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Mary Jorsay Gandmar 

                         P E N T A P R I S M


                            Camera Candida

                           2 : Housekeeping

    Earlier that day, Avinash kept his promise and arranged for Anuja
    to have

    two lovers that afternoon. Over a light lunch of iced tea and a
    cold salad, he teased her when she attempted to get him to reveal
    her lovers' identities.

    "Come on, Avinash, tell me!" she said, feigning annoyance.

    He laughed at her expression. "No. It will be a surprise."

    "I'm fed up of your surprises."

    "You'll enjoy this one."

    "You're mean." She pouted, but her eyes were twinkling.

    He grinned. "Yes, you said that. I understand your feelings."

    Suddenly, her eyes darkened and her smile vanished. "Frankly, I
    doubt it," she said quietly.

    He shook his head. "No. I mean it. I don't particularly respect
    what I am doing to you."

    "Then don't."

    "Anuja, please. It's not possible. I just can't give you what you

    "I'm not even sure I want it any longer."

    "Then that's perfect. Neither of us wants it, and both of us gets
    what we do."

    "You're speaking in riddles."

    "Am I?"

    "Aren't you?"

    "No, not really. Think about it. We don't have sex ..."

    "We don't fuck."

    "All right, have it your way. We don't fuck each other. You fuck
    other guys. You enjoy them. They enjoy you. I enjoy watching you.
    I enjoy making my films. It's perfect."

    "What a relationship."

    He arched an eyebrow. "You know, it might just work."

    "Meaning what?"

    "We could even become friends. Barring this one thing, there's no
    other area of friction, really, is there?"

    "Not yet."

    "There won't be."

    "I don't know if I want this kind of a friendship."

    "It's not so bad."

    She relaxed and, inwardly, he sighed in relief. She smiled at him.

    "Okay, I'm willing to give it a try. But first tell me who you've
    got for me."

    He threw back his head and laughed and she giggled. 

    "Come, you horny bitch," he murmured, leaning forward and touching
    her fingers with his. "Let's go back. I'm feeling randy. I want to
    see you get fucked."

    Back in their suite, Anuja changed into a light outfit. It was a
    knee-length gown or smock in white cotton. It had broad shoulder
    straps and a square, button-down yoke in front that was closely
    contoured to her chest. She left the buttons undone so that her
    breasts were squeezed together by the tightly configured cloth to
    form a deep and tantalising cleavage in which her gold necklace
    nestled. The back of the gown dropped low to just above her
    buttocks. She wore no underwear and her hair was coiled in a cute
    bun behind her head. Anuja looked bewitching.

    She pirouetted for him, smiling. "Like it?"


    "You think they'll find it sexy?"

    "They'd be crazy not to."

    "You mean it."


    She swayed up to him and put her arms around his neck. He did not
    attempt to push her away and she quickened with hope.

    "And you, Avinash? Don't you find me sexy?"

    She was irresistible. "Yes," he mumbled. "God, yes."

    "Then fuck me, Avinash. Please. I want your cock."

    Time stood still. He drowned in her eyes. Her breath was warm and
    sweet on his face. Her lips fluttered open and gently met his.
    Avinash's heart pounded. His pulse raced. Of their own, his lips
    parted. Anuja exulted and quickly slid her tongue into his mouth
    and, sliding her hand to his crotch, squeezed the thick bulge of
    his cock through his trousers. She felt his cock stir. The kiss
    deepened, lengthened and now he responded, his tongue flicking at

    Suddenly, he pushed her away. "No, god, no. Please! Don't!"

    Anuja stepped back. He was panting, his eyes wild with a fear she
    could not understand. He moaned and buried his face in his hands.
    Anuja cupped his face gently and kissed his forehead.

    "All right, Avinash. Leave it for now. Eventually. Soon."

    He shook his head, not looking her in the eye and stumbling across
    the room, started fiddling with his cameras.

    "Sir! Housekeeping!" There was a sharp rap on the door.

