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Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                         P E N T A P R I S M


                         The Heart Of A Whore

    "Come on, Baban ... lick my slit ... fuck me with your tongue!"
    The teenager's voice was husky and sibilant, deeply erotic. 

    The darkly handsome, hard-bodied youth smiled down at the lovely,
    dusky seventeen-year old girl sprawled wantonly before him. Her
    body was luscious, already ripened into womanhood, with large
    breasts and flared hips. Her belly was firm and flat, her arms and
    legs smooth and slender. Her face was sensuous, slightly
    heavy-lipped and fleshy-nosed, but sexy all the same. Her eyes
    were large and dark, rimmed with *kajal*, and her hair was thick
    and long, twisted into a long braid. Baban liked his women earthy
    and sensual. 

    The young servant smiled and thrust his face into her crotch.
    Anuja gasped softly and arched her back in pleasure. His tongue
    rippled down her sodden cunt-lips and through moist flesh within.
    It felt wonderful. Anuja spread her legs still wider and, gripped
    his head in her crotch, her hips raised high. His tongue swirled
    through her cunt-flesh and flickered against her gorged clitoris.
    She moaned softly. He slid his hands up to her turgid breasts and
    squeezed them, pinching her rigid nipples. Anuja sighed in
    pleasure, writhing on the bed. His tongue jabbed into her cunt and
    she gasped loudly, arching her back. 

    "Ohh! OH! Oh yes! Yes! Ohh! Unhhh! Ohhhh!" 

    Her face flipped languorously from side to side, her lips parted
    in a gentle 'O' of pleasure. Her body jerked back and forth on the
    bed as though she was being fucked, and her large breasts jiggled
    erotically. She squeezed them in rising excitement, moaning with

    Three months earlier, a virgin then, she offered herself to Baban
    on a hot afternoon when she was alone at home. Her father was at
    work, and her mother was at a ladies' luncheon. Anuja was feeling
    sexy and she lay in bed, masturbating gently and unhurriedly with
    a large, long white radish. She slid the vegetable gently in and
    out of her cunt and wondered what it would feel like to have a
    real penis in her flesh. If only there was a man available ... 

    The realisation hit her suddenly and she stopped. Baban. Of
    course. Baban was available. He was in the house, and they were
    alone. Anuja's pulse quickened. For a second, she hesitated,
    pondering the risks and the consequences if they were caught. But
    her sexuality would not be denied. It was high time she had a
    lover. And Baban had entered her fantasies frequently. 

    Anuja's knowledge of sex came from biology text-books and her
    father's sex manuals she read surreptitiously when her parents
    were out of the house. Since fourteen, when she discovered her
    sexuality, she had experimented with herself, masturbating daily,
    often several times a day, with a number of household objects:
    hairbrushes, toothbrushes, bananas, vegetables -- cucumbers,
    gourds, the long white radishes -- the handles of the wooden
    clothes- paddle handle and her tennis racquets; anything served.
    She had a vivid imagination and fantasised constantly. No matter
    how often she masturbated, it was never enough; the sense of
    dissatisfaction persisted. She longed for the real thing. 

    Abandoning the radish, her heart racing with excitement, Anuja got
    up. She knotted her hair quickly behind her head and, for a
    second, debated what to wear. Looking around, she spotted her
    tennis gear, and grinned in delight. Quickly, she slipped into her
    white cotton T-shirt and short tennis skirt, deliberately abjuring
    all underwear. She braided her hair and, holding her shoes in one
    hand, her racquets in the other, she twirled before her
    full-length mirror. The T-shirt was translucent and her breasts
    and nipples and aureoles were clearly visible. Her breasts bounced
    as she moved and she thought it very erotic. Bending over, she
    smiled at her reflection as she saw her skirt slide up her thighs
    and reveal her buttocks and naked cunt beneath. Perfect. Baban
    would not be able to resist her. 

    He was in the hall, sweeping the floor on his haunches when she
    entered and dumped her sports bag on the sofa seat. For a moment,
    she looked at him with a rush of pleasure. He moved smoothly and
    easily in the difficult position, crabbing across the floor, the
    muscles rippling in his thighs and shoulders. He wore a tight
    white vest and baggy shorts. He looked up at her and she saw the
    swift intake of breath. 

