Erotica by Mary Jorsay Gandmar


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Copyright 1998,
Mary Jorsay Gandmar

                         THE BINT FROM BOMBAY


                        UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL

    THE HANDSOME YOUNG servant gasped softly in deep pleasure. He
    stood naked on the cool stone floor, his feet spread apart, his
    hands gripping the head of the seventeen-year old girl who knelt
    before him. Her pretty face was distended with the size of his
    swollen penis. He grunted and pulled her face deeper into his
    crotch, pushing his hips forward at the same time. She took his
    cock deep in her mouth, her hands clenching his buttocks, sucking
    hungrily. He groaned again, arching his head, his eyes fluttering.
    Her mouth was wonderful, warm and moist and her tongue was like an
    electric eel, a thing alive, magical and irresistible.

    "Yes!" he groaned. "C'mon ... do it! Suck my cock, bitch! Suck it!
    *Choos*, *rundi*! *Jorse* *choos*! *Choos* *mere* *lavde* *ko* ...
    *hanh* ... uhhh *hanh* ... uhhh *hanh* uhhh *aise* ... *chul*,
    *rundi* ... *jorse* ... harder, slut ... suck harder!"

    She whimpered in excitement at his coarse, sexy words and took his
    cock deeper still in her mouth, sucking feverishly. The servant
    grinned to himself. He could hardly believe his luck. Here he was,
    a mere servant, fucking the teenage daughter of the household --
    and she was his whore, *his* whore, his to fuck and fuck and fuck
    as and when he fancied her. He was the first man to fuck her, a
    few months ago and, so far as he knew, still the only one. He
    never ceased to marvel at how much she had learned and how

    Her name was Shirlyn and she was bewitching. She was so lovely, so
    pretty, so sexy, slender and curved. He couldn't stop ogling her.
    She had a lovely oval face with a pointed chin, a slim, straight
    nose and slightly flared nostrils, small, cutely stuck-out ears.
    Her face was narrow so that, from some angles, it looked like her
    cheeks were plump, but even that was really cute. Her cheekbones
    were high. Her eyes were lovely, large, brown, full of magic. Her
    lips were light and full and her teeth were white and strong and
    even, the left incisor slightly chipped, an attractive

    Her skin was like gold, smooth and clear, firm as a grape, without
    a trace of the body hair he so disliked in the women he fucked.
    Her hair was dark and tumbled about her shoulders or flounced in a
    sexy pony tail or was coiled up neatly high on the back of her
    head. Her neck was superb, an exceptionally long, slender,
    graceful column under her firm, pointed chin. Her arms and legs
    were nicely turned and slim, with attractive ankles and wrists and
    slim fingers and toes, beautifully shaped and arched. Her breasts
    jutted out, full and ripe and high, like succulent fruit. Her
    belly was firm and flat.

    He had been with the family for some time now. It was a large,
    airy three bedroom flat in one of four buildings around a large
    courtyard in a crowded locality in Central Bombay. The family was
    essentially Hindu, but they had converted to Christianity some
    generations ago. It remained a peculiar mix of the two religions
    -- very Hindu in dress and speech and even in some food habits,
    but they all went to church and spoke English and ate beef.

    It was a bit of a crowd, with ten people under one roof. He
    learned that Shirlyn's parents died when she was little and the
    house was shared by Shirlyn, her sister Sheila and their brother
    Harry, who had one bedroom, and her father's two brothers, their
    wives and her four male cousins. Kenny and Lewis were the sons of
    her elder uncle, Stanley, and his wife, Rosie. Calvin, the younger
    uncle, and his wife Mollie, had Jerry and Peter. Her uncles were
    in their forties. The elder boys were about Shirlyn's age, their
    brothers a year or two younger. Shirlyn's sister and brother were
    much older than she, and Shirlyn was brought up by her siblings.

    With so many people sharing a limited space, there was constant
    tension and, frequently, there would be flare-ups and fights. The
    uncles tried to keep peace but there were times when they were
    forced to side with their wives, which only exacerbated matters.
    Being the youngest, and essentially dependent on the uncles,
    Shirlyn and her siblings were often isolated and picked on. As he
    grew older, Shirlyn's brother afforded some protection but,
    without complete financial independence, he wasn't always free to
    act and speak as he felt.

    Shirlyn grew up in this atmosphere, surrounded by elders, mostly
    men, with very little female influence or companionship of her own
    age. By the time she attained puberty, she was used to seeing the
    men move around the house bare-chested in their trousers or shorts
    or with towels or *lungi*s wrapped around their waists. She had a
    lively mind and a vivid imagination and these, combined with the
    increasingly explicit quality of public media, soon turned the
    menfolk in the family from playmates and relatives to objects of
    fantasized desire.

    At fourteen, Shirlyn discovered the pleasures of masturbation. Her
    body matured early and she found she could elicit piquant
    sensations by playing with her breasts and slit. She spent hours
    playing with herself, pinching her nipples and rubbing her slit
    till, finally, there came the exquisite rush of heat that left her
    flushed and breathless.

    Shirlyn was frequently alone at home. Her cousins were at work,
    her uncles and aunts and her brother and sister held day-long
    jobs. Shirlyn pretty much had the run of the house for several
    hours each day. As her fascination with sex and lust grew, she
    used this time alone to indulge her fantasies. She moved around
    the house naked, enjoying the thrill of it, studying her body in
    every reflective surface. She caressed herself on the rough
    curtain materials or ribbed corduroy upholstery. She flipped
    through film magazines ogling the pictures of handsome film stars,
    studying the contours of their bodies or closed her eyes and
    imagined her cousins or uncles or the house servant, seeing the
    hardness of their torsos, the deep clefts in their chests, the
    strength in their arms and legs.

    While her hankering for physical satisfaction grew sharper,
    Shirlyn still didn't have an accurate idea of what sex involved.
    She stumbled on it one day when she was rummaging through Kenny's
    bureau. He was her eldest cousin and easily the sexiest with a
    hard, tall body and handsome features. Of late, she had begun to
    go through their clothes, especially their underwear. Kenny's
    jock-straps fascinated her and she tried to imagine what he looked
    like wearing them. She pressed them to her face, trying to get his
    smell from his clothes, rubbed the cloth in her naked crotch,
    moaning softly as she brought herself off. One day, poking around
    in his room, she found he had left his cupboard unlocked. She
    opened it and went through his things. Stuffed under a pile of
    clothes, she found a large brown paper packet. Curious, she pulled
    it out. It was unsealed, and thick and heavy. She put her hand in
    and what she found made her gasp.

    It was a pornographic magazine and, beneath it, was a video
    cassette. Shirlyn stared at the cover of the magazine. It showed a
    photograph of a beautiful white woman wearing black lacy lingerie,
    her crotch and breasts bare, and she had one finger between her
    lips and another in her slit and she was smiling wantonly at the
    camera. Shirlyn moaned in excitement and turned the page.

    It was her first exposure to the intricacies of actual copulation,
    and Shirlyn was rivetted. She knew from her biology lessons in
    school that men had penises and that procreation involved the
    insertion of a penis into the vagina -- but what it meant and
    looked like and what was possible beyond this clinical description
    she had no idea. The magazine showed her. It was a wonderfully
    glossy journal, published, she noticed, by a Bombay company called
    Orexis, a division of something called Hedon & Venery, Inc. The
    women were Indian, blacks, Hispanics, white, South East Asian. The
    men were all huge, stunningly built studs with enormous penises.
    There were shots of women sucking cock, of men licking slit, of a
    man fucking a woman from behind, a close-up of his cock going into
    her cunt, another of him fucking her from top with yet another
    close-up, shots of one woman being fucked by two men, two women
    fucking one man, lesbian sex, women masturbating, an exquisitely
    realised photo spread across four pages of a gorgeous woman being
    fucked in the ass by a black stud with a stunning body and a penis
    of awesome dimensions.

    Shirlyn's imagination ran wild. She masturbated frantically
    looking at the pictures and, oddly, found herself wanting more
    even after her orgasm. She read the magazine again, this time
    going through the text and finding words like fuck and cunt and
    slit and dick and pussy and clit and prick and whore and slut and
    bitch. She flipped over on her back on Kenny's bad, his jock-strap
    flung across her breasts and, holding the magazine in one hand,
    fondled her slit with the other. She came again. And still she
    wanted more. She tried the video-cassette, using the TV and video
    player in Kenny's family's room.

    If the magazine was an introduction, the pornographic movie was a
    full-fledged intensive course. The titles showed that it was made
    by a company called Anacalypsis Productions, also owned by the
    same Hedon & Venery, Inc whose name she had seen on the magazine.
    It was a stunning movie, more mind-blowing than anything she had
    seen or dreamed of -- and, as she was to find in later years, when
    she herself acted in several such movies for Hedon & Venery,
    typical of the company's quality. The sets were lush and rich, the
    photography imaginative and detailed, the plot fully realised and
    engrossing, and the sex was unbelievable. Incessant, prolonged,
    innovative, never boring or repetitious, it was the most erotic
    thing Shirlyn had ever seen. The story told of the sexual
    awakening of a young woman called Anjali. She was gorgeous, earthy
    and sensual and utterly erotic. Her first sexual encounter was
    with a servant and she progressed rapidly from there, taking more
    and more lovers. Shirlyn watched the film through, seeing Anjali
    masturbating, at first using everyday household objects -- hard
    cucumbers, *doodhi* gourds, under-ripe bananas, hairbrushes and
    the handle of a clothes-paddle -- graduating to more exotic aids
    like dildoes and ejaculator vibrators, then moving on to sex with
    the servants and later to boys in college. She saw Anjali sucking
    cock, having her cunt licked, locked in a sixty-nine; Anjali
    taking a cock in her cunt, between her breasts, in her anus;
    Anjali fucking two and three men simultaneously and, in a glorious
    orgy, whoring with a whole crowd of servants. Anjali had an affair
    with her cousin, seducing one hot summer afternoon, and Anjali did
    a live sex dance on a beach. The film ended, promising a sequel,
    with Anjali on the brink of matrimony.

