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Mary Jorsay Gandmar 

                         P E N T A P R I S M


                         The Demons Of Youth

    "Ohh ma UNH OHHHHHH! Ohhhhh! OH-OH-OH-OH-OHHHHHH unhhh OHHHHH unhh

    Anuja's loud moan rang in the silence of the room. Avinash jabbed
    a button and the image froze and the sound died. He stared at the
    enormous screen on his bedroom wall. On either side of the main
    monitor was a bank of smaller screens. He could watch several
    movies simultaneously, merge them, edit them, do what he liked.
    This image was from one of his tapes of their honeymoon.

    Her mouth was a wide 'O', and her eyes were half-shut. His wife
    was on her forearms and knees on the low, broad coffee-table in
    the centre of the honeymoon suite's living room. She wore all her
    bridal jewellery, and nothing else. Around her neck dangled
    several gold and diamond necklaces and a long *mangalsutra*. There
    were lovely earrings in her lobes. A small nose-stud winked in her
    left nostril. A *bindi* dotted her forehead. Her eyes were lined
    thickly with *kajal*. She wore no other makeup.

    Her dark hair was parted in the centre and caught in a long braid
    down her back. A gold chain framed the line of her hair, curving
    from the centre of the forehead, along the hairline and
    disappearing behind her ears. A thick gold chain ran up along her
    parting and twined in her braid which was woven with fine strands
    of gold. High on her arms were gold bands, and she wore
    finger-rings and a gold girdle, bangles and anklets and toe-rings. 

    Her pendulous breasts were swollen and heavy with heat, the
    nipples long and stiff. Her luscious lips were drawn back over her
    teeth; her canines were attractively bent forward over the
    incisors. Her skin glowed with excitement, the dark birth-marks on
    her neck and the left of her face and on the inside of her left
    breast adding to her allure. Avinash knew there was another on her

    Behind her, a tall, handsome, superbly-built young man squatted
    over her hips, his hands digging into her buttocks, his knees
    deeply bent, his handsome head flung back, his mouth wide open,
    his face twisted with pleasure. 

    Avinash pressed a button and the image shimmered and began to move
    again. Her body rocked and swung gently back and forth. She gasped
    softly, chewing her lower lip, her head craned up. Several gold
    necklaces and her long *mangalsutra* swung back and forth,
    dragging on the wooden surface of the coffee-table. The man behind
    her grunted and, smiling down at her, slowly flexed his buttocks
    and eased his hips forward. His enormous penis disappeared
    inexorably into her cunt. He held her hips and pushed and squeezed
    his penis deeper and deeper into her, expertly rolling his hips to
    take her from all angles. Anuja cried out, her buttocks and hips
    swaying and writhing erotically under him.

    "Yes, Salman, yes! Fuck me!" she gasped.

    The man chuckled softly and buried his ten inch penis in her
    flesh, driving it in to the hilt. He paused, his hips pressed to
    her buttocks. Anuja moaned, writhing her buttocks against his
    thighs. He slid his hands up her body and squeezed her breasts,
    twining his fingers in her necklaces and rasping the cold metal
    across her nipples. Anuja gasped, chewing her lower lip in

    Avinash froze the screen. Salman was the swimming pool attendant
    and lifeguard. He was her fourth lover of the day. After Michael
    fucked her in the morning, Anuja showered and douched herself.
    Fresh tea had arrived when she finished and she had it sitting
    naked on the terrace. Without asking Avinash, she slipped into a
    sexy little bikini that concealed very little and, throwing on a
    T-shirt, started out for the pool.

    "Where are you going?" Avinash stood at the door, blocking her.

    "For a swim. Do you mind?"

    He smiled coldly. "Not at all. You may do as you please. But
    please understand one thing. In public, you must act like a
    honeymooning bride. It's part of the deal."

    "What do you want me to do, stare soulfully into your eyes?"

    "Something like that."

    "Forget it."

    "Tsk, tsk," his tone was soft and mocking, but the sharp slap of
    his open palm on her face was menacing. He smiled at her gasp of
    shock. "Don't act smart, bitch. No funny stuff."

    Anuja looked at him with loathing, the hate blazing in her eyes.

    "You bastard," she hissed. "I'll get you for what you've done."

    Avinash sneered. "Frankly, I doubt it. Though I encourage you to
    try. I enjoy sport."

    Anuja smiled sweetly. "Then I take it you're a good loser."

    He laughed. "I never lose."

    "You will."

    "Do your best."

    "Thank you. I intend to. Now, shall we go for a swim, beloved

    He ignored the sarcasm and nodded. "Certainly. After you."

    At the pool, they were the cynosure of all eyes: Handsome, sexy,
    so visibly in love. Everyone smiled at them. Anuja sensed the envy
    of both men and women. If only they knew. 

    Swimming lazily across the pool, Anuja studied the handsome
    lifeguard and pool attendant. His name was Salman and he sat in
    his chair, watching the swimmers calmly. He was a handsome, dark,
    superbly built youth in his mid-twenties. He had the lean,
    aquiline features of the local people, and the long, smooth, taut
    muscles and V-shaped physique of a powerful swimmer. He wore very
    tight, very small swimming trunks.

    Anuja's eyes lingered on the fascinating bulge between his thighs.
    She thought he would make a strong, demanding lover. He caught her
    eye and smiled. She stopped at the edge of the pool by his feet.
    He looked down at her steadily, his eyes burning into hers. She
    held his gaze unabashedly and felt his eyes slip down over her
    body. She was incredibly sexy. Salman's pulse quickened as he took
    in the superb swell and thrust of her breasts, the firm flatness
    of her belly, the flare of her hips. Involuntarily, he saw her in
    bed, with him, writhing and thrashing and moaning passionately,
    her dusky body shining with sweat. His penis stirred. Cursing, he
    took several deep breaths, calming himself.

    "Please, will you give me a hand?" Her voice was soft and gentle
    and erotic.

    He looked up with a start. She was holding out her hand. He jumped
    to his feet and helped her out of the water. For a second, they
    paused, their half-naked bodies almost touching, hers glistening
    wetly, and again he thought of her, looking like this, bathed in
    sex-sweat. He could smell her perfume, gentle, tempting, teasing,
    very sexy. Her bikini was incredible, two Band-Aid size strips
    that barely covered her nipples and squeezed her breasts together,
    and a pair of tiny bikini panties that exposed most of her cunt
    and buttocks. 

    She smiled gently, and her hand touched his deep, smooth chest.
    Salman handed her a towel. Their fingers touched under it.

    "Thank you," she said, and her fingers caressed his in an
    unmistakable gesture, locking briefly with his.

    Salman's eyes widened in shock. There was no doubt about her
    intention. He gaped and she giggled and turned away quickly,
    toweling her hair. Draping the towel low around her hips like a
    sexy skirt, she walked across the paved patio. Salman fell back in
    his chair, ogling her lasciviously, lingering on the superbly
    postured back, the swing of her hips.

    Avinash was sun-bathing, dark shades on his eyes. Anuja sat down
    beside him on the large, wooden-slatted white deck-chair. Plucking
    his glasses off his head, she smiled.

    "Hey, husband."

    He opened his eyes and grinned. "Much better, you're learning

    "Thank you." Her eyes were laughing. "I just decided that I might
    as well enjoy this. No point in fighting pleasure to get pain."

    "Clever you," he chuckled.

    "Mm. Now. Don't freeze up, O Incapable One. This is still an act."

    She slid her hand up his superb chest and bent over to peck his
    lips lightly. Avinash did not react. Her fingers were gentle and
    feather-light, and her lips were soft and warm and moist. For a
    second, Avinash felt a flicker of desire, and then it was gone,
    replaced by the familiar icy emptiness. Unerringly, Anuja caught
    the flash of something beyond. She was too experienced a lover to
    miss it. She frowned as it vanished.

    "You know, Avinash," she said softly, her eyes bright, pinning
    his. "One day, some day, I think you will want to fuck me."

    "No," he said softly. "Never."

    She smiled. "Never say never, Avinash. Things change. People

    He looked at her steadily. "I won't. Believe it."

    She studied him quietly for a minute and then said, "Tell me."


    "What I need to know."

    "I have told you."

    "Not that. The other."

    "What other?"

    "You know what I'm talking about."

    "No, I don't," he said with a flash of irritation. "I have no

    She sighed and smiled thinly. "Oh, I think you do, Avinash. You
    know perfectly well what I'm talking about. All right, so not now.
    Later, someday, perhaps. When things are right, when it is time,
    when you're ready and want to tell me what I need to know."

