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Copyright 1996-97, 
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                         P E N T A P R I S M

                           Sweat Sex Teens

    Anuja saw the ball early. She drew her right arm well back, the
    wrist cocked, the racquet head above her wrist. On the clay court,
    the ball rose high and she had to spring off the balls of her feet
    as she struck it. She took it early, her body twisting as she
    rolled her wrist and the racquet over the ball in a vicious
    top-spin. The ball zipped back across the net, keeping low,
    skimmed the cord and bounced just inside the line. On the other
    side, her opponent saw her return in good time, too, and was
    already racing across the court. He got to it in time and,
    whipping his hand across the ball, drove it down the line to her
    backhand. Anuja rushed for it and slicing it powerfully, put it
    over the net in a controlled drop-shot and followed it by racing
    to the net. Her opponent raced to the ball, tried to scoop it over
    the net. It caught the top cord and fell back on his side of the
    net. Anuja whooped in delight and flung her racquet in the air,
    jumping up and down, laughing and grinning. Her opponent laughed,
    gasping and panting, and offered his hand. She pumped it eagerly.

    "I can't believe it! I just can't believe it! I beat you! Three
    sets to two!"

    "Congratulations, Anju. Great game."

    "Yeah, it was fabulous. Thanks."

    "You've improved since we last played."

    "I've been taking lessons."

    "It shows. But next time we play, it'll be in Aurangabad. Before
    my home crowd. See if you can beat me there!"

    "Hah! I'll crush you!" she said, wrinkling her nose and sticking
    her tongue at him. "Just watch!"

    "That's a promise to come to Aurangabad?"

    "Oh yes. Bombay, Aurangabad, the moon, wherever you like."

    "My, my, someone's becoming really arrogant."

    "Just kidding, love," she said softly, laughing and making him

    They walked to the benches at the far end of the court to collect
    their kit. Jayant and Anuja were first cousins and childhood
    sweethearts. As children, they played together constantly and,
    over time, their friendship matured. They confided freely, though
    there were matters each had not revealed.  

    Anuja was already fucking Baban and the other servants almost
    daily. In college, she was fucking Dinkar, a lower-middle class
    youth of extremely modest means and poor English. He was diffident
    and shy in a predominantly wealthy crowd fluent in English and
    foreign languages. Anuja first seduced him more out of sympathy
    than anything else and was delighted to discover that, not only
    did he have a good, hard, lean body and a sizable cock, but he was
    also an imaginative and demanding lover. He especially enjoyed
    raiding her ass. Her delight grew when she found he had an elder
    brother who was even better and, before long, she was fucking both
    youths, often together.

    She told Jayant none of this. For his part, he kept from her his
    naked lust for her body and how she frequented his fantasies and
    tormented him as he masturbated, how he longed to see her naked
    body, to plunge his flesh into hers. He did not tell, too, of his
    sexual experience, of the dark and smooth-skinned maidservant who
    had, over the past year, taken his sexual education in hand and
    offered him the pleasures of her flesh.

    Jayant was seventeen, too, just a few weeks older than Anuja. He
    was a tall, handsome youth with a muscular build. He had a rugged,
    manly face with a fine, straight nose, thick hair, a wide brow,
    dark eyes, a hard jaw, wide slim lips and strong teeth. Anuja had
    seen him at the swimming pool and knew that his body was muscular
    and sexy. Broad shouldered and strong, he had a V-shaped torso
    with a deep, cleaved chest, a flat, hard belly and a narrow waist.
    His hips were high and lean. His torso was hairless and smooth,
    which she found sexy. His arms and legs were thick with muscle.
    She knew that he worked out regularly and the results were
    impressive. Anuja, too, harboured erotic fantasies about him and
    that they were cousins and the knowledge that their relationship
    could not be seen to anything but a purely platonic one of
    siblings only made her sexual dreams more piquant. In his swimming
    trunks, she had often let her eyes linger on the thick bulge in
    his crotch and tried to visualise his cock, its length and
    thickness. She imagined it would be an imposing organ; she longed
    for it. 

    When her parents said they planned to visit his in Aurangabad
    while he was in Bombay on a short holiday after finishing his
    final exams, Anuja wondered if she would be able to entice him to
    fuck her. The stars seemed to be favourable. She had no way of
    knowing that he, too, was aching for just such an opportunity.
    Ignorant of her sexual history, he hesitated; a scandal in the
    family was the last thing he wanted.

    Anuja sat on the slatted wooden bench and bent over to open her
    sports bag. She was wearing a fine white T-shirt with a collar and
    three buttons and a handsome, short, white pleated skirt. Her long
    hair was braided and coiled double, held with a thick Turkish
    towel hair-ring. She wore wristbands, thick socks and expensive
    tennis shoes. 

    She had not buttoned her T-shirt. Her legs were bare high up her
    thighs and Jayant noted that they were firm and trim and supple.
    As she bent over, the lapels of her T-shirt swung low and he saw
    the luscious swell of her breasts, her long gold necklace
    glistening on her dusky skin, nestling in her deep and inviting
    cleavage. She wore a pretty brassiere, cut fine and thin, that
    seemed to only just cover her nipples. He ogled her unabashedly,
    enjoying the sight. He noticed a sexy little dark beauty spot on
    the inside of her left breast.

    Anuja knew that he was watching her and, for a minute, thrilled
    with excitement. Perhaps, after all, things would work out for
    them. She dawdled, rummaging pointlessly in her bag. Finally, she
    straightened, pulling out her zip-up full-sleeved sweat-shirt. The
    T-shirt was damp with sweat and he could clearly see the sharp
    stubs of her nipples and the dark shadows of her aureoles. She
    slipped into the sweat-shirt and he watched her breasts move.
    Zipping it up to just below her breasts, she rose and collected a
    towel from the rack. He took one too, and they rubbed themselves
    dry. Jayant retrieved his sweat-shirt and zipped it up. Discarding
    their towels in a plastic bin, they hoisted their kit bags on
    their shoulders and walked off the tennis courts together. 

    At the club-house, they sat chatting on the lawn and sipped tall,
    icy cold fresh lime sodas. When they had finished, they strolled
    out and walked the short distance down the road to her house.

    She opened the door of the flat with her latch key and they dumped
    their kit bags in their rooms. He came into hers a few minutes
    later. She selected a tape and slotted it into her expensive
    stereo. Bright pop music pulsed through the high-fidelity speakers
    mounted at the corners of the room.

    Anuja's room was bright and spacious. It opened off the corridor
    just inside the entrance foyer. This was an advantage to her,
    because it enabled her to slip in and out of the house without
    alerting anyone. She had often returned late from an assignation
    with one or other of her several lovers when her parents were
    asleep and shamelessly lied about the lateness of her return the
    next morning. At other times, while they slumbered, she slipped
    out to fuck one of the servants on the landing or up the two
    flights of stairs that led to the terrace, where there was a
    convenient little room that housed the water pump and building
    maintenance gear. In the three-bedroom apartment, this was easily
    the best suited to Anuja's peculiar needs.

    Just inside the bedroom door, ranged along the left wall was a
    deep walk-in closet. To the right of the door stood her desk, with
    an anglepoise lamp, a bulletin board and shelves for books and

    On the other side of the desk was a handsome rocking chair with a
    matching footstool and a floor lamp with a pretty shade. A
    brightly patterned rug was arranged in the center of the floor,
    and another, smaller one at the foot of the rocking chair. Another
    armchair stood opposite, across a small wicker stool and a low
    glass-topped coffee table. 

    Opposite the door, just where the walk-in closet ended was a
    full-length mirror with a dressing table beneath it. Beside it was
    a bed that served as a couch during the day with plump bolsters
    along its back and low, smart shelves with books and magazines
    above it. A large window swept along the wall above the bed to the
    opposite wall where a door opened to the attached bathroom. 

    A fan whirred overhead and the lighting was soft and gentle. The
    bedspread was bright and cheerful as was the upholstery on the
    armchair. The desk was neat and clean. There were colourful
    posters on the wall above the seating arrangement and on two of
    the louvered closet doors. The bulletin board above the desk was a
    jumble of photographs, notes, memos, postcards.

