. His
    belly was round and hard. She laughed and dodged Eric and moved to
    the other side of the table. The other two moved around on the
    other side of the table in a pincer movement. She tried to duck
    past them, squealing and laughing but they caught her between

    "C'mon bitch, let's fuck!" Joe shouted.

    Six hands pawed her naked body. They lifted her between them and
    shoved her down on her back on the table. Anuja gasped, laughing
    brightly, and spread her legs.

    "C'mon, guys! Fuck me!" she cried, her body hot with excitement
    and lust. "I want your cocks! Take me!"

    She turned her face to one side and Joe pushed his cock into her
    mouth. She started sucking it hard and it ballooned rapidly in her
    mouth. Moses fingered her slit and found her wet.

    "Horny slut," he cackled. "Her cunt's thirsty, too!"

    "Give her sum beer, jock!" Eric shouted.

    Moses grabbed the bottle and shoved it between her thighs. Anuja
    gasped as the cold glass and even colder liquid hit her cunt and
    clitoris. Moses laughed and pushed the neck of the bottle into her
    slit and started masturbating her with it. Anuja gasped, thrashing
    and writhing on the table, her hips pumping and jerking up and
    down in excitement. It felt wonderful. Eric pushed Joe away and
    pulled her head to his crotch. 

    Now Moses discarded the bottle. He elbowed Eric aside and shoved
    his fat cock at her mouth. Anuja groaned in joy and began sucking
    it hungrily. Joe moved between her legs and pushed his erect penis
    between her thighs. He held her thighs in his hands, then flexed
    his buttocks and slid his hips forward. His cock surged into her
    cunt. Anuja gasped deep in her cock-filled throat and arched
    steeply on the rough wooden table. Her hand flew up and she
    grabbed Eric's cock and began masturbating him feverishly. 

    "Hey, leave off, men!" Joe shouted. "Lemme fuck her proply, men!"

    "Fuck you!" Moses bellowed.

    "Yeh! She is!"

    Anuja restored peace and averted a violent squabble. She stopped
    sucking Moses' cock and masturbating Eric.

    "C'mon guys ... you can all have me," she said. "Let him finish,
    okay? Then you can have your turns."

    Moses and Eric seemed mollified by her tone and words. They
    stepped back. Anuja smiled at Joe, who had his throbbing,
    monstrous erection buried in her slit. He gasped thickly as she
    squeezed his cock with her strong cunt muscles.

    "Feels good, Joe? Like it?"

    "Fuck yes!" he gasped.

    "C'mon ... fuck me, Joe ... fuck me hard!" she called. 

    She lifted and squeezed her breasts erotically, opening her mouth
    and arching her tongue over her upper lip. Joe groaned and exhaled
    sharply, rapidly, breathing in through his nose, out through his
    mouth, struggling for control. His chest heaved. 

    "Thas better," he muttered. "C'mon ... now tikit, whore!"

    He began fucking her rhythmically, rocking his cock in and out of
    her cunt, swinging his hips steadily from the waist, flexing and
    unflexing his buttocks. He used a strangely sexy metronomic
    rhythm, hammering in and out for precisely three strokes, pausing
    with his cock buried in her slit, grinding his hips between her
    thighs to churn her cunt with his cock, then returning to the
    rapid thrusts. It felt wonderful. Anuja gasped and moaned, her
    body jerking and snapping on the table, her head flipping from
    side to side, her neck arched, her face contorted in delight, her
    hands squeezing and crushing her swollen breasts in excitement.
    Her hips heaved and pumped up and down under his, matching his
    beat in perfect syncopation. Joe leaned over her, holding her
    waist as he rocked his hips back and forth. His cock surged in and
    out of her cunt, sending waves of pleasure rolling through her
    body, which jerked with his thrusts.

    "Ohh uhhh ohhhhh uhhh Ohh yes!" she gasped. "Oh baby yes ... do
    it, Joe! Fuck me! Ohhh yes! That's it ... ohhh that's so good!
    Yes! C'mon lover do it! Harder, Joe, harder! Fuck me harder! Ohhhh
    yeh! That's it! C'mon! Shove it in, baby! Shove it all in! Ahhhhh
    yes! There! Oh fuck yes! That's it! C'mon! Shove it all in, lover
    uhhhh OHH ma uhhh yes! Oh fuck yes oh yes Joe uhh Oh uhh ohh uhh
    ohhh uhh Joe-uhhh-OHHHHHH yes!"

    "Shit, whatta pieceuvass!" Eric swore softly under his breath,
    masturbating as he watched his cousin fuck Anuja on the table.
    "Whatta fuck!"

