Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Lucy's Adventures - Vegas 'Family' Show Copyright(C) 2016 by Lucifia ---- Description: Emilia and her eldest daughter Tanya left for Las Vegas to earn a little money. Now her husband Tom, and their other two children Henry and Lucy have come to visit them for a little 'family' time. Codes: incest, corruption, preteen, coercion, dirty talk, orgy, gangbang, exhibitionism ---- Tom and his children Henry and Lucy were on their way to Las Vegas. On paper, it was a family trip, but clearly it was a chance for Tom and Henry to see what Emilia and Tanya had been up to in their past two years away from home. Initially they had gone off as a lady-pair to seek some extra money and exploration. However, when the money started rolling in at over 100k per month, it definitely raised eyebrows. Emilia had been quite coy about the job, initially only sending pictures of Las Vegas's strip during the day and a few tourist pictures, but over the months she had let him in on her little secret...she had become a hardcore stripper/fucker performer. In her last picture email about 6 months ago, it has shown her smiling at the camera and sipping from a cup of wine. She was dressed in an elaborate silk bath robe spread open as her legs were split wide. Her cunt and ass were stuffed full of cock, and two huge cumshots were being splashed over her tits in the the bottom was written "No more pictures until you cum and play with us yourself!" Hence, Tom had packed house and home and was heading off on a road trip! Tom had always suspected what his wife would get up to when she said she had a plan to earn her and Tanya's vacation in Vegas. And he had assured that whatever she did to make herself happy, he would approve of. But what he hadn't expected was that their gorgeous daughter Tanya would be ensnared by Emilia's lifestyle as well! Well, ensnared might not be the right word. The first time he had seen their normally demure eldest child in the pictures, she was in the background biting her lip nervously and rubbing her soft cotton panties, while Emilia was stuffed mouth, cunt, and ass with cock. He'd thought that was as far as things would go! Yet soon Tanya was actively joining in, and the blushing nervousness gave way to predatory fervor and cocklust. When the first black leather appeared on her curves, Tom knew she had found her calling. One of the largest checks he received included a picture of Tanya's face blazing with lust as she rutted into Emilia with a double-ended strap-on dildo. An even larger paycheck came when he saw some lucky sod plowing his wife, with Tanya behind him urging him on by violating his asshole! It was all too much. Tom packed up Henry and Lucy for a one-way trip. Lucy pouting prettily about her friend's missed birthday party but he promised she'd love Vegas. The trio had arrived at just the opportune time. The evening was giving way to the nightlife, and the strip's famous entertainment was in full swing. Dropping their things off at the hotel, he found a perfumed note that gave him a club address and security code for the back entrance. The only son, Henry was agog from the moment they set foot on the strip, his eyes gorging themselves on the female flesh. The young lad was in for quite a treat. There were firewalkers, dancers, parades, and plenty of demonstrations to occupy them. Lucy was loving every minute of it, especially the pirate performances and the water fountain display. Every now and then however, she would peek down some of the dark alleys, looking for the secret sign... Ah yes, the secret sign. Unknown to Tom or Henry, Tanya and Lucy had been in close contact, skyping almost every week. The two sisters were inseparable and never kept any secrets from each other. It was through the secret skype talks and emails that Tanya slowly introduced little Lucy to the debauched world of underage fucking. Lucy's email box was full of nasty pictures of Tanya's transformation from strong elder sister to dominating femme fatale. At first it was cute costumes like cheerleader and maid...then it was S+M costumes...then pictures of her posing nude with her fan club. Then her fan club slowly becoming blow-bang club...and then full on cock-worship club. Tanya herself was 15, a deliciously illegal but 'conservatively' aged gal for the strip. She could easily make herself look 18+, and on especially busy nights, she would work the normal club with her sexy mom Emilia. Tanya had somehow managed to become a gangbanged fuckslut...yet still maintain