Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Succubus Tales 01 - The Beginning Copyright(C) 2016 by Lucifia ----- Description: Newly created Succubus Lucifia and her Master and Dominus Azaziel embark on an evil quest to find the perfect host to be Lucifia's sister. *WARNING*: This story is much darker and more extreme than my other stories as it contains snuff, piss, violence, and bad-endings! Cover your eyes! Codes: anal, incest, corruption, preteen, ahegao, coercion, dirty talk, hypnosis, gangbang, orgy, rape anal, bad ending, snuff, cruel, torture, piss. ----- From the outside, it looked like a large simple cave carved into the side of the mountain deep in the forest. One that a bear might use to hibernate, or that travelers would use for shelter from a passing storm. Nondescript, and ordinary. A small walk into the tunnel would reveal nothing. Just pitch black darkness and earthy walls. Only when you travelled far enough for the light of day to fade to a candle's flicker would you find the door. An ornate large gilded door with no handle that opens only to the secret word...the password to the Demon's abode. But this was not any ordinary demonic cavern. There were no stereotypical skulls and bones lying bout. This was the abode of a Lust Demon, and his succubus daughter. A place of debauched pleasure and depravity. A place were fair maidens and heroic knights disappeared into... never to be seen again. Or at least seen again in the same pure and sane minds. Azaziel and his daughter Lucifia had chosen the spot carefully. Lucifia was Azaziel's first daughter and only, her host having been the young protégé of a mage's tower that Azaziel had conquered. The fight had been arduous and long. The powerful mages had put up a magnificent resistance, with magic, guile, and cunning. But none were more cunning than Azaziel. Lucifia had been the prize student of the tower, and the genius behind many of the traps and tricks that nearly caught Azaziel. She would have succeeded, were it not for the colossal jealousy and arrogance of the other mages. Some of her rivals did not want her to get credit for finally defeating the Lust Demon, Azaziel. In her moment of victory when she had him caught in a room full of detention spells, they had sabotaged her work, not realizing the full potential of their treachery. Free from her detainment spells, Azaziel had descended on the hapless mage, tearing her clothes from her virgin body, and subjecting her to the most depraved sex-acts imaginable. Turning her wards and charms against her, he converted the room into a pleasure chamber, wherein he proceeded to slowly corrupt Lucifia. It took only a few hours, but to Lucifia it was a lifetime. A lifetime of thick hard demon cock tearing into her virgin cunt until she craved more...A lifetime of cum spewing into her asshole until she felt it well in her throat...A lifetime of kneeling before her new master... begging to be allowed to lick his balls and suck his massive fuckmeat. An endless lifetime of squirting and cumming, writhing on the floor moaning while her Dominus laughed cruelly at her depravity, using his powers to torment her with pleasure until her mind broke and she submitted to him. Deciding not to waste her magical talent, Azaziel used a lust ritual to meld part of his essence into her soul, permanently corrupting her and changing her forever from the bright innocent mage into the devious and cunning futa Succubus. Soaked in cum, urine, and a little blood Lucifia turned on her treacherous colleagues, the new Dominus-Daughter duo utterly decimating the mage tower, and breaking the remaining mages with ease. By the time they had finished, the tower was a twisted ruin. Nearly all the mages were slain, and those they spared they took as sex slaves. Now, several years on, Lucifia and Azaziel continued to enjoy their depraved lifestyle in their newfound home. Freed from the shackles of mortality and morality, Lucifia plunged headlong into the dark demonic life of a Succubus. Many travelers sheltered in the entrance to the cave, not realizing that only just down the corridor a powerful demon and his Futa daughter indulging in explicit and obscene pleasures. However, a good number of their slaves have died, either through sacrifice for rituals, or carelessness of being fucked literally to death. The wet sloppy sounds of sex filled the lavish cavern, the candle-light illuminating the scene as Lucifia lay over Azaziel in 69 position. Her Futa cock magically replaced by her usual sensitive clit and tight little slit. Carefully, she drew her tongue over her father's cock, licking and slurping over the massive head and down the thick shaft...the same cock that had fucked her into submission years ago. She loved this cock. It had given her new purpose, and opened her to a whole new world of pleasure and delights. Taking care not to nip him with her sharp teeth, she opened her mouth wide and forced her head down on his crotch. Light gagging noises emanated from her throat as the cock squeezed further into her. She gave a sharp glance upwards at the small slave licking her Daddy's balls. *Get your face into it bitch!