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Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                      ::: e n c o u n t e r :::


    The stifling April heat came up off the noisy streets in
    shimmering waves. The air-conditioner in Sheila's chamber was too
    old and weary to beat the sun's relentless onslaught effectively.
    The small, bright room was warm and close.

    A thin trickle of perspiration started at Sheila's throat and
    trickled sexily down between her large, heavy breasts. She
    shivered slightly in pleasure. The heat didn't bother her much --
    in fact, she rather enjoyed the slightly tacky, sexy feeling it
    gave her skin. Now, as the rivulet of sweat coursed through her
    deep cleavage, she felt aroused. Slowly, her breasts grew heavier
    and more turgid and her nipples hardened. Another stream of sweat
    started in the small of her back and slid through the hollowed
    channel of her spine to her buttocks, inveigling itself into the
    cleft between the luscious orbs, caressing her anus. Her arousal
    grew steadily. A wet warmth began to spread in her crotch. Her
    breath came shorter and her lovely lips parted, her nostrils

    The words and letters swam before her eyes, retreated out of
    focus. Sheila sighed. There was no point in resisting. She had
    never been able to fight this for any length of time and had long
    abandoned the pretence. She pushed away the papers before her,
    tossed down the ball-point pen and, taking off her glasses, leaned
    back in her chair with her eyes closed.

    The sensations spread slowly through her body and she savoured
    them slowly, with a meditative appreciation. Her cunt was damp and
    she felt the first, delicious beads of cunt-juice seep between her
    thighs. She had forsworn all underwear a long time ago. Slowly she
    parted her thighs, then pushed them together, rubbing them gently.
    Her breasts felt heavier and harder and she could sense the
    quivering tension in her nipples. Without quite being conscious of
    it, she flicked open the top two buttons of her tight white
    blouse. It was the kind she wore to work, with a short mandarin
    collar, half-sleeved, and cut tight and short under her breasts
    which thrust out proudly over its lower hem.

    The heat fanned out through her loins and body. She shuddered
    slightly and forced herself to open her eyes. The hunger gnawed at
    her soul and she needed to put it to rest, albeit temporarily. She
    needed a man. She needed a fuck. In the office that was not a
    problem. Arun, her peon, a lean, handsome youth had, for the last
    couple of years, met her sexual demands with a gleeful, exuberant

    She swivelled her chair and put her finger to the bell that would
    summon him. As she turned, her gaze fell to the street below. In
    the quotidian clamour and bustle of the busy street, she saw a
    lone man working at a cabling trench on the sidewalk. He was
    wielding a huge sledgehammer against a piton stuck in the concrete
    slabs. Sheila froze.

    The man was very dark, extremely well-muscled. He wore faded
    trousers rolled up to just below the knees and a singlet with
    deeply cut away sleeves. She watched him move, smoothly and
    rhythmically, no jerky motions, his powerful muscles rippling and
    cording sexily as he swung the hammer over his head and brought it
    down on the piton. His shoulders were wide and strong, slightly
    curved with the packed strength and his back swept inward down to
    his high hips and narrow waist. His chest was broad and deeply
    cleaved, his belly was hard and flat. His torso appeared to be
    hairless. She could see that his arms and forearms were thick and
    bulging with muscle. He was quite good-looking, too, with thick,
    dark hair, a straight nose, a wide mouth and a square jaw. He
    sported a dark mustache, but his cheeks and chin were
    clean-shaven. She could see his teeth were strong and white when
    he bared his lips and exhaled with the exertion.

    A frisson of excitement stabbed Sheila deep in her belly. She
    moistened her lips, staring down at the man who worked on
    oblivious to her gaze. She watched his body move, his muscles and
    sinews cording and rippling like snakes under his tightly drawn
    skin. There was not an ounce of fat on his body. She imagined what
    his hands, hard and callused, would feel like on her breasts and
    nipples. His tongue would be thick and heavy as it explored her
    mouth and cunt. And his cock -- his cock had to be big and thick
    and heavy. It would take long to arouse and would last erect for a
    long time while he invaded her mouth, fucked her tits, plundered
    her cunt and, perhaps even, pillaged her ass.

    Sheila's body trembled with lust. She jabbed the bell button
    frantically. Arun rushed into her chamber. He saw her face and
    understood as he followed her eyes, saw the man working on the
    street below.

    "Him," Sheila said in tight voice. "I want him. Get him for me."