    "Whatever the hell it is you're talking about, why do you need to
    know? And why would I tell you?"


    "Because what?"

    "Because I agreed to marry you. Because I thought I could love
    you. That's why I need to know. Why things can't be as they

    "And what do you expect me to hear? What should I tell you?"

    "Just who it was that did this to you."

    "What are you talking about?" His voice was low, barely stifling
    his shock.

    She looked at him for a long minute, her eyes full of sadness.
    Finally, she shook her head.

    "Never mind, Avinash, let it go. You can't, won't, acknowledge it
    yet. But I know. I know, don't ask me how, that there must have
    been someone, I don't know who, someone who turned you into --
    into this --"


    She smiled gently. "You said that, not I."

    "But you believe it."

    "Not really. I did, last night. Not now. I refuse to believe that
    anyone is born evil or twisted. Things happen, make them that way.
    They can be undone."

    "I disagree."

    "That's certainly your prerogative. I prefer to wait and see."

    "You can wait all you want. It won't happen."

    Anuja sighed and smiled slightly. "Are you a soothsayer, too,

    He chuckled. "No such luck."

    "At least that's something. Things might turn out differently,
    after all."

    Avinash shrugged. "And what is it you want?"

    She looked amused. "Actually, if you must know, that lifeguard.
    Salman. I want him. I want to fuck him."

    Avinash grinned. "Now that I can understand. Certainly. When?"

    "Tonight. After dinner."

    "I'll arrange it."

    "Good. Thank you. And somebody else this afternoon."

    "Fine. Anyone in particular?"

    She shrugged indifferently. "No, you choose. I'd like two, if
    that's possible."

    "Together?" he grinned in delight.

    "Yes, why, is that a problem?" She looked genuinely surprised.

    "No, no problem at all," Avinash laughed. "It's more than I hoped.
    Thank you."

    She nodded and got up. "I want to go back now, Avinash. I'm going
    to masturbate with that big vibrator. Unless I find a waiter with
    a nice big cock on the way, in which case I'll fuck him. Come
    along, if you want to watch." She started walking away. 


    "Yes?" she stopped and turned.

    Avinash looked at her. She was very lovely, very sexy. He shook
    his head.

    "Nothing. Forget it."

    Anuja smiled and turned back. Avinash watched her for a moment,
    then leaned back, sliding the glasses back over his eyes, feeling
    distinctly uneasy. How had she known? How had she seen through
    him, through the thick barricade he had so carefully constructed?
    How could she possibly know? 

    Now, staring at the screen, Avinash went cold as the memory of
    that morning's conversation flooded his mind. Anuja had devastated
    him with her acuity and, after she left him, he remained by the
    pool, struggling to control the pounding of his heart, to stave
    off the terrible demons of his youth. But the past could not be

    As he thought of that morning, Avinash felt a twinge of
    uneasiness. So close; she had come so close to knowing everything
    about him. He groaned softly and, killing the monitors, leaned
    back in his black leather chair with his eyes closed as the
    monsters surged forward again.

    <CENTER><P><B><FONT FACE="arial,helvetica"><FONT

    Her name was Kavita, and Avinash was madly in love with her. She
    was a year or two younger than him, ravishingly beautiful, and, to
    his mind, very sexy, although she presented a demure innocence.
    They met in college, on the very first day, through a common
    friend. Kavita was slender and dusky with an oval face, large,
    doe-like eyes rimmed with thick *kajal*, and a fine, straight
    nose. Her mouth was sexy, the slim upper lip curved in a bow over
    the full, straight, lower one. She had a long, elegant neck and
    her arms and legs were smooth and nicely turned. The fingers,
    hands, ankles, wrists and toes were slender and shapely. Her
    breasts were full and ripe, sloping like succulent fruit, and her
    body nipped in at the waist and flared again to erotic hips and
    buttocks. Her legs were lovely, and her belly was firm and flat.
    She had a soft, musical voice and her smile was bright and
    enticing, lighting up her eyes. 

    Kavita and Avinash shared an ordinary, middle-class background.
    She lived with her parents and sister in a small, dingy three-room
    apartment in Central Bombay, near the railway tracks. Avinash
    lived nearby, in a similar locality with his parents and elder
    brother. Neither house had very much privacy.

    Avinash pursued Kavita doggedly. He was a handsome, well-built,
    kind youth, and hard to resist. A week after they met, they were
    going steady.

    It was two months before they first slept together. Those eight
    weeks were the happiest in Avinash's life. He walked on air. They
    met daily, and one look at her and Avinash drowned. The rest of
    the world simply did not exist. They talked softly, for hours on
    end, held hands in darkened movie theatres, gently caressed each
    other's arms and hands, played footsie. 

    A month later, he kissed her for the first time and was surprised
    by the hunger in her response as her soft, moist lips flowered
    beneath his and her tongue rippled into his mouth.

    Matters progressed rapidly after that first, glorious kiss. Kavita
    didn't object when Avinash slid his hand into her blouse and
    fondled her breasts. Her response excited him, and he goaded her
    to let him masturbate her. Her face suffused with excitement,
    Kavita opened her legs for his fingers. The ensuing orgasm was
    intense and her expressions entranced him. He asked her to jerk
    him off. A few days later, on the darkened staircase to her flat,
    she lifted her skirt over her hips and allowed him to lick her
    slit, orgasming with a stifled moan. The next afternoon, unbidden,
    she sucked his penis till he came, and, to his utter delight, took
    his jizz in her mouth.

    Their lust was uncontainable. Avinash found a hotel in the suburbs
    that hired rooms by the hour. At first, he was hesitant: The hotel
    was incredibly sleazy. But Kavita insisted, quietly and gently,
    and he gave in. He booked a room for three hours, ignoring the
    manager's filthy leer.

    In the dank, unaired room, on the rickety bed with the soiled
    sheets, Kavita and Avinash made love with a hungry desperation.
    She said she was a virgin, but he had a little sexual experience
    and he guided her gently. Kavita surprised him with her eagerness
    and willingness. They fucked incessantly for over an hour, in a
    variety of positions, and Kavita came again and again in a series
    of shattering, multiple orgasms. They rested for a while, dozing
    in each other's arms, and then, to his delight, she woke him with
    a caress, going down to take his penis between her lips. Avinash
    thought she was irresistible.

    Over the next several months, they used the hotel as a second
    home. They were there almost daily, spending long hours exploring
    each other's bodies, never tiring of it. The manager's leer
    changed to a bored, indifferent shrug. Inside the room, they could
    hardly wait and flung themselves at each other, tearing off their
    clothes in a frenzy.

    The first fuck was invariably a mad, frenetic tangle of limbs,
    feverish kissing, loud moans and cries and a hard, demanding
    thrust from him that drew a choking cry from her. They grew adept,
    and soon learned to stop at the very threshold of the first,
    cataclysmic orgasm. The forced denial only aroused them further,
    and for the next hour or more, they would fuck in every manner
    they could think of, trying to draw it out as long as they could. 

    Kavita was superb in bed. One of his most enduring memories of
    that time was of Kavita in her favourite position astride his
    hips, impaled on his erect penis, her lovely long neck arched, her
    head flung back, her face suffused with lust, her mouth open in an
    'O', her eyes half-shut. Moaning, she would drag her hands
    sensuously up her slender, curved body to her breasts and then
    squeeze them erotically, while her hips undulated and gyrated over
    his. She loved 'dirty talk' and her love-calls were litanies of

    "Yes! Fuck me, lover! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me like a whore!" she
    often gasped.

    Kavita baulked at nothing. It was she who first suggested they try
    anal sex. Avinash was bowled over, deeply aroused, yet worried,
    not wanting to hurt her. She begged him to do it, insisting that
    she wanted it, too. And when he finally relented and gently eased
    his inflamed penis into her asshole, Kavita's cries were
    unmistakably those of lust.

    Then the hellfire came. 

    They were at the hotel one steamy afternoon, and Kavita's body was
    streaming with sweat already. She was kneeling on the bed, her
    forearms on the floor, her buttocks thrust back, her body angling
    sharply downward. Avinash was on his knees behind her, ram-fucking
    her cunt savagely from behind. His hands on her slender waist, he
    slammed his hips back and forth, gasping and crying out. She
    moaned loudly, jerking and rocking under him, her swollen breasts
    jiggling with the savage thrusts. His cock pistoned in and out of
    her cunt, his balls and thighs slapping against her buttocks. 

