Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1998,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                         THE BINT FROM BOMBAY


                             DIRTY HARRY

    "Actually, brother mine, you're one dishy hunk," Shirlyn said with
    a grin.

    "You're not half bad yourself, sister dear," her brother Harry
    replied. "That makes us quite a couple, doesn't it?"

    "Mm. And incest is ..."


    "Right!" she laughed brightly, tossing her silky dark hair.

    He sipped his drink and set it down. Ever since their recruitment
    at Hedon & Venery, that mammoth global organisation devoted to
    purveying sexual gratification, the two siblings had given full
    reign to their innate sexuality. Even the most ancient of taboos,
    violated a long time ago in submission to naked lust, was now a
    mere anachronism that no longer troubled them in the least. They
    loved each other dearly and knew each other well, and their sex
    was simple, passionate, yet deeply satisfying.

    There was a strong physical resemblance between them, though her
    features were softer and finer where his were rugged and utterly
    masculine. They shared a clear brow and fine, straight nose with
    slightly flared nostrils and high cheekbones and a firm chin,
    pointed in her case, square in his. Her eyes were lovely, large
    and brown, lined with *kajal* and perennially full of sparkling
    good humour and a wicked mischief that made men want her
    desperately. Her hair, like his, was silky and dark, but she
    tinted it to give it a lovely auburn highlight. Her mouth was
    delicious, soft and pleasing with a superbly bowed upper lip over
    a full, straight lower lip. Her neck was extraordinary, a long,
    elegant, swan-like column that supported her delicately honed
    head. When she did her hair in a high knot or a braid, it looked
    even lovelier. Her ears were small and stuck out cutely. Her teeth
    were white and even, the left incisor slightly chipped, an
    irregularity he knew many men found singularly erotic and

    Her body was beautiful. Not very tall, she was slender and
    stunningly curved. The long neck led smoothly past sexy hollows in
    her throat and collar bones, around gently sloping shoulders to
    wonderful breasts full, firm, ripe, delectable with long dark
    nipples in puckered aureoles. He knew how hypersensitive her
    breasts and nipples were: he had often watched her orgasm over and
    over, moaning and keening like a lost puppy as a man sucked and
    fondled them. In anything she wore, her breasts were lovely,
    jutting out proudly over the hem of her blouse, straining at a
    bikini bra, luscious under a fine T-shirt. Her cleavage was deep,
    tempting and she wore a gold necklace that rode high on the nape
    of her neck and disappeared tantalisingly into the vale between
    her gorgeous breasts. Beneath, her belly was firm and flat with a
    delicately hollowed navel and her hips flared to firm, superbly
    rounded buttocks curving over a dark and inviting cleft. He knew
    she liked nothing so much as a long, hard, thick penis grinding
    between those lovely curves, sliding inexorably inward into either
    of her lower orifices. Her hips curved sweetly to slender, elegant
    legs with strongly arched feet. Her limbs were smoothly turned,
    the wrists and ankles delicate, the fingers tapering beautifully.
    When they roamed a man's naked body or curled around his penis or
    arched into her own slit or that of another woman, her fingers
    were erotic beyond compare. Her skin was smooth and utterly clear,
    the colour of light honey, unblemished by the fine down that
    marred the beauty of so many women. There was a sexy little
    birthmark high inside her left breast.

    His clean-shaven features were stronger and less delicate. His jaw
    was square, handsome, his eyes dark. His mouth was full and
    sensuous, the eyes intelligent and deep-set, his hair cut short.
    He, too, had strong, even teeth. His body was magnificent. He had
    broad, muscular shoulders, a deep, cleaved, utterly hairless
    chest, the torso tapering in a breathtakingly savage V to high
    hips and a narrow waist, the back curving steeply inward from the
    shoulders to the spine and then down to his hips. His belly was a
    slab of rock, every muscle defined. His buttocks were firm and
    taut and his arms and legs were long and bunched with thick
    muscles. His skin was stretched tautly over his frame, showing off
    the hard sinew in his upper arms, forearms, thighs and calves.

    Harry sprawled low in a deep chair, clad in comfortable baggy
    trousers and nothing else. She sat sideways on his lap, dressed in
    sleeveless black T-shirt with a wide, deep neck nothing but the
    gold chain around her neck.

    As their eyes held, the sexual desire flickered, caught, then
    leapt in unspoken words between them. er hands slid over his
    torso, caressing the firm, manly contours of his body, relishing
    and loving the feel of his hard strength. He slipped his hands up
    under her T-shirt and cupped her naked breasts beneath. She tensed
    and trembled at his expert, knowing touch, her nipples stiffening
    instantly, popping erect in his fingers. He pinched and twirled
    them gently and she shuddered as ripples of sexual hunger coursed
    through her delicate frame.

    Her eyes grew bright and glassy with lust. Her lips parted and her
    breath was warm and sweet on his face as her lips neared hers.
    They kissed gently, deeply, lips apart, and her tongue, pointed
    and, he knew, full of cunning when it worked a man's penis or anus
    or nipples or anything at all, slid sexily in and out of his
    mouth, fencing with his own.

    She turned around to straddle his laps and wound her arms over his
    shoulders, smiling at him fondly and, leaning forward, kissed his
    cheek, nuzzled his ear, tongued it, sucked on his lobe. Harry
    smiled, fondling her breasts.

    They broke the kiss and he lifted the T-shirt off her head. He
    could feel the warmth of her cunt against his belly. He cupped her
    breasts, marvelling at the perfection of their weight and size and
    form. He bent forward and gently lapped at one stiff, long nipple
    with his tongue, making her moan and gasp softly, clenching his
    head to her chest, arching her back. He sucked sharply on her
    breast and she hissed in joy. They broke apart again, his hand
    between her breasts, her hands cupping his handsome face.

    "Harry," she murmured.


    "Tell me about the first time. With Sheila," she murmured.

    "You know all about it, babe. I've told you before. So has she."

    "Tell me again. It's so sexy to hear about it."

    He chuckled softly. "Well, babe, if you think *hearing* about it
    is sexy, you should have seen how sexy it *felt*!"

    He cupped her swollen breasts, feeling them harden in his hands,
    the nipples quivering with tension. She looked lovely, with the
    long neck, the gold chain riding high on the nape, slightly raised
    over her flesh, where her shoulders hollowed sexily.

    "Tell me, Harry ... tell me how my lovely brother and sister first
    committed incest."


    Sheila was not quite sixteen when she lost her virginity to the
    house-servant one hot afternoon. Everyone else was out of the
    house and she was supposed to be studying for her exams.

    Actually, she was fantasizing, and the pages were a blur. It was
    hot and humid. The ceiling fan barely stirred the torpid air. She
    unbuttoned her cotton shirt and pulled it open. She was not
    wearing a bra, and she fanned herself with her notebook, shivering
    as her nipples popped erect. A ribbon of sweat trickled through
    her deep cleavage. She squeezed her breasts gently, rolling the
    mounds under her palms and tweaked her nipples. Her breasts grew
    warm and heavy.

    Sighing, she leaned back in her chair and pulled off her shorts.
    Spreading her legs wide, she slid her finger to her crotch and
    began to masturbate slowly. It felt so good. She rubbed her finger
    up and down her slit and, sensuously rubbed her moist finger over
    her puckered aureoles. She closed her eyes. If only she could have
    a man. A real man, with a real penis, long and thick and dark,
    like the one's she saw in her biology books and in the erotic
    magazines and movies she spirited from her Uncle Stanley's
    cupboard. A big cock, one she could suck and play with till it was
    hard. Then he would squeeze it into her cunt and she would feel
    its heat and hardness in her flesh, filling her cunt, rasping over
    her gorged clitoris. A black man, yes, one of those, hard-bodied
    and muscular with an enormous penis ... just like the one she had
    seen in the movie the other day ...

    The memory aroused her and Sheila frantically vibrated her
    fingertip against her clitoris. Her orgasm neared and she stopped.
    She had long discovered the intense satisfaction of prolonging
    orgasms. Slowly, she began masturbating again, arching two fingers
    into her cunt, rubbing a third against her clitoris. With a soft
    moan, Sheila let herself go. Her finger wiggled furiously in her
    cunt, strumming her gorged clitoris and she gasped as the orgasm
    hit. Her cunt-juices seeped over her wrist and fingers. Gasping
    and panting, she wiped her hand on her breasts, and licked her
    fingers clean.

    Somehow, it wasn't good enough. Sighing, she turned back to her
    books. It was impossible. Soon, her mind was wandering again.
    Sighing, she got up and, knotting her shirt-tails under her
    breasts, leaving her midriff bare, wandered out of the room and
    went into the kitchen. The refrigerator hummed silently, promising
    coolness. Small mercies. She got herself a drink of water and ice
    from the freezer. She popped several cubes in her glass and taking
    three or four in her hand, ran them around her temples, over her
    face and through her cleavage. It felt very sexy. Her nipples
    hardened again. Smiling with pleasure, she slid her hand under the
    open lapels of her shirt and moved the ice cubes over her nipples.
    They quivered and she felt her cunt suddenly ooze with excitement.

    She turned, with her hand still inside her shirt, over her breast,
    and froze in shock. At the door, watching her quietly stood their
    new part-time servant, Ramu. Her jaw dropped and she gaped at him
    and flushed, too shocked even to move her hand out of her shirt.
    He stood watching her silently, expressionless.

    He was a handsome young man in his early twenties, who did the
    sweeping, mopping, the laundry. He was tall and dark, with a
    strong, rough-hewn, handsome face. His hair was thick and dark. He
    was clean-shaven. His body was muscular with broad shoulders, a
    cleaved chest, a flat belly and long arms and legs thick with
    muscle. She had often fantasized about him fucking her.

    Ramu stood still, as if carved of stone. The ice melted in her
    hand and stained her shirt. She slid her hand out, her heart
    pounding in her chest, her lips open, gasping softly, her eyes
    wide, her head roaring with terror and fear, a deep clench in her
    gut. He had seen her. It was too late. She was found out.

    They stood still, staring at each other and their eyes locked and,
    as his eyes burned into her, she felt a sudden frisson of
    excitement. He was so sexy and, in this heat, he had taken off his
    shirt and was clad only in his tight shorts. Involuntarily, her
    eyes slid to his crotch and lingered on the tempting bulge between
    his legs.

    He stepped forward silently and she pressed herself back against
    the fridge door. Slowly, he came up to her, his eyes never leaving
    hers. She cowered against the fridge, looking up at him. His body
    was very close to hers, almost touching her. She could smell the
    tangy, sexy, sweaty odour of his body. She noticed that his
    armpits were shorn. His chest was sexily clear of any trace of
    hair. His nipples were very dark and sharp in small aureoles. She
    wanted to lean forward and suck one of them. He inched closer and
    his broad, strong feet touched hers. Her hands dropped to her

    Slowly, he hooked his fingers in the knot of her shirt and pulled
    it wide. His hands cupped her face and tilted it up to his. His
    lips fluttered over hers. She closed her eyes. His lips fastened
    on hers and she felt them part and his tongue pressed to her lips.
    She could not resist. Her lips opened and his tongue slid into her
    mouth. Simultaneously, his hands slid down her neck and over her
    breasts. Sheila trembled and her nipples shot out and her breasts
    grew hot and hard. Instinctively, her arms curled around his
    shoulders. Kissing her gently, deeply, he squeezed her breasts,
    fondling them adroitly. His groin pressed to her belly and she
    could feel the hard length of his penis. She felt dizzy with lust
    ... she had never felt a real penis before, never been so close to
    any man.

    "I ...," she began as the kiss broke, but he silenced her by
    kissing her again.

    She grew feverish and trembled with excitement as his evidently
    expert hands fondled and aroused her gently. His hands slid down
    her belly and over her buttocks, down to the backs of her thighs,
    then moved around to the front. His fingers slid into the baggy
    legs of her shorts and she stiffened as she felt them crawl up
    towards her crotch. He moved them higher and continued kissing and
    nuzzling her neck, tonguing her ear, nibbling her earlobe. Pulling
    her shorts in a tight V at her crotch, he pressed his fingertips
    to her slit. It was already wet and her legs shook and parted of
    their own accord as he pulled her cunt-lips open and gently drew
    his fingers along her crack. It was already moist and his fingers
    danced over the soft bush of her pubic hair, gently teasing her
    cunt-lips open and touching the wet, warm flesh within.

    Then he pushed his hands down the waistband of her shorts and
    squeezed her buttocks. Prising them open, he pressed his fingertip
    to her anus. Sheila moaned softly and, her hands on his belly,
    bent her head to his dark, solid chest, kissed his nipple and
    began to suck it gently. She flipped her tongue erotically at the
    dark, hard stub and he grunted. Her face was soft and her mouth
    was warm and tempting. Tiny, fiery flames of pleasure leaped
    through his muscular frame. She sucked harder on his nipple.

    It surprised and pleased him. He smiled, and his teeth were strong
    and white and even. He pulled her shorts down and she was naked in
    his arms. His fingers caressed her cunt and anus and breasts
    again. Her excitement growing, she caressed his hard belly and
    chest, sucking his nipples by turn. Her fingers fluttered at the
    base of his belly. He stopped caressing her, to unbutton his
    shorts and pull down his fly. His shorts peeled open and
    involuntarily, her hand dropped between his legs.

    The first touch of his penis was electrifying. Her fingers flew
    away and immediately returned and, this time, closed around the
    massive thickness of his shaft. She pulled his shorts down and
    freed his penis. He stepped back and she looked down. It was the
    loveliest thing she had seen. Seven inches long, still limp, it
    was an inch and a half thick. His balls were heavy and low. She
    cupped them gently and squeezed his penis, drew her fingers
    tenderly up and down its length, examining its contours. It was
    smoothly shorn down to the hilt and, though she did not know it
    then, she was soon to learn the reason for this. He smiled at her
    awe and she felt his hands pushing her gently to her knees.

    With a shuddering moan, she slipped to her knees before her
    servant. He looked down at her and nodded.

    "Come ... frig me ... like this ..."

    He guided her hand and showed her how to masturbate him, flipping
    his foreskin back. His cock-head was thick and dark.

    "You want it, don't you?"

    She nodded, her eyes rivetted on his penis, the first she had
    known, the first of a long succession of cocks that were to revel
    in her flesh.

    She jerked it with increasing confidence as it stirred and began
    to lengthen and thicken in her hand.

    "You must take it in your mouth and suck it. Use your tongue

    Moaning softly, Sheila caressed her face with his cock, her eyes
    half closed. It felt wonderful, warm and heavy and thick, more
    erotic than anything she had imagined. It smelled musky and sexy.
    Her head swam with excitement.

    Hesitantly, she pushed her tongue out against the cock-head.
    Ramu's breath hissed sharply, his belly rippled and his penis
    quivered in her fingers. Emboldened by his reaction, she did it
    again and now her tongue swirled over the swollen knob of his
    cock-head. Her servant gasped, more loudly and pulled her head
    forward, jerking his hips at her face.

    "Come on ... take it in your mouth ... suck it ... suck my cock!"
    He gasped.

    It was the first time she had heard a man use such words and they
    excited her. Slowly, she slipped her lips about the cock-head and
    gently began to suck his penis.

    "Ahh!" Ramu groaned, flinging his head back. "Yes ... OHhhh yes
    ... OHH god that feels so good ... suck it ... suck my cock! Use
    your tongue! C'mon! Yeh ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon ... suck my
    dick, bitch! Suck it, whore ... suck harder!"

    The repeated aischrolgia added to her arousal. She forced herself
    to take still more of his cock-shaft in her mouth. Her face
    distended with his size. Her tongue grew frantic on the cock- head
    in her mouth. It tasted wonderful, tangy and musky and erotic. She
    pressed her tongue to the slit in his cock-head and he groaned.
    His cock sputtered and she gagged as he spewed pre-cum jizz into
    her mouth. But the taste of it on her tongue was infinitely
    arousing and she swallowed it obediently, still sucking him. Now
    her head rocked back and forth in front of him.

