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Copyright 1996-97,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                          >> DIRTY AMBER <<

                                ( 3 )

    Suresh turned his back to the wall against and stared into space,
    his chest heaving, his erection throbbing, his mind in a daze. He
    had found out. She had told him everything. Now it was up to him.
    He felt drugged and heavy and useless and, at the same time,
    strangely aroused. From the bedroom, he could hear their rising
    cries, the sounds of their bodies slapping together, flesh on
    flesh, flesh in flesh. He went back to the window. Inside, Michael
    was fucking her rapidly, furiously, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing, his hips swinging up and down and back and forth,
    bobbing and bucking violently, savagely over hers. His cock
    pistoned and plunged furiously in and out of her cunt. She gasped
    and cried out, her body jerking and arching, snapping and lurching
    under his. Her cries were loud and lewd and her hips pumped
    hungrily under his. His cock went up and down, in and out, his
    balls crushing against her cunt-lips with each deep, plunging

    She orgasmed violently, arching and gasping sharply. Seconds
    later, he moaned and thrust into her repeatedly, his hips
    twitching at her cunt. Finally, he pulled out of her and scooted
    quickly up her body and jerked his cock at her face. She opened
    her mouth and sucked him. He came in seconds and she opened her
    mouth and moaned as his jizz spurted into her mouth and spattered
    her cheeks and neck and breasts and belly. Still dribbling spoot,
    he went back between her legs and squeezed his cock into her cunt.
    Gasping softly, he rocked in and out of her cunt briefly. She
    moaned in pleasure, squirming on the bed.

    "That was good," he grunted, squeezing her breasts. "Just like the
    old times."

    "Thank you," she replied, caressing his back and chest. "I enjoyed

    "Will I fuck you again this trip?"

    "Frequently, I hope."


    "I'll call you. When are you off duty?"


    "Plan on spending it with me."

    "I will."

    He moved out of her and got off the bed. Just like another client,
    Suresh thought. He waited as the steward dressed. He returned to
    the bed and kissed her deeply and gently, fondling her breasts.
    She responded with ardour. Finally, he drew away.


    "Yes," she said. "Thursday."

    "Call me if it's not going to work out."


    "Thanks again. Good fuck."

    "'Bye Mike. Say hi to the girls."

    "They miss you."

    "I'll come by and say hello."

    "They'd like that."

    He grinned and straightened his uniform. Lighting a cigarette, he
    let himself out. Suddenly, Suresh was unsure. He did not know what
    to do, what was expected of him. Should he go to her? Should he
    wait? What should he say? Ask for an explanation? What explanation
    was there to give now? He leaned his head against the wall and
    closed his eyes.

    Suddenly, he started, yelping in surprise. She had come out on the
    terrace, naked, the other man's smell and jizz still strong on her
    body; he found it very exciting. She was on her knees in front of
    him and his sticky, rigid cock was already in her mouth.

    "Sayali, I ..." he began.

    She looked up and shook her head. "Not now, Suresh. Not now.

    And then she took him deep in her mouth and sucked him like he had
    never been sucked before. On and on she went, whimpering in
    mounting excitement, making him gasp and groan, till he finally
    succumbed and started fucking her face for his pleasure, holding
    her head in both hands and rocking it back and forth between his
    thighs, his hips pumping at her face.

    "Oh, you bitch," he gasped. "Suck it, you whore! Suck it harder!

    Then he pushed her head away and jerked her to her feet. He shoved
    her against the wrought-iron table on the balcony, made her lean
    forward over it and stood behind her.

    "Your ass, whore!" he snarled. "I want your ass! I want to fuck
    your butt!"

    For the first time in his life, Suresh discovered the unique
    pleasure of sodomising a beautiful woman. He forced his cock
    between her buttocks and jammed his cock-head to her anus. She
    tensed and he gripped her hips and, with a loud cry, jerked his
    hips forward. His penis burst into her asshole and she cried out
    thinly, her head snapping up, biting her lower lip. He rammed his
    cock in deeper and took her ass savagely, pounding his hips
    frantically at her buttocks. The heat in his loins was
    uncontainable and he drilled deep into her and exploded, flooding
    her ass with his seed.

