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Copyright 1996-97, 
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                         P E N T A P R I S M

                             Onan's Bride

    Anuja looked down at the clutter on her nuptial bed. Over a dozen
    dildoes, vibrators and sheaths of different shapes, colours and
    sizes were scattered across its expanse. She looked at her
    handsome bridegroom waiting expectantly at the foot of the bed.

    "So. Let me get this straight. You want to watch me masturbate."
    Her voice was flat and even.


    "So that you can video-tape me."


    "On our wedding night. On our honeymoon."


    Anuja smiled sarcastically. "Tell me, what shall I use? A dildo? A
    vibrator? Or just my fingers?"

    "Whatever you like."

    "Anything else you have in mind that I should know about? Tell me
    now before I get my hopes up."

    "Don't get your hopes up."

    "Not much chance of that now, is there?"

    Anuja tossed aside the sheaths. That left her with four dildoes of
    different sizes, the smallest not less than eight inches long, and
    three large vibrators. She looked up at Avinash, arching her
    eyebrow questioningly. He nodded.

    "Yes. Fine. Begin on my call. Take your time."

    Anuja closed her eyes. She could hardly believe what had happened.

    They left for their honeymoon right after the banns, a prolonged
    lavish affair that, at his instance, was crammed into one hectic
    day with the marriage and the reception both spread over a Sunday
    lunch. He said he hated large weddings. They flew south to a beach
    resort. The flight was a short hop and, after a half-hour drive,
    they arrived at the resort. It was a swanky five-star deluxe
    hotel. They were expected and had confirmed reservations. 

    All through the wedding and reception, and on their trip down,
    Avinash was suave and polished. In the hotel, he was devastatingly
    charming, and Anuja smiled to herself as she watched the female
    receptionists trying to catch his attention, not missing the
    envious looks thrown in her direction. 

    Avinash was evidently well-known at the hotel. He greeted the
    concierge and the lobby manager and the guest relations lady by
    name. He introduced Anuja and they were congratulated warmly. He
    had told Anuja that this was he came here frequently, when he
    wanted to get away for a few days and just relax. The check-in
    formalities were waived and the receptionist handed them their key
    on a large brass tag.

    "Your usual suite, sir," she said with a smile, her eyes devouring

    "Thank you," Avinash smiled, flashing his perfect smile. "Is
    everything ready as I had asked for?"

    "Yes, of course, sir. If you need anything, please let me know."

    She sounded as if she expected him to call her to spend the night.

    "We will, thank you," he said and took Anuja's arm. "Come, Anji.
    You're going to love this." He hoisted his large camera bag on his

    The suite was truly spectacular, with a huge living-sitting-dining
    area, a fully equipped kitchen, and two bedrooms, one larger than
    the other. It had a huge balcony overlooking lush tropical gardens
    that stretched to silver sands and the vastness of the ocean. The
    furnishings were elegant, quiet and very, very expensive. The bar
    was fully stocked, there were flowers and fruit everywhere, and a
    bottle of champagne nestled in its bucket on the balcony with two
    crystal flutes. A card hung on a thread around the bottle's neck.
    With our compliments, it said. The champagne was Dom Perignon.
    Avinash smiled.

    "It's incredible!" Anuja gasped. "Do you always stay here?"

    "Always," said Avinash with a smile. "Why slum when you can lord?"

    He led her to the balcony. The moon rose in a cloudless sky, and
    they could see the white tops of the waves and hear the wind in
    the trees and the crash of the surf. The lights glimmered in the
    huge azure pool. 

    It was breathtaking. Anuja hugged herself with excitement.

    "Happy?" Avinash murmured, close behind her.

    Anuja nodded. She could smell his musky cologne, deep, masculine,
    erotic. He brushed the back of her neck with his fingertips. Anuja
    shivered. Her long hair was in thick, single braid down her back
    and she was dressed in a simple printed *sari*.

    Avinash drew her against him. She nestled against his broad, deep
    chest. Her groom was incredibly sexy. He put his arms around her.
    She thought he might touch her breasts. His fingers brushed her
    arms and her naked midriff and she tensed. Her breasts grew hot
    and swelled and her rigid nipples ached for his touch. 

    "Tonight will be special," he murmured, his lips close to her ear.

    She turned around in his arms. He pressed his lips chastely to her
    forehead. Anuja closed her eyes and waited, her lips fluttering

    The kiss never came. He traced the line of her jaw with his

    "You are very lovely," he said, kissing her eyelids.

    Anuja's hands slid up his arms. They were thickly muscled. Her
    fingers rested on the deep swell of his chest.

    Avinash stepped back smoothly, sliding his hands down her arms and
    locking his fingers in hers, arms stretched. 

    "Very lovely and very sexy," he smiled. "Will you do something for

    Anything, she said to herself, my god, anything, but take me,
    darling! Take me hard! Her cunt was already tingling in
    anticipation. She nodded with a bright smile.

    "Thank you," he said softly. "Let's go in. I'll tell you what I
    want you to do."

    He took her arm and they moved back to the suite.

