Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                            A JAM OF TARTS

                             MOLTEN FLESH

    Anjali was tall and dark, with a rounded face and sensual
    features: her nose was straight and strong, and her lips were full
    and luscious. Her eyes were large and wide, heavily lined with
    *kajal*. She had long, springy black hair tied in a plait that
    hung to her curved buttocks or worn coiled in a bun high on the
    back of her head. Dusky-skinned, she had attractive birth-marks on
    her face and body. Her breasts were large and heavy, superbly
    formed. She had a deep cleavage and long nipples in large, dark,
    velvet aureoles. The belly was firm and her hips flared around
    delectable buttocks to long shapely legs meant to curl about a
    man's pumping hips. Habitually, she wore a gold nose-stud,
    matching gold earrings, a lone bracelet on one wrist, several
    finger-rings, and a thick gold chain around her neck. Now, she
    wore nothing else.

    She gasped, her mouth open in a large 'O', the breath hissing from
    her throat, hot on his face. Her body arched and bent in a taut
    bow, and her swollen breasts thrust upward. Her peon, the lad who
    worked for her, Vijay, slid his massive penis into her cunt,
    framed in its delta of soft dark fuzz. She moaned deliriously,
    clenching his bulging arms in delight. She spread her legs wider
    apart, her knees forking to draw him in even deeper. He grunted at
    the tightness of her cunt. She was incredible in bed, this one.

    Slowly, he squeezed his gargantuan cock-mass into her taut cunt
    and grunted at her tightness. He grinned at her reaction as she
    felt the heat and weight and hardness of his cock inside her and
    moaned her joy. Her hands went to her groin and she gripped his
    protruding shaft, circling it lovingly with her fingers.

    "More ..." she gasped, "more, Vijay, more ... put it all in ...
    UHHH ohhhh uhhh OHHHHHh uhh OH OH OH OH OHHHHHuhhOHHHH!"

    Smiling at her excitement, he skewered her cunt, thrusting his
    penis deeper into her till all eleven-and-a-half inches of it were
    firmly embedded in her cunt. He paused and bent his head and
    kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.

    Her body was hot under his, her breasts hard, her nipples rigid.
    He kissed her nipples, and she moaned as he flicked them with his
    tongue and scraped his teeth across them. Her body rippled with
    lust. She clenched his massive shoulders. She loved his strong,
    hard body, the deeply cleaved, muscled, hairless chest on hers,
    the massive penis in her cunt. It throbbed hard and hot deep
    inside her flesh.

    He began to fuck her unhurriedly, savouring the pleasures of her
    body. Lifting his buttocks, he slid his cock out of her. She
    gasped as it glided out of her cunt, inch by glorious inch. She
    feared he would withdraw completely, as he slid more and more of
    it out of her, but it was seemingly endless and her cunt still
    burned with his fiery mass. She moaned softly. Her body relaxed as
    the massive penis slipped from her cunt till only his enormous
    cock-head was between her cunt-lips. Her clitoris and cunt
    throbbed with excitement. He paused and began to swing his hips
    slowly, gyrating in tight circles, caressing her clitoris and cunt
    with his cock-tip. He waited for her reaction. She gasped and
    arched under him, the breath hissing from her threat as the huge
    cock-head pressed at her throbbing clitoris.

    "Put it in, Vijay ... quickly," she moaned predictably. "*Jaldi!*"

    He thrust into her slowly, and she gasped, arching hard under him.
    Her back bowed taut as he inched inexorably into her spasming
    cunt. It enveloped his penis, squeezing and cramping hungrily on
    it. He went deeper and deeper into her, and her hips bucked and
    lurched under him. Her head rolled from side to side and her face
    contorted with lust. She moaned and cried out desperately as the
    huge shaft filled her cunt-flesh. His penis was enormous, and
    touched the deepest crevices in her flesh. It seemed big enough to
    rip her limb from limb. It pierced higher, deeper into her belly.
    She felt as though it was at her chest and about to erupt from her
    throat. She clung to him, panting like rutting bitch, kissing and
    fondling his chest. She sucked his nipples sharply.

