Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                            A JAM OF TARTS

                         FIVE PEONS IN A ROW


    Falu lay with her head was on the young man's chest. He slept
    lightly. She looked at his face and smiled. His skin glistened
    with sweat in the low light from the dimmed bed-lamp. Falu flushed
    with renewed lust. She slid her tongue out and gently swirled it
    over his hard, stubby, nipple.

    "Mm. I thought you'd want more," Vinod murmured softly in
    Gujarati, not opening his eyes, a smile flickering on his lips.

    She giggled and slid her naked body across his, her fleshy breasts
    flattening against his broad, hairless chest. He opened his eyes
    and smiled at her, fondling her breasts gently. She bent her head
    to his and he kissed her deeply, his tongue slithering in her
    mouth and flickering erotically over her lips.

    "C'mon, whore," he murmured. "Suck my cock. *Chulrundi* ...

    Falu's eyes danced with pleasure. She liked sucking cock. It did
    not matter whose it was. She would fuck any attractive man, and
    she actually *preferred* socially inferior men - servants, peons,
    drivers, labourers. Being fucked by hard-bodied, rough-mannered
    men, crude-tongued and unsophisticated, who demanded of her as any
    othe    ore, making them feel powerful to see her, a society
    housewife, writhing and sweating, moaning and panting in
    excitement between their legs gave her a splendid thrill, even
    after all these years.

    She slithered down between the peon's legs. Vinod craned his neck
    to watch. He liked fucking *memsahibs*, treating them like whores,
    making them do his every bidding, obey his every command, forcing
    them to surrender their bodies to his pleasure. It excited him to
    know that in bed, his mistress was only too glad to be his whore.

    Falu took his cock in her fist. She knew that when erect, it would
    be fully nine inches long and two inches thick, dark and
    thick-veined, with a large, bulbous head. His balls were heavy and
    low, and his groin was matted with dark, springy hair.

    The peon grunted softly as she slid her tongue out and swirled it
    about his cock-head. She was exceptionally good, this one, and she
    knew how to sate a man. He watched her and indeed, the sight was
    incredibly erotic. Her tongue and mouth and small even teeth
    slithered over his cock and her fingers curled lovingly about his
    cock, moving it up and down. The gold wedding band sparkled and
    gleamed against the dark skin of his penis. She parted her lips
    and drew his cock lovingly into her mouth. He pumped his hips
    under her face, fucking her mouth. The fellatio aroused her.
    Vinod's penis was musky and erotic, and thick, slimy pre-cum gunk
    oozed from the slit in its head. She moaned, caressing her face
    sexily with his cock, running the sticky cock-head over her
    breast-tips and cheeks. His penis was hard and hot now, throbbing
    in her fist. He groaned in joy. She ducked her head and sucked his
    balls slowly, letting them drop in her mouth, tonguing the low

    Vinod's legs split open and he lifted his legs and hips high, his
    feet over her shoulders. She bent and dragged her tongue under his
    balls and, pulling his buttocks open, thrust her face into the
    dark cleft between them. The young peon gasped softly as her
    tongue swirled over his puckered anus. Her head swam with its
    musky taste and smell.

    He pulled at her head and she rose, squeezing his throbbing penis
    between her swollen breasts. He grunted as her hard nipples raked
    his shaft. His cock-head emerged from her tight breast sheath and
    she bent her head and sucked his cock-head eagerly. Her tongue
    swirled erotically over the bulge. He gripped her head and forced
    it back to his cock. She masturbated him deftly as she took his
    penis in her mouth again, sucking hard, her head rolling and
    twisting this way and that. Vinod moaned in pleasure.

    "Suck it! Suck it, whore! Suck my cock! Suck it hard!" he gasped.

    Had she not stopped then, he would surely have come in her mouth.
    She moved up to straddle his groin with her feet on the hard bed
    on either side of his lean hips, her knees apart, her thighs
    spread wide open. She took his cock in her hand, and slowly
    lowered her hips in a deep squat, impaling herself on his upright
    lance. She gasped as the hot cock-head seared at the portals of
    her cunt, then ploughed in swiftly, thrusting deep into her belly.
    Her taut channel convulsed in excitement, contracting on his cock
    as it rasped into her flesh.

    She arched in delight, her mouth snapping open. He grinned at her
    reaction and flexed his buttocks and thrust his hips up sharply,
    plunging his cock into her cunt. She cried out as his huge cock
    drove up into her. Her head flung back, she squeezed her breasts
    hard in excitement. The sight drove him wild. He held her buttocks
    and dragged her down deeper onto his cock.

    "Oh god oh god oh god ohhhh uhhh OHHh uhhh OHHH ... Ohhh uhhh yes!
    Ohhh god yes! Ohh ma unhh yes!" she moaned.

    "C'mon, whore! Take it! Take my cock! Ohhhhh yes! Take it all,
    bitch, yes!" he cried. "*Aurle*, *rahnd*! *Aurle*!"

    Her shoulders hollowed, her head flung back, her belly sucked
    inward in tension, squatting deeply over his lap, Falu rode the
    young peon's penis, bucking and bouncing heavily. He held her
    thighs and jigged her on his cock, moving her up and yanking her
    down. His own hips jerked and bucked under hers, and his huge cock
    distended her cunt-lips and went all the way in, glistening and
    gleaming. It slid out and her cunt rose up his shaft. Then he
    heaved his hips and her cunt crushed down on his cock, engulfing
    it. Up and down, up and down she moved, her body jerking
    frenetically. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and she squeezed
    them in excitement. Her mouth was open and she cried out loudly in
    joy. Her face arched back, flopped forward, arched back again as
    she went faster and faster. The gold chain around her neck slapped
    on her fair skin.

    "OHHHhh Vinod-Vinod-Vinod-yes ohhh god yes yes ohhhhh yes ohhh god
    yes yes ohhh uhh OHHhh uhh OHHhh uhh OH UH OH UH OHH uhh OHH uhh
    Oh uh Ah uh ah uh ah uh ah uh ah-uh-ahhh uhhh AHHH!" Falu cried.

    She began to sweat. Her voice was husky, filled with obscenities,
    and he responded in like fashion. Falu bucked and bounced
    furiously up and down on Vinod's cock. Her cunt slid up the shaft,
    then scrunched down. Her belly trembled and quivered as his penis
    penetrated her innards. She leaned back on an outstretched arm
    and, with her other hand, opened her cunt-lips wide and let his
    cock rasp between her fingers into her cunt. She squeezed her
    breasts in excitement, her head arching back, her face twisted
    with lust. She hissed in delight as he rocked up hard into her.
    She toyed with her clitoris.

    "Yes ... there ... yes ... Oh ma uhhh *hanh* ... uhhhh ... yes!"
    she gasped.

    Then she leaned back on both hands and, arching her face upward,
    swung her hips rapidly in tight, excited circles, churning her
    cunt flesh with his pestle, moaning loudly with excitement. Her
    shoulders hunched with deep hollows. Her breasts were hot and
    swollen. Rivers of lust rippled through her delectable body.
    Strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck as sweat
    beaded her skin. The gold chain tossed and jumped around her neck.
    Vinod fondled her turgid breasts, making her whimper and arch her
    head in ecstasy. Faster and faster she went, rising and falling,
    crying out and moaning louder and louder. She jerked and bounced
    on his cock in a frenzy.

    Hitting a breathtaking orgasm, her cunt contracting fiercely on
    his throbbing penis, Falu arched back with a shuddering moan, her
    cunt grinding down hard onto his upthrust cock. He gasped under
    her. Somehow, he managed to hold back. She moaned, her cunt
    impaled deeply on his cock and slowly, lurched forward, her hands
    on his chest. Her hips writhed slowly over his.

    "C'mon, slut, get up," he rasped. "Gonna fuck you like a bitch,
    now. *Abtujhekuttikitarahchodhunga*!"

    The young peon's obscenities excited her. She loved being fucked
    by these hard, rough men; men who treated her like the whore she
    always fancied herself to be. Groaning, she slid off his cock and
    obeyed her servant master, turning on her hands and knees before
    him. He knelt behind her on his haunches with his knees splayed
    wide, and, holding her narrow waist, pulled her cunt toward his
    cock. Gasping, her naked body covered in a film of sweat, Falu
    backed herself onto his rampant penis. Vinod bent his head and
    watched in fascination as her cunt inched towards his enormous
    cock. As she moved back toward his cock, her legs folded under her
    buttocks, forming a great obtuse V with her pelvis. She leaned
    forward with her palms on the bed. She felt the heat of his cock
    tip at her cunt-lips. He quivered in hunger. His slim, lithe body
    gleamed with sweat. He slid his hands up to her swollen breasts,
    crushing and rolling the fleshy mounds in his palms. Falu gasped.

    "C'mon, Falu ... come on, you fuckin' bitch ... sit on my cock!"
    he growled. "*Chul*, *rundi* ... *saalikutti*! *Baithmerelundpe*!"

    Moaning softly, Falu eased her buttocks downward. Her moan
    sputtered into a sharp gasp as his cock seared into her. He
    grunted at the tight, hot clamp of her cunt on his cock. She
    impaled herself even deeper, and her face twisted in joy as the
    huge, hard length of his penis squeezed into her taut channel. He
    sank his shaft into her and waited. She moaned, biting her lower
    lip, her head arched and eyes closed, leaning forward on her
    knuckles, her thighs spread and folded under her slim buttocks.

    "Mm ... you're mine, babe, all mine! My whore, to fuck as I want,
    right?" he chortled. "*Merihainna*, *tu*, *rahnd*? *sirfmeri*?
    *Merirahnd*, *chahejaisechodnekeliye*, *kya*?"

    He slid his hands around and cupped her breasts and fondled them
    deftly. She groaned when he flicked her hard nipples.

    "Yes," she moaned, "I'm yours ... Your whore ... fuck me as you
    like, Vinod! *Hanh* ... *terihoon* ... *terirahnd* ...
    *chahejaisechodhmujhe*, Vinod!" She turned her face to his and he
    kissed her, his tongue roving in her mouth.

    "C'mon, whore," he commanded. "Lemme see yer dance on my lance!

    She obeyed him, as she did all men in bed. Moving slowly at first,
    rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, she slid up and
    down on his throbbing cock. Vinod murmured his pleasure as her
    taut cunt squeezed and contracted expertly on his cock. His cock
    emerged and disappeared between the creamy folds of her buttocks.
    With every plunge, her buttocks lobed wide open and exposed the
    dark, puckered flesh of her anus. Drawn by the sight, Vinod
    fingered her asshole.

    "OHHHHH! Yes!" Falu gasped.

    Her head sank between her shoulders. She forced her cunt back deep
    onto his cock and her buttocks flexed and unflexed rapidly,
    squeezing his cock with her cunt. His penis was hot and hard,
    thick and heavy and it rasped over her inflamed cunt.

    "Yes... shove it in, Vinod ... yes ... OHHHhhh *hanh* unhhh *hanh*
    OHHh uhhh OHHH *hanh*anh uhhhh *hanh*!" she went.

    Grinning, Vinod, slowly inveigled his finger into her anus. Falu
    trembled ecstatically, her loins blazing with lust. Vinod's balls
    ached with tension. He shifted behind her, rising and drawing her
    hips up with his. Upright on his knees now, her torso horizontal
    before him, he paused. Falu kept moving, rocking back and forth.
    At last, he moved, too, and began pumping his hips in a steady
    rhythm, driving his huge penis in and out of her cunt with
    mesmerising control. His balls pressed against her buttocks and
    his thighs slapped at hers. Gradually, he increased the tempo,
    going faster and faster and his head snapped back in delight as
    the fires roiled in his balls. He dug his hands into her buttocks,
    held her hips and began to rock her back and forth, jerking her
    cunt up and down on his shaft.

    "*Hanh* uhhhh ohhhhh ma uhh oh ma oh ma oh ma uhh OHHH uhh OHMA
    uhhh *hanh*!" she cried.

    "Yes ... UNhhh ... Yes! Unhhh ... Yes! Unhhhh ... Yes!" he panted

    Her breath coming in sobbing gasps of joy, Falu bent forward
    steeply, drawing her thighs up and lifting her buttocks high.
    Vinod slid out of her and straddled her buttocks in a deep squat.
    Holding his throbbing shaft with one hand, he pressed it into the
    dark cleft between her buttocks. She felt it sizzle over her anus
    and obedient sex-slave that she was, immediately reached back and
    clawed her buttocks apart for a butt-fuck.

    "Later, slut," he laughed. "I'll fuck yer ass later ... I want yer
    cunt now! *Terigaandbaadmeinletahoon*, *kutti* ...

