Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1998
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                            A JAM OF TARTS

                           AS THE COCK GROWS

    In the quiet murmur of daybreak, the scrape of the broom is
    unnaturally loud. It is repeated steadily, in a hypnotic rasp.
    Nalini, the sweeper, shuffles across the sprawling penthouse
    terrace garden, her body bent forward. Her left arm is turned
    behind her, her hand curled to rest on her slim buttock, the palm
    out. With her other hand, she moves the broom rhythmically from
    left to right, her bangles tinkling softly. The dawn breaks
    quietly over the city. A cool breeze plucks at her printed cotton
    *sari*. She pauses and straightens, the fallen leaves in a tidy
    pile at her feet. She lifts her hand to pull the *pallu* of her
    *sari* over her head. She wears it in the Gujarati fashion, the
    long *pallu* over her right shoulder and down her front.

    She is slender, dusky, attractive. Her face is a planed oval, with
    high cheekbones and a clear forehead. Her eyes are large and
    doe-like, rimmed with the dark *kajal* she prepares herself once a
    week. Her nose is fine and straight, her glossy raven hair caught
    in a neat bun behind her head, accentuating the lovely sweep of
    her long neck. She walks with an immensely graceful, utterly
    natural yet tempting swing of her hips. Her body is lovely, her
    breasts high, firm, sloping, tipped with long nipples that stiffen
    quickly in arousal at the slightest stimulus. Her belly is flat,
    the waist nipped in. Her hips flare to long, shapely legs. Her
    hands and feet are slim and elegant, the wrists and ankles
    slender. Her tight blouse has a deep V-neck that plunges sharply
    into the valley between her breasts. It is cut high and short, its
    lower hem running hard under her breasts which jut out
    provocatively like succulent fruit, the fleshy mounds squeezed
    together by the tightness of the garment and deepening her
    prominent cleavage. She wears nothing under either the *sari* or
    the blouse. Her *sari* is slung low, well below her navel, looping
    down in a sexy curve from her high hips. With the blouse short and
    the *sari* low, a lot of her dusky midriff is exposed.

    Pausing in her work, she turns her head, her hand over her eyes to
    shield them from the brightness of the rising sun, looking for her
    husband, Hasmukh, who works mornings with her. She cannot see him.
    Dropping the broom at her feet, she walks across the dewed lawn to
    the penthouse to look for him. As she nears it, she hears a sharp,
    high cry, a sound she knows well, and, smiling to herself,
    quickens her step.

    The French windows to the master bedroom are flung wide, the
    curtains drawn back. She knows that this is a house without
    secrets and does not hesitate to enter - she has been here often
    before, used it herself, knows it well. She steps in with the
    sunlight. Her feet sink into the deep pile of the carpet that
    covers the floor.

    Her husband is within. He is naked, and he is in bed with Sunnu,
    the mistress of the house.

    Sunnu is astoundingly beautiful. She is tall and fair with an
    impossibly perfect face. Her nose is fine, the mouth full and
    luscious, the *kohl*-rimmed eyes like almonds, with long lashes.
    She has high cheekbones and a clear forehead. Her hair, long and
    thick, dark with an auburn tint, is in disarray now, fanned across
    the counterpane. Her neck is incredibly long and graceful. She
    wears a thin, long gold necklace. A solitary gold bracelet is on
    one wrist. Her body is stunning - superb breasts, large and firm
    and high, beautifully shaped like mangoes, with long nipples. Her
    belly is firm and flat and her hips are sweetly flared. Her
    buttocks are firm and trim. Her legs and arms are smoothly turned,
    slender, her feet and hands elegant. Her complexion is flawless,
    like creamy satin. There is not an ounce of surplus flesh on her.
    She is sleek, long-limbed, near perfect.

    She is on her back now, sucking Nalini's husband's penis. He
    kneels across her face, his legs spread wide, his hands gripping
    the wrought-iron bedstead. Encircling his cock and balls with the
    fingers of one hand, she rocks her head rapidly up and down
    between his thighs, sucking hard. His cock is long and thick and
    hard and dark and it glistens and shines with her ministrations,
    distending her face with its size. Hasmukh gasps and moans and
    pumps his hips as he fucks her face, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing. His head is bent to watch his mistress suck him off.

    "Give me the pills!" he cries suddenly. "*Goli* *de* *mujhe*!"

