Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1997-8,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                            A JAM OF TARTS

                         A KIND OF SEDUCTION

    Sonali was one of the few women in his life whom Rajeev did  not
    deliberately set out to seduce. Their affair was surprisingly
    spontaneous and, later,  it seemed remarkable that it had not
    happened sooner.

    She, too, was a lawyer, a contemporary. Shortly after he had set
    up his independent practice, quite out of the blue, he asked her
    to join his fledgling firm. The terms were exceptionally generous,
    and she accepted readily. She knew him already, professionally, as
    she struggled with her own career. He had helped her frequently
    and she had grown fond of him, glad that he returned her

    He was easily the more proficient. She harboured no illusions
    about her own forensic skills and did not resent his astonishingly
    rapid advance in the profession, content to be part of his team.
    They worked well together, systematically dissecting their cases
    and were soon acknowledged to be a formidable team. In time, just
    the knowledge that they were on the other side forced settlements
    favourable to their clients. It was in the midst of a particularly
    brutal divorce wrangle, piquantly on a charge of adultery, that
    they became lovers.

    He was at her house late that night, working over the papers for
    the next day's trial. She lived alone in a sprawling old top-floor
    flat in a quiet, tree-shaded lane in a suburban neighbourhood once
    affluent and prestigious, now slowly going to seed. She had one
    man-servant, Ganpat. Later, she told him that this servant was her
    lover, one of her earliest and most devoted, since her early

    It was a two-bedroom apartment with a large terrace and a
    traditional *hichka* swing, overlooking the lane below. There was
    an airy dining room and sitting area, a spacious kitchen, and her
    bedroom opened directly onto the terrace through large double
    doors. It was a warm evening and the doors of the bedroom were
    wide open. A fan whirred overhead. Rajeev sat in a comfortable
    wicker armchair, papers on his lap, files scattered over the
    floor, his half-moon glasses on his nose, utterly absorbed. Sonali
    sat cross-legged on the bed, checking cases from a huge pile of
    books at the foot of the bed.

    She glanced up at him, and her heart skipped a beat. He was so
    handsome, with that hard, yet gentle face, those sharp, piercing,
    yet infinitely tender, dark brown eyes, the square jaw, the hard
    nose, the lean looks, the immensely powerful body. She took in the
    breadth of his shoulders, the astoundingly savage V of his torso,
    the strength in his arms and legs. Her body tingled as she
    stripped him mentally. His shirt was open low now and she noticed
    that his chest was broad and hard and deeply cleaved and quite
    hairless. His hips were high, the waist narrow, and she noticed,
    looking down the V of his shirt, that his belly was hairless too,
    and hard as a washboard. There was not a roll of fat in it as he
    bent over the papers on his lap. She could even see his small,
    dark, prominent nipples, stretched wide apart on either side of
    his massive chest. Feeling intensely horny, she returned to her
    books. A few weeks earlier, she had jettisoned her last lover, a
    sturdy eighteen-year old with unusually impressive sexual skills,
    when he proposed marriage. She wanted no such ties in her life,
    not yet anyway. In her typically gentle fashion, she fucked the
    youth relentlessly till he was drained and then quietly ended the
    relationship. He left with a smile, no regrets and a standing over
    to return to her bed whenever he liked.

    Since then, she had only Ganpat, the servant, to sate her powerful
    sexual appetite. He was good, but she craved variety; someone
    younger, stronger, better. Desperate, she had taken two office
    peons, Barku and Chiman, as lovers. They fucked her superbly, but
    their visits were far too irregular to be satisfactory.

    Rajeev finished with the papers. He stacked them neatly and, tying
    them into their folder, tossed it aside with a sigh. He took off
    his glasses and rubbed his eyes wearily.

    "Okay, that's it. Enough." he muttered.

    She shut her book in relief. She hadn't his capacity or endurance.
    She smiled at him.

    "Thank god," she said.

    "What for?"

    "I thought you'd never finish."

    "I haven't," he chuckled. "Just wait till tomorrow!"

    He rose to go and she had to quell her disappointment. She got up
    off the bed.

    "Okay, *ciao* love, see you tomorrow," he murmured.

    "Rajeev. Wait."

