Note: This story was dynamically reformatted for online reading convenience. Gone to the Dogs 04 - Bad Blood Copyright(C) 2017 by Lucifia ---- Description: In a world where Anthro creatures reign supreme, and humans are relegated to the status of mere pets. Alice finds a way to cement her importance in the eyes of her adopted father Malcolm, CEO of Valentine Inc. Codes: anal, incest, corruption, preteen, ahegao, coercion, dirty talk, hypnosis, gangbang, orgy, anal, beast, breeding, preg. ---- As Alice left her room she found herself in the hallway of the Bimbo Stables. Several girls could be seen walking passed, most of them naked though a few were in nightgowns, teddies, lingerie, or pyjama bottoms and many of them were dripping or covered in cum as well. From the end of the long building the sound of laughing and running water could be heard. Inside was a large, plush changing room with many mirrors, several sinks and counter tops, many outlets, several seats and more. Beyond that was a locker room of sorts with cubbies for storing belongings and a long line of shower heads along the far wall. Tinted windows that obscured the outside were placed at intervals between every shower head on the wall. There was also a sauna and a whirlpool which weren't currently being used. Many of the girls laughed and splashed in the water happily while TV in the corner showed porn, Saturday morning cartoons, and more; one even showing a training video very similar to the one Malcolm had used on Alice the previous night. The girls frolicked in the water, bathing, splashing one another, some making out, other holding each other, some fucking, and more. Many of the girls Alice recognized in as celebrities from her childhood, though they had much more sex appeal to them now. One last post-note said "Get cleaned up and enjoy yourself. Get to know the girls, they're your sisters now." said the note. At first Alice walked around the shower, not really showering, but talking to the girls to find out who was here. There was an amazing number of young famous people. Some of them were young like her, others were older but everyone sported the amazing bodies made possible by the Bimbo line of products. That lady who was in pirates of the Caribbean...kira had a gigantic set of bouncy G tits and sex-thirsty eyes. She had her tongue currently buried in the cunt of Jessica Alba, who was clearly groping herself for the benefit of the cameras and watchers. A little further on, she found a nice little clique of beautiful schoolgirls, who were showering with their skimpy mini-skirts and dress shirts on. Their nipples showed vividly through the fabric. As Alice introduced herself, she shared kisses all around, and more than a few cheeky pussy rubs with the girls, they were all fucking horny, but very nice...except that one over there...what was her name? That short haired blond girl currently slapping the asses of all the girls around her. She used to be Hanna Montana? Miley slapped the asses of a few of her clique; Britney, The Spice Girls, Jessica Simpson, and Christina Aguilera. She was obviously the leader of the group, though she was also the youngest. The young teenager chuckled a bit before doing a slutty dance a, acting like she was stripping before dropping all the way to the floor and rubbing at her cunt and tits right in front of one of the windows. As the morning sun poured through the tinted glass it became apparent that there were people standing on the other side of the windows, men from the looks of them and they were all beating off as they watched the girls shower. Malcolm himself was in his lavish penthouse watching the show as he slowly jerked himself off. Miley raised her ass up, dragging her cunt and ass along the window before her eyes settled on Alice and a scowl crossed her face. She then snapped her fingers and began to move towards Alice with all the rest of her clique in tow. It was clear some sort of confrontation was about to happen. Alice was completely new here, but in the short time she had been there, she had already gathered a good number of friends. The ordinary girls who weren't celebrities seemed naturally drawn to Alice. As Miley crossed the large shower floor, her posse gathered around her, forming a wave motion that couldn't be ignored. Equally, as Alice turned to confront her, a wave-front of the non-celebrity girls formed as well. By the time Miley got face to face with Alice, both girls stood at the head of a divided room...divided decisively in Alice's favour. "Well look what we have here, sluts...a nubile amateur, come thinking she can waltz in here as Daddy's 'Adopted Daughter'." smirked Miley. Snapping her fingers in Alice's face, pulling her hand back to narrowly escape having it bitten by the feisty young preteen. "Did you think you could just come in here and take over as the prized favourite? I got news for you, bitch... we were once all the 'favored girl'. He'll fuck you and breed you, and shower you with gifts until you're nothing more than