Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                            A JAM OF TARTS

                          THE OFFICE COMERS

    Sonali felt horny. She sighed and pushed the papers away. She
    looked around. The office was largely deserted with most of the
    staff in Court or elsewhere. Only one peon, Vinod, was still in
    the office. He sat in a chair at the far end of the office, his
    head bent, kicking his legs idly back and forth.

    "Vinod!" she called.

    He looked up with a grin and got to his feet. He was very
    good-looking. Not tall, but handsome, with a fine, slightly hooked
    nose, a firm mouth and chin, thick, curly hair, laughing eyes. His
    body was lean and hard and sexy. Under her own tutelage, he had
    learned to use it well with women.

    She looked lovely, dressed in a white *khadi* cotton
    *salvar-khameez*, with a high mandarin collar and designed yoke,
    her hair loose, sweeping in a delectable wave over her pretty
    face. Her firm breasts jutted out against the contoured cloth. Her
    eyes were lightly lined with *kajal*, and she had applied just a
    trace of lipstick. He noticed, grinning, that she didn't have bra
    on: he could see her stubby nipples and the dark shadow of her

    She smiled gently, leaning back in the chair, tilting it on his
    swivel hinge, thrusting her chest out even further and lifting her
    hands to sweep her hair off her neck. Her breasts thrust out, and
    the buttons of the *kurta* parted in bowed loops, showing him her

    "Yes? What can I do for you, madam?" he queried slyly. "*Kyaseva

    She giggled. "You need to ask? *Puchna padega*?"

    He chuckled, his eyes bright and warm, and she stretched her arms
    out to him. He bent his head and they kissed slowly and his tongue
    slid between her warm, moist lips and explored her mouth. Her arms
    wound about his shoulders and she caressed his strong back sexily.
    He smelled musky and sweaty and sexy. He cupped her breasts and
    fondled them gently, and instantly her nipples shot out stiff and
    hard in his palms.

    "Come on ... let's go in," she said huskily.

    They went into the special chamber Rajeev had fixed up for just
    this purpose. It was soundproofed and furnished with comfortable
    chairs and a sofa, and large, well-sprung double-bed. It also
    carried closed-circuit television with the master monitor on
    Rajeev's desk so that he could watch the goings-on, and video
    equipment for filming the action. The video camera was
    automatically operated. It had sophisticated, customised computer
    controls, with sonar and infrared sensors to locate the source of
    the action. It automatically filmed all sexual acts within the

    Vinod locked the door behind them, and the video whirred quietly
    to life. He turned to find that Sonali had already unbuttoned her
    *kurta* and was struggling out of it. He watched her, grinning
    hugely, unbuttoning his shirt and drawing it off. His body was
    lean and hairless, smooth-skinned, the chest well-defined and
    hard. He unzipped his jeans with a loud *krrrik* and dropped them.
    His cock was big, long and thick, still limp. Sonali smiled as he
    began to masturbate.

    "Wait for me," she said. "I want to do that."

    She dropped her *salvar*. She had nothing on beneath that either,
    and her cunt-fuzz tempted him. Like all the women here, it was
    trimmed to sparseness, her cunt-lips clear. Her breasts looked
    swollen. There was thin gold chain with a delicate pearl in sepal
    pendant around her neck. She tossed her hair and her breasts
    jiggled temptingly. He took her in his arms and they kissed
    hungrily, their tongues in each other's mouths. She caressed his
    cock eagerly and he fondled her breasts and felt them grow warm
    and hard in his palms, the nipples shooting out rock-hard. Their
    bodies squirmed hotly, and she was panting as they moved to the

    "Vinod," she gasped, "let me suck your cock. *Mujhechoosnede*."

    She turned on her back and he grinned and knelt over her face with
    his head bent, watching her. She took his penis in her fist,
    rolled back the foreskin and, arching her head, parting her pretty
    lips, took his cock in her mouth and began to suck it. He gasped
    as her electric tongue flickered over his cock-head. She moaned in
    her throat, and sucked harder. Her head rose and fell between his
    legs. Her mouth was incredible on his cock -- warm and inviting,
    sucking him avidly, moving back and forth. Vinod felt the fires
    roiling in his balls as she drew him deep into her throat, his
    pubic hair against her lips. She caressed her face with his cock,
    her eyes hooded in lust, moaning softly. He chuckled at the sight.
    She sucked his cock again, and now she held his buttocks and
    pulled him down deeper into her hungry mouth. He fucked her face
    eagerly, his buttocks rising and falling, the erect, hot,
    throbbing cock glistening as it slid in and out of her mouth. He
    squeezed her breasts and found them hard and hot. Her legs jerked
    wide, her knees rising in flagrantly obscene invitation to his
    mouth and fingers.

