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Copyright 1996-97, 
Mary Jorsay Gandmar 

                         P E N T A P R I S M



    Avinash woke with a start, his heart pounding, his body streaming
    with sweat. He sat up, looking around wildly. The nightmare was
    vivid: He could recall every minute. He looked around in
    confusion, his body cold, his stomach churning with horror. He
    realised that he was in his own room, in his bed. The thick drapes
    were drawn. He lurched out of bed and pulled back the curtains.
    Bright sunlight streamed in. He winced and squinted, turning away.
    The clock showed ten o'clock in the morning. His head pounded. He
    lurched to the bathroom and bent over the sink, splashing water on
    his face. For a minute, he stood by the basin, his chest heaving.
    The bile rose in his mouth and he retched violently.  His legs
    like lead, he staggered back to the bedroom and collapsed on the

    The telephone jangled. Avinash winced and groped for the receiver.

    "Avinash, it's me."

    "Kavita," he said in response to her hello.

    She began crying and he sat up immediately.

    "Hey, doll, what's the matter? Why're you crying?" he asked.

    She didn't reply. 

    "Hey, kid. What's up? Come on, tell me!"

    "Avinash --"

    "What? What?"

    "Look outside your door."

    "Outside the door? What's outside the door?"

    "Go, Avinash. Please."

    "Hang on. Be right back."

    He dropped the receiver and raced to the door. There was bulky
    parcel on his threshold, heavily sealed. He picked it up
    curiously, turning it over in his hand and went back.

    "What's this?" he said into the phone.

    "Open it."

    He turned it over. Except for his name, scrawled in large black
    letters on the face, there was no indication of its contents or
    the sender's name. His head bent, holding the receiver between his
    shoulder and cheek, he ripped the seal open and pulled out the

    There was an unlabelled video-cassette and a dozen large colour
    prints. Avinash froze. The photographs were pin-sharp, beautifully
    printed on glossy paper. Kavita and a man. Kavita and two men.
    Kavita and three men. Kavita and a woman. Kavita and him. Him and
    another woman. All fucking. Avinash's heart skipped a beat and the
    prints fell to the floor.

    "What -- what's this?" he gasped into the phone. "Kavita what's

    "You tell me."

    "I -- I don't know -- when -- how --"

    "Oh god, Avinash. What're we going to do? It's us!"

    "Fuck, fuck, fuck," he said softly, his heart pounding wildly.
    "This -- this cassette. What's in it? You got one, too?"

    "Yes. I think -- see it, Avinash --"

    "Oh fuck." He dropped the receiver and rushed to his video and,
    fumbling with the tape, slotted into the machine and started the

    The screen flickered and came to life and he lurched back to the
    telephone, grabbing it, staring wild-eyed at the screen. It showed
    Kavita moaning in lust, fondling herself as she sucked a man's
    cock. He was one of the men from the photographs. Avinash watched
    in horror and jabbed the fast forward button on the remote
    control. The beautifully shot film showed Kavita being fucked by
    all the men in the photographs, including him, and five more men,
    sucking their cocks, taking them in her cunt and mouth and ass,
    the men coming, Kavita coming, Kavita and the woman writhing
    together. He groaned loudly. 

    "Oh my god, Kavita -- who -- who did this -- what -- when -- why?"

    "I don't know!" she wailed, crying again. "I don't know! I don't

    Avinash realised that his nightmare was being played out on the
    screen. He slapped the stop button.

    "Hang on, babe," he muttered into the phone. "Just stay where you
    are. I'm coming across."

    "Hurry, Avinash," she sobbed. "Please hurry. I'm so scared!"

    Avinash dropped the receiver, swept the photographs into the
    envelope, ejected the videotape and crammed it in with the
    photographs. Within minutes he had washed and changed and,
    envelope in hand, was racing down the stairs and out onto the
    street. He flagged a taxi and, giving the cab-driver another ten
    rupees, persuaded him to take the inner streets. The car rocketed
    down towards Kavita's house.

    She was alone at home, weeping inconsolably, when he arrived. She
    clung to him, sobbing and moaning in fear and shame. Avinash
    didn't know what to say. She showed him the photographs she'd
    received. They were different from the ones he'd got. So was her
    videotape. Avinash was stunned. How many more of these were

    The telephone rang and they both jumped. It rang again. They
    looked at each other uncertainly, at the telephone, ringing
    insistently. He nodded to her to answer it.

    Nervously, Kavita picked up the telephone and mumbled a hello into
    it. She listened and her face went white, then crumpled and she
    sank to the floor against the wall, sobbing hysterically. Avinash
    grabbed the phone.

    "Who the fuck is this?" he snarled.

    "Gently, gently, my friend," said a smooth, silken voice. "You
    have received our little gift?"

    "Who the fuck are you?"

    "That is irrelevant, surely."

    "Fuck you, asshole!"

    The voice laughed softly. "She did. Watch the tape. And it was her
    ass, not mine, if you look carefully."

    "Who are you, damn it?"

    "Let's just say I'm one of the men who -- shall we say -- knew
    your girlfriend, in the Biblical sense yesterday. Actually, I
    fucked her brains out. She loved it."

    "I'll kill you!"

    "Not a recommended course of action, friend. Consider your
    position. You don't know me, can't get to me. And I could just
    about ruin the two of you. What you've got is just a teaser.
    There's more. Plenty more. Two full video-tapes. Non-stop fucking
    of the girl."

    "You fucking bastard!"

    "Actually, you're right. I do fuck. On tape. However. My
    legitimacy isn't in issue here."

    "What do you want?"

    "Ah. Now we seem to be getting somewhere."

    "Oh. Blackmail."


    "How much?"

    "Money? Oh dear me, no. Never. No money. You can't afford us."

    "What? What do you want then?"

    The voice laughed again. "I should have thought it was obvious.
    You, evidently. Or, rather, her. We want her. For more fun and
    games. Touchy-feely. Fuckety-fuckety. More porn film shooting.

    "Forget it."

    "Please consider. I have prints and copies of the tapes at hand.
    Ready for circulation. The consequences could be unpleasant.
    Especially for her."

    "Fuck off!"

    "Be calm young man. Why don't you ask her? Think over it. I'll
    call back in five minutes. Incidentally, I should tell you this.
    The best footage in the film was shot by you." The voice cackled.

    The line went dead. Avinash dropped it, ashen-faced and turned to

    "They want us back, don't they?" she said in a dull voice, not
    looking up.

    Avinash dropped his eyes, and didn't reply.

    "They want me. They want to fuck me. All of them. And take more
    photographs. And movies."

    "Yes," he whispered, his voice breaking. "Yes."

    "It's blackmail."


    Kavita closed her eyes and leaned against the wall, tears
    streaming down her cheeks. Avinash felt dizzy with the strain. He
    sank beside her.

    "They'll call back." His voice was hard and flat.


    "I'll say --"

    "Yes. Say yes."

    "What?" Avinash looked at her slowly.

    "Say yes, Avinash. Say yes."


    "Shut up, Avinash. We don't have a choice. They'll finish us! My
    parents will murder me! They'll die!"

    "We -- we can't -- give in to this!"

    "Oh? And what choice do we have?"

    "We -- we could do something! We must do something!"

    She looked at him, frighteningly calm, her eyes hard and flat, her
    voice cold.

