Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar
                            A JAM OF TARTS


    As his practice flourished, Rajeev hired more assistants. He
    preferred to employ women - they were more dedicated, typically
    less apt to quit without notice and more reliable. Certainly, they
    were better looking, which mattered a very great deal to him
    since, sooner or later, he took them all as lovers. In time,
    Sonali, Varsha, Seema, Hema, Kuntal and Nandini and several other
    girls joined his staff. They were all extremely attractive and
    sexy, and, one by one, he fucked them all. His choice was
    unerring. Without exception, the girls were totally uninhibited
    about casual sex. Much to his delight, the girls made themselves
    available for the pleasure of his peons, errand boys, drivers,
    cleaners, cooks, sweepers and male assistants.

    He installed a separate, secret chamber where the girls could be
    fucked by the men - or vice-versa, for frequently, the highly
    sexed women demanded the lectual services of one of the guys. As
    the office grew, he bought another floor in the building, and yet
    another and then a fourth. The top floor he re-furbished lavishly,
    with a quiet, expansive sanctum for himself and a series of
    glass-walled carrels, fitted with beds and sofas and easy chairs,
    furnished as bedrooms, in which his staff could copulate at
    leisure. A viewing gallery ringed the carrels, for the pleasure of
    those who enjoyed watching live sex.

    Rajeev hired a young boy named Vinod. The girls in the office
    liked him instantly. He was unfailingly cheerful, no matter how
    much work he was told to do. He was very good-looking, with clean,
    fine features: his nose was straight, the eyes dark and full of
    laughter, the mouth full and sensual, parting in a delightful grin
    to reveal his white, even teeth.His hair was short and his hair
    was curly, cropped close. His body was lean and hard, without a
    trace of fat. His belly was flat, the chest smooth, lightly
    cleaved and hairless, the hips small. His buttocks were taut and
    firm, the hips narrow.

    At seventeen, Vinod's heterosexual experience was confined to the
    one occasion when his elder sister's best friend, an attractive
    young girl with no dearth of lovers, finding him alone in the
    one-room tenement where he lived, unbuttoned her blouse with a
    coquettish smile and let him fondle her large breasts. He grew
    intensely aroused and she slipped her hand into his shorts,
    masturbated him and then sucked his cock quickly. He had come in
    her mouth. She promised to fuck him the next day, but they never
    got the chance.

    The memory was vivid in his mind; he remembered her pretty face
    and large brown breasts and the way she worked his cock with her
    lips and tongue, sucking furiously, moaning and whimpering in
    pleasure, playing with her breasts and cunt till he could hold
    back no longer and exploded, gasping. Even now, he could see her
    pretty face tilted back between his thighs and his hot jizz
    spurting and spurting into her mouth and dribbling over her face
    and down her breasts.

    Frequently, he masturbated in syncopation to a particularly lurid
    fantasy of fucking her, and fucking her hard. She would have loved
    it, for his cock was big and thick and hard. He regretted the lost
    opportunity. Listening to the lupanarian talk of his friends who
    got laid at the local whorehouses, he often wished he could
    accompany them. He hadn't the courage to go to the whores himself,
    and asking someone to take him there was too humiliating.

    Like so many boys in Bombay, Vinod grew up in an environment where
    contact with females was kept to the minimum and confined, as far
    as possible, to elderly aunts and young relatives. He sought
    sexual release in his male peers.

    The guys hung out for hours together, arms about each other's
    shoulders or waists, standing close like lovers do. Occasionally,
    a hand would caress a smooth chest, buttocks would press against
    loins. At times like these, Vinod found himself intensely aroused,
    his cock bulging between his legs and straining at the cloth of
    his trousers. As he grew older, matters became more tense, and
    with some of the younger boys in the group, he frequently indulged
    in mutual masturbation, coming off hard in the other boy's fist.
    They longed for real cunts to fuck.

    In Rajeev's office, Vinod was in a state of constant and painful
    priapism. It was a supermarket of female flesh, all seemingly
    available for the asking. There was an abundance of girls: Harsha,
    Shobha, Nisha, Sonali, Seema, Varsha, Nandini, Rajshri, Rashmi,
    Kuntal, Hema - each one of them was incredibly sexy. The guys -
    Chiman, Babu, Barku, Hari and Kishore - fondled the girls quite
    openly. Vinod didn't miss the casual hand-holding, the quick
    squeezing of a buttock or a breast *en passant*, the idle caress
    with the back of hand on a smooth cheek, the laying of a girl's
    hand on a guy's arm or shoulder or chest, the light caress of a
    girl's hair. The girls made it a point to squeeze past the guys in
    the smallest available space, squirming their buttocks against
    hard crotches, smiling knowingly. The men evidently enjoyed it,
    and did what they could to stall the girls' passing, pressing
    their bulging groins against their buttocks or bellies. It was all
    a game.

