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write about, which few people (let alone the average girl like
me) could manifest, no matter how much the fantasy appeals to
them on a personal level.

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Dr. Julie Swan and Dating Challenges:

"New breakthrough discoveries in female psychology help you
eliminate the anxiety, nervousness, self-doubt and fear that are
destroying your chances with young girls," the female radio
announcer said. "It's time to finally overcome your fear of being
seen with a young girl, let go of your sexual emotions, learn to
approach pre-teen girls easily to start conversations, and
transform yourself into the adult female that every girl from age
five to sixteen is desperately looking for." The female voice
said.  "If you're ready to finally say goodbye to the adult
female challenges like security, confidence, and intelligence
that are holding you back from true dating success with young
girls, this will be the most important lecture series you ever
attend.  This series is presented by Cherish Valley psychologist,
Dr. Julie Swan. Come and join her at the White Redeemer church on
Saturday at 3pm, admission is free."

Dr. Swan walked out from the front vestibule to the pulpit.  The
women in the audience started clapping.  She was wearing a school
girl uniform with a short plaid skirt, white stockings that came
above her knees, black shiny Mary Jane shoes.  Her hair was done
up in pig tails and her lips were bright red.  She walked back
and forth in front of the audience waving and blowing kisses to
the women.

Dr. Swan walked over to the podium, "Good Afternoon Ladies, thank
you for joining me here for my on-going series on humiliation of
adult women by young girls.  I am Dr. Julie Swan, female
psychologist.  I work with the Valley scouting program giving
psychological evaluations to adult women who want to participate
in scouting with their daughters.  I also work with the adult
woman escort program hosted by the senior scouts.  In my spare
time I work at the Young Girl club."

"We love you Dr. Swan!" some lady yelled out from the audience.

Dr. Swan laughed and waved at the lady who had yelled out, "Have
you ever screwed up an important emotional and sexual situation
with a young girl because you are too educated? Be honest with me
here, ladies."

Dr. Swan looked around the church at the smiling faces, "I want
to know."

Some of the women giggled and laughed.  Some women fidgeted with
their hands and looked down in embarrassment.

"I want to see a show of hands, have you ever been talking to a
pre-teen girl you felt attracted to, but you talked over her head
so to speak that she didn't know what you were talking about and
she just got bad vibrations from you and walked away?"

Some women raised their hands.

"Have you ever started off in a relationship with a wonderful ten
year old girl but you drove her away because you were confident
and secure in your own feelings of well-being when in fact the
ten year old was looking for you to be emotionally insecure or
dependent on her for your feelings?"

Half the lecture hall raised their hands.

"Good, we're getting somewhere.  Have you ever seen a girl at the
whore house public swimming pool that you wanted to start a
conversation with, but your education and maturity prevented you
from approaching her and her friends? Wondering if they worked at
the whore house or not so you just decided that it would be
easier to walk away than try to overcome your adult emotions of
right and wrong? The worst part about this one is that you
probably beat yourself up for it mentally later on, and felt even
worse when you noticed other adult women talking to the same
girls, laughing and giggling with them."

A handful of women nodded their heads.  Dr. Swan paused as she
looked at the women sitting there.

She continued, "Have you ever "lost your cool" around a thirteen
year old girl that you really liked, maybe it was a disagreement
on where to meet that got you upset, or she made some childish
remark to you that made you feel emotional or angry, and you let
your adult emotions take over which made her lose interest in

A handful of women raised their hands.  Julie knew some them and
was surprised.  One of them ran a highly successful clothing
store in Zip Down. She was married and had three kids and seemed
like the type who would have a good time with young girls.

"Have you ever met an eight year old at the Young Girl club you
really liked, and started to feel emotionally attached to her
before you even got to the play rooms, and you had crazy feelings
of jealousy about her being with other women in different play
rooms, even though you and her hadn't even started in on the
sexual games that she had paid you for?"

There were whispers and nods from the ladies.

"Have you ever wanted and wished that nine year old girls would
actually control your emotions from outside your body? I mean
you're going along in life, everything is fine. Then you meet
this particular nine year old either at the mall or school or
where ever, and you like the fact that she can control your
sexual emotions.  You like that feeling as you walk around for
days or weeks enjoying the fact that she is making important
decisions for you.  You don't bother trying to get control of
yourself because of this nine year old.  All the while knowing
that being emotionally and sexually out of control because of her
is driving your family and friends away?"

