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Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                      ::: e n c o u n t e r :::

                             HARD AT WORK

    The young woman gasped, her naked body steeply arched. Her breasts
    were swollen turgid and they thrust upward as her back bowed. Her
    hands flew up to clench the wrought-iron bedposts. Her face jerked
    to one side and her mouth opened in an ululating moan. Her hips
    quivered and lurched.

    Leaning over her on outstretched arms, the handsome youth groaned
    and, flexing his buttocks, squeezed his distended penis slowly
    into her cunt. Under him, the naked girl cried out, her face
    contorting in a rictus of lust.

    "Yes!" she gasped. "Ohhh yes! Yes! Ohhhh god, yes!"

    The youth's penis slid deeper, disappearing inexorably into her
    frantically convulsing cunt. The woman moaned and began to gasp
    erotic obscenities.

    "Ohhhh yes!" she cried. "Fuck me ... fuck me hard ... give it to
    me ... give me your cock ... I want it ... Ohhhh yes! Shove it in,
    lover! Fuck me hard!"

    Goaded by her words, the youth chuckled softly and jammed his cock
    deep into her cunt, making her gasp loudly in pleasure and

    "Take it, bitch!" he rasped. "Take it all!"

    He began to fuck her powerfully, with smooth, rapid thrusts. His
    cock pistoned in and out of her cunt and she whimpered joyously
    under him, her body jerking with his thrusts. Clenching his arms,
    wrapping her legs about his hips, she moved eagerly under him.

    "Yes! Ohhh god yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, Deepak Ohhhhh yes
    ... that's it ... Mmmm yes ... do it lover! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me
    like a whore!"

    Anita was a stenographer, and Deepak, the young man fucking her
    was one of the office-boys, what they call a peon in India -- the
    guys who kept the office clean, delivered messages, stood in line
    to pay phone bills, really did the dirty hard work that nobody
    else wanted to do. Their lives were hard, and it showed on their
    bodies: they were usually lean and muscular and darkened by the
    sun. Anita thought they were very sexy. She especially liked the
    fact that they didn't have too much body hair. She liked to feel
    the contours of her lovers' bodies -- not have it hidden in a
    mattress of fur. Who wants to fuck an ape? she often said to
    herself. Give me one of these any day!

    Not especially good-looking or sexy, Anita was nonetheless
    attractive enough to tempt a man. She was short and dusky, with
    softly moulded features: a straight nose, a small, yet full mouth,
    even, clean teeth and darkly lustrous eyes. Her hair was long and
    thick, tied in a plait. She wore a thin silver necklace and small
    nose-stud. Her body was trim and firm, with full breasts, a flat
    belly and smoothly rounded limbs. Her belly was firm and flat and
    her hips and buttocks curved and flared neatly.

    Outwardly, soft-voiced and shy, almost timid, she was a
    surprisingly eager, hungry, vocal vixen in bed. In the few weeks
    after she got tjos job, she surprised the men in the office with
    her voracious sexual appetite and considerable lectual skills.
    Deepak, who had the privilege of being the first to discover her
    other side, enjoyed fucking her.

    She required no seduction. Indeed, it was she who made the first
    move late one Friday evening, after most of the staff had left.
    She was working late, trying to clear her backlog of typing.
    Deepak was the only one in the office when she finally finished.
    He waited impatiently, itching to be out of there and down at the
    local whorehouse, where he could spend some wonderful hours
    fucking that new seventeen-year old slut they'd got.

    Anita took him unawares. She pulled the draft off the printer,
    stacked the pages neatly, stapled them and dropped them on the
    boss' desk in his cabin. Deepak was already turning out the


    "Yeah, what." He didn't even turn around.


    "Now what?" The peon looked irritated as he turned back.

    She startled him. She was standing very close to him, almost
    touching him. He stared at her. Usually, she wore a long skirt and
    a tucked-in blouse, buttoned to the neck. Now, she had undone
    almost all the buttons. His eyes dropped to her cleavage. She wore
    no underwear. Her breasts looked full and ripe, with a deep,
    tempting cleavage in which her silver necklace glistened.