    Now the pent-up fury spewed like a lava. He jerked out of her and
    pushed his cock into her cunt. She gasped heavily and he fucked
    her hard for several minutes. Then he pulled out and dragged her
    into the room. Through the rest of that afternoon, he fucked her
    demonically, savaging her every orifice again and again, making
    her voice the obscene encouragement he had heard her use with the
    steward. Finally, he was on top of her, fucking her furiously,
    ramming and reaming into her cunt. She gasped and cried out,
    thrashing uncontrollably under him, and he felt her orgasm and
    lost control again. He slammed his cock into her hard and she
    cried out loudly. He rammed in again, and yet again and finally
    ejaculated, his hot seed searing out of his penis and into her hot

    Sweating and panting, he began to slip his cock out of her cunt.
    Suddenly, she clenched him and her lips and tongue were at his

    "Not yet," she whispered. "Please, Suresh. Not yet. Fuck me again.
    Fuck me hard. Like a whore. I want you to hurt me. Please. Fuck me

    He looked at her and saw that she was crying, tears rolling down
    her cheeks from red, misty eyes. His heart broke and he moaned
    softly, in deep pain. She pulled his head to hers and she kissed
    him, her chest heaving in racked sobs. Her breasts were hot and
    heavy under his chest.

    "I love you, I love you, I love you," she sobbed. "Please ... say
    you believe me."

    He moaned again and her kisses grew feverish. "You must believe
    me. You must."

    "I believe you," he said in a small voice. "I believe you. And I
    love you, too. I love you, my heart. I love you."

    They kissed again, and now no words were needed and he could feel
    the joy and radiance and gratitude flowing from her in a hot wave.
    They rolled over and she began to work on his body again, arousing
    him with that sureness of touch that took his breath away and made
    him wonder how there could be a heaven after this.

    They fell asleep several hours later in a tangle of soaked sheet
    and sweating limbs. When he awoke, it was late evening. He slipped
    out of bed and wandered out to the terrace. He felt strangely
    elated, even ecstatic, at peace with the world, deeply aroused.
    The sunset was spectacular, gold with hints of purple and scarlet,
    and the air was clean, with a sharp nip. He returned to the musky,
    sex-scented warmth of the bedroom. He caught a glimpse of himself
    in the mirror and studied his reflection. He saw a lean, tall,
    fair-skinned man, clean-shaven and quietly handsome, without the
    overly rugged macho looks of a stud or the softness of a
    householder. Just about right, he decided. His shoulders were
    wide, his chest was firm and deep, neatly cleaved, his belly firm
    and trim. His cock was good enough, six inches long limp, eight
    inches or so erect. His torso was a gently tapering V and his
    waist was narrow. His arms and legs had long, smooth, strong

    He returned to the bedroom. Sayali slept deeply, the sheets flung
    back. She was on her side, and he could see the swell of her
    breasts between her arms, the gentle rise and fall of her bosom.
    The dark delta between her legs looked sticky with sex. He sat on
    the bed and ran his hand up her long, shapely leg to her hip and
    buttock, then higher to her chest. She stirred in her sleep and
    she turned, her arm rising, her hand moving up to his shoulder. He
    cupped her face and then slid his hand down to her breast.

    "Fuck me?" she said drowsily.


    "Lick my slit, Suresh."

    It began again, and they fucked slowly and unhurriedly, again and
    again, for another hour or more. Now he felt free to do and say as
    he pleased and she filled him wonder and joy as she responded to
    his every need and satisfied it without hesitation.

    When they were done at last, they showered and went down to the
    bar. They had several drinks each and he was delighted to find
    that she knew her liquor.

    "Part of my work," she murmured with a teasing smile.

    "Tell me about it."


    "Your -- work. Your whoring."

    "Are you serious?"

    He nodded, his eyes shining. "Very. I think it's very erotic."

    "What do you want to know?"

    "Everything. Where you go, what you do, who with, how. All of it."

    "Let's go to that corner table. We can snuggle. I want to jerk you
    off while we talk."

    "You're crazy."

    "About you and about sex."