    "Harder!" she gasped. "Fuck me harder!"

    Avinash stopped with a gasping growl and jerked her back onto the

    "Want your ass, whore!" he rasped. "I wanna fuck your butt!"

    "Do it like this!" she gasped. "Quickly! Do it like this!"

    Avinash slid out of her cunt and pushed his cock-head to her
    puckered anus. Kavita groaned in tension, but her sphincter was
    relaxed and open. Avinash pulled her buttocks open and, flexing
    his buttocks, slipped his cock-head into her anus. Kavita cried
    out, her breath coming in shuddering, shaking gasps.

    "More!" she gasped. "Put it in! I want it all!"

    Avinash groaned and squeezed his penis deeper and deeper into her
    hot, tight, convulsing ass. Kavita cried out, her head arched up,
    her face contorted in a rictus of lust. They were before a full
    length mirror and Avinash was transfixed by their reflection. He
    started fucking her butt slowly, with heavy, grinding thrusts. His
    penis glistened as it went in and out of her rear channel,
    appearing and disappearing between the lobes of her buttocks.
    Under him, Kavita whimpered and moaned deliriously.

    They were so engrossed in each other that they never heard the
    commotion outside. Suddenly, there was a resounding crash, and the
    door burst open. Avinash had just thrust deep into Kavita's anus
    and he froze, buried in her flesh, his mouth opening soundlessly.
    Kavita's head snapped up. Her moan of pleasure died on her lips.
    Three policemen in khaki stood at the door. There was a long
    silence. Then one of them, evidently the senior man, an inspector,
    smiled cruelly.

    "Well, well," he drawled softly. "Look at this, will you?"

    Avinash gasped and lurched out of Kavita's butt. She cried out and
    scrambled onto the bed. They fumbled desperately for their
    clothes, their eyes frantic.

    "Stay as you are!" the Inspector bellowed, drawing his revolver.
    "You're under arrest!"

    Kavita and Avinash froze in terror. The Inspector and constables
    leered at her naked body and she lowered her eyes in shame, trying
    to cover her nakedness with the sheet. Avinash felt his gut cramp
    with fear.



    "Don't you think we should ask madam to see the evidence?"

    The Inspector chuckled. "You're right. Go call her."

    A constable scurried out. He returned in seconds, and behind him
    was a woman Inspector dressed in tight trousers and an equally
    tight uniform shirt. She looked at the two on the bed and a smile
    danced on her lips and in her eyes.

    "My, my," she said softly. "That is conclusive evidence. Shut the

    One of the constables bolted the door and jammed a chair against
    it. Kavita was crying with terror. Avinash grabbed the sheet and
    pulled it about his groin.

    "You -- you can't do this!" he shouted. "You have no right!"

    He didn't even see the backhanded blow coming. It caught him on
    his face and lifted him straight out of bed and sent him sprawling
    on the other side, cutting his lip. Kavita screamed.

    "Shut up, fuckface," the inspector who had hit him snapped.
    "You're in deep shit. Deep shit."

    The woman nodded. "Yes, I certainly think so. What were they

    "He was buggering her."

    "Tsk, tsk. Such bad habits. Criminal tendencies. Section 377,
    Penal Code, I believe. Buggery is still a criminal offense in this
    country, you know."

    "Absolutely right. Life imprisonment, or ten years, simple or
    rigorous. And a fine."

    "Mm. Too bad. Arrest the guy!"

    The constables moved forward and Avinash scampered back on his
    buttocks. Kavita screamed again, begging for mercy.

    "Wait!" The woman inspector barked an order. She turned to Kavita.
    "Mercy, heh? Well, gentlemen, do we have any provisions for that?"

    "Not under the Penal Code, ma'am."

    "True. Pity. What about the Penis Code?"

    The male inspector laughed. "Under that yes, certainly. All

    "Good. Shall we exercise our discretion then? I am tempted to
    compound the offense."

    "So am I."


    "Yes, ma'am, sir!" The two thugs chorused.

    The inspectors grinned at each other. The woman nodded at the
    constables. "Hold her down," she ordered.

    Kavita screamed again as the two constables pounced on her and
    slammed her on her back on the bed, pinning her down. She
    struggled violently and one of them slapped her hard. She cried

    "It will be better if you keep quiet and accept it," the woman
    snapped. "You have fucked before, so it will not hurt unless you
    fight. Do you understand?"

    Avinash was screaming as he rushed towards the men. The inspector
    came in his way and hit him again. Avinash fell back howling with
    rage and fear.

    "Shut up!" the male inspector bellowed. "Shut the fuck up, or I'll
    shove this baton up your arse!"

    Still Avinash struggled and suddenly, the woman whipped around and
    slammed a clenched fist into his plexus. Avinash's breath whooshed
    from his throat and he sagged to the floor, staggering back to a
    corner, down on his knees, his hands clenching his stomach,
    desperately gasping for air. The cops laughed at him. 

    The inspector turned to the bed and a huge grin split his face.
    The two constables had Kavita spreadeagled, her legs split wide,
    her arms above her head. She was utterly helpless. Her struggles
    had diminished and she lay there moaning softly. The male
    inspector chuckled and unzipped his fly. Avinash moaned as he saw
    the man take out his penis. It was huge, at least ten inches long,
    nearly two inches thick, dark and hard as a rock. He advanced
    towards Kavita.

    "Wait," the woman inspector said suddenly, looking at Avinash.
    "Not like this. Use the dirt."

    The men looked at each other and grinned. "Good idea," one said.

    The woman dug into her breast pocket and pulled out a small brown
    paper packet and, opening it, emptied its contents on the bed.
    There were several little glass vials and two clear plastic
    packets of white powder. Avinash gasped, realising at once what
    this was. Before he could even open his mouth to say a word, the
    woman inspector grabbed a vial and snapped it under Kavita's nose.

    The effect of the drug was instantaneous and astonishing. All
    resistance vanished from Kavita. She relaxed visibly and her
    features rearranged themselves in a slavish smile of pure, wanton
    lust. The constables released her at a nod from the male

    "Fuck me," Kavita murmured to him, her eyes on his rampant penis,
    her lips parted. "I want your cock!"

    Avinash moaned and buried his head in his hands. The woman
    chuckled and strode across to him, kneeling on the floor. Her
    fingers gripped his hair and jerked his head back. Avinash cried
    out in pain. She grinned down at him and looked at his cock.

    "Nice," she murmured. "Really nice. Wouldn't mind having some of
    that meat myself. Would you like to oblige?"

    Her booted foot moved between his legs and the toe pressed to his

    "Or shall I crush these wonderful balls of yours, boyo? Won't take
    a minute."

    Avinash was about to swear and spit in her face when she pressed
    her toe into his scrotum. The obscenity died on his lips and he
    stared at her. She laughed.

    "That's better. Yeah, I think you're getting the picture. Tell you
    what. We'll watch the guys fuck your girl, then I'll fuck her,
    then you fuck me while she watches. Sounds good?"

    Avinash didn't reply and she jerked his head back and slapped him
    hard. He gasped, tears welling in his eyes.

    "Answer!" she hissed. "Sounds good?"

    "Yes," he moaned. "It sounds good."

    Laughing, she let him go, turning around and shoving his head
    forward so he could watch Kavita and the three men on the bed.

    The inspector had dropped his trousers and he was standing on the
    bed in his boots with Kavita on her knees in front of him, fucking
    her mouth. She sucked his cock with evidently unfaked hunger,
    jerking it one hand, licking and sucking it lasciviously, moaning
    and keening like a puppy, her hands caressing her naked body. The
    constables were masturbating, their cocks long and dark and thick,
    grinning at the sight. The inspector chortled, his head bent,
    watching Kavita, one hand on her head, moving it steadily back and

    "Mmm -- nice -- real nice -- suck it -- come on whore -- suck it

    Kavita obeyed at once and he groaned softly, pumping his hips back
    and forth. His huge penis glistened between her lips.

    "Sheela," he called over his shoulder to the woman inspector. "I
    think it's time we gathered the evidence, yes?"

    "Of course," she said and nodded to one of the constables. He
    opened the door a crack, whispered something to someone outside,
    then opened it and two more men scurried in. They were laden with
    cameras, still and video, tripods, flash guns and lights. The
    inspector on the bed, fucking Kavita's face, nodded to them and,
    grinning at the sight, they scurried about setting up their gear.
    Avinash stared in horror.

