Erotica from the INDIAN HEAT archives


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Copyright 1996-97, 
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                         P E N T A P R I S M




    Aroused by her obscene, overjoyed cries, Anuja's servant rammed
    his penis into her cunt. 

    "Say it again, cunt!" he gasped. "Say you like it!"

    "Yes ... OHHH yes!" she gasped. "Oh god, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me
    hard! Do it! Fuck me baby! Harder!"

    On her hands and knees before him, Anuja gripped the bedstand with
    clenched fingers. Kneeling behind her, holding her waist, her
    servant swung his hips violently back and forth, slamming his
    penis in and out of her cunt. Her heavy, pendulous breasts
    jiggled. Leaning forward, he squeezed them hard, jerking her back
    and forth on his cock, grunting and gasping. Her cunt spasmed on
    his throbbing penis. Her head arched and twisted and he jammed his
    mouth to hers and forced his tongue between her lips. She
    whimpered deep in her throat, shaking and rocking in delirious
    ecstasy under him. Her dusky body glistened with sweat and the
    gold chain around her neck tossed back and forth. His hips crashed
    against her buttocks, his balls slapping at her cunt-lips. 

    Faster and faster he went, fucking her brutally. He squeezed her
    breasts hard and jerked her savagely down onto his penis again.
    Anuja's lovely eyes fluttered shut and her lips drew back in a
    rictus of lust, baring her white teeth.

    "OHhhhh ... Uhhh ohh yes Bharat yes ... yes ... fuck me! Fuck me
    hard, lover! Ohhh yes ... Ohhh uhhh ... unhh OHH!" she moaned in
    unbridled joy.

    Her cunt convulsed frenetically on his penis and she orgasmed. Her
    servant gasped at the fierce cramping of her cunt on his penis,
    and, with a shuddering cry, rammed his cock into her repeatedly,
    jerking her forward under his thrusts. Anuja gasped and cried out
    loudly as his enormous penis reamed and rammed deep into her
    convulsing cunt-flesh. His cock embedded deep in her cunt, his
    hips twitching violently at her buttocks, he exploded. Anuja
    moaned softly in pleasure as her servant's hot spoot spurted in
    stinging jets deep in her cunt and seeped in a sticky flood over
    her trembling thighs.

    Gasping and panting, his fine, muscular body streaming with sweat,
    the servant slid his penis out of her and collapsed on the bed
    beside her. Anuja whimpered and slid over him and kissed him
    gently, fondling his chest and groin. She cupped his balls and
    penis lovingly, stroking his shaft, raking her fingernails up and
    down its length.

    "That was lovely," she gasped, tonguing his ear wantonly. "Thank

    He squeezed her breasts and grinned. "Anytime, cunt. Anytime at

    "Fine. How about right now?" she giggled.

    Without waiting for an answer, she slithered down and took her
    servant's long, dark penis in her mouth. He chuckled softly and
    murmured in pleasure. Gently, she sucked his cock, using her
    tongue cunningly, and her head bobbed and bounced steadily over
    his thighs. His cock quivered and slowly began to rise and swell
    in her mouth again. She murmured with pleasure. He groaned and
    squeezed her breasts and then slid his hand to her crotch. She was
    lying on her side, and she lifted her upper leg high, bending her
    knee. Bharat arched two fingers into her sodden cunt. Her hips
    writhed. He started to masturbate her gently as she sucked his
    penis. Her cunt convulsed on his wriggling fingers and he chuckled
    as her buttocks swayed erotically. She moaned deep in her throat.

    "Use the ice, cunt," he commanded.

    Anuja grinned impishly. Pausing, she thrust her hand into the
    ice-bucket by the bed. She popped an ice-cube into her mouth and
    bent her head to her servant's crotch again. Bharat gasped sharply
    as the cold ice slithered over his cock-head and shaft.

    Bharat's penis swelled again. It was eight inches long and
    correspondingly thick. Anuja loved it. Whimpering eagerly, she
    straddled his lap and moved his cock between her legs. Gently, she
    eased her cunt down onto his cock-head. Her handsome lover grunted
    softly and squeezed her heavy breasts. Smiling with pleasure,
    holding the tip of penis in her cunt, she leaned forward and
    kissed him lasciviously, sliding her tongue between his lips.

    "I love your fat cock," she murmured. "I want it in my cunt

    The servant chuckled. "No can do, slut," he said, squeezing her
    breasts. "But I'll try."

    She smiled, and moved up slightly to press her breast to his lips.
    "You do that, lover," she said. "And I want it in my ass, too."

    "Yeah. Haven't fucked your butt in some time," her servant
    replied, gently sucking on one breast.