    "You looked stunning at the wedding," he said with a smile.
    "Absolutely devastating, with all the jewellery and everything.
    I'd --"

    Anuja looked at him and smiled. "You want me to dress up for you?"

    He smiled with genuine pleasure. "Yes. Very much. You don't mind?"

    She laughed. "Don't be silly, Avinash. Of course not. Give me ten

    "Thank you," he said with a broad smile.

    Anuja was moving away when he pulled her back, close to him, his
    hands on her bare waist. His fingers were hard and strong and
    seemed to burn her flesh. She ached to feel his hands on her
    breasts, in her crotch, at her anus.

    "One more thing, if you would," he said. "Dress without any

    Anuja's heart skipped a beat. Her eyes brightened with excitement.
    This was very sexy. The man was evidently a master. He planned to
    fuck her slowly and deeply, to savour every minute, to explore
    every inch of her being. She nodded breathlessly and turned away,
    her eyes lingering on him. She was used to being fucked, but this
    was special, very special. This man would make love to her, long
    and slow, possess her as a woman should be taken.

    Fifteen minutes later, Anuja stepped out of the dressing room into
    the master bedroom, looking absolutely ravishing. Her hair was
    drawn back with a centre parting in a long, single, tasseled
    braid. Her eyes were rimmed with *kajal*, and she had a *bindi*,
    but she wore no other makeup. Diamond studs glinted in her
    earlobes and one nostril. A thin gold necklace and the long black
    and gold *mangalsutra* hung around her neck. She had draped the
    rich brocade *sari* in the Gujarati fashion, with the *pallu* down
    the front. Her blouse was taut, with a deep V-neck and her breasts
    jutted out proudly, squeezed together by the tight material to
    form a sexy cleavage. She had worn the *sari* low, below her
    navel, and her midriff was bare. Gold bangles tinkled on her
    wrists, and she wore rings on two fingers of each hand and on the
    second toe of each foot. Sexy gold anklets drooped around her
    slender ankles.

    Her eyes flicked to the bed and the smile died on her lips.
    Avinash had set up a battery of video and still cameras around the
    bed. He was fiddling with the controls of a monitor on a laptop
    computer wired to the cameras. At the sound of her step, he looked
    over his shoulder and turned.

    "There you are. Good." He studied her and his mouth fell open. "My
    god, you're stunning!"

    He saw her looking at the video equipment clustered around the bed
    and chuckled softly at her bewildered expression. 

    "That's the other thing," he said, delight in his voice. "I'm
    sorry I forgot to mention it. I want to preserve this forever. For

    He moved forward, languidly unbuttoning his shirt. As he neared
    her, he pulled it out of his jeans and flung it aside. For a
    minute, he stood before, smiling down at her, arms akimbo. Anuja
    looked at his handsome face and her eyes slid down over his torso.
    She couldn't help the sudden intake of breath. She felt a ripple
    of naked lust: her breasts swelled and her nipples stiffened and
    her cunt tingled in anticipation.

    Avinash's body was like a piece of sculpture. The torso was
    smooth-skinned and hairless, in a sharply tapering V from the
    sprawling shoulders to the narrow, high hips. His chest was deep
    and broad with a thick cleft between the slab-like pectorals. His
    belly was hard and flat, paved with strong, square muscles. His
    skin was stretched taut over the mighty musculature and was almost
    translucent: she could see the fine tracery of veins under it. His
    sharp nipples were set in small aureoles pulled low and far on
    either side of the mighty W of his chest that swept from armpit to
    armpit. He was devastatingly sexy. 

    Anuja felt a frisson of excitement sweep through her. The thought
    of this demi-god fucking her, and filming it all as well, was
    incredibly erotic. She looked up at him, and he smiled down at
    her. He pulled off his belt. His fingers opened the clasp of his
    jeans. Her eyes swept down to his belly, and he chuckled dryly.
    His eyes boring into her face, he stretched his arm and picked up
    a plastic bag from the bed and turning it upside down, shook out
    the contents. 

    Anuja's head turned and she gasped in shock. Her eyes whipped back
    to Avinash. Suddenly his face was cold and still, his eyes dark
    and flat.

    "Have you been fucked before?" 

    The quiet words stung like a whiplash. Anuja gasped and recoiled,
    eyes wide.

    "Have you?" There was a sudden malevolence in his eyes that
    terrified her. 

    He repeated the question and now there was a distinct threat of
    violence. Anuja stared at him dumbly. Suddenly, his hand whipped
    at her face and Anuja cried out, her head jerking sideways. The
    blow wasn't hard, but it stung. 

    "Answer me!" he rasped.

    Not looking at him, Anuja nodded, cringing from another slap. 

    "How often?"

    Again, she didn't respond immediately and this time he hit her
    harder. Anuja cried out, tears streaking her face.

    "How often?"

    "I don't know," she sobbed softly. "I don't know!"

    "What does that mean?" he snarled, gripping her face and turning
    it to his. "What does that mean? Once? Twice? More than that?"

    "More!" she moaned. "More than twice."

    "With the same man? Or was there more than one?"

    "More -- more than one --"

    She was cringing, expecting another blow. Instead, she heard him
    chuckle softly. His fingers loosened their grip and he touched her
    chin gently. 