    "Really? What can we do? Go to the police? Tell our parents? And
    have these -- these things passed around the city? Don't be
    stupid, Avinash."

    He buried his face in his hands and moaned softly. "Oh god, oh
    god, Kavita! How did we get into this?"

    "By being careless. And stupid."

    "I can't -- I can't bear it! I can't!"

    "You'll have to. We'll have to."

    "Kavita, I can't! I can't stand there and -- and just --"

    "Watch? Why not? They're fucking me, aren't they? I'm the one
    who's going to be fucked and fucked and fucked. You just have to

    "Oh god, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Kavita, I'm sorry."

    "I'm sorry, too. But it can't be helped. They're going to do it."

    "Oh god, oh god!"

    "Little he can do. Or anyone else."

    "Kavita -- let's -- let's run away -- we'll go some place -- some
    place far --"

    "Avinash, shut up." Her voice was cold, like steel. She jerked his
    head up and looked him in the eye. "Stop it. Stop it at once.
    Listen. These guys -- these animals -- they're going to fuck me
    today. D'you understand? They're going to put their cocks in my
    mouth, and in my cunt, and in my ass. They're going to keep
    fucking me till they're happy. And you're going to be there,
    Avinash, and you're going to watch them, to watch them fucking me
    like you do, fucking me hard. I want you there, Avinash. I need
    you there. And I can't have you there crying and upset. You're
    going to watch them, and you're not going to show any feelings. Do
    you understand? You are going to do this. We are going to do this!
    Do you understand?" 

    He looked at her silently, tears welling in his eyes, and nodded
    slowly. She smiled thinly.

    "Good," she said, letting him go. "And another thing. When they
    fuck me, I will not resist or fight. I will do just the reverse. I
    will try and enjoy it. It's the only way to avoid getting hurt. We
    will have to make them happy, keep them happy. And you're not
    going to blow that, get it?"

    "Yes," he mumbled, choking back a sob. "Yes. I understand."

    The telephone rang. She smiled. "Good," she said. "Now tell them
    we'll be there. And then come inside. I want my butt fucked. If
    I'm going to be used as a whore, I might as well enjoy what I

    She got up and walked out steadily, stripping off her clothes.
    Avinash stared at the receiver, ringing and ringing, and picked it
    up slowly.

    "Hello?" he mumbled.

    "Ah. Good morning, again. For a minute I thought you'd done
    something foolish."

    "What time?"

    "I beg your pardon?"

    "What time do you want us. And where."

    The voice chuckled in pleasure. "Very wise. I see that better
    counsel has prevailed. Presumably hers. I rather imagine you
    wanted to run away or something equally stupid."

    Avinash did not respond.

    "Understand me well. Even if you killed yourselves, which would be
    a terrible waste, we would still have released the photographs.
    Remember that. If we cannot touch you, we will get to those
    closest to you, those you leave behind."

    "What time. Where."

    The voice sighed. "Truly, the greatest tragedy of our age is that
    the art of conversation is dead. Killed by the telephone. Inter

    "Stop fucking around."

    The voice laughed in delight. "Oh dear, oh dear. Such a fine turn
    of phrase! Or is it a Freudian slip? Fucking around is precisely
    what is on this afternoon's agenda. For both of you. Two o'clock.
    The same hotel. Suite five-oh-one."

    "We'll be there."

    "I imagine you will. Don't be late. And don't try anything

    The connection broke. Slowly, Avinash replaced the receiver.


    He turned around. Kavita was standing at the door, stark naked,
    luscious, irresistible, one hand on her hip, the other on the door

    "Two o'clock. At the hotel. Suite five-oh-one."

    Kavita nodded. Avinash looked at her slowly, and she smiled

    "I want to suck your cock. Come here."

    "They want me, too."

    "I want you, too. Fuck me. Hard."

    In a daze, Avinash went up to her. She seemed unconcerned about
    what lay ahead, totally collected and calm. She kissed him
    lasciviously, sliding her tongue into his mouth and her hand
    squeezed his penis in his crotch. Deftly, her fingers undid his
    fly and slipped between his thighs. He grunted as her fingers
    closed around his penis, and his hands slid up over her breasts.
    Her nipples were hard with excitement. She slithered to her knees
    before him and took his penis in her mouth. Avinash groaned and
    arched his head, closing his eyes in surrender.

    They fucked hard, for the better part of an hour, as though to
    exorcise the humiliation and shame and trauma of their existence.
    Avinash slammed his cock in and out of her cunt brutally, drawing
    shrill gasps of pleasure and pain from her. Kavita begged him to
    fuck her harder, to take her ass. He fucked her butt deeply and
    quickly, sliding his cock into her ass as far it would go. Kavita
    whimpered and begged for more. Avinash slid in and out of her
    anus, gasping and groaning feverishly. She came repeatedly,
    mouthing obscenities. Avinash went on and on, plunging in and out
    of her ass and then, unsated, fucked her cunt again, hard, taking
    her from behind. Kavita gasped and whimpered in pleasure, rocking
    back and forth on the living room floor, her breasts swinging and
    jiggling. Avinash exploded at last, thrusting greedily into her
    flesh. He came with a shuddering cry, emptying himself in her hot,
    tight, convulsing cunt, flooding her flesh with his seed. Beneath
    him, Kavita moaned joyfully, her buttocks writhing erotically
    against his thighs, her face creased with pleasure.

    Later that afternoon, Avinash groaned to himself and fought to
    deny his erection. He adjusted the focus and smoothly zoomed in to
    a close-up. The video camera whirred softly. Avinash stared
    through the viewfinder.

    Kavita's legs were spread open and the screen was filled with the
    sight of her cunt and the dark man's tongue flickering in her
    cunt-flesh. It rippled up and down and round and round in her
    cunt. Kavita moaned loudly, clenching his head, moving it around
    between her thighs. Avinash straightened and watched her. She
    arched steeply, in unfaked pleasure, her mouth wide open, moaning
    thickly, obscenely. The man slid a thick, long finger into her
    slit and she groaned as he started masturbating her. Her hips
    bucked and her body jerked on the bed as though she was being
    fucked, her breasts bouncing.

    Avinash didn't know the man's name. Neither did she. He was a
    tall, immensely muscular black, probably Nigerian or a Creole. He
    had a sensuous, handsome face: Dark, piercing eyes, a strong,
    thick nose, full lips, a hard, square jaw. He was clean-shaven.
    His neck was thick and bullish and his shoulders were huge, broad
    and sprawling. The chest was deep and heavily cleaved and his
    torso tapered in a sharp V to narrow, high hips and taut buttocks.
    His belly was hard and flat. His torso was smooth ebony,
    burnished, hairless. His arms and legs were thick, rounded with
    bunches of muscle. His circumcised penis was enormous: Limp, it
    was eight inches long, over an inch thick; erect, it was over ten
    inches long, nearly two inches thick. Earlier, Kavita had sucked
    it for a long time, and it gradually ballooned in her mouth and

    The man was her second lover that afternoon. Before him, she had
    been fucked by a slim, handsome Indian man. He fucked her mouth
    and then plunged greedily into her cunt, taking her on her back,
    ramming his cock savagely into her cunt. Kavita writhed and bucked
    under him and Avinash had heard her gasp and moan and knew that
    she wasn't faking a thing, that she was really enjoying the sex.
    The man turned her over and fucked her on her back for a few
    minutes and then he sodomised her thoroughly, taking her in the
    ass with gasps and moans of joy. Kavita came repeatedly and at
    last the man was done, jerking into her and exploding in her ass.