    Shirlyn was overwhelmed. She watched the whole film through, all
    two hours and more of it, masturbating repeatedly, orgasming again
    and again and then she rewound it and began to watch it over. The
    film inspired her and she ran to the kitchen for a large cucumber
    and masturbated with it while she watched the movie, rocking the
    large green rough-skinned vegetable in and out of her spasming
    cunt, moaning and gasping and calling obscenely as Anjali did,
    writhing eagerly under the hot, hard, sweating body of a

    The experience changed Shirlyn's entire attitude. She felt
    emboldened and saw the men in the house in quite another light.
    She felt herself lusting for her cousins and even her uncles, not
    to mention the part-time servant, Shankar, who came in to sweep
    and clean, and the other boys in the neighbourhood.

    Shirlyn's waking hours were filled with fantasies of sex. When
    Kenny was out, she had a duplicate key made to his cupboard and
    then, whenever she was alone, she raced to his cupboard and
    rummaged in it. He kept getting new magazines and videos,
    exchanging them from some library for the old ones. Shirlyn never
    knew when he found time to watch them, but she didn't care. She
    soon began to recognise the women in the movies. She saw the
    entire set of six or more videos of Anjali's life, and others with
    equally gorgeous women - Sayali, Jasmine, Anuja, Vaishali,
    Deepika, Falguni, Manisha, Maya, Audrey, Neha, Lajja. Many of the
    men and women featured in the magazines, too. Shirlyn especially
    liked three or four, Jayant, Kishore, Hari and a black stud called
    Joe. She tried to imagine what it might be like to have them fuck
    her. Shirlyn noticed that the women seemed to like fucking men
    from socially inferior classes, servants and drivers and cooks.

    A few weeks later, several incidents occurred almost
    simultaneously that marked a turning point and determined the
    course of her life. The first involved her cousin Kenny and the
    others all had to do with her sister, Sheila.

    Kenny came home one afternoon when she was alone. By the sheerest
    luck, Shirlyn had just replaced the video and magazine in his
    cupboard and was masturbating in the bathroom when he came in. She
    heard him and went still. Perhaps this would be her chance. After
    all, if Anjali and the other women could fuck their cousins, so
    could she.

    Shirlyn heard him whistling and humming to himself in his family's
    room. She stole out of the bathroom, flung on a robe and peeped
    through the keyhole. She saw him open his cupboard and take out
    the video and magazine. He dumped them on the bed, shut the
    cupboard, slotted the tape into the video player and set it to
    rewind. Then he turned to face the full length mirror. Through the
    keyhole, Shirlyn had an unobstructed view of him and his
    reflection in the glass. She watched as he unbuttoned his denim
    shirt and drew it off, pulling it out of his jeans. Shirlyn bit
    her lower lip. His body was gorgeous -- broad shoulders, high
    hips, a narrow waist, a deep chest, a flat belly, thick biceps and
    arms and legs. His nipples were small and taut and pulled wide and
    low on either side of the might W that swept his chest. His torso
    was hairless and she noticed that even his armpits were depilated.
    Obviously, he was working out and sculpting his body. The muscle
    cuts and ridges were superbly defined. He flexed his arms and
    shoulders, expanded his chest, cracked his muscles. Shirlyn's
    breathing grew heavier and she felt a warm gush between her
    thighs. In the mirror, Kenny grinned to himself and slowly,
    sensuously, opened the clasp of his jeans and drew down the
    zipper. His jeans puddled to his bare feet. Shirlyn stifled a
    groan. His buttocks were taut and firmly rounded, naked under the
    jock-strap, which bulged at his crotch. Kenny hooked his thumbs in
    the elastic band of his jock-strap and slowly rolled it down and
    kicked it off.

    Shirlyn stuffed her fist in her mouth. It was the first penis she
    had seen and it was gorgeous. Still limp, it was at least seven
    inches long and over an inch thick, circumcised. The pornographic
    magazines she had read told her that circumcised men made better
    lovers -- they lasted longer ... and here was her own cousin, duly
    circumcised ... if only ... she longed to touch it, feel it, take
    it in her fingers, lick it, suck it ... she wondered how big it
    would get.

    She found out in minutes. Grinning in the mirror, Kenny began to
    masturbate, pumping his cock-shaft in his fist, slowly rocking his
    hips to and fro. As Shirlyn watched, gaping, her heart hammering
    in her chest, her breasts swollen and hard, her nipples rigid, her
    cunt seeping love-juice, Kenny's cock swelled and lengthened and
    hardened and rose, grew longer and thicker. His hips jerked back
    and forth and he groaned thickly, his chest heaving. Shirlyn
    watched, her hands under her robe, one hand on her breasts, the
    other in her crotch, her finger buried deep in her convulsing
    cunt. She saw gunk ooze from the tip in his cock-head and his
    fingers grew slippery with his seed.

    The bell rang. Shirlyn jumped, startled, her pulse pounding and,
    frantically, whipped around and dashed back into her bedroom. She
    shut the door softly and bent her eye to the keyhole. Through it,
    across the hall, she saw Kenny step out of his room, still naked,
    his cock still up hard. He walked quickly across the hall to the
    front door and looked through the spyglass. A grin spread across
    his face and he opened the door, shielding his nudity behind it.
    Someone stepped through and he shut the door quickly and turned
    with his back to it.

    Shirlyn gasped. She knew the girl who had just entered. Her name
    was Susan and she lived in an apartment across the compound. The
    families knew each other. She was older than Shirlyn, about
    Kenny's age, and she was, to Shirlyn's mind, absolutely gorgeous.
    She was dusky and slender and tall with a stunningly curved body
    and finely chiselled features. Her eyes were elongated and almond
    shaped, lined with *kohl*, her cheekbones were high, her nose was
    slim and straight and delicate and her lips were full and wide.
    She had strong, white, even teeth. Her neck was long and graceful
    and her hair was dark and silky, caught in a flouncing pony tail
    with a crinkled bright cotton band. Her limbs were smooth and
    curved and her breasts were high and ripe, her waist narrow, her
    hips bell-shaped, her stomach flat and firm. Her hands and feet
    were elegantly formed. She wore a light cotton button-down blouse
    tucked into a knee-length pleated skirt. Her feet were in open
    sandals. She wore a gold necklace, matching ear-studs and a small
    ring on one finger.

    As Shirlyn watched, her eyes popping, Susan smiled and, tilting
    her face to Kenny, moved closer to him, her hand sliding between
    his legs, her fingers curling around his throbbing erection.

    "And good evening to you, my randy prince," Shirlyn heard her say.
    And then, as she masturbated Kenny, "Oh god, Kenny ... I'm so hot
    ... I want your cock, baby ... c'mon ... fuck me!"

    They kissed, their lust apparent and crackling through the quiet
    air, and Kenny pulled off her clothes feverishly. She groaned as
    he fondled her breasts and caressed her buttocks and crotch,
    squirming against him. They stood in the hall, naked, kissing and
    fondling each other.

    "C'mon ... I've got a new tape. And another pondie. Let's go

    "Yes," Susan groaned. "God yes!"

    They hurried to the bedroom, shutting the door behind them, and
    Shirlyn sped out of her hiding place and scurried across the hall
    and bent her head to the keyhole.

    In the room, the tape was playing, one Shirlyn had watched and
    masturbated to not long ago, the story of a lovely young girl
    called Madhavi. In the scene, she was having sex with a young man,
    handsome and heavily hung, a youth who cleaned trucks, one she had
    called up only to fuck her. She was on her knees before him,
    sucking his cock eagerly and hungrily, pumping his shaft in her
    fist, rocking her head to and fro before him.

    And Susan was doing the same thing to Kenny. Shirlyn watched,
    masturbating frantically, as her cousin fucked Susan's mouth. He
    rocked her head back and forth with his hands, pumping his hips to
    and fro, his head flung back, his face creased with pleasure,
    moaning and grunting loudly.

    "Yeh ... c'mon ... suck it, Susan, bitch ... suck my dick!" Kenny
    grunted. "Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck yeh ... c'mon ... suck harder,
    whore ... suck it! Suck my cock! OHHHH uhhh yes! Oh fuck yes!"

    Susan evidently enjoyed sucking cock. She moaned thickly,
    squeezing her breasts together, then gripped his buttocks and
    pulled his cock deeper in her mouth. Opening her mouth, her head
    and eyes tilted up, watching him as he looked down at her, she ran
    her tongue lasciviously around his bulging cock-head, pumping his
    shaft in her fist. Kenny pulled her head back to his crotch and
    she sucked his cock deeper and harder.

    He pushed her head away at last, and Susan got to her feet and
    they kissed hungrily, fondling each other and then she turned
    around on her forearms and knees on the bed. On the flickering TV
    screen, Madhavi was in exactly the same position and her lover was
    fucking her heavily and deeply from behind. Shirlyn watched as her
    cousin copied the man. He and Susan were both facing the TV screen
    now and, kneeling behind her, he shoved his cock slowly into her
    cunt. Susan moaned, her head lifting, her eyes closed, biting her
    lower lip. Her breasts were hot and swollen, her nipples long and
    stiff. Kenny began to fuck her with deep, skewering thrusts,
    holding her hips and rocking his own steeply up and down, to and
    fro, driving his inflamed erection in and out of her flesh. Susan
    moaned and gasped, rocking back and forth on all fours, her
    breasts swollen and pendulous, her gold chain rocking. Her face
    was suffused with lust, her head turned up, watching the images on
    the screen, where Madhavi was gasping and moaning thickly as the
    young man ram-fucked her from behind.

    "Fuck me! Fuck me, Kenny! Ohhh uhhhh Ohh uhhh oh baby yes! Fuck
    me!" Susan cried. "Oh uhh ohma uhhh OHHHH uhhh OHHHH uhh oh yes oh
    yes oh god yes!"

    "Take it ... c'mon, you fucking whore! Take it! Take my cock, you
    bitch! Take it! Ahhh uhhh ahhh uhhh hnggh uhh ohhhuhh oh fuck

    Shirlyn watched them, her hands mauling her breasts, her finger
    jabbing in and out of her cunt. She bit her lower lip to stifle
    her moan as she orgasmed. On the bed, Susan shuddered and gasped
    sharply, stiffening, groaning, whimpering and, behind her, Kenny
    cried out, his head snapping back, his hands digging into the soft
    flesh of her buttocks and breasts. He rammed his cock into her
    again and again and then, with a shuddering groan, pulled out of
    her and, shaking his cock in his fist. Shirlyn watched, groaning
    softly, as the white, sticky stuff spewed from her cousin's
    cock-head and spattered his girlfriend's buttocks and back and
    dribbled in the cleft between her buttocks.

