Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Lucy's Adventures - Lily's Triple Present Copyright(C) 2016 by Lucifia ---- Description: Mad scientist Henry has thoroughly infected Lucy, his daughter, and Tanya and Lily, her daughter's two best friends. So far they have kept it to themselves, but after having a successful sports match, Lily decides to bring home some young fangirls, while Tanya and Lucy are off exploring. Codes: corruption, preteen, coercion, dirty talk, ahegao, orgy, gangbang. ---- The crowd of cheering fans swamped the three teen stars as they emerged from field. Tanya and Lucy were drinking up the adoration, and had already promised to go partying with some of their fans. That left Lily on her own with Henry. She might be a little less in tune with body language than Lucy and Tanya, but she still knew how to read basic desires. And right now, Henry's basic desire...what to fuck some of the fan girls. Instinctively, she had singled out a trio of girls. A set of young ladies, who were aged 10, 12, and 14. With Tanya and Lucy gone, she suspected she and Henry could enjoy themselves for several hours in their hotel room. As Henry departed the locker room, he caught Lily's eye. She wasn't happy about being left behind, but he caught something in her gaze he'd never seen before. Mischief and defiance, along with all-consuming lust. He shuddered at the thought and decided to head back to the suite to do some more research. Never imagining that when he got back there, he'd find... "Surprise!!" chorused four voices as he entered the room. Lily was hopping on the bed, cheering, as three young girls giggled and waved their hands in the air at Hennry. "Hey Mr Stimson!! Look what I found! These little ladies want to be as superstars as we are!! And I told them they could meet the man who made it all possible!" she beamed happily. "This is Lisa, the youngest at 10. This is Tammy, at 12, and this is Erica at 14. Aren't they just precious!?" said Lily with a barely concealed grin. Henry was stunned to see Lily bouncing atop the bed, her breasts jiggling as her light blonde hair waved to and fro. His eyes widened as he saw the three gorgeous little minxes sitting atop the bed looking at her rapturously, as if she were a goddess with the answer to all their problems and ills. Their gaze flickered to Henry, plaintive eyes looking up at him eagerly. He tried to hide his shock but his eyes locked with Lily. "Is that so?" He said, breathless. He'd known Lily was bubbly and increasingly confident, but to bring a budding teenager whose figure already had the curves he so liked and two little preteens on the verge was something he'd never suspect. "That they are," He said, his eyes locked with hers as he started a slow production of pheromones within his body. "What all did you tell them, Lily?" "I said...if they're lucky, you might do for them what you did for me!...and I might help too!" All the three girls nodded eagerly. "Please Mr! I wanna grow up to be just like Lily!" said Tammy, the middle girl. Henry had to shake his head at her word play and stepped closer to her, taking his jacket it off and tossing it aside. He smiled at the little brunette, stroking her cheek, the skin-to-skin contact beginning to push the Virus to her. "Is that so? And Erica, little Lisa, do you two want to grow up like Lily or Tanya or Lucy?" He said, his eyes locked with Lily to let her know he'd be telling the other girls of her little stunt. How could he not when it was so delightfully depraved. "And you don't have to wait to grow up like her! You can be JUST like her!" He said, giving in, coming to the side of the bed near Lily, a hand going to the back of her neck and yanking her down in for a very rough kiss right in front of the three little girls. Lily grinned happily, her innocent smile disappearing as she moaned and kissed Henry back. The girls looked on with delight and awe as the virus began to multiply within them. Lily's entire body exuding the seductive pathogen as she opened herself up completely... unzipping the skintight sports outfit, her beautiful bouncing breasts popped free...and her taunt glistening tummy revealed itself to them all. Henry moaned into the kiss and flicked his eyes only to look at the girls. Erica was in awe, obviously