    She was given a few minutes to clean up and recover and offered a
    drug. Avinash saw her refuse. Karan grinned happily and the black
    was shown in. Avinash looked around. Two more men were waiting
    their turn with her, masturbating as they watched her on the bed
    with the Negro. Karan was counting huge wads of money. Avinash was
    too numb to feel sickened. Kavita was being forced to whore and he
    couldn't do a thing about it. 

    He turned back to the camera, adjusted it slightly: It was in a
    tight close- up of her cunt, her cunt-lips drawn open in her
    fingers, his tongue flickering endlessly in her flesh, rubbing
    against her gorged clitoris. Avinash checked the second camera,
    which showed them fully, her body writhing on the bed, her hands
    squeezing her breasts in excitement.

    "Yes! Ohhhh yes, yes -- Ohhh god yes! Do it, baby! Lick me! Lick
    my slit!" she gasped.

    Avinash forced down his erection, sickened by his own reaction. He
    walked across to Karan.

    "Cigarette, please," Avinash said.

    Karan nodded to a packet on the table before him. "Help yourself.

    "No thank you." Avinash lit a cigarette and lounged against a
    wall. "Where's Sheela?"

    Karan chuckled softly. "Why do you want to know?"

    Avinash shrugged indifferently. "Just."

    "She's working. Six guys in the next room."


    "You want to fuck her?"


    "You may have to, if our clients want a show. Sheela or one of the

    "I see."

    "Mm. Sometimes, we get female clients, too. You're new meat. You
    may have to service them."

    Avinash looked at him without expression. Karan laughed softly.

    "Hey, relax, bud. It's okay. It's fun. You get paid."

    "You're not cops."

    "Not a chance. But it's a good decoy."

    "So it seems."

    Karan looked at the bed and nodded, motioning Avinash back to the
    cameras. Avinash saw that the man had stopped tongue-fucking
    Kavita and was about to start fucking her. He moved back to the
    cameras and fiddled with them again. The black man leaned over
    Kavita, between her thighs, his cock between her legs. She moaned
    and lifted her hips eagerly, her hands on his penis, guiding it
    into her flesh.

    "Come on," she gasped. "Fuck me, lover! Fuck me hard! Fuck my

    Avinash held his breath and watched as the man flexed his buttocks
    and eased his hips forward. His cock-head slipped between her
    cunt-lips. Kavita gasped and arched. He groaned and flung his head
    back. She clenched his hips and buttocks fiercely in excitement,
    her feet climbing the backs of his thighs. Avinash's erection
    ballooned in his jeans.

    "Come on!" she gasped. "Put it in, baby! I want your cock in my

    Slowly, the man squeezed his enormous, bloated cock into her cunt.
    Kavita moaned and whimpered and gasped, arching and writhing
    joyously under him, kissing him deeply, feverishly, her tongue in
    his mouth, her hands scrabbling at his thick shoulders and deep
    chest. The man buried his cock in her cunt, going in and in and
    in, till he was fully embedded in her flesh. Kavita arched in
    pleasure, lifting her cunt hungrily to his groin.

    "Yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes! You're so big! Ohhh yes -- yes!
    That feels so good, baby! Come on -- fuck me! Fuck my cunt, lover!
    Fuck it hard!"

    The man groaned and bent his head and kissed her, thrusting his
    tongue into her mouth. She responded eagerly, her arms wound about
    his head, caressing his immense, sprawling shoulders, his deep

    "You're wonderful," she murmured, smiling.

    He smiled and licked her breast-tips, making her whimper. "So are
    you, babe," he said, his voice a deep rumble. "One of the best
    cunts I've had here."

    "Fuck me -- fuck me like a whore!" she moaned as he sucked her

    The man started fucking her slowly and heavily. His hips rose, his
    buttocks flexing and Avinash focussed on the sight of his
    enormous, dark, glistening penis sliding outward, then squeezing
    in again. Kavita gasped and arched in pleasure, and opened her
    legs wider apart, permitting him deeper access.

    For the next fifteen minutes, the black man fucked Kavita
    ceaselessly, running his impossibly large penis in and out of her
    flesh. Steadily, he built up speed till he had hit a hard,
    demanding rhythm, his cock ramming and grinding deeply into her
    flesh, jerking out, plunging in again, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing, his hips swinging rapidly back and forth, his penis
    pistoning and pumping like a mechanical device. Kavita gasped and
    cried out, rocking back and forth, jerking on the bed, her breasts
    jiggling under his thrusts, her cries loud, lewd, obscene and
    evidently unfaked, filled with joy.

    The man paused briefly, panting and gasping, his chest heaving,
    and slid out of her cunt. Kavita moaned and turned on her side,
    lifting her upper leg high. He knelt between her legs and pushed
    his cock into her cunt again. Holding her buttocks, spreading them
    open, he hammered his hips back and forth in rising urgency, his
    head flung back. Kavita moaned, her face contorted with pleasure.

    "Take me!" she cried. "Yes! Ohhh uhhh OH OH OH OH OHH yes yes

    The man turned her over onto her forearms and knees and,
    straddling her hips, his knees on the bed, his hands under her
    breasts, leaning over her body, began fucking her hard again.
    Avinash closed in on a shot of his penis pistoning furiously in
    and out her cunt, his thighs whacking her buttocks, his balls
    squeezing against her cunt-lips with every down-thrust, then
    panned to a shot of her face, riven with lust. She rocked
    deliriously under him, moaning in a frenzy as he crushed her
    pendulous, swollen breasts. Kavita orgasmed repeatedly and, at
    last, he lost control. With a shuddering moan, he thrust himself
    deep into her cunt, his hips twitching at her buttocks and
    exploded violently.

    Avinash straightened, fading out the scene smoothly. Fifteen
    minutes later, he was bent over the equipment again, his jaw hard
    with tension, as he watched her with the next client. A fleshy,
    soft-bodied man this time, but with a thick, long cock. He lay on
    his back, moaning and gasping as she sucked his nipples, tongued
    his navel and, slowly descending, took his penis between her
    breasts and then in her mouth. Avinash fixed the cameras and went
    back to Karan. 

    "So. You enjoying this?" Karan smiled.

    "A bit."

    "Thought you might. They all do, sooner or later. Live sex is very
    erotic, specially through that stuff." He pointed to the camera
    equipment. "You want to fuck her?"

    "No. Not her."

    "Someone else, then?"

    "Maybe. We'll see."

    Karan nodded and offered him another cigarette. They smoked in
    silence for a while, watching the two on the bed. Now Kavita had
    mounted the man, facing him. She dropped in a low squat, her feet
    on the bed on either side of his hips, his cock in her cunt. The
    man groaned and squeezed her breasts. She smiled in pleasure and
    swung her hips in tight circles, churning her cunt with his cock.
    The man gasped.

    "You're cock's good in there," she murmured. "Really nice -- "

    She began to move, rocking slowly up and down on his penis.
    Avinash returned to the cameras and shot some footage of her cunt
    rising and falling on his penis, her breasts jumping and jiggling,
    her buttocks flexing and unflexing. Then he returned to his
    half-smoked cigarette.

    "Where are the others?"


    "The guys who did the shooting yesterday."

