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Copyright 1996-97, 
Mary Jorsay Gandmar 

                         P E N T A P R I S M


                            Wild At Heart

    Not that Vaishali was a spring chicken in matters sexual. Unknown
    to Anuja and Jayant, she, too, had a rich and varied sex life, one
    that began in her early teens with a house-servant, Raju, and
    continued without respite through the years. 

    At sixteen, Vaishali was a knockout. She was slender and tall and
    fair, with a stunning figure and a truly beautiful face. She was
    easily the sexiest, prettiest girl in the whole school. Her hair
    was long and silky and hung down to her waist in a glossy sheen
    when she left it open or made it into one long, bouncing pony
    tail. Her neck was exquisite, a tall column of superb slimness and
    her face was extraordinarily delicate, poised atop the column of
    her neck with a perfectly poised tilt. Her mouth was sensual, with
    a full, straight lower lip and a slim, bowed upper one. Her teeth
    were pearly and even. She had high cheekbones and a fine, straight
    nose. Her ears were superbly shaped and nicely lobed. She had a
    wide, clear brow, naturally shaped eyebrows, and her eyes were
    devastating: doe like, almond shaped, dark and fiery when she was
    in heat, soft and warm in the afterglow of an orgasm. The lashes
    were long and beautifully curved. Lined with *kohl* her eyes were
    bewitching. She had a curiously husky, slightly sibilant and
    utterly erotic tone to her natural voice, so that she seemed to be
    inviting sex even during a perfectly normal conversation. Her skin
    was clear as satin, utterly unflawed, smooth and fair and creamy,
    not one blemish on it anywhere. 

    Her body matched the pulchritude of her face. Her arms and legs
    were long and smoothly turned with slim wrists and ankles and
    shapely, elegant hands and feet, the fingers long and exquisite.
    She was fond of gold and diamond jewellery and wore a lot of it:
    earrings, toe rings, anklets, bracelets, a small nose stud in the
    left nostril, necklaces that were long and dangling, waist
    girdles. It looked very, very sexy on her. Her neck sloped to
    perfect breasts, full and firm, sloping, with the upper sides
    curved like a ski slope, the lower side full, bracing the upper.
    Her nipples were very long, the aureoles small and dark. Beneath,
    her body narrowed sharply to a wasplike, coke-bottle waist and
    then her hips flared smoothly and without an ounce of fat on her
    to stunning legs, superbly formed and shaped. Her belly was firm
    and flat, the butt taut and firm. She had a natural hip-swinging
    walk. When she entered the pool, even in a one piece suit, most of
    the guys dived underwater to hide their monstrous erections. And
    on the days when they made class trips out of town, to a beach,
    and she turned up in a bikini that bordered on the outrageous the
    boys nearly creamed at the mere sight of her. She knew the effect
    she had on them, and she played it for all it was worth. She had
    no dearth of admirers: with a face and body and personality like
    hers, she drew them like moths to a flame.

    But she ignored them all. To her, one who had her pick of lovers
    among the sturdy servants, all real men who knew how to fuck a
    woman till she was a mass of moaning, sweating, writhing, ecstatic
    flesh, these callow youths were of no interest. of them all. She
    came from an extremely wealthy family and enjoyed all the
    advantages of wealth. She had motor cars at her disposal and an
    army of servants and whatever she wanted she got. That the world
    saw. Just how much of it she got from the house servants no one

    As time wore on, she realised that nothing else mattered to her
    quite as much as sex. She loved it and craved it and couldn't live
    without it. She would do anything for a fuck. 

    Already, within a few months of Raju fucking her, Vaishali was
    very nearly the whore of neighbourhood for all the servants. Long
    lines formed in her house when her parents were away as she took
    them all, one by one, enjoying each without reserve. It was
    getting out of hand and Raju began to regulate it, drawing lots
    and setting up schedules so that she had no more two or three a
    night. That way, he explained, everyone was happy, everyone was
    satisfied. And by keeping her exclusive, he made a killing. Raju
    became her pimp. 

    He soon discovered that there was nearly as much money to be made
    from allowing guys to watch her fuck other guys. Voyeurism was a
    neglected sexual activity. Raju saw no reason whatever to look a
    gift horse in the mouth. Those who couldn't afford to fuck her,
    for want of money or inclination, were welcome to take their
    pleasure in watching her.

    It happened that Raju's rather randy fifteen-year old nephew,
    Pankaj, came to visit for a fortnight. He was a tall, strong,
    strapping lad, and Raju noticed Vaishali eyeing him and, grinning
    to himself, resolved to induct the lad into manhood before he went
    back to his hometown. But things had to be handled right. A poor
    start with a broad like her and a guy might get warped for life
    with quite the wrong ideas about women and how to handle them. He
    would have to gift-wrap it nicely. He kept Pankaj away from
    Vaishali's antics and gave no chance for the lad to find out.

    But things don't always happen as they should.

    Late one night, the teenager woke from his sleep, curiously
    restless. He stole out of the little room behind the kitchen which
    he shared with Raju; his uncle wasn't around and the house seemed
    silent and deserted. It was a close, still night and he silently
    opened a door and stepped out for a breath of air.

    Outside, the sprawling, slightly decrepit house was quiet and
    dark, silently slumbering. He looked around and saw the lone light
    that shone from the window of the servants' quarters in the
    outhouse to one side of the property. He was puzzled. The outhouse
    itself was enormous and that particular window looked out of a
    room that was unoccupied. He had it explored it recently. The
    servants either lived away or in the house now, like Raju. Pankaj
    had explored the room. It had a minimal amount of furniture, a
    bed, two chairs, a long mirror, one steel cupboard and quantities
    of junk that no one had ever thought of throwing away but that
    Raju had assured him he could spirit away. No one would ever know.
    No one cared.

    Something jangled in his head. He looked at the gate. It was
    slightly ajar, the padlock undone. The guards' cabin was empty.
    The silly fellow must be asleep, or off for a piss. Raju was
    always complaining. He felt his scalp tingle; the open gate; that
    light in the otherwise deserted room ...

    Pankaj padded stealthily across the grounds, got to the outhouse
    and crept up to the flight of external concrete stairs that led to
    the room on the first floor. He peered around the corner of the
    solid balustrade and, just then, the door was flung open. Pankaj
    ducked back out of sight, his heart pounding in his head. 

    He heard a man grunt, laugh. He peered around again. A tall,
    vaguely familiar figure stepped out of the room onto the open
    landing and went over to the balustrade. Pankaj saw the man
    stretch both hands between his legs and then heard the loud sizzle
    and splash as he urinated over the far edge.

    "Hey motherfuckers! Wait for me!" he heard the man call.

    There was an answering guffaw from the room. "C'mon, you
    sonofabitch! Hurry up! Can't think of anything else to do with
    your prick?"

    The man grunted, chuckled. Pankaj saw him shake his cock and turn
    around, going back into the room, slamming the door shut.

    Pankaj stole silently up the stairs. They ended in a small
    landing. There was a door to the room which opened out onto the
    landing, and a large window beside it. The room was the furthest
    away from the main house, with nothing else close. The other
    servants' rooms had a separate, joint access.

    Pankaj got to the landing and bent low, flat against the wall
    beside the door. It was firmly shut. The window was beyond. He
    ducked low and crept towards the window sill. The window was ajar.

    He heard a voice. Two voices. And another, and a fourth. Oh god!
    He froze in shock. One voice he recognised. Vaishali. Lovely
    Vaishali, about whom he had all those wonderful dreams, with whom
    he was so desperately in love, who looked like a film star, whom
    he wanted to marry and cherish and life happily ever after with

    And another voice now, no, two, no, three, all male, chuckling,
    calling, cheering and hooting loudly. Kneeling under the window,
    Pankaj cautiously raised his head over the sill, and looked

    He thought his heart had stopped beating. The sight that met his
    eyes took his breath away, then sent his pulse hammering in his
    head, and instantly, his cock was hard and erect, straining at his
    cheap cotton shorts. At the same time, his jaw dropped open in
    shock, and he felt a sudden, sharp, painful knot hit his belly, as
    though he had been hammered in the solar plexus.

    Vaishali was in the room all right. And she was with three men. He
    knew them all. They were the guard, the family chauffeur, and one
    of the servants. And, by the corner, grinning, watching, licking
    his finger and counting a wad of banknotes, his uncle, Raju.

    Bahadur, the handsome guard who had deserted his post, was a
    short, sturdily built young man. He was fair-skinned and
    good-looking and obviously powerfully muscled. Pankaj could see
    that, even through the thick khaki uniform he still wore. He was
    clean-shaven, with the slightly Slavic features of the hillsmen of
    the north. His eyes were slightly slanting, small and long, with
    the characteristic epicanthic fold to them. He had high cheekbones
    and hollowed cheeks that gave his youthfulness an unexpected
    machismo. His ears were flat against his head, and his hair was
    long, swept back, jet black. He had a slightly stubby nose and a
    wide, lean mouth. His body was obviously strong, with broad
    shoulders, a curved, hard chest, a firm belly, narrow hips and
    taut buttocks. His legs in the figure hugging trousers were strong
    and muscled. His butt was actually very small, very firm. He wore
    a short-sleeved khaki shirt with epaulets and twin breast pockets,
    a broad black leather belt, tight trousers and heavy black shoes.
    Pankaj could see that his forearms were thick and hairless and
    corded with muscles, that his biceps bulged powerfully in huge
    swelling bunches of strength. A whistle on a matching cord was
    looped through one epaulet under his arm. He was the man who had
    stepped out for a piss earlier. Now he stood at the rear of the
    room, a big grin splitting his face, showing very even, white

    There was a mid-sized bed with a bare mattress on it, no sheets,
    no pillows. On the bed was Yaqub, the driver, leaning against the
    wall. He was a handsome devil, a dark, good-looking Muslim, tall
    and well-built. He had a square-jawed, angular face, with a hooked
    nose, thick brows, and deep-set, dark eyes. His cheeks, too, were
    hollowed, and his face was weather-beaten and tough. His lips were
    slim. He sported a slight mustache. His face looked utterly macho,
    slightly cruel, very, very tough, not a man to cross lightly. His
    shoulders were wide and powerful, the chest was hard, deep, curved
    and cleaved, the arms were thick and bulging, the forearms veined
    and thick, the hands broad and strong. His belly was hard and
    flat, his hips were small, and his legs were long and powerful.
    His torso was smoothly dark, hairless. His arms were stretched
    along the headboard, and he was clad in a lungi and a sleeveless
    vest. There was a grin on his face. Pankaj knew he had been with
    the family for years and years. Pankaj liked him -- he had taken
    Pankaj for rides in the car once or twice.

