Author: Loren Tres
Title: Breeding Amy
Part: 1 of 1
Summary: My daughter Amy's curiosity lures into our sexy snare
Keywords: Mf, 1st, cons, preg, inc
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Breeding Amy
Loren Tres

    I watched my beautiful barely-teen daughter Amy with adoration.  She was 
lying nude in my arms on the silky white sheets and basking in the sweet 
afterglow of the three deliciously intense orgasms I had just given her.  Her 
beautiful long blonde hair cascaded in riotous waves, all around her angelic 
young face, like an angel’s halo.

    Her slender well-formed arms and legs spread wide to receive me.  Her big 
blue eyes closed.  Her sweet full lips parted as she adjusted to the next new 
sensation – the tip of my turgid tool, nosing its way into the sweet moist 
dimple of her fertile virgin vagina for the very first time.

    She was so small, at just under five feet and ninety-two pounds, a 
miniature version of a flawlessly beautiful Playboy model, but so much more 
innocent.  Her small form lay in such nasty erotic contrast with my six-foot-
three frame of marine disciplined work-hardened muscle.

    The contrast at the juncture of our sex was even more erotic.

    The fat knob of my drooling dong popped inside her virginity, obliterating 
the remainder of her fragile hymen.  The tight ring of her vaginal opening 
clamped closed around the narrower neck of my thick turgid tool, swallowing my 
gnarly knob.

    Amy gasped.

    I gasped too, at the unbelievably erotic sensation.

    Seeking her pleasure, wanting her to cherish the moment of her arrival into 
young womanhood, I caressed her smooth young body with one hand and hunched 
down to suck the crinkled little nipple on her firm cone-shaped breast.  Then I 
drew her entire breast slowly into my mouth, swirling my tongue around her 
delectably perky little nipple, until a shiver ran down her spine.

    I put my hand under her sweet little round bottom, and pressed her sex 
upward for the best angle of stimulation, and then I rotated my hips, grinding 
my hard eight-pack abs firmly on her tender young clitoris.

    “Ooh, Daddy, it’s so good!” she breathed.

    She gripped her small feminine hands in my hair and pulled my face tighter 
to her firm young breast flesh.

    “You’re doing really well,” said her mother, caressing Amy’s long blonde 
hair behind her ears at her temples.

    It took many marvelous minutes of meticulously ministered magic, to work my 
big bad boner deep enough, to kiss the rubbery nubbin of her never-before-
touched cervix.  Eight solid inches of my baby-making boner had burrowed bit by 
bit into the obscenely small opening of Amy’s velvety virgin vagina.  It was 
the most unbelievably erotic experience of my entire forty-seven years of life.

    As if it had a mind of its own, which I am sure it does, my leaking boner 
sent one short squirt of happy Daddy DNA, directly into the small opening of 
her virgin womb.  I was already breeding my beautiful young daughter, the girl 
of my dreams.

    “Ooh, Daddy, it’s tickling me on the inside.  It’s making my tummy buzz 

    I imagined her new fetus, tickling her tummy on the inside, just a few 
short weeks from now, and the thrill of it squeezed another dollop of my DNA 
into her fertile depths.

    Several minutes of gradual progress later, I was thrusting in her, slowly, 
letting her body adjust to the dangerously drooling dong that was filling up 
her secret places for the very first time in her innocent young life.

    I could not hold out forever against the indescribably delicious feel of 
Amy’s delightfully young, wonderfully wet, terribly tight, sweet virgin vagina. 

    It was squeezing and milking my massive erection so erotically.  Soon, I 
would be filling my precious little daughter’s completely unprotected and 
fertile young womb with my very own patented nasty-daddy baby-making sperm.  
If I had not yet made her pregnant, she would be soon.  I would be filling her 
tummy with her very own little sister.

    The thought was overpoweringly erotic to me, but it might have worried Amy 
a bit.  As if she had read my mind, she spoke her concern aloud.

    "Daddy, you can’t squirt your stuff inside me, okay?"

    Amy’s voice was objecting, but her hips were still eagerly pushing back at 
me, with every long slow thrust of my rigid rod into her freshly pubescent 
young body.

