Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Succubus Tales 02 - The Royal Failure Copyright(C) 2016 by Lucifia ---- Description: Newly created Succubus Lucifia and her Master and Dominus Azaziel embark on an evil quest to find the perfect host to be Lucifia's sister. *WARNING*: This story is much darker and more extreme than my other stories as it contains snuff, piss, violence, and bad-endings! Cover your eyes! Codes: anal, incest, corruption, preteen, ahegao, coercion, dirty talk, hypnosis, gangbang, orgy, rape anal, bad ending, snuff, cruel, torture, piss. ---- Azaziel's erection was ridged and rough, showing that he loved his daughter Lucifia and he was demonstrating that through his power over her. He let her stroke his cock, letting out a satisfied sigh and kept her propped under him as they flew through the countryside. Azaziel pretended to think about her earlier offer, although he had already made up his mind. The hand that had been strumming her clit reached down to her newly grown balls and shaft and squeezed hard, crushing her and bringing her pain as well as pleasure. "You insolent think you are the one worthy to test our prey?" he hissed in her ear as they began to descend. Her cock was long and hard, but not half as experienced or large as his. He grinned cruelly as they approached a small copse of trees near a river that the town had been made near. Right before they landed, Azaziel tore Lucifia off his cock and shoved her to the ground. He stomped towards her, his size making him loom over her as he grabbed her by the breast and flipped her over. Her cock bobbed lewdly from her body, and Azaziel knew how sensitive it was. "My daughter..." he crooned as his foot slammed straight up into her ballsack. He crushed her precious penis, watching her scream as he brought immeasurable pain down on her pitiful body. He stomped hard enough to bruise her, but not hard enough to break any of her equipment...for it would be needed when he rewarded her. "M..Master..!" she gasped, as he tossed her against the trees, her body bouncing off the stiff trunks. His heavy foot slamming into her cunt again brought a shock of pain and a flash of pleasure to the submissive Succubus. "No!...No master.. I...I am unworthy! I only wish to please you and serve you!" she moaned, as precum began to form at the tip of her cock. He gave her one last kick before grabbing her by the hair and lifting her up, forcing her to stand on her feet despite the pain. "I will let you do the honors only because you asked so nicely..." he stated mockingly, giving her a hard slap. Yanked up by her dark hair, she stood on tiptoes before him, her hands automatically moving to stroke his erect cock. "Yes...yes thank you Daddy!" she moaned softly. The pain of the assault had rapidly faded, but the pleasure remained, burning inside her body. He lifted his head in the air and gave a sharp sniff, a grin coming over his face. "Our little princess cunt seems to have chosen the wrong time for a skinny dip in the river..." he whispered. It was not a coincidence. Azaziel planned. He growled and stalked towards the nearby river, knowing Lucifia was following close behind. Long before they had reached the water, the demon could see the girl to be destroyed. She was a brown haired beauty, skin as pale as milk, with beautiful green eyes and nice, large handfuls of breasts. She was washing her waist length hair, now and humming a pretty song. Azaziel wanted to shut her up. With a running start and a flap of his wings, he was suddenly near her, then upon her. The girl's eyes went wide as she saw the demon bearing down on her, and she managed just one scream. His cock rammed into her throat powerfully, gagging her. The girl tried to bite down, but Azaziel's girth prevented that. His cock made a visible bulge in her throat as he stared down into her fearful eyes. Azaziel waved for Lucifia to come over, then grunted as he crammed her mouth even more full of his cock. The shape of his shaft changed inside the girl, much to her terrible fear. He groaned as he began to spurt into her mouth, not cum, although it was thick and sticky and caused her to retch as if it was. He was injecting her with his magic, dominating her body temporarily so that no one could hear her, and she could not run, could not do anything but take the brutal fucking in her near future. There was a clatter of metal as a guard emerged from a nearby tent, shouting and charging at Azaziel. Lucifia almost laughed at his pitiful weapon as she leapt across the water, knocking him off his feet. Her sharp claws tore at his armour exposing his flopping cock. Deftly, she wrapped her fingers around it, stooping to slide her tongue around the tip. The guard could only gasp as her tongue slithered up his hardening shaft, the tip sliding into his piss-slit. His face contorted with pleasure and ecstasy as her tongue lapped at him from the inside. Cum gushed from around Lucifia's tongue as he began to buck and writhe, spewing his life force into her mouth. The lifeless