    For a second, Anuja and Avinash looked at each other. The knock
    and call were repeated. Anuja took a deep breath and stepped back.

    "Will you answer it, please?" she murmured. "I want them inside."

    She stepped past him and went into the bedroom. Avinash answered
    the door. A few minutes later, he entered the bedroom with two men
    behind him lugging his gear. He directed them to set it down and
    then turned to his wife.

    "Peter, Mahesh, my wife, Anuja."

    Standing by the bed, Anuja looked at the two men and felt a quick
    rush of pleasure. She smiled warmly at them. They were handsome
    and exciting, both clean-shaven and rugged with good, hard bodies.
    They grinned at her, their hunger naked in their eyes as they
    raked her body up and down. Flicking a glance to Avinash, she
    nodded imperceptibly in approval. He stifled a grin.

    "Okay guys, all set?" he murmured.

    "Yes, sir." Peter smiled broadly and Mahesh chuckled.

    They moved up to her by the bed and Avinash bent his head to his

    By the bed, Anuja stood between the two men, Peter in front and
    Mahesh behind her. The bodies closed together. Avinash flicked a
    glance at them and saw Peter slide his hands down her face and
    neck, pulling open the neck of her smock, freeing her breasts. She
    murmured in pleasure as he cupped her breasts and fondled them
    gently. They swelled and grew heavy and her nipples hardened. She
    began to unbutton his shirt. Behind her, Mahesh slid his hands
    under her dress and drew it up around her waist and caressed her
    naked buttocks and, reaching around, her thighs and crotch. He
    dropped his trousers. His cock bounced out, already hardening,
    thick and long. He rubbed it against her soft, rounded buttocks,
    while Peter squeezed her breasts and bent his head to kiss her.
    Her hands went into her crotches, one in Peter's, the other behind
    in Mahesh's and she fondled their cocks lovingly.

    "Mm, nice juicy ass," Mahesh chuckled softly. "I'm gonna get me
    some of this soon. I like raiding butt. Hope you like it in the
    ass, bitch."

    She turned her face to Mahesh and he kissed her over her shoulder,
    his hands on her breasts, while Peter unbuckled his trousers and
    dropped them.

    "Yes," she murmured to Mahesh. "I like it in the ass."

    "Actually, she just likes fucking, period," Avinash chuckled
    across the room. "You guys go ahead and have a good time."

    Peter laughed. "And this is their fucking honeymoon!"

    He slid the gown's straps off her shoulders; Mahesh let it fall
    over her hips and it rustled to her feet. Now she stood naked
    between the two hotel servants, her body writhing between theirs.
    Peter's penis, too, was thick and large. He shrugged off his shirt
    and, behind her, Mahesh did the same. 

    Through his viewfinders, Avinash watched as the three naked bodies
    fell writhing to the bed. Peter flopped on his back with his hips
    at the edge, his legs hanging over. He spread his thighs and
    masturbated slowly, his head craned, watching Anuja. Standing
    before him, Anuja spread her legs and bent steeply forward from
    the wait. Her breasts swung heavy and low, pendulous. Her buttocks
    creased open, exposing the puckered flesh of her anus. Her
    cunt-lips parted, revealing the moist bright flesh within. Lifting
    her eyes to Peter's face, his cock in her hand, she opened her
    mouth and dragged her tongue lasciviously up his shaft and swirled
    it over his cock-head. He gasped and bucked his hips at her face.
    She whimpered and slowly slipped her lips around his cock-head. He
    groaned and his head flopped back. She took more of his cock-head
    and part of his shaft in her mouth. 

    "Oh fuck yes!" Peter gasped, his hands flying to her head, his
    hips bucking under her face. "Oh yes, suck it, baby, suck my

    Anuja moaned deep in her cock-filled throat and began to suck the
    man's cock slowly and heavily, plying his bulging cock-head with
    her tongue. Behind her, Mahesh grinned and, sinking to his knees,
    pushed his face between her buttocks. She gasped, her head rising
    momentarily, her buttocks swaying and writhing as Mahesh swept his
    tongue over her puckered anus, rimming her tenderly. The musky
    odour of her asshole filled his nostrils and aroused him. Her
    cunt-lips were distended and he dragged his tongue down to them,
    lapping at the sweet, tangy juices that were beginning to flow
    freely. Anuja groaned and bent her head to Peter's crotch and
    resumed sucking his cock deeply. 