    They broke apart and fell on the bed, kissing and fondling each
    other, and Shirlyn rose and sped to her room. She flung herself on
    the bed and, grabbing a cucumber, turned on her back and,
    spreading her leg, pushed the rough-skinned vegetable into her
    slit and masturbated feverishly. She gasped and groaned thickly,
    her hips bucking and writhing, both hands gripping the cucumber,
    rocking it steeply in and out of her cunt, her breasts swollen
    between her arms. Her mind filled with images of Kenny and Susan
    and her face was radiant with lust and excitement.

    "Yes!" she gasped. "Oh god yes! Fuck me ... fuck me with your
    cock, Kenny! Fuck my cunt! Fuck me! Fuck me hard, baby! Fuck me
    like a whore!"


    THE SECOND shock was even more dramatic.

    A few days later, Shirlyn came home unwontedly early from school.
    There were to be drama rehearsal's for the school's annual day and
    the students who weren't participating were allowed to go home.
    Shirlyn was among them, and she was glad for the opportunity to
    spend a longer time naked, watching Kenny's pornographic movies,
    reading his 'pondies', masturbating. Perhaps she might see Kenny
    and Susan again. She hurried home feeling increasingly horny, her
    cunt already moist.

    She let herself in with her latchkey and was about to barge into
    her bedroom when she stopped, a puzzled frown on her face. The
    door was closed. That itself was unusual. Then she heard voices, a
    man and a woman, from the other side, a giggle, a chuckle, a sharp
    gasp. She went still and cold. She knew the voices.

    Silently, Shirlyn dumped her school satchel on the floor and,
    dropping to her knees, put her eye to the keyhole.

    She almost cried out in shock at what she saw. Her jaw dropped and
    she stared in disbelief, stuffing her hand in her mouth to stifle
    her cry.

    In the room, her sister and her younger uncle, Calvin, were making

    Actually, they weren't just making love. They were fucking.

    It was hot, steamy, feverish, unbridled carnality.

    Shirlyn moaned softly, unable to tear her eyes from the keyhole.
    Her heart pounded in her chest. With a stab of shock, she realised
    that she ought to feel horror, revulsion, something, something
    *negative*; but the only sense she felt, the one that pervaded her
    being from head to toe, biting into the innermost recesses of her
    flesh, was raw, naked lust.

    Shirlyn's sister was an attractive woman in her early thirties.
    Her face was pretty, with soft, gentle features, warm eyes, dark
    hair, a slim nose, a pretty mouth and even teeth. Her body was
    firm and beautifully curved: her breasts were full and ripe, her
    belly was flat, her hips and buttocks swelled neatly. Her skin was
    dusky and smooth.

    Calvin was in his early forties. He was the youngest of the three
    brothers; Shirlyn and Sheila's father had been the eldest. Calvin
    was a dark, handsome man, tall and lean, with strong, aquiline
    features in a clean-shaven face. His shoulders were wide, the
    belly hard and trim, the hips narrow and his arms and legs were
    long and strong, rounded with firm muscles. His torso was covered
    with a mat of fine dark hair. His cock was big, eight inches long,
    an inch thick.

    They had obviously been at it for some time, for their bodies
    shone with sweat in the warm summer air. Calvin was fucking his
    niece on her back with rapid, yet measured, deeply skewering
    thrusts. She gasped and cried out, her pretty face suffused with
    lust, the gold chain around her neck slithering on her naked
    breasts which were swollen and turgid, the nipples nut-hard. She
    dug her fingers into his taut biceps as he leaned over her on his
    outstretched arms and knees, his hips rocking up and down between
    her forked, splayed thighs, his buttocks flexing and unflexing
    rhythmically. Her legs were spread and her knees were bent and her
    hips heaved in unison with his. Calvin gritted his teeth, his face
    flushed with tension, his head bent between his corded, rippling

    "Yeh ... c'mon ... take it ... take it, Sheila, bitch ... take my
    cock!" he grunted. "Oh yeh ... c'mon, you fucking whore ... take
    it! Take it all!"

    "Ohhh uhhh Oh Uncle Calvin ... yes ... fuck me! Fuck me, baby ...
    do it, Uncle ... fuck my slit ... ohhh uhhh yeh ... oh fuck yes
    ... give it to me, Uncle ... c'mon ... shove it in ... ahhh uhhh
    yeh ... oh yeh ... that's it ... c'mon, baby ... shove your cock
    right up my cunt ... ahhhhhh uhhh oh fuck yes! OHHHH uhh Ohhh yes
    ... oh baby yes!"

    "OHHH uhh Oh man yeh ... take it, Sheila ... take it! Take my cock
    ... ohh uhh yeh oh yeh oh fuck yes!"

    Faster and faster they went, their bodies rocking and jerking on
    the bed as Shirlyn watched, dumbfounded, her body trembling with
    excitement. She jerked off her panties and bra and began
    masturbating frantically, stifling her moans, unable to tear her
    eye away from the keyhole.

    "C'mon Sheila-whore!" Calvin gasped. "Talk to me, bitch! *Talk to
    me*! Tell me 'bout the others, slut ... *do it*!"

    "Yeh ... oh yeh ... that's it ... do it, Uncle Calvin ... fuck my
    slit ... yeh ... that's it ... just like Uncle Stanley does, baby
    ... just like he fucks me ... with his fat long cock ... yeh ...
    that's it ... do it! Fuck me! Fuck me like Kenny does Uncle ...
    and Jerry ... and ... and Harry yes ... ohhh uhhh yes ... c'mon
    ... fuck me hard, Uncle! Fuck me like a whore!"

    Shirlyn's ears burned. She could hardly believe what she was
    hearing. Her sister, her beloved sister ... she ... she slept with
    ... no, she *fucked* her uncles ... and their sons ... and the
    servant and ... and even their *brother*! She watched as they
    slowed, gasping and panting, and broke apart. Sheila turned around
    on her forearms and knees on the bed and, kneeling behind her,
    Calvin took his cock in his hand and slowly squeezed it into her
    cunt. She gasped thickly, gritting her teeth, biting her lower
    lip, her head rising and turning over her shoulder to her lover.
    Her breasts hung heavy and swollen and the gold chain around her
    neck swayed against her chin. Calvin ran his hands up her curved
    body and squeezed her pendulous breasts, pinching her nipples. She
    squirmed her buttocks against his crotch.

    "Mm ... ohh yeh ... oh that's good, Uncle ... that's so good,"
    Sheila murmured huskily.

    Calvin grinned and, bending forward, his hands squeezing her
    breasts, jammed his mouth to hers, kissing her deeply, thrusting
    his tongue in and out of her mouth.

    "You still fucking the servant, whore?" he grunted, sweeping his
    tongue through her ear.

    Sheila shuddered, groaned, writhed. "Mm ... whenever I can."

    "What's he like?"

    "Shankar? Great fuck. Good body, big cock. Bigger than yours or
    Uncle Stanley's. Not as big as Harry's, but then he's the biggest.
    You know that's why I first fucked him -- couldn't resist his

    Calvin grinned and straightened, holding her hips, and began
    fucking her with long, slow, deep thrusts. On all fours beneath
    him, Sheila gasped, rocking to and fro and back and forth, running
    her cunt up and down the length of his cock, moving in concert
    with her uncle. Sheila's face was radiant with lust, her nostrils
    flared, her mouth open, and she moaned and hissed sexily, mouthing
    obscenities, goading her lover.

    "Yeh ... fuck me, Uncle Calvin ... fuck me like a whore ... like a
    bitch ... oh god that's so good, baby ... ohhh uhhh yeh c'mon,
    Uncle, do it! Fuck me hard!"

    Grunting, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her hips,
    Calvin began fucking her faster and harder and deeper, rocking his
    hips against her buttocks with loud slapping sounds, swinging his
    hips quickly to and fro, flexing and unflexing his taut buttocks.
    Shirlyn watched, groaning in lust, as her uncle's distended penis
    appeared and disappeared alternately between the smooth curves of
    her sister's buttocks, glistening and gleaming with their coital
    juices. Faster and faster they moved, their cries rising in pitch
    and volume. Sheila's body jerked and rocked on the bed, her
    breasts jiggling with Calvin's thrusts. He gritted his teeth and,
    stretching his arms, gripped her shoulders and began to jerk her
    body savagely back and forth, yanking her cunt hard up and down on
    his cock. She cried out, and he gasped, flinging his head back,
    moving one leg up along her flank, moving faster still.

    "Yeh ... take it! C'mon, whore! Take it! Take it, you fucking
    bitch!" he cried. "Take my cock, slut ... take it all! Ahhhh uhh
    ahhh uhh oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck uhhh yes ... ohhhh uhhhh yes!"

    Sheila began to orgasm and Calvin moaned, wincing and gasping,
    still rocking his cock furiously in and out of her cunt. Her
    fingers clawed at the sheets and her buttocks writhed and squirmed
    in his crotch. Her orgasm ebbed and she moaned, shuddering,
    swaying drunkenly under her uncle.

    "Uncle ... let me ... let me suck you," she moaned. "Cream in my

    Calvin grinned and, squeezing her breasts, slid his cock out of
    her cunt. He got to his feet and she turned on her knees and
    buried her face between his thighs, taking his cock deep in her
    mouth and sucking it hungrily. He gasped, his hands on her head,
    moving it back and forth to suit his pleasure as he pumped his
    hips to and fro, fucking her face. She evidently enjoyed sucking
    cock, for she moaned and whimpered deep in her cock-filled throat,
    pumping his shaft in her fist, her cheeks distended by the bulge
    of his penis.

    "Yeh ... suck it, whore ... suck harder!" Calvin gasped. "C'mon,
    Sheila, bitch! Suck my dick! Suck it, slut ... suck, suck,

    Sheila responded at once, gripping his hips and pulling his cock
    deeper into her mouth. She teased his buttocks open and pressed a
    slender finger to his anus. Calvin gasped, his hips twitching
    violently and, at once, Sheila opened her mouth wide under his
    cock, running her tongue rapidly and lasciviously around his
    bulging cock-head, pumping his shaft in one fist. With a
    shuddering groan, Calvin exploded. On the other side of the door,
    Shirlyn watched, stunned, as her uncle came violently, gasping and
    moaning, his hips lurching and twitching as the heat spewed in
    thick, copious, sticky jets from the long slit in his cock-head
    and into her open mouth. Her face creased in pleasure as she
    swallowed it, shaking his cock, spattering her face and breasts
    with her uncle's seed.

