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Copyright 1996-97, 
Mary Jorsay Gandmar 

                         P E N T A P R I S M


                          Aurangabad Antics
    Jayant and Anuja have their chance a few weeks later. Their
    parents go off on a two-week holiday in England, and Anuja's
    parents agree to let her visit Jayant in Aurangabad. She is very
    excited about Jayant's engagement and says she longs to spend time
    with Vaishali, helping her shop for the wedding. On the phone,
    Vaishali's parents, too, press Anuja's parents, telling them how
    much it would mean to Vaishali if Anuja spent time in Aurangabad. 

    Jayant and his parents fly into Bombay the night before the elders
    are to leave. Late that night, when he is sure everyone is fast
    asleep, Jayant steals into Anuja's room. She is awake and waiting
    for him.

    The curtains are drawn back. Silvery moonlight filters in through
    the lightly tinted windows. The airconditioner hums quietly. Anuja
    stands in the centre of her room, looking at her cousin. She is
    wearing a sexy black fishnet nightie; it has thin, long straps and
    hangs from just above her nipples to a point just below her cunt.
    The netting lattice is widely spaced so that nothing his hidden.
    Her breasts are squeezed through two of the interstices. She is
    naked under it. Her hair is tied in a braid. Except for the
    *kajal* rimming her eyes, she wears no other makeup. 

    Jayant stares at her, his erection straining at the material of
    his tight shorts. He is wearing nothing else. She looks
    bewitching. The gold chain twinkles around her neck on her tawny
    skin. He can see the sexy little birthmarks between her breasts
    and on her belly. Her diamond earrings, nose-studs, finger-rings
    and gold bracelet catch the light. She looks at him, hunger and
    excitement flashing in her dark eyes and slides her hands up her
    body to her breasts, lifting and squeezing them sexily.

    "Jayant," she whispers. "I want you!"

    He groans and rushes at her. They cling to each other, kissing and
    writhing feverishly, tearing off each other's clothes. Neither
    wants to spend time on foreplay, they must have each other, they
    are too hot, it has been too long. On her back on the cool tiled
    floor, Anuja spreads her legs, bends her knees. Jayant leans over
    her on his knees and outstretched arms and slides his cock-head
    into her cunt. She gasps softly, arching her hips, taking his cock
    deep into her slit. He groans, arching his head back, moaning
    thickly and drives in deeper and deeper. Her cunt is hot and wet
    and tight and swallows him whole, convulsing greedily on its
    throbbing enormity. Her body bows under his, her face lights with
    a suffusion of joy. Her legs wind about his hips. She digs her
    hands into his thick, bulging biceps. 

    "Fuck me!" she whispers. "Jayant ... c'mon ... fuck me hard!"

    Her cousin groans and begins to fuck her rapidly, driving his cock
    swiftly in and out of her cunt. His loins are on fire, desperate
    and hungry for release. His buttocks flex and unflex alternately
    and his hips swing up and down in an accelerating rhythm, snapping
    at the waist. Beneath him, Anuja bites her lower lip, stifling her
    cries, her body rocking and jerking under his, her breasts
    jiggling with his deep, stabbing thrusts. Faster and faster they
    go, hot, hungry, eager, feverish and desperate. She orgasms
    rapidly, gasping and arching, squeezing her breasts, lifting her
    hips high, her cunt convulsing frantically on his pistoning penis.
    Jayant moans thickly and rams his cock into her repeatedly till he
    can no longer deny the clamour in his loins. Buried in her slit,
    he explodes and she whimpers, her head turning to one side, her
    body rocking with small jerks as the thick jets of his jizz spurt
    and spurt and spurt like bullets into her sodden slit.

    Jayant groans and sinks down on her, his cock still hard and
    quivering. She writhes under him. They kiss gently, their tongues
    flicking in and out of each other's mouths. He caresses her
    breasts. They turn on their side, his cock still in her cunt, her
    legs thrust forward over his and fondle each other tenderly.

    "I've missed you," she murmurs.

    "So have I. Missed you, I mean."

    "I've had some good fucking."

    "I haven't."

    "Poor thing."

    "With the engagement, everyone's always around me."

    "Mm. And, anyway, who is there you can fuck in Aurangabad without
    the whole town knowing?"

    "A servant, a maid, a village girl from the outskirts. I've done
    it before."

    "No one on a regular basis, though."



    "Off and on. Not as often as we'd like. Too many people around her
    all the time. We've got to keep stealing away to the fields or

    She looks at him. "Are you very tense, love?"

    "A bit."

    She kisses him. "Don't worry, Jayant. Everything'll be fine."

    "It's risky."

    "Of course it is. That's what makes it so exciting. Have you told

    He nods. "Yes. Late last evening. He was over the moon about it.
    Thinks it'll work. And he's dying to fuck you again."

    "I'd like to fuck him, too."

    He grins and kisses her. "And so you shall, sweet coz. Not long

    "What do you want to do tomorrow, when they've gone?"

    He laughs softly. "Fuck you, of course. What else?"

    She giggles. "Of course, that's understood. But where? I've made a
    provisional booking at Manori. Arriving late tomorrow night."

    He smiles in delight. "Great! That'll be lovely. We'll stay the
    next day and then come back?"

    "I thought that might work out. That way, we can have some fun
    with the servants here, too, before we leave for Aurangabad."

    "Wonderful! We'll have an orgy or something."

    "Yes," she laughs. "Or something. Now c'mon, Jayant ... fuck me

    He slides out of her, and she turns on her forearms and knees on
    the floor, her swollen breasts succulent and pendulous. Her cousin
    kneels behind her and quickly thrusts his cock, still hard and
    throbbing, into her cunt. She moans softly, biting her lower lip,
    rocking forward under his thrust. He grunts and slides his hand up
    her body and squeezes her breasts. His cock burns and throbs in
    her hot cunt. She whimpers in pleasure. 

    "Take it!" he gasps. "C'mon, Anji ... take it! Take my cock,

    Beneath him, Anuja moans softly. "Yes ... oh god yes! Fuck me
    Jayant! Fuck me hard!"


    The next evening, they drive to the airport to see their parents
    off on the late night flight. Finally, the four elders disappear
    through immigration. Jayant and Anuja hurry out of the airport.
    Scrambling into the car, they head for Manori and check into
    Osmond's hotel. As usual, he is there personally to welcome them
    -- and to get an assurance of his reward for his continued

    He gives them a handsome suite near the pool and the beach. Anuja
    and Jayant are delighted. Osmond beams. Anuja decides to reward
    him right away. She winks quickly at Jayant, who nods
    imperceptibly. She slips out of her clothes smoothly, unwinding
    her *sari*, dropping her petticoat, opening her blouse. She is
    wearing nothing under it. Her body is luscious and ripe. Osmond
    gapes at her. Anuja sways up to him and, tilting her face to his,
    unbuckles his trousers and slips her hand into his crotch,
    fondling his thick penis.

    "I want you, Ozzie," she murmurs. "I want your cock. Fuck me."

    His trousers rustle to his feet as he kisses her hard, squeezing
    her breasts eagerly. Her nipples stiffen in his fingers. She
    slides to her knees and nuzzles his crotch. His cock is already
    hard and erect, long and thick, a sizable eight and a half inches
    long and correspondingly thick. She flips back the foreskin and,
    with a soft moan, swirls her tongue lasciviously around the
    bulging knob of his cock-head. Osmond groans thickly. She slips
    her lips around his cock-head and part of his shaft and begins to
    suck it hungrily and deeply, with an increasingly insistent
    pressure. Osmond gasps, his corpulent body jiggling as he rocks
    back and forth on his feet, pumping his hips at her face, which is
    distended by the size of his cock. Her head rocks to and fro
    before him. She jerks and pumps his cock in her fist. Watching
    them, Jayant gets turned on. He thinks it looks very sexy, and
    finds the sight of her slender fingers curled around the dark cock
    very erotic especially with the beautiful gold and diamond rings
    twinkling in the soft light.

    "Yeh ... oh fuck yes!" the fat man gasps, his face contorted with
    excitement and lust. "C'mon ... suck my cock ... suck it, baby ...
    yes ... suck harder!"

    He fucks her face harder and faster, one hand on her head, rocking
    it to and fro before him. Anuja moans thickly deep in her
    cock-filled throat, squeezing her breasts wantonly as she sucks
    his cock. Faster and faster he goes and now Jayant sees sticky
    trails of the manager's jizz on her lips and cheeks and, when she
    rises and squeezes her breasts over his cock, on her nipples and
    in her cleavage. From the expressions on her face, he realizes
    that she is genuinely aroused, that she is not faking a second of
    this. He grins to himself; she really is a horny piece of ass. 

    As he watches, the manager grunts and pushes her head back. Anuja
    moans and, rising to her feet, moves to the bed, Osmond waddling
    behind. She kneels on the edge of the bed and bends over on her
    outstretched arms, her legs apart, her butt thrust back at him,
    her breasts swollen, pendulous.

    "C'mon, Ozzie ... fuck me," she murmurs, turning her face over her
    shoulder. "Fuck my slit, baby ... I want it! Fuck me hard! Fuck me
    like a whore!"

    Jayant thinks she looks lovely, her face softly radiant, her
    luscious lips parted, her dark, *kajal*-rimmed eyes glittering,
    her breasts swollen, pendulous, her gold necklace dangling. The
    manager is panting, his mouth open, grunting thickly like a fat
    animal as he shuffles closer behind her. Jayant's enjoyment of the
    spectacle is quite transparent. He watches, transfixed, as the
    corpulent man pushes his cock between the smooth, firm curves of
    Anuja's buttocks. His cock-head presses to her anus. 

    "I want to fuck your ass," Osmond gasps. "I want to butt-fuck

    "Later!" she cries, her buttocks swaying erotically. "Do it later
    ... now fuck my cunt, Ozzie ... c'mon ... please ... I want it!
    Fuck me like a bitch! Do it!"

    The manager relents. He pushes his cock down and Jayant grins as
    he sees the man gasp, arching his head, flexing his buttocks,
    driving his fat hips forward and sinking his cock into her tight,
    hot, wet slit. His penis vanishes between her buttocks and Anuja
    moans thickly, biting her lower lip and arching her head, rocking
    forward under his thrust. The manager's chubby fingers dig into
    the soft flesh of her hips and he begins fucking her at once with
    quick, jabbing thrusts, banging his groin at her buttocks, jerking
    her body back and forth before his. Anuja groans softly, her body
    rocking to and fro on all fours, her swollen breasts jiggling, her
    gold necklace dancing against her tawny skin.

    "Oh my ... oh yes ... oh my uhhh yes ... ohhh yes ... take it ...
    ohhh yes ... take it!" the man grunts, his lard wobbling as he
    moves, his face almost comical in its rapture. 

    "Yes ... ohhh yes ... fuck me! Fuck me, Ozzie ... fuck me!" Anuja
    cries loudly.  "C'mon, stud ... shove it in nice and hard and deep
    ... give it to me, lover! Give it all to me!"

    Osmond fucks her faster, without control, his hips jerking and
    rocking back and forth, his buttocks wobbling and jiggling. His
    fat jiggles and his protuberant belly and thighs slap loudly at
    her buttocks. Anuja moans and gasps, rocking back and forth on her
    forearms and knees under him, her gold necklace swinging, her
    breasts jiggling and bouncing with his thrusts.

    "Ohhhhhhh yes ... oh ma yes ... ohhhh uhhh yes ... yes ... that's
    it ... c'mon ... do it, baby ... shove it in ... shove it in all
    the way, lover ... c'mon ... that's it ... ohhh yes ... that's it
    ... ahhhhh uhhh yes ... there! Ohhh yes! C'mon ... fuck me, Ossie
    ... fuck me hard ... ohhh uhhh yes!"

    "Oh Jeez oh Jeez oh sweet Jeez," the man gasps. "Ohhh uhh ohhh uhh
    oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh OHHHH!"

    Faster and faster he goes, hammering his hips at her buttocks,
    sending her body lurching and jerking back and forth with his
    thrusts. Her face is suffused with naked lust. She hisses
    sensuously, her eyes hooded, her mouth open, her tongue arching
    over her upper lip, goading him on with louder obscenities.

    "Oh yes ... do it, lover ... fuck me ... fuck me harder, baby ...
    yes ... oh god that's so good yes ... do it!"

    Inflamed, he grips her swinging breasts and squeezes them hard,
    making her gasp and wince and writhe and squirm against him,
    begging for more.

    "Ossie! Ohhh Ossie yes! Ohh god yes ... c'mon Ossie ... now ...
    now fuck my ass ... please ... I want it in my ass! Please ohhh
    god please, baby, please!"

    The manager groans deliriously. He jerks his swollen, throbbing
    organ out of her cunt and it glistens with their comingled coital
    juices. Anuja groans and bends steeply forward, lifting her
    buttocks higher still, pressing her shoulders to the bed, her face
    turned to one side. She shuffles her legs wider apart, exposing
    the puckered flesh of her anus.

    "C'mon Ossie ... fuck my ass," she gasped. "Do it! Quickly!"

    The corpulent manager presses his cock-head to Anuja's taut anus.
    She tenses and then, exhaling, relaxes her sphincter. Osmond digs
    his fingers into the soft flesh of her buttocks, pulling them
    wider apart and pushes his hips forward. His cock-head bursts into
    her anus.