    Without pausing in her cock-sucking, Sunnu fumbles for a bottle of
    pills on the bedside table and gives it to him. She sucks his cock
    harder now, working it wildly with her tongue, her head rocking
    furiously up and down under him. Hasmukh grunts and flips open the
    cap of the bottle with one hand, the other on her head. He tilts
    the bottle into his palm; several capsules and vials spill out,
    scatter on the bed and floor. He snaps a vial under his nose,
    inhaling sharply and deeply, then throws his head back and,
    opening his mouth, pops three pills.

    The effect of the drugs is astonishing. His cock swells visibly.
    His hard body arches, muscles cording and popping in his shoulders
    and chest and arms and thick neck. His belly snaps inward. His
    hips surge forward. He gasps loudly.

    "Oh fuck yes! Suck me, whore! Suck me hard! *Choos* *mujhe*!
    *Jorse* *choos*!"

    His orgasm is almost immediate, and violent. He gasps again,
    sharply, and thick, sticky jets of his gunk spurt from his
    cock-head. Sunnu has sensed his orgasm in time and she opens her
    mouth wide just as he begins to come so that he can see his thick
    jizz jetting down her throat, spattering her face and cheeks. She
    pumps his cock vigorously and his seed splashes on her breasts.
    She swallows what she can, licks her fingers and lips
    lasciviously. Her head sinks back into the soft pillows and she
    smiles dreamily up at her lover. Gunk dribbles between her
    breasts; she runs her fingers through it, massages it into her
    skin, licks her fingers again, scoops up more off her cheeks, laps
    at that, too. Hasmukh chuckles softly.

    His cock is still hard; Nalini knows the effect of the drugs. As
    she watches, her husband bends and kisses their mistress,
    thrusting his tongue deep into her mouth. She murmurs softly in
    pleasure, looping a lovely arm around his broad, powerful
    shoulders. He is a strongly-built man, dark and tall and with
    rough-hewn good looks. His shoulders are wide and his chest is
    broad and deep. His arms and legs bulge with muscle. His belly is
    hard and flat, his waist narrow, his hips high, his buttocks taut.
    His torso is matted with fine, dark, curly hair. His penis is big,
    about nine and a half inches in length, nearly two inches thick.
    His balls are heavy and low. Nalini knows that he is a powerful
    and demanding lover, and has penchant for bedding women socially
    superior to him. It turns him on to fuck them hard and rough like
    cheap whores. He enjoys making them beg. It gives him a sense of
    social standing and worth, restores a social imbalance in his own
    eyes. Not that he is any less satisfying when he has sex with
    women of his own societal level, but with the *memsahib*s he
    pushes himself further.

    Nalini watches her husband break the lingering kiss, plucking at
    Sunnu's lips. She swirls her tongue through his ear.

    "Fuck me with your tongue, Hasmukh," she murmurs. "Lick my slit.
    *Mere* *chuth* *ko* *chaat*."

    Smiling, Hasmukh slides down her body, kissing her breasts,
    licking the gunk-flecked nipples, whipping them with his tongue.
    Sunnu shivers and moans softly. He drags his tongue through his
    own jizz and kisses her, dribbling his seed from his tongue onto
    hers. It is an inordinately erotic sight to watch. He returns to
    her breasts, laps more gunk on his tongue, smears her face with
    it. He is like an animal - and she loves it. She moans her
    passion, licking the sticky fingers he presses to her lips.
    Sliding a hand down her belly, he presses his hand to her cunt.
    She groans and arches under him. Slowly, he sucks one breast,
    drawing the turgid mound into his mouth, then moves to the other,
    nibbling and biting gently on the hard nipple. She gasps, running
    her fingers lovingly through his thick, dark hair. Her squeezes
    both breasts together and sucks them simultaneously.

    "Yes ... oh god yes ... c'mon! Lick me!" she whimpers through
    clenched teeth.

    Chuckling softly, Hasmukh slithers lower, his tongue tracing a
    long trail down her firm belly, licking at dainty dewdrop of his
    own gunk in her navel. Lower he goes, and lower still, nuzzling
    the dark delta of her pubic fuzz. She groans and forks her legs
    wide apart, claws her cunt-lips open. Her knees bend. Hasmukh
    bends, pries open     cunt-lips with the fingers of one hand and
    thrusts his face into her crotch. Sunnu gasps. Her back arches and
    her hips lurch. Hasmukh's tongue flickers in her cunt, probes,
    slides in and out, whips this way and that. He pushes a finger
    into her cunt, then another and begins to masturbate her even as
    he continues licking her slit. Sunnu cries out, her head snapping
    to one side, her eyes closed. She holds his head and moves it
    round and round between her thighs. Her hips heave and buck under
    his face. Her moans and loud and obscene.