    "I'm going to the club. Tennis," she murmured, eyeing him

    He stared at her and nodded slowly. She turned her back and bent
    forward at the waist over the back of the couch to pick up her
    bag, her feet spread apart. Her skirt slid up, high over her hips
    and she heard him gasp when he saw her naked buttocks and thighs,
    the puckered darkness of her anus, the bewitching fuzz of her
    cunt. With her legs spread, her cunt-lips opened slightly and he
    could even see the tender flesh within. She paused for the merest
    fraction of a second, letting him have a good look. The swish of
    his broom stopped. There was utter silence. The broom clattered to
    the floor. Anuja didn't move. 

    Suddenly, she gasped. Baban's hands slid up her legs and over her
    buttocks. She wanted to turn and look at him, but held herself
    back. A soft rustle, a snap and then she bit her lower lip and
    felt dizzy with excitement. A thick, long, hard thing was pressing
    between her buttocks and thighs, moving to her cunt. His cock!
    Anuja had never seen a real cock before. She tensed. The heat was
    intense and overpowering. It pressed to her cunt-lips. His hands
    pushed her T-shirt up under her arms and roved over her breasts.
    They were hard and swollen with excitement, her nipples erect. She
    held still. 

    And then the heat of his cock burst into her cunt and she cried
    out, her head snapping up, her face contorting in an explosion of
    pleasure. His penis surged powerfully into her flesh and his
    fingers crushed her breasts. Anuja dug her fingers into the
    upholstery and moaned, her head jerking up, her mouth opening in a
    wide 'O' of lust. She did not tell him it was her first time. Her
    head swam with excitement. She was being laid! At last, she was
    being fucked! The young servant flexed his buttocks and his hot,
    hard penis drove deeper into her cunt. Anuja gasped and cried out,
    her cunt contracting and convulsing frantically on his penis.
    Baban groaned in excitement. 

    "Ohhhh fuck yes!" he gasped softly. "Ohhhhh yes! Ohhh god yes!" 

    The servant fucked her hungrily, rapidly, hard. He pushed his cock
    deeper and deeper into her cunt and then began to rock his hips
    swiftly, running it greedily in and out of her flesh. Anuja gasped
    and cried out, rocking back and forth under him. His cock felt
    wonderful, better than she had imagined. It was hot and hard and
    it mashed her gorged clitoris in its passage. Faster and faster he
    went, plunging into her sodden cunt-flesh. Anuja began to orgasm
    helplessly. Baban gasped, flinging his head back, holding her hips
    and jerking her cunt up and down on his shaft, squeezing her
    swinging, swollen breasts feverishly. His cries rang in her ears. 

    "Ohhh uhhh yes uhhhh ohhh uhh *hanh* ... uhhh ... c'mon Anu take
    it! Take my cock! C'mon ... Ohhhh uhhh yes!" 

    The vulgarities aroused her and she whimpered in pleasure and
    rocked back and forth under his thrusts, her swollen breasts
    jiggling, her gold necklace swinging against her chin. His thighs
    slapped softly at her buttocks as the swollen penis sawed
    rhythmically in and out of her flesh. 

    On and on he went, driving his penis in and out of her cunt, his
    thighs pummelling her buttocks, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing, his hips swinging and rocking back and forth, his cock
    plunging in and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing
    between the sweet curves of her buttocks. At last, moaning, Baban
    lost control. He drove deep into her with a rasping cry, ramming
    himself into her flesh, making her cry out and then, buried deep
    in her spasming cunt-flesh, his buttocks twitching and flexed
    taut, his cock throbbing furiously, he came. Anuja moaned in joy
    as she felt the sharp sting of his spoot in her cunt-flesh. Baban
    groaned and emptied himself, jet after jet of jizz spurting into
    her hot flesh. Slowly, he eased himself out of her. Anuja stayed
    bent over, panting and gasping with excitement, her body burning
    with lust. 

    At last, she straightened and turned to face him. His face was
    grey with tension and nervousness, fear of the consequences of
    what he had done. Anuja smiled slowly, seductively and, stretching
    out her hand, pulled him to her. 

    "Thank you," she murmured, her face close to his. "That was

    Baban looked relieved. 

    "There's something you should know," she said, her lips fluttering
    against his. "That was my first time. I've never been fucked

    Baban's eyes widened in surprise and disbelief. 

    "Really," she smiled. "It was. I just know about it, and I've
    wanted it, and I've been masturbating, so I knew what to expect,
    but it was my first time even so." 

