Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                            A JAM OF TARTS


    There was no dearth of women only too eager to succumb to Rajeev's
    advances. Sheila was a fair-skinned, full-breasted woman in her
    mid-thirties, some years older than Rajeev. He had always thought
    her extremely attractive. He set about seducing her in his
    inimitable fashion, slowly and discreetly. He enjoyed it as a
    sport. The game, the chase excited him as much as ultimate
    victory. Inevitably, he had his trophy.

    Sheila had never known such pleasure. She had always regarded her
    sexual experience as completely satisfactory, even uncommonly
    rich. Since the age of seventeen, a succession of strong, virile,
    handsome men had enjoyed the pleasures of her body. She married at
    twenty-four, and for a few months, contented herself with her
    husband. He was a superb lover and satisfied her. But she
    discovered that her premarital sexual experience was a powerful
    narcotic to which she was hopelessly addicted. Craving the variety
    and exciting intensity of new lovers, she allowed herself to
    stray. For a while, she enjoyed a torrid and entirely sexual
    relationship with one servant. Bored with him, she took another to
    her bed. He was followed by her husband's chauffeur. At some
    point, she was fucking all three of them, sometimes
    simultaneously, in glorious orgies that stretched through long hot
    afternoons. She was caught out by her brother-in-law who promised
    to keep his silence if she let him fuck her. She didn't mind in
    the least, for he was a sexy and attractive man. He proved to be a
    versatile and exciting lover. Their affair continued for several
    months, and her husband never knew.

    Sheila was just beginning to tire of him, when Rajeev made his
    advances. She succumbed within days. The man was utterly
    irresistible. Impeccably mannered, gentle and kind, he had an easy
    charm and grace that drew her. He was incredibly intelligent and
    well-read, steeped in art and culture without being a dilettante.

    In bed, he was a revelation. His body was stunning. Immensely
    powerful, he carried not an ounce of surplus flesh on him. His
    shoulders were sprawling slabs of muscle. His chest was a wide and
    deep W, heavily cleaved, his dark taut nipples pulled low and wide
    on either side of his massive pectorals. The belly was hard and
    flat as a washboard, every muscle clearly defined. There was not a
    trace of body hair on his torso which formed a sharply tapering V.
    High, narrow hips bracketed a slim waist. Beneath, his buttocks
    were taut and firm. His arms and legs were long and bulged and
    rippled with corded muscle. His face was gentle and handsome, with
    a fine, strong nose, a square jaw, even white teeth, and dark,
    caressing, sensuous eyes.

    But best of all was his quite astonishing genital endowment.
    Sheila had never imagined she would see, let alone experience,
    such a cock. It was the kind of thing her most erotic fantasies
    were made of. Enormous, a good eleven-and-a-half inches long,
    nearly three inches thick, it was long and dark and ridged with
    thick long veins, the cock-head monstrous.

    Now Rajeev smiled affectionately at her when he saw the look of
    wonder and awe and joy on her face as his huge cock slid slowly
    into her cunt. It went in smoothly and easily, gliding in deeper
    and deeper despite its impossible enormity.

    He bent his head and kissed her, sliding his tongue deep into her
    mouth, tasting the sweetness of her response when her own tongue
    flickered out in wanton desire.

    "Yes," she gasped softly. "Fuck me Rajeev ... fuck me hard ... Oh
    god your cock's so wonderful ... put it in ... I want it all ...
    yes ... Ohhhh yes!"

    Sheila was very pretty. Rajeev studied her round face with
    pleasure, taking in the sweetness of her features. She had full
    lips, a straight nose, perhaps a tad heavy, but perfect on her.
    Anything finer would have made her look shrewish. Her skin was
    fair and clear and her eyes were lovely, deep brown and full of
    laughter. Her teeth were attractive and even. She smiled readily
    and often. Her hair was thick and long, knotted in a loose bun on
    the nape of her neck. Her breasts were big, full and ripe with
    thick nipples standing stiffly in large bright aureoles that were
    puckered with pleasure now. A red bindi dotted the middle of her
    forehead, and she wore a long black and gold mangalsutra around
    her neck. Ordinarily, the necklace signified a woman's marital -
    and therefore, supposedly chaste - status. Sheila wore it to
    disguise her penchant for sexual adventure under a veneer of
    respectability for her husband's benefit. Little did it matter
    when she was gasping and heaving, her body shining with sweat,
    begging for more, moaning loud obscenities as a lover thrust his
    cock into her cunt.