    Anuja's cry is thin and high and her face contorts in a trismus of
    lust, her head jerking upward, her eyes screwing shut, her lips
    jerking back over her teeth, her mouth wide. Her fingers scrabble
    at the sheets. Above and behind her, the fat manager groans and
    pushes his cock deeper and deeper into her hot, tight, rear
    channel. Anuja's breath comes in deep, rattling, broken, sobbing
    gasps as the big penis tunnels deeper and deeper into her anus.
    She thrusts a hand into her crotch and arches a finger into her
    slit, vibrating her knuckle against her stiff clitoris. Her anus
    convulses on his throbbing penis. The manager sodomizes heavily,
    rocking his hips back and forth, squeezing and pushing and
    cramming his cock into her anus, panting and moaning loudly, his
    chest heaving, his head flung back, his body streaming with sweat.

    "Ahh uhh ahh uh ahhh uhh ohhhh uhh ohhhh uhhh ohhhhhh uhh ohhh uh
    ohhhh uh ohhh uhh oh ma uhh ahhh uhh ahh uhh ohh god oh god oh uhh
    ohh uhhh ohhh," Anuja sobs as the manager buggers deeply and

    Osmond is nearing the end. In and out of her asshole he goes, and
    she whimpers and moans, writhing her buttocks erotically against
    his thighs, grinding her anus up and down the length of his shaft.
    Bending and curving her body, she reaches deep between her legs
    and squeezed his heavy, hairy balls. It is too much for him to
    bear. With a strangled moan, he lurches out of her and, shaking
    his cock in his fist, explodes. Jizz shoots from his cock-head and
    spurts over her buttocks and thighs. He comes and comes and comes,
    emptying his load, dribbling jizz between her buttocks and over
    her anus and down her cunt-lips. Anuja whimpers and writhes.
    Moaning, he squeezes his cock into her anus again, fucking her ass
    again till his erection begins to dwindle. Anuja moans thickly,
    her head sagging between her arms. 

    At last, he slides out of her, grunting, sweating, groaning. She
    collapses on the bed, panting and moaning, her chest heaving.
    Osmond groans, masturbating, standing at the foot of the bed.
    Slowly, Anuja turns around and, sitting up at the edge of the bed,
    pushes her face into his crotch, taking his cock in her mouth
    again. He moans softly. She sucks his penis gently, savouring the
    taste of her cunt and anus and his jizz. He grins down at her,
    obviously feeling very macho, very much the master of this whore.
    His cock dribbles jizz into her mouth; he is not man enough to get
    it up again and his erection wanes rapidly now. Anuja lifts her
    head and he steps away.

    Jayant has seen enough. He has a raging erection. Now he wants his
    own pleasure. He will not be denied. He moves forward toward them.


    They spent the rest of the night and the next day there, fucking
    incessantly. Osmond was rewarded once again before they left. They
    returned to her house that evening and had an orgy with the
    servants. Baban arranged for some girls, teenage maids who worked
    in the neighbourhood. Jayant fucked two or three of them and they
    were splendid fucks. The party broke up at dawn and Anuja and
    Jayant fell into bed and slept soundly for several hours. Waking,
    they fucked again, slowly and unhurriedly, savouring each other's
    bodies at leisure.

    They caught the evening flight to Aurangabad and went straight
    home. With his parents gone, Jayant had the run of the place with
    the servants. All four of them -- Ramu, the servant, Shankar, the
    cook, Raja, the chauffeur, and Prakash, the gardener -- were
    delighted to see Anuja again after such a long time. 

    Raja met them at the airport. It was a long drive to the house.
    The car had darkened windows and the flight had arrived late; the
    inside of the car was safe from prying eyes. 

    Pulling out of the airport car park, Raja flicked his eyes to the
    rear-view mirror and grinned. Nothing had changed; the two young
    lovers hadn't wasted a minute. Anuja had Jayant's fly opened and
    was masturbating him; he had unbuttoned her *kurta* and was
    sucking and fondling her heavy breasts -- of course, she wasn't
    wearing a bra. He chuckled softly and, imperceptibly, lifted his
    foot off the accelerator, dragging out the pleasure of watching

    Jayant was nothing if not to the manor born. He noticed the driver
    eyeing them in the mirror and stopped fondling Anuja's breasts.
    Her head was bent over in his lap as she sucked his cock. He
    grinned. He knew how much Raja liked fucking Anuja, particularly
    in the ass. Leaning forward, he tapped the chauffeur on the

    "You've buggered her before, haven't you, Raja?"

    "Yes, master Jayant. Frequently. You know that, master Jayant --
    you've watched us. Even took a video, if I remember."

    "Yes, I remember that. Would you like to, again?"

    The handsome, muscular chauffeur looked in the mirror. Jayant and
    Anuja had stripped naked now.

    "Yes, sir. Very much indeed, sir. I can't wait to get home."

    "Why wait? It's a long drive. How about right now?"

    "Now sir?"

    "Now. We've enough time. You sit back here and fuck her butt, I'll
    drive. She's hornier than a rutting bitch. If I know her, she
    could fuck all night and still want more the next morning. Isn't
    that right, cunt?"

    "Mm," Anuja murmured, her mouth stuffed with Jayant's erection.
    "It most certainly is." She knew he deliberately spoke like this
    around the servants; it turned them on. It excited her, too.

    "Come on then," Jayant said.

    They pulled over at a deserted stretch of road, in the deep
    shadows between two streetlamps. Jayant dressed in seconds and
    slipped into the front seat behind the wheel. Raja dived into the
    back-seat with Anuja who was waiting for him, naked, luscious,
    irresistible. She stripped the chauffeur quickly, unbuttoning his
    tunic, undoing his trousers, opening the fly, kissing him
    lasciviously, licking and sucking his nipples as she slithered
    down, bending her head over his crotch. 

    Jayant took his time, watching over his shoulder and in the
    rear-view mirror as his servant fucked Anuja in the back seat. She
    sucked Raja's cock, kneeling on the wide rear seat and bent over
    his lap while he fondled her pendulous breasts and cunt. The man
    gasped loudly, his head bent, watching her suck his swollen penis.

    "Mm ... ohhhh ... uhhhhh ... yes ... oh fuck yes ... mm ... yeh
    ... suck it, bitch ... yeh ... that's it ... suck harder, whore!
    Ahhh uhhh yes ... suck it! Suck hard, whore! Harder!"

    He pushed her head away after several minutes and she got up,
    straddling his lap with her back to him, leaning forward over the
    back of the front seat, her arms stretched along its length. The
    rear seat was spacious enough for them to move without difficulty.
    She lifted her hips slightly and quickly lowered her cunt onto the
    servant's upright erection with a soft, shuddering gasp, biting
    her lower lip in exquisite tension. The man grunted and, reaching
    around, cupped her full, turgid breasts, squeezing them hard. She
    whimpered thickly and began to buck heavily up and down on his
    lap, jigging her cunt on his cock. The man grunted, fingering her
    tight anus, fondling her breasts, pumping his hips under her.

    "Yes! OHHHH uhhh yes!" she gasped.

    "C'mon ... take it! Take my cock! C'mon whore! Take it!" the youth

    "Way to go, Raja," Jayant chuckled, sliding the car into car and
    slowly pulling away from the kerb. There wasn't much time and he
    drove slowly.

    In the back seat, Anuja bucked up and down on Raja's lap, moaning
    and gasping feverishly, fondling her breasts, reaching down to cup
    his balls, grinding her cunt heavily along the length of his
    nine-inch erection. With a shuddering groan, she leaned back
    against his hard chest, her belly sucked inward and turned her
    face to his. The servant kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue
    into her mouth, fondling her breasts with one hand and her
    clitoris with the other. She whimpered, tonguing his ear, moaning
    and hissing in pleasure, grinding her hips on his crotch.

    "Yeh ... that's good, whore ... c'mon ... ride my prick, bitch ...
    ahhh uhhh yes ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon ... oh fuck yes ... ohhhh
    uhhh yes!" Raja grunted.

    "Ohhh uhhh Ohma uhhhh OHHHHH uhhh yes ... fuck me! Fuck me, baby
    ... fuck me!" Anuja gasped deliriously, bucking and writhing in a
    frenzy on his lap, grinding her hips in tight, erotic circles on
    his cock.

    Though Jayant took a longer route home, he couldn't delay the
    inevitable forever; they neared the house, passing the golf course
    on one side and the little copse on it where Anuja had fucked that
    entire gang of caddies and ballboys. He flicked his eyes to the
    mirror and saw her gasping, her body bucking feverishly on the
    driver's lap, her face suffused with lust, cracked sobs of
    pleasure breaking from her throat.

    "Raja! If you're going to fuck her ass, do it now!" Jayant
    snapped. "We'll be there in a few minutes!"

    Anuja groaned and eased herself off Raja's throbbing cock. He
    spread her buttocks open and she lowered them, moving her hips so
    that his cock-head was at her anus. Gritting her teeth, arching
    her head, gripping the backrest of the front seats, she forced
    herself back down onto his erection, impaling her anus on it with
    a loud, shuddering cry, her head snapping up, her lips jerking
    back over her teeth in wild grimace of algedonic lust. Raja
    groaned and arched his hips, spearing her asshole deeply. Anuja's
    face twisted in an agony of joy and she cried out, writhing
    deliriously on his penis. Her cries were short, high-pitched,
    cracked, as she began rocking her asshole up and down on his cock.

    "OHHH uhhh OHHHHH uhhh OH ma uh Ohma uhh OHH!" she cried. "Oh uhh
    OHHH uhhh OHHHHHH!"

    "Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon whore, c'mon!  ... c'mon ... take
    it!" he went. 

    The driver buggered her heavily for several minutes, fondling her
    breasts and clitoris, gripping her buttocks and moving her ass up
    and down the length of his penis. On his lap, Anuja gasped and
    thrashed wildly, squeezing her bouncing breasts, fingering her
    slit and gorged clitoris; her anus convulsed helplessly on his
    throbbing erection. 

    "OHHHHH uhhh OH ma uhh ahh UHHH OHH Raja uhhh ahh uhh OHH uhh
    OHHHHHHHH!" she cried. "Oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh *hanh* uhh oh
    ma oh ma oh ma uhh ahh uhh OHHHHH!"

    On the verge of an orgasm, she stopped and, rising off his cock,
    moved backward and took it in her cunt again.

    "Quickly now!" she cried, seeing dimly through a haze of lust that
    they were almost there. "C'mon! Quickly! OHHH uhh yes uhh OH uhh
    yes uhh OHMA uh yes ... c'mon ... c'mon ... c'mon, Raja, c'mon!"

    She jerked and rocked furiously on his cock, her breasts bouncing,
    her gold necklace tossing and slapping on her tawny skin and then,
    with a ululating moan, began to orgasm, gasping sharply, chewing
    her lower lip, shaking her head drunkenly. Under her, the
    chauffeur grunted and heaved his hips rapidly up and down,
    thrusting into her over and over again till, at last, his orgasm
    hit him. With a loud grunt, he plunged up into her, gripping her
    hips and jamming her cunt down on his cock and came violently,
    shooting thick wads of creamy, hot jizz deep into her sodden,
    hungry slit.


    The servant, Ramu and Shankar, the cook, heard the car turning
    into the drive and came out of the house to welcome Jayant and
    Anuja. The car drew up and, for a second, the two servants' eyes
    widened in surprise as they saw Jayant get out of the front alone.
    Then wide grins split their faces and they chuckled softly as
    Jayant opened the back door. Raja stepped out first, naked, and
    putting out his hand, helped Anuja out of the car. She, too, was
    still naked and quite unabashed. She laughed brightly at the
    servants who rushed down to the car. They closed in on her and she
    threw her hands up around their shoulders, kissing first one, then
    the other, with slow, deep, lascivious explorations of her tongue
    in their mouths, while they fondled her breasts and buttocks.

    "And how are you, Ramu, Shankar, my lovely heroes?" she murmured
    happily as they pawed and kissed her.

    "Much better now that you're here," Ramu grinned.

    "Yeh, my cock's all ready and raring to go! Just feel that rod of

    Anuja thrust her hands into their trousers, fondling their
    penises, both hard and throbbing. "Mm, you're right. This is
    serious. You'd both better let me attend to those things soon,
    before matters get critical."

    "All right!" exclaimed the cook, promptly dropping his trousers,
    fisting his huge erection. "Right now!"

    Anuja looked over the cook's shoulder at her cousin. Jayant wore a
    look of indulgent, bemused, exasperated resignation. He smiled
    gently and nodded. The servants followed Anuja's look, saw their
    master's response, and their face lit up in eager anticipation.

    "All right, all right," he grumbled good-naturedly. "But quickly.
    You know I don't like being kept waiting!"

    Ramu and Shankar whooped in delight. They jostled for position
    with her, each trying to elbow the other away. 

    "Shankar first," Jayant said with quiet authority.

    Ramu stepped back. Quickly, Anuja dropped to her knees before the
    cook while he began undoing his shirt, and, burying her face in
    his crotch, began sucking his cock rapidly and deeply. 

    Shankar was an attractive youth in his early twenties. Spry and
    lithe, not very tall, with a lean, wiry body, he had a
    fine-featured, handsome face: his nose was straight and strong,
    his lips wide and slender, his teeth strong and even, his eyes
    dark, deep-set. His hair was thick, black, cropped short. He
    sported a slight mustache. His body was strong, not overly
    muscular but trim, with high hips, a taut, sexy butt and
    well-muscled limbs. His belly was hard and flat. The torso was
    hairless. And his cock was wonderful, a good nine and a half
    inches long, nearly two inches thick, with heavy, low balls. Anuja
    loved every inch of it.

