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Copyright 1996-97, 
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                         P E N T A P R I S M


                          Moaning By The Sea

    It was the longest, loneliest night of her life. Anuja lay awake
    for hours in the darkness, numbed and dazed by what had happened.
    By turns, she raged at herself for her indiscretion, at her want
    of judgement, at Avinash. He was sick. The injustice and
    humiliation were almost too much to bear. She wept repeatedly in
    anger and finally fell asleep in sheer exhaustion.

    The next day, Anuja woke late, feeling surprisingly calm and
    collected. She did her toilet, coiled her hair loosely in a bun at
    the nape of her neck and, wrapping a toweling robe around her
    naked body, went out onto the balcony. Avinash was at the round,
    wrought-iron, glass-topped table, reading a newspaper, a tea
    service before him.

    "Good morning," he said brightly, lowering the paper. "Sleep

    "Tea, please." Anuja didn't bother with the niceties.

    "Certainly," he said. "I'll call for a fresh pot. Breakfast?"

    "No, thank you."

    Avinash went into the suite to call room service. He returned with
    a video camera and settled down opposite her and began to fiddle
    with it. Adjusting it to his satisfaction, he raised it to his
    eyes. She ignored him and picked up the newspaper, screening
    herself behind it.

    "Please," he said softly. "Put that down. You're blocking the

    Very deliberately, Anuja folded the newspaper and tossed it on the

    "Thank you."

    Suddenly, all the anger and hurt of the night before returned, but
    now it was cold and hard. Anuja took a deep breath, looked at
    Avinash steadily and considered her situation. She had no choice.
    She was trapped and there was not much she could do without
    hurting her family and friends. She would have to work through
    this. Might as well enjoy it till then, she said to herself.

    Avinash was surprised by the sudden, unexpected warmth in her
    smile. He arched an eyebrow quizzically. Her smile widened.
    Slowly, she pulled at the lapels of the robe. It parted above and
    below the belt, showing her naked cleavage, the swell of her
    breasts, her belly, the dark grotto between her thighs. Parting
    her legs, she slid one hand up her thigh and opened her cunt-lips.

    "Shall I frig for you?" she said gently. "Would you like that?"

    A smile of pleasure creased his face and he nodded. Already, the
    camera was focussed on her crotch. He held it with one hand and
    pushed the other between his legs, under his gown. Anuja smiled
    and curled a finger gently into her slit.

    "Slowly," she said, and moved her free hand under the robe over
    her breast. "Nice and slow, like every morning fuck should be,

    Anuja masturbated for the camera, swirling her finger through her
    cunt-flesh, fondling her breasts and arousing herself unhurriedly.
    Opening her legs wide, she slumped in the chair and, moistening
    one fingertip on her tongue, holding her cunt-lips wide open with
    the other, rubbed her finger up and down her slit. She sucked in
    her breath with an erotic groan.

    "Mmm -- that feels good," she smiled. "Oh yes!"

    She worked her clitoris rapidly for a few seconds, rubbing it with
    her fingertip and knuckle. Her hips writhed on the chair. Slowing
    again, she returned to her leisurely up-and-down, in-and-out,
    round-and-round finger actions.

    Avinash grinned to himself, his penis stirring in his pajamas and
    slowly zoomed in. She opened her legs for the camera, working her
    cunt and clitoris sexily with a finger-tip. He lingered in a
    close-up of her cunt, the lips pulled wide, the long tongue of her
    clitoris prominent, flipping back and forth under a long, shapely

    "Mmm -- yes -- that feels so good -- ohhh -- if only -- I could --
    be fucked now! Fucked with a nice big cock, hot and hard!"

    "Room service!"

    The sharp, sudden rap on the door made Avinash jump. Anuja smiled.

    Avinash went in to answer the door. Anuja straightened herself in
    the chair, crossing her legs at the knee and gathering her robe
    together again. It was a spectacular day. Bright and cloudless,
    the air was sparkling clear. Far away, Anuja could see the golden
    sand on the beach and the azure waves pounding it. The leaves of
    the swaying palm trees rustled softly. The balcony was high and
    quite private, designed for maximum privacy from the prying eyes
    of the other guests in the hotel.