* She intoned. The mental message made the former soldier cringe slightly, before the slave buried her face in Azaziel's ball sack. Her tongue slurping and sucking for all it's worth. Azaziel had broken down Lucifia well, he thought as he sat on his throne, the two people at his cock bringing him pleasure. The massive black stone seat was soaked with cum, blood, and Hell knew what else, and the smell of musky sex hung permanently around it. Azaziel himself added a new smell to his throne, a manly smell that conquered all else, a demonic musk that drove most people into a frenzy. He leaned back in contentment as his wonderful daughter deep-throated his massive thick cock, while a smaller cute soldier who had thought to slay him was licked his balls. Azaziel shifted his waist forward a bit and the soldier immediately changed to give him a rimjob, digging her tongue deep into the demon's filthy ass. The demon's dark skin contrasted with his daughter's much lighter one, but his horns were lighter than hers and much larger. His massive wings were folded up and hidden now, making him look almost human, except for the sharp teeth and blazingly red eyes. Azaziel sat on his throne, both enjoying his daughter's company, but also a little bored. Very bored, in fact. While Lucifia could always bring him pleasure, the fact was, the area was littered with the bones and bodies of those he had enslaved but fucked too hard. Two was a couple, but where was the crowd? The demon was growing bored with the pathetic humans that he had to use as toys, and wanted something a bit more...tangible. A second Lucifia, if one could. Of course, Azaziel had not tried yet. He had been....preoccupied, in a way. Training his daughter to aid him, showing her the true, destructive ways of the succubus, and breaking down the pathetic travelers that had come by were the foremost duties on his mind. Now, however, with the number of travelers to come by and turn into slaves rapidly diminishing (Azaziel's cave had grown a reputation, it seemed), the demon found more and more free time on his hands. Azaziel yawned and lazily grabbed his daughter by the hair, then rammed her face down on his crotch, forcing her nose to mash into his waist. He pumped his hips a few times, watching her choke, a slight smile on his face. He was proud, he reflected as he saw her eyes bulge. He had taught her well. He drew his cock out and gave her a hard slap with the side, before casually kicking her aside, his foot slamming into her breasts and sending her back only a few. She was strong. She could take it. The demon stood up, and the slave shoving her tongue into his asshole followed him, eager to please, her face mashed into his bum. He grunted as he stretched, and his large, clawed hand reached down and grabbed the smaller girl, mercilessly imprisoning her in his fingers. She struggled only barely, drooling and dripping lustfully, her eyes, her eyebrows, her body a rictus of lust. Azaziel smiled cruelly as he glanced at Lucifia, and blew her a mocking kiss. Using one hand to hold the once brave soldier and the other to spread her ruined pussy lips, Azaziel pierced the woman with his massive, dark, demonic spear-like cock. Casually, he used his hands to slam the girl up and down, her legs and arms hanging down as Azaziel gripped her shoulders. The slave's mouth opened in an attempt to scream, but only pleasured gurgles came out, even as her body began to twitch and her eyes began to roll. When Azaziel sent Lucifia flying off with a brutal kick, she only felt a swift surge of pleasure. Her body had been corrupted to the point where any pain caused by her master Azaziel would feel amazing. She watched in sick lust and desire as he proceeded to use the slave as a cocksleeve... his enormous and lethal cock forcing its way into the sex-crazed girl. Instinctively, Lucifia moved to squat in front of Azaziel, her fingers sliding up her body to squeeze her large breasts, touching and twisting her nipples as she watched her master play for the final time with the slave. The soldier had been part of a traveling merchant convey that had chosen to pass dangerously close to the cave. In the freak snowstorm, the merchants were all to glad to rush on to town, not missing a few soldiers who had mysteriously disappeared in the rush. The capture had been child's play. Azaziel hadn't even had to move a finger, as Lucifia took the capture as a present for her Dominus. Now, the once proud mercenary soldier was squirting for the final time, as Lucifia could see her tummy churn as the massive cock tore through her womb and thrust into her abdomen. The demon grunted slightly as he fucked the slave, his cock piercing into her broken womb. The human spasmed, struggling against the powerful lust, and moaned as she tried to escape. The demon did not let her, and his pace grew faster, punishing her small body. "Nn..nnngh...gaaaaaaack..." The girl groaned, her body flailing like a doll in Azaziel's hands. Finally, after a few minutes of his cock plunging into her, she surrendered. Her pussy spasmed for the last time, and her body stiffened as an orgasm to top all orgasms wracked her body. "Nnnngh.....aaaaahhhh!" Her screams echoed in the cave as her body spasmed, and Azaziel let go to allow her death throes to take over. The girl lolled forward on his cock, impaled by his size. As she spasmed, she slowly began to slide forward on him. A mixture of piss and her cum spurted from her pussy as she fell, forming a pool on the ground that Azaziel stepped back from. Finally, she fell