    Calvin gasped and sank to the bed and Sheila went down on her back
    with him. They kissed, gently and deeply, and he fondled her
    cum-sticky breasts, massaging his seed into her flesh, rubbing her
    slit with his fingers.

    "Fuck me again?" she murmured, sweeping her tongue through his
    ear, her fingers busy with his cock, her legs open, writhing
    against her uncle.

    "In a bit. Need a break."

    She giggled and lapped his nipple tenderly. "You're getting old."

    "Mm. Can't be helped."

    "Fortunately not too old to have the hots for me."

    "Never that."

    She smiled. "Can I suck your cock? Get you hard?"


    He turned on his back and she moved over him, snaking slowly down
    his body, lapping at his nipples, moving lower, rubbing her lovely
    breasts against his cock, nuzzling his crotch. He grunted thickly,
    lying back, eyes closed, one hand on her head, the other toying
    with her breasts.

    "Sheila?" he murmured.


    "You still whoring?"

    She looked. "Mm. Yes. Very much so. You know I need the money.
    Harry doesn't make enough for all three of us."

    "Give him time."

    "He spends too much on his whores."

    "Including you?"

    Sheila grinned, wickedly. "Come to think of it, you're right. He's
    the one got me into it in the first place. From god knows when.
    Since I was what, seventeen, eighteen? You know how he loves
    watching you two  uncles fuck me. Remember all the photos he

    "Oh fuck yes. Never seems to drop his fucking camera these days!"

    "He says it's his job. He's trying to make it as a pornographic
    photographer. He says there's a company interested in his work. He
    showed some slides last week and a video. If they take him on,
    he'll make good. Then we're out of her, he and I and Shirlyn."

    "Stan and I'd hate that. Being stuck with those ugly broads we

    "I'll never know why you did that, you two. You always had me to

    "Didn't marry them to fuck, Sheila, you know that. We had to make
    it look respectable. Imagine what people would talk, two of us and
    you, all marriageable and pretty and all, living under one roof.
    Our marriages were good cover."

    "Well, you fucked them enough to knock them up and have the boys,
    didn't you?" Now Sheila was sucking his cock slowly and deeply,
    working it cleverly with her tongue and lips and teeth, rubbing
    and licking his balls, masturbating him tenderly. Shirlyn watched,

    "Same reason," Calvin went on, answering her question. You know
    it's the truth. We've never stopped fucking you, have we? Either
    of us? And now our boys are doing it, too!"

    "Thank heaven for that." She took his cock deep in her mouth. It
    was rising and hardening now, quivering slowly erect. His hips
    writhed and bucked unevenly under her face.

    "So how's the flesh trade these days?" he grunted.

    "Good. Very good."


    "Yes. More than I can handle sometimes."

    "I hear the competition's getting stiff in this city, now?"

    She giggled. "Fortunately so are the men. And that's part of the
    deal Harry's working on. If he gets the job, I get in, too. They
    run an expensive whorehouse."

    Calvin grinned. "Seventh heaven for you, right?"

    Shirlyn's ears burned. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.
    Her sister was a whore! A real *whore*! She moaned softly. It was
    her most ardent fantasy, to fuck and be paid for it, and here it
    was, happening right in her own family, with her own sister, no

    Calvin's cock was erect now and he pulled her head up. She
    resisted, sucking him for a little longer and then rose, smiling
    wantonly down at her uncle and moved up over his body, straddling
    his hips, kneeling across his lap. She took his cock in her hand
    and, guiding it between her thighs, eased her cunt gently down on
    it with a soft sigh of pure pleasure. He smiled at her, running
    his hands up her lovely, slender, curved body to her breasts. She
    smiled down at him and, lifting her hands, tilted her head back
    and, collecting her hair, bent her neck and coiled it deftly into
    a knot high on her head. It was a lovely, sensuous gesture, and,
    as her arms moved, so did her breasts and her belly drew inward.
    She looked gorgeous and sexy. Calvin fondled her breasts and she
    leaned forward on her outstretched arms, slowly moving and
    swirling her hips in tight, erotic circles on his lap.

    "Feel good, Uncle?" she murmured huskily, her eyes bright. "Does
    my cunt feel good on your dick?"

    "Wonderful," he grunted, craning his head and sucking gently on
    her breasts. "You're the best, Sheila. The best."

    "Fuck me, Uncle," she sighed. "Keep fucking me ... I want your
    cock in my slit forever and ever!"

    Calvin grinned, moving his hips slowly and rhythmically up and
    down under her. She rocked back and forth and to and fro on her
    hands and knees and Shirlyn saw her cunt running up and down the
    length of his swollen cock, her buttocks bobbing off his thighs.

    "You can't go on forever, you know," he said.

    "What?" she looked down at him puzzled.

    "Your whoring. It can't go on endlessly, Sheila, can it?"

    "No, it's going to stop sooner or later. I figure I might as well
    enjoy it while it lasts. It's a good thing I'm so randy and love
    fucking so much."

    "I'm not joking, babe. Have you thought about the future? Planned
    ahead? Put some money aside? Marriage?"

    "There's just about enough, Uncle. I'm expensive. And I'm saving
    nicely till Harry gets settled. Then we'll be fine. You don't seem
    me splashing it around unnecessarily, do you? It comes in
    steadily, though it's hard work. Good thing I enjoy it so much!"

    "Good. That's good. What about Shirlyn?"

    "What about her?"

    "Have you thought about her future? Studies, going abroad,

    Sheila paused and smiled down at him. "Uncle, Shirlyn is my
    sister. I know her. I look at her and I see myself in her. I was
    just like this at her age. You know that. You fucked me first when
    I wasn't much older. Believe me, she'll find her way. I'm not
    going to stop her, not in anything she wants to do, and I mean
    *anything*. We're good friends and I'll always be there to help
    her. Even if she decides to follow in my footsteps. And I mean
    that. I won't stop her even then, and I'll help her if I can."

    Calvin stopped and stared at her, dumbfounded. "What are you
    saying, Sheila? You mean ... you mean ... she ... you ... you want
    her to be like you?"

    "What's wrong with that, Uncle? I'm happy, aren't I? She can be
    happy like me, can't she? And have you seen her recently? I mean,
    really *seen* her?"

    "What d'you mean?"

    "Haven't you noticed? How good she's looking? How sexy her body
    is? I know her, Uncle Calvin. I know she's hot. It won't be long
    before she's fucking someone. And I'd like her to do it, enjoy it
    like I do, even making a life from it, like I have. Don't forget,
    I wasn't forced into whoring. I wanted it. I wanted to be a whore,
    ever since I was her age, and, if I know her, she does, or will,
    too. I just don't want her to get hurt, that's all. If I knew she
    was fucking, and she wanted help, some guidance, pointers,
    instructions, the kind of things to do, how to make it better,
    believe me, I'd teach her. I'm just not rushing it. Let it happen,
    and it will. Harry and I will always be there to help her along,
    if whoring is what she wants. It's what *we* want."

    "You're ... you're incredible! You're mad!" Calvin gasped.

    "Am I?" she smiled wantonly, writhing her hips on his groin,
    flexing and unflexing her buttocks rhythmically, squeezing her
    cunt over his cock so that he groaned and lurched up under her.
    "See? See how good that is? Now that's a trick few women know
    without being taught. It's good for me, too, and why shouldn't my
    own sister know it? Think about it, Uncle, next time you see her.
    Think about how it would be to fuck her. She's lovely, she's
    seventeen, she's hot, she has a great body. Just imagine her,
    moaning and gasping and sweating, sucking your cock, squeezing it
    in her cunt ... she'll be a great fuck, just watch. She'll be very
    good, and you're going to love every minute of it. Just imagine!
    Wouldn't it be grand? If you were fucking *both* sisters? All of


    "Uncle, I've had a good life, better than you in your marriage. I
    decided not to marry because I like men too much, I love their
    bodies and their cocks, and I want them in quantity, not just one
    man. So why should my sister have less? Tell me that? I love sex,
    and she's like me and she's going to love it, too, I know, more
    but not less. So I'm going to help her get everything she wants
    out of life, take all its pleasures and none of its pain. That's
    what life should be. Fun. Happiness. Why shouldn't I want that for
    my own sister?"

    "But ... but you're asking *me* to fuck *her*! Your *sister*!"

    "So? Harry did the same when he asked you to fuck me, offered my
    body to you. You didn't say no then, why are you hesitating now?
    Better you, who I know, a guy who fucks well and knows how to keep
    a woman happy, better one of you I know than some idiot who will
    give her only pain and no pleasure. And what's new about it in
    this family, tell me? You've always fucked me, you and Stan, ever
    since Harry introduced me to you. We've always enjoyed our sex. We
    still do. You've often told me how you used to fuck our mother,
    while Dad watched and encouraged you. How, often, all three of you
    would fuck her together. So I guess it must be in our blood,
    Uncle, yours and mine, too. I'm just like you. I fuck my own
    brother, Harry, and your elder boy and Stanley's. You've seen me
    with Jerry and Kenny, haven't you? Weren't you the one who asked
    me to help Jerry? Like Stanley did for Kenny? And didn't I do it?
    Give them their first fucks? Show them how to fuck a woman like a
    woman should be fucked? So I'm asking you to return the favour. Do
    for me and my sister what I did, and still do, for you and your
    sons. And let them fuck her, too. They're good and they'll be good
    for her."

    Calvin grinned. "Oh you wonderful, horny, hot piece of ass! God, I
    love you, Sheila! I love you!"

    She grinned and, bending over, kissed him deeply. "I love you,
    too, Uncle Calvin. You and Uncle Stan and the boys ... I love you
    and I love fucking you. C'mon now ... enough of this serious stuff
    ... Now I want it in my ass, Uncle ... c'mon ... fuck my butt!"

    She slid off his cock and turned around again on her front,
    bending steeply this time, spreading her legs wide, and thrusting
    her buttocks up at him. Calvin rose, his eyes glittering with lust
    and dropped in a deep squat over her flared hips. He pushed his
    cock between her buttocks and then, taking a breath, flexed his
    buttocks and eased his hips forward. His cock-head popped into her
    anus and Sheila cried out, her face twisting in a paroxysm of
    excitement, her fingers scrunching the sheets, her head whipping
    up, her lips snapping back, her mouth tearing open, her long neck
    craned. Above her, Calvin groaned, his fingertips pressed into the
    flesh of her buttocks and flung his head back, his eyes closed.