A woman in back yelled out, "My husband just doesn't understand!"

Julie nodded her head in agreement, "Ladies, have you ever had
one of these things happen to you?"

Just about all the women watching Dr, Swan nodded their heads.

"Well, if you're like I was when I first started working on adult
female challenges then you've been in one or more of these
situations, probably many times.  And do any of you know the
worst part about going through one of these things?"

Dr. Swan looked around the room.  The women in the audience
fidgeted waited for the answer.

"Well, if you ask me, the most painful part of it is that as
you're going through it, you always know that it's you that's
screwing things up! It's not the girl.  It's not the situation
you find yourself in.  It's not anything else.  It's you, ladies
and you know it.  Young girls under the age of sixteen aren't
interested in educated women or women in positions of power or
even women who have their act together.  Adult women who think
and act their age are turn offs for the youngsters.  I mean look
at me!" Julie said as she stepped away from the podium.  With her
school girl outfit, her hair in pigtails and the above the knee
white stockings, Dr. Swan looked like a sexualized version of a
school girl.

Julie stepped back behind the podium, "Does it matter to me that
the males in my profession take me seriously? No it doesn't!"

A woman in the back again yelled out, "You tell them bastards,
Dr. Swan!"

Julie continued, "I dress for success for the young girls.  Young
girls under the age of sixteen are looking for women who can act
and think like a bimbo, who can give their sexual emotions to
them, let the youngster control the dating situation.  Even if
you are a woman in a position of power and want to get in on the
young girl dating phenomena, you have the capability to reduce
your self-respect, to become the woman who is dependent upon the
girl for a good time."

Dr. Swan paused as she looked out the faces of the eager ladies
waiting for her advice, "Since I first wrote "Double Your Dating
Chances with Little Girls" last year, I've seen a lot of adult
women making mistakes with young girls.  Adult women who don't
realize that young girls are turned off by confident women, women
who try and impress the youngster with their jobs and education.
I have women patients who see me in my private practice who think
if they give the youngster enough money that the girl can become
a `kept' girl.  That she won't have to lower her standards to
that of the youngster.  I can't tell you how misguided these
women are."

"Women need humiliation!" somebody yelled from the back.  The
audience giggled and laughed and so did Julie.

"Well, I can tell you it's the very same mistakes I made when I
was first trying to learn all of this.  Adult women are proud. 
We don't want anyone else to know that we're out of control
around young girls or desperate enough with young girls to lower
our standards.  We don't want to ask for help.  We don't even
like the thought of asking for help, not even from our friends
and co-workers.  That's why I am here, ladies.  Every adult
female psychological problem has a solution, and you'll be able
to solve yours in this lecture series."

The audience clapped and cheered.  Dr. Swan's lectures were
always a hit with the adult female population of Cherish Valley.

Julie continued after the clapping died down, "Why is this so
hard? Why is it so hard for adult women to date youngsters
between five and sixteen years old?  After spending a lot of time
researching young girls and adult women at the family strip club
and the Young Girl club and working to figure out my own crazy
mind and sexual emotions, I started to wonder.  By the way, how
many of you dance at the family strip club?"

The audience of women looked around at each other.

"Come on ladies, let's see a show hands?" Julie urged as she took
a gulp of water.

First one then two then more hands went up.  About a dozen in

Julie nodded her head, "Thank you ladies for being honest!" the
audience laughed at the remark.  "Ladies when you are dancing at
the family strip club do you find yourself dancing more towards
your daughter or your husband and your sons who are sitting
around the dance floor?" none of the women who raised their hands
before did anything.  "Come on, ladies, those of you that raised
your hands just a moment ago."

One lady slowly raised her hand.  Julie acknowledged the woman.
"Tell me, do find yourself dancing towards your daughter?"

The woman put her hand down and nodded her head, "I actually find
myself getting jealous of my daughter."

"How old is your daughter?" Julie asked as she looked around the

"She is seven years old," the woman replied in some

"So as you're dancing on stage with your seven year old daughter
you find yourself getting jealous?"