    Ramu fucked her face slowly, pumping his hips back and forth,
    rocking her head to suit his pleasure. His cock glistened and
    gleamed as it went in and out of her mouth. She held his hips,
    cupped his balls and then, to his amazement, tried to finger his
    anus. Groaning, he moved his legs apart and she slid her fingertip
    to his asshole. Now guided by instinct and her reading of
    pornography, she dipped her head and sucked and licked his heavy,
    low balls. The servant gasped in wonder.

    "Please," she murmured, looking up at him. "Please ... use those
    words again."

    A grin of delight creased his handsome features. This was better
    than he expected.

    "Yeh ... take it, bitch ... take my cock ... suck it! Oh yes ...
    suck it, whore!" he gasped, and she thrilled at the words.

    She remembered watching the porn-star Falu, and the things she had
    done with the men who fucked her, and drew inspiration from the

    "I ... I want to lick ... your ass," she whispered. "*Teri gaand
    chatni hain*."

    Ramu looked at her incredulously and shook his head in wonder. Her
    face burrowed between his thighs, turned upward like a suckling
    calf's. He reached back and pulled his buttocks open. Her face and
    lips were soft between his thighs, inordinately erotic. His penis
    sawed the air. He gasped as her tongue slithered into the dank
    cleft between his buttocks and swirled over the puckered flesh of
    his anus. It tasted musky and sexy and she groaned and flipped her
    tongue over the contracting muscle, rimming his ass.

    Groaning, he pulled her head back and fucked her face again.
    Already, she was more adroit and her hunger was unmistakable.
    Fondling her breasts with one hand, the other in her crotch,
    Sheila sucked her servant's penis greedily. It throbbed and pulsed
    in her mouth and he fucked her face rapidly, moaning and jerking
    his hips back and forth, rocking her head in both hands.

    When he pulled her to her feet again, Sheila was thrilled to see
    the excitement on his face. His eyes glittered and his nostrils
    were flared, his lips agape. He kissed her hungrily, squeezing her
    breasts, fondling her buttocks and thighs. She squirmed eagerly
    against him, holding his penis fearlessly and rubbing it between
    her thighs.

    "You want it, don't you? You really want it?" His eyes smiled.

    She nodded and sucked his nipple.

    "Turns you on, doesn't it, talking like this?"

    "Yes," she murmured. "It's sexy."

    "I want to fuck you," he whispered, tonguing her ear. "I want to
    fuck your cunt. I want to fuck you like a whore. Say you want it,

    "Yes," she gasped, his words burning in her ears. "I want your
    cock in my cunt. Fuck me like a whore, Ramu. In my cunt."

    He chuckled softly and lowered the small fold-down table, and
    hoisted her onto the edge. They kissed and he pushed her down
    firmly on her back on the table. Her hips were at the edge and her
    legs dangled over the side. He pulled them apart and she tensed,
    thinking that he would ram his cock into her any minute. Grinning,
    he leaned over her and flicked her nipple with his tongue.

    Sheila gasped. His tongue was heavy and rough and her nipple
    quivered in excitement. He flicked it rapidly back and forth and
    then tugged it with his teeth. Sheila groaned, her face turned to
    one side. Slowly, he began to suck on her breast, using his tongue
    on the nipple and scraping it across his teeth and palate. Sheila
    writhed with pleasure as ribbons of lust leaped through her body.

    She squeezed her other breast, but he moved her hand away and,
    moistening his fingertip with gunk from his cock-head, smeared it
    on her aureole and nipple. Sheila moaned softly. His tongue
    slithered into the deep valley between her breasts and swirled in
    tantalisingly slow circles up the other mound. He sucked on that
    breast and his hand crawled down her belly to her crotch.

    "Ohhhhh uhhh yes!" she groaned.

    Her thighs trembled and split open for his finger. Gently, he drew
    a finger down her crack. Squeezing her breasts together, he sucked
    them simultaneously. Sheila arched under him, clenching his head.

    "OHHHH ... Oh Ramu!" She gasped.

    Excited at hearing her call his name, Ramu moved his head lower,
    kissing and licking her firm belly. He swirled his tongue through
    her navel and she writhed and he moved lower and nuzzled her
    crotch. Her pubic hair was soft and springy and trimmed. Then she
    surprised him again by splitting her legs wide, pulling her
    cunt-lips open and calling to him.

    "Ramu ... lick my slit ... I want your tongue in my cunt ...
    tongue-fuck me!"

    He drove his tongue into her sodden slit and she gasped and
    arched, her hands under her breasts, her head snapping back. Her
    mouth opened in a wide 'O' of joy and she cried out in pleasure.
    His tongue was wonderful, thick and heavy and rough.

    Sheila's hips bucked and twitched. She squeezed her breasts in
    excitement, her head flipping from side to side. His tongue was
    thick and heavy and solid. It probed deep and flickered like
    lightning at her clitoris. Sheila groaned. Slowly, Ramu slid his
    thick middle finger into her cunt. It contracted on his finger
    and, grinning at her cries of pleasure, he slid up again to suckle
    her breasts while his hand pumped steadily between her thighs.

    "Oh Ramu ... yes OHH yes Ohhh god yes!" She gasped. "Put ... put
    ... another ... finger inside ... I want another finger in my cunt
    ... OHHHH yes ... that's it ... Ohh god yes!"

    Ramu moved around the table and, still sucking her breasts and
    masturbating her cunt, thrust his penis at her face. She swallowed
    it greedily, sucking sharply, her head rocking rapidly back and
    forth as her body twitched and writhed on the kitchen table.
    Already her tongue was more deft and he groaned at the softness
    and moist warmth of her mouth.

    She was teetering on the verge of a cataclysmic orgasm when he
    stopped. Moaning in frustration, she tried to claw his hand back
    to her crotch, her body twitching. Chuckling, he moved between her
    legs, pulling her thighs wide apart and jerking her hips to the
    edge of the table.

    "Now I'm gonna fuck you, whore!" He gasped. "I'm gonna fuck you
    like a cheap, randy whore! You want that, doncha?"

    The abuse sent a frisson of excitement through her and she moaned
    her lusty assent. Grinning broadly, the servant pushed her legs up
    high and pressed his cock-head to her cunt- lips. Sheila tensed,
    her eyes closed, her hands clenching the sides of the table. She
    could feel the fierce heat of his cock.

    "You want it, bitch?" He rasped softly. "Say you want it! Beg for

    "Please," she moaned. "Give it to me ... I want it ..."

    "More!" He gasped, moving his cock-head sensuously up and down her
    crack. "Tell me what you want! Say you want my cock in your cunt!"

    "Yes, Ramu yes ... I want your cock ... in my cunt ..."

    "What else? What d'ya want me to do, whore?" His cock-head split
    her cunt-lips open.

    "Fuck me, Ramu ... please ... quickly ... fuck me!"


    "Fuck me hard, Ramu ... Oh god ... please ... please ... hurry!"

    She was twitching impatiently under him, her eyes bright and
    glittering. She pulled her cunt- lips open and fondled his penis
    and tried to pull it inside her.

    "I want your cock," she said of her own accord now. "I want your
    lovely cock in my slit ... I want it all ... give it to me, Ramu!
    Take me ... take me like a whore!"

    It was too much for him to bear. Her wanton, obscene entreaties
    goaded him. The smile vanished, replaced by a look of excited
    determination. Taking a deep breath, he flexed his buttocks and
    eased his hips forward. His cock-head slipped through her
    cunt-lips and popped into her taut channel. She gasped, her back
    cambering, her head snapping back, her mouth tearing open. Her
    cunt convulsed feverishly on his throbbing penis and he groaned
    and held still. Her hips twitched and lurched and bucked, her body
    writhing uncontrollably. He held her down.

    "More? You want more? Say so, slut!"

    "I want it all! Give it to me!" Her voice was ragged and sharp and

    He chuckled softly. The broad was really hot.

    "Take it then!" He cried and, flexing his buttocks taut, swung his
    hips forward with a sharp, savage thrust.

    His penis rammed deep into her cunt and drove the breath from her
    body in rushing gasp. Her hips jerked up, her back bowed taut, her
    head snapped back, her face contorted, her mouth tearing open, her
    lips snapping back over her perfect teeth, her neck craned with
    tendons popping in her throat as the huge penis seared and sizzled
    in her flesh, surging into her body in a hot, hard, endless
    thrust, piercing her very soul.


    Firmly embedded in her cunt, Ramu held completely still. Sheila's
    cry dwindled to a low, whimpering moan. Her body sank back onto
    the table and she looked at him with awe and wonder and joy in her
    eyes. She couldn't believe it. She was being fucked, actually
    fucked! By a real cock! Her first, her very first real cock ...
    Just like the women in those pictures and stories, with a real,
    thick cock in her cunt! And that, too, by the servant! It was too
    sexy for words.

    Ramu waited patiently, for he knew that it was her first time. He
    noticed with pleasure that she was deliberately controlling
    herself. Her breathing steadied, though it was still sharp and
    shallow and the frantic convulsions of her cunt had yielded to a
    steady, erotic pulsing. Her cunt was incredibly tight and hot and

    "Like it?" He grinned. "Like having a cock in your cunt?"

    "God, yes," she moaned with a thin smile. "It's divine! So nice
    and thick and hard and hot ..."

    As she spoke, he began to move, smiling at her. She was a lovely,
    sexy creature and he intended to fuck her slowly and repeatedly.
    He moved his hips gently in slow circular motions and she gasped
    as his cock probed her cunt from all angles. It felt wonderful.
    Instinctively, she began to move in unison with him, her hips and
    buttocks writhing and grinding sensually under his.

    "Mmm ... yes ... Ohh that's so good ... yes ... c'mon Ramu ...
    fuck me ... fuck my cunt ... yes ... Ohhh yes Ramu, yes ... ohh
    god yes ..."

    She closed her eyes and smiled lasciviously, fondling her breasts.
    Holding her thighs apart, he swung his hips round and round,
    changing from circular motions to an elliptical action so that his
    cock went gently in and out of her cunt. Gradually, he began to
    fuck her with a back- and-forth stroke and she quickly matched his

    Her hips moved with his, and his cock slid smoothly in and out of
    her cunt, glistening and gleaming. His balls squeezed up against
    her cunt-lips each time he went into her and her moans were loud
    and unfaked.

    "Yes ... Ohhhh uhhh yes ... oh god yes, Ramu, yes! OHH uhh Ohma
    uhh OH uhh OHHH uhh OH uh OH uh OH uh OH uh OHuhOHHHHH!"

    She writhed joyously under him, her head flipping slowly from side
    to side. She fondled her breasts, squeezing and rolling them in
    her hands gently, sensuously, erotically. Ramu thought she was the
    sexiest thing he'd had in a long time.

    "Ohh Ramu yes ... god yes ... that feels so good ... Ohhhh yes ...
    yes ... fuck me, baby ... fuck my cunt ... Oh god yes ... Unhhh
    ... Oh ma unhhh ... Ohhh yes ... fuck me Ramu ... fuck my slit ...
    give me your cock ... put it in, baby ... yes ... that's it ...
    ahhhh yes ... fuck me Ramu ... don't stop ... don't ever stop ...
    fucking my cunt ... OHhhhh yes ... take me! Take me! Yes! Ohhhhhh
    yes! Come on, Ramu, give it to me! Give it all to me! Ohhhh yes!
    Ohhh god yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Ramu, fuck me!"

    Marvelling at her natural aptitude for sex, he fucked her
    rhythmically. His buttocks flexed and unflexed, his hips swinging
    smoothly back and forth, driving his glistening, swollen cock in
    and out of her cunt. She reached down and encircled his pistoning
    penis with her fingers, feeling it rasp between them into her
    cunt. The sensations in her loins were overpowering. He released
    her thighs and she kept them wide, her heels on the edge of the
    table. He slid his hands up her belly and squeezed her breasts.
    She cupped her hands in his and smiled lovingly at him, her tongue
    flickering over her upper lip.

    "Fuck me hard," she gasped softly. "Fuck me ... like a whore ..."

    He put one hand flat on her belly and began to move his hips
    faster, flinging his head back and groaning. Sheila whimpered in
    delight under him, her hips lurching and writhing.

    "Faster!" She gasped. "Take me harder! Harder! OHHH uhh yeh ...
    c'mon ... do it, Ramu ... do it to me! Fuck me, baby! Fuck me

    Leaning forward with his hands clenching the sides of the table,
    the servant began to fuck her even faster. His hips rocked swiftly
    back and forth and his cock plunged deep into her cunt with every
    thrust, making her jerk under him. Her breasts bounced and jiggled
    with his thrusts.

    She clenched his arms, her head whipping from side to side.
    Bending his head, he sucked sharply on her breasts. Her back
    arched in pleasure and her feet rose and hooked under his arms,
    across his back, taking him even deeper into her cunt. He flung
    his handsome head back and gasped, his eyes closed. His powerful
    shoulders and biceps knotted with tension. She moaned lewdly under
    him, caressing his belly and chest and nipples, clenching his
    arms, whining with passion.

    "Take it, bitch! Take my cock! Ohhh unhhh yeh ... that's it ...
    take it ... take it, whore ... take my cock! Fuck yes! Oh yes!" He
    called. "Oh fuck yes oh fuck oh fuck *hanh* uhh yes uhh ohh yes
    ... *chul* ... *chul* *rundi* *chul* ... *le* ... *le* *mere*
    *lavde* *ko* ... *hanh* uh Oh uhh *hanh* uh *aise*! *Hanh* *aise*
    ... *aur* *le* *saali* *rahnd* *chul*!"

    Now he was moving furiously, his buttocks rocketing back and
    forth, his cock plunging and ramming and reaming into her cunt. He
    swung his hips and she gasped as his penis entered her cunt from
    all angles. She cried out, jerking and rocking ecstatically under
    him. Ram-fucking her furiously, he cried out in delight and she
    thrilled as his words rang in her ears. He was enjoying her! She
    was good to fuck!

    Sheila had her first orgasm with a man's cock. Her cunt convulsed
    frantically on his penis and she bowed and cried out, arching in
    delight under him. He continued fucking her, thrusting into her
    repeatedly and rapidly, his cock rasping and grating and grinding
    into her cunt. He gasped at the sudden cramping of her cunt on his
    cock and struggled for control. This broad was unbelievably good.

    Her orgasm waned and he slowed. She whimpered, dazed and confused,
    expecting him to come inside her. He smiled at the unspoken
    question in her eyes and slowly slid his cock out of her.

    "Ain't done, yet, cunt," he chuckled. "I'm gonna fuck you again.
    C'mon, on your front!"

    He flipped her over on the table on her knees and pushed her down
    onto her forearms. Her buttocks were thrust back at him. Grinning
    with pleasure, he pulled them open and thrust his face between her
    thighs. Sheila gasped as his tongue swirled over her anus. He slid
    a finger into her cunt and masturbated her gently, briefly
    debating whether to fuck her tight little ass. He abandoned the
    idea. It was too early; not this time, the very first. But soon.
    Very soon.

    Sheila's buttocks trembled and swayed. Her pendulous, swollen
    breasts quivered. Ramu jerked his finger rapidly in and out of her
    cunt and strummed her clitoris. Sheila moaned. His tongue
    slithered to her cunt and arched up into the soft, sodden flesh.

    "Yes!" She cried. "Ohhh yes! Oh ma yes ohhhh uhhhhh yes oh god
    yes! Yes! Lick me, Ramu! Lick my cunt! *Chaat* *mujhe*, Ramu ...
    *chaat* *mere* *chuth* *ko*!"

    The feeling was divine. His tongue swirled around her taut anus
    and, with a sudden flash, she knew she wanted his cock in her
    asshole, that she would not mind the inevitable pain, that she
    would love it instead. Then his tongue slithered downward to her
    cunt to join her finger and Sheila felt dizzy with joy and wanted
    to feel his cock in her slit again, wanted more than anything else
    to have that hard, hot, long, thick rod piercing and probing,
    delving and exploring the innermost recesses of her cunt. Licking
    her cunt, he pressed his finger to the puckered flesh of her anus.
    It yielded at his insistence and she groaned softly as he slid his
    finger into her asshole. Sheila whimpered, swaying deliriously in
    pleasure as he finger-fucked her asshole, twisting his finger
    round and round in her anus.

