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Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                      ::: e n c o u n t e r :::

                          BIRDS OF A FEATHER

    "God, I love your body," Cheryl murmured. "I love fucking you."

    Beside her, Mala smiled gently, her lovely face suffused with
    excitement. She moved her head closer to Cheryl's and kissed her
    deeply. Cheryl closed her eyes, her body trembling with
    excitement. Mala's delicate, slender fingers roamed Cheryl's naked
    body, cupping and fondling her swollen breasts, teasing her long,
    rigid nipples. Cheryl drew Mala's tongue into her mouth and sucked
    it gently as she fondled her breasts, caressed Mala's buttocks and
    thighs. Nothing gave the kind of contentment lesbian sex did,
    Cheryl thought. Especially when the girl you were fucking was your
    closest friend.

    Mala and she went back a long way, to their college days, when
    they shared everything two teenage girls could -- and much more
    besides. They first had lesbian sex on a humid afternoon a few
    months after they met at Cheryl's house, and it became a regular
    feature of their lives from then on. Except for the brief
    interlude when Mala married a completely unsuitable man, they
    never denied themselves this, the most delicate and heightened of
    sexual pleasures.

    They lay naked on Cheryl's bed now, surrounded by a mind-boggling
    assortment of dildoes, vibrators and sexual toys, their bodies
    glistening with a special skin lotion they had massaged into each
    other's bodies. It was a powerful sub-cutaneous aphrodisiac. It
    seeped into their flesh and aroused every fibre and nerve of their
    bodies. Their cunts were streaming freely, their nipples were
    stiff and hard, their breasts swollen and turgid and heavy with

    "I've asked some guys to come in later," Mala murmured, kissing
    Cheryl again, flipping her tongue wantonly in and out of her

    "Good," Cheryl whispered, her fingers moving to Mala's cunt.
    "Anyone I know."

    "Let that be a surprise."

    Cheryl's eyes sparkled. "Bitch."

    "Horny bitch."

    "At least tell me how many."



    "Randy whore."

    Mala rolled Cheryl over onto her back and straddled her body.
    Cheryl thought her friend was one of the loveliest women she knew.
    Her face was delicate, yet earthy and utterly sensual. She had
    large, deep brown, *kajal*-rimmed eyes that were warm and gentle.
    Her cheekbones were high, the line of her jaw was exquisite,
    delicate. Her teeth were strong and white and even. Her upper lip
    was sexily slender, bowed over the fuller, straighter lower lip.
    Her hair was dark and silky, pulled back in a simple pony tail
    held by a dark cotton ring-band. Her neck was a long and elegant
    column that swept past the sexy hollows in her throat and
    shoulders to superb breasts, high, succulent, luscious mounds with
    stiff, stubby nipples in small, bright, densely puckered aureoles.

    Mala took good care of her body and it showed. Her belly was firm
    and flat and her hips flared neatly. Her buttocks were low and
    firmly rounded. Her arms and legs were slender and shapely with
    slim ankles and wrists and elegantly formed hands and feet. Her
    skin was tawny. She had a sexy little birthmark high in her
    cleavage inside her left breast, another just in front of her left
    ear. She wore a gold necklace, a diamond ring, matching earrings,
    a toe-ring. She had an insatiable sexual appetite, one she
    discovered in her early teens and steadily nurtured ever since.

    Mala fucked constantly. Servants, strangers, friends, friends'
    friends, men, women, urchin, construction gang workers, daily
    labourers -- Mala fucked them all without respite. She seldom
    spent twenty four hours without at least one fuck. Fortunately,
    her sister and their cousins and niece and most of her friends,
    including Cheryl, shared Mala's devotion to sexual gratification.
    They exchanged lovers constantly. Like Mala, all the others, and
    even Cheryl, regularly hired themselves out as whores. They were
    very expensive, but they were exceptionally good. They also made
    skin flicks and did live sex shows. It was their immense good
    fortune that they knew Jayant, a truly heroic man, with a
    brilliant body, an awesome physique and breath taking lectual
    skill. He was their ticket to sexual freedom: he controlled and
    ran a mammoth international commercial enterprise, Hedon & Venery,
    devoted entirely to purveying sexual gratification -- and all
    these women were an intrinsic part of it.