    "Yes! Oh ma uh oh god yes! Lick me! Lick my slit! *Chaat* *mujhe*!
    *Chaat* *mere* *chuth* *ko*!" she cries.

    Hasmukh tongue-fucks her relentlessly as his wife watches, getting
    steadily hornier by the second. On the bed, Sunnu's body writhes
    and thrashes. She squeezes her breasts in a frenzy, lifting and
    crushing them hard. She grips her head to her crotch. As Nalini
    watches, she gropes for the aphrodisiac. She snaps a vial under
    her nose, pops several capsules and instantly orgasms. She
    shudders and gasps, and her back snaps taut in steep bow. Her
    groins jerks up at his face and twitches violently. Hasmukh lifts
    his head and thrusts four fingers deep into her cunt and
    masturbates her furiously. She cries out in joy.

    At last, gasping and whimpering, she subsides. Hasmukh moves up
    over her and her legs fork wide on either side of his hips. She
    spreads her cunt-lips open for his cock with one hand, the other
    on his penis, guiding him into her.

    "Fuck me," she groans. "Fuck me ... *Chodh* *mujhe* ."

    "*Kyon*, *bahut* *khujli* *hain* *kya*?" he teases her. "Your
    cunt's burning, eh?

    "*Hanh*," she replies. "*Hanh*, *hain*. *Tere* *lund* *ke* *liye*.
    Yes ... it is ... for your cock!"

    Hasmukh pauses with his cock at her cunt-lips. Nalini watches as
    he flexes his buttocks slowly and squeezes his cock into her cunt.
    She gasps and sinks her teeth into the powerful pads of muscle in
    his shoulders. He winces and forces her face to his and kisses her
    roughly. His hips dip and his cock sinks inexorably into her cunt,
    going in deep.

    Sunnu murmurs softly, writhing in pleasure under her
    servant-lover. Her legs split further open and her feet climb the
    backs of his thighs. She clenches his buttocks, pinning his cock
    in her cunt.

    "Mmm ... yes ... Ohhh yes ... oh god yes ... that's so good ...
    fuck me loverboy ... fuck me hard ... ohh yeh ... god, 1 love your
    cock in my cunt ..." He cannot understand her words, spoken in
    English, but her meaning is plain.

    "*Ab teri chuth aisi marunga, aisi marunga rahnd, dekti rehna*!"
    he growls. "Now I'm gonna fuck your slit so hard, so fucking hard,
    bitch ... just watch!"

    Hasmukh begins to fuck her. His hips rise and fall and swing back
    and forth. His cock strokes steadily in and out of her cunt.
    Nalini can see the dark shaft appearing and disappearing into
    Sunnu's slit. His balls press against her cunt-lips with each
    downthrust. His cock glisten with their coital juices. Sunnu grips
    his head and kisses him hungrily. Her hands slide down his strong
    body, caressing the matted torso and she clenches his lean hips.
    He spreads his legs and levers her thighs wider apart. He plunges
    into her hard now and chuckles as she cries out and arches in
    shock under him, her cunt jerking up to his groin.

    "Take it you whore," he grunts obscenely in the vernacular. "Take
    my cock you fuckin' bitch ... c'mon slut ... take it ... yeh ...
    that's it ... take it, you fuckin' slut, take it! *Lele* *rundi*!
    *Le* *mere* *lavde* *ko*, *saali* *rahnd*! *Chul*! *Le*!"

    Their bodies slap together as they move faster and faster. Now his
    cock is slamming and reaming hard and deep into her cunt. Each
    thrust makes her gasp and jerk under him. He moves faster and her
    body rocks under his thrusts, her breasts bouncing. Her long neck
    arches, her face tilts, her eyes close. Her mouth is open and she
    moans and gasps, baring her perfect teeth in a rictus of lust. Her
    body jerks and snaps and the bed rocks and bounces on its strong
    springs. Her feet lock behind his pumping buttocks.