    "One day," he growled. "One day I'm gonna fuck your ass, bitch,
    really nice and hard. Gonna shove this whole cock into your butt.
    You're gonna love it!"

    The very thought aroused her. It was a dream, one of her most
    ardent fantasies, one she could never substitute even with her
    sexual playthings. Those worked for her cunt, but, for her ass,
    she knew she would have to have the real thing. Sheila wouldn't
    have minded if he did it immediately.

    But Ramu wasn't prepared to go quite that far this first time. He
    straightened and pulled her hips and buttocks back and moved his
    penis to her cunt again. She clenched the sides of the table and
    waited breathlessly. Her head swam with excitement. He was fucking
    her from behind, like a bitch, just like all those women she had
    seen in pictures!

    Without warning, flexing his buttocks, Ramu swung his hips
    forward. His throbbing penis surged into her belly, searing into
    her convulsing flesh, driving relentlessly inward till she thought
    he would rip her in two.

    "OH! OH! OH! OH MA RA ... AHHHHHH MU OH! OH! OH!" She cried.

    "Take it! Take my cock!" He gasped, flinging his head back and
    gasping, clenching her slender waist. "*Chul* *rundi* *chul*! *Le*
    *mere* *lavde* *ko* ... c'mon whore! Take my cock!"

    He began to fuck her rapidly, jerking his hips back and forth.
    Holding her waist, he rocked her body and moved her cunt up and
    down on his cock. Sheila cried out, her face arching, contorting
    with lust. She heard him chuckle as he hit a steady rhythm,
    stroking smoothly in and out of her cunt.

    "Hey, slut! Feels good, hah? Feels good having my dick in your
    slit, doesn't it? C'mon bitch! Answer me!" he roared. "*Bol*!
    *Bol* *saali* *rahnd* *bol*! *Accha* *lagta* *hai* *ke* *nahin*?"

    "Oh god yes," she moaned, as the fires in her loins spread and
    grew. "Oh god yes, Ramu, yes ... it's wonderful ... fuck me, Ramu
    ... please ... fuck me ... ohhh uhhhhh yes ... ohh god yes ...
    ohhhh yes!"

    "Mm, you're good, whore! Damn good ... great piece of ass! Ain't
    had one so tight in a long time. I think I'm gonna keep you,
    whore. Keep you mine."

    "Yes, Ramu, yes!" She gasped, her head spinning with excitement.
    "Fuck me ... fuck me hard Ramu Ohhhh yes! Fuck me like a whore!
    *Chodh* *mujhe* Ramu ... *jorse* *chodh* ... *rundi* *jaise*

    The servant chortled in delight. He slid his hands up under her
    body and squeezed her hot, heavy swollen breasts as he plunged his
    cock in and out of her cunt with squelching wet thrusts. Sheila
    trembled and writhed, squirming her buttocks erotically against
    his hard thighs, feeling his balls press to her cunt-lips as she
    rocked and swayed on the kitchen table. Her breasts filled his
    hands and he pinched her hard nipples, making her shudder and
    whimper in joy. Her head was lifted, her face a vision of lust
    with her eyes closed, her mouth open, her nostrils flared. She
    turned her face over her shoulder, her tongue pressed sexily to
    her upper lip and mouthed guttural obscenities of encouragement to
    her servant-lover, the first of a long succession of men of all
    kinds who would possess her body and bend her to their lust.

    "Oh uhhhh Ohhhh uhhhh Ohma uhh *hanh* uhh ohma uhh ohma uhh *hanh*
    uhhh ohma uhhh OHHHHH uhh ohma Ramu *hanh* uhh Ohhhh uhh *hanh*
    uhh Oh Ra ... uhhhh ... Ra ... uhhh Oh Ramu! Ohh ma Ramu *hanh*!
    *Chodh* *mujhe*!"

    The servant grunted thickly, biting his lower lip, fighting to
    stave off his imminent orgasm. The girl was incredible. Her cunt
    was wonderfully hot and wet and tight and it convulsed and
    contracted and spasmed frenetically on his penis, squeezing it so
    that he was in constant danger of losing control.

    "*Chul* *rundi* *chul*," he grunted. "*Le* ... *le* *mere* *lavde*
    *ko*! C'mon whore ... take it ... take my dick ... take it, you
    fucking whore ... yeh ... oh fuck yes ... c'mon yes ... take it,
    bitch ... take it all! Ohh yeh that's it! Mm ... ohhh fuck yes!
    OHHH uhh OHHH uh OH fuck oh fuck uh *chul* ... *rundi*, *chul*!
    *Lele*! *Le* *mere* *lund* *ko*!"

    The huge cock thundering and spiralling and ramming in and out of
    her cunt was ecstasy itself. She felt it throb and pulse, its
    angry veins pounding inside her cunt, rasping and grating over her
    inflamed clitoris. Her buttocks swayed and writhed and now she
    began to move with him, rocking on her arms and knees, pushing her
    cunt greedily backwards and forwards on his mighty shaft. His
    balls slapped at her buttocks. Her pendulous breasts wobbled and
    jiggled with his thrusts, her gold necklace dancing and flapping
    against her chin.

    "OH uhh OHHHH uhhh OH ma uhhh OH ma uhh OH ma Ramu! UHHH ohhh uhhh
    OHHHHH uhh OH ma uhh ahhh uhh OHHHHH!" she cried, gasping and
    moaning loudly. "Oh ma oh ma ohma uhh ahhh uhh OHHH uhh OHHH uhh

    She began to sweat with the tension. On and on he went, stroking
    and pounding and ramming and reaming and plunging and pistoning
    and plowing in and out of her cunt without respite.

    Sheila soared up the curve and, with a loud cry, exploded, gasping
    and crying out, her cunt contracting frenetically on the pistoning
    penis, the breath shooting from her throat, her body tensing and
    writhing, her buttocks pressed back against his thighs and
    clenched taut. Ramu gasped, holding her hips, his belly sucked
    inward, jerking his hips back and forth, pushing his cock in and
    out of her delightful cunt. Suddenly, leaning forward, he squeezed
    her breasts and hammered his hips violently at her buttocks in a
    series of rapid, trip-hammer thrusts, his thighs slapping at her
    buttocks and bouncing off madly. Sheila cried out as the huge
    penis thundered and rammed and reamed into her cunt. The servant
    crushed her breasts and kept on ram-fucking her slit, bent steeply
    over her, his buttocks flexing and unflexing frantically, his hips
    snapping madly, his entire body quivering and jerking. His hips
    swung furiously back and forth in a frenzied rhythm and she
    crashed incredulously into another orgasm.

    Abruptly, he rammed deep into her, making her cry out in a shrill
    voice and held still. She heard him moan, his cock buried deep in
    her cunt, quivering and throbbing. His hips twitched at her
    buttocks as he rocked at her with small, hard jerks.

    And then she gasped, her eyes flying wide in wonder and joy and
    awe as he came, exploding in her cunt. The spoot spurted from his
    cock into her sodden cunt-flesh in sharp, stinging jets. Sheila
    whimpered joyously, and instinctively tightened her cunt on his
    penis. He groaned and his penis squirted more gunk into her slit.
    Slowly, he pulled out of her. His jizz seeped over her thighs.

    Gasping and panting, Sheila sank down onto the table and turned on
    her back. She closed her eyes and caressed herself dreamily, her
    chest heaving. Dipping a finger in her cunt, she scooped his jizz
    on her fingertip and lasciviously licked it. It tasted wonderful.
    Ramu chuckled softly and bent his head to kiss her, sliding his
    tongue into her mouth. She squirmed against him and he squeezed
    her breasts.

    "Good fuck," he murmured.

    She smiled and tongued his ear, her hand venturing between his

    "Thank you, Ramu," she murmured. "It was wonderful for me, too."

    "I'll fuck you again."

    "Yes. Promise you'll fuck me often."

    He grinned and kissed her breast. "No question about that, whore!"

    She giggled. "Good. Can I suck your cock? I want your cum in my

    He laughed and got to his feet. "Baby, you're magic," he breathed
    as she took his penis in her mouth again and began sucking him
    hungrily. "Pure magic."


    Ramu was good to her. They fucked whenever they could and they
    were well-suited to one another. If he was a patient and gentle
    teacher, she was an apt and willing pupil and she rapidly
    progressed, acquiring a consummate artistry in her lovemaking. He
    introduced her to the joys of a butt-fuck, and Sheila's orgasm
    with his cock thrust deep into her cunt was shattering.

    Ramu encouraged her to take other lovers, other servants who
    worked in houses in the neighbouring flats and buildings, sturdy
    youths from the locality. She was touched by his generosity and
    lack of envy. He grinned and said that watching her fuck other men
    would be quite a turn-on. That decided it, and Sheila let him
    bring up other servants to labour over her only too willing and
    eager teenage body. Later, also at his instance, she had begun to
    whore. At first, she was reluctant to take money from the
    servants, though the idea of being a whore excited her. After all,
    they were only servants and didn't have cash to waste, and she
    loved fucking them, not least because they were servants, and she
    didn't want to give that up. But Ramu insisted, telling her it
    wouldn't do, she would have to show a little class, not just be
    available for every jock who wanted her. Sheila relented.

    She expected that the demand for money would thin the ranks of her
    servant-lovers. It did nothing of the kind. Not just the young men
    in the neighbourhood, but the servants, too, were quite willing to
    pay for her body and she found them unexpectedly generous, even
    though she didn't fix a price, despite Ramu's vociferous protests,
    leaving it to them to pay her what they liked or could afford.
    Sheila found that she liked the sex-money; it had a special
    piquant quality because it came from being a whore.

    Sheila's sexual appetite was voracious. She was especially fond of
    fucking more than one man at a time. Her elder uncle, Stanley,
    caught her at it one day, coming in unexpectedly when she was in
    her bedroom fucking two servants, first Aman and then Dilip, from
    the building opposite. Sheila thought she had enough time alone
    with each. She was careless. The doors to the house and her room
    were wide open.

    She didn't hear Uncle Stanley come in. He wasn't supposed to be
    home this early, but how was she to know that he had been
    compelled to return because someone in the office died and it
    closed early? He frowned at the open door, suspecting foul play, a
    burglary perhaps, stepped in cautiously and instantly his ears
    were assailed by the sound of sex, strong, hard, demanding sex, a
    woman's loud, shuddering moans and gasps, the deep, staccato
    grunts of a man. They came from Sheila's bedroom. Stanley felt a
    rush of tension as he stole across the hall and peered into the
    bedroom. He didn't quite know what to expect. No one was supposed
    to be at home ... yet the voice ... the female voice ...
    unquestionably that of Sheila, his teenage niece ... it had to be
    her ... god, was she being raped? No ... there was no cry for help
    ... unmistakable desire, on the contrary ... could it be she,
    doing ... doing *this*? Here, at home? When she ought to have been
    at school? And with whom? For god's sake, with whom?

    What he saw made his eyes pop. His heart jumped, his pulse raced
    and, oddly, his loins surged - there was no feeling of revulsion
    or dismay. Just pure, naked, lust. God, she was lovely. So very
    lovely. Her body was slender and superbly curved, dusky and
    smooth-skinned. Her neck was long and slender and her face was
    delicate, with high cheekbones, wide, almond-shaped eyes lined
    with *kajal*, dark, silky hair tied now in a pony tail, full wide
    lips before teeth that were very white and even. Her breasts were
    gorgeous, full and ripe, sloping like succulent mangoes, and her
    belly was firm and flat, the waist narrow and, beneath, her hips
    flared and curved to slim, taut buttocks and long, superbly
    tapering legs. Her arms, like her legs, were slender and smoothly
    turned and her feet and hands were beautifully arched and her
    wrists and ankles were delicate, not bony. She wore a fine gold
    necklace that glistened on her dusky skin.

    She was there, naked as the day she was born, being fucked, and
    fucked hard by a man Stanley didn't know, but obviously one of the
    servant-types. He had the strong, heavy features of a Maratha, a
    straight nose, a hard jaw, a wide, full mouth, dark eyes, thick
    hair, a dark mustache.

    He was tall and big-boned, with a large, strong body, a deep
    chest, a hard belly, his torso matted with hair, his shoulders
    thick and broad, his waist narrow, his arms and legs bunched with
    musculature. His penis was enormous, an eight inch long and
    correspondingly erection with low, heavy balls.

    They were hard at it on the bed. She lay on her front, her lovely
    face turned on one side, radiant with lust, her eyes closed and
    lips parted in a wide 'O'. Her legs were stretched straight out
    under her and spread wide open. Aman was over her on his knees and
    knuckles, his legs spread, too. The bed was bouncing furiously
    with his manic thrusts. Sheila was gasping and crying out
    incessantly, her tone feverish. Aman fucked her hard and deep and
    fast. Stanley watched, rivetted, as Aman's enormous cock plunged
    deeply, dark and hard and thick and long, into the hair-rimmed vee
    of her dripping cunt. It rose steeply, then rammed back hard and
    fast, skewering her deep.

    Aman panted and growled with mounting excitement. His hips bucked
    and bounced frenetically, up and down, up and down, up and down.
    His dark cock shone and glistened as it pistoned and pumped
    powerfully in and out, in and out, in and out. Sheila's hips shook
    and her buttocks writhed and heaved and lurched beneath him. His
    cock surged into her flesh over and over again. Her breasts were
    crushed hard against the counterpane.

    "OHHHHhhh uhhh OH OH OH OH OH OH OHHHHhhh Aman-Aman-Aman ohhhh uhh
    yes oh god yes yes yes!" Sheila cried loudly. "OHHHHHh uhhh OHhh

    "C'mon baby take it ohhhh uhhh OHhhh uhhh ahhhhh uhh yes ohh god
    yes c'mon youslutyouwhoreyoubitchyou uhhh OHHHhhh uhhAHHHHHH UHH

    His heavy set body gleamed with sweat. The hair on his chest was
    matted. Their bodies were visibly hot and flushed. A thin gold
    chain tossed and danced around his muscular neck.

    As he watched, astounded, his erection straining at his trousers,
    Sheila and Aman changed position. He knelt low on the bed with his
    legs wide apart, and took her on her back. He held her thighs high
    in his hands. His hips rocked to and fro. His cock drove
    rhythmically, hypnotically in and out of her cunt. His balls swung
    at her cunt-lips. Sheila moaned and panted, heaving and writhing
    uncontrollably under him. Her body streamed with silver sweat.
    Aman's head was flung back, his eyes closed and he was panting and
    gasping as he screwed the teenager. He began to jerk her back and
    forth on the bed, ramming her cunt down on his cock as he thrust
    his hips violently forward, moving her body with his hands on her

    "Take it ... yes ... take it bitch ... take it ... OHhhh uhh OHhhh
    uhh OHhhyes c'mon you whore ... yes OHhhh yes take it slut!" he
    rasped. "*Chul* *rundi* *chul* ... *le*! *Lele* *mere* *lavde*

    "Oh-Aman-Aman-Aman-yesohgodyesoHHhh uhhh OHHh yes yes Ohhh yes oh
    uhh Ohhh uhh OHhh yes Ohhh god yesOH uhhh OH uhh!" she went.

    On and on he went and the teenager gasped and cried out, her body
    jerking and snapping with his thrusts, her swollen breasts
    jiggling, her cries loud and lewd, her gold necklace dancing and
    flapping on her gorgeous breasts.

    Suddenly, they slowed, stopped and Aman went back on his knees and
    Sheila turned around and buried her face in his crotch. Aman flung
    his body back, supported on one outstretched arm, his groin thrust
    up, his hand jerking Sheila's head violently up and down as she
    sucked his cock deep. Her head rose and fell, his cock shone as it
    went in and out of her distended mouth. She was jerking his cock
    at the same time, sucking and cupping his balls.