off the head of his cock with a wet pop, and tumbled forward into the filthy, depraved pool she had prepared for herself. Even as her eyes rolled back in her head and she rolled onto her back, her legs spread wide, the girl twitched slightly, still cumming as her spirit left the earth. Azaziel sighed and crooked his finger at his one true lover, the only one who could even think of matching him. His voice was deep, commanding, and powerful. "Lucifia...come here and help daddy cum." he growled. "The toy was too pathetic." Juices and piss leaked from her ruined hole as Azaziel let her dangle for a moment. Lucifia scooted forward, holding one hand out to catch the falling girl around the throat. Thrusting her mouth under her, she slurped and licked at the foul mess. The iron taste of blood soaking her mouth as the girl slide forward. Deftly moving to the side, she let the dying girl fall into the messy pool of waste. Lucifia buried her tongue in the bleeding snatch of the girl as she finally expired. The last cum was always the sweetest. Lucifia raised her head, her mouth dripping with blood and precum. She didn't need to say yes. She was devoted to her master and Daddy, the one who had rescued her from the silly religion of the light, and dragged her down to the depths of depravity of the Succubus. Obediently she crawled to naked to him, her dark wings furled over her back, partially obscuring her tattoos. They were one of many alterations that had been done to her body. Her demonic tats, her large wings, the fangs, the snake eyes, all of them brought on by Azaziel's essence assimilating with her soul. It had all but torn her morality from her body. Every memory she ever had was tainted with sex and depravity. Leaning forward, she extended her long tongue and licked his feet. Moving slowly into a kneeling position, her wet slurps and licks moved up to his thighs, and finally along the long shaft of his cock. Still dripping with juices, it twitched and pulsed at every lap, just as Lucifia liked it. Gripping it lightly, she ran both hands from the base up to the tip, then quickly down again to massage his massive ballsack. Curling her tongue around the head, she opened her mouth wide and slowly swallowed the head into her throat. She knew he loved the sound of a cock squeezing down a throat, and choking out the girl. Masterfully, she forced it deeper, "Mmmm....*slurp*...aack..ghakk!" Gagging hard on his cock, she squeezed her eyes tight as she felt it enter her throat and push down her neck. Suddenly, she slammed her head forward, bottoming out with her nose crushed against his crotch, the twitching of his cock felt deep in her chest. The choking intensified as she drew back and rammed his cock into her skull again. Her head became a blur as she skull-fucked herself faster and faster on him. Throatslime and spit drooled from her lips onto her large bouncy breasts. She could feel his balls contracting as he was about to cum... but she suddenly pulled away. " seem a little...bored today with our prey!" she said with a sensual slur. Alternately talking and licking his cock, she kept his orgasm just out of reach... frustratingly on the edge of the plateau. "Have I displeased you in any way? Are you possibly looking for more than just passing soldiers and travelers?" she asked, as she gave a particularly aggravating lap along his inner thigh. Standing up in front of him, she could see the anger at her sudden stop burning in his eyes. Smiling, she strode over to the large altar in the centre of the room. Hopping up onto the chalk-lined surface, she scooted to the edge and laid back. Spreading her legs wide, she ran a finger along the glistening pink lips of her tight wet snatch. She giggled a very inappropriately girly giggle as she lifted one breast and wrapped her tongue around the nipple, tugging at it sensually. "It's been ages since you fought and conquered someone like me...perhaps you miss it?" She dipped a wet finger inside her fuckhole, the squelch audible as she stirred herself up. "Mmmm did you enjoy my first time Master?... my squirming... my fighting... my resisting as you held me down and FUCKED me?" she asked with a grin. "Fuck me like that now...just like you did the first time!" Spreading her fingers wide, she exposed the steaming petals of her pussy. Despite her soul and body being corrupted to the extreme, her bald crotch still looked pure and virgin tight, even after so many rides on Azaziel's cock. Now was no different, and it was dripping with juices and anticipation of being fucked on the altar. Azaziel watched with some twisted form of love as his succubus of a daughter crawled over to him. She had attended well to the brutally used body of the slave, mockingly cleaning off its cunt and finishing it. She was the last of the soldiers that he had captured from the caravan, the others all having expired long before her, in various states of ecstasy. Still, though, none of them had been very exciting, as they had all been so easily put down like dogs, in puddles of their own excretions. Indeed, his daughter Lucifia was the only girl who had taken his cock more than a few times. He watched her crawl to him, like the bitch she was, and he patted her head almost affectionately as she began to suck him off. She was an experienced girl, especially with her daddy, and she drew out several