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Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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                  How Hard A Life Her Servant Lives

    Kanan lost her virginity to the house-servant when he fucked her
    one hot afternoon. Everyone else was away and she was supposed to
    be studying for her exams. Actually, she was fantasizing,
    masturbating with a hand down her baggy shorts, another under her
    shirt, while the pages blurred before her eyes.

    It was humid, and the air-conditioner would not work. The ceiling
    fan barely stirred the torpid air. She unbuttoned her cotton shirt
    and pulled it open. She was not wearing a bra, and she fanned
    herself with her notebook, shivering as her nipples popped erect.
    A thin ribbon of sweat trickled sexily through her deep cleavage.
    She squeezed her breasts gently, rolling the heavy mounds under
    her palms and tweaked her nipples. Her breasts grew warm and

    Sighing, she leaned back in her chair and pulled off her shorts.
    Spreading her legs wide, she slid her finger to her crotch and
    began to masturbate slowly. It felt so good. She rubbed her finger
    up and down her slit and, sensuously rubbed her moist finger over
    her puckered aureoles. She closed her eyes.

    If only she could have a man. A real man, with a real penis, long
    and thick and dark, one she could suck and play with till it was
    hard. Then he would squeeze it into her cunt and she would feel
    its heat and hardness in her flesh.

    Not long ago, her best friend, Aarti had showed her several
    pornographic magazines from her father's collection. Together,
    they had pored over the glossy, detailed photographs in complete,
    awed silence. Later, each had confessed to feeling aroused and
    wanting the real thing. Their desire was too intense to be
    contained and they had kissed and fondled each other's breasts in
    adolescent excitement. Their lust mounted and soon they were naked
    together in bed, kissing and licking each other erotically,
    fondling one another's breasts and cunts. Then Aarti pushed her
    face between Kanan's thighs and licked her slit till she came.
    Kanan returned the favour.

    After that, they devoured the magazines, studying the pictures and
    reading the pornography. Giggling, they would strip and
    tongue-fuck one another. They shared their fantasies with each
    other and practiced using obscenities that both found exciting.

    "I want to lick your slit," Aarti would say.

    "Yes -- come on -- fuck me with your tongue -- I want your tongue
    in my cunt!" Kanan would gasp.

    "Let me tongue-fuck you."

    "Quickly! Fuck me quickly -- finger-fuck me, too!"

    If only Aarti were here. They could spend the afternoon playing
    with each other and inventing wilder and wilder sex-games. Aarti
    was game for anything. Kanan remembered the time she had produced
    a vibrator. They went mad with joy, using it on themselves, on
    each, unable to get enough of it. Apparently, her father and
    step-mother had a treasure-trove of sexual toys. The next day, she
    produced a double-headed dildo. Kanan and she had a long and
    exciting lesbian fuck, on their hands and knees backing each other
    with their cunts bridged by the dildo. At first, they were clumsy
    and unsure, but soon discovered a rhythm, both rocking back
    simultaneously on the long tube in their cunts, their buttocks
    slapping at each other's.

    Kanan gasped at the memory and frantically vibrated her fingertip
    against her clitoris. Her orgasm neared and she stopped. She had
    long discovered the intense satisfaction of prolonging orgasms.
    Slowly, she began masturbating again, arching two fingers into her
    cunt, rubbing a third against her clitoris.

    What fun they had with the dildo. Kanan remembered the afternoon
    when Aarti had fucked her with it like a man, with Aarti on top
    and Kanan gasping beneath. With one end of it in her own cunt,
    Arti, slim and willowy and dusky, with lovely sloping breasts and
    a fine-featured face, had moved between Kanan's thighs and slowly
    squeezed the other end into her cunt.

    "I'm going to ram-fuck you!" she gasped.

    "Yes! Yes -- fuck me hard! Fuck my cunt as hard as you can!" Kanan

    They kissed and squeezed each other's swollen, turgid breasts and
    Kanan gasped and arched as Aarti forced the huge dildo deep into
    her cunt. Kanan's legs rose and wound tightly about Aarti's lovely
    buttocks. Bent over her, Aarti fucked Kanan -- and so, herself --
    moving her hips rapidly up and down, up and down till they came.
    Kanan gasped and moaned, writhing and thrashing under her friend,
    squeezing her wobbling breasts, sucking them in a frenzy. Then it
    was her turn, and her orgasm doubled in intensity as she rocked
    her hips back and forth, forcing the double-headed dildo into
    their cunts with each lunge.