    Baban's eyes were full of wonder and surprise. 

    "It is wrong," he said softly. "You were wonderful -- but it is


    He smiled. "The first time should have been different, special,"
    he said. "Not like this. Forgive me, please." 

    Anuja kissed him gently. "Don't say that," she murmured. "It was
    very good for me." 

    He shook his head and, sliding his hands up her T-shirt to cup her
    breasts, found her nipples still hard with excitement. He kissed
    her slowly, his tongue slipping between her lips. Anuja's tongue
    met his and their kiss deepened and she squirmed erotically
    against him. 

    "I want you," she gasped. "I want you again." 

    "Let me fuck you properly this time. As it should be." 

    Anuja smiled, her eyes dancing with excitement. "Yes," she
    breathed. "Fuck me, Baban." 

    "Like a whore. Say it." 

    "God, yes. Fuck me ... fuck me like a whore, Baban!" 

    He laughed, his eyes sparkling with pleasure. They moved to the
    living room, and, on the soft Persian rug in the centre of the
    room, for the next hour or more, Baban fucked Anuja slowly and
    relentlessly, taking her repeatedly, forcing her from one orgasm
    to another. 

    It was the most wonderful time she had known. Baban was an
    experienced, adroit lover and a good teacher. Anuja orgasmed more
    often than she could remember as he fucked her mouth, her breasts,
    and her cunt repeatedly in a variety of positions. When he licked
    her slit, she went wild with excitement, gasping and thrashing and
    writhing, crushing her breasts erotically, her body jerking and
    lurching as though under a man's thrusts. Anuja couldn't get
    enough of it. When he stopped, she groaned and flung herself at
    him, burying her face in his crotch, sucking his cock furiously.
    He groaned and exploded in her face, making her moan as the hot
    seed splashed into her mouth and over her face and breasts. 

    Then he fucked her again, and yet again. Finally, fucking her
    slowly and deeply on her back on the living room floor, his penis
    gliding gently in and out of her cunt, then going faster and
    faster and faster till he was ramming and reaming violently in and
    out of her flesh. Anuja responded like a thoroughbred, with a
    natural instinct and arched in joy when he came at last, his head
    snapping back, his penis buried deep in her flesh, spurting heat
    into her cunt. 

    For the next two months, they fucked at least once a day, whenever
    they could. He coached her gently. Intelligent, sensitive and
    imaginative, she learned well and soon reached the stage where she
    could push him to his limits. 

    Baban loved her passionately. Anuja never tired of his
    companionship, and cherished the long afternoons when they could
    be together, exploring each other's bodies in every conceivable
    way, constantly searching for new heights of pleasure. He taught
    her to enjoy sodomy and, willing pupil that she was, Anuja did not
    hesitate. The first butt-fuck was exquisite, an erotic, heady
    mixture of sharp pain that dwindled in seconds to be replaced with
    intense, dizzying pleasure. She loved it and, after that, insisted
    on it every time he fucked her. 

    Now Baban lifted his head from her crotch and smiled as she moaned
    softly in pleasure. She looked lovely, naked except for her gold
    necklace, bangles, earrings, finger-rings and the small stud in
    her left nostril. Very sexy. He rose to his knees and she turned
    around and pushed her face between his thighs and began sucking
    his penis greedily. He grunted in pleasure and fucked her face
    unhurriedly, moving her head back and forth with one hand, pumping
    his hips. 

    "Mmmm ... yes ... take it ... that's nice ... suck it, Anu-bitch
    ... suck it ... yeh ... like that ... Ohhh yes ... suck it harder,
    whore ... come on!" 

    Anuja loved the dirty talk. It turned her on. She sucked her
    servant's penis harder, using her tongue on the cock-head
    adroitly, relishing the musky odour and tang of his pre-cum gunk.
    He flung his head back and moaned softly, his cock spurting beads
    of pre-cum jizz and, smiling happily, she licked and swallowed
    them. He groaned and rocked her head between his legs, fucking her
    face with immense pleasure. His cock filled her mouth and
    distended her face. She swirled her tongue cunningly around the
    cock-head in her mouth. He pushed her head away after several

    They fucked slowly. She went down on her back and, leaning over
    her, he squeezed his penis slowly into her body. Anuja murmured in
    pleasure, arching under him, caressing his bulging biceps and
    taut, flexing buttocks as he pumped his hips rhythmically up and
    down. He kissed her gently, his tongue slithering between her

    "Hey, whore," he murmured, his tongue in her ear. 