    Moving faster, he rises on powerful outstretched arms, his body
    angled over hers. His buttocks pump and piston rapidly now. His
    hairy torso is covered in a film of sweat. He flings his head back
    and grunts loud obscenities and rolls his hips and skewers her
    from all angles. She claws at him, digging into the thickly
    muscled arms. His big, thick, long cock gleams and glistens as it
    strokes in and out of her cunt, emerging and disappearing from its
    sodden folds. Her cries are shrill and eager.

    "OHHHHHHHH uhhhh OHhhh Hasmukh-Hasmukh-Hasmukh uhhhhh hanh uhhh
    hanh uhhhh Ohmauhhh hanh uhhh ahhhhh!" Sunnu cries.

    "*Chul* ... *chul* *rundi* *chul* ... *hanh*! *Chul* *le *...
    *hanh* *le* *mere* *lund* *ko* ... C'mon, whore ... take it! Take
    my cock! *Hanh* uhhh ohhhhh uhhh *hanh*!" he responds.

    Moving furiously now, panting and gasping, his cock ramming and
    thrusting deeply in and out, his buttocks flexing and unflexing,
    he fucks her savagely. Her cunt lurches up and down under him. Her
    face is even more beautiful in animal lust. Her nostrils are
    flared and she moans and pants loudly. Her body arches and lurches
    beneath him and her swollen breasts jiggle and bounce. She crushes
    them in her hands in a frenzy of excitement and moans feverishly.

    "Oh fuck yes ... fuck me Hasmukh ... yes ... come on, you
    motherfucker ... fuck my cunt ... ohhh god yes ... shove your cock
    into my slit baby ... take me take me like a whore, lover! Do it!
    *Chul* *madarchuth* ... *chodh* *mujhe*! *Jorse* *chodh*! *Rundi*
    *jaisi* *chodh*!"

    Hasmukh pauses and rears upright on his knees. Holding her waist
    and buttocks, he lifts her hips high and rams her cunt down hard
    onto his cock. Flinging his head back, his belly sucked in with
    the strain, he continues to fuck her with rapid, pistoning,
    trip-hammer thrusts, his buttocks and hips slamming back and forth
    with an erotic snapping motion. Sunnu's body is arched and angled
    away from his. Her shoulders are on the bed, her hips high in the
    air, her head flung back. Her breasts jerk and jiggle violently
    under his thrusts as he ram-fucks her faster and faster and
    faster. Sunnu's face contorts with lust and she stretches her
    hands to her groin, her breasts squeezing between her arms, and
    claws her cunt-lips open. He jerks his hips back and forth. The
    thin gold chain around her neck is looped tight against her
    throat. Sweat splinters off their bodies.

    The sight arouses Nalini immeasurably and she feels a hot flush
    spread over her body, a sudden gushing between her legs. She wants
    to fuck. She wishes Sunnu's husband, Gautam, was here. He has the
    body of a god and is the greatest lover she has ever known.
    Unfortunately, he is out of town. She must find herself another.
    In this house that will not be a problem.

    On the bed, Sunnu and Hasmukh have changed position. Now Sunnu is
    on her front, on her forearms and knees, her buttocks thrust back
    at him. Hasmukh kneels behind her and presses his cock between the
    lobes of her buttocks.

    "Want it in your ass, bitch?" he snarls. 'Want me to fuck your
    butt? *Gaand* *mein* *chahiye*?"

    "Later," she gasps. "First fuck my cunt ..."

    Nalini watches her husband take his throbbing penis in his hand
    and squeeze it quickly between the creamy lobes of her buttocks
    into her cunt. He gasps and she moans and jerks forward as his
    cock sears into her. Nalini knows how good it feels. His hands on
    Sunnu's hips, Hasmukh begins to move again, now in a measured,
    rhythmic tempo. Nalini stares at the sight of his cock pistoning
    steadily in and out of her mistress' cunt, appearing and
    disappearing, her husband's balls slapping at her buttocks. She is
    deeply aroused. Her cunt is already wet and her breasts feel heavy
    and turgid and her nipples are hard. She slips out of the room to
    find herself a lover.

    She returns to the living room and hurries to the kitchen. The
    servants' quarters are beyond. She knows that Babu and Gopal and
    Rajashree and Suman will be there. In the foyer of the three-room
    suite, she notices the broad tiled staircase that zigzags up to
    the overhead terrace. She knows that there are water tanks on the
    terrace that feed the house and pool. She mounts the stairs
    quickly, her bangles and anklets tinkling softly.