    "Yeh ... suck it ... c'mon, whore ... suck it hard ... oh uhhh yeh
    ... suck my cock, whore ... suck harder! C'mon, whore, c'mon ...
    *choos*! *Jor* *se* *choos*, *rundi* ... *jor* *se* *choos*!" he

    Stanley could see that it excited her to have her face fucked.
    Aman's head was flung back and his lean hips juddered and shook
    and rocked up and down as he fucked her mouth faster and faster.
    Sheila dug her hand between her legs and thrust two fingers into
    her cunt, her hips twitching in passion, as she masturbated
    rapidly, still sucking frenziedly on his penis. He exploded
    seconds later, coming deep in her mouth, shooting thick wads of
    his spunk into her mouth and down her throat, white trickles of
    gunk dribbling over her face and neck and breasts. She shook off
    every last drop, and then gently licked his cock and balls clean.
    He saw her slow, lascivious smile, utterly wanton, the servant's
    grin. She got to her knees and they kissed and fell back to the
    bed and Stanley saw she was kissing him like a lover, shoving her
    tongue in and out of his mouth while he fondled her breasts and
    fingered her cunt. He rolled away from her at last and got out of
    bed. She lay there, naked, on her side, her head propped on one
    arm, watching him, a bitch-goddess in deep rut.

    "Come back soon to fuck me, Aman," she smiled.

    "Yeah. Sure. How much?"

    Stanley's jaw dropped. *How much*? His niece was *whoring*? With
    the *servants*?

    Without doubt she was.

    "You know how much. The usual."

    "Servant's special, eh?" the man laughed.

    "Yes. Reduced rates."

    The man chuckled and Stanley gasped as he saw him peel off a
    single hundred rupee note. On the bed, Sheila giggled and flipped
    on her back and spread her legs wide, drawing up her knees.
    Reaching down to her crotch with both hands, she pulled her
    cunt-lips open. The man chuckled and, folding the note down its
    length, slid one end of it into her slit. She bit her lower lip
    sexily, smiling up at him. He bent over her on the bed and kissed
    her, squeezing her naked breast.

    "Mm ... I love the feel of money in my cunt," she murmured,
    squeezing the bulge in his crotch.

    "Bitch, you love *anything* in your cunt," he laughed.

    "Especially you."

    "Liar. You say that to all the guys."

    "Mm. Probably."


    She smiled. "That's right. I'm a whore. And I love it. I love your
    cock, and I love your money!"

    "How come you're so cheap?" he grunted. "Never understood that."

    "I'm not," she said, drawing the money out of her cunt as he got
    up. "The other guys pay through their noses to fuck me. It's only
    you servants who get it at this rock-bottom rate."

    "And no difference in service?"

    "No. No compromise on quality."

    "A real professional, hah?"

    "Yeah. A real professional. Think of it like this; the rich
    fuckers subsidize you servants."

    "Yeah, sure. What for? You could fuck more of the rich guys if you
    didn't fuck us."

    "But, my heart, that's the point, isn't it? I fuck because I
    *want* to fuck, not because I *need* to fuck. And I just *love*
    fucking servants!"

    Stanley ducked out into the kitchen. His heart was pounding in his
    chest and the blood sang in his head. His breath was short. He
    couldn't believe it. His niece, his own brother's daughter, a
    common slut! A whore! A fucking whore! He peeked out into the hall
    and was just in time to see Aman coming out of the bedroom as
    another man came in through the front door. They greeted each
    other, obviously familiar. The second guy wasn't a servant, he was
    better dressed, wore an expensive watch, carried a packet of State
    Express cigarettes in one hand, wore a snazzy wrist-watch.

    "Good fuck, Aman?" the visitor said.

    "Fantastic, Dilip-saheb," Aman chuckled. "As always."

    "Hope you haven't tired her out. I'm feeling damned randy today."

    Aman grinned wolfishly. "That's one bint it's impossible to tire,
    *saheb*. You could fuck her and I could fuck her and another six
    guys could fuck her and she'd still want more!"

    They laughed. "Fucks like a lunatic," Dilip said. "And thank god
    for that!"

    "Yeah. Right. Have a good time, *saheb*."

    "Thanks. I intend to."

    Aman went out of the house and Dilip stepped through into her
    bedroom. Stanley waited for a minute till he was sure they were
    inside and then crept out of the kitchen and looked into the room

    They hadn't wasted any time. Sheila slouched low in a wide, deep
    armchair, her lovely legs cast over the arms, her elegant fingers
    clawing her cunt-lips wide open. She had put on a T-shirt and it
    was rucked under her arms, over her naked breasts. She wore
    nothing else. Her face was a vision of lust. Her head rolled
    ecstatically from shoulder to shoulder, her eyes were closed, her
    lips parted. She was panting and moaning heavily. Her body
    undulated in sensual waves. Her hips rocked and gyrated beneath
    Dilip's face. He was naked on his knees, his big cock erect and
    hard. It was almost as big as Aman's. He was tongue-fucking her
    slowly, his tongue rippling up and down and round and round in her
    crack. His head moved around between her thighs. She clenched his
    hair and moved his head round and round. He sucked on her
    clitoris. She gasped and arched, with a loud moan and began to
    fondle her breasts, squeezing the mounds together in frenzy. Dilip
    was frigging slowly, his fist and cock shining and sticky with his
    pre-cum gunk. Once in a while he caressed her breasts and face
    with his cum-sticky fingers. He reached up and pinched her
    nipples. Sheila gasped loudly. He slid a thick finger into her
    slit, still tongue-fucking her relentlessly.

    "OHHHHHHhhhhh Dilip-Dilip-Dilip yes oh god yes ohhhhhh ... ohhh
    that's so good baby yes ... OHhhhhh ... uhhh ohh godohgod!" she

    Grinning, he rose, his lips shining with her juices. He squeezed
    her breasts, smearing his cum on them. She tugged at his cock as
    he spread his legs and leaned forward over the chair, his cock in
    his hand. She clawed her cunt-lips open with one hand and guided
    his cock to her honeypot with the other. With a loud groan, he
    squeezed his cock into the hairy delta of her cunt. Stanley
    watched Dilip's cock disappear inexorably into her cunt. Sheila
    gasped and arched, her mouth open, her face jerked to one side and
    contorted in a rictus of lust as his huge penis pierced her flesh,
    probing deeper and deeper and deeper. His buttocks flexed taut. He
    flung his head back. He leaned over her, his hands on the back of
    the chair, his knees between her thighs on the edge of the seat.
    He began to fuck her slowly, his hips pumping heavily up and down,
    up and down, up and down, taking her steadily. His enormous cock
    rose and fell, went in and out, in and out, up and down, in and
    out. His buttocks flexing and unflexing, his cock emerged,
    disappeared, emerged, disappeared. Her groin juddered under his.
    Her body was curved, slouched low. She had the hem of her T-shirt
    in her teeth, her lips drawn back in a rictus of lust.

    "C'mon slut ... take it ... mmmm, yeh ... take it ... take it all
    baby OHhhh yeh that's it ... mmm, yes ... ohhh God yes!" Dilip

    "Oooh uhh yeh ... c'mon, Dilip ... fuck my slit ... fuck me, baby
    ... fuck me like a whore ... yeh ... ooh yeh that's good, baby ...
    c'mon ... shove your fat cock right up my cunt, Dilip, baby ... do
    it ... fuck me!" she hissed between clenched teeth. "Oh yeh ... oh
    fuck yes ... fuck me, baby ... fuck me! Ohh uhhh yes ... that's it
    ... c'mon ... do it! OHHH uhhh yes!"

    He began to move faster, his hips bucking rapidly now, his cock
    pistoning in and out, in and out, rising and falling like a
    triphammer. Sheila's long neck arched and she flung her head back
    and cried out.

    HHH mmmmyesohyesyesthat'sitfuckmeloveryes," she cried.

    Stanley's pulse raced. His cock strained at his shorts. He was
    deeply aroused by the sheer loveliness of his niece, by what she
    was doing, how she was doing it, with whom she was doing it.

    On the floor, Dilip turned Stanley's niece around and began taking
    her from the rear. She knelt on the floor, leaning forward on her
    forearms, over the chair. Her buttocks were thrust up at Dilip. He
    squatted deeply astride her hips, his fingers digging into her
    buttocks, his penis buried deep in her slit. His buttocks rocked
    rapidly to and fro, to and fro. His head was flung back. He panted
    and moaned in delight. Sheila's lovely face was upturned, suffused
    with lust. She moaned loud obscenities. Her breasts and the thin
    gold chain around her neck swung madly back and forth as Dilip
    began to cannon in and out of her cunt, prising her buttocks wide
    open. He reached down for her swinging breasts and squeezed them
    hard. She arched and began to orgasm visibly. Dilip slammed into
    her again and again with deep skewering thrusts, rocketing up,
    pausing, ramming down hard, reaming into her.

    He fucked her relentlessly for the next forty-five minutes or
    more, taking her repeatedly, in every orifice. He fucked her cunt
    from behind, their bodies on side on the floor. He took her
    astride his cock, facing him, then with her back to him. He fucked
    her mouth again, licked her slit, turned her on her back and
    fucked her furiously from above, hammering his hips up and down,
    pounding his cock in and out of her cunt while she cried out
    shrilly, her body bucking and thrashing under his, her swollen
    breasts jiggling. He flipped her over and fucked her from behind,
    kneeling behind her and hammering his hips at her buttocks, his
    bloated penis sawing in and out of her cunt. And then, finally, he
    took her in the ass, grinding his inflamed penis slowly and deeply
    into her rear channel while she cried out in a frenzy of lust,
    clawing at the sheets, her face contorted in a paroxysm of wanton
    desire as he sodomised her slowly and thoroughly.

    Finally, he was done. He growled and thrust into her ass with one
    last skewering thrust and stiffened, his hips twitching at her
    buttocks, his cock buried deep in her anus, drew out, came
    copiously, spurting jizz on her back and thighs and then pushed
    his cock into her ass again, fucking her butt slowly for a little
    longer, then going down to fuck her cunt before sliding out of
    her, sated.

    Stanley, watched, bathed in an excited sweat. Dilip got off the
    bed and began to dress. He put his hand in his wallet and took out
    a wad of currency notes. He peeled off twenty one hundred rupee
    notes. Two thousand rupees! For one hour of fucking! It was a
    quarter of Stanley's monthly salary, after years and years of
    service. His eyes popped.

    Dilip grinned and, like Aman, folded one note down its length and
    slipped its end into her cunt, gave her the rest. She kissed the
    notes, rubbed her thighs together.

    "I just love the smell of my cunt on money, don't you?" she
    murmured sexily.

    "Wouldn't know, whore," Dilip laughed. "I never get it back!"

    She grinned, stuck her tongue out at him. "Here, take this and
    keep it. Give me another. That way you can always smell me when
    you need to."

    "Smart," Dilip grinned and took the note from her crotch, slipping
    another one in its place. "Thanks."

    "When do I see you again?"

    "Next week. Monday or Tuesday."

    "Same time?"

    "Yeah. Okay with you?"

    "Hang on." She rolled over and flipped open a diary on her bureau.
    "Yeah. Monday's fine. Tuesday a little earlier, if you don't mind.
    Which one?"

    "Monday, then. Monday's good. You need to keep a diary now?"

    "Yes. Business is ... *up*, should I say?" she grinned wickedly.
    "Can't have a riot at my door, can I? And you know I don't like to
    keep people waiting."

    She got up and kissed him tenderly, caressing his crotch. He
    grinned at her, fondling her buttocks and breasts.

    "Shall I suck you off once more? One for the road? On the house?"

    He grinned. "Okay. Sounds good. If you want to."

    "Baby," she sighed as she slipped to her knees, undoing his fly
    and taking out his cock and resting it on her lower lip. "This ...
    this I *always* want to do."

    And Stanley watched as his teenage niece took the stranger's penis
    in her mouth and began sucking it deftly, jerking it in her fist
    so that it grew. He fucked her mouth quickly, gasping, his head
    flung back, his hand moving her head to and fro, his hips pumping
    back and forth while she sucked his cock till he came at last,
    moaning, his hips twitching, and the jizz flew from his cock and
    spurted into her hungry mouth and spattered her lovely face and

    Stanley ducked back into the kitchen, his heart hammering, his
    body sheathed in sweat. He leaned against the wall, closed his
    eyes. His loins were on fire and there was a deep ache in his
    balls. He wanted her. God, he wanted her so much so much it hurt.
    He heard Dilip go out of the house. The front door was still open.
    She was obviously expecting some more customers. He shut the door
    silently, locked it. He suspected a shut door would be the sign to
    customers to retreat, the coast was not clear. He wondered how she
    would adjust her commitments. Never mind, he thought. She can go
    back to whoring later. After I've done with her.


    Sheila was waiting for her next lover when Stanley stepped into
    her bedroom. She had dressed again, if it could be called that, a
    transparent chiffon *dupatta* across her chest. She wore nothing
    else. He stared at her. Her breasts were covered by the filmy
    material, which hid nothing, but her belly and crotch were exposed
    to his gaze.

    She saw him and went stone cold. He savoured the exquisite terror
    and shock on her face.

    "Uncle Stanley!" she gasped, her eyes wide, her hands instantly
    flying to cover her crotch and breasts, her jaw dropped open.

    "Yes," he rasped, and then mimicked her. "*Uncle Stanley*. You
    were expecting someone else, maybe? One of the servants?"

    Her eyes shone with sudden tears. She seemed to quail visibly, and
    her body trembled.

    "So. Business is *up*, is it? And *one for the road*, is it? Love
    the smell of your cunt on money, do you? *Always want it*, do
    you?" His voice dripped a malevolent sarcasm. He crossed to her
    bureau and flung open her diary. "And what's this, eh? An
    appointment diary? Let's see, what have we here for today? Aman
    ... Dilip ... then what, three more? Three? And six on Monday? And
    on Tuesday? When do you go to school, bitch?"

    "Uncle, no!" she cried, pleading.

    "Whore," he shouted, flinging the book across the room at her. It
    her on her arm and she gasped in sudden pain. "Harlot. *Slut!*"

    "Uncle ... I ..."

    "*Shut up!*" he roared. "*Shut up, you fucking bitch!* I saw
    everything! Everything! Saw you with the servant and that other
    son of a bitch! Fucking them like a two-bit *whore*! And taking
    money! *In our own house!* *Whore!*"

    There was nothing to say, nothing at all. Sheila bit her lip, and
    the tears coursed down her cheeks. She slid backwards, trying to
    get into a corner.

    "You bitch," he snarled, his eyes cold and hard as flint with
    fury, his jaw clenched, his face flushed. "How dare you! How
    fucking dare you!"

    He took a threatening step towards her and she cowered in a
    corner. He came closer. She moaned softly. He was within arm's
    reach now. He raised his arm, palm open. Sheila cried out and her
    hand went up over her face. Her *dupatta* dropped and she was
    naked before him, keening softly in fear.

    The blow never came.

    Instead, with surprising gentleness, his hands cupped her breasts.
    She gasped, her eyes wide in shock, jerking upright, her head
    snapping up to him. Her breasts filled his palms and he marvelled
    at the perfection of their weight and form and shape.

    "Uncle Stanley!" she gasped.

    His eyes glittered with a look she recognised, knew all too well:
    pure, naked, hungry lust.

    "I'm going to fuck you, bitch," he said softly, gritting his
    teeth, the violence of his words belied by the gentleness of his
    hands. "You can fuck all those guys, you can fuck your Uncle
    Stanley ... give me a piece of your action, slut ... *on the

    Sheila looked up at him, her eyes wide in shock. A slow, demonic
    grin crossed his face.

    "What's the matter, bitch? Not good enough for you? Wait till you
    try, whore! C'mon ... do for me what you do for *them* ... see
    just how good it feels to have your own uncle's cock stuck up your
    cunt ... filling your mouth ... rammed up your butt!"