"Why do you think that is?" Julie asked the woman as she took
another gulp of water.

"Probably because she has more money thrown at her than at me!"
the woman blurted out.  The audience laughed and giggled.

Julie laughed also.  She waited for the laughter to die down. 
"No doubt your seven year old gets more money.  But have you ever
looked at the way she dances?  Is it carefree?  Is she always
flirting with her brothers or her dad or even the other males in
the club?"

"Yes she does dance that way, flirt dancing I mean," the woman
admitted nodding her head.

"Tell me, are you an educated woman?"

"Yes, I have a masters degree in party planning with a minor in
balloon design," the woman said as she squirmed in her chair.

"Your problem is that you can't bring yourself down to your
daughter's level.  You have a tendency to over think the problem
because of your education instead of just accepting it.  I would
bet that if you brought your thinking down to the level of a
seven year old you wouldn't be sitting here because there would
be a line of young girls waiting to get into your panties!"

The audience laughed and the woman turned red.

"You are married?"

The woman nodded her head still embarrassed.

"Do you have sons?" Julie asked as she leaned on the podium.

"Three boys older than my daughter."

"That's your problem, you put pressure on yourself to act one way
at home but when you are at the club and cavorting around the
dance stage nude with your daughter you're not letting yourself
go like she does.  Your home life is interfering.   You putting
pressure on yourself to act a different way."

The woman's eyes lit up when Julie said that.

"You should realize that the way you act the club should be the
way that you act at home.  You should be as shameless and
carefree as your seven year old daughter.  When you do that, then
other young girls will take notice of you.  Suppress your
education level and your maturity.  Think of childish things to
do at home or even at the club.  The type of girls that you are
interested in will take notice of you!"

The lady smiled and nodded her head.  Some of the women around
her patted her on the shoulders.

Julie got back on track, "Why is this so hard for us adult women?
Not knowing where to start I wanted to get a degree in adult
female psychology to learn.  I can remember when I first started
learning about female psychology, female sexual behavior, and
sexual emotions.  Gosh, did it ever seem complicated.  I actually
took some psychology classes in high school just to try to figure
out my own screwed-up mind when it came to adult women.  I
remember when I was fifteen and in high school I really liked my
math teacher.  She had her degree in addition, subtraction and
multiplication.  Even though I liked her she turned me off with
all this adult knowledge.  I couldn't get her to understand that
I wanted to her to be, dare I say it? My bitch!"

The audience of women burst out laughing.  Julie took a sip of
water and smiled at the crowded church.

"Well, one of the big challenges when you're working to change
yourself is: "Where do I start?" And the other is "How do I learn
all this stuff without spending years in college?̵ In a
minute, I'm going to tell you exactly where to start and exactly
how to solve all of these challenges with no college degree

A woman in the third row raised her hand, "Dr. Swan are you
saying that women shouldn't be highly educated? Or have a degree
from college?"

"Exactly.  Men and especially young girls love women who come off
as bimbo's and dumb blondes at the office and in public. 
Mother's who are told what to do in public by their daughters.  I
am of the opinion that adult women should be seen and not heard
and that includes at work, home or when dating younger girls.  I
counsel women in the adult escort program to let the girl do the
talking when she introduces to her parents, let the youngster lay
the ground rules in the bedroom and above all accept the
humiliation from the girl, that is after all why she joined the
program in the first place."

Some of the women in the audience made notes and nodded their

Julie continued, "The home economics class at the high school in
Climax did a study of women who had advanced degrees and women
who had no degree.  The study looked at how much sex with young
girls the women with no degree got and the women with advanced
degrees got.  The study found that almost a hundred percent of
the women with no degree got all the young girl sex.  Only ten
percent of the women with advanced degrees got any kind of sex
with the youngster.  The conclusion of the study was that women
who presented themselves as being dumbed down or played the part
of the bimbo got more sex and dates."

There was murmuring in the audience as women squirmed in their

"Ladies, it is a proven fact, a dating breakthrough, that young
girls love adult women who act and behave like a young girl.  I
behave and dress like a little girl because I find it exciting,
erotic and fun.  I love being stared at by male and females.  "

Several women in the audience got up from their chairs and walked
to the back of the church.  They stood under a sign that said,
"Women stand here".