    He took her first with a slow, measured tempo, his buttocks rising
    and falling almost casually over her heaving hips. His huge cock
    distended her cunt-lips wide open and rasped against her inflamed
    clitoris as it went in. It emerged glistening and shining with
    their commingled juices. Steadily, he built up speed, going faster
    and faster, knowing she could not control herself much longer. He
    began stroking powerfully in and out, in and out, his butt rising
    and falling, his cock hammering back and forth, his buttocks
    flexing and unflexing alternately, his hips rolling to skewer her
    from all angles. She thrashed and heaved under him, crying out
    loudly. He flung his head back and gasped his joy at the
    relentless suction of her cunt on his cock. His balls slapped at
    her cunt-lips. She clenched his buttocks fiercely, dragging him
    deeper into her vortex.

    Faster and faster he went, hammering and ramming his cock into her
    till she arched and cried out and shuddered as the dam burst,
    cascading over her in a tidal flood. Seconds later, he relented
    and drilled deep into her and came, releasing the awesome flood of
    his steaming jizz into her sodden slit.

    Later, she sucked his cock hungrily, taking him deep in her mouth,
    mewing and panting and dizzy with the heady tang of his seed. He
    lay back, his hand on her head, rocking it up and down to suit his
    pleasure and pumped his hips at her face to fuck her mouth. She
    knelt between his raised knees, her head low over his crotch and
    fondled herself, squeezing her pendulous breasts in an erotic
    frenzy. Her breasts felt hard and heavy and her nipples ached. She
    thrust a hand between her thighs and began to masturbate, arching
    a finger into her cunt.

    His cock filled her mouth and her face bloated with its immensity.
    She loved sucking his penis and wanted him to come in her mouth.
    The prospect excited her and she sucked his cock harder and
    faster, her fist jerking his cock, her head bucking rapidly up and
    down over his thighs. His cock was slippery with gunk. Beads of
    spunk spurted from the slit in the cock-head and she swallowed
    them hungrily and suddenly thought of the time they had first
    fucked, scarcely a week ago.



    Vijay was tempted by Anjali's body. This woman was meant to be
    fucked, and fucked repeatedly. Warm and fleshy, her body cried out
    for a man's attention. He liked the way her breasts jiggled when
    she walked, the way her hips swayed and her buttocks moved. She
    preferred slightly transparent *kurtas* that were cut close and
    clung to every curved contour.

    She was alone at her office, working on a difficult presentation
    for a particularly obdurate client. It was work she couldn't farm
    out, had to do herself, and it was taking much longer than she
    expected. Finally, the work was done. Now she could relax. She
    rang the bell and Vijay came in. She asked for tea. He nodded and
    ducked out. As he left, her eyes lingered hungrily on his body. He
    was good-looking, tall and lean. He had a handsome, aquiline face,
    with a fine straight nose and a slender mouth. His face was
    clean-shaven and square-jawed, and his eyes were dark and deep.
    His hair was thick and black, and his body was lean and tough,
    without an ounce of surplus fat. His torso tapered in a sharp 'V',
    and his chest was hairless, his hips high and small, the waist
    narrow, his belly flat and hard.

    Anjali waited for the tea, feeling steadily hornier, already
    fantasizing about the peon. He returned a few minutes later and
    set the cup down beside her. He withdrew again. Anjali finished
    her tea and decided to get laid. She unbuttoned her *kurta*,
    loosened the drawcord of her *salvar* and rang for him again. He
    answered at once and, taking one look at her, understood instantly
    what she wanted. A slow smile creased his handsome face.

    Vijay sauntered across the room, leering at her, unbuttoning his
    open shirt. He stood in front of her with it fully open and
    hanging outside his jeans. She leaned back against the desk and
    her eyes slid over his tanned torso, taking in the cleaved, strong
    chest and hard belly. He chortled and flicked open the clasp of
    his jeans. He left his jeans zipped up.