moans from Azaziel as she attended to him. She was brutal to herself but not to him, and she worked his cock up into quite a frenzy. Froth flew from his erection, spittle and cum and Hell knew what else splattering across Lucifia's face. Azaziel grinned as her nose and forehead smashed into his waist over and over again, and his eyes followed her breasts and body as she moved on him. His cock swelled in her throat. She wanted to swallow this load, did she? When she drew back, he gave a small howl of anger. Already frustrated by the pathetic plaything of a body he tossed to the side, Azaziel was in no mood for playtime. He debating ripping Lucifia to shreds, but her words stopped him. It was true. She was right on the mark unfortunately. "Our prey is pathetic." he grunted. "Useless humans. I could fuck a hundred of them to death, but it would do me no good." He smiled darkly and stroked a hand down Lucifia's cheek, then gave it a hard slap that rocked her head to one side. He watched as she moved away from him, and followed her, his solid weight making his footsteps heavy. "You were good, Lucifia. You could fight. It took me a while to break you." he growled. "But these...these insects are weak." His eyes follow her fingers as they trail over her body, and he reaches the altar and looks down at her. Lucifia was asking for it. Her first time had been brutal. He had shattered her body, her spirit, before building it up again with long, hard thrusts inside her cunt. She was asking for a repeat, for him to hold her down and destroy her again, and Azaziel, half enraged by her teasing and half enraged by the uselessness of the cocksleeve. He growled. " dare ask me for this?" he challenged leaning over her, his eyes flashing. "You are the only one to dare speak to me like this...and that is because you are the only one who can withstand my onslaught." He raised a hand and clouted her face, his cock bobbing up and down. He leaned down, his mouth close to her ear. "I am going to fuck you to death..." he breathed. His spear suddenly stabbed into her cunt, punishing her for her words. He thrust deeply into her, his massive cock invading her as his claws pinned her arms down. She was beautifully tight, and his cock found it difficult to stab all the way into her womb as he wished. He pressed his lips into hers, and his tongue invaded her throat, slamming deep into her mouth and sliding around her, collecting her spit and forcing her to swallow his. He kept her pinned to the altar as he brutally raped her pussy, grunting hard, his eyes dark. Lucifia groaned in painful pleasure, as she was knocked about by Azaziel's hefty blows. "Mmmm...Oh yes Master... I dare speak to you that way... because I know it's a source of excitement!" Lucifia grinned and laughed, wincing for a moment. "I know you've been bored with all the submissive quiet obedient girls. You like girls who fight... just so you can snuff them out!" She knew what she was asking for...playfully taunting her master and Daddy was the surest way to push him to a sexual fury. She was asking to be fucked to death for sure. In her own perverse, Lucifia was going to enjoy reliving her death. Pinned down on the altar, she lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist as far as she could. Azaziel's cock felt like pleasure hell. A small part of Lucifia's old self scream at her. *You're fucking the demon that killed you! You're worshiping it!* Lucifia laughed outwardly at herself...*Mmmm yes I am... and I god damn love every inch of his cock!* "Mmmm Fuck yes! Use me Master!...Impale me! I'm your sexy little bitchslut!" she screamed, as he plowed into her. His cock pulsed and flexed inside her, rubbing every inch of her fucktube, soaking it with precum. She tensed as he thrust, knowing that every bit of resistance against him was a pleasurable massage on his cock. And she knew he love brutally breaking through her tightness. Moaning, she squeezed tightly on him, "I love you Daddy!...I love the way you kiss me... the way you fuck me... the way you RAPE me!" She gave a grunt and a gasp as his cockhead burst through her cervix, thrusting itself into her womb. Her uterus, altered by her corruption years ago, started contracting around his cock. The same contractions that would normally birth a babe had been changed to caress and squeeze his demonic cock in a perverse parody of life. It was true, Lucifia's body was made for nothing but demonic pleasure. From her long flexible tongue down to her cocksucking womb, every inch of her body screamed for sex. "Mmmph!" His tongue down her throat felt like another phallus, strong and irresistible. Her own tongue wrapped around his, licking and sucking as she felt her throat stretch and bulge, submitting to his rough tongue-fucking. The very taste of his saliva made Lucifia's back arch. With her arms pinned down onto the table, she could only squirm and writhe as the pleasure mounted. "I love watching you break other bitches... just like you broke me Master." she said with worship and adoration in her eyes. "None of them even come close to me...but it's wonderful to see them try... right before you snuff them out!" Azaziel's abdomen, already hard and well-defined, tenses some more. " daughter..." he moans as his balls rise, touching her buttocks as he punishes her small body. "Lucifia...Lucifia!" He howls, his voice like that of a demon possessed. His balls slam into her, his cock twitching and tensing terribly inside her. He came releasing his hot terrible sperm into her, filling her up with a sticky heat that no human would have been able to survive. " would you like a sister?" he asks as his cum invaded her essence. With his powerful musk and dominance, even Lucifia's devious succubus mind was rapidly giving way to the overwhelming pleasure Azaziel poured into her. The first touch of his demonic seed in her contorting womb set her mind on fire, sending her plummeting over the edge of orgasm. Her eyes flashed and glowed as she thrashed on the altar as sexual energy exploded from her body. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Fuuuuuck Yes! Yes yes yes! Uuughh!" It came in waves, with every spurt of copious cum flooding her body. Her world dissolved into a pleasure mush... the constant pounding of his cock into her abdomen reverberate in her brain. He was so deep inside her, his cock might have been touching her heart. What a nasty thought... fucking someone to the poetically obscene. The outline of his enormous meat showing faintly on her flat toned abdomen as he slammed into her again and again. A split second later, her squirting cunt juices burst out from around his cock; clear, sticky, and full of erotic female musk. Drenching their crotches and dripping from his swinging balls it served only to drive Azaziel into a rapelust frenzy. Oozing down the sides of her thighs, it splashed onto the altar, making the dark chalk outlines glow brightly. As her orgasm subsided for a brief moment, she heard him ask. " would you like a sister?" Raising her head, she licked his chest and tummy..."Mmm the sweat of a demon raping someone is so sweet...A sister?" she pondered for a moment. The sight of her succubus features in thoughtful yet orgasmic expression, while being torn apart by an enormous cock was oddly arousing. "I would love a sister!...another piece of dirty corrupted fuckmeat for you, Master...ahhhhhh!" she said gleefully as another wave of orgasm took her over the edge again. Her body trembled and her vision swam out of focus for a moment before returning sharply. "I'd spend weeks...fucking with her...raping her... raping others with her... We could put on a show for you, Daddy!" she said with a grin before a third orgasm hit her. This time the orgasm was much stronger nearly causing her to black out. Her head lolled for a second, her cunt loosening, before she regained her senses. Her body tensed up again, squeezing Azaziel's cock like a hot wet fleshy vice. "Or...with two succubi fuckpig daughters... maybe you could aim for another takeover?" she said, referring to Azaziel's past rampage that cumulated in her capture and the destruction of the mages' tower. Before reaching the tower, Azaziel had had a small army of sex slaves with which he had over run a small village. Perhaps with two powerful obedient and feisty daughters...the cities could be a target. All this time, Azaziel's cum had been pumping into Lucifia's body. Thick white hot sticky ropes of gooey demonic seed flooding her womb, leaking from it and slowly seeping into the rest of her body. As Lucifia's fourth orgasm took her, she threw her head back, arching her body. She felt cum welling up inside her, and her ecstatic scream of pleasure became a bubbling choking struggle to breath through her cumstained throat. She knew one or two more orgasms while being filled like a balloon was definitely going to kill her. The thought excited her to no end, and the chalk on the altar flashed and glowed in anticipation of her impending erotic doom. She is beautiful, truly beautiful. Azaziel smiled cruelly as his sexy creation, molded by his hands and his cock, yielded to his attack. She had teased him into a frenzy, and now she was receiving the punishment she deserved. His cock brutally invaded her cunt, ramming deep inside her as his hands moved to her shoulders and squeezed. His claws dug into her, drawing drops of blood as he growled into her face. "You are my little bitch...know only live to take my cock, you only live to be my little rapeslut!" he roared. He felt her massaging him, and grunted down her throat, his body pressing hard into hers. Azaziel felt rather glad that he had, from all the girls he had destroyed, managed to get one, only one, however, to stay with him, to survive his punishment. The road to this point had been filled with fucking and girls of all kinds, but none of them had half as much power as Lucifia. She, his daughter now, had been the only girl to survive more than a few attacks from him, the only girl to take his cock more than three times and survive. The rest had screamed their last orgasm on the end of his cock, before falling in puddles of their own juices, unable to move ever again. Azaziel lived those memories sweetly, but ever sweeter was the ability to fuck his daughter and remember, to have his erection stabbing deeply into his dark-skinned lover and recall the trail of bodies and cum he left in his wake. Azaziel's hips moved faster and faster as he reached the tip of his pleasure, and the wet slaps coming from their hips meeting echoed throughout the room. The demon felt on fire, his orgasm was so powerful. He knew the effect he had on her when he came, and showed no mercy. A teasing