    Joe began moving faster still, moving his hands up her body to her
    breasts, crushing them under his weight as he leaned on them on
    his outstretched arms. His powerful shoulders hunched. Still he
    kept up the oddly mesmerizing rhythm,
    one-two-three-pause-grind-one-two-three ... Anuja gasped and
    moaned, her body pinned to the table, her hips heaving and
    writhing under his, her fingers digging into his thickly sinewed
    forearms. She wound her legs about his thighs and pulled him
    deeper into her.

    "C'mon! Faster! Ohhhh uhh yes! That's it! Oh fuck yes Joe yes!"
    she called.

    He fucked her with grim determination, panting and gasping but
    saying nothing, concentrating fiercely on what he was doing to
    her. His rhythm altered to a rapid in-out stroke as he hammered
    his hips back and forth wildly. Anuja gasped and arched, teetering
    on the brink of a wild orgasm. It broke over her like a
    thunderclap. Her cunt bit down fiercely hot on his pistoning penis
    and Joe gasped, arching his head, his powerful muscles cording and
    straining and thrust into her hard once, twice, three, four ...
    half a dozen times. Each thrust drew a choking gasp from her and
    made her body curl on the small of her back. At last he succumbed.
    With a shuddering moan, he thrust deep into her cunt and held
    fast, his buttocks flexed taut, his hips twitching violently as he
    emptied his load copiously into her tight, hot, clonic cunt.
    Beneath him, Anuja moaned her joy as she felt the stinging jets of
    jizz spurt into her cunt-flesh. Slowly, he slid out of her cunt
    and tottered back, gasping.

    "Men, she's fab to fuck!" he cried. "Too good, boss!"

    He staggered away and took a deep swig of beer, lit a cigarette.
    Eric was already elbowing his way between her legs, pushing Moses
    aside. Anuja closed her legs.

    "Wait. Let me clean up first. And not you. Him. I want him first,"
    she pointed to Moses. "You wait. Get me that soda bottle."

    Eric swore softly, but didn't protest. He got her the soda bottle.

    "Give it to him," Anuja told Eric, pointing to Moses. "Now," she
    continued as Moses took the bottle and looked at her askance,
    "shake it up and spray out my slit."

    She lay on her back and, spreading her legs, clawed her cunt-lips
    open. Moses chuckled. He shook the soda bottle vigorously with his
    thumb capped over the open mouth and then, pushing it into her
    crotch, released his thumb. Anuja gasped, arching steeply as the
    carbonated water shot into her cunt in a fierce, stinging jet. As
    a make-shift douche, it was remarkably effective: Joe's jizz came
    trickling out.

    "Once more!" she said. "Do it again!"

    Moses repeated the stunt, then removed the bottle.

    "That's better," she murmured. "Okay, now you can fuck me. Want to
    do it from behind?"

    "Yeah. Thas good."

    Anuja smiled and turned around on her forearms and knees on the
    table. Her swollen breasts hung pendulous with her gold necklace.
    She shuffled her knees apart and pushed her buttocks back towards
    the barman. 

    "C'mon, Moses ... stuff my slit ... shove your cock right up into
    it, stud! I want it all!" she called over her shoulder.

    She was impossible to resist. The hefty man grunted and stepped up
    onto one of the benches by the table and pushed his cock between
    her buttocks. Anuja groaned as she felt the searing heat of his
    cock press to her wet cunt-lips. He pushed his hips slightly
    forward and his cock-head popped into her cunt. She gasped, biting
    her lower lip, her eyes fluttering shut, her head rising. Moses
    held her hips and, with a loud grunt, thrust his cock deep into
    her cunt in one long, smooth, rushing thrust. The breath hissed
    from her throat as the huge penis surged into her cunt-channel.

    "Oh ma uhhhh yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes! C'mon! Do it! Fuck me!
    Fuck me, Moses! Fuck me like a whore!"

    The barman gasped, tossing his head back, digging his fingers into
    the soft flesh of her hips as he pressed his crotch to her rounded
    buttocks and buried his throbbing penis in the delightfully warm,
    hot, moist sheath of her cunt. 

    "Ohhhhhhh uhhh ahhhhhh uhhh yeh! Fuck yes, baby yes!" he gasped.

    He began fucking her with short, jabbing thrusts, gripping her
    waist and rocking her back and forth with his hands as he pumped
    his hips at her buttocks. Anuja gasped, her breasts jiggling and
    wobbling as she moved.

    "C'mon, whore c'mon ... yeh ... oh fuck yeh ... c'mon, slut ...
    tik my cock ... ohh uhh yeh ... c'mon, bitch ... tik it all!"