    "Take it!" he cried. "C'mon, Sheila, take it! Take my cock! OHHHHH
    uhh oh fuck your ass is so good! Take it, Sheila, bitch, take it!"

    "AHHHHHhhuhh ohmauhhhhhh ahhh uhhhhh OHHH!" Sheila cried. "Yes
    uhhh oh uhhh ohh ma uhh yes ... c'mon ... fuck me! Fuck my butt,
    baby ... fuck it deep! Shove your cock right up my ass, baby ...
    do it! OHH yes ... c'mon ... deeper ... ahhhhh uhhh yeh ... there!
    Ohh yes!"

    "Ahh uhh ahhh uhh oh baby yes!" Calvin gasped.

    "Do it, Uncle! Fuck my ass ... fuck it hard! Just like you're
    going to with Shirlyn ... just like the others will ... just like
    ... Uncle Stan ... and Kenny ... and Jerry ... and Harry and
    Shankar ... will fuck her ... like a whore, baby ... like a whore
    ... like a rutting whore, Uncle Calvin ... like a whore! Like ...
    like *me*!"


    SHIRLYN SLEPT BADLY, tossing and turning, her mind filled with the
    vision of her sister, her beloved sister, Sheila, fucking their
    Uncle Calvin ... Sheila moaning and gasping and writhing and
    sweating ... bucking and jerking and whimpering like a whore ...
    like a *whore* ... as Uncle Calvin thrust his big cock in and out,
    in and out, in and out ...

    The jangle of the doorbell snapped her wide awake. She knew it
    must be the milkman. She groaned and slipped out of bed. Whoever
    was up earliest had to answer this first bell. She slipped on a
    long housecoat and went out across the silent hall. The rest of
    the household slumbered on.

    The door was slightly ajar when she went out to answer it. Shirlyn
    stopped. It was always bolted each night, but now the bolt and the
    door were open. She felt a twinge of unease as she peered
    cautiously around the door. She was just in time to see Sheila and
    the milkman disappear into the stuffy little store-room that
    opened off the landing. Her jaw dropped in shock as she realised
    at once what was going on for, as Sheila stooped from the waist to
    undo the padlock on the store-room door, the milkman was right
    there with her, grinning, his hands caressing her buttocks and she
    was smiling wantonly over her shoulder at him.

    Shirlyn's pulse pounded. Sheila was at it again. This time, with
    the milkman! Out here! Where anyone coming up the stairs could
    see! First thing in the morning, and Sheila was horny as a bitch
    in heat!

    Suddenly Shirlyn realised that the store-room landing was probably
    the best place for Sheila if she wanted an early morning fuck with
    the milkman. The flat was on the top floor of the building, and no
    one came up except to go to the terrace, and no one went there
    till very much later in the day. The store-room was a separate
    little room with no access from their flat. It served as a larder
    and store for junk. Besides, the flat was the only one on the
    floor -- unlike the lower floors which had two flats with doors
    facing each other across the landings. Inside the house or out on
    the landing would be much too risky at this time.

    The store-room was perfect and Sheila had obviously used it
    before. Shirlyn waited till they had disappeared into the room,
    closing the door behind them and then stepped silently across the
    landing and pressed her eye to small hole in the door. It gave her
    an unobstructed view into the room.

    It was small and dank and stuffy and lit by a single, naked
    overhead bulb on a long wire. Shelves lined three walls, filled
    with large jars and aluminum bins, the year's supply of cereals
    and pickles, some old pillows and sheets, discarded clothes tied
    in bundles.

    Sheila wore a totally transparent negligee that reached just to
    her crotch and nothing else. She was evidently naked under it. Her
    body looked gorgeous and sexy. Shirlyn bit her lower lip as she
    felt her body flush with sex-heat. She squeezed her breasts,
    fondled her crotch, realizing with a start that she was no better,
    perhaps worse than Sheila; she wanted it, too. Desperately.

    Sheila was on her knees before the milkboy. His shorts were rucked
    to his ankles. He was gasping and moaning, his head rolling on his
    shoulders, his hips pumping. She sucked his cock hungrily, his
    hips bucking at her face, her head moving swiftly to and fro, to
    and fro, to and fro. The boy's erect cock shone and throbbed in
    her fist as she masturbated him the while. Her tongue swirled
    rapidly over his cock-head and she cocked an eye at his face and
    seemed to smile in pleasure at the lust on it. She thrust her face
    forward and took his cock deep in her mouth, her cheeks hollowing
    as she sucked, her head rocking back and forth before his
    juddering loins.

    The handsome young lad thrust his hands down her nightgown and
    groped her breasts, squeezing them feverishly. His shirt was
    undone. He had a smooth, lean well-muscled torso. He was
    good-looking, fair-skinned, with fuzz on his upper lip and sharp
    features. He couldn't have been more than seventeen.

    Sheila sucked relentlessly on his penis, harder and faster, till
    he caved in and exploded in her mouth with an animal grunt. Like
    Kenny had done with Susan and Calvin with Sheila, the milkboy shot
    thick jets of sticky white spoot into Sheila's mouth. She let it
    dribble down over her face and lips and neck and down her
    cleavage, caressing her face with his prick, licking it clean. The
    boy pushed her head away and bent to tug on his shorts.

    "Don't be so late if you want to fuck me," she said, looking a
    little annoyed. "I was waiting and waiting."

    He grinned lewdly at her, cupped her breast. "Horny slut. Had to
    get my ticket, I'm off to my village on tonight's bus." He grinned
    at her expression of dismay. "But don't worry, bitch ... got a
    temp to come in. Specially chose him for you. You're gonna like
    fucking him. He'll be here tomorrow."

    The boy buttoned his trousers and Shirlyn turned and fled back to
    her bedroom, diving under the covers and turning her back and
    pretending to be asleep. She heard Sheila come in a minute later,
    and crossing over, look down at her younger sister, just checking.
    Shirlyn steadied her breath, her eyes closed.

    Sheila moved away at last and Shirlyn sighed inwardly. She heard
    her sister open her cupboard, a rustle, and then she went into the
    bathroom. Shirlyn immediately thrust her fingers into her crotch
    and began masturbating frantically, orgasming within seconds with
    a stifled groan.

    It was very sexy. Very, very sexy. She could hardly wait to watch
    Sheila the next morning.

    Her excitement woke her at the first chime of the doorbell the
    next morning. Shirlyn lay in bed, feigning sleep, as she heard
    Sheila slip out of the room. She waited until the door was closed
    and then stole over. Across the room, on the far side, Harry slept
    with his face to the wall, snoring softly. Shirlyn peered out into
    the hall. Sheila was at the door, handing the boy the milk
    coupons. She was dressed, like the previous day, only in a short
    nightgown of some transparent material, clasped loosely at the
    throat. She was quite obviously naked beneath it. The boy took the
    coupons from her, and his eyes were on her nude body beneath the
    gown, his body frozen. He held the coupons without moving an inch.
    Sheila waited, her excitement mounting quickly. She slid her
    fingers over his wrist and tugged him gently out of the house,
    quietly shutting the door behind them and leading him to the

    Shirlyn found him very sexy. He was dressed as always only in a
    pair of shorts and an open shirt that flapped wide, held by the
    single, very last button. He was tall and lean and dark with a
    solid, hard chest, deep and muscular, broad shoulders, a flat
    belly with small hips and taut buttocks. His torso was smooth and
    dark and hairless. The arms and forearms were broad and thick with
    long, sinewed muscle. He had a clean-shaven, square-jawed face,
    the eyes small and piercing, the nose strong and long, the mouth
    wide with strong, even teeth. He was a little older than the guy
    of the morning before, perhaps eighteen or twenty. His slim, even
    cruel lips parted as he ogled Sheila with mounting lust. Her own
    lust grew at sight and smell of him, the sheen of sweat on his
    body arousing her intensely.

    The youth reached up and flicked open the button of the gown at
    Sheila's throat. It split open, fell to her feet. She was naked
    beneath. He groped her breasts, squeezing them hard, pinching the
    already stiff nipples, his face suffused with lust, panting. His
    cock was already forming a thick bulge in his shorts.

    Sheila bit her lower lip and stifled a moan, her nostrils flared,
    her eyes glassy and half- shut with excitement. She caressed his
    damp torso, unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it wide open, kissing
    and licking his nipples, her fingers tracing patterns on his chest
    and belly. Slowly, she slid her fingers under the waistband of his
    shorts. The boy stiffened. Shirlyn saw her eyes dilate in surprise
    and pleasure and the boy grinned as she looked up at him and
    thrust her hand in deeper, gripping his cock and jerking it.

    "Yeh, great cock," the boy boasted, fondling her breasts harder.
    "Not likely you'll find a guy better hung'n me, slut!"

    He pressed down at her shoulders, but she hardly needed the
    prodding. She slipped to her knees, sexual hunger apparent and
    visible on her pretty face. She unfastened his shorts and rolled
    them down. His cock bobbed erect.

    He was right. It was an unusually large member. It was fully ten
    inches long, over an inch and a half thick, circumcised, with big,
    heavy balls and a thatch of dark, springy, pubic hair. Veins
    ridged the length of the cock. It was obvious that this one was
    someone proud of his endowments, and with a fair idea of his
    abilities to use them to effect. He had shaved his cock-shaft down
    to the hilt to make for smoother, deeper penetration and
    heightened satisfaction.

    Sheila moaned softly, her eyes half closed as she stroked and
    caressed his cock, cupping and rubbing his balls, fisting and
    jerking him steadily. The boy grunted, his head bent, blowing his
    breath out to keep control, his chest heaving, belly drawn in with
    the strain. Then Sheila parted her lips and quickly slid them down
    deep around his cock, sucking hard. The boy cried out in shock and
    surprise, gasping, his head arching back, his belly snapping in,
    his hips jerking forward at her face. He gripped the back of her
    head and pumped his hips, fucking her mouth rapidly as Sheila
    sucked him off expertly. She had his cock in her fist, jerking it
    swiftly, her head bobbing rapidly to and fro, her tongue winding
    and coiling serpentine about the bulbous cock-head. His cock shone
    with her spittle and pre-cum gunk, gobs of it appearing on her
    lips and fingers, sticky and warm.