    Arun hid the quick jolt of excitement that leaped through to his
    loins. He would have liked to fuck her -- Sheila was a talented
    and eager broad, but this was good too. He had done it before --
    his duties as her peon were very loosely defined. She always
    allowed him to watch her fuck the men he procured for her and when
    her visitor had finished, to take his own pleasure with her.
    Perhaps she might even let them both fuck her together. That had
    happened before, too.

    Over the last couple of years, Sheila had brought this kind of
    casual sex down to a fine art. There was a doctor who had rooms
    down the corridor from her office, a general practitioner
    struggling to make his mark. Sheila found him attractive and, one
    steamy Saturday afternoon, when he was alone, no patients waiting
    to see him, she had called on him and got herself very thoroughly
    checked on his examining table. He proved to be a virile,
    enthusiastic and talented lover, surprisingly knowledgeable for
    one so young. He fucked her heavily and methodically and finally
    came in her mouth and over her breasts. Later, he explained that
    he was deeply interested in sexology and had researched
    extensively, acquiring wide first-hand field experience. Sheila
    loved the hyperbole and made him demonstrate his expertise again.
    He responded by sodomizing her thoroughly. Sheila was overjoyed.

    The young doctor readily agreed to examine on a priority basis any
    new lovers she might take in return for their continued liaison.
    It was a eminently satisfactory arrangement and it paid dividends
    at just such times. Sheila knew that Arun would bribe the
    labourer, tell him what to do, have him wash his cock and ass,
    bathe if necessary in the common toilet downstairs, and then have
    him examined by the doctor for any signs of contagion. It would
    take thirty minutes or so before the labourer came to her.

    She was impatient, trying to fight the growing lust flowering
    through her body. She closed her eyes and sank into an erotic
    reverie, fantasizing about sex with her newest lover. Her arousal
    mounted and, getting up, she undid her *sari*, a simple
    black-on-white printed garment. Dropping her petticoat and tossing
    it aside, she draped the *sari* again, winding it loosely around
    her waist and tucking the pleats in below her belly, so that with
    a single tug the entire six yards of cloth would come undone. She
    wore it low, beneath her navel and riding high on her hips. Her
    firm, slightly rounded belly, curved sexily outward.

    She finished dressing just in time. The man came in sooner than
    she had expected. The door swung open without warning and he
    stepped through, with Arun following behind. The peon locked the
    door unobtrusively and slipped into a corner. This was her moment,
    and her lover's. His came later.

    Up close, the man was even sexier than her earlier glimpse
    indicated. He was very muscular and Sheila could see the sinews in
    his thick biceps and broad forearms. His chest was wide and deeply
    cleaved, the twin pectorals hanging like broad slabs of dark rock.
    His nipples were small and dark, pulled wide and low under the
    armpits which were shorn clean. His torso was sexily hairless.

    The man looked at her steadily with his deep, dark eyes. A small
    smile flickered on his lips. He swept his eyes over her with a
    casual arrogance. He liked what he saw. In her late thirties,
    Sheila was in the full bloom of quimtessence. She was fair-skinned
    and pretty. Her eyes were soft and brown. A red *bindi* dotted her
    forehead. Her dark, crinkly hair was slightly flecked with grey,
    coiled in a neat bun behind her head. Her face was sweetly
    rounded, the nose a trifle chubby but anything slimmer would have
    made her look far too angular. Her chin was soft, yet firm. Her
    lips were sexy, the upper slimmer, bowed and curled over the
    fuller, straighter lower lip. Her teeth were very white and even.
    Her body was rich and full, yet firm, with no indication of flab.
    Her breasts were large and heavy, big succulent mounds that
    strained at the tight white blouse. Her belly curved outward
    somewhat, but wasn't paunchy. Her hips flared to delectable
    buttocks, generous and full. Her hands were small and squarish,
    the fingernails clipped short. Her skin was creamy and smooth and
    lovely. She wore small pearl eardrops and a gold bangle on one
    wrist. The man thought he saw the glint of a *mangalsutra*
    disappearing into her cleavage but he couldn't tell.