a sloppy knocked up jizz-mop...and then he finds a new little toy, and you're just a cunt by the wayside. In here, no one's favourite. And I'm boss!" she said. Alice looked Miley up and down for a second before laughing right in her face. "You? A favourite? Ya, a favourite appetizer...a favourite pastime maybe... You were hotter as Hanna Montana, you know, before you went batshit crazy and cut your hair and lessened your pussy and ass." she snapped back at Miley. "And how are YOU the boss here?" She glanced at each of the girls behind Miley, "She can sing...and She can Dance...and She can act...and She's hell beautiful." she said, winking at Emma Watson, who couldn't resist licking her lips at Alice. "I get everyone... ANYONE else being queen bitch here... but not you. You've got the ass of a chicken: plucked fucked, and stuffed with lemons!" she said, to gales of laughter from around the shower. Miley went red in the face, raising up her fists to strike Alice, but Alice was smarter, grabbing the liquid soap and squirting a splash over Miley's face to blind her. As Miley tried to wipe it off, Alice tackled her and the pair slipped onto the floor. Malcolm watched as the little confrontation began to grow to a head inside the showers. He grinned a bit, especially when he saw Alice snap at Miley. However, he wasn't about to let this get out of hand. He needed all of his bimbos working together and loving one another. Miley could be a mean bitch, but she pushed all the other girls to do better so Malcolm tolerated it, and even praised her for it at times. He knew that this wouldn't sit well with Alice however, and he saw that this may be the time to step in. Malcolm rang a few of the studs in the stables and told them to meet him in the Bimbo Stables before he headed down himself. Meanwhile more guests had changed over to watch what was going on while more men crowded around the windows and continued to jack off in anticipation to see how this turned out. What Miley said wasn't entirely true, Malcolm cared for every single one of his girls in some way, which is why he brought them here. And while they all had been his favourites at one point in time, and still were depending on how he felt that day, none of them had stolen his heart like Alice. About five minutes or more would pass before Malcolm and a group of 15 other studs all came strutting in to the showers, bodies on full display and massive dicks hanging and drooling musky precum on to the floor. "What's going on here ladies?" said Malcolm with a grin. Malcolm stepped in to the shower just after Miley and Alice hit the floor. He stood there a moment and smiled as he watched the two, shapely young blondes wrestle; their wet tits smashed together as their smooth, ivory bodies writhed and long, smooth, slender legs flailed. Malcolm cock hardened and he moved forwards with a large horse and a bull. The two studs were each packing their own massive dicks that hung proudly and limply from their sheaths. It was clear the studs were happy to be in the Bimbo Stables, as were all of them, and from the looks of things none of them, including Malcolm, had received their morning milking yet. "Whoa, whoa, whoa!" said Malcolm as he grasped Miley by her hair and Alice by her leash before pulling the two girls apart. "Alright ladies, I'm pretty sure I know what going on here. Alice if you want respect you've gotta earn it from all the girls so use this to show them your skills. And Miley if you feel threatened why don't you prove who the better bimbo is? No need to mess up each other's pretty faces, after all imagine the hell you two could raise together." he said with a playful grin. As he pulled them both close. Their tits were smashed to his body as he took both girls in to a heated kiss, rolling his tongue along theirs as his hands dipped down to grab, squeeze, and finger their puffy cunts. He growled in to the kiss as his slowly hardening dick leaked precum across their knees, shins and drooled it down on to their feet. "Finally he broke the kiss and grinned. "Alright girls. I think everyone knows what this means..." he said as he loosened his grip on them. "We have a slut off!" he said before many people applauded or pound on the windows with excitement. The two girls were not to be easily placated, and both were glaring bloody murder at each other. Luckily, with Malcolm's precum smeared over their tummies and legs, their hatred soon turned to eager fucklust to out-fuck each other. At the sound of 'Slut off', the entire room burst into applause and cheers, and many of the cameras instantly turned towards the pair of them, the other girls moving to the edges of the room to give them space. Miley gave Alice a nasty grin..."You're done for now bitch... I'm going to fuck your brains out until you can't remember you own name...then I'm going to put you in the smallest room in the stables and use you as my doormat!" she growled. Alice narrowed her eyes back at Miley, "Only one person can fuck my brains out properly and