    “Oh, Amy,” I grunted, still thrusting, ignoring her warning, “you feel so 
good!  I love you so much.”

    A few minutes later, when my rutting picked up speed and power, Amy’s worry 

    "Daddy, if you squirt, I might get pregnant!”

    “Yes, you will,” I breathed, not missing a beat in our obscene humping.

    As if I didn’t know.  Of course, she would get pregnant.  That was the 
whole idea.  I was finally retired.  My new wealth was enough to support many, 
many children, for the rest of their lives.

    My wife and I had been carefully counting the days since Amy’s last period. 
I had already covertly tested the consistency of her discharge, when I went 
down on her and gave her those three delicious orgasms, just before I mounted 
her and popped her sweet little cherry.  Amy was as fertile as it was possible 
for a young girl to be, right that very moment.

    “Relax, Amy,” her mother soothed.  “You’ll love what comes next.”

    Then Amy tried to push me away, so I used every scrap of self-control I 
possessed to stop.  I held perfectly still, buried deep inside my beautiful 
young daughter.

    The timing was perfect.

    Involuntary twitches were already squeezing happy little squirts of 
incestuous sperm into Amy’s tight little tummy.  It was squirting right up into 
her fertile womb, through the small opening of her cervix, which stretched 
thinly over the tip of my hiccoughing baby-maker.

    It was a short-circuited orgasm, which Amy probably could not feel, but it 
was momentous.  It meant I had probably already made her pregnant.  It also 
meant I would probably be able to keep my erection, and squirt my sperm inside 
my daughter’s waiting womb at least one more time before I went soft.

    "Amy," her mother rebuked gently, "Daddy needs you, so stop worrying so 
much, and help him finish."

    Amy looked up in wide-eyed wonder at her mother.


    “You heard me, Amy.”

    "But Mom,” Amy protested, weakly, “what if Daddy makes me pregnant?"

    Having finished squirting and seeing Amy distracted by her mother, I 
covertly resumed my efforts to breed my sweet little angel.  I wanted to leave 
no doubt in Amy’s mind that I was bathing her fresh new ovum with my incestuous 
baby-making daddy-sperm, so she could make her own little sister.  There was no 
way I was going to stop now, unless my wife objected.  She did not look like 
she was anywhere near objecting to my obscene mating with our innocent little 

    "You wanted to experience sex,” her mother rationalized.  “That's the risk 
you accept when you take Daddy’s boner bareback.”

    I suppressed a chuckle.  It was not a risk.  It was inevitable.  Amy’s 
slender little tummy was going to swell like a watermelon with my baby.  I had 
saved up a three-month’s collection of incestuous sperm, just for this single 
precious moment.  My sperm-leaking rod was pressing tightly to Amy’s precious 
cervix every time I bottomed out inside her.  My balls always pull up inside my 
body when I climax, to squeeze out every virile drop of baby-making goo.

    In any event, the sperm wiggling around inside her fertile young womb 
already was more than enough to do the job.  All these factors would insure 
that my imminently breedable little girl would be just as pregnant as she could 
be, on her very first try.  Doing the deed on the first try was important.  
After all, we did not want Amy’s curiosity about sex satisfied before she 
started our new baby.

    Fortunately, for us, Amy did not notice my sudden smile.  She was too busy 
looking big question marks at her mother, in wide-eyed amazement.

    "You’ve been teasing your poor daddy for months now.  You should at least 
let him finish.”

    “Yes, please let me finish.”

    I wanted to do it right.  I wanted to flood her defenseless young womb with 
wave after wave of intrepid virile sperm.  I wanted her to feel it thudding 
into her waiting fertility.  I wanted her to know, without question; I had made 
her hopelessly, utterly, and irretrievably pregnant.

    I kept thrusting, cherishing the wonderful sensations of her unbelievably 
tight fertile young vagina as it massaged my massive manhood with every long 
slow thrust, with every grind of my pubic bone on her poor helpless clitoris.