    "They're out."

    "Why not them? Why me?"

    Karan grinned. "Because you're good, jock. The section you did
    yesterday was top-class. Also, because they're busy shooting in
    another room."

    "How many rooms have you got?"

    "Four. This one and three more."

    "And all the girls are ones you catch like this?"

    Karan chuckled. "Yeah. All. Even Sheela. We got her first. She's
    good. They're all good. This broad's one of the best, though."

    Avinash nodded. He no longer cared. It no longer mattered. Nothing
    mattered any longer. He tilted his chair back and looked at the
    two on the bed.

    "Frig if you like," Karan said. "I do it sometimes."


    On the bed, Kavita was bucking rapidly over the man's lap, gasping
    and crying out, her head flung back, her hands on her breasts. He
    watched as she stretched an arm behind her and squeezed his heavy,
    hairy balls in excitement.

    "Fuck me! Yes! Ohhhh yes yes Ohhh god yes!" she cried.

    "Yeah, she's really good, this one," Karan said. "Very hot. You
    want to see the others?"


    "You should. My hookers are all lookers. Fresh, young goods."

    "How young?"

    "The youngest is sixteen. She's a real vixen. Fucks like crazy."

    Avinash grinned openly. He wanted to watch the others. He unzipped
    and pulled out his erection. Karan chuckled. Avinash smiled,
    masturbating slowly.

    "I'll have that drink now."

    "Help yourself. In the bar cabinet. Scotch, too, if you want it."

    Avinash walked across, his fly open, his erection massive and
    poured himself a double-Scotch on the rocks and went back to the
    cameras. Kavita dropped to her knees and bent over the man under
    her, kissing him hungrily, sensuously writhing over him, rubbing
    her breasts on his chest, letting them drop into his mouth for him
    to suck. Her buttocks flexed rapidly, squeezing his cock. The man
    jerked and lurched under her. The fat man squeezed her buttocks
    and pressed his finger to her anus.

    "Do you want to fuck my butt?" she asked softly, kissing him.

    The man nodded, his piggy eyes glittering. "Can I? May I?"

    She smiled. "Of course. Will you take me from behind or shall I
    sit on your cock? I can do either."

    "From behind," he gasped.

    Kavita nodded and slipped off his penis and turned on her front on
    the bed, her buttocks and hips raised high, her shoulders on the
    bed, her face turned on its side. She moved her legs apart and,
    reaching back, pulled her buttocks open for her obese lover.

    "Come on," she muttered. "Fuck my ass, lover -- stick your cock in
    my ass -- I want to feel your cock in my butt!"

    Gasping with excitement, his chest wobbling, the fat man knelt
    behind her and squeezed his penis between her buttocks. Avinash
    closed in with both cameras, getting shots of her face twisting
    and contorting -- her mouth open, her eyes squeezed shut, her
    perfect teeth bared, her long neck arched -- and of her rear,
    showing the thick cock-head popping into her anus, then the shaft
    disappearing inward between the curved lobes of her buttocks. 

    "Oh MA UH AH UH OHH!" she shrieked in an agony of naked, raw

    "OHHHHH uhhh *hanh* uhhhhhh YES!"

    The man grunted and gasped in pleasure and squeezed her breasts in
    excitement. His hips lurched and jerked back and forth and his
    cock went in and out of her asshole. His belly flapped against her
    back. She moaned and swayed and writhed erotically against him.
    Her body jerked back and forth under his thrusts. He rammed in
    harder and harder, his buttocks jiggling and wobbling like jelly,
    his swollen penis grinding in and out of her anus. His hands tore
    her buttocks wider open still and he plunged in greedily. Kavita
    gasped and began to orgasm. The man cried out and jerked into her
    and lost control, gasping in relief as he emptied himself into her
    rear channel.

    Slowly, he pulled out of her. Kavita moaned, trembling and
    shuddering on the bed and slowly turned around. Her face was
    radiant. She smiled at the man and, bending her head, took his
    penis in her mouth and sucked it gently. The man smiled in
    pleasure. Avinash faded out.

    There was a knock on the door. Karan answered it. Mukesh, one of
    the constable-impersonators of the previous afternoon, came in. He
    leered at Kavita on the bed and winked at Avinash.

    "How's it going, boss?" He asked Karan.

    "Good stuff. I think we've got ourselves one classy piece of ass
    here. You guys okay out there?"

    "Yup. Shilpa's doing great with the husband-wife pair."

    Karan laughed. "What else is on the menu?"

    "Got a three-ball lined up."

    "Big jocks?"

    "Big enough."

    "That should make her happy."

    "Yeah. She digs that cunt-mouth-ass stuff."

    Karan smiled. "Don't damage the goods, kid."

    Mukesh grinned. "No chance. We checked out the studs, they'll take
    it nice and easy, no sweat. Gonna be one steamy fuck, boss!"

    "Yeah, I bet." Karan turned to Avinash. "That's the sixteen-year
    old I told you about. Shilpa." He turned back to Mukesh. "What's
    Sheela doing?"

    "She's got a pair of studs. Fucking big cocks. Cunt and mouth when
    I last checked. Loving every minute."


    "The guys happy?"

    "Over the moon. We keep a watch, like you said."

    "Sensible," Karan nodded. "Good job. Okay, we got one, two more
    here, and then we're done."

    "Check. You need anything, boss, buzz me."


    Mukesh turned to leave. He paused by the bed and squeezed Kavita's
    breast, grinning. "You just keep going, babe. I'm gonna fuck you,
    too, soon. Nice and hard." He winked at Avinash again. "Enjoying
    it, cock? Hot stuff, yeah?"

    He laughed and walked out. Avinash grinned wolfishly. There was a
    little silence, and then Karan laughed softly to himself.

    "Okay, whore. Next one," he said to Kavita. "Get ready. Come on.
    There's one more and we're done."

    Avinash grinned at his girlfriend. Ignoring him, Kavita got off
    the bed and went to the toilet. She returned a few minutes later,
    cleaned, douched, naked, lovely, erotic, her face freshly done
    with *kajal* under her eyes and nothing else. Her fourth client
    was waiting for her. Avinash powered up his cameras.

    The fourth client was a swarthy youth in his early twenties. He
    was inexpensively dressed, with a cheap wristwatch and poorly cut
    trousers. Avinash was surprised to see the amount of money he
    handed to Karan. 

    The young man grinned at Karan and Avinash and stripped off his
    clothes, leering at Kavita. He had a strong, muscular build, with
    a deep chest and a hard belly, his torso matted with dark hair.
    His penis was seven inches long, limp, uncircumcised. He hopped
    onto the bed and pulled her up to her knees before him, pushing
    her head between his legs. Kavita took his cock in her fist and
    pumped it. It quivered and began to thicken. He jerked her head

    "C'mon whore! Gimme some head!" he growled.

    Kavita obeyed immediately. Her lips flowered and slipped around
    his bulging cock-head, her tongue working it cleverly. The man
    grunted in pleasure and fucked her face heavily, his hips pumping,
    his head bent to watch her. His cock ballooned rapidly in her
    mouth. The man put his hands on her head and moved it back and
    forth to suit his pleasure, fucking her mouth. 

    "Yeh! Oh yes! C'mon, bitch, suck it! Oh fuck yes!"

