Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1998,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                             FUTURE TENSE

    Over the next three years, Deepika became one of Hedon & Venery's
    most accomplished whores. By the time she was twenty, she had
    fucked more men than most women did in a lifetime. She loved the
    sex, and the money was astonishingly good. Her parents, never
    suspecting the truth, were fed stories of her rapid promotion
    through the ranks of the hotel's administration. They never tired
    of telling others about the money she made, the authority she
    wielded, or the long hours she put in at work. Spending money on
    fine clothes and expensive jewelry, she was better groomed than
    anyone else in the middle-class neighbourhood. Her parents were
    proud of the fancy car, provided by the hotel, with a chauffeur in
    a smart uniform who collected her each morning. They did not know
    that he was one of her lovers; that Hedon & Venery had given her a
    superbly furnished, attractive one-bedroom apartment where she
    could entertain her lovers; that there she had a retinue of
    servant lovers, men and women; that Deepika had moved up two
    grades in the sex rankings and now had a choice of clientele and
    venue. Favoured customers were entertained at her apartment.

    Deepika also did a number of films and still-shoots for
    pornographic magazines. Her features did extremely well in the
    foreign countries where they were circulated, and there was a
    demand for more. When she was nineteen, Hedon & Venery sent her
    abroad - ostensibly on a management training programme - but in
    reality to spend time and gain international experience at the
    company's branches in Stockholm, Dubai, Cannes and Rio de Janeiro.
    Deepika had a wonderful time; she took in all the tourist spots,
    shopped like it was going out of style and, best of all, had
    endless hours of the most glorious sex. She did several live-shows
    in Stockholm and Cannes with a number of men and women, shot
    several film sequences, whored for rich Arabs in Dubai and made
    passionate love to a succession of men in Rio. On the way back,
    she did a number of hard-core magazine centrespread shoots in Los
    Angeles. Hedon & Venery's international divisions were unanimous
    and effusive in their praise.

    Back in Bombay, Deepika returned to her sex-work at Hedon &
    Venery. There was an endless list of customers to satisfy. Deepika
    had developed a liking for lesbian sex and enjoyed performing it
    live. She had a live-show scheduled at least once a week, and made
    a new film every two months. In addition, there were the magazine
    spreads and the orgies that Hedon & Venery catered to, and the
    wild in-house bashes. At Gautam's office, selected clients, peons
    and staff members had to be satisfied. She never forgot her
    beginnings, either. She got Mohan and Dinesh jobs at Hedon &
    Venery and sometimes, with luck, they partnered her in a film, or
    on stage or for a magazine shoot. The sex with them was always
    good and occasionally she took time off with them, spending long
    hot afternoons fucking furiously in her pretty little flat.

    And there was always Gautam himself. Frequently, he asked her over
    to spend the night - she told her parents she would be out of the
    city - and they spent hours fucking. She never tired of being
    fucked by him. After all these years and all these men, he was
    still the finest fuck she knew.

    Marriage was the furthest thing from her mind. Deepika saw no
    reason to get trapped into a humdrum, boring existence, cooking
    and sweeping and swabbing. Her parents' middle-class background
    undid her.

    Slowly at first and then, faced with her obduracy, with increasing
    stridency, they began pestering and nagging her to get married.
    She wasn't getting any younger, they said, to raise a family she
    would have to do it soon. The longer she waited, the more
    difficult it would be to find a suitable match. Boys don't exactly
    grow on trees, her mother sulked. She was qualified now, and well
    off in her own right, there would be no trouble finding a good,
    respectable young man. She was beautiful and talented and what
    more could anyone ask for? Deepika protested; she had a career,
    she said, she just wasn't interested.

    "What career-*shareer* you are all the time talking about?" her
    mother shouted. "What you think, married women don't have jobs?
    Look at me! For twenty years I have worked, day and night, rain
    and shine!"

    *Yes*, Deepika thought bitterly, and look at you. Exhausted by the
    commute, with no money to show for it, seldom travelled in India,
    never abroad and, once quite pretty, now bloated and dull,
    indifferent to clothes and food and music and books, glued to the
    blasted television set. She kept her silence. She felt she owed
    everything to her parents and did not have the courage to confront

    "Yes, all right," she mumbled and stumbled out of the house in

    Downstairs, her car was waiting. The driver, a handsome, muscular
    Goan stud called Savio, held the door for her. He flicked a glance
    at her as she got in and then, without a word, got into the car,
    started it and pulled smoothly and silently out of the compound
    and into the traffic. Only when they were well away from the house
    did he address her, speaking over his shoulder without turning his

    "Trouble, ma'am?"