    The waiter followed Avinash back to the balcony, balancing a large
    tray with a silver tea service. He was a handsome youth with a
    bright smile. He wished her good morning and set the tray on the
    low table before her. Avinash scrawled his signature on the slip
    in the leather folder and added an extravagant tip. The waiter
    looked pleased.

    "Thank you, Michael," he said, putting the folder down on the

    The waiter smiled. "Thank you, sir. Welcome back. Shall I make the
    tea, madam?"

    Anuja looked at the two men. They obviously knew each other. She
    caught Avinash's eye. He flicked a glance at Michael and inclined
    his head in a little nod of assent. Anuja looked back at the
    waiter, who was waiting for an answer.

    "Yes, please," Anuja said. "If you would."

    "Certainly, madam. Sugar?"

    "One please."

    The waiter bent over the low table and prepared the tea. Anuja
    leaned forward. She looked lovely. Her hair, slightly loosened
    now, framed her pretty face in a wave. She tucked it behind her
    ear with one hand, the other on her lap discreetly pushing her
    lapels open again. The waiter's eyes flicked towards her and he
    saw the heavy swell of one breast, the long nipple. He added sugar
    and began stirring slowly, looking at her sidelong. She smiled to
    herself. The waiter handed Anuja the teacup. She set it down on
    the table, and looked up with a smile.

    The waiter was clean-shaven, tall, lean, dark, with the slender
    features of the local people. He wore a brightly printed
    short-sleeved shirt and dark brown trousers. His forearms were
    wiry and strong and his shoulders were broad. He straightened and
    smiled down at her. Motes of lust glinted in his eyes. She made no
    move to cover her breast. Again, his eyes slipped to her
    nakedness. He turned to Avinash for a signal. Avinash nodded
    again. The waiter winked and a slow smile creased his handsome
    features. He turned back to Anuja, who pretended not to notice the
    exchange between them.

    "Will there be anything else, madam?" he asked softly,
    imperceptibly moving closer.

    Anuja clinked her teaspoon delicately against the lip of the cup
    and set it in the saucer.

    "Yes," she said softly. "Yes, there will."

    She lifted her hands to coil her hair in a loose knot, and her
    breasts lifted under the robe, pushing the lapels apart, exposing
    her naked cleavage and most of her belly. The waiter's eyes
    lingered on the dusky, firm, roundness of her flesh. Rising to her
    feet smoothly, she unbelted her robe, letting it hang open. Her
    naked crotch was exposed to his view. She stepped forward and the
    waiter chuckled, his eyes glinting, and slid his hands under her
    robe. Anuja smiled gently as his hands slid up her naked body and
    cupped her breasts. They swelled and grew warm and heavy under his
    hard hands, her nipples stiffening. She tilted her face to his,
    her lips flowering under his like a lover's. She kissed him
    lasciviously, slipping her tongue deep into his mouth. The waiter
    drew her closer, his hands sliding from her breasts to her naked
    buttocks. Squirming erotically against the stranger, Anuja felt
    relieved. She could continue to have sex and enjoy herself. She
    abandoned herself to her naturally sharp lust. If this was how it
    was to be, well, then, she might even be happy.

    In one smooth, seamless movement, Anuja shrugged the robe off her
    shoulders and slid to her knees before the waiter. Using both
    hands, she deftly unbuttoned his trousers and, sliding down the
    zip of his fly, pulled off his trousers. They puddled at his feet.
    With a smile of genuine pleasure, Anuja took the waiter's penis in
    one hand. It was a handsome organ: Even limp, it was still no less
    than eight inches long and correspondingly thick. It dangled from
    a forest of dense black pubic hair. His scrotum was big and low,
    and his balls looked heavy. She raked a finger delicately down the
    length of the dark shaft and it trembled in her fist. The man
    waited, head bent, watching her with a wide smile. Anuja's lips
    parted sensuously, and she began to masturbate the waiter deftly,
    pumping his penis in her fist. It quivered and began to swell
    rapidly, thickening and engorging in her fist, rising up to her
    lips. Anuja slipped the foreskin back over the bulging cock-head.
    The penis grew hotter and harder and it throbbed powerfully in her
    fingers. Her head moved closer and the man tensed. He could feel
    her warm breath on his penis.

    Suddenly, her tongue snaked out and flickered like lightning over
    the bulging cock-head.