    Jayant loved the room. It had a soft feminine touch with the
    fluffy stuffed toys on the shelf above the bed, the sleek music
    system on the rack above the desk, the colourful magazines and

    As Anuja turned from the stereo, he sat down in the rocking chair
    and, kicking off his shoes and tugging off his socks, perched his
    feet on the footstool. Anuja grinned at him, lowered the volume
    slightly so they could converse, and perched on the low wicker
    stool by the coffee table. She, too, was now barefoot. She sat
    casually, her legs spread, one foot crossed over the other. It was
    an unusual position for a woman, but Anuja tended to do things
    like this, without a hint of being self-conscious. Jayant couldn't
    help noticing that her skirt had slid up to her thighs, almost to
    her crotch. She noticed his gaze and smiled inwardly, making no
    attempt to adjust her clothing. He could see the white flash of
    her panties. 

    They chatted and she leaned forward on her elbows and the lapels
    of her sweat-shirt and T-shirt swung low again, giving him another
    glimpse of her splendid breasts. The neck of the T-shirt pulled to
    one side and he could see the thick gold necklace against her
    dusky skin, curving sexily over the hollow in her collarbone. Her
    skin was smooth and clear, soft, yet firm, silky, like a ripe

    Anuja felt his eyes on her and waited for him to make a move. He
    did nothing. She sighed to herself and discreetly lifted her skirt
    higher, bent lower, giving him a better look at her crotch and
    breasts. Still he did nothing.

    "My god, it's hot," she said. "Look at us both sitting under this
    fan and still sweating!"

    "Yeah. And it's the humidity that gets you in Bombay."

    "Shall I get you a towel?"

    "Yes, please."

    She smiled and got up and went into the bathroom.

    When she returned a minute later with two thick towels, he
    stiffened and sucked in his breath sharply. She had taken off her
    T-shirt and she was wearing just the sweat-shirt now, the zip
    closed to a point just below her breasts. He could see the heavy
    mounds pushing at the cloth and the tempting valley of her
    cleavage, the gold necklace glistening on her flesh.

    "It's too hot. I just had to take off my T-shirt," she said,
    handing him a towel.

    He took it and watched as she mopped her neck and face. Strands of
    hair clung to her brow and the nape of her neck. Her skin looked
    hot and flushed. She bent to straighten the carpet and now, as her
    sweat-shirt swung low, he could see more of her breasts, even the
    shadows of her aureoles and the stiff point of one nipple. She sat
    in the chair opposite him, her legs apart in what looked to be a
    wanton pose and, with her skirt riding high on her thighs, he
    thought he could make out that she had taken off her panties too,
    caught a glimpse of the darkness of her pubic thatch. She leaned
    back in the deep chair and her sweat-shirt strained and opened and
    he studied the bulge of her breasts, the exposed flesh at the V
    where the zip stopped.

    Jayant was perspiring and only part of it was due to the tennis
    game. He rocked back and forth for a minute, then rose and
    unzipped his sweat-shirt.

    "It really is hot in your Bombay," he said.

    "Big talk from the Aurangabad types again?" she laughed.

    He grinned and shrugged off his sweat-shirt. Crossing his arms, he
    pulled the T-shirt off his head. Anuja's pulse quickened with
    excitement as she saw his naked torso, V-shaped, hard, strong,
    hairless, the flat belly, the deep, cleaved chest with small, hard
    nipples pulled wide and low on either side of the thick pectorals.
    Jayant slung the towel across his neck.

    "That's better," he sighed and stood under the fan. 

    "You'll catch a cold. Switch off the fan."

    "Don't be daft. I'll melt."

    "You're mad. Then you'll get a temperature and sniffle all day
    long and I'll have to sit here and look after you and pamper you
    like a baby."

    "I can look after myself."

    "What rubbish. Remember the last time you fell ill? A poor little
    cold and you acted like you were dying or something."

    "I just wanted some tender loving care."

    "Which you got."

    "Not from you. As I remember, you came in and shouted at me and
    told me to stop being such a ninny."

    Anuja grinned. "But it worked, didn't it? You were out of bed like
    a shot."

    He is very close to her, in nothing but his shorts, and the
    proximity of his sexy, masculine, sweating body so close -- and
    yet so far -- thrilled her. She felt her breasts swell with
    excitement, her nipples stiffening, her cunt beginning to ooze the
    first, delicious drops of cunt-juice. 

    He laughed softly and, hands on his hips, tossed his head back
    with a sigh of relief as the cool breeze from the fan fluttered
    over his half-naked body. He was so close to her that Anuja had
    only to turn her face to touch his crotch with her lips; and, for
    a second, she was indeed tempted. But she hesitated, still unsure
    of his reaction, still waiting, groping.

    He bent his head and smiled down at her. She had leaned back in
    the chair, her eyes closed and now he had a perfect view down her
    cleavage. He wondered whether he should make the move; but he,
    too, he hesitated. Instead, he stepped back a pace. He went into
    the bathroom. Anuja sighed softly as she heard the door click, and
    then, a minute later, the soft gurgle of the toilet flushing.

    "You know what, we should have gone for a swim," Jayant said
    coming back.

    Anuja opened her eyes and looked at him. "We could, still."

    "Nah, forget it. Too much of a bother, going all the way back and
    changing all over again. Next time."

    Anuja smiled suddenly, brightly. "Oh come on, Jay, don't be so
    dull. Let's go, it'll be such fun! And I've got this lovely new
    swimming costume I'm just dying to wear."

    Jayant grinned. "Simpler just to shower."

    "Let me show you my new costume. You'll love it. Just wait a sec,
    I'll change."

    "What for? We're not going anyway."

    Anuja pouted. He really was infuriating. "But I want to show it to
    you, do you mind?"

    "No," he laughed. "Go, put it on."

    "That's better. Now don't you go away."

    "And where would I go?"

    "God knows. You're always rushing around."

    She brushed past him and went into the bathroom, shutting the door
    behind her. Inside, she pulled out her new, skimpy string bikini
    from a low cabinet and put it on. It was devastating. The bikini
    bra was the size of a band-aid, narrow strips of cloth that barely
    covered her nipples. The panties were small and tight; behind,
    there was nothing and her buttocks were completely exposed; in
    front it tapered to such a narrow triangular strip that only her
    cunt-lips were covered. Studying herself in the mirror, she
    adjusted the panties just so; pubic hair spread on either side of
    the bikini panties. As she turned to leave, she noticed his
    underpants hanging on the hook on the inside of the door and
    stopped in her tracks. Her pulse quickened. He had nothing on
    under his shorts, she realised. Her lust flared. She opened the
    bathroom and stepped out.

    Later, she regretted not catching his reaction on film. It was
    absolutely priceless. His jaw literally dropped and he froze. She
    pirouetted prettily, her breasts bouncing and sashayed towards
    him. His eyes devoured her body.

    "Like it? Do you like it? Isn't it sexy?" she sang.

    "Fuck!" she heard him gasp under his breath. "Oh fuck!"

    *Yes, please, she wanted to say*. *God, yes, and quickly, I'm
    hot*. She smiled and twirled around.

    "Well? What do you think?"

    "My god ... it's ... you're ... fantastic!"

    "You really think so? You really mean it?"

    "God, Anuja, yes!"

    She pouted before the mirror on her dressing table. "You don't
    think my tits are too big?" 

    She slid her hands up under her breasts and lifted them in the
    bikini top. He followed her, standing behind her, gulping, his
    erection raging. He watched as she cupped her breasts, the little
    fingers and edges of her palms meeting in her cleavage, then
    slowly squeezing them in an utterly erotic action.

    "Tell me, Jayant," she murmured. "I want to know."

    "They're ... perfect ... just perfect ... lovely ..."

    "You're just teasing me."

    "No ... no ... honestly, I mean it."

    "What about my ass? Do you like my ass?" She turned around and
    pushed her buttocks towards the mirror, her hands on her
    butt-cheeks. "I think it's too big. Just look at it!"