    Although Savio was a regular lover and, when in bed, treated her
    like the whore she was, at work he maintained the formality Hedon
    & Venery required of its staff in public places beyond its veiled
    boundaries. Deepika stared moodily out of the window and didn't
    reply. Savio flicked a glance at her in the rear-view mirror and
    saw the slow tears coursing down her cheeks. He dropped the

    "Deepika?" he murmured. "You okay, babe?"

    She sobbed softly. Savio drew up at a red light and looked down at
    the clip-board on the seat beside him. It had a typed list of her
    day's schedule. Her first assignation was not till mid-afternoon;
    she had the morning free.

    "I'm going to the flat," he announced softly.

    Deepika couldn't have cared less. She felt terrified, hounded and
    at bay. She couldn't imagine a life without Hedon & Venery,
    without the money and friends and, most of all, without the
    exhilarating sex.

    They arrived at the towering apartment block where she had a flat
    and Savio slotted the car neatly into her reserved parking space.
    They rode up the elevator together in silence. The house was
    quiet, serene, beautifully furnished, with a stunning view over
    the sea and the bay. French windows at the far end of the hall
    opened onto a long and broad covered balcony with a wrought-iron
    table and matching chairs. Her servants, Kisan and Radhika, stared
    at her in dismay as she went past them without a word and
    disappeared into her bedroom. This was not the Deepika they knew.
    She was invariably cheerful and friendly and always chatted with
    them. Both servants frequently shared her bed and she enjoyed
    having sex with them. They looked questioningly at Savio who put a
    finger to his lips, motioning them to silence. He went to her door
    and knocked gently. There was no reply. He tried the knob; the
    door was open. He went in, leaving it ajar. Kisan and Radhika
    stole after him, peering in, their expressions worried and

    Deepika stood by the floor-to-ceiling windows of the bedroom that
    opened on the balcony, staring out at the glittering sea. Savio
    approached her quietly.


    She didn't turn around. He went up to her and gently put his hands
    on her shoulders. Deepika bit her lower lip, stifling her slow
    sobs and, closing her eyes, leaned her head on his shoulder.

    "What is it?" he murmured. "Tell me. Let me help."

    Deepika shook her head. Savio pressed his lips to her head and
    cheeks and drew her closer, caressing her shoulders and arms
    gently. Deepika took a deep breath, calming herself. Slowly, she
    turned around in her chauffeur's arms. For a minute she paused
    with her head bowed against his chest. Then, slowly, she lifted
    her face to his and slipped her arms around his neck.

    "Fuck me," she said huskily. "Fuck me hard Savio. Hurt me."

    Savio looked down at her in concern and saw the deep wells of pain
    in her eyes. He shook his head sadly.

    "C'mon," she grated, between clenched teeth. "Do it!"

    She writhed against him with an angry hunger, kissing him
    fiercely. Savio was an accomplished stud and he swiftly modulated
    his mood to hers. Within minutes, he was fucking her demonically
    on the bed, ramming his cock violently and savagely in and out of
    her flesh. For the next hour, Deepika made him fuck her
    repeatedly, in every orifice, demanding more, wanting to be fucked
    harder and deeper. A series of shattering orgasms crashed over
    her, leaving her moaning breathlessly. At last, as he came in her
    anus, burying his cock deep in her rear-channel, then sliding out
    and squeezing it into her cunt, she sank down on the bed, her body
    glistening with sweat, her chest heaving. He fucked her cunt for a
    few minutes and then slid out of her and lay on his back beside
    her. She snuggled against him, caressing his powerful body and
    thick penis.

    "Thank you, Sav," she murmured. "I needed that."

    "Babe, you'd better talk to the boss about this. Whatever it is.
    Looks bad."

    She didn't reply. Her lips fluttered over his.

    "You want more?" he smiled.



    "Always." She giggled. "What's my schedule for the day, d'you

    "Of course. You're free till three, when you've got a one-hour
    booking. Five-thirty to seven you're on show."

    "Oh good. What's it this time? Do I have a lesbo turn?"

    "Yeah. With Tanu. Followed by a three-stud wildcard draw each."

    That meant six men from the audience would be invited on stage to
    fuck the two girls, three men taking each one simultaneously.

    "What time is it now?"

    He glanced at his expensive Rolex, a gift from a satisfied female
    client. "About eleven."

    "Plenty of them then."

    "Yeah. What would you like to do?"


    He laughed, squeezed her breast. "That I know. *How* is the only

    "Outside. I want to watch the servants. And then I want to fuck

    "*Both* of them?"

    "Both of them."