    With a soft moan, Kanan let herself go. Her finger wiggled
    furiously in her cunt, strumming her gorged clitoris and she
    gasped as the orgasm hit. Her cunt-juices seeped over her wrist
    and fingers. Gasping and panting, she wiped her hand on her
    breasts, and licked her fingers clean.

    Somehow, it wasn't good enough. Sighing, she turned back to her
    books. It was impossible. Soon, her mind was wandering again.
    Sighing, she got up and, knotting her shirt- tails under her
    belly, leaving her midriff bare, wandered out of the room.

    How she hated her house. It was dark and gloomy and boring. There
    wasn't a book in sight, and the only music was a raucous cacophony
    from the Hindi films on television. There wasn't even a pretty
    picture, or attractive furniture. Her parents made no effort at
    all. The hall was a big, dusty room with a long, completely
    ungainly sofa along one wall, covered in plastic. The carpet on
    the floor was perennially shrouded in a white sheet that bore the
    traces of too many spilled drinks and crushed potato chips. The
    dining table was a dirty brown formica-topped affair. Really, her
    parents had an astonishing lack of style.

    Grimacing, she wandered into the kitchen. Even that was badly
    designed, hot and inconvenient and uncomfortable. The imported
    three-door refrigerator looked incongruous in such dismal
    surroundings. She got herself a drink of water and, pressed the
    lever for ice. She popped several cubes in her glass and taking
    three or four in her hand, ran them around her temples, over her
    face and through her cleavage. It felt very sexy. Her nipples
    hardened again. Smiling with pleasure, she slid her hand under the
    open lapels of her shirt and moved the ice cubes over her nipples.
    They quivered and she felt her cunt suddenly ooze with excitement.

    She turned, with her hand still inside her shirt, over her breast,
    and froze in shock. At the door, watching her quietly stood their
    new servant, Ramu. Her jaw dropped and she gaped at him and
    flushed, too shocked even to move her hand out of her shirt. He
    stood watching her silently, expressionless.

    He was a handsome young man in his early twenties, recently come
    to work for them. He was tall and dark, with a strong, rough-hewn,
    handsome face. His hair was thick and dark. He was clean-shaven.
    His body was muscular with broad shoulders, a cleaved chest, a
    flat belly and long arms and legs thick with muscle. She had often
    fantasized about him fucking her.

    Ramu stood still, as if carved of stone. The ice melted in her
    hand and stained her shirt. She slid her hand out. They stood
    still, staring at each other and their eyes locked and, as his
    eyes burned into her, she felt a sudden frisson of excitement. He
    was so sexy and, in this heat, he had taken off his shirt and was
    clad only in his tight shorts. Involuntarily, her eyes slid to his
    crotch and lingered on the tempting bulge between his legs.

    He stepped forward silently and she pressed herself back against
    the fridge door. Slowly, he came up to her, his eyes never leaving
    hers. She cowered against the fridge, looking up at him. His body
    was very close to hers, almost touching her. She could smell the
    tangy, sexy, sweaty odour of his body. She noticed that his
    armpits were shorn. His chest was sexily clear of any trace of
    hair. His nipples were very dark and sharp in small aureoles. She
    wanted to lean forward and suck one of them. He inched closer and
    his broad, strong feet touched hers. Her hands dropped to her

    Slowly, he hooked his fingers in the knot of her shirt and pulled
    it wide. His hands cupped her face and tilted it up to his. His
    lips fluttered over hers. She closed her eyes. His lips fastened
    on hers and she felt them part and his tongue pressed to her lips.
    She could not resist. Her lips opened and his tongue slid into her
    mouth. Simultaneously, his hands slid down her neck and over her
    breasts. Kanan trembled and her nipples shot out and her breasts
    grew hot and hard. Instinctively, her arms curled around his
    shoulders. Kissing her gently, deeply, he squeezed her breasts,
    fondling them adroitly. His groin pressed to her belly and she
    could feel the hard length of his penis.

    "I --" she began as the kiss broke, but he silenced her by kissing
    her again.

    She grew feverish and trembled with excitement as his evidently
    expert hands fondled and aroused her gently. His hands slid down
    her belly and over her buttocks, down to the backs of her thighs,
    then moved around to the front. His fingers slid into the baggy
    legs of her shorts and she stiffened as she felt them crawl up
    towards her crotch. He moved them higher and continued kissing and
    nuzzling her neck, tonguing her ear, nibbling her earlobe. Pulling
    her shorts in a tight V at her crotch, he pressed his fingertips
    to her slit. It was already wet and her legs shook and parted of
    their own accord as he pulled her cunt-lips open and gently drew
    his fingers along her crack. It was already moist and his fingers
    danced over the soft bush of her pubic hair, gently teasing her
    cunt-lips open and touching the wet, warm flesh within.