    "It's beautiful. Anuja ... you're ... gorgeous!"

    She was facing him now, her back to the mirror, leaning forward
    with her buttocks thrust back at the glass. Her head was on level
    with his chest. Her breasts swung heavy and low, her nipples
    barely concealed by the thin strips of her bikini bra. Her gold
    necklace glistened against her tawny skin.

    "You really mean that?" she whispered, lifting her eyes and
    looking at him. "You really mean it?"

    "Yes ... god yes ... every word, Anuja!"

    She was right next to him, her body almost touching his. Their
    eyes locked and, in that instant, each knew what the other wanted
    more than anything else in the world. Her eyes smouldered; her
    lips parted; her hands slid up from her buttocks, over her flanks
    and pendulous breasts, touched his hard belly, crawled up to rest
    on his deep chest as she straightened and stood upright before
    him. He cupped her neck in his hands. 

    "Jayant ..."

    "Anuja ..."

    "Oh god," he moaned. "Oh dear god," and his lips hovered over

    Then his lips touched hers, fled away, returned, fled, and then
    they kissed with a fierce hunger. Her lips, soft and full,
    flowered open under his and her tongue arched into his mouth. Her
    body was warm and moist against his, and he could feel the
    fullness of her breasts on his chest. Her fingers roamed his naked
    torso tenderly, her very touch inordinately erotic.

    He caressed her smooth, naked back tenderly, his hands roaming her
    arms, her shoulders, her hips, down to her buttocks. She squirmed
    against him, her fingers trickling over his thick biceps, over his
    chest and belly, running along the upper hem of his shorts.

    "Oh god, Anuja," he moaned softly and she silenced him with
    another kiss, fiercer, harder, her desire naked and apparent.

    "Are you sure my tits aren't too big?" she murmured huskily.

    "They're perfect."

    "Do you want to feel them?"

    His fingers worked into the string straps of her bikini bra and
    slid them off her shoulders. Anuja arched her face slowly, her
    expression suffused with lust, her eyes closed, her neck craned,
    her lips parted, as he pulled the bra off gently and slid his
    hands down over her breasts. They were firm and full and high and
    he groaned softly when they filled his palms. Anuja whimpered, her
    breath warm and sweet on his face.

    "Oh Jayant, yes," she gasped. "Oh god yes!"

    Her nipples were nut-hard already, he noticed, her aureoles
    puckered with excitement. He squeezed her breasts gently,
    marvelling at their fullness and weight and the perfection of
    their form. His hands slid down and he caressed her naked buttocks
    and she murmured softly, her breathing heavy, her nostrils flared.
    He squeezed her buttocks and she ground her crotch against his,
    gasping as his fingers dug into the cleft between her buttocks. 

    "You really like my ass, Jayant? Really, truly?"

    "God, yes, Anuja, yes!"

    "Do you ... do you ... want to fuck it?"

    Jayant looked at her stunned and, for one terrible instant, Anuja
    thought she had self-destructed. Suddenly, his lust erupted and he
    squeezed her buttocks hard and kissed her fiercely and she
    responded in like fashion.

    "Oh god, oh god," he muttered. "God, I want to fuck you so hard!"

    "Yes!" she gasped, thrilled by his words. "Fuck me, Jayant! Fuck
    me hard!"

    "Tell me," he whispered, his tongue in her ear. 


    "About the others."

    "What others?"

    "The other guys who've fucked you."

     "You're upset."




    "Why do you want to know, then?"


    "Just curious?"

    "Yes. And turned on."

    She smiled. "Will it turn you on more if I tell you?"


    Anuja bent her head and slowly licked his nipple. Jayant gasped

    "You're right, though I don't know how you know. There've been
    lots of guys. Lots and lots. The servant. Baban. His friends. Many
    of them. Servants. Drivers. Cooks. Anyone I find sexy. A guy in
    college. Dinkar. His brother. Some of their friends."

    "My god! Anuja!"

    "Mm," she mumbled, licking and sucking first one nipple, then the

    The sensations were exquisite. Her tongue whipped his nipple
    delicately, rapidly, her teeth scraped across them, her lips
    clamped around them and she sucked sharply, let go, sucked again.
    He gasped and arched his back. She slithered lower, going down to
    her knees before him. Gently, she opened the clasp of his shorts,
    unzipped them. His penis bounced out. It was big, bigger and
    thicker than she had dared hope, at least seven inches long and
    correspondingly thick, and not yet fully erect. She expected it
    would finally be at least nine inches long, nearly two inches
    thick. His balls were heavy and low. His shaft was shorn smoothly
    down to the hilt.

    "I love being fucked," she murmured. "I love it more than anything
    else. The guys are great when they fuck my mouth ... lick my slit
    ... fuck my cunt ... sometimes even my ass ... I like that a lot,
    a hot cock in my butt ... sometimes I have two or three of them
    fuck me together ... that's heaven ... they fuck me so nice and
    hard ... I love it when they shove their fat long cocks into my
    mouth ... or my cunt ... and best of all in my ass ... it's
    wonderful ... the best thing ..."

    "Oh fuck!" he gasped.

    "And I love sucking their cocks ... having them cum in my mouth
    ... you should see us ... it's so sexy ... just imagine one of
    them fucking me ... me kneeling before him just like this ...
    sucking his cock ... licking it ... or him fucking me ... his body
    over mine ... his hips rising and falling ... his cock going in
    and out of my cunt ... in and out ... fucking me from behind ...
    hammering his hips at my buttocks ... my tits jiggling ..."

    She murmured the words and Jayant closed his eyes and visualised
    the images ... Anuja moaning and gasping, panting and writhing
    erotically as she sucked a servant's cock ... Anuja's body heaving
    and thrashing as he fucked her slowly and deeply and heavily, bent
    over her ... Anuja gasping and crying out, her face turned up, a
    vision of lust, her body rocking back and forth as the servant
    held her hips and fucked her rapidly and hard from behind.

    The images were incredibly erotic, fulfilling his every fantasy.
    His cock quivered and swelled and he gasped sharply as she took it
    in her fingers and ran the foreskin back over the thick ridge of
    his cock-head. Her pointed, cunning tongue swirled lasciviously
    over the thick knob.

    "Like it?" she murmured softly, lifting her large, lovely eyes to
    his, her face suffused with lust, caressing her cheeks with his
    cock-head. "Tell me you like it. Talk dirty to me, Jayant ... it
    turns me on."

    Holding his shaft in one hand, she parted her lips and slipped
    them around his cock-head. Anish gasped, his head jerking back.
    Her mouth was wonderful, soft and warm and wet and her tongue
    worked his cock-head wickedly. Groaning, he held her head and
    pulled it deeper into his crotch, pushing his hips forward at the
    same time, his buttocks flexing taut. 

    "Oh fuck yes!" he gasped. "C'mon ... suck it! Suck my cock! Suck
    it hard!"

    Bending his head, his mouth hanging open, he looked down. Her face
    was distended with the size of his cock. Her tongue worked his
    cock-head with a deft cunning that could only have been gained
    with considerable experience. Her head rocked back and forth
    between his thighs as she sucked his cock greedily and heavily.
    Jayant gasped and grunted, fucking her face in wonder and joy,
    rocking her head in his hands, pumping his hips to and fro.

    "Yes! Ohhh yes! That's it, baby ... yes ... suck it ... oh fuck
    yes! C'mon ... suck it harder ... c'mon Anju! Suck my cock! Ohhh
    uhhh yes uhh yes!"

    Anuja paused briefly, rose slightly, nuzzled his hard belly,
    swirled her tongue through his navel and squeezed her breasts in a
    sheath over his cock. Jayant groaned thickly at the warmth of her
    breast-sheath, the gentle scraping of her nipples over his
    throbbing shaft. Dipping her head, she ran her tongue down over
    his shaft, his cock-head, down the lower side to his balls, gently
    licking and sucking them by turn. She caressed her face with his
    penis and then took him gently in her mouth again, more deeply
    this time.