    He slid his cock to her cunt again and, with a deep, skewering
    thrust, rolled into her. She cried out, her face twisting in
    delight, her fingers scrabbling at the counterpane. He paused, and
    then, without warning, began to ram-fuck her savagely with rapid
    thrusts. His buttocks and hips swung furiously back and forth as
    he drove his enormous penis in and out of the sodden flesh of her

    "Ohhhhhuhhh OHhhh uhhh OHhhhhhh!" he gasped. "Uhhhhh ohh UHhh
    AHHHHH UHHHHHH ohhhhhh uhhhh OHhhhh uhhh OHhhhh!"

    "Yes ... ohhh god yes yes yes!" she cried.

    His belly sucked in with the strain and his muscles stood out in
    his body in hard ridges. Sweat streamed off his body. Head flung
    back, eyes hooded, mouth open, his buttocks rocking and heaving
    and pumping and pounding faster and faster, he fucked her
    demonically. He rolled and swung his hips abruptly, skewering and
    spiralling into her cunt, taking her from all angles. Every lunge
    forced a rattling gasp from her throat now. Faster and faster he
    went, fucking her like a two-bit whore.

    Falu slid flat on her front and spread her legs wide apart. Her
    face turned to side. Vinod leaned over her on his arms and toes,
    his powerful body glistening and fucked her harder still. His hips
    and buttocks plummeted up and down, up and down, and his cock
    thundered in and out of her cunt, emerging and disappearing
    between the smooth curves of her buttocks. Her body jerked and
    snapped with every thrust. He flung his head back and cried his
    pleasure, and she responded, begging him to fuck her harder still.
    She came again, exploding with a shudder, her fingers clawing at
    the sheets.

    He jerked out of her and yanked her hips up high.

    "Now," he grunted. "Now I want your ass!

    Falu moaned and shuffled her thighs wider, leaning forward with
    her shoulders on the bed. The peon straddled her hips and pressed
    his cock-head to her anus. She tensed, her face turned to one
    side. He paused, took a breath, then flexed his buttocks and slid
    his hips forward. His cock-head burst into her anus. Falu screamed
    thinly, her face contorting in lust-filled pain. Her mouth jerked
    open and her lips snapped back in a rictus of lust, exposing her


    "Yeh! Oh fuck yeh!" the peon chortled.

    He gasped and arched his head and flexed his buttocks taut, moving
    his hips further forward. His enormous penis drilled into her
    anus. She gasped and moaned, her breath coming in heaving,
    rattling sobs.

    "Oh uhh oh uh oh uh oh oh oh oh oh uhh oh uh ohh ma uhh ohhh!" she
    wept. "Do it! Do it, Vinod! Fuck my ass! *Chodhmerigaandko*!

    The peon gasped, his muscles rippling, his chest heaving. Moaning
    softly, he began sodomising her. His hips swung slowly back and
    forth, and his penis appeared and disappeared between her
    buttocks, going in and out, in and out, in and out of her asshole.
    She moaned and writhed under him, her buttocks squirming, impaled
    by his huge erection. His cock glistened and gleamed as it went in
    and out of her ass.

    He began moving faster, rocking his cock into her asshole with
    deep, piercing thrusts. She gasped and cried out, her body jerking
    and snapping under his thrusts. He squeezed her heavy breasts. She
    whimpered in lust and writhed eagerly under him. Her hand jerked
    back to her buttocks, and her fingers closed on his cock.

    "More!" she gasped. "Shove it in deeper! Ohhhhh god yes! Ohhhh
    yes! Yes! Yes! Ohhhh god yes!"

    He thrust a hand under her belly and fingered her slit. Falu
    orgasmed violently, her body racked by heaving sobs as the dams
    burst. His own orgasm was uncontainable now, and he jerked out of
    her and shook his cock violently and came, showering her buttocks
    and back and thighs with his spoot, dribbling a sticky trail of it
    into the dark cleft between her buttocks. She moaned, reaching
    behind to scoop his gunk on her fingers, licking them
    lasciviously. Her hips rose and he squeezed his dwindling cock
    into her cunt once more. She gasped softly and writhed under him.
    At last, he slid out of her and she turned over on her back and
    pulled him down and kissed him, her tongue arching into his mouth.

    "Cut!" yelled the director. "It's a take, boys!"

    The arcs dimmed and died and Falu smiled at the film crew's cheers
    and wolf-whistles. Vinod chuckled and rolled away.

    "Good fuck," he said, getting off the bed. "Thanks, cunt."

    Falu smiled in acknowledgment. She lay there, catching her breath,
    gently playing with herself. The crew scurried about the set. Falu
    closed her eyes and stretched languorously. She loved making
    skin-flicks. Especially with the servants. They really fucked her
    well, hard and long. Her cunt still tingled with excitement.

    Fortunately, they were shooting again today.



    With a low moan, Falu slid her naked, sweating body over Barku's
    and, holding his face in her hands, thrust her tongue deep into
    his mouth. His huge penis throbbed against her belly. Her swollen
    breasts crushed against his hard chest.

    She raised her head, and he pressed his lips against her throat,
    his hands caressing her smooth back. Her silken hair was drawn
    back in a short pony tail held by a broad clip. Her face was cute:
    dark, hooded eyes, a pert nose, a rosebud mouth and even, small,
    white teeth that bared frequently in an utterly infectious laugh,
    her lips quite delicious. Her body was firm and delectable, the
    breasts full and high with prominent nipples in puckered aureoles,
    the belly flat and firm, the hips gently, but not overly flared,
    the buttocks rounded and firm. Her skin was fair and smooth as
    cream. She wore a thin gold chain around her neck, and a black and
    gold *mangalsutra*, signifying her marital status, something that
    didn't affect her sexual indulgences in the least.

    Falu whimpered softly, her lips parted, and kissed him hungrily
    again. She writhed in pleasure against him, her nipples scraping
    on his hard chest, her groin against his. She lifted her head and
    slid up slightly, dragging her swollen breast over his chest to
    his face. He cupped them in his hands, feeling the heavy weight of
    them, thumbing the rigid nipples. She gasped softly. He took one
    of the fleshy mounds in his fingers and squeezed it, parting his
    lips, his rough tongue flickering over her aureole and nipple,
    flipping it back and forth. Falu moaned and twined her fingers in
    his hair. Slowly, he drew the mound between his lips and began to
    suck on it with a firm, gentle, insistence that drove her wild,
    his tongue rolling the pinpoint of flesh round and round, scraping
    it against his teeth and the roof of his mouth.

    "OHHHHH Barku uhhhhh *hanh*!" she moaned thickly.

    He turned to her other breast, and Falu whimpered. Her breasts
    swelled and grew hard, the nipples rigid and throbbing in his
    mouth. Little flames of delight licked from her breasts and spread
    through her trembling body.

    Barku was a terrific lover. Dark, not very tall, he was intensely
    good looking, with the sharp features of the Maratha caste. His
    jaw was square and hard, the cheekbones high, the mouth wide, yet
    full, his teeth pearly and even. His eyes were deep-set and dark
    and his nose was slim and strong, the chin firm. He had a shock of
    thick black hair. His body was powerful, with broad shoulders, a
    deep, smooth chest, the torso hairless. His chest was cleaved and
    well-defined, and tapered sharply to a narrow waist, high hips and
    a flat, hard belly. His buttocks were small and taut, and his arms
    and legs were thick with muscle. He had the long, shapely fingers
    of an artist, with oval fingernails. He was an artist, she
    thought, an artist at sex. Between his legs was a wonderful
    instrument of joy, his dark, hard penis, nine inches long and
    correspondingly thick, ridged with heavy veins and glorious.

    His body smelled musky and erotic. She squeezed her breast in her
    hand, feeding it to his mouth and groaned loudly, arching her head
    in ecstasy as his sharp teeth and electric tongue toyed with her
    nipple once more. The breath hissed from her throat. Her
    excitement grew. She slid up over him, letting him kiss and lick
    her belly. Her thighs split wide and his face nuzzled her crotch.
    She splayed her cunt-lips open with the fingers of one hand for
    him, her cunt poised over his lips.

    "C'mon Barku ... lick my slit," she murmured. "*Chaatmujhe*!"

    The heady odour of her cunt aroused him. He thrust his face up at
    her already wet cunt-lips. Falu cried out as his breath seared
    into her cunt. Her voice rose as his thick tongue rolled into the
    moist softness of her cunt-flesh, probing and twisting inside her.
    Her clitoris was engorged and hard with excitement. Barku sucked
    on it sharply. Falu cried out, clenching his head feverishly, her
    hips bucking and rolling and writhing on his face. She moved his
    head round and round between her trembling thighs, her buttocks
    bobbing on his lips. He prised her buttocks apart, probing for her
    anus with his fingertip and slowly slid his tongue down to her
    asshole. Falu shivered ecstatically as his tongue flicked at the
    puckered flesh of her anus. She cried out sharply as his finger
    slid into her anus as his tongue rippled into her cunt again. Her
    mouth was open wide, her head flung back, her eyes closed, her
    breasts swollen, the nipples rigid. She panted and moaned lewdly,
    squeezing her breasts and rolling them in her hands in mounting

    "Yes! OHHHH yes, Barku, yes! Lick it! Lick my cunt," she moaned.
    "Ohhh uhhhhh AHH uhh AHH uhh AHHH-uhhh ... AHH uhhh OHHma uh AHHHH
    uhhhh AHHHHH!"

    Her body tossed and bucked and writhed on his face, her hands on
    the headboard of the bed, her head flung back, her necklaces
    tossing on her chest, her breasts jiggling and bouncing.

    "Ohhhh yes! Ohhh unhhh yes, Ohhh god yes!" she cried.

    Barku's thick tongue plied her cunt relentlessly, darting in and
    out the sodden, tangy flesh, flicking at the hard ridge of her
    clitoris, pushing and probing delicately. He chuckled, still
    tongue-fucking her greedily and began to masturbate, pumping his
    cock with his hand. The sight of the brown meat in his fist
    aroused her. It gleamed and glistened with his pre-cum gunk.
    Slowly, moaning softly, her hips writhing on his face, her cunt
    streaming with lust-juice, Falu bent forward, her breasts and
    necklaces pendulous, her face suffused with excitement, and took
    his cock in her own hands, frigging him expertly. Barku gasped.
    She was very expert, and his balls and cock ached as she jigged
    his cock up and down, rolling it delicately between her palms,
    cupping and rubbing his loaded balls.

    "C'mon, bitch," he gasped. "Suck it! Suck my cock! Quickly!

    Falu loved it when her socially inferior lovers treated her like a
    common slut. Her hips writhing on his face, her breath sharp, she
    leaned over his cock, her breasts flattening against his belly,
    and parted her lips. He groaned, straight into her sopping cunt,
    as her sharp tongue flickered out and swirled around his gorged,
    sticky cock-tip. The taste of his gunk made her moan in delight.
    She parted her lips further and slid them down round his penis,
    taking him deep into her hot, wet mouth, her cheeks billowing and
    hollowing as she sucked on his cock, flicking his cock-head with
    her tongue. He gasped sharply, bucking under her. She whimpered
    with pleasure, and sucked him ardently, her head bobbing and
    bucking over his hips, her lips sliding up and down his immense
    length, the thick, dark, vein-ridged shaft appearing and
    disappearing between her pursed lips, her sharp teeth scraping on
    the shaft. She grew more frenzied, stroking and caressing her face
    and lips with the gunk-sticky cock, her moans rising with his. His
    tongue was relentless in her cunt and she didn't want him to stop.

    The fires roiled in his belly. He wanted to drown himself in her
    mouth, in that incredible, delightful, hot, wet envelope that
    seemed to engulf his very being. He felt her spasm , her hips
    grinding down hard on his face and tasted the sudden spurt of her
    cunt-juices as she came in his mouth.

    Then it was his turn. He rolled over, taking her with him so that
    he was over her. She drew his cock deeper into his mouth. He
    paused, his eyes closed, fighting for control, his handsome head
    craned back, panting, lips parted. Slowly, he began to fuck her
    face, over her on his knees and outstretched arms, palms on the
    bed, moving his hips and buttocks steadily up and down, fucking
    her mouth. She took his cock in her fist, her head whirling with
    excitement as the heavy penis slid between her fingers and past
    her lips into her mouth. Her tongue caressed his cock-head, tried
    to prise open the slit in the cock-head. She sucked and slurped
    audibly on the gorgeous shaft of his manhood, sucking his heavy,
    low balls. She slid her hands around to his buttocks and fingered
    his anus, probing it. He gasped, arching, and his sphincter
    spasmed once then yielded.