    "Good," he said, his eyes dancing. "That's better. Whatever the
    answer, I must have it. Never disobey me. Do you understand?"

    He released her and stepped back. "Now. Listen carefully. I know
    what you expect. I'm sorry, but it is not to be." He nodded as she
    looked up in horror. "That's right. I will not sleep with you. Not
    tonight. Not ever."

    Anuja could scarcely believe what she was hearing. She looked at
    him aghast, her ears burning. He went on in his quiet, smooth

    "Sex, as you know it, or have experienced it -- and you will tell
    me about your experience or experiences when I wish to hear them
    -- is not something we will share. Never. Get it?" 

    She opened her mouth in protest, but he went on. "There will be no
    kissing. No fondling. No foreplay and most certainly no
    copulation. Your cunt will never -- never, you understand? -- feel
    my prick. Nor your mouth or hands or any other part of you."

    "I -- I don't understand!" she cried, her mind whirling.

    "Don't understand? What is there not to understand? It's quite
    simple, really. Let me put it in a language you may follow. I will
    not fuck you. Ever. I think you should be able to follow that

    "But why?" Anuja cried. "Why are you doing this? Is there -- is
    there someone else? Another woman?"

    Avinash smiled. "To answer your last question first, Anuja," he
    said dispassionately. "There is no one 'other woman'. There are
    other women, or have been. Frequently. Now, if you satisfy me, you
    will suffice, at least for the time being. There may be others, if
    I choose."

    "But -- but how do I satisfy you if -- if --"

    Avinash laughed in her face. "As all the others have. In exactly
    the same way. Like all the other whores I've paid for. As they

    She stared at him uncomprehending. "I -- I don't understand --"

     "No, I don't expect you to. I don't expect anyone to."

    "What -- what do you want, then Avinash? How -- how do I --?"

    "I like to watch."


    "I like to watch. It turns me on to watch a couple fucking. I like
    seeing it live, or in films. For years, I watched one blue film
    after the other constantly. After a point, they're boring, not
    really exciting enough. Fortunately, I have an electronics company
    and we make or import the latest in audio-visual equipment. So I
    decided to make my own films. I make extremely sexy films. And I
    watch them. Again and again. When I get bored, I make new ones. I
    have an enormous library. Over three hundred tapes."

    "But don't you -- don't you want to --?"

    He smiled thinly. "No. I prefer to masturbate. Repeatedly. I can
    come again and again without effort. I find it exhilarating."

    Anuja took a deep breath. "Well," she said quietly. "Good for you,
    then Avinash. And goodbye. I don't want this. Live with your
    quirks. I won't."

    She turned away and headed for the bathroom.

    "You're making a mistake." 

    She turned, anger in her eyes. "I don't think so."

    "Perhaps you should see this. It might change your mind."

    "Not a chance."

    "I think you should consider, Anuja. This could change

    He picked up a remote control from the coffee table and thumbed a
    button. The big colour television set against the wall flickered
    to life. Anuja gasped. It was one of her films. One she had made
    for Hedon & Venery. It was done soon after she joined, and was the
    first in which she had the lead role. The sequence on screen
    showed her thrashing in unfaked passion with an enormously endowed
    black man in an eye-mask.

    He was licking her slit. His tongue was thick and heavy and long,
    almost animal, a bright sexual organ on its own. Anuja lay naked
    on her back and her head rolled from side to side and her hips
    heaved and bucked eagerly under his face. Her hands were under her
    swollen breasts, squeezing the fleshy mounds, tugging at her long,
    rigid nipples sexily. Her legs were spread, her knees bent,
    moaning feverishly. 

    Anuja gaped in dismay and watched her hands roll sensuously over
    her breasts, then slide down to her lover's head, moving it around
    between her thighs. Her hips arched, her back bowed, and her body
    jerked on the bed. 

    "Where did you get that?" she gasped.

    The film was meant strictly for overseas sales to South American

    The camera lingered in a long close-up of his tongue in her cunt,
    curling and flipping through the sodden cunt-flesh, rimmed with
    damp curling pubic hair, flicking her swollen clitoris furiously
    with his tongue and his thick lips sucking it, drawing it in and
    out between his lips. Her lust was evidently unfaked. 

    "I told you. This is my hobby," Avinash explained. I found a mail
    order firm in America that scours local markets for fresh material
    around the world. This was bought in Rio, of all places. Frankly,
    I'd be interested to find out what your parents or friends would
    think if they should chance to see something like this.
    Personally, I think it's wonderful. You agree?"

    He turned up the volume. Anuja heard herself moan and gasp
    obscenely as the Negro slid up and worked her breasts and nipples
    with his tongue. She arched her back, squeezing her breast into
    his mouth. His large, white teeth tugged on one as he pinched the
    other, and then he rapped his tongue rapidly across her nipple.
    Anuja groaned and arched, her hand pumping his cock. 