    Sheila felt a frisson of excitement jump through her. She didn't
    want to be hurt, but sex she could handle. And fucking her own
    uncle! It was too sexy for words. It was especially sexy because
    it had to be clandestine. His wife must not know. Must not know
    that her husband's mistress was his own niece! She thought of it,
    the hideous, fat, oily bitch totally in the dark that her husband
    was fucking his brother's daughter! And Stanley wasn't
    bad-looking, not at all. His body was lean and hard and
    well-muscled and strong and he was good-looking, too. If she
    fucked him, he would leave her alone, that much she knew. What he
    was doing was a tactical error: he would no longer have a hold on
    her. They would be *in pari delicto* if they *in flagrante

    As the lust swept through her body, she groaned softly, and her
    breasts hardened and her nipples stiffened in his hands. He
    stepped back in surprise, not expecting that response, expecting
    resistance, expecting to use force.

    She lifted her breasts in her hands.

    "Yes," she said softly, her voice filled with lust. "Fuck me,
    Uncle Stan. Fuck me hard. Fuck me like a whore ... c'mon ... I
    want you!"

    And then the lust crackled through the ear and tore them down and
    they were in each other's arms. They kissed hungrily, and her
    tongue was quick and eager in his mouth and her naked, luscious
    body was hot against his and he could smell the other men on her
    and it aroused him. She undressed him quickly. Stanley was a
    muscular, powerfully built man in his late forties. His naked body
    was smooth and hairless and hard, without an ounce of fat. Strong,
    broad, shoulders swept to high, narrow hips in a sharply tapering
    V. The chest was deep and cleaved, the pectorals thick and hard.
    His arms and legs rippled with muscle. The powerful neck supported
    a handsome, weather-beaten face with a strong, straight nose,
    full, lean lips and deep-set eyes. His hair was jet black and
    swept back.

    She kissed him again and her cunt ground against his crotch and
    her breasts pressed warm on his chest. She slid a hand down to his
    groin and fondled his swelling penis. He groaned softly. She bent
    her head and sucked on his nipples, her fingers coiled around the
    long serpent of his penis. She fisted him slowly, feeling him
    harden in her hands, and slid to her knees before him.

    Flipping back his foreskin, she swirled her long tongue expertly
    over his cock-head. Her breath was warm on his cock-head, and then
    her mouth enveloped his cock in its moist warmth. She began to
    suck hard on his penis, her head moving rapidly back and forth. He
    groaned and arched his head and wondered when she had first done
    this and with whom.

    "Oh fuck yes!" he gasped. "Ohhh uhhh yeh ... c'mon ... suck it,
    Sheila ... suck my cock ... ohh uhhh yeh ... c'mon, baby ... suck
    hard! Suck, bitch, suck!"

    He fucked her mouth slowly, pumping his hips at her face, moving
    her head back and forth. His cock and her lips and cheeks grew
    shiny and sticky with his pre-cum gunk. He bent and fondled her
    breasts and found them swollen turgid, the rigid nipples quivering
    under his thumbs. His cock throbbed and pulsed ominously in her
    mouth. His cock was satisfyingly large, nine inches long and
    correspondingly thick. Its musky taste and the heady odour of his
    cum excited her. Her latent lust came to the surface; now he was
    just another man, and she wanted a fuck, wanted it badly. She
    would offer him her mouth, her cunt, her ass, her breasts, any
    orifice he chose.

    One hand on her head, he rocked her face rapidly back and forth,
    grunting in delight. He bent his head to watch his cock glistening
    in and out of her mouth. His hips pumped and his belly sucked in
    with tension. Her face distended with his throbbing erection and
    she sucked harder, jerking his shaft with firm fingers.

    "Yeh ... suck it, bitch ... suck my cock ... oh fuck yes ...
    that's it, that's good ... c'mon ... suck my meat, whore ... oh
    fucking hell yes!"

    The heat roiled in his balls and he pushed her head away.
    Immediately, she turned around on her hands and knees on the floor
    like a bitch in heat and thrust her buttocks up at him. She spread
    her thighs and leaned forward on her forearms and reached down to
    spread her cunt-lips open. He could see the dewy beads of
    cunt-juice on her pubic fuzz. Her puckered anus enticed him and he
    debated whether to fuck her butt.

    "C'mon  Uncle ... fuck me...fuck me hard," she grunted. "Fuck me!"

    He decided to fuck her cunt first. He dropped to his knees behind
    her and pressed his cock into the cleft between her buttocks. She
    felt his cock-head at her anus and promptly bent forward and
    clawed her buttocks open for him. He laughed softly.

    "Later, whore," he said. "I'll fuck your ass later."

    She nodded and spread her cunt-lips for him again. Slowly, he
    squeezed his cock-head into her. Sheila gasped as his penis seared
    into her flesh. Stanley groaned and flexed his buttocks, thrusting
    deep into her. Her cunt was a hot, wet vice that cramped and
    convulsed on his penis. His head arched in pleasure. Gritting his
    teeth, he swung his hips forward and thrust deep into her. Sheila
    cried out loudly as the swollen penis pierced her belly. Her
    breasts were hot and swollen and they jiggled as he rocked into
    her and her gold necklace swayed.

    "C'mon slut ... take it!" he gasped.

    The obscenity aroused her. Moaning deliriously, she rocked back
    and forth on her hands and knees. Her cunt ran up and down the
    length of his shaft, impaling itself on his cock repeatedly. It
    was hot and wet and tight as a vise and it convulsed feverishly on
    his throbbing penis. It was a long time since he'd had a cunt so
    juicy, so hot, so goddamned tight. Stanley took several deep
    breaths to regain control. He waited on his knees behind her and
    caressed her back. He watched her cunt slide up and down his rigid
    penis and the sight aroused him. He prised her buttocks open and
    pressed his finger to her anus. She moaned and her sphincter
    yielded and he inveigled a thick finger into her ass. He slid his
    other hand under her belly and flicked her gorged clitoris back
    and forth. She gasped and whimpered, her back bowing and arching,
    her body jerking and rocking under him. Her breasts swung with her
    motions and he squeezed them hard, rolling her rigid nipples in
    his fingers. Sheila's head snapped up and she moaned. Her cunt and
    breasts were fiery with lust. She moved faster. Her body rocked
    and jerked before him, her buttocks slapping loudly at his strong
    thighs. His balls pressed to her cunt-lips and he could feel the
    hot flow of her cunt-juices on his groin.

    "Yes! C'mon ... c'mon, whore ... take it! Take my cock ... yeh!
    Take it all! Harder, bitch! Ohhhh yes! Yeh! UNHHhhh Yes! Ohhh god
    yes," he grunted, forcing her to go faster and faster, jamming her
    cunt back on his prick.

    "Ohh uh OHHhhh uhhhh OHhhh yes ohh god yes yes yes!" she

    He slid his fingers out of her cunt and ass and, his hands on her
    hips, began to move. His hips pumped and swung back and forth,
    each skewering thrust probing her cunt. He rolled his hips
    savagely and she gasped and moaned as his cock ran into her cunt
    from all angles. It rasped against her inflamed clitoris, and she
    felt his heavy balls swinging at her cunt-lips. She stretched a
    hand between her thighs and squeezed his balls. He moaned and
    fucked her faster and harder. His balls were on fire. He began to

    He pushed her down on her forearms, raising her buttocks higher.
    He spread his legs in a deep squat astride her hips and began to
    ride her. Her mouth split into a wide 'O' of pure lust as he
    ground his hips against hers. Then he fucked her hard with deep,
    punishing thrusts, his buttocks rising and falling, his penis
    going in and out of her cunt, glistening with their commingled
    juices. Her body jerked under his thrusts and she moaned loudly,
    obscenely, begging him to fuck her harder. He obeyed his mistress
    and started ram-fucking her cunt, thudding into her, his cock
    rasping in and out of her cunt with an audible rasp. She squeezed
    her breasts in a frenzy as he moved faster and faster till he was
    rocketing in and out of her cunt like a dervish.

    "Oh god oh ma unhh ohhh unhh ohhh unhh ohhh uhhh oh yes Ohh yes
    Ohhh yes yes Ohhh god yes ... fuck me ohhh yes baby yes ... fuck
    me hard ... fuck me ... oh yes ... fuck my slit, Uncle ... fuck it
    hard!" Sheila chunnered.

    Sheila orgasmed violently, shuddering and gasping as the heat
    swamped her. Stanley was magnificent. He went on fucking her hard,
    right through her orgasm. She expected him to come inside her as
    her cunt convulsed feverishly on his penis but, to her amazement
    and delight, he held back. She gasped softly in wonder and joy and
    heard him chuckle softly.

    "Told you, slut ... time for a *real* man!"

    He slid his penis out of her. She turned on her back and he knelt
    over her head and slid his cock into her mouth. She sucked it
    greedily and gasped as he bent over her and thrust his tongue into
    her cunt. They sixty-nined slowly and she whimpered in pleasure,
    sucking and licking his cock and balls. Her cunt tingled
    pleasurably. His tongue was wonderful in her cunt, thick and
    heavy, flicking her inflamed clitoris incessantly.

    He rolled off her and she knelt astride his groin, his cock in her
    hand. She guided it to her cunt and, with a shuddering gasp,
    squeezed the cock-head into her flesh. He grunted as the soft heat
    of her cunt-flesh enveloped him again. She paused with her hips
    high and just the cock-head inside her, leaning forward with her
    hands on his chest.

    "Fuck me ... fuck me hard," she gasped. "Fuck me hard! C'mon,
    Uncle Stan ... do it ... take me, baby ... take me like a whore
    ... oh god oh god ... you're cock's so good in my slit ... Ohhh
    uhh yeh ... oh yes ... ohhh uhh yes!"

    She arched sensuously, her hands on her breasts, fondling them,
    lifting and weighing the turgid mounds, her face suffused with a
    radiance of lust, her lips parted, her tongue pressed sexily to
    her upper lip, her fingers pincering her long, rigid nipples.
    Stanley stared at her in awe, overwhelmed by her sexiness.

    She began to rock back and forth and up and down on his cock,
    leaning forward on his hands. The heat in his groin was unbearable
    and he burst into motion. Grunting with tension, gripping her
    buttocks, he fucked her furiously, ramming his hips up and down
    beneath her. She cried out, her head arching as the cock slammed
    in and out of her cunt. Her breasts bounced as his hips thumped
    against her buttocks. Then her buttocks crashed down greedily on
    his cock and he groaned as she began to rock and buck rapidly over
    him, her cunt sliding up and down his pole in feverish excitement.
    Her head whipped back and forth and her breasts jiggled and
    bounced and her gold necklace slapped on her dusky skin. He held
    her buttocks and moved her on his lap. She reached back to cup his
    balls. He gasped loudly as she slid her cunt down deep onto his
    cock and flexed and unflexed her buttocks rapidly. Her cunt seemed
    to chew on his penis. She swung her buttocks round and round and
    her hand splayed flat on her belly and she fingered her clitoris.
    He watched her, deeply aroused. Faster and faster they moved and
    now she leaned over him on outstretched arms and rocked rapidly up
    and down on his cock. Her cries rang in his ears.

    "Yes ... Oh yes ... fuck me ... fuck me hard, motherfucker, fuck
    me hard! C'mon, Uncle Stan, c'mon you fucking bastard, you son of
    a bitch! Fuck me!"

    The foul language, the abuses, all added to his excitement. This
    was incredible.

    "Take it, bitch! Take my cock! OHHHh yeh! C'mon you whore! Take
    it!" he replied. "Oh yeh ... c'mon ... take it, you fucking bitch!
    You fucking slut, take my cock!"

    Her buttocks caromed and bounced off his thighs, her cunt a hot,
    wet, greedy vortex of intense pleasure. He bucked furiously under
    her, making her groan and cry out in lust. Sheila's cunt blazed
    with heat and she soared up towards another orgasm. At the last
    minute, just before the sun broke through the clouds, she slid off
    his cock and turned on her back on the floor, spreading her legs
    and bending her knees. She clawed her cunt-lips open for him and
    reached for his cock as he moved between her thighs. He bent over
    her and slowly squeezed his cock into her cunt slowly with a loud
    gasp. Her back bowed and arched as his burning penis seared into
    her cunt. Her supple thighs coiled about his hips. She dragged his
    mouth to hers and kissed him deeply, her tongue feverish in his

    "C'mon you motherfucker ... screw my slit," she muttered. "Screw
    me hard! I want you, Uncle Stan, you mother-fucking son of a bitch
    ... I want your cock right up my cunt ... fuck me, Uncle ... fuck
    me forever!"

    "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck," he moaned. "C'mon ... whore ... take
    it, Sheila-bitch ... take it, oh yeh ... take it you whore ...
    take my cock!"

    Stretched over her on outstretched arms, his cock still pushing
    into her constricting channel, gasping and making her moan in
    delight as it burrowed deeper and deeper into her, he fought to
    steady himself. His cock throbbed ominously, and the jizz roiled
    in his balls, aching for release.

    Steadily, he drove himself deeper and deeper into her until he was
    fully embedded in her cunt, his cock in to the hilt. Sheila arched
    under him, her loins lurching up to his, her hands on his massive
    shoulders. He began to move and she responded eagerly, moving in
    unison with him. Soon, they were gasping and panting, their bodies
    streaming with sweat. Her body snapped back, her breasts jiggled,
    his thrusts got faster, deeper, harder.

    Within minutes, he was ram-fucking her furiously again. His head
    arched back and his buttocks plummeted up and down, up and down,
    up and down, his penis stroking powerfully in and out, in and out,
    in and out of her cunt. Sheila moaned deliriously, her head
    whipping ecstatically from side to side.

    "OHHHhh god yes yes ohh yes yes ... ohhhh yeh that's it ... c'mon
    fuck me lover ... yeh ... take me ... ohhhh yes! Oh yes!" she
    hissed. "Oh you fucking bastard ... fuck me! *Fuck me, you
    frigging son of a bitch! FUCK ME!*"

    "Take it bitch ... yeh cunt ... take it all yes!" he returned.

    She began to orgasm again and he kept fucking her, forcing her on
    to another orgasm and yet a third. She moaned and cried out, her
    body heaving and writhing and thrashing joyously under his.

    Now he was desperate, fevered with lust. He jerked out of her and
    fucked her again, this time lying on his side and thrusting
    quickly into her from behind, lifting one of her legs high in his
    hand. He fucked her rapidly, one hand on her hip, the other on her
    shoulder, jigging her furiously up and down on his cock. Her
    breasts bounced and she cried out, her eyes closed, whimpering.
    The enormous cock was relentless in her cunt, thrusting angrily in
    and out of her cunt, his balls slamming against her buttocks and
    thighs. She came again and he swore violently, his cock jerking
    into her over and over. He struggled for control. Somehow, he
    managed to hold back. She bowed her head, panting and gasping,
    awed by his stamina and staying power. Rarely did a lover satisfy
    her thus. She sensed his desire and obeyed instantly.

     Quickly, she got onto the nearest armchair on her knees, her
     hands clenching the backrest, her buttocks thrust back,
     proffering her anus. Gasping with excitement, Stanley stood
     behind her and pressed his cock-head to her asshole. He was
     burning with lust. Her sphincter spasmed once and he cried out,
     his head snapping back and jammed his cock into her asshole.
     Sheila screamed softly, her face contorting in a grimace of pain
     and lust as the huge, fiery rod surged into her anus. Her fingers
     clawed at the chair.

    "Yes ... yes ... fuck me ... fuck my ass ... fuck it hard!" she
    gasped. She dug a hand into her crotch and began to masturbate
    frantically. "Ohhh uhhh yeh ... oh yes ... fuck me, Uncle Stan ...
    fuck my butt ... ohh god oh god oh god ... that's so good, baby
    ... oh yes ... c'mon, Uncle Stan ... give me your cock ... shove
    it right up my ass, baby ... uhhhhh huhh ohyeh ... that's it ...
    c'mon ... deeper ... ahhhh uhh yeh ... oh god I love your cock in
    my ass, Uncle ... yes!"