that's Daddy! But I guess you wouldn't know that would you...Daddy only goes 100% on the girls he really loves!" The bull and horse moved in to hold each of the girls apart. The horse's long hard cock keeping Alice back, while Miley stroked the bull's cock slowly, watching the screen above the showers. Looking up, Alice could see the display showing "SLUT OFF!" with a spinning wheel of fortune style caramel with different categories written on it. Malcolm clicked a button, and the pretty gameshow host gave the wheel a quick spin. Everyone's eyes were on the screen as the wheel turned slowly, eventually stopping on.... precum inflation! The girl on the screen explained: In this round of Slut-off challenge both girls have 10 minutes to give a sloppy nasty blowjob to the assigned stud! The goal is to coax and hold in as much precum as possible, gathering the most precum without vomiting any up, or causing the stud to cum! It is a challenge of pleasure control and inflation control! "Well I know you can please me baby, but you gotta prove it to everyone that you're the top whore on the ranch, and Daddy's precious little girl. So that means you'll be taking on as many studs as you can handle, and Miley's been our champ for a while now so you got your work cut out for you. So, make daddy proud baby." murmured Malcolm to his gorgeous daughter. The smell of dick and musky precum from the 15 different males mixed with the steam from the showers as the studs all circled around Miley and Alice, standing shoulder to shoulder as they worked their own, and in some cases each other's dicks. Globs, trickles, and heavy flows of precum fell to the floor around the girls. Closest to Miley were Malcolm, the bull, and a massively hung shark with a uncut cock and they all smiled down at Miley as they waited for her to choose who she'd be sucking off, each one praying it would be them. Near Alice were two equines and an elephant, each of them packing some serious heat between their legs as their precum drooled from their huge, semi-hard, floppy dicks. The smell in the air was so potent that all of the girls began to ovulate, an instant reaction thanks to their steady diets of Bimbo-snacks; today would be a good day for breeding on the ranch, that was for sure. After some pushing and shoving, Alice and Miley were kneeling back to back in the middle of the 15-strong circle of studs. All the studs had to stop stroking themselves and each other, as that was technically cheating. "Ready...go!" Miley and Alice launched themselves at the forest of thick shafts and cocks with their mouths open wide. The room filled with the lewd sounds of cocks being stroked and sucked as the teen and preteen licked, slurped, and sucked those cocks for all they were worth. Alice was especially skilled, managing to tickle the balls of the large shark she was sucking, winking up at him as he dumped dollop after dollop of thick hot precum down her throat. Her tummy was beginning to bulge as she moved ont othe next huge stud... a mammoth sized elephant whose cock crammed right down into her tummy. She gave a sexy little shimmy as she swallowed hard, blowing him with her actual throat as he filled her with his load of precum. Just before he came, she pulled him out with a slimy wet pop. She grinned, letting a little precum trickle down her chest. It was getting too intoxicate among them all. Behind her, Miley was doing her best to keep up. She was good, and it was hard to tell who was getting the most precum. Several times Miley came dangerously close to making some of the studs cum, and she had to pause to let them cool off, wasting precious seconds! The girls worked around the men slowly, until the time ticked down to 0! "And stop! let's have a look at the nasty little cockslop sluts!" said the announcer, as the studs moved back with aching blue balls, Miley and Alice were revealed, both girls' tummies bulging obscenely, precum smeared over their faces and tits. Alice was satisfied until she looked round to see Malcolm leaning back in rapture, his cock sunk down Miley's throat. "HEY! That's not fair! Time's up!" she called out, reaching over to pull Miley off Malcolm. Miley fended her off for a moment or two, taking a few good slurps of Malcolm's fat thick cock. When she finally did come off, she stuck her tongue out at her, taunting her with the extra precum in her tummy, "Too bad newbie!" she taunted... Alice was furious, she could have slapped her! That was DADDY'S cock! and therefore...Alice's main cock to play with! Before she could exact her revenge though, two scales were brought out to see how much precum they had each gathered. Miley stepped up first, she huffed and leaned over the bin, retching and sticking her first down her throat, with a disgusting retching sound, she threw up into the bin, gushes of precum oozing and gloping out into the container. Again and again she hoofed until finally her tummy was flat and normal. "4 litres!" called out the announcer. Alice stepped up to her container next, but