Mardi Gras FFFF
Marie LeClare


My girlfriend and I had made plans for the longest time to go and see Mardi Gras, but we had broken up, so a gay guy I know told me he wanted to go. Since I treated him like a sister I decided we would go, because he had told me Mardi Gras was like a sexual Disneyland, and what I really needed was sex.

It was a great day in New Orleans, and the weather was co-operating, as we checked into our separate rooms at the hotel, and changed to our partying clothes.

He told me and I agreed that if we met somebody, we would meet the next day at the hotel for breakfast, lunch, or supper, as the case may be.

As we approached Bourbon Street we could hear the music and the crowds. There were thousands of people all in a party mode, wearing costumes of every description, and all with Mardi Gras beads.

As we walked down to the heart of the French Quarter, or the Quarter as everybody refers to it, we got our Hurricanes and started to dance to the music coming from all the clubs. I don't know what's in a Hurricane drink but it's potent, and its effects were beginning to show with our dancing in the middle of the street like everybody else.

I noticed my friend starting to slip away and start dancing with some guy, but I didn't care, I was having too much fun dancing by myself and with everybody else.

As the crowd moved us further down the street, I found myself dancing by myself until this beautiful dark skinned girl started dancing with me. She had the most kissable lips, and as we danced I couldn't stop thinking what I'd like to do to her if she'd let me.

My thoughts were interrupted by another girl who joined us dancing. My eyes, taking the scenic route of her beautiful body, I decided she must be a teacher out for a wild party, what I didn't know was that they were friends.

As we danced and moved further down the street, they put me in a dirty dancing sandwich, and we laughed and danced, but I could see the lust in their eyes.

Backing up I put my hands behind me and pulled the teacher to me, so she could grind her pussy to my ass. She responded by reaching around me and stuck her hand down the front of my pants and rubbed my pussy through my panties.

The dark skinned girl in front of me wasn't about to be left out and placed her hands on my breasts, massaging, and then she kissed me so passionately that I almost lost my footing.

As I tried to catch my breath I noticed we had gathered a crowd who were clapping in appreciation and urging us to keep going. I imagine they expected to see an orgy right in the middle of Bourbon Street, and wanted to join the fun.

Trying to regain my composure the dark skinned girl whispered, "Would you like to go to someplace more private and to come with us?" I just nodded and the 3 of us joined hands and went down some side street, dancing all the way, until we came to an old house that had a sign outside that read "Rooms".

Entering the house we were met by a dark haired lady, who was lighting candles and incense, and had a deck of tarot cards on the table, which kind of made me think of Cher's famous song, Dark Lady. After a few words were spoken in French, they were handed a key and as we went to the stairs the dark haired lady said something and winked at me.

I was totally soaked by the time we entered the simply decorated room, and as soon as the door was closed, their hands, mouths and tongues were everywhere. As they quickly undressed me and themselves, they took my hands and we headed for the bed.

Laying me back on the bed, for them to do with me what they wanted, the school teacher kissed me. A long wet passionate kiss while the dark skinned girl went to my breast and captured my nipple between her teeth. Biting down with her teeth made my pussy juice run down to the crack of my ass until I felt the teachers mouth leave mine and she found my pussy.

Licking my delicate folds, and nibbling on my pussy lips, her tongue was like a magic feather. Her thumbs parted my pussy lips and licked my inner lips, as I felt her finger enter my cavern, and slowly finger fucked me. I wanted to taste some pussy also so I dragged the dark skinned girl up and over my face.

With my hands on her ass my tongue gently explored her hot wet pussy. Pulling her pussy lips with my lips and licking every delicate fold, my hands massaged her ass. Running my finger along the crack of her ass until I found her little tight asshole, which was wet from her pussy juice.

As I plunged my tongue deep in her pussy I slipped my finger in her hot ass, and finger fucked her ass as I tongue fucked her hot pussy. Swirling my tongue over her hood and clit, before cupping my tongue and drawing her swollen clit into my mouth and sucking on it like a straw.

As I was licking and sucking her pussy I could feel the tingle starting in my pussy from the teachers licking, and by now, her 3 fingers fucking my pussy. As I went over the edge I screamed in the dark skinned girls pussy, which was enough to make her cum with me. As she arched her back and moaned, and gushed into my waiting mouth, I was having multiples from the teacher's tongue and fingers working on my hot pussy.

Changing positions, the teacher, who hadn't cum yet laid on her back with me kneeling between her legs my mouth covering her pussy. As I licked and tasted her hot wet pussy I noticed out of the corner of my eye the dark skinned girl masturbating furiously, before she climbed up over the teachers face, and tried to grind her pussy into the teachers mouth.

Swirling my tongue over the teachers hood and clit, I slipped 2 fingers deep in her hot pussy, she lifted her ass to meet the thrusts of my plunging fingers. Drawing her swollen clit into my mouth and sucking it like a straw, I wiggled my fingers in her pussy, before I crossed them, and fucked her furiously, oblivious to any sound or where I was, until I felt 2 hands on my ass and hot breath on the crack of my ass.

I didn't know who they belonged to and at the height of passion I didn't care, all I knew was when the mysterious tongue was dragged along the crack of my ass to my hot pussy I was in heaven.

After a few moments it stopped and I felt my ass being raised up and the feel of a plastic dick being lubricated with my pussy juice. I looked back and saw the smiling older French lady put her hands on my hips and plunge the dildo in my hot waiting pussy.

She started to fuck me slowly with the monster dildo, as I put my mouth back on the teachers pussy. Then her speed picked up and her hips were plunging that dick harder and faster, bringing me to a mind blowing orgasm.

We switched partners many times that night and when it was time for me to leave I didn't think my legs would hold me, but they did. I've started making plans already for next years Mardi Gras.