    She is in luck. Wasim is still asleep. He is a new recruit to the
    stables of Gautam's sex empire. Ostensibly a servant, he is here
    for the final test of sexual prowess. She knows that he has done
    well through the earlier, elimination rounds. Nalini herself has
    seen him in action, servicing Suman and Rajashree and Falu over
    the past few days. To get this far, he must have been pronounced
    satisfactory by most of the other woman on the circuit: Harsha,
    Hansa, Dipti, Susan, Smita, Kuntal, Priyam, Nisha, Shobha,
    Rajashri, Neha. Here, he will finally get to fuck Sunnu. If he
    sates her, he will join the stud farm. Then he will be given roles
    in films, will perform on stage and pose for stills and service
    clients at the Hotel Apistia, the five-star luxury deluxe
    'whoretel' owned by Gautam through his international conglomerate,
    Hedon & Venery. They pay exceptionally well, and the fucking is
    superlative. Nalini has first-hand experience: for the last couple
    of years, she has been on the circuit herself, after she was
    graduated from Hedon & Venery's swallow school.

    Wasim is a handsome man, dark and tall, exceedingly well-built.
    His face is slightly rounded, but handsome, clean-shaven and
    firm-chinned. He has a strong nose and a full, sensual mouth. His
    eyes are set wide and deep and his hair is thick and swept back,
    the forehead broad and high. His body is attractive. His shoulders
    are broad, the chest deep and curved, the belly hard and flat. The
    hips are high and narrow, the buttocks firm, the legs and arms
    long and thick with muscle. His torso is a sharp V, the chest
    cleanly, clearly defined by its musculature. It is totally devoid
    of hair; even his armpits are depilated. His nipples are short and
    stiff in small, dark aureoles. He sleeps on his back on a narrow
    pallet on the floor, the covers flung back around his knees. There
    is a thick bulge between his legs. He is clad only in a pair of
    loose shorts and nothing else.

    Nalini pauses to admire his physique, her lust mounting steadily
    as her eyes glide over his body. Silently, she unwinds her sari
    and lets it fall to her feet. She unbuttons her blouse and tugs
    open the knot to the drawcord of her petticoat. It rustles to her
    feet. She is naked. Her breasts are swollen hard, her nipples
    already stiff. Her cunt is moist. She cups her breasts and
    squeezes them, then fondles her cunt. Her pulse quickens, the
    adrenaline pumps through her veins and her body glows with the
    flush of sexual arousal.

    Careful not to startle him into wakefulness, she drops to her
    knees beside him. He smells musky and erotic. His chest rises and
    falls evenly in sleep. Holding her breath, Nalini bends her head
    over his belly. He stirs in his sleep as her cold *mangalsutra*
    brushes against his thighs. She presses her lips to his belly,
    fumbles open the clasp of his shorts and flicks open the fly
    buttons. Gently, she parts the thin material. Wasim mutters in his
    sleep. Her eyes flicker to his face. He sleeps on. She smiles and
    bends her head again. His cock is wonderful, dark and long, about
    eight inches in length, an inch thick, with heavy, low balls. It
    springs from a thick thatch of pubic hair. It is circumcised. She
    is pleased, knowing from experience that he will last long.

    She slides her hand into his shorts and curls her fingers lovingly
    about the thick penis and lifts it free. She bends low and her
    tongue snakes out and swirls about his cock-head. Wasim grunts and
    his hips lurch. This time, she does not pause. jerking his penis
    in her fist slowly, she flicks and coils her pointed tongue
    sinuously around his cock-head. His cock thickens rapidly and he
    wakes. He sees her, an attractive woman, naked, her face flushed
    with desire, her head bent and mouth open over his loins, his
    penis in her hand. He smiles. He doesn't know her, but it doesn't
    matter. In this house, personalities count for nothing. Sex is the
    only truth.

    He sighs softly as her warm lips part and slip down around his
    cock-head and part of his shaft, engulfing it. It is wonderful.
    Her mouth is warm and moist and hungry, and she sucks him eagerly,
    doing delightful things to his cock and balls with her tongue and
    teeth. Evidently, she is an adroit love-mate. He cranes his head
    to watch. Her face is distended by his penis. Her fist moves it up
    and down, her head bobs and bounces over his lap, her cheeks
    hollow as she sucks harder and harder on his cock. He reaches down
    and holds her head and moves it to suit his pleasure, his own hips
    now moving slowly, heavily. He fucks her face with deep pleasure.
    She is very good.