her boys' worship and admiration...only a domme like her could do it! Tanya had also hinted that some of her fans would absolutely love to cram their thick hard cocks into Lucy's little holes... but because it was illegal and Lucy was 12, it could only be done a special secret clubs, with a little secret symbol on the lamp-post outside the doors. Thus, Lucy was being especially curious about everything that night. Henry was openly asking his Dad to let him go to one of the strip clubs. He was 18 damn it! He should be allowed to at least get that part of the Vegas experience, even if he couldn't enjoy the booze and gambling. Tom tried to explain to the pent-up young lad that he'd likely enjoy what he had in mind more but, as teenagers are want to do, he merely scoffed and openly tried to hit up a pair of prostitutes, sending Lucy into a fit of adorable giggles and Tom into an exasperated removal of Henry by the arm. The powerfully built father had passed on his genes for an adonis-like figure but Henry was so pent up (and who could blame him with Tanya and Emilia strutting around the house and Lucy blooming early) his mind wasn't working properly. Shaking his head, he dragged the boy to one of the offshoots of the strip and took a hard left. He thought he saw a feral grin from Lucy but she quickly flashed to a look of innocent curiosity as they entered a side door with the strange symbol Emilia had told Tom to be on the lookout for. "Okay, your mother and Tanya said she'd meet us here so we just have to be patient," he said, grinning as Henry calmed down long enough to realize that the dark side-room was right off what had to be a club from the pulse-pounding music. They didn't have to wait long. Cheers and whoops erupted in the room next to them and soon the air was filled with dance music. A performance had just finished. From around the curtain, a busy looking stage hand popped her head through. 'Wow...if the stage hands look as hot as pornstars...wonder what the performers look like!' thought Henry, as the stage hand led them through the back towards the 'stars' quarters. Apparently, as the stage hand explained, Emilia and Tanya were rather famous underground celebrities, not just for their fucking, but also their dancing. They were having their own little circuit inside Las Vegas to the different hotels and nightclub hotspots. The stage hand left them at a non-descript looking door with a star on it saying 'E and T'. Pushing through, Lucy gasped with delight and wonder as her eyes were nearly overwhelmed. Just behind the bland door was a huge suite fit for an Arab king: lavish golden furnature, silks, and crystals everywhere. In the middle of it all, Emilia and Tanya sitting luxuriously on a king sized bed, watching not 1, but 3 huge 40 inch curved TVs. They quickly turned off the TVs as the family reunited...but Lucy could guess what was on it. Tanya went straight for her Daddy, giving him a big wet nasty kiss, while fondling his crotch. Henry's surprised was muffled by Emilia's sexy kiss and her own fondling. Lucy giggled cutely and waited for both women to finish fondling the boys before they gave her a double wet kiss...and a pair of naughty hands at her own crotch. Tom had expected things to move slower, that they were going to ease the younger two into just what kind of lifestyle "E and T" had gotten up to. But the moment Tanya was on him, he realized that he liked this way much, much better. He moaned softly into Tanya's lips and grunted as her hand rather fiercely fondled his shaft. Both of them smirked when Emilia sashayed the same way she had the first time Tom had seen her, right on up to Henry and the poor boy gasped, backing up against the wall before Emilia's long fingers tangled in his hair and kissed him. He sputtered even as his face flushed. Tom yanked on Tanya's wrist and kept her ass pressed against his crotch for the briefest moment to whisper in her ear, "My little girl is all grown up," he husked and then smirked when she flounced off to join in the 3-way make-out with her mother and sister. Clearly Lucy was in on it as she helped drag a sputtering Henry to a chair, the last little bit given by way of an almost dismissive shove from Tanya who bent over to kiss him right on the lips. "Shush little bro," she said firmly but lustily. "Don't pretend you don't want this," and then proceeded to veritably tongue fuck his mouth while Lucy looked on, eyes transfixed. "Well at least the kids aren't fighting... yet," Tom said and gave Emilia a sharp smack of her lingerie clad