    Avinash worked his cameras deftly, zooming in, trolleying and
    panning around them, taking lingering close-ups and erotic
    mid-shots. He took a close-up of her face, distended by Peter's
    cock filling her mouth, her head rocking up and down, her tongue
    winding lasciviously around the bulging cock-head, her dark,
    *kajal* rimmed eyes glassy and bright with lust, her nostrils
    flared. He lingered in a shot of her breasts jiggling and swaying,
    her gold necklace dragging along Peter's thighs. Panning downward,
    he took another shot of her spread buttocks, the dark, puckered
    anus winking temptingly under Mahesh's tongue, her unfurled
    cunt-lips, wet and moist, delicately rimmed by neatly trimmed
    cunt-hair and Mahesh's tongue rippling up and down through them,
    probing gently in the soft flesh within. He retreated to a
    mid-shot that showed her rocking her head up and down over Peter's
    groin while she squeezed and fondled her pendulous breasts. Then
    her hands moved back to her buttocks, opening them wider for
    Mahesh's tongue.

    They broke apart and quickly took new positions. Anuja turned on
    her back on the bed, replacing Peter, who got off the bed and,
    kneeling between her spread thighs, pushed his tongue into her
    crotch and began licking her slit. Mahesh knelt over her face and
    pushed his cock into her mouth. She groaned and sucked his cock
    eagerly, her head rocking up and down under his lap as her hips
    bucked and writhed and swayed under Peter's face.

    "Yeh ... suck it! Oh fuck yes ... c'mon, whore! Suck my prick!"
    Mahesh gasped, kneeling over her face, leaning on his outstretched
    arms, his hips pumping up and down as he fucked her mouth.

    Between her thighs, Peter jabbed his tongue in and out of her
    cunt, flipping it at her stiff clitoris. She groaned thickly, her
    hips writhing and bucking under his face. He slid his finger into
    her hot, wet slit and she gasped, arching her back and hips,
    spluttering on Mahesh's cock in her mouth. 

    They turned her on her front on the bed and began fucking her
    together. Avinash watched as Peter knelt behind her and slowly
    squeezed his cock into her cunt. She groaned and lurched forward,
    then pushed her cunt back down onto his penis. He grunted and
    started fucking her heavily, gripping her hips and rocking his own
    back and forth, grinding his cock in and out of her cunt. Mahesh
    was on his knees in front of her, his hands on her head, his hips
    pumping back and forth, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth.
    Her body rocked and lurched between theirs. Her breasts jiggled
    and wobbled and the two men fondled them eagerly, their hands
    rough and hard on her swollen breasts. 

    "Man, what a fuck!" Peter grunted. "What a hot piece of ass!"

    "Fuck, you said it!" Mahesh gasped. "Sucks prick like a fucking

    "Yeh! C'mon! Take it! Ohhh fuck yes! Ohhhhhh yes!" Peter groaned,
    driving his hips back and forth, plunging greedily in and out of
    her cunt.

    Several minutes later, they paused, swapping places. Anuja groaned
    happily, deliriously, not caring who was fucking her where.
    Mahesh's distended penis surged into her cunt and she gasped her
    joy and took Peter's penis deep in her mouth. It was hot and hard
    and it tasted of his jizz and her cunt-juice, an erotic, heady,
    potent cocktail. Her body throbbed and quivered with lust and she
    abandoned herself to her lovers, drowning in the pleasures of
    their hard flesh. Peter's cock spurted pre-cum gunk into her mouth
    and she swallowed it lovingly. Mahesh fucked her hard, gripping
    her hips and slamming his own back and forth, plunging his cock
    greedily in and out of her cunt. His thighs whacked her buttocks
    loudly. Her breasts jiggled and wobbled as she lurched under his
    greedy thrusts. He pressed his thumbs to her anus.