    Slowly, she slid a fingertip into his asshole as she drew his cock
    deeper into her mouth. He moaned and squirmed, grinding down into
    her mouth, his buttocks writhing and pumping. His dark cock slid
    in and out of her mouth and she began to finger-fuck his butt,
    moving her fingertip in and out of his asshole.

    His cock sputtered pre-cum gunk into her mouth. She sucked it
    lovingly, her tongue moving greedily, wanting more. With a loud
    moan, he let himself go, gasping in relief as the fires poured out
    of his balls and cock. He shot his gunk into her mouth. Falu
    moaned deep in her throat, sucking Barku's penis greedily, opening
    her mouth wide to let it dribble over her face and cheeks and
    lips, taking some on her breasts. The hot sting of his seed
    excited her.

    Groaning, he slid off her. His cock quivered, still rigid. She
    knew that he had taken several sex-pep pills before he came to her
    bed. They would keep him going for a long, long time. He lay
    beside her for a moment, catching his breath, masturbating slowly.
    She turned and took his cock in her mouth again, holding it,
    sucking him gently till he was ready to fuck her. Then she turned
    on her back and spread her legs, raising her knees, her fingers
    clawing her cunt-lips wide open for him.

    "Come on Barku, fuck me," she muttered like a gutter whore. "Fuck
    my cunt, lover! Fuck me hard!"

    His cock was fiery, burning, throbbing. He moved between her legs,
    his cock-head at her dripping cunt-lips and paused. The heat of
    his cock made her cunt tingle. She pulled her cunt-lips open in
    wanton invitation, exposing the soft, wet bright flesh of her

    "Fuck me, lover," she repeated. "Fuck me like a whore!"

    Barku held his penis in one hand, pressed it to her cunt-lips and
    flexed his buttocks. Her cunt-lips unfurled in instantaneous
    welcome and he gasped with her as her hot oven enveloped his
    burning shaft. His head snapped back. Her mouth tore open in a
    soundless gasp. Slowly, he pushed in further still. Her cunt was
    hot, steaming, as tight as a vice. He drilled in steadily, going
    in to the hilt, burying himself in side her. Her feet rose,
    curling about his hips, her arms about his thick shoulders and she
    drew his mouth to hers in a deep, longing kiss. He felt her cunt
    spasm on his shaft. Her hips began to writhe under his, squirming
    against his buttocks.

    For a long moment, Barku held still. Then, abruptly, without
    warning, he began fucking her hard, thrusting his cock deeply into
    her with loud shuddering cries. Every thrust made her lurch and
    arch, driving the breath from her the huge penis burst into her
    cunt, her cunt-lips riven wide open. His cock tunnelled in deeper
    and harder and faster. It was wonderful, hot and hard, throbbing,
    electric and searing inside her. He swung his hips suddenly,
    moaning as her cunt spasmed uncontrollably. She moaned and panted
    like a bitch in heat.

    "OHHHHh uhhh OHHHHh uhhh uhhh uhhhh uhhh ... uhHHHHhuhhh ...
    UHHHHHHH AHHHH uhhhh AHHHHHH!" she cried.

    "Huhhh-uhhhh-HUHhhhh-uhhh-HUHHHH-uhhhh-HEUHHhhh-uhhh ... take it!
    Take my cock, bitch! *Lemerelundko*! *Lele*, *rundi*, *lele*! Take
    my cock! Come on whore, come on come on come on! *Chul*, *rahnd*,
    *chul*!" he shouted.

    Falu's cunt convulsed on his cock. Her eyes were closed and her
    body shone with sweat, her breasts bouncing under his thrusts. Her
    nipples stood up like pinpricks. She crushed her breasts in her
    hands. She slid her hands down his smooth, sweaty body, gripped
    his buttocks, pulled them wide and fingered his anus. He moaned
    and rolled deeper into her, skewering her cunt as her finger slid
    into his anus.

    She gasped and arched hard under him. He moved faster, with long,
    smooth strokes, hitting a steady rhythm. His thrusts made her body
    jerk and lurch up, her breasts bouncing and jigging under her
    hands. Her head whipped from side to side in a frenzy as her
    obscene cries of lust rose in pitch and volume. Her hips bucked
    and lurched with his.

    He paused to raise her thighs higher, spread them wider apart,
    bending her in half, his hands on the insides of her thighs. She
    waited, whimpering. With a loud cry, he plunged into her hard and
    deep and fast and she cried out thinly, her body twisting and
    arching. Barku fucked her savagely, hard and fast, and her cries
    were sharper and shriller, ululating in the air. He had her pinned
    under him, and he ram-fucked her cunt, plunging madly in and out
    of her cunt, his huge cock surging into her flesh, appearing and
    disappearing between the folds of her cunt-lips. The thick, hard,
    vein-ridged, dark shaft squeezed into her sodden cunt, going
    faster and faster like a piston, in and out, up and down, back and
    forth, squelching as it went, glistening and shining with their
    comingled juices. Falu's petite body lurched and jerked and spun
    under him, her head whipping from side to side in delirious
    ecstasy. Her moans and cries were loud and ragged, desperate for
    release. His head was flung back, his mouth open and he gasped,
    his muscles cording and tensing with the strain, his buttocks
    flexing and unflexing powerfully.

    OHHHHHH uhhhhh ... OHHHHHH ... uhhhhh OHHHH uhhh OHHHHH ... uhhhh
    OH ma uhhhhhAHH uhhhh AH-UHAH-UH-AH-UHAHHHHH!" Falu cried in joy.

    Her breasts bounced up and down, the gold chain flipping wildly on
    her chest, the *mangalsutra* slithering this way and that on her
    body, slapping heavily against her lurching belly. His cock went
    in deeper and deeper with each thrust. At last he slowed to a
    long, skewering, rolling push, probing deep, moaning loudly. She
    whimpered, hoarse-voiced, knowing that he was far from done with

    They rolled over, and she slid across his lap, taking his cock in
    her hand. With a loud moan she lowered her hips, impaling herself
    on his cock, sliding down deep, engulfing his penis in her cunt.
    He grunted and bucked involuntarily under her, his knees rising
    and spreading behind her buttocks. Legs folded beneath her, her
    face contorted in a rictus of lust, a vision of joy, Falu began to
    ride him, bucking on his upright penis.

    Barku watched, riveted, as her cunt rose and fell on his shining
    cock, her cunt convulsing on his penis, her gold chain whipping on
    her chest, her breasts jiggling as she bucked and heaved up and
    down. She squeezed her breasts in excitement, rolling them in her
    palms. He lifted her buttocks in his hands, moving her up and down
    on his cock. She went faster and faster, bouncing rapidly up and
    down, taking him deep into her body. She leaned forward over him,
    her breasts brushing his chest, her eyes closed and continued
    moving back and forth, driving herself down deep onto his cock,
    rocking back and forth on all fours.

    They paused to change positions. She straddled him with her back
    to him, and he watched as she rode him again, her head flung back,
    her breasts in her hands, her buttocks rising and falling faster
    and faster, his swollen cock appearing and disappearing between
    her buttocks. She reached to fondle his balls and he moaned in
    delight, bucking gently under her. She gasped in pleasure,
    squeezing her breasts in excitement. The young peon held her
    buttocks and moved her steadily up and down on his penis. Leaning
    forward, she clapped her buttocks together rapidly, squeezing his
    penis in her cunt. Barku gasped in pleasure and joy. Up and down
    she went, her cunt sliding along the length of his shaft, her
    buttocks bouncing off his thighs. Her buttocks opened and spread
    with each downthrust, and her anus winked temptingly at him.

    After several minutes, they paused again. Gasping and panting, she
    turned on her hands and knees and he took her from behind,
    kneeling behind her, between her spread thighs, her breasts and
    chains pendulous, squeezing his cock into her. At first, he let
    her move, rocking back and forth on all fours, going faster and
    faster till she was ramming her cunt back onto his cock, his
    thighs and balls thumping and slapping against her thighs. Barku
    grunted and gasped. He prised her buttocks apart to finger her
    puckered asshole. She moaned. He arched his head, his hands on his
    buttocks, and fought to hold still as she rocked furiously on her
    hands and knees. Her head was arched, her breasts jiggling and
    jogging, the gold chain and *mangalsutra* flying this way and
    that. His great dark penis gleamed and shone as it appeared and
    disappeared between the creamy orbs of her opened buttocks.

    "Ohh uhhh OHhhhh uhhh OH uhhh OHH *hanh* uhh *hanh*!" Falu moaned
    in deliriously.

    Barku began to move, his hands on her buttocks, rocking his hips
    back and forth, sliding his cock skewer in and out of her cunt. He
    fondled her breasts, and she reached down, fingering her clitoris,
    fondling his cock, feeling it rasp into her cunt between her
    fingers. Her face was arched, eyes closed a picture of ecstasy. He
    caressed her buttocks and thighs. She moaned, her face suffused
    with lust, lips parted, eyes closed, her body flaming with desire.
    His cock and belly and balls ached for release as her cunt cramped
    and sucked savagely on his penis, her taut, hot channel seemingly
    unwilling to release even an inch of him.

    He slid back onto his haunches and Falu reared on her knees, high
    on her outstretched arms, her legs spread wide and jammed her cunt
    down onto his cock. He bent over her, hands on either side of her
    and gripped her breasts. He squeezed and rolled them tightly in
    his hands, and her face turned to his, her mouth open, desperately
    seeking his. He thrust his tongue into her mouth and she sucked on
    it. His buttocks rocking and pumping behind her, her body jerking
    and spasming, Barku squeezed and mauled her swollen breasts. Then
    he paused and pushed her forward, her butt raised high, her
    shoulders on the bed, in a sort of *namaz* position. He straddled
    her hips, his knees outside her buttocks, her body pinned under
    his. He paused, enjoying the tight contractions of her cunt on his
    throbbing penis.

    Trembling and moaned with delight, Falu begged him to fuck her
    hard. He chuckled and began to fuck her savagely, bending over her
    so that a viewer behind would have been able to see his puckered
    anus. His legs wide, his penis plunging deeply in and out of her
    cunt, skewering her flesh, Barku fucked Falu hard. Glistening,
    shining, stroking powerfully, squelching, stretching her cunt-lips
    wide, the huge shaft pulled sharply out, then slid deeply back in
    again, pistoning and rocketing rapidly. Barku rolled his hips, her
    body pinned under his, his hands on her breasts, crushing them,
    his belly sucked in with strain, his head flung back, mouth open,
    panting and called her *whore*, *slut*, *bitch*. Barku's teeth
    bared in a rictus of lust as Falu spasmed and exploded violently.
    She moaned and cried out, her voice muffled by the counterpane.
    Her cunt convulsed on his cock, sucking it deep into her vortex.
    With a loud cry, the peon rammed into her cunt again and again and
    again. She cried out, her body jerking and snapping under him.

    With a loud moan, Barku slammed his hips into Falu's cunt. She
    cried out, jerking and rocking under him as his huge penis burst
    into her cunt-flesh again and again. Suddenly, groaning, he jerked
    his penis out of her cunt and, masturbating vigorously, came hard.
    Falu groaned loudly as she felt the sharp sting of his hot jizz on
    her buttocks and thighs. Barku pulled her buttocks open and
    spattered her anus with gunk.

    Falu understood at once. Groaning, gasping, she reached back and
    clawed her buttocks open for him. Barku's cock was still
    rock-hard. He chuckled and fingered her anus.

    "Want it in your ass, don't you, bitch?" he chuckled.

    "Yes," she groaned. "Fuck my butt, Barku ... please ... fuck my
    ass! *Hanh* ... *mujhegaandmeinchodh*!"

    Grinning hugely, Barku pressed his swollen cock-head to her anus.
    Falu moaned, her pretty face turned to one side, her cheek flat
    against the counterpane. Her body was angled steeply now, her
    buttocks and hips raised high, her shoulders almost touching the
    bed. Her arms were twisted behind her to cleave her buttocks
    apart. As Barku' s cock-head pressed to her anus, her hands slid

    "Slowly," she whimpered squeezing her breasts with one hand,
    toying with her cunt with the other. "Fuck my ass slowly, Barku
    ... I want to feel it all!"

    The camera trollied closer and Falu turned her face and looked
    into it with an expression of naked lust. Her tongue arched
    sensuously over her upper lip and she gasped softly. The second
    camera moved smoothly into a tight close-up of Barku's swollen
    penis at her anus. His buttocks flexed slowly and the huge
    cock-head squeezed into Falu's anus. Falu's mouth opened in a wide
    'O' and she cried out thinly and sharply, gasping and sucking in
    her breath in evident joy. Behind and above her, Barku flung his
    handsome head back and moaned, and pushed in deeper. His penis
    slid slowly and deeply into Falu's ass, skewering her anus,
    disappearing inexorably into her flesh. His fingers dug into the
    soft, fair flesh of her buttocks.