ass and a firm, lustful kiss full of months' worth of pent up desire. With Tanya at 15, Henry at 13, and Lucy at 12, some might have thought Emilia might have lost her shape a little. Far from it! The hot 28 year old still had the sexiest bombshell body, with big natural tits that spoke volumes of promise for the girls. She, like Tanya, could easily make herself look 18 from the other side of the age bracket. That hot nasty kiss from Tom nearly melted her, bringing back so many memories of bouncing on his cock before, during, and after their wedding. She had always voiced the fantasy of being gangbanged or having the children in on her 'lifestyle' but held off until now. "Mmmm... baby... Thanks so much for coming out here...I knew you couldn't resist!" she said, sliding her fingers along his chest, then down to his pants. "I know how much you want to get in Tanya...but I've got something special for us...I've promised the club a real nasty performance, all on camera and in front of the crowd...think Henry and Lucy would be up for it?" she whispered in his ear, so as not to give it away. "I promise you'll get to cum in little Lucy's ass if she's flexible enough!" Tom had to laugh. Emilia had gone so far beyond what he'd expected... but the mere thought of what she was describing had him rock hard even before her fingers snaked over his shaft. "Oh and don't act like you haven't been hot for Henry for ages..." He growled back. Henry, for his part, was groaning in frustration and annoyance as Tanya smacked away his hands every time he tried to explore her lush teenage curves, Lucy giggling even between baited, heated breathe. "F-fine..." Tom stammered out as he pulled Emilia tighter to him. "We'll do it, but I want Tanya... I want to knock her up like your Daddy did you when you were 13..." He husked, wondering if Lucy herself would be old enough to emulate her dear Mommy in that regard. Emilia laughed provocatively, "You'll Love Tanya...I thought she'd shy away from all this...but she's even nastier than I am. Just have a good look when we're out there... you'll see! The stage hand will be back soon, so best get you and Henry changed... Tanya and I will see to Lucy." *** In the performance arena, the crowds were baying for Emilia and Tanya and their 'special' show. They weren't to be disappointed. For the first act, Emilia went out in a resplendently beautiful slut-suit, with her nipples and pussy barely covered... Sitting with her legs spread, she slowly fingered herself, masturbating and moaning to the beat of the club music. The stage was surrounded by hundreds...or even perhaps thousands of fans akin to a boxing ring with Emilia on an elevated platform in the middle. Once she had cum several times and played with a few toys, she motioned Tom onto the stage. She licked her lips deliciously at him, spreading her cunt lips wide. "You took the pill right?...cause you're going to need all the spunk you've got!" she whispered to him. Tom was clad in the most absurd attire he could ever remember wearing. It was a tailored suit of the most immaculate Italian design except his cock and balls were dangling quite free exposed, already starting to harden from the pill and just the sheer lewdness of what was going on. He climbed onto the stage to a chorus of cat calls, and saw that a few were coming from Emilia's fellow performers. He shuddered at the sight of his gorgeous young wife flushed with pleasure. He strode to her, his cock getting harder with every step and then kissed her fiercely. "I hope you drank plenty of fluids, because I'm going to make you cum until you can't see straight," He hissed and without any ceremony plunged into her cunt, moaning long and loud at the familiar but exquisite feel of her cunt. He bent her over one of the railings on the elevated platform to give the crowd a show, railing into her from behind, her full round tits bouncing with each thrust. So consumed with taking his wife he hadn't seen in months, he didn't even hear Tanya make her appearance, but he felt her lips on his neck and then turned, kissing her, his cock almost exploding as his mind processed that he was kissing his eldest daughter in front of thousands both in person and on camera as he railed his wife. Tanya had come up in her now trademark uniform of leather and lace. Her entire sexy body was adorned with satins and silks, along with her leather thigh high boots and fishnets. The crowd gasped gleefully as she turned this way and that, letting her own budding D cup tits swing freely. Her crotch was already