instead of pushing her own tummy, she turned to glance grinning at Malcolm before beckoning to one of the other studs, the elephant with the enormous cock. "Excuse me, Mr Elephant...could you do me a favour?" she asked so sweetly. "I'm not strong enough to push my tummy from the outside to get it all out. I'd really appreciate it..." she said, leaning closer to him, "If you could jam your huge fucking cunt-breaking cock up my pussy and rape the precum out of my tummy!" Everyone gasped then looked on with excitement as the Elephant stud lined up and RAMMED his huge tree-trunk sized cock into her cunthole. With the impact, Alice immediately hurled up a gout of precum, each thrust pounding out more precum as her tummy was squeezed from the inside from the intense fucking. It took only minutes for every last precum drop to be fucked out of her, and in the process, the elephant came inside her cunt, gushing a huge fountain of thick white elephant jizz into her snatch! "4.6 Litres! Alice wins Round 1" the announcer declared happily, as the elephant collapsed onto his back completely spent. Malcolm smiled proudly at Alice as she took the huge load of elephant cum up her cunt while puking her winnings in to the bucket. As his daughter came out victorious in the first round Malcolm couldn't help but applaud a bit. As Miley shot him a dirty look he slapped her firmly across her ass before pulling the slutty, bimbofied pop star up against him. His muzzle locked with hers and he began to let her suckle on his tongue as his dick rolled and ground against her. He was trying to get Alice a bit jealous so she would perform to her full potential and really show the girls what she could do; plus Malcolm loved his celebrity bimbos the most out of all of the bimbos on his ranch... usually. Malcolm turned Miley around and started to hotdog her ass as his hands moved up to grope and fondle her huge tits as the screen above began to play again. The wheel spun and people watched with excitement as it slowed on the screen before finally coming to rest on "Gangbangers Ball". Cheers erupted as those red-painted ruby lips appeared on the screen and the Bimbo song could be heard playing in the background, making all of the girls' eyes glaze over a little bit. "To win Gangbanger's Ball each girl must take on eight dicks at once and finish them all! Ultimately, she can choose how to please them but it's usually two for your cunt and ass, one for your mouth, one for each hand, and one for your tits. The first girl to milk an orgasm from all eight of her studs wins." Several more studs had moved in to the room and looked excited to be a part of the event. Smaller circles formed around Alice and Miley. The two equines on Alice picked her up along with a massively hung rhino and the shark. A horse dick was pressed to both her holes before the shark pressed against her cunt and the rhino pressed to her ass. At the same time an orca stepped up, slapping his musky dick over her face and drooled precum on to it. A polar bear and jackal pressed their dicks in to her hands as Miley was also set up. The popstar had Malcolm and several other males holding her up as they were on their knees, Malcolm's dick pressed to her cunt along with a large t-rex's ebony fuckshaft, and she had her own equine and a demonic looking cat pressed to her asshole as the bull pressed to her lips. A hyena, warthog, and lizard all moved in, pressing to her hands and tits as Alice got her last dick, a huge hellhound cock, pressed right to her tits. "Go!" said the voice before a moment later wet slurps and squelches filled the air as each of the girls got their holes wrecked. Alice was getting super jealous of Miley... that little bitch had somehow gotten Daddy Malcolm in her group! How come she did and Alice didn't! She gasped suddenly as the two horses rammed their equine cocks into her hungry little fuckholes. She moaned deliciously and gave her studs the best innocent pleading eyes she could, knowing how to get the pedo-studs worked up, "Oh please... be gentle on my little cunt and ass! I'm only 12! I'm not old enough to learn about sex usually! she murmured to them, seeing the fucklust rising in their faces. "I mean... that hole's not even for fucking, let alone having two cocks in it! EEEEEEEEE!" she squealed girlishly as the shark jammed home his cock and the rhino almost gored his into her asshole. Alice opened her mouth to tease and taunt them more, but the orca's huge cock soon shut her slutty mouth up. The polar bear and jackal had her hands occupied, and with one or two false starts, the 8 studs had a good rhythm going, slamming and pounding the little preteen cockwhore's body full of furry delicious incredibly intoxicating cock! Despite being punch-drunk on cum and precum, Alice's whore mind still worked hard to give as much pleasure as she could. Whenever she got a breath out, she encouraged them like a true gutter-whore. "UUughhh...come on fuck that cunt! Make it raw and sloppy! I want it gaping wide like my