    "Yes!" she gasped, gripping the wrought iron bed-posts in tension.
    "Oh Barku, yes!"

    Slowly, the main camera craned upward, rising higher and higher
    over the bed, angled downward. On the bed, Barku fucked Falu's ass
    heavily and slowly, his hips rocking gently back and forth,
    driving his inflamed penis deeply in and out of her asshole. Her
    body rocked and swung and writhed deliriously under him. For a
    minute, the camera lingered on their sweating, writhing, rocking
    bodies and pulsating music on the soundtrack underscored their
    gasping moans. The image snapped back to bed level.

    On the prompt monitor above the bed, a red sign flashed, *Go!

    Barku groaned and began moving faster. Under him, Falu gasped and
    cried out, her body jerking and snapping and rocking ecstatically.
    His buttocks flexed and unflexed powerfully and he cried out, his
    face contorted in a grimace of lust. His distended organ plunged
    steeply into her tight channel, glistening and shining as it
    scrunched and squelched in and out. Falu's head hung between her
    arms, her eyes closed, her mouth open, moaning incessantly. Her
    swollen breasts and necklaces swung and rocked. Barku stretched
    his arms and crushed her breasts in her hands, and began to move
    faster. His cock moved rapidly now, thrusting in deeply, greedily,
    his thighs and balls slapping at her buttocks. Falu's cries grew
    louder and lewder.

    "Yes! Ohhhh yes! OHhhh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ass, Barku! Fuck
    it hard! OHhhh yes! Ohhh baby yes!"

    "Take it!" he cried. "C'mon bitch take it! Take my cock, whore!
    Take it! *Lelerundi*, *lele*! *Aurle*!"

    Faster and faster he went, gasping and panting. Falu's body
    whipped feverishly under his, her buttocks writhing and rolling
    and twisting this way and that as the handsome young peon
    sodomised her thoroughly, to her immense and evident delight.

    Suddenly, he pulled out of her, making her cry out in shock and
    surprise, and, grabbing her shoulder, slammed her onto her back on
    the bed. Without another word, he moved up over her head and
    thrust his cock into her face.

    Falu took his penis deep in her mouth and sucked it feverishly,
    her head rocking up and down under his thighs. With a shuddering
    cry, the peon came, jerking his cock over her face, shooting jizz
    into her mouth and over her face and breasts. Barku smiled and,
    moving down between her thighs, slowly squeezed his cock into her
    cunt again. Falu murmured and smiled lasciviously at her lover,
    arching in pleasure under him, and kissing him hungrily, rocking
    slowly under him as the image faded slowly.



    The young man struggled with the shopping bags as he unlocked the
    door. Entering the house, he kicked the door shut behind him and
    carried the parcels into a bedroom. Falu was at her roll top desk
    by a bay window, writing a letter. She turned as the youth came

    "Did you get everything?" she asked with a smile.

    "Yes. Everything," the young man answered.

    "Show me." She swivelled her chair to face him.

    Deepak emptied the bags. "Latest magazines. Six bottles of pills.
    Three videos. Two books. Two dildoes. And this."

    Laughing, he pulled out a long rubber cock-sheath. It had an open
    head, and the shaft was studded with large knobs and spike s and
    criss-crossed ridges.

    "I've never seen one of these," he said. "Never used one."

    She smiled. "Would you like to try?"

    He grinned in delight, his eyes glittering. "Yes. Yes, I would."

    "Good, then you shall," she murmured and beckoned to him. "Come

    He was a handsome young man, dark and lean and hard-bodied.
    Slightly moon-faced, his features were clean and attractive, with
    a straight nose, full lips and dark eyes that were full of
    laughter. His body was trim with broad shoulders and wide, firm
    chest, a hard belly and strong arms and legs. His hips were high
    and narrow, his waist was slim and his buttocks were flat and
    taut. He wore an open necked shirt and baggy trousers. His torso
    was hard and lean and without any chest hair; even the armpits
    were depilated. Falu found that sexy - she dislike hairy-chested
    men. Who wants to fuck an ape? She often said.

    He stopped before her. Tilting her face to his, Falu curled an arm
    about his shoulders and drew his head down to hers. Her lips were
    moist and soft under his and they parted easily. He slid his
    tongue into her mouth and his pulse quickened in excitement.

    Falu's silky hair was tied in a short pony tail held by a broad,
    flat tortoise shell clip. Her face was cute: dark, hooded eyes, a
    pert nose, a rosebud mouth and even, small, white teeth that
    flashed often in an infectious laugh. Her lips were delicious. Her
    body was firm and delectable, the breasts full and high with
    prominent nipples in puckered aureoles, the belly flat, the hips
    flaring slightly to trim, smooth buttocks. Her skin was fair and
    creamy. She wore a thin gold chain around her neck. She was
    dressed in a long skirt and a printed blouse with the buttons left
    open, its tails tied in a loose knot just below her breasts. Her
    midriff was bare and her breasts were squeezed by the taut blouse
    to form a tantalising cleavage. Her clothes were transparent and
    he could see her nipples and aureoles and the dark delta between
    her thighs. She was his employer's wife, his mistress and
    *memsahib*. The fact that he was her servant made no difference.
    She loved fucking them.

    Falu broke the lingering kiss and he began to straighten from his
    bent position. She stopped him and dragged her tongue down his
    neck to his chest. He sighed as she deftly unbuttoned his shirt
    and pulled it open. She arched her face under his chest and licked
    his nipples gently. His torso was sexy, dark and slim and
    hairless. Her fingers crawled down his belly to his trousers. She
    sucked on his nipples and he murmured his pleasure and flicked
    open the knot of her blouse. Her breasts were already warm and
    swelling, the nipples hardening, when he took them in his hands.
    She squeezed the bulge between his thighs affectionately.

    "C'mon," she said. "Let me suck your cock."

    He straightened and she leaned forward in her chair, her lips and
    tongue on his belly, in his navel. Slowly, she undid his trousers
    and pulled down his fly and slid her hand between his legs. The
    youth groaned. Her fingers closed around his cock and she drew it
    out. Still limp, it was satisfyingly large. She knew that it would
    swell to an erection over nine inches long and correspondingly
    thick. Moaning in rising excitement, she pushed him back a step
    and slid to her knees on the floor before him. He bent his head
    and watched her. She masturbated him deftly and his cock began to
    throb and harden in her fingers. She kissed the cock-head and
    flipped back the foreskin. His cock-head was bulbous and thick.
    Her lips parted and her tongue slid out and swirled rapidly over
    his cock-head. The servant hissed, his belly rippling with
    pleasure. She smiled and her tongue darted out again and again,
    flickering over his cock. Slowly, she opened her lips wide and
    took his cock-head in her mouth. The youth gasped and his head
    snapped back.

    "Ohhh ... Unhhh ... OHHH!" he groaned, his eyes hooding with joy.

    Her hands went to his hips. "C'mon Deepak ... fuck my mouth ..."
    she murmured. "Cream in my mouth ... I want to eat your gunk ..."

    "Yes," he groaned. "Yes ... suck my cock ... *choosmujhe*!"

    She took his penis deep in her mouth and began to suck it
    hungrily, holding his hips. Deepak's buttocks flexed and unflexed
    and his hips swung gently as he fucked her mouth. He held her head
    with both hands and rocked it back and forth to suit his pleasure.
    She squeezed his buttocks affectionately. His cock throbbed and
    pulsed and the fires built and grew in his loins. His cock
    juddered and oozed thick pre-cum slime. She moaned and opened her
    lips wide, caressing her lips and cheeks with it. The heavy
    muskiness of his cock made her head swim and aroused her. She
    pulled her skirt down under her buttocks and, spreading her legs,
    began to fondle her cunt. Deepak bent his head and watched his
    cock go in and out of her mouth. She squeezed her breasts
    erotically. His cock throbbed and pulsated in her mouth as she
    sucked him harder and harder. Deepak groaned in joy. She dipped
    her head to suck his swinging balls, her tongue slithering over
    the heavy orbs, and then she took his penis in her warm, hungry
    mouth again. The young man fucked her face in mounting excitement,
    pumping his hips back and forth.

    "Ohhhhh ... yes! Suck it! Suck my prick! Oh fuck yes!" he gasped.
    "*Jorsechoos*! *Aurchoos*, *rundi*!"

    He surrendered and began to come. She moaned softly, happily, and
    opened her mouth wide. His jizz spurted into her mouth and
    spattered her face. She shook his cock eagerly, letting his cum
    dribble on her breasts and cheeks. He gasped, panting and moaning
    heavily. He stepped back. She pulled off her clothes. His cock was
    shrinking. She selected several pills from the bottles he had
    purchased and he popped them. Instantly, his cock jumped erect. He
    gasped and masturbated quickly.

    She was still on her knees before him. His cock spurted again and
    she took the heavy gobs of his jizz on her face and breasts with a
    soft moan of pleasure. His cock quivered with tension. The
    aphrodisiacs were incredibly potent.

    Deepak's penis was still rock-hard. She moved to the bed and lay
    on her back with her hips at the edge. Pulling her feet up, she
    spread her legs, reaching down with both hands to claw her
    cunt-lips open. Her swollen breasts squeezed between her
    outstretched arms and her rigid nipples quivered.

    "Come on," she muttered. "Lick my slit, Deepak ...

    The peon smiled and, bending over her, kissed her deeply, his
    tongue deep in her mouth. He could taste his jizz on her lips and
    tongue and it aroused him. The gunk on her body was sticky and
    warm and smeared on his. He moved his head down to her breasts and
    began to suck gently on them, flicking his tongue expertly over
    one nipple, then the other. He tugged at them with his teeth and
    she whimpered, writhing happily under him, her arm around his
    shoulders. His hand crawled to her crotch and he dragged a finger
    down her crack. It was already moist. She caught his hand and
    pressed it to her cunt.

    "Put it in," she gasped. "Put it in! Frig me!"

    He chuckled, sucking sharply on her breasts, and thrust a finger
    into her slit. She gasped and arched, her hips snapping up to his
    hand. He scooped the puddled gunk in her cleavage and smeared it
    on her breasts and face and made her lick his fingers.

    "Yeh ... that's good slut ... eat my cum," he chuckled.

    He arched another finger into her, then a third and a fourth and
    began to masturbate her rapidly while he sucked on her breasts.
    She gasped and cried out, her head flipping and jerking from side
    to side, her hips jerking and thrashing under his broad hand. His
    arm pumped vigorously back and forth and he waggled his fingers
    inside her cunt, curling them, straightening them, spreading them,
    drawing them together in a spade and pumping vigorously. He felt
    her cunt spasm and contract powerfully. Slowly, he eased off, and
    slid his fingers out of her. She moaned in frustration, her hips
    twitching eagerly and pushed his head down.

    "Now," she said. "Fuck me with your tongue ... come on Deepak ...
    do it! Lick my slit, Deepak! Come on! *Chaatmujhe*!"

    He squeezed her breasts together and drew both nipples into his
    mouth simultaneously. Falu gasped and arched her back, lifting her
    breasts to his lips. He tugged them with his teeth and flicked the
    rigid nipples rapidly with his tongue. Fires of lust leaped
    through her body. Slowly, he released them and dragged his tongue
    lower, over her belly and, swirling it through her navel,
    descended to the moistness between her thighs. She spread them
    wide, her knees tilting outward and reached down to pull her
    cunt-lips open.

    "Do it Deepak," she gasped. "Lick my cunt!"

    He thrust his face between her thighs and she gasped, her hips
    heaving and her back arching in ecstasy as his tongue rippled
    through her cunt-flesh. Her cunt was dripping wet, its juices
    flowing. He lapped at them gently, his head swimming with
    excitement. His tongue probed and swirled in her cunt, dipping
    deeper and deeper into her slit. She gasped and arched, her hands
    squeezing her breasts in frenzied excitement, her head rolling
    languorously from shoulder to shoulder. Falu loved being
    tongue-fucked. His tongue was wonderful in her cunt, thick and
    heavy. He flicked it rapidly at her gorged clitoris and she
    groaned in joy. He pressed his lips into the soft, wet cunt-flesh
    and sucked on her clitoris.

    "Ohhhhh Deepak, yes! Ohhhhh god yes!" she cried.

    She gasped, arching, her hands flying to his head, moving it round
    and round between her thighs, her hips twitching and jerking at
    his face. Her legs hooked over his shoulders.