    "I want to suck your cock," she heard herself say. "Let me suck

    The man moved up and squeezed his thick, dark penis between her
    breasts, fucking them slowly, raking her nipples down his shaft.
    Her lips fluttered, questing for his cock-head and, with a dry
    chuckle, he knelt over her face and pushed his cock into her
    mouth. She sucked his penis hungrily, her head rocking up and down
    between his thighs. His bloated penis distended her face. She
    licked the gorged cock-head lasciviously, winding her tongue round
    and round the slimy bulge, her fingers deftly working his balls.
    The man's hips pumped gently, pushing his cock in and out of her
    mouth and then he turned around and they went into a sixty-nine.
    The camera retreated to a mid-shot of their bodies writhing
    together, then moved seamlessly into a series of alternating cuts
    between his tongue in her cunt and his penis in her mouth. 

    After several minutes, the man got up, licking his moist lips.
    Turning her on her side, he knelt behind her buttocks, lifted her
    upper leg high and wide and squeezed his ten-inch penis deep into
    her cunt. Anuja's body twisted and writhed and her face contorted,
    in detailed close- up, a vision of naked lust. The man began to
    fuck her, in time to a cleverly syncopated, pulsating soundtrack
    rhythm, plunging his cock in and out of her cunt. Anuja watched as
    the man's rocking grew faster and remembered how wonderful it

    "I got it a little after the marriage was fixed," Avinash said.
    "You have no idea how relieved I was to find that I was engaged to
    a rutting whore. You must know that the only reason I consented to
    marriage was to please my family and get them off my back. This
    was an added bonus. I have no regrets."

    "Put it off. Please."

    "Why?" he laughed. "I like the next bit best. Where he fucks you
    doggie-style. The camera work and editing are pure genius. You
    must tell me where to get more of these."

    "Avinash. Please."

    On screen, Anuja saw the black man push her on her front on all
    fours. He dropped in a low squat behind her and, holding his thick
    black cock in his hand, squeezed it through her buttocks into her
    cunt in one long rush. The film snapped to a shot of her face,
    arched, riven with lust, her mouth wide, her eyes hooded, her body
    lurching forward, then cut to a shot of his enormous penis driving
    in and in and in, disappearing inexorably into her flesh. It cut
    back to her face, and her voice came through the background music.

    "OHHH yes! Ohhh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt! Ohgod!"

    "Take it! Take it, whore! Take it all!" the man cried, forcing
    himself deeper into her.

    "Ohhhhh yes! Yes! It feels so good! Fuck my cunt, baby! Fuck me

    The film snapped back to a close-up of the monstrously distended
    penis grinding and rasping and squelching methodically in and out
    of her cunt. The huge lance glistened with their juices, and Anuja
    could see the thick, hard veins along its length. They had scraped
    and mashed her inflamed clitoris relentlessly till she was dizzy
    with pure joy. The dark penis appeared and disappeared between the
    curves of her buttocks and the shot dissolved into an even tighter
    close-up. Anuja's cunt filled the screen, and she could see the
    black man's heavy, hairy balls squeezing against her buttocks and
    cunt-lips, the thick shaft scrunching and grinding and pushing
    greedily through her cunt-lips, spread wide in eager welcome by
    her clawed fingers, surging into the sodden cunt-flesh within. The
    close-up was pin-sharp and she could see the small, dark hairs of
    her cunt, damp and curled inward. The man's buttocks flexed and
    unflexed, his puckered anus winking at the camera as his penis
    burrowed and squeezed relentlessly in and out of her flesh. His
    balls pressed to her cunt-lips and she saw her finger cupping and
    squeezing them eagerly.

    Avinash chuckled at the sight. "Yes," he said. "This is an
    exceptionally fine movie. Perhaps I should show it to some of your
    colleagues at the Bar."

    He smiled at the ashen look on Anuja's face. Behind him, from the
    screen, her own voice echoed in joyous delirium, mingling with her
    lover's heavy grunts.

    "Take it! Take it, bitch! OHhhhhh yeh! Take my cock! Ohhhh yeh!
    OHHHhh unhhh OHHH! Unhhhh -- yes! Ohhhhh yes!"

    "OHHhh! OHHHh! Ohhhhh! OhmaunhhhhOHHH!" Anuja's cries rang out.
    "Ohhh, that feels so good! Ohhhh yes! Fuck -- unhhh -- fuck me!
    Ohhh god yes! Fuck me hard, baby! Yes! Do it! Ohhhhh yes! Yes!
    Ohhhh god yes!"

    Avinash raised the volume further. Anuja closed her eyes and
    clapped her hands to her ears. Avinash turned it up further. She
    could not shut it out.

    "Stop it!" she screamed. "Please! Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!"

    Avinash ignored her. Their cries came over the soundtrack. On
    screen, the images continued to flicker. Now the black man was
    ram-fucking her cunt, slamming his hips violently back and forth,
    the huge penis thundering in and out of her cunt-flesh. Her body
    jerked and lurched unsteadily under the heavy pounding, her
    breasts tossing wildly, the gold necklace around her neck flying
    this way and that. It cut to a close-up of her face, contorted in
    a silent scream of agonised delight, her mouth wide open, her eyes
    screwed up, her perfect teeth bared. Her cries were loud, lewd,
    ragged, utterly obscene, evidently unfaked. 