    "Mm. Not for a month, as I recall. Do it after this," she


    Bharat tugged at her nipple with his teeth and Anuja groaned
    softly, in deep pleasure. Her hips squirmed gently over his groin.
    He squeezed her buttocks and, prying them open, pressed his
    fingertip to her anus. Anuja sighed and slowly eased her cunt
    down, engulfing his cock in the moist warmth of her cunt. Bharat
    groaned and pressed his fingertip firmly forward. She tensed, then
    yielded with a shuddering groan as he slid his finger into her
    asshole. Her cunt and sphincter contracted involuntarily on his
    cock and finger, and Bharat gasped and flexed his buttocks upward.
    Anuja cried out sharply as his penis surged deep into her cunt.
    Simultaneously, he sucked hard on her breast, gnawing at her
    rigid, quivering nipple, and twisted his finger in her anus.
    Anuja's buttocks snapped together and her hips writhed
    ecstatically over him. The sensations were overpowering. She
    arched her head and gasped, her large, dark eyes hooded with lust.

    "OHHH Bharat! OHhhh ma ... unhhh OHHH!" she cried.

    Bharat thought her incredibly sexy. Over the past three years, he
    had fucked her almost daily, and he never tired of her. She was
    vivacious and bubbly and attractive, and sexually ravenous and she
    never refused him. He only had to ask.

    She was dusky and fleshy with superb curves. Her breasts were full
    and generous and ripe, with long, stiff nipples in dark, puckered
    aureoles. Her belly was firm and flat and her hips flared to
    delectably curved buttocks. Her flesh was firm, yet soft, like a
    perfectly made cake. Her face was round, with large, dark eyes
    rimmed with *kajal*, and a strong, straight nose. Her lips were a
    tad fleshy, but perfect on her. Her teeth were white and even. She
    had a sparkling, infectious laugh. Her skin was smooth, with
    several sexy dark birth-marks on her neck and face. There was one
    in her cleavage, which he found intensely erotic. She wore a thick
    gold necklace and several rings on her shapely fingers.

    "Come on, Bharat," she gasped now. "Fuck me! Fuck my cunt hard!"

    Bharat bucked his hips rhythmically under her and, squeezing her
    breasts together with one hand, pumping the other between her
    buttocks, sucked on both breasts simultaneously. Her nipples
    quivered between his lips and he scraped them across his teeth and
    gums, flicking them with his tongue. Anuja cried out, clenching
    his head, her hips squirming and writhing erotically over his. His
    cock churned her hot cunt and his finger darted in and out of her

    "Oh God yes! Ohhh yes! Yes ... do it Bharat! Do it to me! OH yes!"
    she cried.

    Her voice was clear and husky and turned him on. He pushed her up
    so that she was kneeling over his hips and, crushing her breasts
    in his hands, bucked rapidly under her. Anuja moaned, flinging her
    head back, her body bouncing on his groin. Her cunt rocked up and
    down the length of his shaft. She stretched back and cupped his
    heavy balls, squeezing them erotically, and twining her fingers in
    his hand at her buttocks. Suddenly, holding her shoulder, he
    jammed her down onto his cock and rammed his finger deep into her
    anus and stopped her from moving. Anuja hissed in shock, her back
    arching, her head flying back. She squeezed her breasts, rolling
    her nipples under her palms.

    "Yes," she groaned, her hips squirming in tight little circles.
    "Oh god, yes!"

    Watching the erotic lust on her face, Bharat drew his finger out
    of her anus slowly. She moaned at the release in pressure and her
    cunt convulsed on his penis. He pressed his finger to her lips.
    She sucked it lasciviously, savouring the musky taste and odour of
    her anus on his fingertip. He shuddered as she scraped her
    fingernails over his small, dark, hard nipples. He held her hips
    and buttocks and lifted her slightly, then brought her back down
    onto his cock. Anuja groaned her pleasure and they began to move
    in unison again, rocking and bucking together. Leaning over him on
    outstretched arms, Anuja moved her hips up and down, sliding her
    cunt up and down the length of his cock-shaft. Her breasts jiggled
    and wobbled as he thrust up greedily into her, pushing his cock in
    as far as it would go. Groaning and gasping, she rocked and swung
    back and forth over him, her face suffused with lust. He gasped as
    she flexed and unflexed her buttocks rapidly over his cock,
    sucking him deep into her flesh. Steadily, they gathered speed,
    and soon they were crying out loudly as their bodies rocked and
    slammed hungrily together.

    "Ohhh Bharat-Bharat-Bharat OHmaunnh OH ... fuck me! Fuck me,

    "Take it! Take it, whore! Take my cock!" Bharat gasped in return.

    Anuja's hips crashed down onto his lap again and again and she
    cried out with each plunge, her face contorted with lust. She
    soared towards an orgasm and, at the last minute, just as it
    threatened to break, she paused deftly and slid quickly off his
    penis. Bharat chuckled. The bitch was incredibly hot.