    His cock thickened, hardened, lengthened. Kavita sucked it
    eagerly, hungrily, her head rocking back and forth between his
    thighs, her delicate fingers curled lovingly around his shaft,
    pumping it deftly. The youth gasped and moaned, his head arched,
    his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips swinging back and
    forth. Pre-cum gunk sputtered from his cock-head and she
    whimpered, sucking and swallowing his seed lasciviously. 

    Avinash grinned at the sight of the thick, dark, hard cock
    glistening in and out between her delicate lips. Kavita whimpered
    audibly and licked his cock-head lasciviously, evidently aroused.
    Avinash took a close-up shot of her lust-ridden face, her eyes
    half-closed with pleasure, her lips open, the cock in her fist,
    her tongue swirling over the gorged knob. She moaned again and
    squeezed her breasts in excitement.

    Gasping, the youth pushed her head away and both bodies sank to
    the bed. She spread her legs wide, lifting and bending her knees
    and smiled wantonly at her anonymous lover.

    "C'mon, stud," Avinash heard her say. "Fuck me hard -- shove your
    cock into my slit -- c'mon -- I want it -- my cunt's hot for you!"

    The youth sniggered and, levering her thighs open, squeezed his
    cock into her cunt, flexing his buttocks slowly and dipping his
    hips, pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her cunt. 

    "Ohhhhh uhhh yes! Ohhh ma yes!" Kavita gasped in delight, arching
    stiffly under him, her fingers tightening on his bulging biceps,
    her hips heaving up to meet his in descent. "Oh god yes!"

    "C'mon! Take it! Oh fuck yes, take it!" The young man gasped.

    "Oh ma oh ma oh ma OHHHHH yes oh god yes ohhh that's so good! Yes!
    Ohhh fuck yes fuck yes fuck me yes fuck me, baby, yes!"

    She moaned and he began to fuck her with deep, punishing thrusts.
    His hips rose and fell rhythmically, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing, his cock running deeply in and out of her wet slit.
    Avinash hurried around and took a shot from the rear, closing in
    to a view of her distended cunt, open and wet, and the thick long
    penis grinding and pistoning up and down, in and out.

    Kavita was whimpering and moaning eagerly when the youth slowed
    and turned her over on her front. He knelt behind her and squeezed
    his penis into her cunt again. Avinash filmed the thick cock
    grinding inexorably into her cunt, disappearing between the curves
    of her buttocks. He took shots of her face, soft and radiant with
    lust; of her body rocking backwards to her client's cock; of her
    hot, swollen breasts swinging pendulous. The youth squeezed them
    in his hands and she moaned, hissing in delight, her buttocks
    writhing against his crotch. She turned her face over her shoulder
    to him, running her tongue sensuously over her upper lip. 

    "Ohhh yes -- ohhh baby, yes!" she whimpered. "Do it, lover! Fuck
    me! Fuck my slit, baby! Fuck me like a whore!"

    The youth groaned and rammed greedily into her cunt. Kavita
    gasped, her body jerking forward under his thrusts. He squeezed
    her breasts and, bending over her back, kissed her roughly,
    thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Avinash watched her respond,
    sucking his tongue wantonly, writhing her buttocks against his
    crotch like a bitch in heat. The youth groaned and, gripping her
    shoulders, fucked her hard, jerking her body down back onto his
    cock savagely, pounding his hips back and forth at her buttocks.
    Kavita gasped and cried out, her face contorting in a rictus of

    MA! OHHHHHHHH!" she cried.

    On and on he went and Avinash watched his girlfriend orgasm with
    the stranger. The man gasped as her cunt convulsed on his
    pistoning penis and, moaning, jerked out of her and, shaking his
    cock violently, came hard. Jizz shot from his cock and spattered
    her buttocks and back and thighs. Kavita moaned thickly and sank
    to the bed on her front, her body heaving, panting loudly.

    The man got off the bed and began to dress without another word.
    He lit a cigarette, nodded to Karan and Avinash and let himself
    out. Avinash faded out the shot of her on the bed and
    straightened. She moaned and sat up unsteadily. 

    Avinash looked at her without expression or feeling. He felt
    detached and indifferent. She was just another whore for all that
    it mattered. His real love was in his hands, now, the camera and
    lenses and filters. With that, he could create beauty out of
    ugliness, turn the sordid into the alluring. He had discovered his
    métier, he felt, as a magician of light and form and texture. 

    "Hey, Avi."

    Santosh stuck his head around the door, grinned at the couple
    writhing on the bed and beckoned to Avinash.

    "What's up?"

    "Can you take over the shoot in number three? I' want to take a

    Avinash looked at Karan. He nodded. "Go ahead, I'll finish here.
    The next guy won't last long. I know him."

    Avinash nodded and, tucking his erection back into his jeans,
    collected his drink and cigarette and turned to the door. Kavita's
    last client was entering. Avinash paused briefly. The man was a
    slim young man with a thin mustache and pleasant features. He
    looked like a medical representative, with his briefcase and dusty
    shoes and baggy, pleated trousers and loose synthetic shirt. He
    watched as the man pulled out a wad of notes and gave them to
    Karan who counted them carefully before nodding his approval. The
    man undressed quickly and silently and moved to the bed. 

    Kavita stepped out of the room and saw him. She looked at Avinash
    who grinned at her. Kavita's face was stony, her eyes flat. She
    held Avinash's eyes for a brief minute.

    "Go on," Avinash chuckled, nodding to the man on the bed who was
    grinning in excitement at Kavita's naked body. "Can't keep them
    waiting, you know. And remember, the customer always comes first."

    Karan cackled. Kavita didn't say a word. Her eyes were like flint
    as he looked at Avinash coldly. Then she turned her gaze to the
    man on the bed and Avinash saw her face soften with pleasure. She
    smiled gently and moved to the bed. She knelt beside him, her
    hands sliding up his naked thighs to his crotch and she took his
    penis in her fingers, stroking it gently. It stirred at her touch
    and she bent over and engulfed him in her mouth. The man gasped
    and arched. His hands went to her head. His penis swelled rapidly,
    filling her mouth and distending her face. Kavita whimpered deep
    in her cock-filled throat and sucked his penis lasciviously, her
    head rocking up and down over his lap. Avinash chuckled softly and
    nodding to Karan, left the room.

    A while later, he stared in stunned fascination as a lovely, plump
    sixteen-year old girl called Shilpa took on three men
    simultaneously in the room next door. The girl was incredible.

    She was very cute, very sexy, with a sweetly rounded face just a
    hint of puppy fat in her cheeks, but already losing it. She had a
    fine nose, large dark eyes lined with *kajal* and sensuously moist
    lips, the upper slim and bowed delicately over the full lower lip.
    Her hair was dark and silky and glossy, caught in a saucy pony
    tail with a pretty cotton band. Her body was ripe and luscious,
    with large breasts tipped by long nipples in dark, puckered
    aureoles. She wore a long gold necklace that nestled between the
    lovely mounds. Her belly was rounded, yet firm and her buttocks
    were splendid round curves. Her arms and legs were smooth and
    neatly turned with slender ankles and wrists and shapely hands and
    feet. Her skin was dusky and smooth and utterly clear, like satin,
    without a trace of hair.

    Avinash watched in amazement as she writhed joyously between the
    naked bodies of the three handsome, muscular men. All of them had
    particularly large cocks, the biggest about ten inches long and
    correspondingly thick, the penis of a stallion. Shilpa loved every
    inch of it.