    He fucked her face joyously now, his feet spread apart, rocking
    his head back and forth, moving her head to and fro to suit his
    pleasure, pushing his bloated cock in and out of her mouth, his
    head bent to watch her, his belly sucked inward, his back curved.
    Jayant, Ramu and Raja watched as the young cook's distended penis
    slid in and out of her face, glistening with pre-cum gunk and her
    spittle. She sucked it hungrily, pumping the thick shaft in one
    fist, kneading her breasts with the other hand.

    Several minutes later, he pushed her head back and, gripping her
    arms, jerked her to her feet. Spinning her around, Shankar pushed
    Anuja forward over the still warm hood of the car engine. She
    shuffled her legs apart and, leaning on her forearms, looked over
    her shoulder at him, her eyes glassy, her nostrils flared, her
    gold necklace dangling provocatively, her breasts swollen and

    "Fuck me, Shankar!" she breathed. "C'mon ... fuck me, baby! Shove
    your cock right up into my cunt, stud ... c'mon, do it!"

    The cook groaned and, with a strangled cry, squeezed his cock
    between her buttocks and into her cunt. Anuja cried out sharply as
    the huge penis burst into her slit, crushing the molten cunt-flesh
    in its passage. Her back arched, her head jerked up and her lips
    snapped back over her teeth in a grimace of pure joy. Behind her,
    Shankar cried out, his face twisting and contorting in delight as
    he felt the hot convulsions of her cunt on his cock. He gripped
    her hips and thrust his hips further forward, flexing his buttocks
    taut. His belly sucked inward and his back curved from shoulder to
    hip as he buried his throbbing flesh in hers. Beneath him, Anuja
    gasped, biting her lower lip and moaning thickly as his cock went
    in and in and in.

    "Oh fuck yes! OHHHHHHH uhhhhh yes!" he gasped. "Oh fuck yes!"

    "Ohma uhhh ahhhh uhhhh yes! Fuck me! UHHHH ohhuhhh OHHH uhh OHHH
    uhhhh *hanh* uhhh yes Shankar yes! Fuck me!" she went.

    Panting and groaning, the cook fucked her feverishly and deeply
    and rapidly, rocking his hips steeply back and forth, driving his
    cock hungrily in and out of her cunt. Anuja's body rocked and
    jerked over the car hood, her breasts jiggling, her gold necklace
    dangling and tossing wildly. His thighs slapped loudly at her
    buttocks as he went faster and faster, swinging his hips furiously
    to and fro, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his cock pistoning
    and ramming in and out of her cunt. Anuja's cries were sharp and
    staccato as her body jerked and thrashed wildly under his,
    sprawled over the bonnet of the car. 

    "OH! OHHH uhh OHHHuhhh OHHH uhh OH uh OH uh OH uh OHH uh Ohma uh
    OH ma uh OHMA uh ahh uhhhhOHHHHh!" she called.

    "A-uh-ah-uh-ah-uh-yeh-uh-oh-yeh-uh-ah-OHHHHH!" the youth gasped.

    Faster and faster he went rocking and plunging into her flesh with
    snapping, skewering thrusts that made her gasp and cry out
    sharply. Crushing his fingers into the soft flesh of her buttocks,
    he rammed his cock greedily into her cunt again and again, each
    thrust drawing a cracked sob from her throat. A low groan erupted
    from his throat as he came, buried deep in her cunt, his buttocks
    twitching wildly at her buttocks, emptying his load in her hot,
    wet cunt-flesh. 

    Panting heavily, he slid slowly out of her; she groaned softly,
    her chest heaving, her body sprawled across the hood of the car.
    The cook grinned, slapped her bottom.

    "Yeh. As good as ever. Nice and hot and tight. Good fuck. Thanks."

    Ramu was already elbowing the cook aside to take his turn. Jayant
    felt a familiar twinge of unease. He had never liked men treating
    Anuja like this, a mere receptacle of flesh into which they
    emptied their passion. When love was young, he tried to prevent
    it, assuming that she shared his distaste, till, one day, she told
    him that she didn't mind it at all. In fact, she said, she rather
    enjoyed being gang-banged, the sensation of a series of penises
    sawing in and out of her flesh, men using her for their pleasure.
    She derived her own satisfaction from theirs, she said: there was
    something especially erotic about the wanton, somewhat brutal,
    anonymity of sex like this, an outpouring of feral lust
    uncomplicated by finer sentiment. Not always and not only thus,
    she hastened to add, but once in a while, when it was quite fun.
    After that, Jayant kept his feelings to himself.

    Now he watched with a wry resignation as his servant, a man who
    had been with the family for nearly twenty years and seen Jayant
    grow to manhood, fucked his master's beautiful cousin. Ramu was a
    handsome man, tall and dark and muscular, with a finely chiseled
    face and the strong features of the warrior Maratha caste. His
    eyes were deep-set and dark, his nose fine and straight, his mouth
    lean and wide. His shoulders were broad, his chest cleaved and
    muscular and hard and his belly was a slab of rock. His waist was
    narrow, his hips were high and buttocks taut. His arms and legs
    bore thick bunches of musculature. His body was lean and tough,
    his torso smoothly hairless. His nipples were small and dark and
    pulled low and wide on either side of his heavy pectorals. His
    torso was a tapering V. His cock was big, thick and long and dark
    and smoothly shorn to the hilt. His balls were heavy and low.

    As Jayant watched, he flipped Anuja over on her back on the hood
    of the car and pulling her thighs wide open in his hands, moved
    between them, his rampant penis already pushing at her sticky, wet
    cunt-lips. Anuja moaned, reaching down to guide his cock into her
    hole. His swollen cock-head popped into her cunt and he flexed his
    buttocks smoothly and drilled his cock deep into her cunt in a
    single, rushing thrust. 

    "OhmauhhhhahhhhuhhhhhOHHHHHH!" Anuja gasped as the enormous cock
    ran into her cunt like spear. "Oh uhhhh *hanh* uhh OH Ramu uhhh

    Ramu's head jerked back, his face contorting in a paroxysm of
    delight as her cunt convulsed frantically on his throbbing,
    piercing cock-shaft. 

    "*hanh* uhh *hanh* uhhhh ahhhhhhhhh!" he gasped, burying his
    burning cock in her wet slit. "C'mon! Take it, whore! Take it!
    Take my cock, bitch! Take it all! OHH uhh yeh oh fuck yes oh
    fucking hell yeh!"

    He began fucking her heavily and deeply, with punishing, piercing,
    hungry thrusts of his hips, flexing and unflexing his buttocks in
    a rapid rhythm. His cock appeared and disappeared between her
    cunt-lips and her body arched and bowed and rocked and jerked with
    his thrusts, her swollen breasts jiggling, her gold necklace
    slithering this way and that on her tawny skin. Her nipples were
    nut-hard with excitement and she squeezed her breasts erotically
    in a wild lust, her face flipping in a frenzy from side to side.
    Her eyes were closed, her nostrils flared, her mouth open as she
    gasped a litany of erotic obscenities. 

    "OHHHHH uhh Yes oh god yes! Fuck me, Ramu! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me
    harder! Shove your cock in, Ramu ... yeh ... oh god yes ... that's
    it ... shove it right in, baby! Harder! OHHH uhhh yes!"

    He leaned forward and moved faster and faster, plunging and
    pistoning and reaming and ramming hungrily in and out of her cunt,
    his hands on the insides of her thighs, keeping them spread open
    to receive him. Her hips bucked and lurched against his and the
    car bounced and rocked on its springs. Faster and faster he went,
    his hands now on her breasts, squeezing them with pumping actions
    that matched the timing of his thrusts, and Jayant saw his cousin
    begin to orgasm furiously, gasping, mewing, moaning, her hands
    crushing her breasts, her cunt heaving up to his. The servant
    flung his head back and groaned, ramming deep into her cunt,
    making her cry out sharply. He drew out and rammed in again, and
    yet again and then, with a shuddering moan, sank his cock deep
    into her cunt, his buttocks flexed taut, his hips twitching
    between her thighs, his arched face creased in joy. Anuja bit her
    lower lip, arching, moaning softly in pleasure as the servant's
    lust-heat spewed into her ravenous slit.

    As Ramu slid his cock slowly out of her cunt, Anuja moaned softly,
    her body trembling and quivering and twitching across the hood of
    the car. Her eyes fluttered open, glassy and bright. Her voice was
    raw and cracked. Jayant felt a surge of sorrow and excitement,
    curiously erotic. Bending over, he caressed her head tenderly,
    kissed her gently on the lips. She slid her arms around his
    shoulders and he knew that now she wanted him. He straightened and
    helped her to her feet. The servants were still there, pressing
    closer, hoping for more.

    "Enough, assholes. You can have more later. C'mon ... get the
    luggage!" Jayant snapped and they backed off, hyenas retreating
    before a lion.

    They went up into the house and climbed the stairs to his room,
    Anuja still naked, leaning on his shoulder, his arm around her
    waist. Entering her room, they didn't waste a minute. They had
    contained their hunger and lust for each other for far too long.
    Stepping into the room, they clasped each other, kissing
    feverishly, Anuja tearing at his clothes. They dispensed with all
    foreplay and, naked, she jumped up in his arms and he took her
    weight without strain and quickly impaled her cunt on his
    throbbing erection. Anuja gasped, arching, flinging her head back
    as the monstrous penis surged into her cunt-flesh.

    "OHHHHHH uhhhh yes!" she gasped, almost in relief. "Oh god yes!"

    Her cunt convulsed eagerly on his penis. He groaned in joy and
    began to fuck her rapidly, slamming his hips back and forth,
    flexing and unflexing his powerful buttocks, rocking his cock
    greedily in and out of her cunt. Anuja gasped and cried out
    sharply with each thrust, her body tossing and jerking in his
    arms, her breasts bouncing. Faster and faster he went, ram-fucking
    her with a manic hunger. They fell to the floor with her on her
    back and, bent over her on his muscled arms, spreading his legs
    wide and levering her thighs apart to afford him greater access,
    Jayant began fucking her furiously. Up and down he swung his hips,
    snapping them sharply at the waist, his buttocks bobbing and
    bouncing furiously over her tossing, bucking, heaving hips. Under
    him, Anuja cried out loudly and obscenely, her head flipping from
    side to side, her face contorted in a radiant grimace of lust as
    the huge penis plunged and pistoned and rammed and reamed in and
    out of her cunt. Their explosions were simultaneous and intense,
    sweeping through their bodies like huge tidal waves and, plowing
    his throbbing cock deep into her molten, fiery cunt, thrusting in
    again and again, Jayant came and came and came.

    Still the storm of lust raged unabated, augmented by a heavy dose
    of aphrodisiacs he had brought with him from Bombay, the kind that
    Mark liked to use. Now their fucking, though as demanding and
    strenuous, was more measured and prolonged. She sucked his cock at
    length and he licked her slit till she was almost screaming for
    release. Slipping a thick rubber sheath with stiff spikes and
    large knobs onto his erection, he fucked her again, making her
    gasp as the armoured cock ripped into her cunt, mashing and
    grinding her clitoris delightfully. 

    Stripping off the sheath, he turned around and they locked in a
    prolonged sixty-nine before he fucked her cunt again from behind,
    bent steeply over her, hammering his hips up and down, plunging
    wildly in and out of her cunt. Anuja had a series of wild,
    exhilarating orgasms, each one more intense than the last, every
    one leaving her thirsting for more. He finished by sodomizing her,
    using a new gel and powder just launched by the company that made
    the aphrodisiacs. He smeared gel and sprinkled generous amounts of
    the powder on her anus and cunt-lips and breasts and gums and on
    his cock-head. Anuja gasped and whimpered, already in the throes
    of a wild orgasm as he plunged greedily into her cunt for a few
    minutes, fucking her violently. Then, bending her body steeply
    under his, he ground his cock into her anus, his hands on the
    insides of her lifted thighs. Anuja exploded as the huge penis
    surged into her rear-channel, driving the breath from her throat
    in a whoosh, making her face contort in an agony of joy. He fucked
    her ass deeply and thoroughly and, when she came, turned her over
    on her front and took her butt again, unrelenting in his demand
    for satisfaction. At last, burying his cock deep in her anus, he
    began to orgasm. Anuja moaned as the thick, copious load of jizz
    jetted into her asshole. Still coming, he slid slowly out of her
    anus, spattering her buttocks with jizz before squeezing his cock
    into her cunt again and fucking her for a few minutes more.

    They snuggled together and she kissed him happily, running her
    tongue through his ear, fondling his penis, tracing patterns on
    his massive torso.

    "Dreamy fucks," she said. "Too good."

    "Mm. Fabulous."

    They dozed for a bit and woke half an hour later. Against his
    advice, Anuja took another dose of the aphrodisiacs. 

    "You'll go mad," he warned her. "With that lot of dope in you,
    you're going to be in heat right through the night."

    "Good," she smiled lasciviously, her dark eyes flashing as she
    popped another pill. "That's just what I want. With the four of
    you in this house, all I want to do is fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck."

    "We can't fuck you forever."


    "Not possible."

    "Then I'll just have to use by Ben-wa balls during the dry spells,

    "It won't do much good," he said softly. "It takes forever for
    that level of dosage to wear off."

