Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Lucy's Adventures - Drugged at School Copyright(C) 2016 by Lucifia ----- Description: Mad scientist and lecherous pedo Henry has perfected his pheramone serum. His first test target: His own preteen daughter Lucy, and her unsuspecting school friends. Codes: incest, corruption, preteen, coercion, dirty talk, rape, orgy, gangbang. ----- It was like any other day of summer school. All the students were wearing their school uniforms and getting ready for the holiday. Tanya and Lucy were two friends at the school, typical girls for their age. They loved music, loved dancing, loved their fads and popstars, hated what was `so yesterday', and giggled and gossiped about boys. On this particular day, both girls were hoping to get out of school early to go to a nearby cafe for a spot of chatting outside the noisy school area. Little did they know what Henry, Lucy's father, had in store for them. Henry was both frantic and overjoyed. He had been working on a chemical formula to alter human emotional response to certain smells. Inadvertently he had stumbled on the science of mating pheromones and sexual responses. He had delved down the route so far that the original company had cut his funding recently. Only his own funds had kept the project going, and now his serum had been perfected! Much sooner than he'd expected as well. He'd thought it would take years to complete, but it hadn't, and now he wished to test it. There would be no way to avoid doing what he was about to, and he wished his targets would be more `developed'. However, the more he thought about what was to happen, the harder his cock got. He saw his little girl and her friend Tanya enter the secluded café where he had been waiting. He gulped and checked around before making his way into the café, dropping a vial of the potent chemical. It shattered with a tiny crack against the floor and he swept the shards safely into the corner. "Girls! How's your lunch going?" He asked even as he locked the door behind him, flooding the room with his potent pheromones. Wondering if the hot little preteens would be able to understand what those pheromones would do to their young bodies. The two girls smiled up at Henry, not understanding why the room suddenly felt so hot. "Hey Daddy! Surprised to see you here, everything ok at home?" asked Lucy. Tanya was busy checking out Henry's body... it seems different than when she had seen it on Lucy's last sleepover "Oh everything is perfect," Henry said confidently. His eyes darting between the two girls' bodies, a hungry note in his eyes. "Or it will be." He strode closer to them, loving how flushed their young faces got as his pheromones coated the room. His eyes flicking between the two, trying to decide. Lucy or Tanya...or even Both? No... there would be a better way. "Why are you two off alone?" He asked coyly, a hand coming to touch Tanya's hip. "Talking about boys... maybe girls?" Lucy smiled up at him. "Alone? Oh we're not alone, there's some friends over in the corner!" Henry paused for a moment. He'd wanted the girls alone to do what he craved to do. But the small group of two preteen girls and three older boys made him pause. Just as he was wondering whether to remove the two girls, he saw the two girls the corner table nudge closer to their male companions. And he knew he had to keep going. He stroked Lucy's cheek lovingly, smiling at her before his hand went to Tanya's hip, slowly caressing her thigh. "Are you alright Tanya?" He taunted, almost ready to pounce. Tanya bit her lip..." yes sir!" she whispered, as the pheromone began to seep into her system. She was already shuffling closer and closer to Henry. "Good, because I'm going to make you feel even better," He hissed before his hand came to cup her face and yank her into a lewd kiss that no man his age should to give to such a young girl. His hand gliding down to paw at her budding breast. Tanya groaned and kissed him back, letting him lewdly fondle her breasts. She was just 11! How could he possibly do this to her!? Lucy's eyes widened as Tanya reached up to grab Henry's crotch, stroking it obscenely with her little fingers... "Daddy...what!? What are you doing!?" He smirked wickedly as Tanya stroked his cock through his slacks. He pulled from the kiss and licked her neck lewdly. "Such a nasty little girl," He hissed before pulling back. "Just watch Lucy," He snarled at her before pulling from Tanya and roughly moving her to bend her over the table, yanking her schoolgirl floral panties down past her skirt, his tongue pushing into her tight, virginal preteen cunt. Tanya squealed with delight as his tongue invaded that private place she