    "Mm, what?" Anuja craned her neck and sucked gently on his dark

    "Want some excitement?" 

    "This is exciting." 

    "More exciting." 

    "Like what?" 

    "Like fucking some of my friends." 

    She stopped moving under him and looked at him silently. 

    "What did you say?" 

    "My mates. They want to fuck you, too." 

    "You've ... you've told them about us?" 

    "Of course." 

    She smiled suddenly, her eyes dancing with excitement at the
    prospect, imagining what it would be like to have strangers using
    her body. 

    "Would you like me to?" 


    "Are they as sexy as you?" 


    "Bigger cocks?" 

    "And better. Hot studs." 

    "How many?" 

    He grinned. "Three, maybe four. You could fuck a couple of guys
    together. That's good to watch." 


    "Yeah. In your cunt and mouth. Even, maybe, your cunt and ass?" 

    "Together?" she gasped. "At the same time?" 

    "Sure, why not? You can do it and the broads all say it feels
    great, having two cocks like sawing in and out of your cunt and
    ass all at once." 

    "Oh god, Baban!" Anuja moaned. 

    "What say, bitch? You game?" 

    She grinned, her eyes dancing, and, stopping him, rolled him over
    onto his back and straddled his hips, her cunt impaled on his
    penis. She bent and kissed him, her tongue deep in his mouth, her
    breasts hot on his chest. 

     "Yes," she said. "Call them. I'll fuck them all." 

    </p> <p align="center"></font><font FACE="arial,helvetica"
    ></font><font FACE="arial,helvetica" SIZE="+0"></p> <p>The next
    afternoon, Anuja's delight was beyond imagination. Baban brought
    up four friends, two servants, a chauffeur and a cook. They were
    all handsome, virile youths with hard bodies and satisfyingly
    large penises. The chauffeur was Anand, the cook Ratanlal. Hemant
    and Laxman were the two servants. 

    Anuja was wearing a long transparent white *kurta* and matching
    *salvar*. Under it, she wore only a tight, small bra that barely
    covered her nipples and nothing else. The *kurta* was cut tight
    and close and her breasts strained at the material. Her nipples
    and the dark aureoles were clearly visible. Between her thighs,
    the dark shadow of her crotch tempted the men's hungry eyes. 

    They gathered in the living room and Anuja felt a twinge of
    anxiety. She looked uncertainly at Baban and he smiled
    reassuringly and introduced her to the men. Anuja nodded. There
    was a second's silence as each debated the next move. Baban came
    to the rescue. He pressed close behind her. Anuja stood still. His
    lips nuzzled the nape of her neck. Her eyes fluttered and her head
    arched. He slid his hands up from her waist to her breasts.
    Anuja's eyes fluttered shut. Slowly, Baban plucked open the
    buttons of her *kurta*, one by one, and drew it open. The four
    servants saw her breasts; one of them gasped softly. Baban's hands
    slid up to weigh her breasts and he squeezed them gently,
    caressing her nipples and aureoles. Her nipples stiffened in his
    fingers. Her lips fluttered open. Baban pushed his hands under her
    *kurta*'s lower hem and tugged at the drawcord of her *salvar*. It
    rustled to her feet. He flipped the *kurta* up to her waist. Her
    cunt was exposed. Slowly, Baban drew the *kurta* off her head. She
    turned to him but he stopped her gently. 

    "Not me," he murmured. "Not me. Them." 

    He turned her around. Anuja looked at the servants with continuing
    trepidation. The driver, Anand, took the initiative and broke the

    "You're very lovely," he smiled. "Very sexy. I want to fuck you." 

    Anuja smiled in relief. He grinned gently and began to unbutton
    his shirt as he advanced towards her. Pausing before her, he
    opened his trousers and dropped them. Anuja looked down
    involuntarily, instinctively and gasped. His penis was enormous.
    Still limp, it was at least eight inches long and correspondingly
    thick. The men chuckled at her reaction. She looked at them, at

    "Are they all ... are they all like this?" 

    "More or less," Baban said and the men laughed softly and began to

    Looking at their hard, naked bodies, their muscular physiques and
    long, thick cocks, Anuja felt giddy with excitement. Anand smiled
    and stepped closer. 