    As he expected, she turned around and mounted him again, with her
    back to him and, holding his penis, quickly impaled herself on it.
    Squeezing her breasts, she jigged eagerly up and down and back and
    forth on his penis, fondling his balls, scraping his shaft with
    her fingernails. His balls squeezed up against her cunt-lips and
    she cupped them tenderly, making him groan with joy. 

    Bharat was mesmerised by the sight of her cunt sliding up and down
    his upright shaft, glistening with their consilient juices as it
    emerged and disappeared from the tempting crevice between the
    delectably firm curves of her buttocks. He fingered her anus and
    she laughed over her shoulder down at him and clapped her buttocks
    together rapidly, squeezing her cunt tight on his cock.

    "Want it, Bharat?" she murmured slyly. "Want my ass now?"

    "Yeah," he gasped. "I want to fuck your butt."

    Grinning, she slowed and bent steeply forward on her forearms,
    still looking over her shoulder at him. Her hips rose and gently,
    she eased her cunt off his cock, almost reluctantly, pausing at
    the end to tease him by rolling her cunt over his cock-head. Her
    buttocks splayed open as she shuffled her knees apart and lifted
    her hips even higher, proffering her anus for his pleasure. Her
    breasts were pendulous and he saw her caress them wantonly,
    plucking at her nipples with her fingers.

    "Come on then," she murmured. "Fuck my butt, Bharat ... shove your
    cock into my ass!"

    Her servant scrambled to his knees behind her. She shook her head.

    "Not like that. Squat over my hips. So it goes in really deep. I
    want to feel all of it in my asshole, Bharat. Come on!"

    Bharat chuckled. She really enjoyed having her butt fucked. Once,
    he had invited two of his pals to fuck her together. He could
    still remember the sight of them fucking her simultaneously in her
    cunt and ass, their swollen cocks sawing alternately between her
    thighs, filling the adjacent orifices. Anuja couldn't get enough
    of it. Fortunately, they were strong, sturdy lovers, with immense
    stamina. They fucked her skillfully for over an hour, in every
    orifice, before they were finally done.

    The memory excited him. He moved astride her hips in a deep squat.
    He was a powerful, muscular man and the position was no strain. He
    pulled her buttocks higher, pushing her neck down so that her
    shoulders were on the bed, her face turned to one side on the
    counterpane. She waited breathlessly.

    "Slowly," she mumbled. "Put it in slowly ... I want to feel every
    inch of it."

    Panting with lust, her servant pushed his throbbing penis into the
    cleft between her buttocks. The cock-head paused at her anus. She
    was utterly relaxed, and there was no resistance. Bharat flexed
    his buttocks and eased his cock-head forward. It slipped smoothly
    into her rear channel. Anuja groaned softly, closing her eyes, her
    hands stretching up to hold the bedposts. 

    "AHHHHHhh ... yes! Ohhh god yes! Yes! OHHHHH yes! More!" she
    moaned. "Put it in, Bharat ... all of it!"

    Watching her face with delight, the handsome young servant slowly
    slid his cock deeper and deeper into her. Anuja gave no indication
    of pain. Her lips parted and her tongue arched sensuously over her
    upper lips. He saw her squeeze her breasts. Her ass was hot and
    tight and, as he went in deeper, he let out a loud groan, arching
    his head in joy.

    "Yes," she gasped. "Oh that's so good, Bharat ... come on ... yes!
    Ohhh yes!"

    Deeper and deeper his penis burrowed, surging into her anus till
    he was fully embedded in her flesh. He paused, his muscles taut
    and quivering, battling the raging storm in his loins. 

    "Come on," she gasped, her eyes closed, her lips parted, her
    fingers taut on the bedpost. "Come on, Bharat ... fuck me! Fuck my
    ass, lover! Come on!"

    Her anus convulsed gleefully on his penis and he gasped. Her
    buttocks squirmed in excitement against his hips. His balls were
    pressed to her buttocks. With a shuddering groan, Bharat unflexed
    his buttocks slowly and slid his cock up and out of her. Anuja
    gasped at the sudden release in pressure. With a slow, skewering
    thrust, he ran his penis into her again, drawing a low, ululating,
    obscene moan of joy from her. 

    "Again," she cried. "Do that again!"

    He regained a measure of control and, chuckling, obeyed her. His
    cock pulled out, then slid in again. He started to move in a
    steady rhythm, stroking smoothly and unhurriedly in and out, back
    and forth. His cock shone and glistened as it emerged and
    disappeared between her buttocks. Anuja's cries were low and
    guttural and obscene. Bharat felt dizzy with excitement. Her anus
    was hot and tight as a glove; its spasms on his penis left him
    breathless. His hunger mounted, spurred by her obscene love-calls.
    He began to move faster, thrusting his cock greedily in and out of
    her asshole. 