slutty mouth full of cum!" she growled at them, pushing them to rotate often to get the fullest experiences of her body. Miley was good at dirty talk too, but she didn't rotate the studs, which meant they didn't get the full stimulation. All around them the girls and fans were cheering them on, bets being secretly placed on both girls for victory. It was only after a mere five minutes that some of the studs began cumming. The horses came first on both sides, spraying the girls with gooey hypnotic cum. As they withdrew, the other males soon had more space to properly pound the little strumpets as hard as they wanted. Malcolm panted and moaned as he gripped Miley's legs tightly and railed his cock up in to her cum-flooded pussy. She had taken several loads of cum so far and it looked like Malcolm wouldn't be too far behind. His balls beat against her ass as she was thoroughly used by the other men. "Ohh yeah, you dirty little popstar whore. Oh, that's it. Milk your master's cock, make me cum in that prefect fucking cunt so I can knock you up with popstar puppies. Ohh, such a good whore!" he panted and moaned out as he rammed his cock deep in to Miley as she was worked over by the demonic cat's dick since the equine had already unloaded inside her, as had the saurian. Alice was getting much the same treatment as the shark fucking her cunt slammed in to her, making her cervix slip his foreskin back and forth over his bulbous tip before as it pushed in to her already impregnated womb, letting the little barbs tug at her cervix teasingly as his balls clapped against her ass. The rhino continued to ram home bulging her gut out obscenely a he fucked her, nearly splitting her ass with his immense dick as the hell hound used her tits and orca raped her throat. That fat dick tasted of fish, the ocean, precum, and musk as it fucked her throat, stuffing her with even more precum and gagging her over and over. Soon enough the cetacean male let out a high-pitched cry as hot cum erupted from his dick and filled Alice's throat with the gooey ballsnot while the hell hound began to paint her tits with cum. The shark, upon seeing the lewd sight was driven over the edge as well and that massive, uncut dick pushed in to the preteen whore and began to fill her with sticky seed, bulging her belly out as the rhino continued to ream her asshole. Malcolm cried out loudly and speared his dick deep in to Miley, knotting and tying her cunt firmly on his dick as he watched his daughter get the cream filling she so rightfully deserved. Hot, canine cum flooded the teenage popstar, forcing the cum already inside her out, insuring she'd be giving birth to his pups along with the T-rex's. Miley's belly swelled as did her womb and she could feel herself being further knocked up as her master seeded her deep. This was going to be a close one. The announcers watched with the audience as Alice and Miley's orgy-ganbgangs were replayed with the final moments shown side by side, it was narrow indeed. But it seemed both girls had finished off their males at exactly the same time, with not a second between them! The audience clapped and cheered as both girls were brought crawling to the front where the cameras were looking. The two of them were thoroughly fucked, each of them swaying and stumbling with intoxication with the cum. They collapsed against each other, automatically kissing and licking the cum off each other's bodies. "Popstar slut..." moaned Alice. "Perfect Preteen cuntpig..." gasped Miley. It was clear that much of the fight had been fucked out of them at this point, but they still wanted to finish the slut-off. It was all down to the very last round. Malcolm smiled happily as he watched Miley and his daughter make out; the two cum drunk sluts busily licking and sucking cum from one another before kissing and snowballing it in to each other's mouths while cum leaked from their wrecked assholes and pussy and ran down their curvaceous, young, nubile bodies. The sound of cum splattering against the windows could be heard as people watched the lewd sight, and bimbos had taken to making out or fucking each other with sex toys. The screen came on again, those red lips speaking in the soothing female voice as the Bimbo song played softly in the background. Several of the girls' eyes, including Mileys' went glazed at the sound of that song, and they all smiled. "It's a tie! And for our next and final round ...". the voice went silent for a moment as the wheel reappeared and began to spin. After a bit of whirling it finally came to land on a tiny section. "The Snowball Derby! The rules are simple. The girls can drink as much cum and precum as they want while they are fucked in their ass or pussy by a stud of their choosing. They are only allowed to drink cum and precum fed to them by the other girl, any drink of it on their own ends in immediate forfeit. The girl to get her cock to cum the fastest, and feed the other girl the most precum and cum wins.". All of the males, including Malcolm moved