    Slowly, he slid his eyes away from her and looked around the
    chamber. It was a small, compact office on the first floor of the
    building. At the other end, a large window with Venetian blinds
    looked out over the street. Under it was her desk, so that sitting
    at it, she would have her back to the window. One side of the desk
    was pressed to the wall, which was ranged with shelves of
    reference books. A telephone and a computer monitor nestled in a
    corner of the desk. The surface of the table was green baize,
    topped with a protective chamfered plate of thick glass.
    Comfortable swivel chairs for clients were on the other side of
    the desk. The wall opposite the desk and behind him had shelves
    and file storage from floor to ceiling. Against the third wall,
    some distance from the desk and separated by a colourful throw rug
    was a small banquette with cushions. A potted plant nestled in a
    corner, in a large brass jar.

    The man brought his eyes back to Sheila. She held his gaze. Moving
    slowly, without a word, the man crossed his hands and pulled his
    singlet vest off his head, tossed it aside. Sheila licked her
    lips. His body was magnificent. The man grinned slowly and flicked
    open the clasp of his trousers.

    "Take off your *sari*," he said, his voice soft and even, his eyes
    never leaving her face. "Leave your blouse."

    The lust powered through Sheila's body. She tugged at the pleats
    of her *sari*. It rustled to her feet. She was naked under it. The
    man's eyes ran over her again, lingering on her crotch. Her
    cunt-hair was neatly trimmed and sparse, a dark, inviting tuft
    above her cunt-lips which had been shorn clean and were visibly
    wet. He nodded his approval.

    "Suck my cock," he commanded. "Gimme head."

    Sheila's breath was short with excitement. She stepped forward and
    slipped to her knees before the labourer. He waited, feet apart,
    head bent, watching her. She reached up and with trembling fingers
    slowly peeled down the fly of his trousers. They were baggy and
    loose and crumpled to his bare feet. Sheila moaned softly. His
    cock was huge, bigger than she had dared hope. Still limp, it was
    at least eight inches long and over an inch thick, larger than
    most men's cocks were in full tumescence. His balls were heavy and
    low. She noticed with a rush of pleasure that his entire
    cock-shaft and scrotum were closely shaved.

    She slid her hands up his strong, muscular thighs, surprisingly
    thinly haired, to his crotch. Her fingers encircled the thickness
    of his penis. The man grunted. She groaned and pushed her face
    into his crotch, nuzzling the springy darkness of his pubic hair.
    With a deft flick, she pulled back his foreskin. His cock-head was
    bulbous and thick, bright and moist. Sheila whimpered and, her
    eyes half-closed, her lips apart, caressed her face wantonly with
    his beautiful penis, jerking it deftly in her fingers. The man
    waited. His loins flickered with arousal. His penis quivered and
    began to grow slowly.

    "C'mon! Suck it!" he snapped. "Suck my cock, bitch!"

    Sheila moaned at the rough, sexy words. Her lips parted further
    and her tongue slipped out and swirled over his cock-head. The man
    grunted, his belly rippling with pleasure. She swept her tongue
    over his cock-head again, and yet again and then, opening her
    mouth wide, took his penis deep in her mouth and began to suck it,
    jerking it constantly in her fist. The man grunted loudly, his
    head arching back. His hand fell to her head and he began moving
    it to and fro to suit his pleasure as he pumped his hips back and
    forth, fucking her face. His cock grew and grew, distending her
    face. Her cheeks billowed with its size.

    "Yeh ... mm ... oh fuck yes ... yeh ... that's good, slut ... suck
    it ... keep sucking, whore ... ahhh yeh ... fuck yes ... do it,
    whore ... oh fuck yes!" he muttered, fucking her mouth

    Sheila's head rocked back and forth before her lover's crotch. The
    musky taste and odour of his cock made her head swim. Her hunger
    mounted and she sucked harder and faster, moaning and whimpering
    deep in her cock-filled throat. Her mouth was wonderfully warm and
    moist and there was an electric cunning in her tongue that took
    his breath away. The man kept up his obscene litany, arousing her
    further, the words even more erotic in the vernacular.

    "Suck it ... hanh ... uhhh hanh ... uhhh suck ... suck harder,
    whore ... suck, slut, suck! C'mon! Suck my cock ... yeh! ...
    that's it ... suck it, whore ... suck my cock! Suck harder,
    bitch!" he grunted.