    "In that order?"

    "Yes. I think so. First it was only sex. Now it's you and then

    "You're fantastic."

    "So are you. Let's go."

    At the table, in a dimly lit corner, she slid her hand under the
    huge tablecloth and quickly unzipped his fly. He stifled a gasp as
    she fondled his penis and began masturbating him. She leaned her
    head on his shoulder and slowly worked his cock.

    "I work for a company called Hedon & Venery. The owner -- we just
    call him sir -- is a young lawyer, very bright, very rich." She
    didn't reveal his identity. Jayant ran a tight ship and the
    penalty for indiscretion was terminal.

    "He's also an incredible lover," she continued, "the best I've
    known. He has a huge cock, almost a foot long, and this incredible
    body and he makes a woman feel like one big cunt from head to toe.
    The company owns a chain of hotels. The Apistia? Yes, that's it,
    the five-star, double-deluxe, super-luxury chain. It's actually a
    brothel. We all work there. About three hundred girls and a
    hundred and fifty guys. There's also a special club for the elite.
    I've been promoted to it recently. That's very pricey. The whole
    place is pricey. Very pricey."

    "How much do you take?"

    "I began on an hourly rate, two thousand."


    "Yes. That's the bottom. I've worked my way up. Now, it's a flat
    fee, fifty thousand rupees, everything goes, long as you like.
    Group bookings -- that's a maximum of six guys together -- is two
    and a half lakhs."

    "You make two and half lakhs a night?"

    "No. Half that. The other half is the company's brocage. And it
    might be more than a night, in my bracket."

    "Tell me more," he said softly, fascinated by her narration.
    "What's the company like? How big is it? How many people work for
    it? What else does it do?"

    She laughed softly and squeezed his cock. "Easy, easy, my handsome

    "Tell me."

    "I will. So many questions. So little time ..."

    "Sayali ..."

    "All right, all right," she giggled, pumping his cock. "Are you
    going to come?"

    "Not immediately."

    "Good. I like this."

    "So do I. Now talk."

    "Yes. The company. It's huge. International, now, with operations
    in America, Canada, Europe -- especially Amsterdam and the bigger
    Scandinavian cities, Japan and the Far East, and the Middle East.
    That's a huge market. It makes films, magazines, videos, sexual
    aids like dildoes and vibrators and sheaths, aphrodisiacs, the
    works. We also supply personnel, for limited periods -- girls and
    guys are sent on deputation, seconded to the international market.
    Usually, it's for shows or film-shoots on foreign locations,
    sometimes to work in the company's whorehouses on assignment."

    "Is that on request?"

    "Yes. There are clients who like the exotic. So the company
    provides it. Asian girls. Asian guys."

    "Have you been abroad?"

    "Twice. Once to Stockholm for a show."

    "Meaning what?"

    "A live show. Fucking on stage. I was with three other girls and
    six guys. It was two weeks. I loved the work and the show did

    "And the second time?"

    "Oh, to Muscat. That was a regular assignment to a whorehouse. One
    of the regular clients there wanted some Indian girls. I was one
    of the four. We stayed for a week."

    "And then?"

    "Well, the company's very generous. After the Stockholm stint, we
    were given a five-star two-week holiday in Europe. Free stay at
    all our hotels, free first-class travel, the works. Unlimited
    shopping. From Dubai I went to Greece and Crete and Cyprus."

    Suresh arched his eyebrows, very impressed. "That's extraordinary.
    You've seen more of the world than I have."

    "In more ways than you can imagine," she giggled. "I feel that the
    best way to get to know a nation is to fuck its men."

    He laughed. "You must be very highly regarded in the company."

    "I am, now. It took time. There's serious competition. The base
    standard is very high." Suddenly, she looked at him. "My god, you
    still don't know, do you?"


    "This hotel is one of ours, too. We bought it several years ago.
    It's part of the chain now."


    "Yes. It's also a brothel."

    "They -- they supply girls, here?"

    "And guys, if you want them. For men and women."

    "Where? How?"

    "You have to be recommended. Michael arranges to supply your

    "How do you choose?"

    "Would you like to try?"