    Rajeev flexed his buttocks and slid his hips gently forward. His
    cock squeezed even deeper into her cunt.

    "Ohhhhhhhhhh!" Sheila gasped, her head arching and turning to one

    His monstrous cock delved deeper into her tight, moist grotto. It
    stretched her cunt-lips wider than any cock she had known. Her
    hips lurched up under his and she arched her back. Her breasts
    were swollen and gorged, her nipples quivering and rigid. The
    gorgeous penis slid in deeper, rasping against her inflamed
    clitoris, throbbing and pulsating electrically hot inside her,
    making her feel like one enormous cunt from head to toe. She dug
    her fingers into his bulging biceps and caressed his shoulders. He
    lowered himself on his forearms and her heavy breasts flattened
    against his hard chest. Her body was hot and already tacky with
    sweat. Her mangalsutra was cool between their bodies. She moaned
    thickly, in unbridled pleasure. He was on his knees and he spread
    them wider, levering her thighs apart to go deeper into her cunt.
    She groaned, her legs twined about his slim hips.

    For the past hour, he had played with her body with a deftness
    that left her moaning and sweating with lust-heat. He toyed
    relentlessly with her breasts till she wanted to scream from the
    ecstasy of it, hot rivers of delight cascading through her body.
    Then his tongue probed her cunt, delving and exploring its moist
    recesses as no man had done before. She had taken his cock between
    her breasts, into her mouth, sucked it and licked it, and the very
    taste and weight of it in her mouth and under her tongue had
    aroused her even further.

    His head dipped now and he kissed her closed eyes, drew his tongue
    down her nose, over her lips, flickering at them. They parted and
    their tongues met and fenced and then his darted away, down her
    neck, dipping low between her breasts. She moaned again and
    arched, her breasts in her hands, lifting them to his lips,
    wanting to feel his tongue and lips and teeth on her breast tips
    again. His tongue rolled sexily around the stiff nipples by turn,
    and she gasped and writhed as she felt his teeth scrape gently
    against the aroused points of flesh. She clenched his head as his
    lips flowered and closed firmly around one breast, the other
    nipple in his fingers being slowly squeezed and rolled and

    Rajeev fastened his on her breast and sucked slowly, then harder
    and harder. Suddenly he let go and she gasped. Instantly, he
    started again and she writhed under him, moaning in joy. He moved
    to the other breast, releasing the first slowly, almost
    reluctantly. His tongue slithered into the deep vale between her
    breasts, where his cock had been a short while ago and he lapped
    at the musky streaks of his own pre-cum gunk between her breasts.
    Slowly, his tongue and lips climbed the crest to her other breast
    and found her nipple. He pressed it to the roof of his mouth with
    his tongue.

    "Oh god oh god OHhhhhhhhhh yes!" Sheila gasped, her chest heaving,
    her head rolling languorously from side to side.

    Rajeev paused and lifted himself smoothly, drawing her hips up
    with him, till he was squatting on his knees between her forked
    thighs. He held still, with her body stretched down and away from
    him, her shoulders on the bed and began to caress her tenderly.

    Sheila felt like a whore. All she wanted was to be fucked. He
    squeezed her breasts, kneading them, rolling them together,
    tweaking the erect nipples. Her mangalsutra entwined in his
    fingers and she gasped as she raked it across her aching nipples.

    "C'mon Rajeev ... please ... fuck me ... please ..." she begged.

    He chuckled and slid his hands under her fleshy buttocks, gently
    prising the creamy lobes apart. Sheila moaned loudly in unbridled
    passion as she felt his fingertip press at her anus. His other
    hand slid down her belly and he caressed her cunt gently, parting
    her cunt-lips and questing for her clitoris. He flicked it gently
    with his fingers and moved his hips from side to side. Sheila's
    breath hissed from her throat and her sphincter spasmed
    involuntarily. Instantly, smiling and chuckling at her, he slipped
    his thick finger into her asshole. Her cunt convulsed frantically
    on his gently throbbing penis. Gently, he finger-fucked her
    asshole while plugging her cunt with his cock. Sheila was writhing
    and gasping and panting now, muttering soft obscenities.