    "Ohh ... uhhh ... OHHH ... lick me! Lick my slit, Deepak! Fuck it
    with your tongue! Ohhh yes! Yes! Ohhh god yes!" Falu gasped.

    Deepak tongue-fucked her mercilessly. His tongue was electric in
    her cunt, dipping in, slithering out, rolling and twisting this
    way and that. Her hips jerked and heaved and bucked and her cries
    grew shrill and sharp as he forced her to the brink of an orgasm.
    At the last minute, he stopped and clambered on the bed, turning
    around in a sixty-nine. Her lips opened gratefully under his
    crotch and she took his cock deep in her mouth and sucked hungrily
    on it. He bent his head to her cunt again. Gently, he brought her
    back to the edge, his own hips pumping steadily over her face. His
    cock slid slowly in and out of her mouth. When she was about to
    peak, he lifted his head and rolled off her. She gasped in
    frustration and anger.

    "Don't stop! Don't stop now, you bastard! *Abmutrok*," she cried
    feverishly, trying to drag him back.

    The youth chuckled and turned around, moving her up on the bed and
    pushing her thighs apart with his hands. He bent over on one
    strong outstretched arm, and moved his cock-head to her cunt-lips.
    She groaned and arched her cunt to his cock.

    "Fuck me, loverboy! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it hard! I want it!" she
    begged. "*Jorsechodhmujhe* ... *mujhelelo*, Deepak!

    Deepak paused for a moment. He was on his knees between her
    thighs, his body angled forward over hers on outstretched arms. He
    bent his head to her breasts, sucking sharply on the luscious
    mounds. She gasped and her legs split wider and her feet curled
    over the backs of his knees. His naked buttocks flexed slowly. His
    hips dipped and his cock squeezed steadily into Falu's cunt. She
    gasped softly under him and gripped his buttocks, clenching them
    hard, dragging him deeper into her flesh. Deepak bent his head and
    kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She curled her
    arm around his neck, caressing his lithe, strong body. Slowly, he
    pressed forward, and his swollen cock inched into her cunt. It
    throbbed and pulsed angrily and her cunt convulsed in frantic
    spasms on the shaft. It rasped and scraped over her clitoris,
    driving steadily deeper and deeper. Falu hissed in joy, her back
    cambering sharply.

    Deepak paused with his cock fully embedded in her cunt. He arched
    his head and groaned softly. Her cunt was wonderful, a hot, wet
    glove that squeezed his cock in naked hunger. His loins blazed
    with lust. She murmured in pleasure, smiling up at him and slid
    her hands up his strong arms and caressed his back and chest and

    "You're wonderful, Deepak," she whispered. "You're wonderful ...
    your cock's so good in my cunt ... fuck me now ... fuck me! Fuck
    me hard! *Chodhmujhe*, *ladley* ... *jorsechodh*!"

    The peon chuckled at her reaction. Abruptly, without warning, he
    swung his hips savagely. Falu cried out sharply, her back arching
    in a spasm, her face jerking to one side and contorting in lust as
    his penis ground through her cunt.

    "Like this, bitch?" he rasped. "*Aise, kutti*?"

    Before she could reply, he snapped his hips upward and then
    plunged into her with a vicious swing of his hips.

    "Or like this? *Yaaise*?"

    The breath rushed from Falu's throat in a loud, rattling cry.

    "Ohmaunhhhh ahhhhh Ohhhhhh uhhhhhh Ohhhhhh uhhhhh Ohhhhh
    DeepUHHHHHKOHhhhunhhhhOHHH!" she cried. "OH! Oh! Oh! Ohma uhhh

    Chortling, the young peon began to fuck her. He swung his hips
    rhythmically up and down, swinging his hips on each downthrust to
    send his cock spiralling into her from all angles. He moved
    smoothly and effortlessly, with the control of an experienced
    lover. His cock glistened and gleamed as it pistoned in and out of
    her cunt. He levered her legs apart with his thighs for even
    deeper access. His buttocks flexed and unflexed rapidly, his hips
    swinging smoothly and swiftly in their up and down action.

    Falu moaned her pleasure and smiled up at him. Her considerable
    sexual experience had taught her control, and, within seconds,
    following his lead, she matched her movements to his. Her legs
    wound about his thighs and, gripping his hips and buttocks, she
    began moving her hips in unison with his. Her cunt rocked up and
    down under his thrusts, her body jerking and snapping on the bed
    as he stroked powerfully in and out of her. His cock was truly
    wonderful, hot and hard and thick, rasping over her gorged
    clitoris, penetrating deep into her hungry flesh. She craned her
    neck and sucked on his nipples and then pulled his head down to

    "Mm ... yes ... oh yes Deepak yes ...fuck me ... fuck me like a
    whore!" she gasped, swirling her tongue through his ear.
    "*Rundikitarahchodh*, Deepak ... *rundikitarahchodh*!"

    Their bodies rocked and swung together erotically. Deepak groaned
    and gasped, arching his head, his loins blazing with lust. Her
    cunt was fiery hot and it contracted savagely on his pistoning
    penis. He moved faster, and she reacted superbly, gasping and
    groaning, her body jerking, her breasts bouncing heavily as he
    started ramming down hard into her. His cock slid in and out of
    the folds of her cunt. Suddenly, she stopped and, pushing him
    away, reached for the newly purchased cock-sheath.

    "Put it on," she gasped. "Put it on quickly ... and fuck me

    Panting, his chest heaving, Deepak squeezed his cock into the
    flexible rubber sheath. It was a perfect, snug fit. His cock-head
    popped out of the open end. Now his cock-shaft was clad in a
    rubber suit of armour, studded with spikes and knobs and thick
    ridges. It fit him like a glove and he realised with surprise and
    pleasure that, although his cock was still rock-hard, the
    imminence of his orgasm had receded. He chuckled. This would
    enable him to fuck her steadily for a long time. Sitting up, she
    smiled and held his cock, stroking it gently, lubricating the
    shaft with gunk from his cock-head and the slime on her body. He
    understood and spat in his palms and smeared his spittle on the
    shaft. When it was slippery and glistening, she lay back again and
    spread her legs.

    "Now," she muttered. "Put it in ... slowly ... *ahiste* ..."

    Deepak bent over her again and pressed his cock-head to her cunt.
    She reached down and spread her cunt-lips wide open. Bending his
    head to watch, he flexed his buttocks and began to slide his hips
    down. The cock-head popped into her cunt. She gasped and tensed,
    her hips rising. He held still. She nodded, gasping, pulling her
    cunt-lips even wider open. He held his breath and slowly pushed
    forward. The sheathed shaft squeezed into her cunt. The spikes
    bent and twisted. Falu cried out, her back arching in a steep bow,
    her mouth jerking open, her head snapping back till the top of it
    was on the bed. Her breasts thrust up and he bent his head and
    sucked sharply on them. Her hands and arms were between their
    bodies, still holding her cunt-lips open. He pressed in deeper and
    felt the frantic convulsing of her cunt. The stiff spikes and
    ridges and knobs scraped and rasped over her gorged clitoris. Her
    body was on fire. The armoured cock drove deeper and deeper into
    her, its rough shaft scraping and rasping through her flesh. Her
    legs rose and wound taut above his hard buttocks. She gripped his
    shoulders fiercely. Her breath came in rattling gasps and her
    chest heaved. Her nipples were rigid and he bent to suck and lick
    them, gently lapping his tongue over the hard points, swirling it
    over the puckered aureoles. Plucking her long *mangalsutra* in his
    lips, he rolled it over her nipples. She gasped, shuddering in

    "Yes ... Uhh yes yes ... fuck me ... fuck me Deepak ... fuck my
    cunt ... *chodhmujhe* ... *khupchodh*!"

    He fucked her slowly, marvelling at the effect the sheath had on
    her. He swung and rolled his hips, flexing and unflexing his
    buttocks mechanically. He was in no hurry now; with the sheath, he
    could last forever. His armoured penis stroked smoothly in and out
    of her cunt, rising and falling, emerging and disappearing. Falu
    went wild under him as the hard ridges and knobs and spikes
    scraped her inflamed clitoris and rasped in and out of her cunt.
    Her head whipped from side to side and she clawed at his body
    frantically. Her hips shook and writhed and juddered under his.
    Her cunt adjusted to the contours of his cock and she steadied her
    rhythm and began to move with his. Her urgency was manifest and
    she forced him to go faster, to fuck her harder and deeper. His
    speed increased smoothly again, getting faster and faster till he
    was almost ram-fucking her. Her breasts jiggled and bounced and
    she squeezed them frantically. Their cries were loud and obscene.

    Falu's experience kept her from coming. She made him slow down and
    he understood. He slid out of her and turned her on her side.
    Kneeling upright, he raised her upper leg high and squeezed his
    cock into her cunt again. She whimpered softly, obscenely, hissing
    and mewing her pleasure. He drilled into her and began to fuck her
    again, rocking his hips back and forth, sliding his cock in and
    out of her cunt. Her hips jerked and twitched and her body rocked
    under his thrusts.

    "Shove it in, Deepak!" she cried. "Shove it in hard! I want it
    all! *Mujhelele*, Deepak! *Jorselele*!"

    "Take it! Take it, Falu whore! *Le*, *rundi*! *Meralundle*! Take
    my cock! Yeh! Ohhhh yes! Take it!"

    He fucked her hard for several minutes, hammering his hips at her
    buttocks, grinding his penis into her cunt with hungry thrusts.
    Falu whimpered, her head buried in the crook of her arm, her body
    jerking and snapping up and down before him. She squeezed her
    swollen breasts sensuously and mouthed obscene encouragement.

    They changed positions again and now he lay on his side behind her
    and, lifting her upper leg again, thrust hard into her from
    behind. She cried out, her face twisting in pain and joy as the
    armoured cock rammed up into her cunt. He held her by the hip and
    shoulder and jigged her rapidly on his cock. She turned her face
    to his and they kissed deeply, their tongues exploring each
    other's mouths. Falu's breasts jiggled and bounced and he squeezed
    them in feverish excitement, mauling them in his large, strong

    "Take it! Take it, bitch! *Le*, *kutti* ... *aurle*!" he grunted,
    slamming his hips back and forth violently. "Take my cock!
    *Lemerelundko*! Ohh baby yeh ! Ohhh yeh! Your cunt's so fuckin'

    Deepak's hips slammed back and forth against Falu's buttocks. His
    cock pistoned vigorously between her thighs, going in and out, in
    and out, piercing deep into her cunt, probing every nook and
    cranny. Falu reached between her legs and cupped his balls,
    squeezing them eagerly.

    "OHH ... UNHHH ... OHHH ... UNHHH ... OHHH ... OHHH ... DEEPAK

    After several minutes, Deepak slowed. His cock still buried in her
    cunt, he rolled over, forcing her on her front, her buttocks
    raised. He paused, kneeling behind her.

    "Come on, come on, come on," she muttered.

    On her forearms and knees under him, Falu waited like a rutting
    bitch, her hips writhing and squirming erotically against his
    thighs. Her breasts were swollen and hot and hung like succulent

    "Fuck me," she moaned thickly. "Fuck my cunt, Deepak! Fuck it

    Taking a deep breath, Deepak started ram-fucking her. Holding her
    hips, he jerked his own swiftly back and forth, his handsome head
    flung back. She rocked back and forth under him on her forearms
    and knees, her breasts and necklaces swinging madly.

    "Ohhhhh! OHH! OHHH Deepak Deepak Deepak Deepak UNHHH OHHH! Oh ma
    uhhh ohhh uhhh yes! Oh god yes oh ma uhhh yes! Ohh baby yes! Fuck
    me! Fuck me hard!" she cried. "Oh ma uh *hanh* uh *chodhmujhe*!"

    Gasping and panting, he leaned forward and crushed her breasts in
    his hands. She groaned, her arched face a vision of lust. Faster
    and faster he went, grunting obscenely. Her hips crashed back to
    his and her cunt ran up and down over the spikes and knobs and
    ridges. The shaft glistened and gleamed with their juices as it
    appeared and disappeared between her buttocks. Faster and faster
    he went. Crying out loudly, whimpering with delight, she let
    herself go. Her orgasm was hot and intense, a tidal wave of
    ecstasy. He felt her cunt contract on his penis and he slammed
    into her repeatedly with a loud, shuddering gasps. Jerking out of
    her, he ripped the sheath off his cock and plunged into her again.
    She cried out and he rammed his cock into her several times and
    then, pulling out, masturbated violently for a second and
    exploded. Jizz shot from his cock and sprayed over her back and
    buttocks and thighs. He smeared it in the cleft between her

    She flipped over slowly, and his cock was still spurting and
    dribbling. She turned and buried her face in his crotch, taking
    his cock in her mouth, letting him come down her throat, shaking
    his cock and taking more gunk on her breasts and face.