    She put her hand on his arm and he turned. Her face was turned up
    to his, and their eyes locked. He felt a sudden jolt hit him as he
    looked at her. She was quite lovely. Her hair was dark and silky
    with a superb sweep and a wave, parted slightly to one side,
    framing her firm-chinned, oval face. Her nose was a tad beaky, but
    on her it was perfect. Her lips were full, yet delicate, and she
    had a bright, alluring smile. Her eyes were dark, lined delicately
    with *kajal*. She had a good line to her jaw. Her skin was tawny,
    like wheat, and she had a few delectable beauty spots on one side,
    and an inter interesting little scar near her left eye. Her
    fingers and toes were shapely.

    Her body was short and slight, yet slender and well-filled. Her
    breasts were high and firm, the belly tender and flat, though not
    hard, the hips nicely widened, the legs and arms smooth. She was
    wearing a simple *churidar* and *kurta* outfit of some
    semi-synthetic material that clung to her curves like film.

    Their eyes locked. They were standing very close. Her lips parted
    slightly. He could see the white of her perfect teeth. She felt
    her body flush with excitement.

    His head bent to hers. Her lips parted, and he felt her breath
    warm and sweet on his face. Their lips met, brushed, fleeting,
    then met again, in a long, delicate kiss. He drew her lip between
    his and sucked and gently she slid her tongue out between his
    lips, probing his mouth. Her arms wound about his thick shoulders,
    fingers entwining in his hair. Her body smelled musky with the
    sweat of the day, his was tacky and manly.

    His hands slid up from her waist to her breasts. He felt them
    swell and grow hot and turgid in his hands. He squeezed gently,
    rolling the fleshy mounds in his hands, and her nipples, stubby
    and hard, popped out hard through the thin cloth. He realised that
    she didn't have a bra on. He flipped open the buttons of her
    *kurta*. They went down low, almost to her waist and he pulled it
    wide. Her breasts were perfect: large and firm, with a nice thrust
    and slope and a good cleavage. He slid his hands under her blouse
    and she arched her head, eyes fluttering shut, gasping softly as
    his expert hands caressed her nipples.

    "Sonali ..."

    "What," she murmured.

    "Tell me ..."


    "Is this ..."

    She understood the unasked question, and debated whether to
    answer, not knowing what his reaction might be. Finally, she shook
    her head, looking him straight in the eye.

    "No," she said softly, "it's not my first time ..."

    He arched an eyebrow in genuine surprise, and she smiled.

    "Good," he murmured, smiling. "That's a relief."

    Rajeev's lips met hers. She flicked open the buttons of his shirt,
    caressing his wonderful, hard, smooth, deeply muscled chest and
    belly, wondering what his prick would be like. He tugged at the
    drawcord of her *churidar* and it puddled about her feet with a
    sigh. She had nothing on beneath. He cupped her cunt, her fuzz
    neatly trimmed and found her already damp with excitement. His
    hands returned to her breasts, already swollen, the nipples hard
    in his fingers. He kissed her face and tongued her ear gently. She
    murmured in pleasure. He lifted her *kurta* and drew it off her
    head. She kissed him again, her tongue hungry in his mouth. He
    caressed her soft mound, wetting his fingers in her juices and
    caressing her breasts. She shivered in pleasure. They moved to the
    bed and his lips trickled down her throat to her chest. Sonali
    whimpered as he lapped at her rigid nipple. Her fingers twined in
    his hair. Her nipple was erect and it quivered in his lips. He
    fondled her other breasts, gently teasing the first, making her
    groan softly.

    He squeezed her breasts together. His tongue flickered across one
    nipple, then the other, then the first again . Slowly, he drew the
    luscious mound into his mouth and sucked on it, teething the
    nipple, rasping it against his teeth and palate, flicking one with
    his tongue, the other with his fingers. He moved to the other and
    she groaned loudly, her body hot, her pulse racing, her face
    arched back, a vision of lust.

    He slid lower and instantly, her legs spread open for him. He
    dragged his tongue down her belly, through her navel, nuzzling her
    pubis, her thighs, sliding down her legs to her feet, sucking on
    her toes, licking her soles, sliding up again. Sonali gasped and
    thrust her moist cunt up, the cunt-lips unfurled, her clitoris
    gorged and stiff. He pushed his face between her thighs.