    Deepak was a dark, handsome, intensely randy youth. He had a lean,
    strong, wiry body. He was clad in baggy trousers and a shirt that
    was open to the waist. His torso was smooth and dark and hairless,
    with a flat, hard belly and wide, cleaved chest. Smiling gently,
    Anita moved closer and slid her hands into his shirt and tongued
    one nipple sensuously. Deepak gasped in surprise.

    "Don't be in a hurry," she murmured. "We're alone, remember? We
    can have a good time together."

    She pressed provocatively against him, squirming against his
    crotch. Her fingers squeezed the bulge of his penis through his

    "I want your cock," she murmured huskily, tilting her face to his.
    "Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Deepak.

    Slowly, the young peon grinned in surprised pleasure.

    "Fuck, who'd have thought?" he chuckled.

    "Surprised?" she smiled, returning her lips and tongue to his
    small, dark nipple.

    "Very," he grinned.

    "Pleased?" Anita whispered with a knowing smile.


    "Good. I'm glad. Now let me please you some more."

    With that, she slithered to her knees before him and, quickly
    unzipping his fly, slipped her hand in and pulled out his penis.
    It was seven inches long and correspondingly thick, still limp.
    Anita smiled in pleasure when she saw it.

    "Mm. What a lovely cock. I think I'm going to have a wonderful

    Deepak chuckled and pushed his cock to her lips. Holding it
    tenderly, she kissed the cock-head and then, rolling back the
    foreskin, slowly drew it between her lips. Deepak hissed in
    pleasure. His penis quivered in her mouth. His belly rippled.
    Anita wound her tongue lasciviously around the cock-head, deftly
    arousing him. The sensation was wonderful: her mouth was warm and
    moist, and her tongue had the kind of confidence that could only
    have come from experience. He wondered what her sexual history

    Anita sucked his cock steadily, with evident pleasure. Her head
    rocked back and forth. As his cock swelled and grew turgid in her
    mouth, she pumped the shaft in her fist, and her tongue worked the
    cock-head with rising ardour. Deepak gasped and grunted, holding
    her head in his hands and moving it back and forth, pumping his
    hips as he fucked her face.

    "Mm ... yeh ... suck it ... suck my cock, whore! Suck it hard!" he
    grunted. "Ohhh yeh ... that's it ... c'mon ... suck it!"

    She thrust one hand under her open blouse and fondled her breasts.
    Deepak saw that they were large and succulent, with long, stiff
    nipples in small, puckered aureoles. He chuckled as she thrust her
    hand up her skirt into her crotch and began to masturbate.

    "Real randy, aren't you?" he chuckled, pulling her to her feet.

    She nodded and squirmed against him, arching her face to his. They
    kissed deeply and her tongue snaked hungrily into his mouth. He
    squeezed her breasts and buttocks. She undid his trousers; they
    puddled at his feet. He pulled off her blouse. Her body was firm
    and trim and his hands explored her warm, naked flesh. She
    whimpered softly and pressed hungrily against him.

    "Fuck me, Deepak," she moaned. "Fuck me hard!"

    The peon chuckled and moved her to a desk. Turning her around, he
    pushed her forward and flipped her skirt over her hips. She leaned
    forward with her naked buttocks thrust back at him. He thrust his
    hand into her crotch; his fingers came away wet, and he laughed as
    she moaned. Slowly, he masturbated her. Her face arched and she
    gasped. Her buttocks twitched and lurched. His hand pumped between
    her thighs, moving faster. Anita cried out sharply, her face
    contorting with lust. Just as she was nearing her orgasm, he
    stopped. She gasped in frustration. Laughing, Deepak knelt behind
    her and, pulling her buttocks apart, thrust his face between them.
    Her anus was tempting. He pressed his tongue to it. Anita groaned

    "I'll fuck your butt, too, bitch," he growled. "I'll ram-fuck your

    "Yes," she moaned. "I like it there ... I want it there! Ohhhh

    Deepak swirled his tongue over her anus. Anita trembled with
    excitement. Slowly, he dragged his tongue down to her sodden slit.
    Anita's face arched and she bit her lower lip in tension, her eyes
    fluttering shut. Deepak's thick, rough tongue rippled into her
    cunt. She gasped sharply, her mouth snapping open. Her hips
    lurched and shook, jerking and pumping.