    He laughed and helped her out of bed. Outside, he called to the
    servants and told them to start fucking. They understood and moved
    to the centre of the hall. Deepika liked watching the servants
    fuck. Savio smiled tenderly and pulled her back against him as
    they stood and watched. Bending, he pressed his lips to the nape
    of her long neck, cupping and lifting her lovely, luscious
    breasts. They swelled and grew turgid in his hands, her nipples
    stiffening immediately.

    Both Kisan and Radhika were full-time employees of Hedon & Venery.
    Kisan was a rugged, handsome, muscular man in his mid-twenties.
    Broad in the shoulder, with powerful, bulging arms and legs, a
    flat, hard belly, a deep chest, high, narrow hips and a big,
    eight-inch long and correspondingly thick penis, he was
    clean-shaven, with the hard, masculine features of a Maratha
    warrior. Thick brows swept over his dark, deep eyes. His nose was
    strong and straight, his lips full and sensual. His hair was thick
    and cut short. His torso was sexily hairless with small hard
    nipples pulled wide and low under his armpits. Over the past three
    years, Deepika had spent many hours thrashing under him - he was a
    powerful, demanding lover. At Hedon & Venery, he was highly rated.

    Radhika, too, was one of Hedon & Venery's finest. At seventeen,
    she was svelte and dusky and lovely, with a ripe, superbly curved
    body - full, high, sloping breasts, luscious and succulent and
    tipped with long, stiff nipples set in dark, puckered aureoles, a
    flat belly, flared hips, smooth and slender limbs and wrists and
    ankles with shapely hands and feet. She had a long neck and her
    face was pretty - oval, with a fine, slim nose, gleaming white
    teeth, lovely doe-like dark eyes rimmed with *kajal* and long,
    silky black hair she wore in a braid. She wore a small nose-stud,
    earrings, finger-rings and a long gold necklace.

    Kisan was fucking her on her back, bent over on his knees and
    outstretched arms. He thrust into her with a slow, skewering,
    scrunching action and, beneath him, the teenager gasped and cried
    out, her back bowing and arching, her hips bucking up at his. Her
    neck craned and her arched back, her mouth wide open, her eyes
    fluttering, her nostrils flared. She gripped Kisan's bulging
    biceps and wrapped her legs around his lean hips.

    "OHHHHHHHh uhhh Oh ma uhh *hanh* uhhh Oh Kisan!" she cried.

    Savio grinned and slid his hands down to Deepika's crotch. Her
    cunt-juices were flowing freely. She murmured softly as he began
    masturbating her. On the floor before them, the two servants
    gasped and grunted. Kisan continued fucking the teenage
    maidservant with deep, punishing thrusts, thrusting his cock
    unhurriedly in and out of her slit. They hit a steady rhythm.

    "Mm ... oh ma uhh *hanh* ... uhh *hanh* Kisan ... *chodh* *mujhe*
    ... *hanh* ... *aise* ... *chodh* ... *jorse* *chodh*,
    *madarchuth*! That's it ... fuck me like that ... fuck me harder,
    motherfucker!" the girl gasped.

    "*Chul* ... *chul* *rundi* *chul* ... *le* ... *le* *mere* *lavde*
    *ko* ... *hanh* ... uhhhh *hanh* uhh *hanh* uhh *hanh* *aise* ...
    *chul* *saali* *kutti* *rahnd* ... *pura* *le* ... take it ...
    take it you fucking bitch ... take my cock! C'mon whore ... take
    it all!" he panted.

    Deepika's loins crackled with excitement. Pulling away from Savio,
    she moved to the copulating servants. They slowed as she came to
    them. Smiling wantonly down at them, she spread her feet on either
    side of Radhika's head and lowered herself in a deep squat on her
    face. Radhika loved licking cunt and immediately thrust her tongue
    up into Deepika's slit.

    "Mm ... ohhh yes!" Deepika gasped, squeezing her breasts in her
    hands and lifting her face. "Ohhhhhh uhhh yes ... *hanh* ...
    uhhhhhh *hanh* ... *chaat* ... *chaat* *mujhe*, Radhika ...
    *chaat* *mere* *chuth* *ko*! Lick my slit!"

    Kisan grinned and leaned forward, thrusting into the maid under
    him. Deepika took his face in her hands and kissed him hungrily,
    writhing her crotch on Radhika's face. Kisan bent his head to her
    breasts and began sucking them sharply. Deepika gasped, writhing,
    and called to Savio over her shoulder.

    "C'mere, you," she gasped. "C'mere and fuck my mouth!"