    She stopped sucking his cock for a minute, to moan, "Vinod ...
    lick my cunt! *Chaatmujhe*!"

    He laughed and bent over her, thrusting his face between her
    forked thighs as he continued to fuck her mouth. Her cunt was
    already wet and he pulled her cunt-lips open and roughly jammed
    his tongue into the soft flesh within. Sonali gasped and her hips
    jerked up hard at his face. He chuckled and began to tongue-fuck
    her, thrusting his thick tongue in and out of her cunt, flicking
    at her gorged clitoris. His buttocks pumped steadily over her face
    and she sucked and licked the peon's penis with mounting
    excitement. He twisted two fingers into her cunt as he licked it
    and she gasped and writhed in delight under him. Sonali pumped his
    penis in her fist as she worked it cleverly with her tongue and
    lips and teeth, sucking hungrily. His tongue darted in and out of
    her sodden cunt-flesh.

    Their bodies writhed and bucked in the sixty-nine. She moaned
    lasciviously, deep in her throat, as his cock sputtered pre-cum
    gunk into her mouth. His tongue was wonderful in her cunt, thick
    and heavy and he moved his fingers deftly so that she was soon
    careening toward an orgasm.

    The peon sensed her climax approaching, and he stopped and rose
    and moved around to kneel between her splayed thighs, his cock in
    his hand. She arched her hips and back, offering him her cunt,
    and, with a loud chuckle, he squeezed his cock slowly into her
    cunt. Sonali gasped and arched hard beneath him, squeezing her
    gorged breasts, her face screwed up in lust as the randy young
    peon began to fuck her. Sonali moaned ecstatically as his big cock
    ploughed into her cunt.

    "Ohhhhh baby yes ... ohhhh uhhhh ohhhhh uhhh Ohhhh uhh OHHH uhhh
    OHHHH uhhhh," she moaned, "OHHHH yes uhhh OHHH god yes ..."

    Vinod watched her face spasm with pleasure and he kept up a steady
    rhythm, stroking his penis in and out of her cunt. He moved
    steadily for several minutes, his hips swinging rhythmically, his
    buttocks flexing and unflexing, then abruptly hit a rapid
    ram-fucking stroke, only to slow again. Sonali went wild with
    delight. She arched steeply under him, clenching his shoulders as
    he hammered at her heaving body. When he slowed, she moaned, and
    caressed his shaft and balls. Her legs rose, and the video camera
    filmed his huge cock stroking smoothly and steadily in and out of
    her cunt. Then it snapped to a long shot of their groins slapping
    and grinding together.

    The gold chain with its pearl pendant slithered and swung back and
    forth on her chest, and Vinod arched his head, panting and gasping
    at the heat of her cunt as she arched and bucked with him, her
    cunt sucking on his cock like a vice.

    "OHHH yes ohhh yes yes yes ..." she moaned, "Take me ... ohhhh god
    yes ... fuck me baby ... OHHHHH yes ... *Lelemujhe*, Vinod!

    The peon's lean body shone with sweat now as he squeezed his cock
    in and out of Sonali's taut cunt-channel. His body was angled over
    hers, and he rested his hands on her breasts, crushing them under
    his weight as he hammered his hips at her buttocks. Sonali gasped
    and her legs rose higher to hook over his shoulders, and the
    camera automatically zoomed in to a close-up of her buttocks
    curved up and lobed open and his cock hammering rapidly back and
    forth, up and down, in and out. After several minutes, the camera
    snapped to her lust-ridden face and the mikes picked up her moans
    and panting gasps. She looked lovely, the slightly curved nose
    with the nostrils dilated, the deep brown eyes glassy, hooded, the
    perfect teeth bared as her lips drew back in a loud, ululating
    moan of lust. The loveliness of her face was accentuated by the
    delicate beauty spots and marks on one cheek, the attractive
    little scar beside her left eye.

    "Ohhhh yes ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, Vinod," Sonali
    murmured. "*Jorsechodh*, Vinod! *Jorsechodh*!"

    Her body rolled up onto the small of her back with his thrusts,
    curling under him as her cries rose excitedly.

    Vinod slid out of her and flipped her over. On her forearms and
    knees, Sonali immediately thrust her buttocks up at him, her fine
    hair sweeping in a lovely curtain over her face, her head turned
    to one side. The peon thrust his cock into her cunt hard and she
    gasped and lurched forward. He fucked her rapidly, ramming his
    cock rapidly in and out of her cunt. Sonali's body jerked and
    rocked under his, her back bending and curving, her buttocks
    swinging and rolling from side to side as Vinod's big penis
    crammed itself into her moist, hot, taut channel.