    Then he pushed his hands down the waistband of her shorts and
    squeezed her buttocks. Prising them open, he pressed his fingertip
    to her anus. Kanan moaned softly and, her hands on his belly, bent
    her head to his dark, solid chest, kissed his nipple and began to
    suck it gently. She flipped her tongue erotically at the dark,
    hard stub and he grunted. Her face was soft and her mouth was warm
    and tempting. Tiny, fiery flames of pleasure leaped through his
    muscular frame. She sucked harder on his nipple.

    It surprised and pleased him. He smiled, and his teeth were strong
    and white and even. He pulled her shorts down and she was naked in
    his arms. His fingers caressed her cunt and anus and breasts
    again. Her excitement growing, she caressed his hard belly and
    chest, sucking his nipples by turn. Her fingers fluttered at the
    base of his belly. He stopped caressing her, to unbutton his
    shorts and pull down his fly. His shorts peeled open and
    involuntarily, her hand dropped between his legs.

    The first touch of his penis was electrifying. Her fingers flew
    away and immediately returned and, this time, closed around the
    massive thickness of his shaft. She pulled his shorts down and
    freed his penis. He stepped back and she looked down. It was the
    loveliest thing she had seen. Seven inches long, still limp, it
    was an inch and a half thick. His balls were heavy and low. She
    cupped them gently and squeezed his penis, drew her fingers
    tenderly up and down its length, examining its contours. It was
    smoothly shorn down to the hilt and, though she did not know it
    then, she was soon to learn the reason for this. He smiled at her
    awe and she felt his hands pushing her gently to her knees.

    With a shuddering moan, she slipped to her knees before her
    servant. He looked down at her and nodded.

    "Come -- frig me -- like this --"

    He guided her hand and showed her how to masturbate him, flipping
    his foreskin back. His cock-head was thick and dark.

    "You want it, don't you?"

    She nodded, her eyes rivetted on the sight of her first penis. She
    jerked it with increasing confidence as it stirred and began to
    lengthen and thicken in her hand.

    "You must take it in your mouth and suck it. Use your tongue

    Moaning softly, Kanan caressed her face with his cock, her eyes
    half closed. It felt wonderful, warm and heavy and thick, more
    erotic than anything she had imagined. It smelled musky and sexy.
    If only Aarti could see her now! Her head swam with excitement.

    Hesitantly, she pushed her tongue out against the cock-head.
    Ramu's breath hissed sharply, his belly rippled and his penis
    quivered in her fingers. Emboldened by his reaction, she did it
    again and now her tongue swirled over the swollen knob of his
    cock-head. Her servant gasped, more loudly and pulled her head
    forward, jerking his hips at her face.

    "Come on -- take it in your mouth -- suck it -- suck my cock!" He

    It was the first time she had heard a man use such words and they
    excited her. Slowly, she slipped her lips about the cock-head and
    gently began to suck his penis.

    "Ahhhhhh!" Ramu groaned, flinging his head back. "Yes -- OHhhh yes
    -- OHH god that feels so good -- suck it -- suck my cock, Kanan!
    Use your tongue!"

    The repeated aischrolgia added to her arousal. She forced herself
    to take still more of his cock-shaft in her mouth. Her face
    distended with his size. Her tongue grew frantic on the cock- head
    in her mouth. It tasted wonderful, tangy and musky and erotic. She
    pressed her tongue to the slit in his cock-head and he groaned.
    His cock sputtered and she gagged as he spewed pre-cum jizz into
    her mouth. But the taste of it on her tongue was infinitely
    arousing and she swallowed it obediently, still sucking him. Now
    her head rocked back and forth in front of him.

    Ramu fucked her face slowly, pumping his hips back and forth,
    rocking her head to suit his pleasure. His cock glistened and
    gleamed as it went in and out of her mouth. She held his hips,
    cupped his balls and then, to his amazement, tried to finger his
    anus. Groaning, he moved his legs apart and she slid her fingertip
    to his asshole. Now guided by instinct and her reading of
    pornography, she dipped her head and sucked and licked his heavy,
    low balls. The servant gasped in wonder.

    "Please," she murmured, looking up at him. "Please -- use those
    words again."

    A grin of delight creased his handsome features. This was better
    than he expected.

    "Yeh -- take it, bitch -- take my cock -- suck it! Oh yes -- suck
    it, whore!" He gasped, and she thrilled at the words.