    Even in this sexually overcharged company, Mala stood alone. Her
    taste in sex was wider and more eclectic than most, certainly more
    than Cheryl's. There were few things she baulked at. Usually, she
    was willing to try anything at least once. Cheryl remembered her
    once, in a live show for a special client from the Middle East at
    Hedon & Venery, fucking a real live donkey. The animal had a
    mammoth penis, at least eighteen inches long, over three inches
    thick. He was in deep rut and it took four strong men to hold him
    in check. Even Mala had required powerful aphrodisiacs to take him
    on, but she did it and her orgasms were real and unfaked. By the
    time she had done with it, the creature was tottering blindly like
    a drunk across the stage.

    The client was ecstatic. A few weeks later, he was back and this
    time, he brought with him a massively built and even more hugely
    endowed black man from Namibia. His cock was gargantuan, the
    largest Cheryl had ever seen. Mala accepted the challenge and, for
    two and half hours, fucked him non-stop on stage till she had
    drained him completely. Then, just to show who was the real
    master, she ordered up two studs and fucked them together for the
    next forty five minutes. The Sheik wanted to buy her at once,
    money was no object, he offered Jayant the moon, sun and stars.
    Jayant demurred and offered the Sheik any of his other women,
    including Cheryl, on the house with his compliments, but declined
    the offer.

    It was masterfully done. Jayant refused him, but saved his face.
    The Sheik was charmed and overwhelmed. He went away empty handed
    but content. He had taken two girls, Mala's sister and their
    cousin and the girls had fucked him and fucked him till he was
    exhausted. Early the next morning, Cheryl went to him as a
    farewell gesture. The Sheik expressed his eternal gratitude and
    offered Jayant a franchise in his country, gratis. It was set up
    within a matter of weeks and it was one hell of a place. Cheryl
    had been there. The sex was outstanding, the shows mind-blowing
    and the money was incredibly good. She didn't really need this job
    at the bank but, what the hell, it gave her a cloak of

    Now this gorgeous, sexy, voluptuous woman who had the world at her
    feet and any man she wanted between her legs, was groaning with
    lust with her, Cheryl, telling her how much she liked fucking her,
    how much she wanted her. Cheryl felt a surge of tenderness that
    sharpened her lust. She pulled Mala's head down to hers in a deep,
    hungry kiss, arching her tongue up into Mala's mouth. Mala's
    breasts were hot and heavy on her own. Their bodies writhed
    together, their hard nipples scraping each others. Cheryl pushed
    Mala up and, craning her head, squeezed Mala's large, lovely
    breasts together and sucked them sharply together. Mala moaned,
    arching her face and closing her eyes, her soft-haired cunt
    squirming erotically over Cheryl's. Cheryl whipped Mala's hard
    little nipples with her tongue, scraping her teeth and gums over
    them, nibbling them delicately. Mala groaned, biting her lower
    lip, her breath coming heavy now, her nostrils dilated with lust.
    Cheryl slid her hands down Mala's body and caressed her buttocks,
    splitting them open and pressing her fingertip to Mala's anus.
    Mala whimpered, grinding her crotch against Cheryl's.

    "Ohhhh uhhh yes ... c'mon, Cheryl baby ... yes ... do it!" she

    Cheryl released her breasts. "I want to lick your slit," she
    murmured. "C'mon ... let me tongue-fuck your cunt."

    "Yes," Mala moaned. "God yes ... I want your tongue in my cunt,
    babe ... I love the way to lick my slit!"

    Mala slithered up Cheryl's body till she was kneeling astride
    Cheryl's face. Mala's cunt was wet, streaming with cunt-juice. The
    musky smell of it filled Cheryl's nostrils, made her head swim.
    She thrust her face in Mala's cunt, pulling her cunt-lips open
    with her slender fingers, jabbing her tongue into the soft, wet,
    warm flesh within.

    "Mm ... Ohhhh uhhhh yes!" Mala gasped, closing her eyes, arching
    her head, her hands under her swollen breasts, lifting and
    squeezing them excitedly. "Yeh ... oooh yeh, Auds ... that's it
    ... that's so good, baby ... yeh ... c'mon ... lick my cunt ...
    ahhhh uhhh yeh ... ohhh god yes!"

    Cheryl lifted her eyes and was aroused by the suffusion of wanton
    desire softening Mala's features. Her eyes were hooded, her
    nostrils dilated, her mouth open. Her hips squirmed on Cheryl's
    face and her hands crushed her breasts.