bitch like her deserved none. Maybe killing her again might put her in her place. He growled angrily as he plunged his massive, dark spear into her womb, punishing her smaller body. The rock of the altar shuddered under his power, and he released more cum inside her, the heated, powerful sperm filling her up. When she came, it made him even angrier, rather than sating him. He raised a clawed hand and gave her a hard clout across the face, then another, howling as he punished her for cumming by fucking her harder. His erection seemed to swell inside her, becoming wider, splitting her apart as he thrust. He let her lick him, for his sweat would only drive her mind even crazier with sex. He smiled at the ideas she spoke of, but his punishing pace never stopped. He watched her cum again, felt it splatter over his cock and the ground, saw it in her eyes as they rolled. She was getting closer and closer to the true goal. He heard her recommendations and kept them in mind, but in the end, she was nothing to him. She was but a human with demonic powers he had granted, and she was just his fuckmeat. He shook his head at her insolence to suggest new ideas, and slapped her again, leaving claw marks on her cheek. Her ideas, however, were not bad... He grinned down at her as another load filled her, then another. He was conquering her with his power. He had broken down her previous life, made her body an empty vessel, and replaced it with his cum and his essence. Now, Azaziel was doing it again, shattering Lucifia into pieces with his crazed, powerful fucking, before brutally bringing her back to life with the same. He slapped her again, from the other side, leaving claw marks there, too, then grabbed her bare, bouncing breasts. His large, rough hands squeezed her sensitive breasts, claws digging roughly into them. He released again and again, spurting into her body until there was nothing left but an empty, cum-filled husk. He breathed deeply, smelling his own scent as well as hers, and chuckled, shaking his head as he watched her eyes close. He pulled out of her with a grunt. It would be a few moments before her spirit returned to her body, drawn back by the power of his cum, and he decided to allow her to wake with a little present. He first created a dark, stone plug and stabbed it into her pussy, where it burned like fire and ensured that her body could not expel any of his sperm-gift to her. He shoved her off of the altar with a grin, and aimed his dark cock at her. She landed on her side and half rolled onto her back, which was perfect for what he wanted to do. He moved to her face and aimed his erection, and, with a moaning sigh, began to piss. Warm, acidic yellow liquid splashed onto her face, coating her and marking her as his useless little fuck bitch while she was still dead. He aimed the stream to fill her mouth first, then paint her body with his gift, giving her his scent to wake up to. He made sure to cover her pale pussy with urine too, spending the last few drops there. He finished pissing and gave her body a brutal kick, before moving to the altar to sit down and wait for her spirit's return. Lucifia's last moments were filled with pleasure and vicious lust. The hefty slashes across her face served only to rile her blood, making her laugh and scream with delight. Even in her last moments she loved how much cum he was pouring into her. Normally he only squirted a few cumshots into his victims... but no... he unleashing all hell for her. A tribute to her skill and devotion. Punch after brutal punch slammed into her body, heightening her final orgasm. Her eyes flashed brilliant violet as she came for the final time her hands stroking his chest before finally falling limp to her sides. Her last rattling breath a sigh of orgasm. Azaziel waited patiently for his toy to come back to life. He knew, of course, there was always a chance that she might not. But he held faith in her, watching her dead body, for she had always come back to life in the past. She had never abandoned him, and he knew that she would not now. He reached forward and patted her face gently, smiling as he stared at her beautiful body. He had made her. He had molded her from mere flesh into something more, into a toy, yes, but a demonic toy that far surpassed any human. He leaned forward and nuzzled her face with a grin, looking up to where he thought she might be. As Lucifia's vision turned dark, her whole body seemed to rise... floating in a sea of nothing. The familiar sensation of death. The pleasure and pain faded into smooth calm. She looked at herself, fully human again, her pale creamy skin untouched and pure - no wings, no fangs, no tattoos. Gazing down, she could see the last moments of Azaziel's pleasurable kill. The copious cum oozing from her ruined demonic corpse, the cruel kiss, and the obscene urination all over her her limp body. Overhead, she could feel the warmth of light and she gazed upwards towards the heavens, a bright tunnel beckoning her. A small voice whispered to her...*Lucifia...come... come to the light. It is not too late to reach heaven!* The voice of angels and spirits pulled at her, but she resisted... a smile on her human features. She was waiting... *He doesn't care at all for you!... you are merely a passing pleasure, a toy to be replaced when he finds a better one! See how carelessly he has treated you!