    "I -- I want to lick -- your ass," she whispered. "Teri gaand
    chatni hain."

    Ramu looked at her incredulously and shook his head in wonder. Her
    face burrowed between his thighs, turned upward like a suckling
    calf's. He reached back and pulled his buttocks open. Her face and
    lips were soft between his thighs, inordinately erotic. His penis
    sawed the air. He gasped as her tongue slithered into the dank
    cleft between his buttocks and swirled over the puckered flesh of
    his anus. It tasted musky and sexy and she groaned and flipped her
    tongue over the contracting muscle, rimming his ass.

    Groaning, he pulled her head back and fucked her face again.
    Already, she was more adroit and her hunger was unmistakable.
    Fondling her breasts with one hand, the other in her crotch, Kanan
    sucked her servant's penis greedily. It throbbed and pulsed in her
    mouth and he fucked her face rapidly, moaning and jerking his hips
    back and forth, rocking her head in both hands.

    When he pulled her to her feet again, Kanan was thrilled to see
    the excitement on his face. His eyes glittered and his nostrils
    were flared, his lips agape. He kissed her hungrily, squeezing her
    breasts, fondling her buttocks and thighs. She squirmed eagerly
    against him, holding his penis fearlessly and rubbing it between
    her thighs.

    "You want it, don't you? You really want it?" His eyes smiled.

    She nodded and sucked his nipple.

    "Turns you on, doesn't it, talking like this?"

    "Yes," she murmured. "It's sexy."

    "I want to fuck you," he whispered, tonguing her ear. "I want to
    fuck your cunt. I want to fuck you like a whore. Say you want it,

    "Yes," she gasped, his words burning in her ears. "I want your
    cock in my cunt. Fuck me like a whore, Ramu. In my cunt."


    He lowered the small fold-down table, and hoisted her onto the
    edge. They kissed and he pushed her down firmly on her back on the
    table. Her hips were at the edge and her legs dangled over the
    side. He pulled them apart and she tensed, thinking that he would
    ram his cock into her any minute. Shaking his head with a chuckle,
    he leaned over her and flicked her nipple with his tongue.

    Kanan gasped. His tongue was heavy and rough and her nipple
    quivered in excitement. He flicked it rapidly back and forth and
    then tugged it with his teeth. Kanan groaned, her face turned to
    one side. Slowly, he began to suck on her breast, using his tongue
    on the nipple and scraping it across his teeth and palate. Kanan
    writhed with pleasure as ribbons of lust leaped through her body.

    She squeezed her other breast, but he moved her hand away and,
    moistening his fingertip with gunk from his cock-head, smeared it
    on her aureole and nipple. Kanan moaned softly. His tongue
    slithered into the deep valley between her breasts and swirled in
    tantalisingly slow circles up the other mound. He sucked on that
    breast and now his hand was crawling down her belly to her crotch.
    Her thighs trembled and split open for his finger. Gently, he drew
    a finger down her crack. Squeezing her breasts together, he sucked
    them simultaneously. Kanan arched under him, clenching his head.

    "OHHHH -- Oh Ramu!" She gasped.

    Excited at hearing her call his name, Ramu moved his head lower,
    kissing and licking her firm belly. He swirled his tongue through
    her navel and she writhed and he moved lower and nuzzled her
    crotch. Her pubic hair was soft and springy and trimmed. Then she
    surprised him again by splitting her legs wide, pulling her
    cunt-lips open and calling to him.

    "Ramu yes -- please -- lick my slit -- I want your tongue in my
    cunt -- tongue-fuck me!"

    He drove his tongue into her sodden crack and she gasped and
    arched, her hands under her breasts, her head snapping back. Her
    mouth opened in a wide 'O' of joy and she cried out in pleasure.
    His tongue was wonderful, thick and heavy and rough.

    Kanan's hips bucked and twitched. She squeezed her breasts in
    excitement, her head flipping from side to side. His tongue was
    totally unlike Aarti's: Where hers was slender and sharp, his was
    thick and heavy and solid. It probed deep and flickered like
    lightning at her clitoris. Kanan groaned. Slowly, Ramu slid his
    thick middle finger into her cunt. It contracted on his finger
    and, grinning at her cries of pleasure, he slid up again to suckle
    her breasts while his hand pumped steadily between her thighs.

    "Oh Ramu -- yes OHH yes Ohhh god yes!" She gasped. "Put -- put --
    another -- finger inside -- I want another finger in my cunt --
    OHHHH yes -- that's it -- Ohh god yes!"