    The lustfire raged in her body. She moaned, lasciviously dragging
    her tongue over his cock-shaft and balls, lapping and sucking the
    heavy orbs by turn. The man grunted in pleasure at the feel of her
    soft face and hair between his thighs. She dragged her tongue up
    through his groin to his belly, sweeping her tongue through his
    recessed navel, caressing her face and neck with his cock. Taking
    the thick, throbbing mass -- now fully nine inches long and
    correspondingly thick -- in her hand, she pushed it down the open
    neck of her blouse into her cleavage. The man groaned at the
    softness of her warm breast-sheath. She squeezed her breasts over
    it, groaning and whimpering her pleasure. He felt her hard nipples
    rake his shaft and, looking down saw that she was wearing a
    *mangalsutra*. She was married! The knowledge aroused him even
    further. A grin of delight split his face. He loved fucking
    memsahib whores, and the married ones were the best, hungry and
    insatiable. He pushed her head down again.

    Sheila opened out her blouse as she took the labourer's enormous
    cock in her mouth again. Her head swam with excitement at the
    realisation that he was going to take a lot to satisfy. He was a
    better find than she had expected. She moaned thickly, sucking his
    cock hungrily, fondling her breasts, rubbing the rough beads of
    her long *mangalsutra* over her aching, rigid nipples, squeezing
    and fondling her turgid breasts. The man kept fucking her face,
    rocking her head back and forth, pumping his hips to and fro,
    reaching down now and then to fondle her breasts.

    "Mm ... yeh ... keep sucking, bitch ... just you keep sucking ...
    ahhh uhhh yeh ... oh fuck yes ... that's good ... mm ... yeh ...
    that's it, whore ... suck it ... c'mon, bitch, suck harder! Suck
    harder, whore! Harder! Yeh uhhh c'mon slut ... do it! Suck my
    prick, bitch! Keep sucking!"

    It took several minutes longer before he pushed her head away at
    last and motioned her to the settee at the other end of the room.
    They tossed the pillows to the floor and Sheila went down on the
    sofa on her back, spreading her legs wide, lifting and bending her
    knees, offering herself to the man.

    "Fuck me," she said, her voice husky and sibilant. "Fuck me hard!"

    The man grinned, flashing his strong teeth. He moved over her and,
    bending his head, kissed her hard. This surprised her. Most guys
    like him didn't bother. She arched steeply under him, responding
    at once, caressing his dark hair, sucking on his tongue as it
    invaded her mouth, jerking his cock with her hand. The man broke
    the kiss and moved his lips to her breasts. Sheila moaned,
    shuddering in pleasure as his thick, rough tongue swirled over her
    quivering breast-tip, whipping it rapidly. Then his lips clamped
    on her breast and he sucked hard, let go, sucked again, nibbled
    her nipple, dragged it across his teeth and the roof of his mouth.
    Hot lust leaped from her breast and she gasped, arching under him,
    her hips writhing erotically.

    "OHHHHHH uhhh yes ohmauhhhhhyes uhhh OH uhhh yes!" she moaned.

    The man moved to the other breast. He thought her *mangalsutra*
    looked very sexy on her creamy, fair skin. He plucked the long
    chain in his lips and sucked her nipples and breasts through it,
    rasping the metal over her tender flesh. Sheila whimpered,
    twisting and writhing under him, her face flipping from side to
    side, creased in a radiance of excitement. The man's fingers
    dipped down over her belly to her crotch. She groaned, arching her
    hips and he slid a thick, long finger into her cunt and began
    masturbating her slowly, knuckling her gorged clitoris. Sheila
    cried out, her hips bucking and lurching under his arm, her head
    flipping from side to side, her face a mask of lust. Her cunt
    streamed with juice and her breasts felt hot and swollen, the
    nipples aching stiff.

    "Oh uhhh yes ... oh god yes uhh yes uhhh yes ... ohhh uhhh yes!"
    she cried.

    The man chuckled dryly and, releasing her breasts from the torment
    of his mouth, moved down and thrust his face into her crotch.

    "Ohmauhhhhahhhhhhhuhhhohhhhhuhh hanh uhh hanh uhhh hanh uhh hanh
    uhhh OHHHHHH!" Sheila cried.

    The man's tongue was thick and heavy and relentless. It slipped
    into her cunt with his fingertip, probing and exploring her sodden
    cunt-flesh, flickering over her stiff, quivering clitoris,
    whipping it back and forth, sharpening and curling in on itself
    and pushing in further still. Her hands twined in his hair and she
    moved his head round and round in her crotch, her back arched, her
    head flung back, her swollen breasts thrust up and out between her
    outstretched arms. The heat was uncontainable in her cunt. She
    moaned, caressing her swollen breasts with one hand in a sensuous,
    wanton fashion. The man lapped at her juices, toyed with her
    clitoris, gently rolled his tongue up and down along her tender
    cunt-lips. Her cunt-juice was heady and sticky and its taste and
    smell aroused him.