* the voices persisted. Lucifia looked upon her killer and tormenter, sitting patiently next to the altar. His cock was still now and his fucklust slowly cooling. His hand reached down to stroke her cheek, gently caressing the slash marks across her perfect features. She laughed at the light above. *Hah...he does not care for me? See how he waits for me expectantly?* she said, gazing fondly on him. *One of your foolish faithful lovers would breakdown and cry. He does not. He waits. He waits for me to make the choice he knows I will make, even though at this point he has now hold over me.* He spirit drifted closer to him, moving in front of him to gaze up at his eyes. She knew Azaziel did not 'love' in the classical romantic sense. He was materialistic, a craftsman, and the Succubus Lucifia was his greatest creation and material possession. His adoration and love for her was akin to one's fondness to his favorite toy...often much stronger than the whimsical attachment of romantic love. As a child might smash his toy with sadistic pleasure, he would quickly rebuild it, better and stronger than before. *To the eyes of another... I might be a whore... a cumpig... a piece of nasty bitchmeat good only for abusing and raping...* she said defiantly. *But I'm HIS piece of nasty fuckmeat and whore!* And finally her patience paid off. The altar, upon which she had been eagerly rape-killed began to pulse with purple demonic light. It was the ritual of rebirth, calling her back to her body. The chalk lines blinked and shook, barely controlling the immense power require for the ritual. Her spirit was at the familiar crossroads between ascending to heaven, and returning to earth as Azaziel's fuckbitch. She turned to look one last time at the light, *My Master and Dominus has given me more pleasure than you ever could!* Shunning the light, her spirit dove for the Altar, her vision overwhelmed with a kaleidoscope of colors and sensations as she breached the gate between spirit and mortal realms. In the mortal realm, Lucifia's corpse gave a gasping shudder. Demonic ickor gouted from her throat, cunt, and ass as the altar blazed with unholy light. Azaziel could see her body trembling as new life was restored to it. Her legs thrashed and every muscle in her body spasmed wildly. Her horns grew slightly longer, her wingspan greater. When her eyes flickered open, they gleamed with power, much stronger than before. It was all part of Azaziel's perfection of Lucifia. Every kill brought her closer to true demonic nature and farther away from her human origins. Her revival sucked the energy from the room like a vacuum. The still warm corpse of the recently killed soldier began to disintegrate, its mass feeding Lucifia. Soon it was nothing more than a pile of dusty bones, another skeleton to add to the massing boneyard at the back of the cave. The cuts, bruises, and slashes all over her body quickly faded, leaving her tanned skin unblemished and clean. Every last bit of cum, piss, and blood was absorbed into her body, the filth fueling her regeneration. Lucifia's wings flared out as she floated in the air, renewed. Her entire body glowing with suppressed energy. She was stronger, faster, crueler, and greater than her former self!...but still as ever, devotedly a fuckpig for Azaziel. As soon a she laid eyes on him, she swooped towards him where he stood, the happiness and adoration in HIS eyes cunningly concealed, but she knew it was there none the less. Throwing herself at his feet, she landed on the skull of the soldier, causing it to shatter to dust. Ignoring it completely, she crawled the last few inches to him, her new naked body gleaming a healthy glow. "Dominus...Master...Daddy... I'm back...and am always your obedient...filthy...disgusting...nasty little fuckpig... for your pleasure...pain...and desires!" she said, punctuating her words with loving slurps and licks of his cock and balls. "Thank you so much...It was obscene...and glorious!" she said, as she knelt before him submissively. "Thank you for raping me so had...using me... filling my whole body with your hot cum...I hope I am worthy for more, later!" she murmured, her eyes gazing pleadingly up at him. She hadn't forgotten about his query regarding a sister...and that thought did tickle her mind a little. But first was the worship she needed to pay to him. A little token of thanks for making her what she was. "Come here, my lovely little fuckpig." he commanded, crooking his finger at her. She obeyed, of course, and he faced her, his erection obscenely long and just for her. Her little laps and loving caresses were very nice, and he patted her head appreciatively as pleasure shot down his body. "You will have to work for more." he growled at her. "For I do not give gifts easily. But for my little cuntwhore, my personal cock sleeve...I might be willing to reward a bit more often." He chuckled, guiding her head up and down his cock and watching her love him. "Daddy will rape you only as he sees fit...and not when you want to." His clawed foot slammed up into her cunt hard, punishing her recently refreshed sex. "Never forget that daddy is the only thing you have in life...and never forget that I own your very body and essence." He grabbed her by the neck as she worshiped him, and lifted her to his lips. He kissed her passionately, his tongue