    Overpowered by lust, he ram-fucked her butt, jerking and slamming
    his hips back and forth, forcing his cock into her asshole again
    and again. It was burning hot and tight as a vice and it convulsed
    feverishly on his penis. He felt her orgasm and her ass cramped on
    his cock. He cried out and rocked into her savagely and finally
    lost control. Beneath him, Sheila mewed in pleasure and joy when
    she felt the sharp sting of his spoot geysering in a searing flood
    into her asshole. He slid out of her anus slowly, his cock
    quivering and throbbing. She moaned, and her breath came in
    heaving, rattling gasps. His cock dribbled jizz on her buttocks
    and thighs. She moaned, writhing under him, her head bowed between
    her arms. He chuckled softly and squeezed her  pendulous breasts.

    "Well, whore, liked it? Had a good fuck?" he chuckled. "Like
    having your ol' Uncle Stan fuck you and fuck you and fuck you?"

    She turned around and sat in the chair and smiled prettily. "Yes,"
    she said. "It was very good. Thank you. But, Uncle Stan ..."


    "I want some more!"

    Stanley laughed. "Randy whore!"

    "Mm. That's me. A randy whore. Now are you going to fuck me or

    He grinned. "What if I said no?"

    She giggled. "Well, I'd just have to open the door and let in
    someone else, wouldn't I?"

    He laughed again, bent over and kissed her. "You're one horny

    Sheila kissed her uncle, holding his head in her hands and
    thrusting her tongue hungrily into his mouth. He squeezed her
    breasts. She arched her back and pushed his head to her breasts.
    He sucked them gently, then sharply. She groaned and pushed his
    head lower. He kissed her belly and nuzzled her crotch. Her legs
    spread wide, hooking over the arms of the chair. He thrust his
    face into her cunt.

    "Come on, my loverboy-Uncle," she said sexily. "Lick my slit ...
    shove your tongue into my pussy!"

    Stanley pulled her cunt-lips open and slid his tongue into her
    crack. She groaned and closed her eyes, tilting her face up. His
    tongue was wonderful, thick and heavy, rippling through her sodden
    slit like fire. She squeezed her breasts with one hand, moving his
    head around in her groin with the other. Sheila whimpered her

    He tongue-fucked her steadily for several minutes, savouring the
    heady taste of her cunt-juices and his own gunk. She moaned and
    whimpered happily, her hips jerking and writhing under his face.
    He straightened and climbed on the chair and gave her his cock to
    suck once again. She took it in her mouth greedily and sucked and
    licked it lasciviously, her tongue working its magic on the penis.
    He fucked her face unhurriedly, pumping his hips back and forth,
    rocking her head with one hand, bending his head to watch her suck
    his penis. She sucked harder and harder, moaning and whimpering in
    her throat.

    He pulled away and stood on the floor and leaned over her. She
    spread her legs wide and lifted her cunt up high. One hand on the
    back of the chair, his head bent to watch her under him, he flexed
    his buttocks and slowly drilled his cock into her cunt. Sheila
    moaned softly as the huge rod seared into her flesh. She gripped
    his buttocks and dragged his head down to hers.

    "Fuck me," she groaned in his ear, tonguing it. "Fuck me! Shove
    your cock right up my cunt! I want to feel it all! C'mon, Uncle
    Stanley! Do it!"

    Slowly, Sheila's uncle flexed his buttocks tighter and tighter. He
    grimaced and gasped as her hot cunt convulsed frantically on the
    intruding penis as it burrowed and plowed into her soft, eager,
    wanton flesh. Her head jerked to one side and she whimpered in
    pleasure, her chest heaving. Stanley crushed her breasts with one
    hand. She groaned, clenching his arms, her hips arched high, her
    buttocks taut, her cunt squeezing and sucking hungrily on his

    "Oh fuck!" he gasped. "Oh fuck yes! Ohhh yes, baby yes! Take it!
    Take it whore! Take my cock!"

    "Ohhh ... uhhhh yes ... yes ... ohhhh yes ... yes ... ohhh uhhh oh
    ma uhhh ahhh ... yes ... oh ma uhhh ahh ... unhhh ohhh uhhh ohhh
    uhh Oh oh oh!"

    Now gripping both arms of the chair, gasping with exertion,
    Stanley began to grind his cock heavily in and out of his niece's
    cunt. She gasped and moaned, arching and writhing erotically under
    him, squeezing and crushing her breasts in an eager frenzy.

    "Fuck me!" she called. "Fuck me all night, Uncle Stan! Fuck me

    "Just wait," he chuckled softly as he ploughed into his teenage
    niece's hot cunt. "Just you wait, bitch, till I tell Calvin ...
    and then we're going to have fun!"


    Harry was a randy eighteen year old, obsessed with sex. He was
    still a virgin then, and desperate to cure that inadequacy. But
    with this house full of people and his day so packed and no
    opportunity to be alone with a girl, how the fuck was he to do
    that? He kept dreaming of it, fantasizing about the women he saw
    in pornographic movies and magazines, wanting them, wanting to
    have his cock sucked, to feel his cock encased in a warm, juicy
    cunt, to lick slit, to fondle a woman's breasts, to fuck a broad
    in her ass. The bragging his pals did about the dames they fucked
    didn't help. He pretended to be one of them, claiming that he was
    being laid regularly, refusing to say by whom, but only he knew,
    only he knew the ache in his balls, this mad throbbing in his head
    that wouldn't go away, the deep ache in his gut as he looked at
    dame's tits and asses and faces and wanted to fuck them and fuck
    them and fuck them ... there was this maid, Leela, god, was she
    hot ... the way she walked, her sly, sexy, smile, her smooth dark
    skin, the stunning curves of her body, the loveliness of her face,
    the sway of her hips, the way her breasts jutted out in her tight,
    tight, tight blouses. He thought about her and instantly had an

    He was at his desk trying to study for his exams at the first year
    of college. His kid sister, Shirlyn, then under ten, was already
    asleep, curled in a ball on the bed at the far side of the room.
    Sheila wasn't home yet. He looked at his watch and felt a twinge
    of anxiety. It was very late.

    She came in a little later, told Harry she'd been with a friend
    and that Uncle Calvin had picked her up on his way home from work.
    Actually, she and Calvin had spent several hours in a seedy hotel
    in the suburbs. The fucking was prolonged and heavenly and Uncle
    Calvin fucked her like one possessed, again and again in every
    orifice, making her orgasm repeatedly, till she was utterly spent.
    She told Harry she was tired and sleepy and she showered and went
    straight to bed.

    When Harry finally packed it in for the night, Sheila was fast
    asleep. He passed her bed silently, so as not to wake her. Sheila
    lay on her back, her lovely face turned to one side and he felt a
    sudden rush of affection for his sister.

    His brotherly love quickly vanished as his eyes slid over her
    supine form. The thin coverlet had slid down to her belly, and her
    loose fitting, low-necked, strapped nightgown was askew. One of
    the straps was caught in the crook of her bent arm, drawing the
    nightie down low, exposing most of one breast, the prominent
    nipple thrust out impudently. Harry felt his balls surge with
    lust. The gold chain gleamed around her neck on her dusky skin.
    Her chest rose and fell gently, in deep slumber.

    As he watched, she murmured and stirred in her sleep and her hand
    slipped up to her breast, fondling it in her dreams. He saw the
    luscious swell fully, ripe and succulent, just like he had
    imagined a breast would be, and then he saw the nipple stiffen.
    His erection bounced up, making a tent of his thin cotton pajamas.
    Harry dropped his pajamas and began to masturbate, gasping as he
    watched her fondle her breast.

    Soon, the sight became too much for him. He wanted to touch her
    breast, her nipple, lick it, suck it ... Her caresses grew more
    obviously erotic. She pinched and rolled her nipple, stroked it
    with her palm, squeezed and fondled the firm flesh of her breast.
    Harry moaned to himself.

    He could stand it no longer. He stole forward and closed on her.
    Gently, fearing she would awaken, the very notion of what he was
    doing, breaking the quintessential taboo exciting him, he slid one
    hand under her free breast and moved his fingers under hers on the
    other one, the one she was fondling. He heard her murmur softly,
    thickly, deep in her sleep. Her breasts felt warm and hard, the
    nipples hard and quivering. With growing excitement, he fondled
    her ripe, succulent, sloping breasts, squeezing the flesh,
    pinching and rolling the nipple. He bent his head and tongued it
    slowly, rolling his tongue over the puckered, aroused aureole,
    drawing the rigid length of her nipple into his mouth, plying it
    with his tongue and teeth, sucking gently, yet insistently on it.
    She groaned again and stirred. He froze, fearing he had gone to

    What happened next blew his mind totally. His erect cock was close
    to her face as he bent over, his head upside down over breasts.
    She stirred in her sleep, and her elegant, cool fingers curled
    lovingly about his cock. Harry stifled a gasp, almost exploded in
    shock. Nobody had done this to him ever before! And here ... his
    own sister ... and he ... her brother ... oh fuck ... she was so
    lovely, so very lovely ...

    Sheila began to masturbate him slowly, her hands moving lovingly
    to and fro, to and fro, jerking and frigging and masturbating him,
    cupping and fondling his heavy, loaded balls, her long nails
    raking erotically up and down his long shaft. Harry's pulse
    hammered in his head. He surrendered to the immediacy of his need
    and slid forward to straddle her face. Her eyes still closed,
    apparently still deep in her sleep, her lips parted, her long
    tongue snaked out and he almost creamed there and then as it
    swirled and coiled about his sticky cock-head, lapping hungrily,
    slowly at the sticky pre-cum gunk that bedewed it.

    He gave in utterly, and she parted her lips and slid them down
    around his cock-head and shaft, enveloping him in her moist,
    eager, warm mouth. Harry moaned thickly. His hips writhed and
    began to pump slowly, fucking her mouth. Her face was distended
    with his cock inside it, her tongue still toying with this
      ck-head, her fingers on his balls, between his thighs, questing
    for his anus. She stopped her cock-sucking to tongue his balls,
    suck them, rolling her tongue down the hard ridge of flesh beneath
    his balls to his anus, found it and probed it with her tongue.
    Harry gasped in joy. She returned slowly to the cock and took it
    into her mouth once more. She sucked it harder and harder,
    sucking, letting go, sucking and letting go, and Harry arched his
    head, eyes closed, panting and gasping, his teenage body wracked
    with the sexual heat and tension as his sister sucked his cock
    like a slut. It was incredible, overpowering. Her mouth was hot,
    wet, sucking him like a pump, slurping and licking, his body on
    fire, her electric tongue doing magical things to his cock tip,
    her fingers all over, on his balls, in his arse, on his shaft,
    jerking him, fondling him. His balls and belly burned and ached,
    his heart hammered loudly in his chest, his body was on fire, the
    lava in his balls clamouring for release.

    His hips bucked and bobbed slowly, she slurped audibly as his big
    cock went in and out, in and out, in and out of her mouth. She
    spread her legs beneath his face and to his astonishment, lifted
    her nightdress high, showing that she was naked beneath. Her
    cunt-fuzz was damp, thick, curly black hair framing her slit, the
    first he had ever seen. Her hands slid off his cock hilt and down
    to her groin, parting her cunt-lips for him. With a stifled cry he
    bent forward and thrust his face between her legs. He heard her
    gasp softly and felt her arch beneath him as he parted her
    cunt-lips the way he had seen men do in porn flicks, and his
    tongue thrust rapidly into her cunt. The musky taste of her made
    his head swim. She sucked harder still. Her hips began to writhe
    and buck under him, churning and grinding erotically.

    He could not contain himself. Suddenly, without prior warning, he
    came, exploding violently, shooting his hot, thick load into her
    mouth, down her throat. Incredibly, he felt her continue her
    sucking, swallowing his shot, sucking and lovingly licking and
    lapping at his cock till she had taken every drop of it out of
    him. He continued to tongue-fuck her, grinding his loins against
    her face as much as he could, wanting to drown himself in her

    And just then, he felt suddenly her buck harder and gasp and flood
    his mouth with her own juice and he thrust his face in firmly and
    sucked and sucked, drinking his fill of his sibling's coital

    He rolled off her gently, panting, terrified, excited and,
    strangely, not the least bit repelled. He saw the shine of his
    gunk on her lips, the dribble of it on her chin and neck and
    breasts. And then he saw her smile to herself in her sleep,
    licking her lips, savouring his jizz. She turned on her side, as
    though nothing had happened.

    Harry found it difficult to sleep. The memory of what he had done
    continued to haunt him, filling him with fear, terrified of the
    consequences should anyone find out. His own sister! He had fucked
    her mouth, tongue-fucked her cunt! He had come in her mouth! His
    own sister!

    He did not know it, but she had been awake the whole time. The
    very idea of what he wanted had excited her, and the fact that it
    was completely *verboten* only added a fillip to her lust. Sheila
    saw nothing amiss - after all, she was already the neighbourhood
    whore, fucking servants and neighbours and even their own uncles.
    Harry was sexy and desirable and she saw no reason to deny herself
    satisfaction with him if that could be got.

    Her orgasm had been intense, like his, her mind soaring and
    whirling as she felt his tongue in her cunt, his hard, lean body
    pressed hot against hers, his cock in her mouth, filling her very
    soul, hot and hard and throbbing till the final, electrifying
    release of his steaming jizz came, flooding her mouth and sending
    her into raptures of pleasure.

    She knew, though, the distress this would cause if it ever came to
    light. To her mind, there was only one solution to the problem,
    and that was to sleep with him, to treat it as naturally as she
    did all her other sex. But not this night. It would have to be
    done slowly. Perhaps next week, or next month. In a while.

    Harry never knew the truth of that night. The memory lingered,
    haunting, daunting, tantalising, exciting, terrifying, tormenting


    Harry was immersed in an exceptionally erotic fantasy involving
    the maid Leela and a sexy young girl he'd just met in college,
    Audrey, when he heard strange sounds coming across the house. At
    first he didn't quite register the sounds: he was too busy
    imagining Audrey moaning and writhing ecstatically under him as he
    drove his cock in and out of her cunt while Leela sat on Audrey's
    face. He knew Audrey had the hots for him. It was only a matter of
    time before he fucked her, but he didn't want to rush it. He was
    still a virgin and he wanted to fuck Audrey after he'd got some
    experience. How he was going to do that was a mystery, but he
    certainly wasn't going to risk being laughed at by her if she
    found he was inexperienced and callow. He'd have to get someone to
    take his virginity. Leela, perhaps. But how?

    The sounds came through again, louder now, interrupting his
    reverie, unmistakably those of a man and a woman fucking. He knew
    such sounds from the pornographic movies he had seen. But, here,
    at home? Who on earth was it? The voice was familiar; very
    familiar. But ... but it couldn't be ... not Sheila. Not her, not
    his sister. She was in school. Not her.

    He heard the voices again and now there was no mistake. It had to
    be Sheila. Sheila and a man. But who? There wasn't anyone home but
    him and the servant. The servant. Oh god. The servant.

    Moving across the hall now, Harry heard the sounds again. He
    traced it to the second bedroom, the one used by his Uncle Calvin
    and his family.

    Sheila was there all right. With a servant, but not their servant,
    not Ramu. Another servant, one from the neighbouring building, a
    chauffeur called Sharan. He hadn't heard the bell. She must have
    come in with him, and Ramu. His heart pounded as he edged closer
    to the door to get a better look. His palms felt clammy and he
    felt a rush of blood to his head and groin and found he had a
    massive erection.

    Sheila was outrageously dressed in a pair of hot pants that were
    alarmingly short and a taut, body-hugging zip-up top with a high,
    winged mandarin collar. The top was of glossy black leather, and
    the zip was pulled low below her breasts. It squeezed her large
    breasts together; almost fully exposed, they strained at the taut
    fabric, forming a deep cleavage and oozing out of its confines.

