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Standard ASSTR story codes used.


Original Creations

Threesome (True, F/Fg?, cons, rom?, toys, humour) - First story I've actually written about myself! It has an unusual style, and a subtle twist. Read it carefully, kids.

Slightest Slip of Hand (MF, 1st, cons, rom) - This was a challenging story for me -- my challenge was to fill one whole side of a sheet of notebook paper with a complete erotic story. I only wish I had more space!

Hot and Heavy Trilogy (MF, cons, stroke) - A simplistic smut story, in three parts, feeling, foreplay, and fucking. I needed to take a break from writing that thesis somehow, damnit...1,2,3

Adeline and Leon (Mf, rom, cons, first) - Leon has babysat his neighbor Adeline for years, and over these years, they've gotten closer, and suddenly, everything began to change. This is a love story between two friends who have known each other for years. My favorite kind of story. *EDIT 9/26/06: STORY OFFLINE FOR FIXING*1,2


Derivative Creations

(fine, fine, it's fanfiction..*grumbles*)

Lovesick (Mf,inc,dream,rom) - [Revolutionary Girl Utena.] Nanami loves her darling brother Touga dearly, but has been looking feverish of late. He watches her restlessness in her sleep. Vague sexual references, and tenderness, etc.

Power Games (Mg, no sex, vampires) - [Interview With the Vampire.] Not a sexual story, but Ricean vampires can't do that kind of thing, anyway. Potentially erotic, if you like the dynamic. Set just after Louis and Claudia escaped to Paris. Not a happy tale either; emotional manipulation and jealousy abound.