    "Yes. Yes, I would."

    "I'm glad. We'll do it later. Tonight?"

    "Is that possible?"

    "Anything's possible. Ask for the telephone, will you?"

    "What for?"

    "I'll talk to Michael."

    Suresh summoned the steward and called for the cordless. He
    noticed Sayali smiling at the waiter and realised that he was
    another of her lovers. He hid a grin. The cordless telephone
    arrived and Sayali stopped masturbating him to punch in a code.
    Suresh ordered a fresh round of drinks.

    "Mikey? It's me, Sayali." She listened, then giggled. "Yes,
    everything's fine. I told you it would be. We're at the bar.
    Listen, I need a favour ... no, not that, you fool. More of that
    later. Yes, I promise. Yes. Can you fix up someone for him for
    tonight. I know it's short notice, but could you? For me? Someone
    special. Oh, that'd be perfect, yes. We'd like to see the
    catalogues. After dinner. Ten o'clock?" She looked at Suresh, who
    nodded. "Yes, ten's fine. In our suite. And get some of the
    pepstuff. Yes, that'll do. Nothing overstrength. And Mikey? Will
    you tell accounts to debit my tab? No, for everything. The whole
    stay. Yes, I'll sign the voucher. Thanks, love. See you tonight."

    She disconnected and smiled at him. "It's arranged. He'll get you
    a catalogue and you can decide.'

    "Good. Now. Go on."


    "Talking and frigging me."

    Sayali giggled and her hand dived under the tablecloth again. She
    started masturbating him.

    "I'd better not come," he murmured. "If these girls are as good as
    you say, I'll need everything for them."

    "Don't worry about that," she smiled. "I've asked for some of our
    aphrodisiacs. They're very good, very effective. You'll be able to
    fuck them for hours."

    "Fine. Keep going then. Now tell me about your clients."

    "Oh, it's quite simple. I get a call from reservations, and if I
    approve the client, a time is arranged. Whatever they do, they're
    very rich. They have to be."

    "And you go off to a room and they bang you and that's it?"

    She looked shocked. "Good god, no. Nothing like that. It's very
    civilised, very polished. We meet in a public area, like the lobby
    or something, fully dressed, like good friends or business
    acquaintances. We have a drink at the bar, or something light in
    the coffee-shop. Then we go off to the reserved room or suite and
    we fuck. It's not just the wham-bam type of thing; I suck cock, he
    licks my slit, we sixty-nine and so on. There's no hurry -- at
    that price, there can't be. It's more like making love."

    "I see."

    "And there's nothing they can't do, short of actual physical
    abuse. For instance, some of them enjoy the idea of fucking
    married woman, of having a whore who's another man's wife. So I
    dress up like a housewife, complete with *mangalsutra* and all,
    and I tease them along with clever double-talk till we get to the
    room. Then I become a full fledged slut."

    "Up at the Club Gere, things are different. Here, clients don't
    pay. They're members, and guests. There are no bills, no vouchers,
    no signing. The bill is sent on later, and nobody questions it.
    The members pay a very heavy annual fee, entrance is very limited,
    and then they have to pay only for the girls. Everything else is
    free, booze, cigarettes, sex-dope."

    "How do I get in?" Suresh grinned wickedly.

    She laughed. "You're already in. Standard house policy. When any
    girl gets married, her husband has automatic membership, unless
    it's cancelled."

    "Why would it be cancelled?" He looked genuinely puzzled.

    "Think about it, Suresh. Suppose you hadn't responded like this.
    Suppose you'd thrown me out, refused to accept my past, my work,
    all of this. Could we still have you as an honoured Club Gere

    "I guess not. So you mean I can go back and use the Club?"

    "Yes. Absolutely."

    "Is there a Club here?"

    She laughed. "Not yet. Later this year. We'll put it in after the
    season closes."

    Suresh grinned at her, his eyes dancing with delight. "This is
    fantastic," he murmured. "Really wonderful."

    "You ready to come?"

    "No, I'm fine. I'd like to remain like this. Hot and hard."