    Anuja looked at him and a slow smile spread across her pretty
    face. Gently, her hand slid up his hard, smooth, hairless torso,
    tracing the contours of his muscles and she bent her head forward
    and slowly wound her tongue around one nipple. Anand chuckled
    softly. Her hand crawled down his belly to his crotch and her
    fingers closed around the thick length of his penis. 

    "I want you," she murmured. 

    Anand's hands slid under her shoulders and she shivered when he
    cupped her breasts. They were already turgid with excitement, the
    nipples stiff, the dark aureoles puckered. He squeezed both
    breasts and Anuja moaned and sucked on one nipple, then the other.
    She moved her lips and tongue across his chest to the other nipple
    and then dragged her tongue downward, over his rock-hard belly.
    Her fingers worked his penis tenderly. Kneeling before the
    chauffeur, she moaned softly and dragged her tongue through his
    navel. He was a handsome, sexy man, tall and lean with a V-shaped
    torso, hairless and muscular. His shirt was open and his trousers
    were puddled at his ankles. His penis was enormous, at least eight
    inches long and correspondingly thick with heavy, low balls. 

    Groaning, Anuja caressed his cock and, dipping her head, dragged
    her tongue down the length of his shaft. Her hands slid up under
    her breasts and she lifted them erotically. Rising slightly, she
    took his cock between her breasts, kissing and licking his belly
    sensuously. He groaned at the soft warmth of her breast-sheath. He
    could feel her hard nipples raking his shaft. 

    He pushed her head down. Slowly lifting his cock, jerking it
    tenderly, deftly, she slipped back the foreskin, opened her mouth
    and swirled her tongue over his cock-head. Anand gasped softly,
    and his belly rippled inward. 

    "Ohhhhhh yes!" 

    Anuja moaned deep in her throat and her lips slid forward and
    encased his cock-head. Anand grunted and pushed his hips forward.
    His cock quivered, thickened, lengthened, hardened. Anuja sucked
    his cock in rising excitement. It was now almost ten inches long
    and two inches thick. She longed for it in her cunt. Her body
    rippled with desire. Her tongue ran around the cock-head, swirled
    over the knob, toyed with the long slit in its peak, her teeth
    scraped his shaft gently. Holding his cock and jerking it, she
    sucked harder, her head rocking back and forth between his thighs.
    Her mouth was moist and warm and Anand gasped in pleasure at the
    insistent pressure. 

    "Ohhhh fuck yes! Suck it! Suck my cock, bitch! C'mon ... yeh ...
    suck it, bitch ... suck my cock! C'mon, whore, do it!" he gasped,
    holding her head and moving it back and forth to suit his pleasure
    while he pumped his hips. 

    After several minutes, he pushed her head away. Immediately
    another servant took his place, one of the servants, Laxman. His
    cock was already hard and satisfyingly long. Anuja moaned and
    started sucking it, feeling dizzy with excitement. After him, it
    was Hemant, the other servant and, when she had done with him, it
    was the cook, Ratanlal. 

    When finally he pushed her head away, Anuja moaned, her eyes
    glassy with excitement, caressing her breasts, waiting kneeling on
    the floor to obey their next command, to fulfil their next desire.
    Baban chuckled and stepped forward. 

    "Now me," he smiled. "While Hemant licks your cunt. He's good at
    that. Loves eating pussy, right, stud?" 

    "You bet!" the young servant exclaimed. 

    Sitting on the sofa, Anuja sucked Baban's cock while Hemant knelt
    between her thighs and licked her slit. She gasped and moaned,
    writhing and lurching, and the others caressed her body together,
    fondling her breasts and face. Anuja thrilled at the attention.
    The knowledge that she had aroused all of them so intensely was
    itself erotic. Hemant was exceptionally good at licking slit. His
    tongue was thick and heavy and sharp and unbelievably agile. It
    swirled and rolled every which way in her sodden slit, now
    whipping her gorged clit, now pressing into the tender flesh, now
    gentle then fierce. Anuja moaned and gasped, her mouth filled with
    Baban's cock as she sucked it, her face turned to one side, her
    head rocking back and forth between his legs as he stood on the
    sofa seat. Her hips bucked and lurched. With one hand she jerked
    Baban's cock, with the other she caressed her breasts or Hemant's
    head. It moved between her thighs and his tongue was relentless in
    her slit. Her belly rippled with excitement and lust. 