    "Ohhhhh ... UNHHHH Ohh yes! Ohh yes, yes, Ohhh god yes!" she
    cried. "Oh uhh ohhh uhhh Ohhhh uhhh yes! Ohhhh god yes! Ohhh ma
    uhhh yes!"

    Holding her thighs, Deepak tongue-fucked the young secretary
    steadily. His tongue probed and darted in and out of her cunt,
    flickering rapidly against her swollen clitoris. Her cunt streamed
    with heady, erotic juices. Deepak pressed his face deeper and
    sucked her clit. Anita cried out, trembling and moaning
    passionately. She pushed him away and, spreading her legs, reached
    back to claw her buttocks apart.

    "Come on Deepak," she gasped. "Fuck me ... fuck me hard ...

    Intensely aroused, Deepak got to his feet and squeezed his
    cock-head into the cleft between her buttocks. She tensed as she
    felt its enormity at her anus.

    "There," he grunted. "In your ass. Nice and hard."

    "Please ... take my cunt first," she moaned. "Fuck my ass later."

    Deepak grinned and nodded. He pushed his cock-head down to her
    cunt. Her cunt-lips were open wide in eager welcome and his
    cock-head slipped through into her flesh without resistance. Anita
    groaned in pleasure.

    "Yes ... Ohhhh yes ... give it to me," she gasped. "Give it all to
    me ... I want it all ... shove it in, Deepak ... come on!
    OHHHHHHHHHH uhhh yes! Ohhh god yes!"

    Her handsome young lover flung his head back and groaned in
    pleasure as her cunt convulsed frantically on his throbbing penis.
    Digging his fingers into her buttocks, squeezing them tightly
    together to further tighten her cunt-hold on his cock, he flexed
    his buttocks slowly and swung his hips forward. His cock squeezed
    into her cunt-channel, sliding in deeper and deeper. Anita gasped
    and moaned in pleasure, writhing ecstatically under him. In and in
    it went, till she had it fully inside her.

    "Now," she moaned deliriously. "Fuck me, Deepak! Fuck me like a

    The young peon began to fuck her with a rhythmic, sawing motion,
    squeezing her buttocks taut alternately with every thrust. Anita
    gasped and lurched under him, rocking back and forth, balanced on
    her feet, her forearms on the desk, her finger clenching its sides
    tightly. Deepak's cock appeared and disappeared between her
    buttocks, grinding in and out of her cunt. Her cunt spasmed and
    convulsed frenetically on his penis.

    "Yes!" she gasped. "Ohhhh yes, yes, yes! Fuck me, Deepak! Fuck my
    cunt hard! Come on, fuck me harder! OHHHH yes Ohhhh god yes yes

    His thighs slapped against hers as he moved faster and faster,
    gasping and grunting, holding her hips now and jerking her back
    and forth on his cock. He swung his hips viciously and she cried
    out as his throbbing penis mashed her cunt-flesh. Her swollen
    breasts jiggled and jerked with his thrusts. Her head was arched
    and her face was contorted with lust, the lips parted to bare her
    perfect teeth, her eyes fluttering shut. She moved with him,
    rocking her cunt hungrily up and down the length of his shaft,
    squeezing her cunt in a tight sheath over the wonderfully hot,
    rock-hard, electrically throbbing penis. Faster and faster he
    went, now ramming and reaming his cock into her, slamming it in
    with a savage jerk of his hips, gritting his teeth in tension.

    "Oh yeh! Take it! Take it whore-bitch! Take my cock, cunt!" he

    With a shuddering moan, Anita orgasmed. Her cunt convulsed
    frantically on his thrusting penis. Deepak gasped and slowly
    skewered her cunt with several slow, spiralling thrusts. The broad
    was a fantastic piece of ass. He struggled to control himself, and
    only just contained his own explosive orgasm. He slowed his pace
    to a gentle rocking motion. Anita whimpered her joy. The young man
    was a masterful lover.

    Deepak eased his penis out of her and, sweeping the papers off the
    desk, turned her over on her back on the desk with her hips at the
    edge. He jerked her thighs open and shuffled between them, pushing
    his cock to her cunt again.