flushed. Tammy was confused but intrigued but poor little Lisa looked just the barest bit afraid. He smirked to himself and turned Lily so that she was back to front with Henry, stripping her, letting her own body serve as a factory for their depraved Virus. "I wish I'd made the Virus earlier," He hissed in her ear as he stripped her. "I should have been fucking your little girl cunt when you were SIX!" His hand came up to grab her sex before striding past her wordlessly. "That's the first step girls!" He said as if it were a game. "You have to kiss and strip!" He yanked Erica up and kissed her boldly, tongue slithering into her mouth, wondering how the other two girls respond. Erica, for her part, moaned and whimpered and Henry could feel Lily creeping up behind him. His cock started to rise in his slacks. Erica's hands slowly starting to pull Henry into the kiss as he flooded her with lustful cocktail of pheromones and the virus. Lily was in a world of her own: a happy world of spreading the virus and enjoying being fucked hard at the same time. Eagerly she stripped off naked, artfully left a little clothes on. "Remember girls, being completely naked is fun, but it's always really cool and kinky if you leave maybe a few bits like your socks, or maybe our belts on ok?" she coached them. Before long, Erica was the only girl not yet naked. Lisa and Tammy were both stripped down and almost begging to have some of Henry's tongue. "Please please! Can it be my turn now? Asked the young Tammy. Lisa looked just a little uncomfortable, "Um...Tam..we have to get back to our room! we have a curfew!" Lily grinned at Lisa... "Now now... Tammy's your older sister, and she knows best! Ao hush hush. How about you come sit with me darling?" she cooed and scooped Lisa up and sat her on her lap. Her large breasts pressed around Lisa's head, and the young girl snuggled back in comfort. Henry pawed roughly at Erica's budding breasts before pulling away, turning to let Lily swoop in and kiss the girl. Erica squealed with surprise and delight, her first REAL kiss from a girl, but her moan only made Henry smirk, letting Tammy's tiny hands yank his belt off before pulling her up and kissing her fiercely. She pulled back from the kiss gasping. "Shut UP Lisa!" She whined before clumsily diving back into the kiss, light hands pulling at Henry's shirt and tie, Erica panting with youthful lust. "Now, now Tammy!" Henry said in a stern voice, echoing Lily. "That's no way to talk to your sister!" He said and gave the lithe brunette's pert pre-teen tush a harsh slap. Making her yelp and duck her head into Henry's chest even as he stroked her back. "And for that, you have to go say you're sorry while I show Erica how to become like Lily!" And with that Henry turned, capturing Erica and nuzzling his face down to her growing breasts, his slacks soon joining the rest of his clothes on the floor. His cock throbbed and pulsed as it pushed against her dainty hand. "That's it Erica, stroke it. Get it all nice and hard so I can teach you," He grunted, eyes locked with Lily as she held onto the youngest girl. Erica's eyes were wide with wonder and unsuppressed desire as she tugged and pulled at Henry's cock. She was old enough to get some sex-ed teaching, but this was the biggest and fattest cock she had ever seen. "Oh my's so enormous!" she crooned over it, as Henry stroked her head. Without being asked she leaned in and licked it, only to have Tammy whine and complain, "Waaaiiit!! but...but...I want to lick his cock too!" she whimpered. Meanwhile, Lisa watched with confusion and slight fright as Erica gave herself entirely to licking Henry's big rod like a lollipop. It was huge! The big fat stick that Erica liked and Tammy wanted was like a big sausage...almost like the one growing between Lily's legs under her! Lily grinned and held Lisa gently, not letting her go as the older girl's clit slowly grew and grew into the big fat futa cock. The way Lisa was sitting, the cock came up between her legs, resting against her tummy. Soon there would be no way for Lisa to get off without pushing Lily's cock out of the way. "You can also do it by licking tight little cunts!" Henry said pulling Erica;s mouth off his shaft and putting her on her hands and knees before him, conveniently