    When he arrived, the girls at once started tormenting him. They
    teased him gently with clever innuendo and *double entendre*,
    allowed him tantalising glimpses of naked thighs, bellies, swollen
    breasts and deep cleavages. Occasionally, fingers would brush his
    thigh or his crotch or steal into his hair, a hand would rest on
    his chest, lips would hover close to his face. Once or twice, one
    of the girls quickly squeezed his cock and then, before he could
    react, pranced away giggling.

    Unknown to him, a debate raged in the office as to who would 'do
    the honours' and seduce Vinod. The issue was finally resolved one
    Friday evening, at the weekly staff meeting over high tea. They
    contrived to despatch Vinod on an unnecessary errand, with
    instructions not to return that evening. The conference room was a
    cacophony of noise as the staff chattered and argued.

    "I still say we should ask Rajeev and let him decide," Nandini

    "What for?" cried Seema."Let's just draw lots!"

    "What's all this about?" Rajeev enquired from the head of the
    table with a smile, setting down the fine bone china tea cup. He
    was slouched languidly in the chair, an arm hooked casually over
    the backrest.

    Rashmi, his newest assistant, herself 'broken in' not so very long
    ago, but with immediate and considerable success, smiled.

    "Vinod," she said."It's a big thing nowadays."

    "How do you know?"

    "You weren't supposed to do it, bitch!"

    "Fink! Whore!"

    "Easy, easy!" Rajeev laughed at the outburst. "What's a big

    "Who gets to lay Vinod first," Rashmi explained. "That's what I
    meant. Not that I've seen his big thing. It might not be big."

    "There's one way to find out." Nisha grinned.

    "Yes, and I want to do it," said Seema.

    "Why? What's so special about him?"

    "He's a virgin, that's what!" Rajshri laughed.

    Rajeev grinned. "You're kidding!"

    "No, really, he is," Harsha said.

    "So you're fighting over him?"

    The girls nodded. "And you've got to decide," Kuntal chipped in.

    The guys paid attention, grinning hugely.

    "Yeah, who gets to fuck cutie-pie, Rajeev?" rumbled Hari.

    Rajeev smiled and rose."Ladies and gentlemen, since I appear to
    have been appointed arbitrator of this dispute, I hereby enter
    upon the reference."

    He was met with groans.

    "More significantly, since I own this joint and employ Vinod and
    since I'm you're boss, you'll jolly well do as I say."

    "Bugger off," growled Kishore amidst the jeers.

    "Certainly," Rajeev riposted, all sweetness and light."Whatever
    you say. Bend over!"

    Everyone laughed, even Kishore. They all knew that Rajeev was
    decidedly bisexual and enjoyed fucking handsome young men as much
    as beautiful women. A nice, hot, tight orifice is all I ask, he
    often said.

    "Well, come on then, hurry up!" cried Kuntal. "Decide, then!"

    "All right. Seeing how the lad is not only young, but short to
    boot, I think we should let the shortest amongst us do the
    honours. Sonali?"

    A rousing cheer and applause met the announcement. Everyone turned
    to her. Sonali grinned hugely. Her recent marriage to Sameer had
    not dampened her enthusiasm for fornication in the slightest. She
    stood and bowed with mock seriousness.

    "Lordship pleases," she said and everyone cheered again.

    "But only on the condition, Sonali, that we take a video of it, so
    that we can all see just what you do to him."

    "Hear, hear!" said Kuntal.

    Sonali laughed. Like the others, she enjoyed being watched while
    fucking and this promised to be a treat.



    Many years have passed since Sonali and I first fucked. We are
    older now, she and I, but our bodies are still good, and I still
    fuck her often, and others, too. For instance, my master, Rajeev,
    whom I have served these many years with unfailing devotion,
    frequently invites me to fuck his wife. To this day, they are
    still the most handsome, hypersexed individuals I know and I never
    refuse his offers. I fuck Sunnu with abandon and she loves it as
    much as I do. Watching the spasms of lust on her face, I marvel at
    mankind's forever unchanging desire for sex. Indeed, Rajeev is my
    idol, my hero: he has taught me much, not the least being how to
    enjoy homosexual sex. We still fuck, he and I, and it is always
    magnificent. But most of all, I like fucking women.

    In the time since Sonali first laid me I have loved more women
    than I can count or even remember, but the memories of that day
    are still fresh. Sometimes, when I am in bed with an enthusiastic
    young girl who is sweating and moaning as I thrust my cock in and
    out of her hot, tight cunt, I think of Sonali and it seems like

    It was late on Saturday when Rajeev summoned me and told me to go
    to Sonali's house with some papers. I grinned at him - I used to
    grin a lot in those days - and hurried out. I was always hurrying.
    I didn't suspect a thing. No one looked at me as I left, though
    all of them must have known about my sexual tryst that hot summer

    Sonali and her husband, Sameer, lived in a lovely terraced flat in
    a quiet, tree-lined lane not far from Rajeev's house. I climbed
    the three flights of stairs to her house and rang on the bell. She
    answered the door herself and I grinned at her.

    Let me tell you something. All the girls in the office were very
    good-looking in different ways, and all of them sort of flaunted
    an obvious sexuality. Sonali was no exception.