    Ramu moved around the table and, still sucking her breasts and
    masturbating her cunt, thrust his penis at her face. She swallowed
    it greedily, sucking sharply, her head rocking rapidly back and
    forth as her body twitched and writhed on the kitchen table.
    Already her tongue was more deft and he groaned at the softness
    and moist warmth of her mouth.

    She was teetering on the verge of a cataclysmic orgasm when he
    stopped. Moaning in frustration, she tried to claw his hand back
    to her crotch, her body twitching. Chuckling, he moved between her
    legs, pulling her thighs wide apart and jerking her hips to the
    edge of the table.

    "Now I'm gonna fuck you, whore!" He gasped. "I'm gonna fuck you
    like a cheap, randy whore! You want that, doncha?"

    The abuse sent a frisson of excitement through her and she moaned
    her lusty assent. Grinning broadly, the servant pushed her legs up
    high and pressed his cock-head to her cunt- lips. Kanan tensed,
    her eyes closed, her hands clenching the sides of the table. She
    could feel the fierce heat of his cock.

    "You want it, bitch?" He rasped softly. "Say you want it! Beg for

    "Please," she moaned. "Give it to me -- I want it --"

    "More!" He gasped, moving his cock-head sensuously up and down her
    crack. "Tell me what you want! Say you want my cock in your cunt!"

    "Yes, Ramu yes -- I want your cock -- in my cunt --"

    "What else? What d'ya want me to do, whore?" His cock-head split
    her cunt-lips open.

    "Fuck me, Ramu -- please -- quickly -- fuck me!"


    "Fuck me hard, Ramu -- Oh god -- please -- please -- hurry!"

    She was twitching impatiently under him, her eyes bright and
    glittering. She pulled her cunt- lips open and fondled his penis
    and tried to pull it inside her.

    "I want your cock," she said of her own accord now. "I want your
    lovely cock in my slit -- I want it all -- give it to me, Ramu!
    Take me -- take me like a whore!"

    It was too much for him to bear. Her wanton, obscene entreaties
    goaded him. The smile vanished, replaced by a look of excited
    determination. Taking a deep breath, he flexed his buttocks and
    eased his hips forward. His cock-head slipped through her
    cunt-lips and into her taut channel. She gasped, her back
    cambering, her head snapping back, her mouth tearing open. Her
    cunt convulsed on his throbbing penis and he groaned and held
    still. Her hips twitched and lurched and bucked. He held her down.

    "More? You want more? Say so, slut!"

    "I want it all! Give it to me!" Her voice was ragged and sharp and

    He chuckled softly. The broad was really hot.

    "Take it then!" He cried and, flexing his buttocks taut, swung his
    hips forward with a sharp, savage thrust.

    His penis rammed deep into her cunt and drove the breath from her
    body in rushing gasp. Her hips jerked up, her back bowed taut, her
    head snapped back, her face contorted, her mouth tearing open, her
    lips snapping back over her perfect teeth, her neck craned with
    tendons popping in her throat as the huge penis seared and sizzled
    in her flesh, surging into her body in a hot, hard, endless
    thrust, piercing her very soul.


    Firmly embedded in her cunt, Ramu held completely still. Kanan's
    cry dwindled to a low, whimpering moan. Her body sank back onto
    the table and she looked at him with awe and wonder and joy in her
    eyes. She couldn't believe it. She was being fucked, actually
    fucked! Just like the women in those pictures and stories, with a
    real, thick cock in her cunt! And that, too, by the servant! It
    was too sexy for words. Aarti would go mad with envy.

    Ramu waited patiently, for he knew that it was her first time. He
    noticed with pleasure that she was deliberately controlling
    herself. Her breathing steadied, though it was still sharp and
    shallow and the frantic convulsions of her cunt had yielded to a
    steady, erotic pulsing. Her cunt was incredibly tight and hot and

    "Like it?" He grinned. "Like having a cock in your cunt?"

    "Yes," she smiled. "It's wonderful. It's so nice and thick and
    hard and hot --"

    As she spoke, he began to move, smiling at her. She was a lovely,
    sexy creature and he intended to fuck her slowly and repeatedly.
    He moved his hips gently in slow circular motions and she gasped
    as his cock probed her cunt from all angles. It felt wonderful.
    Instinctively, she began to move in unison with him, her hips and
    buttocks writhing and grinding sensually under his.