    Sheila was on the verge of a violent orgasm when he stopped,
    sensing the quickening convulsions of her cunt on his finger. He
    moved up over her on the sofa. She hissed in pleasure, arching her
    groin to his, her hands running up and down his thick biceps and
    broad shoulders, over his deep chest. He knelt between her thighs,
    bent over her on his outstretched arms. She reached down and
    guided his cock to her cunt.

    "Fuck me," she hissed through clenched teeth. "C'mon ... fuck me
    hard lover ... I want your cock! Fuck me!"

    Her voice, husky and low, and her words, outrageous in a
    memsahib's mouth and utterly erotic, inflamed his passion. He
    paused with his cock-head at her cunt-lips and then, flexing his
    buttocks, thrust down into her in one smooth, piercing stroke. His
    cock burst into her tight, wet cunt and surged inexorably deeper
    and deeper, plowing into her flesh. Sheila gasped, her back bowing
    steeply under his, her groin meshing against his, the breath
    hissing from her throat, her head arching back, her mouth torn
    open. Her cunt convulsed in a hapless frenzy on his throbbing

    "OhmauhhhhhhOHHHHHHUhhh OHHHHHHH!" she gasped in delirious joy,
    her fingers tightening on his bulging biceps. "OHHHH uhhh hanh
    uhhh yes! Oh mauhhh yes!"

    His cock felt like a white-hot iron poker in her flesh. The man
    groaned softly, his eyes hooding, his head arching back as the
    heat of her tight, wet cunt enveloped his throbbing penis. His
    buttocks flexed taut, and, burying his cock deep in her cunt, he
    paused, his chest heaving, pursing his lips in tension, fighting
    the roiling fires in his loins. Sheila drew her feet up the backs
    of his legs, heaving her cunt to his cock.

    "Oh god yes!" she gasped. "Yes, baby yes! Fuck me! God that's
    good! Fuck me, lover! Fuck me hard! C'mon, baby ... fuck me! Take
    me! Fuck me like a whore!" And then, "Ohhh uhhh ohhh uhh hanh uhh
    ohma uhh hanh uhhh OHHHH!"

    The man grunted and began fucking her with deep, skewering
    thrusts, plunging steeply in and out of her cunt, his hips
    snapping smartly with each thrust, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing in a powerful rhythm. His buttocks rose and fell,
    bobbing up and down over her heaving thighs as she moved in unison
    with him. His cock glistened with their comingled coital juices as
    it went in and out of her cunt. Standing behind them, Arun watched
    in fascination as the man fucked his memsahib like a gutterslut.
    He could see the man's heavy balls pressing to her cunt-lips and
    saw, too, the radiance of unfaked lust on her lovely face as it
    flipped from side to side, her eyes closed, her mouth open in
    loud, lewd lustcalls.

    "hanh uh hanh uhhh ohhhh uhhh ohma uhhh OHHHH uhh ohma uhhh OHHHHH
    uhhhh OHHHHHH!" she called. "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, baby!"

    "C'mon whore ... take it ... take my cock, bitch! Take it! Take my
    cock you fucking slut! Take it!" the man responded.

    Faster and faster the man went, and Sheila's fair-skinned body
    jerked and lurched on the sofa under his thrusts, her large
    breasts wobbling and jiggling furiously, her nipples rigid and
    quivering, her long *mangalsutra* dancing on her creamy skin.
    Goaded by her rising cries of joy, the man moved faster still,
    with crushing, ramming thrusts now, reaming deep into her, each
    thudding thrust drawing a choking, broken sob of pure joy from her
    throat. His cock went up and down and in and out like a mechanised
    triphammer at full blast. Sheila began to orgasm, her hips heaving
    and writhing frantically under his, her body arching and bowing in
    a frenzy of joy. Her cunt spasmed on his cock and the man flung
    his head back and groaned, struggling for control as the heat of
    her orgasm swamped his cock. He kept fucking her hard, ramming
    deep into her, prolonging the orgasm, making her cry out
    ecstatically. Gradually, her orgasm waned. The man slowed his
    motions and, bending, kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into
    her mouth. She moaned and whimpered, writhing eagerly under him,
    delighted that he had not lost control.