    "OHHH! Oh-uh-OHHHH!"

    The man gasped sharply, his belly sucking in. Her tongue darted
    around for a few seconds and then slowed to wanton, coiling,
    licking motion. Her lips inched closer. The man groaned and held
    her head with one hand, unbuttoning his shirt with the other.

    "C'mon!" he gasped. "Suck it! Suck my cock! Come on! Do it!"

    Anuja let go of the penis, held the man's thighs and, slipping her
    lips around the cock-head, began to suck his cock slowly. The man
    groaned loudly, arching his handsome head. Anuja's luscious lips
    parted wide and she took more of his penis in her mouth. Her head
    rocked steadily back and forth before him.

    "Ohhhhhh yes! Yes!" The waiter gasped.

    The thick cock-head slipped in and out of her mouth, glistening
    with pre-cum gunk and her oral ministrations. She worked the
    cock-head cleverly with her tongue, pressing the sharp tip of it
    to his glans, then swirling it round the smooth, slippery surface
    of the cock-head. His penis was musky and made her head swim with
    desire. Her excitement grew and she groaned in her throat and,
    ducking her head, licked his pendulous balls. She toyed with them
    sensuously, slipping them in and out between her lips, and the
    handsome waiter grunted, his hips writhing with excitement. Her
    face and hair felt softly erotic between his strong, dark thighs.
    He pulled off his shirt. His dark torso was smooth, hairless, hard
    and muscular.

    Smiling to herself, Anuja sucked his cock again, her wanton greed
    evident. Her head rocked rapidly back and forth and she held his
    thick penis in one fist as she sucked it. The waiter groaned and
    fucked her face, pumping his hips gently back and forth, holding
    her head with one hand and moving it to suit his pleasure. Her
    mouth was warm and moist and her tongue was electric, working his
    cock-head incessantly, lasciviously. She took his cock deep in her
    mouth and held it there, sucking sharply, running her tongue over
    the cock-head, and the waiter gasped, arching his head, flexing
    his buttocks, both hands keeping her head pinned to his crotch.
    Anuja released the penis slowly and straightened slightly to
    squeeze her breasts over the cock-head in warm sheath. The waiter
    chuckled, head bent, watching her.

    "You're good, cunt," he grunted. "Very good."

    Anuja moved back to the cane chair and slouched low, spreading her
    legs wide and hooking her knees over the arms. She parted her
    cunt-lips with the fingers of one hand and squeezed her breasts
    wantonly with the other. With her dark, kajal -rimmed eyes
    glittering with excitement, her luscious lips parted, her dark
    hair framing her pretty face, Anuja looked bewitching. The light
    glinted off the gold chain around her neck and the diamond rings
    on the fingers splaying her cunt-lips open in lascivious

    "Come on, Michael," she said in an erotically husky tone. "Lick my

    The waiter chuckled and, dropping to his knees between her forked
    legs, thrust his face into her crotch. Anuja gasped, her back
    bowing, and clenched his thick hair. Her mouth flew open in a wide
    'O' and her eyes fluttered ecstatically. Her hips writhed under
    his face.

    Struggling to hold the video camera steady, Avinash zoomed in
    smoothly to a close-up of his wife's cunt. His erection strained
    at his pajamas and, sliding his hand into his fly, he pulled out
    his erect cock. In the viewfinder, he could see Anuja's sodden
    slit opened wide and the waiter's thick, heavy tongue rippling
    around the soft flesh within. He jabbed a finger into her cunt and
    Anuja cried out, arching and writhing, her hips twitching
    erotically. The waiter knuckled her swollen clitoris, twisting his
    finger this way and that inside her as he flicked his tongue at
    her cunt.

    Anuja's gasps were heavy with lust. The waiter's tongue was thick
    and heavy and a bright, clean colour. Sexily tightening the tip
    into a sharp, spatulated point, he flicked it rapidly in the young
    woman's cunt-flesh.

    "Yes! Ohhh yes Michael! Yes! Ohhh god yes!" she cried.