    Without a word, his eyes dancing, he pulled her *kurta* open over
    her naked breasts. He cupped them in his hands and she tensed and
    her nipples hardened immediately at his touch. Her breasts swelled
    and grew hot in his hands. He squeezed and fondled them gently and
    bent his head to her chest, tugging at one thick nipple with his
    teeth. He sucked on it, the breast squeezed in his hand. He moved
    to the other breast. Anjali's face softened with lust, her
    nostrils flared, her lips parted, her eyes grew glassy and
    glittered with excitement, her breath came sharp. He was very
    adroit, his lips and warm tongue and sharp teeth doing wonderful
    things to her aching nipples and breasts.

    Vijay bent lower, tugging open the draw-cord of her *salvar*,
    letting it rustle to her feet. She was naked underneath and he saw
    dewdrops of cunt-juice on her soft, curly black pubic fuzz. Anjali
    kicked off her *salvar* and eased herself onto the conference
    table and spread her legs apart, half reclining on her elbows
    behind her. As her legs parted, her cunt-lips unfurled, revealing
    the moist flesh of her cunt. She waited with bated breath.

    Delicately, he parted her fleshy cunt-lips wider with strong
    fingers and found her clitoris already hard and engorged. He
    pressed his knuckle to it and her hips lurched and she gasped
    softly. He grinned and bent his head and slid his tongue into her
    cunt. Anjali hissed with pleasure and bent her head to watch him
    tongue-fuck her cunt. His tongue was pure magic, electric and
    sharp in her cunt, flickering rapidly in and out, round and round,
    up and down and back and forth and from side to side in her slit.
    Anjali moaned, her body crackling with lustfire. She flung her
    head back and closed her eyes in ecstasy, moaning loudly. Leaning
    on her elbows, she squeezed her breasts, tugging hard at her rigid

    "Mmm, yes ... ohhhhh yes yes yes ... Ohhhh yes ..." she went.
    "Yes! Ohhh yes Vijay! That's good! Lick my slit, lover! Fuck me
    with your tongue!" She spoke in the vernacular, her words doubly
    erotic, twice as arousing. "*Chaatmujhe*, Vijay!

    His head rolled and moved between her juddering thighs. He used
    his tongue and teeth and lips relentlessly to audible effect. Her
    cunt streamed with love-juice and he lapped it hungrily, savouring
    its heady aroma. He flicked her clitoris with his finger and she
    moaned, her hips gyrating and lurching, her body jerking on the
    table. He stopped and rose and bent over and kissed her deeply,
    thrusting his tongue into her. His hand went down to her crotch
    and she held his wrist as he forced three fingers into her cunt
    and began to masturbate her. She groaned, her hips heaving and
    jerking. He bent his head and sucked hard on her breasts, tugging
    at the rigid nipples with his teeth. She gasped loudly.

    Vijay stepped back and she slid to her knees immediately, reaching
    up to unzip his jeans. His jeans caught about his knees. His cock
    was good, too, satisfying long and thick and dark. It was still
    limp. She took it in her hand and lifted it, expertly flipping the
    foreskin back to expose the bright cock-head. Holding his shaft in
    her hand, she slid her tongue out and curled it lovingly about his
    cock- head. He grunted, his head bent, his handsome face creased
    in a delighted grin. He put a hand on her head and pulled it to
    his crotch. She parted her lips and slid them down around his
    cock-head, sucking and licking it slowly, almost drunkenly. His
    cock swelled rapidly, rising to a glorious length and thickness,
    throbbing hot and turgid in her mouth.

    Her mouth was a wonderful grotto of pleasure, warm and moist,
    sucking insistently. Her head moved slowly back and forth, her
    cheeks hollowing and billowing, her face distended. She sucked him
    harder, her fist curled about his shaft, jerking it steadily.
    Soon, her lips and fist and his shaft glistened with his precum

    The handsome young peon began to fuck her mouth, holding her head
    and moving it back and forth faster and faster, pumping his hips
    at her mouth. His cock glistened as it slid in and out between her

    "Yeh ... c'mon, whore ... c'mon, you fucking whore ... suck me!
    *Choos*! *Jorsechoosmerelundko*, *rahnd*! Yeh ... that's it ...
    suck harder, bitch!" he gasped thickly.