Dr. Swan watched the women but continued on, "I mean, it's
challenging enough to get up and go to work every day, tend to
our husbands and families, pay the bills, and keep the car
running right but that's only part of life. We also have to deal
with the things that we have going on inside of ourselves.  And
the question that kept coming up for me as I got older was: Why
is it so hard for adult women to deal with these emotions we have
going on inside, like confidence, maturity, education level, and
other psychological challenges when we secretly want to meet a
young girl?"

More women in the audience nodded their heads.  The women
standing in the back of the church squatted down and spread their
thighs.  Julie couldn't tell if the women were wearing panties or
not.  She watched from the front of the church as the women peed
on the floor, "Well, one of the answers that I came up with is
interesting.  And it's something that I think might help you deal
with some of these same challenges.  The big "Ah Ha!" that
changed everything for me is simple, but it took me a long time
to figure it out.  So take this as hard-earned wisdom ladies,
from one adult woman who has dated young girls to another."

Dr. Swan took a sip of water and looked at her notes then at the
women who were still peeing.  Her bladder was slowly getting full
because it hurt just a little bit.

"When I started trying to solve my own sexual emotions with young
girls, I would always tend to focus on the problem itself.  Makes
sense, right? For instance, if I met a young girl and I liked
her.  I couldn't stop myself from thinking about her or feeling
crazy emotions for her but my education and maturity would tell
me that I was too good for her.  I would do my best to control
those emotions when I was around the girl when in fact I just
should have let go of my emotions.  I'd tell myself to calm down,
that I was too good for her.  I'd try not to think about her. 
I'd do my best to distract myself by looking at other adult
women.  In short, I tried to do things to deal with my problem,
in the moment."

Julie watched as two of the women finished peeing.  They stood up
and adjusted their panties.  There were two puddles around their
shoes.  The third woman was grunting, her pee stream was steady.

Julie looked back at the audience, "But what I found was that
when it comes to adult female maturity issues, if you just deal
with your problem in the moment, you're not solving the problem
itself.  For instance, the next time the same situation came up
I'd have to play these mental games with myself again to "fix"
it.  I would talk myself out of being around the girl."

The woman who was still squatting at the back of the church made
a grimace as she pushed a turd onto the floor of the church.  The
woman looked up and smiled at Dr. Swan.

Julie momentarily lost her place on her notes, then she
recovered, "The real "Ah-Ha!" moment came for me when I had a
simple realization: I realized that instead of trying to deal
with my adult emotions in the moment, I would get far better
results with the youngster if I got my adult issues handled
before I had the problem in the first place.  In other words,
instead of dealing with my fear of being too smart for the girl
after I'd already met her.  I was already out of control at that
point.  I needed to make it so my adult maturity, fear, and
emotions never got in the way of being around the girl."

Julie looked up again and saw that the woman daintily put a used
toilet tissue on top of the piece of turd she had just dropped. 
The woman stood and adjusted her panties.  A woman wearing a
church uniform was putting the toilet paper back in her work bag.
 She had noticed the woman standing at the back of the church but
didn't know what she was there for.

She continued on, "That one simple shift in thinking changed my
focus, took me in a brand-new direction, and ultimately had a
major effect on my long-term dating and sexual success with
little girls.  This new mindset allowed me to see that most of my
adult female psychological and emotional challenges were actually
similar to each other and I realized that if I could fix a major
emotional challenge of mine, it would automatically solve a ton
of other problems at the same time."

A couple of more women got up from their seats and walked to the
back of the church and squatted down.

"As you've probably noticed, adult female challenges can be very
similar to each other. You can actually group them into
categories.  I'm going to share my list of adult female
categories with you."

Dr. Swan took another gulp of water and pinched her left nipple.
She briefly crossed her legs as she stood there.

"First is irrational, uncontrollable fear of being too smart for
the girl.  Many of the sexual situations that adult women screw
up with young girls fit into the category of "caused by fear." 
Here are some of the types of fear that adult women experience
along with how I think they mess us up with young girls: Fear of
rejection.  Here's the situation:  You see a ten year old at the
mall sitting a bench.  You'd like to approach her and start
talking to her.  All of a sudden, you feel your throat get dry
and your heart pounding.  But it makes no sense.  There's no
danger in the situation, but you're feeling fear of coming off as
too mature for the girl.  As you think about it, you realize that
you're afraid of her rejecting you.  And that fear keeps you from
starting a conversation with the ten year old."