    "Jayant ... cum in my mouth if you want to," she murmured. "I like

    For a minute, he was tempted. The fires in his loins were raging,
    unbearable. But he hesitated, unsure of his abilities, eager to
    satisfy her.

    "Later," he gasped. "Not now. Later, maybe."

    Anuja did not reply, just took his cock deep in her mouth again
    and sucked it rapidly, her head rocking swiftly back and forth
    between his thighs. Jayant groaned as he fucked her face, his head
    arched, his hands moving her head, his hips pumping. He dropped
    his head and looked down at her and then at their reflections in
    the full-length dressing table mirror. The sight was undeniably
    erotic. Anuja on her knees, her pretty face distended with the
    size of his cock, her head moving back and forth, her ringed
    fingers pumping his shaft, her heavy breasts wobbling with her
    motions, the gold chain glinting on her tawny skin, her small
    nose-stud gleaming, her naked buttocks resting on her heels. Her
    head rolled from side to side as she licked and sucked his cock
    from every angle. Pre-cum gunk spurted from his cock-head and she
    opened her lips wide under his cock-head, letting him see his jizz
    sputter into her mouth. She swallowed it lasciviously, caressed
    her face, her cheeks and lips sticky and slimy with his tangy,
    heady gunk.

    At last, he pushed her head away and she rose slowly, licking his
    torso wantonly, sucking his nipples till she was on her feet and
    in his arms. They kissed fiercely and she ground her crotch
    against his, her hands working his cock-shaft, pressing it to her
    cunt-lips through the thin cloth of her bikini panties. That he
    had not come in her mouth thrilled her; older men and more
    experienced had succumbed far sooner at far less. Evidently,
    Anuja's cousin was no novice. She wondered who his mentor might be
    -- his obvious skill could only have come with experience. Anuja
    reasoned that it had to be an older woman, one capable of guiding
    and instructing a virile, handsome youth in the art of sex.

    His hands roamed her body, sliding from her shoulders to her
    breasts, down her back to her buttocks. She groaned as his fingers
    dug into the cleft between the smoothly curved lobes. Slowly, she
    turned around in his arms, her back to him, facing the mirror. His
    hands slid up her torso, lifted and weighed and cupped her heavy
    breasts. He smiled at her reflection. She tilted her face back and
    he nuzzled the nape of her neck, tongued her ear.

    "You really like my tits?" she murmured.

    "Mm. Very much."

    "I like it when you squeeze them."

    "They're lovely."

    His throbbing erection pressed to her buttocks and, reaching
    behind, she moved it to the cleft between them.

    "God, I love your cock," she murmured, turning her face over her
    shoulder as he nuzzled the nape of her neck, his lips hot on her
    flesh. "You know what?"


    "I really want ..."


    "I really want your cock in my butt. I love being fucked in the

    "I like fucking ass."

    "Will you do it? Please?"

    "Later," he said.


    "Yes. Now I want to lick your slit. You like that?"

    She smiled at him in the mirror, her dark eyes flashing. "I just
    love being fucked, Jayant ... fuck me any way you like ... just
    fuck me ..."

    He smiled and his hands slid down from her breasts to her bikini
    panties, his fingers crawling into the long, narrow triangle of
    cloth covering her cunt-lips. His fingertips brushed her downy
    pubic hair and he pushed the cloth and twirled it into a single
    thick strand that ran down her slit. Now her cunt was fully
    exposed. Her cunt-lips were dripping wet. He pulled them open
    gently and she gasped, writhing against him. Slowly, he slid a
    finger into her cunt. It was hot and wet and tight and she
    groaned, her hips twitching.

    They stumbled to the bed and Anuja lay on her back across its
    width with her hips at the edge, her legs spread wide, her feet on
    the floor. Jayant knelt on the floor and bending over her, kissed
    her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her  mouth, his hands on her
    breasts. Her nipples were stiff and hard in his fingers. She
    sucked his tongue, her hands caressing his body, sliding down to
    his crotch.

    "Fuck me," she gasped as he broke the kiss. "Jayant ... fuck me!"

    She was unbelievably sexy. Jayant was tempted to ram his cock into
    her flesh and fuck her furiously. But he had to show that he was
    man enough to satisfy her, and the obvious power of her sex-drive
    spurred him to prove himself. He moved his lips and tongue down
    her neck, nuzzling the hollow in her throat. She looked lovely,
    and the dark spots on her face and the side of her neck were
    enticing. Lower he moved, his tongue and lips hovering over her
    breasts and she gasped as he flicked first one nipple and then the
    other rapidly and sharply with his tongue. Her back arched and
    bowed and he opened his mouth and sucked on one gorged mound,
    crushing the other in his fingers. Anuja whimpered, clenching his
    head. He scraped her rigid nipple across his teeth and gums and
    the roof of his mouth, whipped it with his tongue. She writhed
    eagerly. He moved to the other breast and then, squeezing both
    large mounds together, sucked them simultaneously. 

    "Oh yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes!"

    Tiny flames of lust leaped through her body. Jayant kept at it
    mercilessly and quickly squeezed two fingers into her cunt and
    began masturbating her. Anuja gasped and cried out, her face
    twisting in an agony of lust, her head jerking to one side, her
    hips heaving under his hand as he finger-fucked her rapidly. Her
    orgasm loomed.

    Suddenly, he stopped sucking her breasts and finger-fucking her
    and, kneeling on the floor, bending low, thrust his face into her
    crotch. Anuja cried out. Jayant spread the cloth of the bikini
    panties wide, covering her slit and, opening his mouth, pressed
    his face to her slit. Anuja groaned softly. She could feel his hot
    breath in her cunt and his tongue pressed delicately inward,
    pushing the cloth into her slit, rubbing over her clitoris. She
    arched her back and clawed her cunt-lips open, her fingers rigid
    with tension.

    "Jayant ... oh fuck yes, Jayant, yes ... c'mon ... tongue-fuck me
    ... do it!"

    Slowly, her cousin brought the edges of the bikini panties
    together into a single strand and gently moved it aside. Her
    cunt-lips were distended in her fingers, soft hair curling around
    their edges. Her cunt-flesh was soft and dripping wet; he could
    see the trickle of her cunt-juice. Slowly, he dragged his tongue
    down her slit. Anuja gasped sharply, her mouth opening in a wide
    O, her back arching, her face suffused with lust.

    "OHHH Jayant yes!"

    Jayant thrust his tongue into her cunt and delved deep. She hissed
    in joy, her back bowing, her hands pulling her cunt-lips wide open
    for him.

    "Ohhh fuck yes! Ohh god yes! Do it, Jayant! Yes! OHHHH uhhh yes!"

    Her head swam with excitement. He was incredibly good. His tongue
    was thick and heavy and she trembled in joy as it probed and
    pushed and twisted this way and that in her sodden slit, flicking
    her clitoris, swirling over the gorged love-button, suddenly
    whipping it back and forth. Gasping and panting, her hips heaving,
    she clenched his head and moved it round and round between her
    thighs. Her cunt-juices streamed and their heady taste and odour
    aroused him.

    Jayant pushed her thighs high and wide in his hands. Her cunt-lips
    were open and distended and the puckered flesh of her anus winked
    temptingly at him. He dragged his tongue down her cunt-lips and
    lower through the creased vale between her buttocks to her anus.
    Anuja gasped and cried out as he ran his tongue lovingly over the
    tightness of her asshole. Gently, he rimmed her ass, his tongue
    coiling and curving over the musky orifice, pressing and probing
    delicately within. It was musky and tangy and he savoured the
    taste and smell.

    Gently, he slid a finger into her cunt, enjoying the sudden,
    violent convulsions of her cunt on his finger and, dragging his
    tongue back upward, pressed his face deeper into her cunt, took
    her swollen clitoris between his lips and sucked it sharply. She
    cried out, her hands flying to her breasts, squeezing and crushing
    the heavy mounds, rolling them under her palms erotically. Her
    head rolled from side to side. Her hips writhed and heaved and
    thrashed as he finger- and tongue-fucked her simultaneously. He
    slid a second finger into her cunt, then a third and abruptly
    began to finger-fuck her violently, ramming his hand back and
    forth, his tongue working like fiery lightning in her slit.