    "I'm going to fuck you some more, bitch," he grunted. "Not done

    Anita did not resist. Her cunt tingled in anticipation.

    "Come on," she murmured. "Take me, Deepak ... take me like a

    A grin split his handsome face and he squeezed his penis into her
    cunt in one long, smooth thrust. Anita moaned and arched her back,
    drawing his head down to hers. He kissed her and she responded
    hungrily, arching her tongue into mouth, caressing his hard, dark
    chest. He still had his shirt on, entirely unbuttoned now and she
    pulled it off his shoulders and caressed his strong, lithe back.
    Arching her head, she tongued and nibbled his nipples one by one.
    Deepak grunted. It was delicate, yet intense. He bent his head to
    her breasts and gently lapped at her stiff nipples. Anita groaned
    and squeezed the turgid mounds into his mouth. He sucked sharply
    on them and she arched her back in ecstasy, twining her fingers in
    his hair.

    "Yes! Ohhh yes!" she moaned.

    Slowly, Deepak started fucking her again. His hips moved gently in
    undulating circles, forcing her to move in unison. His cock
    churned her cunt-flesh. Smoothly, he moved to a rhythmic
    back-and-forth motion, straightening to an upright position on his
    feet. Holding her thighs wide in his hands, he rocked and swung
    his hips steadily back and forth, sliding his throbbing penis in
    and out of her cunt. He was mesmerised by the lust on her face.
    Her head rolled slowly from side to side and she called to him
    with erotic obscenities.

    "Mmm ... fuck me, lover ... fuck my cunt ... Ohhh yes ... god, I
    love your cock ... fuck me, baby ... fuck me fuck me fuck me ...
    Ohhh yes ... that's it ...," she whimpered.

    Deepak flung his head back and groaned in pleasure. His balls
    ached with tension. The fires roiled in his belly and bal    He
    began to move faster, a hand on her flat belly, thrusting his cock
    hungrily in and out of her cunt. Anita gasped, her hips lurching
    and jerking under his. Her breasts wobbled with his thrusts and
    she squeezed them in a frenzy, crushing them in her hands. Their
    bodies rocked and swung together in an erotic dance. Faster and
    faster he went, and she cried out, her body jerking and thrashing
    and writhing under him as she soared towards another orgasm. She
    came again, and second later, he lost control. Thrusting deeply
    into her several times, he flung his head back and cried out in
    joyous release. Anita moaned and arched as the hot slugs of his
    spoot spat into her cunt in a copious flood.

    Nothing in her experience had prepared her for what happened next.
    She expected him to lose his erection and felt a twinge of
    disappointment that he hadn't kept his promise to butt-fuck her.
    So, when he started fucking her again, gently and slowly, her eyes
    flew wide in shock and she cried out in surprise. He chuckled at
    her reaction. She could not know that he was brimming with Hedon &
    Venery's special sex-pep pills. They were highly potent and he
    could orgasm repeatedly without losing his erection or running out
    of jizz.

    "Told you," he chortled. "Not done yet. Got to fuck your ass,

    He slipped out of her cunt and, stepping back, pulled her off the
    table and made her kneel before him and suck his penis again.
    Trembling with excitement and awe, Anita sucked his penis
    hungrily. He fucked her mouth steadily for several minutes,
    rocking her head back and forth in his hands. To her surprise, he
    orgasmed abruptly in her mouth.

     She sensed it and opened her mouth and he laughed and gasped
     simultaneously as he watched his thick, hot seed spurt into her
     mouth and spatter her face and breasts.

    "Good," he grunted. "Now I can take your ass slowly."

    Anita was incredulous. He pushed her against the desk again and
    this time, pressed his cock-head to her anus. Anita groaned and
    bent steeply forward, moving her thighs apart. Deepak clawed her
    buttocks open and pressed his cock-head to her anus. Her face
    turned on side on the bed, Anita cried out as the searing penis
    squeezed into her asshole. Her fingers clawed the desk and her
    face contorted in an erotic mixture of pain and lust. His cock was
    enormous and he squeezed it inexorably deeper and deeper into her,
    his head flung back, his eyes closed, moaning loud obscenities. In
    and in it went, never seeming to end and Anita's body shook with
    the strain. Her loins crackled with excitement. Ever since her
    first experience of this in her late teens, she had loved it.
    Deepak fucked her ass slowly, with deep relish. His hips swung
    steadily back and forth and his cock appeared and disappeared
    between her buttocks. He squeezed them in a tight sheath over his

    "Like it, eh, cunt? Like a hot cock in your ass, don't you?" he

    "Yes," she gasped. "Yes, Deepak, yes ... come on ... fuck me ...
    fuck my ass harder, Deepak! Come on, do it!"

