About the Author:

I'm Marie LeClare, and I love to write eroticlesbian stories, because I love the affect they have on other women.
I'm a 25 year old lesbian living in Texas, USA,and I used to model part-time for the adult industry.
I wrote my first story when I was 15, and postedit to a newsgroup anonymously because I didn't want everybody to know thatI was a lesbian. I should have put my name to it because shortly afterI came out. 
I started writing again to please a girlfriend,and I haven't stopped.
You might be able to tell from my writings thatI have a sence of humor, and I like joking almost as much as I like sex.

All my stories are based on real fiction, unlessof course they actually happened, and in that case for legal reasons theyare classified as fiction. 

All events and characters are real fiction andexist in the caverns of my
warped mind. 

So unless you are 18 or over, and have real fictionalcharacters residing in your mind, do not try these things, and never, Irepeat never, have unprotected sex. 

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by Marie LeClare