moist and dripping, and a thick butt-plug protruded from her asshole. Pulling the microphone from the ceiling like a ring-side MC, she licked her lips and murmured sensually into it for all to hear. "Thank you all for coming to see the Stimson family fuckfest! For your viewing pleasure, you'll get to see all five members of my nasty family fuck for as many rounds as they can stay conscious!" The crowd cheered, evidently revved up by the thought of a few boxing puns and innuendos. "You've no doubt seen myself, Tanya, and my whore mother Emilia, and I'd like to introduce you to Tom, my loving wholesome daddy...who will for the first time tonight...get to pound his big fat cock into my little cunthole!"," she said motioning to the grunting sweating moaning husband and wife couple. "As an added bonus of course, you'll be seeing my middle sibling Henry on his first porn shoot...and...dare I mention it now?" She leaned over the rails giving the drooling fans a good glimpse of her tits and sensual body. "My youngest sibling coming as the main event. She's so innocent and virgin...but before the night is done, she'll be the family fucktoy: stuffed, cummed, and obscene!" Tanya smiled and soaked in the baying atmosphere. She felt like a gladiator with an audience baying for fucking and cum! "As usual for our performances...we love cheers and applause...but the best way to let us know you love our to fuck. Fuck each other...fuck your friends...fuck your family...fuck strangers....who knows! You might get to fuck one of us later!" The whole club erupted in thunderous applause as Tanya announced "Let's begin!" Tanya flung the microphone over the rails and knelt behind Tom, burying her tongue in his asshole. Every time Tom tried to turn and hear Tanya's lewd announcements, he found Emilia yanking him back to her, plunging her tongue into his mouth and forcing his face against her heaving breasts, squeezing her cunt against his cock until it almost became too painful to even breathe, let alone move. He rutted again and again and again into his darling wife, so close to cumming. The moment Tanya's tongue buried up his asshole, the mere lewd thought that Oh God, this was happening! It was too much, let alone the physical sensation. He came almost instantly after a few quick short thrusts moaning into Emilia's kiss. Panting they pulled from one another, exchanged a look of mischievous desire, then pounced. Emilia yanking on Tanya's wrists, tackling her to the ground. The crowd roared at the unexpected change for the normally totally in control domina! After all, she had made pornstars cum in seconds, made the brawniest men weep just to touch her and yet her parents knew her best. Tanya thrashed beneath them as Emilia forced her cum-soaked cunt onto her eldest daughter's face while Tom, for the first time ever, buried his face in her cunt and asshole, teasing and toying with the young lady. "We've got a special surprise for Tanya!" Emilia said, as a new mic dropped to her hand. Turning to the audience, she grinned widely "Her father always complains about what a pain in the ass she is at home!" She said as Tom yanked Tanya to her hands and knees and buried his tongue in her asshole. "And her brother always complains that she won't shut the fuck up!" At that Henry awkwardly made his way onto the stage, dressed in some sort of mock football game uniform, but likewise, his crotch was bare, showing off his own inheritance from his father. Flushed with lust, his eyes went wide when he saw what precarious position Tanya was in. "So she's going to have to pay the piper on both counts!" Emilia finished to roars of approval from the crowd. She leaned over to grab Henry's hardening shaft and led him to Tanya. Grabbing Tanya's brown hair, she forced the girl's head right into his crotch the moment her own father slammed his cock into her asshole from behind for the first time. All around the crowd, men and women were screaming for this. They loved Tanya's dominant nature, but just once they wanted to see her used and fucked, and this was perfect. Women were fisting themselves in the audience, moaning at the size of Henry and Tom's enormous rods. Feminine whoops and cheers spread around the arena as Tanya squirmed and wriggled to no avail. Her back arched erotically as 18 inches of thick hot throbbing Daddy cock rammed into her asshole, the butt-plug being pulled out mere moments before. Some of the nearer folk gasped at the sight of Tanya's tummy bulging with the force of the pounding. Henry was in pleasure heaven as well. He had fantasized so many times of using Tanya and his mom. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined getting to face-fuck his dominating sister while his MILF mom guided his hips into her throat. Tanya's arms were pulled back behind her with every thrust into her ass. When Tom drew back, she fell forward onto Henry's cock. Back and forth her young teen body was thrown...daddy cock...daddy cock. With a muffle scream she came hard, squirting her teen juices all over her incestuous Daddy's cock, just as Henry peaked and blew his load in her mouth. Henry's orgasm took him by surprise, and he pulled out prematurely, painting Tanya's face with gooey sticky hot cum which she lapped up eagerly. Emilia stuck a finger in Henry's asshole, coaxing more from his prostate as she milked his shaft, "Come on Henry, that's a good boy...." she murmured with all her motherly graces and soothing tones "...give your elder sister a nasty cum-bath facial!" Tom had fucked Emilia's ass before...well it had been her idea. He had actually only ever done missionary in a dark room under the covers with a previous girlfriend before Emilia had gotten her pretty little hands on him. But even that first sensation of fucking Emilia's ass didn't compare to how Tanya's tight, teenage backside gripped him so perfectly. He loved yanking on Tanya's arms, forcing her into the perfect, almost painful position as Henry rutted into her mouth. Tom locked eyes with Emilia and smirked and then bent down to husk in Tanya's ear. "Your own mother wants me to... ungh fuck... so fucking good... wants me to knock you up. Just like her Daddy did her. Would you like that baby, domming all your horny clients and dance partners while your belly swells with your Daddy's incestous fuckbaby?" He hissed and his hands palmed her covered tits as he rutted into her. Henry's eyes would have bugged out if he had heard half the invective his own father was telling his elder sister. But he had eyes only for Emilia as she stroked and fondled his body, his lips descending on her hard nipples to suckle lovingly. He moaned when she violated his backdoor but soon he was cumming, cumming, cumming as she cooed in his ear. "Unnngh shit... mommy... so, so fucking good." It was too much for Emilia, even the brief -- or not so brief really -- respite from having her husband's cock inside her was too long. She yanked Henry from Tanya even as she guzzled his cum and threw him to the ground, mounting her son at the exact moment Lucy made her appearance in a sheer pink nighty that was NOT age appropriate, no matter the tiny teddy bear she was carrying. Giving Tanya a small smile and smirk and then flicking her eyes to her almost cross-eyed Daddy. At first glance to the crowd, Lucy was wearing a familiar nighty, often worn by adult performers or naughty girlfriends. But on closer was much worse...or better. Around her neck, she had a pink collar, with big sparkling letter spelling out FUCKTOY! Under the sheer fabric she had on a bikini, that displayed her wonderful budding C cup tits well, except the nipples were exposed, and her young untouched virgin pussy lips glistened pink and wet in the red light of the stage. All around the arena the audience were in awe, "Oh wow look at that strumpet!" "Fuck she's young." "I wonder if she knows what a cock is." "I'd love to see her gag on those two big fuckpoles" "God...and this is a family? What a fucked up sexy family!" Lucy blushed deeply at all the comment she could hear...but her main attention was on her loving family. She was mesmerized by the way her mommy's ass jiggled and bounced up and down on Henry's huge 18 inch cock, cum oozing out from her snatch - both father and son's. She loved how Tanya's eyes rolled up with every squirting orgasm and how she licked the sticky floor for more cum. She loved that nasty...obscene look Tom was giving if Tom was going to rape her in every hole tonight...god she wanted it....she wanted this lifestyle! Time seemed to slow down as she shuffled to the microphone and spoke into it. Her voice was shy at first, but became bolder and louder with every nasty word she spoke. "Hi...I'm Lucy... I'm a virgin, everywhere. I love my family...and I hope that.....that my brother cums in my ass...and...and my Daddy rapes my mouth...and maybe I get to do Scissors with my sister and Mommy?" There were numerous gasps from the audience as several of them came just from hearing the young preteen girl express her desire to be the family fuckpig. Tanya moaned wickedly with every little word Lucy