    "Yes! OHHHHH uhhh yes! Oh god yes! C'mon ... do it! OHHHH uhh Ohma
    uhhh yes!" Mala called deliriously.

    Being tongue-fucked by a woman was a pleasure all its own, Mala
    thought. It was so different from being licked by a man, so
    special. Cheryl's tongue was slim and sharp and tender and
    delicate. It pierced her cunt, whipped her gorged clitoris, probed
    and darted this way and that, running in and out, lapping at her
    flowing juices. Cheryl had curled the edges of her tongue inward
    to make a long, shapely funnel with which she explored Mala's
    cunt. Her juices flowed into Cheryl's mouth and she drank them
    greedily, savouring their tangy, musky taste, enjoying the
    stickiness on her fingers and hands. Cheryl's slim fingertip
    pressed to Mala's anus and Mala arched back, yielding, letting it
    through. She leaned back on one outstretched arm, the other in
    front of her, gripping Cheryl's hair, moving her head frantically
    round and round in her cunt, her hips grinding and swirling in a
    frenzy on Cheryl's face. It felt glorious.

    "OHHHHHHHHh uhhhh YES uhhh OHMA uhhh yes oh god Auds yes ohh
    uhhhhh yes!" Mala cried, her face contorting in a rictus of lust
    as her lust sharpened and grew.

    Suddenly, Mala paused, rising, and turned around facing Cheryl's
    feet. As she lowered her crotch on her face, Cheryl arched her
    head and dipped her tongue into Mala's cunt again, but now she
    worked her tight, dainty little anus, too, rimming the puckered
    flesh, feeling light-headed with its musky taste and smell. Mala
    moaned, writhing erotically on Cheryl's face, her hands fondling
    Cheryl's breasts in excitement, then rising to her own, lifting
    and squeezing the turgid mounds, plucking at her stiff nipples.
    Her head turned from side to side and she arched her tongue
    wantonly over her upper lip, hissing her pleasure.

    "Mm ... ohhh yes ... that's it ... c'mon Auds ... lick my ass ...
    ahhh ... uhhh yes ... oh ma ... oh that's so good, baby ... c'mon
    ... now lick my slit ... OHHH uhhh yes ... oh god that feels so
    good, babe ... c'mon ... lick my cunt!"

    Still squirming joyously on her friend's face, Mala bent slowly
    forward and pushed her face into Cheryl's feathery-haired crotch.
    Cheryl moaned softly, her voice muffled by Mala's hips pressing to
    her face, and forked her legs wide open. Her cunt was sodden,
    streaming freely. Mala opened her mouth and pushed her tongue out
    as far as she could and dragged it heavily down Cheryl's slit.
    Cheryl cried out, arching and twisting under Mala. Mala pulled her
    cunt-lips wide open and, curling the edges of her tongue inward,
    whipped the stiff, quivering stem of Cheryl's clitoris with the
    tip of her tongue. Cheryl's hips heaved and jerked under Mala's
    face, writhing and twisting in an uncontrollable agony of
    pleasure. Cheryl's cunt-juice was tangy and sweet and its smell
    filled Mala's nostrils making her head swim. She plunged a long
    slim finger deep into Cheryl's cunt and began finger- and
    tongue-fucking her simultaneously. Under her crotch, Cheryl moaned
    loudly, her hips shuddering and heaving and pushed her finger into
    Mala's anus and masturbated her asshole rapidly.

    "OHHHHH uhhh yeh ... ohhhh yes!" Mala moaned, lifting her head for
    a moment before Cheryl flung her hand down and jammed Mala's head
    back into her crotch.

    They rolled apart from the sixty-nine, panting and gasping, their
    eyes glassy, their breathing laboured and heavy, their nostrils
    dilated. They fell together in a tangle of limbs, rolling over and
    over, kissing each other deeply, fondling one another's breasts
    and cunts and asshole, licking and biting and kissing feverishly.

    "Fuck me," Cheryl gasped. "C'mon, Mala ... fuck me! Fuck me hard!"