    He held her waist and skewered her cunt hard and deep. His muscles
    rippled and his body streamed with sweat. He flung his head back
    and gasped, jerking and slamming his hips at hers. The video
    camera zoomed into a close-up of his cock going into her cunt.
    Dark and ridged with angry veins, it glistened and throbbed
    visibly as it stroked in and out of her flesh. It went in deep,
    came out six or seven inches with each stroke, then plunged in
    savagely again.

    "Ohhh uhhh OHHHHH uhh ohh Vinod *hanhhh* uhhhh *HANhhhh* uhhh
    *Hanhhh* uhh OHHHHh Vinodvinodvinod*HANHHHhhh*," Sonali cried.

    Her perfect, pearly teeth were bared in a rictus of lust and her
    face was beautiful with passion as she jerked and lurched beneath
    the peon. Her hair swung back and forth and so did the gold and
    pearl chain around her neck. Her swollen breasts jiggled, the

    "C'mon whore c'mon ... *chulrundichul* take it *lele* ... take my
    cock, bitch ... *lelemerelundko*, *kutti*! OHHHH uhh *Hanhhh*
    uhhhh *hanhhhh* ..." Vinod gasped in return.

    His face was flushed, and he was panting, his nostrils flared. He
    bent to squeeze her turgid breasts as he ground his loins against
    her buttocks. Sonali moaned her joy. She arched hard, and thrust
    her buttocks up higher, grinding against his loins. She rose on
    her toes, bent over like a hairpin, and Vinod gasped, bending over
    her, giving the video camera a splendid shot of his puckered anus
    splayed wide open even as his cock jerked furiously in and out, in
    and out of her cunt. Thrust up high under his hips, her buttocks
    shook and trembled under him as she orgasmed. She fell to her
    knees again as it cascaded over her. She dug her hand between her
    legs to cup his balls, squeezing them and he gripped her swinging
    breasts hard. Her face jerked up, a vision of lust, the eyes
    closed, the lips parted in a wide 'O' of pure, greedy, hungry

    Vinod skewered her cunt, driving in deep, with a shuddering moan
    that rang in her ears. His head arched back and gasping, flushed,
    as her cunt clamped and sucked hard on his cock, drawing him
    deeper into her, till he could hold back no longer. He rammed and
    thrust and spiralled into her repeatedly, crying out in sheer joy
    as he came, releasing a copious flood of hot seed into her sticky



    Sonali's body rippled with lust. The performance she had just seen
    in the special suite for lectual activities in Rajeev's office had
    her hankering for a man. The orgy in the suite was still going on.
    It was a Friday evening, so everyone indulged themselves.

    She was still working when everyone else packed up. Only Chiman
    stayed on. He sat in the main lounge, leafing through the evening
    newspaper. Sonali packed her briefcase, snapped it shut and rose,
    intending to head straight home to a long, hot bath followed by an
    evening of sex with her husband's new business associate. Her
    husband thought it would clinch his deal. A muffled cry from the
    'Nutcracker Suite' made her stop. Chiman looked up and grinned.

    "They seem to be having fun," he chuckled. "*Mazaakarrahehain*."

    "Who's inside? *Kaunhain andar*?"

    "Harsha, I think, and Nandini and Seema and Nisha. Some guys, too.
    Wanna look? *Dekhnahain*?"

    These performances were always worth watching. She had often been
    a performer herself and she knew that they were fun on either side
    of the glass. She went into the viewing gallery, a long room that
    ran the length of the suite behind a solid wall of one-way glass.
    She flipped the switch and the lights in the viewing gallery
    dimmed, and the wall shimmered, affording a view into the room
    beyond. She smiled at what she saw.

    At the long table in the centre of the room, Harsha, Rajeev's
    stunning telephone operator and assistant, and Kishore's wife, was
    being humped by Barku, the handsome young peon. Sonali watched as
    the lovely girl moaned softly, bent over the table, standing on
    the floor, her buttocks thrust back at the naked peon. Barku, dark
    and good-looking, stood behind her, his thick, long cock
    half-embedded in her cunt. He squeezed it in further, grunting,
    his fingers digging into the creamy flesh of her buttocks. Harsha
    moaned and jerked under the thrust, her head arching, her lovely
    breasts swinging. The cock disappeared slowly between her
    buttocks. Barku paused, then slid out, then thrust in again with a
    cruel roll and swing of his buttocks. Harsha cried out and gasped,
    the breath rushing from her throat. Sonali knew just how she felt,
    for Barku had fucked her like this several times. He was good at
    it. As she watched, he began to move faster, with deeper, harder,
    more punishing thrusts, running his cock swiftly in and out of her
    cunt. He bent forward to cup her breasts, squeezing them hard in
    his hands.