was always taught to hide, her eyes rolling with delight. Lucy almost leapt from the table with shock. She half grabbed Tanya's arm, but the girl lay limply on the table, moaning in blissful ignorance of everything except the lewd sensation of Henry's tongue licking her cunt out. Tanya's adorable squeals as her first instance of having her cunt licked made Henry moan directly into her snatch. The moans from the corner rising as the blondes openly fondled the boys. Henry could only smirk wickedly, as Lucy tried to pull her away. "Private?" He hissed and smacked her ass violently. "If that's private, what about here?" He asked, trilling his tongue over the preteen's asshole. "They won't be private when I RAPE them," He growled and stood back, flipping her skirt up and yanking his slacks down, revealing his obscene cock which only pumped pheromones into the air further. Without any ceremony, his hand came and pushed the brown-haired girl's head down to the table and rammed his cock into her pussy. "Unnnngh... fuck... so good... such a good little girl cunt!" Lucy and Tanya screamed together, Lucy was screaming in sheer fright at how brutal and violent her daddy was being with her best friend. Tanya was screaming her brains out as the first thrust tore through her virgin hymen, ripping her world open and dumping her into the lewd hell of pleasure. "Daddy, NO STOP! Please! DON'T DO IT!" Lucy cried as she backed up, tripping over her chair to get away from him. In the corner, the three boys had already gotten one of the girls on her back on the table like Tanya, her clothes ripped away, her hands wrapped around their cocks with the third in her mouth. Tanya's high-pitched scream made Henry moan as he rutted into her again and again. His cock before the Virus would have been too big for the girl, as it stood now, he was ripping her cunt a new one. But the obscene pleasure of his precum made her squeal and deadened the pain as he raped her. Each pulse reverberating through her tight cunt with his thrusts, her tiny sounds of pleasure and pain making his cock throb in ecstasy. "Daddy's going to do far more than that with you!" He hissed at Lucy and the thought of what was to come made his cock exploding into Tanya's virginal cunt. His hand yanking on her hair to pull her back, tongue thrusting into her girlish mouth. He pulled from Tanya's flooded cunt and kissed her again, ripping her shirt away to play with her hard nipples. "Now Tanya... to thank Daddy for fucking you... help me rape my little girl!" He hissed, eyes flashing to Lucy. With a final gurgling gasp, Tanya slumped forward, her tongue still worming in the air, seaking a cock or mouth to kiss, her gaping cunt dripped cum and blood, her once virgin slit now oozing fucksauce and cuntslime... Like a zombie she dragged herself to her feet, the filth of her rape drooling down her young preteen thigh... "Mmmm...fuck...Lucy.." she grinned as she started towards her. Lucy ran for the door, pounding on the windows in her desperate bid to escape, but they were all locked. Frantically she darted to the kitchen's serving window, scrambling up and through the small opening, but ripping her shirt on the way out. Henry smirked as his little girl ran off. "Get her," he barked at Tanya and the little girl smiled blissfully before tearing after her best friend with inhuman speed. "And you five!" He yelled as the rutting in the corner ceased. "You know what you have to do now. Go, spread, infect and enjoy!" He hissed and they all dressed, though in a much more perverse way before spreading back to the school. ******** It was absolute chaos as the infected spread through the school. In the main cafeteria, there were hundreds of students blissfully unaware of what was slowly moving through the corridors. The three boys from the café moved so casually through the crowd, nothing was out of place. Girls who didn't know them ignored them as usual. With almost cruel ease, the boys walked straight up to any girl he fancied, forced her to her knees, and crammed his cock into her mouth. Her surprise and disgust would soon be replaced with lewd moans and grunts as they sucked feverishly. The girls smiled and giggled, as boys thronged to them... touching...fingering.... stripping them...until nearly every girl in the cafeteria was naked and beset by her male admirers. Meawhile, Henry could follow Tanya leisurely, her unique scent drawing him nearer and nearer. He could also smell Lucy's fear as well. As he realized Tanya was closing in on his daughter, he took his time, entering classrooms and violating a female teacher and then leaving as the teacher then rounded on both boys and girls, corrupting and fucking each