    "Hey, inspector-*sahib*! Do we get a chance, too? This is one hot
    number you got there!"

    "Do your work first, asshole," Sheela, the female inspector
    snarled. "You can fuck her later. When we get what we want."

    "Okay, okay, no need to get antsy," the cameraman grumbled
    good-naturedly. "Man, what a looker!"

    They picked up their cameras and started filming. There were two
    videos going and three still cameras. Flashbulbs popped
    constantly, and the room was full of a hard, brittle light. The
    two cameramen moved around for different angles, taking close-ups
    of the inspector's cock in Kavita's mouth, shots of her hands on
    her breasts, in her cunt, full body shots, everything. 

    They talked softly to each other as they worked. One of them, the
    one who had asked to fuck her, was called Arun and his assistant
    was Santosh. They worked with single-minded concentration,
    efficiently and quickly. The inspector kept fucking her face for
    the cameras.

    "Done?" the inspector asked with a husky groan. "Got what we

    "Yup. All done," Arun grinned. "You can start fucking her now."

    The inspector laughed and pushed Kavita onto her back on the bed.
    He bent over her, between her thighs. She spread them wide, her
    eyes glittering with lust and arched herself wantonly under him.

    "Come on," she moaned. "Fuck me -- fuck me hard!"

    The inspector chuckled and pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips.
    It was huge and Kavita tensed. He paused, bent over her on his
    arms. With a loud, shuddering cry, the inspector flexed his
    buttocks and slammed his hips forward. His penis rammed into
    Kavita's cunt and she cried out, her face twisting in agony and
    joy, her back arching, the breath whooshing from her throat. The
    huge cock disappeared into her flesh. Flashes popped frantically.

    "Like it?" the inspector snarled in her ear. "Say you like it,

    "Yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes! It's wonderful! Ohhhh yes -- it's
    so big -- yes -- fuck me -- fuck me hard -- please -- fuck me!"

    "My name's Karan -- call my name, bitch!"

    "Karan! Fuck me! Fuck me, Karan!"

    "Yeh! That's better! Say it again!"

    "Fuck me!" she shouted. "Fuck me, Karan! Fuck me like a whore!"

    Karan flung his head back and laughed. "Then take it, bitch! Take

    He lifted his hips, moving his cock outward and then rammed it
    back in again savagely. Kavita cried out, her face contorting, her
    body arching and twisting and bowing under his.

    "Say it!" he bellowed. "Keep saying you want it, whore, keep

    "Ohhhh yes!" she sobbed, her breathing ragged and staccato. "Fuck
    me -- fuck me -- fuck me Karan -- keep fucking me -- hard -- like
    this -- Ohhh yes! yes! Unhhh! OHHHHHHHH!"

    Chortling and laughing, the inspector ram-fucked Kavita's cunt as
    Avinash watched in horrified fascination. His hips swung up and
    down, up and down. His cock crushed into her cunt again and again,
    ramming and reaming in deeply, pistoning violently up and down and
    in and out of her cunt. Kavita gasped and cried out loudly, her
    body jerking and thrashing on the bed, snapping up and down with
    his thrusts. Her breasts jiggled violently and she squeezed them
    in her hands in frenzied excitement. Her hips bucked and lurched
    under his. Her cries were loud and utterly obscene, with no hint
    of make believe.

    "Ohhhh god oh god ohgodohgodyesfuckmefuckmefuckmeOhhhhhhyes Karan
    yes Ohhhh unhhhh Ohhh Oh OH OH OH
    Karan-Karan-Karan-K-UHHHH-RUHHHHHHNYES!" she went.

    "Yeh! Take it! Take it! Take it!" he grunted, slamming his hips
    back and forth between her forked thighs.

    Incredulously, Avinash saw Kavita orgasming, her body arching
    sharply under his. She scrabbled at his tunic, tearing it open,
    kissed him feverishly, squeezing his bulging biceps in a frenzy,
    clenching his buttocks, pulling his head down to hers and kissing
    him like a lover. Her orgasmed reached a crescendo and the
    inspector stroked furiously in and out of her cunt, making her
    gasp and groan. As her climax ebbed, he slowed his motions.

    "Fuck, she's incredible!" Santosh, the camera assistant gasped in

    All of them looked impressed, even Sheela. Avinash looked up at
    her and saw the lust glittering in her eyes. She was a sexy woman
    with a fine-featured, oval face, large eyes and a long neck and a
    knockout figure. Her nose was slim and straight and her mouth was
    soft and full. She had a firm chin. She had undone her tunic and
    pulled it open and her hands were over her large, firm breasts,
    caressing them erotically. Her nipples were long and stiff. As he
    watched, she unbuckled her trousers and stepped out of them. Her
    buttocks were firm and strong and her cunt was a neatly trimmed
    dark delta, glistening with moisture. Watching the two on the bed,
    she stepped across to a chair against the far wall. Avinash
    watched as she flung herself into it. Spreading her legs, she
    started masturbating slowly. Avinash flicked a glance at the
    cameramen. Santosh was grinning. He motioned to Arun, who smiled
    and one of them turned a camera on her. Sheela spread her legs
    wider still for the camera and smiled seductively, spreading her
    cunt-lips open. Avinash could see the stiff stem of her clitoris
    in her shapely fingers. She rubbed it erotically with a circular
    motion of her fingertip, her other hand squeezing her lovely
    breasts. She was very sexy.

    Karan chuckled and Avinash's eyes jumped back to the bed. The
    inspector was grinning at his colleague on the chair, as he
    continued fucking Kavita slowly and heavily. She groaned and
    whimpered deliriously under him, moaning a litany of obscenities.

    "Ohhh yes -- yes -- Ohhh god Karan -- yes -- that's so good --
    fuck me, baby -- fuck me!"

    "Want your cunt licked, bitch?" he said loudly.

    "Yes -- yes -- tongue-fuck me -- please -- do it!" she gasped.

    Karan laughed and slid smoothly out of her. He motioned to the two
    gasping, masturbating constables and they moved forward.

    "Lick her cunt, Laxman," he ordered. "I'm gonna fuck her mouth
    some more. You can fuck her later. All of you. Mukesh, I think
    madam wants her slit licked, too. Do it."

    "No, I want him," Sheela groaned from the chair, nodding to

    "Later," Karan barked. "You can have him later. I want him to
    watch his broad getting some real fucking."

    Sheela didn't argue. Avinash moaned in despair and watched,
    transfixed, as Karan moved up to kneel over his lover's face,
    pushing his cock into her mouth, while the constable thrust his
    face into her crotch. The cameramen split forces, one of them
    filming the action on the bed, the other following Mukesh, who was
    on his knees before Sheela, his face between her thighs. Sheela
    moaned and gasped and smiled in pleasure as the constable shoved
    his tongue into her cunt. She clenched his head and moved it round
    and round between her thighs.

    "Yeh -- ohhh yes -- lick it, boy -- lick my cunt -- Ohhh yes!" she

    On the bed, the other constable was greedily lapping at Kavita's
    cunt, his thick tongue roving in her cunt-flesh, rippling up and
    down her crack. She spread her legs wide open for him while her
    head rocked rapidly up and down between the inspector's thighs,
    her face distended with his penis. The constable slid a finger
    into her slit and started masturbating her.

    "Use the baton," Karan grunted without turning his face. "Fuck her
    with the nightstick."

    The constable grinned and reached for the wooden club. It was slim
    and smooth. He pressed it into her cunt and slowly squeezed it
    inward. Kavita gagged on Karan's cock, making him laugh, and her
    hips jerked upward in a frenzy. The constable masturbated her with
    it, and then thrust his face into her crotch again, licking her
    slit at the same time. Kavita writhed on the bed, whimpering deep
    in her throat. Her hips jerked up and down in excitement.

    Avinash heard a sharp gasp and his head spun around and he saw
    that Sheela was sucking Mukesh's penis hungrily, her head rocking
    back and forth between his thighs. The constable groaned, then
    chuckled and, regaining control, started fucking his superior's
    face steadily, pumping his hips back and forth, rocking her head
    back and forth with one hand.

    "Mmm -- nice -- real nice, ma'am -- suck it -- suck it like a
    whore, ma'am -- yeh -- like that -- ohh yes -- suck it good,
    ma'am-bitch-whore -- Ohh yes --"

    "Okay, bitch, enough. Time for some more fucking."