    "Yes," she heard herself moan. "Fuck me, lover! Fuck me like a

    "So. Do we have a deal?" Avinash murmured.

    Anuja nodded. "Yes. Yes. I'll do as you say. Please. Just put it

    "Why? You made it, and evidently enjoyed it. Why so coy now? Au
    contraire. I think I rather like having it play. Yes. That's a
    fine idea. I shall let it play, while you fulfil your -- marital
    obligations, shall we say?"

    Anuja closed her eyes. "What do you want? What do you want me to

    Avinash laughed. "Quite simple, really. You must perform for me,
    while I watch. In any way I choose. I will film it. That's all."

    "But -- but with whom?"

    "Oh, yes. The technical details. Always the technical details. The
    little -- or," nodding to the black man's penis, "not so little
    things. Yes. I will indicate the men. Sometimes you may have to go
    out and get the ones I want. Most often, they will be brought to
    you. I select them. Anyone I fancy, big, small, fair, dark, hairy,
    smooth, thin, fat, whatever. From anywhere -- servants, labourers,
    rank strangers. There may even be more than one at a time. Is that

    Anuja stared at him, stunned and, helpless, nodded slowly.

    "Good," he continued. "Also, there will be some business
    entertaining, when you will be fucked by my friends or business
    associates. I will not directly watch those, but they will also be
    filmed, with discreetly hidden cameras." He grinned. "It's amazing
    how a little judicious peek at my library can simplify the most
    complex contracts. But, I hasten to add, I never play dirty. I
    don't use the material, and once the contract is in, everything is
    run strictly by the book."

    "Very noble," she said bitterly.

    Avinash laughed. "No. Just pragmatic. You can't do business with
    your enemy. It's wiser to show him your muscle and buy his
    fidelity. It's amazing how terrified men are of their inability to
    resist the temptations of flesh."

    "What else?" Anuja said in a tired voice.


    "What else must I do, Avinash? To buy your silence?"

    "Why, nothing further. Beyond this, we'll be a perfectly normal,
    happily married couple."

    "Normal. I see. You have a curious way with words."

    Avinash smiled. "Yes, normal, to all intents and purposes. We have
    a lovely house, with lots of servants -- all of whom will fuck
    you, of course." He chuckled. "You will have all the money and
    comforts you desire. Naturally, you are free to pursue your
    career, if you wish."

    "How nice of you. Tell me, do we share a bedroom?" Anuja said

    "If you wish."

    "I don't wish. But it is normal, I believe."

    Avinash laughed. "Yes, very well. We will share a bedroom, though
    I doubt you will like it. But you can also have a room of your
    own. The house has lots of rooms already, and since we are not
    going to have children --"

    "Naturally." Her voice dripped sarcasm.

    "You can have one, and furnish it to your taste," he continued as
    if she had not spoken.

    She stood silent, and he waited. Behind him, the film ran on. The
    black man finished by fucking her on her back, taking her heavily
    and slowly at first, then thudding in and out of her repeatedly
    for several minutes till he was done. He jerked his enormous cock
    out of her and came, spattering her face with thick gobs of jizz.
    She opened her lips wide and took his seed in her mouth. The
    sequence faded after a lingering close-up of her cum-spattered
    face, radiant with joy, her lips questing for his dark, sticky

    The next sequence showed her in a car, driving through lush green
    country. Anuja knew what would follow.

    "Well?" asked Avinash. 

    "Well what?"

    "Do we have a deal or not?"

    "Subject to one condition, yes."

    "You're hardly in a position to demand anything, my dear."

    "I could leave. Divorce you."

    "Really? Think about it. What would you say? That I was impotent?
    Who'd believe it? Look at me. Who'd believe it of me? And anyway,
    how would anyone prove it? Or test it? On the other hand, consider
    your position. Your family, reputation, career, everything would
    be ruined, utterly and completely."

    "I realise all that," she said calmly. "I'm not a fool. But I
    think you relish the idea of an in-house, round-the-clock, free
    sex-slave. I think the notion of your wife being a slut turns you
    on. I think you'd be willing to give a little to keep that."

    Avinash studied her silently and then nodded graciously. "You're
    right. You're smarter than I thought. Perhaps I underestimated
    you. Very well, what is it that you want?"

    "You can film what you like around the house. I will fuck your
    associates for your business, too. But nothing beyond that. Then I
    am at liberty to take any lover I choose, to spend my time fucking
    as I like."

    Avinash looked at her thoughtfully. "That seems acceptable. I
    shall want copies of any films you make like this."

    "That can be arranged. Do we have a deal?"

    "Yes. And thank you," he said politely. "Please wait while I rig
    my film gear."

    Anuja watched impassively as Avinash fetched his trunks and set up
    his cameras, tripods, lights and a sophisticated laptop computer.
    He moved quickly and precisely, humming to himself. When it was
    set, he ran a test, and then turned to her.

    "Ready when you are."

    Anuja looked at him and took a deep breath. 



    "We are supposed to be honeymooning here for ten days. Do you
    expect me to masturbate throughout that time?"

    Avinash grinned. "Not at all, my heart. I have made arrangements.
    You shall have suitable companions with whom you can disport
    yourself. For my pleasure."