    On the large bed against one wall, Seema, Rajeev's assistant, a
    fair and pretty-faced young woman moaned and gasped as Lewis, the
    company chauffeur fucked her. He was bent over her and they were
    fucking hard. His buttocks bounced furiously, bobbing madly up and
    down, his huge cock rising, glistening, plunging into her cunt.
    Seema's legs were drawn up high about his back. Her fleshy breasts
    jiggled, her body rolling upward with every thrust. Lewis kissed
    her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

    On the floor at the foot of the bed lay Vinod, the new peon whom
    Sonali had first seduced and then gently trained in the art of
    lovemaking. Proficient at it now, he was fucking Nandini, an
    attractive young assistant. She gasped as she rocked up and down,
    back and forth on his big cock, her gold chains swinging on her
    sweat-flecked, dusky body. Her mouth was open and she gasped and
    called obscenely as she bucked. Vinod's hips rose and fell
    rhythmically under her, tossing her up and down, her breasts

    Finally, there were Nisha and Babu. She was the stenographer and
    he was a peon. He was fucking her from behind, lying on his side
    behind her, her leg drawn up, his cock thrust deep into her, one
    hand on her hip, the other on her shoulder, jigging her furiously
    up and down, her eyes closed, her pretty face a vision of lust,
    her breasts bouncing, the mangalsutra around her neck jumping on
    her fair, creamy skin. Sonali could see Babu's penis running in
    and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing between the creamy
    curves of her buttocks, his thighs pummelling her buttocks. Her
    face was contorted with lust, her mouth open in a loud cry, her
    eyes shut. Behind her, Babu heaved her buttock up and apart and
    slammed his hips furiously back and forth. His penis thundered in
    and out of her cunt.

    The sight was extraordinarily erotic. As she watched the octet
    copulate feverishly, Sonali felt her cunt ooze its juices. She
    hadn't seen Chiman follow her into the room. He stood silently in
    the shadows behind her, smiling to himself, leaning against the
    wall and watching the orgy. It was exciting.

    Chiman was not good-looking. His face was heavy, with a thick
    nose, a fleshy mouth, oversized and stained teeth and large,
    exposed gums. Despite his looks, he was an immensely satisfying
    lover. He was dark and lean, with a wiry toughness to his build.
    He was dressed in a bright shirt unbuttoned to the waist and
    showed his solidly muscled, V-shaped torso. The chest was
    well-defined, and his belly was hard and flat. His trunk was
    hairless. His arms and legs were long and strong. He wore a couple
    of golden chains around his neck. His trousers were taut and
    showed the thick bulge in his groin.

    His eyes flicked from the window to the young woman in front of
    him. He knew her well: he fucked her frequently, and knew that she
    would be randy and hot for a fuck now.

    She was quite lovely without being conventionally beautiful. Her
    eyes were deep brown and bright, lined with *kajal*; the nose was
    a trifle beaky, the neck not long; but the face was a nice oval,
    and her mouth was delectable: slightly pouting, with a bowed upper
    lip, slimmer than the full lower one. Her teeth were perfect, even
    and very white, with bright gums. Her face had attractive beauty
    spots high on the left cheekbone. Her hair was lovely, a dark,
    silky curtain with a sheen. It was cut short and hung down just to
    her shoulders and curled over her forehead in a delectable wave.
    Her body was firm and well-proportioned. She was short, but her
    breasts were superb: Firm and high and taut, fleshy mounds with
    stubby nipples and small aureoles and a deep cleavage, quite
    fuckable. Her belly was flat, and her hips and buttocks swelled
    gently. Her arms and legs were nicely turned, slender, the ankles
    shapely, the hands elegant and well-formed.

    She was dressed as usual in a *churidar* and *kurta* outfit, the
    *kurta* with a high mandarin collar. A thin gold chain with a
    pearl pendant in an inverted sepal hung around her neck, lifting
    over the mandarin collar to rest on her chest. She wore a gold
    bracelet and long, dangling, matching earrings. The *kurta* was
    buttoned down the front. Chiman knew she would be naked beneath --
    they all were. He watched as she began to toy with the buttons of
    the *kurta*, flipping open one, then another. He grinned to
    himself. Not long now.