    On the bed, Karan elbowed the constable away and moved off
    Kavita's face. She moaned softly, her lips glistening with his
    pre-cum gunk, her eyes shining with desire. He grinned and
    squeezed her breasts.

    "Nice tits," he said. "Good piece of ass. Okay, bitch. On your

    He rolled her over onto her front on her hands and knees. Kavita
    swayed erotically before him like a wanton slut. 

    "Take me," she gasped in a heavy, lust-laden voice over her
    shoulder, one hand between her legs, opening her cunt-lips for
    him. "Take me hard, Karan -- fuck my slit again!"

    "Or your ass? Like lover-boy there likes to do?" he sneered.

    "Or my ass -- if you like -- whatever -- you choose -- but -- do
    something -- fuck me!"

    The men laughed. 

    "Got us a real hot number here, sir," said Laxman. "The best yet."

    "Yeah. And that's saying a lot," Karan chortled. "Okay, whore.
    Your cunt now. Ass later."

    Kavita nodded and he knelt behind her and squeezed his cock-head
    into her cunt. She moaned as it surged into her flesh. Arun
    dropped to his knees and zoomed in to a close-up of Karan's penis
    squeezing between the curves of her buttocks and vanishing into
    the hair-rimmed V of her cunt. Kavita gasped sharply, her head
    arching and rocked forward under the inspector, falling forward
    onto her forearms. He gripped her hips, flexed his buttocks and
    pushed his cock deeper into her cunt, till his thighs were at her
    buttocks, his balls pressed to her cunt-lips. Her hips writhed
    eagerly under his.

    "Ohhhh yes!" she gasped. "Ohhh god yes, Karan, yes -- that's so
    good -- now fuck me hard, Karan -- fuck me hard!"

    Karan grinned and squeezed her swollen, pendulous breasts. She
    groaned softly. He started fucking her slowly and heavily, moving
    his hips in tight little circles so that his penis entered her
    cunt from all angles. Kavita whimpered delirious obscenities, her
    hips gyrating with his. His cock went in and out of her, appearing
    and disappearing alternating, glistening with their coital fluids. 

    "Harder!" she cried. "Fuck me harder! Come on Karan, fuck me!"

    The inspector grunted and began rocking his hips back and forth in
    a steadily quickening tempo. Kavita gasped, rocking and lurching
    and jerking under him, her breasts jiggling. Faster and faster he
    went and her cries grew sharper and shriller. He flung his head
    back and gasped, his hips rocking rapidly back and forth, his cock
    now ramming and reaming into her tight cunt, driving in all the
    way, sliding out, crushing down into her cunt-flesh again. Faster
    still, and his thighs slapped audibly against her buttocks. He
    squeezed her buttocks and breasts in a frenzy, and she swayed and
    rocked under him, begging for more. She came again and he gasped,
    wincing at the pressure of her cunt and slowed to a deep,
    spiralling, skewering action.

    "Now," he gasped, suddenly jerking out of her and pressing his
    cock-head to her anus. "I want your ass, whore! I wanna cum in
    your ass!"

    Kavita moaned, gasping, her chest heaving and leaned steeply
    forward with her face on its side on the bed, her hips raised
    high. He clawed her buttocks open and pressed his cock-head to her
    anus and, flexing his buttocks, eased his hips forward. Avinash
    watched in horror as the enormous penis disappeared into his
    girlfriend's anus, inching inward. Kavita moaned in pure pleasure,
    her face contorting with lust. Karan gasped, his head flung back,
    his belly sucked in, his muscles rippling with tension as he
    buried his penis in her ass. 

    "Ohh! Ohh! OH! OH OH OH OH OHHHH!" she cried. "Yes! Oh god yes! Oh
    uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh OHHHH uhh oh god uh oh ma oh ma
    oh ma oh ma uhh AHHHHH!"

    "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!" the inspector gasped.

    He sodomised Kavita slowly and heavily, pushing his cock deeply in
    and out of her anus for several minutes, gradually building up
    speed till he had hit a steady, rocking rhythm. She gasped and
    cried out in lust under him, her face screwed up, whimpering
    obscene encouragement to her new found lover, begging for more.

    She came again and now Karan, too, was sated. He stroked smoothly
    in and out of her anus for a few minutes and then, growling and
    gasping with pleasure, rocked deep into her ass and stiffened.
    Avinash saw his hard buttocks twitching, his hips grinding at her
    buttocks as he emptied himself into her asshole. Kavita whimpered
    happily, writhing in joy under him, pressing her buttocks hard
    against him. He squeezed her breasts and slowly slid out. 

    "Fuck, that was good," he panted, grinning. "Okay, Laxman, Mukesh.
    You can have her now. Fuck her well."

    While Kavita was being thoroughly fucked on the bed, Mukesh had
    gone back to licking Sheela's slit for some time. After a bit, she
    sucked his cock again, while they waited for Karan to finish. Now
    Mukesh pulled away from her.

    "Later," he said. "Gonna fuck your brains out later, whore!"

    She smiled wantonly in spite of the insolence of her subordinate.
    Obviously, once they were out of uniform, rank counted for

    Sauntering across the room, Karan rummaged in his tunic pocket and
    found a packet of imported cigarettes. He lit one and blew out a
    thin stream of smoke and winked broadly at Avinash with a leer.

    "Fuckin' A, man," he said. "Awesome fuck. Best in a long time."

    Avinash stared at him, his face white with shock. Karan laughed at
    his expression and nodded to the bed.

    "Keep watching, stud," he said. "You're going to see a hell of a
    lot of fucking. That girlfriend of yours is going to be fucked
    like you won't believe. Going to be a long, long time before we're
    done, my friend. That I promise you."

    Avinash moaned softly and began to cry. Karan laughed and turned
    away. Avinash felt a hand under his elbow. It was Sheela. She
    pulled him to his feet gently and kissed him with surprising
    tenderness. Her tongue snaked between his lips and, pressed to her
    luscious nakedness, he felt himself stir involuntarily and
    respond, his lips parting.

    "That's better," she whispered, her fingers crawling down his
    belly to his cock, tugging it gently. "Relax. Let it flow. No one
    will get hurt. You have my word. Enjoy it."

    She pulled him to the chair and he sank into it, his chest heaving
    with sobs, tears streaming helplessly down his face. She licked
    one lasciviously and then bent her head and licked and sucked on
    his nipple. 

    "I want you," she murmured. "I want your cock."

    Her face slid between his thighs. Avinash groaned as she took his
    penis in her mouth.

    "No," he moaned. "Please -- no -- don't --"

    "Relax," she murmured. "Enjoy it."

    Avinash noticed with horror that now he, too, was being filmed. He
    squirmed and tried to pull free, but she would not let him go. Her
    tongue and lips worked his penis adroitly, incessantly, hungrily.
    Despite himself, Avinash felt himself respond and saw the small
    smile of triumph on her face as his cock quivered and began to
    swell. Sheela sucked it greedily, her tongue swirling over the
    cock-head, pumping the shaft in her fist. Avinash moaned in
    despair. The two cameramen and Karan grinned at him.

    On the bed, the two constables were taking turns fucking Kavita's
    face. Avinash saw her sucking their cocks one by one with evident
    relish, licking and slurping audibly, her head rocking back and
    forth between their thighs. They grinned happily, pumping their
    hips back and forth, moving her head with their hands to suit
    their pleasure, mouthing obscenities.

    "Yeh -- suck it -- suck it whore -- suck it good," one of them

    Her face shining with lust, Kavita pulled both men forward and
    greedily tried to suck their cocks simultaneously. The two bulging
    cock-heads distended her face and Avinash saw her tongue working
    them feverishly, licking and lapping at them wantonly. Now his own
    penis was rock-hard and Sheela was sucking it slowly, her head
    rising and falling over his lap, turning from side to side as she
    sucked and licked every inch of it.

    "Okay guys, fuck her," Karan ordered his constables. "One by one,
    then together."

    Mukesh fucked Kavita first, on her back. His penis was thick and
    long and his body was stocky and muscular. Kavita gasped sharply
    and arched under him as he drove into her cunt. She cried out
    lustily, kissing him deeply, her hips lurching up to meet his in
    descent. His enormous penis vanished into her flesh. He bent over
    her, his hands on her breasts, crushing them savagely and began
    fucking her rapidly, with hard, furious thrusts that made her body
    jerk and rock and snap under his. Faster and faster he went,
    plunging in and out of her like a dervish, his buttocks flexing
    and unflexing, his hips hammering up and down. Kavita cried out
    loudly and lewdly, thrashing passionately beneath him. 