    She looked at the television screen and smiled briefly. The car
    had drawn up under a tree on the grassy bank of a rippling, clear
    stream that flowed from a natural rock pool under a small
    waterfall. Anuja got out of the car and, quickly taking off her
    clothes, waded in. She slipped into the pool and swam across to
    the waterfall. The camera caressed her body under the cascade
    while the soundtrack music hummed gently. Anuja took the falling
    water on her face and breasts and groin, arching back, lips moving
    in silent murmurs of pleasure. Her hips writhed under the thick,
    heavy spray and the camera closed in to a shot of her spread legs,
    her unfurled cunt-lips with the water crashing onto her crotch.

    After a while, she swam back to the bank and lay down under the
    tree. The sunlight filtering through the leaves dappled her naked,
    water-flecked body. She caressed herself languorously, fondling
    her belly and breasts and thighs, slowly spreading her legs. The
    camera closed in on her cunt and showed her fingers toying with
    her cunt-lips, spreading them, darting around the moist flesh
    within, knuckling her clitoris while she squeezed her breasts. Her
    hips undulated and pumped gently and her head rolled slowly to one

    The film cut to a shot of two young men hiking through the forest
    by the stream. One was in jeans and a flannel shirt, his sleeves
    rolled up his thick forearms. The other wore only shorts. Both had
    sturdy hiking boots and carried light packs. 

    They were strong, muscular, handsome men. Striding through the
    forest, they stopped in a small clearing and shrugged off their
    packs. One of them went down to the stream to refill his canteen.
    He was shown splashing water on his face, looking up, blinking and

    In a mid-shot, the man by the bank was seen scrambling towards his
    pack. He pulled out a pair of powerful field glasses and raised
    them to his eyes. A slow grin spread across his face. He turned
    his head and whistled softly in code. His companion came jogging
    down the path. The first man murmured to him and, pointing across
    the stream, passed the binoculars to him. The second man lifted
    the glasses to his eyes.

    Through the merged double orbs of a binocular shot, Anuja was
    shown masturbating on the bank. Her body writhed on the grassy
    verge, and her head flipped slowly from side to side, her chest
    heaving. She squeezed her breasts in evident excitement and,
    between her thighs, two fingers pumped frantically in and out of
    her cunt. Her sensuous lips were parted, and her tongue arched
    erotically over her bowed upper lip.

    The second man lowered the glasses and grinned at his companion.

    "Let's go," said the first.

    Abandoning their kit, the two men crept through the undergrowth
    towards her. They came out by her car and stole silently down to
    the river bank, closing in on her. The film cut to her again,
    writhing on the sloping turf, her hips pumping and undulating and
    closed in on her lust- ridden face. 

    The shot dissolved smoothly into a hazy-edged, soft-focus dream
    sequence of Anuja with another man. He was fucking her smoothly
    and steadily, and the film moved to a close-up of his long, thick,
    dark, vein-ridged penis crushing heavily into her sodden
    cunt-flesh. The shot lingered for a moment on her cock-filled
    cunt. She was obviously being taken from behind, and her fingers
    clawed her cunt-lips open. His heavy balls squeezed against her
    buttocks with each slow, spiralling, juddering thrust. The penis
    jammed slowly in, paused, drew up, squeezed in again. The sequence
    cut to a shot of her on all fours, rocking and lurching on her
    forearms and knees, her face turned to the camera, a vision of
    naked, wanton lust. The man's immense penis glided slowly in and
    out, appearing and disappearing between her buttocks.

    The shot dissolved to Anuja by the stream with the two men.
    Already, she was on her knees before the one in shorts. They were
    unzipped and she was sucking his large, long, erect penis. The
    fingers of one hand encircled his massive shaft and her head
    rocked steadily back and forth before him. Her tongue swirled with
    lascivious cunning over the gorged cock-head. The light sparkled
    off the rings on her fingers. The camera lingered on a close-up of
    her face as she sucked his cock, her fingers pumping the tool, her
    tongue working its head, her lips sliding up and down its
    glistening, slimy length.

    The man grunted, head bent to watch her, his hips pumping at her
    face. His lips were parted and he was panting and groaning with
    pleasure, one hand on her head, moving it to suit his pleasure,
    the other on his hip. Anuja's motions grew swifter and she took
    more of his penis in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked

    The other man was masturbating slowly, watching them. Anuja
    abandoned the guy in shorts and turned to him and began sucking
    his cock. The first man took off his shorts and knelt behind her,
    caressing her naked buttocks and breasts sensuously. Anuja cupped
    her hands over his on her breasts and sucked the penis of the man
    before her, head rocking back and forth. The big cock went in and
    out of her mouth.

    In the honeymoon suite, Anuja felt a ripple of excitement. She
    remembered the sequence. They had shot it in one go, without
    retakes. The men were very good, and the sex was fantastic.

    She looked up at Avinash with a smile and slowly dropped the
    *pallu* of her *sari*. He nodded and turned to his laptop computer
    console. Slowly, watching the movie, Anuja unwound her *sari* and
    moved onto the bed among the scattered baubons. 