    As he ran the film, Avinash saw the girl mount one of her clients.
    Holding his cock in her hand, she lay back over his lap facing his
    feet, and slowly lowered her anus onto the thick, long penis. The
    cock-head popped into her asshole and the sixteen-year old gasped,
    her face contorting and screwing up, her mouth open in a wide O.
    Her buttocks lobed open and the man under her grunted, his hands
    on her hips and arched his hips slowly. Shilpa's body arched back
    over his, her elbows on the bed on either side of his bed, her
    face tilted up, her head arched, her heavy breasts thrust out. The
    man squeezed her breasts. Shilpa groaned, her face a mask of lust
    and swirled her hips erotically over his. She spread her legs
    slowly, opening them wide, exposing her cunt to the second man and
    Avinash's lens. He zoomed in, dwelling lovingly on the wet flesh
    of her cunt, the thick penis buried between her buttocks, the
    heavy balls pressed between her thighs.

    "C'mon," she moaned. "Fuck my slit!"

    The second man was already on his knees between her legs. He
    grinned and bent over her, pushing his cock into her cunt. Shilpa
    bit her lower lip and gasped as the huge cock squeezed into her
    slit. The man flexed his buttocks slowly and drove his penis deep
    into her flesh. She gasped, rocking between the two men as their
    penises impaled her cunt and anus simultaneously.

    "Ohhhh -- uhhhh -- ohhhh -- uhhh yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes!
    Ohhh that's so good -- yes -- fuck me -- yes -- fuck me! Fuck me,
    guys! C'mon! Do it!"

    The two men began fucking her slowly, their great penises sawing
    rhythmically in and out of her cunt. They fondled and squeezed her
    swollen breasts. The teenager whimpered and gasped, her body
    trembling and writhing eagerly between theirs, her face a vision
    of lust, her eyes closed, her mouth open, panting and moaning like
    an animal in heat.

    "Ohhhhh -- uhhh yes! Oh god yes oh yes ohhhh ma uhhh ahhhh uhhhh
    ahhh uhhh yes!" she cried.

    The two men seemed to move in tandem, rocking alternately in and
    out of her flesh, the penises separated by the merest membrane.
    Now the third man joined in, jumping onto the bed and, kneeling
    beside the writhing trio, pushing his erection to her face. The
    girl moaned and, turning her head, took his cock in her mouth and
    began sucking it hungrily.

    Avinash felt deeply aroused as he watched them through his
    viewfinder. The girl was gorgeous and sexy, her smooth, dusky,
    plump body writhing and thrashing between the three men, every
    orifice plugged. Her breath came in sobbing rasps as the penises
    ground slowly and unhurriedly in and out of her cunt and anus; and
    her face was distended by the bloated cock in her mouth.

    "My, my," he heard a voice murmur in his ear. "Someone's having

    Avinash straightened and grinned at Sheela. She was naked beside
    him and, as he turned, she slid her arm around his neck and pulled
    his head down to hers, kissing him hungrily, her tongue arching
    into his mouth. She squeezed his cock through his jeans, one
    slender leg lifted and wrapped around his thighs, rubbing herself
    against him wantonly.

    "I'm hot, stud," she murmured, her dark eyes flashing with lust.
    "Fuck me."

    The others crowded in behind her, Karan and Mukesh and Santosh,
    another lovely, slender woman called Sonali, and, slowly, her eyes
    flat and hard, Kavita. The men grinned at Sheela and Avinash. 

    "Mukesh, give her what she wants," Avinash said. "I'm doing the

    Karan looked at Avinash strangely, quietly, his head tilted to one
    side. Avinash winked at him and turned back to his cameras. Karan
    nodded to Mukesh and Sheela.

    "It's okay. You go ahead. Use the other room."

    Mukesh and Sheela stepped around the bed with the four writhing,
    gasping bodies. Karan tapped Avinash on the shoulder.

    "Santosh is taking over here," he said. "You work on Mukesh and

    Avinash looked up from his camera, looked at the other two, at the
    bed, at Santosh, and nodded quietly. Santosh replaced Avinash
    behind the cameras. 

    Avinash rigged up another array and followed Sheela and Mukesh to
    the little lounge just off the main bedroom. Sheela dropped to her
    knees before him and undid his trousers. Taking his cock in her
    hand and jerking it eagerly, she buried her face in his crotch
    with a soft moan. Mukesh grinned down at her, winked at Santosh
    with the cameras and began fucking her face slowly.

    A few minutes later, he fucked her from behind. Sheela turned on
    her front on the floor on her forearms and knees and Mukesh
    dropped astride her hips in a deep squat and slowly squeezed his
    throbbing penis into her cunt. She gasped and rocked under him,
    her face rising, facing the camera, lust in every line. She bit
    her lower lip in tension, wincing and gasping as he dug his
    fingers into her soft buttocks and flexed his buttocks taut,
    thrusting deep into her cunt with a shuddering groan. His muscles
    rippled and his head arched, his belly sucking inward with

    "Yeh! C'mon! Take it!" he gasped.

    "Oh fuck yes!" Sheela whimpered. "Oh god yes! Ohhhh uhhh yes ohh
    yes baby yes! Ohhhh uhhh oh ma uhh ahhh uhh yes!"

    Avinash zoomed in to a close-up of her face, her mouth open, her
    tongue arching sensuously over her upper lip, her breasts hot and
    heavy, swinging pendulous as Mukesh fucked her smoothly and easily
    with long, deep thrusts. She moaned and cried out, rocking and
    jerking eagerly under him, her buttocks writhing erotically
    against his crotch. Her cunt was hot and tight and wet and it
    convulsed and spasmed on his throbbing penis. 

    Mukesh moaned and began to move faster, swinging his hips
    rhythmically back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing
    alternately, his penis grinding and squelching deeply in and out
    of her cunt. He mugged shamelessly for the camera, gasping and
    moaning as Avinash took shots of their faces, their bodies, their
    loins meeting and parting, meeting and parting in erotic cadences.

    "Yeh! Take it! C'mon bitch! Take it! Take my cock, whore! Ohhhh
    yeh! Oh fuck yes!" he gasped.

    Panning around the room, his camera slithering over the two
    rocking bodies in erotic, fluid movements, Avinash saw Kavita at
    the door. He grinned from behind his camera, studying her naked
    body through his lens. She stared coldly down at him, the camera
    at his eye, one leg stretched out for steadiness, the other bent
    under his buttocks.  He leered at her body and winked hugely.
    Karan appeared in the door behind her and, pressing his lips to
    the nape of her long neck, slid his hands up her naked body,
    lifting and squeezing her full breasts. For a long minute, Kavita
    did not respond, staring steadily at Avinash through his lens.
    Then, slowly, she turned her face to Karan and they kissed sexily,
    their lips wide, their tongues fencing with each other's, his
    hands on her breasts, her fingers crawling behind her to his
    crotch. Avinash felt a rush of pleasure.

    <CENTER><P><B><FONT FACE="arial,helvetica"><FONT

    "You've become one of them." Kavita's voice was hard and flat.
    "You're no different. You're not what you used to be."

    Avinash looked up from the muddle of cameras, lenses, filters,
    flashes, lights and wires scattered around the bed and floor.
    Kavita stood at the door from the bathroom, a towel around her
    waist, her torso bare. 