    "My hero," she said, kissing his cheek and stopped masturbating

    They had a small dinner, neither very hungry, both impatient to
    get back to their suite. The sheets had been changed and the beds
    turned down. Suresh noticed that an expensive laser-disc player
    had been installed on top of the huge colour television. An
    elegant trolley stood to one side, with racks of discs and, on the
    shelf beneath, a slew of thick catalogues, stacked neatly upright.
    The shelves beneath were filled with bottles, jars, vials and a
    bewildering variety of sheaths, dildoes, vibrators and other
    baubons. A small card on the trolley, embossed in white-on-white,
    said, simply, *For Your Pleasure*.

    Sayali selected a disc and fed it into the machine. He sat on the
    edge of the bed and she knelt between his legs and started sucking
    his cock. He let her do it and started the player.

    The clips were stunning. Suresh had never seen such lovely, sexy
    women. They were show in all kinds of positions, with all kinds of
    men, often with several at once, taking their enormous penises in
    their every orifice, frequently simultaneously. Understanding the
    operation menu, he skimmed through several disks in mounting
    excitement. All these girls were said to be available. Figures in
    the bottom right hand corner indicated their rates. The girls got
    better as the figures rose. Very close to the top range, he found
    Sayali and watched a video of her with two hugely endowed men who
    were fucking her in the cunt and mouth simultaneously. As she
    watched, they paused and turned her slender body on its side
    between theirs and started fucking her cunt and ass together. Her
    face was contorted with lust and she moaned and rocked
    ecstatically between them. Astonished, he looked down at her. She
    was whimpering with excitement, sucking and licking his cock
    hungrily. Her head bobbed and rocked up and down between his
    thighs and her fingers and lips were sticky with his seed.

    "Try the catalogues," she mumbled.

    He stopped the player and flipped through six thick volumes. Each
    girl was accorded a ten or twelve page section of full-page,
    pin-sharp colour pictures that showed her in every conceivable
    sexual activity. Sayali's section had her with three different
    guys, in different sequences, in cunt, mouth and ass. The final
    shot showed all three fucking her together.

    "Choose. Which one do you want?" Sayali stopped sucking his cock.

    "I can have any I like?"

    "The ones marked with a K and a star are readily available and
    free. If the star's not there, they're busy. The others will have
    to be flown down, if they're available. That might take a day."

    Suresh nodded and flipped through the laser-disc catalogues again.
    He pointed to one.

    "Her. I want her."

    "Good choice," Sayali said. "Madhavi's a fabulous fuck."

    "What do I do now?"

    "It's an interactive service. Punch her code on the remote."

    "That's it?"

    "That's it."

    Suresh punched the code. "You want a stud?" he asked.

    "That'd be nice."

    "Which one?"

    "You choose."

    "Mm, let's see." Suresh scanned the discs again. "How about this
    guy? Krishnan."

    "Yummy. He's new. What's his rating?"

    "What's that?"

    "If you punch his code and press zero, you'll see it. They're
    rated on a one-to-ten scale."

    Suresh punched the buttons. "It says he's an eight point nine.
    Madhavi's nine point seven."

    "I told you she's good. And she's only seventeen. She'll hit ten
    before she's twenty."

    "What's your rating?"

    "What do you think?"


    "I used to be. Now I'm not rated. Only starred."

    Suresh laughed and punched the buttons to call up her lover. He
    shut down the system and caressed her face gently and drew it back
    between his thighs. She sucked his cock briefly and then, before
    he could come, paused and turned to the trolley. She gave him a
    number of pills and capsules and took some herself, then snapped
    two vials under their noses. The aphrodisiacs were incredibly
    potent and Suresh gasped as his cock ballooned and his balls
    surged with fresh, hot jizz. His muscles strained, popped and his
    skin glowed and he felt like a million dollars. Sayali orgasmed
    and sucked his cock hungrily. He came in seconds, spurting jizz
    into her mouth. She groaned and swallowed his gunk, masturbating.
    Suresh noticed that his erection had not waned and that he felt as
    aroused as before.

    There was knock on the door, in code. Three quick raps, then one,
    then two.

    "It's them," Sayali said. "I'll get it."