    "Ohhhh uhh Ohhhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes, Moses, yes! Ohhh baby yes
    that's so good Moses yes! Fuck me, lover ... fuck my cunt ... fuck
    it hard ... OHHHHHH uhhhh yeh! That's it ... c'mon ... shove your
    cock right in ... ahhhh yeh ... there! That's it! Shove it in all
    the way, lover! Ohhhhh uhhh yes!"

    The barman's movements grew more jagged and frenzied as he plunged
    greedily in and out of her cunt. She realised that he wasn't
    nearly as masterful a lover as his predecessor in her orifice,
    despite his satisfyingly large cock. She made the best of it,
    rocking herself back and forth, sliding her cunt up and down the
    length of his cock, trying to guide him. It was futile. He lacked
    control. Before she could come, well before her orgasm hit, he
    thrust wildly into her again and again. She gasped, squeezing his
    cock with her cunt in a frantic attempt to gain her own peak. She
    succeeded in the nick of time, exploding just as he came, too,
    pawing her pendulous breasts, hammering his hips violently at her
    buttocks. His cock spewed molten lava in thick, sticky jets into
    her slit. Anuja gasped, whimpering, closing her eyes in pleasure
    and contracting her cunt tightly on his penis, sucking his seed
    into her flesh.

    He staggered away and Anuja moaned, swaying and trembling on the
    table, her chest heaving, her eyes glassy and dazed. Eric chuckled
    and squeezed her buttocks, moving behind her.

    "Now me," he said. "My turn now."

    "No, wait. Clean me up again. Like before."

    Once more she flipped on her back and let herself get douched with
    cold soda water. 

    "Ready?" Eric asked when he had done with the second bottle.

    "Yes," she smiled. "But not like this. C'mon, get on that bench on
    your back. I'll ride your cock."

    Eric grinned and lay down on his back on the bench, his legs
    spread, his feet on the floor. His penis was truly wonderful, at
    least ten inches long and correspondingly thick. Anuja couldn't
    help herself. With a soft moan, kneeling on the rough floor of the
    shack, she bent her head over his lap and took his cock in her
    mouth. Eric groaned softly and held her head with one hand, moving
    it up and down over his lap to suit his pleasure. She murmured
    softly, sucking and jerking his cock, working the bulging
    cock-head cunningly with her tongue. His hips bucked and writhed
    under her face.

    "Oh yeh ... oh uhhh ... yeh ... thas good, bitch ... yeh ... c'mon
    ... suck harder ... oh yeh ... oh fuck yeh thas it!" Eric grunted.

    Anuja sucked his balls, jerking his cock, ducking her head under
    his upright shaft, her eyes tilted up to his face, glassy with
    lust. Eric craned his neck to watch her, gasping and groaning. He
    pushed her head away. She moaned and slid up over his body,
    rubbing her breasts and nipples over his cock.

    Anuja straddled his hips in a deep squat, her feet splayed on the
    floor on either side on the bench. Taking his cock in her hand,
    she impaled her cunt on it smoothly, engulfing it in her hot flesh
    with a loud aaahhhhhh of pleasure. Eric gasped and arched his
    hips. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his penis. She arched her
    head, hissing his pleasure, grinding her hips round and round in
    tight, erotic circles, sliding her hands up her body to her
    breasts, lifting and squeezing them in excitement. 

    "Ohhhhh yes!" she gasped. "Oh fuck yes, Eric! That's so good!"

    She began moving up and down on his hips, sliding her cunt up and
    down the length of his throbbing erection. Her face turned from
    side to side, a vision of lust, her eyes hooded, her mouth open as
    she gasped erotic obscenities. Her breasts jumped and jiggled and
    the gold necklace tossed on her honey skin. Her cunt rose and fell
    on his long, thick penis, which appeared and disappeared between
    her buttocks. Eric moved in unison with her, heaving his hips up
    and down rhythmically under her, gripping her buttocks and
    squeezing them.

    "C'mon ... tik my cock, whore!" he gasped. "C'mon ... tik it! Oh
    fuck ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon baby ... tik my cock! Ohhh uhhh yeh
    ... thas good ... oh fuck yes ... ohhhhhh uhhh yes!"

    "Ohhhhh uhhh ohhhhhh uhhh ahhhh yes Eric yes! Ohhhh fuck yes ...
    ohhh uhhhh yes!" she moaned. "Fuck me lover! Fuck me!"