    "Good fucking, slut," he growled. "You're good. Want more?"

    The glitter in her eyes was all the answer he needed. He grinned
    and slid slowly out of her cunt, making her gasp at the release in
    pressure. He got up and made her turn around on her front, facing
    the other way, her head to Arun's corner now. He got to his knees
    behind and, taking his cock in his hand, slowly squeezed it into
    her cunt from behind. On her forearms and knees on the settee, her
    luscious breasts pendulous, her long *mangalsutra* dangling,
    Sheila bit her lower lip and moaned as the huge cock-head burst
    into her cunt. Her head arched. The man gripped her fleshy hips
    and drove his cock deeper into her body. It surged inward,
    crushing through her molten cunt-flesh, mashing her gorged
    clitoris in its passage.

    "Ohma! uh! Ahhhhhhhhh uhh aohhhhhhhh uhhh OHHHHH!"

    Sheila's cry rang out in the quiet room. Her head snapped up, her
    face twisting in a rictus of lust, her eyes screwed shut, her lips
    jerked back over her white teeth, her mouth wide open. Arun stared
    at the spasms of lust on her face. He could see her heavy, swollen
    breasts, hanging like succulent jackfruit, jiggling as the man
    drove his hips into her buttocks. The long *mangalsutra* swung,
    one end crumpled on the sofa seat. His cock buried deep in her
    cunt, the man paused, swung one leg off the sofa, straightened it
    and put his foot on the floor, drawing it further up the line of
    her body. He raised his other knee and pushed his foot up the sofa
    on the other side of her body. Now he was standing astride her
    flared hips, his hands on her waist, his cock embedded in her
    cunt. He ran his hands up under her body and squeezed her heavy
    breasts, leaning over her and nuzzling the nape of her neck.
    Sheila groaned, shuddering and writhing at the nuchal caress,
    bowing her head, her chest heaving. Her breasts were hot and heavy
    in his hands and she groaned thickly, biting her lower lip as he
    pinched and tweaked her stiff nipples. She turned her face over
    her shoulder and the man jammed his mouth to hers, kissing her
    deeply, thrusting his tongue between her lips. Her buttocks
    squirmed in his crotch. Slowly, he broke the kiss and straightened
    his back, his hands now gripping her shoulders. With a quick jerk,
    he ran his hips back, then drove them brutally forward again,
    yanking her body back down against his with his hands on her
    shoulders. Sheila cried out thinly, her face twisting in a renewed
    paroxysm of lust.

    "OHHHHHH uhh ah uhh ah uh ahohuhhahmauhhh OHHHHH!"

    The man chuckled, did it again and yet again. Sheila's body jerked
    under his, her breasts jiggling and wobbling with his savage
    pillaging of her cunt. The man grunted and began to fuck her with
    steep, skewering, jabbing, ramming thrusts, jerking her body back
    and forth, yanking her cunt up and down the length of his massive
    penis. Sheila's broken sobs of pleasure were sharp in Arun's ears.
    He couldn't take his eyes off his memsahib-mistress and her lover.

    "Ohhhh uhhhh ohma uhhh ohhh uhhh yes! Fuck me! Ohhhh uhhhh yes uhh
    oh god oh god ohma uhh ohma uhh hanh uh hanh uhhh hanh uhh fuck
    me! Fuck me hard! hanh uhh hanh uh hanh uhhhh OHHHHH!"

    "Take it!" the man responded. "C'mon, slut ... take it! Take my
    cock, you whoring bitch! Take it! Ohhhh uhhh yeh uh yeh uh yeh uh
    yeh uh ohfuck yes oh fuck yes uhhh yes uhh c'mon, whore, c'mon!
    Take it! Take my cock! Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes!"

    Fucking her mercilessly, his face taut, his powerful muscles
    rippling and cording, the man looked up and saw Arun's pop-eyed
    expression. He grinned.

    "Hey, you, hero!" he called and Arun's eyes snapped to him. "Your
    *memsahib's* a right randy whore, eh? Real frigging cocksucking
    bitch, eh? Hot piece of ass all right! Likes being stuffed with a
    big cock, right? Doncha, slut? Doncha? Like my cock in your greedy
    little slit, doncha, whore? Answer me!"