    She thrust her hands beneath it to unknot her *salvar*, loosening
    it. She slid one hand under her *kurta*, cupping her breast,
    thrusting the other into her *salvar*, between her thighs.

    Chiman slipped into a seat behind the wide divan on which she sat,
    masturbating. Her breath hissed as she fondled her breasts and
    cunt, her eyes riveted on the sight before her.

    He leaned forward and pressed his lips to the nape of her neck,
    sliding his arms around her, thrusting them down the open neck of
    the *kurta*, over her luscious mounds. They were hot and turgid to
    the touch, the nipples already nut-hard. Sonali jumped in
    surprise, and her head jerked around.

    "God Chiman, it's you!" she cried. "You frightened me!"

    "Sorry," he grinned, and pressed his lips to hers.

    She murmured in her throat, angling her head up to his. Her lips
    flowered and her tongue snaked hungrily into his mouth. He
    squeezed her lovely breasts and thumbed her rigid nipples. She
    shivered in excitement. Her breasts grew hotter and harder.

    He moistened his finger in his mouth and smeared his spittle on
    one nipple, then the other. Sonali gasped softly, heat spreading
    through her. He pinched her nipples and she writhed and moaned
    deep in her throat, still kissing him. Her arm rose and wound back
    around his beck and shoulders and she arched her back to lift her
    breasts to his hands.

    Chiman broke away and Sonali bent forward to flip her *kurta* off
    her head, tugging down her *salvar*. Her pubic hair was sparse,
    and already damp. Chiman got up and bent over the back of the
    divan and her face and kissed her again, his face upside down in
    front of hers. Her hands rose and slid under his open shirt and
    unbuttoned the last button and pulled his shirt free of his
    trousers. Gently, she caressed his hard torso and her fingers slid
    between his thighs and squeezed the bulge of his penis.

    Slowly, Chiman slid his tongue down her throat into the valley
    between her breasts, nuzzling the pearl pendant. His chest was
    over her face. Sonali tilted her face and swirled her tongue over
    his nipple. Chiman grunted and parted his lips and sucked sharply
    on one breast. Tugging at her nipple with his teeth, he scraped it
    across his palate. He moved to the other, then returned, then went
    back yet again. Then he squeezed her breasts together and sucked
    on them simultaneously. Sonali moaned and fumbled with his
    trousers. Succeeding at last, she jerked down the zipper and his
    trousers puddled to his feet. His big cock was thickening rapidly.
    She knew it would swell to a nine-and-a-half inch length, a
    two-inch thickness when erect. His balls were low and heavy.

    "I want to suck your cock," she muttered heavily.

    The peon chuckled and pulled at the backrest of the divan. It
    tilted backward and her face slid between his thighs. He spread
    his legs and bent over her. Her lips parted and she took his cock
    and began to masturbate him.

    "C'mon then, whore ... suck it ... suck my cock!" He grunted.
    "*Choos*, *rundi*!"

    Greedily, Sonali took the peon's penis in her mouth. He gasped
    loudly and obscenely. Aroused, she took his cock deeper into her
    mouth, sucked harder. Her face bucked between his strong thighs.
    He fucked her mouth rapidly, his erect penis distending her face.
    His hips pumped. His penis glistened in her mouth. She sucked him
    hungrily, using her tongue and teeth with a cunning all her own.
    He flung his head back and moaned his pleasure.

    "Ahhhhhh uhhhhh ahhhhh," he called, "c'mon whore ... suck it ...
    suck it hard, bitch! *Jorsechoos*, *kutti*! Suck my cock!
    *Choosmerelundko*! Ohhhh yeh! Ohhhh yes!"

    He squeezed her breasts in mounting excitement as she sucked and
    licked his cock. Her mouth was wonderful, warm and wet and her
    adept tongue was pure magic on his gorged cock-head. The musky
    taste and smell of his cock aroused her. It sputtered with pre-cum
    gunk and she swallowed it hungrily, enjoying its tangy taste. She
    reached up and clenched his buttocks, pulling his cock deeper into
    her mouth and then pulled them open and pressed her fingertip to
    his anus. He groaned and his hips writhed in pleasure.

    She thrust a hand between her legs and began to masturbate
    rapidly. The sight excited him. Laughing, he pressed down on the
    backrest again. It fell flat and he moved at the same time, so
    that he was kneeling over her face with his cock still in her
    mouth. She forked her legs apart and, bent over her, he thrust his
    face between her thighs. He opened her cunt-lips wide and she
    moaned when she felt his hot breath on her sodden flesh. Her
    clitoris was gorged. The musky odour of her cunt excited him and
    he rammed his tongue into her cunt. Sonali cried out deep in her
    cock-filled throat, her hips heaving under his face.