    His balls ached with tension. He wanted to fuck her now. He pulled
    her to her feet and turned her around with her back to him. She
    leaned over the conference table and shuffled her legs wide, her
    buttocks thrust up. He pressed his cock to her buttocks, squeezing
    it in the cleft between them and leaned over her and tongued her
    ear. She turned her face to his and he kissed her sexily,
    thrusting his tongue into her mouth. Her buttocks squirmed against
    throbbing cock. Her breasts swung heavily and he squeezed them.

    "Want it up your ass, slut?" he sniggered. "*Gaandmarun*?"

    "Later, if you like," she murmured. "Now fuck my cunt ... c'mon!
    Do it! *Chodhmujhe*! *Jorsechodh*!"

    Vijay laughed as he squeezed his cock between her buttocks to her
    cunt. Anjali reached down to claw them open for him. His cock-head
    burned at her cunt. She whimpered softly, eagerly. He chuckled and
    flexed his buttocks and slowly slid his hips forward, squeezing
    his cock into her taut cunt. Anjali moaned as his penis seared
    deeper and deeper into her belly. Her cunt convulsed on his penis
    and Vijay gasped softly. Her cunt was like a furnace, hot and wet,
    and tight as a vice. Her buttocks rolled under him, trying to take
    in more of his cock. He laughed and pulling her buttocks wide
    open, slammed his hips forward, thrusting his cock deep into her.

    Anjali cried out thinly, her head snapping back, her mouth tearing
    open as the huge cock surged into her convulsing cunt. Deep inside
    her, he held still and slid his hands up her back and around her
    body to squeeze her breasts. She whimpered, leaning forward on her
    forearms, her shoulders hunched, her head bowed. His cock felt
    wonderful inside her, hot and hard and she swung her hips slowly,
    churning her cunt with his pestle.

    He fucked her with slow, skewering thrusts of his hips, jerking
    his buttocks back and forth steadily and unhurriedly. Anjali
    moaned and whimpered, her head bowed, her eyes closed, her body
    hot and trembling.

    "Ohhhhhh uhh oh ma Vijay uhhhhh ohhh uhhh Ohhhhh!" she gasped.
    "*Hanh* ... uhhh *hanh* ... uhhh ... *hanh* ... yes ... yes ...
    Ohhh god yes ..."

    "Yes! C'mon! *Chul* ... c'mon now bitch ... *abchul*, *rundi* ...
    take my cock! *Lemerelundko*! Take it all! *Pooralele*!" he
    grunted obscenely.

    His words excited her.

    "Yes! Fuck me!" she gasped. "*Chodhmujhe*! *Jorsechodh*!"

    Vijay grinned. He began to move faster, holding her hips and
    jerking her back and forth on his cock. He swung his hips, his
    buttocks flexing and unflexing powerfully, his belly rippling with
    the strain. His cock appeared and disappeared between the fleshy
    lobes of her buttocks. It glistened and gleamed, pistoning in and
    out. His balls slapped at her buttocks.

    "C'mon ... come on ... c'mon, bitch ... take it ... *chul* ...
    *chul*, *rahndchul* ... *le*! *Lemerelavdeko* ... take my cock uhh
    *hanh* uhh yes oh fuck yes!" he grunted loudly.

    Her cunt convulsed frantically on his plunging penis. He swung his
    hips back and forth like a trip-hammer, moving faster and faster,
    and then broke the rhythm, alternating between a smooth, long,
    piercing strokes to a series of violent, ramming thrusts.

    "Ohhhhh Vijay yes ohhhhh uhhh ohhhhhh uhhhhh *hanh* uhhhhh *hanh*
    uhhhhhh Ohhhmaohmaohmaohmaohhhh!" she gasped. "*Hanh* ... YES!
    Fuck me! *Chodho mujhe* ... Fuck me hard! *Jor se chodho* ...
    Harder! *Aur jorse* ... Ohhhhmauhhhhh AHHhhhh uhhhHH AHHHHH uh AH
    uh AH AH AH uhh OHuh OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHH!" Anjali cried out,
    her body jerking beneath him.