    They were sprawled across the bed with Cheryl on her back, her
    legs forked, Mala bent over her on her outstretched arms and
    knees, her swollen breasts pendulous. Mala straightened for a
    minute and grabbed their favourite sexual toy, an eighteen inch
    long, two inch thick double-headed dildo-vibrator. It had twin
    cock-heads at either end, and the shaft was roughened by randomly
    placed nodules, thick spiralling ribs and short, flexible rubber
    spikes with rounded tips. The device had a black thong belt. Mala
    slipped the belt around her waist and, taking one end of the
    dildo, slowly fed it into her cunt with a low, shuddering moan.
    Cheryl watched her. Mala groaned, her face contorting and twisting
    sexily as she squeezed the dildo/vibrator into her flesh. The
    thick ribs and knobs and spikes crushed into her cunt, mashing her
    gorged clitoris. She moaned loudly, lifting and squeezing her
    breasts in excitement. Deeper and deeper she fed it, till she had
    a good six inches of it firmly embedded in her cunt. Then she bent
    forward slowly over Cheryl again, levering Cheryl's thighs apart,
    resting her weight on her hands on either side of Cheryl's chest.
    The dildo stuck out of Mala's cunt just like a real cock. Cheryl
    moaned softly, her hands between her legs, stroking and caressing
    the thick protruding stem of the dildo-vibrator. She couldn't take
    her eyes off Mala's lovely face, her beauty heightened by the
    naked lust that glowed in her dark eyes.

    "C'mon baby ... do it," Cheryl murmured breathlessly. "Fuck me,
    Mala ... fuck me hard!"

    Mala paused with the head of the ersatz penis at Cheryl's
    cunt-lips. Then, with a loud moan, arching her head, biting her
    lower lip, she flexed her buttocks slowly and sank her hips.

    Both girls cried out as one. Mala's thrust drove the dildo
    vibrator into Cheryl's cunt and, encountering resistance within,
    pushed it backward deeper into Mala's slit. Mala's head snapped
    up, her back bent forward, thrusting her breasts outward. Under
    her, Cheryl's face contorted in a rictus of lust as the huge,
    stiff vibrator popped into her cunt, the hard knobs and spikes and
    ribs crushing her quivering, gorged clitoris.

    "OHHHHHHHh uh OHHMA uhhh OHMAuhhh Mala uhhhhh OHHH uhh
    OHuhhhOHHHHH!" Cheryl cried.

    "Ahhhhhh uhhh OHHHHHH uhhh Oh god oh god OHH!" Mala gasped.

    Cheryl's hips heaved up at Mala's even as Mala forced her own hips
    lower. The dildo-vibrator sank into the two cunts as they crushed
    towards each other. Inexorably, it sank deeper and deeper into
    both cunts. Mala paused with her hips pressed low, her buttocks
    flexed taut and, bending her head, looked down at her friend and

    "C'mon!" she gasped. "C'mon Cheryl ... c'mon ... take it! Take it,
    you fucking bitch! C'mon whore ... take it!"

    Cheryl found the coarse, macho words coming from Mala inordinately
    sexy. She bucked her hips under hers, and slipped smoothly into
    the submissive role. Later, it would be her turn to dominate the

    "Yes!" she cried. "Fuck me! Fuck me like a whore, Mala! Fuck me!
    OHH yes ... c'mon! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it hard!"

    Bent over Cheryl on her knees and outstretched arms, Mala began
    fucking Cheryl -- and so herself -- with long, crushing thrusts of
    her hips. Her buttocks flexed and unflexed strongly. Their cunts
    slid up and down the length of the stiff dildo which glistened
    with their coital juices. The bed rocked with their motions and
    their bodies slithered to and fro on the bed. Cheryl's head
    flopped back over the edge of the bed. She lifted her legs high
    and wide, curling them under Mala's buttocks. Mala moved faster,
    with deeper, harder thrusts now, and Cheryl's hips bucked in
    unison with hers. Cheryl's body lurched and rocked with Mala's
    thrusts as she forced the dildo back and forth, in and out, to and
    fro. Their breasts jiggled and wobbled. Mala's gold necklace
    tossed and swung this way and that. Cheryl's necklaces tensioned
    against her craned neck.

    "Yes! OHHHHH uhhh yes! OH baby yes!" Cheryl cried, crushing Mala's
    pendulous breasts in her hands, pinching and tweaking her stiff
    nipples. "C'mon, baby ... fuck me! Fuck me Mala! Fuck me hard!
    C'mon! Oh yeh! That's it! C'mon baby ... do it! Do it to me! OHHH
    uhh oHma uhhhh OHHH uhh ohh yeh oh yeh oh yes ohma uhhh yes uhhh
    OHHHHH uhh yes!"