    His tongue was thick and rough and her cunt blazed with lustfire
    as his tongue swirled relentlessly through her cunt-flesh,
    flickering like lightning. She gasped and moaned and writhed under
    him, panting with pleasure. He stopped abruptly, just as she
    verged on an orgasm, making her moan in frustration. He pulled
    away and knelt upright before her, his cock thrust out.

    "Come on, whore ... suck it again," he commanded.

    Sonali went down on her forearms and knees before the peon and
    took his penis in her mouth again. He rocked her head back and
    forth, pumping his hips at her face, chortling with delight when
    she began to masturbate feverishly again. Chuckling and grunting,
    he twined his fingers in her hair and jerking her head back and
    forth to suit his pleasure.

    At last, satisfied, he pushed her away and lay down on his back.
    Moaning and panting, hot with lust, she straddled his hips and
    took his penis in her hands. Her cunt was dripping with
    excitement. With a loud cry, she let her hips sink. The huge
    cock-head sizzled into her flesh and she cried out again and
    arched her head. Her breasts felt hot and swollen. Deeper it went
    and she hissed softly, gritting her teeth and grimacing. She
    forced her cunt lower still, and the peon grunted as her hot,
    tight cunt enveloped his cock.

    Sonali began to ride the peon's penis, rocking sensuously back and
    forth and bucking steadily up and down on his lap. He grunted and
    pumped his hips steadily under her. Her cunt rose and fell,
    sliding up and down his inflamed shaft. Her head arched and she
    moaned in delight, her pretty lips forming a bow, her lovely teeth
    bared. She clapped her buttocks together erotically, squeezing his
    penis with her cunt.

    "Yes! Ohhhh yes, Chiman, yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she
    gasped. "*Jorsechodhmujhe*, Chiman! *Jorsechodh*! Ohhh uhhh Ohma
    uhhhh yes Ohhh god yes!"

    "Take it! Take it, bitch! Take it!" he muttered. "*Lele*, *kutti*!

    Her breasts bounced and jiggled as she moved faster. The gold
    necklace danced and slapped on her flesh. She began to sweat.
    Dewdrops of perspiration dotted her upper lip and forehead and
    strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck. Up and down,
    up and down she went. She squeezed her breasts in excitement. He
    held her by her thighs and began to control the pace, jigging her
    effortlessly on his cock. Faster and faster he forced her to go,
    and she gasped and cried out, her face twisting with lust.

    "OHHhhhhh uhh OH uhh OHH uh OH oh OH uh OH OH OH OH OHHHH!" she
    cried, her hair tossing, the gold chain slapping on her bouncing

    She leaned back on his knees behind her, her shoulders hollowing,
    her head flipping from side to side and reached for his balls. He
    gasped at the touch.

    She got off his lap and turned around, her back to him, straddling
    him again. She sank onto his cock quickly, and he watched it
    disappear between the creamy lobes of her buttocks, gasping as her
    taut channel spasmed and clamped on it, sucking on it like a pump.
    His balls ached for release. Up and down she bucked, leaning on
    his knees, her breasts bouncing, hot and swollen, the gold chain
    flying. He prised her buttocks wide and fingered her anus. She
    cried out and ground down deeper, even as his finger slid into the
    taut flesh of her ass. Her hips gyrated in circles as she jerked
    down harder and harder, and he thrust his finger in and out of her
    ass, wiggling it inside her. Sonali held his legs and bucked
    furiously on his penis, running her cunt madly up and down his
    gorged, throbbing cock. Her cunt contracted on his cock like a
    vice and he gasped and arched under her.

    Moaning and gasping, her head hanging, Sonali slowed to deep,
    grinding action. Chiman groaned in pleasure. Her cunt sucked and
    convulsed and contracted fiercely on his throbbing penis. It was
    all he could do to contain himself.

    "Come on, bitch!" he ground out. "Come on! *Chul*, *kutti*,

    At once, she responded, arching her head and bucking furiously up
    and down. Her buttocks bounced off his thighs as her cunt went
    down deep, taking his cock fully within her flesh. With a loud
    moan, she exploded hard with his cock in her cunt and his finger
    in her anus. She cried out, arching, her head flying back, her
    hands squeezing and mauling her bouncing breasts, sweat streaming
    off her. He bucked hard under her, tossing her on his lap, making
    her scream thinly as his cock rammed up into her, his finger in
    her anus, his cock throbbing uncontrollably inside her.