    The third man was Ramdev, one of the servants of the household. He
    was a dark man, like Yaqub much older than Vaishali, not as
    good-looking as the other two, but certainly well-built. He wasn't
    very tall, and his features were slightly fleshy, the nose a tad
    too thick, the mouth a shade too fleshy, the eyes a bit too small.
    But he, too, was well built, with broad shoulders, a solid chest
    and hard belly, small buttocks and muscular legs. He wore a pair
    of baggy short pants and a half-sleeved vest, and he was seated on
    a rickety wooden chair, the chair turned around under him, his
    arms folded along the backrest.

    They were all looking at Vaishali, and Pankaj himself could barely
    keep his eyes off her. She was outrageously dressed, in some sort
    of houri ensemble. Her long hair was parted in the centre and
    braided, the braid ending in tassels that hung down her back.
    There was a touch of *kajal* rimming her eyes, but no other
    She wore an upper garment, if it could be called that, which was
    really a sequined, shiny strapless brassiere. It was knotted at
    the back, and it was very narrow and tight. It barely covered her
    bulging breasts, which were squeezed taut by the sheer tightness
    of it to make a devastatingly deep cleavage. It was of some filmy
    material, and from the nipples there hung tassels. 

    Beneath, she wore a long, ankle length skirt of diaphanous muslin
    that was slashed up to either hip. She had worn it very, very low
    front and back, high on her hips so that it swooped down to her
    cunt from both hips. Under it there seemed to be an even more
    transparent garment, and Pankaj could even see a flash of the dark
    thatch between her thighs. Most of her superbly curved body was
    exposed, her back almost entirely bare. She had on a gold girdle,
    a small diamond nose-stud, gold and diamond earrings,
    diamond-studded gold bangles, gold, silver and diamond finger
    rings, silver toe rings on one toe of either foot, and sexy silver
    anklets that dipped low, and a long gold necklace. She looked

    Yaqub said with a grin. "Hey guys, let's have a little
    song-and-dance ... the bump-and-grind type!"

    He punched the play button of a rickety two-in-one tape recorder
    on the floor beside the bed. Music from a cabaret number from one
    of the latest Hindi films crackled out of the speakers. The beat
    was prominent, unmistakably sexual in its insistent, driving
    quality. The vocals were explicit and lewd.

    Vaishali grinned at the men. 

    Pankaj felt his bile rise. She, his goddess, his heart, his love,
    a slut! She was going to dance for them, like a common tramp, for
    her servants! He stared at her, horrified, sickened, betrayed, yet
    equally aroused.

    Vaishali struck a pose for a second, drawing the attention of all
    the men to herself. She stood with her hands on her hips, her
    shoulders slightly hunched, her breasts squeezed even deeper
    together. She tilted her face up, her lips parting slowly,
    lasciviously, and then her tongue slid out and ran sexily over her
    upper lip. Yaqub chuckled, Ramdev grinned, Bahadur gasped.

    She began to move, slowly at first, yet in time to the music. Her
    hands slid up her body, the palms flat, fingers spread, over her
    belly then higher, higher, over her breasts, pausing, her breasts
    cupped. She rolled her breasts in her hands, rolling her shoulders
    as, in the vernacular, the music warbled ... take me, take me
    please ... in a plaintive moan. She began to mouth the words of
    the song. Again she rolled her palms over her breasts, moving them
    slightly out of synch, round and round, then slowly squeezing the
    fleshy mounds together. Her hands rose higher still, up her long
    neck and over her face, rising, rising, rising, till her arms were
    outstretched over her head, the hands twirling delicately, with
    infinite grace, the bangles tinkling. She flung her head back
    between her arms, shuffled her legs apart and bent her knees
    slightly. Her hips began to gyrate, grinding round and round,
    pumping and thrusting in a flagrantly, obviously sexual motion and
    now she moaned, a low, husky, utterly sexy lovecall. Her hip
    thrusting grew more frantic, more urgent and she began to arch
    back smoothly, bending steeply. Now her hip movements were joined
    by a jiggling of her breasts, thrusting and pumping them, bent
    over backwards in a steep arch, her body curved, exposed.

    Abruptly she snapped out of it and began to dance, gyrating to the
    music, mouthing the utterly suggestive words, her eyes flashing
    and her mouth agape, sensual, devastatingly sexy. She flicked her
    hair with the back of her hands, squeezed her breasts, jiggled
    them and pumped her hips, kicked her legs, twirling and dancing,
    pirouetting and gliding, her hands and legs and feet and hand
    moving with surety and grace, her jewellery tinkling. Her face
    grew flushed with the exertions and her body began to shine with
    sweat. While Ramdev and Yaqub were now grinning from ear to ear,
    Bahadur was gasping, staring pop-eyed at her.

    "Hey, Bahadur, what did we tell you?" Ramdev said, "Isn't she a
    real whore?"

    At the words, Vaishali blew Bahadur a kiss, and once again slid
    her tongue over her upper lip in direct invitation to him. She
    shimmered away towards Ramdev. Ramdev turned around in the chair.
    Swaying and gyrating, swinging and thrusting her hips she went
    over and flung herself into Ramdev's lap, flinging herself back.
    He held her with a strong dark arm behind her back, grinning at
    her. She had her hands over her head still and now she flung them
    around his neck and slowly, with exaggerated lasciviousness,
    tongued his ear. Ramdev grunted. They kissed -- oh fuck, he was
    kissing her! -- and she let him thrust his tongue into her mouth,
    sucking on it, her butt squirming on his lap. His hand slid up her
    smooth body and cupped a breast, squeezed it, fondled it and
    instantly she was up again, rising and resuming her dance. Now she
    moved across to Yaqub on the bed and, as he grinned from ear to
    ear in delight, leaned over him, hunching her shoulders and
    squeezing her breasts into even larger bunches, shaking them over
    his face. He kissed the top of her breasts, her nipples under the
    tassels. His hand slid down her back and caressed her buttock.
    Again she pulled away, teasing, taunting, pouting, sulking, eyes
    flashing, mouth agape, inviting. She swayed and pirouetted and
    kicked and jigged across the room, her actions getting faster now
    as the tempo quickened.

    Suddenly, she had whirled into Bahadur's arms, grabbed his face in
    her hands and before he could respond, yanked his head to hers and
    kissed him hard and deep, her tongue pressing into his mouth. She
    broke the kiss just as suddenly and then she was slithering to her
    knees before him, clawing open the buttons of his shirt, kissing
    his naked, hard, hairless torso and belly, saying, in the local
    dialect, I'll torment you in my love ... the words of the song.
    Bahadur started to fumble with the clasp of his trousers, but she
    pranced away, laughing at him, taunting him. She was obviously
    very aroused for her eyes were full of fire, and even at that
    distance, Pankaj could see the lust on her face.

    She went through a quick routine, getting onto her knees and
    miming an act of sex with her riding a cock, bucking up and down,
    her legs spread, her head flung back, moaning loudly over the

    Then she slid onto her back, her legs spread, the knees raised and
    began to writhe and thrash on the floor, her hips pumping and
    grinding as though being fucked, in the throes of an orgasm, one
    hand on her breast, squeezing it, the other splayed on her firm,
    flat belly, her fingertips under her skirt, her hand making a lump
    in the skirt that moved suggestively, erotically. She rolled over
    onto her front and, on all fours, began to mime a rear-entry
    position, her head up, her breasts jiggling, the tassels from the
    nipples swinging to and fro with her necklaces, her body jerking
    back and forth as though before the thrusts of a man kneeling
    behind her and taking her thus. As she stretched a hand down
    between her legs, fondling herself through her skirts, Ramdev
    leaned over and plucked open the knot of her bra-top. It fell open
    immediately and she squealed, feigning annoyance, rising to her
    knees and then to her feet with her arm and hand covering her
    breasts. The music continued and now she moved again, swirling
    around and as Bahadur watched pop-eyed, she flicked away the bra,
    sending it spinning across the room and her hands slid over her
    breasts, cupped them, weighed them, offered them for a man to take
    his pleasure with, then her hands linked behind her head and she
    jiggled her breasts like a tart at the men, her nipples stiff and
    erect already. Bahadur tried to grab them, groaning and gasping,
    but she laughed again and ducked and sped away across the room to
    Yaqub. He held his arms wide to welcome her and they kissed again,
    and he cupped her freed breasts now, flicking the erect nipples
    with his thumbs. Vaishali's face arched up, a look of genuine
    pleasure crossing it, making her look even lovelier when her lips
    parted slowly, her eyes closed and she moaned softly. Yaqub bent
    his head and she gasped as his tongue swirled around one nipple,
    then his lips followed closing on the visibly swollen and turgid
    breast, sucking hard, letting go, sucking again. She clenched his
    head and moaned.

    He slid his hand up her skirt, lifting it up and exposing her ass.
    Bahadur groaned aloud at the sight of her creamy lobes. She shook
    her bottom at Bahadur, now looking over her shoulder at him, her
    lips parting, her tongue sliding out again and running slowly over
    her upper lip. She thrust a hand between her legs and now her
    buttocks split, and her moist, hair rimmed cunt-lips were visible
    from behind and she was arching a finger up into her twat,
    twisting it slowly, languorously. Yaqub grinned at the expression
    on Bahadur's face and cupped her dangling breasts and squeezed
    them, fondling them slowly, sucking on them some more. Bahadur's
    hand was deep in his trousers now, squeezing and jerking his tool.
    He gaped at the sight of her finger in her cunt, slowly sliding
    in, pulling out, sliding in, coming out moist and shining. She
    withdrew it and, turning around as she got off the bed, raised it
    in a sticky line up her body, between her heavy, succulent
    breasts, up to her lips and sucked on it, twisting and rolling it
    in her mouth, her lips pouting, cheeks hollowing, slowly pulling
    it out, her eyes on Bahadur, smiling and glinting with excited

    She began to sway again, closing her eyes, moving to the music,
    her hips beginning to pump, her breasts jiggling, her hands on her
    hips, on her belly, on her thighs, on her breasts, holding them.