    "Mm ... *choos* ... *aur* *choos* *rundi* ...*jor* *se choos* ...
    suck hard, slut ... harder!"* *Wasim mutters thickly.

    The fire roils in his belly. His cock is hard as rock, throbbing
    and pulsating in her mouth, glistening and gleaming as it goes in
    and out between her hungry lips. His balls throb, his loins surge.
    His body is hot and flushed with full-blown desire.

    Nalini rises when he tugs at her arms. Her face is suffused with
    animal lust. She straddles his body and bends over him, letting
    her swollen breasts drop into his mouth. He sucks them gently,
    then sharply and she gasps. Her cunt tingling with excitement, she
    slides up to straddle his face and lowers her cunt to his lips
    Wasim can smell the muskiness of her cunt. It excites him. He
    thrusts his tongue into her cunt and tastes the tang of her
    cunt-juice. He feels dizzy with lust. She moans and he probes
    deeper. Wasim finds her gorged clitoris and begins to suck and
    nibble it. She gasps and he flicks it with his tongue. Nalini
    groans loudly and tosses her head back, her hands squeezing her
    hard breasts in excitement. She rolls them under her palms.

    "Yes ... yes ... ohh yes ... lick it ... lick my cunt ... fuck me
    ... fuck me with your tongue, you sonofabitch ... ohhh yes ...'
    she gasps gutturally in the vernacular. "*Chaat* *mujhe* ...
    *chul* ... *chul*, *bahenchuth* ... *chaat* *mujhe*!"

    He chuckles at her obscenities and drives his tongue deep into her
    cunt. Her hips grind and writhe on his face, twitching and rolling
    and swaying. He presses a fingertip to her asshole and she gasps
    and yields. Her body flames with lust as his finger curves into
    her rear channel. Her cunt spasms and oozes thick syrup. He laps
    it greedily.

    Moaning with excitement, she moves off his face to straddle his
    hips, his erect penis in both hands. She pauses with his throbbing
    cock-head at the very portals of her flesh. Then, with a loud
    moan, she lets her hips sink and the huge knob of his cock slips
    into her belly. She gasps, biting her lower lip in tension and her
    head arches back. He groans loudly. Her cunt is hot and wet, tight
    as a drum, and it squeezes powerfully on his throbbing prick.

    He has acquired self-control these past several weeks. He knows
    what to do. He arches his hips slowly and his cock slides between
    her fingers into her cunt. She gasps, her lovely face arching
    upward as her hips sink further. Wasim grins and spreads his
    knees, lifting and bending them as he arches his hips steadily
    higher. His huge penis sears into her flesh and is swallowed by
    her hungry cunt. Groaning, her breath sharp and short, she leans
    forward on her knuckles, her face tilted back, her hands on either
    side of his hard, smooth chest. His cock is fully embedded in her
    cunt. His hips are high, her cunt is jammed down on his shaft. She
    groans and flexes her buttocks rapidly several times, squeezing
    her cunt around his cock. He grunts in surprised pleasure. She
    stops, then does it again.

    At last, she begins to move, riding him. Her hips rise and fall
    steadily and her cunt rasps and slides up and down the length of
    his shaft. Her back dips and bows, arches and bows, bends and
    unbends as she rides his cock. Her breasts begin to bounce and
    jiggle as she moves faster. Her nipples are stiff and erect. His
    eyes on her face, he moves with her, finding the rhythm quickly
    and easily, matching it, pacing her. His cock feels wonderful in
    her cunt, hot and hard, glistening, gleaming, throbbing, burning,
    rasping in and out, reaming into her, distending her cunt-lips
    wide open, raking her inflamed clitoris. Her long *mangalsutra*
    flips on her dusky flesh. The alternate flexing and unflexing of
    her buttocks makes her cunt spasm on his prick. He grunts softly
    and holds her hips, moving her body in time to his rhythm now. She
    groans and squeezes her breasts erotically.

    "Ohhhh uhhh .... hanh... uhhhh ... *chul *... *bhadve chul *...
    *chul *... uhhhh hanh uhhh *aise *... uhhhhh hanh *aise *....
    Ohhhh uhhh OHhh ... c'mon ... c'mon you fucking pimp! Do it!"
    Nalini calls, bucking faster still.