    Twisting her body, she reached behind and squeezed his balls. Eric
    groaned. He began moving faster, whipping his hips up and down
    under her. Anuja gasped and cried out and leaned forward over him,
    her hands on his chest, her breasts and necklace pendulous over
    his body. Eric squeezed her breasts and, craning his neck, sucked
    and licked her nipples, nibbling sharply. Anuja gasped and cried
    out, her cunt contracting and convulsing on his pistoning penis.
    From behind the other two men could see her cunt rising up and
    down his cock, her buttocks opening and closing rhythmically, her
    puckered anus winking in temptation. Anuja cried out and arched
    her body, straightening her back. She hissed in pleasure as her
    orgasm neared. Her belly sucked inward and she pressed a palm to
    her belly, keeping her cunt-lips wide open, one fingertip curled
    in and pressed to her clitoris while she squeezed and crushed her
    breasts with the other hand. Her orgasm loomed and then she
    exploded, shuddering and moaning, her cunt-juices flooding over
    his cock in a steaming rush, her cunt spasming and convulsing
    frenetically on his penis. Eric gasped and heaved up into her,
    losing control. Anuja moaned, her face creasing in a smile of
    pleasure as the man's hot jizz geysered into her slit in a hot,
    searing flood.

    Their bodies subsided slowly. Anuja slipped off his cock and sank
    down on the other bench. The men grinned at her. Her body
    glistened with sweat and her face was flushed and radiant.

    "Good fuck," Moses said. "Tanks."

    "You're most welcome," Anuja grinned. "Want some more?"

    "More?" Joe gasped. "Aincha fagged out?"

    "We could have another go, if you like. What time is it?"

    Eric glanced at his watch. "Almost eight."

    "Oh dear." Anuja shook her head. "Sorry guys, that's it for today.
    I've must go."


    She laughed. "My husband'll be waiting for me."

    "Your husband? You're married?" Moses looked incredulous.

    Anuja laughed at his expression. "What's the matter, Moses?
    Married women don't fuck?"

    "Not like this, they don'!"

    Anuja laughed again. "Actually, we're on our honeymoon."

    "What?" It was Joe's turn to look astonished.

    She grinned. "Yes. We are. Truly."

    "An' you're fuckin' aroun' on your honeymoon?" Eric sounded

    "That's what honeymoons are for, you know," she said.

    "No' wi' others!"

    "Of course with others. That's my idea of a honeymoon, anyway.
    Tell you what, guys. Say I come back tomorrow. We can fuck again
    then. How about it?"

    The men looked at her in stunned silence. She grinned impishly.

    "Tomorrow, we'll do it differently. You can fuck my ass."

    Joe sucked in his breath sharply.

    "Actually, no, wait. You can fuck my ass, all of you, and we'll do
    a casata."


    "A three in one? All three of your together? In my cunt, mouth and

    "Mother of god," Moses breathed. 

    "Fine. That's fixed then," Anuja said, getting to her feet. "Joe,
    get my sarong, would you? Thanks." She began knotting the sarong
    around herself. "Moses," she smiled. "I'll have that soft drink

    Moses laughed, and the tension eased. "Sure thing, lady," he said,
    going to the refrigerator. "Coke okay with you?"

    "Thums Up, if you have it. Taste the thunder."

    Eric and Joe laughed, their eyes dancing. "You said it, babe! You
    said it!" Eric cackled. "Tays' the thunder! Thas good!"

    Anuja drank the cola straight from the bottle, finishing it
    quickly. She set the bottle on the table and turned. The men stood
    around her. She kissed them all in turn, quickly and gently, full
    on the lips. They pawed her body. She squeezed their naked cocks
    affectionately. They had fucked her quite well. They would do even
    better tomorrow.

    "Thanks guys," she murmured. "I'll be back tomorrow. Same time."

    "Yeah. Same time."

    "And Moses ... get me some coconuts tomorrow. Thick cream."

    The men laughed. "What you say, lady," Moses grinned. "What you

    She stepped out of the shack and down the path. Pausing once, she
    looked back and saw them standing naked, looking after her in
    silence. Her teeth flashed in the darkness and she waved. They
    lifted their hands. Their faces still bore stunned, incredulous
    expressions. Anuja turned and let the darkness embrace her.

    "Was it good?" she murmured. "Good shots?"

    Beside her, Avinash, padding silently over the sandy path chuckled
    softly. "It was fabulous. Incredible stuff. Thank you. I enjoyed

    "So did I."

    "Great timing, too."

    "Meaning what?"

    "I was about running out of film and tape when you stopped. If
    you'd gone three on one, I'd have missed it."

    She laughed softly. "Don't worry, husband. There's always
    tomorrow. There's always another day, and another man to fuck."

                                = o =