    He roared at her, hammering his hips at her buttocks, ramming his
    cock savagely into her cunt. Sheila cried out thinly, her face
    twisting and contorting in a spasm of lust, deeply inflamed by his
    rough treatment and harsh words.

    "Yes!" she cried. "Oh god yes! Ohh uhhhhh ohhh uhhh yes oh god

    "See?" the man cried exultantly. "See, what'd I tell you? Like it,
    eh, cunt? Like my cock?"

    "Yes!" she responded.

    "Say it, then, whore!" he roared. "Say you like my cock in your

    He kept fucking her with his brutal thrusts, ramming and reaming
    his huge cock into her cunt, mauling her breasts viciously. Sheila
    loved it, being used like this, like some cheap gutter-slut. All
    the shackles of her stifling middle-class milieu fell away and she
    was raw, elemental, utterly basic.

    "Yes!" she cried. "I like it! I like your fat cock in my cunt ...
    fuck me, baby ... fuck me hard! Fuck me ... fuck me ... fuck me
    ... fuck me like a whore!"

    The man cackled gleefully, pummelling her buttocks with his
    thighs. His cock appeared and disappeared between the smooth
    curves of her buttocks. His inflamed penis throbbed and pulsed
    angrily in her clonic cunt, the huge pillar of cartilage pistoning
    vigorously in and out, in and out, pulverizing her cunt-flesh and
    gorged clitoris. As Sheila moaned and cried out, her body jerking
    and lurching, her swollen breasts jiggling and wobbling violently,
    the man laughed out loud, his thighs slapping audibly at her
    buttocks, his hands crushing her breasts, kneading and squeezing
    the heavy mounds.

    "See!" he cried. "Listen to that! Listen to the whore, kid! Listen
    to the slut beg! It takes a man to get that from a bitch, a real

    Arun felt a surge of rage at the open taunt flung in his face. He
    looked at them steadily, felt the heat race in his loins. The man
    was undoubtedly gifted in bed. His body was terrific. He was a
    great stud, physically. Otherwise he was a lout, and Arun didn't
    like that even if, judging by her expression, Sheila didn't seem
    to share his view. The lust and pleasure on her face were marked,
    and obviously unfaked. Arun figured he could do one of two things.
    He could give in to the frantic turmoil in his loins, strip and
    shove his cock into her mouth. He knew she liked that, being
    fucked by two men -- or more -- simultaneously. But that involved
    a surrender, an acceptance of the other man's superiority. He
    wasn't prepared to concede so easily, so soon. He looked at the
    cackling labourer calmly, crossed his arms and leaned back with a
    casualness he did not feel.

    "Fuck her butt," he said in an even voice. "She takes it in the
    ass, too. She likes that."

    The man actually looked astonished, even startled. He jerked to a
    stop, his cock deep in Sheila's cunt. Arun smiled to himself at
    his small triumph. The man looked down at Sheila in awe and

    "That true, whore?" he grunted. "You take it in the ass?"

    Sheila moaned and nodded, biting her lower lip. She was on the
    verge of a wild orgasm. The temptation of being sodomized was too
    great, though.

    'Yes," she gasped. "Do it! Fuck my ass, baby! Do it!"

    The man actually whooped in delight. He slid his cock out of her
    cunt quickly, making her groan at the release in pressure, and
    pushed his cock-head between her buttocks to her tight, puckered
    sphincter. Sheila whimpered, bending steeply forward on the sofa,
    her body angled downward, her fingers clenching the edges of the
    banquette. The man's cock-head throbbed at her anus. It yielded
    under the pressure and the man flexed his buttocks and slid his
    hips forward. His cock-head popped into her rear channel. Sheila's
    head jerked up and her face contorted in a savage grimace of
    algedonic ecstasy.

    "OH! Uh! Oh! Uh! Oh! Uh! OHHHHH!" she cried.

    "Ahhhhhuhhhyeh ohfuckyes!" the man gasped, gritting his teeth, his
    fingers digging into the softness of her creamy buttocks, his head
    flung back.

    He flexed his buttocks and ground his hips forward. His cock
    squeezed deeper and deeper into her tight rear channel. Sheila's
    fingers tightened on the edge of the bed and her face creased in a
    rictus of joy, no trace of pain. His cock felt wonderful in her
    anus, hot and hard, searing inexorably inward. Deeper and deeper
    it went, and the man groaned, burying the enormity of his penis in
    her anus, his hips pressing to her buttocks. She whimpered,
    writhing her buttocks erotically in his crotch. The man gasped,
    running his hands down her body to squeeze her breasts.