    "C'mon, bitch," he grunted. "C'mon, take it! C'mon, yes!"

    They broke apart, gasping and groaning, their bodies glittering
    with sweat from their exertions. 

    "Fuck me one by one," she gasped. "Peter, you first. Fuck me from
    behind ... come on ... quickly!"

    She bent forward on her forearms and knees and Peter knelt behind
    her and slowly squeezed his cock into her cunt. She gasped, her
    head arching, her face suffused with pleasure. Peter groaned, his
    head arching back, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her
    buttocks. His buttocks flexed taut and his hips rolled forward.
    His cock vanished deep into her cunt. She groaned and whimpered,
    gasping and panting, squirming her buttocks erotically against his
    groin. His cock was wonderful in her cunt, hot and hard and thick.
    She hissed softly, turning her face over her shoulder.

    "C'mon Peter ... fuck me ... yes ... ohhhhhhh yes ... that's it
    ... ohhh fuck yes ... c'mon ... do it ... yeh ... ohhhhh yeh ...
    that's it ... mm ... that's so good baby yes ... ohhhhhh uhhh
    ohhhhh uhhh ohhhhh!"

    Peter fucked her heavily, gasping and groaning, rocking his cock
    in and out of her cunt. She gasped and moaned, jerking and
    lurching back and forth under him, her breasts swinging, her gold
    necklace tossing and flapping to and fro. He was a strong and
    powerful lover and quickly steadied his rhythm, prolonging the
    pleasure for both of them. He moved swiftly, yet unhurriedly, his
    buttocks flexing and unflexing alternately, his hips snapping
    sharply. His cock pistoned in and out of her cunt, appearing and
    disappearing between the smoothly curved lobes of her buttocks.
    His thighs slapped softly against her buttocks.

    "C'mon ... take it ... yeh take it bitch ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon
    yes ... Ohhhh uhhhhhh yes! Take it, whore! Take my cock!"

    Whimpering and keening, Anuja orgasmed. Her cunt convulsed on his
    penis and he gasped, grinding heavily down deep into her cunt,
    making her gasp and cry out with each thrust that sent her body
    lurching and snapping forward. Her orgasm ebbed and he drew out of
    her cunt slowly.

    Anuja flipped on her back, spreading her legs and, immediately,
    Mahesh was there, bending over her and running his cock into her
    cunt in one smooth, long, rushing thrust. She gasped loudly,
    arching steeply under him, her legs forking wide open, her hands
    under her breasts, lifting and squeezing them erotically. Mahesh
    grunted and tossed his head back, flexing his buttocks taut and
    burying his cock in her slit. 

    "C'mon whore c'mon!" he groaned. "C'mon whore, take it! C'mon yeh!
    Ohhhhh uhhhh yeh!"

    He fucked her rapidly and hard and feverishly, rocking his hips
    swiftly up and down with a wicked snapping roll that sent his cock
    plunging into her cunt from all angles. Anuja cried out sharply,
    writhing and tossing under him, her chest heaving, her breasts
    bouncing and jiggling, her gold necklace tossing on her tawny,
    sweating skin. Faster and faster he went, his hips rocking up and
    down, his buttocks bobbing and bouncing furiously over her thighs.
    She cried out, her hips bucking and heaving under his and hit
    another orgasm within minutes. He gasped as her cunt spasmed
    frenetically on his penis and rammed his cock into her repeatedly
    till her orgasm waned.

    The two men waited patiently, masturbating, while she caught her
    breath. She groaned, lying on the bed, her body glistening with
    sweat, fondling her breasts and cunt slowly. She smiled at them,
    her eyes bright and glassy.

    "Now ... fuck me together, guys ... in my cunt and ass."