Julie pointed to the lady who danced with her daughter at the
family strip club, "What's your name?"

"Stacey, Mrs. Stacey Hill," the woman replied clearly looking
uncomfortable at being asked her name.

Julie asked, "Mrs. Hill, when you are back in the dressing room
with your daughter and the other women, how do the other women
act around the girls, especially your daughter?"

"Well, some of them are always giggling and laughing at anything
the girls say.  Most flick their hair with their hand and smile
to the little ones trying to get them to notice them while others
use the word "like" as they talk to youngster." Stacey smiled. 
"They say things such as, like I'm so dumb you know? And the
youngsters fall for it! That drives me nuts!"

The audience giggled when Mrs. Hill said "nuts".

Julie pressed on, "But these adult women never talk down to the
girl do they?"

Stacey shook her head.

"They are always at the same eye level as the girl?"

Stacey thought about it, "Yes they are."

"Do these mother's help their daughters pick out clothes for the


"Do these mother's allow the young girls to put make-up on them,
do their hair and jewelry and pick out clothes for the stage?"

Stacey thought about it again, "Yes, they do!"

"But you don't?"

"I prefer to do it myself"

"You have a fear, Mrs. Hill, a fear of being rejected by these
girls in a situation where other adult women are present.  How
many dates does your daughter get asked out on by the mother's
who are there?"

A woman yelled out from the back, "It's not called dates anymore,
it is known as playdate."

"My daughter gets asked several times a night for, um,
playdates." Stacey squirmed in her seat.

Julie nodded her head and took another sip of water.  For some
reason the air in the church was very dry.  She crossed her legs

"The second one is fear of embarrassment.  As you're thinking of
approaching that same ten year old sitting at the mall, you look
around at the other women in the area and you wonder "What would
they think if I went over and talked to her but she rejected me?
Would those other women laugh at me?"

Julie stopped and looked out at the audience.  "How many of you
dance at the Young Girl club?"

Half the audience of women raised their hands.

"Do you have fear of embarrassment when you talk to a girl out in
the dance area?"

One lady raised her hand, "Yes! Girls can be so cruel sometimes!"

The women all laughed.  Even Julie.  The girls at YG loved to
humiliate adult women and embarrassing her in front of other
girls was a favorite pastime.

"Yes, I know," laughed Julie.  "My asshole is the most traded
commodity at the club.  I don't understand why the girls love to
fuck my asshole!"

The other women laughed with Julie.

Julie put her left hand down to her crotch and squeezed her
bladder.  The pressure was rising just little more.  Watching the
other women pee at the back of the church didn't help either.

"The third thing is we have a fear of someone else hurting us. 
Maybe you keep thinking about talking to that ten year old, and
you even come up with something clever to say but the more you
think about it, the more you start to wonder "What if she is
having an affair with another woman or a married woman? What if
that woman was not here yet? What if she walks into the mall and
sees me talking to her young girlfriend, and gets upset? What if
that woman hurts me?"

Stacey raised her hand and Julie acknowledged her.  "I had a
situation like that the other week."

Julie straightened up and waved to the audience, "Please do tell
us, Mrs. Hill."