corpse continued to twitch and hump the air, even after Lucifia had drained his soul completely. Azaziel drew his cock out of the princess's mouth, covered with saliva and his own powerful magic. He slapped her across the face with it, then conjured a rope. The girl's eyes were rolling in her head as she tried to swallow his gagging, sticky magic, and she offered no resistance as he looped the rope around her throat, then began to tie the other end around a tree branch. "This way..." he explained to his daughter. "We can simply let her hang if she dies. And the piss is at the perfect position for you to drink." he growled, reaching to grab Lucifia by the hair and drag her over to the hanging princess. Azaziel still held the girl, keeping her from strangling, but not for long. Only Lucifia's cock could do that. It was time to begin the test. Licking her lips, Lucifia turn her attention to her master. She yanked Lucifia close... the girl struggling to remain conscious as she dangled in the air. Instinctively, Lucifia knew what her master wanted. Spreading her wings, she flapped up to the squirming princess, grabbing her around the chin and lifting her higher, the rope loosening around her neck. Lucifia leaned in close..."What's your name...bitch?" The Princess spluttered as she tried to speak while being choked..."Ack!...How..How dare you! I am Princess Elizabeth, of the Kingd- AHHHHHH!!!" Lucifia unceremoniously let her go... the entire weight of the princess slamming down onto her cock, the tip tearing through her virgin hymen, blood trickling onto the shaft. Lucifia grinned cruelly. "That's enough whore...only want to know what I might call my sister. Or what to write on your gravestone!" With a powerful sweep of her wings, she propelled them higher, the force lifting Elizabeth almost completely off Lucifia's cock. At the peak of the draft, she let her fall... the weight once again coming crashing down on her erect cock. Beat after beat, Lucifia lifted then let Elizabeth's weight impale her on her sensitive cock. Her screams and shrieks of pain like music to Lucifia's ears. Between thrusts, the dumb princess still threw threats at the demonic pair. "When...*ugh* father...*AH!*...finds out...*Ah*...He'll Kill You!!" Lucifia suddenly reached up and grabbed her by her tits, flying forward to slam the princess against the tree trunk, her claws gouging deep red slashes on her as Lucifia wound up and pounded her cock into the princess's torn cunt. Her silvery laugh evil and slow as she pressed in...grinding her thick cock as deep as she could into the spoilt princess. "Ha...your father!?... When I'm done with him... he'll be fucking sheep in the fields!" she said, loving the tears of pain and pleasure that squeezed from Elizabeth's eyes. "And you...bitch. You'll either be my beloved sister, helping me rape him... or you'll be dead!" Azaziel let himself relax for a moment, confident to glance at the cum-drained husk of a guard who lay, broken, to the side, then look back to his daughter toying with the girl like a cat with a mouse. The girl was ruined beyond belief now, for not only would she not be able to walk for far into the foreseeable future, the claw marks down her chest would never heal completely. If she survived this onslaught, they would be a pretty design on her new demonic body. However, Azaziel could easily see that she was not going to be Lucifia's sister. Just as Lucifia had been born from the purest girl he could find, and as she had resisted for so long, her sister needed to be just as pure. This bratty princess was far from what Lucifia had been before Azaziel got to her. Even from here, the demon could smell the sickly-sweet rot of brattiness, feel her oppressively terrible personality. This "princess" was a princess only in beauty and name. Inside, she was almost as rotten as a demon, and therefore useless. Azaziel knew he would be waste his cock if he fucked such useless cunt. Killing someone offhandedly for amusement was one thing, but this...? This would be a waste of effort. He smiled as he moved up to the princess's face, watching her cheeks turn red as she was both raped and choked, unable to avoid one or the other. The demon slapped her cheek and shook his head at her attempts to spit at him, and patted her tears before moving behind Lucifia. His daughter's shithole was spread wide and easily offered to him, but that was not his target. His massive, hard, ridged erection pressed against her newly repaired cunt, and he brutally rammed in to the hilt, forcing himself past any resistance she might put up. Lucifia didn't sense Azaziel's intentions until his clawed hands gripped her hips and his ridged cock had literally impaled her cunt. He slammed her so hard that the princess's face hit the tree, and Lucifia bottomed out in Elizabeth. Slammed up against Elizabeth, she gasped and moaned as her body contracted around his invasive member. His cocktip squeezed into her cocksucking womb, this time stretching it massively inside her. The force smashed Lucifia's futa