    With a start, Deepak sat bolt upright in his bed. His heart was
    pounding and his chest heaved. He had a monstrous erection and his
    body was covered with sweat. He flung back the covers and stared
    at the thick puddle of cum in dismay. The magazine he had been
    reading fell to the floor, open. He stared at the pictures. They
    were glossy, detailed close-ups of Falu masturbating, sucking
    cock, having her cunt licked, fucking. He groaned softly and held
    his head in his hands. She was his employer, a sedate, demure,
    middle-class housewife. This couldn't be her! He picked up the
    magazine again and studied the photographs. There was no doubt
    about it. It was her all right, doing all the things he had
    dreamed of. Fucked in her mouth, fucked in her cunt, fucked even
    in her ass. The men were hugely endowed, with enormous penises and
    stunning bodies. Her pleasure was undoubtedly real.

    Deepak staggered to his feet. At the kitchen sink, he sluiced
    water over his neck and face and, cupping his hand under the
    faucet, drank thirstily. He straightened, smoothing back his hair
    and took several deep breaths. His pulse was still racing and his
    head buzzed with the memory of his dream.

    Voices from the house cut through his reverie. He recognised
    Falu's giggle, and then there was a man's voice and he heard her
    gasp sharply. His heart thumping again, he stole out of the
    kitchen. He stepped into the hall and froze, stunned, narrowly
    stifling a gasp.

    Falu was on her forearms and knees on the long, narrow
    coffee-table in the living room. She was naked and her superb
    breasts and necklaces swung free. Her body rocked heavily back and
    forth. Standing astride her hips, his feet on the floor on either
    side of the low, glass-topped table was Babu, the other
    house-servant. Deepak stared in amazement and surprise.

    Babu was dark, handsome, muscular youth. He had broad shoulders, a
    deep chest, a hard belly and high hips. His buttocks were taut and
    firm, and his arms and legs were long and rounded with thick
    bunches of muscle.

    Deepak stared as he flexed his buttocks, swung his hips and his
    enormous penis disappeared slowly into the dark vale between
    Falu's buttocks. She groaned and twisted one hand behind her,
    groping for it.

    "Put it all in," she gasped. "Put all of it in my cunt, Babu ...
    fuck me! Fuck me like a whore, lover! Fuck me! *Chodhmujhe* ...

    The servant-lover chuckled dryly and squeezed his cock in to the
    hilt. It was at least nine inches long and correspondingly thick,
    slightly larger than Deepak's. Babu's balls squeezed against her

    "Yes ... yes ... fuck me! Fuck me quickly!" Falu groaned thickly.

    "Take it! Mm ... yeh ... that's it ... take it all ... ahhhhh yes!
    That's it! *Le*, *rahndlele*!"

    Deepak watched, mesmerised, as his fellow servant fucked their
    mistress. He held her buttocks and hips and swung his hips back
    and forth steadily, his cock glistening as it slid in and out of
    her hair-rimmed cunt. Deepak could see it all. He groaned softly
    and jerked down his fly and began to masturbate.

    Babu fucked Falu unhurriedly. She moaned and whimpered joyously
    under him, rocking and jerking under his thrusts. They paused once
    and she moved her feet to the floor and leaned forward on her
    forearms so that her buttocks were raised high to his cock. Babu
    stood behind her and moved her body back and forth on his cock. He
    flung his head back and groaned softly, calling obscenely to her.

    "C'mon, slut, c'mon! *Chulrahndchul*! *Lemerelundko*! Take my
    cock! Like this! *Aise*! *Hanh*! *Aise*! Take it all! *Puralele*!
    *Aurle*! OHhh yeh!" Babu called, ramming into her cunt.

    "Yes! Fuck me! Unhhh ... Yes OHhhh unhh OHHH uhhh OHH uhhh OH OH
    OH!" she went. "*Chodhmujhe*!"

    They were untiring and insatiable. Her breasts swung and jiggled
    and her necklaces tossed and danced with his thrusts. Her back
    bowed and arched, curved and dipped as he fucked her and her face
    tilted back. Deepak saw that it was suffused with lust. Babu slid
    out of her and she turned and perched on the edge of the table and
    began to suck his cock greedily. Deepak watched the handsome young
    man fuck her face. He held her head with one hand and rocked it
    back and forth as he swung his hips and flexed his buttocks. His
    cock glistened and gleamed in and out of her mouth. Her face
    distended with its size. She held his cock in one hand and jerked
    it. With her other hand, she squeezed her breasts and fingered her

    "Yeh! Suck it! Suck it bitch! *Choosmujhe*!
    *Jorsechoosmerelavdeko*! Suck my cock! Like a thick, hot cock in
    your face, eh, whore? Pasand *hain*, *lohekalavdateremoonhmein*?"
    Babu chortled, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth.

    Falu murmured and moaned happily. Deepak could see that she
    relished this immensely. Her movements were lascivious and eager
    and her lust was unmistakable. Babu pushed her head away. She lay
    down on her back on the table, her hips at the edge. Babu knelt
    between legs and lifted them in his hands, spreading them high and
    wide. Her cunt-lips unfurled for his penis.

    "C'mon, Babu," she whimpered, caressing his handsome face. "Stuff
    my slit, stud ... fuck me hard! *Abbhardemujhe*!"

    Grinning, Babu squeezed his cock into her cunt. Falu groaned and
    arched on the table.

    "Harder!" she gasped. "*Aurjorkar*! Fuck me hard, Babu! Fuck me
    hard! *Jorsechodh*! Ohhhhhh baby yes! Ohhhh god yes-yes-yes!"

    Babu grunted and began to fuck her rapidly. His cock plunged in
    and out of her cunt. Falu gasped and cried out, her head rolling
    from side to side, her hands mauling her breasts in a frenzy, her
    cries renting the air. Babu's hips swung faster and faster,
    hitting a trip-hammer rhythm and his cock rammed and pistoned
    furiously in and out of her cunt. Her breasts jiggled and bounced
    with his thrusts. Faster and faster he went and Deepak saw Falu
    gasp and arch in a spasm. Grunting and gasping, Babu slammed into
    her again and again and then, moaning, jerked out of her. She
    jerked his cock and he exploded, spurting hot jizz that settled
    like ticker-tape over her belly and breasts and thighs.

    Deepak's eyes fluttered open. The sensations in his loins were
    overpowering. He groaned and looked down. Falu was sucking his
    cock, her head rocking back and forth between his legs. She cupped
    his balls and moaned deep in her throat. He held her head with his
    hands and moved it back and forth as he pumped his hips. Her body
    rocked and bounced. Beneath her, lying on his back, Babu groaned.
    His hips pumped at her cunt, his cock thrusting up and down
    steadily. She was astride one servant's lap, impaled on his cock,
    while she sucked the other. She squeezed her breasts together in
    excitement. Deepak felt his loins surge with jizz.

    "Suck it hard, whore! Suck it hard!" he grunted. "*Jorsechoos*,

    The two men exchanged positions and Falu knelt before Deepak and
    sucked Babu's cock. Deepak squeezed his cock quickly into her cunt
    from behind and began to fuck her rapidly. Her body jerked and
    rocked between theirs. The two men chuckled and laughed and Babu
    fondled her dangling breasts, making her whimper and writhe
    between them.

    After several minutes, they fucked her cunt and ass
    simultaneously. She was dragged to the floor and turned on her
    side. Babu lay in front of her and shoved his penis into her cunt.
    Her face jerked back and she cried out, her features twisting in
    lust. He laughed and rammed his cock rapidly in and out of her
    cunt. Her body jerked before his. His thrusts made her buttocks
    spread and, grinning in delight, Deepak lay behind her and,
    squeezing her buttocks apart, pressed his cock-head to her anus.
    She gasped, tensed and, biting his lower lip, he flexed his
    buttocks and pushed his rampant penis into her anus, his hand
    under her buttock. Falu's face contorted in a violent rictus of
    lust and her body twisted and thrashed between theirs. The two men
    chortled and began to fuck her cunt and her ass together, with
    heavy, sawing motions of their hips. Their cocks drilled in and
    out of the adjacent orifices, grinding in and out of her flesh.
    After a few minutes, they changed positions and continued. This
    time, Babu lay on his back and Falu squatted over his penis and
    slowly impaled her anus on it with a rattling, shuddering cry.
    Slowly, she stretched her body backward, leaning back against her
    servant, her anus plugged by his cock, her legs spread to receive
    Deepak's cock. He knelt between her legs and slowly slid his cock
    into her cunt with a loud cry. She moaned thickly and Deepak bent
    forward on outstretched arms and kissed her deeply and sucked her
    breasts. She whined and gasped, her body angled and spread,
    supported on her heels and outstretched arms, her palms on the
    floor on either side of Babu's chest. Her head flopped back and
    Babu kissed her upside down, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.
    Deepak sucked on her breasts. Her hips writhed and ground between
    theirs, both cunt and ass stuffed with their penises. They began
    to move together, forcing their hips forward into her as one so
    that their cocks surged into her cunt and ass in unison. Her head
    jerked up, twisting with lust, her eyes screwed up, her mouth
    open, her chin on her chest. Her necklaces swung and hung over one

    "Ohhhh ... unhhh Ohhh uhhh Ohhh yes!" she moaned softly, deep
    hollows in her shoulders, her breasts bouncing and wobbling with
    their thrusts.

    They fucked her repeatedly till they were satisfied, at last
    shooting their jizz in a copious flood over her sweating,
    cum-flecked body, spattering her radiant face with their gunk.

    Deepak's eyes fluttered and opened, and he moaned softly. Beside
    him, on the floor, the pages of the magazine fell open to a glossy
    shot of Babu and Deepak fucking Falu together. The image faded and
    the lights went up. Jayant clapped in appreciation. The director
    came prancing down the steps.

    "Whaddya think boss? Great existentialist sex or what?"

    Jayant laughed. "Yeah, it's good. Really good. What did you cut?"

    The director grinned.

    "Some great stuff, boss. You like this, you'll *love* the rest!"

    Jayant grinned. "Well, okay, so I like this. Now I want to see the
    full thing."

    The director laughed and snapped his fingers. "Okay, Pankaj! Roll
    number two print!"

    "Where's Falu?" Jayant said to no one in particular.

    "Fucking!" came the anonymous reply, and Jayant laughed.

    He turned back to the screen and watched in delight as the images
    moved and writhed; Falu lay on her side, between the two servants
    and their cocks sawed in and out of her cunt and ass
    simultaneously. Her face was a vision of lust and she begged for
    more. The two men fucked her together for several minutes and her
    body writhed and shuddered and jerked and spasmed ecstatically
    between theirs.

    And then they stopped, and changed places, both penises pushing
    and squeezing into her tight twin channels. The camera snapped to
    a close-up of her face, contorted in a trismus of joy and the
    soundtrack caught her ululating moan, begging for more. Jayant
    laughed. She really was incorrigible.



    The hubbub in the audience died as the stage lights came up
    slowly. A single spotlight picked out the torso of a dark, slender
    young man standing naked centre stage, facing the audience. There
    was pin-drop silence in the theatre. The man closed his eyes and
    slowly arched his head, his lips fluttering open.

    "Ohhhh ..." he moaned softly.

    His voice was low, but it carried across the tiered rows to the
    farthest corner.

    "Yes," the man gasped. "Suck my cock!"

    He bent his head. His lower body was hidden in the shadows and his
    trunk seemed to float in space. The audience saw him begin to move
    his unseen hips, rocking them gently back and forth. His hands
    went down and disappeared into the darkness, apparently holding
    something on level with his groin. The second spotlight faded in

    Falu was on her knees, sucking his cock, her naked back to the
    audience. All she wore was her jewelry: a gold necklace, a long
    *mangalsutra*, bangles, earrings, her wedding band. Around her
    waist was a gold girdle, with a cross-strap that dipped between
    her buttocks and rose between her thighs. Her hands were in front
    of her face, on the man's cock. Her stage lover was Chiman, one of
    Jayant's peons. He was slim and tall and dark, with a lean, wiry
    body. His face was actually unpleasant, buck-toothed and
    heavy-nosed and thick-lipped, but this made the show even more
    erotic. Many people preferred to watch a beautiful woman being
    fucked by an ugly, evidently socially inferior man, especially if
    she was married and the man was not her husband.