    "Mmm -- yes -- Ohh that's so good -- yes -- c'mon Ramu -- fuck me
    -- fuck my cunt -- yes -- Ohhh yes Ramu, yes -- ohh god yes --"

    She closed her eyes and smiled lasciviously, fondling her breasts.
    Holding her thighs apart, he swung his hips round and round,
    changing from circular motions to an elliptical action so that his
    cock went gently in and out of her cunt. Gradually, he began to
    fuck her with a back- and-forth stroke and she quickly matched his

    Her hips moved with his, and his cock slid smoothly in and out of
    her cunt, glistening and gleaming. His balls squeezed up against
    her cunt-lips each time he went into her. She writhed joyously
    under him, her head flipping slowly from side to side. She fondled
    her breasts, squeezing and rolling them in her hands gently,
    sensuously, erotically. Ramu thought she was the sexiest thing
    he'd had in a long time.

    "Ohh Ramu yes -- god yes -- that feels so good -- Ohhhh yes -- yes
    -- fuck me, baby -- fuck my cunt -- Oh god yes -- Unhhh -- Oh ma
    unhhh --. Ohhh yes -- fuck me Ramu -- fuck my slit -- give me your
    cock -- put it in, baby -- yes -- that's it -- ahhhh yes -- fuck
    me Ramu -- don't stop -- don't ever stop -- fucking my cunt --
    OHhhhh yes -- take me! Take me! Yes! Ohhhhhh yes! Come on, Ramu,
    give it to me! Give it all to me! Ohhhh yes! Ohhh god yes! Yes!
    Fuck me! Fuck me Ramu, fuck me!"

    Marvelling at her natural aptitude for sex, he fucked her
    rhythmically. His buttocks flexed and unflexed, his hips swinging
    smoothly back and forth, driving his glistening, swollen cock in
    and out of her cunt. She reached down and encircled his pistoning
    penis with her fingers, feeling it rasp between them into her
    cunt. The sensations in her loins were overpowering. He released
    her thighs and she kept them wide, her heels on the edge of the
    table. He slid his hands up her belly and squeezed her breasts.
    She cupped her hands in his and smiled lovingly at him, her tongue
    flickering over her upper lip.

    "Fuck me hard," she gasped softly. "Fuck me -- like a whore --"

    He put one hand flat on her belly and began to move his hips
    faster, flinging his head back and groaning. Kanan whimpered in
    delight under him, her hips lurching and writhing.

    "Faster!" She gasped. "Take me harder! Harder!"

    Leaning forward with his hands clenching the sides of the table,
    the servant began to fuck her even faster. His hips rocked swiftly
    back and forth and his cock plunged deep into her cunt with every
    thrust, making her jerk under him. Her breasts bounced and jiggled
    with his thrusts.

    She clenched his arms, her head whipping from side to side.
    Bending his head, he sucked sharply on her breasts. Her back
    arched in pleasure and her feet rose and hooked under his arms,
    across his back, taking him even deeper into her cunt. He flung
    his handsome head back and gasped, his eyes closed. His powerful
    shoulders and biceps knotted with tension. She moaned lewdly under
    him, caressing his belly and chest and nipples, clenching his
    arms, whining with passion.

    "Take it! Take it, bitch! Take my cock! Ohhh unhhh yeh -- that's
    it -- take it -- take it, whore -- take my cock! Ohhh fuck yes!
    Ohhhh yes!" He called. "Oh fuck yes oh fuck oh fuck **hanh** uhh
    yes uhh ohh yes -- chul -- chul rundi chul -- le -- le mere lavde
    ko -- **hanh** uhhh Ohhh uhh **hanh** uhh aise! **hanh** aise --
    aur le saali rahnd chul!"

    Now he was moving furiously, his buttocks rocketing back and
    forth, his cock plunging and ramming and reaming into her cunt. He
    swung his hips and she gasped as his penis entered her cunt from
    all angles. She cried out, jerking and rocking ecstatically under
    him. Ram-fucking her furiously, he cried out in delight and she
    thrilled as his words rang in her ears. He was enjoying her! She
    was good to fuck! Oh, if Aarti could see them!

    Kanan had her first orgasm with a man's cock. Her cunt convulsed
    frantically on his penis and she bowed and cried out, arching in
    delight under him. He continued fucking her, thrusting into her
    repeatedly and rapidly, his cock rasping and grating and grinding
    into her cunt. He gasped at the sudden cramping of her cunt on his
    cock and struggled for control. This broad was unbelievably good.

    Her orgasm waned and he slowed. She whimpered, dazed and confused,
    expecting him to come inside her. He smiled at the unspoken
    question in her eyes and slowly slid his cock out of her.