    "So much the better," she said, her eyes twinkling, her lips
    parted. Not for the first time he noticed how sexy her teeth
    looked, with the canines crooked prettily over the even incisors.
    "I haven't fucked these servants for some time. I'd like to fuck
    them all again. And, oh yes, what about Prakash, your gardener?
    He's quite a stud and I haven't fucked him at all yet."

    "And do we meet Vaishali, pray?" he asked, slightly irritated now.

    She laughed. "You're cute when you get mad. I'm in no hurry to
    meet Vaishali. Does she know we're here?"

    "Not yet."

    "Good. Keep it that way for a way. Let's not tell her till the day
    after. I want to spend tomorrow here, with you and the guys."

    He couldn't help laughing. "You're nuts, babe," he said.

    "Mm," she murmured. "About your nuts and other guys and about
    being fucked and fucked and fucked yes, I'd have to agree. C'mere
    ... let me suck your cock ... god, I love your cock, Jayant!"


    Anuja moaned softly. Her body rocked and jerked gently back and
    forth on the wide couch. Her eyes were closed, her nostrils
    flared, her lips parted in a small bow, showing her teeth, the
    side canines crooked attractively over the incisors, an attractive
    irregularity in her otherwise perfect teeth. Her face was arched
    back. Her swollen breasts jogged lightly. The nipples were stiff
    and hard. The gold chain around her neck slithered against her
    tawny skin. She lay on her back, her right arm arched behind her
    head, elbow raised, her hand curled around the wooden struts of
    one end of the couch. Her left hand lay loosely along her belly,
    her hand in her crotch, her cunt-lips splayed open in her elegant,
    slender, shapely fingers.

    "Ohhhh ... uhhh yes ... mm ... ohh yes, Prakash ... that's good
    ... lick my slit, baby ... yes ... c'mon ... do it ... ohhh uhh
    yes! There! Ohhh yes ... that's it ... tongue-fuck me baby ... ohh
    yes! I want it!"

    The gardener grunted, his mouth wide open, lapping steadily at her
    flowing cunt-juices, flipping his tongue in and out of her cunt. 

    Her cries rang in his ears, arousing him intensely. He thought the
    sight of her slim fingers with their shapely nails splayed at her
    cunt-lips, keeping the soft, wet rims stretched open for him, the
    rings glittering against the dark thatch of her pubic fuzz and the
    bright, soft wetness of her cunt-flesh was incredibly erotic. Her
    clitoris was stiff and hard and he swirled his tongue over it,
    flipping it sexily back and forth. On the couch, Anuja whimpered
    and gasped, arching, her hips writhing, her cries rising in

    It was the morning after Jayant and she arrived. They had spent
    the night fucking, falling asleep well after midnight in a tangle
    of sweating, sticky limbs and stained sheets. Anuja slept soundly
    for several hours. At half past ten, she woke to the touch of
    Ramu's lips and fingers on her breasts, his erection pressing
    eagerly against her cunt. She came up out of sleep, smiling,
    sensuous, happy and willing to have slow sex with the servant.

    They fucked gently and without tension and Anuja moaned softly
    when he entered her and, pulling his head down to hers, kissed him
    deeply, sucking on his tongue, caressing his hard, muscular torso,
    savouring every inch of his penis as it slid smoothly in and out
    of her wet slit. They fucked easily and smoothly, steadily
    building the tempo and adding to their urgency till at last they
    were rocking and bucking in a fever, clinging to each other, their
    loins pounding together, his cock crushing in and out of her cunt,
    her hips bucking and heaving under his. Their orgasms were intense
    and deeply satisfying. As they waned and their bodies subsided,
    Ramu sinking down, gasping, his head on her breast, his cock still
    quivering in her slit, Anuja caressed his broad, smooth back
    dreamily, thinking to herself how much she enjoyed fucking
    servants. She loved the slightly dank hardness of their bodies,
    the roughness of their speech and manner, the way they possessed
    and devoured her. Their hunger for her body was a powerful

    "Where's Jayant?" she murmured, swirling her tongue through Ramu's

    "Downstairs. Some things he had to attend to with his parents


    Ramu tried to roll off her, but she held him back, his cock still
    in her cunt. "What's the rush, boy?" she smiled. "Tired of me

    He laughed. "Never. Not possible."

    "Good. Because we've got lots of fucking to catch up on."

    "Yeah, that's right, we have."

    "I still have to fuck Prakash, you know."

    "He's been asking ever since he came in at seven this morning."

    She giggled and pushed Ramu off her body. "Poor baby. He must be
    in agony by now. I suppose I'd better go and do something about
    it, don't you?"

    Ramu laughed, sprawled on his back on his master's bed, watching
    her as she rolled over and sat up. She smiled down at him, lifting
    her hands to coil her long hair in a knot behind her head. He
    loved her body, the colour of her skin, the darkness of her eyes,
    the slight imperfection of her teeth with the front canines
    crooked over the incisors, the fullness of her lips, the size and
    form of her wonderful breasts. He cupped one luscious mound; her
    nipple was still hard. She was one horny bitch. Anuja's eyes
    instantly darkened with excitement and she bent over to kiss him,
    her fingers crawling into his crotch and working his long, thick
    penis deftly.

    "Want to fuck me again?"

    "What a question. Of course." Immediately she began bending over
    to take his cock in her mouth, but he stopped her. "But fair's
    fair, babe. Prakash. Go put him out of his misery."

    "You're sweet," she murmured, kissing him deeply, slipping her
    tongue in and out of his mouth. "You're all very sweet." 

    "We're happy to have you here," he said simply. Anuja glowed in

    An hour later, showered and bathed, Anuja walked down the
    flagstone path in the manicured garden to the little shed in the
    corner. Outside, she paused briefly to adjust her clothes and
    hair. She was wearing a simple ochre *kurta* and white *churidar*
    with a matching sleeveless, unbuttoned Nehru jacket with a
    mandarin collar.

    Prakash answered her knock. He wore his trousers and nothing else.
    She smiled brightly at his delighted expression and stepped in.

    "Anuja!" he said with a smile of genuine pleasure and excitement.
    "I've been waiting to see you! I ..."

    "Prakash," she interrupted him.


    She went up close to him, pushing his shoulder, turning him to
    face her and, tilting her face to his, slipped her arms around his

    "Fuck me," she murmured, her breath warm and sweet on his face.
    "Fuck me like you did the last time ... I want your cock ... in my
    mouth ... and in my cunt." Her hands caressed his naked torso.

    Prakash was handsome, sexy man, with a deep, muscular chest, broad
    shoulders, a flat, hard belly, high hips and limbs that bulged
    with muscle. He had fine, chiselled features, a square jaw, dark
    eyes and a sexily weather-beaten, clean-shaven face. His cock, she
    knew from past experience, was wonderful, over nine inches long
    and correspondingly thick. 

    Prakash grinned in delight. She was incredible, his most ardent
    sexual fantasy brought to life. His penis sprang erect. He drew
    her closer to him and kissed her hungrily, thrusting his tongue
    into her mouth, squeezing her breasts eagerly, finding them heavy
    and swollen already, her nipples palpably stiff even under the
    *kurta* and bra. She broke from him.

    "Wait," she murmured. "Wait."

    She turned back and ducked behind the burlap curtain strung up
    across the width of the room, part of the way down. Behind it was
    a simple wood and hemp *charpoy* with a faded mattress and thin
    pillow and the gardener's meagre personal effects: a mug, a steel
    plate and glass, a few cooking utensils, a kerosene stove. When
    she came back out a minute later, Prakash's jaw dropped and he
    gaped at her in disbelief. Except the jacket, Anuja had taken off
    all her clothes. She smiled at his reaction as she approached him,
    her breasts bouncing under the jacket, the dark delta of her cunt
    drawing his gaze irresistibly.

    She kissed him wantonly, flipping her tongue against his lips,
    flicking open the clasp of his trousers and pushing her hand into
    his crotch. "I want to suck your cock. I want to be fucked by you.
    I want your cock in my cunt."

    She undid the fly of his trousers and they puddled to his feet.
    His erection popped out; he wasn't wearing any underwear. When she
    came in, he'd been lying on the cot, fantasizing about her. She
    fondled his cock lovingly, pumping it in her fist, grinding her
    crotch erotically against it.

    "Mm ... yes ...," she murmured. "I want it in there!"

    Prakash gasped. He didn't know anyone so sexy, so voluptuous, so
    desirable in every fibre of her being. Anuja began to move her
    lips to his ear, enjoying the feel of his hard, muscled body
    against hers. Anuja licked his ear lasciviously.

    "I want you," she said softly, her eyes sliding down his body to
    his cock, knowing he was watching her.

    "C'mon ... suck my cock," he muttered. "Take it in your mouth."

    With a soft moan, Anuja sank to her knees before him. Groaning,
    his cock in her fist, she jerked it gently, flipping back the
    foreskin, rubbing the cock-head over her cheeks and lips, her
    mouth open, scraping the shaft and bulging cock-head delicately
    with her teeth, winding her tongue lasciviously around the knob.
    Prakash groaned thickly, his head bent, watching her.

    "C'mon ... suck it!" he gasped. "Suck my cock, whore!"

    Aroused by the words, she moaned loudly and slipped her lips
    around his cock and began sucking it hungrily.

    "OHHHHHH uhhh yes ... oh fuck yes!" he gasped. "Yes! Suck it! Suck
    my cock ... do it, Anji! Do it! C'mon, whore!" he cried. "Yes ...
    whore! C'mon whore ... suck it! Do it, you fucking bitch! Suck my
    prick, slut! Suck it ... yeh ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon, suck
    harder, slut! Suck harder!"

    Anuja moaned loudly, deliriously, sucking his cock feverishly,
    pumping his cock in her fist, rocking her head back and forth,
    working his cock-head with her tongue. He gasped, groaned and his
    cock-head spurted pre-cum gunk. She murmured in pleasure, opening
    her mouth under his cock and jerking his shaft so that he could
    see his jizz spurting into her face.

    "Cum in my mouth ... please ... I want to taste your cum!" she

    He was seriously tempted, but refused to accede. There was so much
    else he wanted to do with her lovely, luscious body. He knew that
    if he gave in now, he would have to leave his dreams for another

    "No," he grunted. "Just keep sucking, whore, till I tell you to
    stop! Do it!"

    He grabbed her head and jerked it back to his crotch. Anuja
    moaned, loving the rough treatment. His cock filled her mouth,
    distending her face as she sucked.

    Several minutes later, he pushed her head away and moved her to
    the rickety *charpoy* beyond the burlap curtain. He tried to push
    her on her back to lick her slit, but she forced him over instead
    on his back on the cot and knelt over his face, clawing her
    cunt-lips open. Her cunt was dripping wet. She lowered it onto his
    face, her mouth open, her head bent, her tongue pressed sexily to
    her upper lip and, when he jabbed his tongue up into her cunt, she
    gasped, tossing her head back, her mouth opening wide, her back

    "Yes!" she gasped. "Oh fuck yes! C'mon Prakash ... do it! Lick my
    slit! OHHH uhhhh yes ... yes ... oh ma uhhh yes ... c'mon ...
    shove it in deeper ... ahhh yes ... there ... ohh god that's it
    ... ohhhhh uhhh yes!"

    Her hips writhed and ground over his face. She slid one hand under
    her jacket and squeezed her breasts erotically, sliding her hand
    up to her face, turning her head to one side, sexily lifting her
    long braid in the back of her hand, her body jerking and jigging
    on his face.

    "Mm ... ohhh yes ... ohhhh that's good ... oh god you're tongue's
    so good in there, Prakash ... mm, yes ... oh fuck yes!" she
    gasped, arousing him intensely with the obscene litany that flowed
    freely now. 

    She made the gardener go on licking her slit, gasping and mewing
    and moaning loudly and obscenely, her cries rising in pitch and
    volume, her body jerking, her hips grinding on his face, crushing
    her breasts in a frenzy. Suddenly, she turned around and sat on
    his face again, but facing his feet now and slowly bent over,
    dragging her tongue wantonly down his body to his crotch,
    enveloping his quivering penis in the soft moist warmth of her
    mouth again. Prakash gasped in pleasure and his breath shot
    straight into her cunt. She groaned, her hips bucking on his face.
    He could feel her breasts squash against his belly. Her head
    rocked up and down over his lap and he groaned, pumping his hips
    under her face.

    Then it was his turn to take charge. He heaved her off his body,
    forced her on her back and jerked her legs apart. Panting, he bent
    over her.

    "C'mon bitch ... now I'm going to fuck your cunt till you scream!"
    he rasped.

    Anuja moaned, spreading her legs wide, taking his cock and guiding
    it to her cunt. "Fuck me!" she cried. "C'mon Prakash ... ram your
    cock into my cunt! Shove it in hard, baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck me
    like a whore!"

    With a loud cry, he plunged into her. Anuja cried out, her head
    snapping back, her neck craning, her mouth tearing open, her back
    bowing. His thrust sent her body jerking backward and her head
    fell over the edge of the cot. The gardener was mad with lust. Her
    hips rose up to meet his crashing downward and her cunt engulfed
    his penis, convulsing and spasming on its throbbing length. He
    rammed his cock into her again and she cried out, tendons popping
    in her throat, her lips snapping back and her mouth tearing open
    in a loud cry.