    She opened the door and one of the loveliest women Suresh had seen
    came in, followed by a devastatingly handsome man. The girl
    squealed in delight at seeing Sayali and threw herself at her. The
    two women kissed and hugged and laughed in delight, chattering

    "It's nice to be back," Sayali said. "You've been well?"

    "Never better. And look at you! Married and all."

    "Come, meet my husband. Madhavi, this is Suresh. Suresh, Madhavi."

    Suresh got to his feet. Madhavi smiled at him. She was utterly
    bewitching. Smooth-skinned, dusky, doe-eyed, with a lovely, bright
    smile and dancing *kajal*-lined eyes, she had an hourglass figure
    with heavy breasts, a flat belly and narrow waist and flared hips
    and sexy buttocks. She was wearing jeans and a baggy T-shirt and
    he could see the heavy contours of her breasts.

    He looked over her shoulder and saw Sayali and the man murmuring
    to each other. The man smiled, then laughed. Sayali turned around
    and introduced them. At her suggestion, they moved to the living
    room. Sayali suggested a round of drinks. Madhavi mixed the drinks
    quickly and efficiently from the well-stocked bar. Suresh was
    feeling very randy. He sipped his drink then put it aside as
    Madhavi came up to him. Sitting in a deep chair, he held her hand
    and pulled her onto his lap. She giggled and then her lips were
    soft and warm under his and her hands were undoing his clothes. He
    flicked a glance over her shoulder. On the sofa, Sayali's blouse
    was undone and the gigolo was caressing her breasts. Her *sari*
    was drawn up to her waist and his other hand rummaged between her
    thighs. Suresh grunted suddenly and looked down. Madhavi was on
    her knees between his legs and was jerking his penis slowly. Her
    tongue slid out and coiled around his cock-head.

    "Forget them," she said. "We'll play fours later. Now just sit
    back and relax."

    It was the most unforgettably erotic night of Suresh's life.
    Madhavi was pure magic and he fucked her repeatedly. She denied
    him nothing and astonished him with her skill and willingness.

    Across the room, he watched the gigolo pounding into his wife's
    flesh, and his arousal mounted and he fucked Madhavi harder. The
    aphrodisiacs were very strong, and he was able to orgasm
    repeatedly without tiring or losing his erection. At some point,
    the two women were locked in a lesbian tangle while the men fucked
    their asses together. It was past four in the morning when all
    four were finally sated. They fell asleep on the large bed in a
    knotted jumble of sweating limbs and naked bodies.

    The next morning, Sayali and Suresh were woken by the gentle
    caresses of their hired lovemates. They fucked them again,
    unhurriedly and luxuriantly, for over an hour. Finally, Suresh and
    Sayali were alone again. They lay in bed, kissing and fondling and
    slowly arousing each other and began to fuck.

    "Did you enjoy it?" she asked softly as he slid his cock into her

    "Very much. And you?"

    "Oh yes. He was very good."

    "We'll get them back tonight."

    "Try someone else. There's quite a range on offer."

    "So I noticed."

    "They're all exceptionally good."

    "Okay. But you choose."

    "All right."

    "I love you," he said and kissed her slowly.

    "And I love you, Suresh," she said. "Come on ... fuck me ... fuck
    me hard!"

    The rest of their honeymoon was a haze of naked, hot, eager flesh.
    Suresh fucked more women than he could remember. Each was
    fabulous. He never tired of Sayali and their fucking got better as
    his lectual skills improved rapidly under the deft tutelage of the
    succession of mistresses. Sayali had a penchant for adventure.
    When they went out, late one evening, for a boat-ride on the lake,
    Sayali looked around and, noticing that the lake was deserted,
    asked if he would like to watch the boatman fuck her.

    By this time, Suresh was completely blasť about fornication. He
    assessed the boatman quickly, with a confident, expert eye and
    accepted the suggestion. He instructed the boatman to row them to
    a quiet corner of the lake under an overhanging tree. Then he sat
    in the prow of the boat and watched the stranger fuck his wife.
    Sayali loved it. They paused and continued in a deserted
    boathouse. The next day, she did it again with a horseman when
    they went riding, and the day after that with another boatman.

                                = o =