    The men grinned. Anuja pulled Peter down on the bed and, gasping
    and moaning thickly, straddled his hips. Bending over, she kissed
    him hungrily, thrusting her tongue into his mouth as she sank her
    cunt on his cock, engulfing his penis in her tight, wet warmth. He
    grunted and thrust up into her. She gasped, arching her head. He
    craned his neck and, squeezing her breasts together, sucked on
    them simultaneously. She moaned loudly.

    "C'mon Mahesh ... take my ass ... shove your cock into my butt!"

    Mahesh whooped and dropped to his knees behind her. Spreading her
    buttocks open with both hands, he pushed his cock-head to her
    anus. She tensed, biting her lower lip as she felt the huge
    cock-head at her asshole. Then her sphincter yielded and her tight
    little anus opened up. Mahesh flexed his buttocks slowly and eased
    his hips forward. His cock-head popped into her anus.


    The breath rushed from her throat. Her head snapped up and her
    face contorted in a savage rictus, her lips snapping back, her
    mouth jerking open, her eyes screwed shut. Mahesh dug his fingers
    into her buttocks and slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper
    into her anus. He gasped loudly as her asshole convulsed
    uncontrollably on his throbbing, invading penis. His belly sucked
    in with strain. Beneath her, Peter grunted as her cunt, too,
    contracted savagely on his penis, separated from Mahesh's by the
    merest membrane of flesh. Deeper and deeper Mahesh went, and
    Anuja's body thrashed between theirs, wracked by huge, heaving,
    sobbing gasps. She felt dizzy with lust. The two penises felt
    wonderful, filling her cunt and ass. She squirmed between the two
    men, moaning and gasping.

    The two men began to fuck her together, rocking slowly in and out
    of her cunt and ass simultaneously in accidentally fortuitous
    rhythm. Anuja thrashed and writhed between them, gasping and
    moaning, her voice ragged and hoarse, her breathing heavy and hot.
    The men fucked her heavily and deeply, their cocks sawing in and
    out of her cunt and ass. Every thrust from Mahesh forced her cunt
    down hard and deep on Peter's massive erection; and when Peter
    bucked his hips under her, her anus was jammed back on Mahesh's
    huge penis.

    "Oh ma ohhhhhh uhhhhh *hanh* uhhh *hanh* uhh ohhh yes oh god yes
    ohh uh ohh uhh ohhh uhh ohhh uhh ohhh uhhh ohhhhhh!" she gasped.
    "Ohhhh uhh ohhhh uhhh oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma OHHHHHH!"

    "C'mon! Take it! Oh fuck yes, take it!" Mahesh groaned, sodomising
    her slowly and heavily, his hands on her breasts, squeezing and
    crushing them hard.

    Peter grunted under her, heaving his hips up and down under her
    cunt, gripping her buttocks and holding them open for his comrade.

    On and on they went, the two men pummelling her body between
    theirs, invading her innermost recesses, gasping and moaning.
    Avinash watched, astounded, his eyes glued to his cameras. 

    Several minutes later, the trio broke apart. Anuja's body was
    streaming with sweat from the tension and exertion. She moaned
    softly and slowly turned on her back above Peter. Kneeling over
    his lap, she moved his cock between her buttocks to her anus and
    eased her asshole down onto his upright cock. He gasped as his
    cock burst into her rear channel. She cried out, her head arching
    back, her body bending backwards in a steep bow, her elbows on the
    bed on either side of his chest. Gingerly, she spread her knees.
    Peter squeezed her breasts hard. Mahesh grunted and moved over
    her, kneeling between her spread thighs. He bent and kissed her
    deeply and slowly pushed his cock into her open cunt. Anuja's face
    twisted wildly and she moaned, writhing her hips uncontrollably.
    Peter's cock churned her rear channel and Mahesh drilled her cunt
    slowly and deeply. 

    They began to fuck her together again, moving slowly and
    rhythmically, pumping their hips back and forth in unison, both
    penises invading her flesh as one. She orgasmed repeatedly and now
    it was too much for either man to bear. One by one, they drove
    into her and exploded, making her gasp and moan when she felt the
    sharp, hot, delightful spurt of their hot seed in her molten

                                = o =