    "Neither of us is," he said quietly. "Look at you."

    "You're enjoying this."

    "Aren't you?"


    "That's a lie. You love being fucked."

    "I don't like being a whore."

    "Another lie. It turns you on."

    "It's a fake. I haven't a choice."

    "Balls. Watch the tapes. There's nothing fake about it."

    "Your camera shows what I do, not how I feel."

    "Crap. The films don't lie."

    Kavita looked at him coldly. "Fuck you, Avinash."

    He chuckled, working steadily, rigging his gear. "Thank you, no. I
    prefer the view through this stuff."

    "You're sick. You're a sick, dead, twisted freak."

    "Thank you. I try to be."

    "You're disgusting."

    "I think I can live with that."

    "I despise you."

    He shrugged indifferently. "Who cares?"

    "You used to. Once. You said you loved me."

    "So I was wrong. So I was a fool. It's all bullshit. There's no
    such thing as love. I was in lust, I fucked you, it was good,
    great, thank you very much. I don't care to live in the past. I
    believe in getting on."

    "You call this getting on?"

    "Yes. Yes, I do."

    "And what happened to all that eternal love shit?"

    "Just that. It's shit. I thought it was true, it isn't."

    "And this is?" She pointed to the cameras.

    "Yes. Absolutely. It's clean, it's uncomplicated, it doesn't

    "And that's all that matters to you, is that it?"


    He looked at her without feeling, this girl he had loved with all
    his heart and soul. Now he felt nothing, not even a flicker of
    desire as she dropped the towel from around her waist and moved to
    the centre of floor, lying on her back. He studied her body
    dispassionately, took light readings, adjusted his arcs and spots,
    wound the camera up on its tripod.

    "Ready when you are," he said.

    "I'm ready. Give me the props."

    He stepped around the camera and handed her a box of dildoes and
    vibrators. Kavita selected two and lay back. Avinash returned
    behind the cameras, making the final adjustments.

    "Okay, on my count of three. One. Two. Three, rolling!"

    For the next fifteen or twenty minutes, Avinash shot extensive
    footage of Kavita masturbating with the dildo and vibrator. He ran
    a quality video film and several rolls of colour transparencies.
    He took close-ups of her cunt and anus, of her face and breasts,
    lingering on shots of her moving a vibrator in and out of her wet
    slit, another in and out of her anus. She used different
    positions, moving naturally and without thinking. He didn't
    interrupt, continuing to shoot till she orgasmed. When she was
    done, he straightened and, without another glance at her, began to
    dismantle the equipment. Kavita packed the dildoes and vibrators
    away and left the room. 

    Karan walked in without knocking. "Hey, stud. Done?"

    "Just. Twenty minutes of non-stop frigging. Including cunt and

    "Good stuff?"

    "Good enough. What's next?"

    "Room two. Tanu. Then Room four, Nimisha."

    "Who's that?"

    "The new one. The hot number from Peddar Road."

    "Oh, her."

    Nimisha was a dusky, attractive woman in her mid-twenties, caught
    in a ridiculous marriage to an overweight, sexually incompetent
    businessman with inherited money and no brains. They discovered
    her recently, when one of Kavita's clients, a handsome young
    chauffeur, mentioned that he was balling his *memsahib*, too.
    Karan moved in immediately, getting the chauffeur to drug her and
    get her to the hotel where Avinash shot some particularly raw
    footage of her with the chauffeur and then with two strangers. The
    ensuing blackmail worked like a charm. Nimisha had become a

    He carted his gear to the second room, where, Tanu, a reasonably
    attractive young girl with big breasts and a lovely smile, was
    preparing to service a good-looking middle-aged client. The man
    was trim and well-built and he had a satisfyingly thick penis.
    Tanu loved her work; at twenty-two, she was a natural, and her
    enthusiasm for sex was boundless. Avinash smiled at her, nodded to
    the client and quickly set up his tackle. 

    Fifteen minutes later, he was roving around the bed, his shutter
    clicking rapidly as Tanu moaned and gasped, rocking back and forth
    on the bed, her heavy breasts bouncing, while the client fucked
    her slowly from behind. A little later, he was filming Nimisha and
    he grinned his approval as he watched her moan and gasp, her body
    heaving and writhing, her hips bucking up and down as a swarthy
    man with a hairy chest ran his cock in and out of her cunt.

    Six months had passed since Karan and his gang burst into their
    hotel room. Avinash was now very much a member of the team, the
    mainstay of the photo unit. His work was astounding, erotic,
    sensual, steamy. The blackmail never failed. At his instance, they
    began to lend the tapes, too, often to the subjects themselves,
    and to local video parlours in slums and shanties. The income was
    substantial and the demand high. While Karan continued to head the
    gang, Avinash was now indubitably the second in command. 

    The camera mesmerized him. He no longer felt the need to copulate.
    The few times he got into bed, with Sheela or Shilpa or Tanu, the
    experiences were unsatisfactory and he lost interest within
    minutes, preferring to return to the camera without orgasming.
    There, he shot footage and this invariably excited him, and he
    came hard and copiously, filming the woman he had tried to fuck
    copulate with another man. Karan said he was a basket-case. Sheela
    said he was a pathetic waste of male flesh. Avinash grinned and
    ignored them. He didn't mind. It was true. The women no longer
    aroused him themselves. Nothing they did truly moved him. It was
    only when he was filming them, sweating and moaning and thrashing
    and writhing, or studying the results in his films and colour
    blow-ups, that he felt aroused and came.

    At home, he was a handsome, intelligent, dutiful son, the pride of
    the family. He did well at his college examinations, scoring high
    and placing in the honour rolls. He applied to  a prominent
    engineering college, sat the admission test and did even better.
    The college welcomed him eagerly and gave him a choice of
    specialisations. He selected electronics. 

    The college was in the suburbs of Bombay, not far from the hotel
    they used as a brothel. Avinash was relieved to be out of the
    cloying atmosphere at home, free of his mother's syrupy fussing
    and his father's quiet, but equally stifling, puffed-chest macho
    conceit in Avinash's achievements. 

    In college, he was widely regarded with admiration. Quiet,
    studious and meticulous, his work was held up as exemplary. He
    said little, but when he spoke, people listened with respect.
    Invariably, his ideas were supported by closely reasoned arguments
    that reflected a deep understanding of the science and technology.
    Soon, he was seen a brilliant innovator with a fine grasp of
    theory, tipped as the student most likely to succeed in his
    career. He had few hobbies; reading, music and, of course,
    photography. He became the secretary of the college photography
    club and, under his stewardship, it hosted the first ever public
    exhibition of the students' work. The show received wide publicity
    and his own work was praised in the daily press. His parents
    almost burst with pride.

    He divided his time between the college and the hotel. His
    pornographic films became even more sophisticated and slick. He
    had a number of new and exciting ideas about the business.
    Gradually, Karan began to look to him for guidance and their
    positions reversed. Now the team operated under his instructions
    and Karan was his chief lieutenant. He generated more money by
    raising the girls' rates and putting on specials where the girls
    performed live, realising that there were people who enjoyed
    watching sex as much as having it. Copies of his films were
    circulated discreetly on video tape among select clientele at high
    cost; they were much in demand. He put together several
    pornographic magazines of the stills shot by himself, Santosh and
    Mukesh. With the rising income, he bought better and more
    sophisticated equipment and trained the other two in its use. The
    products got better and better.

