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Bringing Up Daughters Part I/-13-Aug-2010 12:44
Bringing Up Daughters Part II/-19-Jul-2010 15:50
Charles/-23-May-2016 08:27
Easy.rtf 20K25-Aug-2010 21:31
Easy.txt 19K25-Aug-2010 21:40
Forever Hold Your Peace.rtf 25K26-Aug-2010 10:00
Forever Hold Your Peace.txt 24K21-Aug-2010 12:23
Grass Stains.rtf 11K26-Aug-2010 10:05
Grass Stains.txt 10K14-Nov-2011 17:34
My First Creampie.rtf 735826-Aug-2010 09:56
My First Creampie.txt 702125-May-2015 21:10
Our Daughter's Introduction.rtf 47K22-May-2011 21:26
Our Daughter's Introduction.txt 46K22-May-2011 21:26
Out in the Grape Vineyard.rtf 19K30-Aug-2010 14:28
Out in the Grape Vineyard.txt 19K22-Apr-2012 17:10
Over The Back Fence.txt 98K19-Jul-2010 13:17
Over the Back Fence.rtf 99K09-Sep-2010 23:08
Texas Twist.rtf 18K27-Aug-2010 11:42
Texas Twist.txt 17K25-May-2015 21:50
Traveling in Canada.txt 672818-Oct-2012 10:48
Wittols are a Bull's Best Friend.txt 555412-May-2016 09:14