in turn before that classroom then spread explosively to the next. Finally, he came to a closed off equipment room, Tanya in the doorway as a sobbing Lucy tried to back away. Even then he could smell his little girl's arousal. "It'll all be okay, Lucy," He murmured as he slipped behind Tanya, pushing his cockhead against her asshole. Lucy held a tennis racket out, swinging it back and forth at the approaching Tanya, who stayed easily out of range. At Henry's approach, Tanya cooed and withdrew, bending eagerly for henry's big slutfucker cock. She growled " ass...oh god...please.....I'm a good girl... I promise!" she moaned. Henry growled and smacked her butt violently, pulling on her brown hair to kiss her, sucking on her tongue as he fucked into her asshole. Eventually her squeals were too much and he came in her ass, leaving her in a puddle of his fuckjuices and her own cuntslime. He advanced on Lucy and easily grabbed the racket and then yanked her by her wrists against the Wall. "Don't you want to cum for Daddy?" He teased her, his hand going to rip the rest of her shirt away as his tongue lapped against her neck before flicking her hard nipples. "NOOOO! NO I don't want any of it! Let go of me!! I don't want to be your slut!" Already she was using words she had never used before. Unknown to her, her cunt was already moist just from watching Tanya's expression of blissful ass-rape... the brunet beauty was draped over a stack of mats, her cunt and ass both oozing with cum, her fingers stirring up her fucked holes. Just outside the doorway, the PE teacher grinned as his two favorite girls, aged 9 and 10, were 69ing at his command, while he pounded his thick fuckrod into a third girl. "Slut?! What a filthy word," Henry growled, his hand coming to her throat, squeezing firmly but not painfully, his lips plastering to hers as he kissed her the way no father should, his cock brushing against her thigh. "You'll be more than Daddy's slut!" He hissed and with that his hips thrust up and with one smooth stroke, he took his little girl's virginity. The assembled mass of students and teachers already infected made their way to the auditorium, the last holdouts ruthlessly hunted down by the older girls and boys, bringing them to heel and to the hell of obscene, wicked pleasure. Lucy's brain almost crumbled as the huge thick vile cock slide up into her slit, tearing up her virginity! "Noooo! No Daddy Don't fuck me! Don't stick your big raping cock in my cunthole! I'm not a dirty little whore for you to bang!" she screamed, her words getting even filthier. Blood ran down her thigh, just a small trickle though, as it was easily washed away by the gushes of juice that squirted forth. Lucy closed her eyes, wishing herself somewhere else. She beat at her daddy's chest, her little fists pushing and pummeling, but nothing would stop his strong strokes into her. Her high-pitched whines and moaned words only made him hotter and harder, he rutted up into her, his lips coming to teasingly lap at her neck as his hand went and palmed her bubbly ass, raising and pulling her down with each vile thrust. "Yes you are!" He growled as his cock pulsed inside her. "You are...A gorgeous little fuckslave for Daddy. Daddy's going to rape you like he should have for years!" He hissed at her, moaning into her ear. "And you'll fuck many more boys, girls, men and women for me!" On the sidelines, Tanya got groggily to her feet and wandered out of the storage room. In here eyes, this was how the world should be... young preteen cuntmeat broken in at school, used and abused like pieces of property, fucked until they passed out. She smiled at a pair of boys who just walked up to her and rammed their cocks into her holes. What were their names? It didn't matter...they had lovely cocks! Across the auditorium she saw her usual group of friends and waved, they took the cocks out of their hands and mouths to wave back for a moment before the boys crammed their dicks back into them. Tanya decided she would join them, once she had a cunt and assful of cum from these nasty boys. Slowly Lucy was dragged from the equipment cupboard and towards the auditorium stage. All around her, she saw her best friends and classmates naked or near naked, grinning and laughing like it was a normal school day... except instead of pencils they held cocks... instead of juice they drunk cum, and instead of calling each other girl or girlfriend... they were calling each other fuckpig, cumdoll, cuntmeat, whoreslave...everything that a good nasty toy should be. Henry witnessed his depraved plan coming together all around them. His hands carrying Lucy, each step of his forcing her up and down his cock, her pitiful