    Anuja's face contorted with lust. Her body jerked and snapped and
    rocked back and forth under his lunging thrusts. She stretched a
    hand back and circled his pistoning shaft with her fingers, raking
    it with her nails. He gasped and moved faster still and his cock
    slipped and glided between her fingers into her anus. Faster and
    faster he went, pumping and thrusting greedily into her anus.
    Anuja's cries grew louder and more obscene.

    "Yes! Ohhh yes, Bharat, yes! Fuck me! OHhhhhh uhhh OHhhhhhhh uhhhh
    OHHhh uhhh yes! Fuck my ass, Bharat! Butt-fuck me ... hard! Ohhhh
    god yes!"

    "C'mon ... take it! Take it, whore! Take my cock! OHHhh yeh! Take
    it! Take my cock, bitch ... ohhh yes ... god ... your ass is so
    tight ... Yeh ... take it ... take it all!" he responded.

    Panting and gasping, Bharat slowed to a deep, grinding action.
    Anuja whimpered joyously. Her servant's penis felt wonderful,
    rock-hard and throbbing powerfully as it rasped heavily in and out
    of her asshole. He drew slowly outward and paused and she moaned
    and eased herself onto her side, drawing one leg up high,
    stretching the lower one. Bharat grunted and eased himself onto
    his knees. Anuja murmured softly as he flexed his buttocks and
    slowly squeezed his cock into her butt again.

    "Mmm ... yes ... ohh Bharat ... that feels so good ...," she said,
    arching sexily. 

    Bharat chuckled and slid his hand up her body to squeeze her
    breasts. She whispered in excitement as he crushed the swollen
    mounds in his hands, tweaking and pinching her aching nipples. He
    fucked her slowly for several minutes, savouring the pleasure and
    drawing it out, rocking steadily in and out of her anus. Anuja's
    face suffused with lust. She moaned, writhing under him,
    stretching a hand between her legs to squeeze his heavy balls.

    They paused briefly and now she turned on her back and lifted her
    legs up high and wide, hooking her hands under her knees. Bharat
    bent over her and squeezed his cock into the cleft between her
    splayed buttocks. Anuja gasped and arched, rolling onto the small
    of her back as her servant's thick cock popped into her anus. Her
    face contorted in a rictus of lust and she squeezed her breasts
    hard in her hands. Her buttocks jerked upward eagerly.

    "Yes! C'mon Bharat ... fuck me! Fuck my ass!" she cried. "Fuck it
    hard! Shove it all in lover OHHHHHHHH yes! Yes! Ohhhhh god yes! Do
    ... UHHHHHh ... do it Bharat ... do it! Fuck me! Fuck my asshole,

    Bharat flexed his buttocks and drove his cock deeply into her
    anus. It spasmed on his penis and his head snapped back and he let
    out a shuddering cry. Anuja's face twisted and her head snapped to
    one side, her mouth tearing open in an ululating love-call. Bharat
    buried his penis deep in her anus and paused. Anuja whimpered,
    writhing erotically, ecstatically under him. Her face turned to
    his and Bharat bent deeply to kiss her, thrusting his tongue into
    her mouth. Anuja hooked her knees over his shoulders and caressed
    his powerful shoulders and biceps. Now she was almost folded in
    half under him.

    "Come on, Bharat ... fuck my ass hard now," she whispered,
    tonguing his ear.

    Bharat grinned and straightened on outstretched arms. He took a
    deep breath to steady himself and then began moving. His buttocks
    unflexed and his cock slid outward. Smoothly flexing them again,
    he thrust into her anus. Anuja gasped, rolling onto the small of
    her back with his thrust. Again he pulled out, and slid in and yet
    again. Anuja's face flipped from side to side and she writhed and
    thrashed eagerly under him. Slowly, he built up speed, moving in a
    steady, masterful rhythm, stroking powerfully and relentlessly
    back and forth, his cock pistoning in and out of her anus. It
    emerged and disappeared between her buttocks and he moved faster
    still, till he was hammering rapidly and furiously at her, making
    her body snap and jerk under his, his balls slapping at her
    buttocks. Anuja's neck arched and her mouth tore open as she
    gasped and cried out loudly and lewdly with gutter obscenities.

    "Yes! Ohhhhh Bharat-Bharat-Bharat yes! Ohhhh god yes! Fuck me
    Bharat! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Fuck me like a whore, Bharat! I'm
    your whore! Fuck me! Oh uh oh uh *hanh* uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh uh
    oh uh ohhhhh uhhh yes Ohhhh yes OHHHHHH god yes oh uh oh uh

    "Yeh uh oh yeh uh oh yeh uh oh yeh oh yeh oh yeh oh yes Oh fuck
    yes ohhh yes ohh uhh ahhh yes ohhhhhhuhhh yes ohfuckyes!" the
    servant gasped.