    She was - is - very cute. She's short, but then, so am I. She's
    sort of medium fair, with an attractive oval face. Her chin is
    delicately pointed, and she has nice eyes, dark brown and lined
    with *kajal*. The nose is slightly hooked, the lips a tad pouting,
    the upper lip thinner than the lower one, but on her it looks
    lovely. Her hair is beautiful, silky with a sheen to it, cut in a
    wide wave over her forehead, parted to one side and hanging down
    below her shoulders. Her legs and arms are slender, and she is
    slim, with a nice body. Her breasts are full and firm and juicy,
    sloping nicely, with hard nipples, the aureoles taut and small.
    She has a good cleavage and her belly is flat, the hips flaring to
    firm buttocks and shapely thighs. After all these years, she
    hasn't changed a bit.

    She took the papers from me and walked down the hallway, flipping
    through them, her back to me. Over her shoulder, she called to me
    to shut the door and come in, offering me a cup of tea. It was
    already in the kettle when I went into the kitchen. She poured me
    a cup and went out. I drank the tea by myself, slurping it out of
    the saucer, and then went out to look for her. She was in her
    bedroom, at her desk. I called to her from the door and said I was
    leaving, did she need anything else.

    She rose with a mysterious smile and beckoned to me. I stepped
    over the high lintel into the bedroom, and noticed suddenly that
    she wasn't wearing a bra. Her* kurta* was of some white
    translucent fabric, and I could see the outline of her dark
    aureoles through it quite clearly. I could even see her stubby
    nipples poking cheekily through the cloth. I saw, too, the hem of
    her *salvar*, and that, too, was of the same kind of material, and
    she seemed to have nothing on beneath that either, for I can swear
    that I saw the darkness of her cunt.

    My lance sprang upright at the sight, and I jerked my eyes back to
    her face, my heart thudding. She was an invitation the gods
    themselves would have been hard put to resist, and who was I, a
    mere mortal to baulk? She had on delicate gold earrings and a nice
    gold chain with a pearl pendant in a sepal setting around her
    neck, and a silver bracelet on one wrist. She looked smashing.

    I felt embarrassed and a little frightened, for there was a
    slight, knowing smile playing on her lips. I bowed my head,
    desperately trying to quell the raging erection in my trousers.
    She moved closer and slid her hands about my head, drawing it to
    her chest. She had undone two or three buttons of her *kurta*, and
    it had fallen open wide, so that when she drew my head down, I was
    looking straight down her lovely cleavage at her breasts.

    Without a word, she took my hands in hers and placed them on her
    breasts. She smelled musky and infinitely erotic. She took my face
    in her gentle hands again and placed her lips on mine and kissed
    me. I almost passed out with excitement. It was wonderful. She
    slid her tongue between my lips, into my mouth. I squeezed her
    breasts and she pressed her belly and loins against mine, writhing
    her groin against my tumescence. Her breasts felt hot and heavy
    and I could feel the sharp points of her nipples.

    I succumbed utterly. I thrust my hands under her *kurta* and
    squeezed her breasts hard, and her nipples quivered in my fingers.
    She undid my shirt buttons gently, drawing it off, tracing
    tantalising patterns on my chest and back, making me tremble with
    excitement. She paused with her fingers at my belly, then suddenly
    thrust her whole hand down the front of my trousers, between my
    legs, closing her fingers around the shaft of my cock. I almost
    creamed in my pants there and then at that, but she withdrew it
    just as fast. My head spun with excitement. I couldn't believe
    this was happening, finally happening, at long last, and that,
    too, with Sonali, one of the madam's from the office!

    She stepped back, and tossed the *kurta* off her head, dropping
    her *churidar*. I stared at her and she smiled, caressing her
    body, her hands running over her breasts, rolling them under her
    palms, cupping her cunt. She came back into my arms again, as
    naked as the day she was born and I kissed her hungrily, squeezing
    and mauling her lovely breasts. My confidence grew as rapidly as
    my cock and I wanted her hard and deep, right away.

    I ripped open my trousers and dropped them and dragged her hand
    between my legs. She took my nine-inch long, inch and half thick,
    uncircumcised, vein-ridged, throbbing cock in her hand and started
    jerking it.  My pulse galloped wildly. She undid my shirt buttons
    slowly and bent her head and licked and sucked my small, hard
    nipples. It felt wonderful. All the while, her hands were busy in
    my crotch, fondling my balls, stroking my throbbing shaft. Then
    she was went lower with her lips and teeth and tongue, licking my
    belly, going down and down till she was nuzzling my crotch. I
    thought I must be dreaming. This couldn't be happening to me, this
    was just the kind of thing my pals bragged about!