had recited. Pulling herself off Tom's slick cock, she came over and gave her a giant hug, their breasts mashing together in a heaven that every man there wanted to enjoy. They locked lips in a delicious underaged nasty kiss as Emilia hit a red button and a veritable throne rose up in the middle of the platform. Smirking, Tanya came up and yanked her depraved horse-cocked Daddy down into the thrown. Gently she grasped Lucy's hand and they both started to sashay over to their Daddy. Tom's eyes nearly popped out as he stroked his obscene shaft, pearls of precum bubbling up over his already cum and cunt-juice soaked cock. Emilia's eyes were glazed over energetic rape-fucking Henry was giving her. She whimpered and submitted as he twisted, turning so she was on the bottom. When her back arched from a particular savage thrust, she saw just enough to see Tanya and Lucy kneeling before her husband and Tanya grasping that thick cock to pull it down right at Lucy's tiny 12 year old mouth. What a sight Tom beheld... sitting on a golden throne, with his huge 2 foot cock out. At his feet his two beloved daughters. One so innocent and precious...the other slutty and whorish with two of her holes already dripping with cum. Tentatively, Lucy licked and slurped lightly at the tip of his cock while Tanya attacked his balls and shaft with much greater lust. Soon however, the residual taste of Emilia's cunt, Tanya's asshole, and Tom's thick cum had Lucy eagerly sucking him in, even taking a few inches into her own mouth. Behind them, Tanya reached over and slide a finger into Lucy's asshole, making the young preteen squeal with pleasure. Deeper and deeper her fingers worked...2 fingers...3 fingers...4...until with an effort, she managed to thrust her fist into Lucy's little asshole. The young preteen wailed into Tom's cock, the first drop of cunt juices falling to splatter on the platform from her untouched...untainted cunt. Just when she thought she was getting the hang of giving a blowjob, she felt Henry's tongue lick her asshole, and Her Mommy's tongue slurp her clit. The rutting pair had scooted closer and they had attacked Lucy's virgin holes. Lucy gave a gasp of surprise and pleasure, momentarily opening her mouth wide. Tanya instantly grabbed Lucy by the back of the neck and crammed her head down on Tom's thick cock, a good 6 inches disappearing into the preteen's throat. Stars exploded in Lucy's vision as she experienced her first orgasm: deep-throating her Daddy, getting rimmed by her brother, fingered by her sister, and muff-dived by her Mother! It was all too much for Tom. He had known that this trip would be something to remember and emulate for the rest of his life but the moment Tanya had jerked Lucy's pretty blonde hair down to force-feed her his massive length, as she moaned so prettily at being orally assaulted by her own mother and brother, he knew he couldn't wait any longer. Nodding to Tanya, the elder girl smirked and batted Henry and Emilia away and lifted Lucy up, Toms powerful arms encircling the little girl. Despite the depravity of the moment, Tom couldn't help but give Lucy a playful teasing kiss on her nose. A gesture he had done for years. But now her giggles made his cock harden even more as Tanya lined up his massive shaft with her unspoiled cunt. "Daddy's so proud of you, Lucy," he murmured and gently kissed her lips. Tanya, ever the bitchy teenager, merely rolled her eyes and before Lucy could say a word, she slammed her baby sister straight down Tom's shaft, impaling her with her own Daddy's cock as the crowd's cheers rose to a deafening roar. Lucy's scream was loud and sweet. It was erotic. It was was fucking awesome! Her life was forever changed as the sweet tender family moment of father and daughter intimacy was twisted into the pleasure of getting her cunt split open on Tom's shaft. She was already in the middle of an orgasm and the hard deep thrust made her brain melt. Her back arched, and her eyes rolled into her head as her body thrashed in spasms of pleasure. Her mouth was open in a silent scream as her cunt clenched around her Daddy's thick fuckpole. Tanya wasn't done yet though with her babyfucktoy slut sister. Quickly she grabbed Henry up off of Emilia's cunt, earning her a glower from her mother. That glowering look soon changed to approval though as Tanya rearranged them with Lucy... Henry's cock was lined up to the little preteen's asshole, while Tanya and Emilia both put on double-ended strap-ons. Leaning into Henry's ear, Tanya hissed, "Fuck that asshole...fuck it