"Um, well, as you know, if you've been to the family strip club,
that all dancers have to do private dances and dance on the small
table tops out where the males sit."  Stacey looked around the
church, then continued. "My daughter was dancing on the table top
with her dad, brothers and two next door neighbors watching up
close.  I don't like to dance on the small tables so I always
volunteer for the personal clean up duty for the private dance
area."  Stacey fidgeted with her fingers and continued.  "Well,
this ten year old girl, whose name I won't mention, was doing a
lap dance for her older brother.  I was standing there in front
of her as she was gyrating up and down on his cock.  His cock
wasn't inside her mind you because that would be against the law,
but she was using her buttocks and thighs to rub up and down on
his cock.  Her brother had his pants down to his ankles and had
his hands clasped behind his head.  Well this ten year old kept
licking her lips at me, pinching her nipples on her flat chest. 
She kept staring at me and making kissing motions with her lips.
I was getting really excited watching her and was thinking about
asking her out after her private dance.  Then it hit me, she was
always this way, even with the other mother's.  I got to thinking
that maybe she had an adult woman as girlfriend already and maybe
that woman was here at the club.  The youngster had her brother
almost to the point of cumming so she got off his lap and as she
walked past me she tweaked my left nipple and smiled at me.  I
quickly got on my knees between her brothers legs and put his
cock in my mouth."  Stacey stopped for a moment and looked
around.  Dr. Swan and the audience were listening with interest
at her story.  "Well, anyway, the first taste of her brothers
cock had the smell and taste of her anus on it.  It seemed she
made a special effort to rub her rear end on his cock knowing
what I was going to do.  Later in the dressing room I thanked her
and then stood there.  The girl looked up at me, waiting for me
to ask her out but I just stood there then walked away.  I didn't
want to take a chance of her already having an adult girlfriend."

Julie came to her senses and said, "See? If Mrs. Hill had been
and uneducated bimbo she would have not hesitated to asked the
girl out!"

The other women clapped and those around Stacey patted her on the
shoulders again.

Julie had to pee.  She had drunk lots of water an hour before the
lecture began.  The air in the church was dry and she had heard
from other women that the church accommodated the female
congregation members with an open area at the back of the church
so they could relieve themselves.  Thing was that Julie didn't
want to break her lecture by walking to the back of the church
nor did she want to take a break.

She continued on as she squeezed her legs, "The fourth thing is
adult women have a fear of loss of maturity.  Here's one for you:
 Have you ever met a great pre-teen girl? Then found yourself
thinking about her all the time, and wondering if she might be
having an affair with another woman? You become afraid of losing
something that you don't even have yet.  So what did you do? Of
course you call her or try to "secretly" know what she was doing
at all times.  And what happened? She got creeped out, and
stopped seeing you.  You can't control young girl's ladies, it is
the girl that accepts or rejects you."

Watching the women at the back of the church relieve themselves,
Julie came to a decision.  She spread her legs a little, didn't
bother to move her lacy panties out of the way, and let her urine
soak through her panties and down her right leg.

Julie continued on as she peed, "So what do all of these have in
common? Fear ladies is what this all has in common.  And guess
what? If you address the fear directly, you can overcome all of
these at the same time.  Girls love women who are daring and not
afraid to try new things, can cry and whine and act like bimbos
around them."

Her pee pooled at her feet and slowly made a line of wetness that
crept under the front of the podium.  The women sitting in the
first several rows could tell that their revered doctor had peed

Julie ignored their stares, "The fifth thing is constant female
anxiety.  You have this crazy anxiety about not being able to
attract a young girl.  One of the worst anxieties an adult woman
can have is this feeling of loneliness combined with a nagging
anxiety about not being able to attract a young girl to her
marital bed.  All adult women whether they admit it or not have
this fantasy of attracting a young girl to her marital bed, the
very same bed where she and her husband sleep.  This fantasy
revolves around the fact that the adult woman wants the youngster
to take control of the sex like her husband does.  Ladies, it's
as if you can't stop thinking about the fact that you don't have
a young girl and some of your friends do and you worry that you
may never be able to find one and get her into your bed."

A woman in the fourth row raised her hand.  Julie looked over at
her and noticed the woman was wearing a business suit, her blonde
hair in a ponytail.  She acknowledged the woman.

"Hi Dr. Swan, I am the chief financial officer at a local company
over in Zip Down." The woman started off.  Julie quickly tried to
think of a large company in Zip Down but couldn't.  "I am forty
years old, married, with a young daughter.  I have a master's
degree in division, fractions and decimals."

Julie held up her hand to stop the woman, "How old is your

"She is six years old."

"Ok, continue," Julie said as she peered down on the floor on the
pee puddle at her feet.