    Huge TV monitors on either side of the stage slowly glowed to
    life. Now the audience could see a close-up of her back, the gold
    strap disappearing between her buttocks. Her hands slid down her
    flanks and she pulled her buttocks apart, exposing the dark cleft
    between them, the puckered flesh of her anus under the sparkling
    strand of gold. She reached back and pressed a fingertip to her
    anus. The TV cameras lingered on the tempting flesh and showed her
    buttocks writhing. She slid a finger into her asshole and slowly
    finger-fucked her butt, wriggling it gently back and forth.

    Chiman and she were actually on a turntable set into the stage.
    Soft, throbbing music filled the auditorium, and the turn table
    began to rotate soundlessly. It moved a quarter turn and stopped.

    Now the audience saw them in profile. Falu released her buttocks
    and slid her hands up over her breasts again, squeezing them in
    evident excitement.

    Her head rocked back and forth between her thighs. Chiman fucked
    her mouth swiftly for several seconds. His hips swung rhythmically
    and his cock glistened between her lips. The monitors showed her
    mouth and his cock in a huge blow-up. The music pulsed to their
    movements. Her head rolled from side to side as she sucked his
    penis eagerly.

    "Mmm ... suck it ... suck my cock ...," he grunted in Hindi over
    the music. "C'mon baby ... suck it! *Choosmerelundko*!"

    Falu rose slightly and squeezed her breasts in a firm sheath over
    his cock, her head bowed to suck the cock-head as it popped out
    between her breasts. He dipped his knees and the turntable rotated
    silently again, returning them to the previous position with him
    facing the audience and her back to it.

    Smoothly, he dropped to his knees and she began sucking him again,
    now crouched on all fours before him. Chiman arched his head and
    fucked her face slowly. Her thighs shuffled apart as he slid his
    hands down her back and over her buttocks. He pulled them apart
    and the monitors showed his dark hands prising the smooth, creamy
    lobes wide open, the puckered anus winking in invitation at the
    audience again. Chiman twined the gold braid through two fingers
    and began to scrape it over her ass. She groaned loudly, her
    buttocks shuddering and trembling. She thrust a hand between her
    legs and unfurled her cunt-lips. The cameras zoomed in to a
    close-up of her cunt with the gold braid running along the slit,
    glistening with her juices. Starbursts of prismatic light glinted
    in an artistic touch.

    She arched a finger into her cunt, and her hips swayed and writhed
    as she masturbated. Her finger twisted and arched and went in and
    out of her cunt. Chuckling, Chiman reached back into the darkness
    surrounding the spotlight and picked up a long, slim dildo.

    He reached forward and pressed the ersatz cock-head to her cunt
    from behind. She took it from him and quickly slid it into her
    cunt. Now the audience could see her hand pumping the hard rubber
    cock in and out of her cunt, scraping past the gold chain. Its
    shaft gleamed and glistened with her cunt-juices. Chiman reached
    out and took it from her. She groaned, still sucking his cock and
    unhooked the gold chain where it met her girdle under her navel.

    Chiman lifted the long braid free, now attached to the girdle
    above her buttocks. He held its end to the dildo head and pressed
    both to her anus. Falu's head rose and she gasped loudly. The
    cameras snapped to a cut of her lust-ridden face. Slowly, Chiman
    used the dildo to force the tip of the gold chain into her. She
    cried out, her face contorting with lust, her cheek against his
    thigh. The cameras showed it in brutal detail: her lips parted,
    her eyes squeezed shut, her nostrils flared.

    "Ohhhh ChimUHHHHhhhn unhhh OHHH!"

    Chuckling, he twisted her head back to his cock with one hand and
    slowly stuffed her ass with the other. Carefully, using the tip of
    the dildo as a spike, he slid more and more of the gold braid into
    her, till it was in all the way. Then he began to force the dildo
    in as well. Falu's head snapped up and she jerked, her buttocks
    clamping shut on the invader.

    "Oh unhhh unhhh OHHHHH!" she gasped. "Oh ma uhhhh Ohhhh yes! Ohhh
    god yes!"

    Chiman laughed, his voice rasping over the gaping audience. His
    fingers tautened on the dildo, his arms and biceps tensioned and
    he forced it in deeper. He yanked her head back to his penis.

    "C'mon whore! Suck my cock!" he growled. "*Jorsechoos*, *rahnd*!

    Her back and chest heaved. Panting and moaning, she sucked his
    penis obediently, like a sex-slave, whimpering deliriously.
    Chuckling and chortling, Chiman masturbated her anus. He moved the
    dildo round and round in her ass, pulled it out, then slid it in.
    At first, as he moved it slowly and steadily, her hips swayed and
    her buttocks trembled. Then he began to do it faster, and her body
    jerked and rocked back and forth under him. His arm pistoned
    vigorously, and the dildo slid in and out of her ass, gleaming and
    shining. She thrust a hand between her legs and arched a finger
    into her slit again, masturbating.

    Again, Chiman reached into the darkness beyond the spotlights for
    another dildo. This was longer and thicker and the surface was
    mottled with thick ridges and knobs and flexible spikes. Still
    masturbating her anus, he leaned forward and moved the second
    dildo between her thighs. Falu groaned, still sucking his penis.
    He tilted the dildo in his hand and pressed its head to her cunt.
    She gasped, her head jerking up.

    "Keep sucking, whore!" he snarled. "Don't stop till I tell you to!
    *Choosti reh*, *rundi*! *Main kahoo tab tak choosti reh*!"

    Falu whimpered and sucked his cock deliriously. Her buttocks
    trembled and her hips swayed. Grinning, Chiman squeezed the dildo
    into her anus. The hard knobs and spikes crushed her flesh and the
    spikes bent and scraped her cunt-lips. She shuddered and moaned
    loudly. He chortled and masturbated her heavily with both hands
    now, moving the dildoes in and out of her anus. His movements had
    a determined rhythm: at first, he moved them alternately, pushing
    one in as he moved the other out, his hands churning behind her.
    Faster and faster he went, and her body jerked and writhed and
    rocked before him, her swollen breasts jiggling and bouncing, her
    moans loud and sharp. Suddenly, he began plunging them into her
    flesh together, slamming them in and out sharply and deeply, his
    biceps cording and tensing, his shoulders flexing and rippling
    smoothly. Falu went wild, her hips bucking and writhing and her
    head snapped up. The cameras cut to a shot of her face, twisted
    with lust, her eyes closed, her mouth wide open, her breath in
    rattling gasps. Chiman shoved his hips at her head and she sucked
    his cock greedily now, her body rocking frantically before his. He
    slipped the dildo out of her cunt and she moaned.

    She began to orgasm and he slid the other dildo out of her anus
    and slowly pulled out the chain, holding it high. She cried out,
    her body writhing and twisting in joy beneath him as the necklace
    oozed from her butt. The music throbbed and the camera caught a
    tight shot of the chain slipping out of her anus.

    Whimpering loudly, her chest heaving, she turned on her back
    between his legs. He sat on her face, lowering his cock into her
    mouth. She spread her legs, lifting her feet and he caught them
    and pulled her legs high and wide in a wide V. The camera zoomed
    in to show his cock going in and out of her face while she fondled
    her breasts. Then it slithered down to a close-up of her sopping
    cunt. Her hands went between her thighs and she opened her
    cunt-lips for the audience, showing it the soft pink flesh of her
    cunt. She began to masturbate again, using her fingers to fondle
    her slit and her gorged clitoris. The monitors showed the hard
    knob of flesh in awesome detail. Reaching out, Falu picked up the
    second, larger, dildo, and, holding it with both hands, squeezed
    it into her cunt. Her hips jerked and bucked as she began to
    masturbate rapidly.

    The ersatz penis ran swiftly in and out of her cunt. It shone in
    the hard light. Her hands pumped up and down and her legs trembled
    and shook in Chiman's hands. The young peon laughed down at her,
    his hips bobbing over her face. He fucked her face harder,
    groaning, and she rammed the dildo deep into her cunt again and
    again. Suddenly, he released her legs. They fell to the floor,
    wide apart. She kept on frigging. He pulled out of her mouth with
    a gasp and she reached up with one hand and jerked his cock
    rapidly. Her other hand pumped between her bucking thighs. Chiman
    gasped and groaned and he exploded. Thick, hot jizz arched from
    his cock-head and spattered her face and belly and breasts. She
    opened her mouth wide and caught the falling gobs of jizz on her
    tongue. Slowly, she drew the dildo out of her cunt. The cameras
    lingered on her smiling, radiant, cum-flecked face, her lips
    teasing his cock-head and the lights began to fade.

    For a moment, there was an awed silence and then the audience
    burst into thunderous applause. Shouts of *More*! *Encore*! *Go
    Falu*! rang in the air.

    A sharp gasp pierced through the clamour. The audience subsided
    into silence. Another gasp followed, and a shuddering groan. Soft
    music started and the lights came on slowly. Falu lay on her back
    at the very lip of the stage, her head hanging over the edge. Her
    legs were spread wide and Chiman was between them, bent over her
    on outstretched arms and knees, fucking her steadily. Her face
    hung upside down in front of the people seated in the first row.

    Chiman swung his hips rhythmically, thrusting his cock in and out
    of her cunt. She groaned and held his strong arms, her body
    jerking and rocking under his thrusts. Her breasts wobbled and her
    long *mangalsutra* swung and danced this way and that. Chiman
    arched his head and groaned.

    "Yes ... Ohhh yes ... take it! Take my cock! Take it, whore bitch
    ... take it! *Lemerelavdeko*, *saalikuttirahnd*! *Lele*!

    "Yes ... Ohhh yes ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, Chiman!
    Fuck me hard!" she gasped in reply. "*Chodhmujhe*! *Jorsechodh*!"

    Her legs split wide and climbed up the backs of his thighs. She
    craned her neck and sucked his nipples. He groaned softly and bent
    his head and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. The
    sight of this ugly man kissing such a lovely woman was incredibly
    erotic. She hissed as he bent his head and sucked on her breasts,
    tugging at her nipples with his large, quite awful teeth.

    Chiman's enormous cock pistoned steadily between her splayed
    thighs. The cameras lingered on a close-up of his cock plundering
    her cunt. The huge monitors were filled with a shot of his dark,
    thick, vein-ridged penis, gleaming with their coital juices,
    squelching and scrunching in and out of her slit. Another shot
    from the rear showed his taut buttocks flexing and unflexing, his
    hips rising and dipping, his penis surging in and out of Falu's
    flesh. As his buttocks flexed and unflexed, his dark, taut anus
    winked. She slid her hands down his body and clenched his buttocks
    and pressed a fingertip to his asshole. He groaned, arching his
    head and moved faster and her cries rose, getting sharper and
    shriller. The music softened to an insistent rhythm, allowing the
    audience to hear every rattling gasp. Their bodies rocked and
    swung together and now dew-drops of sweat appeared on his torso.
    Falu writhed and thrashed under the man, her hips bucking and
    gyrating eagerly under his.

    "Ohhh yeh! Ohhh yes ... ohhh ... that's so good, lover! Fuck me!
    Fuck me hard, Chiman ... fuck me like a whore!" she gasped,
    crushing her breasts feverishly. "*Chodhmujhe*! *Rundijaisichodh*!
    Mmm ... yes ... Ohhh yes ... that's it ... yes ... Ohhh yes ...
    shove it in, baby ... shove your cock into my cunt
    *bhardemerechuthko*! Take me, lover ... take me hard ... like a
    whore! *Mujhelele*! *Jorselele*! Give it to me!"

    Chuckling and grinning lewdly, Chiman slammed his hips rapidly
    back and forth, driving his cock furiously in and out of her cunt.
    Several minutes passed, and their bodies bucked and writhed
    erotically on the stage. Then he slowed and slid his penis out of
    her. She moaned. He bent and kissed her, thrusting his tongue into
    her mouth. She arched eagerly under him, kissing him feverishly,
    clenching his body, a hand between his legs, masturbating his
    rigid penis. The peon broke the kiss and his tongue tracked down
    to her breasts. She moaned as he sucked them slowly, insistently,
    lapping lasciviously at her hard nipples, swirling his tongue over
    her nipples. His tongue moved lower, through her navel and her
    back arched and her legs opened. She pulled her cunt-lips wide
    open for him.

    "Come on, Chiman! Lick my slit!" she gasped. "*Chaatmujhe*!"

    The peon turned around on his back, his hips at the edge of the
    stage, his legs dangling over the side. She moved with him and
    faced the audience kneeling astride his head. He gripped her
    buttocks and pressed his face between her buttocks and swirled his
    tongue over her anus.

    The cameras zoomed in to a close-up shot of his long, pointed
    tongue flickering up at her asshole. She gasped and writhed,
    squeezing her breasts ecstatically, her hips grinding over his
    face. His tongue slithered lower and arched stiffly into her cunt.