    Sonali hissed as his hot breath seared into her cunt, and then
    whimpered and gasped as his tongue followed, flickering like fire
    in her cunt, flicking her clitoris this way and that, his lips
    pressing in to suck her clitoris. He nibbled it gently and her
    hips jerked up savagely, her hands on his head, pinning him to her
    musky loins, her cunt juices streaming now . Her head jerked from
    side to side, and she panted and gasped with lust.

    "Ohhhhh Rajeev yes ... OHHhh uhhhh OHHH yes yes yes ohhh god yes
    ohhhhh uhhh OHHH!" she moaned.

    He stopped suddenly, just short of her orgasm. He turned her over
    onto her front and bent over her, kissing the nape of her neck,
    nuzzling her sweet smelling, silky hair, teasing the gold chain
    around her neck, trickling his tongue down her spine and the curve
    of her hips and buttocks, teething them, prising them apart to rim
    her dank, puckered anus with his tongue. Sonali gasped and he
    thrust his hands under her chest, crushing her swollen breasts in
    his hands. Her hard nipples quivered in his fingers.

    Rajeev paused to admire the delectable curve of her naked body as
    she lay on her front before him, her slender legs spread wide, her
    face on its side on the pillow, eyes closed, hands hugging the
    pillow. Her silken hair was awry now. He bent his face and she
    shivered in delight as his tongue slid over her naked heels and
    soles and toes again, his lips parting to gently suck on them.
    Slowly, he rose up higher, his tongue slithering up one naked leg,
    his fingers tracing the line of the other, teasing the backs of
    her knees. He rose higher still, over the backs of her slim thighs
    and they shook at his touch. He kissed her buttocks, and her hips
    quivered under him, as his fingers fondled her inner thighs
    tenderly. Gently, he parted her buttocks.

    "Rajeev ... please ... go on..." she muttered, deeply aroused.

    Smiling to himself, he prised them open further and she gasped,
    her head rising, mouth parting in a wide 'O' of delight as his
    tongue flickered gently against her anus, probing the dank,
    puckered flesh. He slid his fingers and hands under her thighs.
    Her hips jerked up, her thighs spreading. Panting with excitement,
    she plunged a hand between her legs and spread her cunt-lips wide
    for him with her fingers.

    "Rajeev ... tongue-fuck me again," she gasped.

    Chuckling, he slid his head lower and she gasped, crying out as he
    pushed his tongue up into her wide, gaping cunt once more. He
    rolled his tongue inside her cunt and her finger arched up between
    his lips, flickering between his mouth and her cunt, his tongue
    dancing around her finger and her cunt, her finger rolling inside
    her cunt, her hips grinding round and round. She gasped, veering
    towards a climax.

    He stopped her short again. He ripped off his trousers, taking his
    cock in his hand. He began to masturbate quickly, and she looked
    over her shoulder at him and gasped at the size of his gargantuan
    penis. His cock became hard and stiff, hungry for her. He bent
    over her, deciding that if she had been fucked before he could as
    well fuck her from behind right away, take her nice and slow and
    deep. He pressed his cock against her buttocks, sliding it lower,
    and her fingers curled about it with the confidence of an able

    "Ohmygod!" she gasped.

    "Seen bigger?" he chuckled.

    "Only ...only in a dream ... Oh God Rajeev ... I want it ... I
    want it inside me!"

    He drew her hips higher. Holding his erect tool in his hand, he
    slowly squeezed his huge cock-head into her. She gasped, rising
    onto her forearms, hands clenching the counterpane, then ducked
    her hand between her legs to spread her cunt-lips wider apart.

    "More ..." she gasped, "Put it all in, Rajeev ... I want all of
    you in there ... God ... Rajeev, please ... hurry ... fuck me ...
    quickly .... shove it in OH uhh OH uhh Oh yes Oh god yes Oh yes oh
    god oh god OH GOD OHHHHHuhhhhhhh YES YESYESYES!"

    Grinning in delight, his mind soaring, he skewered her cunt
    slowly, thrusting his cock slowly into her, the thick-veined,
    hairy shaft rasping against her inflamed clitoris, pranging her
    belly deeply, making her shudder and moan and cry out at the
    enormity of it inside her. She thought it would surely tear her in
    two and come ripping out of her throat .