    "Take it! C'mon, Cheryl-whore, c'mon you fucking slut ... take it!
    Take it, you whoring bitch! Take it!" Mala gasped, her voice
    guttural and low. "Ohh uhh yeh oh fuck yes ohhh uhh yes ohhh yeh
    baby yeh ... c'mon ... take it ... ahhh uhhh yeh ... that's it ...
    c'mon ... take it, you frigging whore slut bitch ... take it,
    cunt, take it!"

    Mala hit the small button on the belt. Instantly, the vibrator
    kicked into action. It had an inner cavity filled with an aqueous
    distillate of aphrodisiacs, the potency of which was heightened at
    raised temperature. Within the cavity was a small thermostat,
    powered by a tiny battery that also made the device vibrator. When
    she turned it on, the ersatz penis hummed softly and began to
    throb of its own accord in a pulsating action very similar to that
    of an erect penis. It heated quickly too, and both women could
    feel the inner heat through the latex sheath. There was a second
    button on the belt, too, that triggered a simulated ejaculation.

    The vibrator throbbed and pulsed with rising anger and the two
    women gasped and whimpered, their groins crushing together, their
    bodies jerking and lurching uncontrollably.

    "Yes! OH ma uhhh yes uhh oh god Mala yes uhh OHHH uhhh MAuhhMA
    uhhh MAuhhAHHHHuhhhMALAuhhhhyes!" Cheryl sobbed, her body jerking
    and thrashing wildly.

    "Take it!" Mala cried, her head flung back, her buttocks flexing
    and unflexing strongly, her hips rocking up and down. "C'mon,
    whore ... take it ... take it, Cheryl you fucking slut take it you
    randy whore take it uhhh yes c'mon, c'mon, bitch take it!"

    Both were adept at prolonging the pleasure. They slowed as their
    orgasms neared and, just before the climaxes could break, they
    stopped and broke apart with loud, shuddering moans, their bodies
    quivering and trembling at the brink. Cheryl gasped as Mala eased
    the dildo out of Cheryl's cunt and switched off the vibrator. It
    died instantly. With a loud, deep-throated moan, biting her lower
    lip, Mala drew it out of her cunt quickly. She tossed it aside and
    the two women rolled on the bed together, feverish with lust and
    excitement, kissing and fondling each other. Now their roles were
    reversed. Cheryl turned Mala over on her front and got to her
    knees behind her, picking up the dildo again.

    "Now," Cheryl gasped, her voice husky and hoarse. "I'm going to
    fuck your cunt, whore ... I'm going to fuck it hard!"

    "Yes," Mala groaned, trembling on her forearms and knees like a
    bitch in heat. "God yes, Cheryl ... please ... hurry ... do it!
    Fuck me, baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck my cunt!"

    Now Cheryl had the dildo-vibrator in place, one end buried in her
    cunt, the other sticking out like a massive prod. She shuffled
    forward and pressed the free end between Mala's buttocks. Mala
    groaned as she felt it at her anus.

    "Want it in your ass, bitch?" Cheryl panted. "C'mon ... I want to
    fuck your ass!"

    "Later! Not now, Auds! Do it later!" Mala moaned.

    Reaching under her belly and thighs with one hand, Mala guided the
    ersatz cock-head to her cunt-lips. Cheryl paused fractionally with
    the dildo pressed firmly to Mala's cunt. She hit the button on the
    belt smartly. The dildo sprang to life, humming and heating and,
    instantly, Cheryl gripped Mala's hips and flexed her buttocks and
    drove her hips forward. The dildo popped into Mala's cunt and
    surged deeply inward, sinking in and in and in, the stiff spikes
    and hard knobs and ridges on its shaft rasping and crushing her
    gorged clitoris. Mala cried out, her head snapping up, her face
    contorting in a savage rictus of lust, her eyes screwed shut, her
    lips torn back over her wide open mouth, her long neck craned. Her
    body lurched forward under Cheryl's thrust. Behind and above her,
    Cheryl, too, cried out as the dildo entering Mala's face
    encountered resistance and drove its other end deeper into
    Cheryl's slit.