whimpers only making him hotter. He yanked Tanya off two rutting boys and had her help him, laying Lucy down on the platform that had been raised in the middle of the auditorium's stage, raping her again and again as Tanya held her arms, freeing his hands to maul her budding breasts. Her two best guy friends coming to the stage, stroking their cocks over her, eyes locked with hers as her own father defiled her. Lucy's brain was becoming confused. She didn't want it! NO she didn't want those two boys! Daddy was enough.." NO...stop! Don't... I don't like...more....more cock...I want...just Daddy!" she groaned... her body slowly contorting to give Henry more and more pleasure... "I'm not everyone's fucktoy!...I'm...I don't want more yet!" she gasped, as the whole audience laughed and continued the obscene assembly. "Well that's too bad, darling," He hissed and he pulled her and contorted her body until she was on her hands and knees, he pulled his cock from her cunt, slapping the thick fuckmeat against her ass cheeks and then pushed slowly, ever so slowly into her asshole, grunting the whole while as her two friends came and stuck their cocks into her face, one against her lips, the other against her chin as Tanya came around behind Henry, letting him kiss her lewdly, her dainty fingers plunging into Lucy's cunt. Daaddyyyyy Noo--mmph!" her scream was cut off as a fat delicious cock filled her mouth. It tasted so right! She looked up and saw... her bestie, Sam gripping her hair, pulling her head into his crotch as he raped her... his grin both lustful and happy. She almost came just from that dominating face. Beside Lucy, Tanya loved her new master, Henry...and how he was treating Lucy. Tanya wanted the best for Lucy... and the best thing for her prudish friend Lucy....would be the hardest rape ever!" "Suck it!" He roared as his cock pulsed in her bottom. His hand coming to her golden locks and forcing it further along her friend's cock. Her other friend coming to yank her hand out from under her, forcing her to stroke his length as her Daddy raped her ass over and over. The angle of her contortions leaving her breasts -- were they fuller all of a sudden -- bare and Tanya squeaked eagerly before tonguing her friends nipples. The lewd sight before him, hundreds of students and scores of teachers rutting and fucking as he took Lucy almost too much. "Daddy's going to cum, Lucy," He hissed, spreading her cheeks lewdly with his hands as he changed the angle of his hips to pound down into her. "Going to cum in your tight little shitter." "Oh god...Daddy..not...not my ass! Please...oh god...ahhhh!" She screamed, the pleasure was too great, she was already stroking her friend's cock automatically. For comfort, she turned to the one thing she could do at the time... suck dick. Lustfully, she closed her eyes and drained her friends' balls dry, cum shooting all over her body as she finished them off one by one. Finally it was just her daddy in her ass. "Daddy...just...just cum..please...cum in my asshole!" she moaned... thinking she wanted it over. Actually, she was finally starting to succumb to the pheromones. He teased her, pulling out and rimming her and her pleas became stronger..."Don't tease me Daddy! ...just...fuck me! Fuck my asshole please! Just cum! Cum in your little whore daughter!" "Daddy's not going to cum in your asshole, my little cumslut daughter!" He mocked, his middle finger plunging into her backdoor after he rimmed her. "He's going to knock up his little fuckslut!" He hissed and then slammed his cock into her cunt that was mere minutes ago virginal. He moaned at her lewd words, her desperate need to cum and the corruption all around them. His sperm plastering into her young cunt. Lucy screamed one final piercing shriek, the sound of a young innocent preteen girl finally giving in to her deep-seated desire to be gang-fucked and knocked up by her daddy. The whole auditorium cheered loudly as cum flooded Lucy's cunt, back-flowing and oozing down the platform. ---- Hello All! I'm Lucifia (author), your naughty little fantasy! Your midnight dream! Your sinful guilty pleasure!...etc etc etc. I'm happily an ordinary young lady who enjoys reading Asstr stories and roleplaying. I particularly like incest and ageplay roleplays and stories, and noticed there aren't too many of them out there. So I've decided to take some of the stories I've played out over the years and plonk them on for everyone to enjoy. If you like my stories and would like to leave feedback, feel free to email me at! Often my ideas come from roleplays so if you have an idea that you'd like, do let me know. Or even let me know other RP ideas you think I should write about!