    Avinash panned slowly up her body, zooming out slightly. Anuja's
    head flipped from shoulder to shoulder, her face contorted with
    excitement. Her lips were bared, her eyes closed and her nostrils
    were flared like a rutting animal's. There was no doubt that she
    was enjoying this. The waiter's tongue rippled into her open cunt,
    probing into the softness within. Avinash snapped to a close-up of
    his heavy, thick, pointed tongue flipping her clitoris back and

    Panning up, he watched through the camera as his bride squeezed
    her breasts in excitement with one hand, mauling the heavy mounds
    in her hands, tugging and pinching her nipples, the other hand on
    Michael's head, pressing it to her cunt, moving it round and round
    between her thighs. He was a strong, adept lover. Avinash had seen
    him fuck his girl-friends here, and knew his capabilities. Anuja
    was going to have a wonderful time. He grinned as Michael jammed
    his face into her cunt and sucked on her gorged clitoris. Anuja
    arched with a loud gasp and then began to moan and pant like a
    bitch in heat.

    "Yes! Yes! Oh! OH YES! OH YES! OH Mike -- yes! Ohh god yes!" she

    The waiter grinned to himself and nibbled on her clitoris. Anuja's
    hips jerked and lurched erotically under his face. She gripped his
    head and pinned it between her thighs. The man licked her cunt
    rapidly, jabbing his tongue in and out of her cunt. When he
    finally stopped tongue-fucking her, Anuja was panting and
    whimpering with abandon.

    "Come on Michael," she gasped. "Fuck me! Fuck me quickly!"

    Grinning, the waiter tormented her instead. He straightened, and
    jerked her head roughly to his crotch again.

    "Come on, whore," he growled hungrily. "Suck my prick again!"

    Anuja was feverish with lust. Leaning forward in the chair, she
    sucked his penis greedily, taking it deep in her mouth, working it
    frantically with her tongue. Her head rocked rapidly back and
    forth at his groin and she pumped his cock eagerly in her fist,
    moaning deep in her throat. The man moved her head back and forth
    with one hand, squeezing her breasts with the other. Anuja writhed
    under his hand, her legs wide, her body bent forward, and,
    thrusting a hand between her spreadeagled thighs, began to
    masturbate slowly. Avinash snapped to a close-up shot of her
    finger in her cunt, the slim, elegant, be-ringed finger with the
    shapely, lightly varnished nail curving inward to tease the long
    tongue of her clitoris. He cut to a shot of her sucking the
    waiter's cock: Her eyes closed in delirious passion, her face
    distended with the size of the penis, her lips parted wide and the
    glistening penis slipping in and out of her face.

    "Mm -- yeh -- suck it! Suck it, bitch! Suck my cock!" the waiter
    grunted, his hips pumping at her face.

    He pushed her head away after several minutes, and moved between
    her legs, his penis thrusting out proudly. Anuja leaned back with
    a soft moan, her hands between his thighs, drawing his penis to
    her cunt. The waiter leaned forward with one hand on the back of
    the chair, the other on its arm, below Anuja's bent knee. He
    flexed his buttocks and lowered his hips, and Avinash zoomed in to
    a shot of the glistening cock-head pressing to her cunt-lips. She
    took his penis and guided him into her flesh. The waiter paused
    for a second, took a deep breath and then, with a shuddering gasp,
    flexing his buttocks taut, squeezed his penis into Anuja's cunt.

    "OH ma UNHH OHHHH!" Anuja gasped loudly, arching, her head tilting
    upward, her mouth open in a wide 'O'.

    "Yes! Oh god yes!" The waiter groaned and slowly eased himself
    further into her cunt, his hips dipping, his shoulders cording
    with the strain.

    Avinash watched through the viewfinder, mesmerised by the sight of
    the waiter's swollen, hard, throbbing penis sliding between his
    wife's slender, elegant fingers, into her visibly wet slit.

    The bulging cock-head squeezed between her cunt-lips, and, slowly,
    the shaft began to crush through into the sodden cunt-flesh
    within. Her hips juddered upward. The gorged penis ground deeper
    and deeper into her flesh, vanishing inexorably inward.

    Avinash snapped to a mid-shot and saw Anuja arching steeply, her
    mouth open, her head flung back. Michael flung his head back. His
    face was suffused with lust. Pushing his hips lower and lower, he
    thrust inexorably inward, burying his penis in Anuja's cunt.