    Somehow he managed to hold back. He pushed her off him, and she
    moaned, knowing he was far from done. She turned on her front on
    the divan, on all fours, breasts and chain and earrings pendulous,
    her buttocks thrust back at him. She drove a hand between her
    thighs, spreading her cunt-lips open. He knelt on the divan behind
    her and took his cock in his hand. Slowly, he squeezed it into her
    channel and gasped as it contracted and convulsed on it. She
    whimpered and lurched, then begged him obscenely for more. He

    Flexing his buttocks, he swung his hips forward slowly and
    squeezed his cock deep into her cunt. Embedded inside her, he
    rocked to a halt. Under him, Sonali began to move, groaning and
    crying out, rocking slowly back and forth. At last, he began to
    move in unison, pumping his hips steadily, running his cock in and
    out of her cunt. His thighs slapped against hers, his balls
    thumped at her cunt-lips. He picked up speed and went faster and
    faster. Her body jerked and lurched with his ramming thrusts. He
    skewered her cunt hard, with a brutal twist of his hips, taking
    her from all angles.

    "Ohhhh uhhh OH CHIMAN-CHIMAN-CHIMAN Ohhhh uhhh Ohhhh uhh OH uhh
    OHH uhhh OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHHH!" she cried loudly.

    "C'mon ... c'mon whore ... take it! Take my cock, bitch! Take it!
    *Lele*, *rundi*! *Aurle*! *Lelemerelavdeko*!" he gasped.

    Quite deliberately, he slowed and leaned back on his haunches,
    drawing her up so that, still impaled on his penis, she was on her
    haunches, too, with her arms outstretched and her hands on the
    divan. She kept moving, her buttocks writhing in pleasure on his
    lap. He clenched her breasts and she gasped and turned her face to
    his. He thrust his tongue deep into her mouth. She moaned
    obscenely, a whore in heat. He began to move, jerking his hips
    rapidly under hers. Her body jerked and rocked and her breasts
    bounced in his hands.

    "Yes .. fuck me ... fuck me hard Chiman ... *chodh mujhe* ...
    *jorse chodh*!"

    Chiman chuckled in pleasure as Sonali's cries rose in pitch and
    volume and urgency, growing more obscene by the second. Her petite
    body was covered with sweat and she jerked furiously back and
    forth on her haunches before him. Her buttocks rose up and
    forward, then plunged feverishly back down onto his penis. On his
    haunches behind her, his huge pole glistening as her cunt slid up
    and down its length, Chiman grunted and chuckled with delight.

    His excitement intense, the peon shoved her forward onto her face
    and, holding himself inside her, spread his legs outside hers,
    straddling her buttocks, one foot on the ground, the other high on
    the divan in front of her knee. She slid onto her face, her hips
    jerked up. He bent over her, his legs splayed wide. His gold chain
    brushed against her warm flesh. Her face was on its side on the
    divan, her breasts pressed against the soft upholstery.

    With a shuddering gasp, he thrust down into her, lancing his cock
    into her cunt deep and hard and fast. Sonali cried out, her face
    screwing up in agonised delight, fingers scrabbling at the divan.
    The breath rushed from her throat in a choking gasp.

    Chiman began to ram-fuck her savagely, whumping furiously up and
    down, his buttocks bouncing madly, his cock pistoning demonically,
    plunging viciously in and out of her cunt. Sonali cried out,
    gripping the side of the divan feverishly, her body pinned under
    his. His hips swung up and down and back and forth like a
    trip-hammer as he slammed his cock into her relentlessly.

    cried, spasming under him, her body blazing, trembling.


    Sonali flattened her body, straightening her legs under him to let
    him go in even deeper. The well-sprung divan bounced madly as he
    rammed his cock in and out of her cunt like a dervish, crushing
    her body under his. Her cunt convulsed frantically on his
    pistoning cock. His buttocks bounced frenetically over hers.

    He flung his head back and dug his fingers into her buttocks and
    called her *whore*, *bitch*, *slut*, *cunt* as the fires in his
    balls roiled inexorably up. She exploded violently and still he
    went on, hammering away like a bull in heat. She had another
    orgasm, and yet another, and still he did not come, but kept
    fucking her. She loved every minute of it, loved having his
    enormous cock thrust in and out of her cunt, hammering deep,
    rasping over her throbbing clitoris, finding her innermost

    He jerked out of her and flipped her on her back and, yanking her
    legs wide open, slammed his cock into her hard and deep and fast.
    She cried out and arched under her, her legs splitting and winding
    taut about his hips. She pulled his head down and kissed him
    feverishly as her cunt heaved under his thrusts.