    Then she swirled away again, whirling around the stunned Bahadur
    and spinning away before he could react to her sudden tongue in
    his ear, the pressing of her breasts to his chest. Now she was
    flipping her skirts like a can-can artist, kicking her legs,
    flashing glimpses of her hair-rimmed slit and her creamy buttocks.
    She swung and swayed and sashayed over to Ramdev and, still
    swaying and undulating, slithered to her knees before him. She
    bent over his lap, her head turned to Bahadur and slid her hands
    up his vest, rucking it up high under his arms, exposing his dark,
    solid, hairless torso. Then she turned her face to his body, and
    her lips were on his belly even as her fingers flicked open the
    buttons of his shorts and opened them wide. She slid her hand in
    and Pankaj gasped when she withdrew his cock. 

    It was enormous, even though it was still limp, a good eight
    inches long and correspondingly thick. Making sure that Bahadur
    could see her, Vaishali began to masturbate her servant's cock,
    pumping her fist expertly. Then her lips parted and her pointed
    tongue snaked out and swirled about the cock-head and then her
    lips followed, engulfing the cock-head slowly, then part of the
    shaft. Pankaj and Bahadur, at their respective positions, watched
    her agog as her lips slowly, deliberately slowly, slid around his
    cock-head. She began to suck him gently, lifting her head to use
    her tongue on the cock-head. It began to harden and swell and
    Ramdev gasped, grunted, grinned looking down at her and stretching
    his hands to fondle her breasts. 

    At last, she rose, almost with reluctance it seemed, lingering
    over the very tip of his cock-head. Again she burst into action,
    moving sensuously around Bahadur. This time he tried to grab her,
    but she was too quick and with a tinkling laugh she was away,
    going over to Yaqub on the bed. As she went, she flicked off the
    outer skirt and flung it wide with a high gesture. The inner skirt
    was of the finest muslin and completely transparent, concealing

    Yaqub lifted his face as she leaned over his face and his tongue
    shot out, swirling over her nipple, his hand gripping the other
    pendulant breast. She gasped, her face arching back with a snap.
    He let her go and she swung one slender, beautiful leg smoothly
    over his, and straddled his legs. She leaned forward, sliding his
    vest up his body and then her lips were on his nipples, sucking
    them one by one, then slithering lower, down his body even as she
    opened the knot in his lungi and parted the folds of his cloth.
    Pankaj gaped in awe, for his cock was even bigger than Ramdev's,
    thicker and longer. She moaned softly and he took the enormous
    sausage in his hand and began to stroke her face with it,
    masturbating at the same time. Her mouth opened and quested for
    his cock, but he laughed at her, dodging her lips and tongue,
    teasing her, laughing at her, mocking her.

    His cock swelled swiftly and then she took it between her breasts,
    squeezing them in a tight mound over his cock, letting him fuck
    her breasts. Her mouth was avid, open, hungering for his penis and
    at last he relented and she was almost sobbing with gratitude when
    she took him deep in her mouth and sucked him hard. Her head
    bobbed furiously over his lap, his cock hard and glistening, his
    hands behind her head, his hips bucking at her face as he fucked
    it. He grunted in pleasure, his head tilted to one side, watching
    her with a grin on his face.

    At last she rose, a thin ribbon of pre-cum gunk clinging to her
    lips and chin. She mopped it with her finger, licked it up and
    then she was away as the music reached a crescendo, whirling
    furiously across the room to Ramdev again, her naked body like a
    goddess', the jewellery tinkling and flashing in the light. 

    She sat on Ramdev's lap, her legs spread outside his, his cock
    sticking up between their legs and against her belly. She held it
    one hand and jerked it, the other curling behind her around
    Ramdev's head, her face turned to his. They kissed and he curved
    an arm around her and fondled her cunt, the other squeezing her
    tit, pointed at Bahadur, tweaking her rigid nipple. Her buttocks
    ground on his lap.

    She got up and turned around on his lap, her arms about his
    shoulders, kissing him hungrily and now the music died, and there
    was silence and only the gasps of the men and Vaishali. Ramdev got
    up from the chair, holding her with her legs wound about his hips,
    her arms around his shoulders and carried her easily across the
    room to Yaqub.

    He laid her down on her back on the bed, and instantly, her face
    tilted up, her neck craned, between Yaqub's spread thighs and she
    took his cock in her mouth. Yaqub gasped and closed his eyes, his
    head arching back. Ramdev bent and began to suck on her breasts,
    one by one, teething the nipple, fondling her body, scraping the
    nipple against his teeth, sucking on a succulent mound, then the
    other, then squeezing both tight together and sucking on both at
    once. She writhed under him. His mouth slid lower and her legs
    split apart, the knees rising. Her hands were above her head on
    Yaqub's cock, jerking it. Ramdev's mouth and head slid lower into
    her cunt, nuzzling the downy pubic thatch that Pankaj wanted so
    much. Ramdev seemed to know it intimately.

    Outside the room, Pankaj was on his knees, masturbating, his heart
    pounding in his chest, his breath hot, his eyes red. He wanted
    her, he wanted to take her, he wanted her like this! No more the
    pristine, angelic woman he would love and cherish. This, this was
    what he wanted. Vaishali. The whore.

    Ramdev's head thrust between her legs and her legs rose to hook
    over his shoulders, her hips grinding up to his head. Her hips
    shook and swayed and his head rolled and he had his fingers at her
    cunt-lips, spreading them wide, his thick tongue flickering
    rapidly at her clit, thrusting and swirling and spiralling in and
    out, in and out, in and out of her.

    "C'mon whore ... suck my cock! Suck it!" Yaqub gasped. He caressed
    her fleshy breasts, squeezing and fondling them, pinching and
    tweaking the rigid tips. 

    She moaned deep in her cock-filled throat as Ramdev licked her
    slit. Even from that distance, Pankaj could see the moistness
    bedewing the dark folds of her cunt.

    The three on the bed broke apart and took new positions. This
    time, Vaishali turned on all fours like the randy whoring bitch
    she was, and took Ramdev's cock deep in her mouth. Her butt was
    thrust up at Yaqub and he grinned, his cock up, its head against
    her belly and breasts, and parted the lobes of her buttocks. She
    gasped, and lurched forward, Ramdev's cock sinking deeper into her
    throat, and behind her, Yaqub swirled his tongue around her anus,
    then bent lower and began to tongue-fuck her. Her buttocks swayed
    and shook and writhed and swung from side to side in undulating
    her circles, her back rising and dipping, her body taut and
    quivering, her breasts swinging gently, the gold necklace brushing
    Yaqub's thighs, her tasseled plait hanging over her shoulder. 

    "Mm ... Suck it hard, whore! Suck my cock! Harder!" Ramdev
    grunted, fucking her face, his hands on her head, his hips
    grinding to and fro, to and fro.

    Again they broke apart and now, for the first time, Pankaj saw a
    woman being fucked. She got onto her back once more and took
    Yaqub's cock in her throat. Her hips arched up, her legs spread
    and knees forked, and Ramdev knelt between her thighs, his
    cock-head at her cunt-lips. She reached down for it, guiding it to
    her hole. Pankaj watched, rivetted, as Ramdev, grinning from ear
    to ear, slowly squeezed his bulging cock-head into her cunt. It
    slid in and then he flexed his buttocks and pushed it deeper,
    slowly sliding all of it into her, holding her hips. As it went
    in, Vaishali arched hard, crying out loudly and lewdly and
    throatily. Yaqub chuckled and squeezed her breasts, fucking her
    face. Her hands went up to his cock, then to her breasts, then to
    her cunt, spreading her cunt lips open as Ramdev drove his cock
    deep into her cunt.

    They fucked her thus, and Pankaj moaned as he watched his beloved
    dreamgirl make it with her servants -- two of them -- together.
    Her body bridged theirs, and it was jerking and spasming as they
    took her relentlessly. Yaqub's face was flung back and his hips
    were bucking and jerking, his cock glistening and gleaming as it
    rocked in and out, in and out of her distended face, her cheeks
    hollowing and billowing as she slurped loudly on it. Between her
    trembling thighs, Ramdev was fucking her cunt hard, his head flung
    back, wincing and gasping and grunting, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing, his hips swinging rapidly to and fro, to and fro, his
    enormous cock shining with their comingled juices as it emerged
    and disappeared into the hair-rimmed folds of her cunt. 

    It came out, rasped and spiralled in, came out, skewered her
    again, came out, went in, thick and hard and dark and glorious,
    veins standing out angrily down the shaft, his balls swinging
    against her cunt-lips, moving faster and faster. Her body jerked
    and jigged, her breasts jiggling, her necklace scooped about one
    swollen, turgid breast which Ramdev and Yaqub fondled by turn,
    pinching and tweaking the rigid nipple. Her hips shuddered, swung,
    rose, fell, gyrated, pumped, bucked and then she bent in a bow,
    orgasming, her body shuddering taut and quivering. The men
    laughed, grinned, and Yaqub squeezed her breasts hard, gasping and
    yanked out of her and came, hard, shooting thick white gobs of
    jizz over her lips and cheeks and face and breasts and neck.
    Seconds later, Ramdev jerked out of her and shook his cock in his
    hand and exploded, too, his jizz spuming through the air and
    settling on her creamy belly and thighs and breasts like sticky
    ticker tape.

    The men moved away from her. Yaqub squeezed her breast, laughing
    at Bahadur. Ramdev lit a cigarette, smirking. Bahadur was now
    masturbating openly, his cock big and thick and hard. Pankaj saw
    that it was a fat, long prod, dark and glistening with pre-cum
    gunk. Bahadur stood there, his tunic open, his trousers off,
    frigging, his mouth open, panting and grunting. Pankaj's own
    erection was massive, painful, his balls throbbing. He was excited
    and repelled at once, but he would not afford himself an orgasm.
    Not yet. Wait.

    "C'mon, pimp, fuck her," Yaqub said. "Good stuff. Hot. And her
    cunt's still hungry for more! Fuck her hard, stud, show her your

    Bahadur chuckled in delight, beating his meat.

    Vaishali lay there like a gutter slut, still gasping, her lovely
    body covered with sweat and gunk. She caressed herself, running
    her fingers through the sticky gobs of it, licking them, lifting
    her hand and fingers to her mouth, trailing thick white streams on
    it, and lasciviously licking it all.