    Her eyes grew bright with excitement as she watched herself on
    screen. Now she was sucking both penises simultaneously. The huge,
    throbbing organs sawed in the air and her face was bloated with
    the thickness of their cock-head between her lips. Her tongue
    worked them frantically, darting from one to the other.

    On the bed, Anuja sat back against the headboard. Her hands slid
    up under her breasts, weighing them. They were already heavy and
    hard, her nipples stiff. She squeezed them through the blouse.
    With tantalisingly slow movements, she plucked open the buttons of
    her blouse one by one and then slowly drew it open, revealing her
    breasts. She squeezed them sensuously with a soft gasp, rolling
    her palms over the hard nipples, crushing the mounds in her

    "Yes," she murmured. "It was so good --"

    She tugged at the drawcord of her petticoat, loosened it, and slid
    a hand down her belly, between her thighs. With tempting slowness,
    she slid the petticoat lower, lifting her hips slightly to take it
    under her buttocks and down her thighs. With a quick wriggle, she
    slipped out of it and immediately bent her knees, spread her legs
    and clawed her cunt-lips open. The dark delta of her crotch was
    already damp with excitement. She heard Avinash's soft gasp and
    the instant whir of a camera lens zooming in to a close up. She
    held her cunt-lips open for a minute and then arched one long,
    elegant, be-ringed forefinger inward and, gently swirling it
    through her cunt-flesh, began to masturbate.

    On the screen, she was on her back on the grass. One of the men
    had his face buried in her crotch, while his companion sat on her
    face, fucking her mouth. The leisurely cuts showed the man's
    thick, heavy tongue in her slit, rippling up and down her crack,
    darting in and out, flickering against her clit, his heavy finger
    jabbing and jamming this way and that inside her at the same time.
    The film cut to her face rocking up and down under the other man's
    thighs, his glistening penis sliding in and out of her mouth.
    Soft, insistent music pulsed over the soundtrack. The men broke
    away after several minutes and exchanged positions. One of them
    squeezed her breasts eagerly.

    Anuja picked up a long, slim dildo and, holding it elegantly by
    the base, slowly slid the tapering end into her cunt. She gasped
    and her hips lurched and her legs split even wider. Gently, she
    pushed more and more of it into her. It was eight inches long,
    with a ribbed surface. She began to masturbate slowly, stroking it
    gently in and out of her cunt with one hand, the other caressing
    her heavy breasts. Soon, the toy shone with her cunt-juices.

    In the movie, Anuja knelt astride one man's face. His hands were
    inside her thighs, his thumbs stretching her cunt-lips wide open
    and his tongue snaked and slithered in the moist softness of her
    cunt-flesh. Her hips juddered and writhed and swayed over his
    face. He arched his head and sucked on her inflamed clitoris. Her
    belly rippled and shook, and her cunt gyrated on his head. Her
    face was turned to the other man who stood beside her, fucking her
    mouth slowly. With one hand she fisted his cock. The other arm was
    stretched down, adroitly pumping the penis of the man licking her

    The shot cut to a close-up and her fingers and lips and cheeks
    were sticky with their precum gunk. The man fucking her mouth bent
    his face to watch her, his hips pumping rhythmically back and
    forth, rocking her head with one hand. 

    Anuja grew excited watching herself. She abandoned the dildo for
    another, larger one and greedily stuffed it into her cunt and
    started masturbating again. This one was larger, longer and
    thicker than the first, and her hips undulated heavily and her
    hands crushed her breasts in a frenzy. Another camera by the bed
    whirred, closing in on her cunt and the dildo.

    "Oh yes," she gasped. "Oh god yes! It felt so good!"

    The two men had exchanged positions for a few minutes. Now they
    regrouped. She was turned on her hands and knees between them and,
    while one fucked her mouth, squeezing and fondling her pendulous,
    swollen breasts, the other slowly stuffed his slippery, throbbing
    cock into her from behind. Her body lurched and jerked and rocked
    between theirs, connecting the two companions in a coital linkage.

    "Mmm -- what a whore! Take it! Come on, bitch, take it!" the man
    fucking her cunt gasped, holding her hips and moving her up and
    down and back and forth.

    "Ohhhh yes -- suck it -- come on whore -- suck my cock -- harder!"
    his friend said.

    Anuja's body bridged the two men. They fucked her rhythmically for
    several minutes, then exchanged positions and fucked her again.
    Anuja's breasts jiggled and swung, hanging pendulous. The man
    fucking her cunt squeezed them feverishly, mauling them in his

    "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck," the man fucking her face
    gasped. "Oh fuck yes oh yes oh yeh suck it! Suck it, whore, suck
    my dick!"

    "Yeh, ohhhhh yes! Take it! Take it whore, take it!" the other
    groaned, his face twisted with lust.

    For the next forty-five minutes, Anuja masturbated continuously,
    using every one of the dildoes and vibrators as she watched the
    two men fuck her. Turning on her hands and knees, she fucked
    herself from behind, a hand between her legs, rocking a thick,
    heavy vibrator in and out of her cunt. 