    "Ahhhhhh uhhh ohfuckuhhhahhhuhhhhyes!" Cheryl gasped.

    The vibrator hummed, its shaft quivering and pulsating angrily,
    the heat from its innards radiating out into the two girls' cunts.
    Mala's long, ululating cry dwindled to a shuddering moan of
    pleasure and she rocked her buttocks back heavily against Cheryl,
    forcing the dildo deeper into their slits. Cheryl moaned, her face
    twisting in delight as the huge dildo pierced her cunt. She hissed
    softly, fondling her swollen breasts in excitement, crushing the
    turgid mounds, pinching and tweaking her erect nipples, rubbing
    and rolling her palms erotically over her breasts. Beneath her,
    her knees splayed wide, Mala moaned softly and thickly, her body
    swaying on all fours like a bitch in rut, her buttocks squirming
    eagerly against Cheryl's crotch.

    "Yes," she sobbed deliriously. "Fuck me, Cheryl ... please ...
    fuck me hard ... I want it ... fuck my cunt, babe ... please ...
    do it!"

    Cheryl moaned and began to fuck her friend heavily and deeply,
    gripping her waist and moving the swollen, hot dildo in and out,
    back and forth, to and fro. Its inner heat seeped into their
    cunts, arousing both women further. The rocking motions made the
    hard spikes and knobs and ridges rasp over their inflamed, gorged
    clitorises. Cheryl gritted her teeth and quickened the tempo,
    thrusting into Mala's cunt with deep, snapping, piercing strokes.
    Every thrust drew a choking sob of pure pleasure from Mala.

    "Yeh ... c'mon ... take it ... take it all, you fucking whore!"
    Cheryl rasped. "C'mon Mala you whore-bitch ... take it ... c'mon,
    you frigging randy cunt ... take it! Take it, you fucking slut ...
    take it all! Take it! Oh yeh ... oh fuck yes! C'mon! Yes! Take

    At Mala's instance, Cheryl had installed enormous mirrors on the
    walls above and facing the bed and on the ceiling. It gave the
    room an erotic, markedly licentious, if not entirely debauched,
    look. Cheryl found it very sexy. She looked up and was aroused by
    the reflected image she saw. Mala gasped and moaned, her head
    raised up, radiant with lust, her eyes shut, her mouth open in a
    wide 'O' of pleasure. Her gold necklace tossed and danced freely
    and her pendulous breasts, like succulent jackfruit, jiggled and
    jounced with Cheryl's thrusts.

    sobbed. "Fuck me! Fuck me, Cheryl! Fuck me hard! OHHH uhhh yeh oh
    yeh oh yeh ohhh god yes c'mon ... fuck my cunt, babe ... fuck me!
    Yes! OHHHH uhhh yes!"

    Faster and faster Cheryl went, ramming and jamming the huge dildo
    in and out of Mala's cunt -- and thus her own -- her fingers
    digging into Mala's hips, jerking her body back and forth on the
    bed, dragging Mala's cunt up and down the length of the wicked
    vibrator. The device hummed and heated and throbbed like a thing
    alive between their legs and both women soared towards their

    "OHHHHH UHHH YES C'MON YES! OHHHHH uhhhh YES! Oh god yes! Hit it,
    Cheryl! Hit it! Now! Oh god yes now! C'mon! Do it! OHHHH uhh yes
    oh yes oh yes oh yes!"

    "Ahhhh uhhh ahhh uhh ah uh ah uh yes c'mon take it take it take
    you fucking whore take it!" Cheryl cried. "Yeh uhh oh yeh oh yeh
    c'mon, c'mon you fucking whore, c'mon!"

    They orgasmed almost simultaneously, their cunts contracting
    savagely on the make-believe penis. Cheryl slammed her slender
    wrist against the ejaculator button. Instantly, the device swelled
    in their cunts, vibrating furiously, searing fiery hot now. The
    girls cried out, gasping and whimpering, Cheryl's thighs
    rebounding madly off Mala's buttocks, the dildo cannoning in and
    out of their cunts. Seconds after she hit the button, the vibrator
    simulated an ejaculation. It swelled even more, lengthened and
    then, pulsing angrily, spat its thick, creamy load, very like real
    jizz in consistency and thickness and, the girls knew only too
    well, taste. The potent aphrodisiac suspension spewed from the
    long slits in the opposing cock-heads and shot into their cunts in
    thick, endless spurts. Within seconds, the aphrodisiac went to
    work, powering through their bodies, its effect heightened and
    intensified by the flowing juices and orgasmic hormonal spasms
    that wracked their bodies.