    Her conversation with her mother continued, while my testicles began to 
roil again.  “But, Mom…”

    “Amy, a man can’t stop once he gets started.  That’s just the way men are 
made – and babies too,” she added with a chuckle.  “Daddy needs you now, so you 
have to help him finish.  Besides, the family needs more children, and I can’t 
do that anymore.  I might not even be around much longer.”

    “Yes, Mother.”

    With her mother’s approval to get pregnant, Amy seemed to relax, and enjoy 
the sex again.  That was good, because I was too overwhelmed with lust.  I 
doubted I could have stopped, even if Amy did not want me busting my big bad 
boner in her beautiful belly anymore.  I bumped my bulging boner into my 
pubescent daughter’s cervix with ever-increasing urgency.

    “Besides, Amy,” her mother continued, “even though Daddy makes tons of 
sperm, they’re all X, so when you do get pregnant, it will be a baby girl.  
Little girls are a lot easier to take care of than little boys are.”

    “I like little girls,” Amy agreed.

        She was thrusting back up at me again, trying to get me in even deeper.

        “And you don’t have to raise your baby sisters all by yourself, because 
Daddy and I will be here to help.”

    “Thank you, Mom.”

    “And when your little sisters get old enough, they can help too.”

    Amy’s thrusting grew more intense.  She started grunting with the effort.

    “Remember to squeeze Daddy's penis tightly when he squirts, with that 
strong young vagina of yours.  That way, he’ll put a lot more of his baby stuff 
inside you.  You need to get as much sperm out of his balls as you can, so 
Daddy can get all the relief he needs."

    “Yes, Mom.”

    It would feel fantastic anyway, getting my rocks off inside such a 
beautiful little girl.  She had such a super-tight fresh new pussy.  She was my 
very own daughter, who I had made in her own mother’s tummy just over thirteen 
years ago.  I was breeding her like a rabbit.  Thirty-some weeks later, when 
she was still barely a teenager, she would be nursing a cute little baby girl, 
giving life and sustenance from her newly swelling young breasts.

    What a beautiful, delightfully nasty, and overwhelmingly erotic idea.

    Soon, Amy was humping and grinding and thrusting and panting; doing 
everything a little girl could do, to get her own virile father to fill her 
fertile young tummy with baby-making sperm.

    Now, positive I would get to finish breeding my beautiful little girl, I 
covered her small female form with mine, and rutted deliberately inside her.

    "Oh, Amy,” I groaned, “I love you.  I’m going to squirt you so full of 

    “I love you, Daddy.”

    I jammed myself as hard as I could inside Amy.

    She gasped erotically when my knob pushed hard into her cervix, mating 
tightly with the tight little opening, the gateway to her womb.

    I froze, to enjoy the amazing sensation of me, buried to the hilt inside 
her tightness.  The first powerful jet of incestuous sperm blasted through my 
eight-inch tool, directly into her very fertile and defenseless young womb.

    “Mom, I can feel Daddy squirting!  It feels so good!”

    “Remember to squeeze."

    “Yes, Mother.”

    Obediently, Amy thrust back and concentrated on squeezing her strong young 
vagina on my invading manhood, milking me for each thick white blast of 
incestuous sperm.  My ass muscles clamped up like steel cords so hard, I 
imagined I might be stuck like that, buried in Amy’s sweet young belly forever.

    “Oh, Amy,” I groaned, “you’re squeezing me so, so very good!”

    “Good girl,” encouraged her mother.

    She wasn’t having an orgasm, but the angelic look of happiness on her 
smooth young face made it obvious she was enjoying her new sensations.  Maybe 
her conversation with her mom had distracted her at a critical moment.  Still, 
Amy was actually working hard to help me empty my balls into her baby-budding 

    Amy shuddered, and then sighed happily.  She held my quivering bulk tightly 
to her sweet young flesh.  She pressed her smooth, firm little breasts hard 
into my broad hairy chest.  She held perfectly still, milking my dripping 
dragon, while the last dribbles of my potent seed oozed out into her fertile 
teen womb.

    She had obviously decided to enjoy getting pregnant.  After all, she had 
suggested the idea of using me to learn about sex in the first place.  She had 
no way of knowing how much she had played into her parents’ sexy snare.