    For the rest of that day, Deepika relegated her troubles into the
    background and revelled in sex. Her client that afternoon was a
    muscular, powerfully built man in his early forties. He was
    extremely rich and paid well; but he demanded complete
    satisfaction. He had booked her for an hour, and in that time he
    fucked her incessantly, taking her at will in every orifice. That
    afternoon, Deepika outdid herself, fucking him like one possessed.
    When at last he finished with her, fucking her on her back in the
    ass, thrusting his eight inch cock deep into her rear channel and
    groaning as he exploded, spewing burning jizz into her anus,
    pulling out and forcing his cock into her cunt again briefly and
    making her groan thickly, he complimented her on her services. She
    smiled happily and told him to fuck her again. On the house, she
    said, because it was so good. The man laughed softly and fucked
    her smoothly, taking her powerfully till she was writhing and
    thrashing frantically under him. They came together, finally
    sated. He left her an enormous tip.

    Later, the live-show was a thundering success. On stage, Deepika
    and Tanu fucked each other with wild abandon, using a
    double-headed dildo. Tanu leaned over her, thrusting greedily in
    and out of her cunt and then two studs came in from the wings and
    sodomized them. The audience went wild. When the impresario
    announced the lucky draw for the wildcard three-stud, there was a
    near riot. The six lucky men jostled each other scrambling to the
    stage. The two girls were pinned between three men each and,
    within minutes, their bodies were thrashing and writhing
    frantically as inflamed penises sawed in and out of their cunts
    and mouths and anuses.

    The next day, back at Hedon & Venery, Deepika sent word to Gautam.
    He called back and immediately asked if she had a problem. It was
    unusual for a girl to call him at work.

    "No," she said softly. "Not really. At least I don't think so. I
    don't know."

    He was silent for a minute. Then he said, "Come home tonight. This
    sounds serious."

    "Not tonight. I have to be home."

    "It's Friday tomorrow. Take the weekend off."

    "Can't, Gautam. I've got a film and two live-shows. Plus a long
    list of guys."

    "Cancel them. They'll find substitutes."

    "Not on the films."

    "Cancel them. I'll talk to Hemant. Bring your bikini. We'll go to
    the beach place."

    Deepika took the weekend off, telling her parents she'd be in
    Calcutta. Gautam took her to his fabulous beach house. They
    arrived and went to bed straight away, fucking hungrily for over
    an hour till they were sated, at least for the nonce. They lazed
    in the pool, had lunch, watched one of Hedon & Venery's latest
    pornographic films on the state-of-the-art laser-disk player, a
    film featuring some of Hedon & Venery's finest whores and studs.
    While she watched, masturbating with a large dildo, Gautam fucked
    one of the maids. Then she had one of the men-servants fuck her
    and the four of them formed an intertwining quartet so that it no
    longer mattered who was fucking whom in what orifice. They slept
    for three hours. They woke slowly, and Gautam fucked her gently
    again, taking his time, moving gently at first and then faster and
    faster till the teenager was screaming for release, mouthing a
    litany of obscene love-calls. Getting out of bed, they strolled
    naked on the beach, wading and swimming, chatting. As the sun
    began to set, Gautam finally turned to her.

    "So. What's the trouble?"

    Deepika smiled gently. She knew that he had deliberately kept from
    asking her throughout the day and, instead, had made her relax,
    putting the pressures behind her. She arched on her toes and
    kissed him gently, her naked breasts brushing against his chest.
    He held her waist and slipped his tongue in and out of her mouth.

    "You're a darling," she murmured. "Thank you."

    He smiled, cupping her breasts, toying with her erect nipples.

    "Fuck me," she said huskily.

    His smile faded. "No, not yet. Soon. Later. First I want to hear
    about this."

    "Tell me something."


    "Do you always take so much care about the girls who work for

    "Always. Each one is special." And, with a grin, "Some more than

    She laughed softly. "Flattery will get you everywhere."

    "Hopefully. Now talk."

    Deepika took a deep breath and began to speak. He bent his head
    and listened without interruption, absorbing every word. Arm in
    arm, they strolled up and down the beach, wading in the water,
    kicking at the rippling surf. There was a silence when she
    finished. She let it run for a bit as they walked.

    "So. There you have it. And I don't know what to do. I really

    "It may not be as bad as you imagine," he said at last, slowly.
    "I've known others who've got married and kept on working. Others
    who've come in *after* marriage. They tell their husbands they've
    a job and they come in and whore."

    "My parents aren't going to find me a guy who'll think like that.
    They'll find someone thoroughly middle-class who'll want me at
    home cooking and cleaning and keeping house for him."

    "You can't be sure of that."

    "Believe me, I'm sure. I know my parents."

    "And you can't hold out on them, either, can you?"