    The young peon began to move faster and deeper, thrusting hungrily
    into her ass. Anita cried out, her head spinning with excitement.
    The huge cock rasped in and out of her anus. Faster and faster it
    went and, wild with lust, she thrust a hand into her crotch and
    began to masturbate furiously. Her orgasm was violent and intense
    and made her sphincter convulse on his pistoning penis.

    "OHHHHH!" she cried. "Ohhhh god yes! Ohhhhh yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck
    me! Fuck me Dee...pUHHHHHkyes Ohhhh god yes! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!
    OHhhhhmaunhhhhhhAhhh unhhhh AHHHHHHHH!"

    Deepak chuckled at her reaction and slowed his motion, grinding
    deeply into her hot, tight, rear channel, savouring every inch of
    his passage. Under him, Anita's petite body trembled and shook. He
    crushed her swollen breasts with his hands and she groaned softly.
    His cock slid deep into her anus and she writhed her buttocks
    erotically against his thighs, her face creasing in deep, genuine,
    unbridled pleasure.

    "Come on, lover," she murmured. "Fuck my ass hard again! I want it

    Deepak marvelled and began moving faster again. His hips rocked
    smoothly back and forth and his cock plunged greedily in and out
    of her taut asshole. He gasped and cried out, his voice mingling
    with hers in erotic cadences. Anita orgasmed yet again and now
    Deepak couldn't control himself. With a loud cry, he skewered her
    ass, sinking his cock into her asshole and, hips twitching at her
    buttocks, let himself go, making her gasp as the hot seed erupted
    from his cock and spewed out into her anus.

    After that evening, she had been passed around from man to man in
    the office. She loved it and fucked every one of the eight peons,
    and then some of the secretarial assistants for good measure.


    Now Deepak and she were fucking eagerly, their bodies slapping
    together. She clenched the bedposts and arched her back as he
    thrust his cock deeper into her cunt. He bent his head and sucked
    her breasts sharply, let go, sucked again. Anita moaned in
    pleasure. Rearing on outstretched arms, he began to fuck her with
    a measured tempo. She gasped and arched under him, her hips moving
    in unison with his.

    "Harder, Deepak!" she gasped. "Fuck me harder!"

    Her hips bucked eagerly under his, her loins on fire. Her cunt
    sucked his penis hungrily. He grinned down at her and she laughed
    and deftly swung her hips in circles, making him gasp as her cunt
    churned round his cock.

    "Come on, stud," she murmured. "Fuck me like a whore!"

    He grinned and abruptly began to ram-fuck her cunt with a savage,
    furiously rapid stroke. The breath shot from her throat and her
    back bowed. She cried out loudly and he laughed at her and slowed
    to his measured rhythm again just when she was about to match his
    frenzied pace. She clawed his shoulders in frustration and kissed
    him hungrily.

     "Oh you bastard," she hissed happily. "You crazy, wonderful
     bastard! Do that again!"

    He did and she moaned joyously, arching and writhing in pleasure
    under the lean, hard- muscled youth. He was incredibly adroit.
    Steadily, Deepak picked up the speed, going faster and faster till
    he was fucking her like a demon, his cock thundering in and out of
    her cunt, his lean, hard body slapping against hers. The bed
    bounced and rocked under them. Anita kissed him hungrily, arching
    her tongue into her mouth, bucking her hips under his. Their cries
    rent the air.

    "Ohh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Deepak! Fuck me like a whore!"
    she cried.

    "Take it! Oh yeh take it! Oh UNH Oh yeh! Take it!" he responded.

    They were attractive together. Deepak had learned quickly. He was
    a strong, reliable stud. The young man hammered his hips at the
    girl, his small, taut buttocks flexing and unflexing powerfully.
    The muscles in his lean body corded with tension. He flung his
    handsome head back and groaned in pleasure.