    "Ain't done, yet, cunt," he chuckled. "I'm gonna fuck you again.
    C'mon, on your front!"

    He flipped her over on the table on her knees and pushed her down
    onto her forearms. Her buttocks were thrust back at him. Grinning
    with pleasure, he pulled them open and thrust his face between her
    thighs. Kanan gasped as his tongue swirled over her anus. He slid
    a finger into her cunt and quickly masturbated her. Kanan's
    buttocks trembled and swayed. Her pendulant, swollen breasts
    quivered. Ramu jerked his finger rapidly in and out of her cunt
    and strummed her clitoris. Kanan moaned. His tongue slithered to
    her cunt and arched up into the soft, sodden flesh.

    "Yes!" She cried. "Ohhh yes! Oh ma yes ohhhh uhhhhh yes oh god
    yes! Yes! Lick me, Ramu! Lick my cunt! Chaat mujhe, Ramu -- chaat
    mere chuth ko!"

    The feeling was divine. His tongue swirled around her taut anus
    and, with a sudden flash, she knew she wanted his cock in her
    asshole, that she would not mind the inevitable pain, that she
    would love it instead. Then his tongue slithered downward to her
    cunt to join her finger and Kanan felt dizzy with joy and wanted
    to feel his cock in her slit again, wanted more than anything else
    to have that hard, hot, long, thick rod piercing and probing,
    delving and exploring the innermost recesses of her cunt. Licking
    her cunt, he pressed his finger to the puckered flesh. It yielded
    at his insistence and she groaned softly as he slid his finger
    into her asshole. Kanan whimpered, swaying deliriously in pleasure
    as he finger-fucked her asshole, twisting his finger round and
    round in her anus.

    "One day," he growled. "One day I'm gonna ram-fuck your ass,
    bitch, really nice and hard. Gonna shove this whole cock into your
    asshole. You're gonna love it!"

    The very thought aroused her. Aarti and she had only read and seen
    such things, they had never attempted it yet. And here, her
    servant was promising her the experience. Kanan wouldn't have
    minded if he did it immediately.

    But Ramu wasn't prepared to go quite that far this first time. He
    straightened and pulled her hips and buttocks back and moved his
    penis to her cunt again. She clenched the sides of the table and
    waited breathlessly. Her head swam with excitement. He was fucking
    her from behind, like a bitch, just like all those women she had
    seen in pictures!

    Without warning, flexing his buttocks, Ramu swung his hips
    forward. His throbbing penis surged into her belly, searing into
    her convulsing flesh, driving relentlessly inward till she thought
    he would rip her in two.

    "OH! OH! OH! OH MA RA -- AHHHHHH MU OH! OH! OH!" She cried.

    "Take it! Take my cock!" He gasped, flinging his head back and
    gasping, clenching her slender waist. "Chul rundi chul! Le mere
    lavde ko -- c'mon whore! Take my cock!"

    He began to fuck her rapidly, jerking his hips back and forth.
    Holding her waist, he rocked her body and moved her cunt up and
    down on his cock. Kanan cried out, her face arching, contorting
    with lust. She heard him chuckle as he hit a steady rhythm,
    stroking smoothly in and out of her cunt.

    "Hey, slut! Feels good, hah? Feels good having my dick in your
    slit, doesn't it? C'mon bitch! Answer me!"

    "Oh god yes," she moaned, as the fires in her loins spread and
    grew. "Oh god yes, Ramu, yes -- it's wonderful -- fuck me, Ramu --
    please -- fuck me -- ohhh uhhhhh yes -- ohh god yes -- ohhhh yes!"

    "Mm, you're good, whore! Damn good -- great piece of ass! Ain't
    had one so tight in a long time. I think I'm gonna keep you,
    whore. Keep you mine."

    "Yes, Ramu, yes!" She gasped, her head spinning with excitement.
    "Fuck me -- fuck me hard Ramu Ohhhh yes! Fuck me like a whore!
    Chodh mujhe Ramu -- jorse chodh -- rundi jaise chodh!"

    The servant chortled in delight. He slid his hands up under her
    body and squeezed her hot, heavy swollen breasts as he plunged his
    cock in and out of her cunt with squelching wet thrusts. Kanan
    trembled and writhed, squirming her buttocks erotically against
    his hard thighs, feeling his balls press to her cunt-lips as she
    rocked and swayed on the kitchen table. Her breasts filled his
    hands and he pinched her hard nipples, making her shudder and
    whimper in joy. Her head was lifted, her face a vision of lust
    with her eyes closed, her mouth open, her nostrils flared. She
    turned her face over her shoulder, her tongue pressed sexily to
    her upper lip and mouthed guttural obscenities of encouragement to
    her servant-lover, the first of a long succession of men of all
    kinds who would possess her body and bend her to their lust.