    "OH UH OH UH OH UH Oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh Oh unhh ah uh ah uh oh
    yes oh yes oh god yes ohh yes OHHHHHHHH!" she cried, her body
    thrashing and heaving and writhing uncontrollably.

    His fingers twisting and turning in her slit, his tongue rapping
    at her gorged clitoris, he pressed his thumb to her anus. Anuja
    bit her lower lip, her head rolling from side to side, her thighs
    and legs trembling, her loins ablaze with lust.

    "Yes," she moaned. "Oh god yes!"

    Hooking her hands under her knees, she kept her legs pulled wide
    and high, exposing her cunt and ass completely to his
    ministrations. His thumb pressed into her asshole and, with a
    shuddering moan, she yielded and he slipped it into her tight,
    hot, rear channel. She gasped and cried out, her body bucking and
    lurching and writhing and rocking, her hips heaving and tossing.
    Now his fingers plugged her cunt, his thumb her anus and his
    tongue was everywhere, darting between her cunt and clitoris to
    her tight anus to wriggle into the heat within. Anuja thrashed

    "Oh fuck yes! Oh yes oh god yes oh yes baby yes!" she moaned, her
    hands working her breasts erotically, sliding down her belly to
    her cunt-lips as she hissed in pleasure, clenching his head,
    lifting her legs higher still. On and on he went, driving her wild
    with his dexterity.

    She was seconds away from an orgasm, her body hot, sweat breaking
    out on her tawny skin and bedewing her forehead and upper lip and
    the nape of her neck when he stopped suddenly, jerking his sticky
    fingers out of her slit, raising his head. She cried out in shock
    and dismay, panting and moaning.

    "Oh god no ... don't stop ... not now Jayant ... god no!" she

    Her reactions excited him, made him smile.

    "C'mon, slut ... suck me again," he muttered, rising to his feet.

    Groaning, Anuja sat up and gripped his hips and pushed her face
    into his crotch, taking his cock greedily in her mouth and sucking
    it furiously. Jayant grunted in pleasure and fucked her mouth for
    several minutes, rocking her head back and forth in his hands,
    pumping his hips at her face, fondling her breasts.

    "Okay, bitch ... now I want your cunt," he said at last, pushing
    her down onto her back on the bed again.

    He dropped to his knees and she spread her legs and lifted them
    high, bending her knees. He pulled her thighs apart in hands, his
    hands under her knees. She pushed the bikini strand to one side,
    leaving her cunt-lips and anus exposed. Jayant paused, seriously
    tempted to sodomise her right away. For a second he debated and
    then decided to defer that pleasure for the present. He pressed
    his cock-head to her cunt-lips. 

    "Yes!" she gasped, her hands on his cock, guiding him to her hole,
    her shoulders hunched, her breasts squeezed together between her
    arms. "Fuck me, Jayant! Shove your cock into my slit! I want it,
    come on, do it!"

    Slowly, the youth flexed his buttocks and swung his hips forward.
    His cock-head popped into her cunt and Anuja gasped in pleasure,
    her head arching, her back bowing, her mouth opening in a wide O.

    "OHHHHH yes! Ohhh god yes! Come on ... come on ... come on Jayant
    ... shove it all in ... OHHHHH yes! That's it! OHHHHH uhhhh yes!
    Ohh god yes that's so good yes! OHHHH yes! Oh ma uhhh yes!"

    Groaning in pleasure, Jayant pushed his cock deeper and deeper
    into her hot, wet, tight cunt. It convulsed and spasmed
    frantically on his throbbing penis as he squeezed himself deeper
    and deeper into her flesh. In and in his cock went till it was
    buried to the hilt, his balls pressed to her cunt-lips and
    buttocks. Her cunt squeezed his cock fiercely, its heat engulfing
    his flesh. The youth groaned and exhaled sharply, repeatedly,
    struggling for control. He focussed his mind, centering himself.
    His deep chest heaved. His muscles corded and stood out in sharply
    defined ridges. Beneath him, Anuja moaned, her head rolling slowly
    from one side to the other, her hands under her breasts, lifting
    and squeezing them erotically.

    "Oh god Jayant yes ... oh yes ... that's so good ... c'mon ...
    fuck me, lover! Fuck my cunt ... do it!"

    "Fuck ... you're ... incredible ... god yes ... oh fuck ... oh
    fucking hell yes ...," Jayant groaned desperately.

    Gripping her thighs, gasping softly, Jayant started fucking his
    cousin with long, slow, deep, skewering thrusts. His hips swung
    backward, his buttocks unflexing, and he paused; then his buttocks
    flexed taut again and his hips swung forward with a little roll
    and snap and swirl and his cock spiralled deeply into her,
    entering her flesh from all angles. Beneath him, Anuja gasped and
    moaned, her body arching and bowing, jerking gently with his

    "Ohhh yes!" she hissed. "Oh god yes! Yes! Ohh yes that's it uhhh
    ohhhh yes uhhh oh ma uhh ahhhh uhhh yes uhhh oh yes oh yes oh yes
    oh god yes!"

    He hit a steady, mesmerising rhythm and Anuja gasped deliriously,
    her cunt squeezing and convulsing eagerly on his throbbing,
    stroking, pistoning penis. Her body rocked and jerked, her breasts
    bouncing with his thrusts and she crushed them in her hands, her
    head flipping from side to side. The gold necklace twinkled on her
    skin. Her lips were drawn back, her mouth open, her perfect,
    white, even teeth bared in a rictus of lust. Jayant devoured the
    loveliness of her face and kept moving relentlessly.

    "C'mon ... take it ... yeh ... that's it ... take it, whore ...
    c'mon yes! Take it, you fucking bitch ... take my cock ... oh fuck
    yes ... yes ... that's it ... take it all! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck
    ohhh yes ... oh fuck yes ... ohhhh uhh yes!"

    On and on he went and the sensations in her loins were
    overpowering. Her body blazed with lust. Suddenly, without
    warning, he switched to a furious, ram-fucking, reaming, hammering
    stroke, pounding his hips savagely back and forth, slamming his
    cock in and out of her cunt. Anuja cried out, her back bowing, her
    body rocking and jerking violently, her face twisting and
    contorting in a grimace of excitement, her mouth torn open, her
    eyes screwed shut, her head arched back, her breasts jiggling and
    bouncing furiously, her gold necklace slapping and dancing on her
    tawny skin. She dug her fingers into his thick biceps and
    forearms, clenched his powerful shoulders. His cock rammed and
    reamed and slammed in and out of her cunt, mashing her gorged
    clitoris, crushing her hot cunt-flesh, probing deep, plowing
    wildly in and out.

    ma Oh ma Oh ma Oh ma OHHHHHH uhhh yes Oh god yes OHHH yes uh oh ma
    oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma oh Jayant! Jayant! Uhhhh yes uhhh oh
    yes!" she cried out.

    Equally suddenly, he slowed and resumed his slow, deep, punishing
    thrusts. Anuja gasped in shock and delight. Moaning and hissing
    her pleasure, she slid a hand down her sucked-in belly and splayed
    her cunt-lips further open, her slim, elegant forefinger curling
    inward to flick her clitoris gently, her other hand working her
    breasts. Her orgasm neared, grew, loomed and then broke and she
    gasped, arching stiffly, the breath shooting from her throat as a
    thousand volts of electric pleasure swept her flesh. Jayant
    groaned, his head flung back and slowly drilled her cunt again and
    again, pushing his cock as deep as he could into her hot, wet,
    delightful cunt. 

    Her orgasm intensified, lengthened, peaked and slowly waned as he
    kept moving, just barely in control himself. She groaned thickly,
    her chest heaving, panting and gasping her pleasure.

    "God, you're fantastic," she murmured, looking at him with a
    smile, her eyes dancing with pleasure. "You're unbelievably good!"