    Meanwhile, the screen showed a close-up of her cunt juddering up
    and down the cock of a man under her, scrunching and squelching
    and rasping, while his companion ram-fucked her face with loud
    gasps and grunts. The man under her squeezed her swollen, turgid
    breasts and she moaned, sucking the other's cock, leaning back to
    cup the balls of the man under her. Leaning forward, she flexed
    her buttocks rapidly over his cock, squeezing it with her cunt. He
    gasped under her and reared upward, jamming his cock into her

    They paused and changed positions and she mounted the other man,
    her back to him, and started sucking his friend's penis again. The
    man under her fingered her anus and the camera lingered on a shot
    of her cunt sliding up and down his cock while his finger wriggled
    in her anus. Her buttocks quivered.

    On the bed, Anuja flipped over onto her back and, lifting and
    spreading her legs, jammed the largest dildo from the collection
    into her cunt. Her shoulders hunching, her breasts squeezed
    together, her nipples rigid with excitement, she pumped her hands
    furiously between her legs, driving the ersatz penis swiftly in
    and out of her cunt.

    "Oh god oh god oh god yes!" she gasped. "Ohhhhh yes yes yes!"

    On the screen, too, she was on her back and the men were fucking
    her one by one. One of them bent over and thrust deep into her
    cunt and began fucking her quickly, rapidly, hard and deep, his
    hips swinging furiously over her thighs.

    On the bed, Anuja moaned feverishly, moving her hands faster and
    faster, plunging the ten inch long dildo deep into her cunt, her
    hips juddering and heaving. The film ran on, and now she was with
    the other man, heaving and writhing and arching under him as he
    plundered her cunt heavily, his huge cock ramming and reaming into
    her. The camera cut to a shot of his penis crushing into her cunt,
    his balls hard at her cunt-lips, rising and falling, pistoning
    violently in and out of her flesh.

    The movie sequence ended with the two men fucking in her ass and
    cunt simultaneously. She was turned on her side and one man lay
    behind her, lifting up one thigh and parting her buttocks. He
    squeezed his cock slowly into her anus, and the camera cut to a
    close-up of her contorted face. Instantly, the second man joined
    in, lying before her and forcing his cock through into her cunt.
    Anuja cried out, her voice ringing.

    "Oh ma uhhh AHHHHHHHHH uhhh OHHHHHHHHH! Oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh
    uh oh uh oh uh OHHHHHH!"

    The camera lingered on a close-up of the two cocks running
    alternately in and out of the adjacent orifices with great sawing
    motions, making her thrash in a frenzy between them. 

    On the bed, Anuja turned on her front again and slid the thin
    dildo into her anus with one hand while she masturbated her cunt
    with a thick vibrator. Her cries and moans growing sharper, she
    moved faster and faster, ramming the ersatz penises in and out of
    her cunt and anus, till she came with an ululating cry and
    collapsed on the bed, shaking and trembling.

    She lay on her front on the bed. Slowly, her eyes opened and she
    looked dazedly at the television screen. The sequence was ending.
    The two men were still fucking her cunt and ass together, but now
    she straddled their cocks simultaneously. Kneeling astride one
    man, her cunt impaled on his cock, she rocked up and down, and as
    she did, drove her anus up and down the shaft of the second man
    who knelt behind her, his upright penis buried in her anus. Her
    face was twisted with lust, and her body heaved and writhed and
    thrashed uncontrollably. Each backward thrust drove her cunt and
    anus down onto the two thick penises and drew a sobbing gasp. The
    camera lingered in a close-up of the two orifices being stretched
    and filled by the throbbing, angry male flesh.

    "OHH! OH! OH! OH! OHHHH YES YES OHHHH GOD YES!" she cried.

    "Take it!" one of her lovers gasped. "Take my cock, whore!"

    "Yeh! Take it, bitch -- take it!" the other gasped, driving deep
    into her anus.

    Four hands groped her breasts and she gasped, arching back against
    the man behind her, turning her face to him and kissing him
    wantonly, her lips wide, her tongue snaking in and out of his
    mouth. She orgasmed on screen and, seconds later, the men
    followed, coming outside her, one man splashing gunk on her cunt
    and belly, the other coating her anus and buttocks with his seed.
    They fell apart and she lay whimpering on the grass, running her
    hands through the gunk on her body, licking her fingers and
    smearing her face with it. The camera closed in to show her
    radiant, smiling face, and then began to retreat. It rose slowly,
    showing the three naked bodies sprawled on the grass. Finally,
    lifting through the tree-tops, turned to the bright sky in a
    white-out dissolve. 

    There was a click and the screen died. Avinash rose slowly from
    the console, his chest heaving, shining with sweat. Slowly, he
    turned around. His jeans were undone and his cupped palm was full
    of jizz. Anuja looked at his penis. It was fabulous, fully ten
    inches long limp and correspondingly thick, with low, heavy balls.
    What a waste, she thought bitterly. He wiped his palm on her naked
    belly, smearing her flesh with his seed. 

    "Thank you," he said softly. "You were very good."

    Anuja turned her face away. He turned out the lights. The door
    clicked shut. Surrounded by the dildoes and vibrators, alone in
    the dark, Anuja wept.

                                = o =