    It was an incredibly erotic sight. Pankaj narrowly resisted the
    temptation to crash into the room and fling himself upon her, rape
    her repeatedly, force himself into her, to hit her and suck on her
    breasts, to ramfuck her mouth. The whore, the dirty little whore!
    Oh, he wanted her! How he wanted her!

    Vaishali swung off the bed and, smiling only at Bahadur now, moved
    across the room to him. Standing before him, she weighed her
    gorgeous breasts in her hands, lifted them high, squeezed them
    together, rolled them under her palms. Her lips parted and her
    tongue slithered across her upper lip. A hand on his chest. A
    finger trailing a sensuous line down his hard, lean, V-shaped
    torso to his groin, her hands curling about his cock. At the same
    time, her face inclined towards his. Her lips parted, met his.
    Fluttered away, then came back. This time he responded, kissing
    her hungrily, and she thrust her tongue into his mouth, her body
    pressing against his, rubbing his cock against her belly. His
    hands slid up her body and over her breasts, squeezing them hard,
    rolling and crushing the succulent mounds, making her squirm and
    wince and gasp.

    "Gutter-whore ... fucking slut ... bitch ... cunt!" the youth
    muttered in a thick voice. 

    "Yes," she moaned. "I'm a whore ... your whore ... just yours ...
    for you to fuck ... fuck me, baby ... just fuck me and fuck me and
    fuck me!"

    She bent her head and began to suck on his nipples, tonguing and
    teething them, her hand busy between his legs, masturbating him.
    He grunted and gasped, and her tongue swirled and rolled in
    circles, her head tilting first this way and then that as she
    sucked on them by turn. He bent his head and watched her, his
    mouth agape, his hand on her head, twisting his body to give her
    better access to his nipple. Pankaj wanted it to be him. The
    constantly resurfacing thought was sour and bitter, fueling his

    Vaishali was down on her knees before Bahadur now and, with her
    eyes raised to his, watching his face, she held his cock in her
    hand and then her tongue shot out and coiled serpentine over his
    enormous cock-head. Bahadur's breath hissed in his throat and his
    belly sucked in sharply, his hips lurching, his buttocks flexing.
    Her tongue hovered on his cock-head, then drew a line down the
    under side of his throbbing shaft, swirled over his balls. She
    ducked her head under the pendulous balls and slowly drew them
    into her mouth, one by one, sucking gently. Bahadur gasped, his
    hands on her head, rocking back on his feet, his head arching back
    with a look of wonder on his face. 

    Her head dipped lower and Bahadur realised her intention, and his
    legs spread and he leaned forward a bit with his knees bending
    deeply. Vaishali thrust her face steeply upward beneath him like a
    suckling calf and prised apart the globes of his taut buttocks.

    "OHHHHHHH!" the man gasped as her tongue swirled out and at his
    anus. Her face pressed it deeply, her mouth wide, her tongue
    flickering and rolling and roiling and swirling and Bahadur's hips
    trembled with delight. He began to jerk his cock hard.

    She realised and at once straightened before him and took the cock
    from him. This time, she took him deep in her mouth and Bahadur
    cried out, his head snapping back. 

    "AHHHHHHH ... uhhhh ... AHHHHHH!" he cried.

    His hand went behind her head, entwining in her long, thick plait,
    curling about her neck and jerking it forward to his hips. His
    knees bent and he began to ram-fuck her mouth. She expected it,
    and took it smoothly and without effort, sucking him hard and
    quick with her head rocking rapidly to and fro, back and forth, to
    and fro, back and forth, her cheeks billowing and hollowing, her
    face distended and distorted, his cock running deep into her
    mouth. The fucking of her face was exciting her, for one hand was
    on her breasts, mauling them in excitement, the other between her

    "OHHHHHhh uhhhh OHHHhhh uhhh ... Suck it hard, bitch! Suck it
    hard!" he gasped. 

    Her horniness could be denied no longer. She flung herself onto
    her back on the floor, panting and gasping, her fingers and lips
    shining with his precum gunk and jerked him down with her.

    "C'mon, Bahadur," she gasped, "now lick my slit!"

    He was in a frenzy and she gasped and cried out as he sucked her
    breasts hard, biting her nipples, sucking hard, scraping them
    against his teeth, squeezing them together and taking both in at
    once, making a deep cleavage. Then he slid down and her legs
    forked and arched over his shoulders and she clawed her cunt-lips
    open for him. Bahadur thrust his face between her legs and
    Vaishali's body arched in a steep bow, her head flying back, her
    hands on his head, her fingers clenching his hair.

    "OHHHHHHHHH!" she moaned, "OHHH ... UNHHHH ... OHHHH ... OHHHHHHH
    ... uhhhhhh ... ahh uhhh yes uhhhhh uhhhhh ahh uhhh yes uhhhh!"

    He tongue-fucked her hard and quickly, his head rolling from side
    to side, her hips bucking at his face, her shoulders hunched, her
    breasts bunched together. She moaned and hissed, her head flipping
    from side to side in unfaked ecstasy, her hips grinding up at his
    face, writhing and rolling under him.

    Feverish with lust now, the slut tugged him up and kissed him
    hard, biting his lip, his shoulder, jerking his tunic off his
    shoulders, clenching his back as he moved between her legs and
    fumbled for her cunt with his cock. She spread her legs wide on
    either side of his lean hips, lifting her knees, her feet on the
    backs of his knees, and then reached down, guiding his cock to her
    opening. He found it and surged deep into her with a cry.

    "AHHHHHHUHHHAHHAHHHHHHHHHHH!" he moaned, ramming deep into her.

    "UNHHHHHHH ... OHHHHHHH!" she cried, clawing at him and arching in
    a fierce bow beneath him. Her legs climbed up his back, her hands
    fell wide ... and her fingers closed on the whistle and cord that
    had hung from his epaulet.

    Bahadur was ram-fucking her desperately, his hips rising and
    falling, plunging and pistoning, hammering back and forth with all
    the subtlety of a sledgehammer. His mighty cock thundered in and
    out, in and out, reaming and ramming and slamming and jamming and
    squeezing into her, rivening her cunt-lips wide open, rising and
    bucking and bouncing up and down, up and down, up and down, faster
    and faster, harder and deeper, buttocks flexing and unflexing. She
    was responding in kind, heaving and bucking in a frenzy under him,
    her head arched back, crying out constantly, tendons popping in
    her neck, her face flushed, her body jiggling her breasts
    jiggling, the gold necklace tossing on her flesh. Her frenzied
    fingers clawed at him, and then slid down to his buttocks,
    clenching them, tugging them open and then, as Pankaj watched
    thunderstruck, she shoved the thick cord of the whistle into
    Bahadur's anus, at the same time heaving her hips up to his and
    jerking his butt down to force his cock deep into her cunt. 

    Bahadur reacted as though an electric prod had been stuck up his
    arse. He bellowed and gasped, his head arching back, his hips
    lunging down in a mighty, rushing thrust that drove the breath
    from her. He quivered inside her, tense and taut, and she moaned,
    and began to move the cord, drawing it out, then shoving it back
    in, drawing it out again. He went wild, and began to slam his hips
    up and down, his muscles popping and cording, his body streaming
    with sweat, and she began to orgasm under him, gasping and mewing
    and crying out and lurching up to him. He crashed into her and she
    sensed his orgasm and suddenly jerked the cord out of his anus.
    Bahadur cried out and his body shook with tension and then he
    jerked out of her and his cock spat its load, shooting thick gobs
    of jizz all over her belly and breasts and thighs.

    It was relentless and, for Pankaj, devastating. She seemed to be
    insatiable, a nymphomaniac of the kind that he had only fantasised
    about, never imagining he would actually know one. She could not
    seem to get enough of it, no matter what they did to her.

    After Bahadur had done with her, Vaishali moved back to the bed,
    and now she seemed to be moving in some erotic trance. There,
    Yaqub and Ramdev took her together again, this time with Ramdev
    fucking her from behind while she knelt on all fours like a bitch
    in heat, and Yaqub fucked her face. They took their time over it,
    calling her whore and slut and cunt and bitch, taunting her,
    treating her like they might a two-bit slut in a cheap brothel,
    and she seemed to love it, moaning and gasping and panting,
    rocking on her hands and knees between them, reaching back for
    Ramdev's cock, her avid mouth sucking Yaqub non-stop. Her breasts
    looked swollen and heavy and the nipples were rock-hard. Then
    Bahadur came across, recovered, his cock hardening again, and now
    she had all three men together. She turned and took Bahadur's cock
    in her mouth while Yaqub took her from behind and Ramdev got onto
    his back under her and began to suck and fondle her pendulous
    breasts. Her hand was on his cock, pumping it rapidly, and all
    three of the men thus took her, their cocks big and hot and angry
    and wanting only her.

    Yaqub suddenly called to Ramdev. "Wanna fuck her ass, cock?"

    Ramdev grinned and nodded. Pankaj moaned in despair. Numbly, he
    stared into the room, uncaring, unseeing, his mind blank as though
    it had been pulverized.

    Inside, Vaishali was in the throes of ecstasy. She lay on her side
    with Yaqub behind her. He reached around and gripped her breasts,
    crushing them, kissing her turned face, his cock pressing into the
    cleft between her smooth buttocks.

    "I want your ass, whore," he said in the vernacular.

    Her leg rose high and back over his and he parted the lobes of her
    buttocks and pressed his bulging cock-head to her anus. She
    tensed, and he paused, reached around to finger her cunt. Her
    sphincter yielded and she gasped in joy. 

    Instantly, he pressed forward and gasped in shock at the heat of
    her ass. Her face jerked up, screwing up hard in agonised lust,
    her mouth tearing open. Her cry was loud and shrill and high. He
    lifted her buttock and thigh in his hand, gritted his teeth,
    flexed his taut buttocks and surged powerfully into her with a
    shuddering cry. She screamed louder, a thin cry that rang in
    Pankaj's ears. Yaqub held still inside her, his cock buried deep,
    his hands squeezing her swollen breasts. Her voice dwindled to a
    sobbing moan of unmistakable lust.