    Now Bharat's hips swung like a trip-hammer at full speed, rocking
    furiously back and forth, back and forth. His cock rammed and
    reamed and pistoned in and out of Anuja's asshole. Her body jerked
    and rolled under his thrusts and her obscene cries were now
    staccato and sharp, rising in pitch and volume and obscene content
    as she soared up to an orgasm. She squeezed a hand between her
    legs and began masturbating furiously, her body writhing and
    jerking erotically under her servant's. He gasped, his handsome
    head flung back, and moaned loudly as she came, and her sphincter
    convulsed greedily on pumping, pistoning penis. With a shuddering
    groan, he skewered her ass heavily, running his cock deep into her
    flesh and holding still as the orgasm grew and peaked and slowly
    ebbed. Anuja mewed and gasped hotly, writhing ecstatically beneath
    him. Gently, Bharat slid out of her ass. Anuja groaned, her body
    unfolding. Smiling, Bharat slid up and pushed his cock at her

    "Come on, whore," he grunted. "Drink my jizz! I wanna cum in your

    Her body was still racked with heaving, sobbing gasps, but she
    obeyed immediately. Opening her lips, she sucked greedily on his
    cock, her head bobbing up and down. The shining penis glistened as
    it went in and out of her distended face. She worked the cock-head
    cleverly with her tongue and Bharat flung his head back and gasped
    loudly. His buttocks flexed and his hips bobbed over her face.
    Holding his thighs, she sucked more and more of his cock,
    relishing the musky cocktail odour of her cunt and ass and his
    jizz. She squeezed his balls and then slowly dragged her finger
    down the hard ridge beneath to his anus. As her fingertip pressed
    to his anus, he lost control at last and exploded violently.
    Instantly, Anuja opened her lips wide and jerked his cock rapidly.
    The hot jizz spurted from his cock-head in thick fountain,
    splashing into her mouth and spattering her face and breasts. A
    smile of joy lit his face as Anuja swallowed his cum and sucked
    his penis again, drawing out every last drop of his precious

    Gasping, Bharat sank back on his knees astride her belly. She
    smiled up at him like a wanton whore. Her breasts and cleavage
    were spattered with his gunk and streaks of jizz dribbled down her
    cheeks and over her chin. He squeezed her breasts affectionately,
    massaging his spoot-lotion into her flesh. She giggled and,
    scooping a thick strand of gunk on her fingertip, licked it clean. 

    "Good fuck," Bharat said softly.

    "Mm. As always," Anuja smiled. "Wasn't it?"

    She turned her face to a corner of the room. A handsome young man,
    not much older than herself, was seated before a console and bank
    of TV monitors. At her question, he swivelled in his chair and
    stared at her. His face was flushed and his eyes were glazed. His
    nostrils were flared and he was breathing heavily. His fly was
    undone, and his large, dark penis was slowly shrinking from a
    mammoth erection. A dark stain spread across the crotch of his
    impeccably tailored trousers, and his hands were full of gunk. He
    nodded slowly.

    "Yes," he said. "It was very good. Thank you, both."

    The man flicked a switch on the panel and the heavy arc lights
    died. The array of six video cameras encircling the bed whirred to
    a stop. He turned off the power and rose to his feet, wiping his
    hands on a spotless linen handkerchief.

    "Are you happy?" Anuja murmured. "Did we please you?"

    "Yes. The film will be excellent."

    "Will you screen it for the guys tonight?"

    "Perhaps. I haven't decided which one."

    "Please use this one," she said. "I want them to see it."

    "Very well." The man smiled briefly.

    Anuja giggled. "They like butt-fucking me, too, you know. They'll
    do it tonight, and you can make another film."

    The man smiled. "Yes. Something special."

    He looked at the couple. Bharat was grinning at the two of them,
    gently caressing Anuja's breasts. The man noticed that they were
    still swollen, the nipples yet nut-hard. She raked her fingernails
    up and down the servant's long, dark penis. It trembled slightly.
    She really was a wanton slut.

    "Are you going to fuck some more?"

    Anuja looked up at her servant. He grinned wolfishly.

    "Whatever you like, cunt."

    She frowned and made a face. "Mm, no. Not right away. I want to,
    but later. I don't want to be too tired at the party. If you don't

    Bharat shook his head. "Later is fine," he murmured, rolling off
    her body.

    Anuja turned over and kissed him lasciviously as the second man
    watched. She pressed her breasts to his chest, tonguing his ear
    and sliding her tongue in and out of his mouth. Her fingers
    caressed his thick penis. Quickly, she slid her face down to his
    groin and took his penis in her mouth. 

    "How I love your cock, Bharat," she murmured. "I wish you could
    fuck me forever. All over. All the time."

    The servant laughed and pushed her away. "Enough for now, whore."