    Across the room, Arun watched as the labourer sodomized his
    memsahib slowly and deeply and thoroughly. His cock ground in and
    out of her anus, glistening and gleaming with their juices. She
    moaned and shuddered, rocking to and fro under him like a bitch in
    deep rut, whimpering loud obscenities that only seemed to inflame
    her lover's passion. Her body rocked and jerked under his thrusts,
    her heavy breasts jogging and bouncing, her long *mangalsutra*
    dragging along the sofa-seat. The man's cries were now without the
    earliest hubris -- he had obviously met more than he anticipated,
    and was visibly fighting for control. He moaned thickly, his hands
    on her hips, pulling her anus up and down the length of his cock.

    "Ohfuckohfuckohfuckohhhhuhhhhyeh Oh yeh c'mon take it take it
    whore take it!" he gasped, his chest heaving.

    "Yes uhhh yes uhhh ohmauhhhh yes uhhh ohyes oh yes do it, baby ...
    fuck me! Fuck my ass, stud ... fuck my ass ... give it to me,
    lover ... fuck my ass ... c'mon, fuck it hard, you pimp! Fuck me!"

    His mouth hanging open, panting and gasping like a wild animal,
    the man stopped suddenly, jerking his cock out of her anus and,
    quickly, pushing it down, rammed it heavily into her cunt. Sheila
    cried out thinly, lurching and jerking as he ram-fucked her cunt
    furiously, hammering his hips at her buttocks, reaming his cock
    deep into her slit.

    Suddenly, he lurched out of her cunt and again drilled her anus,
    skewering it heavily, going in deep and sodomizing her thoroughly.
    Sheila exploded, her fingers scrabbling at the edge of the sofa.
    The man sensed her orgasm and slid out of her anus and into her
    cunt again and fucked her furiously. Sheila whimpered and cried
    out in joy. The man finally lost control. He gasped, jerking out
    of her cunt and stumbling off the sofa.

    "Suck my cock, whore!" he cried. "Suck it! Wanna cream in your

    Sheila moaned and slipped off the sofa to her knees before him and
    took his cock deep in her mouth, sucking it rapidly, her head
    rocking back and forth before his thighs. She could taste her cunt
    and ass and his jizz on his cock. She squeezed her breasts
    eagerly. The man gasped, his hips lurching to and fro, his head
    flung back, wincing in pleasure. It was too much to bear. He
    groaned in relief. Sheila sensed his orgasm and opened her mouth
    wide, jerking his cock in her fingers, her tongue whipping his
    cock-head. The heat surged from his cock and spurted out, jetting
    down into her open, hungry mouth, spattering her face and breasts
    with it. Sheila groaned, swallowing his musky seed, crushing her
    breasts together, smearing the labourer's gunk on her nipples and
    in her cleavage. He came in copious loads till he had emptied
    himself in her mouth and on her body. He staggered back, groaning.
    Sheila stayed on her knees, her head flung back, her eyes closed,
    sensuously caressing her breasts and face, licking his jizz off
    her fingertips. Her *mangalsutra* was flecked with his gunk.

    Arun levered himself off the wall. He kicked the man's clothes at
    him. "Get dressed. Get out." Arun's voice was flat and cold.

    The man stared at him and then at her in disbelief and

    "Get out!" Arun's voice cracked like a whip.

    The man shook his head and stepped into his clothes quickly. He
    hesitated, still incredulous. Fuck, they didn't even know his

    "I ... the work ... on the road ... it will ... it will take some
    time ... I mean ..."

    Arun sneered openly at the pathetic expression of timorous hope on
    the man's face.

    "Don't slow down for us," he said. "And don't call us. We'll call

    "I ... I'll be there ... some days still ..."

    "Don't get your hopes up. Or any fancy ideas. We don't even know
    your frigging name." He drove it home.

    The man shook his head, bewildered, and, unlocking the door, went
    out slowly. At the door, he paused for a second and looked back.
    She was still on her knees on the floor. The    n was grinning
    down at her, taking off his shirt, slowly undoing his trousers,
    dropping them. She moaned softly, lifted her peon's cock in her
    fingers and, opening her mouth, began sucking it hungrily.

                                 = o =