    She grew hornier by the minute. Now holding my cock in one fist,
    she thrust her face forward and slid her lips about my cock-head
    and shaft and sucked my cock, just like good old Lata had done all
    those years back. I almost passed out with ecstasy. Her mouth was
    wonderful, hot and moist, sucking like a pump, her fleshy tongue
    playing with my cock-head in her mouth. I gasped, my hips rocking,
    hands flying down her head, my hips jerking forward at her face,
    thrusting my cock deeper into her mouth. She spluttered and
    choked, then sucked harder and harder, her cheeks hollowing and
    billowing, her face distended. She cupped and rubbed my aching
    balls sexily. I gripped her head, grunting like a pig, rocking
    hard back and forth on my feet, fucking her mouth.

    "Ohhhhh Sonaliben *hanh* uhhhh *hanh* ohhh ma," I cried.

    She sucked harder yet and I groaned. "C'mon, whore ... come on ...
    suck it! Suck my cock! *Chul* ... *rundi* ...
    *chulchoosmerelundkohanh* uhhhhh *hanh*!" I cried, calling her a
    slut and a whore, using the gutter words I learned on the streets
    and was most comfortable with.

    It seemed to excite her even more and her head rocked frantically
    back and forth, rolling and moving from side to side, her teeth
    and tongue doing wonderful things to me. Try as I might, I could
    no longer contain the raging fires in my belly and balls and I
    exploded in her mouth, flooding it with my seed, shooting thick
    wads of jizz into her throat. She held on to me, sucking and
    swallowing all of it, like a cat at a saucer of cream, sucking and
    sucking every drop out of my throbbing penis.

    She leaned away, her lips shiny with my juices, and smiled
    radiantly, still fondling my cock. I gasped in shock, for it was
    still as hard as before, throbbing and pulsing, burning for more.
    It had never happened before, and it was only much later that she
    told me that she had spiked my tea with some aphrodisiacs.

    I knew nothing of this at the time. All I knew was the searing
    heat in my loins and my need to immerse my cock in her flesh.
    Gasping, I flung myself on her, pushing her onto her back,
    fumbling between her legs. She spread her thighs wide apart, on
    either side of my hips, and with her hands gently guided my penis
    to her cunthole. I chewed and sucked on her breasts hungrily,
    totally without expertise and she gasped under me in a delight
    which she later said was totally unfaked.

    "Come on, Vinod ... shove it in now," she said in a soft,
    erotically husky voice my cock-head at her cunt-lips, speaking in
    Hindi. "*Ghoosa de andar!*"

    I cried out and lunged into her, thrusting in hard and deep,
    ramming my cock into her cunt with a cry, arching my head in
    delight as her cunt squeezed my burning hot prick.

    She cried out loudly, arching under me, her feet rising to hook
    behind my hips, her hands on my arms, and then I was fucking her,
    banging away, slamming my hips back and forth, back and forth,
    pistoning my huge cock in and out, in and out, in and out of her

    "Ohhhh Vinod *hanh* uhhh *hanh* uhh *hanh* yes ohhhhh yes yes ...
    ohhhh yes yes do it baby yes ..." she cried, arching and heaving
    under me, her head whipping from side to side. "Yes! Fuck me!
    *Chodhmujhe!* Fuck me hard!* Jorse chodh*, Vinod, *jorse chodh*!"

    Her obscenities excited me intensely and I cried out in excitement
    and plunged even deeper into her, exulting at the heat and
    tightness of her cunt. Her body rocked and jerked under my mad,
    savage thrusts, each thrust drawing an ululating cry from her
    throat. Her body shone with sweat, rocking back as I thrust and
    rammed my cock deeper and deeper, harder and harder into her.

    "Oh Vinod ohhhhhhhhh uhhhhh OHHHHHH!" she cried, arching hard
    under me, driving me wild with her cries.

    She clenched my buttocks fiercely, dragging me down deeper into
    her fiery cunt. I felt her spasm and shudder and her cunt clamped
    down hard on my penis. I couldn't bear it anymore, and, with an
    agonised cry I ploughed deep into her, my hips twitching at her
    thighs, and shot my load into her sweet flesh, jet after jet of my
    burning jizz spuming into her sodden cunt. She arched, gasping in
    delight as my hot spoot flooded her cunt.

    Panting, I fell on her, streaming with sweat. She kissed my cheek,
    caressing my thick, curly, shoulder length hair, fondling my back
    and buttocks. I slid out of her slowly and rolled over onto my
    back beside her on the floor.

    We lay for a while, recovering, and she sensed my eagerness to
    establish my virility and manhood. With a soft chuckle, she rolled
    over onto me, the gold chain around her neck and her breasts
    swinging, and straddled my hips. I cupped her breasts, and suckled
    gently on them one by one, making her moan in delight. Her wet
    cunt ground against my cock which thickened in response. She
    kissed me, thrusting her tongue into my mouth, her breasts hot on
    my slippery chest. She began to slide down my body again, sucking
    and licking at my nipples, lapping at the rivulets of sweat that
    glistened on my torso. She went down further and I murmured softly
    as I felt her lips slide around my cock once more. This time,
    though, I was in no hurry and I lay back and let her work at it. I
    held her head in my hands and moved it up and down to suit my
    pleasure, pumping my hips gently as I fucked her pretty face. I
    lifted my head and watched her and grew aroused at the sight of
    her head bobbing over my crotch, my fat cock glistening in her

    I felt the heat roil up in my balls and I tugged at her. She rose,
    my cock in her hands between her legs. She moved her cunt over it
    and impaled herself on my cock slowly, gasping in unbridled
    delight, her face twisting in pleasure. Her head arched back, and
    she bit her lower lip in tension as my cock slid deep into the
    hot, wet flesh of her cunt.