    She giggled and got up, coiling her long hair in a loose bun on
    the nape of her neck and got to her feet. The man opened the door
    and she walked out, her breasts bouncing with every step. Bharat
    followed behind her. Outside, naked, she paused and looked back at
    the man in the room. He watched her with flat, dark expressionless
    eyes. Bharat stopped and touched her elbow. She sighed sadly, and
    with a small, rueful smile, turned around. Her servant took her in
    his arms and they kissed deeply, their bodies pressed together.
    Her hand slid between his thighs, and he caressed her naked
    buttocks. The man watched impassively. Bharat grinned at him and
    winked lewdly. He pushed down on Anuja's shoulders and immediately
    she slid to her knees before him and began to suck his penis
    again. Slowly, it swelled erect. Bharat fucked her face gently,
    rocking her head back and forth before his groin, pumping his hips
    at her head.

    "Man," he said, shaking his head. "You don't know what you're
    missing here. Your wife's one helluva piece of ass! Too bad you
    can't fuck her!"

    He laughed derisively. Anuja's husband watched in silence. Her
    head was rolling and bobbing, moving up and down and back and
    forth and their servant's enormous, erect penis glistened as it
    went in and out of her distended mouth. Bharat laughed again and
    looked down at Anuja.

    "Good thing I'm around," he laughed. "She loves having me fuck
    her, don't you, cunt?"

    Anuja nodded with a smile and sucked his cock eagerly. She looked
    over her shoulder at her husband. His face was like stone, but his
    eyes were transfixed on the sight of her sucking her servant's
    penis. Bharat grabbed her head and turned it around and began to
    fuck her mouth rapidly.

    "Take it, bitch!" he growled. "Show the bastard how much you like
    suckin' my cock! Suck it hard! Yeh! That's it! Suck it good,
    whore! Yeh! See! She likes it even when it's not for your fuckin'
    movies! Look at her!"

    He pushed her away and turned her on all fours again and dropped
    to his knees behind her. Pulling her buttocks open, he squeezed
    his cock through into her cunt. Anuja gasped loudly, her head
    snapping up and lurched forward. Her breasts swung and the gold
    chain around her neck tossed against her chin. 

    "Ohh ma Unhhhh OHHHH, Bharat! Yes! Ohhh god yes!" she gasped.

    "Hear that?" Bharat laughed, taunting her husband. "Hear the
    bitch? She wants it! My cock! Mine! Not yours! What kind of man
    are you anyway?"

    He flexed his buttocks and rammed his cock into Anuja's cunt. She
    cried out, jerking on her hands and knees under him. Bharat
    grunted and slammed into her again. 

    "Look at her!" he shouted, squeezing her pendulous breasts,
    ram-fucking her cunt. "Look at me! I'm fucking your goddamned wife
    and you can't do shit about it! Because she loves it, the whore!
    She loves it! Right, cunt? Hah? C'mon, whore, answer me!" 

    He gripped her hair and jerked her head up to face her husband.
    Anuja's dark eyes were glassy and bright with lust.

    "Yes!" she cried. "I love it, Bharat! I love your cock! Fuck me!
    Fuck me hard!"

    Impassively, her husband watched their servant fuck her like a
    wild animal. Bharat held her waist and hammered his hips at her
    buttocks, plunging his penis in and out of her cunt. His cock was
    thick and long and dark and it squelched and rasped, glistening
    with their coital juices. Her breasts jiggled and she rocked under
    his thrusts, her cries loud and lewd. Bharat laughed in her
    husband's face.

    "Watch this!" he chortled, and began ram-fucking her savagely,
    pounding his hips at her, ramming and reaming his cock into her.

    Anuja's face contorted and she cried out, twisting and writhing
    under him as the huge penis burst into her cunt-flesh again and

    "Got a nice hot tight cunt, the bitch! Tight as a vice, hot as a
    furnace. Too bad you can't feel it on your prick, asshole!"

    The man said nothing. Anuja was moaning feverishly, lurching and
    jerking herself back and forth on the servant's swollen penis,
    begging him to fuck her harder. Bharat slammed his penis violently
    into her and she cried out sharply, the breath rushing from her
    throat, her mouth tearing open. Bharat laughed and held still,
    buried deep inside her. 

    Quickly, he sank back onto his haunches, drawing her up with him
    so that she was impaled backwards on his penis, her legs folded
    under her thighs and outside his hips. Bharat squeezed her breasts
    and nuzzled the nape of her neck.

    "Yeh ... nice tits ... c'mere, jock ... come and feel them ... she
    likes having them squeezed like this ... nice and hot and heavy
    ... real juicy ... nice hard nips, too! Come on, man ... fuck her

    The man didn't move. His expression didn't change. His eyes never
    left the writhing pair before him. He watched as his wife groaned
    and squirmed her hips on their servant's lap, grinding her cunt on
    his penis.

    "Yeh, that's it babe ... round and round ... nice and tight ...
    mmm yeh ... squeeze your cunt on my cock, whore ... yeh ... like

    Her belly sucked in and rippled and her husband watched the
    servant's penis grinding round and round in her crotch. She turned
    her face to Bharat behind her, looping an arm over his head, her
    mouth open, her tongue lasciviously seeking his.