    When Kavita got married, Karan and the others wanted to release
    her from service. Avinash would have none of it. By this time, he
    was clearly the one calling the shots. Kavita continued to whore
    for the gang. Avinash laughed and said that she would be a
    special; there were lots of men who wanted to fuck another man's
    wife. Kavita had ceased to care. For a few months after her
    marriage, she continued to work and then contrived to get herself
    pregnant. Avinash was furious, but there was nothing he could do
    about it. Reluctantly, he agreed to let her go. 

    More girls were recruited, and soon they had the entire top floor
    of the hotel on an annual retainer for their exclusive use. It was
    an immensely profitable enterprise and the services and products
    on sale were outstanding.

    By the time he graduated, four years later, Avinash was almost a
    millionaire. Leaving college, he immediately set up an electronics
    company, manufacturing state-of-the-art optical and audio
    equipment. The business was an instant success, and grew rapidly.
    He added a sophisticated, computer graphics division and his
    research division was soon reckoned as among the finest in the
    world. Their products were expensive, but held their own with
    established brands.

    His fascination with the technology grew with his business and,
    soon, he was more entranced by the capability of his equipment
    rather than what he actually did with it. He seldom visited the
    brothel, leaving it to Karan to manage and restricted himself to
    supervising the quality of the products and services. The
    equipment was constantly being upgraded, the services continually
    improved. Medical services were now available in-house. They took
    over the hotel and refurbished it entirely, taking on two more
    floors for the brothel and adding an intimate theatre for live-sex

    He had no sex life. He watched films and shows when he felt the
    need, masturbating repeatedly till he was sated. When he wanted
    time off, he called for a girl and made her perform for his
    personal pleasure with another man, making them copulate endlessly
    while he filmed and photographed the sex. 

    The brothel became difficult to manage alone. It cut into the time
    he preferred to spend with his electronics company. He wanted to
    go public with its shares, wanted to grow and move to
    international markets. The brothel held him back and became an

    Just when he was wondering about a way to close it down, he
    received an offer from a competitor. Something called Hedon &
    Venery was interested in taking over his operation. He hesitated.
    They were patient. He dawdled. A young man came to see him.
    Kishore was a devastatingly handsome, cultured youth with an
    incredible physique. They discussed it in his board room. Kishore
    was gentle, persistent, patient. Avinash expressed reservations.
    He knew nothing about Hedon & Venery. Kishore smiled. 

    "You don't need to know about us, sir," he said smoothly. 

    "I think I do."

    "With respect, sir, I disagree. May I point out that, on the other
    hand, we know quite a lot about you?"

    "What does that mean?"

    Kishore smiled and motioned to his assistant, another good-looking
    youth. The man put three folders before Avinash.

    "What is this?"

    "Please. Do have a look."

    Casually, Avinash flipped the first folder open and flicked a
    couple of pages. He froze. He felt his heart pounding in his
    breast and he began to sweat, his body cold.

    They were dossiers.

    Full, detailed dossiers, complete with dates, names, places,
    amounts, photographs. About his brothel. All its operations. Its
    accounts and revenue. Its structure and management. Everything.

    He opened the second. It contained a similar dissection of his
    electronics company. It showed the amounts he had siphoned off and
    diverted to expansion of the brothel business. The amounts he had
    sent abroad illegally. His smooth duping of banks, financial
    institutions, investors. The way in which he had amassed a
    personal fortune and how he had invested it. 

    Struggling to remain calm, he closed it and opened the third. 

    It was the most horrifying. It had a detailed account of how he
    had come into the brothel business, with whom and when, what he
    had done since. There were photographs. Stills from his tapes.
    Shots of him filming the sexual antics. Shots of him orgasming as
    a couple writhed before his array of cameras.

    He closed the folder and gently put it down. Kishore looked at him
    impassively. Avinash tried to keep his voice and manner neutral,

    "Interesting. You have long arms."

    "Very long, sir."

    "Blackmail, then."

    "No sir."

    "What, then?"

    "Merely a way of persuasion, sir. One that you are not unfamiliar
    with yourself, if I may be so bold. Going back to the time with
    Kavita. Then others. Nimisha, I believe, is still in service."


    He smiled thinly. Nimisha was still very much in active operation
    at his brothel. Just a few days earlier, he had watched her at
    work as a young client laboured over her luscious body, moaning
    and gasping as he rocked his cock greedily in and out of her cunt.
    Nimisha whimpered and writhed under her lover, her hips juddering
    up and down, her body rocking and lurching under his thrusts, her
    breasts jiggling and bouncing, her face a mask of lust. Her
    *kajal* rimmed eyes were glassy with lust, her mouth open, her
    nostrils flared. She moaned thickly and begged for more. The
    client plunged into her.

    He looked at Kishore thoughtfully, tapping the files with a
    fingertip. The material was devastating. He would be ruined within
    days; his business, his career, the brothel, his family -- he
    would lose everything. He looked at Kishore. They both knew it.
    Avinash smiled.

    "Actually, I don't believe you will use any of this."

    "You're right. It's unlikely."

    Avinash chuckled softly. "You people must be very good."

    "Thank you, sir. We try to be."

    "I cannot refuse."

    "No, sir."

    "How much, then?"

    Kishore named the price. It was significantly higher than the
    first offer.

    "You have the cash?"

    Kishore smiled and nodded to his assistant. A briefcase was put on
    the table.

    "The bills are unmarked." Kishore said. "You wish to have them

    "That won't be necessary."

    Kishore rose with a smile and held out his hand. His grip was
    strong and firm. Avinash looked at him steadily.

    "Your boss is a lucky man."

    Kishore looked at him quietly. "It has been pleasure doing
    business with you, sir. But this meeting never happened. I was
    never here. Nor my assistant. Nor you. I have no boss."

    "I understand."

    They left quickly. Avinash phoned the brothel and spoke to Karan.
    He knew already. Hedon & Venery's people were already moving in.
    Avinash sighed and disconnected. The phone rang. It was his
    mother. He groaned. She had found another girl for him to see. His
    parents were now obsessed with getting him married. His protests
    were brushed aside. He played along, taking the path of least
    resistance, suffering through agonising interviews with girls,
    rejecting them steadily. Here was another, someone called Anuja, a
    young lawyer, it seemed.

    "Yes, *aai*," he said. "I'll see her. Yes, tomorrow. Yes, in the
    evening. No, I won't be late. Yes. I'll wear the new suit. Yes.
    Okay. Say hi to papa. 'Bye."

    Dropping the phone, he turned in chair and looked out of the huge
    window and wondered what would happen next. One chapter was over,
    one door closed. He was knocking at another. Marriage. He shook
    his head. It couldn't be. He was never going to marry. It was

    It took him a week, and the tape from Rio to change his mind. He
    watched it repeatedly, masturbating furiously. The girl was
    incredible. The tape was stunning. It was a Hedon & Venery
    production, made by the same people he had sold out to. He was
    marrying one of their girls. She would be his. He could use her as
    he liked. She would fuck for him. He could watch her, tape her,
    film her. And no one would know. His parents would be happy. He
    would be happy. She would keep fucking as she liked, as he liked.

    It was a perfect solution. He laughed to himself. Even the
    whorrorscopes matched.

                                = o =