placed behind Tammy who was really exploring her first cock Lily's swelling futa dick! Henry ducked his head down and gave Erica's cunt a lash of his tongue. "Or even by tonguing dirty, horny shitters!" He called, his tongue teasing Erica's never-fucked asshole. Making her moan into the luxurious bedspread before his hand roughly raced her face up to push it into Tammy's pert backside. The fire of lust burned in Lily's eyes as she reached around Lisa and grabbed Tammy by the ponytail. "Mmmm that's right Tammy, suck my big nasty cock! Only big girls can suck cock. A you a big girl?" she teased. Tammy pouted cutely, "Yes I am! I'm a really big girl! I can suck it like a loli-mmph!" Lily didn't wait for her to finish as she bucked her hips up and pushed Tammy's mouth open with her big fat fuckstick. Lisa trembled, shaking with conflicting lust and fear. "Ta..Tammy doesn't that hurt?" she asked. But Tammy was already gone. A huge fat cock was now plowing deep into her preteen throat, and she was getting her cunt licked out by young Erica. Lily grinned and gripped a handful of Tammy's hair to hold her in. "AHhhhhh wonder Lucy loved it when I sucked her off! Having a cock rocks!...and having a dirty little slut to suck it rocks too!" she cried gleefully as Tammy threw herself eagerly into the role of 'cockslut'. Tammy's muffled answer was indistinguishable as she tried to reply to little Lisa but the eager shake of her head, only adding to Lily's pleasure, was answer enough. The sight of Lisa trying to push herself away had Henry grinning when his tongue wasn't busy tormenting Erica's young holes. Little did Lisa realize that her legs pushing her back was only grinding her hot little cunt back and forth on the base of Lily's cock. "Hurting a little bit is okay, Lisa!" Henry called to the girl whose eyes had gone wide as dinner plates as Henry kneeled behind Erica, the older girl looking back at him with desperate hunger. "See, Erica's probably going to be in a touch of pain in a second," He said, his eyes shifting from Lisa to Lily, speaking to her. "But that's the last secret to be just like Lily!" His hands came to Erica's hips to position her. The 14-year-old alternated between gazing at him wantonly and eating out Tammy's tight holes. "The biggest secret is," his hips slid his member between the girlish cleft of Erica's back side. "You have to get FUCKED in all your tiny, young girl holes!" And with that he reared back, thrust into Erica's virginal cunt and moaned at her high, girlish scream. Lily laughed happily, her gleeful cry mixing obscenely with Erica's scream of pleasure and slight pain. "That's right!! You know... I had to get fucked in all my dirty little holes... my ass." she said poking Lisa's little butthole, "My mouth", she said, lightly fingering her lips, "and my filthy, nasty, fuckslut cunt!" she declared, as she plunged two fingers into Lisa's unprepared little pussy. Lisa screamed and half struggled to get up, but she was trapped in place. Lily had her arms around and in front of her, Tammy was being a good cock-sucking whore, stopping her from getting up. "Mmmm do you wanna be like me, Erica?" Lily asked the bouncing 14 year old slut, as she rocked back and forth. "Do you wanna be a star like me?..well then get fucked!" Erica moaned, her tongue lolling out with pleasure and carnal delight. "Fucked! I wanna get fucked!" she screamed, delerious with the sensation of cock plowing her no-longer virgin hole. "Please...Mr Henry! FUCK ME! Fuck me up! Use my nasty teen fuckholes! Make me a star!" she begged and pleaded. Without any ceremony, any warning, Henry yanked Erica all the way down to the hilt on his length and came inside her, throwing his head back as he came, came, and came more. His cock pulling from her body to arc up and cover the depraved fucksluts with his spunk, most of it missing Lisa, covered as she was by Tammy and Lily, but a glob landed right on her flat, girly tummy. Lily hissed and moaned watching Erica get cumfilled and then tossed aside like a rag doll. The young teen had her fist jammed inside her own cunt as she fucked herself hard, moaning and groaning before joining Tammy in her lewd cockworship of Lily's futa. Henry, satisfied with fucking Erica's teen asshole, crawled behind Tammy before yanking