    "Oh uhhhh Ohhhh uhhhh Ohma uhh **hanh** uhh ohma uhh ohma uhh
    **hanh** uhhh ohma uhhh OHHHHH uhh ohma Ramu **hanh** uhh Ohhhh
    uhh **hanh** uhh Oh Ra -- uhhhh -- Ra -- uhhh Oh Ramu! Ohh ma Ramu
    **hanh**! Chodh mujhe!"

    The servant grunted thickly, biting his lower lip, fighting to
    stave off his imminent orgasm. The girl was incredible. Her cunt
    was wonderfully hot and wet and tight and it convulsed and
    contracted and spasmed frenetically on his penis, squeezing it so
    that he was in constant danger of losing control.

    "Chul rundi chul," he grunted. "Le -- le mere lavde ko! C'mon
    whore -- take it -- take my dick -- take it, you fucking whore --
    yeh -- oh fuck yes -- c'mon yes -- take it, bitch -- take it all!
    Ohh yeh that's it! Mm -- ohhh fuck yes!"

    The huge cock thundering and spiralling and ramming in and out of
    her cunt was ecstasy itself. She felt it throb and pulse, its
    angry veins pounding inside her cunt, rasping and grating over her
    inflamed clitoris. Her buttocks swayed and writhed and now she
    began to move with him, rocking on her arms and knees, pushing her
    cunt greedily backwards and forwards on his mighty shaft. His
    balls slapped at her buttocks. Her pendulant breasts wobbled and
    jiggled with his thrusts. She began to sweat with the tension. On
    and on he went, stroking and pounding and ramming and reaming and
    plunging and pistoning and plowing in and out of her cunt without

    Kanan soared up the curve and, with a loud cry, exploded, gasping
    and crying out, her cunt contracting frenetically on the pistoning
    penis, the breath shooting from her throat, her body tensing and
    writhing, her buttocks pressed back against his thighs and
    clenched taut. Ramu gasped, holding her hips, his belly sucked
    inward, jerking his hips back and forth, pushing his cock in and
    out of her delightful cunt. Suddenly, leaning forward, he squeezed
    her breasts and hammered his hips violently at her buttocks in a
    series of rapid, trip-hammer thrusts, his thighs slapping at her
    buttocks and bouncing off madly. Kanan cried out as the huge penis
    thundered and rammed and reamed into her cunt. The servant crushed
    her breasts and kept on ram-fucking her slit, bent steeply over
    her, his buttocks flexing and unflexing frantically, his hips
    snapping madly, his entire body quivering and jerking. His hips
    swung furiously back and forth in a frenzied rhythm and she
    crashed incredulously into another orgasm.

    Abruptly, he rammed deep into her, making her cry out in a shrill
    voice and held still. She heard him moan, his cock buried deep in
    her cunt, quivering and throbbing. His hips twitched at her
    buttocks as he rocked at her with small, hard jerks.

    And then she gasped, her eyes flying wide in wonder and joy and
    awe as he came, exploding in her cunt. The spoot spurted from his
    cock into her sodden cunt-flesh in sharp, stinging jets. Kanan
    whimpered joyously, and instinctively tightened her cunt on his
    penis. He groaned and his penis squirted more gunk into her slit.
    Slowly, he pulled out of her. His jizz seeped over her thighs.

    Gasping and panting, Kanan sank down onto the table and turned on
    her back. She closed her eyes and caressed herself dreamily, her
    chest heaving. Dipping a finger in her cunt, she scooped his jizz
    on her fingertip and lasciviously licked it. It tasted wonderful.
    Ramu chuckled softly and bent his head to kiss her, sliding his
    tongue into her mouth. She squirmed against him and he squeezed
    her breasts.

    "Good fuck," he murmured.

    She smiled and tongued his ear, her hand venturing between his

    "Thank you, Ramu," she murmured. "It was wonderful for me, too.
    Better than I had expected."

    "I'll fuck you again."

    "Yes, soon. You must promise to fuck me often."

    He grinned and kissed her breast. "Whore, I'm not letting you go!"

    She giggled. "Good. Can I suck your cock then? I want your cum in
    my mouth."

    He laughed and got to his feet. "Baby, you're magic," he breathed
    as she took his penis in her mouth again and began sucking him
    ardently and hungrily. "Pure magic."

                                = o =