    Her swollen breasts jiggled and swung and he crushed them in his
    hands, squeezing hard, twirling her rigid nipples in his fingers.
    His cock was incredible, hot and hard, throbbing in her cunt. It
    glistened and shone as it appeared and disappeared between the
    lobes of her buttocks. Her cunt-lips were rivened wide and her
    clitoris throbbed, stroked by the incessant in-out-in-out-in-out
    rasping of his rough-skinned, thick-veined penis. Suddenly,
    without warning, he swung his hips in a savage roll and she gasped
    in shock and surprise, her face twisting in a grimace of lust.

    "Yeh uh oh fuck yes oh fuck yes uhh oh fuck uhh *hanh* uhh yes
    c'mon slut, c'mon ... *chul*, *rundi*, *chul* ... *lele*! Take
    it!" he grunted.

    Anjali trembled and throbbed with an animal lust. She was
    teetering on the brink of a wild orgasm when Vijay slid out of her
    and flipped her onto her back on the table with her hips at its
    edge. She spread her thighs and he pulled them wide and high with
    his hands and pressed his cock-head to her cunt-lips. She held it
    and guided it to her cunt, moaning and keening like a bitch. He
    grinned at her and, taking a deep breath, slammed his hips
    forward, thrusting his cock deep into her again. Her back cambered
    and she cried out as his huge penis seared into her cunt.


    He chuckled at her response and, burying himself deep in her cunt,
    held still, her thighs in his hands spread wide and high. She lay
    like a submissive slut beneath him, a lowly peon, and he knew she
    wanted nothing more than his body. It made him feel good.

    "Want it, whore?" he rasped, tormenting her. "*Chahiye kya,

    She nodded, panting and gasping, her hands on her breasts, her
    head turned aside.

    "Say it, bitch! Lemme hear ya! *Bol*, *kutti*!"

    "Yes ... I want it ... I want your cock, Vijay," she gasped.
    "*Hanh* Vijay ... *mujhe chahiye* ... *mujhe tera lund chahiye*


    "In ... in my cunt ..."

    "How d'ya wanna be fucked, slut? Tell me! Lemme hear ya!"

    "Fuck me hard, Vijay! Fuck me hard!"

    "That's good, bitch!" he crowed exultantly. "*Yeh hui na baat*!"
    he laughed. "Come on ... now I'm gonna fuck your brains out, bitch
    ... * Ab jorse chodhunga tujhe!Rundiki tarah*!"

    Chortling, he slid his hips back, pulled his cock almost entirely
    out of her. She gasped at the release of pressure. With a loud,
    animal call, gritting his teeth, he slammed his hips forward
    again, ramming his cock deep into her.

    Anjali's mouth tore open in a loud cry, her neck arched, her face
    screwed up, her back bowed steeply and the breath whooshed from
    her as his cock tore into her flesh. He laughed and began to
    ram-fuck her cunt. Moving rapidly with long, deep thrusts, he
    flung his head back and gasped. His hips pounding back and forth,
    and he plunged his huge cock in and out of her cunt. It reamed
    into her flesh, distending her cunt-lips wide open, rasping
    against her clitoris. Her thighs trembled and shook in his strong
    hands. Her breasts jiggled and bounced, and her body jerked and
    rocked under his thrusts. She squeezed her breasts in an erotic
    frenzy, her head rolling from side to side.

    He fucked her savagely. Her body flamed with desire. His heavenly
    cock pistoned and pumped rapidly in and out of her cunt with a
    loud rasp. The thick-veined, blood-gorged penis pulsated ominously
    in her helplessly convulsing cunt. He leaned forward, bending her
    thighs back on her chest, his hands on the insides of her thighs
    and began to hammer her cunt with his cock, ramming his cock
    furiously in and out, in and out, in and out, his hips swinging
    like a trip hammer at full blast. Her cunt spasmed on his cock and
    his head snapped back and he growled his satisfaction.