    Anita was unusually good. She slowed their pace and took another
    position, turning on her side and lifting her upper leg high.
    Deepak knelt between her thighs and fucked her on her side,
    thrusting his cock rapidly in and out of her cunt. Her face was
    turned to one side and her eyes were glassy with unfaked lust and
    desire. Moaning and whimpering she jerked and writhed on the bed,
    begging to be fucked harder.

    After several minutes, they paused again and she turned on her
    front on all fours and presented her buttocks to the young peon.
    Panting with excitement, he plunged his cock into her from behind,
    making her cry out. Her head snapped up with a look of bliss on
    her face. Holding her hips, Deepak ram-fucked her from behind,
    reaming his cock into her cunt. She moved with him, jerking back
    and forth on his cock in a frenzy. The peon's erect, glistening
    penis appeared and disappeared rapidly between the curves of her
    buttocks. Each thrust made her pendulous breasts drew an ululating

    Faster and faster they went, moving in a frenzy now, their cries
    loud and lewd, their bodies slapping hungrily together. Anita
    rocked and swung under the peon. His hips crashed into her
    buttocks again and again, his penis plunging greedily,
    uncontrollably, insatiably, in and out of her hot vortex. He
    squeezed her swollen breasts and she cried out sharply as the
    orgasm hit her hard.

    "Oh baby yes! Yes! Ohhhhhhh yes!" Anita cried.

    Seconds later, gasping and moaning feverishly, his loins blazing
    with lustfire, the peon rammed his penis deep into her cunt. His
    head flung back, his face suffused with relief, he held her waist
    and jerked his hips at her buttocks, moaning as he emptied himself
    inside her flesh.

    Anita never tired of it. A few minutes later, the handsome
    peon-stud was moaning and gasping, lying on his back as she bent
    her head over his crotch and went to work on his cock. He groaned
    thickly as his penis quivered and responded to her cunning lips
    and electric tongue. She sucked his cock gently and slowly, taking
    it deep in her mouth, deeply aroused by the musky taste and odour
    of his jizz and her cunt-juice on it. His balls were heavy and big
    and, moaning and whimpering, she dragged her tongue down his erect
    shaft to his balls and sucked them gently, rolling her tongue
    around their sweetly rounded contours. The peon groaned and
    caressed her head and she looked up and smiled at his excited
    expression. His cock quivered temptingly and she slid up again,
    caressing her face with it, taking it between her breasts as she
    tongued his navel. He groaned at the warmth of her breast-sheath.
    He could feel the hardness of her nipples scraping along his thick

    "Yeh ... do it ... suck my prick, whore," he muttered. "C'mon ...
    suck it good! Oh fuck yes! Ohhhh yes! Yes! Ohhhh god yes!"

    His obscene cries aroused her and she sucked his cock eagerly now,
    her head bobbing and rocking rapidly up and down over his lap
    while she jerked his cock in her fist. His cock throbbed and spat
    pre-cum gunk. She lapped it hungrily.

    "Enough!" he gasped at last. "C'mon ... sit on my dick, bitch ...
    do it!"

    Groaning, Anita slid up and straddled his hips on her knees.
    Taking his cock in her hand, she eased her hot, wet, tight cunt
    down onto the upright shaft. It popped into her flesh and she
    gasped, her head arching back with a moan of pleasure. The peon
    groaned as her cunt convulsed on his penis and he slid his hands
    up to her breasts and arched his cock into her cunt, making her
    groan loudly. She hissed in pleasure and her hips began to grind
    round and round on his cock.

    "Yes," she gasped. "Oh god yes, Deepak, yes! Ohhhh baby yes!"

    Anita began rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, sliding
    her cunt up and down the length of his shaft. It was wonderful in
    her slit, hot and thick and hard, throbbing and pulsing
    powerfully. She groaned and moved faster, her breasts jiggling and
    bouncing and he slid his hands up and squeezed them in his
    excitement. Groaning, she bent over and kissed the peon like a
    lover, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. He was a wonderful
    lover, and she knew he could and would fuck her repeatedly.

    She wanted nothing else.

                                 = o =