on her pigtails and slamming his cock into her cunt, eyes locked with Lily as he violated another one of her presents, the third and final one sobbing from lust and fear as she wriggled in the elder girl's grasp. Lily moaned and leaned over Lisa to growl at Tammy and Erica, "Mmm that's it cumwhores! know... I got fucking raped too!" she said with a happy smile. "I didn't know it at the time cause i loved every minute of it!...but I got every hole pounded by my girlfriends! I was turned into a filthy nasty piece of cuntmeat just like you are now!" Between erotic slurps and licks, Tammy looked up slightly cross-eyed at Lily as her cunt was stretched open on Henry's huge cock. " I keep fucking and sucking and being a...a cumwhore, then I'll become a star like you!" Lily grinned and reached out to slide one of her fingers into Erica's fucked little cunt. "Oh yes babe you will!...but don't forget... the more cocks you have the bigger the fuckslut, cumdump, and fucktoy you will be!" she said, teaching new words to the new whores. Meanwhile Tammy's brain was in meltdown. One cock was more than enough to shatter the innocence and conscious mind of any of the girls... but the 12 year old was taking two fucking cocks inside her. Mouth and cunt. More than once she had cum herself silly...sliding into a dream of debauchery and lust. When she shook herself out of the haze, she was still in the middle of the nasty double-cock fuckfest...and the 12 year old loved every inch from both directions. Henry smirked at Lily's wicked recount of her own rape at the hands of his darling daughter, Lucy. "That's right girls! You'll become just like Lily! And even Lucy! You can use your horny futacocks to fuck other girls and bring them to have even more fun!" Henry said with a triumphant laugh. Erica moaned loudly when he plunged a finger in her ass to join Lily's finger and her own fist inside her cunt. "I've... I've got twin... twin little sisters," Erica panted as she rubbed her face all over Lily's futacock. "They, they just turned five. I'll... I can bring them to you, please... please... I'll do anything!" She squealed even as Tammy cried out with each of Henry's violent thrusts. Or rather would be if she had stayed conscious during his and Lily's vicious doublefuck. Popping Lily's cock from her mouth momentarily, she glared hungrily up at her sister Lisa.."'re going to get fucked today! By all of us! That's final!... I want you to be the best in the you're going to be the filthiest nastiest dirtiest most obscene little cockwhore ever! Got it!?" Her declaration to her own baby sister did Henry in. Lisa's sobs as Henry came only made the load that much more substantial and that much more potent. He came and came again and Erica dove in to lick up his seed as it gushed from Tammy's fucked little slit in spurts and bursts. Soon Henry pulled out from her, and knelt up to pull Lily's golden locks to suck on the fuckjuice-covered length. "It's your turn little Lisa," Henry half-sang as he gently but strongly pulled the little girl from Lily's grasp. Laying her on her back, Henry pressed his body atop her, his cockhead rubbing against her tiny cunt and asshole. Lisa whined and pleaded, begging him to stop, even as her cunt slathered its juices against his cock head. "Don't worry little darling," He murmured, kissing her face. "It won't go there." And with that he reared his hips back and plunged his shaft into her impossibly tight shitter. Lisa's brain exploded with pleasure as her asshole stretched impossibly wide to accommodate Henry's cock. She opened her mouth to scream but Tammy scooted on top to grab Lisa's head and push her mouth into her cum-soaked cunt. Already Tammy was growing a little cock and it was slapping against Lisa's forehead. Erica's tiny futa prick was already larger now too, and she had taken her slick fist out and was fondling Henry's balls while leaning over to lick his cock as it flashed in and out of Lisa's asshole. Lily grinned...such a filthy dirty set of girls, just like herself. Spying an opening, Lily positioned herself behind Erica...lining up her cock with the 14 year old's asshole. With a single thrust, she plowed into her, forcing her up and on top of Lisa as she was impaled with cock. Erica screamed then shrieked with delight