    Sharan was a tall, well-built young stud with round-faced good
    looks and a lean body. He had broad shoulders, a tapering torso
    and high hips.  His chest was deep and cleaved, the belly hard,
    the torso smooth and V-shaped. His hair was thick and swept back,
    the eyes small and watchful, the mouth hard, the jaw tough. His
    arms and legs were thick with muscle.

    Sharan's khaki tunic was unbuttoned and Sheila's head was against
    his chest, her lips over one nipple, sucking on it, caressing the
    other with her free hand. Sharan smiled at her, his head bent,
    fondling her hair, stroking the exposed flesh of her wonderful
    breasts with his fingertips. He hooked two fingers in the zipper
    and slid it down with a loud *krrrrrrik*. The top split apart like
    a banana peel. Her breasts bounced out of their leathered nest and
    Harry saw that her nipples were already rock-hard. Sharan cupped
    and squeezed the fleshy mounds.

    Harry's loins surged with excitement. His cock swelled and
    strained at his shorts. He thrust his hand into his shorts and
    began to jerk off slowly, excited and aroused. Sheila was damned
    sexy and he had the hots for her, he had fucked her mouth and he
    had licked her slit, and he wanted her. He didn't baulk at the
    knowledge that it was incest: his lust was too overpowering.

    He watched as his sister slid to her knees before the servant. His
    shirt was completely undone now, and hung open on his shoulders.
    She had taken off her top. She looked lovely, a thin gold chain
    crinkling on her creamy skin. She undid the fly of his trousers
    quickly, and slipped her hand between his legs. Sharan grunted.
    She smiled and freed his penis. Harry saw it was huge, the length
    and weight and thickness all the pornographic magazines assured
    him women loved. Although he did not know it, Sheila had sucked
    it, taken it in her cunt, between her breasts, even in her
    asshole, countless times. He realised with a rush of exhilaration
    that his own cock was considerably larger.

    Sharan's began to swell and harden in her fist. She masturbated
    him slowly. She flipped the foreskin back with a deftness that
    could only have come of much experience, her lips parted, and her
    long, pointed tongue snaked out to coil sinuously around his
    cock-head. Sharan hissed sharply, his belly sucking in. Harry
    heard a soft chuckle and his head snapped around. Across, the
    room, watching them, the servant Ramu had his trousers down and
    was masturbating his thick long cock slowly.

    Harry turned back to Sheila and Sharan and was just in time to see
    Sharan jerk her head forward, thrust his hips at her face.
    Sheila's lovely lips parted and slipped around his cock-head. Her
    cheeks hollowed delicately as she began to suck on his cock.
    Sharan moaned and began to rock on his feet, holding her head and
    moving it to and fro, fucking her mouth. His cock glistened and
    gleamed as it emerged and disappeared between her lips. She paused
    to duck her head and suck his balls, tonguing and licking them,
    rising to squeeze his cock between her breasts. She ran its sticky
    head over her nipples. He fucked her breasts for a bit and then
    she sucked his penis again. His hips snapped back and forth, his
    cock went in and out of her mouth.

    "C'mon ... yeh ... oh fuck yes ... suck it, bitch ... suck harder!
    Suck, whore, suck! Suck my cock! *Chul*, *rundi* ... *choos*!
    *Jorse* *choos*!" he gasped.

    Harry stifled a gasp. He was treating her like a two-bit whore!

    Sharan pushed Sheila's head away. She rose, unzipped her taut
    shorts and bent to shuck them off.  Her pubic fuzz was neatly
    trimmed and already looked damp. She turned and leaned forward
    over a high, sloping desk on her forearms, her feet spread wide,
    her buttocks thrust back at him, her lovely breasts and the gold
    chain pendulous.

    Over her shoulder, her voice husky and filled with naked lust, she
    said, "C'mon, baby ... fuck me ... shove your cock into my pussy,
    Sharan ... I'm all hot and wet for you ... c'mon ... fuck me!"

    Across the room, Ramu chuckled. "Go for it, dude!" he urged. "Fuck
    her hard, stud ... fuck her real hard! She likes it like that -
    good and hard. 'Sides, that's what you're paying for, right?"

    Ashok couldn't believe his ears. She took money for this! Sheila,
    his own sister! She was a *whore*! With the *servants*! It was his
    most erotic fantasy brought to life. He muffled a groan, pumping
    his swollen penis in his fist, his loins afire.

    In the room, Sharan grinned and moved forward, his cock in his
    hand. He  pressed the big cock-head into the dark crevice between
    the lobes of Sheila's buttocks. Sheila moaned, clawing her
    cunt-lips wide for his penis. Slowly, smoothly, with a long,
    shuddering gasp, Sharan squeezed his cock into her cunt.

    "Mm ... OHHH uhh Oh yes!" she moaned, her head arching, turning
    over her shoulder to him, radiant with lust. "Yeh ... oh god yes,
    Sharan ... fuck me!" she hissed, her tongue pressed sexily to her
    upper lip. "C'mon, baby ... shove your cock right up my cunt ...
    mm Ohhh yeh ... that's it, baby ... yes!"

    His head arched back, his buttocks flexed, his cock vanished
    slowly into her pussy, drilling and skewering her deeply, surging
    into her belly. He held her hips and pursed his lips in tension.
    She moaned as he entered her, her head craning, her mouth hanging
    open, her face a vision of lust.

    "Yeh ... oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yes!" he gasped. "C'mon, whore,
    c'mon ... take it! Take my cock!"

    "Oh uhh ohma uhh yeh oh yeh oh yeh ... oh that's good, baby ...
    yes ... ooh yeh ... c'mon, baby ... fuck me ... yeh ... fuck me,
    baby ... fuck my cunt ... fuck me like a whore, baby ... fuck me
    hard ... yeh ... c'mon ... shove your cock right up my slit, baby
    ... shove it in *hard* ... ahhh yeh ... that's it!"

    Harry's ears burned. She was acting just like a slut, like a
    porn-queen, like all those women in the movies he'd seen, her
    expressions were the same, her words were theirs. And Sharan was
    fucking her like one of them, like a slut. Harry watched, utterly
    transfixed as Sharan's hips swung smoothly to and fro. He held her
    hips and her back curved and arched beneath his. Her breasts
    jiggled, her gold necklace swung; his hips thrust and recoiled,
    thrust and recoiled. His massive cock drove deep into her cunt.

    He kept at it for a long time, his hands gripping her hips, his
    buttocks flexing and unflexing, his hips rocking methodically back
    and forth. Harry could see the huge penis glistening as it went in
    and out of her cunt, appearing and disappearing between the curves
    of her buttocks. Her body rocked and jerked under his and she
    mouthed a litany of erotic obscenities. He ran his hands down her
    lovely, slender, curved body and squeezed her breasts. She arched
    her back and he leaned forward and they kissed erotically, their
    mouths wide, their tongues fencing at each other's.

    Sharan began moving faster. He gasped and panting, slapping his
    hips at her buttocks, thrusting harder, deeper, faster. Her cries
    rose in the torpid air. His head was flung back and now his hips
    hammered rapidly at her buttocks, his cock slamming and reaming in
    and out, in and out, in and out. Her body jerked and lurched
    beneath his. Her gold chain flapped and swung madly on her skin.
    Her jiggling breasts were enormously swollen, the nipples rigid.
    He stretched his hands and cupped her breasts, squeezing them
    hard, rolling the heavy mounds in his palms, making her moan and

    "Take it, whore! Take it! C'mon, you fucking bitch ... take my
    cock!" Sharan gasped.

    "Oh yeh ... oh yes, baby yes ... fuck me ... c'mon, you
    motherfucker ... *fuck me*!" she called feverishly. "*Fuck me,
    motherfucker! Fuck me hard!*"

    They kept fucking for what seemed an eternity, then paused,
    panting and groaning and, changing position, continued as before.
    Sheila lay on her back on huge, well-sprung double bed, and drew
    her legs up high on either side of his hips. Sharan bent his body
    over hers pierced her quickly, and she arched hard under him, her
    back cambering.

    "C'mon now, Sharan," she gasped, clenching his thickly padded
    shoulders. "Fuck me hard! Fuck me real hard, baby! Fuck me hard!"

    Sharan gasped and began to ram-fuck her furiously. Harry could see
    his dark cock running in and out of her cunt, his buttocks
    bouncing feverishly over her bucking, heaving loins. Her face
    arched back, and her body jerked on the bed. Her breasts jiggled
    with his thrusts. She clenched them, mauling and crushing them in
    a frenzy. Her face whipped from side to side and  her cries were
    loud and utterly obscene.

    "OHHHHh uhhhhh OHHHHH *hanh* uh oh ma uh oh ma uh *hanh* uhh
    *hanh* uhh *hanh* uhh yeh oh yeh ... fuck me! Fuck me, baby! Fuck
    me hard! *Chodh* *mujhe*! *Jorse* *chodh* ... *jorse* *chodh*!"
    she cried.

    "Oh fuck oh fuck uhh yeh uhh oh fuck yes ... c'mon whore ... take
    it ... *le*, *rundi* ... *lele* ... *le* *mere* *lund* *ko* ...
    take my cock!" Sharan gasped.

    Sharan bent his head and kissed her, thrusting his tongue deep
    into her mouth. She responded instantly, sucking on his tongue,
    taking it deep between her lips, caressing him fiercely. Her hips
    bucked up heavily at his, sucking his penis deep into her cunt.
    Sharan swung his hips, grinding down hard. Sheila's luscious body
    gleamed with sweat. She clenched his head in a frenzy of hot lust
    and kissed him again.

    "Yes," she hissed through gritted teeth. "Oh baby that's good ...
    fuck me, baby ... fuck me hard!"

    Sharan moved faster, rearing on his haunches, his hips moving like
    a trip hammer at top speed, slamming his cock into her hard and
    deep, making her arch, driving the breath from her throat in an
    ululating cry with each thrust. Tendons stood out in her neck.  He
    bent his head to suck on her breasts, nibbling and sucking and
    letting go and sucking sharply again. Sheila went wild, her body
    thrashing violently under his, her face wild with lust and

    She orgasmed at last. Sharan flung his head back and growled,
    driving his hips into her with deep, slow, skewering thrusts,
    slamming in again and again. At last he ground into her and
    stiffened, holding fast deep inside her cunt. Sheila whimpered
    ecstatically. Harry saw Sharan's hips twitch and jerk at her cunt,
    saw the spreading glow on their faces, and then Sharan jerked out
    of her and shot his load, his jizz spattering over her thighs and
    cunt and belly and breasts and face. She moaned, smiling
    radiantly, scooping his gunk on her fingers and licking them,
    licking her lips, fondling her breasts. Streaming with sweat,
    Sharan leaned over her gunk-flecked body and kissed her. His cock
    was still inside her. Her legs tightened about his hips.

    "Again," he heard her say. "Once again."

    Sharan looked over his shoulder to Ramu. The servant nodded,
    grinning, masturbating. "Go ahead, stud," he said. "Have a go. On
    the house."

    Sharan chuckled and slapped her bottom. He rolled over onto his
    back and pushed her head down to his groin.

    "C'mon, whore ... suck my cock!" he growled.

    She murmured softly and crouched with her face over his lap. She
    held his cock, and her lips parted and slid around his cock-head.
    Sharan grunted softly. His hips twitched up and down. He held her
    head and moved it in his hands, fucking her mouth with intense
    enjoyment. Her head bobbed and rose and fell over his lap. His
    cock glistened and shone between her lips. Her face distended with
    the size of his cock.

    "Yeh ... suck it, bitch ... suck my prick," Sharan grunted. "C'mon
    ... suck my cock, whore ... suck harder ... *choos*, *rundi* ...
    *jorse* *choos*, *saali* *rahnd*!" Sharan gasped in a thick voice.

    He tugged at her shoulders and she moved up to kneel astride his
    lap. Her body glistened with his sticky jizz. She took his cock
    and maneuvered it between her cunt-lips. Sharan drew up his knees
    and arched his hips. She gasped as his cock slid through her
    fingers and pierced her cunt. His buttocks flexed beneath her and
    his cock slid in deeper. She moaned thickly and tossed her head
    back. Deeper and deeper it went, and her hips sank down to meet
    his in ascent. Her belly drew in and her breasts thrust out

    "Oh yes ... oh that's so good, baby ... yes!"

    She bent over him on outstretched arms, her swollen breasts
    pendulous over his body. He squeezed them hard. She whimpered and
    began to move, grinding her hips round and round in heavy circles.
    Sharan grunted and moved in unison with her. He appeared  to be in
    no hurry.

    Harry watched them for a long while, mesmerised by the sight of
    their heaving, sweating bodies. Her breasts jiggled, her hips rose
    and fell, rocked to and fro, back and forth over his body. Her
    face contorted with lust and desire. Harry saw the servant's
    enormously swollen penis go in and out of her cunt. He gripped her
    buttocks and, prising them open, pressed his fingertip to her
    anus. Sheila gasped and arched. Her buttocks tensed, then yielded
    and Sharan slowly inveigled his fingertip into her nether channel.
    Harry watched them move inexorably towards another climax, their
    bodies writhing and grinding with increasing urgency. Sheila came
    first, arching and crying out, her face contorting with pleasure,
    moaning thickly as her servant slammed his hips up, thrusting his
    cock deep into her, following her orgasm seconds later with his
    own, shooting deep into her cunt. Sheila slid down over Sharan and
    kissed him. She rolled off him at last with a shuddering sigh. He
    grunted and slowly got up, got off the bed and began to dress.

    Harry watched astounded as Sharan dug into his hip pocket and
    pulled out a wallet and counted out some money, about a hundred
    rupees and showed it to Ramu. The servant grinned, acknowledged
    the payment.

    "You coming back?"

    "Yeah. Next week. I'll tell you a day or two before."

    "Do that. Slots fill up real fast."

    "So does her slit," Sharan laughed.

    "Right. C'mon. Pay her."

    Sharan grinned and Harry watched, dumbfounded, as his sister
    rolled on her back and spread her legs wide and the servant slid
    the folded note between her open cunt-lips.

    "Ta," she said. "Good fuck. Thanks for the dough."

    "No sweat, whore," he chuckled. "No sweat."

    Harry ducked into the kitchen as Sharan stepped out of the room
    and left the house. Then he came back across the hall. Ramu was
    already there, moving up over her, kissing her, pushing his
    inflamed cock into her cunt. She lay beneath him, smiling
    dreamily, arching her cunt to his, kissing him, drawing him into
    her flesh.

    "Mm ... god, you're good, Ramu ... you're so good for me," she
    murmured and began to rock under him, eroticism in every line.

    Harry came violently in his cupped palm. He swore softly,
    savagely, scooping jizz in his cupped palms and hurrying back to
    his bathroom.

    As he cleaned up, his pulse raced. Now he was determined that he
    would fuck Sheila one day. She was hot, she was ready, and she
    wanted him. He no longer had any doubt. It was just a matter of
    timing it right. None of this slam-bang-thank-you-ma'am stuff for
    them. It would be beautiful and  prolonged and gentle. He imagined
    himself fucking Sheila. The vision was intensely erotic. She would
    be magnificent in bed, soft and gentle and smooth-skinned, her
    body shining with sweat, heaving and writhing and thrashing under
    his, moaning and panting eagerly as his cock plundered her cunt.
    He longed to shove it into her, to fuck her hard and long, to get
    her to suck his cock, take it between her breasts, in her cunt, in
    her ass. She was the one he wanted.

    He lay down on his cot, wide awake, staring at the ceiling,
    letting his imagination feed the fantasy. He could hear sounds
    from the bedroom again and he grinned. They were at it once more
    and they were going on and on. He heard, Ramu's chuckle, Sheila's
    gasp. Harry sighed and closed his eyes and dreamed of incest.