    "Yes!" she cried. "Yes Mukesh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder,
    Mukesh! Yes!"

    He fucked her for several minutes and then, just as she brinked at
    an orgasm, jerked out of her with a gasp and made room for his
    mate. Laxman rolled her onto her front and mounted her from behind
    in a deep squat astride her hips, quickly ramming his bloated,
    long penis into her cunt. Kavita gasped, rocking feverishly on her
    forearms and knees, moaning incessantly. Her body glistened with
    sex-sweat; strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck.
    Her breasts jiggled and shook as the constable plundered her cunt,
    thundering in and out of her cunt with shuddering moans, his cock
    reaming and slamming in and out, in and out, in and out.

    Sheela got to her feet and straddled Avinash's hips, her back to
    him, her legs outside his. He groaned and again begged her to let
    him go. She ignored him. His penis was rock-hard, throbbing,
    glistening with pre-cum gunk and her oral ministrations. She moved
    his cock between her thighs and slowly impaled her cunt on his
    cock-head. Avinash gasped at the heat and warmth and wetness of
    her cunt. She groaned deeply and flexed her buttocks rapidly,
    squeezing his penis. Her hips swirled in tight, erotic circles and
    she gasped, her hands on her breasts. The cameramen zoomed in to a
    shot of their loins. Slowly, grinding round and round, she let her
    hips descend. Her cunt sank down on Avinash's penis till it was
    deep in her flesh and then she began moving, rocking unhurriedly
    up and down on his cock. Avinash moaned softly and, helpless slave
    to his body, began to move with her. Karan saw it and laughed.

    On the bed, the two constables were now fucking Kavita together in
    her cunt and mouth. Avinash groaned at the sight, watching as she
    bucked on one man's penis while she sucked the other. Under her,
    Laxman grunted and groaned, bucking up and down, tossing her on
    his cock, squeezing her breasts hard. Kavita's face was turned to
    one side, buried between Mukesh's strong thighs. The men laughed
    and called her names.

    "Yeh -- take it whore -- take it --," one gasped.

    They broke apart and exchanged positions, Mukesh taking her from
    beneath, her back to him, his finger probing her anus, while
    Laxman went back to fucking her mouth. Avinash began to think this
    was all a hideous nightmare.

    The sensations in his loins betrayed him. Sheela's cunt convulsed
    on his penis and he gasped and arched up under her, his hands
    flying involuntarily to her breasts, squeezing them hard. She
    gasped in joy and moved faster, her buttocks flexing and
    unflexing, her hips rising and falling, her cunt sliding up and
    down the length of his mammoth erection. Her buttocks bounced off
    his thighs as she took his penis fully within her flesh.

    "Ohhh yes -- yes -- fuck me -- Ohhhh yes!" she gasped. "Oh god

    Her words echoed Kavita's on the bed. Now the two cops were
    raiding her cunt and ass together, simultaneously and she was
    enjoying every minute of it.

    "Ohhhh Unhhh OH OH OHHH!" she cried. "Yes! Yes! Ohhhh yes!"

    Avinash watched in muted, horrified fascination as the two
    enormous penises sawed in and out of the adjacent orifices,
    separated by the merest membrane of flesh. Kavita rocked back and
    forth on her hands and knees like a rutting bitch, forcing her
    cunt down onto Laxman's cock, her ass back onto Mukesh's. The men
    grunted and gasped, rocking their hips, forcing their swollen
    members into her tight cunt and tighter anus with obscene cries of
    pleasure. Suddenly, Karan jumped onto the bed and thrust his penis
    at her face. Kavita moaned softly and took it in her mouth.
    Avinash closed his eyes.

    He gasped at a sudden release of pressure as Sheela lurched off
    his cock. She flung herself forward on the floor on her hands and
    knees, her back to him.

    "Fuck me -- quickly -- do it!" she cried.

    Avinash felt curiously detached, almost as though he were outside
    himself, watching. He moved off the chair and, kneeling behind
    her, obediently squeezed his cock into her cunt, flexing his
    buttocks and pushing in deeper and deeper till he had forced all
    of it into her. Sheela groaned thickly, lurching and swaying
    erotically under him.

    "Yes!" she groaned. "Oh god yes -- fuck me, baby -- fuck me hard!"

    Avinash fucked her slowly and heavily, with punishing, skewering
    thrusts, pulling out, then ramming deep into her. She was actually
    a wonderful piece of ass. Her cunt was hot and wet and tight and
    it sucked on his cock with a feverish hunger that was sensational.
    He plunged into her flesh again and again.

    "Harder!" she cried. "Harder!"

    Avinash squeezed her jiggling, pendulous breasts and looked up at
    the bed. They were still at it, and now the cops had swapped
    places: Karan was raiding her bottom, while Mukesh fucked her cunt
    and Laxman her mouth. Kavita's body thrashed deliriously between
    theirs as they moved faster and faster. As he watched, Karan
    yielded with a satisfied grunt and chuckle and Laxman abandoned
    her mouth. Moving behind her, he squeezed his penis between her
    buttocks and, flexing his buttocks, drove into her anus. Kavita
    cried out, her face contorting in a rictus, lust all over her
    pretty face. 

    "Ohhhh yes-yes-yes!" she moaned. "That feels so good -- fuck me,
    guys -- fuck me! Ohhh god yes -- fuck me harder Ohhhh yes --
    that's it -- yes!"

    She orgasmed repeatedly and, finally, the two cops relented and
    came, one showering her buttocks and back with his jizz, the other
    exploding over her breasts and thighs and belly. Kavita collapsed
    on the bed, panting and gasping and trembling, her racked, sobbing
    gasps loud and ragged.

    The two constables got off the bed and, with Karan, moved towards
    Avinash and Sheela still fucking heavily. Avinash froze.

    "Okay, stud. Up. Out. Move." Karan's voice was cold and flat.

    Avinash lurched out of Sheela, making her gasp in surprise. He
    staggered to his feet and backed nervously away.

    "Sheela. You're on." He jerked a thumb over his shoulder.

    Sheela groaned and rose unsteadily. She looked at the three men.

    "You're going to fuck me. All of you. One by one. Then together.
    Like her."

    They laughed. "Sure thing, bitch," Karan said, squeezing her heavy
    breasts. "We'll fuck your brains right out, right guys?"

    "Yes, sir!" the two constables chorused with huge grins.

    "I'm gonna bugger you!" Mukesh chortled.

    "You'd better," she retorted, "or I'll have your balls for

    She moved to the bed with Kavita and, pushing her on her back,
    kissed her. Avinash moaned and buried his face in his hands. Karan
    jerked his head back, his hands in his hair.

    "Watch them, asshole," he snarled. "Watch your broad do some lesbo
    stuff! 'Coz after that you're next!"

    Avinash cried out in pain, writhing to get free. Karan shoved him
    away contemptuously.

    "Fuckin' wimp," he muttered. "Motherfuckin' wimp."

    The constables sneered at him and then all three turned back to
    the bed, watching in silence. Avinash stared at the two women
    miserably. Sheela was licking Kavita's cunt, and Kavita moaned
    thickly, her hands on Sheela's head, her hips writhing eagerly.

    "Yes," she gasped, fondling her swollen breasts. "Oh god yes! Yes!
    Do it -- lick me -- lick my slit, Sheela -- Ohhhh yes!"

    The cameras zoomed in for close-ups of Sheela's sharp, pointed
    tongue darting lasciviously in and out of Kavita's cunt. Kavita
    groaned, lurching and heaving and writhing joyfully. Slowly,
    Sheela brought her off. They broke apart and went into each
    other's arms, kissing and squeezing each other's breasts and then
    it was Kavita's turn and she sucked Sheela's breasts, murmuring in
    pleasure. Sheela turned on her front and Kavita bent behind her,
    and licked her cunt and anus from behind. Sheela turned her face
    to the camera and smiled lasciviously, running her tongue over her
    upper lip, fondling her breasts.

    "Daisy chain," Karan said.

    Instantly, the two constables moved towards the women. Laxman
    knelt before Sheela and pushed his penis into her mouth. She began
    sucking it eagerly, rocking back and forth as Kavita licked her
    cunt and ass from behind. Mukesh knelt behind Kavita and started
    fucking her slowly from behind, holding her hips and rocking his
    cock in and out of her cunt. 