    "Yes," she gasped. "Lick me, Chiman! Lick my slit!

    The young peon pulled her hips down and thrust his face greedily
    between her thighs. Falu's pretty face arched and her lips formed
    a large 'O' as she gasped in pleasure.

    "Oh Chiman ... unhhh OHHHH!"

    Her moan sang across the dark auditorium. Chiman tongue-fucked her
    deftly, his tongue probing and darting and flickering in her
    dripping cunt. Falu whimpered, her face arched back. Her hips
    writhed and jerked on his face. His tongue jabbed into her cunt
    and, hissing with joy, she slid her hands up her body and squeezed
    her breasts hard.

    "Yes ... yes ... OHhhh yes Chiman yes!" Falu whimpered.

    She flung her head back and leaned back on an outstretched arm,
    her other hand pulling open her cunt-lips. The cameras snapped to
    a shot of her completely exposed cunt and his tongue rolling and
    swirling through the soft moistness within. Her body jerked and
    writhed up and down, and her breasts jiggled gently. Chiman's
    erect penis quivered before the gaping audience. He began to
    masturbate slowly with one fist.

    The sight seemed to entice Falu. She leaned forward slowly and
    took his cock in her hands and masturbated him. Slowly, her body
    angled over his till her lips were above his cock. She kissed his
    cock-head and her tongue snaked out and swirled lasciviously
    around its bulbous contours. Lifting her long *mangalsutra*, she
    looped its twin strands over her peon's throbbing shaft and
    caressed his cock with the cold, hard metal. His hips bucked and
    writhed. She took the double cupped amulet into her mouth and then
    slid her lips around his cock-head.

    Under her, Chiman gasped, his hot breath shooting into her cunt.
    Her hips bucked and jerked and she moaned deep in her cock-filled
    throat. She began to suck him, lewdly and lasciviously using her
    tongue to roll the long necklace over his cock-head. Then she
    abandoned the necklace and began to suck his penis greedily, her
    head bobbing and rocking over his pumping hips. They sixty-nined
    for several minutes, their bodies writhing at the lip of the
    stage, while the cameras circled like hawks, feasting on their
    copulating flesh.

    They broke apart and she scooted forward and turned her back to
    the audience as she straddled his hips. She dropped in a low
    squat, her feet on the stage, her knees and thighs spread wide
    and, leaning forward on one arm , moved his penis between her
    thighs with her other hand. She paused and the cameras lingered on
    the sight of her fingers holding his penis delicately at her
    cunt-lips, her buttocks lobed apart, her puckered anus exposed.
    The gold wedding band winked in the hot spotlights. Slowly, she
    eased her hips down.

    In excruciating detail, the monitors showed his slippery cock
    squeezing through the hair-rimmed folds of her cunt-lips. It slid
    between her fingers and disappeared into her cunt. Her hips sank
    and his rose gently and the cock vanished steadily into her flesh
    till his balls were up hard against her buttocks and cunt-lips.
    She flung her head back and moaned loudly.

    "OHHhhh yes ... yes, Chiman, yes uhh *hanh* uhhh hanh!"

    Leaning forward with her hands in front of her, Falu began to rock
    up and down on Chiman's huge, swollen penis. Her cunt ran up and
    down the length of the shaft. Her buttocks flexed and unflexed
    steadily. He held her hips and moved her steadily on his cock. His
    own hips pumped rhythmically under hers. She swung her hips in
    tight, erotic circles, gasping and moaning as she churned her cunt
    with his pestle. Then she flexed and slapped her buttocks together
    rapidly, squeezing his cock with her cunt. He gasped and jerked up
    under her. They began to move faster and their cries grew louder
    and more explicitly obscene. Her breasts bounced and jiggled and
    her necklaces slapped on her skin. He slid his hands to her
    buttocks and pulled them open, showing the audience her asshole.
    Faster and faster they went, her cunt rocking rapidly up and down
    over his hips.

    The music throbbed and reached a crescendo and suddenly stopped
    and the lights snapped off. They flashed on again in a second, and
    now the pair had turned around so that he lay with his head
    hanging over the edge of the stage and she was facing the
    audience. They were moving at exactly the same pace as before. Her
    breasts bounced and jiggled and she squeezed them in both hands
    and rolled her nipples under her palms. She arched her face to the

    "Fuck me," she gasped. "Fuck me hard yes ... fuck my cunt ... Ohhh
    yes! *Chodhmujhe*! *Lelemujhe*!"

    It was an invitation to every man in the audience. They jerked
    erotically, going faster and faster and now she leaned back on one
    arm, arching her head way back, fondling her breasts with the
    other. He slammed his hips upward and she hissed, her hand flying
    to her cunt, pulling the lips open for the cameras.

    The lights and music snapped off and on again. They had changed
    positions. Chiman had returned to his position with his legs off
    the stage and she had turned around with her back to him, facing
    the audience, her legs spread wide outside his. Her belly rippled
    and sucked in as she rocked and bucked on his cock. She put her
    hands on her knees and arched her face. Her shoulders hollowed and
    her swollen, bouncing breasts squeezed together between her arms.
    Her necklaces danced on her sweat-flecked body. Her cunt slid up
    and down the length of his penis, rising and falling, gyrating and
    writhing erotically.

    Her body was within arm's length of the lucky ones in the front
    row. She squeezed her breasts hard, rolling and crushing them
    under her palms, offering herself to every man.

    "Ohhh yes ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck my cunt ... yes," she
    hissed, smiling as she saw some men in the front seats
    masturbating openly. "*Chodhmujhe*!"

    She reached down and cupped Chiman's balls, squeezing and fondling
    them eagerly. "Give me your cock, Chiman," she groaned. "Shove it
    in hard ... *jorsechodhmujhe* ... fuck my cunt hard, lover ... I
    want your cock ... *mujheteralavdachahiye* ... yeh ... that's it
    *hanh* ... *aise* ... mmmm ... *hanh* .... *aise* ... like that
    ... yes ..."

    They slowed, panting heavily, and she eased off his cock and got
    back on the stage. Gasping, she turned and knelt at the edge of
    the stage on her forearms and knees. Chiman knelt behind her and
    quickly ran his cock into her cunt. She groaned and they began to
    rock together. He held her hips and jerked her rapidly back and
    forth on his cock, swinging his own hips, thrusting into her from
    all angles. She groaned, her face, radiant with lust, tilted up to
    face the fortunate ones in the front seats. Her breasts swung and
    bounced under the young peon's rapidly quickening thrusts.

    "Yes ... yes OHhhh yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard! Harder!" she
    begged. "Come on! Do it! Ohhhhhh yes! *Aurjorsechodh*, Chiman!

    "Yeh ... take it! Take it, whore! Take it!" he grunted.
    "*Lelerundi*, *lele*!"

    On and on they went, their bodies shining with sweat. They paused
    and Chiman rose slowly to his feet, his cock still in her cunt,
    pulling her hips up till she was bent before him like a hairpin.
    He leaned his slim body over hers, his hands beside hers clenching
    the lip of the stage dais. He spread his legs wide and the cameras
    swivelled to a shot of their buttocks pulled wide open and his
    cock buried in her cunt, his balls against her cunt-lips. With a
    loud gasp, he began to ram-fuck her, almost upside down, ramming
    furiously in and out of her cunt. Falu cried out sharply, her body
    jerking and tossing, her necklaces swinging up high against her
    face, her breasts tossing and bouncing. Her body was pinned
    beneath his. The music grew louder, with an erotic, throbbing

    The monitors lingered lovingly on his cock pistoning and plunging
    in and out of her cunt, rasping and squelching, glistening and
    gleaming. Her cunt-lips were distended wide open, and his balls
    swung against them as his cock plunged into her without respite.

    Panting and gasping, Chiman paused yet again and forced her down.
    She shuffled forward so that her knees were at the edge of the
    stage and she was actually leaning off its lip, her hands on the
    auditorium floor. Her face very nearly touched the knees and legs
    of the men and women in the front row. Chiman chuckled and sank in
    a deep squat astride her hips. He held her buttocks and began to
    fuck her steadily and unhurriedly. He turned his face to the
    shadows at one side and spoke to someone.

    "Hey, motherfucker, like this? Yer wife's a real randy whore! Got
    one hot cunt here!" In the vernacular, it was twice as obscene.
    "Eh, *madarchuth*! *Dekh toh*! *Teribiwi kaisirundihain*!
    *Bahutkhujlihainusme*, *kya*?"

    A spotlight flashed stage left on a dark, good-looking,
    well-dressed man in his mid-thirties. He stood looking at the
    couple with a smile on his face.

    "Yes. Fuck her, Chiman," he said steadily. "Fuck my wife. Fuck her
    hard! She loves it! *Hanh* ... *chodh* usse, Chiman ...
    *chodhmerebiwiko*. *Jorsechodh*! *Bahutchahtihain*!"

    Chiman chuckled and slammed his cock into Falu. She cried out, her
    face twisting and contorting, her mouth in a wide 'O' of lust. The
    audience roared its appreciation.

    As if on cue, Chiman gritted his teeth and abruptly began
    ram-fucking her, lunging furiously in and out of her cunt. Falu's
    head snapped up and she cried out loudly, her body jerking and
    snapping, half-on, half-off the stage. Her breasts shook violently
    and the necklaces tossed furiously.

    "Fuck me Chiman!" she cried. "*Chodhmujhe*! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it
    hard! *Jorsechodh*! YES! OHHHHHH YES! THAT'S IT! *HANH*! *AISE*!

    The audience cheered. The music grew louder, the beat more
    frenetic and people began to clap in time to the music. *Fuck her
    fuck her fuck her fuck her*, the audience chanted.

    Chiman looked up with a grin. "Shall I fuck her ass?

    "YESSSSS!" Roared the audience. "Butt fuck butt fuck butt fuck
    butt fuck!"

    Chiman slid out of her cunt and waited while she caught her

    "Come on Chiman ... fuck me in the ass ... butt-fuck me!" Falu
    whimpered. "*Merigaandmaar*!"

    The applause thundered, then died into a tense silence as Chiman
    pressed his cock-head to her anus. The monitors showed the huge
    cock-head at her asshole. He pulled her buttocks open. His
    buttocks flexed slowly taut. The cock-head pressed forward and
    then squeezed slowly into her anus and disappeared from view. Falu
    cried out, her head jerking up, her body tensing taut.

    "OH ma unhhh ahhh uhhh OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

    "Like it, whore?" Chiman grunted. "Like it? *Acchalagtahain*,
    *rahnd*? *Acchalagtahain*?"

    "Yes!" she cried. "Ohhhhh yes! Oh ma uhh *hanh* uhh OHHH!"

    The audience waited with bated breath as the youth swung his hips
    slowly forward and skewered her ass. Falu's face contorted in an
    agony of lust. The cameras caught tight close-ups of his cock
    vanishing into her rear channel. Deeper and deeper it went, till
    it was fully embedded. Then Chiman began to fuck her butt slowly.
    His hips swung gently back and forth and his cock slid in and out
    of her ass.

    Falu hissed and moaned and groaned under him. Her body jerked and
    rocked under his. He gathered speed steadily till he was fucking
    her ass quickly, yet rhythmically, stroking with a mesmerising
    tempo in and out of her ass. His cock glistened and gleamed as it
    rasped and squelched into her asshole. Falu's cries were loud and
    shrill and obscene.

    Chiman butt-fucked Falu for several minutes, while the cameras
    caught them from all angles: her face, his face, his cock, her
    ass, her breasts, her cunt. He raided her ass steadily, his chest
    heaving, his face arched back, moaning and groaning in unfaked
    joy. He began to move faster still and soon he was ram-fucking her
    butt as he had her cunt. The audience applauded as she took it
    all, his cock slamming and ramming and reaming into her ass. Her
    body jerked and thrashed under his and her cries grew louder and

    Suddenly, he snapped his cock out of her. Immediately, she
    staggered back on the stage and, turning her face to one side,
    took his cock in her mouth and sucked it hard. Her chest heaved.
    He squeezed her breasts, moaned, and then he exploded, showering
    her face and breasts with hot gunk. The music reached a crescendo
    and then died and the lights snapped off suddenly.

    For a moment, there was silence. The applause that followed was
    deafening. It grew as the lights came on again and Chiman and Falu
    took a curtain call, she on her knees, his cock in hand, he
    standing over her, both smiling proudly. Goaded by the crowd's
    hysterical cheering, and cries for an encore, Falu turned and took
    Chiman's penis in her mouth again.

                                = o =