    I cupped her pendulous breasts, caressing them gently, thumbing
    her rigid nipples. She whimpered joyously and began to rock back
    and forth on all fours over me. Her cunt slid up and down the
    length of my rod, enveloping me in her incredible warmth and
    wetness. Her breasts and necklace swung back and forth and she
    mewed her happiness. Her buttocks swung round and round, churning
    her cunt with my pestle.

    She reached back and cupped my balls, making me groan. I rocked up
    under her, thrusting my lance into her cunt even deeper. She
    clenched my hand and pressed it to her buttocks. I didn't know
    what she wanted.

    "Vinod ... shove your finger into my ass ... *gaandmeinungli
    ghoosade*," she gasped obscenely.

    I loved it. I pried her buttocks apart and pressed my fingertip to
    her anus. She gasped and tensed and moaned softly, begging me to
    shove it in deeper. Excited by her words, I pressed it in and she
    cried out, her back arching in agony, her face contorting in a
    rictus of lust. I lurched up under her, hungry and eager again.

    "Later," she moaned. "Later ... I want you to fuck my ass ...
    *baadmein* ... *baadmeinmeregaandmaro*!"

    The very thought of it drove me crazy. It excited her, too, and
    she moved faster yet, jerking and rocking back and forth up and
    down. I held her hips and jerked her harder up and down on my
    cock, making her cry out. Her breasts jiggled and tossed. She
    cried out, louder and louder, her moans obscene and erotic. She
    pulled away and turned around, straddling me again with her back
    to me and sank her cock on my cock once more. She began to buck
    rapidly up and down, gasping and groaning, cupping my balls and
    squeezing them. I jerked up and down beneath her, transfixed by
    the vision of her buttocks flexing and unflexing, lobing open to
    reveal her puckered anus. I fingered it again and she reared up,
    gasping, her hands flying to her breasts, squeezing them in an
    erotic frenzy.

    "Ohhh Vinod-Vinod-Vinod Ohhhh .... Uhhhh .... *hanh* ... uhhh
    *hanh*!" she gasped.

    "C'mon ... come on, slut ... take it Take my cock! *Chul*,
    *rahnd*, *chul* ... *lemerelavdeko*!" I groaned.

    Her cunt convulsed frantically on my penis and I groaned, barely
    able to contain myself when I felt the hot flood of her orgasm
    cascade over me again. I held her on my dick till it passed.
    Gasping and panting, she leaned forward on her hands, her head
    bowed, her body trembling, streaming with sweat. Her buttocks
    trembled and writhed, her cunt still impaled on my cock. Gingerly,
    she eased herself off my tool and slid onto her front on the
    floor, whimpering and gasping, catching her breath. I waited
    patiently. Having discovered this garden of joy, I wasn't ready to
    leave just yet. I was only just beginning to discover the wonders
    of sex.

    At last, she rolled over and leaned over me again and thrust her
    tongue deep into my mouth. Her tongue swirled lasciviously in my

    "You're wonderful," she murmured. "I want you to fuck me again."

    How could I have refused? I was only too glad to obey. She turned
    and knelt on the floor and leaned over the foot of the large
    double bed, her buttocks thrust back at me, her breasts hanging
    pendulous, offering herself to me. I took her again, doing what
    she wanted, driving her wild. I tongue-fucked her cunt and ass for
    a while, relishing my first taste of a woman. She came yet again
    and, even as she gasped and writhed in ecstasy, I rammed my cock
    hard into her from behind, making her cry out and claw at the
    counterpane. I fucked her cunt hard, holding her hips and jerking
    her back and forth on my cock, thrusting my hips back and forth,
    driving my cock in and out of her cunt. Faster and faster we went,
    our cries rising in urgency and volume, her breasts jiggling
    wildly, till she came again and this time I came with her,
    exploding violently into her cunt.

    We moved onto the bed, and fucked all through that afternoon and
    much of the night that followed, stopping a couple of times for a
    drink and some food. We fucked like lovers or newlyweds, going on
    and on and on and she taught me and guided me and showed me
    various positions and I explored her body and she mine, every inch
    of it, with lips and teeth and tongue and fingertips.

    Finally, she turned on all fours and made me fuck her butt, her
    body bent before me in a *namaz* position. I straddled her hips
    and squeezed my cock into the incredible tightness of her ass,
    gasping in wonder and joy. She cried out in lust and pain, her
    fingers scrabbling at the counterpane as I drove in deeper and
    deeper, my body tensed and taut, my head arched, my cock swallowed
    by her taut rear channel.