    "See?" Bharat laughed. "She wants me, cock! Me! Your effing
    servant, man! Your servant!"

    He kissed her, thrusting his tongue into his mouth and she
    responded wantonly. Her hands were on her breasts, squeezing and
    crushing the heavy mounds in unfaked excitement. She tongued his
    ear erotically.

    "Come on Bharat ... fuck my cunt!" she groaned.

    Bharat threw his head back and laughed in delight.

    "Hear that? Hear the bitch? She wants me to fuck her, man! Me! And
    I can do it anywhere I like! In her cunt, in her ass, in her mouth
    ... anywhere!"

    He pressed his finger to her lips and she sucked it sexily.

    "Come on, wanna try fucking her mouth, stud?" Bharat said softly.
    "Shove your cock in her face! She gives great head, loves sucking
    cock. Feels great! Want to try?"

    The man stared, unblinking, inscrutable as Bharat traced her open
    lips with his fingertip.

    "Put it in, man ... come on ... try it! She wants it -- don't you,

    "Yes!" she gasped. "Come on ... please ... fuck my mouth! I want
    to suck your fat cock!"

    "C'mon, you sonofabitch!" Bharat shouted. "She's your goddamned
    wife, man, your wife! You're supposed to fuck her! You have the
    right, man, not me!"

    There was no reaction from Anuja's husband. He kept watching.
    Anger and frustration blazed in Bharat's eyes. He scowled.

    "Forget him, bitch," he growled, twisting Anuja's face back to his
    and kissing her hard. "It's just you and me from here on. He's
    never going to fuck you ... never! It's just us, babe ... just

    "Yes," Anuja moaned, arching her tongue into her servant's mouth.
    "Come on, Bharat ... fuck me ... fuck me like a whore, Bharat ...
    fuck me hard!"

    Anuja began to rock up and down on Bharat's inflamed penis as her
    husband looked on. He watched the spasms of excitement and lust on
    her pretty face, the way her luscious breasts jumped and jiggled.
    Her lips were parted and her eyes were half-shut, glittering with
    excitement. Her cunt ran up and down the length of their servant's
    dark, shining penis. Anuja's husband could see the thick,
    pulsating veins along its length. He watched as she reached down
    and squeezed her lover's heavy balls and then flicked her clit
    rapidly with one elegant finger. With the other hand she squeezed
    her breasts in an erotic frenzy. Behind her, the powerful muscles
    in the servant's dark, deep, hairless torso rippled smoothly as he
    bucked and moved in tandem with her.

    "Come on ... come on ... take it ... take it ... take my cock,
    slut!" he grunted.

    "Yes ... yes ... Ohhhh yes ... OH unhh OHHhh yes! Oh god yes!" she

    Faster and faster they moved, and Anuja's belly sucked in with the
    strain as she bucked frenetically on her servant's cock. He held
    her hips and jerked her up and down on his penis. She leaned back
    against him, turning her face to kiss him feverishly, and he
    squeezed her swollen breasts. She gasped and stiffened and her
    hips swung in tight, erotic circles as she ran her cunt down onto
    the throbbing cock-shaft between her thighs. Leaning forward on
    outstretched arms, her head arched up, her lovely face crossed
    with lust, her long hair tossing, she began to move even faster,
    jerking her buttocks frenziedly back and forth on Bharat's penis.
    He gasped and arched his body, leaning back on his hands,
    thrusting his hips at hers in wild abandon. Her breasts jumped and
    jiggled and the gold necklace around her neck slithered this way
    and that. Bharat cried out, arching his hips hard and she gasped,
    her face twisting. He banged his hips up and down beneath her.

    "C'mon! C'mon, bitch, c'mon! Take it! Take my cock! Oh yeh! OH god

    "AHHHHHH! UNNHHHHH AHHHHHH unhhhh OHhhh Bharat! Bharat!
    OhmaunhhhOHHH!" she gasped.

    She exploded violently, the breath hissing from her throat. Her
    cunt sank down his shaft, squeezing it tight and he cried out,
    wincing, arching up into her till his cock was buried deep in her
    cunt. He, too, orgasmed and Anuja's moaned softly, chewing her
    lower lip, her hand fondling his shaft. Her husband watched it
    twitch and quiver inside her flesh as he emptied his load.
    Groaning, she eased herself off Bharat's penis. It was still
    spurting. Gunk splashed on her belly and cunt and thighs and she
    ran her fingers sexily through it, massaging it deep into her
    cunt-flesh. Bharat gasped softly. Both of them looked at her
    husband. A cold smile flickered on his lips. His eyes were dark
    and still. 

    "Thank you," he said in a steady, quiet voice. "I enjoyed that."