    "Daddy needs a lot more sex than most men,” her mother continued.  “He 
needs to squirt his sperm inside a girl at least three times a day.  You help 
him as much as you can.  You're younger and healthier than I am, so you can do 
it better.  Since I can’t have babies anymore, you can have at least four or 
five babies by him before you grow up and get married.”

    “Yes, Mom.”

    "Good.  Remember, it doesn’t hurt to keep having lots of sex, even when 
you’re pregnant."

    “Good, because I don’t think I could stop anyway.  It feels too good.”

    “I love you, Amy.  You are so beautiful and so sweet.”

    Marie caressed her beautiful young daughter’s hair and gazed at her with 
love and pride.  I extracted my shriveling schlong, rolled to the side, and 
snuggled up to the precious little girl who had just given me the priceless 
gift of her virginity, her body, and her womb.  She was giving me, to quote a 
very old commercial, ‘the gift that keeps on giving’.  Another thirteen years, 
and I would start making my own great-granddaughters.

    “I love you too, Mom.”

    Amy was so beautiful in the afterglow of our love, with her newly swelling 
breasts, rounding hips, petite young body, and her tight little tummy.  Her 
newly violated vagina oozed thick obscene dollops of my baby-making sperm-laden 
goo.  Only a close examination would reveal the few short blonde hairs adorning 
her sweet young mound.  Her reddened and stretched labia, ravished by her very 
own father, were recovering rapidly.  Her firm, cone-shaped breasts seemed 
large, compared to her diminutive frame.  Her beautiful cones were sweet 
evidence of just how recently she had entered young womanhood.

    "But, Mom, what if Daddy can’t squirt his stuff in me three times a day?  
What if I don’t get pregnant?"

    "I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.  Daddy could make a nun pregnant 
just by smiling at her.  You might even have twins, especially if you tuck a 
pillow under your butt."

    "Thank you, Mommy,” she said sweetly.  Her use of the word Mommy emphasized 
her tender age, which only served to excite me all over again.

    Then she raised her sexy little hips and stuffed a pillow underneath.  My 
formerly flagging flogger rose from the ashes, like a magic phoenix on 
concentrated growth hormones.  It was so erotic to see her actually trying to 
have twins that I just had to do what I did next.  I bent low between her legs, 
and gently teased her little clitoris with my tongue and lips, bringing her to 
her fourth orgasm.

    It was so sweet to see contractions ripple through her slender tummy and to 
know her contractions would be causing her cervical opening to swallow as much
sperm as it could.  I imagined her slender young tummy swelling large with our 
baby.  Nine months from now, contractions much like these would work to bring 
beautiful new life into a beauty-starved world.  It was all so overwhelming.  
I had to take her again.

    I pressed my newly revived erection in her freshly violated young pussy.  I 
spent the next fifteen minutes squirting another load of nasty-daddy baby-
making sperm in her defenseless and very fertile womb.  This time, I gave my 
little daughter her very first vaginal orgasm, with my swollen man-meat 
squirting reinforcements deep inside her womb to join in glorious battle with 
their eager sisters.

    She actually did have twins that first time, and it was five years and six 
daughters later, before Amy had her next period.

    Breeding Amy never grew old.

    It was the sweetest thing in the world to see her lying naked, smiling 
peacefully, on our over-sized bed.  Her long white-blonde hair billowed all 
around.  She nursed yet another sweet little baby girl at her beautiful and 
very full young breasts.  I took her from behind to pump yet another baby into 
her fertile teen womb.

    Our little five-year-old twin daughters Tammy and Traci, my very first 
granddaughters, stood naked by our bed, watching intently, flanked in 
descending order by three more of their younger naked blonde sisters, as I 
unloaded another dollop of baby-making goo into their older sister’s womb, and 
made yet another new baby sister into their own mother-sister.

    “Just a few more years, and we can pump babies into your tummies too,” I 
told them.

    “Thank you, Daddy,” they all said in unison.

    It was the sound of sweet little angels to my ears.