"I can have all the women and twenty-something girls at work I
want, and I have.  I have even taken some home to my marital bed
when my husband has been out of town.  But in talking to these
women afterwards they all say the greatest sex is with young
girls under the age of sixteen.  At a BBQ for the neighborhood at
our house the other week and my neighbor across the street
confided in me that her secret girlfriend, whom she pointed too
was a girl of eight years old and was playing with my daughter in
the sandbox.  She found the BBQ all the more exciting because her
husband and kids were obviously there and the girl's parents,
whom she invited where there also, but also she whispered that it
was greatest sex she ever had especially in her marital bed." 
The woman stopped and looked around the church.  She had the
attention of the other women.

"Well, I was frustrated and embarrassed when she asked me if I
had a little girlfriend that took care of my emotional needs. 
When I didn't answer she asked if could go over to the girl and
tell her that she had to go home because she had been naughty. 
Well my neighbor left the backyard and walked across to her
house.  I told the eight year old what my neighbor said.  The
girl looked up at me, smiled and replied that she would deal with
the woman later, she was busy playing.  Right then my pussy
spasmed and I realized the youngster was playing with my
neighbors emotions and feelings.  What am I doing wrong Dr. Swan?
Why can't I attract little girls to my marital bed like my

"Did the eight year old eventually go across the street to your
neighbor's house?"

"Yes, and I shamelessly followed her into the house about ten
minutes after she left my yard.  I peeked in the bedroom door,
her master bedroom door, and she was on her hands and knees, head
down, ass in the air with the eight year old wearing a strap-on
fucking her ass.  There she was on her marital bed being ass
fucked and berated by an eight year old.  Oh God I wanted to join
my neighbor on that bed but something held me back."

Julie shook her right leg a little to get the drops of urine off
her white stocking.  She quickly glanced down and realized that
there was a yellow streak down the inseam of her stocking.  She
turned red with embarrassment as she looked at the business
woman, "Let me start by asking if you go to the family strip club
or the Young Girl club?"

"Neither, I don't have the time!" she replied and other women
nodded their heads.

"Do you allow your six year old to go to the Young Girl club?"
Julie asked as she stood straight and held the podium with both
hands.  She squeezed out the last few drops of pee from her

"Yes, her best friend's mother takes her and her daughter to the
club on Friday nights."

Julie stared at the woman, "Do you think your six year old is
having sex with older women?"

"I only give her enough money for drinks and tips.  I don't know
if Ann, my friend who drives the girls to the club gives her any

"That is not what I asked.  I asked if you think your six year is
having sex with adult women?"

The business lady squirmed in her seat as the audience of women
stared at her, "Yes, I think my daughter is having sex with adult

"Has your daughter ever approached you about sex? Sex with her
maybe? Does her body let off clues or hints that she wants to
have sex with you?"

The lady squirmed again, "No."

"Ok, does your daughter's friend approached you about sex? Let
off body clues or hints?  Better yet, have you approached your
daughter or her friend about sex?"

"Not my daughter but I have tried with her friend." The lady
looked down at the floor.

"Tell us about it." Julie urged.

The woman fidgeted and said, "Um, well, one time was in the
bathroom at our house.  I followed her into the bathroom and just
stood there looking at her.  I was tongue tied.  Normally I am
not at a loss for words, but I was very nervous.  She sat there
on the toilet looking at me, waiting for me to say something.  I
was embarrassed as she sat on the toilet, did her thing then got
up and brushed past me."

Julie nodded her head, "Anxiety about whether or not the young
girl you want is interested in you, or if she's interested in
another adult female.  When you meet a girl you like, your first
instinct is to figure out if she's "available".  Looking for
clues, thinking about it, and trying to figure this out can lead
to a mental game that often causes a lot of internal tension and
anxiety for adult women."

"Yes," the business lady responded, "I was so nervous about
getting my daughter's friend into my marital bed that I was a
total wreck in front of her."

"You need to change your attitude and dress," Julie said the
woman.  "Drop the business pretense, lower your maturity and do
silly girl things.  Accompany your daughter to the Young Girl
club and especially the Family Strip club.  Dress down for these
girls, dress like a little girl, act like a little girl and soon
you will have all the humiliating sex you can handle in your
marital bed."

The woman nodded her head and looked around.  The other women
agreed with Dr. Swan.