    "Oh uhh OHHHHH uhh OH uh OH uh OHHHH ... *hanh ... choos ... jorse
    choos* uhhhh OHH!" the boy gasped, panting feverishly.

    Sheila sucked and jerked his cock expertly, her mouth open,
    driving him wild with the desire to come in her mouth, running it
    over and between her swollen breasts to leave a sticky trail over
    her flesh. The boy stood there on trembling legs, his face
    flushed, panting and gasping and crying out, fucking her face
    desperately, his bloated penis distending her lovely face.

    His climax loomed and Sheila gauged it to perfection. She moved to
    the floor on her back and drew him down with her, between her
    forked, spread and bent legs. The boy leaned over her on his
    outstretched arms and knees, hands on the floor and she took his
    cock, guiding him into her cunt.

    "C'mon ... fuck me ... fuck my cunt!" she whispered throatily.
    "*Chodh mujhe*!"

    With a deep moan, the boy rammed his cock into her, gasping, the
    breath shooting from his throat as he went deep into her slit.
    Sheila arched steeply under him as the huge cock reamed into her
    flesh and the breath hissed between her fiercely clenched teeth.
    Her lips drew back, bared in a rictus of lust.

    "Ah-uh-ah-uh-ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Sheila cried in a low, thick
    voice.. "Oh ma uhhh ahh uhhhh ohhhhhhh!"

    Her body bowed steeply, veins and tendons popped and stood out in
    her neck, her head jerked back, her eyes screwed shut. Watching
    them, Shirlyn groaned, masturbating.

    "Ohh uhhh OHH!" the boy went, his head snapping back, his buttocks
    flexing taut.

    In a flash, her legs were raised high and hooked about the small
    of his back, her hands digging fiercely into the taut muscles of
    his shoulders and arms. He began fucking her furiously, pumping
    his hips feverishly, ram-fucking her straight off, his buttocks
    flexing and unflexing as he drove his cock like a piston at her
    cunt, the huge pillar of cock-flesh glistening and gleaming with
    her oral ministrations and now their comingled coital juices as it
    hammered in and out, emerging and disappearing between her
    distended, open cunt-lips. She gasped and moaned as he fucked her,
    his huge cock reaming and ramming into her, spiralling down as he
    swung his hips violently in hard circles. Beneath him, Sheila's
    body jerked and snapped with each thrust, her breasts jiggling,
    her hips jerking and heaving and writhing, gyrating under his. Her
    nipples were nut-hard, her mouth open in a wide 'O'.

    "Ohhhh uhh ohhhh uhh ohmauhh ahhhh uhh ahhhh uhhh ahhhhhhuhhhhoh
    uhhh ohhhh uhhh ohhhhh uhh *hanh-hanh-hanh* uhhh ... aise ohhhhh
    uhhh *hanh* uhhh yes uhhh *aise chodh* ... ohmauhahhhuhhhh hanh
    ... ohhhhh uhhh *lele ... hanh ... lele mujhe ... chodh mujhe
    chodh jorse chodh chul aur jorse hanh* uhhhhh *hanh*-uh-*hanh*-uhh
    ah uhh ah uh ah uh ahhhh!"  Sheila cried.

    They fucked furiously, hard and deep and fast, his buttocks
    pumping and pounding, rocketing up and down, driving his cock like
    trip-hammer in and out of her cunt, ramming it in, pulling out
    then ramming in again with a savage sweeping roll of his lean
    hips, screwing her from all angles. His head was flung back, his
    eyes closed, lips pursed, his nostrils flared as he concentrated
    on fucking her, slamming his hips up and down, up and down, up and
    down, panting. Sheila's face rolled from side to side, her hands
    rising to link behind his neck, digging in fiercely. Her body
    jerked and rocked, her swollen breasts jiggling, her gold necklace
    dancing on her dusky skin. She soared over the crest of her
    orgasm, her cunt convulsing and spasming, hot and tight on his
    searing cock, as the milkboy screwed her like a gutterslut. He
    felt the warm ooze of her cum on his cock and moaned. Instantly,
    she opened her legs wide, unhooking them and spread them wide for
    him, her hands flying down to clench his buttocks, parting the
    lobes, her slender, shapely finger slipping between them to his

    "Ohhhhhh uhhh *hanh*!" the milkboy cried ecstatically and plunged
    deep into her hard, making her gasp and moan.

    Faster and faster he went, his hips swinging and rocking madly up
    and down, his glistening cock pistoning in and out of her cunt.
    Her body jerked and writhed under his, her breasts jiggling and
    jumping, her sexy gold necklace dancing on her honey skin. Her
    nipples were rock-hard and she hissed loudly in pleasure, sliding
    her hands up her body to cup and squeeze them sexily, her head
    turning from side to side.

    Shirlyn saw that he was good at it. He found a rhythm, rapid and
    deep, piercing and skewering her cunt powerfully, and held it for
    a long time. She groaned, soaring up to another orgasm. He
    continued fucking her. Suddenly, he slid out of her and, rearing
    on his knees, made her turn on her front on the cool tiled floor.
    Sheila whimpered thickly, turned on her forearms and knees before
    the milkboy. He chuckled softly, his mouth open, panting heavily,
    and, taking his cock in his hand, squeezed it slowly between her
    buttocks and into her cunt.

    "Ohhhhhh uhhhh OH ma uhhhh ohhhh!" Sheila cried, her head rising,
    her face twisted with lust as the huge cock surged into her cunt

    The youth chuckled and began fucking her rapidly from behind like
    a bitch in heat. Gripping her hips, he swung his own back and
    forth in a rapid-fire rhythm, pushing his cock in and out of her
    cunt, his thighs slapping loudly at her buttocks. His cock
    appeared and disappeared between the smooth curves of her
    buttocks. Her gold necklace dangled and swung. Her swollen,
    succulent, pendulous breasts jiggled with his thrusts. He slid his
    hands up under her body and squeezed them eagerly, pinching and
    tweaking her erect nipples. Sheila shuddered and moaned, rocking
    back and forth on all fours, running her cunt up and down the
    length of his bloated penis.

    "*Hanh* uh *hanh* uhh *hanh* uhhh yes ... ohh yes ... fuck me ...
    fuck me, baby ... *chodh mujhe ... jorse chodh*!" she gasped. "Oh
    ma uh oh ma uhh oh ma uhh *hanh*!"

    "C'mon ... take it ... c'mon, whore ... take it! Oh fuck uhh yes
    oh yes ohhh uhh *hanh* uhhh ohhhh uhh *hanh*!" the boy panted,
    fucking her faster and faster.

    She came yet again and now he lost control, gasping and wincing,
    and, his fingers digging into the soft flesh of her hips, rammed
    his cock into her hard, once, twice, three, four, five times, each
    thrust making her lurch forward and cry out sharply and thinly. He
    rammed in yet again and then, his buttocks flexed taut, his hips
    twitching at her buttocks, groaned loudly as the heat erupted from
    his cock in a volcanic explosion. Beneath him, Sheila gasped,
    shuddering and mewing in pleasure as the heavy flood of his hot,
    creamy jizz spurted and spurted and spurted into her sodden slit.

    Slowly, she eased herself forward off his cock. The boy sank back
    on his haunches, his chest heaving, his mouth open, panting and
    gasping, his cock dwindling. Slowly, she got to her feet and,
    without another word or looking back at him, slipped into her

    "Come back tomorrow," she said softly. "Come back every morning as
    long as you're the temp."

    "And after that."

    "Come back anyway," Sheila laughed, and buttoned her gown demurely
    to the throat. "Come back anyway!"


    SHIRLYN WOKE WITH A START in the middle of the night. She could
    hear voices in the kitchen adjoining their little room. She swung
    out of bed and stumbled out blinking sleep from her eyes. There
    was no one else at home but she and her brother and sister. The
    others had all gone out of town for the weekend.

    Her sister and brother were fucking on the kitchen floor. She came
    wide awake, gaping, her body responding in the now familiar flush
    of lust-heat.

    Sheila was beautiful. Her skin was dusky and creamy, her body firm
    and well curved. Her breasts were full and round. They were
    swollen now, her aureoles puckered with excitement, the stubby
    nipples nut-hard. Her belly was firm and flat, and her hips flared
    to nice legs. Her limbs were slender and shapely. Her feet and
    hands were slender and well-formed. She wore a gold ring on her
    ring finger. Her lovely face was radiant with passion. Her neck
    was arched, her face flung back, her rosebud lips parted, her
    small, perfect teeth bared in a rictus of lust. Her slender nose
    was flared.

    Her body jerked and rolled back and forth, her back bowing taut as
    her brother fucked her rapidly. Harry was bent over her on his
    knuckles and knees, his buttocks flexing and unflexing, bobbing
    furiously over her heaving loins. He was dark and lean, with a
    finely muscled, strong body. He was handsome and tall and looked
    wiry and tough. His shoulders were wide, the arms and legs filled
    with long, thick, sinewy muscle. His chest was hard and cleaved,
    the belly flat. His hips were small, the buttocks firm and taut.
    His torso was smooth and hairless. He was intensely good-looking,
    with fine, chiselled features: clean-shaven, square-jawed, with a
    sharp, aquiline nose, a wide, slim mouth, teeth that were very
    white and strong and dark, deep-set eyes. His hair was cut in
    short plucks, swept back over a wide brow. His penis was huge.
    Shirlyn reckoned it to be over nine inches long and
    correspondingly thick.

    Sheila obviously loved every inch it. She was on her back, her
    legs forked and spread with Harry bucking between them. Her legs
    were curled about his thighs. Her hips heaved up at his. Shirlyn
    stared at them. Harry's swollen, glistening cock, ridged with
    thick veins, plunged deeply in and out, in and out, in and out of
    her cunt. He could hear it squelching into her belly, rasping out,
    squelching in again, drawing shuddering moans from her. Her body
    snapped and bowed with his savage thrusts, curling under his. Her
    head flipped from side to side. Her breasts jiggled with each
    thrust. The thin gold chain around her neck tossed and slithered
    between her breasts. Harry's buttocks flexed and unflexed, his
    cock rose, slid into her like a sword, lifted up again. Faster and
    faster he moved, thrusting deeper and harder into her. He flung
    his head back, his eyes closed. Sheila dug her fingers into his
    bunched biceps. Her shoulders hunched, her breasts squeezed
    together, the gold chain around her neck crushed between the
    lovely mounds. Their cries rang in Shirlyn's ears.