    And then Ramdev. God, no. Not together! Pankaj felt dizzy just
    watching them. Ramdev lay down in front of her and then his
    cock-head was at her cunt-lips, forcing them open and slowly
    squeezing into her cunt-channel. Vaishali cried out in shock and
    agony, her twin orifices plugged by the huge cocks and separated
    by the merest membrane of flesh.

    Her cries metamorphosed into loud, shuddering moans as her two
    servants took her expertly, fucking and buggering her together,
    their bodies rocking against hers in unison, forcing their cocks
    into her cunt and anus as one. Vaishali rocked and moaned between
    them as the bloated penises sawed rhythmically in and out of her
    cunt and ass. Then, gentle now, they repositioned themselves, with
    Yaqub on his back, Vaishali over him, her asshole impaled on his
    penis and Ramdev kneeling between her thighs, raiding her cunt.
    Her mouth opened and instantly Bahadur was there, and she
    spluttered and gasped, and then began to suck hard as he fucked
    her face and then there were all three of them, fucking the one
    teenage girl like a two-bit slut, in unison, her every orifice

    They took her again, one by one, Bahadur fucking her slowly from
    behind, after she had sucked him, holding her hips and banging his
    hips against her buttocks, making her moan and rock to and fro,
    her breasts swinging. Then Ramdev took her on her back, twisting
    and spiralling into her, going on and on and on, and then it was
    Yaqub, impaling her cunt on his dick and bouncing her, her cries
    pathetic little whimpers of lust as he fondled her swollen, angry
    breasts, the marks of their fingers on them in angry weals,
    holding her buttocks and fingering her anus, making her gasp, then
    yanking her down and sucking on her breasts, hard, making her
    scream and moan and gasp.

    Pankaj's cock burst and he came, splattering his spoot all over
    the wall and the window sill. Moaning, he collapsed on the steps
    in a daze. He could not believe what he had seen. He must have
    been dreaming. Dazed, he looked in again. Vaishali lay whimpering,
    spent, on her side, curled up and yet there was a look of such
    slavish desire on her lips that Pankaj knew that she had wanted
    every bit of it, that she had enjoyed it all. Pankaj moaned softly
    and felt the hot tears sting his scalded eyes.

                    = o =                 The tangled webs of life
                    kept Vaishali oblivious of Jayant's relationship
                    with Anuja; and the thought of having to uncover
                    the truth and simultaneously abandon her cherished
                    love life filled her with the same dread as him.
                    When, finally, the truth inevitably was out,
                    Vaishali revelled in her regained sexual freedom

    Mukesh, the new servant, was at the end of his tether. Vaishali
    was driving him mad with lust. All morning, she had teased him
    constantly. She did it in a hundred different ways, each
    apparently innocent; brushing her hand against his thigh, her
    buttocks across his crotch, pressing a breast to his arm, getting
    unwontedly close to his body. Once it might have been a mistake,
    twice, carelessness; but then she kept doing it, too often for it
    to be mere coincidence. When he saw her face and the smouldering
    fire in her eyes, the animal flaring of her nostrils, her
    intention was plain. She wanted him to fuck her. He kept hoping as
    the day dragged on -- it never happened. She continued to torment
    him. It was driving him crazy. Alone in the kitchen with her now,
    he looked at her and fought to quell his raging excitement.

    Vaishali exuded a soft sexuality and she knew it. Her skin was
    clear as satin, utterly unflawed, smooth and fair and creamy. She
    was slender and lovely, with finely chiselled features, lovely
    dark, doe-like eyes rimmed with *kajal* , a slim, straight nose
    full lips over perfect, even teeth. She wore a long black and gold
    *mangalsutra* and a gold necklace around her long necklace. Her
    sloping breasts were full and high and ripe like succulent fruit.
    Her belly was flat, her waist narrow and she had bell-shaped hips,
    elegant legs and arms with slender ankles and wrists. Her hair was
    bound in a long, low braid that hung to the curves of her gently
    rounded buttocks. She wore a small *bindi* in the centre of her
    forehead with a touch of red in her parting, delicate diamond
    earrings, a gold bracelet and diamond rings on her second and
    third fingers. Her hands and feet were slender and graceful. She
    wore silver rings on her toes and sexy silver anklets with tiny
    bells that looped over her slender ankles erotically.

    He couldn't take his eyes of her breasts. She wore a simple *sari*
    in synthetic fibre with a tight, close-cut blouse. The blouse had
    a plunging scoop neck that rode low on her shoulders. It showed
    most of her upper torso and, through the translucent fabric of the
    pale *sari* , gave him an unimpeded view of the invitingly deep
    shadow of her cleavage and the swelling of her luscious breasts
    squeezed together by the tight blouse. The gold necklace and long
    *mangalsutra* glistened against her creamy skin. The blouse was
    short and high, the lower hem running hard under her breasts which
    jutted provocatively over her flat belly. She wore her *sari* very
    low on her hips, well below her navel, and he could see a long
    expanse of the smooth, unblemished flesh of her midriff. Mukesh
    didn't know it but she was naked under the blouse and the *sari* ,
    without even a petticoat -- she had perfected the technique of
    wearing *sari* s like this, so that with the slightest tug, they
    unravelled at once.

    Mukesh was dark and lean and good-looking with a square-jawed,
    strong-nosed face, a slim mouth, deep-set, dark eyes, and a hard,
    muscular body. He was dressed only in baggy shorts and a
    close-fitting cotton vest that showed off the contours of his
    muscular body and the cleft in his chest. His torso was hairless,
    which she found sexy. She had never liked hairy men, though she
    had fucked her share of them. He was doing the dishes while she
    prepared dinner.

    She glanced at the kitchen clock. She would have to hurry. If she
    was going to fuck Mukesh, she'd have to do it now. Jayant would be
    home in another hour. She smiled to herself; time enough for a
    good fuck with this new servant. He was her first conquest after
    she married Jayant. With the air clear between them, there was no
    reason to force on herself a continence she did not want.

    Vaishali knew he was watching her as she kneaded the dough for the
    chappatis, the wafer-thin discs of unleavened bread. It was hard
    work, and her shoulders hunched and her breasts squeezed together
    as she deftly knuckled the soft mass of dough. She saw him glance
    at her and saw his eyes glitter as he watched her breasts move
    under her *pallu* . She flicked her eyes down and saw the
    bulge between his thighs. 

    She smiled to herself. Not long now. She rose slightly on her
    feet, pressing down hard on the dough, her arms stretched, her
    shoulders hunched and, as she had planned, the *pallu* of her
    slid off her shoulder. It fell down to the shallow steel plate in
    which she had the ball of dough and exposed her breasts and
    cleavage. She made no move to raise it. She heard his sharp intake
    of breath and hid a smile. 

    There was a steel tumbler of water for the dough by the plate. She
    reached for it and, accidentally-on-purpose, knocked it off the
    counter. It clanged to the floor and she clucked in mock
    irritation. Abandoning the dough, she turned and bent steeply from
    the waist to retrieve it, the *sari* still off her shoulder. She
    facing him when she bent over and Mukesh saw her full breasts
    bunch and swing. Her *mangalsutra* was squeezed between the
    mounds. He was only inches from her body.

    Mukesh's loins blazed with the pent-up lust-heat of the day. The
    sight of her breasts in such close proximity was too much to bear.
    He wanted to take them in his hands, to drive his cock into her
    mouth, into her cunt, into her ... anus ... God, he could even
    smell her, she was so close, a clean and sexy-sweet intensely
    erotic aroma of her body and soap and soft perfume. He lost
    control. With a strangled cry, he bent forward and thrust his wet
    hands deep down the neck of her blouse, groping and crushing her

    He expected her to shout, scream, squeal, struggle free, anything.
    Mad with lust, he would have raped her there and then. Her
    reaction stunned him.

    She stopped, one hand on the tumbler, still bent over and looked
    up at him. His mind jerked in surprise as he realised that her
    nipples were hard and her breasts were swelling to turgidity in
    his hands. She tilted her lovely face up and a gentle smile lit
    her eyes and her teeth flashed. He froze incredulously. She let
    the tumbler go and her lips parted and he saw her eyes shining
    with excitement. Her tongue peeked between her lips. 

    She did more. Hunching her shoulders, she squeezed her breasts
    into his hands. In an utterly wanton, lascivious motion, she
    rocked gently back and forth, rubbing her nipples against his
    palms. He gasped and, quickly, squeezed them. Her face spasmed
    with unfaked pleasure. A slow grin creased his face. He rolled her
    rigid nipples under his callused palms. She gasped softly. 

    Vaishali slid to her knees slowly with his hands still inside her
    blouse. Instantly, he understood what was going to happen. He
    straightened. She bent her face towards his crotch and slid her
    hands up his strong thighs. He looked down, still reeling in
    disbelief. Her face moved closer to his groin and she nuzzled his
    crotch gently. Her lips parted delicately, and he gasped in shock
    as he felt her warm breath and fiery tongue probing at his
    cock-head through the thick cloth of his shorts. 

    "I've caused you trouble, haven't I, Mukesh?" she murmured softly,
    her voice low. 

    He stared at her, half-grin, still dumbfounded. Her eyes sparkled
    in delight.

    "Don't worry," she murmured. "I know the solution."

    She flicked open the buttons of his shorts and fly and peeled them
    open. His erect cock bounced out at her face, throbbing,
    dark-veined, already dripping with pre-cum gunk. It was at least
    nine inches long and more than two inches thick. Angry veins
    ridged the thick shaft. His balls were heavy and low. She took her
    servant's penis in her fingers and began to masturbate him. It
    throbbed and pulsed alive. Mukesh groaned softly and thrust his
    hips at her face.

    "Suck it! Suck it, whore! Quickly!" he grunted. 

    Pumping his shaft in her slender fingers, she rolled back the
    foreskin and, opening her mouth, swirled her tongue about his
    thick cock-head. Mukesh gasped at the electric touch of her tongue
    on his erection. Her tongue swept over it with a flickering
    serpentine action, and then she slid her lips and teeth up and
    down his shaft, raking it gently. Pursing her lips on her
    servant's cock-head, she slowly drew his penis between her lips
    and began to suck on the tip of his cock. He moaned thickly.
    Gently, she drew his penis deeper into her mouth, her lips parting
    further, her cheeks hollowing, then filling with his size as it
    distended her face, still jerking him in her fist. He hissed in
    pleasure and lifted his vest up under his arms, caressing his
    torso sensuously. His hairless chest was deep and muscular.
    Slowly, she flipped open the buttons of her blouse, immensely

    "Mukesh," she mumbled, "fuck my mouth ... please."