    The waiter's penis felt wonderful. It was rock-hard and hot, and
    throbbed powerfully. Anuja whimpered joyously as it surged into
    her flesh. He paused for a second with his cock embedded in her
    cunt, his hips quivering with tension.

    "Yes," Anuja moaned. "That feels so good, Michael! Come on -- fuck
    me now! Fuck me!"

    With a shuddering gasp, the waiter lifted his hips upward and his
    cock slid out of her cunt. Flexing his buttocks, he slid into her
    again. Anuja's face creased with pleasure, and she moaned softly,
    clenching his shoulders.

    "Yes," she gasped. "Oh yes!"

    Again he slid out, and slid in, and started fucking her with a
    heavy, grinding rhythm. Anuja writhed on the chair, and her hands
    flew to her swollen breasts, squeezing them in excitement. The
    waiter's buttocks flexed and unflexed rhythmically, and his hips
    swung steadily back and forth and up and down and his cock crushed
    in and out of her cunt. Avinash watched, fascinated, and cut
    rapidly between shots of her lust-ridden face flipping
    languorously from shoulder to shoulder, her hands squeezing her
    breasts, to a close-up of the swollen penis plunging into his
    wife's cunt. The penis glistened and shone with their comingled
    juices and the waiter groaned, his head flung back.

    "Yeh! Ohhh yeh! Take it! Take it, whore! Take my cock!" he gasped.

    "Oh Michael-Michael-Michael yes! Ohhhh yes! Ohhh god yes! Fuck me!
    Fuck me hard!" Anuja whimpered.

    For several minutes more, the waiter fucked Anuja heavily,
    grinding his cock in and out of her cunt. She moaned and gasped in
    unfaked pleasure, caressing his hard, muscular torso, murmuring
    obscene encouragement. His penis was hot and hard and it squeezed
    into her tight cunt, stretching the cunt-lips wide open. Avinash
    filmed the penis stroking in her cunt, lingering in a close-up of
    his balls pressed to her cunt-lips.

    Evidently, the position wasn't entirely satisfactory. They paused,
    and she got up and the waiter sat on the chair. Anuja straddled
    his hips, facing him, her back to Avinash. Taking his penis in one
    hand, she moved her cunt-lips over it. Avinash closed in and got a
    shot of her cunt slipping around his cock-head, swallowing it
    slowly, sucking it inward. The penis disappeared up into her
    molten cunt-flesh, sliding through her fingers till her buttocks
    were on his thighs and her cunt was impaled firmly on all nine
    inches of him. The waiter's hands slid up to squeeze her breasts
    and Anuja flung her head back and moaned. Her long hair shook and
    tumbled down her naked back. She began to move, riding the upright
    penis, her buttocks flexing and unflexing, squeezing the cock
    shaft within her flesh. The waiter grunted and, holding her
    buttocks and thighs, moved her up and down on his penis. Anuja's
    body rocked on his lap, and she stretched an arm behind her to cup
    his balls. Avinash zoomed in close and got an erotic shot of her
    hair-rimmed slit sliding up and down the dark, throbbing, wetly
    glistening cock-shaft. Even over their loud and obscene gasps and
    moans, he could hear the sexy squelch of her cunt going up and
    down the penis.

    "Yes! Ohhh yes! Oh god yes!" Anuja gasped, frantic with lust.
    "Fuck me, Mike! Fuck me hard! Take me, baby! Fuck me!"

    "Take it! Take it, slut! Take my cock! Ohhh yeh! Take it baby
    yes!" he rasped. "Oh fuck yes! Take it all!"

    Her breasts bounced and jiggled and the gold necklace flapped on
    her dusky skin. Michael squeezed them together and sucked on her
    nipples, whipping them rapidly with his tongue. Anuja gasped,
    clenching his head and her cunt gyrated on his lap, grinding in
    tight, erotic circles, mashing her cunt-flesh with his
    cock-pestle. Avinash watched as the waiter and his wife kissed
    hungrily and deeply. She ran her tongue sexily around his lip, and
    he swirled his through her ear. She murmured in pleasure, her face
    turned to one side, her cunt grinding on his lap.

    "Mmm, yes -- that's good, Mike -- really good --"

    Anuja began to move up and down on his penis again, moving faster.
    Avinash watched her buttocks rise and fall, her cunt slide up and
    down the length of the waiter's gorged, glistening penis. Faster
    and faster she went, her buttocks slapping at his thighs, taking
    his cock deep into her cunt, crying out passionately.