shoving into her mouth and distorting the shape of her throat as he invaded it. He pulled away and stared into her eyes, locking her into him. Despite her newfound size, Azaziel was a still large enough to beat Lucifia around as if she was nothing, and he always reminded her of that when they were close. He calmly turned her around, holding her like a ragdoll, and forced her ass and pussy up to his cock. He smeared some of her slit juice on him, getting his cock wet with fresh cunt fluid rather than the piss and spit of her pre-revival state. The massive, bulbous head of his cock pushed at her rosebud, and his other hand gripped her neck. "We are going to find you a sister." he declared as he forced his massive erection into her bum. Now that she was supported by his stiff shaft, he could use his hand to attack her pussy. He opened her slit and shoved two fingers into it, using his claws to stimulate her before pulling his fingers out and slapping her cunt. He leaned forward to bite into her shoulder, leaving love marks, and for better leverage as he began to fuck her. After every death ritual, the renewed body of Lucifia was completely new in every aspect. New features about her emerged, that neither of them knew about until tested. Her cunt was virginal, with thin hymen stretched across her hole. Azaziel's fingers pressed deep inside her, not quite breaking her cherry, but still deep enough to elicit a deep moan of pleasure from her. The moan was cut off as his tongue wedged into her throat, her muscles milking his tongue as he throatfucked her. Luci's legs went weak... she knew what he said was true. He was her master and owner... everything he did to her felt excruciatingly pleasurably and right. All his desires and pleasures were mandatory...and his orders were law. His huge fuckmeat...sliding deep into her bowels pushed her intestines straight, her organs moving to accommodate his girth. Luci's tail whipped forward to wrap around the base of his cock, stroking and squeezing rhythmically. She threw back her head and gave a soundless sigh of erotic release as his sharp fangs closed on her shoulder... his pleasure venom spreading through her blood to every part of her body, stimulating her back to a sexual plateau of lust. "Take out your cock, Lucifia..." he commanded, his eyes dark. "We attack tonight. There is a small town nearby, full of stupid humans and one particularly stupid cunt...they call her beautiful, they call her a princess, a goddess. We call her prey." he growled as his wings unfurled. He was large enough to fly for them both, and his cock remained nestled deep inside her soon-to-be-abused asshole as he lifted off, flying with his cargo of Lucifia impaled under him. As Azaziel took off, his powerful wingbeats aided his pelvic thrusts in slamming his cock deeper and deeper into her bowels. Inch by inch, Lucifia sank onto her Daddy's wide shaft. The sensation of being split in two made Lucifia's own cock sprout from her clit. Growing slowly until it swung freely, slapping her flat tummy as they flew. Azaziel's own cock could change on his own whim... sometimes smooth and spongy... other times hard and unyielding. When he was in a particularly vicious mood, he could make barbs and spikes laced with aphrodisiac grow from the shaft. Lucifia's own cock was now equally skilled, but still smaller and thinner... but still thick by any measure. Lucifia looked down at it ...lewdly imagining fucking herself up the cunt until she came twice. She had used it in the past on some of her Daddy's fucktoys... the ones already broken down and submissive, but she had never tested it out on a live and resisting target. With her new powerful body, Lucifia was eager to see if it would work. Raising her head, she drew her tongue over his chest and up along his neck, making sure to kiss her way up to his face. "Mmmmm Daddy...Master....Owner... I would love to test my new cock out! I know it's your prey...and they belong to you too, but I would be so happy if you let me rape that princess cunt...See if I can break her with my cock. If I can break her, then of course she's not worthy!" Their flight took them far over their home forest, to where the flickering torches of the night patrol glimmered in the darkness. The small village was an upstart town. Not officially a kingdom in it's own right, the arrogant 'king' had declared his independence from the main continent. Protected by a paltry militia, the town was ripe for conquering, either by force of arms, or by corruption. The town was relatively new, and none of it's inhabitants had hear of Azaziel or his Succubus daughter. The introduction would be brutal and swift... ---- Hello All! I'm Lucifia (author), your naughty little fantasy! Your midnight dream! Your sinful guilty pleasure!...etc etc etc. I'm happily an ordinary young lady who enjoys reading Asstr stories and roleplaying. I particularly like incest and ageplay roleplays and stories, and noticed there aren't too many of them out there. So I've decided to take some of the stories I've played out over the years and plonk them on for everyone to enjoy. If you like my stories and would like to leave feedback, feel free to email me at! Often my ideas come from roleplays so if you have an idea that you'd like, do let me know. Or even let me know other RP ideas you think I should write about!