    Kneeling behind her, he waited till she caught her breath. His
    huge cock was embedded deep in her cunt, and its incredible heat
    made her cunt boil, her body flame with lust. She moaned. Her head
    sank between her arms, then rose in ecstasy, her eyes closed, and
    she bit her lower lip. Her hips began to move, slowly at first,
    round and round, churning her cunt with his huge pestle, then
    faster and faster, and back and forth. She rocked on all fours,
    jerking her cunt up and down on his lance with shuddering cries,
    pulling up till only the top of the big cock-head was inside her,
    then pushing heavily down again. Faster and faster she went,
    moaning and keening desperately. Finally, he began to move,
    sliding his hips back and forth in a heavy, steady, demanding
    rhythm, forcing his penis as deep into her cunt as he could,
    moving faster and faster, his thighs and balls slapping loudly
    against her buttocks, his head arching in delight. She was good,
    very good, her cunt hot and wet and tight as a drum.

    "Ohhhh uhhh OHHHHH uhh OHHHH uh OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHH!" she went.

    He paused and held her still and she waited as he spread his legs
    and pushed her down onto her front, her face on side on the
    pillow. He rose over her, knees astride her buttocks.

    "OhgodRajeev ... fuckme..." she gasped, her mouth open. "Keep
    fucking me!"

    He began to move again. His body corded with strain, his belly
    drew in. Hands on her buttocks, he stroked smoothly in and out of
    her cunt, keeping her pinned beneath him. Faster and faster he
    went, till his cock was running in and out of her like a piston,
    pumping furiously up and down and in and out, the huge cock
    thrusting in, jerking out, thrusting in, jerking out,
    pile-driving, glistening, dark, hot, throbbing, squelching and
    rasping into her cunt. Sonali moaned deliriously.

    She orgasmed, mewing and crying out, spasming and jerking, clawing
    at the counterpane. He continued to ram-fuck her from behind,
    plunging more and more deeply into her, his hips pounding against
    her buttocks. He sensed the end of the orgasm and slid smoothly
    out of her.

    "C'mon bitch ... now gimme some head," he grunted.

    Panting, hot, streaming with sweat, still deeply aroused, Sonali
    turned and bent before him as he knelt on the bed. Rajeev watched
    as she took his cock lovingly in her hand and began to jerk him.
    She bent forward, parting her lips to swirl her tongue over his
    cock-head. He jerked her head forward and she took him deep into
    her mouth. He gasped. Her face distended, cheeks hollowed, she
    began to suck him hungrily, her head bobbing rapidly back and
    forth, up and down his sticky shaft, licking it, kissing it,
    sucking the cock-head and shaft deeply, fingering his balls,
    suckling them one by one, caressing her face with it, all the
    while fondling her own breasts. He felt his spoot roil up hot and
    he groaned, fucking her face with delight, moving her head back
    and forth to suit his pleasure.

    "Come on, cunt ... on your back!" he commanded.

    She went down onto her back and once again he took her, this time
    leaning over her, his hands bending her thighs up, her knees
    hooked over his shoulders. She reached down to guide his cock into
    her cunt. He went into her smoothly, quickly, fast, running his
    lance into her in one skewering thrust. Sonali cried out, the
    breath driven from her body and arched hard under him, his balls
    thumping against her buttocks, her body folded up in half. He
    fucked her hard, pumping his hips up and down, his buttocks rising
    and falling furiously, rapidly, his huge cock sliding in deep.

    "Yes yes Ohhhh god yes fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me Rajeev
    ohhhh yes!" she cried.

    "God ohhhh god ohhhhh yeh ohhhh uhhh OHHHHH yeh yeh YEHHHH uhhhh
    OHHh god yes!" he responded.