    "Ohhhh yes yes ... oh god yes ohhh yes ... fuck me Rajeev yes ...
    fuck me ... fuck my cunt ... yes ... take me ... I'm yours ...
    fuck me hard lover ... uhhh OHhhh uhhh OHHH uhhhh OHHhhhhhh uhhh
    Oh god yes yes OHhhhhh uhhhh oh god ohma uh OHHH!" she went, her
    body on fire.

    He began to fuck her slowly, his finger still in her anus. She
    gasped and writhed, her head flipping from side to side. His
    finger twisted and slid in and out of her ass. His cock pumped
    gently and insistently at her cunt. Her hips juddered and writhed,
    swinging from side to side.

    "Harder," she gasped. "Fuck me harder!"

    He relented and drew his finger out of her asshole and pressed it
    to her lips. She sucked it lasciviously, the complete whore now.
    He moved smoothly, like a god. Holding her hips high, her legs
    wide, he fucked her with long, slow, deeply penetrating thrusting,
    rolling his hips with each downthrust to take her from all angles.
    Her cunt squeezed his cock and he groaned softly, and arched his
    head in pleasure. Her cunt was hot and wet and tight.

    Sheila's mind whirled. Rajeev's hands were everywhere, on her
    breasts, at her cunt, at her anus again. His cock was heavenly.
    Her hips bucked and lurched and writhed as he thrust back and
    forth, his cock going slowly in and out, gleaming and glistening.
    It burned white hot, throbbing and hard, searing into her

    "Oh ma uhhh oh ma oh ma ohhhh uhhhh OHHhh ma uhhhh AHHH uhhh ahhh
    uhhh aHHHHh uhh AHHH!" she cried, her head whipping deliriously
    from side to side.

    She squeezed and rolled her swollen breasts in a frenzy as he
    began to move faster. She could feel his heavy balls at her
    cunt-lips. He released her hips and, as they sank, bent over her
    again, his hips bobbing rapidly up and down. His cock squelched
    and rasped in and out of her cunt. His cock emerged and
    disappeared into her cunt, squeezing into her tight sheath.

    "Yes ... yes OHhhhh yes ... that's it ... fuck me ... OHhhhh uhhhh
    OHhhh uhhh OH OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHH!" she cried.

    "Take it ... take it ... take my cock ... take it ... take my cock
    ... ohhhhh yeh ... ohhh yes ... your cunt's so good ... yes ...
    yeh ... take it all ... take it!" he gasped.

    Faster and faster he went, his hips bobbing and bouncing furiously
    up and down now, driving his enormous cock in and out of her cunt.
    Sheila's body jerked and snapped under his thrusts, her breasts
    bouncing violently. She squeezed them in an agony of lust.

    "Yes yes yes yes yes OHHHHHh yes!" she cried. "Oh god oh god oh
    god ohhhh yes oh god yes yes yes!"

    She couldn't hold back anymore. She soared high and free and broke
    through the clouds with a violent lurch of her cunt, arching and
    crying out. He rocked deep into her and rolled his hips savagely,
    skewering her cunt from all angles, mashing her cunt-flesh. Stars
    burst in her head and her hips jerked up as he drove into her
    again and again. At last she felt him stiffen and quiver inside
    her, his thighs thudding at hers repeatedly. Her cunt squeezed
    down hard on his tool and he flung his head back and groaned. He
    came and her eyes flew open in awe and wonder and shock at the
    prodigious load of white hot spoot that splattered deep into her
    cunt. It went on and on, flooding her slit.