    *Yes, yes yes*, she cried, and with erotic obscenities begged me
    to fuck her ass harder and deeper. I slammed into her and she
    cried out and I thrust a hand under her belly and arched a finger
    into her cunt, making her orgasm violently. Her sphincter spasmed
    on my dick and I cried out and came for the umpteenth time that
    night, shooting my load into her hot, tight little ass.

    And I have done it often since, more often than I can remember,
    and each time it is like the first, only better.



    Sonali telephoned to report her success with Vinod, while Rajeev
    was fucking Nisha, his steno-typist. He loved fucking this one,
    with her fair, sexily curvaceous body, the full breasts, the
    narrow waist and slightly curved belly, the flared hips, the
    slender arms and legs. Her face was lovely, too, with high
    cheekbones, deep set eyes, large and an erotic brown, lined with
    thick, home made *kajal*, the mouth wide, parting often and
    readily in a charming smile that reached her eyes. Her nose was
    fine and straight, the neck long, the hair long and thick. She
    wore a thick black and gold *mangalsutra* around her neck, a small
    *bindi*, bangles and earrings and anklets and toe-rings.

    She was kneeling on the bed, her back to him as he fucked her from
    behind like a bitch in heat. Their bodies shone with sweat. His
    huge cock skewered her slowly, penetrating deep, filling her taut,
    wet, hot channel with its immensity and searing hardness. She
    moaned delirious obscenities, squirming her buttocks against his
    hips. He ground into her slowly, clenching her pendulous breasts,
    his lips at the nape of her neck, twisting and rolling his hips to
    churn her cunt-flesh with his monstrous pestle.

    "OHh uhhh Rajeev uhhh *hanh* uhhh *hanh*...", she gasped when the
    phone rang.

    "Fuck!" Rajeev swore savagely.

    He paused, his cock throbbing inside her and groped for the phone.
    It clattered off the hook and he grabbed it as it fell, yanking it
    to him, resting the instrument on Nisha's back.She moaned softly,
    waiting for him like a filly for a mount, rocking slowly back and
    forth on all fours, her butt squirming against his thighs, her
    head hanging between her arms.

    "Yes?" he grunted into the mouthpiece.

    "Sonali. Busy?"

    "Yeah, whaddya want?" He'd forgotten about her and Vinod.

    "Who is it?" He heard her grin.

    "Nisha," he grunted. "Hurry up."

    "Okay, okay. Just to tell you it's done."

    "What's done?"


    "What 'bout him?"

    "You've forgotten? I fucked him tonight. Remember?"

    "Oh yeah," he grinned. "Sorry, I forgot about that. How'd it go?"

    "Like a dream, boss. He's great!"

    "Good. Tell the others tomorrow."


    "He's on the market. Open house."

    "Okay. Thanks for choosing me, Rajeev."

    "Sure. Anytime."

    "Have a good time with Nisha."

    "Yeah, thanks."

    "Tell her about it."


    Rajeev swept the phone off Nisha's back and slowly eased his cock
    out of her.

    "That was Sonali," he grunted. "Looks like you've got yourselves a
    new stud."

    Nisha giggled. He rolled his hips gently and she moaned heavily.
    He cupped her pendulous, swollen breasts, weighing them, thumbing
    her nipples. He grunted and with a slowly spin of his hips rolled
    into her again.She groaned, moaning loudly, her eyes closed, her
    breath rattling in her throat, her breasts turgid and hot. He
    began to move slowly, then steadily faster, in and out, in and
    out, in and out.

    Nisha bit her lip to stifle her shuddering cry as he moved faster
    still, pistoning rapidly in and out, in and out, his butt swinging
    smoothly and deeply back and forth, her own hips jiggling and
    jerking and rolling and twisting and heaving under his, as his
    cock slid, glistening and dark and thick and vein-ridged, in and
    out of her.

    It was too much for her and she came, her cunt spasming and
    convulsing on his dick. He gasped and thrust hard into her once,
    twice, three times, his huge eleven-and-a-half inch cock ramming
    deep into her, filling her, his hips twitching at her buttocks. He
    cried out, his cock quivering in her cunt and she gasped in joy
    and delight as he came, shooting thick jets of jizz into her slit.



    I woke in the early hours of the morning by the sounds of
    lovemaking and the bouncing of Sonali's bed. I came out of an
    exhausted slumber reluctantly and slowly. I forced my eyes open
    and turned my head and instantly I was wide awake. She was fucking
    again, and her lover was her man-servant, Ganpat. He was a dark,
    hard-bodied man, with rough good looks. He was bent over her
    between her splayed legs, her thighs forked and raised, his body
    angled over her on knees and outstretched arms. His biceps bulged.

    Her eyes were closed with passion, her head rolling slowly from
    shoulder to shoulder, her hands clenching his shoulders and head,
    then sliding lasciviously down his firm torso to grip his pumping,
    bouncing buttocks. His hips dipped and rose, his buttocks flexing
    and unflexing, and I could see his swollen, dark cock appearing
    and disappearing in and out of her cunt.