    Her body jerked and rocked under his, their bodies hot, streaming
    with sweat, the fires rising in their loins, commingling, his huge
    cock rasping into her, squelching in, stretching her cunt-lips to
    their fullest, filling her to the brim. Her hands were on her
    jiggling breasts, squeezing and rolling them in an erotic frenzy,
    and she cried out for more, her voice rising in pitch and volume,
    her hips bucking at his, her cunt spasming and clamping hot and
    tight on his enormous dick, his huge cock rasping against her
    gorged clitoris, pounding and stroking in and out like a
    mechanised trip hammer, till she exploded once more, and then
    again and yet again. At last, he skewered her deeply and lingered,
    quivering inside her, his hips twitching and thrusting at her
    cunt, his cock throbbing and burning fiercely inside her sodden
    cunt. He flung his head back and growled like an animal and she
    felt the quicksilver slugs of his spoot spurting into her in a
    hot, endless flood.

    Gasping, his magnificent body streaming with sweat, Rajeev slid
    down onto Sonali, his enormous cock still inside her. She realised
    with a start that it was still rock-hard. She felt it throb and
    quiver inside her, felt the ooze of more jizz. She moaned her
    surprise and pleasure, tonguing his ear lasciviously, grinding her
    breasts under his hard chest.

    "Fuck me again, lover ... fuck me again," she murmured hoarse

    "With pleasure," he chuckled.

    He swung over onto his back and took her on top of him, straddling
    his lap, her knees bent and folded under her buttocks, her cunt
    impaled deeply on his pole. He kissed her slowly, fondling her
    heavy, turgid breasts, examining their superb contours with his
    expert fingers, marveling at their perfection. The gold chain with
    its pearl pendant swung against his chin. She rose, her hips
    grinding heavily against his and pressed her breast to his lips.

    "Suck it ... suck it Rajeev," she moaned.

    He flipped his tongue at the rigid nipple, making her gasp, her
    head snapping up, mouth open in delight as he flicked the nut hard
    breast tip. He scraped it across his teeth and gums, across the
    roof of his mouth, pinching and tweaking and twirling the other
    nipple, squeezing and kneading the fleshy mounds.

    She began to move in excitement, rocking back and forth, up and
    down, her breasts and the gold chain jiggling heavily, her cunt
    rising and falling on his cock, going up a good eight inches, then
    slowly slithering down deep again, impaling itself on his penis.
    Rajeev held her hips and began to move her up and down in a steady
    rhythm, lifting her high, easing her down, his own hips moving now
    in a motion that matched hers, his hips rising as hers fell.

    "Ohhhhhh uhhh Ohhhh Rajeev Rajeev Rajeev Rajeev yes ... ohhh god
    yes yes yes ... ohhh uhhhh ohh ma uhhhh Ahhhh uhh Ahhhh uhhh Ohhh
    uhhhh yes ohhh yes ohhh uhh ohhhh yes that's it ... ohhh god yes
    ... do it Rajeev ... do it ... mmm, yes ohhh uhhh ohhh yes!"

    Her head was tilted back, her face a vision of lust, her lips
    parted, the nostrils flared, the perfect teeth bared. She hissed
    as he slid his fingers under her buttocks, a thick finger pressing
    insistently at her anus. She yielded and cried out as it slid in
    slowly, wriggling and jerking inside her.

    "C'mon bitch ... take it ... mmm, yeh ... ohhh yes take it slut
    take it all ... ohhh god yeh ... take it ... take my cock, cunt
    ... take it ... ohhhh yeh Mmmm yes ... god, yes ...!" he gasped in
    unfaked delight.

    He took control now, and began to move with her, bucking up
    heavily under her, tossing her on his lap, heaving with his
    powerful hips and loins. She cried out as his cock pranged deep
    into her, her hands on her breasts, at her cunt-lips, flicking her
    clitoris, reaching back to cup and squeeze his balls, then going
    back to her breasts to crush and maul and knead the fleshy mounds
    in frenzied excitement, her head whipping from side to side, her
    lovely hair tossing wildly, the gold chain slapping and thumping
    on her chest, her body shining with sweat as she cried out louder
    and louder, exploding at last in a shattering orgasm, her cunt
    spasming uncontrollably on his enormous battering ram.