    "Hey guys enough. I want to fuck her," she heard Anand say.
    "C'mon, break it up." 

    Baban and Hemant released her. Anand stood before her and,
    moaning, she slipped off the sofa to her knees before him and took
    his cock in her mouth again, sucking feverishly. He fucked her
    mouth eagerly for several minutes and then pushed her back. 

    Anuja went down on her back on the cool floor and, bending her
    knees, spread her legs wide open. She splayed her cunt-lips open
    with her fingers as Anand knelt between her thighs and leaned over
    on outstretched arms. 

    "C'mon Anand ... fuck me ... fuck me slowly ... I want to feel it
    all ..." 

    The chauffeur paused with his cock-head at her cunt-lips and she
    smiled wantonly at him and, holding his shaft, guided him to her

    "C'mon lover ... shove it in ... slowly ..." 

    His buttocks flexed slowly and his hips dipped. The huge cock-head
    popped into her cunt. Anuja gasped and moaned, arching her back. 

    "More!" she gasped. "Put it in! Come on!" 

    Anand flexed his buttocks slowly tighter and pushed his hips
    forward. His penis surged into her clonic cunt and she hissed in
    pleasure, arching her back more and more steeply as his cock slid
    into her cunt, going in further and further, tunnelling and
    burrowing. In and in it went and at last she had it fully in her
    flesh, huge, hot, hard, throbbing. She gasped and moaned, her face
    radiant with excitement. 

    "Oh fuck yes!" she gasped. "Oh god your cock's so good! Fuck me
    lover! Fuck me hard now! Fuck me like a whore!" 

    Anand groaned, his buttocks flexed taut, his head arched back.
    Slowly, he slid his penis outward and then, with a shuddering
    moan, plunged into her. 

    OHHHHH!" Anuja shrieked as the huge cock surged white hot into her
    sodden cunt. 

    He fucked her rapidly and hungrily, his hips rocking up and down,
    his powerful muscles corded, his buttocks flexing and unflexing.
    Anuja gasped and thrashed under him, her hips heaving upward to
    meet his in descent. Faster and faster he moved, gasping and
    groaning his pleasure. Her cunt convulsed and spasmed frantically
    on his penis. 

    "Ohh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes ohhh yeh take it ... take it whore
    take it!" he gasped. 

    He moved faster, thrusting and ramming and reaming greedily into
    her hot, wet cunt. Anuja's cries were sharp, staccato Oh's and
    Ah's of unbridled pleasure. Her body jerked and snapped under his
    thrusts, her swollen breasts jiggling and bouncing, the gold chain
    around her neck slithering this way and that. She squeezed her
    breasts in erotic excitement, pinching her nipples, her head
    flipping from side to side. Whimpering, she caressed his bulging
    biceps and deeply cleaved chest, gripped his buttocks, wrapped her
    legs around his rocking hips. He bent his head and she smiled as
    his lips met hers. 

    "Fuck, you're good," he gasped. 

    "So are you, lover, so are you," she moaned, smiling and let him
    push his tongue into her mouth. 

    On and on he went, his cock driving in and out of her cunt,
    appearing and disappearing between her cunt-lips. Gasping and
    crying out, she orgasmed and, as her cunt convulsed in a frenzy on
    his pistoning, throbbing penis, he slammed into her violently
    once, twice, three, four ... a dozen times, each piercing lunge
    driving the breath from her throat. Then, jerking deep into her,
    he came and she hissed in pleasure, her arms above her head, hands
    clenching the feet of the coffee table, murmuring in joy as his
    thick, hot spoot shot and shot and shot. 

    Anand groaned and slowly slid out of her cunt and rolled away.
    Anuja gasped, her chest heaving, panting with the exertion. A pair
    of hands squeezed her breasts and she opened her eyes and saw the
    cook grinning down at her. 

    "C'mon whore ... on your front. I'll fuck you like a bitch." 

    He turned her on her front and she groaned and waited on all
    fours, her breasts swollen and pendulous. Kneeling behind her, the
    cook chuckled and slowly pushed his cock into her cunt. Anuja
    gasped, her head rising, her lips drawing back in a grimace of
    pleasure as the thick, long penis slid into her hot, wet, tight

    "Oh ma unhhh OHHHHHHH unhhh *hanh* uhhh OHHHHHH!" she cried. 