    Mukesh groaned loudly, his pulse racing, the blood pounding in his
    head. Bending his head, he watched, incredulous, as she sucked his
    cock with a visible hunger, fondling her breasts wantonly, just
    like the sluts he'd fucked. Only she was prettier than the best of

    "Yes!" he gasped. "Suck it, whore! Suck it hard!"

    Vaishali moaned deep in her cock-filled throat. This was like the
    good old days, when rough-mannered man used her body, bending her
    to their desire. She loved the taste and smell of his cock in her
    mouth as he fucked her face, pumping his hips rhythmically,
    fucking her face with long, easy strokes, moving his glistening
    cock in and out of her mouth. Savouring the sensations of her
    mouth, Mukesh caressed her face and breasts, crushing them in his

    "Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon whore ... suck it! Ohhh uhhh yes
    ... c'mon! Harder!"

    Growing more aroused with each passing second that she sucked his
    cock, goaded by his lewd love-calls, she tugged at her *sari* and
    let it fall loose. It rustled off her body and he stared in wonder
    and delight at her nakedness as she thrust her hand into her
    crotch and began to masturbate. Without letting his penis out of
    her mouth, she opened her blouse fully and drew it off her
    shoulders. Her nipples were rock-hard under his palms. 

    Moaning and whimpering erotically, Vaishali caressed her face and
    breasts with his cock, lifting her head and rising on her knees,
    wantonly kissing and licking his hard, flat belly, sweeping her
    tongue through his recessed navel. Squeezing her swollen breasts
    over his penis she let him fuck them, bending her head to suck and
    lick at the cock-head. She caressed his balls and lifted her long
    *mangalsutra* and scraped the hard beads up and down his shaft. He
    groaned and pushed her head back down, thrusting his hips forward,
    forcing his cock back deep into her mouth.

    "C'mon whore! Suck harder!" he cried, rocking her face rapidly
    back and forth with one hand, his hips pumping, his buttocks
    flexing and unflexing.

    His cock throbbed in her mouth and under her tongue. She sucked
    and licked it lasciviously. Pre-cum gunk spurted from the long
    slit in its tip and she moaned, jerking his cock rapidly, opening
    her mouth under it, letting him see his pre-cum jizz spurt into
    her mouth and spatter her face and naked breasts. 

    "C'mon!" she moaned. "Cum in my mouth, Mukesh!"

    But the young servant had sufficient experience to resist the
    undeniable temptation. Gasping, he pushed her head away. Vaishali
    moaned softly and went down on her back on the kitchen floor and
    spread her legs, bending her knees and thrusting her cunt up to
    him in invitation.

    "Come on, lover ... fuck me," she murmured obscenely. "Shove your
    cock into my cunt!"

    In Hindi, her words were even more erotic and obscene. In his
    excitement, he didn't pause to wonder where she'd learned to do
    such things, to talk like this. 

    Chuckling in pleasure, panting heavily, he knelt between her
    splayed thighs. His vest was rucked up in a taut band about his
    chest as he bent over her naked body on outstretched arms. His
    cock-head seared at her cunt-lips. Her hand went down between
    their bodies to his cock, guiding him to her cunt-hole. 

    "Yes!" she hissed feverishly. "C'mon! Do it! I want it! Fuck me!
    Fuck me Mukesh! I want your cock!"

    Mukesh groaned and slowly flexed his buttocks and sank his hips,
    squeezing his penis into her cunt. His bulging cock-head popped
    into her cunt and she gasped and cried out, arching steeply,
    biting her lower lip, her head jerking savagely to one side, her
    face contorting in a wild rictus of lust. He cried out as her hot,
    tight cunt convulsed frenetically on his cock, drawing him in
    deeper. He pushed his cock further into that wonderful, hot, wet,
    soft crevice. In and in he went and she arched beneath him, her
    long neck craned, her lovely face flung back, her hands clenching
    his buttocks, pulling him in deeper still. Her hips and cunt rose
    eagerly to meet his loins in descent. He went in to the hilt, and
    her cunt swallowed his cock greedily, a tight, hot vortex of joy.

    "Ohmauhhh ahhhh uhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" she called, almost in
    relief, her crotch pinned to his.

    Mukesh groaned and, arching his head, swung his hips slowly,
    grinding his cock in her cunt-flesh. She whimpered, her head
    turned to one side, her eyes closed, her lips parted. Her cunt
    jerked and writhed under him. She spread her legs wider apart. 

    "Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck me hard, Mukesh ... fuck me hard!"

    Her obscenities spurred him. He began to fuck her slowly. He
    stroked smoothly in and out of her cunt. His buttock flexed and
    unflexed, his hips swinging rhythmically, his cock pistoning
    steadily in and out of her hair-rimmed cunt. He rolled his hips
    with each thrust, making her groan and lurch under him. Her feet
    rose up the backs of his thighs and her cunt jerked and pumped
    eagerly at his cock. He groaned, his head flung back, and began to
    move faster. Her breasts jiggled and bounced under his thrusts,
    her long *mangalsutra* and gold necklace slithering and tossing on
    her creamy, fair skin. She slid her hands up her body, lifting and
    squeezing her breasts erotically. Her hips bucked in unison with
    his thrusts. Her erotic moans rang in his ears, spurring him on.

    "Yes! Ohma uhhh yes! Oh god yes uhhh yes uhhh ahh uhhh yes uhhh
    ahh uhhh yes uhhh ohma uhh Mukesh ahh uhhh yes uhhh OHHHH uhhh ahh
    uhhh yes ... fuck me! Fuck me hard! Yeh! Oh yes, that's it! That's
    it, baby! Fuck my cunt, c'mon, Mukesh! Do it!"

    He rose on outstretched arms and began to move even faster,
    ramming his cock savagely into her as the heat roiled and grew in
    his loins. She squeezed her breasts fiercely, whimpering and

    "OHHHHH ... Mukesh ... uhhhhh Mukesh uhhhh OHHHHH uhhh OHHHH uhh
    OHHH uhhhh OHHH uhhhh ahh uhhh yes uhhhhOHHHH," she moaned loudly. 

    "Yeh! Take it, whore, take it!" he shouted in ecstasy. 

    She caressed his chest and arms and face, craning her head to suck
    on his nipples, then drawing his head to hers and kissing him,
    thrusting her tongue hungrily into his mouth, sucking on his own
    as it flickered in response. She was fantastic. Her cunt was hot
    and wet and tight and he couldn't get enough of it. Her gorged
    clitoris rasped against his swollen penis as he plunged it deeper
    and deeper into her cunt. Their bodies moved together in an erotic
    dance, their cries growing sharper and more obscene. Vaishali was
    ecstatic. Her new lover was a wonderful find. His penis was big
    and thick, and he was surprisingly competent, with impressive
    staying power. She moaned joyously as his thick cock ran into her
    cunt again and again.

    "Ahh uhhh yes uh ahh uhhh yes uh ahh uhhh yes uhh ahh uhhh yes
    Mukesh ahh uhhh yes ... ohh uhhh ohhhh uhhh ohhh uhhhh ahh uhhh
    yes ... fuck me ... just keep fucking me! Fuck me hard, Mukesh!
    Ahh uhhh yes uhh AHHHHHHH uhh oh yeh that's it, oh god yes, don't
    stop, Mukesh, don't stop fucking me ohhh uhhh yeh oh ma uhh yes!"

    Faster and faster he went, goaded by her cries, his hips rocking
    rapidly up and down, his buttocks flexing and unflexing
    powerfully, his enormous penis surging in and out of her cunt,
    making waves of pleasure wash over her.

    "C'mon whore ... take it! Take my cock ... ohh uhhh ahh uhhh yes
    uh oh uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ahhhh!"

    Suddenly, despite her desperate pleas, Mukesh slid out of her
    cunt. Gasping at the abrupt release in pressure, she moaned,
    understanding what he wanted and quickly turned on her side and
    drew up one leg to let him fuck her from behind. He lay behind her
    on his side and squeezed his cock between the smooth lobes of her
    buttocks deep into her cunt. She gasped as the huge penis seared
    into her slit. Holding her thigh up in one strong hand, he began
    to fuck her rapidly, jerking and slamming his cock savagely in and
    out of her cunt. She moaned loudly at his sharp, jabbing thrusts.
    He reached around to squeeze and fondle her jiggling breasts. His
    hips jerked at hers, and she could feel his balls thump against
    her buttocks. She bent her hand to cup his balls, and turned her
    face to let him kiss her again. His tongue plunged into her mouth
    and she sucked on it hungrily. His hips slapped at her buttocks
    and he moved her body, holding her hip, jigging her up and down on
    his cock.

    "C'mon whore ... take it ... take my cock, bitch!" he panted.

    In and out he went, gasping and panting, his inflamed penis
    squeezing into her taut channel with a rasping squelch, jerking
    out, slamming in again. Her buttocks lobed outward, exposing her
    puckered anus. He pressed his fingertip to her asshole and she
    moaned, thrusting back at him. Chuckling between gasps, he slid
    his finger into her ass. She writhed, moaning, burying her face in
    the crook of her arm, her body flushed and hot, beaded with sweat. 

    Vaishali's long, tasseled braid rubbed between their bodies. That
    gave him an idea and he took the end of it and rolled one of the
    tassel's beads into her anus. Vaishali cried out as the sharp bead
    bit into her asshole. Her sphincter and cunt spasmed and he
    grunted and lurched deeper into her. She cried out, her buttocks
    jerking back towards him and he pressed his fingertip into her
    ass, forcing the bead through her tight sphincter. Vaishali's
    mouth jerked open and she cried out, her face contorting with joy.
    Mukesh chuckled lewdly, thrusting harder and deeper into her cunt.

    "C'mon ... c'mon whore! Take it! Take my prick, you fuckin'
    whore!" he gasped.

    For several minutes, he fucked her steadily and hard, slamming his
    cock into her cunt. Vaishali whimpered thickly, her head spinning,
    her body lurching and jerking under his thrusts. His cock was
    enormous and her mind leaped in exultation at the realisation that
    he was proving to be a far better lover than she had dared hope.