    "Yes! OH yes uhh yes Oh Prakash yes!" she cried as he rammed his
    cock into her repeatedly, her body whipping and jerking with his
    thrusts, her head bent back over the edge of the cot, her long
    braid swinging freely, her gold necklace looped up against the
    base of her throat, the rest hanging over under the nape of her
    neck. "OHH yes ... fuck me! Fuck me harder, Prakash! Shove it in
    uhhh yes OHH ma uhhh yes! C'mon! Fuck me! Shove your cock into my
    cunt, lover! Do it! I want it! Fuck me! Fuck me, Prakash! Fuck me
    like a whore! Take me!"

    Her loud, lewd cries, her contorted expressions of genuine
    excitement and joy, the frantic convulsions of her cunt on his
    searing cock as he thrust wildly in and out of her flesh, the way
    her body jerked, her gold necklace swinging backwards, the way her
    breasts jiggled under the jacket which had fallen open showing him
    all of one breast and most of the other, drove him insane with

    "Take it!" he cried, panting and gasping. "C'mon, you fucking
    whore! Take it! Take my cock! Ohhh uhhh yes oh fuck yes, c'mon,
    bitch, take it!"

    The overdose of aphrodisiacs the night before, combined with the
    small topper she took this morning before coming to him, had made
    Anuja incredibly horny. She cried out and moaned ecstatically, her
    hips bucking and heaving frantically against his pounding loins,
    her body jerking and whipping and snapping violently with his
    thrusts, her breasts jiggling. Her hands were bent at the elbow,
    clenching his forearms and her legs were spread far apart,
    affording him deep access to her slit. His long, thick, hard cock
    felt wonderful, stabbing deeply in and out of her slit, the
    pulsating veins in the swollen shaft crushing her gorged clitoris
    delightfully. On and on they went, their bodies pounding together,
    flesh striking flesh. They began to sweat in the close, stuffy
    confines of the room. Perspiration beaded her brow and upper lip;
    strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck. Rivers of
    sweat started between her breasts and coursed down her belly and
    towards her flung-back neck. Prakash moaned, feeling the sweat
    trickle down his spine and his chest, droplets splashing onto her
    body, more sweat slipping down his crotch. She was incredible, her
    cunt hot as a furnace, tight as a vice and he began to spin away
    in a delirium of lust. With a shuddering groan, he steadied his
    rhythm and saw the look of pleasure on her face. He thrust into
    her deep and hard and fast, his hips rocking rapidly up and down,
    his buttocks flexing and unflexing, moving now with studied

    "Mm ... ohhh yes ... ohhhh uhhhh yes!" she gasped, matching his
    tempo. "That's it ... fuck me ... fuck me Prakash ... fuck me fuck
    me fuck me ... oh god yes ... give me your prick, lover ... shove
    it right up in my cunt ... ohhhhhh uhh yes ... oh god oh god oh
    uhhhh yes ohma uhhh *hanh* uhhh yes!"

    Prakash battled the turbulence in his loins, his nostrils flared,
    his magnificent muscles cording and rippling with the strain as he
    plunged and pistoned in and out of her flesh. Anuja hissed in
    pleasure as he thrust especially deep into her. Her body jerked
    back and forth and she slid her hands down his flanks and gripped
    his buttocks, pulling him deeper still into her molten cunt-flesh,
    calling out loudly and lewdly. Again he noticed the attractive
    slight imperfection of the two side teeth crooked over the even,
    sparkling ones in front. Her nose-stud winked and the diamond
    studs in her lobes -- she wore two in each ear, one behind the
    other -- glittered sexily.

    "Oh yes ... oh god yes, Prakash yes ... fuck me ... fuck me,
    Prakash ... fuck me hard ... fuck my cunt ... uhh OHHHHHHHH uhh
    yes ... oh yes ... ram it in again Prakash ... AHHHHHHHHH uhhh!
    That's it! Ohhh yes! C'mon! Faster! Ah uh ah uh oh ma uh ah uh oh
    uh oh uh ohma uh ohma uh ohma uh yes!"

    She continued to amaze him. With a loud gasp, moments before she
    came, when he, too, was on the verge of losing control, she heaved
    herself up, wriggling dexterously and slipping his cock out of her
    cunt. He knew that she'd done it deliberately to stave off her
    climax for greater pleasure.

    Rolling him over on his back, panting and gasping, like a bitch in
    heat, her face glowing with excitement, her eyes bright and
    glassy, her nostrils flared, her mouth open, Anuja swung herself
    over the gardener's body. His cock throbbed between her thighs.
    Reaching down, she took it in one hand and moved it to her cunt.
    With a loud, shuddering groan of pleasure and relief, she impaled
    her hot slit on the rigid, throbbing shaft. Prakash gasped at the
    electric convulsions of her cunt on his penis and arched his back,
    thrusting his cock greedily into her cunt. She moaned, rearing
    upright on her knees astride his lap. He watched her transfixed;
    spasms of lust crossed her lovely face.

    "OHHHH uhhh yes!" she gasped. "God that's so good, Prakash! I want
    your cock in my cunt forever and ever!"

    Grinding her hips erotically round and round on his, arching the
    tip of her tongue erotically over her upper lip, Anuja hissed
    loudly in pleasure and slid her hands up her body, under her
    jacket, over her breasts, squeezing them eagerly.

    "OHH yes ... oh god yes!" she gasped. "C'mon ... fuck me, Prakash
    ... fuck my cunt ... oh ma uhhh yes ... ohhhhh ... uhh ... ohhhhh
    ... c'mon, lover ... fuck me like a whore ... take me like a slut
    ... I want it! I want your cock! I'm yours, Prakash! Your whore!
    Fuck me hard!"

    She was too much. Prakash swore softly, bucking his hips up and
    down under her, holding her hips, moving them round and round on
    his, mashing her cunt-flesh with his cock, watching her face twist
    in lust as his thick, throbbing shaft mashed the inflamed stem of
    her clitoris.

    "C'mon whore!" he cried. "Take it! Take it, you fucking bitch!
    Take it in your slit! Take my dick! C'mon whore ... take my cock!"

    "Yes!" she gasped, falling forward, leaning on her outstretched
    arms, her breasts and the lapels of her jacket and the gold
    necklace swinging over his face. "Oh yes uhhh yes uhhh oh yes!"

    Their loins bucked and crashed together in a frenzy as she started
    rocking back and forth and up and down on her hands and knees,
    running her cunt up and down the length of his shaft. Her buttocks
    bounced off his thighs as he thrust up and down beneath her. Her
    breasts bounced and shook and her gold necklace tossed and flapped
    against her tawny skin. He squeezed her breasts.

    "Yes!" she cried. "Squeeze them harder, Prakash! Ahhhhhh uhhh ohma
    uhh yes! Ohhhhhh uhhh yes! Harder! C'mon ... pinch my nipples ...
    ohhhhh yes! Oh fuck yes!" 

    She twisted an arm behind her and cupped his balls, squeezing them
    eagerly. He groaned, pounding his hips under her. Her body jerked
    and rocked and jogged over his.

    "Faster!" she cried, rocking furiously over him. "Yes ... c'mon
    ... oh yes c'mon Prakash yes oh god yes fuck me yes oh yes uhhh
    yes! Ohma uhhhh OHHHH uh Ohma uhhh OHHH!"

    He squeezed her breasts again, craned his neck, squeezed both
    mounds together and sucked them sharply, nibbling her nipples.

    "Ahhhhhhhhhhh uhh ohma uhhh yes!" she cried, gripping his head to
    her breasts, her cunt grinding and churning and bucking over his
    inflamed penis. "Suck harder, Prakash ... ahhhhhh uhh oh that's
    good yes!"

    His head fell back, his back arched and he held her by the waist
    as he pounded his hips furiously beneath hers, tossing her on his
    lap, drawing sharp, shrill cries and cracked gasps from her open
    mouth. Her breasts bounced madly over his face, swollen, hot,
    turgid, pendulous, her nipples stiff, the aureoles puckered, her
    gold necklace jumping wildly.

    "Hit me!" she cried. "Hit my tits! Hit them hard!" she cried

    Prakash whipped his hand at her breasts. Anuja cried out, her face
    twisting in a grimace of joy. 

    "Again!" she called. "Hit them harder! OH! Uh OH! Uh OH! Uh OH! Uh
    yes! Oh god yes!"

    He crushed them hard in his hands and then gripped her buttocks,
    pulling them open, pressing his fingertip to her anus. Anuja
    shuddered in shocked surprise and delight, her cunt spasming on
    his penis. She knew too well how much he loved to penetrate her

    "OHHHHHHHH uhh yes ... that's so good, baby yes ... keep it there
    ... ahhh uhhhh yes ... ohhhh yes ... Prakash ... please ... push
    your finger in ..."

    Prakash felt dizzy with excitement. He pressed his fingertip
    firmly to her anus and, as he expected, it yielded at once without
    resistance and his fingertip slid inward. The effect on her was
    stunning. Her face contorted in a violent grimace. Her cunt
    crashed down on his penis, convulsing frenetically. The breath
    shot from her throat and, arching, she dropped her breasts to his
    mouth, forcing him to suck them sharply. Prakash held his finger
    in her asshole, enjoying its heat and tightness. Her buttocks
    rocked and bounced over his bucking hips. She kissed him
    feverishly, thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth.

    "Oh god oh god oh god," she moaned. "You fuck me so well, Prakash
    ... it's so good ... don't stop, baby ... don't ever stop!"

    She reared upright again, gasping and moaning, bucking faster and
    faster up and down on his pumping hips. He slid his finger out of
    her anus.

    "Fuck me!" she cried. "Oh yes fuck me fuck me fuck me, Prakash!
    Keep fucking me! I want to be fucked and fucked and fucked! OHHHH
    uhhh OHHH uhh OHHH!"

    Sexily, she rucked up her jacket in her hands, crumpling it, and
    dragged it over her breasts, squeezing and lifting them
    erotically, scraping the aroused and sensitized nipples with the
    coarse handspun cloth. Prakash groaned. It was an incredibly sexy
    sight. She arched her tongue slowly, wantonly over her curved
    upper lip, arching her head back and bucking up and down on his
    lap, her body shining and glistening with a sheen of sweat.

    "Ohhh ... uhhhh yes ... oh ma uhhhh yes!" she hissed, erotically
    rolling the jacket over her nipples and grinding her hips round as
    she forced her cunt down on his cock so that it spiralled down
    onto the upright shaft. "OHHHHH uhhh yes ... god I want it! I want
    it all!"

    He watched her expressions of lust, the way her breasts bounced,
    the way the gold necklace jumped and tossed on her tawny skin.
    Sensuously, she dragged her hands up her body to the nape of her
    neck, thrusting her breasts out, coiling her braid in a loose knot
    as she continued bouncing on his lap. Her jacket opened wider,
    exposing her breasts. She kept her hands raised and her fingers
    interlaced behind her head.

    "Hit my tits!" she moaned again. "Hit them hard!"

    Prakash slapped her breasts and nipples with a sharp, stinging
    flick of the backs of his fingers.

    "OH!" she gasped, making him cry out as her cunt convulsed
    frantically on his penis. "Again! Do it again! Harder!"

    He struck her breasts again. Moans of joy erupted from her throat.
    He kept hitting her breasts. Her body trembled and shook as it
    bounced up and down on his lap, her cunt grinding and sliding
    along his penis in a frenzy, her buttocks cannoning off his

    "Squeeze them now!" she cried. "Hard! OHH uhh yes! Oh god yes!

    He clenched her breasts and heaved powerfully under her, sending
    his cock ramming up into her cunt. Anuja cried out, her face
    twisting and contorting in a grimace of lust, exciting him
    further. Looking at her reflection in the old, cracked mirror to
    one side, she paused, smiling inwardly in an explosion of joyous
    arousal and excitement: she knew the gardener would enjoy seeing
    them both in the mirror.

    "Fuck me from behind," she cried. "Like you did last time. Fuck me
    in front of the mirror ... I want to see you fucking me!"

    The gardener was strong and virile, able to fuck her at length, as
    hard as she wanted. With him, now, here, she was no longer the
    *memsahib*; she was his whore, to fuck and enjoy at his pleasure.

    She slipped off his cock, moaning and panting feverishly and
    quickly turned on her forearms and knees on the bed, facing the
    cracked mirror. Her breasts hung swollen and pendulous like
    succulent fruit, her long gold necklace swung free. She thrust a
    hand between her legs and clawed her cunt-lips open. Kneeling
    behind her, Prakash moaned softly in lust. He stared wildly at her
    reflection in the mirror, her face tilted up, her eyes bright and
    dark, glittering with lust, her nostrils flared, her luscious lips
    parted, her swollen breasts and gold chain swaying, the dark
    beauty spots on her face tempting him; and then his eyes jerked
    back to the smooth curves of her buttocks and, beneath, the wet,
    open lips of her cunt, held wide open in the first two slender,
    shapely fingers of one hand, the finger-rings glittering. 

    "Fuck me!" she cried. "C'mon, Prakash! Fuck me hard! Shove your
    cock right up into my cunt! Fuck me like a bitch ... like a whore!
    Fuck me hard!"

    Prakash moaned in feverish desperation and pushed his cock between
    her buttocks and to her cunt-lips, past her fingers and, flexing
    his buttocks and snapping his hips sharply, rammed his cock deep
    into her cunt in a long, surging and skewering thrust.

    "OHMAUHHHAHHHUHHHOHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Anuja cried as his penis plunged
    into her cunt, her face contorting and twisting in a paroxysm of
    lust and joy. "OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OHHHHH!"

    "YES! C'MON TAKE IT, WHORE!" he shouted. "C'mon bitch! Take it!"

    He began to fuck her violently, gripping her hips, slamming his
    own back and forth, hammering her buttocks with his hips with loud
    smacking slaps, driving his throbbing cock in and out of her cunt.
    Their reflections in the mirror were a major turn-on. Every thrust
    made her lurch forward. Her body rocked and swung beneath his. Her
    breasts shook and wobbled, and her gold necklace swung furiously
    back and forth. Her face was turned up, radiant with lust, her
    eyes hooded, her mouth open in a wide O, her nostrils flared. She
    clenched the sheets, clawing at them feverishly. Her cries were
    loud and lewd.

    "Yes! OH ma uhhh ahhh uhh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, Prakash! Fuck me!
    Ram your cock in, baby! Harder! OHHHHHH uhhh yes that's it oh ma
    uhhh yes c'mon ... do it!"

    "Take it!" he cried. "C'mon, whore! Take it! Take my cock, you
    whoring bitch! Take it! Ahhhh uhhh ahhh uh ah uh ah uh oh fuck

    "Ohhhh uhhh yes ... oh Pruhhhkahhhhhsh uhhhh yes! Fuck me! C'mon
    ... c'mon ... do it ... harder ... ohhh yes ... harder, yes! Ahhhh
    that's it ... c'mon ... Prakash ... do it! Fuck me! Harder!"

    "Take it, whore!" he shouted. "Ghe, rundi, ghe!"

    "Ahhhhhh uhhh yes!"

    "C'mon, you fucking slut ... take my prick, bitch! Take it!"

    "Oh ma uh oh uh oh uh oh!"

    "Bitch! Whoring bitch! Take my cock ... c'mon, whore ... oh fuck
    uhh yes ... take my prick, slut!"

    "Yes! Oh yes! Oh ma uhhh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

    "Say you like it, bitch! Let me hear you!"

    "Yes! uh oh ma uhh yes! uh oh ma uhhh yes ... Fuck me! Fuck me
    Prakash! Fuck me hard! Fuck my slit, baby! Fuck it hard! Shove
    your cock up my cunt, baby! OHHHHHH yeh ... oh yes oh fuck yes
    c'mon ... do it! Do it, baby! Fuck me!"

    The words inflamed him. He rammed in harder and harder, plunging
    and pistoning madly, furiously, slamming his hips at her buttocks. 

    "Talk, bitch!" he snarled. "Tell me ya like it! Lemme hear ya!
    Tell me what you want!"

    "Oh god yes! I want it! Give it to me, baby! Fuck me! I want it!"

    "What? What d'you want?"

    "Your ... your cock Prakash! I want your cock! Oh ma uhhh ahh uhhh
    ahh! Fuck me, Prakash! Fuck me hard! Stuff me with your cock!"

    Faster and faster he went, gasping desperately, ramming into her,
    jerking and rocking her body under his, gripping her hips and
    digging his fingers into the soft flesh of her body. Her cunt
    convulsed on his penis. She moaned and cried out, keeping up the
    obscene litany, slamming her hips back against his thighs, jerking
    her cunt along the length of his penis. He could see the long,
    dark, glistening stem of his own cock appearing and disappearing
    between the curved lobes of her buttocks and suddenly remembered a
    pornographic video that Jayant had once run for the servants. A
    huge black guy was shown fucking an Indian woman just like this --
    that was what made it sexier still. But he could still recall it
    vividly, every frame etched in memory. It had been just like this
    -- except that the man had been fucking not her cunt, but her ass. 

    He looked at her rear again. The tight, puckered flesh of her anus
    winked at him. He remembered how she had taken his finger in her
    anus and, suddenly, was overwhelmed by an urge to force his cock
    into her anus, to bugger her. He knew just how much she loved
    being fucked in the butt.

    He jerked his cock out of her cunt and pressed his cock-head
    between her buttocks to her tight anus. Anuja tensed, her head
    jerking up, her face twisted in joyous anticipation.

    "Want it in your ass, whore?" he cried. "Want me to fuck your

    "Yes! Oh god yes!"

    "Yeh! You always did like it in the ass, didn't you, bitch? Now
    take my cock! I want your ass, bitch! I want to fuck your butt!
    C'mon whore! Take it!"

    He creased her buttocks open and, gripping her fiercely, flexed
    his buttocks and pushed his hips forward. His cock-head popped
    into her rear-channel, pushing the orifice open.

    The effect was electrifying. Her face contorted in a savage rictus
    of lust, her eyes screwing shut, her mouth torn open, her lips
    jerked back over her teeth, her head craned, tendons popping in
    her throat.

    OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Anuja's cry rang out loudly in the
    silence of the small, stuffy room.

    "Ahh uhh yes uhhh Ahh uhh AHHHHHHHHH!" Prakash cried exultantly,
    provoked by her expression of lust, her cry, his subjugation and
    domination of her and the fact that he, a lowly gardener, not even
    one of the house-staff, was sodomizing this *memsahib*, this slut,
    this whore, his slut, his whore.

    "Oh uh ah uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh ..." Anuja moaned, her breath
    coming in heaving, wracked sobs. "Oh ma uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh

    Deeper and deeper he pushed his cock, driving it into her
    delightful anus as far as he could, gasping at its fierce heat and
    manic convulsions, his buttocks flexing taut, till his hips were
    pinned to her buttocks. Anuja quivered and moaned, beside herself
    with joy. He looked at her reflection in the mirror and grinned.
    He slid his hands up her body and crushed her breasts and then hit
    them sharply. She gasped, her anus impaled deeply on his cock, her
    chest heaving, her head sagging, her buttocks squirming against
    his thighs.

    "Like it, whore?" he grunted. "Like it in the ass, don't you? Tell
    me you like it, bitch! Tell me you like it when I fuck your ass!"

    "Oh god oh god oh god," she sobbed.

    "Say it!" he shouted, hitting her breasts again, making her gasp.
    "Say it!"

    "Yes!" she moaned. "Oh god yes ... it ... it feels good ... ohh
    god yes, Prakash ... do it ... fuck me ... fuck my ass ... fuck my

    He laughed again. "Again, slut! Let me hear you beg like a

    "Ohhh ... uhhh ohhh yes ... fuck me, Prakash ... fuck my ass ...
    shove your ... cock ... right up my ass, baby ... shove it in ...
    shove it all in! I want it!"

    He laughed triumphantly and began sodomizing her heavily and
    deeply, thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt. Anuja
    whimpered, rocking under him. He thought of the black stud and how
    he'd fucked the lovely woman and tried to emulate the image,
    pumping his hips rhythmically back and forth, jerking her body to
    and fro under his. Now he, too, was a stud, as much of a sex
    machine as that hugely-endowed black.

    Then he remembered also how the man had put his hand under belly
    and finger-fucked her while he fucked her butt. Bending, he pushed
    his hand under her stomach and arched his finger into her cunt.
    Anuja's head snapped up in shock and surprise and delight. She
    cried out loudly and, at last, lost control, unable to deny her
    climax any longer.

    "OHHHHHHh uh Oh ma uhhhh Oh Prakash! Prakash! Prakash! Uhhh yes!
    Ohma uhhhhh ahhhh uhhh OHHHHH!" she cried as the tidal wave of
    pleasure hit and hit and hit.

    Incredibly, and despite the frantic convulsions of her cunt and
    ass, he didn't come. Instead, he moved faster and faster, ramming
    his cock in and out of her anus, making her gasp and choke and
    moan thickly, her fingers scrabbling at the sheets as his swollen
    cock rocked in a fury in and out of her convulsing asshole.

    "OHHH uh OH uh OH uh OH ma uh OHMA uh OH Prakash uhh OHH!" she

    "Yeah uhh yeh uhh oh yeh ohh fuck yes c'mon whore c'mon bitch take
    it c'mon! Yes ... c'mon! Take it ... oh fuck yes ... take it,
    whore! Take my prick!"

    Suddenly, with a loud cry, he jerked out of her. She cried out in
    shock at the sudden release in pressure. He moaned and before she
    could anticipate his next move, plunged his cock into her cunt and
    began fucking her demonically, ramming his cock savagely in and
    out of her flesh. 

    "YES!" he shouted. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes uhh oh yeh oh yeh
    c'mon bitch take it uhh yeh take it you whoring slut take it! Oh
    uhh *hanh* uhh oh!" 

    "OHHHHH uhh OH ma uh Oh uhhh yes Oh god yes uhh OHHH!" Anuja cried
    desperately, her body shaking and trembling as another orgasm hit
    her and then a third. 

    On and on he went, pillaging and plundering her cunt, ramming
    wildly in and out of her cunt, making her body jerk and rock with
    his thrusts, her breasts jiggling violently, his cries ringing in
    her ears. 

    Again he pulled out of her and now, flinging her on her back,
    jerked her legs open and rammed into her cunt again, hammering his
    hips wildly up and down and back and forth, slamming his cock in
    and out of her cunt. 

    "C'mon! C'mon, bitch, c'mon bitch c'mon bitch take it uh take it
    uh take it uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh fuck uh yes uh oh fuck yes!" he
    cried, his hips bucking furiously up and down, his cock pounding
    in and out of her cunt, savaging her molten cunt-flesh.

    "Ah uh ah uh oh uh ohma uh oh ma uh oh ma uhh oh uhh yes oh god oh
    god oh god uhhh yes!"

    Anuja cried out, her body whipping and arching and jerking and
    snapping violently on the cot under him, her breasts wobbling and
    jiggling painfully, her head flipping from side to side. He moaned
    and panted, moving faster and faster and then, with a sudden,
    sharp cry, lurched out of her. 

    Shaking his cock, he scooted up over her face and pushed his penis
    into her mouth. 

    "Suck it!" he snarled. "Suck hard! Suck my prick, bitch!"

    Anuja moaned, choking, sputtering, and began sucking his cock
    feverishly. Seconds later, with a shuddering moan, he began to
    come in her mouth, shooting his load down her throat.

    "Swallow it!" he cried. "Drink my jizz, whore! Take it!"

    He came and came and came, his gunk flooding her mouth and
    dribbling down her chin and cheeks. He shook his cock over her
    breasts, splashing hot gunk on her body and then, moving down
    again, forced his slowly dwindling cock back into her cunt. Under
    him, Anuja moaned thickly, arching her hips eagerly under his,
    taking him deep into her flesh, her head spinning, overjoyed at
    how well he had fucked her, well-pleased.

    Her body tingled as he eased slowly out of her cunt and sank down
    on the bed beside her. She turned in his arms, her body trembling
    and shaking, still panting heavily.

    "My god," she breathed, kissing him tenderly. "My god, Prakash!"

    He smiled, cupping her breast. "It was very good, wasn't it?"

    "Very good? It was fantastic!" she breathed, in genuine pleasure.
    "And guess what?"

    The gardener laughed softly. "Tell me."

    "I want more!"

    "Who'd have guessed?" he chuckled, pulling her down to the cot
    again and turning her over under him. "Who'd have guessed?"


    Later that afternoon, Anuja stole from Jayant's bed and went to
    Shankar's. Jayant slept on, exhausted from the fucking of the
    night before and later that morning, after she had done with
    Prakash. She slipped out of bed and, wrapping a gauzy nightgown
    around her, stole through the house to the servant's quarters. As
    she stepped into the stuffy little chamber, Shankar chuckled
    softly in the gloom. Anuja smiled to herself.

    "I knew you'd come, whore," he said softly. "C'mere. Suck my cock.
    Then I'm going to fuck your ass."

    Anuja smiled happily and, slipping the gown off her naked
    shoulders, knelt obediently by the narrow pallet against the far
    wall and bent her head over her servant's crotch, taking his
    thick, warm penis gratefully in her mouth. The youth grinned, his
    head craned, watching her, his legs spread wide, his hips bucking
    and lurching under her face.

    Minutes later, he was fucking her in the kitchen. Her lovely face
    was radiant with passion. Her neck was arched, her face flung
    back, her sexy lips parted, her teeth bared in a rictus of lust,
    her nostrils flared. Her body jerked and rolled back and forth,
    her back bowing taut as the cook fucked her rapidly. Shankar bent
    over her on his knuckles and knees, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing, bobbing furiously over her heaving loins. Anuja loved
    his cock. She lay on her back, her legs forked and spread with
    Shankar bucking between them. Her legs curled about his thighs.
    Her hips heaved up at his. Shankar's swollen, glistening cock,
    ridged with thick veins, plunged deeply in and out, in and out, in
    and out of her cunt. He could hear it squelching into her belly,
    rasping out, squelching in again, drawing shuddering moans from
    her. Her body snapped and bowed with his savage thrusts, curling
    under his. Her head flipped from side to side, her face suffused
    with a radiance of lust.