    "Fuck me, lover," she moaned, licking his ear, sucking his upper
    lip. "Fuck me with your fat cock ... fuck my cunt hard yes ...
    *khupchodh*, Chiman! *Jorse*! *Ragadkechodhmujhe*!"

    Chiman grunted and continued ram-fucking her. He was panting
    heavily now, and his body streamed with sweat. His gold chains
    brushed her face and she took them between her lips and teeth and
    clenched his buttocks fiercely, dragging him deeper into her cunt.
    Faster and faster he went and her petite body jerked and snapped
    with his thrusts, her breasts jiggling and bouncing as he slammed
    into her repeatedly. She squeezed her breasts, moaning
    obscenities, as she came yet again, gasping and arching hard under
    him. This time, she felt him growl and thrust into her, once,
    twice, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, long,
    skewering, slow, trembling thrusts. Her cunt contracted and
    spasmed on his wonderful penis and then, with a loud growl, he
    stiffened and she gasped as she felt the stinging jets of his seed
    thud like bullets into her eager cunt.

    Gasping, he bent over and kissed her in gratitude, his tongue
    snaking into her mouth. She murmured softly, caressing his naked
    chest and back, her own tongue exploring his mouth. To her, it
    made no difference that he was a mere peon. He was a wonderful
    lover, and that was all that mattered.

    He slid out her and turned on his back and Sonali slid over him,
    smiling radiantly, kissing him hungrily. Her breasts were hot and
    heavy on his chest and he felt her cunt writhing erotically
    against his semi-erect cock.

    "Once more," she murmured, sucking his tongue sexily. "Once more.

    "Okay. *Thikhai*."

    She smiled happily and slowly snaked down his body, kissing and
    licking him lasciviously, sucking on his small, dark, sharp
    nipples. He groaned in pleasure at the exquisite delicacy of her
    touch as her knowing tongue and sharp, eager teeth nibbled on his
    nipples. Her fingers trickled into his crotch and worked his cock.
    He groaned as he felt his cock harden and thicken and lengthen in
    her gentle fingers. She pumped his cock in her fist and slowly
    moved lower, kissing and licking his flat, hard belly, running her
    tongue through his navel. On her knees, bent over his crotch,
    Sonali moaned thickly and nuzzled his groin. His cock was sticky
    and musky, erotic and heady. Watching him as he craned his neck
    and looked at her, her eyes dancing with excitement, Sonali
    dragged her teeth and tongue up his erect shaft, her mouth open

    "God, I love sucking your cock," she murmured as she ran her
    tongue sinuously around his bulging cock-head. "Mm ... yes ..."

    "Oh fuck," the peon gasped and lurched back, his hips heaving at
    her face.

    She lifted her head and slipped her lips around his cock and he
    groaned again, holding her head, pushing his cock into her mouth.
    Sonali sucked his cock deftly, pumping the shaft in her fist. Her
    tongue and teeth worked his throbbing penis and burning cock-head.
    His balls ached with renewed tension and he longed to cream in her
    face. Pre-cum gunk spurted from his cock-head and she moaned,
    taking it on her tongue, swallowing it greedily, sucking harder
    still. Chiman tugged at her head and she stopped reluctantly,
    still licking and sucking his cock in mounting excitement. He
    pulled her away and she gasped.

    Whimpering, she slid up, astride his hips and Chiman gasped as her
    hot cunt found his rampant penis and quickly engulfed it again.
    She knelt over him, her cunt impaled on his penis and moaned
    thickly. Her eyes shone with lust and excitement; her nostrils
    were flared and her lips were parted. He slid his hands up her
    body and squeezed her turgid, swollen breasts. Sonali whimpered,
    trembling at his touch. His hands stroked her hot, tingling body,
    pressing her breasts, her cunt, her anus. Her hips writhed on his
    lap, her cunt convulsing and sucking on his cock. He rocked gently
    up and down beneath her and she moaned and leaned forward, her
    hands on the bed and began to move slowly, sliding her cunt-lips
    up and down the length of his cock with shuddering gasps, her
    breasts bouncing.

    "Oh ma ... yes ... ohhh baby yes!" she gasped, rocking up and
    down, back and forth, her cunt sucking and convulsing on his

    Under her, Chiman moaned and began to move faster, tossing her on
    his lap, heaving up and down under her. She cried out and they
    moved faster and faster, their orgasms nearing, looming, till,
    finally, they crashed together and she felt her peon's seed spume
    like a geyser into her sodden slit.

                                = o =