    "Ohhh Harry-Harry-Hauhhry! unhhh ... oh-ohh-ohh!" she gasped
    loudly. "*Hanh*  uhh uhhhh *hanh* uhhhh uhhhh *hanh* uhhhh uhh
    ohmauhhohhhuhh oh oh ohhh uhh ohhmaohmaohmaohhhhh!"

    "Unhhh ... unhh ... unhhh ... *chul ... chul rundi chul ... lele
    saali rahnd lele ... le merelavdeko* *hanh* uhhhhhhh!" he panted,
    using the vernacular, switching between that and English. "C'mon,
    whore ... take it! Take my cock, you whoring bitch ... take it!"

    He began pistoning like a trip-hammer at full blast, his cock
    ramming in and out, in and out, in and out. He paused for a second
    to lever her thighs wider apart and to lean more steeply over him.
    At once he hit a furious, feverish, ram-fucking stroke again that
    tore a choking gasp from her throat. Their bodies glistened with

    Harry slowed suddenly and she moaned, squeezing her breasts in her
    hands, rolling the heavy mounds under her palms, tweaking her
    nipples. She caressed his hard chest and belly, and then her hands
    slid to her loins and Shirlyn saw her left hand encircle his
    pistoning shaft, the right clawing her cunt-lips open.  Harry's
    cock rasped between her fingers. Shirlyn thought the sight of the
    dark cock in her fair fingers, under her gold band, was incredibly

    Harry's hips rose and fell, rose and fell, his cock gliding
    smoothly, deeply, in and out, in and out, in and out. She
    whimpered and arched, writhing in pleasure and began to orgasm,
    her body stiffening suddenly under him, twitching as the waves
    crashed over her. Her body arched to his, pressing hard against
    him, her fingers digging into his strong shoulders. When she had
    finished, Harry slowly pulled out of her. His cock was still
    rock-hard. She moaned, caressing it, her shoulders hunched, her
    pretty face turned to one side, begging for more.

    "Don't stop," she pleaded. "C'mon, Harry love, fuck me again!"

    Shirlyn could scarcely believe his ears. She was acting like a
    bitch in heavy rut. Harry grinned.

    "Okay," he chuckled. "Whatever you say, whore! In your ass! Want

    "Yes! Oh god yes!" she gasped feverishly.

    He was going to fuck her ass! Shirlyn watched in disbelief as
    Sheila smiled at her brother. She got to her feet and leaned over
    the kitchen counter, her buttocks thrust back at him. They lobed
    open, exposing her puckered anus. Harry licked four fingers in an
    utterly obscene action and smeared his spittle around her asshole.

    "Wait," he muttered. He stretched an arm around her and flipped
    open the lid of the butter dish. He dug his fingers into the soft
    yellow butter and scooped up a generous pat. Grinning at her,
    smeared it around her anus. Sheila writhed, whimpering. He smeared
    his erect cock with it, coating it thickly. It shone and glistened

    "Now c'mon," he muttered and shuffled forward.

    Harry pressed his cock-head to her anus. Shirlyn saw her tense.
    Harry chuckled and spread her buttocks wide open. His cock slipped
    around at her anus. He guided it to the orifice and his buttocks
    flexed. Sheila tensed and bit her lower lip, her eyes squeezed
    shut. Her body trembled. Her breasts and the gold chain swung
    free. Harry splayed her buttocks with one hand and slowly pushed
    his cock-head inward. It found its target, held. Sheila gasped and
    stiffened. Her fingers clawed. She clenched a towel rod on the
    tiled counter wall. Harry slid his hips forward.

    "OHMAOHMAOHMAOHHHHHHHHH!" Sheila called, her face twisting with
    shock and agony and delight.

    Harry's head jerked back and he gasped. Shirlyn watched transfixed
    as the huge cock slithered between her buttocks, vanishing
    inexorably into her rear channel. Harry clenched her buttocks,
    pulled them wide, and thrust deeper and deeper and deeper. Sheila
    began to pant in pain and joy, her voice ragged and hoarse, her
    mouth torn open, her head jerked up. In and in and in he went,
    gritting his teeth, biting his lower lip, his head falling on his
    chest, now holding her hips and driving deeper. He went in to the
    hilt, and held still. Sheila sobbed, her breath coming in heaving

    "OH-Harry ... Harry ... Harry ... c'mon ... do it ... quickly ...
    fuck me!" she gasped. "Fuck my ass, Harry baby ... fuck my ass!"

    She was enjoying it! Sheila was actually enjoying it! Shirlyn
    watched in amazement and mounting excitement. Harry leaned forward
    and squeezed her swollen breasts hard. They grew slippery with the
    butter. He stroked and caressed her belly, her buttocks, her hips,
    her breasts again. Holding her hips, he began move his own slowly,
    fucking her ass. Sheila gasped, rocking and lurching beneath him,
    turning her arm to cup her dangling breast, squeezing and kneading
    it in excitement.

    "Yes ... OHhhh yes yes OHHhhh yes yes OHhhhgodyes!" she cried.
    "OHH uhh Ohma uhhh Harry uhhh OHHHHHH uhh OHH god yes!"

    "C'mon, whore ... c'mon ... take it ... take my cock right up your
    ass, Sheila whore ... just like you do with the servant, baby ...
    and with Kenny ... and Jerry ... and Uncle Stan ... and Uncle
    Calvin ... and *me*! Take it, whore! Take it! *Le*, *rundi*, *le*!
    *Lele* *mere* *lund* *ko*!" Harry cried.

    He slid a hand under her belly and began to stroke her clitoris.
    Sheila gasped and her buttocks trembled. Now she was rocking to
    and fro of her own accord, sliding her ass to and fro on his
    shaft. Harry began to move faster. His belly sucked in.
    Controlling her movements with his fingertips on her upper
    buttocks, he impaled her asshole with his penis, shoving it in,
    pulling out, thrusting in again. His cock shone and glistened as
    it emerged and disappeared between the lobes of her buttocks. Her
    cries were small, broken, her face distorted in a rictus of
    agonised passion. Harry moved faster still, his hips jerking
    rapidly to and fro, his cock gliding in and out.

    He paused to spread his legs on either side of her hips. He leaned
    over her with his hands on the counter edge, his cock buried deep
    in her, his body bent over hers. She was pinned beneath him. She
    waited for him to take his pleasure. His buttocks reared suddenly,
    sharply, then drove down into her savagely.

    With a shuddering cry, Harry began to ram-fuck her butt. Sheila's
    breath ripped from her throat in a hoarse, ululating cry. Her
    mouth tore open. Her breasts began to jiggle furiously, her
    necklace whipping frantically back and forth. Harry's hips slammed
    into her buttocks again and again, his buttocks flexing and
    unflexing, rising and falling, his cock pistoning furiously in and
    out, in and out.

    she cried, her face contorted.

    "Ah uh ah uh fuck yes oh fuck yes oh yeh take it, whore, take it!"
    he went.

    He was streaming with sweat now, his body arched, his head flung
    back and his mouth torn open. Faster and faster he went and even
    as Shirlyn watched, Sheila began to orgasm. She went rigid under
    him, clawing and moaning, her head arched hard. Her breath came in
    broken rasps, her moans were thick and heavy and long. Harry
    continued to butt-fuck her gently. At last he stopped and slowly
    drew out of her.

    "Liked it, whore?" he chuckled, spreading his legs. "Liked having
    my cock up your ass?"

    "Oh god, yes," she gasped. "God, Harry ... that was incredible!"

    He laughed loudly and slowly squeezed his cock up into her cunt.
    Sheila moaned, unresisting, as her brother fucked her cunt
    steadily with long, deep, piercing thrusts.

    "Harry," she gasped. "Please ... let me suck you ... I want your
    cum in my mouth ... please?"

    Harry snorted in delight and slid out of her. She stood trembling
    against the counter, her body racked with heaving, sobbing gasps.
    Harry moved around and hopped up on the counter in front of her
    face. She groaned, her head bowed, her body heaving. His rampant
    penis was thrust at her face.

    "Suck me, Sheila bitch," Harry said softly. "Suck my cock, slut
    ... suck it good ... c'mon ... do it!"

    Sheila groaned. Harry smiled and pulled her head down to his
    groin. Shirlyn was now totally dumbstruck. Harry's butter-smeared
    penis, glistening with the juices from her cunt and anus was at
    her face. Laughing softly at her head bent over his lap, Harry
    stroked her face with it, teasing her, dodging her questing lips.
    Finally, he relented and let her have it. Her tongue flickered out
    and wound about the sticky, slimy, slippery cock-head. She began
    to lick it eagerly, like a hungry puppy, running her tongue up and
    down the shaft. It didn't seem to matter that it had just invaded
    her asshole.

    "How does it taste, whore, the taste of your *bhosdi*?" he
    chuckled. "Like it, eh? Yeh ... c'mon ... suck harder, bitch ...
    suck harder! *Harder*, whore, *suck harder*!"

    She slipped her lips around his cock-head and part of his
    cock-shaft. Her cheeks billowed with his size. She began to suck
    his cock, jerking his cock, holding his thigh, her cheeks
    hollowing. Her head moved back and forth on his twitching loins.
    He held her head and began to fuck her mouth. Harry gasped,
    flinging his head back and groaning in delight. His belly drew in
    with tension. She cupped his low, heavy balls, fondling them. He
    looked down at her, one hand on her head, jerking it to and fro.
    She opened her mouth and her tongue flickered like lightning over
    his glans. Harry lost control.

    Shirlyn watched, stunned, as Sheila let her brother spew his jizz
    into her mouth.  She opened her mouth and jerked his cock. Cum
    spattered on her face and neck and dangling breasts. She took his
    cock deep in her mouth again and sucked it some more, her head
    moving rapidly, drawing the very last drop of jizz out of his
    cock. Spunk dribbled down her chin and over her breasts,
    spattering on the counter.

    Harry grinned at her, leaning back on his hands. Sheila licked his
    thighs and groin like a rutting bitch. Shirlyn watched pop-eyed,
    as she lifted her breasts and rubbed them into the puddled gunk on
    the counter in an utterly wanton action. She rose with her breasts
    shining with gunk and arched her chest to his head, sliding an arm
    around his neck, drawing his lips to her breasts. She sighed with
    pleasure, her face creased in a smile of delight as his tongue and
    teeth caressed her nipples.