    "OHHH Shankar-Shankar-Shuhhhh uh oh uhh Shunhhkuhhr uhh OHH! UNHhh
    ... OH-OHH-OHH!" she gasped. "*hanh* UHHhh *hanh* uhhhh *hanh* uhh
    OHmauhhOHHHuhh OH OH OHHH uhh OHHH uhhh OHHH uhh OH ma uhh

    Her breasts jiggled with each thrust. The gold chain around her
    neck tossed and slithered between her breasts. Shankar's buttocks
    flexed and unflexed, his cock rose, slid into her like a sword,
    lifted up again. Faster and faster he moved, thrusting deeper and
    harder into her. He flung his head back, his eyes closed. Anuja
    dug her fingers into his bunched biceps. Her shoulders hunched,
    her breasts squeezed together, the gold chain around her neck
    crushed between the lovely mounds. Their cries rang softly in the
    still house, and she feared they might wake Jayant; she knew he
    didn't approve of this incessant sex with the servants. But there
    was nothing she could do to stop. She didn't want to.

    "Yes ... fuck me! Fuck me, Shankar! Fuck me!" she begged.

    "UNHHH ... UNHH ... UNHHH ... C'MON ... take it, bitch ... take my
    cock!" he panted.

    He began pistoning like a triphammer at, his cock ramming in and
    out, in and out, in and out. He paused for a second to lever her
    thighs wider apart and to lean more steeply over him. At once he
    hit a furious, feverish, ram-fucking stroke again that drove the
    breath from her in a hissing gasp and tore a choking cry from her
    throat. Their bodies glistened with sweat. 

    Shankar slowed suddenly and she moaned, squeezing her breasts in
    her hands, rolling the heavy mounds under her palms, tweaking her
    nipples. She caressed his hard chest and belly, and then her hands
    slid to her loins and her left hand encircled his pistoning shaft,
    the right clawing her cunt-lips open.  His cock rasped between her
    fingers. The sight of the dark cock in her fair fingers, under her
    gold wedding band, was incredibly sexy. 

    Shankar's hips rose and fell, rose and fell, his cock gliding
    smoothly, deeply, in and out. She whimpered and arched, writhing
    in pleasure and orgasmed, her body stiffening under his, twitching
    as the waves crashed over her. Her body arched to his, her fingers
    digging into his strong shoulders.

    When she had finished, Shankar slowly pulled out of her. His cock
    was still rock-hard. She moaned, caressing it, her shoulders
    hunched, her pretty face turned to one side, begging for more.

    "Don't stop," she begged. "Keep fucking me."

    Shankar grinned. She was acting like a bitch in heavy rut.

    "Okay, okay ... I'll fuck you, slut," he chuckled. "Up your ass."

    Anuja smiled happily. She got to her feet and leaned over the
    kitchen counter, her buttocks thrust back at him. They lobed open,
    exposing her puckered anus. Shankar licked four fingers in an
    utterly obscene action and smeared his spittle around her asshole. 

    "Wait," he muttered. He stretched an arm around her and flipped
    open the lid of the butter dish. He dug his fingers into the soft
    yellow butter and scooped up a generous pat. Grinning at her,
    smeared it around her anus. Anuja writhed, whimpering. He smeared
    his erect cock with it, coating it thickly. It shone and glistened

    "Now c'mon," he muttered and shuffled forward.

    Shankar pressed his cock-head to her anus. She tensed. He chuckled
    and spread her buttocks wide open. His cock slipped around her
    anus. He guided it to the orifice and his buttocks flexed. Anuja
    bit her lower lip, her eyes squeezed shut. Her body trembled. Her
    breasts and necklaces swung free. 

    Shankar splayed her buttocks open with one hand and slowly pushed
    his cock-head inward. It found its target, held. Anuja gasped and
    stiffened. Her fingers clawed. She clenched a towel cock on the
    tiled counter wall. Shankar slid his hips forward. 

    "OHMAOHMAOHMAOHHHHHHHHH!" Anuja called, her face twisting with
    shock and agony and delight.

    Shankar's head jerked back and he gasped. The huge cock slithered
    between her buttocks, vanishing inexorably into her rear channel.
    He clenched her buttocks, pulled them wide, and thrust deeper and
    deeper and deeper. Anuja began to pant in joyous agony, her voice
    ragged and hoarse, her mouth torn open, her head jerked up. In and
    in and in he went, gritting his teeth, biting his lower lip, his
    head falling on his chest, now holding her hips and driving
    deeper. He went in to the hilt, and held still. Anuja sobbed, her
    breath coming in heaving rasps.

    "OH-Shankar ... Shankar ... c'mon ... c'mon ... quickly!" she
    gasped. "Do it!"

    Shankar crowed in delight. He leaned forward and squeezed her
    swollen breasts hard. They grew slippery with the butter. He
    stroked and caressed her belly, her buttocks, her hips, her
    breasts again. Holding her hips, he began move his own slowly,
    fucking her ass. Anuja gasped, rocking and lurching beneath him,
    turning her arm to cup her dangling breast, squeezing and kneading
    it in excitement. 

    "Yes ... OHhhh yes yes OHHhhh yes yes OHhhhgodyes!" she cried.

    "Yes! C'mon, whore! C'mon! Yes!" Shankar growled. 

    He slid a hand under her belly and began to stroke her clitoris.
    Anuja gasped and her buttocks trembled. Now she was rocking to and
    fro of her own accord, sliding her ass to and fro on his shaft.
    Shankar began to move faster. His belly sucked in. Controlling her
    movements with his fingertips on her upper buttocks, he speared
    her asshole with his cock, shoving it in, pulling out, thrusting
    in again. His cock shone and glistened as it emerged and
    disappeared between the lobes of her buttocks. Her cries were
    small, broken, her face distorted in a rictus of agonised passion. 

    "C'mon ... take it! C'mon, you fucking whore! Take it!" he cried.

    Shankar moved faster still, his hips jerking rapidly to and fro,
    his cock gliding in and out. He paused to spread his legs on
    either side of her hips. He leaned over her with his hands on the
    counter edge, his cock buried deep in her, his body bent over
    hers. She was pinned beneath him. She waited for him to take his
    pleasure. His buttocks reared suddenly, sharply, then drove down
    into her savagely.

    With a shuddering cry, Shankar began to ram-fuck her butt. Anuja's
    breath ripped from her throat in a hoarse, ululating cry. Her
    mouth tore open. Her breasts began to jiggle furiously, her
    necklace whipping frantically back and forth. Shankar's hips
    slammed into her buttocks again and again, his buttocks flexing
    and unflexing, rising and falling, his cock pistoning furiously in
    and out.

    He was streaming with sweat now, his body arched, his head flung
    back and his mouth torn open. Faster and faster he went and Anuja
    began to orgasm. She went rigid under him, clawing and moaning,
    her head arched hard. Her breath came in broken rasps, her moans
    were thick and heavy and long. The servant continued to butt-fuck

    At last he stopped and slowly drew out of her. She stood trembling
    against the counter, her body racked with heaving, sobbing gasps.
    Shankar moved around and hopped up on the counter in front of her

    He chuckled, spreading his legs. "Like it, whore?"

    She nodded weakly, her head bowed, her body heaving. His rampant
    penis was thrust at her face.

    "Suck me?" Shankar asked softly. 

    Anuja nodded slowly. Shankar smiled and pulled her head down to
    his groin. His butter-smeared penis, glistening with the juices
    from her cunt and anus was at her face. Laughing softly at her
    bent over his lap, Shankar stroked her face with it, teasing her,
    dodging her questing lips. Finally, he relented and let her have
    it. Her tongue flickered out and wound about the sticky, slimy,
    slippery cock-head. She began to lick it eagerly, running her
    tongue up and down the shaft. It didn't matter that it had just
    invaded her asshole. 

    "How d'you like the taste of your ass, whore? C'mon ... suck it
    hard!" The servant commanded his mistress.

    She slipped her lips around his cock-head and part of his
    cock-shaft. Her cheeks billowed with his size. She began to suck
    his cock, jerking his cock, holding his thigh, her cheeks
    hollowing. Her head moved back and forth on his twitching loins.
    He held her head and began to fuck her mouth. Shankar gasped,
    flinging his head back and groaning in delight. His belly drew in
    with tension. She cupped his low, heavy balls, fondling them. He
    looked down at her, one hand on her head, jerking it to and fro.
    She opened her mouth and her tongue flickered like lightning over
    his glans. Shankar lost control and spewed his jizz into her

    Moaning deliriously, Anuja opened her mouth and jerked his cock.
    Cum spattered on her face and neck and dangling breasts. She took
    his cock deep in her mouth again and sucked it some more, her head
    moving rapidly, drawing the very last drop of jizz out of his
    cock. Spunk dribbled down her chin and over her breasts,
    spattering on the counter. 

    He was done. He grinned at her, leaning back on his hands. Anuja
    licked his thighs and groin like a rutting bitch. Shankar watched,
    grinning hugely, as she lifted her breasts and rubbed them into
    the puddled gunk on the counter in an utterly wanton action. She
    rose with her breasts shining with gunk and arched her chest to
    his head, sliding an arm around his neck, drawing his lips to her
    breasts. She sighed with pleasure, her face creased in a smile of
    delight as his tongue and teeth caressed her nipples.

    "God, that was good," she murmured.

    He slid his hand between her legs and gently arched a finger into
    her slit. Her cunt was wet and it still clamped eagerly on his

    "Fucking whore," he grinned. "Fucking randy whore."

    "Yes," she groaned. "Fuck me again, Shankar ... fuck me again."

    He laughed softly. "Later."

    "No. Not later. Now."

    "Try and get me up. If you can I'll fuck you."

    He hopped up on the counter and spread his legs and Anuja moaned
    and bent her head to his crotch, taking his cock in her mouth and
    sucking it gently. He had spent himself and it took a long time
    before his cock began to stir. She sucked and masturbated him
    patiently. She had his cock in her mouth, rocking her head gently
    up and down and back and forth when an idea came to her.

    "Shankar," she murmured. "Not here."


    "I don't want to fuck here."


    She grinned lasciviously, sensual and beautiful in her wanton
    arousal. "Inside," she whispered. "In the bedroom."

    "Fuck, you're crazy!" he said. "Jayant is there!"

    "So what?"

    "He's asleep!"

    "That's what makes it so sexy."

    He stared at her, his eyes glittering with excitement. She was
    right. It was a very sexy idea, erotic because this was really
    unthinkable, that he should bang his master's lover right there on
    the same bed on which his master slumbered. It was quite another
    thing to do it when his master was awake and permitted it.

    "Not on the bed, then," he said. "On the floor."

    "No. On the bed. Right there. Next to him."

    "Fuck! You're mad!"

    "Yes!" she breathed, sucking his cock feverishly again. "Yes, I'm
    mad! Mad for your cock!"

    The servant grinned and hopped off the counter. She laughed
    softly, kissing him. His cock had jumped erect in excitement. She
    fondled it gently, jerking the shaft in her slender, elegant
    fingers. They slipped out of the kitchen and stole silently into
    the bedroom. Jayant, exhausted, was fast asleep, lying on his
    back, his chest rising and falling evenly.

    Anuja smiled and turned to Shankar, whose heart was pounding with
    fear and excitement. The servant looked at his master's naked

    Shankar laughed silently in excitement. She kissed him, writhing
    her body against his, pressing her cunt and fleshy breasts against
    him. Taking his hand in her hers, she pulled him around to
    Jayant's side of the bed and, sinking to her knees, took her
    servant's cock in her mouth and began sucking him again. Shankar
    stifled a moan. He fucked her mouth slowly, his head bent, one eye
    on her sleeping husband, excited as much by the danger as by her

    She sucked him wantonly, fondling her breasts, lifting and
    squeezing them in her hands, fondling her cunt, rubbing and
    squeezing her breasts over his cock, sucking and licking his
    balls. His cock throbbed ominously in her fist and mouth. He
    pushed her head away. Anuja got to her feet and moving to her side
    of the bed, slipped in beside her slumbering cousin. Reaching up,
    she took Shankar's hand and drew him onto the bed with her. She
    spread her legs under him as he bent over her, between her thighs,
    his cock-head at her cunt-lips. She took his cock and pulled it to
    her cunt-hole. Stifling a moan, the cook squeezed his cock gently
    into her cunt. Anuja whimpered softly, her fleshy body bending in
    a slow, exquisite arch as the huge penis seared into her cunt.

    "Oh ma uh Ah!" she gasped as the searing heat of his penis bit
    into her cunt.

    Startled by her loud cry, the servant froze, looking at Jayant in
    panic. He didn't stir, oblivious to his cousin and servant fucking
    inches from his body. The cook groaned, arching his handsome head.
    He flexed his buttocks and slowly pushed deeper and deeper into
    Anuja's clonic cunt. She writhed under him, her legs spread wide,
    her cunt arching greedily under his hips, drawing his cock deeper
    and deeper into her flesh. Bent over her on his knees, his palms
    crushing her heavy, swollen breasts, the cook slid his hips
    further forward, going in and in till he was fully buried in her
    flesh. Then he paused. Anuja moaned softly, her hips twitching and
    writhing erotically under his.

    "C'mon Shankar ... fuck me ... ohh uh ohh uh yes ... uh ahh uh Oh
    uh yes! Ohhhh uhhh OHHH uhh OHHHH uhhh Ohmauhhh yes ... oh god yes
    ... ohhh yes, baby, yes!"

    The cook fucked her slowly and unhurriedly, then, marvelling at
    his fortune. He fucked her with long, deep strokes, drawing his
    cock steeply out of her, pausing, then grinding down into her with
    a wicked spiralling thrust that made her gasp and clench at his
    bulging biceps. 

    "Ohhh uhhh yes! Oh baby yes! Fuck me! Ohhh god yes!" she wept.