until you cum...then fuck her mouth with your cumsoaked cock. Got it?" Henry's response was to rear up and grab Lucy's nighty, ripping it in half as he lined up his cock to her ass and impaled his cock in her. Lucy was a fucked little ragdoll with a total of nearly 4 feet of cock crammed into her body. Tanya loomed over her head, having climbed up onto the arms of the throne, her ass and cunt were thrust in Tom's face as she slide the long strap-on into Lucy's mouth. "Hey baby sis...thanks for coming out...I knew you'd love it out here. Everyone out here loves you!...especially when they see you triple stuffed with cock...nice and air tight!" Tom and Henry were in an entirely new world but their bodies knew how to react. Tom slammed his hips up to fuck into Lucy's tight little preteen-cunt and shoved his face against Tanya's holes. Henry slammed into his baby sister's asshole and moaned long and loud as Emilia once against teased his asshole. Tom would have killed to hear what Lucy was feeling, thinking and wanting in that moment as she was taken so lewdly over and over and over again, sputtering and gagging on the silicone of Tanya's dildo. But Tanya's filthy invective was enough to compensate by a mile. And then all four of the fucking family festival was blinded by the flash of a bulb. There Emilia stood, smirking with an old-timey camera, capturing every angle as the crowd chuckled and bids started for copies of the original prints. Tom was rapidly going cross-eyed. Even Tanya's asshole couldn't compare to Lucy's cunt. Harder, harder, harder he thrust and then he was collapsing back onto the throne, yanking on her cute little ass, bouncing it up and down. When Tanya squirted right onto his face, he was done. The force of his cum almost a geyser that could have propelled Lucy off his shaft were it not for her siblings fucking her down. As cum bubbled from her hole the first time, Emilia zoomed in and captured the picture, making a mental note to call it "Lucy's first conception fuck!" Tom's orgasm triggered a chain reaction. Henry exploded inside Lucy's little asshole, her tummy bulging as if she was already pregnant with the amount of cum being pumped into her. He kept fucking, pounding, impaling his beloved little sister. A little cum squirted out her ass with every thrust...matching the cum frothing out her cunt as Tom fucked his baby girl with reckless abandon. Lucy's screams became shrieks into Tanya's dildo as the young preteen slut came and came and came...her vision swimming as she fell unconscious... her limp ragdoll sexy body fucked for a good hour after that at the insistence of the crowd... *** A few months later, the five of them sat in their penthouse suite in their 5 star hotel on the strip of Las Vegas. Tanya gyrated on Tom's cock, Henry's cum oozing from her asshole. Next to her, Emilia ground down on Henry's thick rod cramming as much into her ass as she could while Tom's cum leaked from her pussy lips. Lucy flitted between the two pairs, licking and slurping at the cock and cunt combos. They were looking through the family photos of that day. Emilia had captured so many perfect family moments. The moment Lucy regained conscious and declared herself over the microphone as the nastiest youngest gangbanged preggo knocked up whore in the world. The moment she stood up and cum FLOODED out her ruined holes. The moment Tanya jumped on Tom's cock and she too was gangbanged into submission. The moment when Tanya, Lucy, AND Emilia's pregnancy tests showed positive...and the subsequent orgy after that. The best bit was that since Henry and Tom fucked the girls all the time, no one was sure whose babies they were. It didn't matter though...if they were boys, they'd get to fuck their mommies just like Henry had. If they were girls, they'd be another two sets of fuckholes for the boys to enjoy. Viva Las Vegas! ---- Hello All! I'm Lucifia (author), your naughty little fantasy! Your midnight dream! Your sinful guilty pleasure!...etc etc etc. I'm happily an ordinary young lady who enjoys reading Asstr stories and roleplaying. I particularly like incest and ageplay roleplays and stories, and noticed there aren't too many of them out there. So I've decided to take some of the stories I've played out over the years and plonk them on for everyone to enjoy. If you like my stories and would like to leave feedback, feel free to email me at! Often my ideas come from roleplays so if you have an idea that you'd like, do let me know. Or even let me know other RP ideas you think I should write about!