    "C'mon Harry," she murmured lasciviously, kissing him hungrily,
    slipping his tongue in and out of her mouth. "Let's do it all over
    again! I'm still hot ... fuck me, Harry, baby ... fuck me like a


    SEEING KENNY AND SUSAN and her sister Sheila and Calvin and Sheila
    and the milkboy and Sheila and their brother Harry -- *especially*
    her sister and Harry -- Shirlyn was in a complete daze. She
    couldn't believe what she had seen and heard. Her sister was a
    *whore*. A proper, full-fledged whore. Who took money to let money
    fuck her. And her sister slept with ... no, her sister *fucked*
    Uncle Calvin. And Uncle Stanley. And their cousins, Kenny and
    Jerry. And the servant, Shankar. And even their brother, Harry.
    And no doubt she'd fuck the younger boys, too, when she felt it
    was the right time. And her sister had always been a whore, and so
    had their mother, and her father had known it and encouraged it,
    and wanted it, and her brother took photos of men fucking his

    And her sister expected her, Shirlyn, to do no less. She didn't
    mind. She expected it. She wanted it. She was waiting for it, and
    she would help her to become a good lover ... no, to become a good
    *fuck*, a good *piece of ass*.

    It was too much to comprehend all at once, and it took Shirlyn
    several days to fully understand the dimensions of the revelation.
    Once she had grasped its implications, she felt much calmer and
    decided she would have to make good choice for a first lover. She
    debated for several days, during which time she watched Kenny and
    Susan fucking, and Uncle Stanley and Sheila, and Sheila with Kenny
    and with Jerry. On one hot afternoon, she watched Harry fuck
    Sheila while their cousins Kenny and Jerry waited their turn.
    Then, after Harry was done, creaming copiously in Sheila's butt,
    the two cousins fucked her together while Harry took photographs
    and shot a video. Shirlyn moaned in excitement, aching to suck her
    brother's penis, her lust inflamed by its enormity.

    She just couldn't make up her mind. Her lust for Harry was deep --
    he was incredibly handsome and had such a big cock, and the things
    he had done with Sheila, fucking her relentlessly like a demon
    while she thrashed ecstatically -- Shirlyn wanted it to be her.

    Kenny and Jerry were attractive, too -- Jerry was younger, but he,
    too, had a hard body that he was working on developing, handsome
    features and a sizable penis. When he fucked her sister, he seemed
    to have more imagination than Kenny, though Kenny was stronger and
    lasted longer. Her uncles, Calvin and Stanley, were experienced,
    adroit, very capable and attractive.

    And then there was the servant, Shankar, muscular and
    good-looking, though not very tall, but with strong features, a
    square jaw, a straight nose, dark eyes, thick black hair and a
    manly square jaw. Unlike most servants, he was clean-shaven,
    abjuring the wispy mustaches the others favoured. His body was
    sexy, wide-shouldered, broad in the chest, with a hard belly, slim
    waist and thickly muscled arms and legs. She watched him fuck
    Sheila one day, taking her rapidly and deeply, mouthing sexy
    obscenities, fucking her again and again while Sheila orgasmed

    She couldn't make up her mind. Kenny and Jerry were closer to her
    age, and that made them sexier. But they were relatively
    inexperienced. Uncle Calvin and Uncle Stanley seemed too old for
    her; she wanted a sense of exhilaration and exploration, not a
    sense of deliberation. Harry was ... well, she wanted to save
    Harry. It had to be special with him. And he was too close, he was
    her brother. She wasn't quite ready for that. She wanted a man who
    would take her like a woman, like a *whore*, not someone who knew
    he had to tutor her.

    That left Shankar. Perhaps, after all, it would be best with him.
    And there was something indefinably risqué, inherently erotic,
    about fucking the *servant*, a man who was not her peer, socially.
    It had an element that others would see as sleaze but, to her, was
    more a question of raw lust. With him, there would be no
    complicated family issues, no vexing emotional ties; just sex,
    pure, hard, simple.

    It was her sister who resolved the issue and helped her make her

    They were in their room late one night and Sheila was brushing
    Shirlyn's hair before the mirror. Shirlyn sat on the stool at the
    dressing table. Her sister smiled at her in the glass.

    "So have you decided which one?" Sheila asked gently.

    "What?" Shirlyn bent her head and looked up over the tops of her
    eyes as her sister ran the brush through her tumbling dark hair,
    tinted by gorgeous brown highlights.

    "Which guy is going to have the honour, dear? Have you decided?"

    "What? What honour, Sheila? What guy?"

    Her sister shook her head. "Come off it, Shirlyn. You know what
    I'm talking about. You've been dreaming about sex for ages now,
    haven't you? And masturbating? And wondering which guy to sleep
    with? Or should I say, *fuck*?"


    "Shirlyn, please. I know you. You *are* my sister, and you're more
    like me than you know. I was just like this at your age, believe
    me. All I could think of was that. Sex. Men. Guys. Fucking. Cocks.
    My cunt and tits. Getting laid."

    "Sheila, what are you saying!"

    Sheila sighed in exasperation. "Please, girl, don't play games
    with me. You have been masturbating, haven't you?"

    Shirlyn stared at her in the mirror.

    "Haven't you? Well?"

    Slowly, Shirlyn nodded.

    "And dreaming of it?"

    Shirlyn nodded again.

    "Ever seen a cock? A man naked?"

    Shirlyn hesitated. Then she nodded.

    "Really. That's good. Tell me who."

    Shirlyn paused. Then, in a very soft voice, she said, "Kenny.
    Jerry. Uncle Calvin. Uncle Stanley."

    Her sister looked at her directly. "*All* of them? My, my. What
    have you been doing, spying?"

    Shirlyn looked her in the eye and then suddenly, wickedly,
    grinned. "Actually, yes. I've been watching Kenny and Susan. And
    Kenny and Jerry and Uncle Calvin and Uncle Stanley with you. And
    Shankar. And I saw Kenny's sexy movies and read his magazines. And
    yes, I've been masturbating."

    Sheila smiled hugely. "See," she murmured. "I told you. It was the
    same with me at that age. I loved it. But you haven't had sex

    "No. You know that. You asked me who I wanted."

    "Just making sure. You want it, though, don't you?"

    "More than anything else, Sheila. So much it hurts."

    "That's good. That kind of hunger is good. What have you decided?"

    "I haven't. Not yet."

    "Can I make a suggestion?"

    "Yes. I'm so confused! They're all so sexy, and I don't know which



    "Fuck Shankar."

    "The servant? That Shankar?"

    "Yes. That Shankar. The servant."

    The two ladies paused, looked at each other in the mirror and then
    burst out laughing.

    "That's the one you'd decided on, hadn't you?" Sheila laughed.
    "That's the one you wanted all along?"

    "Yes. Actually, yes. Not the only one I want, but him first."

    "Tell me why you want him."

    "No. First *you* tell me why you suggested his name."

    "No, you tell me."

    Shirlyn pouted and stuck out her tongue at her sister. "Okay. I'll
    tell you. Because the boys are too young and Harry's too close and
    Uncle Calvin and Uncle Stanley might be too ... too conscious, you
    know? They'll be specially cautious and all that kind of thing. I
    don't want that. Not the first time."

    "What do you want, then?"

    "A guy who takes me for what I am. Like a woman should be had."

    "Good. Very good," her sister nodded. "And just how do you think a
    woman should be had,  Shirlyn?" Sheila was twisting her hair into
    a plait now.

    "Ouch, careful, not so tight," Shirlyn grimaced. "Well, I thought
    it should be, you know, not too gentle, not too rough. Just right.
    Full of, um, *fire*, but not so that it hurts. With ... with
    *hunger*, not like a biology class. Am I right?"

    "Absolutely, my love," her sister said. "That's the correct
    approach. And yes, I agree, I think Shankar would be just right."

    "What's *your* reason?"

    Sheila laughed. "I should know, shouldn't I? God knows I've fucked
    him often enough. Well, let me tell you. He's good, very good. He
    knows how to fuck a woman. Just the right touch of rough play, and
    he's careful not to hurt. His cock's big, but not too big. Harry,
    for instance, his cock is huge. Some women find it painful.
    Shankar's just right for a first time."

    "Also," Shirlyn grinned. "He's the *servant*. I think that's very
    sexy. Isn't it?"

    Her sister laughed, delight visible in every line of her face.
    "Spot on, child. It is *extremely* sexy, because it's one of those
    things we're just not supposed to do. So now. Tell me. How are you
    going to go about it?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "Well you can't just go up to him and say 'fuck me', can you?"

    "Why not?"

    "Because, child, that's not half as much fun, and it's not nearly
    as good that way. You have to get him hot for you. Tempt him.
    Tease him. Flirt with him. Get him hot and excited, have him ogle
    you so that he's panting to fuck you, wanting you. You must draw
    it out. Then, when it does happen, it's explosive. Absolutely
    volcanic. Trust me. It'll bring out the fire in him and if you let
    him know it's the first time for you, he'll be even more excited
    and the fucking will be that much better."

    "But ... but what should I *do*, actually?"

    "Dress differently, for one thing. Low cut blouses. *Saris*. Guys
    like Shankar love women in *saris*. Clinging T-shirts. The
    bathrobe. Something like that."

    Shirlyn grinned. Her sister finished braiding her hair and Shirlyn
    got up and, turning, hugged her sister. Sheila kissed her tenderly
    on the forehead.

    "Oh, Sheila, I'm so happy you're not like other sisters," Shirlyn
    murmured. "You're really a friend. Tell me ... when ... when I ...
    when I *fuck* Shankar ... will you ... would you be there?"

    Sheila smiled and shook her head. "No, Shirlyn. I won't. It's
    something you have to find and experience on your own. No one else
    can or should be part of it. Certainly not the first time. Perhaps
    another time, when you've got used to his body, and yours, and the
    things you do together."

    Shirlyn was silent, holding her sister close.

    "I understand," Shirlyn said softly. "Thank you."

    Sheila sensed the tension and apprehension in her sister and
    smiled, stroking her hair tenderly. "You're lovely, Shir," she
    said softly. "Very lovely, very sexy. You will be good in bed, and
    you will enjoy yourself. Remember that -- it's the only thing that
    matter -- enjoy the sex, learn to relish fucking. There's no joy
    like it in anything else. Be happy, Shirlyn. Always be happy."

                                = o =