    He grinned and kept moving. "So are you, Anju. So are you. Like

    "Mm. Heaven. Just don't stop ... just keep fucking me," she
    murmured, her eyes fluttering shut, her head turning to one side.

    He continued stroking smoothly in and out of her till he had her
    whimpering in passion again and could feel the renewed spasming of
    her cunt. Her lust mounted and grew slowly.

    "Now," he murmured. "Let me fuck your ass."

    Anuja was in no mood to deny him. "Yes," she gasped. "Come on, do
    it! I want it in my ass!"

    Jayant slid smoothly out of her cunt, making her groan at the
    sudden release in pressure. He bent her legs further up and back,
    spreading her thighs and pressed his bulging, glistening cock-head
    to her exposed asshole. Anuja whimpered and writhed, her body
    rolled up onto the small of her back, her anus proffered to his
    pleasure. His cock-head pressed at the tight flesh of her rear
    orifice. She gasped, bit her lower lip, tensed and then yielded
    slowly. Jayant flexed his buttocks smoothly and gently and eased
    his hips forward. His cock-head popped into her anus. Anuja cried
    out, her mouth jerking open, her lips snapping back over her
    teeth, her head whipping back, the breath rushing from her throat.
    Her fingers dug into his thick forearms.


    He paused, gasping, wincing, his face contorting in an agony of
    lust as her anus convulsed frantically on his penis and slowly
    flexed his buttocks and slid his hips further forward. His cock
    inched into her tight, hot, spasming anus. She gasped and cried
    out, her chest heaving, her breath coming in choking, sobbing,
    rattling gasps and moans as he went in deeper and deeper. Her
    buttocks writhed and quivered as he impaled them. Her legs
    trembled in the air.

    "OHHHHH Jayant yes Oh god yes uhhh yes oh fuck yes!"

    "Ohh uhh yeh uh ohh yeh oh yeh oh fuck yes ohh god yes take it!"
    he went.

    "Oh ma oh ma oh ma oh ma uhhh ohhh uhhh ohhhh!" she wept.

    The youth sodomised his young teenage cousin slowly and
    thoroughly. Groaning and gasping, his fingers digging into the
    soft flesh of her thighs, he swung his hips gently back and forth,
    his buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips sliding smoothly in a
    to-and-fro action. Anuja hissed and moaned in evident pleasure,
    her head rolling from side to side, her breasts wobbling with his
    thrusts as he drove himself in and out of her anus. She squeezed
    her breasts, pinching and tweaking the nut-hard nipples, rolling
    them under her palms. Her hand went down flat on her belly and she
    pressed a finger to her cunt-lips. 

    "God yes ... c'mon ... c'mon Jayant ... yes ... fuck me ... oh ma
    uhhh yes ... oh fuck yes ... that's it ... do it ... shove it in,
    lover ... ohhh yes ... that's so good ... yes ... fuck my ass baby
    ... fuck it ohhh uhhh yes oh god yes!"

    Goaded by her words, he fucked her ass unhurriedly, stroking in
    and out, in and out of her anus. Anuja gasped and thrashed and
    writhed, her middle finger arched elegantly between her cunt-lips
    frantically working her clitoris. Faster and faster he went, his
    cock pushing and squeezing and tunnelling into her asshole, which
    convulsed frenetically on the thick, long, throbbing, searing hot
    invader. Her fingertip jigged frantically on her clitoris. Her
    hips heaved and thrashed and her other hand crushed and squeezed
    her breasts in a frenzy. 

    "Oh Jayant ... Jayant ... Jayant ... yes ... oh fuck yes ... yes
    ... yes ... oh god yes ... ohh god oh god oh god oh ma uhh ahhhh
    uhhh yes!" she gasped, her voice ragged and hoarse.

    She looked stunning, he thought, her pretty face distorted by an
    agony of joy, her head flipping from side to side, one hand in her
    crotch, finger working her clitoris, the other on her breasts, her
    body heaving and thrashing. Her loud, lewd moans of pleasure rang
    in his ears. Jayant groaned and flung his head back. The heat in
    his loins was unbearable. Anuja moaned and exploded, her orgasm
    crashing over her like a tidal wave, the breath shooting from her
    throat, her body arching and bending under his, her anus
    convulsing and cramping fiercely on his penis. Jayant couldn't
    hold back any longer. His balls and belly ached for release. With
    a shuddering gasp, he thrust his cock into her anus once, twice,
    three, four, five times, each thrust drawing a choking gasp from
    her throat and then, lurching out of her, shaking his cock, he
    came violently. Anuja gasped as his cock jerked out of her anus
    and, whimpering, writhed under him, her hand still working her
    slit. Hot jizz spewed from his cock-head and she groaned as it hit
    her thighs and cunt and belly and breasts. She caught it in her
    fingers, licked them, smeared them on her face and neck and
    breasts, massaged it into her crotch. Gunk dribbled down her
    cunt-lips and over her anus. Gasping and groaning thickly, Jayant
    pushed his cock-head into her asshole again, making her whimper
    softly. He fucked her ass for a few minutes, moving gently and
    then, sliding out, pushed it into her cunt. Anuja spread her legs
    and wound them around his lean hips as he bent over her, his hands
    on her cum-sticky breasts. She caressed his broad shoulders and,
    opening her eyes, smiled radiantly up at him, her hips grinding
    pleasurably under his. His erection had barely waned and he moved
    smoothly and effortlessly now, his hips rising and falling in a
    smooth cadence. He bent over and kissed his, his tongue roving
    deep in her mouth. She caressed his strong back and buttocks.

    "God, you're incredible," she murmured. "That was fabulous."

    "For me, too. You're fantastic."

    He tongued her ear gently and she craned her neck and licked and
    sucked his nipple.

    "Now what?"

    "Now nothing."


    "Except more fucking."

    She giggled. "That's more like it. What do you want to do?"

    "I want to lick your slit again," he murmured after a bit. "Then
    your cunt. Then your ass. I want to fuck you all over again."

    She giggled. "Let me suck your cock first. I like doing that."

    He grinned and slid smoothly out of her cunt. Once again, he rose
    to his feet and she sat up and pushed her face into his crotch,
    taking his cock in her mouth and sucking it slowly. Jayant felt
    good, strong and fully in control of himself. He moved her head in
    his hands. The orgasm had sated their immediate need and now their
    lust simmered with a deep, quiet, satisfying intensity. She sucked
    his penis slowly and deeply, her face distended with its size as
    she took it deep in her mouth. Jayant fucked her mouth slowly, his
    head bent, watching her, watching his thick, long cock glistening
    between her lips. He caressed her face and fondled her breasts,
    relishing their weight and size, the hardness of her nipples. She
    worked his cock-head cunningly with her tongue and teeth and he
    groaned softly, his loins growing hot with lust.

    When he was satisfied, he pushed her back and licked her slit and
    ass again. Anuja whimpered softly, lying back and caressing his
    head dreamily as his tongue and fingers and lips and teeth wrought
    their magic in her loins.



    "Did your dad buy that new video camera?"

    Anuja grinned and craned her head and looked at him. He lifted his
    face, a huge grin creasing his handsome face.

    "Yes, why?"

    "I want to shoot a video of you fucking."

    "Fucking you?"

    "No. Yes. Maybe. Actually you and the servant."

    "Who, Baban?"

    "Yeah. You fuck him, don't you?"

    "All the time."

    "Good, then I'll do that first. Then maybe you and me."

    "Then all three of us? You guys fucking my cunt and ass together?"


    She looked at him adoringly, drinking in the beauty of his body
    with his broad shoulders and deep chest and chiselled features and
    stone-hard belly, rippling with muscle.

    "C'mon lover ... fuck me ... fuck me like a whore," she murmured,
    her eyes glittering with excitement.