    "Not indefinitely. It'll hurt them too much. It'll kill them. I
    don't want that."

    "Nobody does."

    "And there's no question of a divorce."

    "You can't go into a marriage on the footing that it'll end in a
    divorce. It has to be the other way around."

    "So where does that leave me?"

    He stopped and turned, taking her by the shoulders and brushing
    her lips with his. "That, my heart, is easily answered. It leaves
    you here, with me, now."

    "That's all? That's it?"

    "Yes. That's all. That's it. You're here, with me, now, and we're
    going to fuck through the rest of this weekend. Then one day soon
    your parents will fix up your marriage. Then you leave us. Before
    you do, complete your commitments. And I want one full week with
    you, up in the house in the hills. Alone. Just you and I."

    "And then that's it? We never see each other again? My life with
    Hedon & Venery is over, just like that?"

    "I didn't say that, did I? After that, you'll have to decide for
    yourself. See how things are. Perhaps your husband will be an
    excellent lover."

    "I doubt that. I doubt he'd satisfy me."

    "But he might."

    "And if not?"

    "Well then, that's when you'll have to make the hardest decision
    in your life. You'll have plenty of choices - stay with him and
    fuck around on the sly; stay with him and *don't* fuck around;
    leave him and go on your own; but remember, our doors will always,
    *always* be open to you. Anytime you want to come back, feel free.
    You're one of us, and you'll always have a home."

    Tears glistened in her eyes. He smiled and brushed them with his

    "Besides, the flat and the car are already yours. You get to keep
    them. We'll pay all outgoings."

    She began to cry softly, burying her face against the sprawling
    expanse of his chest.

    "Don't worry, Deepika. Look, it's a lovely evening. We've had good
    sex today, we'll have more. That's what I've always wanted to
    teach you people. To enjoy each moment, to the fullest. To sate
    yourself with beauty and pleasure and joy. To savour life without
    reserve, to cherish the wonders of being *alive* - you *have* to
    live for now, don't you see?"

    His words were like magic, comforting her, enveloping her in a
    warm glow of contentment and peace and security. She felt a
    sudden, irrational joy surge through her body.

    "You can't make your present miserable worrying about an uncertain
    future," he continued. "There's no point in it. One never knows -
    anything's possible, who knows what may happen?"

    It made sense. The enormous burden that had weighed her down
    lifted. She looked up at him, her eyes dancing with a deep,
    sensual fire and gently pressed her naked crotch to his thick,
    long, still limp penis.

    "God, I love you," she murmured. "Fuck me, Gautam ... please ...
    fuck me hard ... like a whore!"

    In the low, rippling surf, Gautam drew her down on the sand and,
    under a canopy of stars, with a pale moon cresting the far spur
    and the sea stroking their bodies with tentative, gentle caresses,
    made passionate love to her. He didn't just fuck her that evening;
    he actually made love to her, taking her as much with his mind and
    heart as with his body, drowning her in the power of his love.
    Again and again he entered her, his cock running into her mouth,
    squeezing between her breasts, crushing into her hot, wet cunt or
    grinding into her tight little anus. Deepika thrashed and writhed
    rapturously on the sand, gasping and moaning her joy, orgasming
    repeatedly and still begging for more.

    He never stopped. He stood and holding her in his arms, her cunt
    impaled on his cock, her legs wound about his hips, her arms
    around his shoulders, carried her back to the house. The servants,
    waiting dinner, began to retreat when they saw them. Gautam
    motioned them to stay.

    He laid her down on the coffee-table in the hall and fucked her
    furiously while the four servants looked on. She came again. He
    smiled and slid out of her and beckoning to the two maids,
    motioned to the two men to fuck Deepika. Settling on a deep sofa,
    one maid sucking his cock, masturbating the other, he watched the
    two servants fucking Deepika together in her cunt and mouth. He
    pushed away the maid sucking his cock and pulled the other's head
    into his crotch. The first one stood up and, spreading her legs,
    clawing her cunt-lips open, moaning thickly, thrust her groin at
    his face. He grinned and began licking her juicy cunt.

    On the cool tiled floor, Deepika cried out thinly as the two men
    began fucking her in her cunt and ass simultaneously, rocking
    their swollen penises in and out of her adjacent orifices as she
    lay on her side between them. Her face was contorted and twisted
    in agony of lust as she thrashed between them. Gautam felt a
    twinge of sadness. He knew that he did not have her for long.
    There were others, to be sure, but, as he had told Deepika, each
    of his whores was special. The maid in front of him groaned and
    clenched his hair. He sighed softly and, turning his face, drove
    his tongue into the maid-servant's wet slit.

                                = o =