    She arched under him and he bent his head to her breasts, sucking
    sharply, letting go, sucking sharply again. She gasped and arched
    her back, her legs opening wider still. He rose again, moving
    faster and deeper and she squeezed her breasts in joy.

    "Yes ... fuck me lover ... fuck my cunt ... fuck me hard," she
    muttered in a low, husky voice, speaking in the vernacular.
    "*Jorsechodhmujhe*! Gimme your fat cock yes ... shove it in ...
    mmmmm ... yes .... Ohhhh yeh ... that's good ... that's so good
    ... fuck me Ganu ... fuck me ... *chul*, Ganu *chul* ...

    "*Lelerundi*," he growled. "Take it whore," he growled, "take it
    ... yeh ... Ohhhhh yeh ... take my cock ... mmm, yes ... that's it
    ... take it bitch ... you fuckin' slut ... take it ... *chulkutti*
    ... *saalirahnd* ... *lele*!"

    I was entranced. I moved on the bed and they both turned to me and
    laughed, not bothered in the least, not pausing for a minute. If
    anything, the fact that I was watching seemed to excite them even

    "Hey, stud ... watch this ... watch me fuck the cunt!" Ganpat
    chortled, thrusting in especially hard, making her cry out and
    arch onto the small of her back. "See how she loves being fucked!"

    "Yes ... yes ... Ohhh yes ... fuck me ... fuck me harder ... yes
    ..." Sonali cried.

    I could see her begin to orgasm. Ganpat kept right on fucking her,
    moving faster and faster, making her gasp and whine in joy. When
    she was done, he slid out of her and roughly flipped her over onto
    her front between us.

    "C'mon, Vinod, let's fuck her together," he growled.

    I laughed and got to my knees and pulled her head up to my already
    erect cock. She took it greedily in her mouth and Ganpat got
    behind her and squeezed his cock into her cunt from behind. She
    moaned deep in her throat and rocked between us as we, her two
    servants, took her like a whore.



    The train rocked down the glistening tracks, its lamp cutting a
    swathe of light in the darkness. A thin, shrill whistle was
    drowned in the wind. The train gathered speed.

    "Did Sameer mind?" Rajeev murmured.

    "No, why should he?" Sonali replied softly.

    She was on her back on the lower berth of a coupe in a train
    rattling north. The air-conditioning was turned down and their
    bodies were already tacky with sweat. Rajeev nuzzled the hollow in
    her throat, flipping open the large buttons of her fine muslin
    *kurta*, undoing the cord of her *salvar*, stripping her. Her
    breasts were firm and large and shapely, the nipples stubby in
    small, dense aureoles. He kissed her breasts and fondled them. Her
    hands fondled his cock and his balls gently. His cock pulsed and
    began to harden in her expert fingers. He sucked her breast
    sharply and she gasped and smiled happily.

    "Well, I thought he might," Rajeev said.

    "Don't be silly, G. None of you men mind that your wives
    fornicate. Why should mine? It was part of the deal with him, just
    as it is with everyone else. We're all free to have sex with
    whoever we like, whenever we like."


    "So shut up, will you. C'mon now ... fuck me ... slowly," she

    He chuckled and slid down, parting her thighs with his hands,
    carefully prising her cunt-lips open, his tongue slithering and
    snaking into her already damp crack. Sonali murmured in pleasure,
    and hissed softly, sharply, as his hot breath seared in her cunt,
    his tongue rolling into her slit, flickering like lightning
    against her gorged clitoris. She spread her legs wider, pulling
    her cunt-lips wide for his tongue, her legs arching over his

    "Ohhh yes Rajeev ..." she breathed huskily, "yes ... mmm, yes ..
    there ... there ... that's it ... oh god yes ... that feels so
    good ... mm yeh ... lick my slit ..."

    Her head rolled from side to side, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her
    mouth open, her hips rolling, writhing, and heaving under his
    face. She held his head in her hands, moving it round and round in
    her crotch. He raised his hands to her breasts, pinching the
    nipples, rolling them hard in his fingers, making her gasp and
    arch and moan thickly in pleasure. Her body twitched and jerked
    erotically under his tongue-thrusts.

    He stopped tongue-fucking her before she could come. She whimpered
    in frustration and he chuckled, teasing her by licking and sucking
    fleetingly at her cunt. Her hips jerked and heaved under his head,
    her fingers twining in his hair, trying to pull him down to her
    groin once more. He pulled away and rose over her face, his
    thickening penis thrust out at her mouth. Sonali opened her lips
    and he grunted softly as her lips slid down around his cock-head
    and part of his shaft, her slim finger sliding down between his
    buttocks, probing his anus at the same time. She slid her face
    lower and drew her tongue down in a long, electric line to rim his
    asshole, pressing her tongue to the puckered flesh, savouring the
    dank, erotic taste.