cock deep into Elizabeth, her own cocktip tearing into the womb. His sharp claws pinched and pulled at her nipples, sending shocks of burning pleasure through her chest. Lucifia reached up and pinched Elizabeth's nipple, bringing screams of choked pain. Azaziel chuckled as he felt the broken hymen blood well up around his cock, sweet and warm. Twin trails of blood were on the ground now, one from Elizabeth and the other from Lucifia, infinitely more precious to Azaziel. Virgin fuck-blood from a succubus was one of the rarest magical substances in existence, and it was feeding and fueling Azaziel. He reached around and pinched his daughter's nipples, before twisting them and yanking them hard. "My daughter...looks like you'll be my only child for a while longer." he whispered as he began to thrust, letting her control the pace with the way she fucked Elizabeth. Lucifia craned her neck to kiss and lick Azaziel as he said it. Her eyes filled with pure happiness and adoration... the kind you might see in a child who just received a toy. "Mmmm... then I don't have to be careful with this worthless bag of pussymeat? You're so wonderful to me Master!" When she turned back to Elizabeth, her eyes were filled with the most evil unholy fucklust. Any threats and indignity was cut short as Lucifia twisted her barbed tail around, and speared Elizabeth's ass, the spaded head slithering flexibly through her bowels almost to her stomach. Small needle-sharp barbs emerged along it's length, each one tipped with a tiny drop of aphrodesiac venom. Mercilessly, Lucifia began flossing her tail in and out of the abused princess, each stroke poisoning her blood with aphrodesiac, drops of blood dripping from her stretched asshole. Elizabeth's mouth opened in a silent scream of horror, her eyes staring wildly a her entire body burst into pleasurable pain. The princess had no idea what she had done to deserve such pain and such punishment. Just as she thought the burning in her pussy could not get any worse, the massive male demon had completely blown it all away with a hard thrust and pain of such magnitude that the girl screamed nonstop for a few minutes. The thing that stopped her was the noose suddenly cutting away her air supply, and even then, she gaped, her face red as she tried to let out what she felt. When the noose loosened, she took a deep breath but hung her head, humiliated even as she tried to spit threats. "You will...both be...dead week!" she cried, trying to be threatening. Unfortunately for her, even if the demonic pair were to be captured or otherwise hindered, the princess would not be able to see it. The darkness creeping in on her vision, she realized, was not because she had been running out of air, but because her body had been responding to the brutal rape. Even as she had screamed and cried for help, warmth blossomed from her wrecked cunt, and she had been pouring out her life force onto the ground as Lucifia raped her. "!" she screamed, suddenly struggling and fighting, her hips swaying from side to side. She only served to punish herself more, stimulating her useless whore pussy as she felt herself grow weaker. "" she repeated, her breathing growing fainter. "Auugh...nnngh..." Something was coming. Something big. A large fire seemed to have been lit in her stomach. "Ugh!...stop...I beg of you...I'll do anything..." she pleaded desperately, not knowing that it was far too late. Azaziel gave a malicious, laughing roar as he thrust deep into his daughter's cunt, sending a powerful thrust straight into Elizabeth. "No...n.....nn.....uugh....!" The pleasure was too much for Elizabeth, her conscious mind rapidly melting away under the relentless raping. Her screams and pleads slowly dissolved into gurgling grunts and gasps. Her head lolled like a doll as she moaned and drooled spit all over her own bouncing tits. The corners of her mouth twitched and her expression slowly became one of dumb erotic enjoyment. Soon she had a silly 'fuckme' grin plastered on her face, her eyes rolling all over the place. Lucifia turned her head once more, kissing Azaziel. "Thank you so much Daddy for allowing me this first kill!" Satisfied with her poison, Lucifia withdrew her tail from Elizabeth's ruined asshole, and proceeded to whip the orgasm-crazed royal whore. The crack of her tail making the bratty princess arch and dance with pain. Slamming her cock in hard, Lucifia kissed Elizabeth sweetly on the lips. "Ok fuckpig... time to die!" Folding her wings, she withdrew her cock and tail from Elizabeth, letting the princess fully dangle in her orgasmic bliss. Directly under her, she pushed Azaziel to the ground, grinding her cunt on his cock as she rode him reverse-cowgirl. She made a great show of her enjoyment, moaning and licking her nipples. "Oooo fuck Daddy...this is so romantic... incestuous fucking under a raped lynched princess... mmm!" The virgin blood still oozed from Elizabeth as she choked for breath, the dark drops splashing over Lucifia's body, flecking her with red. Looking up, Lucifia