    Gasping and moaning, she paused after several minutes and, rising,
    turned around with her back to him and impaled herself quickly on
    his penis, holding it with one hand and squeezing it into her
    cunt. Her face glowed with excitement: Her eyes were hooded, her
    nostrils flared, her lips parted. She hissed sensuously, sliding
    her hands up her body to fondle her breasts as she moved up and
    down on his penis.

    "Yes," she groaned, arching her tongue over her upper lip. "Fuck
    me, Michael! Fuck me!" She squeezed his balls erotically. "Give me
    your jizz, lover -- I want to feel your heat in my slit!"

    The waiter groaned under her, his head turned to one side, his
    hands on her breasts and then on her thighs. He writhed and bucked
    excitedly under her. Avinash kept the camera rolling. Anuja was
    now frantic with excitement. Her breasts jogged and bounced and
    her head arched and fell and her cries grew huskier and more
    erotically obscene.

    She began to orgasm and the waiter gasped as he felt the fierce
    contractions of her cunt on his penis. She moaned, trembling and
    shuddering, gasping sharply as the orgasm washed over like a tidal
    wave. It ebbed and she slid off his cock to her knees and buried
    her face in his crotch once again and sucked his penis hungrily.
    The waiter groaned, head on his chest, watching her suck his cock.
    He rocked her head up and down with one hand, moaning hotly.
    Pausing, she looked up at him like an eager puppy.

    "Again," she murmured. "Fuck me once more. Please."

    They moved to the floor and she went down on her back, spreading
    her legs and lifting her knees, drawing her lover down over her.
    Between her thighs, bent over her, he pressed his penis to her
    cunt. She moaned softly, eagerly and, spreading her legs still
    wider, lifting her hips, guided him into her flesh. The waiter
    entered her slowly with a shuddering moan. His cock slid into her
    cunt again and she groaned in pleasure, arching sensuously under

    "Yes -- Ohhhh yes, baby -- that's so good -- shove it in -- all of
    it," she moaned. "I want it all -- yes -- mmmm yes -- come on now,
    Michael -- fuck me -- fuck me lover, fuck me!"

    He leaned over on outstretched arms, his powerful biceps bunched
    with the strain, and began fucking her with quick, smooth thrusts.
    His buttocks flexed and unflexed powerfully and his hips swung
    rhythmically up and down. His swollen penis pistoned up and down
    and in and out of Anuja's cunt. She gasped and moaned, arching
    under him, her body jerking with his thrusts, her hips moving in
    perfect unison.

    "Harder!" she gasped. "Fuck me harder! Come on, Michael, come on!"

    He responded like a thoroughbred and smoothly picked up speed,
    moving his hips faster and faster, swinging rapidly from the
    waist. His cock plunged deeply into her cunt, rocking in and out
    like a trip-hammer. Anuja's cries were loud, ragged, sharp,

    Avinash watched as she jerked and heaved and writhed passionately
    under the waiter. He kept filming them, watching as she squeezed
    her breasts in a frenzy, crushing them in her hands. Her legs
    twined taut about the waiter's strong thighs. Then she opened them
    wide, her feet in the air, her hands on the floor and bucked
    violently under him, gasping and moaning.

    she cried as another orgasm crashed over her.

    The waiter gasped, his head flung back and hammered his hips at
    her, ramming and reaming his penis in and out of her cunt. With a
    shuddering cry, he jerked out of her. Instantly, she turned around
    and buried her face in his crotch, sucking his cock hungrily.

    Now the waiter could not hold back and with a shuddering cry, he
    exploded, shooting his load in her open mouth and over her face
    and breasts. Anuja whimpered happily, sucking his penis,
    swallowing his jizz, shaking his cock so that it spattered her
    breasts and cheeks, licking her lips lasciviously.

    The waiter tottered back and sprawled in the chair, gasping and
    panting. Anuja rose slowly to her feet after a minute and began to
    walk away without a backward glance, as if nothing had happened.

    "I'd like some fresh tea, please," she said, over her shoulder.
    "See to it. Then I'm going for a swim."

                                = o =