    She sucked his balls gently, then slowly enveloped his turgid
    tumescence in her torrid mouth again, her tongue swirling and
    curling lovingly about his cock-head. He gasped softly. She was
    wonderful. His loins rippled with lustheat.

    Her head bobbed up and down and her face distended, her cheeks
    hollowing as she sucked harder. Her head rocked up and down under
    his lap. He began to move, holding her head still, pumping his
    hips gently, fucking her face. He flung his head back and gasped
    in joy, his mouth open, eyes hooded, fires roiling in his belly
    and balls.

    "MMmm yeh ... ohhhh yeh baby yeh ... suck it ... suck it good
    ohhhhhhh yeh that's it ... ohhhh god yes ... ohhhhh uhhhh ohhhh
    yes ohhh yes ... c'mon bitch ... suck it ... harder ... use your
    tongue ahhh yes that's it ... take it cunt ... take it all!" he

    He slid out of her and they kissed, tasting their juices on one
    another's lips and tongues. He fondled her swollen breasts and she
    tongued his ear, squirming under him, her fingers on his cock.

    "Fuck me Rajeev," she murmured."Take me ... fuck me hard ... I
    want your cock in my slit  ..."

    He moved between her splayed thighs and gently slid his cock-head
    into her. She stiffened, arching in tension, waiting for the
    thrust. It never came. He held still, with his cock-head just
    inside her cunt-lips. She gasped in pleasure.

    "C'mon Rajeev ... stick it in ... all of it ... I want it all!"
    she groaned thickly, her voice husky and erotic.

    He chuckled softly and inched into her, letting her savour his
    immensity. Her back curved under him and her legs rose to wind
    about his hips. He kissed her gently, thrusting his tongue into
    her mouth, meeting her own, exploring her mouth, his hands on her
    breasts. She wound her arms about his shoulders and head, drawing
    him to her and arching steeply, her body bowed under his. He bent
    over her, his arms outstretched, palms on the bunk, his knees
    bent, slowly thrusting and drilling in deeper and deeper. Sonali
    moaned and arched beneath him, feeling his enormous shaft throb
    and pulsate inside her, thick and hot, full of juice, ridged with
    heavy veins. Her legs rose higher still, spreading wide, her feet
    locking behind his back, drawing him deeper into her. Her fingers
    dug into the solid mass of muscle on his upper arms and shoulders.
    Her face arched back, her mouth open in a large "O". Rajeev gasped
    as her hot, tight cunt channel squeezed and clamped like a vice on
    his throbbing, turgid tool.

    "Ohhhhhh yes ... yeh Sonali yes ... take it yes ... take it ...
    ohhhh god yes ohh uhh ohhh yes ... that's so good yes!" he cried,
    letting himself go.

    "OHHHH-uhhh-OHHHHHH-uh-OHHHHHH-uh-OHHHHH yes ... mmmm, yes ohhh
    god yes yes yes Rajeev oh god yes ... take me ... mmm, yes ...
    fuck me lover ... fuck me ... I want it ... I want it all ...
    OHHhhh yes!"

    He took her unhurriedly, fucking her with long, slow, deep
    skewering thrusts, his buttocks rising and falling, rising and
    falling, flexing and relaxing, flexing and relaxing, his cock
    sliding in and out, in and out, in and out of her cunt, glistening
    and shining with their juices as it went. She cried out and moved
    with him, her hips rolling and jerking slowly in time to his
    perfectly controlled swinging rhythm.

    The train rocked suddenly, and they gasped and giggled in surprise
    as the sharp jerk swung his body hard over hers, driving his cock
    deep into her moist cunt. Her legs rose higher, over his shoulders
    as his rhythm quickened, her body snapping and rolling under his
    thrusts, her breasts tossing, the gold chain slithering on her
    heaving chest. He paused, and she understood and raised her legs
    higher, doubling them on her torso, her hands on the undersides of
    her slim thighs, her cunt and asshole proffered for his pleasure.
    He caught his breath, then leaned forward and thrust into her cunt
    again, driving in rapidly, taking her hard. She cried out, tendons
    popping up in her neck as his enormous rod surged powerfully into
    her belly and flesh, filling and pranging her, probing every nook
    and cranny of her cram. He began to move rapidly now, thrusting
    and pumping vigorously, his buttocks rocketing up and down like a
    trip hammer, his cock pistoning in and out, in and out, plunging
    in deeply, to the hilt, sliding out, slamming home again, in and
    out, in and out, in and out, taking her relentlessly, till she hit
    the peak and coasted over, mewing and calling out like a bitch in
    heat, her body racked by the powerful tidal waves of the orgasm,
    her cunt spasming and clamping on his still thrusting, pounding

    He wasn't finished with her. He wouldn't be for a long time, for
    this was an over night train and it would be some time before he
    let her feel the hot, sharp release of his creamy spoot in her
    thirsting twat. She smiled happily. She loved travelling on work
    with him. It was the best way to combine business and pleasure.

    "Now," he grinned down at her. "Now I want your ass ..."

                                = o =