bit her lip in concentration as she watched the dying princess twitch and swing on the rope. Judging the moment right, she spat a gob of saliva, high and accurate, onto the hangman's rope. Her acidic saliva ate rapidly through the fibres. With a snap, the princess plummeted down towards Lucifia as the demonic pair lay prone on the grassy floor. It was a perfectly obscene and beautifully horrifying sight for Azaziel, a perfect demonstration by Lucifia of how far she had fallen into his corruption. The poor Elizabeth fell through the air, landing squarely on Lucifia, the huge thick cock slamming into her ass, the long barbed tail ripping up through her cunt and into her abdomen. The princess's entire body thrashed and spasmed, flailing everywhere as, Lucifia french kissed her, biting down on her tongue as she began to cum... setting the princess's senses on fire. White hot spurts of cum surged up through Elizabeth's asshole, gushing through her stretched bowels. The flood of semen surged up through her stomach, welling in her throat. Lucifia reached deep with her tongue, tasting her own jizz with each heave of Elizabeth's body. Taking a few good gulps of her own cum before pulling back from the princess's face. She gave Elizabeth a saucy foxy wink, artfully letting cum ooze from her lips and drool onto their tits. The last thing Elizabeth ever saw, was Lucifia's face then both of their breasts, and a final bubbly retch of cum from deep in her ruined body. Lucifia licked her lips, savoring the first taste of her own jizz. Roughly she wrapped her tail around the corpse, giving it a few more thrusts before casually ripping it off her cock and tossing it to the lakeside. Twirling round on Azaziel's cock, she licked herself clean before bending over to suck her own futa cock clean. "Mmmm.... I hope you enjoyed that Master Daddy... I tried to be as nasty and evil as possible!" Azaziel smiled as he allowed Lucifia to go completely wild with Elizabeth. He knew he would have an excuse to punish Lucifia later, but for now, he simply leaned over her and took her like the animal she was. He brutalized her cunt, turning it from almost virginal to a torn, wet mess in seconds, his massive, rough cock destroying her. Lucifia was growing more and more able with each rebirth, it seemed. Azaziel smiled as Lucifia turned and kissed him, and he kissed her back, his cock twitching each time he heard the crack of her tail whipping Elizabeth's ass and back. Red marks formed on her pale skin, and Azaziel could feel the princess becoming more and more aroused. He growled when Lucifia broke their kiss to finish Elizabeth off, but he conceded when she pushed him to the ground, fucking him as she moaned. Romantic was not quite the word to describe it, he decided, and he showed his disapproval by dragging his long claws down her back powerfully. Nevertheless, it was arousing, mating like animals under the choking body of the bratty princess, making hard love to his daughter while their victim died above them. Lucifia was artful, finishing the girl off in one, smooth blow. Elizabeth had barely any time to realize what was happening before her head fell forward, cum gushing from her dying lips as she was executed. Lucifia was now covered in her own cum and lapping at it like a dog, even turning around and sucking her own cock in Azaziel's full view. The demon lord smiled at his daughter, then reached up and clouted her face. His attack, although seemingly bored, was powerful enough to slam his daughter off of his impaling cock, and he stood, brushing himself off, looking disappointedly bored with her. It was an act, carefully calculated to degrade her. If he did not remind Lucifia of her place often, after all, she might grow rebellious. Lucifia was just proudly finishing Elizabeth off, happily showing her Daddy what she could do and exploring her own powers. She didn't expect his hand to curl around her hair and yank her off her feet. The dark collar and chain wrapped around her neck, holding her in place. The spikes broke her skin, drawing blood and spreading Azaziel's power and domination through Lucifia. Still slightly dazed with ecstasy, Lucifia could only flap her wings and struggle to maintain her breath. Her vision swam as the world seemed to become muffled and dim, only Azaziel seemed to appear illuminated, and only his voice resonated in her mind. He stood over her, immensely more powerful and lust driven. His eyes glared down at her as he smiled cruelly, then reached down to grip her by the hair and lift her up like a doll. A chain appeared, spiked, dark, and wrapped around her neck. It dug into the muscles of her throat, breaking the skin and drawing blood. He hooked the other end around the tree, tying it off and leaving Lucifia suspended, just like Elizabeth had been. Lucifia had wings, of course, and could use them, so Azaziel did not bother in helping her stay up. No, he had other plans for her. He drew his fist back and suddenly threw it forward, a solid, powerful punch that could have killed a