    Her breasts jiggled with his thrusts, bouncing sexily. She split
    her legs open further, drawing him deeper still into her slit.
    Anuja's eyes were bright with lust. She smiled ecstatically at her
    servant. She murmured in pleasure. The bed rocked gently with
    their motions. The servant hit a rhythm, moving his cock steadily
    in and out of her cunt. She groaned and arched and lurched beneath
    him, her head rolling from side to side, the bed rocking with
    their motions. Bending his head, he sucked her breasts gently.
    Anuja moaned in delight and caressed his head. Anuja cupped the
    servant's face in her hands and kissed him deeply, thrusting her
    tongue into his mouth.

    "Now," she murmured, tonguing his ear. "Fuck me hard, Shankar."

    For the next thirty minutes, as Anuja fucked the cook inches from
    his body, Jayant slept on, drowned in his own dream of passion.
    Beside him, Anuja whimpered thickly, her body writhing and heaving
    in feverish joy under the servant's piercing, exquisite thrusts.


    Anuja's joy was unconfined. Jayant's servants couldn't seem to
    have enough of her, and she did not deny them their satisfaction,
    even though it meant that she had less time with Jayant. For his
    part, he revelled in her evident enjoyment of sex with his
    servants and contented himself with watching her. Using his fancy
    new video camera, shot endless tapes of her fucking the servants.
    Actually, that was first her idea not his.

    "Want to watch the servant fuck me?" she asked later that
    afternoon, when she had finished fucking Shankar and, shooing him
    out of the room, turned her attention to her cousin.

    She woke him with butterfly caresses of her lips and teeth and
    tongue and fingers, arousing him till his cock was rock-hard in
    her mouth and his hips were bucking and squirming under her face.
    When he was ready, she rolled over and drew him over her, between
    her thighs, gasping thickly as his swollen, throbbing penis surged
    into her wet cunt-flesh. They fucked slowly at first, rocking and
    bucking together till their lust and hunger sharpened. Then their
    movements became more feverish and he thrust into her harder and
    deeper and faster, his hips swinging up and down, his buttocks
    flexing and unflexing rapidly. He reared up, his head flung back,
    his legs folded under his buttocks, knees spread wide and, holding
    her thighs wide apart in his hands, fucked her mercilessly,
    reaming his cock greedily into her cunt. Beneath him, Anuja's
    cries were sharp and high and her body jerked and snapped with his
    thrusts, her face contorted with spasms of joy, her swollen,
    gorged breasts jiggling, their nipples nut-hard. 

    "OHHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes! Fuck me! Ooooh baby yes ... that's it
    ... c'mon ... fuck me ... fuck my cunt, Jayant ... fuck it hard!"
    she gasped, hissing and mewing her joy.

    He slid out of her and flipped her over onto her front. She knelt
    before him on all fours like a bitch in heat. He squatted steeply
    over her flared hips and quickly squeezed his cock into her cunt
    again. Anuja hissed in joy, her tongue pressed sexily to her upper
    lip, her body rocking forward under his thrust, her face turned
    over her shoulder to him, moaning wanton obscenities. He began
    fucking her furiously, hammering his hips at her buttocks,
    slapping his thighs at them. Bent over before him, Anuja groaned
    and cried out, her breasts and necklace pendulous, swinging madly,
    her buttocks bouncing off her cousin's sturdy thighs.

    "Yeh! C'mon, bitch! Take it! Take my cock, whore! Take it!" he

    "Oh uh oh uh oh uh ohma uh oh uh ohma uh oh uh ohma uh oh uh ohma
    uh OH yes oh yes oh yes oh yes oh god yes!" she called in

    Their climaxes approached and he slid out of her again, foiling
    her orgasm, making her whimper and groan in feverish desperation,
    begging for more. Rolling over on his back, he made her straddle
    his hips and mount his cock. Anuja cried out thinly as she impaled
    her cunt on his cock and, wild with excitement, began bucking on
    it, rocking up and down, reaching back to squeeze his balls, her
    breasts wobbling and jerking, her gold necklace tossing and
    dancing on her tawny skin, her head flung back. Her buttocks
    bounced off his heaving hips and strong thighs and he squeezed her
    breasts in his frenzy. She began to orgasm and he gasped at the
    hot, tight convulsions of her cunt on his cock. He wanted to come
    but, seconds before he shot, she slipped off his cock and, bending
    over, thrust her face into his crotch and sucked his cock
    furiously, her head bucking up and down over his lap. Lifting one
    leg, she plunged a hand into her groin and began masturbating
    furiously, her hips twitching at her slender, shapely wrist and
    bejeweled fingers. Jayant couldn't hold back. The sight of her
    sucking his cock with such hunger was too much to bear. With a
    shuddering moan, he exploded and Anuja groaned, opening her mouth
    wide, her lascivious tongue running up and down his cock-shaft and
    round and round his cock-head. Jizz spumed from the slit in his
    cock-head and she moaned happily as it spattered her face and
    cheeks and breasts and shot into her open, hungry mouth. She took
    his cock in her mouth again, slowly sucking it dry.

    And then, as they snuggled together, her fingers toying with his
    still quivering, sticky cock, his tongue and lips tormenting her
    breasts, she asked if he wanted to watch her fuck the servant. 

    "Now? Haven't you had enough?" he asked, grinning.

    "No such thing as enough," she giggled. "I don't know the meaning
    of the word."

    He laughed. "So it seems. Okay, you want to do it now or after

    She grinned and kissed him, squeezed his cock gently. "Both.
    Either. Whatever. I want to fuck all the servants. Again and
    again. And then I want to fuck you again. I just want to fuck and
    fuck and fuck."

    Jayant laughed and kissed her. "You're one mad nympho, Anji. Crazy

    "Mm. You complaining?"


    "Okay, let's go then."

    He got his video camera and they went out naked and Ramu saw them
    as he was setting the table and his eyes widened in pleased

    "Good fuck, eh?" he said to Jayant.

    Jayant grinned. "Fantastic. As always."

    Ramu grinned. "You want dinner, you two?"

    "Not right away. After a bit." Anuja smiled and went up to him.
    "Right now, I want some sex. More sex. Good, hard, hot sex. With

    She slipped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him like a
    lover, her tongue pressing between his lips, her naked body
    writhing against his. "I want your cock, Ramu. I want to suck it
    and lick it and then I want it in my cunt and in my ass ..."

    The servant grinned through the kiss, his hands on her breasts,
    her buttocks, caressing her curved, tawny naked body. He was
    wearing a tight white vest and shorts and now she rolled his vest
    up under his arms and bent her head to his nipples while her hands
    slipped inside his shorts and crawled around to his crotch. She
    moved from one nipple to the other, whipping the stiff points with
    her pointed tongue and slowly slid to her knees, dragging his
    shorts down as she went. He rucked the vest off his head and stood
    before her, naked, powerful, erotic, undeniable, the distinction
    between master and servant quite blurred.

    Jayant had the camera to his eye already, circling them, filming
    every move. Anuja knelt before the servant and slowly jerked his
    thick penis, kissing it tenderly. Parting her lips, she took his
    cock in her warm, hungry mouth and began sucking it slowly and
    heavily. The servant groaned softly as his cock bloated and
    ballooned in her mouth and fingers, filling and distending her
    lovely face. Her head rocked back and forth in his hands and he
    pumped his hips at her face, fucking her mouth with evident
    pleasure. She sucked him steadily, using her tongue and lips and
    fingers and teeth deftly till he was gasping and groaning, his
    belly rippling with excitement and tension.

    "C'mon ... suck it," he gasped, his hands at his crotch, fingers
    and thumbs forming a delta around the base of his shaft. "Suck it,
    whore! Suck my dick!"

    Anuja groaned thickly and sucked his dark, thick cock greedily,
    her head rocking back and forth between his servant's thighs.
    Whimpering, she sucked his balls, caressed her face with his
    penis, took it between her breasts. The servant grunted softly and
    fucked her face while Jayant ran the video camera.

    He pushed her head away and got down on the floor on his back.
    Hissing in pleasure, Anuja straddled his face and lowered her cunt
    onto it. Ramu prised her cunt-lips open in his fingers and thrust
    his tongue up into her hot, wet slit. Jayant zoomed in to a close
    up of his tongue darting and flickering rapidly in and out and
    round and round in her cunt.

    "Ohhhh yes! Oh fuck yes, Ramu yes!" she gasped, writhing her hips
    on his face, her hands squeezing and crushing her breasts

    Jayant took a long shot of her bucking and writhing on his face,
    her head flung back, her face suffused with lust. After several
    minutes, she stopped and slid back, straddling his hips, his
    rampant erection in her hand. With a shuddering moan, she moved it
    between her thighs and impaled herself on it. The servant grunted
    and arched up under her slowly, thrusting his cock up deep into
    her cunt. Anuja moaned, arching and moaning and hissing in
    pleasure, her face turned back, her arms outstretched, palms on
    the floor. Groaning thickly, she began to move, rocking up and
    down on his cock.

    "OHHH yes! Oh god yes, Ramu yes ... oh fuck yes!" she gasped.

    Jayant scurried around behind and, dropping to his knees, took a
    shot of her cunt rising and falling along the length of the
    servant's shaft. He took shots of her face, radiant with
    excitement and lust, her body bouncing and rocking and jerking up
    and down, her breasts tossing, her gold necklace flying, slapping
    on her tawny skin. Faster and faster she went and then, suddenly,
    slapped her buttocks together rapidly, squeezing his cock in her
    cunt. The servant groaned and heaved and pumped his hips under
    her, his hands on her swollen breasts.

    Anuja was insatiable. Through the viewfinder, Jayant watched his
    cousin orgasm, gasping and crying out, rocking and bucking
    feverishly on his servant's cock. He eased her off his lap and she
    lay on her back, her legs spread wantonly. Jayant motioned to the
    servant to wait and rolled the camera over her naked body,
    lingering on her cunt. She opened her cunt-lips open for him and
    looked at the lens straight, mouthing erotic obscenities, fondling
    her breasts. Jayant stepped back and the servant moved between her
    legs and, bending over her on outstretched arms and knees began
    fucking her slowly and deeply, his hips rising and falling, his
    buttocks flexing and unflexing, his cock grinding in and out of
    her cunt. Jayant zoomed in and took loving shots of his cock
    squelching and pistoning in and out of her flesh, of her body
    writhing and lurching and rocking under his servant's thrusts, her
    hips heaving under his, her breasts wobbling, her hands crushing
    them in excitement. Faster and faster they went and Jayant moved
    into loving close-ups of the huge penis plunging and pistoning in
    and out of his cousin's visibly wet cunt. Her cries rang in his

    "OHHHHHH uhhh OH ma uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH yes Oh yes baby
    yes ... c'mon Ramu ... fuck me! Fuck me harder, baby! Fuck me!"
    she gasped thickly, her body jerking and rocking with his thrusts,
    her swollen breasts wobbling and jiggling furiously.

    "Chul rundi, chul! C'mon whore! Take my cock, you fucking bitch!
    Oh fuck yes! OHHHHH uhhh yeh oh fuck yeh oh that's good yeh ...
    c'mon, slut ... take it! Take it all! Ahhhhhh uhhhh yes!" the
    servant gasped, his face creased in joy, his head flung back, his
    muscular body strained in every nerve.

    Several minutes later, the servant slid out of her and, turning
    her on her front, fucked her from behind, kneeling behind her and
    running his cock rapidly in and out of her cunt. Anuja moaned and
    gasped, her knees spread wide, her body jerking and rocking and
    lurching to and fro under the servant's pounding thrusts, her
    breasts pendulous, heavy, the nipples nut-hard, the swollen mounds
    jiggling, her gold necklace dancing. Jayant filmed in slow motion
    from a front shot, showing her face radiant with lust, then moved
    lower and took a breath-taking shot between their legs, showing
    her breasts rising, falling, slapping together, her necklace
    tossing, her face spasming in joy as the man's huge penis appeared
    and disappeared between the smooth curves of her buttocks. 

    On and on they went and Jayant filmed it steadily. It was timed to
    perfection and the servant gasped and groaned and fucked her
    faster still till he lost control. Groaning, he pulled out of her
    and exploded, jizz shooting from his cock-head and spattering her
    buttocks and back and thighs. He squeezed his cock dry, whipping
    against her buttocks and anus and cunt and then entered her slit
    again. Beneath him Anuja moaned and gasped as he fed his cock back
    into her cunt. Jayant pressed the fade-out button just as the tape
    began to run out.


    Jayant is raging with lust. He rips off his clothes and flings
    himself at her. Anuja gasps softly, dreamily and moans as his cock
    surges into her cunt without further ado. She arches steeply under
    him, whimpering her joy, moaning obscene encouragement as his cock
    rocks in and out of her flesh. Jayant gasps, his body sticky with
    the seed of his servants off her flesh and arches his head and
    closes his eyes. His mind fills with the wonderful, erotic scenes
    he has filmed over the weekend, those incredible scenes of his
    lovely cousin fucking the servants, fucking them and fucking them
    and fucking them.

    Beneath him, Anuja's cries get sharper and higher and he groans,
    thrusting greedily into her cunt, desperate for release, all else
    forgotten, there is nothing and no one else now, just the two of
    them, no one else, not the servants, not anyone, not even, not
    even yet his fiancee, Vaishali, no, not her, her least of all, it
    is a fear he would like now to forget, at least for now, for now.

                                = o =