forwards, obviously eager to be the ones chosen to fuck the girls, but most would be the ones giving them their shower of nut syrup and ball snot. The announcer grinned, as she lifted her own dress to reveal a sloppily fucked cunt, with a cock pounding in and out of her pussy. The whole show she was being filled with hot gooey cum too! "Get ready.... aw who cares... it's the final round! Rapefuck both of them!" she screamed. The males in the shower room surged forward to Alice and Miley, both girls overwhelmed by the cocks thrust in their direction. To them it wasn't a competition any longer, it was a way of life. Every cock coming at them was a fun new game to play: Suck fuck and pass along! Both girls grinned drunken smiles as each of them snowballed again and again, cum splashing over their faces, mostly into their soaked bimbo blonde hair and over their used and abused bodies. Some of it managed to get into their mouths to pass to each other. Admittedly once or twice there had been a sneaky gulp, but there was so much cum everywhere that it didn't matter Soon the two were pressed together face to face, a whole round of males abusing their cunts and asses, using their hands, tits, even armpits as fuck holes to stick their cocks. And in the middle of it all, the two of them licked and kissed Malcolm's thick canine fuckmeat. Each of them moaning in utter ecstasy as their brains were fucked to mush with each other, the Bimbo soundtrack playing in the background. This moment would be burned into their memories...the biggest nastiest fuckfest and gangbang with each other and would make them closer than ever before rather than enemies. Both girls gazed up with worshipful looks in their eyes at Malcolm, pleading together, "Please cum all over us, please mark us as your little fuckdolls and bimbo whores!" they moaned, eagerly kissing each other and tongue wrestling to please him. Malcolm moaned out deeply as he watched both girls worship his dick and lick all over it, covering it in salvia and making passionate love to it with their mouths as they spat huge, bulging mouthfuls of precum back and forth to each other. Two strong hands reached out, grasping each girl by the hair before pressing their lips and faces firmly to his mammoth-sized, throbbing, musky red rocket. He began to drag and hump the veiny length along their faces, thrusting down their throats over and over, making sure to take turns trading back and forth so they could each get the taste of his dick and precum. Their throats would bulge out over and over again as he stuffed their gullets, feeding their bellies his smelly, musky, clear, slick, hot precum before overloading their mouths with it so it trickled down their chins. As they teased his dick the sticky syrup ran down on to their faces, matting their hair and glazing them with his musky precum completely. Their assholes and cunts were stuffed and reamed by dick after dick, the males sliding in and out as they took turns, a few of them even randomly blowing a hot load inside the girls or across their backs. "Ohh fuck yes you dirty sluts. Daddy loves you!" he cried out before his huge dick began to throb, sending bucket loads of hot, thick, sticky cum cascading down on to their face as it poured from his breeding pillar like a fire hose. He stuffed their throats, making sure to gag and overload their bellies with cream one by one before marking them in more cum. The rest of the day was a complete blur of cum, cock, cunt, and sex. All Alice could remember was the wonderful feeling of being absolutely stuffed with cock, being a complete whore on camera, and getting to know Miley's cunt, ass, tits, and lips in the most intimate fashion. The lust fuelled orgy spilt over into the rest of the shower, and soon all the girls were getting fucked hard in a mass orgy that exploded over the internet. It was a Slut-off like none before, and the Valentine and Bimbo trademark grew even more famous overnight because of it. Alice would wake up the next morning, completely soaked in dried cum and fuck juices in her bed. But this time, she was draped across Miley, who woke with a drunken smile. "Hey sis... you're one hell of a fuck... I guess you win!" she said, licking her way up Alice's tits to her neck. "but don't expect me not to challenge you for the title... say...oh every month or so! ---- Hello All! I'm Lucifia (author), your naughty little fantasy! Your midnight dream! Your sinful guilty pleasure!...etc etc etc. I'm happily an ordinary young lady who enjoys reading Asstr stories and roleplaying. I particularly like incest and ageplay roleplays and stories, and noticed there aren't too many of them out there. So I've decided to take some of the stories I've played out over the years and plonk them on for everyone to enjoy. If you like my stories and would like to leave feedback, feel free to email me at! Often my ideas come from roleplays so if you have an idea that you'd like, do let me know. Or even let me know other RP ideas you think I should write about!