    They fell apart, sobbing with joy, panting and moaning
    breathlessly, their bodies trembling and quivering. In each
    other's arms again, they rolled around on the bed in a frenzy,
    kissing each other, frantically masturbating each other, sucking
    and nibbling one another's breasts, plunging their fingers into
    each other's cunts.

    "Fuck me again!" Cheryl gasped as Mala rolled over on her. "Please
    Mala! Fuck me again! Fuck me hard! I want it! I want you, babe! I
    want you!"

    Mala looked at her glassy eyed, her hair slightly loose now,
    framing her lovely face. Her breasts swung heavy and pendulous
    over Cheryl's. Cheryl squeezed them eagerly, writhing and
    squirming her crotch against Mala's.

    "Want it in your ass?" Mala murmured husky-voiced.

    "Yes!" Cheryl moaned. "Oh god yes!"

    "So do I," Mala gasped. "Oh fuck, I want it too!"

    An otherwise intractable problem, but the girls were not so easily
    beaten. They had a solution for that, too. Cheryl grabbed another
    dildo from the bed and gave it to Mala.

    "Let's use this now," she gasped. "I love this thing!"

    "Oh god yes," Mala moaned breathlessly. "God, I want it!"

    It was a curious four-pronged device, a double double-header. It
    had two shafts on either side of a central link, each of the four
    stems topped by a bulbous head shaped very like a circumcised
    cock-head. One of each pair of cock-shafts was slimmer than the
    other and separated from its thicker companion by about two inches
    or so. Each shaft was about eight inches long.

    Both girls turned around on all fours, on their forearms and
    knees, their buttocks to each other. Mala reached back with the
    dildo and pressed one of the thicker stems between her legs and
    squeezed the thick cock-head and a fair bit of the two inch thick
    shaft into her cunt with a low moan. The remaining three stems
    protruded from her buttocks. Cheryl looked over her shoulder, saw
    that Mala was set and gently backed towards her, reaching down
    between her legs to take the opposite thick stem and cock-head.
    She fed it into her slit. The two girls moaned, backing each
    other, their cunts impaled by the thick device, their buttocks
    almost touching.

    "Ready?" Cheryl groaned.

    "Yes ... god yes!"

    Cheryl flung her arm behind her back, grabbed the thinner free
    shaft that ran almost parallel to the one embedded in her cunt and
    pressed it to her anus. Mala did the same with the other.

    "Say ... when," Mala groaned.

    "One ... two ... three ... now!"

    At the signal, both women forced their buttocks backward. The
    thinner stems pierced their anuses and ran in deep. Both women
    cried out together, their face jerking up and contorting in wild,
    savage spasms of lust, their features contorting in delight. Now
    each had her cunt and ass skewered by the two stems of the dildo.

    The two women moaned and cried out, their bodies burning and
    aching with lust and delirious joy. They rocked back and forth on
    all fours, their heavy breasts jiggling and bouncing, their gold
    necklaces tossing and flapping. Their nipples were rigid and ached
    with the tension. Their faces creased with a radiant suffusion of
    ecstasy. Back and forth and to and fro they went, their buttocks
    bouncing off each others. Between their bodies, the bizarre dildo
    glistened and gleamed with their coital juices, its dark latex
    shaft shining with cunt-juice.

    "OHHHH uhh OHHHHH uhh OH baby yes!" Mala cried, echoing Cheryl's
    almost identical response. "OHHH uhhh yes oh god yes oh god yes
    uhhh YES!"

    Which was just about the time the door burst open and the six
    gigolos crowded into the room. The girls paused in their to and
    fro motion and moaned, looking up at the handsome smiling men as
    they undressed, showing off their enormous penises. Mala and
    Cheryl moaned feverishly, looking at the men with raw hunger in
    their eyes. They broke gingerly off the four-head dildo and turned
    to the men, whimpering in naked, wanton lust. Lesbian sex with
    sexual aids and toys was good, even great but nothing, nothing at
    all, compared to the real thing.

    Especially so much of it.

                                = o =