    On and on they went, the women exchanging positions, the men
    swapping, grouping and re-grouping without a pause. Kavita behaved
    like the others, as though she'd been doing this all her life and
    was still unable to get enough of it. She resisted nothing,
    objected to nothing, and seemed to sense instinctively what was
    required, and did it without hesitation.

    Sheela moved the group apart and picked up the baton. She removed
    the strap and buckle so that she held a long smooth wooden stem in
    her hands. On her hands and knees, she fed one of it into her cunt
    from behind and backed towards Kavita. Kavita laughed happily in
    understanding and promptly took the same position, her back to
    Sheela. Taking the protruding end of the baton, she quickly
    impaled her cunt on it. Avinash stared in disbelief.

    The two women groaned and gasped and lurched back and forth on all
    fours, their cunts running back and forth and up and down the
    length of the baton. Their buttocks slapped audibly at each
    other's. The two constables laughed and started fucking their
    mouths. Karan grinned and moved between the two women, pushing his
    cock between their buttocks so that it was squeezed between the
    two pairs of buttocks as they crashed together in mounting

    On and on it went, and Avinash could only watch incredulously.
    Kavita was having the time of her life, her face bright with lust,
    jerking and rocking hotly back and forth.

    The group broke apart and they finished with Karan fucking Kavita
    again, taking her from behind lying on her side while the two
    constables fucked Sheela's cunt and mouth together.

    "Yes -- yes -- Karan -- fuck me!" Kavita moaned, turning her face
    back and kissing Karan hungrily and deeply like a lover.

    He chortled and squeezed her breasts, his hips pounding at hers,
    his cock ramming in and out of her cunt. He looked at Avinash over
    her shoulder.

    "Great piece of ass, shitface. Really great. And she loves it when
    I fuck her. Doncha cunt?"

    "Yes!" Kavita moaned. "You're the best! Ohhh yes!"

    Karan cackled with laughter and rolled her over onto her knees and
    forearms and began fucking her rapidly, pounding in and out of her
    cunt. She groaned and moaned happily as his penis sawed back and
    forth, in and out of her flesh. Avinash saw her orgasm and seconds
    later, the inspector followed, groaning and burying himself inside
    and exploding, his hips twitching violently. Beside them, on the
    bed, the two constables, now fucking Sheela's cunt and ass
    together moved faster and faster and faster, tossing her body
    between theirs, taking her hard and brutally, ramming and reaming
    into her till they were satisfied.

    They took a twenty-minute break, the guys smoking and chatting.
    Sheela sponged herself and Kavita. Kavita seemed to be asleep. The
    cameramen checked their equipment and loaded fresh film. Avinash
    watched, dazed and numb. They weren't done yet.

    Karan roused Kavita, but gently and forced more drugs into her.
    She gasped and arched, orgasming, and, smiling wantonly, began
    masturbating dreamily. The cameras were already rolling and

    "Okay, boyo. Your turn. Fuck her."

    Avinash stared at him in disbelief.

    "Move it, asshole. Fuck her! Now!"

    Avinash froze. One of the cops shoved him forward, Karan shoved
    him to the bed.

    "Fuck her, shitface," he snarled. "Now! Don't stop till I say so,
    and you fuck her like I say. First, her mouth. Then lick her slit.
    Then on her back. Then on top of you. Then from behind in her cunt
    and ass. Come in her mouth. Got it?"

    Avinash stared at him in shock. Karan slapped him, hard.

    "Got it, asshole?" he snarled. "Or do you want my guys to fuck
    your ass instead of hers?"

    On the bed, Kavita was smiling wantonly and moaning softly. Her
    legs were spread wide apart and she was fingering her cunt,
    rubbing her clitoris rapidly, fondling her breasts.

    "Fuck me -- I want to be fucked -- I want to be fucked hard --
    like a whore!" she said.

    Avinash stood frozen, his head in his hands. Suddenly, he gasped.
    Kavita had turned around and was sucking his cock, kneeling before
    him. The cops chuckled and Karan stepped away from the bed,
    nodding to the cameramen.

    "Hell's bells," Avinash heard him say. "Looks like we landed
    ourselves one hot number!"

    Avinash moaned, his head flung back, his eyes closed. There was
    nothing he could do. As always, he felt himself responding to the
    magic of Kavita's lips and tongue. Despite himself, he gasped in
    pleasure, succumbing to the degradation.

    She sucked his penis ardently, her head rocking back and forth
    before him, her tongue working his cock-head cleverly, attempting
    to prise open his frenum. The sensation was extraordinary and he
    groaned. She smiled wickedly up at him and sucked his balls.

    "I want you," she murmured. "I want your cock."

    Suddenly, Avinash was filled with seething, searing, ice-cold
    rage. How dare they? How dare she? He was being humiliated,
    mocked, degraded, used, abused.

    The fear and shame and hurt disappeared. He looked down at her
    coldly, his eyes boring into hers. She smiled lasciviously,
    looking at her, wantonly running her tongue over his cock-head,
    caressing her face with it and murmuring softly. Avinash gripped
    her head and jammed it forward, stuffing his cock into her face.
    Kavita gagged momentarily. 

    "Enough!" he shouted. "Enough of this shit, whore! You wanna fuck?
    I'll fuck you! I'll bloody fuck your brains out! Come on! Eat my

    Kavita recovered and he saw her eyes glittering with excitement.
    She started sucking his penis rapidly, her head jerking back and

    "Suck it, bitch! Suck my prick! Suck it good, whore!"

    He fucked her mouth furiously for several minutes, rocking his
    hips back and forth, jerking her head between his legs. Kavita
    sucked his penis greedily. He pushed her head away and shoved her
    on her back. She fell back with a gasp and he jerked her legs open
    and, grabbing the baton, pushed it between her legs. She tensed.
    He glared at her, his eyes red with rage, his chest heaving.

    "You wanna fuck, whore? You wanna fuck? Take this!"

    He rammed the baton cruelly into her cunt. Kavita screamed, her
    back snapping upward, her hips jerking, her face contorting, her
    mouth wide open. Avinash laughed coldly and squeezed her breasts.
    He jerked his wrist around, twisting the baton in her cunt. Kavita
    gasped and arched, her body writhing and jerking uncontrollably.

    "Like it? Like it, bitch?" he laughed. "Tell me you like it,
    whore! Let's hear it!"

    "Yes," she moaned thickly, her head flipping from side to side,
    her thighs trembling, her fingers scrabbling at the counterpane.
    "Ohhhh yes -- do it! Do it, Avinash! I like it!"

    Avinash chuckled, his eyes glinting cruelly. Kneeling between her
    legs, he rolled the baton round and round between his palms. It
    rotated in her cunt. Kavita shrieked, arching and twisting, her
    arms jerking up to clench the bedstand, her fingers taut. Her
    chest heaved, and she cried out. Avinash realised she was enjoying
    it and he laughed, turning to the others.

    "Look at her!" he cried. "Look at the bitch!"

    The others watched in silent astonishment. Avinash grinned at
    their expressions.

    "Yeah, she's one helluva lay," he said. "She'll do anything for a
    fuck. Just loves it. Don't you, cunt?"

    "Yes," she panted. "Oh god yes, yes, yes!"

    Grinning still, he pulled the baton outward, rammed it into her
    cunt again, twisting it with a snap of his wrist as it went in.
    Kavita cried out, her back bowing taut, her hips juddering and
    jerking in a frenzy, thrashing and writhing, her head flipping
    from side to side in delirium. Avinash laughed and masturbated her
    furiously, pumping his hands between her thighs, ramming and
    reaming the baton in and out of her cunt, twisting it round and
    round. Her body jerked up and down and back and forth, her breasts
    jiggling and bouncing with his hand- thrusts. Kavita exploded
    violently, gasping and mewing in pleasure. Instantly, Avinash
    jerked the baton out of her cunt and thrust his face between her
    thighs. Kavita groaned in pleasure, her hands on his head, her
    hips writhing under his face. Avinash spread her cunt-lips open
    and jammed two fingers in her cunt. She groaned, squeezing her
    breasts erotically.

    "Ohhhh -- yes! Lick me!" she gasped. "Lick my slit, lover! Lick my
    pussy! Ohhhh yes -- that's it -- mmmm -- yeh -- Ohhhh god yes!
    Shove it in, baby -- put your tongue in -- ahhhh yes -- there!
    Ohhh yes! Ohhh -- that's so good!"