as her own little futa cock poked past henry's cock, and pushed against Lisa's little virgin slit. "Fuck her!" screamed Lily, "Fuck her, Erica! Rape Lisa's cunt! I want her to be just like me!...fucked full of cock, filled with cum, and begging...pleading for everyone to fuck her day in day out! We're all Henry's filthy little cumtoys!" The three girls were well and truly broken in. The virus was too much for Lisa and she started bucking up and down, sucking hard on Tammy's cunt. Her asshole and cunt clenched down on the cocks crammed inside her, while Erica and Tammy kissed sloppily. With his own shaft so long, Henry could survey the debauched scene before him, the angle letting him thrust again and again into Lisa's violated asshole, his hand roughly yanking Lily's face to his to kiss her as they worked in tandem to corrupt and fuck and bugger and suck the three girls sandwiched between them. Henry howled with delight when Tammy yanked her cunt off Lisa's face, the younger girl's expression rapturous but then violated as Tammy's new shaft worked into her throat. Henry rutted into the girls over and over again. His seed rising he couldn't take any more and exploded inside her roaring, "Take it! Take it you preteen little cuntslave!" He yanked his shaft from her, his explosive load coating all four girls before he pulled Erica and Lily violently from atop her, yanked her away and impaled her on his thick cock. "Daddy's going to knock you up and make you help him fuck your horny little daughters!" He hissed before kissing her, his one hand pinning her to him as he rocked on his haunches, the other coming to stroke every inch of the other girl's nubile flesh. Lisa was in pleasure heaven, she bounced like a rag doll on Henry's huge cock while the other three girls stroked licked and fucked each other senseless. Lily was all over Erica and Tammy, using the girls indiscriminately like two sets of 3 holes to fill and fuck. Again and again her futa cock exploded in and over the girls until they were all cumsoaked futa fuckpigs. Eagerly the two little girls knelt now, licking Henry's and Lily's balls and they stood together. Lisa's cunt was full of Henry's cock, while Lily violently savaged her asshole. Cum, sweat, and cunt cream dripped down the girls as the giggled, chanting, "Fuck Lisa! Rape Lisa! Stretch her cunt open! She's a nasty preteen whore!" Lisa was nearly comatose with orgasmic bliss as her tiny body was slammed from both sides by Lily and Henry, her cunt and asshole were stretched wide by their cocks. In a short while they would shrink down to their original virginal slit sizes, but for now, they were both gaping ruined cumstained fucked cocksockets. Her tongue lolled out her grinning mouth as she reached out to jerk Tammy's and Erica's cock. All for cocks exploded at the same time, coating the newly baptized fuckmeat with four different loads of cum, it was all too much for her and she passed out from the pleasure. A little while later, Lisa woke up in her own hotel room. She was in her nightie and her friends Erica and Tammy were asleep beside her. Was it all a dream? A very nasty depraved imagination? She was about to dismiss it as such...when she smelt the intoxicating scent of cum. Lifting the sheets, she ducked her head under to check on her friends. Tammy and Erica were both naked under the sheets, their hands on each other's formidable cocks, stroking lewdly in Lisa's face. The two of them opened their eyes and ducked under the sheets, grinning with malicious lust. "Ready for Round Two?" Lisa froze...then slowly stripped off her nightie. "Fuck me up girls!" ---- Hello All! I'm Lucifia (author), your naughty little fantasy! Your midnight dream! Your sinful guilty pleasure!...etc etc etc. I'm happily an ordinary young lady who enjoys reading Asstr stories and roleplaying. I particularly like incest and ageplay roleplays and stories, and noticed there aren't too many of them out there. So I've decided to take some of the stories I've played out over the years and plonk them on for everyone to enjoy. If you like my stories and would like to leave feedback, feel free to email me at! Often my ideas come from roleplays so if you have an idea that you'd like, do let me know. 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