    Harry watched as Sheila came out of Calvin's bathroom with a towel
    draped around her shoulders and nothing else. Standing by the
    window, Calvin grinned when he saw her. She came up to him and he
    grabbed her and pulled her to the floor and they rolled together
    in each other's arms, kissing feverishly, her hands tearing at his
    clothes, his hands mauling her breasts, squeezing her buttocks.
    Harry grinned. Nothing she did surprised him anymore.

    In seconds, she had her head in his crotch and was sucking his
    cock hungrily, pumping his shaft in her fist, rocking her head up
    and down over his lap. Calvin grunted, bucking his hips under her
    face, craning his neck to watch.

    "Here. Sit on the chair," she said and made him get on the

    Calvin grinned in delight and spread his legs and his niece knelt
    on the floor between his thighs like a gutterslut and pushed her
    face into his groin and took his cock in her mouth. It felt
    wonderful, and her mouth was soft and warm and moist and she
    sucked cock like a bitch-goddess. He grunted softly, his hand on
    her head, rocking it up and down and to and fro to suit his

    "Yeh ... suck it, bitch ... yes!" he murmured. "Suck my cock,

    She moaned and whimpered deep in her cock-filled throat, licking
    his cock-head lasciviously, her lovely *kajal*-rimmed eyes lifted
    to his face, her cheeks billowing and hollowing sexily as she
    sucked his cock, her slender fingers coiled around his cock-shaft,
    pumping it up and down. She caressed her face with his penis,
    rubbed the sticky cock-head over her nipples and breasts, squeezed
    the luscious mounds over its throbbing length as she licked and
    nuzzled his hard, flat belly and swept her tongue through the sexy
    hollow of his navel. His cock throbbed in her fist and mouth, hard
    and hot and long and she groaned as pre-cum gunk spurted from the
    long slit in his cock-head. Pumping his shaft rapidly, she licked
    the dewdrops of her servant's seed, catching them on her tongue
    and lips and cheeks, opening her mouth wide.

    "Yeh ... c'mon ... suck it, whore!" he gasped, pulling her face
    into his groin again, pushing his cock into her mouth. "Suck my
    dick, cunt! Suck harder!"

    Sheila groaned, loving every minute of it, and continued sucking
    her uncle's cock hungrily. Several minutes later, he pushed her
    head away and, getting off the chair, made her take his place.
    Masturbating slowly behind the door, Harry saw that Sheila was
    moaning softly with lust. As he watched, she spread her legs wide,
    hooking her knees over the arms of the chair, offering her body in
    wanton surrender to her uncle. Calvin grinned and went down on his
    knees before her. They kissed and he fondled her succulent,
    swollen, turgid breasts, pinching and teasing her rigid nipples.
    She sucked sexily on his tongue in her mouth. He bent his head and
    licked her breasts, sucking sharply, letting go, sucking again,
    tormenting the stiff points with his lips and teeth and tongue.

    "Lick me!" she groaned. "C'mon, Calvin ... lick my slit ...
    tongue-fuck me!"

    Calvin went lower and Sheila groaned, spreading her cunt-lips open
    for him. His tongue rippled into her slit and she gasped, arching,
    her hands under her breasts, her back bowing, her head arching
    back, the breath rushing from her throat, her mouth opening wide.
    Her hips lurched and he drove his tongue into her streaming cunt,
    through her unfurled cunt-lips into the molten flesh within. She
    groaned loudly, her head turning to one side. Her body bucked on
    the chair as if she was being fucked and her erotic cries rang in
    his ears, obviously arousing him further.

    "OHHH uhhhh OHHHHH uhhh ohma uhhh yes ... ohma uhhh yes ... ohh
    uhhh ahh uhhhh  lick me ... c'mon Uncle Calvin ... lick my pussy
    ... yes ... ohhhh yes ... there ... oh baby yes ... oh that's so
    good yes ... ohhhh uhhh yes!"

    Her breasts bounced and jiggled gently and she squeezed them
    erotically in rising excitement, crushing them in her palms, her
    eyes closed, her mouth open, her face turned to one side. Calvin
    slid a finger into her cunt and began tongue-fucking and
    finger-fucking her simultaneously, whipping her stiff clitoris
    with his tongue, drawing it out, flicking it this way and that,
    nibbling it delicately.

    "AHHHHH UHHH AHHHH UHHHH ah uh ohhh uhh OHHH uhh OHH uhhh OHMA
    uhhh *hanh* uhhh OHHHHH!" Sheila cried, going wild as the fires
    roiled in her groin and breasts, her body jerking and writhing and
    twisting in a wanton frenzy on the chair, her cunt-juices
    streaming into his mouth, her cunt convulsing haplessly on his
    twisting, probing, exploring finger as it jerked in and out of her
    cunt. She clenched his hair and pinned his face to her crotch, her
    hips bucking at his head. "OHHH uhhh Ohma uhhh *hanh* uhhh OH
    Uncle Calvin! Yes uhhh ohh uhh uhhhh OHHHHHHH!"

    He timed it superbly and stopped just before her orgasm broke. She
    groaned in frustration and despair and tried to jerk his head back
    into her groin, his finger back into her cunt. He laughed and
    slapped her breasts roughly. She gasped and moaned and that
    confirmed Harry's belief that she enjoyed some rough stuff, too.
    He decided he would fuck her ass one day.

    As he watched, Calvin pulled Sheila off the chair and turned her
    around and pushed her forward with her forearms on the seat. She
    moaned, her buttocks writhing erotically, tempting him. Calvin
    straddled her flared hips in a low squat and, taking his cock in
    his hand, slowly squeezed it between her buttocks into her tight,
    hot, wet, convulsing cunt. He ground it into her flesh slowly and
    gasped loudly, tossing his head back and groaning, closing his
    eyes, his muscles rippling, his belly snapping inward as her cunt
    contracted frantically on his throbbing penis.

    "OHHHHH uhhh yes ... fuck yes!" he gasped. "C'mon whore ... take
    it ... take my cock uhhhhhh ohhhhh uhhh OHHH uhh yes ... take it
    ... take it all!"

    Beneath him, Sheila groaned, biting her lower lip, fighting to
    stave off her orgasm, her chest heaving, her breasts scraping
    against the thick, rough cotton of the armchair's seat cover. His
    cock felt divine in her slit, hot and thick and hard, its rough
    shaft mashing over her gorged clitoris, pulverizing her molten
    cunt-flesh, piercing deeper and deeper and deeper.

    "Fuck me!" she cried, her voice ragged and hoarse. "C'mon Uncle
    Calvin ... you frigging son of a bitch ... you motherfucking
    bastard! Fuck me! Fuck me ... yes ... ohhhhh uhhhh yes uhhh
    OHHHHHH yes ... that's it ... c'mon ... deeper! Ahhhhh uhhh yes!
    Oh god yes, Uncle Calvin, yes oh uhhhh yes!"

    "Take it ... c'mon, you fucking whore ... take my cock ... ohhh
    uhh yeh ... oh fuck yes!"

    Calvin began fucking her slowly and heavily, rocking his hips back
    and forth, flexing and unflexing his buttocks rhythmically,
    driving his cock in and out of her cunt in a mesmerizing, steady
    rhythm. Sheila gasped and moaned, her body rocking and jerking
    under her uncle's, her gold necklace swinging, her breasts
    jiggling and bouncing with his thrusts, her nipples scraping over
    the chair's seat, her head spinning with joy.

    "C'mon whore ... take it!" her uncle grunted, panting and gasping.

    He fucked her steadily, driving his cock in and out of her cunt
    with grinding, skewering thrusts, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing, his hips swinging smoothly at the waist, his fingers
    steepled in the small of her back.

    "Ohhh uhhh OHHHH uhhhh OHHHH uhh yes ... oh ma uhhh *hanh* uhhh
    ohh uhhh *hanh* uhhh OHHH!" Sheila groaned, her face twisted with
    lust, chewing her lower lip in exquisite tension as the fires
    raged in her groin. "Fuck me! Oh god yes ... fuck me, Uncle Calvin
    ... fuck me! C'mon, baby ... fuck me hard!" she gasped. "Fuck me
    like a whore!... c'mon ... do it lover ... fuck me!"

    Calvin responded superbly and Harry watched in envy as he fucked
    her quickly but masterfully, rocking his cock rapidly in and out
    of her cunt, each deep, piercing thrust drawing a choking gasp of
    pure joy and he slid his hands up under her body and squeezed her
    pendulous breasts hard, pinching her quivering nipples, making her
    shudder and moan and turn her face over her shoulder again. He
    jammed his mouth to hers, kissing her fiercely, driving his tongue
    into her mouth as his cock plunged into her cunt.

    "Your ass, whore," he gasped, his tongue swirling through her ear.
    "Now I want to fuck your ass!"

    The doorbell rang.

    Harry jumped, almost crashed into a footstool, darting back into
    the kitchen, wondering who the fuck it could be now.

    Outside, Stanley kept his finger on the doorbell, grinning hugely.
    He knew Sheila and Calvin were fucking and that his bell would
    force them to stop, coitus interruptus with a difference.

    In the house, Calvin swore savagely, lurching out of Sheila's
    cunt. He stumbled to the door, still naked, his erection sawing
    the air and peered through the peephole and saw Stanley.

    "Fuck you to hell," he snarled, opening the door.

    "My, my," Stanley drawled, stepping in quickly and shutting the
    door behind them. He looked down at Calvin's erection and quickly
    shook it in his hand. "Well, hello, hello, you mighty fellow," he
    murmured, laughing softly.

    Calvin swore and tore away, stumbling back into the room.
    Following them, Harry saw that Sheila was on her feet and Calvin
    moved towards her, trying to jostle Stanley aside. Stanley grinned
    and, taking off his footwear, dropped his trousers and began to
    strip off his shirt. He was bigger than Calvin and elbowed him
    away roughly, without too much effort. Calvin swore again.

    "Back off, motherfucker! I haven't finished fucking her yet."

    "Tough, asshole, real tough. You had enough time, you should've
    done it."

    "Fuck off!"

    "Yeah, I intend to. With her. While you watch how a real man fucks
    a cunt."

    "Do you mind if I decide?" Sheila's voice was soft and gentle.

    Both men looked abashed. Sheila smiled gently. "You can *both*
    fuck me. Together."

    Wide grins split the men's faces.

    Then, as Harry watched, on the bed, the two men took turns fucking
    Sheila's face. She sucked their cocks one by one with evident
    relish, licking and sucking hungrily, her head rocking back and
    forth between their thighs. They grinned happily, pumping their
    hips back and forth, moving her head with their hands to suit
    their pleasure, mouthing obscenities.

    "Yeh ... suck it ... suck it whore ... suck it good," one of them

    Her face shining with lust, Sheila pulled both men forward and
    greedily tried to suck their cocks simultaneously. The two bulging
    cock-heads distended her face and her tongue worked them
    feverishly, licking and lapping wantonly.

    Stanley fucked Sheila first, on her back. Sheila gasped sharply
    and arched under him as he drove his cock into her cunt. She cried
    out lustily, kissing him deeply, her hips lurching up to meet his
    in descent. His enormous penis vanished into her flesh. He bent
    over her, his hands on her breasts, crushing them savagely and
    began fucking her rapidly, with hard, furious thrusts that made
    her body jerk and rock and snap under his. Faster and faster he
    went, plunging in and out of her like a dervish, his buttocks
    flexing and unflexing, his hips hammering up and down. Sheila
    cried out loudly and lewdly, thrashing passionately beneath him.

    "Yes!" she cried. "Yes Uncle Stan yes! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!

    He fucked her for several minutes and then, just as she brinked at
    an orgasm, jerked out of her with a gasp and made room for his

    Calvin rolled her onto her front and mounted her from behind in a
    deep squat astride her hips, quickly ramming his bloated, long
    penis into her cunt. Sheila gasped, rocking feverishly on her
    forearms and knees, moaning. Her body glistened with sex-sweat;
    strands of hair clung damply to the nape of her neck. Her breasts
    jiggled and shook as the servant plundered her cunt, thundering in
    and out of her cunt with shuddering moans, his cock reaming and
    slamming into her cunt.

    On the bed, the two brothers fucked Sheila together in her cunt
    and mouth. She bucked on one man's penis while she sucked the
    other. Under her, Calvin grunted and groaned, bucking up and down,
    tossing her on his cock, squeezing her breasts hard. Sheila's face
    was turned to one side, buried between Stanley's strong thighs.
    The men laughed and called her names.

    "Yeh ... take it whore ... take it ...," Stanley gasped.

    They broke apart and exchanged positions, Stanley taking her from
    beneath, her back to him, his finger probing her anus, while
    Calvin went back to fucking her mouth.

    "Ohhh yes ... yes ... fuck me ... Ohhhh yes!" she gasped. "Oh god

    Then, as Harry watched, pop-eyed, the two uncles began raiding her
    cunt and ass together, simultaneously and she was enjoying every
    minute of it. Calvin lay under her and she mounted him deeply,
    taking his cock deep into her cunt with a shuddering moan. He
    arched up under her and she cried out, her face thrown back,
    suffused with lust.

    "Ohhhh Unhhh OH OH OHHH!" she cried. "Yes! Yes! Ohhhh yes!"

    Calvin grinned and squeezed her breasts. He slid his hands down
    her body to her buttocks and teased them open. Behind her, Stanley
    grinned and shuffled forward, his enormous cock throbbing in his
    fist. He pushed it between her buttocks and Sheila tensed between
    her uncles.

    "Want it, whore?" Stanley crowed. "Let me hear it, whore ... let
    me hear it!"

    "Yes!" she gasped. "God yes! Give it to me, Uncle Stan! Fuck my
    ass! Shove your cock right up my ass! C'mon ... do it!"

    Stanley laughed and, gripping her hips, forced his hips forward.
    His cock-head popped into her rear-channel. Sheila's body went
    rigid and her face contorted in a paroxysm of lust, tendons
    popping in her long neck.


    Behind the door, Harry watched, stunned, as his uncles fucked
    their niece, his sister, together in her cunt and ass. She
    thrashed and writhed between their hard, sweating bodies, and
    there was no mistaking the wanton lust on her lovely face. She
    gasped and moaned, her cries sharp and staccato.

    The two enormous penises sawed in and out of the adjacent
    orifices, separated by the merest membrane of flesh. Sheila rocked
    back and forth on her hands and knees like a rutting bitch,
    forcing her cunt down onto Calvin's cock, her ass back onto
    Stanley's. The men grunted and gasped, rocking their hips, forcing
    their swollen members into her tight cunt and tighter anus with
    obscene cries of pleasure. Stanley was raiding her bottom, while
    Stanley fucked her cunt. Sheila's body thrashed deliriously
    between theirs as they moved faster and faster, her breasts
    jiggling, her gold necklace dancing on her dusky skin.

    They swapped places after several minutes. Stanley yielded her ass
    with a satisfied grunt and chuckle and Calvin abandoned her cunt.
    Moving behind her, Calvin squeezed his penis between her buttocks
    and, flexing his buttocks, drove into her anus. Sheila cried out,
    her face contorting in a rictus, lust all over her pretty face.
    Stanley slid under her and jerked his cock up into her slit.

    "Ohhhh yes-yes-yes!" she moaned. "That feels so good ... fuck me!
    Fuck me! Ohhh god yes ... fuck me harder Ohhhh yes ... that's it
    ... yes! Ohh uhh ohma uhh OHHH uhh OHHHH!"

    She orgasmed repeatedly and, finally, the two men relented and
    came, one showering her buttocks and back with his jizz, the other
    exploding over her breasts and thighs and belly. Sheila collapsed
    on the bed, panting and gasping and trembling, her racked, sobbing
    gasps loud and ragged.

    Behind the door, creaming in his fist, Harry waited for her next
    move. He knew her too well by now; she was far from done. Sure
    enough, as he watched, grinning, she turned between them and
    kissing them in turn, slid down Stanley's body and took his cock
    in her mouth.

    "Fuck me," she said. "Both of you. All over again. Fuck me. Fuck
    me like a whore ... c'mon ... do it!"

                                = o =