    He dropped his hand to his crotch and unzipped his trousers. His
    erect penis, nine inches long and correspondingly thick, bounced
    out. It was an attractive, desirable, erotic organ. Anuja looked
    at it longingly. His smile widened slightly and his dark eyes
    glittered once and then were flat again.

    He masturbated rapidly for a few seconds, pumping his fist and
    twitching his hips, his eyes on her face. He orgasmed quickly,
    without emotion. Abruptly, thick streamers of jizz spurted from
    his cock-head and arched through the air, catching Anuja on her
    face and breasts and belly and thighs. Anuja drew her hand through
    the sticky spoot on her cheeks and licked her fingers wantonly,
    still trying to tempt him. He shook his head slowly, his smile

    "Never," he said softly. "Never. It's not going to happen."

    He shook his cock clean, tucked his penis back into his trousers,
    zipped them, wiped his hands on the handkerchief.

    "That will do," he nodded, turning away. "I am satisfied. You may
    go now."

    The door clicked shut behind him. Anuja remained on her knees, her
    head bowed between her outstretched arms. 

    "It'll never work, will it, Bharat?" she muttered softly.

    Her servant kissed her shoulder gently and slid his hands around
    to cup her breasts. For a long minute, they knelt together. The
    silence grew. Anuja sighed at last and turned her face to her

    "I guess we'll just have to keep trying, won't we? You and me and
    the rest."

    "Yes," he said. "I guess so. I'm sorry."

    She smiled gently and kissed his lips. "Thanks, Bharat. You're a

    He grinned and nibbled her earlobe. "Can't say I regret it, babe.
    I kind of like this, being able to fuck you when I want."

    She giggled. "I know. And I really like fucking you, too."

    "That's good enough for now."

    "Yes, I suppose you're right."

    They stood up and, turning to one another, kissed gently. She
    wound her arms around her servant's neck and caressed his hard
    torso gently.

    "I'd be lost without you, Bharat," she said, slipping her tongue
    in and out of his mouth.

    "Mm. Me, too." He stroked her curved body, fondling her breasts
    and buttocks tenderly.

    "Go," she said at last. "Go get the things ready for the evening.
    I'll shower and change and come and help you."

    They parted at last and she went into her bedroom, closing the
    door behind her. It was a large, elegantly furnished room, utterly
    feminine, without a hint of a man's presence. Anuja crossed the
    room to the large, opulent bathroom, finished in emerald granite
    and gold fittings. She adjusted the water mix in the
    bathtub-cum-jacuzzi, added bathing salts and bath foam. While the
    tub filled, she douched her cunt on the bidet and then shampooed
    her hair in the glass-fronted shower cubicle. She lingered under
    the hot massage spray, enjoying the sting of water on her body.
    The tub was half-full when she finished. She dimmed the lights and
    slipped into the steaming water with a sigh. The steam filled the
    bathroom with the delicate aroma of the soap suds and bathing

    The bathtub and shower were ranged across the length of the far
    wall. A single, unbroken panel of one-way glass rose from the rim
    of the tub to the ceiling and stretched down the wall. The
    apartment was a penthouse suite. 

    Anuja looked out. The sun was just dipping below the horizon, and
    the city lights were flickering on quietly. The sky was painted in
    magical hues of pink and orange and gold.

    Anuja smiled to herself. Reaching forward, she pulled the slim
    handshower from its wall bracket and levered the water tap on with
    one toe, deftly adjusting the water temperature. Smiling
    contentedly, she slid lower in the water, moving the shower down
    over her breasts. The fierce water jet hammered her nipples,
    arousing them instantly, and her pulse quickened in erotic
    excitement. Her breasts swelled and she squeezed one gently,
    pinching her rigid nipple. Bending her knees, she spread her legs
    wide and moved the shower slowly down over her belly to her
    crotch. Adjusting the shower head control to the massage position,
    she dragged it down to her cunt-lips. Now the spray was in sharp,
    pulsating jets and she moaned softly to herself as it caressed her
    clitoris gently. Her hips writhed and undulated and the water in
    the tub rocked in slow, heaving waves. Opening her cunt-lips wide
    with one hand, she pressed the shower-head into her cunt and held
    it there. The sensation was wonderfully erotic, gentle yet
    relentless. Anuja closed her eyes and savoured the pleasure. She
    dragged it out, occasionally moving the shower head away to her
    breasts or further down to her anus. She masturbated with the
    hand-shower for a long time, heightening her pleasure by
    prolonging it. At last, she permitted herself the luxury of
    release, arching steeply in the rocking water, her hips juddering
    upward, her head flung back, her mouth open in a shuddering moan.
    The orgasm was long and intense, stretching almost endlessly, till
    she was breathless and dizzy with ecstasy.

    At last, it ebbed and she toed the tap off and settled back into
    the water, her head resting on the bathtub rim, her eyes closed,
    relaxed and at peace.

                                = o =