    Her head is flung way back, the mouth open in a wide 'O'. She
    rolls her breasts under her palms, her face turned to one side,
    beautiful with lust. They move faster and she gasps, her head
    sagging on her chest, her hands on his torso as she bucks up and
    down. Her cunt spasms and convulses on his throbbing penis.

    "Ohhhhhh uhhhhh Oh ma uhhhhhh ahhhhhh uhhhh ahhhhh uhhh hanh uhhhh
    hanh uhh Ahhhh uhhh ahhh uhhh ahhh uhhAH AH AH AH AHHHHH uhhh
    AHH!" she cries loudly.

    He grins at her love-calls and begins to move faster under her,
    jerking his hips savagely up and down. Her buttocks slap and thud
    on his lap as her cunt crashes down the long length of his shaft
    again and again. He prises her buttocks open and fingers her anus.
    She hisses in tension and her sphincter yields under his insistent

    Wasim slides his hard finger into her asshole and her face
    contorts with lust and she begins to swing her hips round and
    round in an erotic, churning motion. He grits his teeth, his
    nostrils flared. She is truly a wonderful fuck.

    Nalini rises off his prick and turns, lust written on her face.
    She turns on all fours and bends forward across the pallet, her
    knees spread, resting on her front, her buttocks thrust out
    towards him in a namaz pose. Wasim straddles her hips in a deep
    squat and presses his cock-head into the cleft between the smooth
    lobes of her buttocks. Nalini moans and tenses slightly as she
    feels his cock at her asshole. He chuckles softly and debates on
    which orifice he should fuck. .Then she claws her cunt-lips open.
    He decides to butt-fuck her later. With a long spiralling thrust,
    he lunges deep into her cunt, his head snapping back, his belly
    sucking in sharply, a gasp erupting from his throat. Her cunt
    convulses greedily on his penis. She moans and her head arches and
    her back bows as his lance runs into her cunt.

    He fucks her rapidly, with mounting desire. His hips rock back and
    forth in a swift, yet controlled rhythm. His buttocks flex and
    unflex as he swings his hips from the waist, his balls and thighs
    slapping against her buttocks. His enormous cock is burning,
    aching for the final release. It glistens and gleams, throbbing,
    hot, hard, the thick veins standing out angrily along its length
    as it emerges and disappears between the folds of her buttocks.
    Her body jerks beneath his and her back sways and her hips rolling
    in taut circles as he swirls his own hips, spiralling into her.
    She squeezes her breasts and then he bends over her and crushes
    them in his hard palms, making her cry out softly. He goes faster
    and faster and faster, thrusting harder and deeper, skewering her
    cunt, reaming her slit, ram-fucking her. Her cries rise and grow
    more obscene.

    He pauses, leaving her teetering on the brink of an orgasm and
    jerks out of her. She moans and sobs, panting, her breath ragged
    and uneven, her voice hoarse. He flips her over onto her back. She
    spreads her legs and lifts her hips, her elbows on the pallet, her
    hips under her buttocks. He kneels between her thighs and, holding
    her thighs, thrusts his cock savagely into her. She cries out
    thinly, arching hard under him, her loins jerking to his, her head
    snapping to one side, her mouth jerking open. He ram-fucks her
    cunt, moving rapidly, furiously, panting and gasping, his hips
    slamming to and fro, his cock reaming in and out of her cunt. Her
    body jerks and snaps, her breasts jiggling heavily.

    He releases her legs and their hips sink together and he bends
    over her on his arms and knees. She digs her fingers into his
    thick biceps. Her legs rise and coil about his raised hips. With a
    loud cry he drops his hips and she gasps as his cock runs into her
    belly again, going in deep. His head flung back, he fucks her
    furiously, his buttocks bobbing and bouncing demonically up and
    down, his cock going in and out, faster and faster till they are
    both falling over the edge as one. He bends and thrusts his tongue
    into her mouth as his jizz sizzling in heavy spurts into her slit.
    She moans softly, caressing his smooth back.

    'What's your name?" he mutters, his tongue in her ear.


    "Good. Now I'll fuck you again."

    Nalini is incredulous. He is better than she had hoped. He slides
    out of her, and his cock is still rock hard. She turns on her side
    and lifts a leg high. He lies behind her and enters her again. She
    groans softly.