    Avinash grunted and swung his body around in a sixty-nine. Kavita
    sucked his penis gratefully and he fucked her mouth heavily, his
    hips rising and falling over her face, while his fingers and
    tongue worked her cunt. She writhed under him, approaching an
    orgasm again, and he stopped before she could come. Kavita moaned
    in lust when he rolled off her.

    "Fuck me," she gasped. "Please -- fuck me!"

    Avinash chuckled and, kneeling upright between her legs, pulled
    her hips upward. Kavita understood and arched her back, supporting
    her hips with her hands, so that her body was angled downward away
    from him, her shoulders on the bed, her hips lifted high. Avinash
    held her hips and, moved his penis between her thighs, his
    cock-head at her cunt-lips. Taking a deep breath, he flexed his
    buttocks and swung his hips savagely forward, ramming his cock
    into her with a loud cry, his head snapping back. Kavita cried
    out, arching and twisting under him as his huge penis burst into
    her flesh. He gasped as her cunt convulsed on his cock.

    "Take it! Take it, whore-bitch! Take it!" he cried.

    Avinash started ram-fucking her brutally, hammering his hips back
    and forth, slamming his penis in and out of her cunt. Kavita
    gasped and cried out, her face contorting, her head flipping from
    side to side. Avinash laughed and rammed in even harder, his
    buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips swinging madly back and
    forth, his penis plunging and pistoning in and out of her cunt.
    Her body jerked under his thrusts and her breasts jiggled and

    "Oh! OH OH OH OHH OHH Avi -- Uhhhhvi -- na -- AHHHHHSH!" she cried

    "Like it, whore? Like it? Say you like it!" he shouted.

    "Ohhh unhhh yes! Ohhh god yes! Yes!" she cried.

    Avinash grinned at his awed audience. "Yeah, she's one hot

    He slowed and lowered her hips to the bed, his cock still in her
    cunt, and bent over her on his knees, folding her legs upward with
    his hands on the insides of her thighs. Her thighs formed a great
    obtuse V with her pelvis. His head hanging, Avinash flexed his
    buttocks and drilled into her, sliding his penis in deeply. Under
    him Kavita moaned deliriously. He grinned and started fucking her
    with long, deep, skewering thrusts, rolling his hips savagely in
    circles, entering her from all angles, mashing her cunt-flesh. His
    cock appeared and disappeared between her cunt-lips, glistening
    with their comingled coital juices. Kavita groaned and rocked
    under him, whimpering in pleasure. Avinash started moving faster,
    steadily increasing speed till he was ramming and reaming
    furiously in and out of her, his hips swinging madly up and down,
    back and forth, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his cock
    pistoning wildly. She came again, gasping and moaning. Avinash
    grunted as her cunt spasmed on his cock. 

    He managed to hold back and, panting with excitement, turned her
    over onto her front. Kavita moaned and obediently lifted her hips,
    resting her face on her crossed forearms. Avinash squatted over
    her hips and squeezed his penis into her cunt and began fucking
    her again. He took her unhurriedly and steadily, pumping in and
    out of her cunt for several minutes and then, pulling out,
    sodomised her. She groaned softly as he entered her anus and he
    laughed and, holding her hips, slid his cock into her ass as far
    as it would go. Kavita cried out, her face twisting, her fingers
    scrabbling at the counterpane, moaning her pleasure. Avinash
    grinned in pleasure, squeezing her swollen, jiggling, pendulous
    breasts, running his penis in and out of her asshole, jerking her
    anus up and down on his cock.

    "Take it! Take it whore-bitch! Take my cock you fucking slut!" he

    "Yes! Do it -- fuck me, Avinash! Fuck my ass! Ohh yes!" Kavita

    She came again and he groaned, tossing his head back as he felt
    the fierce convulsions of her flesh on his. He jerked out of her
    and throwing her on her back shoved his cock into her mouth. She
    sucked it obediently and, within seconds, he came. He gasped and
    grinned in relief as the heat surged from his loins and spurted in
    thick hot jets into her mouth and over her face and breasts. 

    "Good fuck," he muttered and rolled off the bed without a backward

    Karan clapped him on the back. "That was great, kid," he said
    softly. "You did good. Now one more job. Get behind the camera and
    shoot some footage." He nodded at the two cameramen who had
    already dropped their trousers and were moving forward. "Their
    turn now."

    Avinash grinned and nodded. "Sure. Give me a smoke, boss."

    "Help yourself," Karan laughed offering him a packet of State

    Avinash lit up and moved to the cameramen. They grinned in
    appreciation and, in the next few minutes, explained to him how
    the equipment was to be operated. Avinash had a fascination for
    all things electronic and the sophisticated gadgetry excited him.
    He fiddled with the gear.

    "Go for it, fellas," he muttered. "Fuck the shit out of that

    The two cameramen were slim and wiry with good cocks. Arun was the
    better looking of the two, with a handsome physique, his torso
    matted with fine hair. Santosh was stockier and heavier, but he
    had a bigger penis, about eight inches long and correspondingly
    thick. They stripped off their clothes and got into bed with
    Kavita. She smiled wantonly at them, lust in every line on her
    face. Arun pulled her to her knees and, standing on the bed,
    started fucking her mouth. Santosh knelt behind her and caressed
    her body, fondling her breasts and cunt, pressing his cock to her

    Avinash filmed them steadily, fascinated by the equipment and what
    he could do with it. It changed the perspective. It was a totally
    new way of seeing: Disembodied, detached, objective and utterly
    relentless. Looking through the viewfinder stripped him of all
    emotion. The events of the past hour or more had drained him of
    all feeling. Now the camera gave him a fresh lease, opened another
    window, through which he could watch his beloved being used as a
    cheap whore without being touched by the sight. His response was
    entirely physical. It was very sexy, very exciting and he felt his
    erection growing as he ran the film. 

    He explored different angles, taking tight close-ups and
    lingering, fluid pans down their bodies, filling the frame with
    shots of sweat-slippery flesh, luscious, smooth curves, moist
    cunt-flesh and glistening, throbbing penises. He moved around in
    excitement, watching as the two men fucked her mouth in turn and
    then together and then started fucking her simultaneously. 

    Arun made her back down onto his upright penis and started fucking
    her rapidly from behind while Santosh fucked her mouth. Avinash
    filmed her naked body writhing and lurching between theirs, her
    swollen, pendulous breasts bouncing and jiggling, Arun's penis
    plunging in and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing
    between the smooth curves of her buttocks, while Santosh's penis
    filled her mouth and distended her face. He lingered in shots of
    her breasts in Arun's hands, her rigid nipples pinched in his
    fingers, his lips hot on the nape of her neck. He dwelt lovingly
    on the expressions of raw lust on their faces.

    They exchanged positions and continued fucking her and they fucked
    her one by one on her back, then on her front, then with her on
    top. Avinash felt disembodied, as if he was outside himself,
    stripped of all feeling, responding only to the throbbing in his
    loins submerged and drowning in the impersonal eroticism of
    pornographic film-making.

    They fucked her together again in her cunt and mouth and then,
    turning her on her side, fucked her cunt and ass together, their
    swollen, bloated penises sawing furiously in and out of her flesh.
    Kavita gasped and rocked between them, kissing one, then the
    other, mewing her pleasure as her flesh was raided for the
    umpteenth time that afternoon. At last, the two men were done.
    They exploded violently over her body and slowly rolled away with
    satisfied sighs.

    Behind the camera array, Avinash straightened and smiled in
    pleasure, shutting down the system. The images through the
    viewfinder were still vivid. As Kavita curled on the bed,
    exhausted, panting and moaning, Avinash moved to Sheela and thrust
    his cock at her face. The others gaped at him. He winked broadly
    at them. Sheela whimpered and sucked his cock. Avinash fucked her
    mouth swiftly and orgasmed within seconds, shooting jizz into her
    mouth and spattering her face and breasts. Karan laughed. 

    Avinash stepped back and lit another cigarette. Karan gave him a
    drink, saying it was whisky. Another drink was poured for Kavita
    and, gently, Sheela made her sip it, holding her head in her lap.

    The glass slipped from Avinash fingers and rolled across the
    carpet. He stared at it in dismay. It seemed very far away. He
    looked around. The bed seemed to be a mile distant, fuzzy and
    shimmering. He couldn't see the faces of the others. He squinted
    and the ceiling swayed over his head. He couldn't move his hands
    and legs. He tried to walk and suddenly the floor heaved and
    rocked upward and he felt himself falling, falling, falling, and
    there was a cold darkness crawling up his naked body and engulfing
    his soul.

                                = o =