    Quickly, he rolled her over again onto her back and took her
    rapidly once more, thrusting furiously in and out of her body for
    several minutes, making her moan and cry out. Her body jerked and
    snapped and rolled hard under his thrusts. He levered her legs
    wider apart and pumped and pistoned furiously in and out her cunt.
    Her head jerked from side to side, her breasts jiggled and bounced
    under thrusts. She came again, her cunt convulsing frantically on
    his monstrous penis. He groaned and plunged deep into her, his
    head arched, his teeth bared in a rictus of lust. She squeezed his
    buttocks, forcing his cock deeper into her, clamping her cunt
    tight on his cock and he gasped and exploded again, shooting thick
    hot wads of gunk deep into her flesh, bridging the gulf of fate.

    "That was good," he murmured a few minutes later, as they lay
    together, their limbs entwined, caressing each other tenderly.
    "I'm pleasantly surprised."

    "For God's sake, Rajeev," she replied, squeezing his penis "I am a
    woman you know, a perfectly normal woman, with normal desires."

    "So I see."

    "Then what is it that surprises you?"

    "Your skill. Your love of sex."

    "I told you I'm not a virgin."

    "Who was it? Who was your first lover, babe?"

    "How does it matter?" she protested.

    "Just curious."

    "Only that?"

    He grinned wryly. "Um, well, all right, not really. I find it sexy
    to know."

    She sighed, then grinned. "Okay. No harm telling you, I guess. I
    lost my virginity at fourteen - to a stranger in Matheran, a
    horseman. Ashraf, his name was. He was very good. Then there was a
    school friend, Pankaj. Then my servant, Ganpat. Then I had an
    affair with my neighbour, Yusuf, even though he was married. And
    his younger brother, Omar. I had several affairs in school and
    college. Also, with a lot of servants. I still sleep with Ganpat
    regularly - and with Yusuf, and so many others. I've even been
    having this really hot affair with our office peons, Chiman and
    Barku. They're good, really good. Chiman likes butt-fucking me."

    Rajeev stared at her.

    "Are you upset?"

    A grin creased his face and he began to laugh.

    "Not at all, lover. Quite the reverse, in fact. I don't believe
    that virgins are better in bed . They aren't. Give me an
    experienced lover any day."

    "My friend Vaishali used to say that."

    "Vaishali? Pankaj? Ganpat?" He paused, his eyes narrowing.

    She looked at him puzzled. "Why, what's the matter?"

    He stared at her, and then, very softly asked. "Vaishali ... she
    used to stay in a big house down at Tardeo? Had affairs with
    servants? With her driver, chap called Yaqub? Another called
    Ramdev? Others?"

    "Good god, how did you know?"

    Rajeev stared at her and then laughed loudly.

    "Oh dear, oh dear," he chuckled. "You're that Sonali!"

    "What Sonali?"

    "I really don't believe this! You remember you had that heavy
    petting session with Pankaj who was going with Vaishali and then
    he saw her fucking her servants that night and the next day you
    went to Matheran and so on?"

    "God yes, but ... how do you know?"

    "Who the hell do you think took Pankaj's sexual education in hand
    after that? I took him to Lonavala with Deepika and Shilpa and ...
    oh god, I don't believe this!" he said, shaking with laughter and

    "You?" she gasped incredulous.

    "Yup. The undersigned, yours truly. And Vaishali later made me
    promise that I would keep away from you so that Pankaj would have
    a chance. He was besotted by you. Vaishali said that if I got to
    you Pankaj didn't have a snowball's hope in hell. Also, she
    threatened she'd never let me fuck her again if I so much as
    looked at you. That did it. It was one hell of a threat. I loved
    fucking her, and so I kept away from you."

    "My god," she whispered, memories of her youth flashing upon her,
    making her tremble with the excitement of this discovery. The
    world had suddenly imploded upon itself. "To think we could have
    been ..."

    He bent over her and kissed her gently. "Never mind the could have
    been. We can still be."

    She smiled, caressing his immense back and shoulders, fondling his

    "Yes," she said. "We can. Come on ... let me suck your cock ... I
    want you to come in my mouth ..."

    They hadn't bothered to close the bedroom door. Sonali's servant,
    Ganpat stood there now, watching them and smiling. He was happy
    for her. She was a fine filly, a great ride, and deserved better
    mounts than she'd had of late. This man was a thoroughbred. He
    watched as she slid down and took Rajeev's penis in her mouth. He
    knew how good she was at sucking cock, how well she did it. She
    would make him happy. And that pleased her servant.

                                = o =