The smell of urine and poop in the church could now be smelled by
all.  Julie wrinkled her nose a little, "Ladies we have anxiety
about the complex events in our life not the least of which is
our sexual relationship with young girls becoming unmanageable
with our husbands.  Nowadays, life is complex.  There are so many
"moving parts."  If one thing fails, then it could screw up a lot
of other things.  And the challenges that come from secretly
meeting and dating young girls are often the "straw that broke
the camel's back."

Most of the women in audience nodded their heads in agreement. 
Julie knew most of them were married.

"Here's a "reality check" for you ladies: Most young girls under
the age of twelve are very frustrated with the women they're
meeting.  If you listen to a group of attractive young girls
talking at the club or the mall, or the soda shop, the
conversation will almost always turn to adult women and
specifically, what's wrong with these adult women.  And if you
listen closely, you'll realize that when adult women are together
they complain about the young girls they're meeting, they almost
always complain about how difficult it is to meet young girls. 
I'm going to tell you something very important right now: If you
want to attract and have quality sex with that young girl then
you're going to have to become a "little girl" yourself.   Sexual
tricks and techniques might be good in the play rooms of the
Young Girl club or even your marital bed but they won't keep the
youngster around."

Some women wrote on their note pads and others nodded their

"The ultimate purpose of my lecture series is to help you
transform yourself into the kind of immature little girl that a
five to sixteen year olds would want to be with and I can tell
you, with certainty, that if you go through this entire lecture
series, and apply what you learn, it will happen.  You will
understand how to turn your emotions over to the youngster, how
to give her control of your sexual emotions or have a playful
attitude when sitting down and talking with a pre-teen.  These
are the qualities and traits that get and keep a girl's

Julie took another drink of water as a crowd of women were now at
the back of the church squatting down with their legs spread.

"All adult women have emotions that distract us from being
productive.  Have you ever noticed that when you're feeling
intense sexual emotions towards a pre-teen girl, it's almost
impossible to focus on anything else? Female teachers have this
problem.  Strong sexual emotions take over your entire
experience, and even take over your thoughts.  If you don't know
how to turn these strong, persistent sexual emotions over to
young girl, you often wind up not being able to get anything

Some of the ladies murmured and whispered to each other.

Julie glanced at her notes, "With a proper attitude you should
allow young girls to push your buttons.  Have you ever felt like
the eight year old that your dating had a "remote control" for
your life and emotions? Somehow, she just knew how to "push your
buttons," and get whatever she wanted from you? Like getting you
to bark like a dog as she fisted your vagina?"

The women murmured and nodded their heads.

"To the woman who is a CFO, drop hints to your six year old and
her friend.  Change your attitude, laugh and giggle with them,
play dolls if need be with them, let them know that they are
better than you."

Julie turned to the rest of the audience, "Let the youngster
point out to you that Mrs. So and so would do this or that in bed
with her, thus shaming you into some sexual situation that you
are uncomfortable with because of your education and maturity. 
Get this ladies: give them control.  And if you're tired of
trying to figure this all out, then I want to teach you exactly
how to do this because giving up control of your sex life will
have an instant impact on your success with pre-teen girls."

Julie stopped and looked at the women, "In closing ladies,
pre-teen girls love it when adult women are weak sexually and
emotionally because they can do whatever they with you.  The more
you let little girls control you, the better it gets.  It is a
natural instinct that adult women love to please young girls by
letting them control us.  The problem, of course, is that when a
woman actually gets emotional, that's when her attraction stops
with the young girl.  If you want to solve this particular
problem, then you must literally change the way you think and
change your emotional responses."

All of the women in the audience nodded their heads in agreement.

Julie stepped out from behind the podium as the women stood and
clapped.  They could all see the yellow wet stain down the inside
of her stocking.  Two women came up with napkins and gently
soaked up some Julie's pee that had soaked under the podium. 
They both carefully folded the napkins put them in their purses.

"Dr. Swan, Dr. Swan, can you please show us your anus?" Several
women urged as they surrounded Julie.

Julie laughed, "Whatever for?" as she gathered her notes.  Ever
since her first time at the Young Girl club when she was ass
raped have women been clamoring to see her anus.

"All the girls talked about your anus, Dr. Swan," one lady

Another one said, "Please! My daughter says it is simply

"Ladies, ladies, please.   My anus is between me and the young
girls who rent it." Julie laughed as she pushed through the
throng of women.