    Gradually, Mukesh slowed his movements and slowly slid his cock
    out of her. She moaned, delirious, frustrated, grappling for his
    cock, trying to feed it back into her cunt. He probably wanted to
    fuck her ass. She was about to pull the tasseled bead out of her
    ass when he stopped her and pulled her to her feet. 

    He turned her about, and bent her forward over the counter,
    rummaging between her legs with his hand for her cunt. It was
    sopping wet and sticky. Chortling in obscene glee, Mukesh
    manoeuvered his penis between her splayed buttocks and slowly
    spiralled his cock into her, squeezing the hot thickness of it
    into her taut channel yet again. 

    She clung to the counter and moaned, her face rising, her luscious
    buttocks writhing against his thighs. Her sphincter convulsed on
    the bead in her ass. She jerked forward as he thrust into her. Her
    breasts jiggled and she squeezed her breasts erotically. Her head
    tossed and she panted and moaned obscenely as he began to fuck her
    with long, deep, punishing strokes, moving in and out of her cunt.
    His hands on his buttocks, he swung his hips smoothly, pistoning
    his cock in and out of her cunt. He rolled his hips to churn her
    innards with his huge pestle. He leaned over and kissed her, his
    tongue arching into her mouth hungrily, his hands on her swollen
    breasts, pinching and tweaking her rigid nipples. She slid her
    hand between her legs to fondle his heavy, hairy balls.

    "OHHH uhh oHH uhhhhh Mukesh-Mukesh-Mukeshuhhhh ahh uhhh yes uhhhh
    ahh uhhh yes uhhhh OHHHHH uhhhh OHHHHHHHH uhhhhh OHHHHHHH uhhhhh
    ahh uhhh yes uhhh OHHHH uhhh OHHHHHHH!" she moaned loudly, in a
    voice husky with lust. "Fuck me! OHhhh yes! Fuck me, Mukesh! Ohhhh
    Muk-EHHHHHH-sh-UHHHHHr Yes!"

    "C'mon," he gasped. "C'mon, whore, c'mon-c'mon-c'mon ... take it!
    Take my cock, whore, take it! ... OHFUCK OHHH YEH!"

    "Oh ma oh ma oh ma Ohhh unhh oh oh oh oh!" Vaishali panted.

    Hot firelust rippled through her. He moved faster and faster,
    driving his penis a good six or seven inches in and out of her
    cunt, ramming and reaming into her. On and on he went, till he
    heard her moan and cry out. Her cunt bit down hard on his cock and
    she began to orgasm. He kept stroking powerfully and she gasped in
    joy and delight as he forced one orgasm after the other. She felt
    him skewer her hard and he tugged at her braid and the bead
    snapped out of her ass, making her orgasm at once. 

    Her cunt convulsed frenetically on his cock and he groaned and
    ground into her savagely, his hips thudding at her buttocks. She
    whimpered and gasped in joy. He jerked out of her and masturbated
    rapidly. Instantly, she turned around and fell to her knees and
    took his penis in her hand and drew it between her lips. He
    gasped, his belly snapping inward and with a loud cry, began to
    orgasm. His hot jizz spumed into her mouth, and she opened her
    lips wide so that he could see his gunk jet down her throat. She
    shook his cock wantonly, spraying her face and breasts with his
    cumshot. He stepped back, panting and gasping, his body shining
    with sweat. She sagged on her knees, her chest heaving, her head

    He looked at her and chuckled. "So, bitch, liked the fuck?"

    "Very much," she said softly.

    He smiled at her, seeing the bright warmth in her eyes and looked
    at the wall clock. They had half an hour yet. Her eyes caught his
    and her smile widened. He chuckled and pulled his vest off his
    head as she got to her feet and led him to her bedroom. 

    Mukesh followed her into her bedroom. The minute they were inside,
    she fell to her knees in front of him. Her fingers coiled about
    his cock and her face creased in pleasure as it thickened again.
    She took his penis in both fists and began to masturbate him
    gently. Her lips parted and her long tongue snaked out, swirling
    round his cock-head. Mukesh gasped and flung his head back. The
    heat surged powerfully in his loins. His mouth fell open and he
    moaned softly. Her tongue was wonderful, soft and wet and warm,
    licking and flickering against his cock-head. Her breasts were
    swollen, the nipples rigid. He bent down and squeezed her breasts
    hard, thumbing her erect nipples. She moaned.

    Vaishali slid her lips around his cock-head and part of his shaft.
    He gasped, his belly sucking in sharply. She engulfed him in her
    moist, warm mouth and started to suck his cock hungrily. He
    moaned, his head spinning, his loins raging. She sucked him
    rapidly, her head bobbing back and forth, her cheeks hollowing as
    she sucked, her face distended with the size of his penis. It was
    wonderful, thick and hard now, throbbing and pulsating in her
    mouth, glistening as it slid in and out between her lips. 

    Hot with lust, he started to fuck her mouth, jerking his hips to
    and fro, holding her head and moving it to suit his pleasure. Her
    tongue continued to roil around his cock-head. She sucked harder
    and harder. He thought she would drain him dry and wondered where
    and how and with whom she had learned to fuck like this. His cock
    glistened with pre-cum gunk, and there were sticky streaks of it
    on her lips and cheeks. 

    "UNNNhh ahh uhhh yes ... yes ... suck ... suck my cock ... suck
    harder, slut! UHHHH uhhhh AHHHHHH!" he gasped.

    He thought she was going to drink his spoot and was tempted to
    come in her mouth. Sensing the imminence of his orgasm, she
    stopped suddenly and rose to her feet. Visibly aroused, her lips
    parted, her breathing shallow, her breasts swollen and hard, she
    pressed to him and tilted her face to his, kissing him deeply
    caressing his superb torso, marvelling at his physique. Her
    breasts were hot on his skin. Her groin rubbed against his. Her
    tongue slithered in his mouth as she kissed him deeply.

    "C'mon, Mukesh ... now fuck me," she said in a low, hoarse voice.

    They fell to the bed together.

    Vaishali gasped and arched steeply, her body tense with
    excitement. Her legs were spread wide and her knees were forked.
    The servant bent his muscular body over hers. His penis, big and
    long and thick, throbbed in her fist, slippery with his pre-cum
    gunk and her recent lascivious sucking of it. She stroked his
    cock, her fingers sticky with his seed. Its taste was still sharp
    in her mouth. 

    Her breasts were swollen and hard, the nipples stiff. He moaned,
    his handsome face suffused with lust. His balls throbbed for
    release. His cock-head seared at her cunt-lips. With a loud gasp,
    he flexed his buttocks and, swinging his hips forward, thrust into
    her, his swollen cock surging into her hot, wet cunt. Vaishali
    cried out, her head jerking to one side, her back bowing. He
    moaned at the heat of her cunt. It spasmed on his penis. Groaning
    with pleasure, he ground deeper into her cunt.

    "UNHHHH OHHHhh!" she gasped. "UNHHHHH ... yes! Ohhhh yes! ...

    Her cunt swallowed his prick greedily. Her hips pressed hard at
    his, churning and grinding round and round. His loins blazed with

    "C'mon Mukesh ... fuck me! Fuck me hard, baby!" she gasped.

    He groaned and sank his cock deeper into her taut channel. Her
    hands dug into the muscles of his arms. Her body arched beneath
    his, her legs rising high to clamp about his hips.

    He began to fuck her with slow, measured thrusts, pulling out,
    then thrusting deep with a heavy roll of his hips, mashing her
    cunt-flesh. Her cunt spasmed and contracted on his cock, making
    him moan. His buttocks rose, unflexing, then flexed taut as he
    drove into her again. Her cunt was wonderful: hot, wet, her juices
    flowing freely, it gripped him like a spongy glove, sucking on his
    inflamed penis, pulling him in deeper and deeper. Her hips heaved
    against his.

    Vaishali was delirious. He was better than she had imagined. He
    was a strong, powerful, experienced lover, better by far than she
    had dared hope. His enormous cock throbbed in her belly like an
    electric cattle-prod. Its thick veins rasped against her inflamed
    clitoris. He stroked like a god, now moving unhurriedly, steadily,
    gliding in and out, in and out. She gasped and moaned and arched
    under him. Her head flipped from side to side. 

    "OHHhhh Mukesh UNHHhh ahh uhhh yes UHHHhh ahh uhhh yes!" she

    She dug her fingers into his thick biceps. His arms were
    outstretched on either side of her chest. His head was bent,
    watching her, his hips moving rhythmically up and down, up and
    down. Slowly, he increased the tempo, moving faster and faster,
    with long, punishing lunges that sent her body bowing taut beneath
    his. His cock rasped in and out, emerging and disappearing,
    glistening, huge and gorged, filling her belly and cunt, piercing
    her deeply.

    "OHHHHhhhhhh Mukesh-Mukesh-Mukesh ahh uhhh yes uhhhhh ahnhhhhhhh
    uhhhh ahh uhhh yes uhhhhh ohhh uhh OH uhh Ohmauhh ahhh uhhhh ahhhh
    uhhh ahh uhhh ahhh!" Vaishali moaned. "Fuck me! Ohhhh uhhhh yes
    uhhh yes uhh ahh uhhh yes uhhh ahh uhhh yes uhh ohma uhh ahh uhhh
    yes uhhh fuck me! Yes! That's it ... oh fuck yes ... that's it!
    Fuck me!"

    "C'mon whore ... take it ... take it yeh ... take it all, bitch
    ... take my cock ... oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck uhhh yes ... uhhhhh
    ahhhhh uhhh ahhhhh uhhh ahhhh uhh AHHH uh AH AH AH AHHHH!" he

    He began to move faster still, with shorter, sharper, deeper
    thrusts, spearing her savagely. Her lovely body jerked and
    furiously under his, thrashing frenetically. His butt rose and
    fell, bouncing feverishly over her lurching loins. He flung his
    head back, and closed his eyes, moaning in deep heat, his mouth
    hanging open, his face contorted. His cock surged in and out,
    thrusting and ramming. They were sheathed in sweat now, their
    bodies glistening and squelching wetly together.