    At his instance, they moved to the floor, before the full-length
    dressing table mirror. There, she knelt and sucked his cock again
    and then, later, he bent her over on all fours and, kneeling
    behind her, tongued and licked her cunt and ass gently, and
    finger-fucked her cunt and anus simultaneously. Anuja writhed and
    moaned, her buttocks swaying, her upturned face creased in

    "C'mon Jayant ... fuck me," she moaned at last, gasping and

    The teenager chuckled softly and rose to his knees behind her. She
    bent forward over the low stool set in front of the dressing
    table, her breasts pendulous and heavy, her gold necklace
    dangling, her thighs spread and buttocks splayed open. Jayant took
    his cock and slowly squeezed its head into her cunt. She groaned,
    her head rising, turning over shoulder. He slid his hands up her
    body and caressed her, cupped and squeezed her breasts. Bending
    over, he kissed her hungrily, his tongue in her mouth and she
    sucked it gratefully, her buttocks writhing against his groin.

    "God that's so good," she muttered as he tongued her ear and
    nuzzled the nape of her neck. "That's so very good."

    Their bodies glistened with sweat now and hers was sticky with his
    gunk as well. She smelled divinely sexy and erotic, a heady
    mixture of sweat and cunt-juice and his gunk. It aroused and
    excited him. He eased his cock deeper into her cunt, going in and
    in till he was buried in her flesh to the hilt with his balls
    pressed to her buttocks and cunt-lips, and began to fuck her
    unhurriedly with slow, deep, skewering thrusts. His buttocks
    flexed and unflexed rhythmically, his hips swung smoothly and
    seamlessly from the waist and his cock glistened and gleamed as it
    went in and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing wetly
    between the smooth curves of her buttocks. Anuja moaned and gasped
    in pleasure, rocking back and forth under him, her hips swaying
    erotically, writhing in joy as he swirled his hips and entered her
    from all angles. Her face was turned up, suffused with lust, her
    mouth open, her eyes hooded, her tongue pressed erotically to her
    upper lip. Her gold necklace swung and her breasts jiggled and
    swung with his thrusts. Her forearms on the stool, she moved in
    unison with him, savouring each thrust, delighting in the long,
    grinding, squelching, rasping, mashing instroke, gasping at the
    release in pressure as he slid outward, moaning as he spiralled
    and rolled in again and again. His lips pursed, Jayant breathed
    heavily, panting and gasping softly, his breath sucking in,
    shooting out, sucking in, shooting out in time to his fucking.

    "Oh ... uhh ... ohh ... uhh ... ohh ... uhh ... ohhh ... uhh ...
    ohhh ... uhh ... ohh ... yeh ... ohh yeh ... ohh fuck yes ... uh
    ... Ohhh ... uhhh ... OHHH ... uhh ... OHHH ... uhh ... OHHH ...,"
    she moaned. "Yeh ... oh god yes ... ohhh ... uhh ... oh ... uhh
    ... ohma uhh yes ... ohh yes ... yes ... that's ... it ... ohh yes
    ... do it ... do it, lover ... fuck me ... oh ma yes!"

    "Take it! Take it, whore, take it! Oh yes! Oh fuck yes oh uhh oh
    uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh oh uh ohhhhhh!" he

    Gripping her hips, he fucked her relentlessly, gradually going
    faster and faster, his thighs slapping loudly at her soft
    buttocks, his cock grinding and rasping and squelching in and out
    of her cunt. Faster and faster yet and he was ramming and reaming
    in and out of her cunt, his head flung back, jerking her body back
    and forth under him, jerking her cunt up and down the length of
    his throbbing, swollen cock-shaft. Her head jerked up and she
    cried out, her mouth open, her face contorted with lust. 

    "Oh Jayant ... Jay ... uhhhnt unhhh Ohhh uhhh ohh uhh oh oh oh oh
    OHH uhh Ohma oh ma oh ma oh ma OHHHHHH uhh oh yes oh god yes oh
    fuck yes oh yes ... fuck me ... oh god yes!" she cried.

    He gasped and rammed deep into her. "Take it! Oh fuck yes Oh yes
    oh yes Ohh uhh ohhh uhh ohhhhh uhhh ohhhhhhh uhh ohhhhhhhh uhh  oh
    uh oh uh oh oh uh OHHHHH!"

    She moaned, her head sinking between her arms, her body rocking
    and jerking, her pendulous breasts jiggling heavily, her gold
    necklace tossing back and forth, slapping against her chin. Jayant
    went faster and faster, hammering his hips back and forth,
    pummelling her thighs, making her body jerk and rock wildly under
    his. Suddenly, he slowed and ground his hips round with a sudden
    snapping action as he thrust into her. His cock spiralled into her
    from all angles, mashing her cunt-flesh and gorged clitoris,
    making her gasp and arch her head, whimpering her pleasure. 

    Groaning, he resumed fucking her with deep, rapid thrusts again
    and now he looked up. The reflections in the mirror were erotic
    and aroused him intensely: her body jerking and rocking, her
    necklace swinging, her breasts jiggling and bouncing, his thighs
    slapping at her buttocks. Her face was suffused with lust, radiant
    and glowing. Sweat coursed down his deep chest, pattered gently on
    her back and buttocks. It streamed off her back. Strands of hair
    clung damply to the nape of her neck and her brow. He continued
    fucking her mercilessly.

    Their orgasms neared, growing increasingly imminent. Jayant
    exhaled sharply, rapidly, and checked his own orgasm. His balls
    ached and throbbed. He kept stroking powerfully in and out of her
    cunt, relentless, ruthless, masterful. Anuja exploded with a
    shuddering, broken, ululating cry, her body stiffening, her back
    curving inward, her head jerking up, her cunt convulsing and
    cramping fiercely on his pistoning penis. Jayant gasped, his head
    arched and skewered her cunt slowly, squeezing his cock in as deep
    as he could with sharp, stabbing thrusts, his buttocks flexing
    taut and twitching at her hips as he plunged his cock into her
    flesh. Again and again he slammed his cock into her cunt and her
    body jerked and rocked under his, each thrust drawing a rattling
    groan of pleasure as her orgasm intensified, lengthened and slowly

    He slowed and stopped, skewering her deeply, writhing his crotch
    against her buttocks. She whimpered as he squeezed her breasts and
    bent over and kissed her again when she turned her face.

    "Now," he murmured. "Now, whore, your ass again. Come on."

    Anuja moaned softly. "Jayant ... please ... use the lotion ..."

    She pointed to a plastic bottle of skin lotion on the dressing
    table. Jayant grinned and picked it up, flipped open the lid,
    tipped some cream into his palm and anointed his thick, hard,
    long, throbbing, sticky cock. Taking more, he smeared it between
    her buttocks and on her anus. She moaned and trembled at his
    touch, gasping as he pressed a fingertip to her rear orifice and
    forced it in. He laughed softly.

    "You really like it in your ass, don't you? Love being
    butt-fucked, right?"

    "God yes," she moaned. "C'mon Jayant ... fuck my butt ... do it!"

    "I want it nice and deep now, bitch. C'mon ... on your feet!"

    He rose to his feet and pulled her up so that she was bent over
    steeply, her forearms on the stool before the mirror, her feet on
    the floor, legs spread wide, her buttocks splayed open, her anus
    completely vulnerable and exposed to his throbbing cock. He tipped
    the bottle of lotion over her buttocks and the thick cream
    dribbled over her anus. Slowly, he slid his finger into her rear
    channel and lubricated it thoroughly. She gasped thickly, her
    chest heaving, her head arched, biting her lower lip. Sliding his
    finger out of her anus, he tipped more lotion on her back and
    massaged it into her flesh. Standing behind her, between her
    spread thighs, he took his cock in one hand and, holding her hip
    with the other, carefully pressed his cock-head to her tight
    little asshole. She tensed and he pressed deeper. Her anus yielded
    and he squeezed his cock through, his cock-head popping into her
    rear channel. She cried out sharply, her head snapping up, her
    mouth tearing open, her face contorting in a savage grimace.