horse. His fist landed in her soft breast, driving the wind out of her and making her fly back on the chain. He launched another punch, balancing her out by pounding her other tit, making sure to smash her nipple hard. Lucifia's brain burst into stars of painful exquisite pleasure as his fists thudded into her breasts, the force throwing her back against the tree, dazing her. A second shot slammed into her body, and her nipples began to leak clear sticky fluid, a sure sign she was highly aroused. Oozing freely from her tits, her 'tit-cum' soon soaked her front, sticky and sweet. He threw an uppercut that nearly ended up fisting Lucifia's hungry cunt. Another one that threatens to spear into her bumhole. A few more strikes punish his daughter's pretty stomach, marring it with his power. He smiles as he watches her beaten body sway on the chain, then causes it to vanish, allowing her to fall to the ground and crumple into a heap. His punches were not without reason, however, for he had imbued them with his powerful lust magic. The pain had been woven with pleasure, each punch laced with enough to make her squirt. "Ugh!!...Ahhh...Master....Oh Fuck..Master? Have I displeased you!?" she moaned, as his next strike made her knees weak, buckling her legs as her clit took the hit, engorged and red with blood. Every inch of her batter body was on fire. Fresh from sapping the princess's soul, it easily healed again, but this didn't make the punishing blows any less powerful, or less orgasmic. A haymaker to her stomach caused her to lose control of her bladder, and a stream of yellow-gold urine spurted out to mix with her tit cum soaking her thighs. He used his clawed hand to aim his cock at her, and growls. "Stay still, cunt." he commanded as urine suddenly spews from the tip. She raised her head to her Dominus's voice. Kneeling on all fours with her arms pressing her huge tits together, she opened her mouth wide obediently. The golden stream of demon piss would have melted a human like acid, but to her it was a soothing shower of delightful obscene pleasure. "Oooooooo Master....oh Yes! Piss on me!... Piss on your sweet little toilet whore!" she gasped, as splatters of urine washed over her face, cleansing her head and neck. The spray moved down to drench her glorious round breasts, running little rivers of pleasure down her taunt tummy. Spreading her legs slightly, she moved her hand to spread her cunt lips open, the piss shower seeping into her fuck tube. Azaziel was no weakling when it comes to pissing. He nearly hosed Lucifia down, first aiming for her mouth so that she may swallow his golden blessing. He sprayed her breasts next, painting her skin a yellow tinge, then covers her hips. He pissed especially hard at her pussy, giving her some more fluids in her filthy body, drenching her in his scent. It felt like a warm soothing massage, and she slipped her soaked fingers deep inside herself, enjoying the depraved act of masturbating in a stream of her Master's liquid waste. As the drizzle subsided, Lucifia took a big deep breath. She was once again truly his. Beaten, tamed, and marked as his territory. If they ever encountered another demon, it would know: She belonged to him. She was his toy, his property, his piece of fuckmeat to use and abuse. Azaziel breathed hard as he kicked Lucifia in the side. "Get up." he ordered. "Now that you are actually clean. Our next victim..." Azaziel had researched his victims carefully. "A virgin maid serving a knight in a farmhouse to the East." The farmhouse was a small flight away from the lake, Lucifia amused her master by flying close under him, her tail giving him a handjob as they closed in on the stead. Apparently the knight was a traveling knight, having wandered through the land looking for adventure and treasures. As such, the knight had accrued a good deal of experience dealing with evil. The rest of the people on the lonesome stead comprised of a middle aged farmer, and his young daughter. Lucifia knew the farm folk were for fun... but maybe that night was more of a challenge... perhaps a test? She knew Azaziel's true power was immense. She had fought and lost against it before at the mages tower. A lone traveling knight surely would a piece of pie! Still, she was more than happy to follow through with her master's plans... after all. It was what she existed to do! ---- Hello All! I'm Lucifia (author), your naughty little fantasy! Your midnight dream! Your sinful guilty pleasure!...etc etc etc. I'm happily an ordinary young lady who enjoys reading Asstr stories and roleplaying. I particularly like incest and ageplay roleplays and stories, and noticed there aren't too many of them out there. So I've decided to take some of the stories I've played out over the years and plonk them on for everyone to enjoy. If you like my stories and would like to leave feedback, feel free to email me at! Often my ideas come from roleplays so if you have an idea that you'd like, do let me know. Or even let me know other RP ideas you think I should write about!