    Her breasts jigged heavily with his thrusts, her *mangalsutra*
    slithering on her breasts, looping over one, a strand thick in her
    cleavage. She jerking and snapped back and forth, her spine
    arching in a taut bow with each plunge of his penis. The bed
    rocked heavily on its springs. Her hips heaved and lurched at his,
    moving in a hungry, fervid, pumping motion, slamming up against
    his thrusts. On and on he went, with deep, skewering thrusts. She
    lifted her head and he gasped when her hot tongue swirled around
    one of his nipples, her lips following, clamping on it, sucking
    hard. Her fingers dug into his buttocks, prised them apart. He
    cried out loudly when she pushed a finger at his anus. His
    sphincter spasmed, then yielded and she slid it into his asshole,
    drawing a guttural moan from him, making him thrust savagely into
    her, making her cry out in consequence, arching steeply.

    He paused, panting. She moaned, teetering on the verge. He slid
    back onto his haunches, his legs spread wide and folded under his
    buttocks. He drew her hips up higher, lifting her legs high over
    his shoulders. She moaned, her hands on her breasts, rolling them
    under her flat palms, tweaking the hard nipples. Her hand went
    down to her cunt-lips, fingering her clitoris. He began to move
    again, thrusting and ramming his hips to and fro in a punishing,
    furious stroke. Vaishali cried out, her face whipping to one side,
    her neck arched, her mouth tearing open in agonised delight, fresh
    sweat splintering off her body. Her body twisted and lurched and
    thrashed. Faster and faster he moved, thrusting in and out of her
    hot cocksheath. Vaishali's body jigged furiously.

    "OHhhhhh Mukesh-Mukesh-Mukesh-uhhhhhhh HUhhhhhh ahh uhhh yes uhhh
    ahhh uhh ah ah ah ah ah uhhh ahh uhhh yes Mukesh ahh uhhh yes!"
    she cried.

    "Oh yeh oh yeh c'mon you fucking whore take it you fucking bitch
    take my cock oh yeh c'mon oh fuck your cunt's so hot baby oh baby
    yes!" he gasped feverishly, his body trembling with lust.

    His balls and hips slapped at the insides of her thighs, his hot
    cock tearing into her. Vaishali's body shook and writhed, jerking
    and lurching desperately under his. She climaxed in a series of
    back to back orgasm, moaning and shuddering, her body arching
    taut, shuddering, every sinew singing. He gasped as her hot juices
    flowed over his cock and her cunt bit down on it in a frenzy.
    Still in control, he continued to stroke in and out of her, his
    rhythm slowing to a perfect tempo, drawing out her orgasm.

    He narrowly avoided losing control. As she subsided, whimpering,
    her head spinning, he slid slowly out of her. He was still

    "Okay, flip over, slut ... I wanna fuck you from behind ... like a
    bitch," he said.

    Despite the shattering orgasm, Vaishali could not have resisted
    him even if she wanted to. She turned over and thrust her buttocks
    up at him, leaning forward on her forearms and chest, her face
    turned to one side, her breasts squashed against the counterpane,
    her *mangalsutra* riding high on the nape of her neck. Her
    lobed outward. Kneeling behind her, Mukesh slid his finger into
    the cleft between them, fingering her anus. She moaned. Her
    sphincter spasmed. He slid his finger into her rear channel. Her
    face contorted and she clenched at the sheets in agony, her
    buttocks spasming and flexing taut. He chuckled. The thought of
    fucking her butt aroused him.

    "Want it here, whore?" he growled. "Shall I fuck your ass?"

    "Yes," she whimpered in delight, aching for a good butt-fuck. "Do
    it ... fuck my butt, baby ... I want your cock up my ass!"

    He grunted. "Later ... later ... with some butter!"

    Her mind soared with joy. He shuffled forward and squeezed his
    penis between her buttocks. He found her cunt-lips, and slid into
    her again with a slow, skewering thrust. Vaishali gasped, the
    breath hissing from her as the huge lance seared white-hot into
    her cunt. It throbbed inside her. Her body began to tremble as she
    felt the renewed lust flicker through her.

    Mukesh fucked her slowly this time, stroking steadily. His cock
    gleamed and glistened, emerging and disappearing between the
    creamy lobes of her buttocks. Her body swung beneath him, her cunt
    sliding back and forth along his shaft. Her face a vision of lust,
    the eyes half closed, the mouth open in a wide 'O' of lust,
    panting and moaning continuous obscenities. He began to move
    faster, holding her hips, his head flung back, his belly sucked
    in, his buttocks flexing and unflexing as he pistoned at her. His
    balls and thighs slammed at her buttocks. He went faster and
    faster, stroking powerfully, rapidly, in and out, in and out, in
    and out, in and out.

    He paused and went back onto his haunches, pulling her down onto
    his cock, so that she was leaning forward on outstretched arms,
    her legs folded outside his. She turned her face and he kissed
    her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. He squeezed her breasts
    hard. Holding her hips, he began bucking under her, jerking her up
    and down. Her breasts jigged heavily. She flung her head back in

    Her body bucked and jerked on his lap, her buttocks flexing and
    unflexing as they clamped and unclamped on his cock. Her head was
    flung back, her hands were on her breasts now, squeezing them in
    excitement. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were closed. Her
    braid tossed, her *mangalsutra* and gold necklace jumped and
    off her skin, flipping furiously this way and that. Her cunt
    spasmed and contracted and convulsed powerfully on his penis and
    he felt his balls throb, aching now with the tension of restraint.
    Her cries rose, ringing in his ears.

    "OHHHHhh Mukesh UNHHHhh ahh uhhh yes UHHHhh OHHHH uhhh OH!"

    Mukesh exulted. He was fucking her at last, fucking her like a
    whore! She was his! The slut was his!

    He changed position yet again, forcing her forward once more, and
    rising with legs spread wide to straddle her buttocks in a deep
    crouch. He did it without getting fully out of her, making her cry
    out thinly as his cock crushed her cunt-flesh. Digging his fingers
    into the soft flesh of her buttocks, he sank into her soft-wet-hot
    cunt again. It bit down hard on the invading cock, and he winced,
    tossing his head back, his belly sucking in sharply. She moaned
    and he held still for a long moment, savouring the wonder of her,
    keeping her pinned beneath him. 

    Abruptly, he began to move in a rapid fire rhythm, pounding and
    pumping and pistoning furiously. Vaishali cried out thinly,
    clawing at the counterpane, her buttocks spasming in shock, her
    mouth tearing open, her face contorting and screwing up in
    agonised delight. He growled his approval loudly, and moved
    faster, his buttocks rising and falling, his cock thundering in
    and out of her cunt like a trip hammer at full blast,
    thrust-recoil-thrust-recoil-thrust. His cock was huge and gorged
    and ridged with throbbing veins that pulsated angrily within her.
    He swung his hips savagely on the downstrokes, mashing her
    cunt-flesh in savage circles, scraping against her tender
    clitoris. She whimpered and gasped and keened, her body jerking
    beneath his. He moved faster and faster, fucking her like a demon,
    till the stars exploded in her head once again. She spasmed and
    clawed at the counterpane, arching her back steeply under him.

    He felt her orgasm wash over him, and, with deep cries, he thrust
    into her once, twice, three, four, five, six, seven times, with
    deep, long, hard, punishing thrusts, ramming into her, holding
    still, jerking out, ramming in again. Each thrust drove the breath
    from her throat in a shuddering gasp. At last, he rocked deep into
    her and quivered, his hips twitching, his loins glued to her
    buttocks. He began to orgasm inside her and her head swam in
    ecstasy as she felt the lava-jizz sizzle up out of his balls and
    through his cock, spewing in thick, awesome, white-hot jets, deep
    into her sopping slit.

    Vaishali collapsed on the bed, panting and gasping. Gently, Mukesh
    eased out of her. He rolled over beside her. A few minutes later,
    still lying on her front, she rose to her elbows and smiled at
    him. He grinned at her. Her breasts and necklaces hung pendulous
    against the bed. He cupped a breast tenderly.

    "So, memsaab, how d'you like my work?" he grinned. "Is it

    She giggled and kissed him gently. Her lips were soft, her breath
    warm. Her tongue slithered between his lips.

    "Very satisfactory," she murmured. "Very satisfying. Very good.
    Okay, listen. Jayant will be home soon. When we go to bed, I think
    he'll fuck me. I'll come to you later. You fuck me then, all

    He grinned and kissed her again. She responded hungrily, her
    tongue snaking into his mouth, fencing against his. 

    She murmured sexily, aroused by him again. Her eyes went glassy,
    her breath shortened, her nipples hardened against his chest. He
    pulled her across him and began to fondle her. She drew away

    "Later," she said in a husky voice. 

    They got up groggily, still recovering from the shattering
    intensity of their orgasms. Naked, she turned in his arms and
    kissed him again, her loins grinding against his. His cock began
    to stiffen. She masturbated him with longing, then shook her head.
    She led him into her bathroom. They washed quickly. Outside, she
    draped her *sari* again. She looked damned sexy in it. She did her
    hair, pinning it high on the back of her head. Her breasts moved
    as she lifted her hands high to do her hair. Smiling, he stood
    behind her in front of the full-length mirror and cupped her
    breasts. She leaned back against him, and curled her arms about
    his neck, tilting her face up and to one side. They kissed gently,
    her lips parting, her tongue arching up into his mouth. Mukesh's
    cock throbbed against her buttocks. Her breasts began to swell,
    her nipples stiffening again. Fuck, what a great cunt! he thought
    joyously. His mind soared.

    Vaishali found Mukesh irresistible. He was a terrific lover, and
    he had a fantastic body, with hard, smoothly sculpted contours.
    She let him fondle her breasts, sighing in pleasure. He unbuttoned
    her blouse again. He slid her *pallu* off her shoulder and they
    stood before the mirror, aroused by the sight of her naked breasts
    in his hands. She slid her hand between their bodies and squeezed
    his thickening cock through his shorts with. He nuzzled the nape
    of her neck. She tilted her face to one side and kissed him again. 

    "Later, Mukesh," she murmured again. "Later. Not now."

    He grinned and released her. They returned to their chores. Mukesh
    couldn't stop grinning. She chided him gently and he grabbed her
    and pressed his body to hers, squeezing her breasts. She didn't
    even pretend to resist. Her tongue snaked into his mouth and he
    felt her breasts swell in his hands. The doorbell rang, her
    husband's signature double ring. Mukesh cursed softly.

    "Gonna fuck you again, whore," he growled softly. "When he sticks
    his cock in your slit, remember me!"

                                = o =