    At last, her legs uncoiled from about his hips and she moaned.
    Breathing heavily, he bent over her and kissed her, forcing his
    tongue into her mouth. Sheila closed her eyes and caressed his
    back dreamily. With a sudden start, she realised that his cock was
    still in her cunt and it was even yet rock-hard as if he had not

    Later, they fucked again. He stood upright on the firm bed with
    his feet apart and she knelt before him and took his cock in her
    mouth and fist. Rajeev murmured in pleasure and began to fuck her
    mouth slowly. He held her head in his hands and rocked it gently
    back and forth, pumping his hips at her face. She moaned deep in
    her throat, loving the weight and thickness and heady odour of his
    penis. It was hot and sticky with his gunk and her lips and cheeks
    shone with jizz. She fondled her breasts and then slid a hand down
    to her cunt.

    "Yes ... suck it baby ... suck my cock," he grunted softly.

    She wanted him to come in her mouth. She paused and lifted her
    mangalsutra and looped it around his cock-shaft several times.
    Each loop pulled her head closer to his loins. Now her face and
    his cock were anchored together. He would have to come in her

    "You could've just asked for it in your mouth, Sheila," he

    "Just making sure," she mumbled, her mouth filled with his cock.

    He laughed. "Ever the cautious one, aren't you?"

    Rajeev relented, quite happy to fuck her mouth. She sucked cock
    well. Her mouth was warm and moist, and her tongue plied his
    cock-head and cock-slit relentlessly. He moved her head faster,
    his hips pumping swiftly. His cock glistened and shone as it
    emerged and disappeared between her lovely lips. He felt his spoot
    surge up from his balls and he moved even faster. She sensed the
    imminence of his orgasm and sucked his penis still harder, her
    face distended by the immensity of his cock.

    With a shuddering gasp, he exploded and she mewed softly, her
    hands crushing her breasts in joy as his hot jizz flooded her
    mouth and down her throat. She opened her lips and let it dribble
    on her face and neck and breasts.

    Sure enough, Rajeev's penis was still rock-hard. Gently, she
    disentangled her mangalsutra from his shaft and leaned back on her

    "Turn around," he commanded. "I'll fuck you from behind."

    She turned around, on her hands and knees before him, her
    delectable buttocks thrust back for him. He pushed her down onto
    her forearms and squatted low across her hips. Slowly, he squeezed
    his cock between her buttocks. She moaned thickly as the huge
    shaft seared into her cunt.

    "Mmmmmm ... yes .... yes ... that's so good," she muttered.

    Deeper and deeper he went, till his cock was deep inside her. He
    leaned over her and squeezed her pendulous breasts. She whimpered
    softly and stretched a hand between her thighs, toying with her

    "Fuck me, Rajeev ... fuck me hard," she groaned.

    He took her masterfully. At first, he moved slowly, steadily, his
    hips swirling and gyrating, his cock skewering her from all
    angles, sliding in and out of her cunt in smooth, long strokes.
    Sheila groaned and cried out, jerking and rocking back and forth
    on all fours under him.

    "Ohhh yes ... ohhh god yes! Do it ... do it Rajeev! Fuck me! Ohhh
    uhhh ohhhh uhhh Ohhhhh uhhh oh oh oh OHHHHH!"

    Rajeev squeezed her pendulous, swollen breasts and jerked her back
    and forth on his cock. His hips swung smoothly back and forth. His
    thighs pummelled her buttocks, slapping loudly at her flesh. His
    huge cock stroked seamlessly, relentlessly, mercilessly in and out
    of her cunt. Sheila's buttocks swayed and writhed erotically as
    she begged for more.

    "Take it," he responded, kneading her heavy breasts. "Take it!
    Take my cock! Ohhh fuck yes! Take it all! Take it!"

    He began to move faster, and then faster still, until he was
    ramming and reaming into her, his balls slapping at her buttocks.
    Her body jerked and snapped under his thrusts, her swollen breasts
    jiggling and bouncing. He squeezed them in excitement and drilled
    into her even harder and faster. His cock rasped audibly in and
    out of her cunt, going faster and faster. She exploded violently
    and he groaned as her cunt clamped down hard on his penis.

    "Oh ma uhhh oh uhhh OHHHHHHHHH!" she cried, stiffening in
    pleasure, her head arched.

    "Yeh! OH fuck yes! Yes! Yes!"

    With a shuddering cry, Rajeev thrust repeatedly into her and let
    himself go again, making her gasp as his hot spoot cannoned into
    her thirsty cunt.

                                = o =