    She exploded, mewing and panting and calling out. The peon
    chortled in glee and moved even faster, ramming his cock deeper
    into her. Anjali cried out in agonised delight as his cock plunged
    into her incessantly. At last, he drilled into her with a long,
    slow, spiraling thrust and buried his cock deep in her. His hips
    twitched at her cunt-lips. She squeezed her breasts, one hand on
    her belly, her fingers spreading her cunt-lips open.

    "Yes ... yes," she moaned. "Come inside me ... I want your cum in
    my cunt!"

    "No!" he cried. "*I* wanna cum in your butt! I wanna fuck your
    ass! *Ab* m*ujheterigaandmarnihai*!"

    Anjali moaned as he slid smoothly out of her. She enjoyed being
    sodomised; it was a joy utterly intense, deeply satisfying. She
    slid off the table and presented her buttocks to him again,
    opening her legs wide. Vijay squeezed his cock between her
    buttocks and she tensed as she felt his cock-head at her anus. He
    squeezed her breasts and she yielded slowly. He flexed his
    buttocks and his cock-head popped into her anus. Her head jerked
    up and her face twisted in pain and lust as the hot penis began
    tunneling into her rear channel. The peon gasped at the clonic
    convulsions of her asshole on his throbbing penis. He flung his
    head back, flexed  his buttocks and impaled her anus on his cock.
    Beneath him, his mistress gasped and cried out, her body
    shuddering and writhing on her teakwood desk.

    "Oh god yes ... fuck me, Vijay ... fuck my ass! Fuck it hard! Oh
    god yes! *Merigaandmaar*, Vijay ... *jorsemaar*!"

    The peon laughed in delight. Her words were music to his ears. He
    slid his hands up her body and crushed her pendulous, hot breasts,
    making her gasp and swung his hips gently, exploring her asshole
    with his cock. It promised to be a long, hot afternoon and he was
    in no hurry.



    The memory stirred Anjali. She looked up without pausing in her
    sucking of Vijay's bloated cock. He lay back, eyes closed,
    murmuring in pleasure, his hands moving her head up and down, his
    hips pumping at her face. She stopped for a minute and squeezed
    her breasts in a tight sheath around his cock. He groaned and she
    bent her head and took the cock-head that emerged from her
    breast-sheath between her lips. Her rigid nipples raked his shaft.

    The sensation was overpowering. His cock throbbed between her lips
    and breasts. She sensed the imminence of his orgasm and swiftly
    took his cock in her mouth. He moaned and yielded, gasping as the
    spoot-heat roiled up from his balls. His jizz spewed thick and hot
    into her mouth and she swallowed it greedily, her head swimming
    with its musky odour. Jerking his cock, she let jizz spatter on
    her face and breasts.

    Whimpering her gratitude, she took it in her mouth again. It was
    still rock-hard. She knew that he could come again. He had the
    staying power of a Brahma bull. His spoot load was prodigious.
    Moaning softly, she straddled his hips, his cock in her hand and
    swiftly engulfed his rigid cock in her cunt.

    "Mmmm ... I love your cock in my cunt," she murmured, squirming on
    his lap.

    He smiled up at her and cupped her cum-sticky breasts, fondling
    them in his hands. She bent over him and he sucked them, licking
    his seed off her nipples. She kissed him and he could taste his
    gunk on her lips and tongue, too. She rocked over him on all
    fours, moving slowly and unhurriedly, raising her hips up high
    along the length of his shaft, then squeezing them down deeply
    again. He held her buttocks and moved her on his lap.

    They fucked for another hour, changing positions frequently. They
    finished at last with her on her front, her knees bent and
    buttocks thrust up. Vijay straddled her hips in a low squat, his
    fingers splaying open the lobes of her buttocks, his cock
    thrusting rapidly in and out of her cunt. She gasped her joy, her
    face turned on its side, her hands rucking the sheets as his cock
    plunged deep into her cunt. She orgasmed yet again, her head
    spinning and then she moaned ecstatically as he ground deep into
    her and came, shooting hot loads of jizz into her cunt.

                                = o =