    Jayant gasped, his belly rippling inward, his muscles cording in
    tension. The sight in the mirror was incredibly erotic. Her face
    was turned up, her lips drawn back over her teeth, her neck arched
    with tendons popping, her long gold necklace high on the nape of
    her neck, her dark hair loose in its knot, framing her face, her
    breasts swollen and heavy, his cock-head embedded in her anus, his
    thick shaft protruding between the smooth round curves of her
    buttocks. Her anus convulsed frenetically on his cock and he
    groaned thickly, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her
    buttocks, spreading them wider still to receive his swollen shaft.

    Anuja's head swam with excitement and pleasure. His penis was
    wonderful in her anus, thick and hot and hard. She moaned loudly,
    her chest heaving, her pulse pounding in her head and writhed her
    hips erotically.

    "Oh Jayant!" she gasped. "Oh god yes! Do it, baby! Shove it in!
    Shove it all in, Jayant ... fuck my ass ... I want it!"

    Jayant groaned and slowly flexed his buttocks tighter and tighter,
    sliding his hips forward. His cock squeezed between her buttocks,
    disappearing between the curves and into her hot, tight, clonic
    rear channel.

    "Oh fuck yes! Oh motherfucking god in heaven oh fuck yes oh yes
    c'mon bitch take it ohhh god yeh ... take it, whore ... take my
    prick!" he gasped.

    In front of her mirror, Jayant sodomised his teenage cousin for
    the second time that evening. His cock drilled her anus and her
    face twisted and contorted as he pushed it in deeper and deeper.
    He took her ass heavily and slowly, gasping in pleasure. Bent over
    before him, Anuja moaned and writhed as he buggered her
    thoroughly, his hips rocking slowly back and forth, his cock
    grinding in and out of her cunt without respite or mercy. Her body
    flamed with lust, and she moaned and whimpered and gasped, her
    breath rattling from her throat in broken cries and moans. His
    hands slid up and he squeezed her breasts, thrust a hand under her
    belly and fingered her wet, sodden slit, arching two fingers into
    her cunt as he stroked smoothly in and out of her anus, his thick
    penis grinding and rasping in and out, in and out, in and out.

    Anuja gasped and cried out, her body writhing and lurching and
    rocking frantically as a violent orgasm swept through her. Jayant
    groaned and held himself back, slowly grinding into her ass again
    and again. With a low groan, he let himself go, gasping in relief
    as the heat spewed from his cock and spurted in endless, hot,
    stinging jets into his beautiful cousin's steaming ass. Groaning,
    he slid out of her, making her gasp, and jerking his cock,
    spattered her buttocks and thighs and back. Slowly, he squeezed
    his cock into her asshole again. Anuja moaned and whimpered and
    let him sodomise her for a few minutes more. Then he slid out and
    slowly pushed his cock into her cunt again.

    "I could fuck you forever," he murmured, rocking slowly back and
    forth. "Forever and ever."

    She grinned at him in the mirror, her eyes dancing with pleasure.
    "That's a promise you're not allowed to break, Jay," she murmured.

    They sank to the floor and he slipped out of her and fell on his
    back on the floor. She turned and bent over him, her legs outside
    his, her heavy breasts dangling over his face. He grinned and slid
    his hands up her body to cup the fleshy mounds. Her nipples were
    still hard.

    "You still hot?"

    "Mm. Very."

    "So am I."

    "So I see," she giggled, reaching back to fondle his erection.
    "God, doesn't your prick ever get limp?"

    "You want it to?"

    "Not especially."

    "Good. Neither do I. This is good."

    "Don't I know it. Shall I suck you?"


    "Come in my mouth."


    She fed her breasts to his lips and he sucked them delicately,
    making her whimper and moan. Then she glided downward, kissing and
    licking his sticky body, sucking his nipples, going lower and
    lower, her tongue trailing down his hard belly and swirling
    through his navel till her head was bent over his cock. Gently,
    she drew his cock into her mouth and started sucking it. Jayant
    groaned and closed his eyes. There was magic in her fingers and
    tongue and lips and teeth and he surrendered to it, letting her
    suck him at her pleasure. The heady taste and odour of his cock
    aroused her, smelling of cunt and ass and gunk and she sucked him
    deeply and slowly, savouring every minute. She loved the taste and
    feel and smell of a thick cock in her mouth and Jayant was a
    magnificent lover by any standard.

    Her head bobbed and rocked up and down over his lap. Jayant moaned
    thickly, holding her head and moving it to suit his pleasure. His
    hips writhed and bucked under her face. Rising, she squeezed her
    breasts over his throbbing shaft while she tongued his belly;
    dipping her head, she scraped her teeth over the thick stem and
    went lower to suck his balls. He spread his legs, lifted his hips
    and her tongue swirled over his anus. He gasped thickly. The
    sensation was exquisite, her soft face burrowing between his
    strong, muscular thighs, her tongue whipping at his anus, her
    fingers curled around his shaft, jerking it deftly and pumping it.
    Pre-cum gunk spurted from his cock-head and her fingers grew
    sticky. Lifting her head, she caressed her face with his cock,
    moaning wantonly, letting him watch her lips and cheeks grow
    sticky with his seed. She moved it around her breasts, between
    them and he pushed her head back and made her suck his cock again.

    "C'mon ... suck it ... suck it hard, whore!" he gasped.

    Anuja sucked his cock with renewed vigour, her tongue coiling
    sinuously around his cock-head, probing the long, fine slit in the
    cock tip, trying to draw at the essence of the man. Her head
    bobbed faster and faster up and down and her fingers worked his
    shaft adroitly and the heat in his balls and belly was no longer
    containable. With a shuddering moan, he exploded and she held his
    cock-head in her mouth and sucked his seed gratefully, her head
    spinning with the delightful taste and odour of his gunk. Slowly,
    lasciviously, she raised her head and smiled at him. He thought
    she looked stunning, jizz dribbling down her chin and, as she
    jerked his cock still, spurting onto her neck and breasts.

    They showered together, and under the cool, stinging spray, she
    sucked his cock again, delicately arousing him till he was hard
    and erect again. In the bathroom, standing with her back to the
    tiled wall, Jayant fucked her hard, holding her thighs in his
    hands and slamming his hips back and forth greedily, thrusting his
    cock greedily into her cunt, his hips twitching violently, his
    buttocks flexing and unflexing powerfully as he drowned his cock
    in her cunt. She gasped and cried out, her fingers scrabbling at
    his shoulders, her cunt and hips heaving and jerking under his
    thrusts, her body twitching and lurching.

    Back in the bedroom, dripping wet, he fucked her again on her back
    on the cool tiled floor, taking her heavily and slowly, pushing
    her from one orgasm to another. On his back, he took her astride
    him and she groaned, bucking and rocking feverishly up and down on
    his penis as he squeezed and cupped her hot, heavy breasts,
    lifting his head to suck them. She came again and yet again. He
    was insatiable and kept fucking her. Anuja was delirious and dizzy
    with lust, tiring now. Turning her on her side, he plunged into
    her cunt from behind, fucking her furiously, jerking her body
    savagely before his, his thighs cannoning off her buttocks and
    thighs, his penis pounding her flesh greedily. She gasped and
    cried out, her body jerking and writhing uncontrollably and then
    he rolled her over onto her front and ram-fucked her demonically
    from behind, straddling her hips in a low, deep squat, thrusting
    furiously in and out of her cunt, going on and on, hammering his
    hips at her buttocks and thighs, his cock plunging and pistoning
    in and out of her flesh. She came again and finally, he lost
    control and exploded deep in her cunt, his cock plunged in to the
    hilt, his hips twitching and jerking, his cock spewing his molten
    heat into her sodden slit.

    They fell to the floor, murmuring in pleasure, caressing each

    "What time is it?" she asked drowsily.

    "Almost eight-thirty." He looked at his wrist watch.

    "You hungry?"

    "For food or sex?"

    She giggled. "Whichever. You decide."

    He grinned and squeezed her breast, dragged his tongue over her
    still hard nipple. "What do you think I want?"

    She laughed softly. "I don't know, but I hope it's the same as I

    And then she had his penis in her mouth again and Jayant groaned
    softly and closed his eyes, surrendering to the magic of his
    teenage cousin's body.

                                = o =