    The cook groaned and, gripping her hips, began fucking her with
    long, smooth measured thrusts, pushing his cock in as deep as he
    could, jerking her body back and forth, dragging her cunt up and
    down the length of his inflamed penis. Anuja groaned and gasped,
    rocking and lurching back and forth on all fours under him. Her
    breasts jiggled and swung with his thrusts and his thighs slapped
    loudly at her buttocks. He squeezed her breasts in excitement and
    began moving faster and deeper and harder, making her groan and
    cry out. She came violently and, seconds later, groaning in
    pleasure, he buried himself in her cunt and exploded, making her
    moan thickly as the white-hot shards of his jizz stung her
    tingling, tender cunt-flesh. 

    The two servants, Hemant and Laxman were already jostling forward,
    each trying to elbow the other out of the way, squabbling for her
    flesh. As the cook slid out of her, chuckling and slapping her
    buttocks, Anuja looked at the two servants, their huge penises
    sawing the air as they moved forward. 

    "For god's sake," she gasped. "You don't have to fight! You can
    both fuck me together!" 

    Watching her, Baban laughed in pleasure. She was a natural, born
    to this, with an appetite for pleasure that was unmatched in his
    experience. He watched as she pulled Laxman to the floor and
    smoothly straddled his hips on her knees, engulfing his cock in
    her cunt. He gasped and arched under her and she hissed in
    pleasure, her face creasing in a radiant, happy smile. 

    "God I love your cocks," she said. "Come here, you. I want to suck

    Hemant stood beside her and she turned her face and began sucking
    his cock while she rocked slowly and unhurriedly up and down on
    Laxman's thick erection. The two servants gasped and groaned as
    they fucked her cunt and mouth together. Her breasts bounced and
    jiggled and the servants' hands were all over them, squeezing,
    caressing, fondling. 

    After several minutes, the two men swapped and Anuja mounted
    Hemant with her back to him, rocking up and down on his cock while
    Laxman fucked her mouth eagerly, rocking her head back and back in
    his hands. 

    She loved having two men together. First the two servants fucked
    her in her cunt and mouth together, then Baban and Anand had their
    chance. Anuja lost track of who was fucking her and in what
    orifice. At Baban's insistence, Anand fucked her cunt while
    Ratanlal sodomised her. It was the first time she'd been fucked in
    both cunt and ass simultaneously and Anuja almost passed out with
    the intensity of the pleasure. She orgasmed repeatedly and wanted
    it again. Hemant and Laxman obliged, fucking her in her cunt and
    ass simultaneously again, lying on her side with Hemant driving
    his cock into her cunt while, lying behind her, Laxman plunged his
    cock in and out of her anus. Anuja's body writhed and thrashed
    between theirs, her cries sharp and shrill with excitement. When
    Baban suggested that she try three, Anuja was in no condition to
    refuse, and the men were exultant. 

    They finished with Baban and Hemant and Laxman fucking her all at
    once, in cunt, mouth and ass, ramming their cocks greedily into
    her again and again. Anuja was exhausted when they finally stopped
    and left. 

    Baban saw the guys out and returned. Anuja had left the hall. He
    heard her in the shower and he went in. She smiled and they kissed
    gently, tenderly, and her hands were already busy between his

    "Did you enjoy that?" he murmured, kissing her. 

    "Very much. I want to do it often. As often as I can." 

    "Good. It was very sexy to watch." 

    "Fuck me. I'm hot." 

    "I want to fuck your ass." 

    "Yes. Come on. Do it." 

    She turned around and leaned on the wall and Baban gripped her
    hips and parted her buttocks and slowly shoved his cock into her
    tight anus with a shuddering moan. Anuja gasped and cried out and
    her face turned to his under the hot spray and he kissed her hard,
    thrusting his tongue into her mouth as he pushed his cock deeper
    and deeper into her anus. 

    For the next few months, between leaving school and before
    colleges opened, Anuja continued her affair with Baban and his
    friends. They established a routine; most days it was Baban or one
    of his friends. Her parents were in on weekends and these were the
    'dry' days. By Monday, Anuja was burning with lust, and, since
    these were the freest days, with her mother out to kitty parties
    that extended into the evening, Anuja made herself available to
    all the servants. Frequently, she had seven or eight callers. 

    Her parents never knew. To them, she was still the innocent,
    wide-eyed child. They knew nothing of the gasping, panting woman
    who writhed and heaved eagerly every afternoon with the
    neighbourhood servants. 

                                = o =