    He fucks her steadily, gently, for a long time, taking his time.
    She is delirious and she moans and gasps. He is utterly
    relentless. His cock will not stop. Her cunt is fiery with lust
    heat and she lets herself drown in the overpowering sensations of
    his fucking. Her face turns over her shoulder and he kisses her,
    his tongue sliding under her lip, exploring her mouth. He is a
    sensual, erotic animal.

    "Fuck me, lover," she moans. "Fuck me hard ... yes ohhh yes ...
    god your cock is so good in there ... yes ... shove it in yes ...
    OHhh yes ... that's it ... shove it all in Wasim ... I want it all
    ... *bhar* *de* *mere* *chuth* *ko* ... *chul*, Wasim ... *chodh*
    *mujhe*! *Jorse* *chodh*!"

    He holds her by the waist and shoulder and rocks her up and down.
    Lying behind her, he flexes and unflexes his buttocks, squeezing
    his cock into her cunt again and again. His hand slides up her hip
    to her breast and he squeezes it, pinching and tweaking her
    quivering nipple, tormenting her.

    "Like it, cunt? Like having my cock in your slit, whore?" he rasps
    in her ear. "*Accha* *lagta* *hai*, *rahnd*?"

    "Yes ... yes ... god yes," she moans, feverish again with

    Without moving out of her, he rolls her over so that she is flat
    on her front. He fucks her rapidly and hard now, slamming his cock
    in and out of her cunt. The thick veins on its shaft rasp and
    scrape against her gorged clitoris. Nalini whimpers, her face
    turned on one side on his pallet, her buttocks quivering as his
    hips slam into them again and again. He slows and she whimpers as
    he eases his cock out of her.

    "Now I want your ass, bitch," he growls. "I want to fuck your
    butt. *Ab* *teri* *gaand* *marni* *hain*!"

    She groans as he jerks her hips up high and tears her buttocks
    apart, exposing the puckered flesh of her anus. She tenses,
    expecting his cock to rip through any minute. Instead, kneeling
    behind her, he bends and thrusts his face between her thighs.
    Nalini cries out in delight and joy as his tongue swirls across
    her anus. He curls a finger up into her cunt and she gasps. His
    tongue is thick and rough and the puckered flesh of her asshole
    quivers and spasms. He rims her slowly, relishing the musky taste
    of her ass. She trembles and moans softly.

    "Wasim ... please ... fuck me ... fuck me in the ass ..." she begs
    and, reaching back, claws her buttocks open. "Wasim ... *chodh*
    *mujhe* ... *gaand* *mein*!"

    He chuckles and rises to his knees and she feels his cock-head at
    her asshole. She groans and her sphincter yields. Wasim takes a
    deep breath and, flexing his buttocks, slowly squeezes his cock
    into her ass with a shuddering groan. She gasps, the breath
    hissing from her throat as the fiery penis pierces deep. Her cunt
    and ass blaze and her mind reels in a fog of painful ecstasy.
    Deeper and deeper he goes, on and on, as if he will never stop,
    till his cock is fully inside her.

    Slowly, lovingly, he butt-fucks her, taking his time over it. He
    rocks his hips back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. His
    cock rasps and squelches in and out of her ass. He flings his head
    back and gasps as her asshole convulses on his cock. He begins to
    move faster and she cries out, her fingers scrabbling at the
    counterpane. He picks up speed, goes faster and faster, yet fully
    in control, moving in a masterfully measured rhythm, back and
    forth, back and forth.

    His hand goes under her belly and his fingers tease her cunt-lips
    open and dip into her cunt. She cries out, her hips shaking and
    swaying under him.

    'Oh ma oh ma Ohhh unhhhh OH OH OH OH oh ma unhh Wasim ... Wasim!
    Ohh! Ohhh ... uhhh ohhh ... uhhh ... OHHHH unhhh *hanh* *hanh*
    *hanh* Uhhhh OHHHHHh!"

    Suddenly he begins to move rapidly, ramming and reaming savagely
    into her, making her cry out in a shrill, thin voice.

    "Ahmauhhh Ohh unnh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

    "*Hanh*! *Le! Le rahnd* *le! Le mere* *lund* *ko*! Take it, whore,
    take it! Take my cock!" the man cries.

    Again and again he lunges into her. She explodes violently and
    this time he rocks in hard and flings his head back and gasps, his
    hips twitching at her buttocks as the fountain of seed erupts from
    his cock-head and spews into her convulsing asshole.

                                = o =